Daily News: December 2016

Saturday 31 December

MERKEL: Islamist terror is greatest threat to Germany! (Beckoning in 1.5m Muslims will help)
‘CIA fingerprints’ all over Kiev massacre! Oliver Stone
SWEDEN: Migrants who gang-raped boy avoid deportation! (It's 'TOO DANGEROUS')
Horror as Christian woman stabbed for reading the BIBLE in migrant centre!
Donald Trump will not become President?
Obama sanctions Russia over unproven hacking claims
Censored CNN report on Hillary Clinton's behaviour on election night?
Why we must never forget Melanie Shaw
More than 500,000 Central Americans illegally cross into US before Trump becomes President
ITALY: ‘They'll LYNCH us!’ Church PLEADS with police for assistance in evicting migrants
Civil servant in charge of doling out billions in overseas aid gets knighted!
CYBERSECURITY tycoon blasts claims Moscow was involved in hacking US presidential election
Ken Dodd knighted! DESERVED!
Age of hysteria: 2016 was the year we lost our collective marbles
Commie cannibals: Peasants forced to eat HUMAN BEINGS during 1920s Russian famine
Shed no tears for Sir Shifty, living it up in a £17,000-a-week Miami mansion!

Friday 30 December

THEY jailed Kevin Crehan for putting bacon on door handle of a Mosque - He died in prison
DIVERSITY! The monster who raped me when I was 11 ruined my life
KERRY: "Settler agenda is defining the future of Israel... One state: greater Israel!"
Theresa May's criticism of John Kerry Israel speech sparks blunt US reply
PM distances UK from USA over condemnation of Israel (Telling tales on Israel? VERBOTEN!)
Paedo Jew, Todros Grynhaus, left victims terrified! (Tried to flee to Israel to escape prosecution)
Israel becoming 'safe haven for paedophiles!'
California Democrats legalize child prostitution?
Katie Hopkins BLASTS Remainer after he brands Brexit voters 'RACISTS and xenophobes'
ISIS call on ‘Western sons’ to launch BRUTAL attacks on New Year’s revellers
Suicide is top killer of US trooprs fightin ISIS
Jeremy Corbyn refuses to support any tightening of UK border controls
Brexit caused snowflakes to seek relationship and sex life counselling
GERMANY AT BOILING POINT: Terror-hit nation sees over 1,000 attacks on migrant camps
‘He is UNIQUELY UNSUITABLE!’ Fury as David Cameron linked with top NATO role
Canada’s Trump? Right wing politician storms polls as dissatisfaction spreads in Canad
END OF LIBERAL SWEDEN? MP demands migrants prove identity if they want protection
Bores of the Year: Make way for the windbag and the wearisome
The West MUST stop meddling in the powder keg in the Middle East

Thursday 29 December

Kidnapped at 15 by an Asian cabbie, held as a sex slave for 13 years! Cabbie sold her children!
Austrian cardinal (next Pope?) says Europe's migrant influx goes beyond capacities
Aleppo nuns embrace Assad and wife (What bought media will NEVER tell you)
Councillors tell Corbyn to working class voters on immigration or face poll wipeout
Mass EU immigration inevitable if Britain doesn't leave single market, leading think-tank warns
Corbyn's Christmas message: Viewers dub him Communist Corbyn! IRA terrorists' friend!
Why is no one saying George Michael and others died young after years of drug abuse?
GERMANY ON THE BRINK: Anti-migrant protesters storm station at scene of Cologne attacks
Why there's no question Nigel Farage is our Man of the Year
Child migrants SUE Government for not letting them into Britain
Security chiefs discussed Berlin killer SEVEN times before deadly attack
Syrian migrant numbers in Germany 'SET TO DOUBLE' following family reunification laws!
Angela Merkel's political career OVER as party overtaken by right-wing AfD in popularity
Lawyer behind Article 50 case admits he REALLY wants 2nd referendum to STOP Brexit!
Police arrest 'Islamist militants believed to be plotting New Year celebrations attack'
BREXIT WARNING: 12 MILLION more migrants to arrive in UK in 25 years without hard Brexit! SWINDON: Woman knocked unconscious by unknown 'Asian'
1.5 MILLION+ migrants receive welfare in Australia - Pensions most popular free ride
Berlin killer claimed benefits all over Germany
Rampaging Syrian migrants KICK BABY on bus, then attack paramedics trying to treat child
Jobs for failure! Cameron is lined up to be UK's candidate as head of NATO!

Wednesday 28 December

Aleppo nuns embrace Assad and wife! (What bought media will NEVER tell you) British Armed Forces fear even MORE budget cuts!!! (Courtesy of LibLabCon traitors)
SYRIA: The Truth!
Netanyahu tells New Zealand sponsorship of UN anti-settlement resolution = Declaration of war!
Obama added $7.917 trillion to the USA's national debt!
Camille Paglia: 'Gender reassignment surgery... has become a fashion!'
Guyanese immigrant, Gina Miller, to launch ANOTHER legal attack on Brexit!
Corbyn's pressure group launches new campaign to remove EU migration restrictions!
Romford taxi driver 'brutally attacked' and left unconscious by black man who refused to pay
Turkey's Erdogan says USA is supporting ISIS! (As was Turkey until Vlad cuddled up)
Left-wing voter makes astonishing U-turn AGAINST liberals for 'scuppering' Brexit
Shopper ordered to 'join another queue' by Muslim cashier (Selling alcohol against her religion)
Afghanistan: Woman beheaded for entering city to go shopping without her husband
Quentin Letts says Brexit-supporting Queen understands us far better than politicians
Austrian cardinal (next Pope?) says Europe's migrant influx goes beyond capacities
Russia will produce evidence of terrorist war crimes in Syria
Turkey's Erdogan says USA is supporting ISIS! (As was Turkey until Vlad cuddled up)
Trump talks sense on Iraq, Libya and Syria! (2015)
The secret report that helps Israel hide facts
Ex-Chancellor George Osborne is 2016's highest-earning politician
APOLOGISE: BBC slammed for 'disgusting anti-Brexit coverage that hijacked Christmas!'
Northern France turns into huge migrant camp as 6 'mini Jungles' pop up after Calais closes
Wee Jimmy Crankie claims Brexit voters are xenophobic?
BERLIN: Seven immigrants charged after homeless man set on fire on Christmas Day
Six Nigerians grope woman in Dusseldorf
Elderly couple attacked by immigrant in Hanau

Tuesday 27 December

Putin criticises western countries for abandoning Christian roots
What could unfold if the elite deny the will of the people over Brexit?
Queen 'DID back leaving the EU'! Said 'I don't see why we can't just get out!'
SWITZERLAND: Muslim attacks Christians on way to Christmas mass, one dead, three injured
Trafalgar Square stabbing: Man knifed to death near London landmark
Briton shot in the head during raid on parents' restaurant in Antigua
Israeli rabbis launch war on Christmas tree
Camille Paglia: 'Gender reassignment surgery... has become a fashion!'
NSPCC reports 'staggering' rise in children seeking help for online sexual abuse
Dad called in cops after his 11-year-old daughter's school put CCTV cameras in TOILETS 
Schoolchildren BANNED from singing Silent Night over fears it will OFFEND other religions
Czech President: Muslim migrants fuelling terrorist attacks in Europe
Putin criticizes western countries for abandoning Christian roots
Israeli rabbis launch war on Christmas tree
Trafalgar Square stabbing: Man knifed to death near London landmark
Why do migrants hate their new host countries? Look to Jewish anarchist Emma Goldman (Jew)
Voter fraud! Electors in Muslim areas 'must show passports!' (Tories doing right thing? Odd)
Britain's £1.1TRILLION liability in the EU and why we must get out NOW
OUT OF CONTROL: Anti-EU chief savages EU over Berlin attack and ‘awful migration policy'
A lot of the Media thinks a lot of Trump supporters are 'deplorable,' 'racist!'
Nine ways the masses are being controlled!
Guardian journalist says liberals must attack Brexiteers, alt-right, Breitbart gang!
'The EU army is a JOKE!' Brexiteer RAGES over Brussels' delusion over security
Britain to gain billions after Brexit!
Somalian asylum seeker hospitalised after sex attack arrest on Christmas Eve
Tory MP made £670,000 this year but still charged us £97.74 for new fridge!

Monday 26 December

10 YEARS to leave the EU? That's what Rustom Tata (fine, old British name) thinks
MI5 Security crackdown! London gets manned checkpoints for first time in 24 years!
NHS at BREAKING POINT as surgeons cancel RECORD number of urgent operations!
FOREIGN AID U-TURN: Priti Patel says giving BILLIONS to Africa is 'in Britain's interest!'
ITALY: We are living in 'times of war!' Schengen is 'out of control!'
Farage hits out after Archbishop says 2016 has left world 'awash with division'
'Frexit is ON!' Marine Le Pen hammers EU and Nato in explosive interview
In October 2016, Alice Ruggles was killed in her own home: Trimaan Dhillon denies murder
Supreme court says drug dealer who murdered David Williams can't be deported (human rights)
Anti-White propaganda in commercials: "Vibrant Blacks, boring dweeb Whites"
Katie: '2016 has been a jolly year'
EU faces two major problems and has answers to neither, says former Bank governor
'It makes no sense!' Falklands hero blasts government for AGREEING to EU military integration
Six British ex-solders spent Christmas Day in 'hell hole' Indian jail
Mystery as NATO Auditor General is found shot dead in suspicious circumstances
Hundreds of primary school children suspended for racial abuse and poor sexual behaviour
EU Army set to be agreed (on 22 November 2016) and BRITAIN will foot the £420m-a-year bill?
'We don't want them back': Tunisians protest against returning jihadi fighters
Netanyahu accuses Obama of creating/promoting UN resolution denouncing settlements
The decline of our seaside towns (LibLabCon did this)
SWEDEN: Oops! Jewish filmmaker attacked in immigrant no-go zone lashes out at 'liberal media'
Hope not Hate was born of notoriously Zionist Searchlight magazine!
Americans should wear head scarves in solidarity with Muslims, says CNN anchor!
Gang of migrant youths ‘brawl with locals’ at Christmas market in Germany
Catholic carol service prints X-Rated rap song in hymn book

Sunday 25 December

Berlin Christmas Market killer fled to Mosque for protection after massacre
Indonesian dad saves his two children from out-of-control car! THIS IS BRILLIANT!
7,000 terrorist suspects on loose in Germany – former MI6 chief
GERMANY: Migrant accused of raping and assaulting six women
Jacob Rees-Mogg ignites Twitter (why?) after telling BBC: My son raised a toast to Brexit
Merkel electoral crisis as German far-right AfD party surges in poll after Berlin attacks
Man dresses as ISIS fighter and 'walks straight across German border controls'
Youths 'riot' in London streets after police shut down overcrowded Somali music festival
'We will never vote for Merkel' Parents of man left in coma after Berlin attack lash out
Berlin terror attack proves open borders have been a boon for the jihadists
'We want Corbyn and socialism' Senior trade unionist pledges to 'OVERTHROW capitalism'
'When will we fight back?' Trump tweets OUTRAGE at ISIS video of murderous Berlin attacker
Swedish school BANS lines from Christmas carol over fears it would OFFEND other religions
'This is a DISGRACE!' Andrew Castle furious on LBC over Schengen (+ Yasmin Alibhai-Brown)
FREXIT: Le Pen promises to take France out of EU & NATO
Syrian-bound Russian defence ministry plane carrying 92 people crashes after take off
Call for Polish lorry driver to be given highest bravery award for 'saving many lives'
Baby starves to death in home after parents die from heroin overdoses!

Saturday 24 December

'Slaughter the pigs': Berlin terrorist's chilling video is released by ISIS
Farce of our open borders: Berlin killer slipped in and out of 3 Schengen countries!
More concerned about Facebook than catching terrorists! German politician must resign!
Spare me the phoney tears of terrorists’ mothers!
Illegal migrant who murdered daughter for being too Western, deported after just 5 years jail!
Pakistani told a Berlin court he raped women because he found it 'hard to get a girlfriend'
UN Security Council demands an end to Israeli settlements
Barclays, HSBC and the Royal Bank of Scotland face multi-billion fines on toxic mortgages
2017 will see a civil war for the soul of Labour over immigration
A dose of Theodore Dalrymple (P.S. I am a Dalrymple 'brute')
Indonesian dad saves his two children from out-of-control car! THIS IS BRILLIANT!

Friday 23 December

JUSTICE? Sgt Blackman denied Christmas at home v Freed £50m fraudster! (Nigerian)
How many more attacks before we reject the hand-wringing human rights crowd?
Angela Merkel tried to TRAIN migrants as LORRY DRIVERS ahead of Berlin attack
'This has gone too far!' TV host lets rip at Merkel's 'SICKENING' immigration policy
Who is Anis Amri? What we know about the suspected Berlin attacker
Merkel knew ISIS radicals were targeting Germany BEFORE Berlin attack!
Merkel's beloved freedom of movement a 'romantic German fantasy', says security expert
Christmas BANNED from being mentioned on menu over fears it would offend Muslims
GERMANY: Women afraid to walk the streets thanks to Angela Merkel's migrant influx!
Obama undermines Trump's Muslim registry by scrapping government tracking system
Islam DOES have serious issues with Western values!
HATE CRIME? French Mayor says Christians are being replaced with Muslims in his town
Hate crime hoaxes!
Some of Britain's top universities are becoming no-go zones for Jews?
Massive leak of Soros documents exposes anti-racist agenda
British 'antifascist' group, HOPE NOT HATE, 'lavishly funded' by George Soros!
Illegal immigrant, Cheik Diaw, murdered American artist after having sex with her
Lithuanian Vaclovas Liubavicius murdered Nijole Sventeckiene in a drunken rage
Poll shows majority of voters want Britain out of EU soon as possible
Furious soldier blasts British government for treating him like a terrorist
Pervert teacher, Amar Raza Hussain, was watching porn as he taught 11-year-olds!
'Swaleside is burning!' FIFTH prison riot in two months!
STEPHEN GLOVER says Charles should keep his mouth shut about political issues
Bulgarian thug drop kicks shopper (from behind) in Holland
Civil servants who dole out foreign aid billions pay themselves more than any other ministry!
'Really British' shopkeeper buys Union Jack Jaguar, sparking fresh row

Thursday 22 December

Alex Malcolm, 5, plays in a Catford Park - Marvyn Iheanacho beats him to death!
Foreign aid to most corrupt nations soars 30% in a year
Judge who ruled MPs must get vote on Brexit refuses to free Sergeant Blackman!
Merkel in MELTDOWN as nearly HALF of Germans want EU referendum, poll finds
Privacy! German press can't show the face of Europe's most wanted man!
Blunders that let Berlin Christmas terror suspect go free
MERKEL FACES RUIN! Everything has changed for Germany after Berlin terror
'Merkel has BLOOD ON HER HANDS!' Protests erupt outside German Chancellor's office
Just 3% of newly arrived immigrants have found work!
On the left a map of refugee camps - On the right a map of refugee sexual attacks
Assassination of Russian Ambassador wasn't terrorism! It was retribution for Putin’s war crimes?
Who profits from Russian Ambassador's assassination?
ANTI-WHITE CHRISTMAS MTV! Film urges white men to bow down to PC ideology
Hope Not Hate's own spin doctor admits tactics 'dirty, underhand, low down, unscrupulous'
Black man burned African-American church! Painted ‘vote Trump’ on the walls!
VIENNA: Teenage girl hospitalised after beating by immigrant gang
Turkish taxi driver ‘brutally raped female passenger after noticing she was drunk’
Marion Le Pen says Islamism poses a 'GLOBAL THREAT' that we are 'POWERLESS' against
GALLOWAY on the EU: Destroy it! Rip it up and start again!
Romania to appoint first Muslim as Prime Minister of the EU member nation!
‘They just WALK IN!’ Whistleblower warns THOUSANDS of migrants are avoiding terror checks
GERMANY: 'We are a Muslim business!' Woolworths cancels Christmas!
71 PER CENT of Americans believe Russia DID NOT hack DNC
"Hope Not Hate" lies? Imagine my shock!

Wednesday 21 December

Trump telling the truth on Syria, Libya, Iraq
Truth about Syria: not civil war but invasion! (By USA, Europe and Saud)
Berlin terror: Confusion reigns
Merkel was at a service honouring migrants as Germans lay dead in Berlin's streets
When will our leaders stop lying? Migration = Being mowed down at Christmas is new normal
Germany's year from hell! The country has been rocked by 7 terror attacks leaving 22 dead!
ISIS magazine told jihadis to ‘CRUSH’ victims in Nice-style attack ONE MONTH before Berlin
Nigel Farage in spat with Jo Cox widower after blaming Berlin attack on Merkel's open borders
'For God's sake!' Furious Sky News guest savages Merkel over reaction to terror attack
Terminally-ill pensioner, 82, ordered off flight home from Malaga! Oxygen canisters security issue!
SHERIFF CLARKE: If Congress wants to investigate someone, it should be George Soros
The CIA 'is trying to ASSASSINATE Donald Trump before he takes office?'
OBAMA: "This is going to be a browner country!"
JOHN MCDONNELL: The Labour party will now 'automatically' support all strikes
‘The children were PETRIFIED!’ Asylum seeker STORMS nativity play to read from the Koran Fine Sir Shifty £1bn to fill the black hole in BHS pensions, say MPs!
Property mogul, Keith Vaz, MP, sells one of his 5 houses as he faces sleaze probe over rent boys
RUGBY: Buabeng/Acheampong guilty of raping girl, 15! Buabeng bailed and now at large!
Chelmsford sex gang trial of Mohammad Rostami, Mehdi Zare and co.
Who murdered reality TV star, Lisa Marie Naegle? And it's... a usual suspect
George Osborne rakes in £120,000 for making just two speeches in a week
Become a holocaust "denier" in 14 minutes

Tuesday 20 December

Afghan refugee murdered driver of HGV, then drove it into Berlin shoppers! 12 dead, 48 injured
UPDATE: Pakistani asylum-seeker ploughs truck into Christmas market! 12 dead, 50 injured
BERLIN TERROR: Merkel was WARNED of Christmas massacre just WEEKS ago!!!
Farage says Germany is importing terrorists disguised as refugees - THEY call him racist!
Putin VOWS to OBLITERATE ISIS after assassination of Russia's ambassador to Turkey!
Russian ambassador shot dead by Turkish cop yelling 'allahu akbar!'
6,188 people committed suicide in the UK in 2015! Figure too high say MPs responsible
The elite can do what they like without consequences. Just ask Christine Lagarde. And Keith Vaz
Help the elderly? Help our war veterans? Invest in social care? No, let's do this instead...
US elections are routinely bought and sold by Zionist Jews? Who knew?
Liberals attack 16-year-old singer slated to sing national anthem at Trump's inauguration
Merkel is politically responsible for the murder of Maria Ladenburger
Germany has solved the problem of migrant crimes by not publishing ethnicity and nationality!
“I am Muslim, do you trust me enough for a hug” man jailed!
Billions of pounds of British aid 'dumped' every year into trust funds operated by World Bank
The £30million cost of health tourism in just a year
£50BILLION Brexit bill! EU's top negotiator says UK must pay as soon as Article 50 triggered 
School health test claims this five-year-old is overweight!
We must all feel sorry for snowflakes!

Monday 19 December

4,000 NATO troops head to Putin's border! (Obama has just one month to get WW3 started)
Germany's fury as teachers are banned from even MENTIONING Christmas in class!
‘Our streets and squares are under MIGRANT control,’ says German Home Affairs Minister!
'I don't feel safe anymore!' Surge in Austrian gun sales since migrant crisis
‘Watch out London!’ EU chief taunts us after wrecking Swiss and Danish Euro transition moves
Muslim cleric banned in Pakistan is preaching in UK mosques!
Refugee columnist for Huffington Post says women mostly to blame for sex attacks across Germany!
BARKING: Shocking moment father of two is stabbed TEN times by hooded knifeman Still no control on how quango fat cats spend billions!
Secret Labour plot to REVERSE Brexit EXPOSED!
Angela Merkel is DESTROYING the EU not helping it, blasts expert!
'Multiculturalism is DEAD!' LBC's Maajid Nawaz savages liberals as real RACISTS!
ISIS would be in control of Syria if Cameron hadn't been defeated in parliament
Red leftie Len McCluskey calls for end to free movement of labour? (Oh wait! Election coming up)
Aleppo: Rebels burn Syria evacuation buses
Hate preacher Anjem Choudary bills British taxpayers £100k for his legal defence!
Sharia courts have no place in UK family law!
Our culture of purity celebrates Virgin Mary - As a rape victim, that hurts me!
"Virgin Mary offends rape victims by her purity?" MSM silly season!
Lessons in PORN for children! Government wants sex education made compulsory!

Sunday 18 December

HITCHENS: Amid the bombs of Aleppo, all you can hear are the lies 
Begging bowl barons: Charity chiefs whose eye-popping pay is bankrolled by BRITISH aid! 
50,000 pensioners forced to SELL homes last year to pay for social care!
Paedo views to be taken into account in child sex abuse inquiry?
Drug shame: Britain's prisons are AWASH with drugs
Trump will SAVE Christianity in the Middle East, claims charity
Trump will SAVE Christianity in the Middle East, claims charity
Saddam Hussain: Everything the USA thought it knew was WRONG 
List of businesses that refuse to work with Donald Trump
Health director who approved Obama birth certificate dies in plane crash
Michael Moore says Donald Trump "has no right" to enter the White House
Corbyn 'storms out' of party as rowdy MPs chant 'We want Tony!'
Jihadi who guarded hate cleric Anjem Choudary seen in sick ISIS beheading video 
Trump makes British trade deal ‘top priority’ after Obama's Brexit snub

Saturday 17 December

Home Office REFUSES to reveal number of ILLEGALS trying to enter Britain
Jews are leading the legal fight against Brexit?
Six Republicans who took secret payments from Clinton to destroy Trump! (Wikileaks)
Judge Napolitano: Election fraud in Detroit looks 'organised and Government involved!'
Clinton's popular vote win came entirely from California!
Guardian letter condemning government's new definition of anti-Semitism!
DAVID ICKE: The 'fake news' hoax
List of businesses that refuse to work with Donald Trump
‘Russian hacking’ a “disinformation campaign” against Trump, says Congressman
SHOCKER: Even Obama lawyers admit birth certificate forged: “But eligibility’s a separate matter!”
EUROPE: At least 27 immigrants arrested in December for planning Christmas terrorist attacks
Cold-blooded murderess, Rena Salmon, freed from jail
Hemel Hempstead: Drugged-up Polish migrant stabbed mum-of-two to death in her own home
Cocaine-dealing dad Amirah Achtar crushed 7-week-old baby to death beneath wheels of BMW
Jail for Barbadian company director who perpetrated an £18m fraud on investors
Nigerian student jailed for sex attack after young woman recorded her pleas on phone
Vile paedos set up prostitution website to sell underage GIRLS for sex online
HOLLAND: African savage tried to drown teenager after raping her
‘Give us more money or we will kill you!’ Migrants kidnap refugee centre workers in Italy
Self-defence classes SURGE in Germany following migrant sex attacks
Lesbian teaching assistant kissed girl, 13, after sending her sexy text messages - NO JAIL!
SO MUCH FOR DEMOCRACY! Swiss politicians ignore referendum result! 'I should have listened to the people!' George Osborne admits HUGE Brexit error
Clegg ups PROJECT FEAR by warning Hard Brexit will endanger UK streets!
‘Fight at ALL LEVELS!’ Turkey vows WAR against Austria!
Facebook to label 'Fake News' with help of partisan 'fact checkers'
Gary Lineker's nasty dig at Brexit voters who'll ‘be dead by the time we leave EU!’
Andrew Lloyd Webber under attack for claiming British theatre is 'hideously white!'
Don't worry, Al, we won't stop until British Law and justice mean the same thing!
FAKE TICKET! Convicted rapist/fraudster handed £2.5million by Camelot

Friday 16 December

‘Our streets and squares are under MIGRANT control’ says German home affairs minister
Cologne NYE attacks: One year on only 18 convictions from 1,310 victims!
Obama says USA will 'take action' over Putin's (ALLEGED) hacking of US election! 
Asylum seeker accused of sexually assaulting child 68 times calls attacks a 'love affair!'
Gang members who rigged over 1,000 immigration tests jailed for total of 24 years
Paxman says we must control overcrowded population but doesn't mention immigration!
Millionaire Rabbi who enjoyed cocaine-fuelled parties with prostitutes cleared of dealing drugs
SWEDEN: Sickening TV ad!
Hillary/Comey - "What difference at this point does it make" song
Britain First leader Paul Golding jailed over mosque ban
Babies made from three people approved in UK
Hospital beds shortage in England 'an infection risk'
‘They were JUST INTERESTED in you!’ Prosecutors’ outrageous dismissal of migrant sex attack!
Belgian MEP says Eurosceptics were responsible for Aleppo tragedy!
COLOGNE: Women screamed as Muslims attacked
Celebs beg Electoral College to break precedent and vote against Trump!
Freemasons delete webpage of Judge who gave paedo freemason a free pass!
Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton emails leaked by angry Bernie backer, not Russia
Higher rates, more painful! Fed Res plans constant interest rate hikes for Trump Presidency!
Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Probe proves Obama birth certificate is fake!
General Flynn's proposals to reform Intelligence
Australian government: Jewish community members ‘discouraged from reporting’ child sex abuse
Bob Geldof's Brexit U-turn! (CELEBS: Nothing if not dim)
Shameless Brussels expects Britain to pay £50 billion to LEAVE the EU?

Thursday 15 December

NORMAN TEBBIT: British way of life under threat from Muslims who reject our culture!
LONDON: Muslims gather in show of strength demanding Caliphate and World Domination!
Threat to our way of life! Jihadis hide in plain sight among migrants says Armed Forces Chief
Coffee House ‘Putinites on the web’ are the new ‘Reds under the bed’
Aleppo's horrific and it's all the fault of Blair and Bush! (And the Neocons)
Intervention in Aleppo would have been disastrous, says Leo McKinstry
Germany home to more than 10,000 'SAUDI-BACKED' Islamic extremists, report says
Rome on verge of WAR between migrants and poor Italians, Vatican City mayor warns
Fraud gang rigged English language tests for more than 800 bogus overseas students
Former British ambassador Craig Murray says Clinton election hack was 'inside job' NOT Russia!
Gilad Atzmon: Jewish history - The Cognitive Elite
Could Hillary STILL sneak in? Democrat college voters DEMAND Russia hacking talks!
Syrian refugee ‘ruthlessly beat naked three-year-old son’ in refugee camp showers
EU ON THE BRINK: Brussels CRUMBLES as leaders turn on each other in HUGE Brexit split
Wannabe cops MUST have a degree to join the force?
Vulnerable pensioners are NOT being adequately protected from scammers, warns watchdog
Women who take paracetamol and ibuprofen risk going DEAF!
Assad says Trump will bring peace to the Middle East
Muslim charged after falsely claiming 'Trump supporters RIPPED OFF HER HIJAB'
Jeremy Corbyn hired ex-Sinn Fein man who worked for Gerry Adams Chemtrail conspiracy - Does World Government spray 'mind control' chemicals?
Now meddling EU bureaucrats BAN popular plants in ridiculous ruling!

Wednesday 14 December

Jewish journalist says social media racists must be silenced! (Free speech verboten!)
MERKEL'S SHAME! Map reveals shocking extent of migrant sex attacks on women and children!
£285million foreign aid wasted on useless airport could have paid for 7,500 care home beds!
Multiculturalism has led to widespread divisions across Britain! (Thanks, LibLabCon)
'Migrants must fit in with OUR values,' says UKIP MEP! (Simple stuff)
'CLUELESS' Labour grandee attacked after saying NO ONE expected to trigger Article 50
Brussels DEMANDS EU nationals in Britain should live by EUROPE’S laws!
Bitter EU officials attempt to 'LIQUIDATE' Eurosceptic parties?
Merkel's open door policy has backfired badly in Germany!
Labour is going into the electoral wilderness for good!
Gender, our children and the death of common sense! (PC politicians have murdered our world)
Top Tory arrested over child porn
Paedophilia is central to Illuminati agenda!
Killer freed early from Polish prison rapes woman in British park!
Child migrant guilty of raping boy, 5, handed rehabilitation order!
Asylum-seeker in court charged with city centre sex attack on boy
GERMANY: Mass sex attacks, children molested, mass stabbing in apartment complex!
SWEDEN: Documentary maker 'punched, kicked and choked by 5 immigrants!'
A New World Order swept across the globe in 2016! Vladimir Putin is the winner!
Remainiac MP says Russian hackers influenced EU referendum! (MORON) Keith Olbermann: "We are the victims of a Russian coup! Trump is a puppet of Putin!' (MORON)
Judge rules Electoral College members MUST VOTE for Hillary Clinton in Colorado!!!
Will the government's new Holocaust definition apply to truthful Jews?
Ivanka Trump is now a Jew!
Trump is the new JFK says Bill Gates!
McCain: The most reprehensible of the Keating Five

Tuesday 13 December

Immigration WAS the key issue for Brexit voters in EU referendum!
40,250 people living in London in 2015 are known to have HIV!
END OF THE EU? Top economist warns Brussels’ death is NEAR and the world should prepare!
THOUSANDS OF 'SORRY' RAPISTS LET OFF! Police let sex beasts dodge jail!
​'I rented my house to a refugee family- now I'm battling Bedford council to get it back'
Black man shouting 'kill all Muslims'stabs at least one at Forest Hill station
Six arrested after cops smash ISIS cell planning Xmas bomb plot
Interview: Aaron Banks—cheque-book democracy
Chilling map shows THOUSANDS of women and children sexually attacked by migrants
Catholic priest sparks outrage after cancelling nativity scene for fear it could offend Muslims
Oh, look! The fake soldier told to repay £200,000 from dating scam, is unfortunately tinted!
Mainstream Zionist-led media outlets present Palestinian resistance as terrorism!
Investigating Donald Trump, F.B.I. sees no clear link to Russia
Shock figures show Tory plans are ‘making social care worse’
Crystal meth addict, Stefano Brizzi, murdered policeman before trying to dissolve body in acid
Make heroin available on prescription, say UK officials (Dumb them down, drug them up)
Britain/NATO ready to launch MAJOR WAR with Russia? (Better hurry, Donald is coming!)
THOUSANDS OF 'SORRY' RAPISTS LET OFF! Police let sex beasts dodge jail!
Labour falls apart as ANOTHER MP steps up to blast Diane Abbott over freedom of movement

Monday 12 December

Berlin's new Secretary of State is a pro-Sharia law Muslim!!!
Syrian political scientist: Muslim migrants see infidel women as ‘fair game’ to be raped!
Buzz Aldrin says, 'We are all in danger - It is evil itself!'
5,000 or 12,000 dead every year? Superbugs kill more people than breast cancer!
LIBERAL DISASTER: Prosecution of Wilders BACKFIRES as Dutch populist leader soars in polls!
Greg 'hideously white' Dyke and Jewish ex FA Chairmen criticise 'elderly white man!'
Trump + Russia fake news = Former CIA operative calls for new round of votes!
Anti-Semitism: Government's official definition 'will fight hatred?'
'Mainstream Zionist-led media outlets' present Palestinian resistance as terrorism!
Michael Moore now predicts something “crazy” may happen to stop Trump from being sworn in as president
LIBERAL DISASTER: Prosecution of Wilders BACKFIRES as Dutch populist leader soars in polls!
Officials unable to track £274m given in foreign aid to George Bush's climate change org.
Get back in your box! Mandelson backs THIRD legal challenge to block Brexit!
Fury as Diane Abbott hints Labour may VOTE AGAINST Article 50
Tony Christie ATTACKED by crowbar-wielding migrants while filling petrol tank in Dunkirk
ISIS supporter on BBC show 'has important voice' insists TV boss!
CAIRO: At least 25 dead and scores injured after bomb explodes inside Christian church
Germany demands end of failing Schengen zone amid fears of TERROR ATTACK
Remain MPs named on 'wall of shame' - Katie Hopkins savages Brexit defiers
'I hope they get THRASHED!' Peter Bone rips into Brexit challenger who 'knows NOTHING'
£22m in compensation is paid to Iraqis who 'killed and maimed UK troops': Documents reveal huge sums handed out over alleged human rights breaches

Sunday 11 December

Black MP, Clive Lewis, plotting to take over Labour?
HITCHENS: No 10 disaster! Minister is caught telling us the TRUTH 
Germany: LGBT school program teaches kids about anal sex, sadomasochism, sex toys etc
CNN once reported on “Child Porn Linked To Top Pentagon, NSA Officials”
Mansoor Akhtar jailed after evil gang raped and abused schoolgirl hundreds of times
JLS singer Oritse Williams is arrested after woman accused him of RAPING her in hotel room
Muslim gang sought after HAMMER ATTACK in Bradford
MACCLESFIELD: Hakim Touhidi raped woman in takeaway toilet
AUSTRALIA: Immigrant savages attack and rob a young white man
George Soros: Evil Zionist puppet master exposed
Democrat Congresswoman praises Trump, says Obama admin funds Al-Qaeda and ISIS
Ed Miliband joins call for 'soft Brexit' as conflict in Labour grows
Toying with the will of the people: Meddlers launch YET ANOTHER Brexit legal challenge
Ex-Icelandic minister claims US sent 'planeload of FBI agents to frame Julian Assange!'
Why is BBC letting Choudary's sidekick spout off on 'Big Brother for Muslims?'
US Professor URGES Donald Trump to 'kill himself' before he murders extinct wildlife
NHS - THEY are even sacking BLACK Christians now!
Ex-Icelandic minister claims US sent 'planeload of FBI agents to frame Julian Assange!'

Saturday 10 December

SHEFFIELD: Even immigrants are fed up with migration!
Racial and ethnic diversity is bad for a welfare state!
USSR: Marshall Zhukov dropped nuclear bomb on 60,000 of his own troops as an experiment
Soros creep behind scheme to take Trump’s electoral college votes!
Clinton fan manufactured fake news!
More than HALF of Germans see refugees as country’s biggest problem
Spain's Ceuta enclave stormed by migrants
AUSTRIA: Outrage as migrant rapes soar by 133% – in just ONE YEAR
FRANCE: Big shot pro-Muslim Nationalist assaults white separatist during debate
CAMERON: Blaming populism is the mark of a loser 
Schools told to prepare for new wave of child refugees
CIA concludes Russia interfered to help Trump win election? (Guardian 'crybaby' story)
FRANCE: At Least 1-in-3 newborns are non-White
'I can hardly watch CNN any more because it’s so biased,' says Senator Rand Paul
Letter to Nicola Sturgeon regarding her 'ill-informed' support for Hillary Clinton
2016 Presidential Election: Celebrity Reactions around the world
Scandal of our wasted foreign aid: UK blows hundreds of millions on needless luxuries
Angela in Blundeland! Now Germans must shell out £126m to encourage migrants to leave!
Refugees housed by YOUR CASH have 'burnt down homes, attacked staff and grown drugs'
Girl, 10, set on fire, stripped naked and thrown in well after resisting rape in India
REVIEW: Political correctness and the destruction of social order
Schools told to prepare for new wave of child refugees
Old age pensioner knocked unconscious by 'Asian' gang in Blackburn
Ross and Brand's filthy minds made Andrew ill - and tore our family apart

Friday 9 December

EXPOSED! The seven MP’s who voted against BREXIT and their constituents
Church of England Priest, Giles Fraser, praises Muslims and Jews for refusing to integrate!
'Shoot and stab Nigel Farage!' Hundreds of social media messages urging attacks on UKIP leader! Another asylum surge on way! Millions to be spent on housing, says Home Office!
ITALY: Schoolchildren choose Hitler’s MEIN KAMPF as one of their favourite books!
Cameron blames 'populism' for his own demise!
DUTCH SHOW TRIAL: Geert Wilders found guilty of hate speech! (For telling the truth)
Inquisition in the UK! Joshua Bonehill sentenced!
Merkel downplays rape and murder of EU official’s daughter as ‘an isolated incident’
PENSION CRISIS: 10m workers forced out of workplace before retirement age
Shameless Tim Farron hammered after he continues demand for SECOND EU referendum
‘IT’S NOT FAIR!’ Crybaby Tim Farron throws tantrum as he loses Brexit vote!
Farage blasts dithering Government and claims Britain could quit EU in 2 WEEKS!
UKIP SECOND, Labour slump in Sleaford and North Hykeham by-election
Question Time audience member brings the house down after branding EU a 'DICTATORSHIP'
'LOST IDENTITY!' Shopkeeper forced to remove Union Jack and branded ‘racist Brexiteer!’
The strange tale of a dating site’s attacks on WikiLeaks founder Assange
'Why the HELL should we pay for English lessons?' Nick Ferrari boils over on Sky News
EU chiefs grant 50 MILLION Ukrainians and Georgians visa-free travel to bloc
‘Her blood is on YOUR hands!’ Merkel savaged over migrant murder of EU official's daughter
'They've done NOTHING!' Le Pen TEARS into opponents for FAILING to stop Islamist terror
Jewish ex-Foreign Secretary backs May's Boris 'slap down' after he told truth about Saudis
Jews, crime and corruption
#JeSuisChabloz – British Jews falter over a song
Gay luvvie, Alan Bennett, slams Trump and Farage friendship as ‘utterly nauseating!’

Thursday 8 December

89 TRAITORS! The MPs who are contemptuous of referendum voters
Hundreds of police accused of sexual exploitation!
'London is gone!' US author claims capital is now 'all Islamic'
Boris' remarks "at odds with Theresa's praise for Saudi royal family's visionary leadership!"
Ruth Smeeth and the Battle of Cable Street
'Fewer than 1 million Jews killed in Holocaust,' says ultra-Orthodox Rabbi
Why did Hitler hate Jews? Rabbi Yosef Tzvi ben Porat will explain to you
How social workers failed Yorkshire schoolgirl abused by gang of 12
Doctor Hadiza Bawa-Garba loses appeal against manslaughter death of Jack Adcock
KEIRA KNIGHTLEY - CELEB: Teaching the future to be stupid!
Up to 1,750 ISIS jihadis have returned to Europe with orders to kill
Federal Reserve existence based on fraud
The cultural enrichment of Germany (Thanks, Merkel)
No wonder politicians banned age tests! Majority of child refugees are ADULTS!
Football sex abuse: Met Police launches investigation
POPULISM: BBC buzzword used to sneer at 'uneducated' 17.4 million who voted for Brexit 
Katie Hopkins versus Angela Merkel
Foreign Aid CONTRACTOR spending doubles to £1BILLION
'It's dying before our eyes!' Farage promises to take a WRECKING BALL to the EU!
Yvette Cooper ducks and dodges as she is grilled over Labour's migration policy
Reflections and outcomes from the OECD conference in Hamburg (NO MEDIA COVERAGE)
Doctor Hadiza Bawa-Garba loses appeal against manslaughter death of Jack Adcock
Marxist-Leninists are now the Labour party’s moderates? (By Nick Cohen)

Wednesday 7 December

It's up to the White British to integrate more, not Muslims!
South Africa is no. 1 for death, Pakistan top for gay porn! (Still enriching though)
Walker Sesay stabbed 17-year-old to death one month after attending ‘knife awareness course1’
Welcome to lawless Britain! (The one made by #LibLabCon, the traitor party)
Teenager took his own life after being 'belittled' by Jobcentre staff!
Are depression pills driving patients to commit suicide?
Green Party did not contest Zac Goldsmith by-election after £250,000 donation!
70% of immigrants admitted under Obama's 'minor refugee' program are actually adults!
Supreme Court judges ‘have STRONG EU links and MUST be scrutinised!
'Thousand of pounds in British benefits used to FUND ISIS and terror cells!'
Black Muslims murder two, injure eight - Media silence outside Sweden
Security guards attacked by violent, black gang at Swedish subway station
SWEDEN: Five Afghans arrested after child gang-raped at knife-point
SWEDEN: Attack on refugee center after rape of wheelchair-bound woman
INDIA: Mob strip, beat and burn Christian mother
Iranian almost stabbed to death in migrant centre after asylum seekers found he was GAY
Immigrants should swear an oath of loyalty to Britain? Yeah, that'll work...
More absolute b***ocks from the Turner Prize crew
Gary Lineker in talks with Walkers crisps over Sun's anti-refugee stories

Tuesday 6 December

EU might not last a year! The political and financial earthquake ripping through Europe
Elites are fighting to keep us in the EU and undermine the will of the people!
Multiculturalism and disastrous commitment to open borders has turned UK into a nation divided!
‘Odious extremists!’ Fury as pro-EU campaigners brand 17.4 million Brexit voters FASCISTS!
'I feel like a foreigner in my own country!' Inside the 'British GHETTOS!'
Apartheid on the streets of Blackburn: How political correctness killed integration
Mark Carney says '15m British workers to be REPLACED by androids' (Or immigrants)
EU might not last beyond next year! The political and financial earthquake ripping through Europe
Check out the enriching diversity, folks! Oh, and the Religion of Peace!
LITTLEJOHN: This attempt to sabotage the will of the British should never have got this far!
400,000 cancer victims face Christmas with no support! (Wonderful world of LibLabCon)
Farage nominated for Time Magazine’s Person of the Year award!
WikiLeaks documents highlight sinister relations between Erdogan and ISIS
Nearly half of Americans support sanctions on Israel, poll finds
GERMANY: 'Muslims try to molest me all the time, I will vote for the AfD!'
More than 4,000 Syrian refugees arrived in Britain through resettlement scheme!
So THAT'S why he needs an army! Juncker predicts WW3 after Italian referendum
'Don't tell me how to behave in MY country!' Woman abuses youth on tram platform!
Disintegration of Europe begins: Renzi ally says mission to 'relaunch' EU has failed
'They KNEW what they were voting for!' Brexiteer hits out at Remain whiners

Monday 5 December

Immigration has turned British towns into 'ghettos' says bombshell report!
In just two months, 39,000 Africans smuggled into Italy with consent, knowledge of the EU!
Saudi Prince: If Putin won’t negotiate, I'll finance Israeli/Arab invasion of Russia!
Europe’s most-wanted must have their faces COVERED to protect human rights?
Polish lorry driver was changing music on his phone when he killed four people (3 kids)
46-year-old Muslim rapes 4-year-old, then blames child for the attack!
Diane Abbott calls migrant targets 'foolish' - Reveals Labour's SHOCKING Brexit policy
University academics get counselling to help cope with 'stress and anxiety' of Brexit?
Teenage Afghan arrested after 19-year-old who worked at refugee centre raped and killed
MERKEL SAVAGED: Migrant murder of EU official's daughter sparks anger at open-door policy
British woman who gave guided tours to see Santa in Lapland murdered! Czech lover sought
Jail killer texting drivers for life? Our courts are too impotent to do it
A word to the criminal immigrant
World Jewish Congress and Central Council of Jews welcome non-white invasion of Germany!
Children as young as six caught in sexting 'epidemic'
Football coaches in paedo ring passed each other details of boys they abused!
PM under pressure from ministers to let in even more low-skilled migrants AFTER Brexit?
One in six women born in 1970 don't have a family!
BREXIT: The Supreme Court justices selected by quangocrats!
Remainers brag of Brexit anarchy: Labour and Lib Dems plot
Nick Clegg - Car crash Brexit interview
'Take back foreign criminals or LOSE AID?' Govt kicking out 3,000 prisoners? (Heard it all before)
Now for Italexit! Italian PM RESIGNS after losing a referendum
Remainers trying to block Brexit are nothing more than spoiled children

Sunday 4 December

Black savage raped Karen Hale's body before bludgeoning mum and pet dog to death
EU officials’ daughter raped and drowned in river by Afghan immigrant
20-strong Asian gang launch 'barbaric' attack on lone man in Lincoln
Tower Hamlets teacher, Hamza Tariq, condoned Charlie Hebdo terror attack in front of pupils
Senior Conservatives want Marine Le Pen to win!
Age of consent should be lowered to 13 to stop persecution of old men?
Britain BANS heroic Christian bishops
Isolated British Muslims so cut off from rest of society they see the UK as 75% Islamic
STATINS: Millions taking controversial heart drug UNNECESSARILY!
ISIS fighters have entered UK posing as migrants & will STRIKE next
‘I’m truly AFRAID’ Humiliated Merkel is confronted by dad TERRIFIED at migrant influx
Don't play Mr Nice Guy with EU by going 'soft Brexit!'
Jeremy Corbyn attacks ‘alarming rise’ of Ukip, Trump and Le Pen
CALAMITY CORBYN: Labour on brink of OBLIVION as UKIP and Lib Dem support surges
Foreign aid giant snaffles £329million of taxpayers' cash
"Jews and blacks, they get a discount!" says Jewish actress

Saturday 3 December

Age of consent should be lowered to 13 to stop persecution of old men?
The 'Single Market' is not a market at all! It's political and ensures the EU remains in control
Anti-discrimination watchdog says it's OK to send gays death threats! But only if you're Muslim
Edward Heath abuse claims: Police defend investigation
Taxpayer-funded CBC hails 'Beige Horizon' with no white people!
Europe heads for its first far-right leader since WW2? Freedom Party favourite to win in Austria!
Black savage gets 15 years for axe attack on PC Lisa Bates
Bishop accuses elitist C of E! Embarrassed by patriotism - Don't understand Brexiteers
British schoolgirl's testimony - Muslims threaten children with rape and violence
'Just GET ON with Brexit!' Labour MP brands Tony Blair 'MISGUIDED' for disrupting democracy
11 unaccountable judges (6 Europhiles) will could thwart will of the British on Brexit!
Judges turned Brexit vote into a 'FOOTNOTE' as law chief issues blistering warning
DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Why the free Press must shine a light on this unelected court 
An arrogant millionaire and why this LibDem win says nothing about Britain 
New Lib Dem MP walks of interview after facing difficult questions on opposition to Brexit
Labour has few safe seats left and could be crushed between UKIP and Lib Dems!
Afghanistan: Life before the USSR, America and the Taliban screwed it up
Still spouting poison? Daily Mail continues to 'pervert history' on behalf of the Holocaust Industry!
After rebels murder 45 in Aleppo, White Helmets make video saying Assad killed them
'Sign your own death warrant' - Furious Theresa May DARES Lords to vote down Article 50
‘You’re making a TERRIBLE mistake!’ Stephen Hawking slams Remain plot to keep Britain in EU

Friday 2 December

Largest paedophile ring in history! 70,000 members, heads of state - The rats scramble!
Four in ten British Muslims want Sharia Law enforced in UK!
'New era of peace': Trump vows to stop USA toppling regimes!
Donald Trump names ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis as Defence Secretary
Donald Trump 'WILL build the wall' and he'll punish companies who leave the USA!
Nobel Prize-winning Nigerian throws away his US green card because Trump won presidency
'I will vote AGAINST Brexit,' says latest anti-democratic Lib Dem!
New Lib Dem used to say we must accept referendum vote! (Lying already? Sarah will do well!) 
Greg 'hideously-white' Dyke accuses Brexit voters of being 'little Englanders!'
Free movement has failed - Labour and the Unions must recognise it
May must stop dithering about Brexit – we voted out, now get on with it!
Man killed at immigration centre in Hillingdon - 3 migrants arrested for murder
Black savages get just 3 years 8 months for stabbing Francis Canning in the back
Outrage as judge says woman attacked by Yaqoob Alanezy was 'foolish' for drinking too much
JAILED: Greek millionaire 'sex bully' who attacked young women staff
Top name for a minicab rapist in the UK is Mohammed!
Cops order driver nearly killed when a MATTRESS flew into his car to pay £10,000 repairs!
LIBERALS outraged ‘White’ cop praised as hero for shooting Muslim refugee terrorist!
'We are NOT racist' Brexiteer blasts leftie Remoaner in epic Question Time take-down
NEWBURY: "White zone" posters spark police investigation

Thursday 1 December

£200MILLION: Cost of 60,000 migrants who began claiming Carers Allowance on arrival in UK!
'The EU is a DISASTER and Le Pen WILL WIN Presidency,' says Noam Chomsky
Unsent letter to President Hillary Clinton from 'feminist' Sweden!
Now even Electoral College voters are plotting to STOP Trump!
100,000 sign petition demanding Sir Shifty Green improves ‘derisory’ £250m pension offer!
Newsnight viewers lash out at 'all Democrat panel' for Trump debate
Fury as pupils are banned from RAISING THEIR HANDS in class at secondary school
A retired judge and her husband FORGED a family member's will to STEAL two cottages!
These numbers should SHUT UP liberals about the Electoral College once and for all?
Rutgers Professor taken to psychiatric hospital after Tweets threatening to kill Whites
An Open Letter to LBC’s James O’Brien
Boris Johnson calls for illegal immigrants to be granted the right to stay in Britain!!!
Ohio State knifeman was inspired by ISIS and Al Qaeda
Black Lives Matter activist calls presenter a “white supremacist”
Erdogan: Turkish forces are in Syria to end Assad's rule? (To kill Kurds more like)
Kelloggs has, in effect, boycotted Breitbart.com for political reasons
'They voted to LEAVE' John Humphrys tears into Lib Dem peer over Brexit
London will seek SEPARATE Brexit deal with EU, warns Mayor Sadiq Khan
Backlog of European migrants applying to live in Britain 'TREBLES post-Brexit'
Martin Schulz offers 'unconditional support' to Georgia amid rising tensions with Russia
“God, she (Cherie Blair) is revoltingly arrogant with her mansions and greedy freak of a husband!”
Eric Bristow is yet another victim of the Twitter mob, says LEO McKINSTRY

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