Daily News: August 2016

Wednesday 31 August

NHS in CRISIS: Scandal as 75% of doctors struck off are from abroad!
Outrage as former EU leader lands top job at leading investment bank Goldman Sachs
'We have it rammed down our necks' Hopkins slams multiculturalism after carnival stabbings
British churches should have 'BOUNCERS' on doors to prevent terror attack?
Are there 800,000 more EU migrants in the UK than we thought? (More probably)
Britain's weak borders - Cops arrest more than 27,000 suspected illegal immigrants in 3 years
I am going to kill you and all your family: Death threat + picture of beheaded body sent to 24 MPs
My, my! What a lot of Jewish sex offenders!
HARINGEY: Teen fights for life after being shot in head in broad daylight
BOLTON: Hunt for man who exposed himself at Bolton bus stop then sexually assaulted woman
Gang-rape epidemic in India! Female tourists should NOT wear skirts!
Police woman stabbed in throat at police station in Toulouse
Two more women 'raped' in Austria by asylum seekers: men in custody
Civil servants/military top brass get top jobs in private sector WITHOUT vetting
Top Tory hands back CBE in protest at David Cameron's 'Dishonour List!'
Gay millionaires and their miserable kids
Lily Allen swigs liquor, downs cans of cider, chain-smokes and collapses at Carnival
Jeremy Vine gets culturally enriched!
Chris Brown arrested over assault with a deadly weapon (Cultural enrichment?)

Tuesday 30 August

Carnage at Notting Hill! Six stabbed, 440 arrested! (But #diversity is enriching, right?)
Transgender Tory calls in cops because Labour opponent keeps calling her ‘he’ in meetings!
AUSTRALIA: Former deputy mayor Salim Mehajer threatened to rape parents of estranged wife
AUSTRALIA: Tom Jackson dies 6 days after trying to save Mia from Muslim murderer
Muslims who brutally gang raped young girl say she was asking for it
Austrian Defence Minister says Merkel is “irresponsible” and blames her for migrant problems
Hypocrisy and the aristocrats of the Left who only believe in wealth for themselves
Ex-Coutts banker, 30, died from a single punch (No description of killer - Situation normal)
UKRAINE: Gypsies forced out, violence erupts following killing of 8-y-o girl
USA: Brittanee Drexel, 17, 'gang-raped for days, shot and fed to ALLIGATORS’
USA: 10-year-old white girl shot with meth, raped and dismembered by Mestizo Boyfriend
USA: Black cop accidentally films himself stealing a brick of marijuana and giving it to girlfriend
Lebanese Christians found with bibles, deported from Saudi Arabia
E-cigarettes are 'as bad for the heart as tobacco?'
The Pokemon Go crimewave: Robbers, thieves, paedos target 300 gamers in a month
EU Army is Juncker’s life-support machine
GUARDIAN: Islamist extremism a growing issue for Britain’s – and world’s – prisons!
Let us sell in pounds and ounces again, say post-Brexit grocers
Violence, despair and the making of The Calais Jungle
Sarkozy and a recipe for more border chaos (Sarkozy type perpetuates chaos)
George Soros set to control Internet?
As Sir Shifty's daughter parties in St Tropez, dole and £571m pensions black hole for BHS staff
Middle-class hit by £157,000 school fees! Families priced out of independent education
Syrian jailed for 7 months after fraudulently claiming £10,000 in UK benefits

Monday 29 August

2014: Jewish journalist says "rural white Americans (are) not the future!"
Leaked memo shows how Soros planned to overthrow Putin and destabilise Russia
JFK assassination was an inside job!' Ex-government agent's deathbed confession
Murder by PC Crowd! Phoebe, 16, thought she'd be called racist so she committed suicide!
Still think the future is Europe, Tony? Watch 2005 Farage give Blair a super EU smackdown
Lewis Pierre murdered Daria, 21, for £80 and spent the money on takeaway, drugs and fags
Black men murder 5-year-old white girl in Milwaukee! No national outrage!
Notting Hill carnage: Four people stabbed on first day of Carnival (Only 4?)
4 million sick days and a £1bn NHS bill: Shocking toll of asthma on the nation's health!
German minister calls on refugees to be SENT HOME as it's 'impossible' to integrate them
Merkel faces RUIN as just 42% of Germans support her for 4th term (42% are suicidal?) Britain WILL be better off outside the EU, confirms former Governor of Bank of England
Frontrunner for next French President says they must embrace Muslims!

Fracking sites 'make you ill!'
MPs admit voter concerns about migration don't mean "prejudice" (Traitors after votes!)
Sir Shifty carries on cruising while last stores close
BLACKMAIL! I'll help plug BHS pensions black hole if you stop investigating me, says Sir Shifty!
Jennifer Aniston endorses product laced with microbeads

Sunday 28 August

Two nuns murdered in Mississippi - Black man arrested
Is Telford the new Rotherham? Widescale grooming and abuse in Britain's 'child sex capital'
Top hate preachers bankrolled by £1million+ taxpayer cash! (Thanks, LibLabCon)
‘Let Calais migrants into Britain’ demands Sarkozy!
TRUMP says Obama and Hillary were co-founders of ISIS
Trump vows to start deportations of criminals 'within one hour' of becoming president
George Soros hacked! — Thousands of files expose election manipulation & more!
Last BHS stores to close after 88 years! (Thanks, Sir Shifty! Musn't criticise Jews though)
Lord Janner case: Family want child sex abuse inquiry delay!
Nicola WRONG! Scotland to enjoy £2bn Brexit BOOST despite fear mongering
IMMIGRATION: Italy reaches breaking point
‘Tax exile’ Richard Branson facing calls for his knighthood to be scrapped
'Labour was wrong to back Remain,' says Gisela Stuart
Victim of child molestation slams N. Carolina Democrats for pushing transgender ideology
Geert Wilders: Close all Mosques in the Netherlands
German teens ‘sexually assaulted by Iraqi migrant’ in latest swimming pool attack
Man kept as a slave by Gypsies for 26 years speaks out
300,000 reasons why PM must kick out dodgy asylum seekers, bogus students, unskilled EUs
£12 billion aid budget to be slashed to fund war on terror? (Fund repatriation instead)
Explosive end to a foreign aid shambles? Mountain top could be BLOWN UP!
Mo Farah's jailbird brother faces deportation! (Boot the criminal f***!)
Big Brother's Katie Waissel (who?) whines on about Biggins

Saturday 27 August

WW3 here we come! Turkish tanks roll across Syrian border - Media silent
Now make Lady Shifty plug £571million black hole in BHS pensions!
UK: Whites blamed for black murders!
#DIVERSITY! Teen who disembowelled man in street for 'wrong look' gets 22 years
Weeks before Smail Ayad killed Briton he threatened to massacre backpackers in Queensland
Macedonian slag, Sandra Danevska, gets 5 years for stalking
Trump: No backtracking on deportations
Danny Finklestein admits Jewish conspiracy?
MIGRANTS - It's the ones we never see that you need to worry about
We all know BBC is Leftie. But a Labour henchman head of radio is beyond satire
GP (Mugabe pal) who forced family off their Zimbabwe farm has UK surgery shut down
Cops seize guns, machetes, drugs and arrest 100+ as locals board up ahead of Carnival
German economy left SHATTERED after Brexit vote
Women are lynched and set on fire in Congo (Isn't #DIVERSITY fab?)
I’m a Jew, and I’m a Member of the Alt-Right!
Europe faces ‘spectacular’ threat as ISIS dishes out passports to would-be attackers
I'm not wealthy claims Jeremy Corbyn!

Friday 26 August

3 in 10 babies born to foreign mothers - In parts of London the figure is over 75%!
He 'stabbed people for fun' in Hyde Park violence but won't face trial for attempted murder
Net migration is still more than TRIPLE government target at 327,000!
Number of Poles in Britain tops 830,000!
Leaked memo exposes George Soros' plan to overthrow Putin and destabilise Russia
CNN Cancels Dr. Drew's Show One Week After He Voiced "Grave Concern" For Hillary's Health
"Hillary is simply unhinged!"
Our TV to be monitored for #DIVERSITY
Anti-Sharia ads censored on London transport!
Woman tricked into having a massage by pervert Zoheir Maleki at Center Parcs
Did Freemasons influence senior police officers at Hillsborough
EU is ‘BIGGER threat than Russia' says Danish MP
UKIP MP praises Brits for voting against corrupt Brussels system and 'Western elites'
Paperless migrants should be LOCKED UP with limited freedom, says German politician
German Police Chief addresses the behaviour of large immigrant families and groups
Check out the hate words levelled at us in just one HRC speech!
Angela Merkel 'assassination attempt?' Why would anyone want to kill our Angie?
10 French Muslims grope and punch British teenagers in Spain
Apocalypse NO! Britain is confounding the doom mongers and enjoying a Brexit bounce
Masked gangs of armed people smugglers turn area round Calais port into a 'no go' zone
Sarkozy says wearing burkini is a 'provocative and militant' act

Thursday 25 August

Migration threatens European civilisation says former President of Czech republic
Britain’s supposedly close ally, Israel, armed Argentina during the Falklands conflict
Muslim convert who battered schoolboy on the street was 'bodyguard' for Anjem Choudary
Wikileaks about to release 'significant' and 'unexpected' material from Clinton campaign
Obsessed Frenchman shouted 'Allahu Akbar' as he stabbed British backpacker, 21
Forget the age of plenty, we were happier in the 1700s!
Top Gear producer Andy Wilman says BBC bosses (Danny Cohen) 'didn't want us there!'
2015: Joe Biden says fewer white people is 'not a bad thing!'
Oh, look! Diversity enriches our children again! (Gang robs teen of bike/mobile phone)
Muslims sexually assault Austrian women and children
French Muslim gang assault British women in Spain
‘End of road’ for EU: Now France's LEFTIES blast Brussels for plunging Europe into crisis
Arab newsreader gives the lie to those who say "terrorists are not real Muslims"
Blair insists mass migration has been GOOD for Britain! (He wants another referendum)
Why couldn’t Corbyn book a seat like everyone else?
Finland President says powerful forces are ERODING 'feeble' EU!

Wednesday 24 August

Israel sold weapons to Argentina at height of Falklands War! (Declassified)
Are the Clintons Israeli Agents? Man who "ran the CIA" offers an entirely new perspective
Latest Leaks Reveal George Soros’ Plot to Manipulate Media
American journalism is collapsing before our eyes
Fivefold increase in reported slavery in Britain is sign of progress?
British woman stabbed to death by man ‘chanting Allahu Akbar’ in Australian hostel
Twin sons of Iraqi diplomat probed by police after savage attack on 15-year-old
Man accused of killing foster grandparents was influenced by radical Islamists
Gays are NOT born that way? (Who knew?)
INVASION! Calais immigrant camp ready to erupt as 9,000 gather to cross Channel
‘How stupid is the European Commission?’ Angry backlash at EU Olympic table
France facing multi-billion CRISIS as tourism numbers plummet
Labour leader candidate Owen Smith threatens to BLOCK Brexit
Corbyn OUTED after sitting on floor of 'jam packed train' - full of EMPTY seats
Marine Le Pen calls for Frexit after 'apocalyptic' Brexit claims did NOT happen
Merkel defends refugee policy claiming it was 'our humanitarian duty'
Israel sold weapons to Argentina at height of Falklands War! (Declassified Foreign Office files)
Corbyn is the main reason why Labour voters are deserting the party
Millions of savers may suffer in pensions overhaul
Top Clinton aide worked for radical Muslim group that blamed West for 9/11

Tuesday 23 August

A story of two Syrian boys
Muslim 'jumped out of his car to knock out schoolboy for hugging girlfriend in the street!'
'BBC is like a walking advert for Remain!' Channel sanctioned for Brexit coverage
Fury as BBC appoints Tony Blair’s former Labour minister chum as head of radio
Giving children antibiotics increases their risk of diabetes!
Turkey (NATO member) is sending floods of Jihadis to Syria?
The Rothschild conspiracy explained in 4 minutes?
DC leaks expose George Soros manipulating elections!
Germans told to 'stockpile food and water' in civil defence plan
Cops give up on cannabis' as just one in four caught with the drug are charged
The epic delusion of Europe's failing elite
Civil Service saboteurs have turned Brexit into the Phony Exit
Jezza is a racist? Chi Onwurah said Corbyn 'picked on' Black and Minority Ethnic MPs!
Black man posed as Premier League striker Loic Remy as he raped woman in her own home
Sex offender and failed asylum seeker tries to kidnap girl, 10, from shop
Hate preacher Abu Qatada urges Muslims to flee UK... after his eight-year fight to STAY
Attack of the Globalists: Hillary raises over $1 million at Rothschild fundraising event
DIVERSITY: British Somali, 8, murdered (with grenade) by fellow Somalis in Sweden
German girls given TEMPORARY TATTOOS to prevent swimming pool sex attacks (That'll work)
‘Borders are the worst invention’ Deluded Juncker says MORE EU is antidote to nationalism
Foreign tourists injured as police-approved 'ISIS parade' fires guns in Prague
Pressure on Merkel to investigate claims Turkey has 6,000 spies snooping in Germany
Children should have no more than 6 teaspoons of sugar a day - LESS than one can of Coke
US cop shoots dead an unarmed deaf mute father

Monday 22 August

TRAITOR SPEAKS! Tony Blair praises UAE as model nation, slams ‘uneducated’ Brexit voters!
MI5 'BLOCKED Scotland Yard from arresting radical ISIS supporter Anjem Choudary for years!'
ISIS calls for attacks on civilians in Europe and America
Brexit Armageddon was a terrifying vision – but it simply hasn’t happened
8-year-old boy died in Gothenburg grenade attack - MSM silent
German woman killed by stones thrown from a bridge in Denmark
Two children hospitalised by illegal drugs EVERY day in the UK! (Thanks, LibLabCon)
Department for Education study found 10% rise in depression for girls
Warders are too PC to stop jihadi poison spreading in jails!
NY Post columnist: Media's attacks on Trump show 'collapse' of U.S. journalism
Donald Trump rallies Virginia against political class: 'I Am Your Voice!'
Germany: Muslim migrants attack Red Cross paramedics after car accident, destroy ambulance
Germany tells citizens to stockpile food/water in case of terror attacks
Turkish biker gang pledges to "take over" Germany
Gypsies in Germany
Doctor who leaked Clinton’s medical records found dead (And another one bites the dust)
Sturgeon's EU slum: Squalor, filth and sex crime in SHAME OF SCOTLAND constituency
ISIS bomber, 12, who killed 51 at a marriage ceremony, blown up by REMOTE CONTROL!
Dozens of ISIS slaughterers hanged in front of victims' relatives - RESULT!
Rees-Mogg blasts civil servants for damaging Britain by 'REFUSING to accept' Brexit
Diane Abbott's charity throws £29,000 bash
Wow! Look at all the racists! More diversity required!
Half-man runner is so hard to beat! (Only in a PC age could this happen)

Sunday 21 August

The Federal Reserve just made a Facebook page - It’s being destroyed by the public
Super asylum hostels coming to a town near YOU! (To Tory constituencies?)
Migrants to be offered FREE degrees at top university while Britons amass huge debts
The true lunacy of our broken asylum system
‘Dear friend’ of the black Baroness is stripped of his knighthood
Rubana Akhtar: Traitorous politicians have forced us to support the anti-Brit for 50+ years!
Anjem Choudary henchman’s links to ISIS
Sweden: Iraqi tried to murder his "racist" neighbour in front of her baby daughter
UK MEPs considered "reliable allies" by George Soros!
Rogue sites let children bet millions of pounds
Jewish creator of NSYNC and Backstreet Boys, $300million swindler Lou Pearlman, dies in jail
Muslims beat up woman for wearing Western dress
RAMADAN! Muslim train driver who went through two red lights and crashed
Police probe three Labour MPs for expenses fraud!
Black Lives Matter activist beats up white woman (Not racist though - Blacks can't be racist)
MAJOR BREXIT U-TURN: JP Morgan NOW forecasts FTSE 100 will outstrip rivals!
'Our best summer EVER' British staycations post-Brexit add £1.4BILLION to UK economy
At least 100 Tory MPs desperately want to STOP Brexit, Ken Clarke claims (DESELECT them!)
Sadiq Khan joins the get Jeremy Corbyn campaign!
Testosterone-fuelled Caster Semenya breezes to victory in 800-meter Olympic gold

Saturday 20 August

Romanian immigrant jailed after raping and robbing a 69-year-old woman
So what happened to Project Fear?
Calais mayor says migrant violence 'OUT OF CONTROL' as UK truckers urge troops on streets
‘They are questioning OUR LAWS' French presidential hopeful in fierce attack on Islam
Lying down? £75 on-the-spot FINE says council!
‘Juncker, your time has come!’ Dutchman launches TRIBUNAL against toxic EU
Europe hit by yet MORE sex attacks: Now 22 girls assaulted at Stockholm festival
Albanian double killer who was given a BRITISH PASSPORT is to finally be extradited

Friday 19 August

Convicted British hate preacher Anjem Choudary meets ISIS's top executioner
GERMANY: Merkel under pressure over 43,000 Islamist lunatics on the loose
Why didn’t more Muslims stand up to vile hate preacher Anjem Choudary?
The ticking timebomb facing Eurozone economies no one has thought about
Man who helped run Project Fear is now a key figure in Brexit negotiations?
Is upsetting Left-wing rabble-rouser Owen Jones be a sackable offence?
Boris told to stop our diplomats helping Mandelson to do deals!
Children put at risk because ministers are failing to protect whistleblowers
Charity shop volunteer, 71, terrifies her millionaire neighbour with anti-Semitic abuse
Jewish Labour donor accuses Left of threats and slams Corbyn's team as Nazi stormtroopers
Corbyn and Smith branded 'a threat to national security' over ISIS remarks
Polish burglar ransacked a grieving family's home
Shamed Baby P boss Sharon Shoesmith's ex-husband jailed for child porn!
Mac on EU rules that prevent officials testing the language skills of doctors, dentists and nurses

Thursday 18 August

Marion Le Pen’s delight as Front National wins mayoral vote amid rising terror fears!
2.2 MILLION EU immigrants now work in Britain! (British workers go to hell!)
Syphilis cases in London have ‘soared’ by 163%
Failed asylum seeker/convicted sex offender tried to kidnap 10-year-old girl from Tesco's
Romanian robbers jailed after pensioner, 77, grabs one and and smashes his head into an ATM
Romanian shoplifters caught red-handed
Why Brexit may be the best thing for Britain’s fishing industry
‘Italian Revolution’ OUTRAGE at plans for mosque next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa
USA: 1200 Rabbis say there must be NO LIMITS on refugees entering country!
Morrissey blasts BBC treatment of Brexit voters & ‘refusal’ to accept EU referendum result
UK unemployment claimant count falls after Brexit vote (Project Fear fails again!)
Soros Organization Tried To Buy Supreme Court Ruling On Illegal Immigration
Merkel says refugees didn't bring Islamist terrorism to Germany
Racialist Olympics!
Malta making MILLIONS selling passports to ANYONE with the cash sparking UK security fears
French PM calls Burkini ‘archaic’ and backs resorts’ BAN on Islamic swimwear beaches
AVOID CALAIS! British driver's warning as he's confronted by migrants wielding CHAINSAWS
British tourists beaten with IRON BARS in horror attack in Thailand
‘That's going in the f****** sea!’ Sir Shifty Green clashes with reporter
PM must take action to cut level of immigration
EU takes the p***! (Again) Puts itself TOP of Olympics table – REMOVES UK completely!
Sir Shifty's down to his last 2 yachts!

Wednesday 17 August

Europe's last chance! (Pat Condell)
Deadly strain of meningitis is on the rise ("New people" to blame?)
Patients at risk from EU doctors who can barely speak English!
HAYES: Idris Hassan charged with murder of teenager, Lance Scott Walker
Teen torturers! Muslim gang scarred boy for life just for asking to be their friend CYPRUS: George Low stabbed to death after stepping in to defend a British girl
Lancashire drugs and money-laundering gang jailed
Norwegian Police Chief : ‘Xenophobia is Highly Rational and Justified’
Afghan asylum seeker 'rapes 4-year-old boy in German migrant centre!'
Norwegian Police Chief : ‘Xenophobia is highly rational and justified’
From 7/7 bombers to Lee Rigby's killers, Anjem Choudary's 'web of hatred!'
Choudary was barred by mosques... but welcomed on the BBC!
Now Choudary's burka-clad wife is probed by the police
For 20 years, hate preacher on benefits laughed at Britain as he spawned terror worldwide
Swaggering jihadi who used to love drugs, beer and porn (He's not laughing now!)
David Whyte - 'How Corrupt is Britain?'
French Government destroyed 33 Churches and allowed 1,000 Mosques to be built in last two decades
James Casserly lost dream job after defending Belinda Mackenzie from predator, Malaka Silva
Hacked Soros Memo: $650,000 to Black Lives Matter

Tuesday 16 August

More than a THIRD of asylum claims are made by immigrants in Britain illegally!
How mass migration 'made skilled workers £440 a year worse off'
WikiLeaks’ email exposes billionaire globalist Soros as Hillary Clinton’s puppet master?
Local Anchor exposes "Partnership for a New American Economy!"
LITTLEJOHN: Put 'Professor' Shyster who hounded hundreds of innocent soldiers in the dock
More than 100,000 patients a year have NHS ops cancelled on the day!
Desmond d'Mello's sloppy hygiene forced NHS to test thousands for HIV and hepatitis C
ISIS recruitment forms reveal 70% of members have hardly any knowledge of Islam
Turkey threatens to open Europe's door to thousands of migrants AGAIN over EU visa deal
'Mosques are Islam's CANCER and must be shut down', claims Italian MEP
GERMANY: Girls as young as 9 forced into marriage by Imams - Authorities are POWERLESS?
Furious reaction to radio host who says white Britain IGNORES racism
Nine Iraqi migrants arrested after woman 'drugged and gang raped' in Austria
Ophthamologist, Dilesh Gohil, groped woman - faces being struck off
'I am the Messiah' said ex-Premier League star who tried to strangle hid dad, 85 - Now he's dead
Disgraced Labour MP Simon Danczuk 'spends night in a police cell

Monday 15 August

UK orphans sold to paedophiles as sex slaves by traffickers snatching children in care!
Islam academic: Immigrants want Eurabia - Globalists using immigrant to destroy the West
“Local Muslims were told `that it was a religious duty to vote for Mr Rahman!”
Milwaukee Rioters are 'beatin' up every white person!'
‘Despicable pasty-faced b*****d!’ Farage BLASTS Osborne in Brexit slapdown!
Apeldelrazek Badran posed as cop to attack girls after paedo was freed from jail
Thousands of illegal immigrants only claim asylum AFTER overstaying their visas!
Juncker’s secret plans to dictate to EU nations revealed!
COLOGNE: Two men on the run after shooting and axe assault in city centre!
Report: More than 1,000 known child marriages in Germany
Saudi Arabia's pro-Jewish media campaign!
This is bull**** man!' Gutted Louis Smith 'swears after teammate Max Whitlock wins gold’

Sunday 14 August

Harold Wilson, the KGB and the British ‘Watergate!’
HITCHENS: Grammar wreckers KNEW they would make our schools worse
'I despise Jeremy Corbyn and his Nazi stormtroopers' says Jewish Labour donor
Frank Field says we should let jihadis go to Syria so they can die fighting for ISIS
Scotland Yard ploughs £2million into new 'thought police' unit to snoop on web users
Illegal migrants should be DEPORTED to islands outside Europe says German politician!
Defence chiefs blow £91MILLION on experts as thousands of British troops face the axe!
'Britain MUST stay in EU' says Labour leader wannabe Owen Smith - Wants second referendum
Fury as flood defence bosses receive £250,000 bonus
High life of Labour's hard left
'Blonde, blue-eyed girls are particularly popular', says ISIS sex slave
Unite Union boss 'Red' Len McClusky snapped partying in swanky Monte Carlo hotel
'I was forced to marry my cousin at gunpoint': Survivor tells of hell of forced marriage
Sturgeon FAILING to help Scottish oil workers sacked in slump
'Keep Russia Russian!' Putin moves to OUTLAW ‘alien values in laws’
CALAIS: Armed mob ambush Brit, roll TREE in front of his van and mug motorists forced to stop
What you need to know about single moms

Saturday 13 August

Trump calls for election monitors! (Only way he can lose is if Democrats cheat)
British bus driver snubbed by firm after being told 'only ROMANIANS' will be employed!
Turkey lowers age of consent to 12 = More and more Muslims!
Meddling EU have turned member states into their own personal SLAVES
Remember when the Swedish Government paid kids to spend time with Muslims?
Sweden's youngest ever Minister (and first Muslim Minister), resigns after being caught driving over the alcohol limit
'We are not safe here': Milton Keynes estate terrorised by Somali gang
Six in ten say migrants put pressure on NHS, schools and housing
Murder inquiry launched after 6 elderly residents die in just two weeks at nursing home
ISIS 'hit squads and sleeper cells' in Europe after slipping in alongside refugees
Turkish sailors jailed for 40 years - Cocaine worth £500MILLION haul of cocaine found
David Duke set to win Senate election?
Obama insults Trump - Trumps sorts him out
American rapist jailed for 24 years for attacking a mother-of-two 20 years ago
Celebrity surgeon, Manu Nair, ('Embarrassing Bodies') sued by 57 male patients!
Harley Street doctor, Nadir Omara, 'bombarded female colleagues with lewd phone calls
Watching more than 5 hours a day can cut a man's sperm count by a THIRD
Arsenal's billionaire owner Stan Kroenke tells hundreds to get off his newly-bought land
Germany's economic growth PLUNGES amid fears for eurozone
2009: Abramovich leads Jewish football rich list

Friday 12 August

Bataclan victims 'castrated and had eyes gouged out by evil ISIS jihadis', says inquiry
Election fraud: PC sensibilities led authorities to turn a blind eye to electoral corruption in UK!
PC culture let vote fraud in Muslim areas flourish
Roy Clarke says PC brigade is destroying modern comedy
BBC plans to erect a statue of Orwell but he would have loathed what it has become
The man who encourages the sick and dying to drink industrial bleach
Police 'too scared' to stop vote rigging in Muslim areas, damning report finds
Giuliani EXPOSES the State Department Collusion with the Clinton Foundation
Don't rush to lynch Biggins - These days Big Brother is watching all of us and YOU could be next
I stumbled into a Corbynista pub meeting and stared Labour's snarling wreckers in the face
Jihadi bride schoolgirl, who ran away to join ISIS, killed by an airstrike
Baltimore prosecutor on woman reporting rape: ‘Seems like a conniving little whore’
Star Belgian sailor becomes first athlete to fall sick

Thursday 11 August

Horrific reality of 'industrial scale' child grooming revealed!
Report: British authorities still ignoring massive Pakistani-led child sex rings
Reasonable Muslim says Britain will be an Islamic State! "ONE BILLION PERCENT!"
Six in ten say migrants put pressure on NHS, schools and housing
Don't renege on pledge to scrap the Human Rights Act, MPs tell May
Owned by Japs, loved by Eurocrats - Why pompous FT so poisonously trashes Britain?
Romanian murderer told he can stay in UK - could now get £500k unlawful detention payout
Tom Hanks plans to vote for Donald Trump
Let’s blame Christianity for everything and Islam for nothing!
Theresa Villiers calls for Australian points-based immigration system!
Super jihadi Omar Omsen is responsible for recruiting 80% of French terrorists
'Wolf in shepherd's clothing' - Paedo priest, Philip Temple, jailed for 12 years
Islam in the workplace - Pat Condell
BBC reporters slammed by its OWN governing body for over-using figures 'straight from government press releases'
1,000 cannabis plants a day seized by cops but prosecutions for growing fall by 40%
A chip off the old block: Did Malia Obama smoke MARIJUANA at Lollapalooza?
Mother-of-one hanged herself after being 'let down by NHS red tape'
Ex-priest Philip Temple jailed for child sex abuse
Thousands of Jews protest against Israel and Zionism

Wednesday 10 August

We are a law unto ourselves say cops! (My pal's just had laptop taken for tweeting too honestly)
Turkish soldiers impart democratic values in Şırnak ISIS planning SIMULTANEOUS attacks across Britain, France and Germany, supergrass warns! (Still enriching though, eh, #LibLabCon?
Vince Cable admits principle of free movement no longer 'defensible
ROTHERHAM SCANDAL: Scared abuse victims not reporting crimes over fear of losing children
German leftie gets raped by foreigners, doesn't report it, says Germans involved - admits lying
No space left in British jails for all paedophiles says top cop!
Coventry cops hunt sex offender Hashmat Saafi
'Revolting' 51-year-old Gunasingham Elangkumaran jailed for sexually assaults on London buses
Sex offences on trains and stations reach record level (DIVERSITY!)
‘It’s NOT safe in Germany anymore’ German family flee to Russia
Burglar held knife to my throat...but police arrested ME
Archbishop Gyula Màrfi: “Regarding immigration: Muslims motivation to conquer
The #BoycottByron mob don't want facts on immigration, just righteous fury
Swedish Authorities: We want your home home for newcomers
Quality of dogs’ sperm has been declining for three decades
MAC ON... Police chief inspectors' pay and allowances
BREXIT BOOST: Britain due MASSIVE repayment from rich EU property empire
‘Kill them all!’ Radicalised Belgian boy hunted over chilling threat to Christians
Brexit gives us back control of immigration - but it's NOT ENOUGH
One-in-3 graduates aged under 35 regret going to university because of huge debts
£100,000 pensions that won't even buy a fish supper: Annuity payouts slashed again
Thug gang harass woman in nightclub but suffer INSTANT justice from BOXER husband
'I'm going to die!' (Ethnicity of stabbers?)
Does racism make people sick? (NO! Self-preservation make us well!)

Tuesday 9 August

Erdogan says Germany is SUPPORTING terrorism and only has itself to blame for future attacks
Hundreds of migrants accompanied by armed gang of leftie anarchists storm France's borders
Editor of the Pro-EU Financial Times gets top French award for talking down Britain!
Cameron's £1bn help for problem families a flop and failed to cut crime or benefit dependency
No U-TURN on borders: Clampdown on immigration or face BACKLASH, May warned
Revolving door between government agency and its contractors exposed!
Bribery won’t convince the British fracking is good for them – it’s dirty and dangerous
'Dangerous' Trump: 50 key Republicans (NWO traitors) sign letter warning against candidate
Police hunt knifeman who wandered streets shouting 'Allahu Akbar'
How Switzerland is being held to RANSOM by EU on free movement to teach UK a Brexit lesson
If those who don't have kids benefit our world, will Kim Cattrail condemn immigrant fast-breeders?
Baby boomers like Lynne Franks were too selfish to raise children

Monday 8 August

ARE YOU LISTENING MRS MAY? Petition calls on Government to activate Article 50 NOW
5-year-olds accused of 'sex crimes' at school: Number of incidents reported trebles in just 4 years
Corbyn's justice spokesman urges MPs to quit Friends of Israel! ‘Zionism is the enemy of peace!’
Janners launch legal bid to keep Lord out of child sex inquiry! (One rule for us, NONE for Jews)
‘We’ve had ENOUGH Merkel’ Rest of Europe gangs up on Germany over crippling EU austerity
Time for Project Fear doom-monger Bank of England boss to sling his hook
Turkey has NO PLACE in EU furious Austrian minister warns
The police chiefs who are a law unto themselves
Police chief's 64 days off a year
The 'autocratic style, poor memory and shaky grasp of British law' that was Dame Lowell
4 men (ethnicity?) target outnumbered police after they pulled their car over
Wealthy pensioners should downsize/remortgage to pay care bills, says Theresa policy chief
Britain's historic EU NEAR MISS: How the Brexit vote SAVED the UK
Trump recruited by Putin as an agent for Russia says former CIA boss - Ha-ha!
Jeremy Corbyn's millionaire spin doctor Seumas Milne sent his children to top grammar schools

Sunday 7 August

Somali Muslim murderer, Zak Bulhan, IS a terrorist!
Author, Historian and ex MEP, Philippe de Villiers blows thw whistle on Islam
Philippe de Villiers blows thw whistle on Islam: part 2
$375,000 deposited to the Khan law account from the Clinton Foundation
Will you hit the Frackpot? Murder your world with Theresa May Megabucks
Britain's historic EU NEAR MISS: How the Brexit vote SAVED the UK
Trump recruited by Putin as an agent for Russia says former CIA boss - Ha-ha!
Hard-up Corbyn targets Donorgate tycoon Jew amid fears of a snap election
HITCHENS: Silenced... by our boot-faced commissars of thought crime
Awaiting trial for rape, Maarg Kahsay went to join ISIS - Now free to roam London’s streets!
Eye-pop pensions of NHS bosses at under-fire mental health trust slammed for patient deaths
VINCE CABLE says 2016 Britain is just like The Goon Show
Judge who deserted child abuse probe can stay in £110,000-a-year London house!
Muslim Brotherhood members could seek ASYLUM in UK Home Office memo reveals
Britain's historic EU NEAR MISS: How the Brexit vote SAVED the UK
Christopher Biggins stands by comments that bisexuals are to blame for AIDS
Biggins 'to lose out on £150,000 appearance fee' for being un-PC!

Saturday 6 August

Girl, 6, forced to marry 55-year-old man in exchange for a GOAT!
Marxist psycho at top of Education tree says Isle of Wight 'poor ghetto suffering from inbreeding!'
Black savage left five friends maimed after spraying chemicals on them
17-year-old Shannon Aspin dies after assault in Blackburn
Mohammed Abdul-Wahid jailed for killing fellow driver, Ryan Charlton
Man stabbed in White City Westfield - Not terror related?
13 years jail for Romanian rapist who attacked drunk victim in Cleethorpes
31 Romanian immigrants in one house and the rogue landlords raking in £100k a year
Woman TRAMPLES on wreaths laid in tribute to WW1 soldiers at cenotaph!
Sue me if you dare! The church-going MP who dared to take on Sir Shifty
Why so glum, Sir Shifty? MP Frank Field met with Serious Fraud Office director
Sir Shifty Green may face criminal inquiry over BHS demise
Moroccan teen killed herself after 8 drug dealers accused of raping her were released on bail
With £9bn spent London 2012 was going to leave a golden legacy for locals: reality very different
More than '10,000 MISSING asylum seekers in Britain' - so WHERE are they?
Voters in France, Belgium, Spain and Italy want to make Brexit as painful as possible for Britain
Team USA basketball players 'caught in a BROTHEL in Rio' - they thought it was a spa

Friday 5 August

Dame Lowell Goddard resigns as head of independent Child Sex Abuse Inquiry
Almost 600,000 women were raped as children, official data revealed today
Cameron two fingers British voters as he showers Remain chums with gongs
Russell Square knifeman a quiet, shy pupil bullied at his London school! (Our fault then)
Brave man who stood up to Munich shooter now facing prosecution for 'INSULTING killer'
The shocking graph that proves EU is DOOMED.. Italian banks TUMBLE in wake of stress tests
Britain should leave EU NOW & it will BOOM top economist tells May
It's a Wonderful Race! Part 1
'It smells' Migrants would rather go back to WAR than live in plush centre with TV and gym
Russell Square stabbing suspect - Zakaria Bulhan: Somali Muslim
‘This is the WEST’ Nick Ferrari savages men-only swimming sessions for Muslims
The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and its Role in Enforcing Islamic Law
The Truth About Hillary's Bizarre Behaviour
Shami Chakrabarti's gong draws fury from Jewish leaders
Project Fear champ George Osborne gets Companion of Dishonour from right honourable mate
Girls rescued from Indian brothels tell their horrifying stories of a place 'worse than hell'
Another day, another barmy health diktat
Turkish immigrant, Erhan Havaleoglu, murdered estranged wife, Leighanne
Zach Kibirige used 'fear and force' to rape Tinder date

Thursday 4 August

Russell Square terror! Woman killed and 5 injured
How the blameless sick pay price of HIV drug! 9 vital treatments now gone!
America is a lost country. Nothing remains but tyranny. And lies. Endless lies
The ISIS Beheadings You Won’t Hear About Russell Square stabbings: Is a suspect on the run? Witnesses say man FLED on motorbike
It’s the EU facing economic disaster NOT Brexit Britain
The longer it takes, the less likely Brexit is
'Just f****** get over it' Clint Eastwood defends Donald Trump's comments
IMMIGRANT CRISIS: Criminal migrants should not have been in Britain
EUROPE AT WAR: Army on German streets for first time since WW2 - France cancels summer
More EU asylum-seekers now than in last 25 years!
Honours are turning into badges of shame - House of Lords is now an embarrassment
Iraq families hit £150,000 target to sue Blair in just two weeks
It'll be hard enough to limit legal migrants - but what about the million-plus ILLEGAL ones?
British beautician WAS strangled in 'honour killing' in Pakistan!
Illegal immigrant targeted women in 31 armed robberies so he could send £220,000 home
'You white Mother******': Police appeal after Asian driver threatens 'to kill' old woman
Smirking people smuggler Franca Asemota faces jail for forcing girls into prostitution
Dave emerges as a political heavyweight (trunks cost £216 more than Sam's bikini)

Wednesday 3 August

Mother who sexually abused girl, 9, shouldn't be jailed! Shame as a Muslim punishment enough!
The Muslim who attacked Donald Trump wants to advance Sharia law in the USA
MPs slam 'complacency' over ‘colossal’ migrant crisis
Mass migration, the betrayal of a generation and how we CAN solve the housing crisis
Eurocrat warns the EU is ‘CLOSE TO DEATH’
EU migrant crisis 'is colossal'
Czech president calls for TOTAL BAN on refugees to prevent 'barbaric attacks'
NHS must give out £5,000-a-year lifestyle drug to prevent HIV as vital cataract surgery rationed!
Sort out this cataracts mess! Health secretary tells trusts to stop delays for the elderly
Future gongs won't go to cronies following controversy over Cameron's list
Temporary hospital boss was paid a record £60,000 a month by the NHS
Marion Le Pen endorses Trump
Major Labour donor savages Owen Smith pledge to hold second EU referendum
Vicars bizarrely urged to grow BEARDS in an effort to reach out to British Muslims!
Kilburn killing: Barangu Gulbudak charged with murder of Efes cafe owner
Family pay tribute to dad-of-four Bradley Moore as boy, 12, appears in court on murder charge

Tuesday 2 August

If Trump wins, a coup isn't impossible here in the US, says gay Jew
Now Qataris own a fifth of British Airways
The stench grows over honours
This sneering House is asking for reform
Perversion of justice: How deportation works in LibLabCon Land
3million EU citizens will be able to stay in Britain forever by 2019!
Left-wing scum throw hundreds of live insects into Byron burger restaurants!
Impotent Kenyan hacks his wife’s hands off for failing to conceive after 7 years of marriage!
Immigrant raped a woman on her way to work just MONTHS after being allowed to stay in UK
Byron Hamburgers branch is forced to close by far-Left campaigners
BBC must give the names and salaries of stars on more than the PM
Pakistani mother filmed herself having sex with her 14-year-old son
90-year-old widow faces £177k bill to repay £22k mortgage! Barclays insists 690% profit is fair
Jihadi gets life for ISIS-inspired attempt to behead a man at a Tube station

Monday 1 August

House of Lords peers hatch plan to BLOCK Britain leaving the EU!
'Brexit EARTHQUAKE': EU fatcats' fears as Swedish MEP suggests 'UK-Nordic trading bloc!'
'Why we hate you': ISIS reveal 6 reasons why they despise Westerners
Paedo Liberal MP fathered child with nanny, 17, then kicked her out of his home!
Belgian pastor stabbed in his own home after ‘he refused to give asylum seeker money’
Iraqi men arrested over sexual assaults in Berlin
Sir Shifty Green is 'EVIL?' That's anti-Semitic, isn't it? (Even if it's true)
"I pay your wages, I own you!" (The sayings of Sir Shifty)
Bullying Sir Shifty made my life a misery!
Boy, 12, is murder suspect after man in 40s dies outside McDonald’s - (Ethnicity?)
Erdogan supporters set to protest in GERMANY!
Arise Sir Remain! Knighthoods for millionaire pro-EU donors
Yoghurt is good for us? And yet...
Drunk luvvie's foul rant at Brexit voters - Brands audience 'a load of UKIP c***s!'

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