Daily News: December 2014

Wednesday 31 December

5,200 Pentagon paedos still uninvestigated! Most MSM media silent!
5,000+ Pentagon staff linked to child porn! MSM media silent
RAPE! The Congo's cheap WMD (What diversity does in Africa?)
Only in Madhouse Britain can giving offence be seen as worse than threats to kill!
Malik Shabazz wanted in connection with an serious sexual assault
Student, 19, scarred for life after Asian attacked her (and her friends) with knuckle duster
Arsene Meci and Medi Krasniqi sold thousands of counterfeit passports and driving licences
Outrageous benefits cheats using welfare state as a 'money-making scam'
Katie Hopkins shopped to the cops for hate crimes against fat folks
CANADA: Phu Lam murders eight people including two children
Black market kidney broker, Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, released from prison
Check out the diversity!
Mixed reaction to Lenny Henry's crap, racist, no-Whites editing of the Today programme
‘Ashamed to have served criminals’: Czech veteran returns NATO medals
Gay bareback porn star dies of HIV related complications
Lenny Henry responds to 'racist' tweets over his Today programme editing
Former Labour mayor Harjit Gill defects to UKIP!
Was Sony hack carried out by disgruntled ex-staff?
Taking needless risks with a deadly virus
Why should we pay for the greedy folly of private equity vultures?
Cabinet ministers lead new push for an early EU exit
Tough new laws to combat non-existent 'surge in anti-Semitic abuse!'
Even at Christmas our national faith is under attack
Racist Labour shuns black and Asian candidates in 'winnable' seats!
Former Labour mayor Harjit Gill defects to UKIP
Blackburn roads set to close for Prophet Muhammad birthday celebrations
Manchester: Asian sex attacker who assaulted 5 people boy as young as 12?
“Guess whose children EU migrants want to eat?" Latest anti-UKIP smear
Anti-Islam, pig-related incidents in Vienna
Merkel issues New Year’s warning over rightwing Pegida group
EU 'crackers', claims MEP
Green Party will continue to fight against homophobia/transphobia
Jason Manford v David Cameron over 'failing the NHS' (3 hour wait at hospital)
One would like the mummy of one's nanny to be a Dame!
The real honours belong to those who politely decline them

Tuesday 30 December

Grandma arrested and held in cells just for hugging her granddaughter!
'Virtuous Violence?' Murderers are 'morally motivated?' (They'll be the good guys next!)
TREASON! More than a quarter of a million Romanian and Bulgarians now in Britain!
"Virtuous Violence?" Many murderers are 'morally motivated?'
Five reasons the Times named Nigel Farage "Briton of the Year!"
'Europe' alienates us all - as foretold 40 years ago!
Lord Hill: I will put EU laws above Britain's national interest!
As Christianity exits Europe, ‘Criminal Muslims’ fill void with rabid violence!
Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner? Plebs! Avoid central London if you don't have a ticket to the New Year’s Eve fireworks!
Nigerian immigrant, Jason Oparaocha, gets just 9 months for ABH x 2
Actor-director Adam Deacon charged with harassment
Abdigani Diirsh sexually assaulted young boy in toilets of Grosvenor Shopping Centre
Clarke Carlisle charged with drink-driving before being hit by lorry
Welcome to Britain - all services have been cancelled - customers always come last!
USA: HIV alert after porn actor tests positive following unprotected sex on film
Ministers STILL won't tell truth about torture: Foreign Office refuses to give details
'Not in OUR back yard', say gipsies
Ex-Bank of England boss says financial crisis was 'fun!'
The end is nigh for the monarchy, says Mantel

Monday 29 December

LibLabCon - "So Bad It Should Be Illegal."
Underage child brides free to join husbands in Britain
Charge Bush & Cheney with war crimes says Col. Wilkerson, ex-aide to Colin Powell
Immigration beats economy as number one worry for UK voters
Traitor who opened floodgates says he'd find it challenging if Roma moved into his street
African who torched buildings in London riots can't be kicked out! (Zambia doesn't want him!)
1-in-4 Swedish women will be raped as sexual assaults increase 500%!
Muslim Brotherhood report muzzled 'to keep good relations with Qatar'
MI6 spent $200m bribing Spaniards in second world war
USA must "lead the way in casting black actors (Ram what Whitey doesn't want down his throat!)
Jewish squatter runs over 7-year-old Palestinian child near Hebron
Jewish comedians banned for supporting racism
Network Rail boss 'may take bonus' after disruption
HMP Sudbury missing prisoners still on the run
Billingshurst double death husband, Jan Tshabalala, found hanging
Westminster paedo ring: Charles Napier will be told to name VIP abusers?
Two more ministers accused in paedo scandal: Secrets Act doesn't let cops speak out?
Tamils convicted of murder under joint enterprise law gain right to appeal
6.4 million people facing malnourishment in the UK!
Army of doctors on the cheap! (Isn't that why 3rd world docs are preferred over our own?
Winston Churchill's family had to plead with him not to convert to Islam
Wills, Kate and Queen provide more moral leadership than Archbishop of Canterbury
Who cares about the fare-paying public?
Why are the liberals so keen on a black 007?
Mellor and Mitchell are plain nasty
President of Argentina adopts Jewish godson to 'stop him turning into a werewolf!'
Doctor Who has gay agenda? Complaints to the BBC

Sunday 28 December

UKIP leader Nigel Farage named Briton of the Year!
Afghan cop shot dead British soldier after posing with him for picture
Millions struggling to feed themselves and facing malnourishment?
Rabies danger as east European gangs smuggle dogs into the UK
The street lamps are going out all over Britain? Rejoice!
ISIS about to attack Queen's Guard?
A cruel blow to our proud traditions
The Queen's 'good friend'... Idi Amin
‘Dislike of foreigners is... absurd’ (Absurd to dislike politicians who force them upon us?)
Rio Julienne-Clarke convicted of Dwayne Simpson’s murder
Rishe Hugh Campbell and unnamed teenagers charged with murder
Gediminas Simkus and Volodymyr Kurach jailed for £850.000 fraud plot
Asif Yousaf charged with murder
Ralf Dautzenberg mugged Asian women for their gold necklaces
Nurse Rubilita Coggin stole 87-year-old patient's bank cards for £5,000 gambling spree
US atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 'Nazi crimes': Russia
Arise, Dame Esther? Irony alert!

Saturday 27 December

Ex-Oligarch Jew: “I'll make sure regime in Russia changes... I am prepared to go all the way!”
10 foreign investors own sites for 30,000 homes: Brits could be priced out of capital
Jews, multiculturalism and the war on free speech
Former Swedish PM wants country changed - he's "curious about people different from me!"
SWEDEN: Muslims force gun up girl’s vagina then gang rape her
DENMARK: White couple beaten with iron chains by Somali youths on Christmas Eve
DIVERSITY! Victim blaming - Muslim-style!
Britain run for decades by sociopaths, psychopaths and 'death eaters?'
Former school bursar Kamran Ali jailed for rape and campaign of sexual harassment

Narrell Palmer jailed for sexually assaulting 15-year-old in New Romney

African soldier accused of Perth sex assaults
Sex beast Neville Emmanuel Williams loses appeal
Kevin Rowe gets 24 years for the murder of Danny O'Shea
Families of Hannah Witheridge and David Miller come face to face with alleged killers
Profanity-screaming Muslims attack German church-goers, media silent
DIVERSITY! Victim blaming - Muslim-style!
BBC's Danny Cohen publicly endorses key Zionist mantra
Golden hellos and the fiasco of GP contracts
£20,000 golden hello for GPs
US atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 'Nazi crimes'
Thatcher feared deal for Irish could fuel demands from ethnic minorities
Olympic "nurse" who lost baby and may be unable to have kids now suing NHS
A 'simpleton' too stupid to recruit: What KGB thought of Tony Benn
Chancellor spends £43,000 of taxpayer cash trying to overturn EU pay cap on banker bonus
Worse than the dictators: Egypt’s leaders bring pillars of freedom crashing down
UKIP councillor: immigration ‘overload’ has made UK racist

Friday 26 December

Parents of 15, Paula Jolly and Michael Ward, killed by hit-and-run driver, Mobein Ali
NIGEL FARAGE: 'Giving billions in foreign aid and borrowing to do it is wrong!'
USA: Jewish overrepresentation at elite universities explained
Fury as foreign aid goes to top 10 most corrupt nations
True toll of Labour's 24-hour drink laws
Jews angered by failure of EU to establish anti-Semitism task force
Serial thief who burgled Oxford University colleges is jailed
Illegals Mohammed & Zenabbibi Wadiwala can stay despite fiddling £130,000 benefits
Prostitution/illegal drugs help UK overtake France in global wealth league?
Iran says ISIS a US-backed plot to destabilise region and protect Israel
British and US intelligence and the Mossad created ISIS says Edward Snowden
Almost one-fifth of MPs have suffered mental health problems at some time

Thursday 25 December

Merry Christmas everyone!

UKIP's 2014 LibLabCon/SNP/Green racists/fraudsters/sex offenders/pervs etc
'Ukrainian military worker' says Ukrainian fighter jets shot down MH17!
Hungarian Prime Minister says USA is trying to draw country into conflict with Russia!
Smirking thug Leon Wong ran up and kicked Jordan Holmes' head 'like taking a penalty'
INDIA: Ten-year-old boy mutilated and sacrificed in witchcraft ceremony
CANADA: Gay nutcase porn star murders Chinese lover - sends body parts to PM
AUSTALIA: Marsane Warria charged with murder of 7 of her kids and a niece
Sorry history of tolerating the intolerant
Yes, the Media had blood on its hands!
Ethnic minority voters abandon Labour
Whoever is killing ISIS Brits, KILL THEM ALL!
ISIS is turning Christian churches into torture chamber
Chinese forgery gangs have learned how to make near-perfect £2 coins
Pound drops as figures reveal unsustainable current account deficit
Idris Elba playing James Bond as ridiculous as George Clooney playing President Obama
Federal Reserve Releases Special Christmas Message
Indian restaurant turned cerebral palsy sufferer away twice (wasn't accompanied by an adult)

Wednesday 24 December

VIP child abuse whistleblowers were 'murdered' says MP!
Tory MP's half-brother (helped run P.I.E.) abused hundred of young boys
‘I was warned off’ says detective involved in historic paedophile probe!
DJ stabbed to death in row at his elderly mother's Pimlico flat (Ethnicity of killer?)
Rapist Bereket Mekonnen granted residency status in Ireland after visa expires
Corruption scandal in Israel, 30 suspects include ex-Minister and Deputy Minister
How Billionaire Adelson (Jew) dominates Chinese gambling and U.S. politics
Sheldon Adelson (Jew) spent $100 million trying to put a Republican in the White House
Saudi cleric who raped and killed his own daughter, 5, gets fine only!
One in six families with children are too poor to heat their homes?
Syrian treasures plundered and sold on British black market to fund ISIS!
17,000 Germans gather to sing Christmas carols during rally against 'Islamisation' of their country
Who'll dare tell the truth about the NHS?
Farage: Only UKIP will stand against mass immigration (BNP? NF?)
Banks hit with 9,000 complaints evey day
Rapist Bereket Mekonnen granted residency status in Ireland after visa expires
Jack Straw suffered from depression after becoming an MP
Stand to Reason survey found 1-in-5
One in five MPs has experience of mental illness

Tuesday 23 December

SHEEPLE! Want to know why, despite the treachery, #LibLabCon are still in power?
USA and Saudis behind an oil price crash that could topple Russia and Iran regimes
In ISIS training camps instructors show children how to decapitate blonde, blue-eyed dolls!
Police appeal for info 20 years after Tracy Mertens was burned alive by Jamaicans
Jevgenji and Artur Tolstiakov attacked recovering Royal Marines
Mohammed Abdul Kadir charged with sexually abusing children in Maidenhead
Adel Ahmed Badawy accused of raping/buggering 'vulnerable young woman'
Cruel rapist, Berhe Berhane, jailed for 13 years
Businessman Aqeel Khan funded luxury lifestyle by laundering millions for gangsters
E-fit released in connection with attempted sexual assault – Slough
David Miliband's dirty secret: Red Ed's brother lied to Guantanamo 'Briton's' family
Anger of David Miliband's human rights charity backers: Is hush-up-torturer suitable?
David Miliband faces new torture questions
Shame of savages in high office
Special adviser? Job is a conveyor belt to selection as an MP
Yazidi sex slave escapes ISIS - 'They took us away like cattle'
Greek MP offered 3 million Euro bribe to vote for government's candidate
2014: The year that UKIP shook Westminster
The queue that shames Britain? (Should shame LibLabCon but doesn't)
France's Jewish TV star fired to avoid ‘chaos & civil war!’
ISIS in Iraq: Yazidi girls killing themselves to escape rape/imprisonment
Rise of internet porn could be to blame for lower marriage rates
The sign that Britain's lost its way?
Slow ambulances put thousands of lives in danger every MONTH
£6billion to fill potholes on ‘decaying’ road network
paedo cop jailed for 14.5 years
EU obesity ruling will only encourage fat people to claim disability benefits

Monday 22 December

#DIVERSITY! Did you know that paedophilia is legal in the UK?
Scotland Yard probes VIP paedo rings - MP's dossier names serving politicians/Lords
33 sudden, unnatural deaths linked to the V.I.P. child sexual abuse ring
‘I was warned off’ says detective involved in historic paedophile probe
Dad says son was MURDERED by Westminster paedo ring and cops covered it up!
Child abuse victims’ group wants panel to be replaced with more powerful body
Louise Ellman and the slave Trade
Son of Rahm Emanuel attacked by two black males. Media censors
Leaked CIA docs teach operatives how to infiltrate EU
75% of councils dim lights to save cash despite fears of increased crime/road accidents
Soldier investigated for war crimes after touching suspect on nose with piece of paper?
Former RBS trader held on suspicion of rigging £3.5trillion foreign exchange market
ISIS: “All religions who agree with democracy have to die!”
Boko Haram massacre civilians describing them as infidels in horrific video
Muslim gang rapists are springing up everywhere - Be honest about it!
Muslim gang rapists in France: “The French are all sons of whores”
FRANCE: Islamic convert faces terrorism charges after he mows down 11 people in his car
Sacking of Islamophobic TV presenter provokes free-speech row in France
Irish tourist tearfully confronts black man caved in her face with a concrete slab
Tara Palmer-Tomkinson arrested after tantrum (She was refused access to 1st-class lounge)

Sunday 21 December

DIVERSITY! Robert Lyn broke into Danny Campbell's flat and stabbed him 20 times!
DIVERSITY! Behold the killers of John Lee Barrett
Doctor Hadiza Bawa-Garba and two nurses charged with manslaughter after Jack Adcock, 6, dies
Abdul Ghafoor believed rape of a young white woman was perfectly OK
Bradford burglary gang jailed for total of 35 years
Moment schoolgirl, 12, gets knocked down by hit and run driver on zebra crossing
Asian predators convicted of exploiting teenagers at council-run property
Mico Howles wanted for drug dealing
Violent mugger of woman, 78, had string of convictions in native country
Battered face of boy, 15 kicked 'like a human football' by gang of yobs
VIP paedo child murder witness to be shown pictures of possible victims
Bangladeshi husband barred from having sex with one of his wives (she has mental age of a child)
Single mother of eight mixed-race kids plans lavish Christmas on benefits
Scotland Yard probe three VIP child murders
Bangladeshi husband barred from having sex with one of his wives (has mental age of child)
Cops turn their backs on New York Mayor Bill de Blasio
Ministry of Defence fatcats get £200million in bonuses while troops are sacked
Jewish MP parachuted into safe Liverpool seat did not not who Bill Shankly was!
Twitter must block anti-Semitic words, says Jewish MP Luciana Berger
HITCHENS: Forget 'evil' Putin - we are the bloodthirsty warmongers
Is Hollywood really this vile? No, it’s even worse
New York cops executed by girlfriend-killer Ismaaiyl Brinsley in revenge for Garner/Brown
Rapper sends tweet to assassinated NYPD officers: "I guess y'all "can't breathe" either!"
LibLabCon loses to EU! Could be forced to pay benefits to more Turkish immigrants!
About 12,000 foreigners from 81 countries have joined the terrorists in Syria!
Israel supporting anti-Syria terrorists
USA: Painkillers kill more than heroin and cocaine combined
Black people need to confess their slavery sins!
MPs in bid to force release of Iraq report: Move to end 'intolerable' delay
Miliband blasted for giving gay EU/immigration champ plum job
Mass murder: Was wrong man convicted to cover tracks of a Welsh cop?
US Judge throws out double murder conviction to advance PC political cause
John Vine, migration watchdog: Don't say 'illegal immigrants!' Say 'clandestine entrants!'
Council threatens to take Violet, 100, to court on Christmas Eve over nursing home fees
Diversity in the USA: Antoine Devon Pettis charged with raping a 101-year-old woman!
USA: 14-year-old shoots and kills intruder
Why I asked Tony Blair the truth about him and Wendi Murdoch
Laughing stock cops
What Britain's first transgender military pilot told William - Laughing-stock UK!
SAS hit squad sent to Iraq to hunt down ISIS jihadists
We need rapid response to the 999 crisis

Saturday 20 December

"They are cruel!" Louis Theroux interview with Maleven
Hanaryan Johal stabbed 'best friend,' Stanley Harrison, to death - NOT MURDER!
DIVERSITY! Zakariya Subeir and Kiro Halliburton stabbed and axed Paul Thrower to death
"Frustrated" cabbie, Kugannesan Balasubramaniam, killed teacher, Nick Sennett
Jamaican immigrant murdered immigrant prostitute after voices told him women are the devil
Parents caused dead toddler's massive abdominal injuries - NOT MURDER or MANSLAUGHTER!
Damian Daley and Timothy Avril murdered Gus Allman
Rio Julienne-Clarke jailed over 'senseless killing' of student
HIV positive Osezua Osolase gets 20 years for raping orphans smuggled into Britain
Billal Baig and Joesph Salmon jailed after £6.5m of heroin seized
Attempted murder suspect, Jordan Lee Francois, freed by mistake is found
Former inmate duped prison officer into sending him sexy selfies then blackmailed her
Met Police reveal their 12 most wanted criminals!
Police arrest more than 250 in rape/child abuse operation
LibLabCon's London: child abuse capital of the world
Westminster paedo murderers - 'new leads'
Immigrant population the size of Cardiff 'lost in the system!'
'Fewer than 40 women' will be tough enough for front line action
Did Cameron leave Belfast talks early to host a rave for his wife's birthday?
Worst ever week in the 'field hospitals' of A&E!
Cairns deaths: Beast mother, Mersane Warria, arrested for murder
Israel launches Gaza air strike on 'Hamas target'
Prince Andrew's paedophile friend Jeffrey Epstein sued for £65k
TALIBAN: "We have killed all the children. What do we do now?"
Afsha Ahmed confronted the gunmen and refused to let them past - Taliban set her alight
ISIS 'poster girls': One dead, one missing

Friday 19 December

"They are cruel!" Louis Theroux interview with Maleven
Jewish? "I am in my soul," said the President of the United States!
Met backs claim that VIP abuse ring killed boys: Did Tory VIP strangle child?
Elite child abuse inquiry: Cops investigate three alleged murders
Abused by high-profile paedos from age 7 to 16 at flat in Dolphin Square
We were dragged through five years of hell by the government say soldiers
Law firm that made false claims against soldiers 'gave Labour thousands' over past 2 years!
These human rights parasites should be tried for treason
Was "British" doctor in Taliban death squad that massacred 132 children?
5-year-old girl on her second day at Pakistan school shot at point-blank range
Latvian gangmasters forced immigrants to pick vegetables for £1 a week!
Black psychopath serial killer strangled 38 "mostly white women" for fun
Boxer Dereck Chisora gets community service after threats to kill men blocking his car
Twitter should block racist words, says Jewish MP Luciana Berger
USA: The Murder of 12-Year-Old Emily Haddock: Ignored, as usual, by the media
NHS 'in crisis'
Cops v Gunman Sedat Meric on London streets (Courtesy of LibLabCon)
US provoked reduction in oil price to 'attack' Russia/Venezuela economies
Socialist Worker says action against Lutfur Rahman in Tower Hamlets is Islamophobic witch hunt
Community Cop, Kabeer Yousaf, forced prostitutes to hand over cash/provide sex services?
Former Mayor of Blackburn (Labour) defects to UKIP
Bins collected every 4 weeks now? (But aid to countries with space programmes!)
Illegal immigrants make 3,000 attempts a month to enter Britain
Blair loses his cool (Murdoch's ex-wife is a no-no)
NHS managers delaying cancer tests to meet targets/avoid fines put lives at serious risk
Cabinet Secretary's office allowed special advisers to campaign in Rochester by-election?
BBC news must cater more for 'poorer, younger, non-white people’ says BBC's top newsman (Jew)
Drone strikes counterproductive, says secret CIA report
BBC bosses spend thousands on week-long stay at luxury 'rock star' hotel
Disabled man guilty of killing chef in gay 'mummification' bondage session gets 5 years
'Genocide crusade' computer game! Our enemies aren't too subtle, are they?
Sierra Leone struggles with Ebola because so many doctors/nurses leave for jobs in UK!
Promising 'fewer Moroccans' in Holland is inciting racial hatred now?
EU meddling opens our borders to abuse
Mel B's life is a mess - so much for Girl Power

Thursday 18 December

See LibLabCon's enriching diversity steal from an elderly British couple
Former Blackburn Labour Mayor defects to UKIP
A whopping 83% of Brits (native Brits) want PM to crackdown on immigration
School teacher, Rina Khan, broke ruler over head of boy, 6
Tower Hamlets council and Mayor will be stripped of power to sell property/give grants!
Cops sorry for missing chance to trap Savile and his perverted pal
Jimmy Savile came to my batmitzvah
Taliban: 'Britain is our greatest source of funding'
80,000 would-be UK nurses rejected despite 4-in-5 new NHS workers being foreign
More than 260,000 foreigners thought to have overstayed visas
Gallery of the dead: Children massacred by Taliban
Illegal immigrant who spent thousands on sham marriage couldn't spell his bride's name
Aravindan Balakrishnan charged with cruelty to a child and rape
Cockroaches and rat droppings cover kitchen of Chinese takeaway shut down after just one month
Imagine the outrage if those vulgar Christmas cards poked fun at Islam instead
Fallon spat out Shiner the lawyer's name with loathing
Lies, lawyers and the real torture scandal
KFC customer is refused hand wipe in halal-only branch because they contain alcohol
Pensions rip-off will hit millions!

Wednesday 17 December

Ugandan maid filmed stamping on toddler jailed for 4 years
SNP activist Willie McRae was murdered because he was closing in on paedos!
Four out of five new nurses on NHS wards are foreign
LibLabCon gives one in ten of our council homes to immigrants! (Only 10%?)
Schools struggling to cope with influx of Romanian Gypsies who can't speak English properly!
Thousands of foreign criminals' DNA samples have been deleted! Middlesbrough fan Julie Phillips banned from every ground for tearing up Koran!
Groping anaesthetist, Niad ahmed, ('the octopus') faces jail
17, who was sexually exploited by ten Birmingham Muslims is pregnant
Blackburn's former Labour Mayor defects to UKIP!
David Cameron will 'never ever' go in coalition with UKIP! (A closet LibDem wouldn't)
Psycho kills dad, gets locked up, Kills mother when she visits - Aided/abetted by LibLabCon
LibLabCon let Slovakian mugger in despite string of convictions - He attacks 78-year-old woman
Sydney hostage taker told Obama to stop hiding his religion!
Brownite MP, Ian Austin, agrees with Dick Cheney on torture report
Time to un-redact the mother of parliaments
Check out Tessa Kum, the anti-white skunk who started #illridewithyou
Westminster Parliament’s “while we were out” message
Russell Brand and 'the puerile self-aggrandising antics of a prancing multimillionaire'
Fury as Home Office 'loses' 174,000 illegal immigrants
Pakistan school massacre in revenge for Malala's Nobel Prize?
Now Blair's Iraq aide wants a judge-led torture probe
Ex-Blair aide is new Ofcom chief
Horrific crimes of the sleazy Sheik behind Sydney siege - and the shameful decision to let him go
Why illegal immigrants can laugh at the law

Tuesday 16 December

42% (patriots) want to leave EU, 31% (immigrants/politicians/PC Crowd/dim/sheep) want to stay in
911 Twin Towers Terrorist Attack: 20 Amazing Facts
Police vent fury over cancelled inquiries into VIP child abuse
Jack Barry, 52, murdered by teenage thugs for being a good neighbour
Junior Oakes was reported to police 25 times before murdering his ex, Natasha Trevis
Wanted for murder in Romania, illegal immigrant was here 10 years before murdering Alice
Former British boxing champ, Anthony Small, faces terror‑related charges
Charged with 40 sex assaults, suspected of murdering wife, why was Man Monis out on bail?
Is acidic seawater killing the world's shellfish?
Banker dubbed 'the biggest fare dodger in history' banned from ever working in City
Beyond Bill Cosby: 2014 was the year we stopped worshipping at the altar of monsters
More than 100 children dead in Taliban school attack
Israel is arming Syria's rebels?
'Underwear bomber' was working for the CIA!!!
Is acidic seawater killing the world's shellfish?
15,000 people join Patriotic Europeans Against Islamisation of West on march in Dresden
America’s Afghan war bill? $1 trillion and rising!
Elderly are hit hardest by soaring price rises
Red Ed rocked by revolt as he refuses to back an inquiry led by a judge
Ed can't wriggle out of the immigrant issue
BBC probed 'for glamorising cannabis'
It's an NHS party - cry if you want to
Baby girl died from meningitis after doctors repeatedly dismissed mother's concerns
Jamarion Lawhorn, 12, stabbed Michael Verkerke, 9, to death
Why did Israel intervene for convicted US felon Adam Milstein?

Monday 15 December

John Humphrys admits BBC ignored mass migration fearing racism accusation!
Blair and Straw should 'absolutely' be quizzed over British complicity in torture
One in seven people arrested in Britain last year was FOREIGN
In Britain, the police arrested 173,0000 foreign criminals in 2013!
‘Tip of iceberg’ fear as 18,000 illegal immigrants seized in a year
Don't let the British have a referendum say LibLabCon traitors!
Woman left with broken cheekbone after manchester robbery: black man sought
Labour Councillor in social housing owns £1m home round the corner
"This elite has the same distaste for democracy as 18th-century lords!"
"Tryin to get fellatio From... Daisy Lowe... Riding white girls like a fellow" Tiny Tempah
Asylum Seekers must been given quality accommodation, say Scottish Government
UKIP gains five councillors at West Norfolk and King's Lynn Borough Council
Black rapist had to have cold water poured over him to stop daylight attack
Muslim armed with shotgun, machete and suspected bomb takes hostages in Sydney cafe
USA: Israeli poster boy for mass migration guilty of child porn charges
Cab for foul-mouthed Tory

Sunday 14 December

How The CIA Kills Countries: Confessions of an Economic Hitman
How the CIA Kills Countries - KNOW YOUR ENEMY
VIP paedophile networks 'shut down police investigations which got too close!'
Now put Blair and Straw on trial for torture, says diplomat
Bunny LaRoche supported 'race play' sex leader of International Socialist Network?
Pro-Israel Yank (Jewish wife): "Thank God for ISIS... US will be in Middle East forever!"
Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait all support ISIS
French President Sarkozy (Jewish) called for white genocide
Slippery, vain and out of touch. Whatever happened to Russell Brand?
Labour Councillor in social housing owns £1m home round the corner
Corrupted and defeated by our own shameful cruelty
Our faith condones raping underage slaves (Thus: Rotherham!)
Blow for May's sex abuse inquiry as Michael Mansfield agrees to lead rival investigation
Ofsted report rates youth prison better than hundreds of schools
BBC gave 700 staff £10million golden goodbyes - then hired them all back again!
THAMESMEAD: Teenage girl raped at knife-point by black man
Washington rabbi arrested for voyeurism over camera hidden in synagogue showers
Thatcher 'murder' is BBC's Book at Bedtime
Hush Money: West turns blind eye on Qatar’s terrorism funding
PRESTON: Young woman threatened with knife by Asians
UK foreign aid millions helped Iran hang 3,000
How To Cook Up A Fake "People's Uprising" in Syria and Ukraine
How the Saudis (and the US) exploited radical Islam in their pursuit of power
Boss of CIA's brutal interrogation programme saw British agents at secret torture sites
MI6 gave me to Gaddafi's evil thugs, says Libyan dissident
Ofsted report rates youth prison better than hundreds of schools!

Saturday 13 December

Barbara Castle's paedo files! Newspaper editor Don Hale now ready to talk!
The Biggest Scandal In British History?
"The government of the US is subservient to a worldwide criminal organisation!" (ISRAEL)
PETERBOROUGH: Another Muslim paedo ring
Tory MP claims Enoch Powell's 'Rivers of Blood' speech was right
Self-harm hospital admissions among children 'at five-year high'
160,000 foreigners given UK passports in 2013 without criminal checks
Home Office granted citizenship to people with 'very poor immigration histories'
Woman, 40, left with shattered face after black mugger's brutal attack
40 years' jail for £500,000 Cardiff heroin gang
Sex attacker who lured two teens into fake taxi jailed for 11 years
CANADA: Matthew Purifoy, accused of killing woman on sidewalk, has long arrest record
Santander names Shriti Vadera Chairman (LibLabCon jobs for the non-native girls)
4 young Christians beheaded by ISIS for refusing to convert to Islam
Gay officer sues Met over 'Barrymore sex taunts'
Muslim, 80, arranged had acid thrown in face of ex-girlfriend, Vicki Horsfield, 20
From Thorpe to paedo MPs to torture, the ruling elite ALWAYS cover up their sins
Care homes run by Soondressen and Maleenee Cooppen closed on safety grounds
Farage asked Enoch Powell to stand for UKIP in 1990s!
Publish probe into the Iraq War says Clegg (For once we agree with pipsqueak 1)
Opening up family courts 'will cause child suicides' says Jewish Child Commissioner
The Irish Savant has a "Good Jews" file on his computer
Pensioner locked up and charged with hate crime for gypsy slur (Free speech? Land of the free? F*** you, sheeple - you're responsible for this!)

Friday 12 December

Labour Councillor used her job to help murderer son cheat justice for 20 years!
Theresa May in secret US visit as UK 'tried to hush up its role' in torture
Birmingham cop, Osman Iqbal, helped run drugs and sex brothels
Gerald Malcolm raped drunken woman on roadside verge
Woman beaten by vicious black thief in Aston Tanveer and Naseeb Riasat jailed for drug dealing
Somalian drug dealer turned woman into fireball after she 'turned him down for sex'
Muslim mum-of-six who posted pictures of her kids posing as jihadists jailed
Shahab Reza and Wife Shehnaz face jail for scamming £900,000 for £900,000 benefit fraud
Rotherham rape victim, 13, told not to report attack - it'd spoil cop doctor's lunch!
Beheading and raping the faithful
TRAITOR AT THE TOP! Vice President Biden boasts by 2017 white folks will be a minority in USA
Jewish author, Howard Jacobson, to re-write Shakespeare! Doesn't care for ‘anti-Semitism’
FARAGE: Me vs Russell Brand on Question Time – where are his ideas?
Rabid SWP Granny says "“I’m coming for you Farage” on QT!
Trade unions, Labour, the Greens, gay rights and disabled activists all out to get Nigel!
The fight went out of Brand. A balloon shrivelled
Was plunge tycoon the FIFTH victim in Russian-linked ring of death?
How mired in torture was Britain?
Superbugs could kill 10 MILLION people a year by 2050
Was Alan Turing murdered by the FBI?
Teenager died from overdose after getting hooked on drugs aged ELEVEN!
Drug addict wearing IDF t-shirt who attacked George Galloway gets 16 months!
Moscow slams US for 'flagrant rights abuse' in wake of torture report
Outrage as taxpayer-funded economist says Britain has 'masses of room' for more migrants

Thursday 11 December

National disgrace': Hundreds of Welsh veterans sleeping rough on the streets!!!
Palestinian minister dies - tear gassed and hit with rifle butt by IDF soldier
Rights groups condemn Israel's latest push to jail asylum seekers
David Cameron on look out for Jewish votes in first ever visit to Auschwitz
I'm entitled to money from Britain says Polish mother whose son lives in Warsaw
Abdul Mohammed Mannan charged with serious sexual assault
80-year-old man assaulted by Asians in Bradford
Cop Nick Lidstone sacked over child sex abuse
Nearly 50% now take prescription drugs!
Why Labour would love 16-year-olds to have the vote
Sex offenders 'getting away with it' as convictions plummet by 10% in a year
Breastfeeding can cut a woman's risk of cancer by a fifth
Witness in rape trial gave evidence for 1 HOUR - she wasn't speaking English!
Billions in UK green aid goes to booming nations!
Scouts issue formal apology for decades of child abuse!
How Blair's New Labour government turned a blind eye to US torture!
5,000 deaths in a MONTH: 664 jihadi attacks in 14 countries
TRAITOR! UK has 'masses of space' - without migrants NHS would be in 'dire straits'
Michelle Johnston pleaded not guilty to possession of extreme pornography (sex with dogs)
Kidnap gang cut off victim's finger and sent it to his family

Wednesday 10 December

Cameron: I still want Turkey to join EU, despite migrant fears!
Labour loses lead: Hung parliament increasingly likely after general election
Former ISIS bodyguard: We beheaded children in front of parents!
78-year-old punched in the face by black passenger
Mohammed Ali attacked deaf girlfriend, Emily George - he wasn't getting enough sex
Unrepentant paedo, who sexually assaulted/raped 7 and 9-year-olds, released after 3 years!
12,000! The army of foreign criminals living in Britain today!
Lyon McClean dragged bus driver from his cab and violently assaulted him
5 women targeted in sex attacks over just 15 minutes: Asian sex pest sought
Poor families burying relatives in BACK GARDEN because they can't afford funeral
Education Secretary not up to the job, says top head
Laura McEwan fights for life after police car not using siren hit her
Growing gap between rich and poor means economy is 9% smaller that it could be
Israeli summer airstrikes on Gaza WERE war crimes! (Of course they f***ing were)
7.5 million more people in the UK and rising
Shaming of the West and cover up of UK role (West's politicians are shameful, not us)
Israeli oil spill was four times as bad as first thought
Anyone who tells an uncomfortable truth is now forced to apologise
Why are Channel 4 giving airtime to criminals?

Tuesday 9 December

Sweden passes law to criminalize any criticism of immigration!!!
Sexodus: Men giving up on wome anc checking out of society
Children 'shrug off crimes of violence'! Young victims fail to report 6 out of 7 offences!
BLAIR WARS: That we can't even leave a memorial behind (in Afghanistan) says everything
Sickest of the sick: Dating website for PAEDOPHILES!
Israeli Air Force attacks Syrian arms depot!
Tony Blair is trying to rewrite history over the Iraq war
ISIS behead four children in Iraq after they refuse to convert to Islam
Black nanny filmed beating and kicking 18-month-old baby pleads guilty to child abuse
Kevin Costner: People Invoke Race to Shut Down Discussion
Israel student union sets up “war room” to sell Gaza massacre on Facebook
Now we're importing brickies on £1,000 per week!
Labour peer: Charge patients £200 every time they see a GP
Pensioner left fighting for his life after savage attack by Asian teenagers
Ansar Sadiq gets 43 months for engaging in sexual activity with a child
Romanian bank robber forced explosive gas into cash machines then blew them up
UK spends a quarter of national income on handouts!
£17m for migrants and criminals we failed to kick out
Poor people go to food banks because they 'don't know how to cook' says Tory Baroness
Farage's views are like 'sewage', says Boris Johnson!
100-year-old great-grandma fights off a gang of children in park
Disabled pensioner, 85, gets £90 parking fine - She took too long to shop at Lidl
Student takes overdose - Payday loan spiralled from £100 to £800 in just 3 months
Grandmother, 78, is attacked in her home by violent prisoner on day release
So the BBC denies it has a Left-wing bias? Just take a look at the Christmas schedule!
This part-time Parliament (and its Candy Crush playing MPs) are a national embarrassment
Many back UKIP as their only way of delivering howl of protest
Falklands vet with terminal lung cancer told to report for government work programme
Leftists become incandescent when reminded of the socialist roots of Nazism
Ten observations about David Cameron's speech on immigration
Ten observations about David Cameron's speech on immigration
It was a very good decade?
Gambian diplomats ran tax-free tobacconist from their London embassy
Adolf Hitler The Greatest Story NEVER Told! Part 25
Labour urges supporters of the EU to speak out before it is 'too late'
Ashkenazi Jews are not white
Matteo Salvini, Lega Nord - speech
Senior aide to Vladimir Putin accuses the Mossad of training ISIS terrorists
Who pulls the strings of Femen and Pussy Riot?
FBI agent 'gave secrets to IRA as it plotted to kill Thatcher'
One in 30 Latvians and 1-in-60 Poles are now living here!
UN details Israel helping Syrian rebels at Golan Heights

Monday 8 December

Boy's heart removed in horrific 'ritual killing!' Botswana mum questioned by cops
Felix Conel, Jeffrey Otete and a 16-year-old charged with murder
Felix Conel, Jeffrey Otete and a 16-year-old charged with murder
MANCHESTER: Young woman walking home from friend's house raped by black man
Seyd Selym jailed for ten years for a hammer attack on young woman
USA: yet another black-on-white murder
USA: Black mother stabbed her 19-month-old son repeatedly
Top gay police officer with MBE is arrested for 'supplying Class A drugs
Members of Theresa May's child abuse panel insult victims?
97 people have died after taking legal highs in three years!
Ukraine gets new weapons from undisclosed donors
Israeli jets bomb Syria, says Damascus
Israel attacks Damascus International Airport: Syria wants sanctions imposed!
Israeli refuses to comment on military involvement in Damascus airstrikes
Israel helped ISIS with airstrikes on Syria and Syrian army!
US intelligence fears violence, deaths abroad after CIA torture report release
So difficult to complain about the NHS that patients give up trying
1,000 schools are at risk from killer pollution
Financial Times blasts PM's vow to spend billions on overseas aid
Fears over Google's close links with government
Siobhan Koralewski was found guilty of abusing elderly residents of care home
Children as young as 13 given gastric bands! (Instead of exercise?)
How can we have hunger as well as an obesity crisis?
Greed, vanity and a Zombie Parliament
Nile Ranger questioned by police after row on the middle of a MOTORWAY

Sunday 7 December

Thatcher's Home Secretary ordered police to scrap inquiry into VIP child sex abuse ring!
We must teach young girls about porn, says Girl Guide leader!
1,000 arrested in paedophile swoop (How many were Muslims?)
Boy's heart removed in horrific 'ritual killing!' African mum questioned by cops
5-year-old 'Scottish' boy suffered 'sickening' death at hands of mother?
Woman raped by black man in Tower Hamlets
Milo Yung ('Big Buddha') flooding UK with cannabis seeds!
Muslim dentist 'refused to treat female patients unless they wore Islamic dress!'
Hospitals turning patients away? 1,800 nurses quit in 2 months
Well done, George - now we're just £1,500,000,000,000 in debt
Osborne passes off vast deficit as triumph and gets away with it?
Ukraine gets new weapons from undisclosed donors
Farage ousts English General Election candidate for rich "Gogglebox" Cypriot?
I was offered £13k to kill Liberal leader's stable boy lover!
Detective in rape storm takes early retirement
Major Israeli news site cheers the Islamification of Europe
Researcher who raised Rotherham paedos alarm sent on ethnicity/diversity course by bosses!
DIVERSITY ALERT! African immigrant trashes Britain

Saturday 6 December

Elita Amantova admits burying her newborn baby alive
Labour MP Frank Field says Britain will turn 'nasty' if mass migration isn't addressed
Scotland Yard 'hid top MP's name' in sex abuse inquiry
Senior politician abuses boy - Cops leave his name OUT of their report
The truth of interracial rape in the United States
Every day in the USA, over a hundred white women are raped/sexually assaulted by black men
UK to establish £15m permanent Mid East military base despite human rights abuses
Halle Berry takes husband to court for trying to make daughter WHITE!
Cornell Professor Russell Rickford: Whites 'Ready to Commit Race Suicide?'
Has White Genocide begun in the USA?
2007: Gay couple left free to abuse boys - social workers feared being branded homophobic! JUSTICE! Black crime claims life of apologist for black crime
Murdered by Blacks - But not their fault, eh, David?
Lord Mayor walks out of Islamic charity lunch after consort instructed to sit downstairs
Ron Paul: ‘US provoking war with Russia, could result in total destruction’
Check out conman, Waheed Iqbal
Youth club leader Mashudur Choudhury first "Briton" to be prosecuted for joining ISIS
FARAGE: 'Giving billions in aid and borrowing billions to do it is wrong'
A sad day for soldiers in the war on terror
UK to establish £15m permanent Mid East military base despite human rights abuses
Holocaust truth?
UKIP full of “evil money grabbing Jews?”
US media refuses to report on white cop kidnapped/murdered by Blacks
USA: Former ‘Cop of the Year’ (BLACK) busted on coke-trafficking charges
US State Department spokesperson caught calling her prepared statement “ridiculous!”
Right to piracy? Court orders France to pay €10K to Somali pirates for violation of rights!
BBC lies and the truth about poverty now and in the 30s
Detective Colin Andrews 'raped woman after party?'
MH17 shot down by Ukraine in botched bid to assassinate PUTIN?
Shame on BBC Lefties for talking Britain down

Friday 5 December

Why was this Ron Paul video removed from YouTube? (TWICE)
Your children may be eating up to 70 TEASPOONS OF SUGAR A DAY!
EVIL LibLabCon! Army veteran homeless: Council prefers to house drunks/drug addicts!
Former Rotherham mayor faces child sex charge
Greek Government's General Secretary admits they framed Golden Dawn officials!
1.3m eastern European immigrants have come to UK!
Wife of former Bradford councillor spared jail for her role in immigration scam
Slovak mum of 11: 'Why should I work when I get £430-a-week in benefits'
DIVERSITY! Black mugger DROP KICKS mother carrying her BABY!
Victims say Westminster child sex inquiry is 'not fit for purpose'
ISIS capture and behead Syrian fighters after launching new offensive
ISIS sets up training camps in Libya
Former boxer 'tried to smuggle jihadis out of UK into ISIS war zone!
‘Terrorism exported to Middle East from Europe’ – Assad
What is Nick Griffin doing in Syria? (Trying to prevent our involvement in another war?)
Every day in the USA, over one hundred white women are raped/sexually assaulted by a black man
BBC's Jewish Director of TV whinges at criticism of Christmas repeats and huge salaries
2010: Sex offenders/paedos should be allowed to adopt says LSE's Helen Reece!
A1 globalist, Peter Mandelson still wants us to join the EURO?
Illegals let out of police cells due to shortage of immigration officials
Chinese economy now the largest in the world
UKIP win Aveley and Uplands by-election with 40% of the vote
UK's view of migrants is bulls*it, says UN official
May suppressed report that found hundreds of foreign criminals not kicked out?
Check out the PC Crowd in London
Cancer treatment is 'biased against elderly patients'
Blair criticises MPs like Miliband who never had real jobs (Blair = barrister = defended crims)
60 Tories back the return of grammars (So do most of us!)
Spaniard Amancio Ortega will become Britain's richest landowner!
Lib Dems sign up to policies in private and then 'slag them off' in public
Priest tells primary school pupils as young as seven that Father Christmas ISN'T REAL
Gay 'affair' Liberal party leader Jeremy Thorpe dies aged 85 Has any leader EVER fallen so far?
The Vatican's secret millions
Tory peer blames 'many' UK pub closures on non-drinking Muslims
When the going gets tough, Clegg clears off

Thursday 4 December

One of Britain's most notorious child murderers linked to Westminster paedo ring!
Former Rotherham mayor faces child sex charge
Tory MP, Mark Pritchard, arrested for rape
Labour youth leader cautioned for late-night assault on girlfriend
The poorest regions of the UK are the poorest in Northern Europe
2015 General Election - UKIP ON 66% in LABOUR RAG'S POLL!
Alan Titchmarsh: UKIP say what others are afraid to and voters like it
"Far Right" Sweden Democrats powering ahead. Not that you'd know without Al Jazeera!
Islamic rape epidemic in Norway
Farage = Hitler? Look what the Church is doing/saying now!
Zionist censor says Ironwand is a neo-Nazi!
'He molested me at 15' Bill Cosby sued for 'performing sex act without consent'
Racist, Fascist, Nazi countries = CLEAN! Enriching diversity countries = CORRUPT!
Grandmother beheaded by Muslim convert in Oklahoma
American mum stabbed to death by burqa attacker in Abu Dhabi
UK hands visas to eight illegal immigrants every day!
Vicar and daughter arrested on suspicion of murder and sex offences!
Council boss at centre of Rotherham abuse scandal paid £26,000 to leave job early
How typically out of touch for a Labour millionaire to stand up for thieves!
Lee Rigby's killers should never been allowed to appeal
Fake' students have stolen up to £50 million from the taxpayer!
Iran joins fight against ISIS with bombing raids over Iraq
The Torygraph now backing the good ship Cameron!

Wednesday 3 December

Tory MP recorded dismissing us as 'dog-end voters in the outlying regions'
Jewish students get paid 'easy' money for posting pro-Israeli comments online!
Israel's fury with France - parliament votes to recognise Palestine as a state
We can now pay off the debts Britain incurred to fight WW1?
Josef Moscicki found guilty of the murder of Bernard Smith and jailed for 21 years
52-year-old dies after fight: Polish immigrant, Zbigniew Czarnocki, charged
Naudel Turner stabbed to death in street by 'obsessive' ex-boyfriend, Dariusz Miakienko
Khiry Ford stabbed to death by fellow party guest in Edmonton
Dexter Lansberg murders his wife weeks after arrest for assaulting her
Police seek black man who stabbed and slashed victim
Sultan Mahmood jailed after undercover sting smashes £500k car-theft racket
Junior Juba jailed for abducting a 14-year-old girl
Budurcoiu, Gherghinescu and Vasiluta jailed after a spate of burglaries
Nelson muggings: 69 and 85-year-old women targeted - Asian/mixed-race man sought
Murders linked to probation changes
UN resolution: Israel must renounce nuclear arms! (Good luck with that one)
Child victims of cyber bullying doubles - a third of 15-year-olds admit to nude pics
Hospital refuse 102-year-old woman a bed and send her home at night

Tuesday 2 December

EU GRAVY TRAIN! Van Rompuy retires with = £578,000 over next 3 years + £52,000 per year!
Parliamentary committee set to investigate allegations against 23 of the 41 Crime Commissioners!
Why does Labour despise England?
THEY stick more asylum seekers in Rochdale than the entire South East of England!
Harriet Harman and the Paedophile Information Exchange!
Violent offender Fabian Thomas wanted by police in Bristol
'I will shoot you bloodclart' - Police investigate Catford man's bus threat
Black man chased student in attempted Northampton robbery
Asian car thief smashed man's face
Three black men attack and rob man in street
Romanian gang target Southport club-goers
Harrow sex assault - black man sought
Bradford rapist, Wakar Akhtar, arrested in Italy
We're adding a migrant city the size of Birmingham every 30 months!
Autistic boy has neck slashed for 'looking at someone funny' on way to youth club
Gordon Brown's greatest hits!
National Front leads Far Right conference in Lyon
BALOTELLI: 'Grabs coins like a Jew!' FA do not like it, Mario"
"I strangled my daughter's rapist then burned his manhood!" Good for you, Sanjay!
Study 2,000 years of immigration for GCSE! More #LibLabCon propaganda!
Hands up who thinks £18m is modest pay!
UAF activist exposed himself to young women on train?

Monday 1 December

Organised Asian crime gangs make money selling children for sex
What traitors have forced up on us! "Moderate" Muslims are as extreme as the rest!
Muslim gang rapist says sharing girls "part of Somali culture" and "religious requirement!"
Gangs of Somalis abused, raped and prostituted British teenagers
Over half of crime chiefs accused of misconduct
Crime commissioner investigated by police
ISIS: Saudi Arabia (elite's best pal) exported source of global terror!
Muhammad tops charts as No. 1 baby name in UK (AGAIN!) LibLabCon will be ecstatic
DNA pioneer James Watson told the truth - BIG MISTAKE in PC World!
The betrayal of the British people by the political establishment continues to deepen
Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan, preaches violence, says Blacks will tear America up
Institutionalised treason: Cops routinely protect Muslim hate preachers but harass patriots
Peers gave £14m to LibLabCon before being appointed to the House of Lords
Guilty care home owner 'supplied boys for Westminster paedophile parties!'
Top BBC Jew, Danny Cohen, wants fewer white men on Match Of The Day and dramas
General Boykin: “I can no longer support your ill-advised and reckless policies"
I wish Osborne and Balls would stop trying to bribe us with our own money
Chumps? No, Mellor and Mitchell are plain nasty
Clegg and Red Ed could both be ex-MPs in 2015!
The only way to mend the EU is to break it up!

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