Daily News - December 2017

Sunday 31 December

Cops ‘told Rotherham paedo ring victim not to say attackers were Asian!’
David Davis says 'Brexit could be IGNORED?'
TRUMP SPEAKS! "The United Kingdom is trying hard to disguise their massive Muslim problem!"
Top private school changes 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen' lyrics to 'Gentlefolk!'
‘Diversity Champions’ big winners in Theresa May's New Year Honours list!
Farage slates New Year Honours list for rewarding 'the Establishment'
"Good government has broken down in the face of Brexit?" Sack the Mandarins then!
Savage jailed for pouring boiling water over 19-year-old woman!
'I'm disgusted with the violence and hatred!' Residents react after teen murdered in park
Police hunt gang after young man is kidnapped in Thornton Heath
BACK-DOOR SHARIA! Berlin government creates women-only spaces!
German top cop criticises the “safety area” for women - It suggests they aren’t safe anywhere!
@YvetteCooperMP rages over #WhiteGenocide being exposed on social media!
Jewish lobby in Congress seeks to imprison Americans who dare to support Israel boycott?
Facebook is deleting accounts at the direction of U.S. and Israeli Governments!
'Accept the will of the people on migration, culture, or hit the road!' Orbán to Europe's leaders
Associated Press attacks populist governments in Hungary/Poland, cuddles up to Soros!
Former Iranian refugee begs MERKEL to STOP allowing terrorists into Germany!
Jewish life in Germany is 'under threat' and only possible with police protection!
CHRISTMAS BONUS: Pensioners/war widows - £10! Grenfell's Illegal immigrants - £130!
United States of Europe dream CRUMBLES! Polls show no Euro nation wants it!
Unarmed man shot dead by police ‘was victim of swatting prank!'
Sex beast jailed for subjecting teen to four-year rape ordeal

Saturday 30 December

Government papers detailing dark episodes of British history vanish from National Archives!
BLAIR doctrine: "Open-minded see globalisation as an opportunity; closed-minded as a threat!"
Right-wing populism is becoming the new normal?
EU chief's dream of a United States of Europe collapses! No major country supports it!
Foreign aid to the most corrupt nations rises 10%!
All is not Quiet on the Syrian Front! US to launch another war?
ADONIS: Good riddance to this supercilious servant of the EU!
Foreign aid to the most corrupt nations rises 10%!
1,111 people struck down with killer Aussie flu last week!
CCTV captures another London acid attack!
Twenty thousand British men are interested in sexually abusing children?
Berlin now needs a special ‘protection zone’ for women on New Year’s Eve!
Polish men protecting their women
MEBOURNE: 83-year-old is latest victim of Muslim van attack
5 university chiefs who earn more than the PM get New Year honours!
Bronx slumlord had HUNDREDS of complaints and violations across property empire
FBI is now targeting Sheriff David Clarke!
State Department releases emails from account of top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin
Ahed Tamimi: Twitter has a history of cooperating with Israeli authorities?
EGYPT: Muslim gunman kills 9 in Christian church!
Germany: Vigil held for 15-year-old girl killed by Afghan refugee

Friday 29 December

'Populist' political parties threaten democracy in Europe, says Tony Blair's think tank!
Swedish Church makes Jesus Christ gender-neutral!!!
Gay vicar, 79, dumped and homeless after selling house to buy Romanian husband a flat!
Since the referendum, every EU measure we objected to has been passed into law!
Why do we hear SO much about Grenfell and so little about Manchester and London Bridge?
Gerry Adams ’set up ambush of IRA gang’ - shock files reveal!
Minneapolis: Morgan Evenson stabbed 14 times by Somali immigrant! MEDIA SILENCE!
Farhad Salah and one other charged with preparing terror acts!
This is not leave, this is not what the people voted for!
Merkel`s time for barking orders to the rest of her European empire are over!
The state hates free speech! Anything they do not agree with is 'hate speech!'
Tim Kaine’s ‘Antifa’ son just got ‘special treatment!’
Prince Harry and co., who 'feed the progressive agenda,' are signing monarchy’s death warrant!
Met cops are 'sitting on a Rotherham-style sexual grooming gang situation?'
Bishop of Liverpool attacks Christians who support Trump!
Iraqi Archbishop says: "robberies, gang rapes, torture and murder of Christians is ongoing!”
Virtue-signalling PC creep, no. 1, Bono, attacks President Trump

Thursday 28 December

Diane Abbott says Labour should ban white candidates from standing for the party in certain constituencies?
Pope says Americans must be ruled by a world government 'for their own good!'
ISIS warns Egyptian Christians they will pay for their faith with 'a river of blood!'
Politicised Prince interviews Barack Obama
44% say they haven't seen a cop on street patrol in the past YEAR!
Daniel Purea and Stephan Balog forced Romanian teenager into prostitution
Diane Abbott says Labour should ban white candidates from standing for the party in certain constituencies?
Swedish lawmaker rapped for decrying Jewish family’s ‘control’ of media
The Lone Gunman: Vegas Shooting!
Establishment-connected East Coast sex-trafficking network exposed?
Tesco's 'rancid' Christmas turkeys 'tasted of ACID and made guests sick!'
Dennis no longer a Menace! By order of PC Crowd!
Denver decriminalises public defecation to make life easier for immigrants?
Trevor Phillips says critics of prof who defended Britain's history are Stalinist
Peak District holiday homes rife with sex slave trafficking gangs using them as brothels!
Phoney refugees could be allowed to stay in UK even if they commit serious crimes, say judges!

Wednesday 27 December

USA: 8-year-old drag queen's message to other kids: 'If you want to be a drag queen and your parents don't let you, you need new parents!’
MoD orders troops to use gender-neutral language to avoid upsetting women/transsexuals
Higher education minister to clamp down on student zealots restricting free speech?
As many as 8million British children are breathing in illegal levels of pollution!
"Christians are blood sucking vampires who should be expelled from Israel!"
Snowflake servility and the arrogance of their masters!
Multiculturalism has failed say Bradford residents!
Does Russian bus tragedy look like an 'accident' to you?
War criminal Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin now lives in £1m home in a leafy London suburb!
USA: Justine Damond death: Police remove white nationalist memorial
High-profile black chef murdered white wife and kids - Poor lamb was depressed, apparently
Jewish/Arab Israelis team up to establish new aid centre for refugees in Greece
Pikes Lane Primary School, Bolton, is now exclusively non white!
Not welcome! London's Muslim Mayor repeats call to ban Trump visit!
SWEDEN: Migrant thug shoots white guy for ‘racist’ look! MISTAKE!
Video captures immigrant boy ‘playing’ with white girl!
Osborne returns? Immigration should not be reduced?
Victims of the red revolution! Prisoners worked to death in slave camps emerge

Tuesday 26 December

Child sex robots could be used to treat paedos! Paid for by TAXPAYER!
Anti-Brit Clegg gets a knighthood in the New Year's honours?
What's happening with the Las Vegas massacre? NOTHING!
World's WORST maritime disaster barely mentioned in history books (Reds slaughtered 10,000 refugees, 5,000 were children)
HUNGARY: Orban's Christmas message!
Swedish criminologist admits sharp increase in violent crime!
Iraqis erect 30-Foot Christmas tree in Baghdad to celebrate defeat of ISIS!
Traitor Pope likens modern immigrants to Joseph and Mary!
Archbishop of Canterbury uses Christmas address to sneer at 'populist leaders!'
USA: Jerry Brown pardons criminal aliens to prevent deportation!
PALESTINE: Mahmoud Abbas instructs staff to sever ties with USA!
Christians forced to flee from Isis’ river of blood!
Bobby Fischer: “I think the entire concept of the devil is based on the Jews!”

Monday 25 December

SWEDEN: 92% of all ‘severe rapes’ carried out by immigrants! Children 43% of victims!
When Christmas Looks Better in Aleppo…
US-Jewish establishment stifles free speech to silence Zionism’s critics!
Up to 80m died (mostly peasants) in Mao's revolution - Look who was helping!
Leading member of Stockholm gay pride raped a 13-year-old boy in 2011!
Message is increasingly clear: Non-citizens come first! They deserve special rights that you don't!
Israeli cop urinated in face of handcuffed Palestinian
Women who blew whistle on Brussels harassment accused of populism/damaging EU’s image!
Migrants threaten Swedish Migration Board staff With rape, violence
'You only care about London!' BBC audience ERUPTS as MPs are roasted for metropolitan bias
Kill 4 children in house fire? Get fingers broken and attacked with boiling water in prison!
Prison bosses released more than 320+ criminals by mistake, 2011-2017!
Drug dealer, Majid Hussain, must pay back £300,000 or face longer behind bars
Did Obama arm ISIS?

Sunday 24 December

Revenge of the Establishment! Brexit donors hit by huge tax bills!
No Go zones in Bradford! 'Heading toward disaster!' Attacks on white businesses in Asian areas!
Nine men running a Romanian prostitution ring are jailed for 25 years!
Danes stabbed in Gabon had been stalked!
America ready to sacrifice own interests to satisfy Israel
Immigration driving discrimination against Germany's Jews
EU has 'revenge mentality': Brussels will make Britain 'pay!'
Church terror alert: Worshippers told to be vigilant as UK police warn of Christmas attack!
‘Neocon emissary Boris Johnson embarrassed Britain on Moscow visit’
Hungary slams ‘breathtaking arrogance’ of U.S. State Department’s ‘Liberal Cabal!’
‘Igniting war!’ Moscow says US crosses line with arms supplies to Ukraine
HITCHENS: Police prefer playing politics to solving real crimes!
The rat in the hat! Harvey Weinstein breaks cover
ISIS: Whipped, butchered and beheaded in their thousands!
EGYPT: Muslim demonstrators storm Christian church and call for it to be demolished!
Lancs Council vote to stop using Halal! Muslims object! Meat still being used

Saturday 23 December

Mark Nesmith stabbed to death by non-white gang
Mike Tyson: “Hillary Clinton is America’s most prolific serial killer!”
African immigrant, Miami Zucas Nkengni, gets 16 years for rape
2.5m migration over past decade main factor in pricing youngsters out of housing market
Hungary’s PM Orban wants the people of Western Europe to wake up and reject migration
AUSTRALIA: Stabbed teenagers say they were targeted for being Australian
10 moped raiders behind £1m London crime spree laugh in dock
Life sentence for Afghan refugee who raped and burned Finnish girl alive
Liberals celebrate Christmas with 'I'm so sick of white guys' colouring book!
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: Christmas is Islamophobic!
Trusted imam jailed for sexually assaulting four girls as they studied Koran
'Europeans are profoundly UNHAPPY!' Political expert destroys EU's federalist vision
Hours after blowing whistle on alleged deep state plot to blow up Federal building...
Swedish gang rapes! Hundreds protest after 17-year-old hospitalised!
Zuckerberg: Migrants are a 'protected class' on Facebook!
Police protecting me from antisemites, says abuse inquiry head, Sue Berelowitz
Jews face threat from far-right and Islamic extremism from migrants

Friday 22 December

This was an act of terror - designed to kill, disrupt and create mass panic!
UK's zombie children are glued to screens for almost 5 hours a day!
Children denied cancer drugs due to EU loophole!
Woman dies after knife attack in an Aldi supermarket!
FRANCE: 3,000 immigrants imported directly from Africa in new melting pot plan!
Acid attack 'No Go Zones' in London, admits Labour MP
MELBOURNE: African teens try to lure officers into violent ambushes!
EU citizens' fear of mass migration and terrorism bas more than doubled!
When you attack democracy, you piss people off
Investigation into Keith Vaz's private life suspended for 'medical reasons'
Eurocrats in Brussels celebrate Christmas with huge payrise!
Switzerland: 94.9% of asylum seekers in Basel are on benefits!
No Christmas at German school after Muslim complains over carols!
Doctors and pro-migrant activists prosecuted over fake medical certificates for asylum seekers
'Rigged system!' Donald Trump Jr. exposes high-level Deep State op to take out his father
Parliament fire 'could be next Grenfell Tower?' Politicians are going to fry? Pull the other one!
Peter Stuyvesant, New Amsterdam and the Jews

Thursday 21 December

Was Prince Albert's real dad the Jew, Friedrich Blum? ('Physical similarities!')
400 maternity blunders a day! 1-in-5 births hit by errors! 64,000 harmed mother or baby!
19 people have been injured after a car deliberately drove into a crowd in central Melbourne!
Jimmy Dore - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!
Julian Assange tweets video claiming Seth Rich was Wikileaks source!
Mohammad Qureshi pleads guilty to voting for Labour twice in general election
FRANCE: 3,000 immigrants imported directly from Africa in new melting pot plan!
Plan to fly Union flag to remember war dead BLOCKED by council!
'Brussels has DESTROYED our fishing!'
Brits who demand migration control are NOT 'motivated by racism!'
MP Damian Green resigns as May's minder over porn allegations
UN Human Rights top cop Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein says Austrian coalition's policies dangerous!
Islamic preacher, Murat Bayaral, says beardless men can cause 'indecent thoughts!'
Enriching savage, Eniola Balogun, gets 21 years for blackmail and rape of 5 British girls!
SWEDEN: Many protest after ‘stay inside or walk in pairs’ cop instruction after violent gang rapes
USA: Catholic University criticised by Muslims for celebrating Christmas?
SEX IN SWEDEN: Political savages want written consent from both partners?
OPEN BORDERS: EU set to snatch power from Poland with ‘nuclear option!’
SWEDEN: 'Feminist Initiative' wants to ban deportations! ('White Swedes are not expelled')
Former FBI Director ‘something BIG is about to happen!’
Brussels plot could tie Brexit Britain to EU law FOREVER!
Jacob Rees-Mogg MOCKS Brussels' lawmaking process
Dentistry student, Mohammed Awan, jailed for terror offences
Chip shop owner, Hazhar Starr, suspected of Christmas market plot

Sunday 17 December

Human rights insanity: 6,000 foreign criminals! 200 a year get millions in compensation!
Immigrants should be given jobs assisting in the governance of Europe?
Muslim extremists threaten new boss of Ofsted?
Cheerleader lived lavish lifestyle on Anis Ben-Sghaier's scam targeting pensioners - NO JAIL! ,
Enrichers sought after gay men assaulted in London!
Drug dealer, Mohammed Asif, jailed for 20 years
Headmaster of renowned Catholic school is accused of burning evidence of child sex abuse
Austrian populists enter Government for first time since 2005 taking several key ministries
Oxford Professor attacked as ‘bigot’ for rejecting post colonial guilt
Boris mimics Mogg! Britain must not become 'Vassal State' of the European Union!
Jews flee Paris suburbs over rising tide of Islamist anti-Semitism
Families of troops killed in Iraq told they have 'no chance' of prosecution against Tony Blair!
Philip Hammond faces fury from Eurosceptics
African migrants terrorise the city of Magdeburg
Pickled Onion Woman speaks!

Saturday 16 December

Immigrants should be given jobs assisting in the governance of Europe?
Muslim extremists threaten new boss of Ofsted?
Rape and sex assaults soar in Britain's first OFFICIAL red light district!
Judge throws out police attempts to imprison Jayda Fransen!
Tommy Robinson: 'There is a massive campaign by the deep state to bring down Britain First!'
AMBER Rudd wants 'far-right' website blocked!
Bullet to the head! Israeli army kills wheelchair bound protester!
Protester with no legs shot dead by Israeli troops along with other Palestinians
African migrants terrorise the city of Magdeburg
Honour killing in Pakistan!
Asylum seeker who came to UK ‘fearing for his life’ scammed £40,000 benefits after going home!
‘THEY’VE LET HER DOWN!’ Mum of 4 murdered kids begged to be moved to safe house!
Childminder, Anouska Coleman, who battered two babies in her care, jailed for 16 years
Bengali boy savagely attacked in ‘honour’ beating by Pakistani family
SWEDEN: Pension funds drained to pay for migrant welfare
USA: Muslim convert who murdered co-worker sentenced to death
Jacob Rees-Mogg accuses Government of ‘ROLLING OVER’ for EU
NHS bosses slammed for charging nurses £1,300 a year to park at work!
Police find toddler wandering the streets of Lambeth!
Mum lost baby hours after immigrant midwife accused her of using ambulance as taxi service!

Friday 15 December

Primary schools told to 'celebrate' transgenders, block interference with LGBT agenda!
Catholic priests' celibacy partly to blame for sexual abuse of thousands of children in Australia?
Gender stereotypes in adverts drive inequality between men and women?
May’s ethics watchdog wants Facebook/Twitter punished if they fail to delete hate/racism!
'TRAITORS!' Farage caller SAVAGES Tory rebels HELL-BENT on stopping Brexit!
Millennial Remainer BRUTALLY slapped down for defending Nicky Morgan rebellion
Transition deal will keep UK in EU but STRIP ALL your rights, says EU boss
Now why would EU leaders be applauding Theresa May?
Miss Soubry sat on her own. She rather likes being unpopular
'Despicable' top cop, Gez Chiarello, who waged war on ex-lover is sacked!
DUDLEY: Simon Johnson murdered in his own home by burglar, Damilola Johnson!
BIRMINGHAM: Bus killer is black, 5ft 9ins tall with short dreadlocked hair
Anthony Banting murdered in entirely random attack! This man has 'key information!'
Mosque teacher who sexually assaulted children has jail term cut!
MURDER IN SALFORD! String 'em up!
Two dead and several injured after two knife attacks in Maastricht!
Hispanics in New York deli accuse woman of supporting Trump, attack and rob her!
Cologne is distributing 'TOLERANCE' wristbands to combat New Year's Eve sex attacks!
Norwich Council orders Stephanie Browne to take Christmas tree from grave of her baby son!
‘Child migrants Britain let in were BALDING and BEARDED!'
Finnish Presidential candidate would take Finland out of EU!
Gary Lineker hounded after retweeting video of IDF locking Palestinian kids in cage!
Aristotle and Multiculturalism!

Thursday 14 December

Multiculturalism and British values incompatible? Faith schools promote domestic abuse?
SOFT Brexiteers boast about taking 'control' of Brexit process after winning vote on final deal!
FARAGE: 'Theresa the Appeaser has given in on virtually everything!'
Rejoicing Remoaners GLOAT about Brexit betrayal!
Jacob Rees-Mogg favourite to be promoted to Cabinet after yet ANOTHER landslide poll
'They should never be MPs again!' Dorries calls for Brexit Tory rebels to be DESELECTED
Poll: 85% of Brits don't want Brexit abandoned!
Public overwhelmingly reject 'Soros Plan' for mass migration to Europe!
Jean-Claude Juncker: Wiretapping and subterfuge!
Terror attacks more likely as ISIS jihadis return from Syria, warns former MI6 boss
TERRORISM: Nursery worker, Madihah Taheer, gets 10 years, husband, Ummariyat Mirza, 16
‘Child refugee’ who raped and murdered daughter of EU official is 33 YEARS OLD!
Mariam Kabah's car hit 7 people! Guilty of causing serious injury by dangerous driving
Disabled elderly woman violently robbed by two North Africans in the Netherlands
Salma Hayek - Harvey Weinstein "was my monster!"
Music mogul, Russell Simmons, accused of rape by THREE women

Wednesday 13 December

EU criminals will be allowed to STAY in UK even AFTER Brexit!
In 2009/10, 22 cases of Meningitis W were recorded. This year, 225 cases since July!
Living standards in Britain are so appallingly bad that children are developing rickets!
Just one in three violent thugs sent to prison! 25,000 spared jail in 2016!
Savages batter shop worker with a HAMMER in £250,000 heist!
African benefits fraudster with house in Chelsea conned 22 councils out of £244,000
Supermosque for Cambridge! Christians dancing in the street! NOT!
Charity should start at home? Not in Britain it shouldn't!
Project Fear lives! BBC promotes anti-Brexit study by EU-funded group!
UK to fine social media for 'Hate Speech?' Mark Zuckerberg to be 'national censor?'
The joy of snowy school days... before we became a nation of wimps!
Charity should start at home? Not in Britain it shouldn't!
The states shortchanging NATO by BILLIONS - with UK propping up EU security!
Jean-Claude Juncker dragged into perjury and phone-tapping scandal
Brexit will cost EVERYONE in the UK £1585? RUBBISH!
Ban foreign investors from snapping up half of new homes, says Tory MP!
Remoaners plot to SABOTAGE Brexit bill with 'amendment!'
EU portraying UK as 'pariah state' to mask its own failures!
Former UKIP leader fears 'appeasement of Islam' threatens Christianity
‘Great Wall of Calais’ farce! Barrier that costs UK £2.3m fitted with unlocked doors!
Chemsex gay gets arthritis from an STI he caught through unprotected sex
McCain helped fund FBI plot to frame Trump? Backed bogus Russian Trump dossier?

Tuesday 12 December

'Dear EU citizens, I want you to STAY!' Theresa May to 3 million we never wanted here!
Nigel Lawson blasts Theresa May for ‘losing her nerve’ and giving in to the EU!
London 'grooming gang' targeted girls as young as thirteen?
Austrian Cardinal: Same-sex marriage ‘denies reality’ and ‘ultimately harms everyone!’
WILDERS: Pew Report on Muslim migration to Europe is a wake-up call! — Time to get tough!
Bitcoin Bandit: Convicted thug is convicted robber whose gang tied up and tortured victims
Brexit Britain and Trump’s America sliding down the 'Good Country Index,' says A1 globalist!
ORB poll shows that Brits still regard immigration controls as more important than trade acces!s
POLL: Half of Germans think Angela Merkel should go!
Government wants us all to be organ donors?
Family members of Trump accuser operated illegal sex ring?
Immigrants should be allowed into Britain until 2021, says EU!
Labour CLEARS MP Clive Lewis of groping
About half a million children and young people gamble every week!
Cops visited arson house in the hours before the blaze!
South London - Where no one stops when you're run over! Woman hit by lorries and cars!
Whatever happened to British gumption?
Children's home volunteer stabbed to death in Belize!
France to reward anti-Trump U.S. academics with 'Make Our Planet Great Again' cash!
71 Grenfell Tower victims were 'burnt alive in a Jewish sacrifice' says aid worker, Tahra Ahmed!

Monday 11 December

NHS asks 10-year-olds if they're 'comfortable in their gender' in official transgender survey!
STARMER: We must stick to single market, keep paying EU money + immigration must be easy!
BREXIT: Cabinet Remainers 'delighted' with Theresa May's massive concessions!
Former Brexit Minister warns of 'EU sellout' - Predicts divorce bill could be £100billion!
Netanyahu's New Normal!
Yossi Gurvitz: "Zionists Drive Me Crazy!"
Poland appoints ex-banker with Jewish roots as prime minister
SWEDEN: "We want our freedom back, we will shoot the Jews!”
Italian patriots slam Joe Biden for claiming Russia supports them!
Gay marriage now enshrined in Australian law!
Amnesty refuses to return ILLEGAL Soros donation for pro-abortion activism in Ireland!
ENRICHMENT IN CROYDON! Gang of 12 armed raiders kidnap, strip, steal man's Rolex!
The Grenfell fire is being exploited by far-left militants, say survivors!
Human rights watchdog announces parallel Grenfell inquiry - Wasting public money!
Putting priests on pedestals abetted abuse!
Police descend on Berlin Christmas market! 200 rounds of ammo found under mosque!
Brexiteers are dinosaurs says, Steve Coogan! Coogan's a luvvie w***er says Brexiteer
Peter Hitchens - Destroy the Tory Party (2011)

Sunday 10 December

Being British hasn’t ever got my vote, says Nick Clegg's Spanish wife!
84% convicted of grooming white girls are Asian and see them as 'easy targets' for sex!
GERMANY: Afghan teen refugee, who raped and murdered a young girl, is 33-years-old!
Fraudster Raheem Brennerman, who once tried to sue Sunday Times for libel, faces jail
Denmark debates putting failed asylum-seekers on deserted islands!
NAHT tells schools: Support LGBT teachers wanting to come out in class! (Kids will be better)
Chennai Six ex-Para (wrongly jailed in Indian hell-hole) rages at Foreign Office 'betrayal!'
JOHN PILGER: "The BBC is the most refined propaganda service in the world!"
Poland makes Judges 'equal to people, not above them!'
Thousands hit by Asbos for feeding birds, letting dogs bark and failing to recycle properly
Mozambique leader buys £7m jet as people starve! (Country gets £55m a year in foreign aid)
Council faces Muslim boycott of school meals after banning halal beef and lamb!
Cabinet remainers delighted with Theresa's Brexit deal! (Speaks worlds)
Douglas Murray explains Swedish migration disaster!
Swedish cops say sex crime reports rose 33% since last November
Kelsey Grammer (Frasier) forgives serial killer who raped and murdered his sister!
GUARDIAN HEADLINE: 'Diversity in publishing – Still hideously middle-class and white?'
Washington Post journalist tweeted photos showing empty arena at Trump rally when it was full!
Corbynista MP missed Commons debate on Universal Credit! (On holiday in Venice)
Christian teacher calls transgender pupil a girl rather than a boy - Suspended - Sues school!
Cabinet backs PM's EU deal as a step towards a SOFT Brexit!
HITCHENS: How do we save British politics? Make MPs get the bus to work
PM had to separate ministers in bust-up at Commons!
Black dad kicks, punches, drags cop before being shot by another!
Ex-Islamist terror group leader wins battle to sue MI5/MI6 over attempted deportation!
Picture 'that proves Dustin Hoffman is a sex predator?'

Saturday 9 December

Want manslaughter doctor to care for YOUR child? Bawa-Garba's colleagues want her back!
JOHN PILGER: "The BBC​ is the most refined propaganda service in the world!"
Boy stabbed to death in Waltham Cross
'Carer,' Abosede Adeyinka, attacked 90-year-old victim with knife and hammer!
ACCRINGTON: 'Asian' MEN attack English boys!
Sadik Kamara and Joshua Jordan laughed after squirting corrosive fluid at women!
SALFORD: African cafe served up a menu of horrors for its customers!
Commuter punched and threatened with a knife at London Underground station
Shepherd's Bush stabbing: Teenager taken to hospital with multiple injuries
ISIS vows to attack people 'on foot' at Christmas markets to dodge security barriers
GERMANY: Asylum seeker masturbates on 83-year-old lady!
EU’s Brexit coordinator demands easier access for immigrants after the divorce!
Islamic Organisation says Europeans need Muslim mass migration to pay pensions!
Medics trivialise anorexia and girls like Averil, 19, pay the price
Paul Craig Roberts: America Is "walking into Armageddon!"
Mohamed Fayed a bully, liar, political briber who treated his young workers as playthings?
New Dustin Hoffman accuser comes forward
Prison is 'too good' for the disgraced lawyer who hounded British troops
Grammar schools just fuel privilege, claims oilman Archbishop!
She put muddy feet on his seat - He complains: "You’re an idiot, I will f*****g slap you!

Friday 8 December

Defence Sec faces down outrage from Labour/legal bigwigs over vow to eliminate jihadis!
Bulgarian parliament moves to criminalise Radical Islam, support of Jihad, Sharia, Caliphate!
UK state pensions ranked the worst in the developed world!
Islamic plot to kill PM but Westminster swamp monsters still focusing on Trump!
'Pathetic!' Appeaser Theresa concedes on money, regulatory Alignment, EU Court!
Appeaser Theresa caves! EU Citizens get superior rights, UK must keep Hated Human Rights!
May says 'significant give & take' for deal - what has she sacrificed?
Ireland PM: ‘We got EXACTLY what we wanted’ from UK! Pushes for 'FULL EU alignment!'
May reveals her six CRUCIAL Brexit agreements!
Free movement of rapists! Romanians rape Londoner after release from French prison!
Black teacher jailed after pleading guilty to raping teenage boy in Stretford
Author/photographer praised by judge for rescuing sex victim from Akbar Abbasi!
Jailed: Rail replacement bus pervert from Dagenham
Britain now one of the WORST nations on earth for acid attacks, claims senior police officer!
17-year-old rapist caught on video carrying paving stone he used to bludgeon his victim
X-Men director Bryan Singer sued for 'raping a 17-year-old boy!
Renée Zellweger DENIES offering Harvey Weinstein sexual favours for roles!
'Greedy' £800,000 'golden goodbye' to university Vice Chancellor despite losing millions!
Israeli Air Force bombing Gaza in response to mortar fire!
Royals to make first state visit to Israel?
USA: 'Please don't kill me!' Cop cleared of murder after shooting dead sobbing father!
The collapse of the American Dream
The deliberate dumbing down of America
The story of your enslavement
The depression and death of White America
Fashion giant Primark paid nearly 10,000 staff below the national minimum wage!
‘Refugee quotas are nonsense!’ Poland, Hungary, Czechs will fight Brussels in court
United States of Europe? Schulz wants to consolidate EU, kick out those who disagree!
‘Armageddon in the making!’ Sea creatures plagued by human plastic pollution

Thursday 7 December

Eritrean migrant who shot man in leg whilst calling him 'racist' freed by court because it can't be proven he knew gun would fire a bullet when he pulled the trigger!
Reading standards up? Shows what can be achieved when liberal dogma is defeated
Notts cops now record wolf whistling and taking photos without consent as hate crime?
Dead terrorists can't harm us! Defence Secretary says ISIS 'Brits' should be ‘eliminated!’
Judge gives £110,000 payout to African refugee jailed twice for sex attacks!
Trump has just enraged a billion Muslims!
Why is Jerusalem important? What makes Trump's intervention so toxic?
'Greedy' £800,000 'golden goodbye' to university Vice Chancellor despite losing millions!
SHEFFIELD: Trees planted in memory of WW1 heroes to be cut down!
86,000 Express readers want Foreign aid spent on NHS and adult social care!
Britain’s ‘Migration Museum’ is decidedly Jewish!
Mobile phone stolen in Sussex ends up in SENEGAL!
Artist's impression of Muslims conspired to attack Downing Street with a bomb?
Deneice Florence-Jukes - Fan of 'gender neutrality' is a Tory councillor?
One in three British teenagers is overweight!
Calling young people 'snowflakes' could damage their mental health?
German pilots cancel 200+ flights carrying failed asylum seekers back to Afghanistan?
Corey Feldman WAS telling the truth! Cops find audio of him naming abusers!

Wednesday 6 December

ROTHERHAM: Another gang of Muslim paedos drugged, raped, abducted young girls?
84% of Sweden's 'child migrants' are actually ADULTS!
Russiagate becomes Israelgate! Who was corrupting America's political system?
Mueller names Trump’s foreign ‘colluding’ power: ISRAEL!
Trump/Jerusalem: Palestinians declare 3 'days of rage!' Arab world outraged
Racism in Israel!
Veterans and the public Agree: U.S. foreign policy isn’t working!
Terror attack clues MISSED by MI5 that could have saved 35 lives!
Terrorists 'planned to bomb Downing Street and murder Theresa May?'
Former French PM insists: 'Jihadis act in the name of Islam!'
Turks who were born in Germany admit their loyalty lies with Turkey!
Sweden: Migration responsible for 300% increase in HIV cases
Albanian drug smugglers hid vast amounts of cocaine inside car dashboards
University lecturer given asylum 'Terrorism For Dummies' and US Navy Seal sniper manual!
Mother-of-5 encourages terrorism on Facebook - NO JAIL! (So she can get back to her kids)
Mohammed Kuddus and Harun Rashid charged with manslaughter of Megan Lee, 15
Web of deceit spun by Weinstein ensnared everyone from Disney to Hillary!
Nun broke my arm as punishment after walking in on me being abused by priest at orphanage!
Nationwide civil unrest coming! City dwellers are the least prepared to survive
After 7 years of EU hell, Greece is on the verge of collapse!
How Theresa May buried 'alignment' in Brussels speech!
Overuse of antibiotics in farming is putting millions of lives at risk, UN warns
Nearly 18,000 Army personnel are not medically fit to be deployed to all war zones!
Saudi airstrikes continue as UN urges Yemen ceasefire
Beyonce presents BLM icon, Colin Kaepernick, with Muhammad Ali Legacy Award!

Tuesday 5 December

Jihadis You Pay For! (BBC)
Richard Branson sues NHS - Gets undisclosed sum!
Compromised FBI Agent Changed Hillary report from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless!”
Expenses scandal of Corbyn aide 'Lord Swampy' is revealed
One in five 'living in poverty' in Britain!
WE'LL DESTROY YOUR COUNTRY!' Chilling ISIS poster threatens Brits
Female escort, Halina Khan, accused innocent police officer she never met of raping her!
Nursery worker mother-of-two murdered along with her father following 'big gambling win'
NETANYAHU: Israel starts building a fence along border with Jordan
Germany: ‘Arabs’ torture and rob couple at their home, man dies!
What prevented the deal, why the border is a problem and what did the DUP say?
Armed robber son Abu Hamza freed early from 'cushy' open prison!
How it really is in one tweet

Monday 4 December

Child abuse panel member: 'I was silenced by Theresa May’s advisors' so she became PM!
Toddlers given picture books encouraging them to question their gender!
3,000 therapists will be sent into Britain's schools to tackle youth anxiety!
Muslim school receives lowest Ofsted rating - Toilets had no toilet paper for cultural reasons!
Donald Trump pulls USA out of UN global compact on migration!
Belgian MEP confirms May has COLLAPSED on Brexit and has given EU exactly what it wants
'May's bitter Brexit BETRAYAL of 17.4m!’ Farage blasts PM's climbdown on Northern Ireland
Muslim families protest outside Crown Court - Gang rape of white girls is no big deal!
Lorry driver Mariusz Wlazlo accelerates into stationary motorway traffic after falling ASLEEP
Check out the all-nu British dad charged with murdering his own baby!
Police prompt fury by tweeting that a kiss under the mistletoe without consent 'is RAPE!'
Norwegian woman severely assaulted by Muslim migrant
£12m of our foreign aid snapped up by Al-Qaeda jihadis?
Cannabis killed my son - Don't let it do the same to you!
Posturing poverty tsar was about to be axed!
Milburn made millions cashing in on contacts he made while Health Secretary
Traitor Blair still insisting Brexit IS reversible!
In case you hadn't noticed, Israel is bombing Syria
6 reasons Jared Kushner is dangerously delusional on Middle East
Holocaust Memorial Yad Vashem was already being planned in 1942!
'Israel has become the most disunifying force in the Jewish community!
Trump says people should sue ABC for stock market crash triggered by Fake News
Soros army in Alabama registering convicted felons to vote against Roy Moore
90% of litter on beaches is plastic! 220,000 bottles, bags, wrappers found on stretch of coastline
Tom Daley and husband say Donald Trump will influence America's children to be anti-gay!
The White House is gangrenous? Thus spake Hollywood's least funny funnyman!

Sunday 3 December

HITCHENS: Our new national curriculum? Brainwashing and propaganda
Calls to murder Western children go viral in Islamic fundamentalist chat rooms!
Gubair Boshir tried to murder man he met on Fab Guys dating site (Lied about his age)
Daniel Patel released released early (staff got release date wrong) subsequently attacked a 17-year-old girl!
The Kalergi Plan: Creation of the EU - International Communism
How Islamisation has set Amsterdam 50 years back in time!
Terror attacks timeline: From Paris and Brussels terror to most recent attacks in Europe
BBC's Newsnight really has descended to a new low! (Ian Katz - Newsnight editor)
Israel directly helping Muslims and Africans invade Europe!
Argentine TV host fired over ‘Jews control the media’ tweet!
ABC News suspends Brian Ross over 'serious error' in Trump-Flynn report
Honours holders to forfeit their award for bringing system into disrepute!
Furious EU could include ‘punishment clause’ in Brexit trade deal plot
British greyhounds ‘being sold for meat in China’ when they get ‘too old’ to race!
Tommy Robinson's opinion - Agree?
Blair’s secret memo to Alastair Campbell: My 12-point plan for stopping Brexit
Pensioners banned from putting up Christmas decorations! (Health and Safety)

Saturday 2 December

Jacob Rees-Mogg (best man by far in the Tory Party) suggests formula to end Brexit deadlock!
Car ploughs into crowd in London leaving 5 pedestrians injured!
'Beautiful girls don’t eat!' Now 11-year-old's are taking their own lives! R.I.P Milly Tuomey
"In the age of Trump, it’s time to ditch the special relationship," says Guardian's Jewish journalist!
Hard-left Soros-funded Hope Not Hate invited to speak on CNN and BBC 4 times in just one day! Activist says Donald Trump’s retweets could cause social unrest in UK
‘Russiagate’ zealots have become a major threat to US national security!
Jared Kushner responsible for directing Michael Flynn to contact Russians!
Flynn says he will 'tell Mueller everything' to 'set things right!'
Sex beast Mohammed Maqsood gets 6 years for rape of girl, 18 - Maqsood previously linked to Kriss Donald murder!
DIVERSITY! Mother stabbed to death in street in row over child support!
Khurram Rahi charged with rape of girl, 14! (Raped again after asking another Asian for help)
Violent robber leaves Southwark man paralysed
Woolwich: Two jailed for robbing former soldier
YouTube singer’s gang of skull-masked moped robbers jailed for 13 years
Diners at London restaurant staffed by prisoners smuggle drugs and mobile phones to inmates?
Simon Cowell was jailed for 'hijacking bus with a FAKE GUN' when he was just 12!
Las Vegas massacre survivor killed in hit-and-run!
Mother-of-9 does not regret leaving children and husband for Gambian toyboy!
The German town that said 'nein' to Angela Merkel's migrants!
Cabinet split over Damian Green after police porn claims
OBORNE: Why the Damian Green affair makes me so queasy

Friday 1 December

‘Pray Prince George is gay!’ Rev Holdsworth wants him to find ‘love of fine young gentleman!’
Mexican criminal found not guilty of killing Kate Steinle! (Even though he killed her)
Top cop says he found thousands of porn pics on Damian Green’s computer!
BBC reports on huge increase in demands on NHS without mentioning mass migration!
Raheem Kassam slaps down the BBC over Trump tweet coverage!
Donald Trump’s January visit to UK DROPPED!
‘Time to destroy white Alabama!’ Tensions rise ahead of Senate election
Sweden first country in Europe to hold GRENADE AMNESTY!!!
'Your DNA is an abomination!' Rudy Martinez 'hates' white people
David Dimbleby finally ADMITS BBC Question Time audience has a pro-EU BIAS
Cash-strapped cops want to 'ignore all shoplifters' to save money!
Gay Leftie, Owen Jones, SLAPPED DOWN on Sky while criticising Trump
Trump was right! Theresa May has overseen unprecedented number of terror attacks!
The 'young... feel hard done by and betrayed by their parents’ generation?'
US must do more to tackle far-Right extremists says Theresa May!
Labour suspends Laura Stuart! She says Jews 'wring shekels' out of 'holocaust industry!'

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