Daily News - August 2018

Friday 31 August

NHS Trust faces calls for wider investigation into deaths on maternity unit!
GLOUCESTER: Boy, 17, raped in broad daylight by black man!
Double-murder suspect held after three-day manhunt
'Wild West' drive-by execution! Malique Thompson-Hill and Jermaine Paul jailed
BIRMINGHAM: Dean Barnes robbed couple after threatening them with machete
Road rage? Or common-or-garden black-on-white savagery? You decide!
Axe-wielding burglars threatened to behead Daniel - So he killed one! OK by me...
8 Bulgarians raped a 13-year-old girl in Germany!
Black mother brutally kicks her own baby!
“Dad, why were schools segregated?” “You’ll learn soon enough!”
Black woman encouraging kiddies to smoke marijuana!
Met chief admits crowds DO cheer for crooks being tackled by officers
London police boss denies ‘no-go areas’ after ‘regular’ attacks on officers!
Guests evacuated from Egyptian death hotel have 'shigella!’ (Kills thousands every year)
In South Africa you get arrested for driving over a double line and being white!
Catholics call for investigation and resignation of Pope Francis!
Parents angered as every child is given Halal school meals!
Why is a BBC executive calling for the removal of middle-aged white men from television?
Macron tells Denmark ‘no such thing as a true Dane, true Frenchman!’
Israeli minister called accusation of “anti-Semitism” a “trick” to silence criticism of Israel!
Noam Chomsky: Israel’s Actions in Palestine are “Much Worse Than Apartheid” in South Africa!
Noam Chomsky on Gaza...
Jews do NOT run Hollywood? So Rachel Weisz is lying?
Israelis marched through 'liberal' Tel Aviv, calling on Netanyahu to deport African refugees!
Hate mob nastiness was final straw for Labour MP, Frank Field!
Veteran Labour MP Frank Field resigns, slams anti-Semitism and ‘racist party!’
‘Even Corbyn supporters despise you!’ Andrew Neil rebukes Owen Jones!
‘We will die for the Prophet’ – Islamists rally against Dutch ‘draw Mohammed’ event!
Polish Deputy Prime Minister warns bullying EU heading for ‘auto-destruction’
'Rees-Mogg is leading EXTREMISTS!' Lord Adonis launches attack on Brexiteers
Joe Biden: ‘I thought of John as a BROTHER!’ (Which should surprise no one)
Forgotten heroes - Fresh-faced Tommies set off for the politicians' slaughterhouse!

Thursday 30 August

“Muslims have the RIGHT to KILL any non-Muslim who does NOT respect Islam!”
GERMANY: He's from Afghanistan, you see...
Foreigners claiming UK benefits leaps 41% in 5 years! More than 400,000 now get free dosh!
Giant balloon of mayor Sadiq Khan in a yellow bikini will be flown over London!
Halal butchers who chanted and danced as they tortured animals walk free from court
Barnier – 'We are prepared to offer UK deal like NO OTHER third country!' (Why now, bullyboy?)
After the Notting Hill Carnival - Courtesy of the political class!
John Cleese on political correctness...
Xeneral Webster (member of drill gang 12 World) admitted manslaughter of Joanne Rand
EGYPT: 16 tourists fell ill this summer after staying at same hotel where British couple died
Theresa May backs ex-chief rabbi in war on Corbyn! (Surpise, surprise!)
Macron declares war on Salvini-Orban bloc - ‘I am their chief adversary!’
Orbán, Salvini set to take on globalism at EU elections with anti-migration front!
Orban, Salvini attack globalist Macron as ‘leader of pro-migration parties!’
Remainers to launch NEW party to take us BACK into the EU after Brexit!
'If Brexit voters join Tories that's infiltration?' Soubry ridiculed!
Ex-Labour mayor shares Facebook post linking Jews to 9/11!
Farage for London mayor? Brexiteer hints at SHOCK bid to oust Sadiq Khan
'Sadiq Khan attacked for 'FAILING' to tackle crimewave
Fisherman says French Navy IGNORED attacks on UK boats two years ago!

Wednesday 29 August

One-in-four 14-year-old girls self-harm! (76,000 in one year! 33,000 boys self-harmed)
'We're seeing a breakdown in society,' says Police Federation boss
Schizophrenia and cannabis are genetically linked!
Shingles vaccine responsible for causing huge number of shingles cases
Capitalism is dying! Too focused on short-term profit and not on long-term good!
Prison officer fired for supporting Tommy Robinson speaks out
Traitor May supports South African no-compensation-for-White-farmers land reform?
South Africa withdraws white farm theft bill after Trump warning!
Jeremy Corbyn - Israel controls speeches made by British MPs in Parliament!
Corbyn's comments most offensive since Enoch Powell, says ex-chief rabbi
Fuad Musa says Turks, Arabs, Albanians, Bosnians should attack patriotic Germans?
BIRMINGHAM: Muslim councillor to plan Commonwealth Games despite corruption allegations?
LONDON: Cops arresting assault suspect at McDonald’s attacked by ‘hostile crowd’
Mum murdered by ex was on phone to cops when she died! She had called them repeatedly
Woman 'critical' after Dalston hit-and-run bike crash! Who is this man?
Albanian drug dealer who sneaked back into Britain after being deported back in jail
Father denies role in 'acid attack' on his three-year-old son
Woman 'critical' after Dalston hit-and-run bike crash! Who is this man?
‘Lucky’ explains why black gangs rape farmers' wives and children!
British fishermen call for military help after French rivals PETROL BOMB them in the Channel!
England is worst of major developed nations in caring for our elderly!
Viktor Orban: Matteo Salvini is ‘my hero!’
British mum-of-3, dies after £3,000 'bottom lift' at Turkish cosmetic surgery clinic!
May commits UK to more bumper foreign aid spending!
Rees-Mogg compares ‘Remainer Phil’ Hammond to ‘dog returning to his vomit!’
Merkel says 'hate in the streets' has no place in Germany! (Shouldn't have imported it then)
Eating unprocessed meat/dairy REDUCES risk of heart attack/stroke/early death!
'Like watching a baby giraffe crossed with Peter Crouch!' May ruthlessly mocked on social media
On children's TV, Strictly contestant Dr Ranj Singh called for more 'help and support' for paedos!

Tuesday 28 August

Guardian's Nesrine Malik says Blacks about to seize White farms in South Africa is a myth!
Violence against the elderly soars to new high
ASTHMA: Condition could be caused by your job!
Why is fat-burning pill that's killed 25 people so easy buy in Britain?
ROTHERHAM: Disgrace! Grandad, 96, dumped back home alone in hospital gown
Transgender Greens candidate quits race after dad was jailed for child rape
Labour frontbencher Khalid Mahmood used £40,000 taxpayer cash to silence Jewish ex-lover!
Notting Hill Carnival: Man STABBED - More than 370 arrests
DEPTFORD: Man stabbed to death in front of an anti-knife crime poster!
Raneem Oudeh and mother stabbed to death! Cops seek Raneem's ex-lover, Janbaz Tarin
SALFORD: Without warning, Adam Ali Akhtar 'slyly' stabbed Wesley Lennon to death!
SOLIHULL: Cops hunt lover after ex and her mother stabbed to death in quiet street
WALTHAMSTOW: Boy, 16, stabbed in broad daylight in another knife attack in lawless London
Children attacking cops in New Cross, London
US government insists this was an accident?
IRELAND: Sex abuse victims deserve financial compensation from the Catholic Church!
Susan Howarth 'tortured and killed' in South Africa
GERMANY: Migrant suspected of 542 crimes can't be deported - He doesn't have a PASSPORT
Labour lesbian, Linda Bellos, accused of transphobia - Threatens to thump political opponents!
Tom Watson and Peter Mandelson host barbecue to ‘plot how to oust Jeremy Corbyn!’
David Davis backs ‘No Deal’, slams Chancellor’s ‘disgraceful’ behaviour!
BoJo slams EU and Theresa May’s ‘Brexit in mame only!’
JEREMY VINE: “There’s incredible anger about why Brexit hasn’t happened yet!”
ITALIAN MINISTER: The EU is ’unprecedented filth that doesn’t deserve our money!’
Macron drops to record low in polls for ‘acting like KING of France!’
Tom Watson says Brexit vote may have been 'STOLEN by Russian interference!'
If Hammond thinks our pensions are a ‘pot of gold’ to be raided, he’s playing with fire!
Benefit claimants paid extra £3.8BILLION in 2017 due to fraud/Government errors
Tory MP calls Gypsy encampments 'blight on our community' - Branded 'racist!'
Schengen ‘won’t survive!’ EU’s visa-free movement dream BUCKLING under migrant crisis!
Pro-Kremlin media blast late Senator John McCain as an anti-Russia warmonger!
David Lynch: Trump "could go down as one of the greatest presidents in history!"
‘Jewish black market trading causes anti-Semitism,’ said UK government in 1943!

Monday 27 August

Trump 'REFUSED to approve a White House statement calling John McCain a hero! HOORAY!
BBC: ‘Era of TV with white men imparting knowledge is over!’
Group campaigning to axe prisons and free jailbirds appearing at Labour Party conference?
Kalergi plan to destroy indigenous nations and peoples of Europe!
WHISTLEBLOWER: How our justice system frees convicted killers to go out and murder again!
BOW, LONDON: Black man stabs two lone women!
Six (black girls?) charged with affray only following death of Egyptian student!
Residents board up homes for Notting Hill Carnival
133 arrests on first day of Notting Hill Carnival
Khan’s London: Muslims butcher animals in back yard for Eid!
German student raped and thrown off a cliff by illegal immigrant in Italy
Jewish 'Gamer' kills 2 kills 2 before turning gun on himself at Jacksonville tournament!
South American burglary tourists are looting British homes!
Two linked to 'extremist Muslim' New Mexico compound wanted to attack hospital!
Pope on Cardinal McCarrick cover-up: ‘I will not say a single word!’
Turkish government plotted assassination of political opponents in Denmark?
Charity boss falls for Calais Jungle toyboy who tries to burn down charity HQ after affair ends
Brexiteers threaten to boo and ‘slow handclap’ Theresa May at Tory conference!
Farage denounces referendum 2 campaign: ‘Not the people’s vote, it’s the George Soros vote!’
‘No Deal’ Brexit will break up UK, claims former EU President
Anti-Brexiteer Gina Miller 'eyes-up role as next Liberal Democrat boss!'
Harvey Weinstein's victims are being 'punished and vilified' for being part of his 'harem!'
PLASTIC FOOD! Vanilla ice cream with no vanilla… or cream?
'They always get rid of the black guy first!' Now they're whining about Strictly Come Dancing!

Sunday 26 August

HITCHENS: There will be blood, and smoke and helicopters, too, perhaps even soldiers!
CESSPIT BABIES: 800 children dumped in a mass grave by Irish NUNS!
Is Israel's hidden hand behind the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn?
Mass media is the enemy of the people like the cage is the enemy of the bird!
3.6million NHS 'ghost patients'... GPs receive £151 for each one!
Plans to abolish jail sentences of less than a year? Child rapists free to roam the streets?
Russia’s Ministry of Defence says major false flag attacks are being planned in Syria!
John ‘songbird’ McCain exposed by Vietnam vets and POW’s as a liar and a fraud?
‘Patriot or warmonger?’ McCain’s track record under public scrutiny
German President declares there are ‘no native Germans, we are a nation of immigrants!’
Notting Hill Carnival! Cops get acid attack kits - And the snowflake? What does she get?
Pensioner, 83, sexually assaulted by 'dark complexioned' man saying he was from the council
USA: Illegal immigrant beheads 13-year-old girl – Media blackout!
SOUTH AFRICA: Serial criminal, Phumzile Mbope, 19, raped and murdered Maria Vermaak, 95
LONDON: Muslims butcher animals in back yard for Eid
What they are doing to this 'transgender boy' will shock you!
EU attacks Italy after leaders warn funding to Brussels could cease over migrants
Don’t be deluded – our Saudi ‘partners’ are masters of repression!
ITALY: 31.9% of criminal suspects are foreigners!
Swedish radio broadcaster launches election debates and seminars in Arabic

Saturday 25 August

Addressing legacy of child abuse by Irish priests will be mission impossible for the Pope
Henry Kissinger’s genocidal legacy: Vietnam, Cambodia and the birth of American militarism
Jews say our concern with 'white genocide' in South Africa is an 'obsession' and 'racist!'
CHOMSKY: “Gaza is being caged... Sadistic Israeli snipers are killing innocent people!'
Netanyahu urges USA to recognise Israel’s right to Syria's Golan Heights!
Killer who served 9 months for shooting helpless Palestinian now leads a life of luxury!
41,000+ cases of measles in European region between January and June 2018
Media and South African government say Trump lying about white persecution! Here's the truth
Nick Griffin praises Corbyn over criticism of 'British Zionists'
Senior Labour MP (up Zion's bum forever) calls Corbyn a 'racist antisemite!'
STOKE: The city under siege from a new drug called monkey dust!
2018 body count in Khan/Dick London reaches 100!
180 British Muslims known to died fighting for ISIS!
London's 100th murder victim: Ex-nurse, 73, is killed in her own home!
Martina Badiova 7nth person charged over 'acid attack' on 3-year-old in Home Bargains
LEICESTER: Yusuf Aka stabs innocent man outside hospital then ransacks casualty room!
Katie Piper's acid attacker is set for release within weeks
Thornton Heath gang members jailed for violent robberies
Burglar dodged prison by saying he was Grenfell victim and got £40,000 in handouts!
Babies born to immigrant mothers rises to 75% in some areas of London!
CHANNEL 4 - Just 9% of employees from a working-class background!
Nearly 60 fire fighters tackle huge blaze in Birmingham
Hunger strike immigrants 'can do as they please,' says Matteo Salvini!
SAUDI ARABIA v YEMEN: 'Anything that moves dies... nowhere is safe for us!'
Hunger strike immigrants 'can do as they please,' says Matteo Salvini!
Super gonorrhoea OUTBREAK worsens as new strains emerge – NO CURE!
500% spike in syphilis infections across South Wales
Conor Daly's sponsorship removed because of father's use of racial slur in 1980s!
Harvey Weinstein prepares to fight back with team of 12 lawyers

Friday 24 August

LEEDS: 'Camel flu' scare ! Patient diagnosed with killer virus
Super gonorrhoea OUTBREAK worsens as new strains emerge – NO CURE!
Nuns arrested over abuse at notorious orphanage! (Beat victims, forced them to eat vomit)
Eid Mubarak - Slaughtering the goats!
Media and South African government say Trump is lying about white persecution - Truth here!
2011: Fall of Roman Empire caused by 'contagion of homosexuality and effeminacy!'
British women among the world's heaviest drinkers - ONE drink a day damages your health!
France is losing 1.5 million tourists a year - How come?
FRANCE: 'Allahu akbar' knifeman killed his mother and sister before being shot dead
Acid hurled at cops as hundreds of migrants storm border to gain access to Europe!
TEXAS: White woman who fought off Black robbers run over - Now in critical condition
Nearly 60 fire fighters tackle huge blaze in Birmingham!
2014: Jeremy Corbyn accuses Israel of 'genocide!'
MSM talks up Brexit ‘uncertainty’ as investment pours into real estate, finance, manufacturing!
Philip Hammond does his bit for Project Fear
FARMERS: Brexit an opportunity to scrap damaging EU rules, reinvigorate British countryside
Benefit fraudster case delayed as no translators available during Eid
Impeaching President Trump would spark 'a people's revolt,' says Giuliani
Jewish MP Luciana Berger leads rebellion against Corbyn
The truth about comedy!

Thursday 23 August

BRISTOL: 11 students commit suicide at one university in just two years?
Migration behind 82% of UK population growth! Labour open door policy added 5.4m in 15 years!
Belgian cops give up trying to control migrants, wave illegals through to UK!
627,052 hardened criminals spared jail despite new offences!
Bangladeshi benefits cheat (£86,000 in the bank) hasn't worked in 30 years - NO JAIL!
These East Europeans robbed a pensioner, 88, of £1,150! Who are they?
George Koh murdered catwalk rival Harry Uzoka! (Male models, eh?)
Black professor says Mollie Tibbetts (murdered by illegal immigrant) was just 'a girl in Iowa'
Two women and knifeman dead after stabbing attack at a restaurant in Belgium
MARSEILLE: Muslim arrested after threatening to kill ‘Zionist’ police officers
'Monstrous' Saudi Arabian regime will behead political activist for non-violent crimes?
Victims vulnerable as cops slash use of bail conditions by 90%!
Britain's diabetes time-bomb - Heart attacks and strokes to soar over the coming years!
REES-MOGG: 'Time to face down vested interests in the establishment and put democracy first!'
‘Get to the f****** issue!’ Chuka Umunna heckled on terrifying crimewave!
Merkel plotting EU TAKEOVER?
ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi calls for attacks on the West
Trump’s Neocon warmonger threatens Assad! (Another false flag coming?)
Just 2% of Swedish politicians live in immigrant areas?

Wednesday 22 August

Why do the rights of one transgender pupil trump the rest of the school's students?
Polish MP happy Poland didn’t receive a single Muslim migrant in 'war of civilizations!'
Germany fires obey-Brussels ultimatum at Poland - 'EU values are non-negotiable!'
KATE HOEY: We must not allow the Remainers to betray the people!
Chuka Umunna says black-on-black murder is OUR fault?
ROCHDALE: Muhammad Tafham stabbed mother-in-law Rahman Begum to death
Drugs gang (all Muslim?) jailed after heroin supply ‘explosion’ in Khan’s London
Respected member of Muslim community systematically abused girls!
Beast cop who raped/sexually assaulted 30 women got life but served only 7 YEARS!
WANTED: More magistrates with criminal records to boost diversity among the judiciary!
Finger-waggers more angry about Jamie’s jerk rice than black men being stabbed on our streets
Furious Hillsborough relatives blast 'unbelievable' decision to drop charges against ex-top cop!
FRANCE: Harass girls, get told off, stab 4 people? Just 4 years jail for asylum-seeker!
Off-duty Paris police officer brutally attacked while helping accident victims
Beautiful German town ‘unrecognisable’ after it accepted 1,200 migrants!
Top private school apologises after letting rapper film sex/drug-filled music video
More in U.S. favour diplomacy over sanctions for Russia
TRUMP: Dangerous when they take Conservatives off Twitter/Facebook! Could be you tomorrow!
Levin on Cohen guilty plea: ‘Donald Trump’s in the clear!’
Second referendum could lead to civil disobedience, warns top Labour MP
Umunna EXPLODES at fellow Labour MP 'parroting Farage' on second vote
Tory MP slams ‘idiocy’ after Labour attacks ‘white people profiting’ from Jamie Oliver rice recipe
‘Value for money?’ BBC set to splurge '£239MILLION' on staff hotel and taxi costs!
Men told to say 'menopause' three times a day to be in solidarity with female colleagues!
Soros group boasted it got Zuckerberg to attack 'fake news!'
CNN gets White House staffer fired, says he a ‘White Supremacist!’ Check him out

Tuesday 21 August

“Women don’t have penises!” Liverpool's Mayor promises to 'work with police' to track down and 'identify' those responsible for spreading this hateful, transphobic message!
HILLSBOROUGH: Charges against Sir Norman Bettison dropped!
Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50 and it's getting worse!
White boy in the American classroom - Was she punished? Doubt it!
Medical advances mask a rising tide of violence! Hundreds of would-be murder victims saved!
Have the police lost control of the streets?
As a grooming gang survivor, I want you to know abut the religious extremism that inspired my abusers
Drugged-up jailbirds being allowed to run major UK prison
'Every day was like a party!' Jailbirds could get away with anything - no repercussions!
London bloodbath: 3 injured in SECOND shooting in capital TONIGHT
‘I didn’t recognise girl after hammer attack’
BIRMINGHAM: Gang warfare explodes on quiet residential street
Would-be murderer, Joe Xuereb, was sectioned 8 years ago! Cannabis to blame!
‘Allahu Akbar!’ Knife-man shot dead after attacking Spanish police
219 babies die suddenly before first birthday from unexpected causes
EU exit vote 'CAN BE REVERSED' insists Brussels chief as talks resume!
Greece is still being betrayed by the EU!
Macron OUT OF STEP over immigration - HALF of French public against him!
Shadow Minister attacks Jamie Oliver’s jerk rice for ‘cultural appropriation!’
Prescription for codeine made me a pill addict, ruined my life and my marriage
The average desk is 400 times dirtier than a toilet?

Monday 20 August

UK: Police arrested more than 3,000 foreigners a week in 2017!
7 days of savagery in Wild West Britain! 4 pensioners as old as 95 brutally mugged!
LUTON: African immigrant family-of-10 reject a 5-bedroom home because it's not big enough!
GREENWICH: This savage raped 3 children!
Mother and daughter fight for their lives after hammer attack by Joe Xuereb!
LEICESTER: Woman left fighting for life after horrific sex attack! 3 arrested!
8 deaths and dire warnings force Government to re-nationalise UK's first privately-run prison
BIRMINGHAM: Police Inspector charged with making and distributing child porn images!
Home Office ignored concerns over ‘disproportionate concentrations of asylum seekers!’
History teaching has a dangerous left-wing bias!
Scottish teens overwhelmingly opposed to open borders!
Theresa May's government backs ‘reforms’ aimed at dispossessing South Africa’s white minority?
Former boss condemns BBC for anti-Brexit propaganda!
BREXIT: Rees-Mogg BLASTS May!- ‘She needs to look at what she PLEDGED!’
Belgian Bishop violently assaulted and robbed by foreigners
SPD's Andrea Nahles says Germany may give aid to Turkey!
‘Black-clad’ savages set Sweden Democrats' (patriots) election kiosk on fire!
Lord Lexden on Neville Chamberlain. About time the elite spoke up for this great man!

Sunday 19 August

Hussain family-of-11 housed in 3 flats because council can't find a house big enough!
Shia cleric says London is MORE Islamic than most of the Muslim world put together
Broken Britain! As recorded crime hits all-time high, prosecutions plunge to all-time low
LONDON: Man stabbed in broad daylight as crimewave rages on
MANCHESTER: 3 men stabbed as city centre violence erupts!
OLDHAM: Black thugs attack 93-year-old woman
GERMANY: Muslim immigrant stabs doctor to death in random attack at his practice
Former MP no longer respects Jews because of collaboration with ‘Blairite plotters?’
Who created Israel?
Syria stabilization fund was ridiculous, says Trump - Let the Saudis pay it!
Farage returns to frontline to fight establishment’s Brexit ‘sell-out’
BREXIT BETRAYAL! EU now backing May’s plan in bid to secure SOFT EXIT?
Turkish warships harass Cypriot fishermen in international waters
South Africa farm seizure: Terrified white farmers plot escape
Trump says 'too many' conservative voices are being silenced on social media!
HITCHENS: Ounce by ounce, inch by inch, we have ALL hastened the erosion of England
No wonder degrees are out of fashion - Unis have become the Madrassas of the Left!
NHS hospital bosses refuse to apologise for the death of Kate Jones!
Poland deports top SOROS organiser/agitator back to Ukraine!
Accused 'Russian agent' Butina deprived of sleep and medication!

Saturday 18 August

Britain accused of failing to tackle rich foreign criminals!
Murder surges 44% in Khan’s London! ‘Troubling’ rise in serious crime
KHAN'S LONDON: Six arrests after teen ‘disembowelled’ in quadruple stabbing!
Police make 21 arrests after investigation into sexual abuse of children in Bury!
ROMFORD: Crowd cheers as gun suspect fights off 3 cops trying to arrest him
93-year-old woman badly injured as she fought off 'violent and cowardly' muggers!
Violent mugger, Moses Blackwood, dragged 84-year-old lady along street and beat daughter for their cash
Rapist Joseph Ahmed spiked teenage victim's drink and said he didn't need her consent to have sex
Katie Piper's acid attacker could be freed from jail next month!
SOUTHWARK: Maximus Bowman posed as a taxi driver before attempted rape
PLUMSTEAD: Shots fired at taxi with passengers inside - Black man sought
MITCHAM: Kordian Filmanowicz stabbed grandmother dozens of times before removing her eyeballs!
Hungarian driver drove wrong way on dual carriageway before killing grandfather
Muslim refugee terrorist applied for visa to visit Sudan, country from which he 'fled!'
No evidence Salih Khater is an extremist? So Westminster wasn't a terror attack?
3-year-old needed emergency surgery after botched FGM op in London!
Drunk social worker, Shaheen Khan, headbutted man and called another 'white trash!'
USA: Serial rapist, Rasheed Powell, sentenced to 148 years in prison
Yazidi sex slave feels safer in an Iraqi refugee camp than in GERMANY!
Prof Finkelstein slams Margaret Hodge’s ‘audacity’ for comparing Labour to Nazi Germany!
Hodge suffers backlash from all sides after comparing treatment by Labour to Holocaust
Len McCluskey accuses Corbyn's detractors of exploiting anti-Semitism to weaken him!
Labour on the brink of a CIVIL WAR?
'Why are Brexiteers in a RUSH?' Ex-May advisor wants us to wait 10 YEARS?
The 'tough' new GCSE that needs just 17% to score a C!
Obese children as young as NINE suffering from diabetes!
Cynical gambling giants keep online punters hooked
LIRA! Trump WARNING sparks panic - ‘We are cutting back on Turkey!’
AUSTRIA: Freedom Party Interior Minister to prosecute Muslims who champion Sharia law!
Germans more accepting of LGBT, less tolerant of Islam!
USA: Government employees trafficking children in Maine?
Tesla whistleblower claims staff trafficked cocaine/meth for Mexican drug cartel!
BBC interviews African witch doctor who kills children for their genitals/brains!

Friday 17 August

The age of emotional incontinence
GENOA: Are 39 dead because of collusion between Italian officials and criminal gangs?
Manchester Imam, Mustafa Graf, 'called for armed jihad' at mosque where Arena bomber prayed!
WOLVERHAMPTON: Delroy thought Jasmine, 11, was Satan, so he battered her 110 times!
Teenager disembowelled, 3 others hurt in carnage in south London park
Savage ploughs into disabled youth worker’s car and his 'animalistic’ gang stabs him 14 times!
Britain’s Got Talent star Simonne Kerr stabbed to death in Battersea
ROMFORD: 17-year-old has acid thrown at him...
Children caught carrying dangerous weapons hits 10-year high
Sex beast, Zohair Tomari, who abused girls while ON BAIL for rape, locked up
Yazidi slave girl meets Isis captor in German street - Then what happened?
Admiralty House and 4 more Whitehall buildings are now Sharia compliant!
Shameful snub to our war dead - Councils ignore plea to honour WW1 heroes!
‘This is the Battle for Britain!' Leave champions warn of Brexit betrayal
Hungarian Government says Sweden’s leaders are ‘on the side’ of illegal migrants!
‘All punches are not equal’ – CNN’s Cuomo stops short of defending Antifa violence
Pope Francis urges world leaders to back the rights of refugees!
Pope lectured Trump on family separation but silent on child molestation by priests!
Far-left anarchists bomb Italian populist party office
SPAIN: Far-left arrested after brutal attack on university students
Italian Govt blames EU shackles and big business for deadly bridge disaster
Swedish mass car fire suspect arrested... IN TURKEY!
76 overdose on drugs within 24 hours outside Yale University!
SURPRISE! Women avoid £40K GENDER NEUTRAL Home Office loos – Too distressing!

Thursday 16 August

DIVERSITY! 31 charged in probe into ‘7-year sex hell’ of teenage schoolgirls
PC couple who cycled through ISIS territory to prove ‘humans are kind’ are now dead!
Daily Mail journalist James King flies out and harasses Tommy Robinson - Embarassing!
Young Italian murdered by Chechen Muslims, not Russians as MSM would have you believe
Good guy with a gun saves many lives in Florida – MEDIA SILENCE!
What London office workers (Treasury official included) think of anti-terrorist police!
UK has the largest number of 'very high risk' drinkers in western Europe!
Democrats pick transgender candidate for Vermont Governor!
Four injured as Afghan asylum-seeker launches knife rampage in Perigueux, France
Rees-Mogg spearheads new Brexit plan with 'POSITIVE' future under WTO rules!
Remainer Foreign Secretary admits UK will ‘thrive’ with ‘No Deal’ Brexit
Labour voters have changed their minds about Brexit? Brown relies on 'Hope-Not-Hate' poll
BREXIT: Theresa May 'to sell out UK' with watered down EU freedom of movement!
Nigel Farage and Sharia Law - "The law needs to be more muscular!"
Migrant rough sleepers offered housing to help them back into work?
Top cops pledge to tackle sexual harassment of staff after a survey reveals scale of problem
Corbyn slammed for making Muslim Brotherhood Islamist salute!
100,000 Turkish immigrants could be stripped of Austrian dual citizenship?
South Africa farm seizure! List of white farmers facing expropriation
MANIGAULT: What a sorry bunch of hypocrites and liars the media are!
Salih Khater's pal says he's 'quiet and kind'... Like most terrorists, I guess
Gordon Brown demands tougher action on anti-Semitism!
DEPP - HEARD - Hollywood stars, eh? The things they get up to

Wednesday 15 August

Britain faces 700 live terror probes!
14,261 reports of identity theft from victims 60+ in first 6 months of 2018!
JOHN GAUNT: Politicians are failing in their first basic duty - To protect us!
Sudanese terrorist, Salih Khater, injures 15 people outside parliament!
“These animals are crazy!” Trump tweets response to Westminster terror incident!
Security Minister: A ‘British citizen who came from another country originally’ (An immigrant?)
HUDDERSFIELD: Detectives charge 31 people (Muslims?) with child rape/trafficking
Rochdale councillor, Faisal Rana, guilty of election fraud! NO JAIL!
Dunia Shafik wants to make amends for her murderer son...
Romanian migrant Daniel Neagu used a digger to wreck 5 retirement homes after sacking!
‘Like a military operation!’ 100 cars burnt in Swedish ‘no-go zones!’
Pennsylvania priests 'abused thousands of children!'
Professor Maurice Crul says the native Dutch should get used to being a minority!
Israeli Govt spokesperson admits killing Palestinians because they can’t fit them all in jail?
Jewish Labour Movement worked with Israeli embassy spy?
The drug that makes people jump off buildings!
Politicians/media give migrants the 'racism' smear, they'll use it! Some will react!
'Sassy' 8-year-old boy spends hours dressing up in heels and makeup as drag queen!
Chief executive pay jumped 11% to almost £4m last year!
'All terrorists these days are Muslims,' says Australian Senator
Leftie Media = Terror attack a ‘reckoning’ for mean tweets/online comments!
"A brawl between young people?" Really?
Tory MP links litter problems to immigration! Get slammed for it...
2009: MP's EXPENSES: Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper 'flipped' homes 3 times!
Philadephia Mayor sings/dances for illegals then releases one who subsequently raped young girl
Florida: Largest food stamp fraud in history - Muslim store owners arrested

Tuesday 14 August

Car crashes into gates of Parliament after running down cyclists! Man arrested
TOP COP: ‘We are failing the public and they are going to suffer more and more!’
‘Unprecedented levels of VIOLENCE!’ ‘County-lines' drug gangs terrorise small town UK!
‘An instrument of persecution’ – Seven times anti-Boris lefties attacked the Burqa
FINED JUST £90? Student who said she was attacked for wearing a hijab was lying!
HOLLAND: Patriotic politician committed suicide after alleged gang rape by immigrants
Check out what multiculturalism and mass migration is doing to Sweden
CANADA: Shocking damage to hotels used to house Syrian migrants!
Toronto Sun photographer assaulted by “peaceful” Antifa!
USA: Antifa types beating up a patriot!
‘No deal’ Brexit will harm EU more, admit Brussels bureaucrats
'Fascism!' Alastair Campbell told to stop trying to erase will of the people
USA: Gun-control candidate (Democrat) murders her campaign treasurer - With a gun!
Obama administration improperly paid out $434 million to Obamacare customers
Governor's CRUCIAL point on ANTIFA left after attacks on Republicans
NATO-linked think tanks control EU refugee policy? The Merkel Plan and ESI
'Moral mobs' who shame others on social media more likely to solicit sympathy for their targets
The Dilemma of Jewish Privilege
Hollywood celebs trash Ohio voters on Twitter after Democrat loss

Monday 13 August

MPS are bringing prostitues into parliament?
She married Mohsin Akram so he could stay here. He attacked her with a hammer
POLL: Most Brits back Boris in Burqa row, say free speech threatened
Muslim Council of Britain demands full disciplinary inquiry into Boris Johnson!
Finally! The Brexit phoney war is over; Britain’s Trump-style revolution has begun!
Germany blames Trump for destroying economy! (And importation of millions of freeloaders?)
Massive increase in Jihadis stripped of British citizenship! WHERE'S THE CATCH?
Brother of boy killed in house blaze sent back to jail in 'urgent recall'
Hero PC stabbed taking on moped muggers
Check out the normality in Jack Straw's former consituency
Belgium considers asylum for Rwandan involved in death of 10 UN peacekeepers!
Weedkiller ingredient that left man with terminal cancer found in BREAD and CEREAL!
Pakistani-born senior priest calls for partial ban of veil in public places
Is a Rabbi who informs us of routine paedophilia by Jewish elders guilty of antisemitism?
AGE UK offers advice for older people wanting to change gender? Crucial stuff, eh?
Transgender 'woman,' 17, spent £15,000 to look like Kim Kardashian

Sunday 12 August

Violent paedo jailed in Bermuda for attack on girl, 5, can be sent here for care in NHS!
MANCHESTER: 10 shot in Moss Side in gun rampage after 'Caribbean Carnival!'
A Day in Khan’s London! 3 rapists sentenced, machete gang arrested!
NEWHAM CARJACKER: Black knifeman targets 7 lone females in less than 3 weeks!
CHELSEA: Refugee Rafaat Mohamed threw kettle of boiling water over gay housemate
Britain's dumbest robbers? CCTV captures all!
Tube passenger hunted over knife threat to mother and baby insists SHE was victim!
So, whose side would you say the left-wing establishment has been on this last 70 years?
HERPES virus claims the lives of 65 infants a year!
A year living in London? You might as well smoke 251 cigarettes
USA: Monsanto, makers of Roundup weedkiller, told to pay a groundsman £226m!
Israeli soldiers shoot 131 people during protests along the Gaza border
Establishment attacks BoJo because he’s a future leadership contender, says Rees-Mogg
Check out what Emily Thornberry says about 'somebody wearing a Burqa!"
Rachel Johnson: I do apologise for my brother, Boris... he didn't go NEARLY far enough!
HITCHENS: Forget burkas - Christianity's the faith that is really under siege
The art of taking offence by Roger Scruton
Merkel party member tells Germans not to be worried about becoming a minority!
Merkel and Spain’s Socialist leader agree to push ‘fair distribution’ of migrants across EU
NGO Ship resumes transporting migrants to Europe after Italy crackdown on Illegals
Rashid says many of the 17.4 million who voted for Brexit are 'racist!'
Last spasm of British Imperialism in the Middle East
SYRIA: Pro-regime change academic bias in UK
Skripal: A Russian web or a RUSI web?
The Dark Heart of the Deep State! The Hofschroer Case
Swedish party wants to deport migrants who refuse to work/contribute to society
Leftists vandalise Trump memorials!
Disgraced DJ, Jonathan King, attacks police over child abuse ‘witch-hunt
Father of Love Island winner Jack Fincham is a convicted drug dealer

Saturday 11 August

Dutch anti-immigrant politician takes own life after rape by ‘Muslim gang!’
Cafe shuts after Union Flag breakfasts branded racist
UKIP Criticises Met’s ‘Chief of Thought Police’ for BoJo Burqa ‘hate crime’comments
British servant murdered by Bolsheviks alongside 'last tsar of Russia' exonerated by Putin's government!
Colleges now rejecting applicants who follow non-mainstream folk on Twitter!
‘Sick of media lies!’ Thousands protest state broadcaster bias in #BBCswitchoff!
PC Lefties (BBC/Guardian/Fry/Hislop/Merton) get to poke fun at the Burqa, but Boris?
DIVERSITY! Latvian immigrants murdered Alberts Volkausks in Boston, Lincs.
Joel Uhrie: A damning portrait of Wild West Britain
GLOUCESTER: Rado Mihai repeatedly punched and kicked woman he invited home for 'fun'
Muslim convert admits plot to kill 100 in terror attack outside Oxford Street Disney Store
Tube passenger abused young mother after being accidentally kicked by baby!
Travellers who invaded three Surrey villages evicted for FOURTH time
‘I’ll raid you, white trash!’ Australians told to lock doors as Africans rampage in Melbourne!
Professor Eric Clanton attacks 7 Trump supporters with a bike lock! His sentence? Probation!
German Police raided a Mosque and this is what they found
Burqa security threat! Criminals and terrorists use the Islamic face veil
Tories could send Boris Johnson for ‘diversity training’ over Burqa comments
‘Civil War!’ Tory Brexiteers threaten rebellion over Boris Burqa investigation!
'We have a thing called freedom of speech in this country!' Senior Tories defend Boris
Farage slams Burley’s comparison of hero’s burns to Burqa - 20,000 petition for apology
Bitter Remainers dealt ‘DOSE OF REALITY’ as figures ‘prove Brexit is already working!’
'This is NOT Brexit!' FURY among Conservative grassroots!
May fails to outmanoeuvre Barnier! EU27 fully behind him!
Israel/Gaza ceasefire broken as Palestinian medic is shot dead!
Orban’s Hungary discontinues gender studies programs at state-funded universities!
White male Professors to be trained on ‘bias’ by non-white females in govt-backed scheme!
Gypsies leave human FAECES and GARBAGE after trashing popular playing fields!
Travellers who invaded three Surrey villages evicted for FOURTH time
IRONY ALERT! World's top empathy researcher accused of bullying colleagues!
John Cleese on Taboo subjects
John Cleese on who you can make jokes about and who you can't

Friday 10 August

Mayor of Venice declares if anyone shouts ‘Allahu Akbar,’ we will 'send them straight to Allah!'
Some say the guardsman is fake, no chinstrap, no belt... So what's going on?
Top Catholic schools hid claims of appalling sex abuse over 4 decades to protect the Church!
AMPLEFORTH! Top Catholic school used rape as punishment!
Patriotic Brits back Brexit saying 'Trump would have sorted it!'
Senior British Imam backs Boris Johnson in burqa row!
British Muslim women back Boris! ‘I’m scared of the Burqa’, ‘pressure to wear it is real!’
Allowing EU to bully us during Brexit negotiations will be the 'death knell' for Theresa May
Brussels BLINKS! Rees-Mogg warns May heading for ‘PITIABLE FAILURE!'
Nigel Farage tears into Met Police chief over Boris!
How the Tories suicidally made a crisis from the Boris burka drama!
Rowan Atkinson sides with Boris!
Tory lesbian wants Burqa protected like crucifix, pro-EU remainers to QUIT if Boris is boss
How criminals and terrorists use the Islamic face veil
Over half of criminal suspects in Vienna a foreigners, rape and murder up!
Sadiq Khan accused of ‘lying’ about violent crime wave!
Mother stabbed to death by enraged son-in-law after helping daughter flee arranged marriage!
Dentist stabbed in surgery for Rolex watch!
Obama ignores white genocide in South Africa!
CLAPHAM: Gonzalo Gomez-Remolina, murdered two men
Rapper told he faces 3 years in prison for posting 2015 sex video of 13-year-old girl
NORWICH: Teenage drug dealers first to be sentenced after undercover operation
Khan’s London: 97% of moped crime goes unsolved!
‘Refugee’ charged after 11-year-old boy assaulted in McDonald’s
"A small detail the police had somehow failed to spot!"
"You call the police... Instead of the help expected, you are told off for your impertinence!"
Nice behaviour there, Spain! Is he diverse?
Sex assault allegations against Weinstein, Seagal and Anderson given to the LA district attorney
Home Secretary Sajid Javid won't fly British flag at UK border posts!
Labour breakaway boost as donors chuck cash at Chuka Umunna
Only 10% of Labour voters think Corbyn is anti-Semitic!
NHS crisis: MILLIONS can’t get an appointment when they need one!
Czech PM: We don’t want African migrants, they don’t want to work and come only to get welfare!
Hornchurch cafe branded racist over Union Jack flags!
Now women and ethnic minority students are lecturing their professors on DIVERSITY!
Now women and ethnic minority students are lecturing their professors on DIVERSITY!
UN demands inquiry after 50 milled by airstrike! Saudi-led jets blamed
YEMEN: Was the childrens' bus deliberately targeted by Saudi-led coalition?
YEMEN: Paedos executed after after boy is raped and killed - OK by me!
"Selfish, grasping" Angelina Jolie!

Thursday 9 August

BRITAIN NOW! Only 18.9% of Muslims aged 16 to 74 are in full-time employment!
UK: More than 2,000 acid attacks in three years!
Man accused of murdering Samantha Eastwood ‘battered and left cowering in his jail cell'
'You've killed Joel!' Mother of 7-year-old killed in arson attack blames his jailbird brother!
LEICESTER: Woman left fighting for her life after 'horrific' sex attack in children's play area
Burkas are the same as a crucifix? Top Tory lesbian's two penneth...
The burka looks ridiculous and those who defend it do Muslim women like me no favours!
Boris’s comments ‘dehumanise’ Muslim women and make them feel like ‘criminals?’ B***OCKS!
BURKA! Boris reported to police by Sharmin Akther! He's “spreading hate crime!”
MSM data poll finds public back Boris! Burqa comments not racist, it should be banned!
Boris Johnson needs to go full Trump!
Muslim female doctor: ‘I back Boris!’ Face veil is ‘anti-Western!’
SWEDEN: 73% feel the country is going in the ‘wrong direction!‘ (Wow! Even the Swedes are waking up!)
Morocco increases migrant flow to Spain to pressure EU for cash!
Pope in Ireland: Gay, half-Indian PM will promote LGBT Agenda!
Huge effigy of Pope Francis wins annual Irish scarecrow festival!
EU ON THE BRINK! Danes plot to use Brexit as blueprint to QUIT EU!
'Theresa May clearly WRONG!' Rees-Mogg attacks 'safe spaces nonsense' and defends Boris!
My despair over HS2 as salaries and budgets soar!
Starved of friendship...how 1million pensioners will eat alone all summer
EU ON THE BRINK! Danes plot to use Brexit as blueprint to QUIT EU!
'Theresa May clearly WRONG!' Rees-Mogg attacks 'safe spaces nonsense' and defends Boris!
Britain's wealthiest businessman Jim Ratcliffe is 'taking his £21bn fortune to Monaco!'
Angry at Boris? I just feel rage for the women forced to hide away behind the burka
Toddler and pregnant mother killed in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza
Corbyn's local Labour branch attacks BBC's overblown anti-Semitism scandal
Thank you white people!

Wednesday 8 August

Behind the scenes at the Twitter purge!
Anti-White 'hate speech' on Twitter by CNN, Buzzfeed, NYT and LA Times reporters!
UKIP call to ‘defend free speech’ against ‘globalist elite’ after social media purges
Government wants to concrete over England as mass migration drives housing crisis!
23 years ago the US backed a brutal Croatian ethnic cleansing of Serbs!
Joe Biden announces social media campaign #AsYouAre to promote LGBTQ acceptance!
Elderly Trump supporter sucker punched by ANTIFA female!
Britain 2018: Record knife crime rates straining NHS, depleting blood supplies
UK responsible for almost ONE THIRD of Europe drug deaths!
23 years ago the US backed a brutal Croatian ethnic cleansing of Serbs!
SNOWFLAKES! 44% of 18 to 24-year-olds do not know WW1 took place from 1914 to 1918!
Boris Johnson should be kicked out of the Tory Party for burka remarks, says Lord Sheikh
BREXIT: Tens of thousands lose patience with May - 'This ISN'T what we voted for!'
May's relationship with Sturgeon hits ‘ROCK BOTTOM after Brexit power grab!'
May’s government ‘wasting Brexit leverage by handing EU firms big contracts’
Jeremy Corbyn questions Israel’s RIGHT TO EXIST?
John McDonnell: we need a new Anti-Nazi League to resist the far right!
Jason Taylor murder: Check out the beast, Jack Costello - And why no picture of Kayle Smith?
Man who raped teenager said: 'You cannot be a virgin because you are white!'
Traveller camp FURY as village ‘RUINED’ by crime!
Journalist was raped for 15 months by Somali kidnappers
Syrian refugee: Austrians should take refugees in their homes and give them their money
Blairite Peter Hain fought injustice in Africa – Now he kisses a*** of a dubious Afro-Asian tycoon
Noam Chomsky full length interview: Who rules the world now?
UniCredit, Italy’s largest bank, stops advertising on Facebook over ethical lapses
How DID Jewish reality star, Katie Price, blow £45 MILLION?

Tuesday 7 August

Cocaine is killing eight Britons every week!
France passes law saying children can consent to sex with adults?
Zuckerberg permanently bans Infowars from Facebook!
Why was Alex Jones banned? Pressure from Jewish Congressmen, Raskin and Deutch?
Ellman’s lie raises serious questions about Labour Friends of Israel
Senator Dianne Feinstein had a Chinese spy in her San Francisco office!
Only 22% think May will get a good Brexit deal for Britain
BREXIT: Trade exports hit record high as UK prepares for global trade deals
UK is ready to walk away from Brexit negotiations without a deal!
Farage pinpoints biggest mistake EU has ever made
PROJECT FEAR! Now top cops are getting in on the act!
How village of the super rich was trashed by travellers
USA: Mothers arrested for 'abusing and starving' their 11 kids at heavily armed Muslim compound
SPAIN: Eurocrats fear migrant surge will empower populists!
Germany considers border controls after migrant surge into Socialist Spain
Liz Kendall, Chuka Umunna, Stephen Kinnock and others in secret plot to oust Corbyn!
If the Tories concrete over the green belt, they'll bulldoze any chances of staying in power
Boris Johnson mocks the Burqa. Canny move?
Rape and attempted rape six months later! "Why not?" Asylum-seeker enriches us
BRIGHTON: Hunt for Asians after gay man's jaw broken in UK ‘City of Sanctuary!’
Gabriella Milova used £1,400+ worth of electricity after meter tampering
STOCKPORT: Pensioner, 89, ' TASERED by thug robber!' (No description of thug)
Drug dealers sold deadly 'hippy crack' to partygoers at the BBC's Ibiza beach parties!
Jonathan King vows to overturn child sex abuse convictions!
Patient pervert, Jonathan King, never lost swagger despite string of child sex abuse convictions
Bobbies engaging with the public? Or enraging them?
Fury as council approves traveller site EXPANSION in tiny Kent village!
Blue tick Saudi Twitter account makes veiled terror threat against Canada
80,000 dogs SLAUGHTERED for food in one South Korean market!
BBC's West Side Story race row is 'PC to the point of ridiculousness', says composer's daughter

Monday 6 August

Number of teenage girls self-harming DOUBLES in 20 years! 13,463 recorded!
SCOTLAND: Primary children will be told ‘your gender is what you decide!’
RUGBY: Kai Sowe raped and strangled woman he met in nightclub
HARTLEPOOL: Mother-of-3, Kelly Franklin, brutally murdered in the street
BIRMINGHAM: Teenager stabbed in back (CCTV of Asian 'gang' member)
STOCKWELL: Young woman killed in early morning hit-and-run crash
The law is HELPING their daughter's 'cowardly' killer?
GREECE: 17 British teenagers rushed to hospital after drinking toxic alcohol
Corbyn's deputy faces call to resign after anti-Semitism intervention! Miliband D supports him
GUARDIAN: Far right is at its strongest since the 1930s, whimpers Owen Jones!
Guardian (anti-Brit) article: Dark stars of far right compete to bask in glory of Tommy Robinson
UK Govt to make everyone organ donors unless they opt out
German city orders 128 bulletproof vests for deportation officers
'Posh scum' spray-painted on Jacob Rees-Mogg's home by leftie snowflakes!
Romanian online pharmacies selling 'powerful' drugs to UK customers!

Sunday 5 August

Norman Finkelstein on Labour's anti-Semitism scandal!
Is it OK in Iraqi culture to be with a 12-year-old girl? PC Plod wanted to be 'culturally sensitive!'
CLEETHORPES: Somali immigrant, Ali Abdi,wanted in connection with the murder of Shaun Lyall
Moped muggers 'hunted people down like sport!'
Thousands at funeral of four Muslims killed in '100mph' chase when chased by police
'Drugs spree' killer who stabbed his girlfriend to death jailed for life
IRELAND: Six east Europeans (gypsies?) appear in court charged with £61,340 robbery
“Spain is becoming the Third World!” American tourist almost killed by migrants speaks up
Eskimo yells "I hate white people," while punching white woman! Judge rukles not a hate crime!
GERMANY: Immigrant, Sief Allah H. planned a ricin terror attack against “unbelievers!”
Far-left, open borders group targets Matteo Salvini, claiming 'hate speech!'
Hysteria and hypocrisy? MSM launch assault on Corbyn over 'anti-Semitism'
#WeAreCorbyn trends at No.3 worldwide as Corbynites fight back against anti-Semitic ‘smears’
MARK CARNEY is High priest of Project Fear, says Rees-Mogg!
FOX - Britain heads for a no-deal Brexit! Barnier to blame!
‘Michael Gove is a lunatic!’ David Cameron ATTACKS former ally
Jewish ex-Chairman of Tory Party blames Gove for Brexit 'disaster!'
Vince Cable in secret talks with Blair ally over new Lib-Lab pact to fight Brexit
Corbyn calls Jewish MP, 'the Honourable Member for Tel Aviv!'
HITCHENS: Gangsters go free but soldiers face trial: proof the IRA won
DOZENS of prisoners, including lifers, are being allowed out of jail for driving lessons!
Transgender woman says no one will hire her because of how she looks
'Weinstein believes he will be COMPLETELY exonerated!'
But where's all the diversity?

Saturday 4 August

Forced marriage: Police ‘turn a blind eye’ to child brides!
NHS records 15,722 sepsis deaths in 2016-17! Overall, 44,000 died of this in Britain!
‘Toxic’ feud affected staff performance at heart surgery unit with alarmingly high death rate
Paul Weston - Questions for Home Secretary Sajid Javid, re torture of Tommy Robinson
Tommy Robinson was abused and tortured with the complicity of the British State!
Tommy Robinson was put in cell opposite prison mosque!
Violent moped robbers who targeted the elderly, Mikelle Alexander and Karim Hussain, jailed
SHEFFIELD: Yasser, Shaid and Faisel Hussain and Azad Raja charged with child sex offences!
Anwar Ali used PlayStation and Xbox to groom boy, 5, he went on to rape 100 times!
London BLOODBATH: Man stabbed in Hackney rushed to hospital
SPAIN: Moroccan arrested for sex attack on 74-year-old British woman
COLOMBIA: Child prostitution ring smashed! 250 girls branded! Israeli ringleaders!
AUSTRALIA: Nurses must announce their 'white privilege' before treating Aboriginal patients?
‘The EU DON’T CARE about the Irish border!’
Carney PULLS RUG from under sterling! Pound CRASHES as he issues BREXIT WARNING!
South African President demands white farmers’ land be SEIZED1
Obama praises S. Africa leader despite murders and land grab without compensation!
GERMANY: Illiterate Syrian has 3 wives, wants 20 kids and no plans to work!
Sweden welcomes British Police Transgender Ambassador to give officers diversity talk!
Corbyn a threat to Jewish community? (Only his head will satisfy the 1-in-225 club)
BBC removes biased cartoon mocking ‘flag-wavers’, claiming UK was always multicultural!
Govt report brands satire, parody ‘fake news’, calls for social media ee-education!
House Majority Leader demands Jack Dorsey publicly testify on Twitter shadowbans
Italy Family Minister calls for repeal of hate speech law used as ‘ideological weapon’ by globalists
UK to DOUBLE foreign aid to £300 MILLION via CAH/CREDIT CARD by 2025!
Influx of irregular refugees has reached crisis level for most Canadians, poll suggests
Ali Dizaei and the crime lord's godson!
Janet Jackson reveals - ‘I almost committed suicide after converting to Islam!’
PROJECT FEAR! Jess Phillips, MP, says Brexit will see Love Island cancelled!

Friday 3 August

What the beasts you vote for did to Tommy Robinson!
Tommy Robinson detailing the horrific treatment he received in prison on Tucker Carlson Tonight
BBC backlash? DISGUST? Radio 4 'normalise' Tommy Robinson? (The Express is full of sh*t!)
Noam Chomsky, who is Jewish, says ISRAEL, not Russia, meddles 'brazenly' with US elections!
New York Times’ editorial board member celebrates 'dumbass f***ing white people' extinction!
UK kids’ books ‘too white!’ Report demands minority representation ‘across all genres!’
Surgeon branded 'racist' after blowing whistle on Asian doctors wins £102,000 for unfair dismissal
BBC bins film claiming we were 'multicultural long before curry and carnival' after bias complaints
2013 - Iraq war: the greatest intelligence failure in living memory
Panorama: 'The Spies Who Fooled The World'
Labour councillor resigns after Hitler "would have had a solution to the Israel problem" comment
OFSTED INSPECTORS think Little Ducklings pre-school a hotbed for international terrorism?
Attacked in her Immingham home by ex-boyfriend, who then stabbed neighbour, 66, trying to help
Raids target crime group behind £4.6m benefit fraud
Brighton: Police hunt ‘Asian’ after park rape in UK ‘city of sanctuary!’
Ex-Labour migration lawyer, Asama Javed, is a forced marriage fixer for young girls!
UK govt ‘turns blind eye’ to forced marriage, hands visas to foreign rapists!
Ex-detective claims he knows NAME of hired assassin who killed Jill Dando! ‘Youths’ in French town set cars on fire to be like big cities!
My name is Kathleen Ferguson - THEY say I committed suicide...
ISIS torturer (female) describes horrors she inflicted – ‘I enjoyed torturing women!'
Swedish cops shoot dead man with Down's Syndrome after he flees home with a toy gun
Sweden’s multicultural Malmo has double the average unemployment rate!
Eurosceptic Sweden Democrats DEVASTATE socialist vote in latest polls!
Migrants in France protest “lack of meat” and having to work everyday!
EXPERT: Rarely has so much wealth been destroyed in peacetime as under Merkel!
Spanish mayor says: 'Africa is unstoppable!'
Barnier says Chequers deal poses THREAT to EU! (OK by me)
Brexit sparks PANIC for German fishermen who NEED British waters!
End this French farce over getting a good Brexit deal

Thursday 2 August

Who's supplying the Syrian jihadis with weapons? THE WESTERN ESTABLISHMENT!
UK’s EU contribution up 50% between Brexit vote and divorce date!
Tommy Robinson released on bail by Court of Appeal!
TOMMY ROBINSON: ‘I'm not a victim, I'm a target!'
'They tried to mentally destroy me!' Tommy Robinson speaks up after release
Home Counties acid attacks, thuggery in a market town - and police who seem past caring!
CAMBERWELL: One person killed, two injured in triple stabbing
‘Like an animal stalking prey!’ How Tyrone Andrew murdered Reagan Astbury
18-year-old shot outside Walthamstow station in critical condition
MANCHESTER: Teenage thugs beat up deaf care worker then stab friend twice in the chest
Sneering fugitive with 100 convictions taunts cops on run AGAIN after magistrates bail him
Afghan girl, 9, sold to her husband, 35, aged 7 to settle a debt, 'strangled to death' by him!
Migrant raped 92-year-old grandma on Christmas Eve – Allowed to remain in Sweden!
Polish woman hoped for peaceful life in Sweden but was raped by Arabs and ignored by police!
SWEDEN: African migrants gang rape disabled woman!
Farm murders in South Africa
South Africa to amend constitution to allow land grabs!
Mandelson MUST remain loyal to EU to receive £35K gold-plated pension!
France ISOLATED over Macron's nasty anti-Brit attitude to Brexit
Italian Bishop blasts ‘collective’ trashing of Matteo Salvini
Zimbabwe election: ZANU-PF official ADMITS CORRUPTION as violence escalates?
British court recognises sharia law for the first time!
Top Tory quits tech firm board - He could get £700,000 bonus despite listing job as unpaid!
Antisemitism matters: Jews are the canary in the coalmine?
Speaker of the House of Congress, Paul Ryan, is excited to discover he's a Jew!
MP Keith Vaz 'publicly berated Commons worker who complained about his lavish overseas trips
YouTube dad fed his kids ice cream laced with LAXATIVES, then filmed them crying in pain!

Wednesday 1 August

Xeneral Webster sentenced to 17 years for acid attack killing of nurse!
Horrifying moment innocent nurse is fatally doused with acid!
Youth rushed to hospital after being shot 3 times outside a London train station
BRADFORD: 8 injured at children's centre after man rampages through play area!

Public warned not to approach Garnet Russell in south London
Physiotherapist, Mohamed Abouelrish, 'groped a female patient's breasts and buttocks while treating her for whiplash!' Top Cop says crime is 'STABILISING' despite HUGE surge in violence across UK!
Top Cop condemns middle-class cocaine users who fuel drug trade
Why DID they hide the truth on the Manchester bomber?
CALAIS: Immigrants smash through car window, attack women inside with wooden weapons!
SUSPENDED! Tory Party Chair/President says Islamists “rape British girls to create Muslim babies!”
French MP André Chassaigne sfor a vote of no confidence on MACRON!
How Project Fear wants us all to panic over Brexit!
Britain's EU budget bill rises by 9% to £8.8billion! It will go up AGAIN next year even though we'll have left

Labour councillor quits over plans to let transgenders access women's toilets
An elephant is killed by poachers every 25 minutes
USA: Imam says FGM can help tame girls!'< /> Crackdown on Christianity! 8,000 churches shut down in Rwanda
NICK FERRARI: ‘Brexit scaremongering same as Millennium Bug!’
The real face of the European Union
Just tell Brussels to take it or leave it, says ANNE WIDDECOMBE

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