Daily News: December 2015

Thursday 31 December

Blind mystic who foresaw 9/11 says Europe will be destroyed in 2016! (Hooray! No more EU!)
Former MI5 officer claims Paris terror strikes were 'inside job not ISIS'
Pentagon stunned as thousands of Chinese troops join Putin in fight against ISIS
ORBAN: Far left in Europe deliberately importing non-whites so as to boost their voting numbers!
White children who haven't learned to hide their true feelings (and be PC) yet!
Founder of Ann Somers' sex shop chain (a Jewish porn baron's daughter) gets a CBE!
Honours for for cronies, donors, bungling bureaucrats and a sex shop queen
Unstoppable rise of Dame Disaster: Lin Homer honoured despite being useless at EVERYTHING!
Lockerbie. Spycatcher. Death on the Rock. Why haven't the files been opened up?
'Obsessively secretive' officials slammed for holding back files
Rising tensions over EU migrant influx exposed as 2/3 of Germans expect ISIS attack!
Thousands of NHS patients are left without essential medicines for weeks!
Former MI5 officer claims Paris terror strikes were 'inside job not ISIS'
Is Simon Danczuk, MP, a dirty old man? Did he send pervy messages to 17-year-old?
Did Cherie Blair conman Peter Foster hired Filipino hit man to murder private eye?
Victims of domestic abuse? Migrants cheat system to stay in Britain permanently!
ISIS 'rape handbook' reveals 15 rules for slaves' 'owners!'
ISIS poster girl 'became sex slave' before being 'beaten to death with a HAMMER'
Furious Putin ends all co-operation with Turkey in wake of 'shot down' jet
Another regime change "success!"
Miliband is paid a staggering £425,000 as boss of refugee charity!
Thousands of NHS patients are left without essential medicines for weeks!
Sana Ahmed Khan plotted terror outrage with secret husband Mohammed Rehman
Bad moral attitudes remain!
The power-crazed, fanatical Neoconservatives
Whoever tells the truth is quickly labelled as a Nazi!

Wednesday 30 December

30 years ago an elite Jewish insider told the truth (in secret). Now he apologises for it!
KATIE HOPKINS: What our PC politicians would rather not know
Government 'cost the UK BILLIONS' by slashing flood defence budget!
Green dogma grips useless quango! Floods expose chronic ineptitude of Environment Agency
Why do we let Ntokozo Qwabe dictate what happens in our universities? (LibLabCon treachery)
Government 'cost the UK BILLIONS' by slashing flood defence budget!
"Criminal acts by refugees?... Whoever tells the truth... is quickly labelled as a Nazi!"
Hard-Left's 'Stalinist plot' to seize control of Labour
Cameron made Baroness Bra his business tsar. Now her businesses are in trouble?
‘Religion of peace’ is not a harmless platitude!
Turkey supports ISIS, wants to revive Ottoman Empire – Syria’s UN envoy
Spain reports mass poisoning of dogs by Muslim immigrants!
Man stabbed by gang in Luton
Druggie Mohammed Rehman blamed his wife Sana Khan for terror plot
Gurpinder Ghuman forced girl, 13, into a storeroom at Sikh temple and sexually assaulted her
Muslim convert (ex-jailbird) threatened to bomb Tory warmonger, Charlotte Leslie
Jehovah's Witness choked little girls for sex thrills! They covered up his crimes for decades!
Mainstream media describes rise of Nationalism in Europe as “shocking”
Fury after picture of saint is removed from railway station - it's 'too Christian!'
Diane Abbott's history Of gaffes (racism?)
Luvvie Michael Sheen attacks those who want foreign aid diverted to flood victims!
RamZPaul interviewed informally by Rosie Gray
Girls should be mothers, not Jedi Knights!

Tuesday 29 December

Muslim brags about devastating 7-man gang rape of young German virgin!
IT technician 'kidnapped and raped woman for 5 DAYS to force her to convert to Islam!'
5 years for men who emotionally bully wives? (Think the law will be used against Black/Brown?)
Even the big banks now admit it: "How the Fed's 'massive manipulation' broke the market!"
Richard Dawkins thinks Islam is "pathetic?"
Billionaire Jews remind wannabe Presidents that Israel comes first in Wagtail World!
UK has more foreign-born doctors than any other major European country!
House prices ‘set to rise eight per cent in 12 months’
No excuse for letting prisoners out by accident
CHINA: dogs slaughtered for horrific winter solstice meals
BIG BROTHER! Social media bosses face 2 years in jail if they warn users MI5 is watching them!
Geoffrey Dickens, MP, on Satanic ritual abuse - babies murdered!
UK losing at least £4.5BILLION each year to Brussels
Furious locals round on Cameron as he is HECKLED during visit to flood-ravaged city
Put suffering Brits first! Floods to cost £5.8bn - what we give for global warming overseas!
Is boss of Environment Agency in Barbados? (Shouldn't he be sorting out the floods?)
Councils paid £3.8million in compensation to injured teachers in 2015
Mandelson lends a cool £250k to himself!
Grieving relatives were hounded by BBC to pay new TV licence?
Fury as National Lottery hits 10th jackpot rollover
2012 - Police probe Keith Vaz over £500,000 deposits
What Yanks will do in 20 years time?
The one in the middle might be the problem
Samuel L. Jackson ‘really wanted’ San Bernardino killers to be white!

Monday 28 December

Foreign aid needs to be spent at home on flood-hit Britons!!!
FLOODS? LibLabCon still sends £1BILLION aid money to the world's most corrupt nations!
They'll blame York on climate change - but is all this weather HAARP? (Look it up)
Cameron and co. accused of using global warming as excuse for flood failures!
YORK! Why did they open barrier? 600+ homes/businesses in supposedly safe areas flooded!
Yorkshire town 'abandoned to flooding' and told it was too small to have defences!
'Don't go to hospital, go to the chemist' urges NHS boss
UK more reliant on foreign doctors than any other major EU nation!
Killers and sex offenders set free by MISTAKE almost every week!
Boxing Day diversity in BROMLEY! Man stabbed in the head with machete!
Croydon police launch advent calendar of wanted suspects
DIVERSITY! Armed robbers who PISTOL-WHIPPED women during Post Office robbery convicted
UBER: Cut your throat threat! Obviously, a hate-filled racist and not at all diverse!
Abdullah Kurdi's Christmas message! (Give us your money/homes/neighbourhoods and country!)
New Tarantino film features Black-on-White gay rape!
EU deports only SEVEN migrants a day! (143,000 YEARS to send everyone home)
Ministers won't include mums on marriage certificates to avoid offending same-sex couples!
'Don't go to hospital, go to the chemist' urges NHS boss
Muslim gang-rape marathons continue across Europe: where's the press?
Lord Feldman feels the heat over email
Jails a recruiting ground for Islamist extremists (Thanks for all the diversity, LibLabCon)
EU will spend unlimited amounts on pro-Brussels propaganda in run-up to referendum?
Sadiq Khan must be held to account over support for Babar Ahmad
Jews Posing As “Neo-Nazis?”
Concerned Muslim caller leaves Katie speechless

Thursday 24 December

Now, according to Bernstein, "white guys" are "The Dark Forces Of The Internet!"
Good time for us to beg in Britain! Romanian gipsies arrive on £38 flight
Taliban take back town where 106 British soldiers lost their lives (Thanks, LibLabCon)
The rank hypocrisy of Baroness EXCESS! D’Souza's lavish expenses claims
Learner driver, Johan Martin, who ran over grandmother twice, gets just 5 years!
Outrage as Government fails to deport nearly HALF of foreign criminals
FURY over £74MILLION wage rise for EU chiefs - funded by OUR taxes!
No prison sentence for serial stalker who had 18-year fixation on random women!
Maggie's angry tomato says Corbyn is a disease!
Government under fire over 'murky' secret security deal with Saudi Arabia
Calais truckers fear death as they face daily attacks with hammers, baseball bats and GUNS
Teacher suspended by Saudi officials after playing VIOLIN to female students!
Fury as ANOTHER Christmas advert gets banned from cinemas for featuring Nativity scene
Syrian refugees bringing flesh-eating disease into USA?
REFUGEEGATE! "we must resist the temptation to fall back on national solutions!"
Captured Daesh fighter reveals details of Turkey’s ties with terror group
Burmese migrants accused of murdering two young British backpackers
Why I'm sick of Christmas by Corbyn's (vegan) shadow farming minister
Holocaust or Holohoax - 06: The Faked Atrocity Photos

Wednesday 23 December

Ex-soldier and wife commit suicide, too poor to live through winter!!!

And yet our government doles out more than £12 billion in Foreign Aid and REFUGEES are lavished with all the happy-clappy, left-wing care in the world! LibLabCon have murdered our world yet generations of dumbed-down, drugged up and brainwashed sheep are still voting for them. These will never fight back. These are slaughterhouse fare.

Strong men, however, WILL take on the beasts who made this happen.

In fact, it's already happening.

From beauty queen to drugs, prostitution and suicide - ENGLAND NOW! (Courtesy of LibLabCon)
White men must be stopped! The very future of mankind depends on it! (By left-wing Yank)
Taliban winning in Afghanistan! In go our lads yet again, lives on the line for the NWO!
Blind girl, 7 banned from using her stick in school! 'Online bullying’ sees her off!
Immigrants dump rubbish in streets - Their free villa doesn't have a CLEANER and wi-fi!
Top Tory Jew pushing money to the EU "IN" campaign!
ANN WIDDECOMBE: Our legal system is like a Benny Hill script
Child refugees costing councils MILLIONS amid cuts to services
STEPHEN POLLARD: Prepare for more chaos in Calais with every passing day
They fled Syria years ago but now "refugees" say they MUST come to UK
From beauty queen to drugs, prostitution and suicide - ENGLAND NOW! (Courtesy of LibLabCon)
Brunei bans Christmas celebrations in public, including wearing Santa hats
Now Somalia bans Christmas! It's contrary to their culture! (But ship 'em all over anyway)
Has EU referendum been rigged already?
We mustn't sacrifice one more drop of British blood! Taliban back where 106 our troops died
SANGIN: A soul-destroying indictment of politicians’ monumental errors of judgment!
ISIS shelling kills nine schoolgirls and injures more
Rebecca Shaw hit by a truck in Thailand and killed
Top Tory Jew pushing money to the EU "IN" campaign!
A MILLION migrants entered Europe in 2015!
How many religious nuts are heading our way with the "refugees?" No one knows!
Jeremy Vine reported to BBC for 'breach' of equality/diversity by saying he had MAN FLU!
America addicted to terror: Why our obsession with irrational fear is tearing the country apart
Europe 'Silently Witnessing Erdogan’s Crimes'
Why Latin American diplomats are pulling out of Israel
The divide between Jewish Americans and Israeli Jews over Iran is growing
When Trump says he'll make USA great again, working-class hear 'make America WHITE again!'

Tuesday 22 December

Blind girl, 7, banned from using cane in school! 'Online bullying’ sees her off!
Families say fall of Afghan town to Taliban shows sons' sacrifice was a waste of time and life!
Taliban winning in Afghanistan! In go our lads yet again, lives on the line for NWO savages
West wants ceasefire in Syria now ITS rebels are losing!
EU adviser unveils flawless plan to beat people traffickers - LET EVERYONE IN!
Sex consent for refugees! Norwegian exemplifies sexual violence, migrant = honest/well liked!
Sleaze watchdog soft! Cash-for-access exposé of trough-gobbling Jews Rifkind/Straw vindicated! Black savage murdered Zac Evans and tried to kill Keaton Jones
Immigrant evil in Watford - Uddins jailed for 56 years (Thanks, PC Crowd!)
Everald James killed his pet and left its corpse tied to railings
USA: Aiming for her non-dangerous dog, black cop shoots mum - She dies
Benjamin Netanyahu 'threatens to strip Jerusalem residency from 230,000 Palestinians'
Cops blasted for spending £80,000 on pop concerts to stop ‘Muslim youth’ joining ISIS!
George Soros: Adding fuel to the fire of EU's refugee crisis!
Military chapels could be forced to conduct gay marriage as minister steps in
Trouble at Labour Mill! Flying off handle/screaming/shouting - (Life - bitch and then you die)
The Sultan of Brunei bans Christmas (Another Muslim tw*t our leaders cuddle up to)
Why don't politicians ban betting machines that enslave the poor?
Oh, look! Hermione's black now! (Nothing to see here)

Monday 21 December

Antonio Guterres, head of UN refugee agency - Enemy of White World!
After the Paris murders, French voters didn't buy the delusions of the liberal authorities
65,000 JIHADIS will replace defeated ISIS if bombing campaign succeeds
JANNER IS DEAD - Elite paedo escapes justice!
Muslim Council of Britain connected to controversial Muslim Brotherhood
Large number of refugees entering Europe serious security risk says head of EU border agency
Hatred not hope - Who it is legitimate to hate (and who not) according to Jewish Chronicle
Immigrants kicking Swedes in the head!
SWEDEN: Migrants ‘slaughter gay man, dress him in women’s clothes, wrap snake round neck!'
Euroscepticism is a euphemism for right-wing nationalism says Global elitist Ken Clarke
Migrants exploiting 'passport loophole' jetting into UK - and there's NOTHING we can do
I'm nervous about PM putting women on front line says ex-Navy chief We are nice, not nasty nowadays says Theresa May (Patriot just jailed for 3.3 years for anti-Jew cartoon)
Gay ex-MP separates from Sainsbury heiress wife to be with a Redgrave
Cecil Rhodes wasn't a nice man. But to cave in to idiotic students is moral cowardice
Greedy energy suppliers refuse to slash bills
14-year-old girl raped in a squalid flat by Abid Hussain
Lukasz Furmanek murdered by Muslims. Joseph Dudek left critically ill
Sexual predator Faisal Ellahi raped girl with Down syndrome! Targeted 16 others around same time

Sunday 20 December

White people... it is up to you to silence Donald Trump! (Says Black and Jew)
GERMANY: Facebook, Google, Twitter agree to delete anti-foreigner comments in 24 hours!
Iraq soldiers request air support to help soldiers fighting ISIS - Yanks bomb Iraqis!
Third of rebels in Syria (100,000 fighters) share aims of ISIS!
German Labour Experts: Syrian “refugees” are worthless unemployables!
No funding for British homeless but there is for illegal immigrants!
Cameron to send females into close combat for first time despite top brass warnings!
Deland Allman murdered fiancée, Christina Spilane, in a Hull hotel room
Katie Cullen stabbed 130 times by jealous asylum seeker with history of violence against women
Thug with 70 convictions finally jailed for stabbing man who caught him urinating in street
'Ruthless' burglars who threatened women with knives caught thanks to police dog
Newport footballer Chris Zebroski jailed for attacks
FGM: Croydon - 19 cases between July and September (78 in Southwark - 60 in Brent)
Drug dealer accused of 13-year-old's rape flees whilst on police bail (scroll down)
ANOTHER top Tory bites the dust over Tatler bullyboy scandal
TATLER TORY! The youth wing godfather and the bullying scandal
US guards with guns to patrol British airports?
Muslim Council of Britain connected to controversial Muslim Brotherhood
OXFAM plagues pensioners as old as 98 for charity cash!
Bernie Ecclestone's billionaire son-in-law 'abused, assaulted and spat at his butler'
OXFAM plagues pensioners as old as 98 for charity cash!
Silicon tit Jew gets 8-year-old daughter on the books! YUK! (Child abuse?)
Tyson Fury win would be disappointing says motormouth Gabby (not the lesbian, the big nose)

Saturday 19 December

ISIS Twitter accounts traced back to UK Government! (Hey, sheeple! You awake yet?)
MURDER by DIVERSITY! Teenager who cannot be named (Shervin Soltani's pal) killed Sean
Victor Banjo Ogundunmade 'loved' Magdalena 'dearly.' So he stabbed her to death! (As you do)
Muslim duo get 9 years for 'horrific' axe attack at Sainsbury's
Charges against "Kill All White Men" diversity officer dropped!
Riot suspects who refused to give names have cases dropped - Prosecutors fail justice?
Number of foreigners living in the UK tops FIVE MILLION! Why foist refugees on a poverty-stricken Scottish island then give them perks locals don't enjoy?
Richest one in ten own nearly HALF of all Britain's wealth!
Cops, children's home staff and own mother 'ignored victim's abuse claims'
Migrants' valuables to be seized to pay for feeding and housing them? (LIKE IT! If true)
Ann Coulter destroys Newsnight's Evan Davis (PC + gay)
Who are we?
'Like being on death row': last week in Kellingley colliery
Britain's last miners (Thanks, LibLabCon!)
Migrants' valuables to be seized to pay for feeding and housing them? (LIKE IT! If true)
Common Law has been replaced with Talmudic Law!
Muslim gang chanted ISIS war song, handed out recruiting leaflets on train
Comedian criticised for tweet incited feminists to take their own lives
Zac Goldsmith never had a proper job and got his money from daddy!
Yazidi woman gang-raped by ISIS thugs until she blacked out! (Religion of peace, Dave?)

Friday 18 December

Vladimir Putin hails 'very talented and flamboyant' Donald Trump
Government cover-up! Data suggests million EU migrants unaccounted for in Britain!
Left-wing activists sign petition to ban Donald Trump 50 times each?
'It's a fiddle' - Petition to ban Trump from UK signed MULTIPLE times by the same people!
'Like being on death row!' last week in Kellingley colliery
Video Of Polish priest’s speech slamming Islam goes viral!
HOLLAND: THOUSANDS of protesters storm the site of a planned asylum centre
US complains as Russia bombs its terrorists!
Marvin Campbell and Henry Ogunde stole more than £700,000 from victims
DIVERSITY! Gabriel Dragomir robbed elderly shoppers
Waseem Chaudhry used his wife as a drug mule
Abid Mohammed bullied teen with special needs into giving him £550
Top Jews don't like Josh - JAILED FOR 3.3 YEARS!
Good day to bury bad news! 400 items buried in 'shockingly cynical' ploy
Crazy PC world of Britain's top universities!
Saudi Arabia set to behead teenager because he attended an anti-government protest aged 15!
CORBYN! Red Jez says immigrants should get same benefits as everyone else
Corbyn accused by Falklands veteran Simon Weston of "repugnant surrender" to Argentina
LITTLEJOHN: Dave v Europe - may the farce be with you!
Billionaire Jewish paedo (ex-best pal of Prince Andy) Jeffrey Epstein still at it
The Oscar for most pompous luvvie goes to...

Thursday 17 December

Alarming evidence suggests ISIS is now a US-Israel proxy army!
Hundreds of patients die every year because there are not enough nurses to care for them!
Fracking under national parks backed by MPs
UK is world’s second largest arms seller
Germany says restricting migrant benefits/free movement within EU 'not up for negotiation'
NETHERLANDS: Thousands RIOT after officials threaten to build asylum centre in tiny town!
EU using free movement chaos to push federal Europe
Why does Labour elite loathe the people so much?
Meddling EU wants to ban teenagers from FACEBOOK!
European Union's top eleven barmy decisions Europe will cease to exist once Turkey comes to dominate EU!
David Cameron faces HUMILIATION over his EU reforms
Paris massacre fugitive 'found 48 hours after attack' - but cops let him escape! WHY?
Despite no airstrikes against ISIS for 10 days ministers still boast no civilian casualties!
Spanish PM gets punched! (Punch the New World Order? DESERVED!)
Mother of missing Muslim schoolgirls says they're just teenage tearaways!
French cops harassing Marine Le Pen
Pastor who said Islam was heathen and Satanic says case against him is ridiculous
Cops hunt black women who punched Muslim woman and kicked her off bus
Drug dealers Mohammed Dawood and Mahboob Alam must pay back £1m!
What Clint Eastwood thinks of Obama

Wednesday 16 December

Facebook, Twitter and Google collude with Merkel cops to silence dissent on refugees!
Hillary Clinton's State Department refused to designate Boko Haram as a terrorist group!
Young white men are most derided group in Britain! (Courtesy of LibLabCon & the PC Crowd)
Omair Zaman savagely attacked Andy Pratt, 72, and he died. Zaman got just 3.5 years!
Saudi millionaire may have accidentally penetrated teen when he fell on top of her? CLEARED! Cops accused 12-year-old girl of lying when she told them of sex abuse!
Cops told girl was pressured to prostitute herself to Rotherham taxi drivers in 1990s!
ROTHERHAM: Baby born after Pakistanis raped victim at pub!
Woman raped in Westminster street after asking three teenagers for directions home
Muslim paedophilia rape map of England - What sheep voted for in 2015!
Britain’s veteran shame: Homeless soldier dies hours after being evicted from squat
SWEDEN: 'We'll behead you in your home unless you convert to Islam!'
Former Swedish PM Fredrik Reinfeldt says Sweden belongs to immigrants, not Swedes!
Former Swedish Minister, Anders Borg, Sweden will become like Africa! (Wonderful!)
Rabbi gets 10 years for torturing husbands! (Chosen people? Self-chosen, maybe)
Council reject campaign to home 200 refugees in High Wycombe towns and villages
Dr Fox's trial latest example of the CPS acting like legal wing of the rabble-rousing left
USA: Schoolboy gets homework teaching him how to become a cocaine dealer!
Priest, Christopher Bosworth, jailed for a host of homosexual assaults on vulnerable victims
HERE'S how to cut migration, Dave! Voters demand welfare curbs and end to free movement!

Tuesday 15 December

CCTV shows moment sisters (diverse) stabbed grandma to death on her doorstep
Foreign aid scandal: Iran, China, Zimbabwe - why is YOUR cash given to foreign dictators?
New foreign aid row... Britain gives £275m to Yemen but lets Saudis BOMB relief efforts
Angela Merkel finally admits (indirectly) her pro-refugee policy was a mistake
51-year-old Saudi Imam and his 6-year-old wife (Just like the prophet, Mo)
Red Ken admits he'd take a peerage despite years of campaigning to scrap the House of Lords!
The ‘barbaric violence’ of Abdullah Atiqzoy and Sadam Khan Essakhil leaves a man dead
Why Washington really wants Assad gone!
Israel 'openly' helping Syrian rebels trying to overthrow Assad
Officials in Rotherham want special powers to ban child-rape protests!
Crushing blow to Cabinet Secretary's bid to keep you in the dark
Dozens of UK councils to welcome Syrian refugees by CHRISTMAS
Chemical agent sarin smuggled from Turkey to ISIS – Turkish MP
SOROS: Public Enemy number 1
The ‘barbaric violence’ of Abdullah Atiqzoy and Sadam Khan Essakhil leaves a man dead
Why Washington really wants Assad gone!
Israel 'openly' helping Syrian rebels trying to overthrow Assad
We fork out £20 MILLION for civil servants being paid to do NOTHING
Hospital refuses to treat toddler CHOKING ON COIN because mum was 'OVERREACTING!'
Jews promote sponsorship scheme for Syrian "refugees"
Cheery letters written by Lord Janner just before cops told he was too ill to be questioned
Jonathan Freedland (Jew): How to defeat Donald Trump and his ilk!
USA: Out of the top 50 political donor families, 37.5% are Jewish
Four non-native types in court over 'prison van break' that left man dead
Archbishop of Canterbury urges Britain to 'show humanity' by letting more refugees in
US journalist killed in Turkey days after intelligence services threatened her!
Turkey: Everyone needs a way out
Gay, atheistic Jew confronts Christian!
How to stop ISIS getting its oil
Sports Direct warehouse 'won't give Britons jobs!'
How polluted is YOUR country?
Migrants arrive in Norway with images of executions/decapitations/dead kids on mobile phones
British jihadist plotted a Lee Rigby-style terror attack on Remembrance Day
Steep decline of our native butterflies
Lazy nurses FAKED medical records so they could look at their phones instead

Monday 14 December

ISIS magazine Dar-al-Islam (November) demands death of French teachers! (One stabbed today)
HITCHENS: Goodbye Christianity, hello multicultural wasteland!
TREASON! There are now 85 Islamic courts dispensing 'justice' across the UK!
ISIS issues Fatwa against children with Downs Syndrome! Murders 38 disabled infants!
TREASON! School to be taken over by Muslims despite less than 2% of its pupils being Muslim!
Victor Orban on refugees: 'Continent looks like a battlefield!'
FRANCE: Establishment parties band together to keep out the National Front!
Mass migration 'will wreck the dream of a high-wage Britain'
CCTV images of two men after assault in Manchester city centre
Six non-Brits in court for teen prostitution
Labour council housed refugees in Tory-voting areas!
Derby community leader Amjad Ashraf found guilty of cannabis conspiracy
Russia Issues International ARREST WARRANT For ROTHSCHILD and SOROS!
GANDHI - The real one
We need an inquiry into all these inquiries!
Don't curb the freedom law - Britain needs more open government!
HITCHENS: This boasting BBC cannabis abuser just proves the 'war on drugs' is bogus
This isn't a just war – it’s 'recreational bombing' by our Churchill wannabe
‘ISIS papers’ leaked! Proof ISIS was “allowed” to rise
Corbyn is a threat to security, says Blair's Defence Secretary
Why should we have to fill in FOUR tax returns a year when giant firms don't pay a penny?
Proof England DOES lose out to Scotland!
Well-off Serb city gets £1m flood defences from our taxpayers as Cumbria remains underwater! Trauma of dealing with child sex charges 'like living in a Hitchcock movie'
Paul Gascoigne faces police probe after "racist" joke!

Sunday 13 December

Now Donald Trump claims more British Muslims join ISIS than the Army (And? It's true!)
Support pours in for Donald Trump after rants against Muslims
Did Britain's worst rapist, Delroy Grant, (the Night Stalker) have an accomplice?
Rotherham care home girls repeatedly raped by Asian men (including a politician!)
Cops hunt suspect after couple robbed at gunpoint in Dudley
Tenzin Ocran squirted her one-armed neighbour in the eye with BLEACH
1-in-7 paedo suspects have jobs that could involve CHILDREN!
Now Donald Trump claims more British Muslims join ISIS than the Army (And? It's true!)
Support pours in for Donald Trump after rants against Muslims
Want to destroy Europe’s 'national homogeneity?' Get appointed to EU!
Merkel’s power in 'free fall' as Germany loses control over own borders
CNN's Banfield: Jews have committed terrorism, so should we ban Jews?
French comedian Dieudonné jailed for questioning the Holocaust!
FRANCE: Muslim and Jewish leaders form solid voting bloc against Front National!
Rape “right-wing” females to create “multicoloured descendants”, says French Doctor!
French court rules that “Native White French” do not exist!
70% of French think Islam will take over France
New immigration rules: “France must remain a land of immigration!”
American-allied nations are secretly helping ISIS to grow! US Colonel Ann Wright
Russia warns Turkey of consequences of Ankara's 'reckless actions!'
The IMF just entered the Cold War, forgives Ukraine's debt to Russia
Assange on 'US Empire!'
Lord Feldman under fire as bereaved parents of bullied activist boycott Tatler Tory probe
Warning over 'sociopathic and dangerous' Tatler Tory
FBI hate crime stats > 3 out of race murders are anti-White!
THOUSANDS of Calais migrants to take over idyllic English tourist hamlet
British terror suspect friends with Prince William and Harry's inner circle!
Saudi Arabia bombing Yemen's schools says Amnesty International!
'Twitter trolls would have stopped us taking on the Nazis' says gay Labour MP
BBC suspends gay journalist 'ashamed' to work there after refusal to axe Tyson Fury
2011: Britain triples aid for Pakistan's schools!
What HAS the BBC done to Agatha Christie?

Saturday 12 December

The Saudis, Turkey and Qatar support ISIS, as does the Israel lobby
Turkish middlemen 'sell oil stolen by Daesh' to Europe!
'Turkey Has Become a Danger for everyone' - French ex-General
Daesh: 'Islamic State' or international criminal organisation of thieves?
AUSTRIA: in 8 months asylum-seekers committed 8,484 crimes!
FBI hate crime stats > 3 out of 4 race murders are anti-White!
Why Cameron/Osborne's Jewish crony, Lord Feldman, could break the Tory Party in two!
Party bullies forced me out, says critic of Tatler Tory branded a 'vile homophobe'
Immigrants gang-rape women, Lefties protest in support of immigrants
Labour now allies itself to terrorists and ISIS fraudsters?
Le Pen's FN vote skyrockets in Calais amid migrant influx
Farage BACKS Donald Trump - petition to ban him from UK ‘massive overreaction’
ACLU Board Member: Shoot Trump Voters ‘Before Election Day’
Clampdown on 'abusive' secret Muslim schools
Immigrants gang-rape women, Lefties protest in support of immigrants
Witness in Rotherham child sexual abuse trial: 'We were like slaves all the time'
BIRMINGHAM: "She was approached by 4 Asian males and attacked by some of the men"
Jailed: Burger Bar Boys 'Godfather' who sold MAC 10 and other deadly guns
Armed robbers jailed over terrifying raids across Midlands
Birmingham drug dealer Zahir Hussain jailed for more than six years
PTSD: Kate Fell-Crook found hanged 18 months after leaving the Army!
2011: Britain triples aid for Pakistan's schools!
Saudi Arabia bombing Yemen's schools says Amnesty International
Why are prosecutors targeting the press with no evidence and not Lord Janner?
Terrorist Sally Jones 'plans suicide bombing after ISIS orders her to remarry'
Shrivelled and lined, Blair had the jaundiced hue of a US TV anchor as he faced MPs
Keith Richards' daughter joins protest against migrant centre in village

Friday 11 December

Vatican instructs the faithful to work with Jews to combat anti-Semitism!
Poll the BBC told you about and the one they didn't (TRUMP v IMMIGRATION)
Trump says more Muslims in Britain join ISIS than the Army! (He's telling the truth!)
Twice as many Muslims join ISIS than join the British army!
Islamic invasion of Europe - Mass immigration of African Muslim refugees
As the petition to ban Donald Trump reaches 400,000, here's who has been let into Britain
Angry Muslim threatens to circumcise Donald Trump
Europe's most wanted man 'has escaped to Africa'
DIVERSITY! "Asian" gang 'forced girl of 11 to have sex with three men a day!'
ROTHERHAM: 12 girls repeatedly raped, beaten, prostituted by Muslims!
Grimsby support group founder offered shelter to young girls before they were pimped out!
13 years for traffic warden, Irshad Hussain, broke into pensioner's home and raped her
CROYDON: Wanted criminals
Corbyn asked judge to bail Muslim who defrauded pensioners!
Let him go home for Christmas! Corbyn pleaded for Muslim conman who preyed on elderly
‘Turkey acts like ISIS ally, should not be EU member’– Czech president
BLAIR: "It’s going to be a long, hard fight!" (Will the war criminal fight? His kids?)
Blair faces Commons grilling over Gaddafi
Tactical voting will keep Le Pen from power?
Comrade who may have helped clear jailed 'Marine A' is silenced!
Janner gets a team of publicly funded lawyers following judge’s 'unfit to stand trial' ruling!
'Hawaii’s George Soros': hidden donor funds illegal immigration, BlackLivesMatter activists!
Fury’s take on homosexuality same as most devout Muslims! PC Crowd doesn't attack them
90,000 exam results are changed on appeal!
Secret Home Office plan means YOU could wake up next door to asylum seekers' hostel
Ukraine's Jewish PM yanked off podium by his CROTCH as he refuses to resign! (OOCH!)
Israel killed 25 Palestinian children in the past two months
Gay Minister says Tatler Tory row is a 'witch hunt!' Defends Feldman
BILLIONAIRE'S row(s) - (Where the Boss Thieves live?)
Borat revived by Sacha Baron Cohen to mock Donald Trump

Thursday 10 December

IRONY ALERT! Angela Merkel has been named Time Magazine‘s person of the year for 2015
Battalion Commander’s E-mail regarding US "hate groups!"
List of Americans who are Terrorists according to Government
Russia warns Donald Trump of assassination plot
Cops claim Donald Trump is RIGHT about parts of London being no-go areas!
Donald Trump says British critics are 'pandering to political correctness'
KATIE HOPKINS: Don’t demonise Trump, he speaks for millions of Americans!
Donald Trump thanks 'respected columnist' Katie Hopkins
OBAMA: Muslim Americans are sporting heroes – Are they?
Blair, BBC, Britain’s missing children and the VIP paedo connection
Donald Trump’s statement on Muslim exclusion
Rape. Raw violence. Vulgarity. Why are children’s books today so VILE?
NHS has failed to investigate the unexpected deaths of more than 1,000 people since 2011!
Greed? Corruption? "Public servants" who run councils/NHS/police unite to keep us in dark
The council bosses who like to line their own pockets
The insidious plot to curb your right to know
More than 100 libraries shut in 2014-15!
Muslim parents say Christmas nativities 'brainwash' their children, tribunal hears!
ISIS Inc: Documents show terror group's masterplan for world domination
Lee Rigby killer Michael Adebolajo sues prison service over lost teeth
Gassman sisters remanded in custody over murder of Alison Connolly
Minicab driver Jama Adan ‘raped fashion stylist who fell asleep in his car’
Emmanuel Malunga jailed for five years after raping 17-year-old in Cambridge 85-year-old Haji Ismail charged with sexual assault at Shopping Centre in Bromley
The depraved Calais migrant muggers who target teenage schoolgirls
Pervert Afraz Shoaib Asif jailed for groping child in the street
Zoe Hallam: A cop for the modern age!

Wednesday 9 December

Israel buys the most oil smuggled from ISIS territory!!!
Israeli commandos rescue wounded ISIS terrorists from Syrian warzone!
France's Jewish leaders call for a 'civic uprising' against Marine Le Pen's National Front!
Western leaders say Donald Trump is a "hate preacher!" Western peoples say he speaks for us!
Our politicians lie and treat us like idiots. No wonder Trump/Le Pen/the Right are on the rise
Saudis to select West’s ‘moderate’ Jihadists who will take over Syria?
Jihadi tourist or a 'paid MI5 helper?'
There aren't 70,000 moderate fighters in Syria!
Paris terror attacks mastermind could have been caught in Athens a YEAR ago!
Try telling this 79-year-old pensioner why Britain is spending millions on flood aid abroad
FINLAND: Arrest of Afghan for rape of schoolgirl pushes one town to the brink
Why won't the sisters (militant feminists) speak out over Sharia courts?
Woman, 21, sexually assaulted by black man on bus in south-east London
Nigerian Doctor and wife jailed for keeping slave for 24 years!
Sex beast traffic warden launched terrifying attack on woman in her own home!
Council sends 83-year-old pensioner to court over 40p overdue council tax bill!
The European Union’s Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan —PART 1
The European Union's Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan — Part 2
55% of Americans have an “unfavourable” opinion of Islam!
TRUMP: My critics are foolish, I'm not a bigot and I regret nothing
Smoking gun – the corrupt appointment of Rona Fairhead to the BBC Christianity changed many Norse cultural norms

Tuesday 8 December

Trump calls for total shut down of Muslim immigration into USA! (Traitors say he's mad)
1-in-3 Americans unhappy with Israeli influence on US politics!
The multi-cultural hand-wringers sounding the death knell for Britain as a Christian nation
Freedom law curbs 'would take us back to Dark Ages' - Would make government less accountable
Wall of silence shames the NHS: Grieving families who complain over blunders 'fobbed off!'
Does flu jab actually work? Vaccination costs NHS £100 million - last year it was ineffective
“People on the far left... seem to be tolerant of everything except traditional Christianity!"
War on Christmas? University Of Tennessee Chancellor bans Christmas parties!
Left-wing Twitter trolls would've stopped Britain defeating Nazis says gay Blairite warmonger!
German Politician calls Erdogan ‘Godfather of Terrorism!’
Eight Muslims charged with Rotherham child sex abuse offences
Two reports of rape in Wigan - Asian sought
Young man dies from multiple stab wounds after "fight between a group black men"
Sabbir Ahmed started a fire at a care home that left severely disabled woman fighting for her life
“Wicked predators” Kamran Khaliq and Usama Yousaf jailed for holding up Halifax nightclubbers
Farmyard drugs 'make our meat a health risk!'
Man 'armed with foot-long knives' stabs a man to death in Poundland!
Muhaydin Mire's family wanted him sectioned - Called cops 3 weeks before Tube attack!
London stabber had photos of California massacre on his phone!
Child marriages make up one third in Turkey!
ISIS picked up huge arsenal of western weapons when they advanced into Iraq
San Bernadino shooters were three white men?
Unlicensed driver Marlon Sewell hits and kills art curator

Monday 7 December

The National Front is now the first party of France!
UK leaving would be like fall of Berlin Wall and spell the end for the EU, says Marine le Pen!
(#YouAintNoMuslimBruv?) ghouls stood by filming as David Pether risked his life!
Muhaydin Mire charged with attempted murder after "this is for Syria" stabbings!
Baroness Butler-Sloss: UK no longer a Christian country and shouldn't act like it!
Christian prayers in schools 'should be axed?' (According to ex-Archbishop of Canterbury)
Facebook deletes 1,900 pages with content deemed ‘offensive to Islam!’
German vice-chancellor accuses Saudi Arabia of funding Islamic extremism in the West!
US pilots confirm: Obama administration blocks 75% of air strikes against ISIS!
OBAMA: "Muslims are our friends, neighbours, sports heroes!" (So why attack Iraq/Libya/Syria?)
Lord Janner unfit to stand trial, rules Judge Openshaw
Jewish terrorist, Joshua Goldberg, won’t go to trial (as per Jewish paedo, Greville Janner)
DUNCAN SMITH: Most countries want to stop migrants popping around EU in search of benefits!
CUMBRIA: 13-year-old dealer sold heroin and crack cocaine!
Kerry McFadyen brings up her 3-year-old son as a girl! (Should be charged with child abuse)
US brother and sister swap sex after coming out as transgender! (Courtesy of New World Order!)
Enrique Marquez bought the weapons used in San Bardino massacre that left 14 dead
Human rights activist pictured with Corbyn 'caught with jihadi arms training notes'
How to understand white male Terrorism! (Article by Jewish author)
Calais' 'jungle' migrant camp has now become a mini city
It wasn't the Arabs!
Nicki Minaj posts $100,000 bail for brother after he's charged with raping a child
OWN GOAL! Achingly PC BBC chief put Tyson Fury on prize list! (Ha-ha)

Sunday 6 December

Labour's Shadow Chancellor sends himself a death threat?
Tory MP, Lucy Allan, faked death threat email from constituent!
Gideon Rachman's nightmare is patriot heaven! Presidents Trump, Le Pen and Putin!
What would you do if your girlfriend cheated on you? (Stab a white lad 20 times as he slept?) DIVERSITY! Tube terror as black knifeman screaming 'this is for Syria' slashes man's throat!
DIVERSITY! Serial offender, Kai Steele, stabbed Alex Steele to death outside off licence
DIVERSITY! Black gang attacks girl at West Ham Tube station
Murdered boy’s memorial set on fire
DIVERSITY! Teenager raped by 5 Syrian immigrants in Kent care home
DIVERSITY! Shaquille Johnson broke in and beat up man, 68, in front of his mother, 95
DIVERSITY in MANCHESTER: Killers, fraudsters and sex attackers jailed in November 2015
ISIS to wage chemical/biological war on West: WMD 'carried undetected' into EU
DIVERSITY! Metropolitan police say knife crime up 18% in London
Muslim immigration is a trivial issue?
SIX MILLION JEWS - 1915-1938!
Threatened with court for playing Christmas music at flower stall

Saturday 5 December

Our schools force-feed children PC dogma on sexuality, climate change and British history!
Sharia judge 'laughed at domestic abuse victim as courts lock women into marriage!'
EU bars NHS from making vital checks on qualifications of foreign doctors!
P***-TAKE OF THE DECADE? Turkish troops enter Iraq to train forces fighting ISIS!
'Democracy is dead' say UKIP as Labour take 100% of postal vote surge in one area!
'Terror attack on UK city imminent' so why have 375 ISIS terrorists been allowed back in?
DIVERSITY! Polish sex fiend who sneaked into Britain using fake ID violently raped two women
Extremist's family can STAY in the UK after High Court overrules Home Secretary
Pakistan refuses to accept a planeload of rejected Pakistani immigrants!
Fury as the BBC refuses to call ISIS killers terrorists!
Tashfeen Malik pledged allegiance to ISIS before killing 14 in party attack
Imprisoned daughter of Comrade Bala says: 'We had to treat him like God!'
Russia is smashing the Turkish game in Syria!
I'm sick of politicians who apologise for everything except their own sins!
Sacrificing honesty in the rush to war
ISIS invades AFGHANISTAN just months after British troops left!
Warning over 'sociopathic and dangerous' Tatler Tory
Paris attacks: Plot leader 'had UK links!'
Iraq orders Turkey to 'immediately' withdraw troops sent across border
OBORNE: Only one winner in the Syria vote and it wasn't Dave or Hilary Benn
CORBYN - 'Unity is our strength' - Anti-Islamaphobia rally outside Finsbury Park mosque
EXPENSES! MP investigated before general election - public not told!

Friday 4 December

US Muslim teased by colleagues about Islamic beard = SLAUGHTER THEM!
Blair welcomes vote for bombs in Syria!
BLAIR: Support for ISIS runs 'deep into parts of Muslim societies!'
It’s Cameron, not Corbyn, who is the terrorist appeaser!
LITTLEJOHN: Bomb Syria but don't forget the clear and present danger of the enemy within
Dave's dodgy dossier! MoD rubbished claim of 70,000 anti-ISIS Syria fighters! PM used it anyway
After Benn's Syria speech, a "repulsive backlash" from Labour's hard Left!
ISIS's barbaric new crucible of terror? Libya - the last place Dave bombed
ISIS spreading 'flesh eating bug' across Syria
Cholera outbreak in Iraq spread to Syria and beyond
Devindra Ferguson charged with attempted murder after man pushed in front of train
Commie cult leader and megalomaniac pervert, Aravindan Balakrishnan, guilty!
Eight Albanians suspected of raping Tower Hamlets girl
Haringey finance officer, Ceyda Elkatme, defrauded council of £446,073.23
Commons chef spared jail after £8k compo claim for THIS fake fall
Terrified woman runs away from stranger in railway station
More London stabbings on Haringey High Road than anywhere else
Organiser' of Paris terror attack recruited team from migrants in Hungary!
Britain gave India nearly £300m aid last year!
Just HALF a joint of cannabis 'causes psychosis-like effects in healthy people!
DIVERSITY! Toddler in diaper smokes marijuana! Adult off-camera encourages him!
Porn star Jew accused of violent sexual assaults! Dad says he's a "sweet kid!"
Top economist says mass migration 'will wreck the dream of a high-wage Britain'
FARAGE on OLDHAM: "Postal voting was bent!"
FARAGE: "Evidence from an impeccable source today's postal voting was bent!"
Cops asked to investigate more than 50 allegations of electoral fraud!
Trigger-Happy Angela wants 'her' war! Forget the German constitution
Paris Attacks, ‘911 of Europe’: the catalytic event
95-year-old SS medic to be tried on 3681 counts of murder over Auschwitz role
Jewish thinking about Syrian refugees
Old hag used 'fake police car with flashing lights' to cut through London traffic after O2 gigs
NHS boob job scrounger Josie Cunningham attacked in street (SHAME! Ha-ha)

Thursday 3 December

USA: 'Devout' Muslim and wife kill at least 14 people at office party!
USA: 14 KILLED by PC! Neighbour didn't report for FEAR of being called RACIST!
100% Blairite, Hilary Benn, votes to bomb Syria, just as he voted to bomb Iraq
David Cameron's ill-judged insult was unworthy of a Prime Minister
Russia reveals satellite image 'proof' that Turkey benefits from ISIS oil!
Farage warns Turkey joining EU could EXPOSE us to ISIS terrorists!
FARAGE: Rewarding Turkish blackmail is a dangerous game
Bombing ISIS in Syria WILL increase chance of terror attack on UK streets, expert warns
'Secret' German plan to resettle 500,000 Syrian refugees across Europe unveiled
Are Zionists at the heart of the Tory bullying scandal? (Zion is at the heart of everything)
Oldham by-election: Tax scandal rocks Labour's Jim McMahon
Black man sought after passenger 'pushed under' train at Kentish Town
Turkish immigrant, Orhan Koca, stabbed Eamonn Magee to death as he went to collect a Pizza
15-year-old attacked by Asian men in Sheffield
Big increase in race hate crime in Rotherham
Teenager stabbed by black man in Milton Keynes
Pregnant woman brutally beaten by black ex-boyfriend - loses unborn baby
Ibrahim Diallo charged after stabbing in Leamington Spa
Man critically injured in McDonald's - Black man sought
Gang trafficks thousands of Syrian refugees into Europe! Ringleader arrested!
Terror suspect Abdul Raoof Al Shayeb says he's a human rights activist
One in four of UK bird species 'at risk!
British anarchists ‘encourage riots' in Calais' immigrant camp!
Cameron will LEAVE the EU if Eurocrats block bid to curb migrant benefits? (Yeah, right)
We used to send youngsters to university to expand their horizons - now we close their minds!
Oscar Pistorius guilty of MURDER! (All but judge 1 seem to have realised this)
GERMANY: Muslim parents killed daughter for having sex with 'unapproved' man
OOPS! ISIS rally in Germany!
Pensioner, 72, to stand trial for making racist gesture at football match
RACISM in ISRAEL! Real estate company advertises housing project free of non-Ashkenazi Jews!
Britain First blasts Facebook for 'fascist attack' after social network fan page removed
Peaches Geldof 'had £450,000 of debts when she died' (Make dad pay!)
Why IS Helen Mirren so vulgar? And why do Leftie luvvies swear like dockers?

Wednesday 2 December

"The Government is no longer trying to cut net migration!"
'PM has stopped trying to cut migration!' Balancing books depends on extra million immigrants
Overseas aid spending will hit £16.3bn by 2020
Labour's own report says party is for 'LOSERS and the needy!'
Turkey blackmailing UK over £2BILLION demand to keep migrants out of Europe?
Cameron's army of 70,000 Syrian moderates to defeat ISIS is a deadly fantasy!
Muslim rape gang member says 13-year-old victim seduced him
Manchester: Women attacked in the Northern Quarter
Mohammed Kosar was spurned by a friend - so he set fire to her
Armani Coleman jailed for violent, unprovoked attack
Black Lives Matter - Obama's Red Guard
Marine Le Pen blasts EU for ‘blind relationship with Islamist states’
Tory minister called cops, accused protester of assault after being tapped on shoulder!
ERDOGAN - Turkish court to rule on whether being compared to Gollum is offensive
The vote on whether Britain bombs Syria (Mac CARTOON)
UK pension among world's worst!
Bombing ISIS in Syria would INCREASE chance of terror attack on UK streets!
100 MILLION RATS are heading for YOUR HOMES this winter!
Tories blighted by 'endemic culture of bullying, secrecy & denial'
#SueMeSaudi hashtag taunts Saudis for threatening legal action over ISIS comparison
ISIS? It's not rocket science!
Ignore statins scare stories - says expert paid by drug firms

Tuesday 1 December

"THEY will kill Trump before THEY let him be President!"
Gay MP, Chris Bryant, says 'Tyson Fury is fuelling gay suicides!'
Chris Bryant v Tyson Fury
Turkish officers arrested for ‘treason’ after intercepting weapons destined for Syria!
Be very worried if you've ever been racist on Facebook! (Tell the truth, shame PC Crowd!)
FINLAND: Afghan immigrant murdered teenage lover - She wanted to end relationship!
Immigrants beat up Germans! Has Angela Merkel been arrested for aiding and abetting?
> #DIVERSITY! Esthonian armed robbers came to Britain only to commit crimes!
Shuan Sabah Maroof charged with raping and sexually assaulting a teenager
CCTV of pair wanted in connection with burglary of woman, 83
Black thug jailed after attacking and robbing 81-year-old
First Muslim headteacher of a Church of England school banned after cheating!
Prosecutors ban Soros Foundation as ‘threat to Russian national security!’
Turkey 'is holding EU to ransom' over immigration crisis
LITTLEJOHN: This mad deal on migrants is a real TURKEY
Turkish President, Recep Erdogan, is Jewish?
Scramble to save PM's Jewish pal, Lord Feldman, Tory Party Chairman
Tory's Jewish chairman, Lord Feldman, is 'in a lot of trouble
Diane Abbott backs traffic scheme that would boost the value of her home!
Turkish officers arrested for ‘treason’ after intercepting weapons destined for Syria
On 1 November 2014, a 22-year-old woman was raped. Who was responsible?
Be very worried if you've ever been racist on Facebook! (Should media worry when it lies? Tell the truth and shame the PC Crowd, folks)
Cops find invoice for £18m of ammunition on Muslim preacher's mobile phone!
Global warming summit will produce '300,000 TONS of C02!'
Depression 'raises risk of cancer death'
Kids who work for 20p a day to make jeans for the West!
Why are 150 world leaders, 40,000 delegates fiddling with climate 'change?'
A vast tent full of self satisfied wafflers: The great green junket in Paris
SWEDEN: Racial tensions rise as non-White migrants arrive in rural areas!
Dick Cheney exposed!

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