Daily News: February 2018

Wednesday 28 February

Alan Watt: A globalist agenda for a dumbed-down society! (MUST WATCH!)
SOUTH AFRICA! 'We are not calling for the slaughter of white people - At least for now!'
Teenage girl raped repeatedly by Asian gang! Before Rotherham, cops did nothing!
Multiculturalism is dead! Even Merkel warns migrants 'fit in or face consequences!'
SCOTLAND: Criminals convicted of serious crimes? NO JAIL!
Dozens of Labour women speak out! Sexual harassment and abuse by party members?
Anti-White transgender activist now Shadow Cabinet adviser on equality!
Ecstatic reaction of CBI, BBC and mandarins to Corbyn's speech = Treachery!
BERLIN: British student, 18, raped and beaten by two men in a shisha bar
Police in Swedish migrant-majority town find ten bullet holes in local cop shop
Failed asylum seeker murders Swedes when his claim is rejected - Now he wants to go home!
The UK must bow down to the European Court of Justice!
Catholic protests ‘unprecedented discrimination against Christians’ in Jerusalem!
Rees-Mogg: Demand for supremacy of EU courts after Brexit would turn UK into ‘convict state!'
Fake beggars exploit the British public and the real homeless
Florida killer's mother was 'a complete screw up, drug addict and thief!'
Transsexual 'dragon lady' gets HIV, morphs into a reptile! As you do

Tuesday 27 February

Welcome to progressive Utopia!
Afghan serial rapist attacked pregnant woman at knife point in her own bed!
A fifth of prescriptions doled out by GPs? Patients don't need them!
BBC is now saying populism (what the people want) 'can be truly terrifying!'
Islamic charities 'whose only goal is to damage our society' get £6m taxpayer cash every year!
Arrest backlog! Paedos and violent criminals may escape justice as London cops struggle
Women with breast cancer TWICE as likely to die in some parts of country!
Chuka Umunna accuses Brexiteers of ‘EMBARRASSING’ the UK!
'They've sold out!' Farage attacks Corbyn for betraying voters!
QUENTIN LETTS: Corbyn ditches his beliefs and joins the Establishment
Corbyn drafts in lifelong Communist to work as senior aide!
Julia Hartley-Brewer schools arch Remainer Lord Adonis!
Hallelujah! Welby takes a stand against Sharia!
4 far-right plots thwarted in 2017, says counter-terrorism chief!
USA: Victim films his own murder!
Parents of homeschooled child say they'd go to jail rather than send daughter to state-run school!
Suspicious stuff at Parkland! At least two shooters?
FLORIDA SHOOTING: Pressure mounts on Broward Sheriff's office!
Now he refuses to go back to school unless gun control is passed!
He had only been married a year when wife started having sex with son of landlady!

Monday 26 February

Anti-EU MEPs say Germany is in big trouble!
LONDON: 20% rise in rape reports in a year! Cops SAY they don't know why!
Top judge's dad was a Communist spy!
Why do so many of Cameron's chums have charity jobs?
Archbishop Welby attacks Brexit, says we must welcome mass immigration!
Welby attacks second home owners! Yet he's got a 6-bedroom house in Normandy!
Austria's Kurz slams Merkel for linking EU funding to migrant quotas!
EU President says we'd be better off if he were Prime Minister!
FARAGE - Our political opponents don't believe in the nation state or patriotism!
Labour poised to break Manifesto pledge to support a clean Brexit
Labour MPs warn say Corbyn's “playing with fire” if he backs Blair plans to sabotage Brexit
TREACHERY! Corbyn to snub millions of voters by refusing to limit migration!
Hey, Whitey! If you want to be an effective ally, be quiet and know your place!
The media's most vitriolic and obsessive Russia-bashing journalists are mostly Jewish?
Presenter says BBC cares about diversity a lot more than the class divide!
Explosion followed by a huge fire has rocked Leicester City Center
Harvey Weinstein's company to file for BANKRUPTCY!
Doctors missed 13-year-old girl's ovarian cancer TEN times!
Dominic Grieve reveals Jewish ancestry
Gilad Atzmon interviews Robert Faurisson - 2014

Sunday 25 February

33,464 AVOIDABLE deaths due to the cold this winter ALREADY!
Brexit Britain = 'Hate crime and intolerance?' A1 globalist, Archbishop of Canterbury, says so
NO JAIL! 800 killer drivers avoid prison in last 5 years!
POLLARD: Immigration from non-EU countries is out of control!
'NeverTrump' columnist booed, escorted out, after calling Le Pen CPAC invite 'a disgrace!'
Irish government paid press to write good news stories about mass migration!
Immigrant convicted of sexually abusing girl, 10, given asylum despite criminal record!
ITALY: Pakistani migrants accused of raping boy waiting for a train!
EU chief is drawing THOUSANDS from a pension scheme - despite not being retired yet!
Tory MP willing to let party and Government FALL to shatter Brexit!
Matteo Salvini explains George Soros' Open Societies activities!
HITCHENS: Hang out with Czech spies, Jeremy? We've all done that
Philip Green DID discuss selling off Topshop with HSBC! (He said it was ‘malicious rumour-mongering’)
Brendan Cox is accused of being a 'bully' by friends of senior US official
Cops ran towards school shooter while 'coward' deputies refused to go in!

Saturday 24 February

Europe’s top rabbi calls for solidarity with Muslims!
Drug dealer, Adnan Noor, 'strangles' cop? - 2.75 years jail!
Asylum seeker? Threaten a vehicular terror attack on 'white people?' NO JAIL!
Bristol Primary School invites drag queen ('Bristol's resident slag') and other cross-dressers to read 'tolerance' stories to kids!
'Charity' calls cops after teacher 'misgenders' trans pupil - Says he's committed 'hate crime!'
STORMZY? Gratitude? He's not here to be grateful, Amanda - He's here to replace us!
UK plans to INCREASE migrant numbers! Home Secretary vows to open borders!
Surrender? Cabinet agree to 'voluntarily' accept EU rules after Brexit!
Labour MPS confident BREXIT can be voted down and blocked!
Operation Sanctuary victims 'disgusted with experience in court!'
Police appeared to punish victims of Newcastle grooming gangs!
2015: Rotherham abuse: Researcher's warning 'ignored in 2002!'
Turkey threatens to invade Greece and seize Aegean Islands!
Syrian migrant thanks 'Mama Merkel' for being able to practice polygamy on benefits!
OBORNE: BBC now faces crisis as grave as Savile over its coverage of Brexit!
Dr Aaron Clauset says another major war is overdue!
How dangerous is your painkiller?
'Heaping up Britain's funeral pyre!' Kassam quotes Enoch Powell!
Multiple cops refused to enter FL school during shooting
Swedish cop reported to police after he said country’s gang rape problem is linked to migration
FARAGE - Supporting Trump was best decision of his life! He'll be back if Brexit threatened
33 years later and still ZERO STRIKE RATE! Latest FGM case dismissed!
Elderly British kidnapped in South Africa? Link to Islamic terrorism?
REES-MOGG: What the Brexit letter to Theresa May signed by 62 Tory MPs was about

Friday 23 February

Asian gangs abused 700 girls/women with 'arrogant persistence' because they weren't investigated!
Brexit BETRAYAL: Fishermen FURY amid fear of 'deal to give 25% of UK fish to the Dutch!'
The Corbyn Files: Line by line, the Czech secret service dossier Labour cannot dismiss
Chemicals in scents and cleaning sprays cause cancer, headaches and harm unborn babies?
May’s government set to surrender to EU demands on mass immigration!
LITTLEJOHN: Patriotic, moderate Labour is dead and buried!
FUNNY! The current state of feminism!
LILY ALLEN: Brits who would have refugees supported in their own countries are C***S!
Diane Abbott thinks Brits worried about immigration are behaving like Nazis?
British horse racing industry is too white!
Marion Le Pen says France is becoming the little niece of Islam!
Foreigners account for 80% in French-speaking Swiss prisons
GERMANY: Syrian medical student was training 7-year-old as ISIS fighter!
Sudanese lonely heart plotted ISIS terror carnage!
County Sheriff cowered outside – Refused to confront Parkland School killer!
USA: Father chained up daughters for at least 10 years and repeatedly raped them!
Ofcom can't censor British TV history - We are meant to learn from the past!
COMMON PURPOSE - A secret society?
Frame Games explains the Jewish Question!

Thursday 22 February

Brexit betrayal at its contemptible worst - INDEFINITE TRANSITION PERIOD!
Health Secretary backs use of sex-change drugs for children under age of 18!
Millions more SHOULD be taking antidepressants? (THEY want us all drugged-up, docile)
Labour Party pledges to scrap laws holding back mass migration!
NO LIMITS! Labour calls for young illegal immigrants to be allowed to stay in UK permanently and scrapping of migrants cap
Change is coming! Labour could ban free press?
GIRLS IN CRISIS! 68% increase in self-harm hospital admissions!
SHEFFIELD: Bradley Onfroy convicted of murder of Jordan Hill
'Voodoo' prostitution ring smashed - Women made to eat raw chicken hearts!
Africans arrested for cannibalism in Paris!
Luvvies waving white roses/wearing black won't change lives Rotherham paedos victims!
Mass protests against Merkel and immigration spread through Germany
Louis Farrakhan praises White Genocide! 'We killing you and we ain't even trying!'
War on NWO! Austria bans George Soros’ Foundations!
THE TRUMP'RUSSIA SMEAR - Podesta’s cunning plan!
Too many ‘happy white people’? Hungarian city outraged at exclusion from EU culture contest!
Don't blame young for thinking JFK's assassination sparked WWI, they've been tragically failed!
Some verses in 'the Jewish Talmud' are Satanic? Surely not!
Israel throws first Africans in prison for refusing to be deported!
Save the Children never told us our new chief pestered women
YouTube removes video which claiming Florida survivor is a paid crisis actor
Millions of women forced to work until they drop!
Weinstein's lawyers using Meryl Streep's name to get lawsuit against him dismissed?
DIANE ABBOTT: 'I remember Enoch Powell’s speech... I felt frightened!'

Wednesday 21 February

Child sex crime allegations at record high in UK! (177 cases a day)
BLACKMAIL! Cyber gangs who can turn off pacemakers! 35,000 fitted every year in Britain!
'Like stealing candy from a baby!' Inside Britain's moped gangs!
Janice + Kamlesh = She gets £6,000 loan for him, he murders her = DIVERSITY!
The Death of the West - Immigration, fertility and demographics!
USA: Illegal immigrant accused of molesting, raping 7-year-old and her mother
Michael Moore participated in RUSSIA-ORGANISED Anti-Trump rally!
Charities in crisis over sex claims!
Claim that judge was bribed deepens Netanyahu crisis
Marion Le Pen speaks at CPAC this week! US media meltdown!
ISIS call to 'burn America', attack London and target Russian political/religious leaders!
Jewish prof says: 'Those of mixed race... 8 in 10... marry whites... Minorities will be absorbed!'
One of Netanyahu's closest confidants 'has turned state witness and will incriminate him!'
Blue Whale suicide 'game' kills off two more children!
INDIA: Gang-raped and abused with iron rods until her intestines spilled out!
SWEDEN: Top book publisher slams government for only supporting (financially) PC literature
Nicola Sturgeon says Scotland needs open borders because, historically, Scots move abroad?
Cheddar Man - Debunked!
DERANGED! Pope now says ‘refugee’ safety comes before OUR national security?

Tuesday 20 February

Paedo teacher says 'intimate relationships' with pupils is NORMAL at British boarding schools!
Blair's cynical conspiracy to deceive the British and let in 2m migrants against the rules!
Blair, immigration and the betrayal of British workers!
Austrian chancellor: Without strong borders our entire world is in danger!
Starting in 2019, if your film isn’t diverse, it won't be eligible for a BAFTA!
Former CIA chief admits US meddling in foreign elections 'For their own good!'
USA: Illegal immigrant accused of molesting, raping 7-year-old and her mother
Possession and witchcraft linked to 1,500 potential child abuse cases in UK!
Brendan Cox Affair reveals the hypocrisy of The Left!
Germany's AfD patriots are the second most popular party!
Verhofstadt: 'Not acceptable' (VERBOTEN!) for UK to limit immigration after Brexit!
Hungary’s Orbán calls for patriotic alliance to save Europe!
‘Teacher of the Year’ blames parents, modern culture for school shootings!
Babies born in UK more likely to die early than in Cuba, Latvia, Belarus!
Tory councillor’s 514 freebies in three years!
Harvey Weinstein documentary reveals sex abuse allegations of female employees!
Social workers now outnumber GPs in England! Number of doctors drops below 34,000!
War veteran, 88, floored thug with karate chop to protect woman from knife gang!
Judge blocks policeman's fight to prosecute Libyan thought involved in Yvonne Fletcher's murder
Sadiq Khan urges London voters to punish Government over Brexit!
Head of Oxfam is investigated over his handling of a sexual assault case
Alison Ntim faked insurance claims for £14,000 of 'lost' electronics - NO JAIL!
Chris Rock wants to see more white kids shot and more white mums crying?
The BBC is now taking the p*** out of Jacob Rees-Mogg BIG TIME!
Jewish sheriff leading response to Florida school shooting quotes Talmud!
Trump attacks Oprah! Hooray!
Jennifer Lawrence is going to “fix our democracy?” Ego transplant required, methinks

Monday 19 February

Man attacked and raped by black men in Milton Keynes park!
Vicar caught on video snorting cocaine and watching porn!
MI5 'watched on CCTV' as London Bridge terror that killed eight unfolded BUT DID NOTHING!
41 PATRIOTS! Historians, philosophers, QCs, ex-MI6 boss fight Remain 'propaganda!
RUSSIA: Muslim gunman kills 4 women at a folk festival! MEDIA SILENCE!
Muslim migrants commit serial rape in Essen! Media silence!
Labour MPs were paid £10,000 to meet Communist spies?
Western societies aren't just revealing transgender issues, it's CREATING THEM!
SWEDEN: Teen beat sister for refusing to wear Islamic veil!
Council of Europe criticises crime wave Sweden for not taking in more migrants!
AMARILLO: Hero stops mass shooting in church, cops arrive and shoot HIM! Media silence!
There will be “a crisis in British politics” if MPs vote down Theresa May’s Brexit deal
Guy Verhofstadt mocks 'STUPID' Brexiteers, says EU is MORE popular since Leave vote
Corbyn supplied COMMUNIST REGIME with info in bid to ’undermine democracy!’
Rod Liddle and Andrew Neil on the stifling of free speech in British universities!
David Bitton sentenced to 4 years for RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC and ANTISEMITIC TWEETS!
Bari Weiss and the left-wing infatuation with taking offense
DIVERSITY IN ITALY! Immigrants barbecue dog at Welcome Centre!
Kinnock warns Corbyn: ‘Stop Brexit to save the NHS!’
May government refuses to contemplate paring back £13bn Foreign Aid budget!
Jennifer Lawrence led the BAFTA 'Time's Up' protest?

Sunday 18 February

Axe attack horror in Copenhagen – Multiple casualties!
Hungarian town can’t be EU Capital of Culture - 'Too many happy white people... not enough immigrants!'
Christians are 'mentally ill' now?
CORBYN FILES: Soviet spy says ‘Corbyn was our asset!’ He was ‘a paid collaborator!’
Ken Livingstone, John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn were ALL spying for Russia!
Corbyn's pet rough sleeper was an immigrant paedo who had been deported twice
New plot to reverse Brexit! Top Tories back vote for pro-EU 16 and 17-year-olds!
Jo Cox's sanctimonious hubbie quits charity roles amid sexual harassment accusations
Austrian Foreign Minister slams Merkel for decision to welcome migrants!
Ex-CIA man says Russia isn't the only one meddling in elections - US does it too!
Solzhenitsyn's Damning 'History of the Jews in Russia' - a Review
Replacing race in anthropology - How did 'ideology' overcome 'fact-based' research?
WATER WARS: Cape Town could be weeks away from exploding into violence!
Financial abuse of care home residents! 13,000 affected!
Polish PM draws ire (of usual suspects) with claim of Jewish Holocaust 'perpetrators!'
Serial killer paedo sentenced to death in Pakistan
Oxfam was warned a decade ago about sex abuse among aid workers!
Treason? White House security policy could put ‘bull’s eye’ on Kushner
RussiaGate: The origins of the overclass
Sitting for hours on end is linked to nine more cancers!
Cops drop probe into doctors who gave her 11-month-old girl fatal jab
Tories pressure prison governors to release thousands of criminals early!
Florida shooter had a history of violence but was still able to buy an assault rifle!
Chris Rock: “I want to live in a world where an equal amount of white kids are shot every month!” New World Order agents lie about Syria — Again!
HITCHENS: Return to times tables? Not when we can ask Poles to do our sums
Celebrating blackness in CHINA! Actress blacks up, dons false bottom!

Saturday 17 February

UNICEF children's rights campaigner (led UK anti-smacking campaign) jailed for rape of boy!
MARCH OF THE RIGHT! Murder/dismemberment of a beautiful girl convulses Italian elections!
AIDAN JAMES: Another hero who fought against ISIS charged with terror offences!
Government freezes funding to Miliband's open-borders charity over hushed-up sex crimes/fraud!
Blair and Soros, the billionaire who manipulates politics across the globe!
SOROS: EU should 'protect society' from social media - MSM propaganda required!
SOROS demands EU regulate social media! Voters being 'manipulated!'
Corbyn 'The Collaborator!' Via Czech Communist spy
Chorlton crime gang found with guns, ammo, cocaine, cannabis and cash!
SWEDEN: 'Asylum seekers' rob and assault woman. 97, in her own home
Senate crushes traitor McCain’s Dreamer bill!
When the Muslim population of any country reaches 20% freedom disappears - Wake Up Europe!
Before the enrichment begins... #WhiteGenocide
Keith Vaz 'too ill' to answer rent boy investigation but not to forgo a trip to India!
Iceland's moves to ban circumcision - Jewish leaders outraged at 'attack on Judaism!'
Lawyers fighting for Brits unfairly jailed in Dubai say pleas fall on deaf ears
British Deplorables? Merkel says Germany 'deplores' Brexit at press conference with May
Where is all the luvvie outrage on Oxfam?
Brexit could be overturned as Leave voters are DYING, claims Lordly Remainer!
AFRICAN punishment for rape - Trussed up rapist has rock dangling from testacles!
It's called dumbing down. Simple maths now stumps many!

Friday 16 February

Western world is at war! Politicians won't admit it, says analyst!
Government too ‘politically correct’ to ban hijab in schools – former Ofsted boss
Thefts by moped gangs in London rise 2,138% in two years!
UK is under threat from MUTANT RATS!
Turkey’s PM says Turkey 'will fight' the USA if it sides with Kurds
Young boy dancing group performs with a laser in their behinds!
Government to let thousands of inmates out of jail early!
'F*** Australia, hope it burns to the ground,' say 'Invasion Day' protesters!
School slaughterer, Nikolas de Jesus Cruz, is a 'white supremacist?'
48% support compulsory military service, 36% oppose
Promise Nkenda ('promising music producer') stabbed to death in 'postcode war!'
Voting age in Britain could be lowered to 16 before the next election!
Arjunbir Soin made hoax bomb threats because he wanted day off work! NO JAIL!
Pervert Madan Lal caught by paedo hunters trying to meet boy from gay dating app! NO JAIL!
Nick Ferrari on FOREIGN AID!
EU backs down on Brexit 'punishment clause' after Mogg declares: 'We won't roll over!'
Britons are unknowingly eating Halal meat that is being sold without a label, says top vet
Here’s when a conspiracy is not a conspiracy

Thursday 15 February

Millions can be made from child rape videos? Politicians will buy? Children must be killed?
David Miliband's Charity 'hushed up 37 allegations of fraud, sex abuse and bribery!'
Expelled student, Nikolas de Jesus Cruz, slaughters at least 17 in High School!
FLORIDA: 'Our school's getting shot up, I'm scared!'
Mujahid Arshid raped/murdered Celine Dookhran and raped and attempted to murder another
FOUR years before he raped and murdered his niece, Cops KNEW about his deviant fantasies!
Eamonn Holmes praised for savaging a top Oxfam boss!
Macron says he will BOMB Syria if regime is proven to have used chemical weapons!
'Regulations SPEW out of Brussels!' Humphrys tears into Ed Balls
'We need to wake up to who he is!' Farage SLAMS Soros
Swedish whistleblower cop reported to police after he said gang rape linked to migration!
Médecins Sans Frontières fired 19 employees in past year over sex abuse
I will NEVER give a pound to aid charities says ex-Africa field worker!
Theresa May's chief of staff Gavin Barwell replies to schoolgirl porn tweets!
Acid attack victim, Katie Piper, 10 years on
ITALY: Nigerian drug dealer charged with murder of Pamela Mastropietro, 18
British Steel pensioners targeted after Indian firm, TATA, allowed to offload retirement fund
BREXIT BOOM! Good year for factories after media claims opposite!
Life expectancy gap between rich and poor widens!
Ultra-processed foods 'linked to cancer!' (How long have we known this now?)
Corbyn's meeting with a Communist spy!
Dutch Foreign Minister resigns, after admitting he lied about Putin's ambitions
BREXIT BOOM! Good year for factories after media claims opposite!
RUSSIA, please! US can't be sole broker in Israeli-Palestinian talks! Washington sides with Israel!
Protesters at London university call former Israeli Deputy Prime Minister 'war criminal!'
Have smartphones destroyed a generation?
Sweden's liberal Church 'set to lose over a million members!'
Who created Communism? God-fearing folk speak

Wednesday 14 February

Parents claim they were kept in the dark about threat to blow up primary school!
36 children die in war-torn Syria from UN measles vaccines!
USA in Syria now slaughtering Russians as well as Assad's troops?
Israeli police 'recommend Benjamin Netanyahu be charged with corruption and accepting bribes!'
'A racket, all of it!' Refugee admits faking hundreds of compensation claims against UK troops!
Somali immigrant plotted to kill Queen!
Christian Scout Leader fired for criticising promotion of Islamic face veil!
'Prisoners forced to convert to Islam for protection,' says Christian Pastor
Antibiotics don't work for 17% of patients who suffer infections after surgery!
MEASLES! Cases of the deadly infection tripled last year across Europe!
Schools Minister Nick Gibb FAILS to answer simple maths question! (8 x 9)
Sex mad Oxfam aid worker had already been forced out of ANOTHER charity!
Former UN chief says 'paedophilia' is a word charities dare not say
Chairman of Oxfam International arrested in Guatemala!
Rapist Ahmed Abdoule said: 'You cannot be a virgin because you are white,' to teen victim!
CCTV of suspect who 'tried to rape a 10-year-old girl!'
Benefits cheat Abida Khan stole £27,000 while having £40,000 in savings
BRADFORD: Asians sought for attempted carjacking
'Cunning' fraudster, Mohammed Khalil, stole £34,488 employment support allowance - NO JAIL!
Doctor Amirul Haque ‘sexually assaulted five patients!
Teens roam streets with rifles as crime swamps Sweden
Sadiq Khan: £6m on toilets for London bus drivers but no cash to catch terrorists?
2015: The link between life peerages and party donations!
BREXITEER ELITE! John Cleese, Michael Caine, Roger Daltrey etc.

Tuesday 13 February

Labour defends decision to ban straight, white, able-bodied men from its equalities conference!
Corrupt members of South African Police Force facilitate attacks on white farmers!
ITALY: Matteo Salvini, leader of anti-immigration party, interview
CAMBRIDGESHIRE: Deividas Subacius filmed himself attacking an 18-month-old toddler!
Corfu: Pakistani stabbed Briton and raped his girlfriend!
Scotland Yard ignoring 9,000 cases a month – including burglaries!
Scotland Yard probe after 4 Brexit MPs receive death threats
EU REBELLION: A dozen member states REVOLT against ‘hard line’ Barnier!
Soros doubles down on anti-Brexit cash! Promises another £100,000!
Illuminati favours oil industry over climate change! Wants new technology kept secret!
Britain's 'Big 4' accountancy firms made £70million 'feasting on Carillion's carcass!'
UK prosecutors admit destroying key emails in Julian Assange case
Justice Minister: Israel must keep Jewish majority even at the expense of Human Rights!
Cameron's government encouraged Sweden not to drop Julian Assange extradition in 2013!
Oxfam's orgy villa!
Abuse rife in BRITISH Oxfam shops?
Whoopi Goldberg: Mike Pence didn't show enough “respect” to North Korea at Olympics

Monday 12 February

RUSSIA: "I left the house, saw the plane, an explosion was heard and the sky turned red!"
Passengers on downed Russian airliner include nuclear (Uranium 1) big shots! (Hillary relieved?)
Delroy Forrester charged with murder of his 11-year-old niece!
Murdering savage's sentence cut for 2nd time! (Tim Smith stepped in front of his bike)
MANCHESTER: 'Asian man' tried to rape 10-year-old when she became separated from friends!
Former Al-Qaeda leader in Syria ‘welcomes’ Israeli airstrikes!
Migrant ghettos will become 'a nuclear bomb in the future' a top EU official warns!
Deaths from deadly painkiller fentanyl treble in 3 years to 8 a MONTH!
Labour bans straight white men from conference!
Top human rights lawyer brands victims of child sex abuse 'lunatics,' 'nutwings' and 'cowardly!
Germany recognises Algerian Jews as Holocaust survivors!
German Archbishop condemns migrant violence toward Christians!
McMafia: Bankers replace gangsters as new breed of major international drug traffickers?
Russian Inquiry Chief is hardline Remainer, who quotes Soros and spreads fake news!
Soros donates ANOTHER £100,000 to try and derail Brexit!
The shaming of Oxfam!
Irish Muslim ‘scholar’ has said he supports mutilating the genitalia of young girls
Meet the 10-Year-Old Drag prodigy who just stole the show at Gypsy Sport!

Sunday 11 February

Israeli air strikes against Syria 'biggest since 1982'
Israel launches heavy Syria strikes after F-16 crashes
Attacks by Israeli forces on targets in Syria may destabilise de-escalation zone
Israeli Air Force says Syria airstrikes biggest op of its kind since Lebanese Civil War
Hungary slams Soros and anti-Brexit plot!
Billionaire SOROS says his love for Britain means he'll fight on to oppose Brexit
Hungary slams Soros and anti-Brexit plot!
Death threat campaign against Brexit donors!
GUARDIAN 1 - SOROS - Jewish journalist wonders at antisemitic AND anti-Muslim prejudice!
GUARDIAN 2: Jewish journalist wonders if SOROS + 'a secret plot to stop Brexit' is antisemitism
'Do that again, you die!' Male nurse, Gheorghiu Tudor-Petru, to dementia patient
Shopkeeper threatened with zombie killer knife during raid in Bexley
Rampant knife crime threatens 'very existence' of Notting Hill Carnival
LibLabCon enricher says we are 'worse than animals!'
Irish Muslim ‘scholar’ has said he supports mutilating the genitalia of young girls
BERLIN: Pre-school children to get gender diversity brainwashing!
UK prosecutors admit destroying key emails in Julian Assange case
NHS hospitals infested with maggots, cockroaches and rats?
Labour Party demands government impose same sex marriage on Bermuda!
Is Jacob Rees-Mogg the most powerful man in Britain?
German media tips Jacob Rees-Mogg to REPLACE Theresa May at No10
Emily Thornberry v Jacob Rees-Mogg - You decide!
REMAINER Lord admits UK must go Hard Brexit!
MP Jo Cox's husband reported to police over sex assault 9 months before wife's death
Paloma Faith has 'no problem' if her child grows up feeling no affinity with their own gender!
ISIS Beatles - 'Bring those dogs to me and give me six hours with them!'

Saturday 10 February

Alaeldien Ahmed randomly attacked and stabbed Anthony Banting 60 times!
London Bridge terror killers were pumped up on steroids!
Schoolgirl, 11, stabbed to death. Police arrest 'relative!'
As our Keystone Cops focus on 'hate crime,' a huge rise in real crime unfolds!
Canadian professor Jordan Peterson is demonised by the Left for speaking sense!
Woman (in a headscarf) caught hurling bags of rubbish into an alley behind her house!
MSM busted! “Russian meddling” in Brexit = 0.005%!
FARAGE: Money Soros gave to anti-Brexit campaign tip of the iceberg!
Soros acting against the ‘spirit of the law’ with plans to sabotage Brexit, says Lamont
First pictures of ISIS 'Beatles' in custody!
Beheadings/electrocutions/crucifixions! London Jihadis grew up with Spice Girls and QPR!
Mainstream media buried two huge FBI stories yesterday!
Sam Timms jailed by Judge Rajeev Shetty for singing in a Jamaican accent?
BRITAIN: They are replacing you! YOU, yes YOU!
Pakistani Muslim, Qaisar Mahmood, is the new head of the Swedish National Heritage Board!
Sick Vaz too ill for male escort investigation but fit enough to travel the world and cut ribbons
Italian who gunned down black migrants receives ‘wave of support’ and offers of cash!
Pro-Israel lobby groups brace for hidden-camera exposé
Oxfam denies cover-up over 'Haiti prostitutes'
Austria: Leftie bar owner no longer admits asylum seekers after crime explosion
GERMANY: ISIS flag, drugs found after crackdown on benefit scam immigrants!
Thugs urinate on Tube train moments before woman sits in wet seat
Croatian migrant felt unsafe in Sweden and left to go to ‘amazing’ Poland!
BERLIN: Pre-school children to get gender diversity brainwashing!

Leftie Eurocrat Schulz resigns after only 36 hours in office!
Schulz abandons German foreign minister ambitions!
The real McMasterminds behind McMafia - International (Jewish) villains it’s based on
The Weinstein Effect - Burn Hollywood Burn
(Some of) Twitters censored accounts!

Friday 9 February

Crime statistics: Shock scale of stabbings and sexual assaults revealed!
20% of women, 4% of men sexually assaulted since age 16! 3.4m female, 631,000 male victims!
USA: 64,000+ US citizens died overdose deaths in 2016! 20,000+ were attributed to synthetic opioids - 56% of these were related to prescription drug, fentanyl!
Drug dealers had enough fentanyl 'to kill 18 million people!'
Drug 100 times stronger than heroin 'now killing people in UK!'
Tommy Robinson: Germany Fights Back!
Do white nations have the stomach to take measures necessary to halt their own extinction?
God complex of world's 29th richest man who can't stop meddling in other countries' affairs!
MEP demands probe into foreign money being used to fund anti-Brexit candidates
Somali immigrant told rape victim ‘you can’t be a virgin... you’re white!’
Hate speech (anti-establishment truth) thrives on Gab.ai?
David Davis TEARS INTO EU for 'discourteous' plans to punish UK for Brexit
MEGABUCK TROUGH GOBBLERS! The Remainer elite incarnate!
HAMBURG: Left Party candidate Sarah Rambatz wants to see films in which Germans are killed?
ITALY: As election approaches, record alienation from EU!
Far Left group buys right-wing newspaper!
Oxfam aid workers paid Haiti earthquake survivors for sex?
Ban the spoilt elderly from voting says Jeremy Paxman!
University librarian SACKED by 'snowflake' bosses for using capital letters in email!
Masseur, Mohammed Ramande, accused of abusing three clients
Harvey Weinstein faces possible arrest in 5 California cases!
Harvey Weinstein threatened to 'break my kneecaps' when Salma hayek refused to sleep with him!
Jewish comedienne Sarah Silverman mocks Jesus! Mock Judaism in Israel you go to jail!
Hollywood actor Seth Rogen: It's OK to make fun of Christians!
Strictly in danger of losing British sparkle if it keeps hiring foreign dancers!

Thursday 8 February

FARAGE: Soros is mentioned and suddenly you’re an anti-Semite? Is the man beyond question?
George Soros, the man who 'broke the Bank of England', backs secret plot to thwart Brexit!
Pro-EU campaign secures £400,000 from George Soros
Church of England is facing more than 3,000 complaints over sexual abuse…
Former British Army soldier who fought against ISIS faces terror charge!
Amateur boxer, Eamonn Magee, stabbed to death by his date's jealous ex, Orhan Koca
Romanian murderer, Gheorghe Mihai, tried to stab woman to death WEEKS after entering UK!
Germany is BIGGEST breaker of EU rules - despite lecturing smaller nations!
Berlin New Year's Eve sex assault numbers 3 times those previously reported!
Could it be that Brussels wants to inflict mayhem?
Halal/Schechita = Sheep slaughtered in Britain without being stunned doubles to 3 million+
Rees-Mogg thinks freedom of speech is under THREAT at English universities
Hasn't Donald Trump got a point about the NHS failings?
Somali refused asylum in Sweden and we get a bill for his keep!
Swedish Police run from criminals, abandon city and top cop is promoted
Turkish troops square up to Assad as ceasefire hopes fade
Top cop quits amid mounting gross misconduct claims
Is this top cop the worst policeman in Britain?
Steve Goldstein: African immigrants are better educated than US-born population!
"The most powerful person... in the entire world?"
Yale's Jewish President calls on students to commit to Jewish philosophy of 'Tikkun Olam!'
Guardian chief executive David Pemsel receives pay and perks of £706,000 a year
NATO’s Real Existential Threat: The surrender of Western values
Denmark becomes latest country to ban the burqa!
Has there ever been a bigger pussy leading a country than Justin Trudeau?
Polanski victim, raped and sodomized aged 13, hits out at Tarantino!
Katie Price is 'being investigated by police for REVENGE PORN!

Wednesday 7 February

Leaked documents show how the EU intends to punish UK during and after Brexit!
EU PLOT to scupper UK fleet and STEAL fish during Brexit 'transition period!'
South Africa detains Katie Hopkins for 'spreading racial hatred!'
Government promotes wearing of the Hijab amongst its London staff!
Surrey Police use Zero Tolerance for FGM Day to threaten 'Islamophobic' Twitter users!
Danish minister: We have lost and have been silenced by Islam and its fundamentalist followers
What is happening? Under a Conservative government, why is the UK turning into Sweden?
Public 'at severe risk!' Probation cuts result in ineffective monitoring of criminals!
137,000 cases of FGM in UK! NOT ONE CONVICTION!!!
Drag Queens to teach children at Swedish libraries!
Swedish students forced to write essays on 'white male privilege!'
BT driver threatens to 'BLIND' a pedestrian!
CARILLION: Silence in the face of Fawlty Towers sized ineptitude!
USA no longer seeking extradition of Israeli hacker responsible for 'antisemitic' hoax calls
Torquay homeless charity accused of ruining town as shops blame it for decline in sales!
Foster parents 'scared to hug their children in case they're accused of sexual abuse!'
Tory traitor Anna Soubry’s venomous comments about Jacob Rees Mogg
Anna Soubry hit with death threats? I wonder why?
'Halfwit' Sugar mocked by Piers Morgan - He fell for fake Trump tweet
Nick Clegg admits 'soft' Brexit is dead!
Brits support Trump state visit!
Quentin Tarantino defends Roman Polanski: 13-year-old girl 'wanted to have it!''
WEINER: 639 politicians and media personalities doxxed!

Tuesday 6 February

Monsanto’s cancer cover-up: ‘Decades of deceptive tactics to make billions of dollars!’
FBI memo proves the ‘deep state’ is real – and the press is part of it!
Senate documents show FBI trying to suppress release of new Trump dossier info!
Men with prostate cancer can access fewer specialist nurses than those with other cancers!
Refugee worker admits she was wrong and is emigrating to Poland! “It’s too late for Germany!”
GERMANY: Politicians alarmed by number of 'hate' attacks on Christians!
Journalist says: 'Like many other women in Germany, I no longer feel safe!'
Brexit could RUIN Germany!
‘We are going to kill you!’ Sick letter sent to Brexit voter, 80
Anna Soubry says Brexiteers are not 'proper Tories!'
Remove hard Brexiteers, ex-minister Anna Soubry tells PM
Comparing Brexiteers to Nazis/snake oil salesmen proves Sir Humphreys ANYTHING but neutral
Same politicians who opened up doors to millions now in denial as to why NHS has problems
'Patients look at me like I'm a Messiah, but I can't help them!' Truth about NHS crisis!
BBC and Church elites attack Christians for wanting lower immigration!
The state of Sharia law in the United Kingdom? (TREASON! There should be one law for all!)
Too sick to be investigated? “Keith Vaz is the most healthy looking sick man I have ever seen!”
Bull terrier killed David Ellam a week after cops handed it back to owner, Aaron Joseph
Curry chef Kamrul Islam 'threw burning chilli powder into face of customer who complained!'
Jail where 27% of inmates have developed drug habit since entering prison
May government admits ISIS fighters roam free, unpunished, no longer security concern!
London cops get bottleshowers designed for war zones to treat acid attack victims on streets!
GERMANY: Afghan asylum seeker rapes girl, 13, after release from jail for attempted rape!
‘Social bomb ready to explode!’ Berlusconi pledges to deport 600,000 illegal immigrants!
Confronting Leftist Lies!
2014: Nick Griffin blasts EU over European genocide!
Stop attacking Syria! Iran gives Turkey ultimatum!
Pope Francis is a liar? He DID get victim's letter despite saying none had come forward
Natalie Portman has '100 stories' of being sexually harassed in Hollywood
The establishment is writing us out of our own history!
Black man abuses blonde passed out on Vegas Strip and NOBODY cares!

Monday 5 February

Gender-bending chemicals linked to breast/prostate cancer found in 86% of teens' bodies!
Ultra-processed products account for 50.7% of food bought by Britons!
Children infected with Scarlet Fever highest since the 1960s!
Two Freemasons' lodges operating secretly at Westminster!
Watch all of Katie Hopkins' reports from South Africa! MEDIA SILENCE!
Global financial CRASH may be IMMINENT?
Turkey to 'target' US troops in Syria for supporting Kurdish ‘terrorists?’
1,000 crimes committed in Walsall town centre - in just three months
Will the BBC go back to ignoring grooming gangs?
SHEFFIELD: Low sentences for “twisted tag team” rapists!
Pedestrian stabbed in Oxford Street as he tries to fight off moped muggers!
Father of Swedish terror victim, Ebba Akerlund, 11, to sue government!
NUS campaign has become a “vehicle” for Islamic extremist interests!
Brixton prison's Christian chaplain forced out by Imam accusing him of extremism!'
You're afraid to say customs union!' Marr DESTROYS Remainer Rudd!
A. C. Grayling: 'Only philosopher who'd support Brexit was a Nazi!'
Afua Hirsch: 'I’ve had enough of white people who try to deny my experience!'

Sunday 4 February

Belgian Senator says society has been transformed with mass migration by a 'multiculturalist lobby which dominates universities, NGOs, public institutions and the media!'
Education giant pushes LGBT ‘social justice’ activism in every part of the school curriculum!
Snowflakes? They're fascists! There's nothing funny about the march of the PC brigade!
The social conditioning of White people?
The Jewish stake in America's changing demography!
Dementia victims turned away and even EVICTED by 'cherry picking' care home bosses!
Gay feminist fight club 'Femme Feral' vows to destroy Tories and smash patriarchy!
Afua Hirsch: 'I’ve had enough of white people who try to deny my experience!'
The empathy trap!
Gay ex-Tory, journalist Matthew Parris, says Brexit is worse than Iraq!
Mediterranean migrant route numbers rapidly increasing!
Afghan asylum seeker arrested in Germany for the rape of a 13-year-old girl
'Ardent Labour supporter,' Josh Connor, in mob that tried to silence Jacob Rees-Mogg!
Thousands sign petition to force Government NOT to cave in to EU Brexit demands!
PETITION! We must leave the EU completely in March 2019 - No transition! No delay!
Oprah #MeToo #TimesUp movement ignores 'migrant' gang rapists who walk free!
Uma Thurman breaks her silence on Harvey Weinstein!

Saturday 3 February

"I AM an ethnic Ashkenazi Jew. Alas I am persuaded: White decline is a Jewish affair!
EU's Brexit transition deal will 'ERADICATE Britain’s fishing fleets', warn UK’s fishermen!
Headteacher for 5 Kent schools says a 'Rotherham-style' abuse scandal about to hit Thanet?
ISLINGTON: Arben Rexha nearly decapitated his bride, 15, thinking she wasn't a virgin!
Sexually assaulted by David Cabero in an NHS corridor!
If prostate cancer received same funding as breast cancer we'd save 7,000 lives a year!
Sheffield imam has performed thousands of exorcism rituals at his mosque!
When you think you are in Pakistan, then find out it's England!
Western Liberals celebrate World Hijab Day! Women in Mid East risk lives resisting the veil!
Extremists who bullied primary school Head into reversing ban on hijabs!
Antifa types disrupt Jacob Rees-Mogg university speech!
Rees-Mogg Protester identified as Momentum Corbynista!
Rees-Mogg leads OUTCRY against Treasury officials plot to reverse Brexit plan!
Ex-director of the CBI says 'Remoaners' must 'wake up' to the bullying from Brussels!
MP says Brits MUST take back control or WALK away from Brexit deal!
POLLARD: Ending free movement is a pivotal part of Brexit!
F.B.I. memo reveals Comey used dodgy dossier to get Trump team surveillance warrant!
Sutherland's new 'ugly... Commie' flag stirs up storm of criticism!
'Political correctness going too far!' Girl hits back at darts ban
The death of rural England!
‘Snowflake bingo’ aims to root out those with the most fragile of sensitivities!

Friday 2 February

More than 100 people under the age of 25 have been stabbed in Croydon in the past 12 months!
Aaron Kahrod and a 17-year-old on trial for the murder of James Brindley
Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba struck off over the death of six-year-old Jack Adcock!
Moped perv, Shahan Ali, sexually assaulted two 19-year-olds
Crimes that shocked Croydon in 2017!
ITALY: Nigerian drug dealer accused of murdering 18-year-old girl and chopping her into pieces!
Europe's "Fake News" Crusade to "Protect" You From Free Speech
Passenger stabbed on Tube at London Bridge
Women of Europe rise up against fake "refugees" and rape JIHAD
German women launch campaign highlighting violence against women and mass migration
Irish flag BANNED at St Patrick's Day parade in case it OFFENDS people!
Civil servants accused of being 'determined' to keep us in the EU in all but name!
BIRMINGHAM: OAP tied up and tortured with an iron in brutal burglary!
They're planning a new Islamic education centre in a Hindu area of Leicester?
Tommy Robinson tracks down Muslim who threatened to kill his family after police fail to act!
NUS president accused of bullying claims she's the victim of 'racism and classism!'
Jacob Rees-Mogg primed to REPLACE May! He has ‘everything public want!’
UK isn't taking enough refugees in, says son of 'the man who hated Britain!'
PORTUGAL: Ex-boyfriend gets 'hit man' to douse Ellie Chessell in acid!
Government Terrorism wonk says it's "fundamentally wrong" to use phrase "Islamist terrorism!"
Lady Nugee wants 16-year-olds to vote. (They're dumb enough to swallow her boss's Marxism)
Justice Secretary warned to cut 'staggering' payouts for NHS blunders or NHS will go bust!
Bodybuilder Nathan Szuchnik, Wales' strongest man, jailed for drunken attack on neighbours
12-year-old girl ACCIDENTALLY shoots classmates in Salvador Castro School in LA!
FRANCE: Student who says he needs to carry a knife because of Brexit FREED!

Thursday 1 February

Swedish woman Helga Stenmark, 89, murdered by Afghan refugee
FEDERAL RESERVE - "Nobody knows what THEY are doing!"
Why Angela Merkel REALLY opened the borders to Germany - and Europe!
State of the Union stats don’t lie! Americans are turning against Trump-hating celebs
Trump blasts EU, backs Britain, disavows feminism!
Feminists cost much prettier girls their jobs!
Only middle class feminists have the right to do what they want with their bodies?
Model Kate Upton accuses Guess co-founder Paul Marciano of sexually harassing women
Rose responds to Weinstein's 'sad, pathetic, old-fashion attempt to undermine obvious truth!'
After Obama-Farrakhan bombshell, Democrats hug Nation of Islam leader!
Govt paper saying UK will suffer outside EU was leaked in bid to sabotage Brexit
Anna Soubry says Brexiteers have mental health issues!
'JUSTICE' Minister, Philip Lee, wants Brexit REVERSED!
Stitch-up! NO DOUBT UK is going towards SOFT Brexit!
MARXIST BREXIT! Corbyn's MPs 'plotting deal to keep UK under EU rule forever!’
Senior Tory minister 'preparing to denounce Theresa May and resign!'
Religious extremists are using schools to 'indoctrinate' children, Ofsted chief warns!
Zuckerberg's Facebook reinstated Islamic extremist’s account 9 times!
Military racking up BILLIONS in debt for 'unaffordable and unrealistic' Royal Navy fleet
Primary school Head suspended after drink-driving/drugs charges

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