Daily News - February 2017

Tuesday 28 February

How the Jews weaponised Blacks?
Fury as police say jailing FGM parents 'does not benefit' child!
TRANSGENDER! RAF women to be BANNED from wearing skirts on parade in ‘PC MADNESS!’
Unequal justice: UK favouring Muslims over non-Muslims in court!
More than 20,000 vulnerable pensioner abuse allegations made against home care workers!
Ministers urge firms to hire more black/ethnic minority workers!
Cash-for-crash conmen Sabbir Hussain and Raja Hussain killed Betty Laird, 88!
Conman pretended to be a bank worker and scammed 3 pensioners out of £7,000!
SLOUGH: Police release e-fit after woman raped twice in same house!
Damian Kazimierczak jailed for Slough attempted murder and rape
SLOUGH: Man stabbed in back in Britwell - Sunday February 12 (CCTV)
MILTON KEYNES: Murder in Great Linford - Friday January 20
German hostage beheaded in Philippines! (MERKEL! Being nice to beasts doesn't work!)
Brexit tensions could lead to 'blood on the streets' and 'CIVIL WAR', warns Lord Bird!
Sweden's immigrant pandemic!
Sweden on BOMB ALERT - Malmo rocked after HAND GRENADE detonated!
Gerry Adams backs Brussels plans to PUNISH Britain for Brexit vote!
President Trump says OBAMA's people are behind nationwide protests and White House leaks!
Business chief who can't wait to quit the EU!
KAUFMAN saved his most savage attacks for his own party (Fine by me)
Meddling John Major BLASTS vote to leave EU as 'historic mistake!'
Sir John the vengeful doormat has always been an intensely vain man
Hollywood could't recognise The Truth if it was hand-delivered in a red envelope!

Monday 27 February

Government sent our kids away forever, to be enslaved and sexually abused!
‘I wouldn’t vote for her!’ Farage SAVAGES Merkel and predicts BIG SHIFT in European politics
FROG 1 WANNABE! “A world of great migrations! We will have more and more!”
Black strangler jailed in US for murdering 14-year-old girl deported back to UK
DIVERSITY IN BELGIUM: Fouad K. may have raped 230 women!
Blondes aren't having more fun! Muslims rape and rampage across Sweden! Child sex abuse inquiry to study child migration schemes
Witches use black magic to neuter Trump! Cast 'binding spell' to prevent him from governing!
Migrants attack guards in German refugee center! Two in life threatening condition
Labour accused of Brexit betrayal as top MEP deletes promise to 'respect' vote
SWEDEN: Tunisian Muslims live-stream gang rape on Facebook
'They're ECONOMIC MIGRANTS!' Farage slates misuse of term 'refugee'
ENOCH POWELL: Hated by left and right in equal measure
Rich immigrant, Gina Miller, launches new campaign for vote which could BLOCK Brexit
‘Kick him out!’ Heseltine RIPPED APART by Lord Tebbit
Britain will NOT see a sudden drop in immigration post-Brexit, says Amber Rudd
French National Front convoy attacked on way to Marine Le Pen rally
WATCH: The anti-immigrant video going viral across Europe
Israel's hateful posts target Palestinian politicians
Traveller camp forces Birmingham school partial closure

Sunday 26 February

Baroness agrees! Campaign Against Anti-Semitism a 'Zionist propaganda Organisation!'
PROJECT MARINE! Le Pen's 5-year plan for France's revival!
SWEDISH RIOTS: Trump was telling the truth - Swedish government/media hide the facts!
Transgender boy moves within one match of winning a Texas state girls wrestling title!
AUSTRALIA: By promoting diversity over fighting ability the Army is alienating its warriors
Social services called in after 85 cases of FGM newly discovered in Tower Hamlets
Sheriff Clarke: 'I sense pride in our nation I have found lacking for the last 8 years!’
Obama for French president? Petition calls for him to run! (Left-wing hysteria - Love it)
Pope cuts penalties for paedophile priests! (Thanks, Pope - that'll help!)
Labour really isn't working: The secret of the party's terminal disease isn't Corbyn
Multi-millionaire globalist, Michael Heseltine, will lead Lords' Brexit revolt!
Ethnics at play in Leicester
The new normal: Surge in teens wanting 'designer vaginas!' (Bet they didn't vote Brexit!)
Police shoot man who 'drove into people' in German city of Heidelberg
Blackburn child rapist, 19, fled to Pakistan to evade justice
Every 4.8 Seconds a white woman/girl is raped by Muslims in Europe?
Four black killers - one white - Thanks, LibLabCon
London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, compares nationalism to racism! Nick Ferrari: We must ask WHY ISIS killer got compensation
OJ Simpson set to walk free 24 years early to enjoy pension millions!
'Political correctness killed Absolutely Fabulous revival, says Jennifer Saunders!
Hey, Luvvies! The Oscars should be about movies not Donald Trump!
Saturday 25 February

Former marine asks a simple question - Gets 44 million video views in a week
The Left and the elite think we are too stupid to be trusted to vote correctly!
DIVERSITY! Rape clinic for men opens in Sweden!
Liberal alliance with Islam not a joke anymore!
FINLAND: Ex-foreign officer: ‘I lived in your (Muslim) country for 10-years – You are sick, cruel!’
EU PENSION THREAT! Mass migration blamed for £30billion a YEAR economic catastrophe!
POVERTY IN UK: Almost five MILLION Brits regularly go ALL DAY without eating?
Was Trump right about Sweden? (Er, yes. Any who disagree aren't paying attention)
Gay "father" denies murdering adopted baby girl!
BIRMINGHAM: BMW driver deliberately mowed down 17-year-old girl! (#DIVERSITY?)
Black thug gets 6 years for killing banker Oliver Dearlove
Iman Yousef murdered 3-year-old daughter - How much do we pay caring for migrant nuts?
Fury as terrorist given British passport and granted UK citizenship!
Former chief rabbi to serve 4.5yrs in prison over string of financial crimes
Postmaster 'overpowered and chloroformed by armed raiders' jailed for staging the £185,000 raid
Was Trump right about Sweden? (Er, yes. Anyone who disagrees hasn't been paying attention)
Corbyn has left Labour in its 'WEAKEST POSITION for 50 YEARS', says Blair's Jewish protégé!
EU nations will have 'BACKDOOR access to UK's fishing waters AFTER Brexit unless May acts!'
Let DEMOCRACY speak! Le Pen SLAMS media for censoring French presidential hopefuls
'He's a HAS-BEEN!' Tory MP hits out at Tony Blair and 'desperate' ploy to oust Corbyn
'Love trumps hate, courage trumps fear!' Clooney the Clown at César Awards

Friday 24 February

This country has been taken over by the PC brigade, says Stephen Pollard
Military heroes are being "treated like s***" by the Ministry of Defence!
Three 'missed chances' to prosecute Greville Janner!
Immigrant who killed EU official's daughter to be tried as adult after claiming he was 17
KEIGHLEY: Muslim drug dealers jailed
HUDDERSFIELD: Mansoor Hassan turned schoolgirl into a prostitute
'I’m just here to f*** girls!' Immigrant 'sexually harassed group of women and SPAT at them!
“The end goal is to destroy the Constitution and subvert the country!”
Why mainstream media websites are censoring and removing comment sections
The Stop Trump protesters have got their priorities all wrong
Trump hails new 'MILITARY OPERATION' immigration plans to keep 'BAD DUDES' out of the US
Nick Ferrari hammers campaigner 'luvvies' who want to take in MORE child refugees

Thursday 23 February

Jean Charles de Menezes' family slam 'offensive' appointment of Cressida Dick!
The day I was accused of being racist, I knew political correctness had gone mad
'They don't care about us!' The anger and apathy behind the Stoke by-election
Who signed off '£1m payment' to this bomber? Terrorist and house he bought with our cash
Did UK Guantanamo payouts go to ISIS?
Marine Le Pen SOARS in latest French election poll as rivals Macron & Fillon FALL AWAY
Nigel Farage says PM is CRAZY for not showing respect to Marine Le Pen
'There's just TOO MANY people!' Brexiteer, 17, unemployed 'because of MASS immigration'
We must leave the EU quickly – It is falling apart faster than I thought!
Migrants accused of burning down refugee centre in Ramadan row over Nutella could go free!
Some Muslim cops "believed themselves to be above the law!" (PC to blame)
Huge stockpile of weapons found near German mosque
"Human rights activist," Mehdi Meklat, posted thousands of racist and hate-filled tweets
Leaked Report: Six million more immigrants want to enter Europe
Is the break-up of the euro now inevitable?
GERMANY: Liberal teacher takes in refugee - Now he's dead
Pensioner in 80s fighting for life after being stabbed
The coverup of Zionist organised crime!
ISRAEL: 'Promised land for organized crime!'
University lecturer an anti-Semite? For saying Jews should stop 'privileging' the Holocaust?
The disturbing alliance between Zionists and anti-Semites
Simon Cowell tells court of £1 million burglary

Wednesday 22 February

Suicide bomber cost YOU £1million! Blair freed him from Guantanamo, he then fled to join ISIS
Bid to kick out one-legged Albanian killer has cost taxpayers £100,000
Immigrants who 'abuse' benefits system to be TOP deportation priority under Trump
Children 'NOT being taken seriously when reporting violent or sexual crimes!'
Rezzas Abdulla spat in baby’s face and shouted ‘white people shouldn’t breed!’ NO JAIL!
Grinning Israeli soldier gets just 18 months for shooting dead wounded Palestinian
Top cop denounces Remainer liars! Brexit has NOT fuelled hate crime!
Do they despise democracy and loathe 'the people?' MPs pour scorn on Trump
BETRAYAL: Dutch MPs set to force through EU deal voters REJECTED in referendum!
The truth about Sweden!
Rioters set cars on fire, loot shops in Stockholm suburb
Sweden to raise taxes so they can house/feed those who have brought mass rape in their wake
Donald Trump is correct – I live in an immigrant area in Sweden
CNBC changes their story on Sweden... IN 24 HOURS!
Labour accused of 'ATTACKING UKIP WITH LIES' in last-ditch bid to win Stoke by-election
Pregnant East Europeans dash to Britain to give birth/claim benefits, top doc warns
Marine Le Pen EXTENDS lead in first round of French presidential voting
Britain to send £100MILLION in foreign aid to South Sudan and Somalia
Imam 'encouraged congregation at Stoke mosque to conduct terror attacks for ISIS!'
'British' Muslim convert 'planned to join ISIS to buy himself a 9-year-old virgin slave girl!'
Romanian immigrant tried to decapitate prostitute girlfriend before stabbing her to death
British couple found murdered after robbery in South Africa home!
Train passengers in Sweden have ‘breathing problems’ after liquid thrown on them

Tuesday 21 February

PAT CONDELL: Islam's War on freedom!
Ted Heath 'fixed it for Jimmy Savile to get OBE and attended paedophile group meetings'
Tony Blair has links to paedophile Jimmy Savile?
Swedish cops forced to conceal 5,000 Muslim crimes in 4 months under ‘Code 291!’
Immigrant brutality/political treachery in Sweden
Sweden isn't only the rape capital of Europe, it’s also the grenade attack capital
‘He's done NOTHING to be honoured for!' Diane Abbott joins anti-Trump march!
MANDELSON: I'm a Remainer because I’m a patriot, not for my EU pension! (Titter-ye-not)
Peers table amendments to Article 50 bill on first day of debate!
The £300-a-day peers who do 'absolutely nothing' to earn their money!
Hollywood Jew takes Trump protest to HORRIFIC new low
Before Islam: When Saudi Arabia was a Jewish Kingdom
Is the ‘Saudi’ Royal Family Jewish?
‘Tragedy for the NHS’ as bosses overspend by a shocking £900m!
Hungarian top economist says the goal of "refugee" invasion is civil war in Europe!
Top Russian Writer Nikolai Starikov Explains Who Is Behind Europe's Refugee Crisis
Top Russian writer Nikolai Starikov explanation of the refugee crisis in Europe
GREECE: Right-wing protesters being brutally attacked by anti-fascists
Extent of Greece’s poverty REVEALED as EU-enforced austerity CRIPPLES nation
Starving Greek students trade sex for food?
Disabled grandma fined £240 for fly-tipping! (Left cardboard box next to overflowing bin)
'Mothers will die. Babies will die' if Tories win in Copeland! (Labour leaflet)
Tipper truck driver, James Kwatia, killed Queen's designer as she cycled to work!

Monday 20 February

NHS cuts 15,000 beds in six years! One in ten have been axed!
Mother claims she had told police a child vanished after going on Sir Edward Heath's yacht!
Women who say Ted Heath abused them, accuse their parents of involvement in 16 murders!
Thatcher’s government covered up a VIP paedophile ring?
PARIS: Where is the media?
Sweden is dead - Do not allow your country to be next
Swedish Police Chief to Swedish girls: 'Don't go out after sunset or you’ll be raped or worse’
Muslim rapes child in Sweden - Gets two months, not deported
Peers in the pocket of Europe: Lords told to declare fat EU pensions ahead of Brexit debate
Eurocrats 'to coax UK into paying £51BILLION divorce bill BEFORE starting trade talks!'
BREXIT BLOCKERS! Traitors ooze out from dark corridor into the spotlight
TRAITOR HAIN slammed for ‘arrogant snobbery’ after vowing to vote against Article 50
Katie Hopkins mocks Tony Blair's Remain 'rise up'
Anything to declare, Lord Mandelson?
I'm a Democrat but the spies plotting against Trump are out of control
Trevor Phillips: ‘Political correctness ushered in the populist wave!’
REVIEW: Things we won’t say about race that are true
Savage dragged helpless Alsatian behind motorised wheelchair!
Hillary Clinton tried to ban this video twice from youtube
Hamas leader's son tells the truth about Islam
Whimpering Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott, plays race card! Wants critics silenced!
Marine Le Pen could have just been handed VICTORY as rival Macron causes FURY
TV host says Obama's shadow government is plotting a COUP!

Sunday 19 February

Former PM Sir Edward Heath was '120 PER CENT' a real paedophile!
Traitor Merkel says EU must accept MORE refugees as Islam is NOT a source of terror!
Swedish government 'covering up' immigrant rape and violent crime!
Every protesting Leftie should be forced to watch this!
What Labour's candidate really thinks of Stoke folk!
We are controlled by Cultural Marxists - What are they all about?
Billionaire George Soros tries to block EU member plans to take power BACK from Brussels
Le Pen SLAMS Hollande's handling of Paris riots and leaving France on brink of 'CIVIL WAR!'
When Israel first occupied the West Bank
Marine Le Pen REFUSES to grovel to Merkel and EU
Stepfather of British soldier SAVAGES Blair after Brexit rant
Trump hails Brexit as chance for Britain to 'TAKE BACK CONTROL!'
Children committing suicide hits 14-year high
Stoke election: 'People don't follow Labour like sheep now!'
Creepy, Star Trek luvvie apologises to Europe 'on behalf of Britain' for 'Brexit calamity!'

Saturday 18 February

Fury as cops warn Stoke campaigner England flag and 'Jerusalem' ‘may OFFEND locals!'
Blair calls for Remainers to “rise up” - Vast majority want politicians to get on with Brexit
'Tony Blair is interested in Tony Blair!'
Away with the fairies! Traitor Blair is delusional and messianic!
'They knew what they were voting for!' LBC host shreds Blair
The UK is being stolen: 4 reasons we are still angry about Brexit
Greek economy collapses under weight of German diktats and unending migrant tide!
Euro GPs more than TWICE as likely to face disciplinary action as British!
Katie Hopkins: 'Why do Muslim refugees go to Christian countries?'
Rothschild family placed in charge of the Greek economy with immediate effect1
Lord Rothschild discusses cousin’s crucial role in creation of Israel
Swedish court approves of child rape?
Captured ISIS militant says he raped and killed hundreds: ‘It was normal’
'Batshit Crazy Lefties'!
Failing companies’ failed politics
France vows to protect elections from Putin? Already infiltrated by the CIA
UK ambassador to Poland demands Britain takes control of immigration
'America voted FOR him!' Chakrabarti put on the spot over Trump ban
The lifelong shadow hanging over the human guinea pigs
Upper caste Indians are closer to Europeans and lower castes to Asians
Sketch mocks Nicola Sturgeon idolising German Chancellor
Lily Allen CELEBRATES drop in the pound?

Friday 17 February

KUCINICH: Deep state Neocons sabotaging Trump to re-start cold war!
NHS and social care cuts caused 30,000 EXCESS DEATHS? (Genocide now the new normal)
MERKEL: 64% of Germans want her out!
Traitor Blair urges pro-Europeans to 'RISE UP' and BLOCK Brexit!
Dear virtue-signalling celebrities (J.K. Rowling)
Universities are taking ILLITERATE students in a bid to hit targets?
Jean-Claude Juncker attacks 'highly unfriendly' Donald Trump!
Unskilled immigrants cost us £3,500 each!
30 new cases of FGM recorded in Leicester!
More than 300 prison guards quit their jobs last year
KAITLYN: Gang-raped, tortured, trafficked, beaten, terrorised by Pakistanis
'Voters are FED UP of Labour!' Paul Nuttall 'WILL WIN' Stoke by-election
'You’re JUST like CNN!' Trump LASHES OUT at BBC reporter in fiery 'fake news' clash
German politician slaps down BBC host for criticising burka ban calls
Dianne Abbott goes down on one knee and kisses queen's ring! (Vaz? Izzard? Tatchell? )
Sweden a safe country for tourists any more
Jean-Claude Juncker attacks 'highly unfriendly' Donald Trump!
Diane Abbott goes down on one knee and kisses queen's ring! (Vaz? Izzard? Tatchell? )

Thursday 16 February

British in employment DOWN 120,000! Foreigners UP 233,000!
Muslim voters in Stoke warned they will go to HELL unless they vote Labour!
UKIP now more popular than Labour among working-class voters!
PARIS ON FIRE! Riots reach capital's centre - buildings set ablaze and police attacked!
Le Pen blasts Germany for using the euro as a ‘POLITICAL WEAPON!
'The European project has FAILED!' Trump's Brussels envoy blasts 'UNDEMOCRATIC' bloc!
US intelligence officials are 'keeping SECRETS from Donald Trump!
Trump's new national security advisor - Vice admiral and former SEAL!
Archbishop of Canterbury reckons those who voted for Trump/Brexit are Fascists!
'They’ve sown murder and mayhem across the world!' Galloway condemns Democrat 'hypocrisy'
Father heard daughter, 11, being beaten up and abducted by Mawande Sicwebu
French are more suspicious of EU than we are!
Democrat accused of generating 'FAKE NEWS' after reading tweets from Flynn parody account!
Confessions of an ambulance driver
Orthodox Jews cause 'absolute bedlam' on flight by refusing to sit next to women

Wednesday 15 February

General Flynn resignation - A deep state sabotage of Trump administration
FLORIDA: Socialist club incites children to “kill Donald Trump!”
Barack Obama's 'folks' working under Trump blasted for 'causing CHAOS in White House!'
The Left's Alinsky plan to destroy the Trump administration
Andrew Neil shows John Bercow no mercy as he roasts him over Trump
Top Bercow aide's abusive tweets!
Archbishop of Canterbury links Brexit and Trump to Fascism!
To link those who voted Brexit to fascism is appalling (and historically illiterate), Archbishop!!!
Twitter backlash as luvvie celebs call on May to let more migrants into UK
We don’t care for sermons from super rich celebs!
EU to take revenge for Brexit by kicking out 1m expats? (No prob, we'll swap ours for yours)
'Educate our OWN!' Brexiteer says better training key to controlling immigration
How £9,000 pension turned out to be worth NOTHING!
Soros-backed Human Rights Watch urges EU to go for ‘nuclear option’ against Poland
London schoolboy, 9, pledges allegiance to ISIS after watching beheading videos
Lithuanian thug threatened to throw men off a railway bridge unless they gave him £20 - NO JAIL! Paul Nuttall claims spike in hate crimes following Brexit is 'fabricated'
Blerim Hajdarmataj, guilty of serious sexual assault/rape, fled country halfway through trial
Syrian refugee 'raped wife in front of toddler son for not wearing her headscarf indoors'
VIENNA: Afghan immigrant sexually assaulted woman as she pushed a pram
USA: Homeless black man with HIV tells cops he raped 'white b*tch' without a condom!
GERMANY: Mum's heartbreak as immigrant, who assaulted girl, 6, gets soft sentence
Burglar Gregory Willis tried to rape deaf and blind 94-year-old - String him up!
Coachload of Korean tourists robbed in attack linked to Paris riots
Bones show ancestral links of Red Indians to Europe!
Citizens UK ‘Reinstate Dubs Amendment’ petition open to fraud

Tuesday 14 February

Top Jewish Neocon says the white working-classes should be replaced!
Declassified CIA memo shows how US has been plotting Syrian regime change for decades!
STUPID students change pledge of allegiance from ‘Under God’ to ‘Under Allah!’
'Send them back!' Farage says deporting foreign crims will solve UK's prison crisis!
Black Lives Matter leader says White folks are are ‘sub-human?’
Black Lives Matter founder appears to label white people ‘defects!’
'Not in this country!' Australian senator and activist in HEATED clash over Sharia law!
'You DESPISE your own voters!' Nigel Farage rips into EU over 'support for migration'
Greece could ditch Euro for US dollar? Ha-ha! Eat that Merkel!
We want our city BACK! Stoke residents vow to vote for UKIP's Paul Nuttall & REJECT Labour
PARIS ERUPTS IN VIOLENCE: Many streets are NO-GO ZONES as five suburbs in flames
May SLAPS DOWN anti-Trump petition and says US president WILL get full state visit!
Rolls-Royce records £4.6BILLION LOSS - Blames bribery scandal and weak pound
'You will CRUSH the people' Hungarian PM slams 'GLOBAL ELITE' for open-door migration!
BAFTA 'luvvies' mock Brexit and Trump (What else is new?)

Monday 13 February

Top Jewish Neocon says: 'White working-class should be replaced by immigrants!'
USA: Cops stand and watch as Trump supporter attacked by left wing thugs!
MIGRATION WARNING! Expert says 50 MILLION Muslims back violence and terror!
'Paedophiles need help, not condemnation?" Thus spake a BBC article
'How is it racist or sexist to say you don't fancy someone?'
Government advisers accused of 'full-frontal attack' on whistleblowers
Austrian president brands Brexit voters THICK and CRAZY in extraordinary Brussels rant!
Marion Le Pen SLAMS EU for bringing terrorism and unemployment into France
Woman born in Nazi Germany: TRUMP isn't like Hitler, rioting Leftists ARE!
Undercover Panorama report reveals prison chaos
Pensioner, 81, raped after she got off a bus on Balham High Street! (Description of rapist?)
GERMANY: Elderly woman raped in driveway by foreigner
Attacked in Barbados but cops didn't care: Tourist was almost raped
Women forced to wear nappies at migrant camp rather than risk being raped in toilet?
'We WON'T miss him' Jacob Rees-Mogg blasts 'unsuccessful' and 'catastrophic' Barack Obama
Can Bercow's rank hypocrisy get any worse?
How mandarins lost £5.5bn of your money on failed schemes!
Bitter Europhile Lords ‘playing with FIRE’ if they OBSTRUCT Brexit, Lord Lamont warns
'Why are they doing this?' Uproar as police TEAR DOWN memorial to Nice terror attack
November 2016: ‘Celebrating violence!’ John McDonnell praises rioting students!
Claws are out for the fat cats robbing your pensions? (Don't hold your breath)
Tesco rip-off! Offers on shelves out of date, customers aren't told so pay more!
HEADLINE NEWS! Lesbians forced to leave McDonald's! Cleaner says kissing inappropriate!
'Overrated Hillary flunky' calls Trump supporters brownshirts!
Plastic celebs berate Donald Trump at Grammies!
BAFTAS: Ken Loach v Theresa May - Stephen Fry v Donald Trump (Imagine my shock)
Pub owned by Jamie Oliver's parents gets TWO out of five rating for hygiene

Sunday 12 February

Trump shrugs off Bercow's rant: US President plans spectacular UK rally to help veterans!
GERMANY: African immigrant 'stabbed girlfriend 30 times and beheaded her during ritual killing!'
Reverend Philip Fowles suspended after telling MP Anna Soubry to 'burn in hell, evil b**ch!'
UKIP leader Paul Nuttall forced to flee his home amid fears over his personal safety!
Jeremy Corbyn kept away from voters ahead of crucial Stoke by-election!
Foreign Aid firm which received MILLIONS in taxpayer cash ‘SEXED UP testimonies to MPs!'
Minister blasts poverty barons who skimmed millions from the aid budget
ORBAN attacks 'LORDS OF GLOBALIST POLITICS' and welcomes 'TRUE European refugees!'
USA: Identity politics and victimhood culture have taken over higher education
German women speak out against sexual abuse by Muslim refugees
Le Pen's rival Fillon faces protests over public money scandal
MERKEL'S EU DIVIDE: Germany to clamp down on benefit tourism from European countries
‘We’ve got EU on the RUN!’ Farage celebrates as Juncker admits Britain IS in control
UK could be bound to European Court of Justice for YEARS despite Brexit?
Soldier, 19, was beaten by '15 men who spotted his army jacket'
‘Assassination attempt’ on Trump’s pro-Brexit EU envoy?
Tiny Tim admits: I 'admire' Nigel Farage on Brexit but Labour are 'utterly pointless!'
Minister blasts poverty barons who skimmed millions from the aid budget
Less than 9 years after he beheaded a total stranger on a bus, Vince Li is freed
Mexican officials 'backing up American courts with immigration cases to antagonize Trump!'
Piers Morgan and JK Rowling in Twitter spat over Trump's 'Muslim travel ban'
David Beckham pledged to devote his life to charity but firm selling his clothes used child labour!

Saturday 11 February

137,000 women and girls in every part of England and Wales are victims of FGM!
Illegal immigrants paid £18,000 to get to England! How many Brits have £18,000 in the bank?
Britain's SHAME! Veterans 'fobbed off' by council sleep rough and attempt suicide!
EU will NOT bully us! Fury as Brussels wants £49 BILLION Brexit ransom!
Swedish policeman speaks out about immigrant crime!
German women speak out against sexual abuse by Muslim refugees!
Teachers are teaching our kids that Stalin was an OK guy?
Our children are being taught that there are two sides to Soviet genocide!
John Bercow 'orchestrated' row over Donald Trump’s visit to the UK?
Bercow ‘blocked MP from revealing investigation into Keith Vaz after accepting donations’
Merkel government's 40-year plan requires 12 MILLION immigrants!
Texas to arrest Mayors of sanctuary cities?
Horror in Sweden as mother is raped and robbed by immigrant in car park
SNP and Nicola Sturgeon SAVAGED by Scottish MSP for 'DELETING' Scots who voted Leave
Right-wing surge: Populists gain in Sweden and Czech Republic as Le Pen extends lead!
'Rejoice!' Diane Abbott is laughing stock once again!

Friday 10 February

Holier-than-thou Gary Lineker signals his virtue daily but when it comes to his taxes...
Did you vote for Brexit? It's just an irrelevance, sneers the BBC!
Trump was RIGHT! Presidential electoral fraudsters who voted TWICE set to face prosecution
Twitter EXPLODES over 'shocking' after-Brexit documentary on EU collapse The Establishment is incapable of winning the media war
Secret plan to tie Britain to EU after Brexit exposed!
George Soros owns the Judge blocking Trump’s ‘Muslim’ ban!
‘Euro is not a currency, it’s a political weapon’ – Marine Le Pen
Trump ambassador savages ‘blatant anti-American’ European Union in furious blast
Speaker John Bercow faces NO CONFIDENCE motion after Donald Trump rant (Hooray!!!)
Syrian rebel commander says he collaborated with Israel
Elijah Wood claims Hollywood is gripped by a Jimmy Savile style sex abuse scandal!
Corey Feldman on Elijah Wood paedo controversy: "I would love to name names!"
Kimberley Taylor is first British woman to fight against ISIS in Syria
Station ban shows madness of hate crime legislation
Albanian migrants most likely to sneak into UK as hundreds of stowaways found
Hilary Clinton gloats as US Appeal Court refuses to overturn judge's block on travel ban
USA: Serial offender shot dead after pointing his gun at a cop
Drunk Tory student, Ronald Coyne, set fire to a £20 note in front of a freezing homeless person
Fuming LBC caller rages at 'do-gooder' refugee activist
Owen Smith BOOED on Question Time after claiming ‘Brexit will be a DISASTER'
Owen Smith's Lily Allen moment as he apologises to refugees on behalf of the UK
Question Time audience member SLAMS Owen Smith's call to ban Trump's Parliament address
Cops hunt black woman who spat at baby after mother asked her to move out of the way
Black soldiers beat up disabled man in Nigeria
Campaign Against Anti-Semitism v Neo-Nazis (Honest patriots)

Thursday 9 February

Police forces ignore 60,000 serious crime victims!
Foreign Aid fraud allegations quadruple in 5 years since Cameron set target at £12 billion!
SNP MPs sing EU anthem (recommended by Coudenhove-Kalergi - look him up) in Commons
Labour Lord, Peter Hain, slammed for ‘arrogant snobbery’ after vowing to vote against Article 50
EU ON THE BRINK: Martin Schulz warns bloc could 'FALL APART' after Brexit! (Hooray!)
Hated EU chief Schulz insists Marine Le Pen WILL NEVER become French President
Google changes definition of word “fascism” to protect liberal mobs?
Where is the media? Thousands of Syrians celebrate returning home!
Israel furious after Ecuador compares Zionism to Nazism
Austria spearheads Balkan frontier defence project, says EU has failed
Police officer who spoke out on immigrant crime now under investigation for racial hatred
Trump administration seen as more truthful than news media
The media coverage of Syria is the biggest lie of our time!
Arson attacks and unrest grow in immigrant-heavy French suburbs!
Complete list of tech companies opposing Trump immigration ban!

Wednesday 8 February

92% of left-wing activists live with their parents?
The persecution Of Christians in the Middle East (Don't often hear about this)
Trudeau sets up ‘War Room’ to monitor Trump! (You couldn't make it up!)
Majority of Europeans want a TOTAL ban on Muslim immigrants!
‘We're DEMOCRATS!’ Why Lib Dem MPs DEFIED Farron and REFUSED to block Brexit
'People have had enough!' Open-door immigration sparked 2016 revolution, Farage roars
'It became a DUMPING GROUND!' Historic Birmingham hotel to stop housing asylum seekers
Central banks prime directive - Rob the poor to pay the rich!
Obama fools around with Richard Branson on private island
EU supported ISIS 'from the very beginning', claims Syrian president
'You don't speak for us!' Yvette Cooper branded a HYPOCRITE on BBC after Trump rant
Marine Le Pen will never be elected in France, says Finance Minnister!
MACRON: French Presidential election favourite denies gay affair with Radio France boss
BERCOW, King of the Freebies! Chauffeurs, suits, tennis and Arsenal matches
In 1981, Speaker John Bercow called for 'assisted repatriation' of immigrants!
Bercow consistently voted for the Iraq war. He’s a colossal hypocrite
QUENTIN LETTS: This vicious, small-minded, careerist martinet of a Speaker
Asylum seekers molested 5 girls aged 12 to 14 in German swimming pool
Muslim immigrants shouted “damn Germans,” as they torched refugee camp!
Do we have the right to offend Muslims?

Tuesday 7 February

Speaker Bercow won't entertain President Trump but the North Koreans? Oh, yes!
Bercow BANS Trump from Parliament but has no problem with President of CHINA!
Speaker John Bercow 'strongly' opposes Trump address to Parliament
'Rape riots' hit Paris! Cars burn and shop fronts are smashed
Nicolas Sarkozy: French ex-president ordered to stand trial
Trump 'Muslim ban': Dozens of Rabbis arrested after protesting outside Trump Tower
LONDON: Zakaria Bulhan stabbed Darlene Horton, 64, to death - Guilty of manslaughter only
UKIP MEP tells truth regarding Labour's treachery, gets fined £162,000! Theresa May RULES out UK burka ban, saying: 'What a woman wears is a woman's choice!'
Do antidepressants really cause brain damage?
Trump’s overhaul of US immigration law could see 8 MILLION deported in migrant round-up!
Generous Brits set to donate MORE to foreign aid than ANY other charity, research reveals
Israel passes Palestinian land-grab bill in late night vote!
Foreign criminals handed £4MILLION in compo for being jailed too long!
One case of female genital mutilation (FGM) treated/discovered every hour in England!
Explosion of violent crime hits streets of Brazil after police strike
Beckham changed date of Downing Street charity party to save on tax perks!
Beckham's grovelling Instagram posts to the Queen as he tried to win a knighthood!

Monday 6 February

MARINE LE PEN BOOST! Fillon faces yet more calls to QUIT presidential race!
Migrants ARE to blame for most serious crimes in Sweden, says police officer!
"Am I missing something?' Andrew Neil FUMES over £30bn Brexit bill EU expects UK to pay
A Geert Wilders victory in Dutch elections could cause the EU to IMPLODE!
Warmonger Netanyahu at it again! He our help, accusing Iran of 'extraordinary aggression'
Warmonger Netanyahu at it again! He our help, accusing Iran of 'extraordinary aggression'
Brits set to donate MORE to foreign aid than ANY other charity, research reveals (Idiots!)
Foreign criminals handed £4MILLION in compo for being jailed too long!
Migrant prostitutes SWAMP Swindon as 30 new 'pop-up' brothels open EACH WEEK
Sharp increase in sex trafficking since Israel lifted visa restrictions
Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution - Professor Antony Sutton
Turkey admits to aiding Al Qaeda and ISIS! (Feb 2016)
America's allies are funding ISIS? (June 2014)

Sunday 5 February

TRANSGENDERISM: Billionaire George Soros opens his wallet to transform America
"Black Lives Matter" Judge who lifted 'Muslim ban' fosters immigrant children
Antifa crybabies wail in central London - 'London Forum' = "Nazi scum?"
2016: Maram Abu Ismail, five-months pregnant, and little brother shot dead by IDF
George Carey blasts Trump protesters in London over ‘hysterical’ attacks on President
Rochdale child sex-gang lawyers blasted as ‘SHAMEFUL’ for behaviour in deportation appeals
Half of Britain's new homes will be for migrants
MIGRANT WALKOUT: Mass protest planned across Britain to demonstrate ‘contribution’ to UK
SWEDEN ON EDGE: Now MPs DEMAND billion pound investment in police
Meanwhile, on kids’ TV in Germany - "France responsible for Islamic terrorism against them!"
This hysterical anti-Trumpette is a university professor
Twitter donates $1.59M to the ACLU to fight Trump on immigration?
Netanyahu scandals reflect corruption at the heart of Israeli society
Globalism and Populism Sexual orientation and behavior of adult Jews in Israel
Obama sent check to rioters just before leaving office? $400M to fight new administration/
Expert reveals drug manufacturers created high cholesterol scam

Saturday 4 February

Germany offers asylum seekers up to €1,200 each to return to home countries!
The full list of MPs who voted against the Brexit bill
Prince Charles' bishop 'friend' freed from prison early despite committing horrific sex offences
Ex-Sheffield City Council boss Roger Dodds jailed for sex abuse (Council knew and did nothing)
Archbishop of Canterbury sorry over charity abuse claims
Senior Church of England clergy 'not diverse enough,' says Bercow's black chaplain
Teacher Wakass Haruf said Islam is 'true religion' and Christians and Jews are 'ignorant'
Thousands sign petition to REMOVE Sadiq Khan as London mayor over Brexit
West Kent NHS group cancels operations for 102 days to save £3.2m
Trump’s likely EU ambassador hits back at bid to BLOCK appointment and mocks Juncker
Piers Morgan slams Jewish comedienne Sarah Silverman for call to depose Trump
Geert Wilders’ anti-Islam campaign BANNED from public transport in Rotterdam!
DULWICH: Sudanese sex attacker jailed for raping tourist after he was granted asylum
Traffickers Andras Lakatos, Jenone Orgona, Laszlo Petrovics jailed over forced prostitution
OBORNE: The EU is more bigoted than Trump's America
My contribution to UK life, by five-jobs George Osborne!
Most telling thing about Queen of sanctimony Harriet Harman's book? What it DOESN'T say!
Children aged 10 'run guns for gangs!' Nice one, LibLabCon
U.N. official admits global warming agenda is really about destroying capitalism?
BBC viewers call for Nigel Farage to be AXED? (Ah, right... 'Two disgruntled viewers!' Ha-ha)
Greece on brink of financial disaster! Could spark 'EU RUPTURE' experts warn
2014: Oklahoma girl, Colleen Hufford, beheaded at Vaughan Foods by a Muslim
David Beckham tried to use his UNICEF charity work to win a knighthood!

Friday 3 February

Child sex gang who impregnated 12-year-old shout 'Allahu Akbar' as they get 80 years!
7,000 soldiers left to ROT on our streets! We demand HOMES FOR HEROES
Cancer rising six times faster in women than men!
Fatal radiation levels at crippled Fukushima nuclear facility
ISIS chop off hands of CHILDREN after they refuse to execute civilians
British jihadi-bride URGES UK families to join ‘war against the west!’
In Germany, immigrants who sexually assault women and girls released without trial?
Thousands sign petition to REMOVE Sadiq Khan as London mayor over Brexit stance
Soros’ bad bet against Trump cost his clients $1bn!
Almondsbury: Nationalists' meeting raided by gang with guns!
Governor Abbott cuts off grants to Travis County over 'sanctuary city' policy
Riot police ordered to ‘stand down’ in UC Berkeley protests?
Drinks in the Red Lion before Diane Abbott gets 'migraine' and misses crucial Brexit vote!
EuroStasi demand EU stars on footballer/Olympian shirts alongside national emblems!
Fraud is still the order of the day in Wall Street
White Muslim murders Denver transit officer
Harman says she stopped Gordon Brown from promoting Mandelson ahead of her
EU leaders unite in bid to block Trump's choice for Ambassador to Brussels
Thug filmed hurling a concrete slab through ambulance window spared jail
VOTER FURY as traitor MPs defy their own constituents by trying to BLOCK Brexit
The 60 Minutes interview George Soros tried to bury
Terrorist attacks, religious wars and financial markets

Thursday 2 February

Former Labour MP, Lord Peter Hain will be voting to block Brexit!
Archbishop of Canterbury issues apology after links to ‘child abuser’ emerge!
Soros raising $10 million for anti-Trump revolt? (23 January article)
Detroit business owner LIED when he said Trump's travel ban caused sick Iraqi mum to die!
Nasty Iraq lawyer Phil Shiner struck off over misconduct!
Donald Trump planning to deport migrants who have claimed benefits?
48 British rabbis cite Holocaust in condemnation of Trump’s ‘Muslim ban!’
BERKELEY: Girl pepper sprayed before 3 men "kicked her ribs in" and stole her Trump hat
Young girl smashed with a pole then tear gassed by #ANTIFA
Hollywood Director tweets threat to Trump supporters after Berkeley riot
TRUMP leading USA into a 21st Century coup? Fat slobs in the vanguard, Mike?
Donald Trump planning to deport migrants who have claimed benefits?
The ugly truth about Hollywood
BREXIT: MPs overwhelmingly back Article 50 bill (BBC/Remoaners in tears)
Reality Check: Can we believe petition signature numbers? NO!
Tusk SLATED by Polish prime minister for IGNORING Brexit in open letter to the EU
George Osborne squirms as he's told 'Project Fear' campaign caused Brexit
A maestro of hypocrisy, he's as shameless as a thief in a charity shop: LETTS on how Clegg
For fighting Brexit, Frogs give Dame Mandy the Legion d’Honneur!!!
Harry Potter actress' brother attacked her for dating non-Muslim
Why don't feminists fight for Muslim women?
Cut the ears off a puppy, film it and put it on social media? Yeah, that's diverse...
The 114 MPs who (don't believe in democracy) voted AGAINST Brexit bill!
OSBORNE: I sacrificed my job for Remain! (But consoles himself with fatcat jobs!)
Farron humiliated over no-show at Article 50 debate
Ex-Labour frontbencher left red-faced on Newsnight after voting AGAINST Article 50
European countries where up to 40% of population have moved abroad! (Most in east)
Fillon scandal BOOSTS Le Pen's leadership bid

Wednesday 1 February

Rich areas not taking refugees! Wealthier locations refuse to house asylum seekers!
ACLU gets $24 million+ donations after filing suit over Trump’s immigration order!
Holocaust denial spread by Trump’s innermost circle? (No wonder they want him gone)
State-owned company campaigns to replace standard Swedish with “migrant-inclusive accent!”
Mainstream media totally corrupt - Evidence overwhelming
'Sweden's being destroyed by political correctness!'
Clegg reminded of university fee betrayal as he claims Brexit 'BETRAYS' young people
Ang Lee blames George W Bush and Tony Blair for creating 'mess' in Iraq
Britain will remain TRAPPED in THOUSANDS of EU laws even AFTER Brexit, Tory MP says
Martin Schulz BLASTS Donald Trump for creating ‘un-American’ policies
Turk tells Farage: The UK must TIGHTEN BORDERS to protect British values!
Afghan migrants jailed for gang-raping student in Austrian train station toilet
900 US officials sign 'dissent memo' BLASTING 'Muslim ban!'
Tens of thousands of accidents on Scotland's dementia and geriatric wards!
Shanique Syrena Pearson screamed abuse and threatened Jeremy Vine with violence!

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