Daily News: August 2017

Thursday 31 August

What kind of sub-humans would try to bully a man in a wheelchair? Antifa!
RAPE! 'Willy goes in, then the woman becomes calm and you enjoy it like normal intercourse!'
This is it: The total destruction of Europe has just been decided upon!
Bookmark This! Over 400 links Google doesn’t want you to visit
Republican state senator says George Soros is 'a Hungarian Jew' with 'hatred for America!'
Israeli Mossad officer unmasked as ISIS LEADER in Libya
Cops hunt Surrey paedophile - E-fit
Half of Britons think Islam is ‘threat to West,’ study reveals!
Tony Blair accused of ‘BETRAYING BRITAIN’ by Tory MPs for meeting with Juncker
German fishermen hate Merkel!
'How much do EU owe us?' Peter Bone rubbishes Brussels attempts to charge UK for Brexit
'Spin your left-wing wet dreams' Former Trump aide lashes Channel 4 host in heated clash
BARNIER! Britain-hating Gallic popinjay with an ego the size of a butter mountain!
Judges rule hippy crack is still LEGAL! 50 dealers could have convictions quashed!
'God drowned all Texas neo-Nazis!' Charlie Hebdo Antifa cover!
‘Youth gangs openly sell drugs, carry guns in Swedish no-go zones’
The government's manufactured hate crisis exposed!
Ex-MP, Louise Mensch, 'willing mark, eager sucker, someone who is just dishonest enough!'
CIA’s mind-control experiment reverberates 40 years after hearings!
Professor who wants Trump dead says Taylor Swift is a white supremacist!

Wednesday 30 August

Far-left extremists commit over 2,000 crimes at/before Hamburg G20!
Cops call for Carnival to be banned after 31 officers attacked during event!
A case of FGM is discovered or treated in England every hour!
2.2m teens concerned they will become crime victim! (But DIVERSITY enriches!)
GPs told to slash hospital referrals! Controversial plan to cut costs!
Labour’s Brexit turns out not to mean Brexit at all!
British Muslim suing far-left Southern Poverty Law Center!
Peace through border control!
A cyber war is coming!
"The end of White America!" (Anti-White hatred via MSM/Fake News)
BARNES REVIEW: "Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s 'The Jews in the Soviet Union'!"

Tuesday 29 August

ADL (Jewish censors) starts YouTube censorship!
WikiLeaks: US sought Syria regime change for Israel’s sake!
White Christian girl put in care with Muslims who don't speak English! MPs must hold inquiry!
Christian parents begged Council to house child with grandparents instead of hardline Muslims!
CHILD ABUSE! hristian girl, 5, 'told Christmas and Easter are stupid by Muslim foster parents!'
"How do you define the word trash?... The white woman is trash!"
Berkeley Mayor is a member of the ANTIFA Facebook group that orchestrated Berkeley riots!
KKK AND BLM get off same buses in Charlottesville!
A Syrian living in Italy tries to warn Italians about 'refugees!'
Geopolitical prize = Gaining control of Venezuela’s huge oil resources - Trump admin waging political, economic and resource war to achieve its objective
BUT IT'S ENRICHING! Notting Hill acid attacks!
Notting Hill Carnival ACID ATTACK!
Peace through border control!
Uber passenger jumped from moving car after Muslim driver demanded she pay with sex
British tourist found crying and naked after being 'gang-raped on Magaluf beach'
Oh, look! White boy, 11, beaten up by black enrichment in Bristol - mob jeer!
New Ibuprofen health ALERT!
'You FAILED, now recognise democracy!' C4 host scolds Vince Cable over Brexit!
THREATS NOW! EU chief Michel Barnier warns UK security will suffer #Brexit ‘consequences!’
Lurid Trump allegations made by top clown, Louise Mensch, and co-writer came from hoaxer!

Monday 28 August

TOWER HAMLETS! Christian child forced into Muslim foster care!!!
Exam cheating scandal - (((Laurence Wolff))) suspended, Mo Tanweer dismissed!
Shadow Brexit Secretary, Keir Starmer, pockets £125,000 from law firm derailing EU exit!
‘It only takes one terrorist!’ Buddhist monk who reviles Muslims!
Merkel has no regrets about letting in a million migrants in one year!
Cops arrest 33 people at Notting Hill Carnival!
Congressman Steve Cohen calls for Trump's impeachment
GORKA: Trump’s MAGA agenda being systematically undermined within the White House
WEAK! Members of Trump’s inner circle publicly disparage him — he does nothing to stop them!
Sex beast Sujad Hussain jailed for 7.5 years for trying to rape vulnerable teen in park
Man arrested after 'brutal attack' on frail 88-year-old woman in her own home
Grandfather speaks! Dragged from his bed and raped at Surrey children's home
Glasgow violinist and conductor murdered in Argentina
18-year-old English lads stabbed and robbed by "8 young men" in Berlin
Africans beat up Polish man and gang-rape wife on Italian beach!
Corbyn's act of grotesque hypocrisy!
General Lee rides again!
'What happened to my Brexit vote?' BBC host savages Labour for 'deciding to stay in EU'
Skunk Ukunna describes Labour's Brexit betrayal as 'promising first steps!'
Wow! A Jew sneering at the British? Is that a first?

Sunday 27 August

COMMON PURPOSE! The secret society which runs Great Britain
Ryszard Masierak (drunk) and David Wagstaff charged with killing 8 people on the M1!
Corbyn denies there is a 'problem' with Pakistani men grooming white girls
If Islam is so great, why do Muslims seek refuge in Christian lands?
So much truth shared on Youtube, Google and ADL decide to shut it all down?
HOLLAND: Primary schoolchildren taught how to pray to Allah!
EU's failure to deport illegal immigrants is 'pull factor' for future illegals!
CNN: 'White supremacists by default!' How ordinary people made Charlottesville possible!
CNN has no defence to for labelling 63m Americans ‘white supremacists by default!’
PC insanity meets virtue-signal and #WhiteGenocide! (Writ oh-so large)
Attacks against the UK’s European Union exit must stop, says journalist
BBC host SLAPS DOWN Remoaner who says anti-Brexit stance is patriotic
Labour set to deny Leave voters by backing membership of EU single market!
Theresa May savages 'abhorrent' greed of fat cat bosses (but does f*** all about it?)
Labour MP gets 600 rape threats in one day after saying lefties are the 'worst sexists'
Charlottesville! ‘White supremacist’ leader was on CNN’s payroll!
'London more united than ever,' insists Sadiq Khan!
UK's Jayda Fransen takes on IMAM preaching wife beating from his Holy Book
High school coach FIRED over shocking cheerleader video!
Morale of US forces collapses?
Sweden sentenced to death by Jews?

Saturday 26 August

Postmodernism and cultural Marxism! (You MUST check this out)
Gary Cohn says ANTIFA stand for equality and freedom!
Hollywood studios blacklist Penelope Cruz over Gaza letter accusing Israel of 'genocide!'
Obama’s SEAL Team 6 Coverup!
Chemicals in sofas and car seats stop you getting pregnant?
The Dear Leader decrees: "Thou wilt not criticise Pakistani paedos!"
'Can't remember a single murder at Glastonbury!' Top cop says they don't target black events!
'I think about killing him every night!' Teen who survived the Manchester bombing speaks out!
Lyndon Lewis get 13 years for stabbing 14-year-old schoolboy and his father
DERBY: Ilija High, who attacked 14-year-old girl and at least two women, gets 22 years!
Terrorist attack at Buckingham Palace?
Brussels: Machete-waving 'terrorist' shouting 'Allahu Akbar' shot dead as he attacks soldiers!
Nottingham terror alert: Shops evacuated, street cordoned off – controlled explosion heard!
Suspected serial killer, Shane Schindler, attacked a mannequin disguised as a homeless person!
India engulfed by riots with 29 killed after rape conviction of hairy guru with 50m followers!
How did so many of today's students turn into snowflakes?
Sebastian Gorka resigns! Forces inside White House don't support MAGA agenda!
Antifa punches another Antifa because he looked like a Nazi! Ha-ha!

Friday 25 August

Non-English speaking victims of crime to be given priority, top cop suggests!
6,226 child abuse allegations in just one Birmingham borough in 5 years!
England/Wales: Record number of babies born to foreign mothers!
Illegal immigrant, Hani Khalaf, jailed for murder of 62-year-old carer
Nazis AND Commies at Charlottesville! (Surprisingly even-handed article from MSM!)
Mayor of Venice says ANYONE who shouts 'Allahu Akbar' in his city will be shot!
Alt-Left leader will use baseball bat embedded with nails to 'crush skulls' at patriot peace rally?
EU’s failure to deport migrants once they’ve been refused asylum is fuelling the migrant crisis!
Non-British population of the UK now 'almost twice the population of Ireland!'
German economist predicts EU WILL collapse as nations follow UK out!
'Poisonous Brexit' to blame for 'hatred in society', says Chuka Umunna!
Lesbian who lied about sex attacks by 15 men jailed for 10 years
German election 2017 latest shock: Angela Merkel booed as voters tell her to ‘get lost!’
Furious Poland vows to FIGHT BACK against Macron free movement reforms
Pressure grows to remove ‘racist’ Confederate statues! (Pressure from whom? Commies?)
Black man is a “white supremacist” for saying black people should stop killing each other?

Thursday 24 August

BBC under fire for using children in 'social experiment' to create 'gender neutral school!'
Nelson's Column? Wanting to topple his statue is LAUGHABLE!
'Tear down Nelson's column?' British public OUTRAGED at monument 'white supremacist' claim!
The Left’s purge of statues is absurd - who's next?
Channel 4's Jon Snow says he got BREXIT WRONG! He's part of out-of-touch 'elite'
Angela Merkel has DRAINED Germany's wealth to prop up ailing banks and failing EU!
The ACLU forced to issue apology for tweeting photo of a WHITE baby holding a US flag!
61% of REDDIT socialists live with parents, 48% unemployed, 14% support free speech!
Europe must heed the warning of jihadists posing as migrants!
Britons demand 'clear cut' Brexit and NO European court influence after March 2019
Trump under threat from Liberal 'goody-goodies' starting 'CIVIL WAR', bikers warn!
Bent cops, Wahid Husman and Tahsib Majid, aimed to sell drugs to organised crime network!
'Grooming' gang 'raped vulnerable girls as young as 13
Guy with knife says: 'This is my neighbourhood! I rule it!'
Shahid Ali, plied a 14-year-old with drink and drugs before having sex with her
Prince William condemns 'violent' murder of top animal conservationist in Tanzania!
US nanny burnt and beat 3 toddlers as part of daily torture routine
Barcelona terrorists laugh and joke at a petrol station just hours before deadly massacre
61% of REDDIT socialists live with parents, 48% unemployed, 14% support free speech!
The ACLU forced to issue apology for tweeting photo of a WHITE baby holding a US flag!
It is right that Britain's new GCSEs aim for a world class education
Britain could still be bound by the EU court for YEARS after Brexit
United Nations urges Trump to 'unequivocally' condemn white supremacists
JUDGES NOWADAYS! Leniency for illegal immigrant, abuse for "fat racist!"

Wednesday 23 August

Reporter who exposed BBC paedophilia cover-up is dead!
Karl Marx must fall ahead of Admiral Nelson, surely?
CPS to crack down on social media hate crime, says Alison Saunders
'The Left really does hate Britain!’ Fury at shock demand Nelson’s Column should be TOPPLED
POLLARD: It is not for the state to prosecute nasty online trolls!
Jill Dando was murdered and Liz McKean died prematurely - Both tried to expose BBC paedos
Shut your mouths for the good of diversity!
SURREY: Girl, 10, bravely fought off sex attacker!
Seven housing benefit chiefs at three different councils 'masterminded a 10-year £1m fraud!
Afghan murderer who attacked police officers with a claw hammer has life sentence slashed!
'Europe must WAKE UP!' Polish MPs launch blistering tirade on EU after Barcelona attack
Terrorists 'will devastate ALL the EU' thanks to free movement! Libya PM warns
Project Fear EXPOSED: Clegg mocked by economist over 3 million jobs threat
Did Nostradamus predict WW3 in 2017?
Cops storm 73-year-old woman's house to seize 'dangerous' Yorkshire terrier 'Alfie!'
Immigration is 'unlikely to fall significantly' unless ministers introduce tougher measures

Tuesday 22 August

Online abuse doesn't compare with being attacked in the street!
Toppling statues? Here’s why Nelson’s column should be next!
Victorian beggars, pregnant prostitute aged TEN - Where's the 'white privilege?'
CHARLOTTESVILLE: ADL on the ground, behind the scenes leading up to, during, after rally!
WOLVERHAMPTON: Melvin James murdered sister, tried to kill mum, before killing himself
Moped raiders, ‘EasyCash Gang,’ face years behind bars!
MOROCCO: Woman gang raped on bus!
Brexit could WRECK Germany's economy? (Millions of Merkel invaders more likely to do so)
Around 22 million Americans AGREE with Neo-Nazi views, new poll finds!
Coward cops being driven from streets by rioters
Trump-supporting black man violently attacked by Antifa!
A NEW LOW! BBC asks if criticism of Muslim child sex grooming gangs is 'racist!'
'A terrible betrayal!' Gove fights Hammond! Fishing is NOT a Brexit bargaining chip!
The sick world of Liberals
Infiltrating Antifa's Black Lives Matter protest in Durham
Loose Women star gets death threat after telling Muslim preacher to 'kiss my bottom!'
LITTLEJOHN: Another daft security crackdown - bolt that stable door again!
Virtue-signalling cops can now speak Arabic
Summing up the Left
GERMANY: Monthly welfare for asylum-seeker!
Pope thinks RAPE and TERROR are just part of the ‘refugee experience?’
Antifa protester Yvette Felarca says violence against the far-right (patriots) is ‘not a crime!’
Geoff Boycott saying he'd stand a better chance of getting knighted if he 'blacked up!'
Quebec: Antifa/Islamists riot, attack Canadian patriots, journalists and tourists

Monday 21 August

Curators of Stockholm's Länsmuseum order destruction of Iron Age/Viking artifacts!
SWEDEN today! Muslim girls shake boys' hands - Offended relative demands death - Dad refuses - Relative murders dad
United States set to decimate German car industry after Trump threats
Thousands of Brits could be infected with HEPATITIS after eating sausages from EU pigs!
'The voice of the establishment!' Brexiteer SAVAGES Remainer
200+ ISIS militants WIPED OUT in precision Russian air strike in Syria
Deaths of 12 residents at Sussex nursing homes to be probed
UK may have to obey EU's court rulings until 2027 - 8 YEARS after Brexit?
"Horse it into me, boss?" Way to be an ordained priest, Sinead
CROMER: Gypsy gang refuse to leave pubs after weekend of shoplifting and theft!
'No administration in history has been so divided!' Steve Bannon speaks out
German MP smiles and waves during tribute speech to victims of Barcelona terror
Oh so PC National Trust is just like Blair's lot in exile!
83 per cent of British Jews believe Labour is too tolerant on anti-Semitism!

Sunday 20 August

European terror at epidemic levels! EU leaders must get real!
Theresa May rejects appeal from 9/11 survivors to release Saudi Arabia terror report!
US cop speaks out!
Peace through violence? CNN becomes official Antifa network!
ISIS is a problem of MY religion!
Dishonours list! ELEVEN top honour holders stripped of their awards!
USA: Black savage CUT OFF his pregnant girlfriend's nipples with scissors!
Another Spaniard murdered by fugitive Barcelona terror suspect?
Barcelona’s chief rabbi warns Europe is 'lost' because of threat from radical Islam!
Barcelona terrorists were plotting a far bigger atrocity – targeting hundreds of innocent victims
Russian knifeman bombed shopping mall before stabbing eight people!
USA: Girl, 6, stabbed to death by babysitting brother! He also murdered his cousins, 6 and 9!
'Steve Bannon knows who the enemies of the American people are!'
Seattle PD trolls Alex Jones
Cops issue statement on actors hired for Charlottesville race riot!
'Hard' Brexit offers '£135bn annual boost' to economy!

Saturday 19 August

US cop speaks out! ‘Crowd Hire’ company recruited $25 an hour ‘political activists’ before Charlottesville?
If we don’t secure Europe’s borders we'll continue to fall victim to terrorist atrocities
Plaid leader, Leanne Wood, suggests ‘far-right terrorism’ responsible for Barcelona!
Leanne Wood backlash after asking if Barcelona attack was 'far-right' terrorism!
Barcelona! Far-right clash with anti-fascist groups during huge protests!
Barcelona van jihadi who killed 13 is STILL on the run!
Knife rampage in RUSSIA! 8 stabbed before cops shoot dead attacker
Muslim who killed two in Finland rampage is Moroccan just like Barcelona savage!
Finland: Two stabbed to death in street! Police can't confirm if 'something was shouted in Arabic'
Knife rampage in Turku that left two dead was TERROR cops reveal!
Robbers and fraudsters could be SPARED jail now? (More robbery and fraud on the way)
Bedfordshire detective, Jamal Hassan, jailed for filming sex act in child's bedroom
Theresa May vows to fight extremist brainwashing? (Yeah, right)
BANNON: Trump's presidency is 'over?'
Democrat ‘resistance’ Chairman tweets ‘Goy, Bye!’ slur in HuffPost Bannon headline!
“GOY, BYE!” the HuffPost homepage screamed! HuffPost turns Bannon departure into race war?
Steve Bannon gone from White House! Now free to 'go to war for Trump!'
Two hundred illegal migrants arrested in crackdown on houses packed with foreign workers
Young "Britons" hate us so much they run away to join ISIS?
Mother-of-three ended up in a COMA after two sunbed sessions
Drunk university law tutor, Meghna Kumar, thrown off a flight at Heathrow
Kate Garraway is ‘ashamed to be white?’
Moderate Moslems showing their love of peace to a local camel!

Friday 18 August

Truck terror comes to Barcelona!
Plaid Cymru's leader thought Whitey responsible for Barcelona?
POTUS applauds General who executed Muslim terrorists with bullets soaked in pig's blood!'
Spanish police kill suspects in second attack after 13 die in Barcelona!
On the streets of Europe, teenage boys trained by ISIS!
The most wanted man in Europe: Manhunt for Barcelona terror suspect!
‘They have caused this!’ Farage blasts EU leaders after Barcelona attack! ISIS supporters celebrate Barcelona van atrocity!
Girls snap up 60,000 more university places than boys? (Outrage was there none)
Why the f*** did the Irish vote for this creep? Paedophilia 'accepted in south Afghanistan!'

Thursday 17 August

Lithuanian immigrant murdered 81-year-old pensioner in her own home!
Sheriff David Clarke - It's pitchforks and torches time!
USA: Muslim threatened to shoot wife in head night before he was sworn in as a cop!
MOROCCO: 15 teens/children treated for rabies after gang raping infected donkey! Care home assault cases double! Police figures highlight suffering of the elderly!
13-year-old faces jail after raping 4-year-old sister (Porn found on mobile phone)
The rise of ANTIFA! Leftists and anarchists ready and willing to use violence!
Charlottesville killer was Hillary supporter?
McCain, Romney and Rubio join the Republicans for Antifa club!
Antifa babygoon threatens disabled veteran
Man stabbed by Antifa mob outside his home
Sarah Champion was never forgiven for daring to cross Corbyn!
Doctor danced into drug dealer's NYC apartment - She died there from a drugs overdose
SOUTH AFRICA: Couple narrowly avoid armed carjacker!
Disgruntled black Jew sues Goldman Sachs for 'racial and religious discrimination!'
FA chiefs paid £80,000 hush money to Eni Aluko! (She says England manager is racist)

Wednesday 16 August

“This country is lost!” A German writer’s last words
No-go zones, a persistent and growing problem in Europe, coming to the USA!
Cops hunt “Asian” who dragged woman off Hanley street and raped her!
Just 1-in-30 cases of forced marriage leads to a prosecution?
GERMANY: Asylum-seeker gets suspended sentence for sexual abuse of little children!
Over 600,000 Syrians set off back to their cities and villages in first 7 months of 2017!
Germany’s public toilets go gender-neutral
'More c**p! More bias!' Viewers FUME over 'UK bashing' on BBC Newsnight!
Irish Foreign Minister shuns EU and backs UK's Brexit proposals
Brussels pulls plug on funding of UK tech while we're STILL paying!
Trump blames both sides in Charlottesville, including 'very, very violent alt-left!'
Michael Moore protests at Trump Tower after POTS tells Charlottesville truth
Duke THANKS Trump - Patriots happy now POTUS shares blame for Charlottesville violence
Protester who pulled down Confederate statue arrested and could (SHOULD) face PRISON!
More snowflake celebs condemn President Trump for telling Chrlottesville truth!
Antifa beats up an old man!
Antifa thugs race to attack patriots!
DIVERSITY! Violent nutcase, Sanchez Edwards, attacks and robs 92-year-old lady!
Third woman accuses Roman Polanski of sexually assaulting her when she was just 16!
360,000 cats stolen in a year? (Who by? + Nothing to see here!)
Brexit betrayal is now government policy!
Comrades on the Left flaunt moral superiority but many are most racist/sexist of all!
Boris and his builder chums blew £50million on the Bridge of Lies that never got built!
1-in-8 old folk are victims of fraud when they let family/friends control their cash?
Child Genius CHEATING controversy!

Tuesday 15 August

The BBC is now promoting gender-free boys and girls!
Charlottesville: ANTIFA threw bags filled with urine and faeces at protesters!
What is 'Antifa'? And why is the media so reluctant to expose it?
Hate crime cop an 'embarrassment to the service' - Advocated gender-neutral signs for tampons!
Tales from the front lines of black on white violence in Wilmington
Black mob attacks white mom at Micky D's in Baltimore!
Hijab girl in children's book slammed for 'sexualising four-year-olds!'
France: 60% rise in extremism since Bataclan attack!
Muslim migrants are changing the face of Paris!
£420m foreign aid for Pakistan falling into the wrong hands! (Why is Pakistan getting our cash?)
Tony Blair 'paid millions' by wealthy Arab state while working as Middle East peace envoy!
EU wants UK in till 2029! Brussels demands talks drag out for a DECADE!
‘Merkel must go!’ Angry protesters boo German Chancellor as she tries to win votes
Murdoch urges Trump to fire Steve Bannon!

Monday 14 August

Charlottesville double standard! ANTIFA allowed to march!
The Mayor of Charlottesville caused 3 Deaths — not Richard Spencer
Jason Kessler tells the truth about Charlottesville
Overly PC cop sanctioned for warning 'feminine care' supermarket signs are sexist!
'Feminine care' signs on women's sanitary products breach gender equality rules!
EU gets lucrative shipbuilding contracts for British warships! (Thanks, Theresa)
Hero who defused 100 bombs dumped by army after admitting he had PTSD!
Savage who attacked two women posts bragging rap, saying 'prison is like a holiday camp'
Uber blighted by 48 serious crimes!
British teacher who contracted E.coli while working in Turkey dies
Joshua Cohen 'cut out of family fortune’ shortly before killing mum and sister
Health Sec spends £44,000 taxpayer cash on designer loo after demanding NHS makes £22billion efficiency savings!
Germans Now the MINORITY in Frankfurt!
Six years in a care home = £230,000 = Selling your home to pay the bill!
Has Red Ed turned into a part-time MP? Turns up to just 55% of Commons votes!
I wanted to die but didn't ask dad for help says Welby's daughter!
BREXIT: May wasted a year and has no 'Brexit plan B' warns ex-Bank of England boss

Sunday 13 August

HITCHENS: Corbyn or Blair? Guess which one's the real Marxist menace!
SECRET GM AGAINST OUR WILL! Why do my tomatoes taste of fish? Complaints on the up
Seven in 10 Britons now support hard Brexit according to major survey!
On abuse it's time to call a spade a spade!
Will Muslims end vile misogyny behind child sex abuse? Many think they have licence to abuse!
Ex-detective accuses Government of allowing 'Asian' grooming gangs to evolve!
Campaigner pleas for royal pardon for grooming gang victims
Racist rapists handed lower sentences because their victims were WHITE!!!
'There is only ONE law!' UKIP bigwig clashes with John Humphrys in row over Sharia courts
Migration crisis! Albanian migrants headng to UK on ferries
‘SICKENING!’ Fury as FOUR-YEAR-OLD Prince George labelled a ‘GAY ICON!’
Britain's first ‘female terrorist gang’ allowed to hide faces in court!
Roger Waters suggests a pro-Israel conspiracy controls what can be said about it in the US media
Lib Dem leader’s hateful attack on the over-70s is a lazy attempt to curry favour with the young
If freedom of speech goes "dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep, to the slaughter!"
Wikileaks releases 21,000+ emails from Presidential campaign of Emmanuel Macron!
Shocking scenes in Calais!
GOLDERS GREEN: Joshua Cohen, son of bagel baker, arrested on suspicion of double murder
‘Sexism, racism, homophobia’ MPs shocked by abuse from public!
Jacob Rees Mogg for PM? (Let's hope so!)

Saturday 12 August

PINK NEWS! Prince George has become a gay icon overnight? 😡
Slag beast who helped Asian sex gang rape children is daughter of illiterate dad of SEVENTEEN!
‘Conspiracy of Silence!’ Towns where underage girls were raped by Muslim gangs for decades!
NEWCASTLE: Teenage lesbian set innocent girls up for sexual exploitation by Asians
PC prevented Muslims "from being properly pursued and punished!"
2015: Child molester Jamal Ul Nasir given longer sentence as victims are Asian!
MY BIG FAT GYPSY SLAVE CAMP! Travellers kept 18 slaves in squalid conditions!
Inside the hell hole of a modern day traveller slavery ring!
UK cops investigate incidents of name-calling as violent crime continues to soar
Cosmopolitan Degeneracy!
University 'free for all' to sign up students - regardless of exam results!
German journalists hounded for revealing Merkel government's false immigrant narrative
David Davis' ex-aide lashes Brexiteers - Jacob Rees-Mogg lashes him!
EU wants to HURT London during Brexit talks, says City chief!

Friday 11 August

Geert Wilders: Europe's suicide in the face of Islam
Modern slavery and trafficking 'in every UK town and city!'
Former MP ANN CRYER was branded a racist for trying to save girls from vile abusers!
Newsnight Muslim says Newcastle grooming gang should not be considered, er... 'Muslim!'
Accountant stole £350,000 from her firm to fund online poker habit - NO JAIL!!!
Acid attack in Doncaster
Trouble was brewing long before 2007/8 financial crisis
It's not that Lefties don't think this is an invasion, they welcome it! They want us gone!
Federal Reserve existence based on deception and fraud
Mum feared she had been sprayed with acid as carjackers tried to steal Porsche
'Will even white people die?' How to explain nuclear war to your kids!
"TERRORIST!" What some Jews thinks of Robert E. Lee?
EU under fire! Dutch fishermen begin electrocuting fish in North Sea!
I really wanted to be an actor, says Blair! (It shows, Tony, it really does)

Thursday 10 August

Rotherham!The product of a diseased ruling class!
People care more about being called racist than preventing child abuse!
“White women are good for only one thing – for people like me to f*** and use as trash!”
Top cop who lied after Hillsborough comes face to face with families of 96 dead
Intelligence Agency caught McMaster briefing Soros on White House takeover!!!
Drugged and gang-raped under a Kurdish flag! Horrific ordeal of 13-year-old
Cops paid convicted child RAPIST £10,000 to be an undercover informer! His lies almost got case thrown out!
BRISTOL: White boy enriched by black youth in playground
London's second stabbing death in 24 hours
Net closes in on ‘Putney Bridge pusher!'
NO JAIL! Marissa McLean claimed she had food poisoning
Cop who could have stopped Muslim paedo sacked and labelled 'grossly incompetent!'
SWEDEN: Muslim gets 40 hours community service for raping girl, 13
Millionaires tried to shout us down!' Fisherman mocks metropolitan elite
Big beauty brands are STILL being tested on animals!
Switzerland is DESPERATE for Brexit
Junket Juncker lavishes £24,000 of taxpayer cash on an 'air taxi' for Rome jaunt
Nordic Resistance Movement actively mobilising in Sweden

Wednesday 9 August

NORFOLK: 83-year-old dog walker "brutally" stabbed to death!
NEWCASTLE: Asians plied girls with drink and drugs, then forced them to have sex
So far, in 2017, invaders have tried to get into UK from Calais alone 30,000+ times!
Barnardo’s under fire for using photo of a white girl in campaign against female genital mutilation
Hundreds of pupils as young as 5 excluded from school for sex offences!
'HIVE MINDS' REQUIRED! Web's gatekeeper doesn't believe in free speech!
Hypocrisy, Google and the warped values of the 'liberal' Left
Barnardos use picture of a white girl to depict FGM!
Germany’s intelligence services warn of a large migrant wave set to hit the country
Creepiest EU initiative yet! Registering dissent as 'Russian propaganda!' (Soros directs)
Germany sees massive increase in number of women and girls affected by FGM! (58,000)
Rees-Mogg fan ‘warned by police’ for posting content critical of Islam!
Graduates pay £18,000 extra on student loans because of outdated measure of inflation!
Only 18.5% of Swedish girls feels safe outdoors, often harassed by immigrant boys
Child executioner's threat: ‘We will behead you in your HOMES! Allah wills it!'
Oldham Council leaders partake in Islamic prayers that call for them to be executed?
Eleven enriching types convicted of gangland killing
Albanian illegal immigrant pinned to the ground by paedo hunters!
Neo-Nazis (British patriots) plan London meeting to discuss Diana conspiracy theories

Tuesday 8 August

Hundreds of babies dying needlessly each year because of NHS blunders!
Government plans to ease checks for 16M non-EU immigrants!
Globalist agenda - “Collapse the USA internally, attack it externally”
Germany tries to seize BILLIONS in EU cash from Romania and Bulgaria
Google's ideological echo chamber - The opinions that got James Damore fired
Google employee fired over diversity row considers legal action
Google's Social Justice Warriors create Wrongthink blacklists!
House-proud mum rushed to hospital with chlorine gas poisoning after mopping kitchen floor!
Poisoned mum spent £50K on symptoms but only recovered after breast implants removed!
“Trump opponents should be careful of what they wish for, as it might come true!”
BREXIT BILL! ‘Since when do we have £36bn lying around?'
MACRON’S DICTATORSHIP: French president is trying to ‘destroy’ all opposition?
Why living in the north raises the risk of dying
Mother-of-5, Shukri Yusuf, pretended to be a struggling parent to rake in thousands in benefits!
Not SNEERING? Shameless Cable backtracks on 'old shafting young' anti-Brexit tirade
Mandela's grandson says Israeli ambassador should be expelled from South Africa!
Israel steals important Jerusalem property deeds from Al-Aqsa mosque?
Massive paedophilia network busted in Germany? 87,000 member Dark Net exposed!
Twitter is deleting harmless tweets our left-wing rulers consider 'abusive!'
Mandelson begged Putin to help company that paid him £200,000-a-year!
EU chief says Germany will have to pay up to £9BN to fill UK's Brexit hole!
'STOP BREXIT!' Pro-EU rebels call on MILLIONS to take to streets for 'Autumn of Discontent!'
California camp for children who identify as transgender or gender-fluid!
Poland is ready to leave EU at any time, lawmakers warn

Monday 7 August

‘Germany is a MESS!’ Merkel now REGRETS opening borders to migrants?
Poland 'will accept migrants from Europe - but NOT Africa or Middle East!'
US-led coalition used banned white phosphorus on civilians in Syria?
UK schoolgirls who escaped to join ISIS in Syria 'are now dead?' (OK by me)
BELLFIELD: Did Milly's killer carry out rape and hammer attacks on 24 women?
How does a murderer serving 30 years get to release a rap album?
Lib Dem leader, Vince Cable, snarls at older voters - we 'shafted the young,' apparently
Google's 'left-wing bias has alienated its own workers!'
National Trust sacrificed its original aims on the altar of political correctness!
NHS abuse of mental patients is ‘endemic’
Grenade attacks increase 7-fold in Sweden!
'Money-making racket' - Britons losing out as universities pick foreign students!
Children aren't learning resilience/grit! Health/safety-obsessed teachers wrap in cotton wool!
Britain must pay for basket case EU economies crippled by Euro?
There's no England now
America's unbiased media
CIA behind efforts to get rid of Maduro?
Socialists should apologise for what has happened in Venezuela
Jeremy Kyle claims Brexit Brits DIDN'T know what they voted for!
Lynch mob of ignorant/prejudiced celebs killed career of politically incorrect journalist?

Sunday 6 August

Barrio 18: Terrifying gang has 50,000 foot-soldiers across the US!
850,000 now benefit from an EU-funded project providing cash to refugee families in Turkey!
Swedish Social Services: ISIS types can be good parents!
Irish PM: (GAY - 50% immigrant) Gay marriage in Northern Ireland ‘only a matter of time!’/a>
Lukasz Herba tried to sell her 'sexual services' online for £270,000
Why the bad guys set the kidnapped model free?
Polish sex trafficker who kidnapped British model, his pet rat and Birmingham council house
Lawyer Ekwall Tiwana savaged for playing down crimes of rapist, Derrick Mutambuka
Gang smuggled thousands of Iranians to UK over ten years!
Salford 'acid attack!' Acid assaults more than doubled in England since 2012
Boy, 16, ambushed and stabbed to death in Barking by masked gang
Illegal immigrants demolish 5-star hotel, demand cash, clothes and Wi-Fi!
Migrant-smuggling gangs 'gas UK truckers before stealing their wallets, cash and TROUSERS'
If you wonder why immigrants in Sweden can do exactly what they want, check out their cops
Reverting to womanhood, UK's youngest sex swap undergoes gender reassignment for 3rd time
Planned Parenthood instructs parents thus: Genitals don’t make a boy or girl!
California risks billions in Sanctuary City suit against Trump administration
Brexiteer Tories tell PM to sack Hammond if he opposes 'hard' Brexit again
Theresa May's local Tory council in Maidenhead is pushing poorer people into Slough?
He's a cheat, a fake, a liar and a preening peacock? Thus spake Eubanks' second white wife

Saturday 5 August

‘Drop dead’ drug, fentanyl shattering families in Britain! (10,000 deaths in US every year!)
5G wireless radiation dangers!
Turkish media says Turkey (NATO member) could overrun Germany in 3 days, France in 1!
GERMANY: EU must slash £4.1billion aid to death-penalty Turkey! (Turks get billions? WHY?)
Migrant crime in Germany rises by 50 per cent!
'Juncker is deeply worried!' Brussels is crumbling and EU panicking!
Stab an Italian repeatedly? Why wasn't Jermaine charged with attempted murder?
5G wireless radiation dangers!
Hammond scraps review on fixed-odds betting machines - They make millions for him!
EU threatens to kick Poland out? (Annoy Merkel and you get to leave for free? RESULT!)
Scams cost UK citizens £10bn a year but only 5% are reported to police? (Thanks, LibLabCon)
DETROIT: Four of the eight Mayoral hopefuls are convicted felons! (Diversity in the raw)
'Just give up!' Julia bashes Mark Carney for 'negative' Brexit forecasts
Jacob Rees-Mogg ripped into Bank of England's Mark Carney over 'pro-EU' bias
Was the bodyguard Diana fell in love with bumped off?
BBC suspends Asian Network DJ over 'lewd comments and racist slurs!'
Inclusion of gay pub a condition of planning permission for the first time!
BREXIT: 'Enjoy miserable life on your island,' sneers Director, Michael Moore

Friday 4 August

Italy impounds German NGO migrant rescue boat
Young Russia to USA: Russia isn't your enemy, Jihadis are! They destroy you from within!
"Allahu Akbar! We will liberate this land!"
How to keep Donald Trump from spreading his toxic masculinity to future generations? (SICK!)
The hidden rape of Europe!
UK cannot stop migrants sneaking in and we need 3,000 more border guards says union boss
Nicolas Sarkozy took bribes to help Qatar land 2022 World Cup?
'Unprovoked' stabbing at Leytonstone Underground station
Witton rape: Police appeal after girl, 14, assaulted in double sex attack
TRUMP: 'Totally made up Russia story!'Democrats stoke Russian allegations
Douglas Murray: Have we had enough diversity?
Calais migrants try to enter Britain 18,000 times this year
Dad set his own daughter, 3, on fire as she was 'too beautiful!'
WikiLeaks reveals CIA system to take over webcams, microphones
SPAIN: Britons targeted for second week running by left-wing group
‘IT’S APPALLING!’ Farage slams Gove for saying Britain’s waters will be OPEN to Europe!
Comrade Jeremy Corbyn snubs troops but honours despots?
UK Government wants to READ your messages!

Thursday 3 August

Dr Manish Shah charged with 118 counts of sexual assault!
113 asylum seekers win the right to stay despite prior deportation!
Musketeers gang guilty of plotting UK bomb attack!
men 'raped girl, 14, then blackmailed her to perform sordid acts
X Factor reject scammed vulnerable pensioners to fund ISIS terrorists!
DURHAM: Victim burned after youths hurl acid in her face
4 teenage girls were raped at a Swedish festival over the weekend
Rap legend Kidd Creole charged with stabbing homeless man to death
Saudi Arabia seeks to end US lawsuits over 9/11 attacks
9/11 re-visited!
Leaked George Soros plan to turn Ireland into a pro-abortion country
YouTube, aided by the ADL, to censor 'controversial' videos
Gove vows EU fishermen can STILL use UK waters AFTER divorce!
DEATH OF PROJECT FEAR! Red-faced experts ADMIT they were ‘too pessimistic’ about Brexit
Poland and Hungary form new eastern bloc 'in bid to OVERTHROW Brussels'
Holocaust denial 'being fuelled by social media!' (And the FACTS)
Julian Assange TROLLS Emmanuel Macron over Wikileaks emails

Wednesday 2 August

Man arrested over murder of schoolgirl Charlene Downes after cops offer £100,000 reward!
Painkillers kill! Drug more potent than heroin linked to 60 deaths in UK
GERMANY: Immigrant population hits new high! (18.6m in 2016)
Trump saw a disturbing video, then he shut down the CIA's covert Syria programme! (Hooray!)
Pat Buchanan: Shall we fight them all?
ISIS jihadi with British accent warns of terrorist attacks and threatens Trump
Type 'European People History' in Google 'search' - Results will delight the PC Crowd
How do you think they got into Oxford and Cambridge?
Rees-Mogg blasts EU judges saying rule by Euro Court of Justice MUST stop on Brexit day!
'Surprise question' puts thousands on premature 'end-of-life' NHS footing!
SWEDEN: Africans gang-rape girl, 15 - None deported (humanitarian considerations)
SWEDEN: 7 Afghans guilty of "gruesome" mass rape
German Muslims form vigilante biker gang!
St Andrews student blackmailed girls as young as 12 into sending him explicit videos
Irate shopper's 'you-look-like-a-pillar-box tirade' caught on camera!

Tuesday 1 August

Blocking Tony Blair’s prosecution for Iraq War ‘an attack on democracy’
If the Chancellor doesn't believe in Brexit, he should quit and join the Lib Dems
The tweet that is shaking the War Party
Trump saw a disturbing video, then he shut down the CIA's covert Syria programme!
Cops let pipe-blomb terrorist go!
Another South London 'riot?' Cops hit with fireworks as they respond to 999 call
Antonio Boparan served just 6 months of a 21-month sentence for leaving a toddler brain-damaged. His dad's a multi-millionaire
Black yob who died after restraint by police boasted online about dealing drugs
Four stabbed in Swedish hospital!
JK Rowling apologises to family of disabled boy but REFUSES to say sorry to Trump
2016: Neocons are wedded to war, death and destruction. It is the foundation of their policy

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