Daily News: August 2015

Monday 31 August

British soldiers issued anti-malarial drug linked to suicide!
Nation of Islam leader: “I'm looking for... 10,000 fearless men' to 'rise up and kill those who kill us!'
Kanye West is running for President in 2020!
IMMIGRATION! UK population set to surge by twice as much as rest of Europe put together!
ANDY BURNHAM (wannabe Labour leader) says we need to take refugees to win EU reforms!
MPs get free VIP service at NHS hospital to protect them from public!
War criminal attacks Jeremy Corbyn's 'Alice In Wonderland' politics
Tony Blair’s final plea: Corbynmania is ‘Alice in Wonderland’ politics
Families' fury as 'badly written' Chilcot report is 'delayed until June 2016!'
Chilcot must resign - or be sacked!
Islamic charities probed amid fears 'cash could have made its way to ISIS'
University to mark down students who say 'illegal immigrants' in class!
Jeffrey Okafor gets life for murder after 5-year manhunt tracked him down in Nigeria
Romanian arrested after 'severely dehydrated' children found in lorry
My daughter took her own life - too afraid to appear in court with Muslim who raped her
Warning after sham marriage plotter Tariq Mehmood jailed
Why has Dave banned anti-EU campaigners?
West sees Red! 'Sympathy for Russia is rising' in the Balkans
Watching too much TV can kill you!
British heritage 'being overlooked' as St George's Day concert is cancelled
Syrian army ambushes Islamists in As-Sweida; Israeli weapons confiscated
Israeli troops attack Palestinian Christians at protest following Sunday mass

Sunday 30 August

Rotherham sex scandal: More than 160 officers facing claims they ignored victims' pleas!
Kids Company funded 23-year-old in Nigeria... and crack den landlord!
Blair ignores advice not to intervene in leadership race - mocks Corbyn's supporters
Asylum in open door UK hits a 10 year high!
FRANK FIELD: If the PM can't stop the immigration catastrophe, Brits will do it for him
Police chiefs' stunning admission: We can't cope with cybercrime!
PETER HITCHENS: Fixing the Lords is easy: just get rid of ALL the politicians!
'Outrageous and bizarre! 'Turkey (West's pal) arrests 3 British journalists - 'Working for ISIS!'
Adam Ant's dad was jailed for preying on runaway boys nearly 30 years ago!
Acid attack victim: 'I'm the one with a life sentence. Not him!' Scum may soon be freed
Tory faithful see red over Dave's peerages for pals
Calais crisis: Now British holidaymakers held up for 14 HOURS by rioting Roma gypsies
Terror suspects granted thousands in taxpayers' cash sue the Government
Another Blairite Home Secretary weighs in against Corbyn
The Zionist takeover of British television

Saturday 29 August

Germany wants Facebook to delete "xenophobic" posts
Borderless Britain: Torrent of stowaway migrants head to the UK
Thousands of unaccompanied children claiming asylum in UK - as numbers rise 46 PER CENT
152,000 Romanians registered for N.I. numbers in 2014/15 (47,000 in 2013)
Vatican ambassador dies before trial for paying to have sex with boys
Child migrants cared for by UK taxpayers DOUBLES in three months!
Officially 53,000 Bulgarians/Romanians came here in a year - 200,000 NI numbers issued!
Health tourist, Bimbo Ayelabola, has quintuplets on NHS! Doesn't have to pay £145,000 bill!
Thug who attacked retired fire officer in own home gets 3 years
Relatives of Mohammed Suleman (The General) Khan, commit huge mortgage scam
Drunken black model 'Crazy Fairy' glassed and BIT a bar manager - NO JAIL!
Hatton Garden jeweller Yair Cohen, 71, jailed for involvement in London smash and grab
Anjem Choudary remanded back to Belmarsh jail for another five months! (RESULT!)
Half-Caste who murdered Lorna Stewart has heart attack soon after release! (RESULT!)
ISIS supporter gets 11 years for tweeting 7,000 messages backing the terror group
100 suspected "British" extremists reported to police EVERY WEEK! ("Religion of peace," Dave?)
Gay, black, self-obsessed, fantasies fuelled by Hollywood - A MURDERER FOR OUR TIMES!
Inoffensive phrases used by Alison Parker that earned her a death sentence
Dylann Roof versus Vester Flanagan - What shall we ban?
DIVERSITY! Indian sisters sentenced to be raped then paraded naked through the streets
Victory for Corbyn could finish Labour says gay, Jewish architect of 'New Labour'
Why does Kids Company Camila tell so many tall stories about her life?
Yentob's £100k of BBC cash to plug Kids Company: Show broke rules on impartiality says MP
Celebrity Big Brother: Tila Tequila kicked off show after describing Hitler as good man

Friday 28 August

Number of migrants entering Britain breaks all records in humiliating blow to Cameron
INVASION! (Courtesy of LibLabCon) Net migration to UK hits record high of 330,000!
DOUGLAS MURRAY: Mass immigration will DESTROY Britain if we don't act now
Iceland is the most peaceful country in world (93% white) UK is only 39th!
446 child abuse arrests in South Yorkshire since Jay Report
Cohen/Yentob/Katz/Reuben/Harding/Robinson/Peston-run BBC to decide whether Britain is racist? Who controls America? Who controls the Southern Poverty Law Center?
Presidential hopeful, Jeb Bush, to announce Jewish leadership team
Jewish Anti-Defamation League names Celtic Cross as racist symbol
EU to approve new measures against Israeli settlements
Drunk BMW driver, Minesh Parbat, who killed girlfriend in crash, gets seven years
Police want to trace man over a sex attack outside a church IN Bristol
'Drug fuelled' Kids Company clients plagued neighbours and got charity evicted
Vester Flanagan lived in sports star dad's shadow and never told him he was gay
2014 - Nigeria: Restaurant served roasted human heads
Disabled man starved to death four months after being declared 'fit to work'
2,600 benefit claimants die within weeks of being ruled fit for work!
British farmers suffering because of EU's foreign policy, senior official admits
JAIMIE OLIVER: 'My businesses would close without migrants!' (Won't miss you, Jaimie! Bye!)
Convicted pervert and lover of P.I.E. founder still got teaching job!
EU President says Calais is BRITAIN'S problem - not the EU's
Jewish watchdog says Trump is a white supremacist! (Article by Daniel Marans - Jewish)
The Gaza families obliterated in just 51 days
28% Corbyn supporters think world controlled by secretive elite! (28% aren't totally stupid?)
Stop the stalling Chilcot! Barrister warns enquiry
Dissolution honours list is a dump full of dregs and drongos
Immigration will wreck Corbyn when he's leader (Yep - Jezza is melting pot PC all way through)
Taking antibiotics increases the risk of type 2 diabetes
Yanks associate word 'liar' with Hillary, 'arrogant' with Trump and 'Bush' with Jeb Bush
E-cigarette industry funded experts who ruled vaping is safe!

Thursday 27 August

Television reporter and cameran shot and killed during live report
Murder on TV by black diva 'always looking to play the race card!' (Aided & abetted by PC Crowd)
Angry about being a black homosexual, he murdered TV people on camera (As you do)
Virginia gunman's crazed 'road rage' rant just weeks before shooting
TV Killer struck fear in the newsroom
God told him to kill Parker and Ward as payback for Charleston
SWEDEN: Muslim attacks 21 women and a 4-year-old in 12 weeks then demands asylum!
Swedish councillor: Mass migration a socially and economically unsustainable cancer
Denmark: Europe is committing collective suicide
BRADFORD: Drug dealer, Mohammed Haseeb, jailed
Rickshaw driver Mohammed Hossain assaulted young woman after seeing her crying in the street
Schoolgirl, 16, admits terror offences after being arrested with jihadi boyfriend
'Drug fuelled' Kids Company clients plagued neighbours and got charity evicted
Bradford mosque worker accused of sexually molesting boys
Two fingers to the Iraq War families: Chilcot STILL won't set date
Stuff the Lords with donors and all you’ll do is destroy it, Dave
Pack of lies, insists son of general accused in Westminster abuse inquiry
Ambulance service left frail man, 62, lying in road in rain with a broken hip for 2 HOURS
Former GREEN PARTY councillor revealed as a big game hunter
Immigration will wreck Corbyn when he is leader (Jez is melting pot & PC through and through)
British farmers suffering because of EU's foreign policy, senior official admits
Anti-Whites upset by stagnation of mixed-race couples in Canada
1-in-12 babies born in the USA is a child of illegal immigrants!
Is Trump worse than Hitler?

Wednesday 26 August

Ex-Labour Home Secretary accused of working with Tories to dismantle Freedom of Info Act!
Union leader has vote for Corbyn in Labour leadership contest rejected!!!
CORBYN: Migration helps our kids' understanding of world? (Yep! Foreigners nasty, steer clear!)
Yentob's pets 'will descend into savagery' without taxpayer cash to wipe their behinds?
Former Labour councillor confesses to child porn offences
Ex-MP Harvey Proctor isn't a monster! Gay spanker is 'a homosexual not a murderer!'
Former Tory reeled off big shots (Heath, Brittan) accused of being in a VIP paedo gang
Deadly bacteria including MENINGITIS and septicaemia found in cosmetics!
Diabetes epidemic to hit 8m Brits! (Who sold off school playing fields? ALL OF THEM!)
Reality of what school life was like for a boy with lesbian parents
Poverty-stricken Ethiopia launches $3m space programme despite taking £300m in aid from UK!
8 Million foreigners in Britain! (How many 2nd/3rd-generation aliens?)
8 million immigrants live in UK! Britain must quit EU to halt soaring migration
EU pays jobless migrants to come to Britain!
Sex register? EU SAYS NO! Convicted rapists arrive in UK with no one knowing of their crimes!
Keep borders open, pleads top EU traitor (White genocide will be easier if you do)
Cops order three Birmingham nightclubs SHUT following serious violence
Taha Bakhit: “If I go back in there I... will cut his head off!” (For wearing a necklace)
E-fit of black man who tried to snatch schoolgirl cycling home
Gang-raped Norwegian student doesn't hate Hispanic attackers (Meek+mild = more victims)
Around 80,000 sheep are stolen every year in Britain!
Anti-refugee violence in Germany - (800,000? What do THEY expect?)
Due to a lack of mass migration, Japan is plagued by a rising standard of living
ICE! From a happy, normal young woman to a 38kg violent addict covered in scabs
Right-wing party tops Austrian election poll
Poll says Sweden’s anti-immigrant Party as country’s largest
Saudi Arabia executes 175 people in 12 months - half are foreigners
China's meltdown - Britain's economy is NOT safe
Israeli president says government has ‘right’ to build West Bank settlements
Gunman shoots four people dead at Gipsy camp in France

Tuesday 25 August

Is YOUR baby racist? Scientists discover a way to reverse racial bias in young children!
42% of the convicts at Whitemoor jail, Cambridgeshire, are Muslims!
MPs to question Yentob and Letwin (both Jews) over Kids Company failings
Noel Biderman, CEO of hacked adultery website, Ashley Madison, is Jewish (Anyone surprised?)
Suicides linked to Ashley Madison leak!
Canadian wife banned from living here with British husband of 45 years! How your pension has been hit by Communist blunders
800 indoctrinated extremists back from Syria 'ready to strike' - Britain at HIGH risk
Matt Campbell, brother of a 9/11 victim, speaks out about the cover-up
31% of British workers receive NOTHING from their bosses when they retire!
How cleaning with wipes may actually SPREAD deadly bacteria, including MRSA
Aphid plague is the worst for ten years
When even the middle classes shun marriage, our social cement truly is crumbling
Mr Big growing fat on migrants who will do ANYTHING to reach Britain
Murder inquiry after man, 79, and children aged 2, 11, 13 stabbed in Tower Hamlets
Moment black man carried semi-conscious woman across street before raping her
Fire destroys house in Germany intended for asylum seekers
Lenny Henry says diversity isn't 'another black person in Coronation Street'

Monday 24 August

Great fall of China sinks world stocks, dollar tumbles
China panic grips investors Global collapses stock selling "bloodbath!"
Judge says illegal immigrants entering UK in lorries will resort to crime!
Ukraine failed attempt to ‘break Russia’? Kissinger warns US 'Stop backing Kiev!'
ISIS exterminating Christians in the Middle East!
Desperate Burnham says he'd have Miliband in top team! (Andy, you could Zion-sniff for England)
Homeless cancer victim forced to live in CAR with 3 dogs (not high enough on housing list)
EIGHT Cabinet members and 1,000 business heads want to leave EU!!!
Fresh paedophile abuse quiz for shamed former MP, Harvey Proctor
Father of French train gunman says he is 'a good boy' who'd never kill anyone!
Convicted sex criminals free to come to UK! (Just 6 member states have offender registers)
Daniel Elliott (black) was jailed for life after horrific sexual assaults
"Men of Asian appearance" sought after Glasgow nightclub attack
Umar Mir gets nine years for attack that left victim for dead
Efit released of black man who assaulted a women in Margate
Mixed-race thug who attacked retired fire officer in his own home gets 3 years
Attacking Jeremy Corbyn will only increase his popularity (Spittle-drenched elite don't get this)
Train passengers '4 TIMES more likely to be hit by terror attack than fliers'
Brussels bureacrats spend £435k of YOUR money teaching American kids about benefits of EU!
Kids Company founder used charity nurse for her own medical care
Ministers Letwin and Hancock gave £3 million to Kids Company just weeks before it closed
Train passengers '4 TIMES more likely to be hit by terror attack than fliers'
Brussels bureaucrats spend £435k of YOUR money teaching American kids about benefits of EU!

Sunday 23 August

Sick children used as guinea pigs and infected with HIV!!! NHS said chimps 'too expensive!'
881 Sheffield children at medium to high risk of being sexually exploited between 2001/2014
Kids Company helped scores of immigrants stay in UK on benefits!
Obama is 'too scared' to tell truth about Ukrainian war – US journalist
Obama won’t stand up to the Neocons and liberal hawks
White House in Chilcot 'cover-up': America bans crucial files!
Who the HELL are Western Governments Really Serving?
Victims' fury as Jimmy Savile findings are secretly handed to BBC bosses
STATINS: The great cholesterol-lowering con
PETER HITCHENS: British 'education' is a con - or haven't you learned that yet?
Boy-oh-boy! Is the mainstream media out to get Corbyn, or what?
Serious sexual assault by Afro-Caribbean male with a shaved head - Leeds
Devin Baham stabbed Ashley King 13 times then set her house on fire
Child rapist used 'human rights' to fight deportation - then struck again
Dr Aijaz Bashir Ashai carried out a "horrible, vile" sex attack on masseuse - NO JAIL!
Harrow boy, Archie Lloyd, dies after Crete attack by Sebastian Trabucatti
Jihadi John - 'I will go back to Britain... and will carry on cutting heads off'
2007: Abrahams denies giving "Jewish conspiracy" interview
Was Winston Churchill a soviet agent?
Is the British Royal Family secretly Jewish?

Saturday 22 August

Now Cameron lays into Corbyn!!! (The knives of Zion are out for Jeremy!)
Charity cabal using YOUR money to sabotage all efforts to rein back migration!
Concern about mass migration now at highest level ever recorded! (Do our leaders give a f***?)
Labour MEP's son posed as dead mother to claim £750,000 from the EU!
Book teaching infants LGBT awareness distributed to schools across England!
Blunders by doctors cost NHS £4million a week!
Former Israeli Defense Minister says 3 plans to hit Iran were blocked
Labour in crisis as Burnham demands action on ‘saboteurs’
Middle-aged white woman walking dog raped by black and white men - dog killed
Mental health nurse Vijay Bundhun jailed for raping and sexually assaulting patients
DIVERSITY! Anger at failure to ban violent "carer," Faderera Bello, for life
Kids Company claimed to be helping 16,000 high risk people - real number may be less than 500
Iraq vet told to remove Union Jack Help for Heroes t-shirt - might 'offend other guests'
'Thousands' denied life-extending cancer tests
Former Israeli Defense Minister says 3 lans to hit Iran were blocked
First Gulf War is still claiming victims among veterans
"Do we need to lock up more black and brown kids (who commit sexual crimes)?”
Planned Parenthood suggests defecating on partner for teen ‘sexual exploration!!!’
If you're not already terrified about the potential human cost of TTIP, see these examples
Heroes disarm Moroccan terrorist as he opens fire on French train
Jihadis show women as gun-toting fighters but their only role is as sex objects
Email scandal: Did David Miliband send confidential intelligence to Hillary Clinton's account?
General Sir Nicholas Houghton one of those holding up Chilcot inquiry?
Germany demands Britain takes MORE migrants! (German leaders shouldn't be taking them in!)
Lord Kitchener poster at Wetherspoon's tells Muslims to 'get the f*** out of our countries!'
Van driver fined over election day 'Labour paedo party' protest
If all these thickos got into University, what are the rest like?
Jews 'propagate the cult of Lucifer' - use black magic to 'call on the powers of darkness?'

Friday 21 August

RON PAUL: The truth about the economy is terrifying
US gearing up for onrushing economic apocalypse
Seven-year cycle predicts 2015 collapse!
BBC political editor Nick Robinson loses his rag over protester sign!
Comic Jeremy Hardy accuses Labour of trying to rig leadership election
Presidential hopeful says Israel has as much right to West Bank as US has to Manhattan!
Abdulfatah Suleiman charged with the murder of Anton Levin
Murderers Shamraze Khan and Kasim Ahmed admit robbing Sheffield girl at knife point
Sheffield businessman Mohammed Rafiq charged with rape, cruelty to children etc.
East Ham car thief Dominic Francis jailed for three years
Manor Park Imam imprisoned for historic sex abuse on teenager
Terngu Agera and Stephen Lansana get life for murder of Zydrunas Laurinavicius
Kyrone Joseph guilty of brutally attacking pensioners in East Ham
Three men suffer stab wounds in Bradford - CCTV images
Black man sought over Forest Gate attack on 15-year-old girl
Lancashire's six most wanted
Toxic bloom 'eating the West Coast alive' — 'Unusual deaths up and down Pacific coast'
Official: 'Thousands of Millions' of fish wash up dead in Alaska
Radioactivity still pouring into sea at Fukushima! Like huge cloth expanding everyday
Epidemic of sea mammal deaths as Fukushima radiation contaminates one-third of earth
Benjamin Fulford says Fukushima caused by HAARP!
These tragic families of those killed in Iraq deserve better
Six alleged victims of Lord Janner 'launch compensation claims!' Israel fires missiles into Syria after alleged rocket attack!
I'll apologise for the Iraq war if I win, vows Corbyn
Whistleblower died after revealing alien agenda! (Aliens? Hmmm - NWO aliens? No prob)
BBC political editor accused of bias in run up to last year's independence referendum
Pistol-whipped detective didn't shoot attacker because of "racist" headlines!
Riot breaks out at overcrowded refugee camp in Germany
Sweden’s nationalists lead polls for first time
15,000 government emails revealed in Ashley Madison leak

Thursday 20 August

Labour supporter’s fury as they're stopped from voting for next Labour leader!
Coalition 'successes' show no signs of halting ISIS!
More migrants taking school exams in their OWN language for 'easy route to top grade!'
32% who win cases against UK in Human Rights Court are terrorists/criminals/prisoners
Elderly being denied vital NHS treatment based on how old they are!
“A place for everyone”? That’s fucking ridiculous!
Dickensian levels of TB in Newham higher than in Tajikistan (Traitors import disease)
Half of all university graduates languish in low-skilled jobs which do not need a degree
FRANCE: Girl attacked by n-word because she wouldn't give her number!
Sweden is committing national suicide. We’ve never seen anything like it in history
Open borders for Western nations is insanity!
US government scared future European voters will pick anti-diversity parties!
Swedish integration minister will chase down White areas by law
Is Putinism the answer to the US-Israeli Imperium?
Alex Jones vs. David Duke: Some Thoughts
What a farce! British cops v Frog sabotage!
Working just an hour extra each day pushes up stroke risk by 10 per cent
Big families the new status symbol? (4 families, ALL WHITE! Representative, huh?)
I’ll join ‘The Resistance’ if Corbyn wins, vows Kendall
Top cop who emailed 'intimate images' on work phone refuses to quit
SNP MP finds her name on Ashley Madison adultery list!
SLOVAKIA: 'We can't take any Muslims, we haven't got any mosques!'
ISIS 'selling off the organs of women kept as sex slaves'
ISIS beheads antiquities expert after he refused to reveal where ancient statues were hidden
Pensioner with antique gun jailed due to legal error
Convict Abdul Basit boasts of life in prison 'penthouse' with TWO plasma TVs & music system

Wednesday 19 August

FRANCE: Girl attacked by n-word because she wouldn't give her number!
The true nature of Israeli criminality
Half of young Brits are gay? (The Murder of a World that Worked!)
David Lammy: (Labour candidate for London Mayor) Let 300,000 illegals stay in London!
Kids Company recruited troubled teenagers for brain scans!
Roma gypsy gang sold smuggled women as sex slaves and visa brides in UK
Look at the people who benefit from human rights law!
Kenneth Meek charged with inciting racial hatred (threatened to set fire to ISIS flag)
Tory MP says law should be used against Christians who don’t agree with gay marriage!
Sweden is committing national suicide. I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like it in history
Open borders for Western nations is insanity!
Government made up FAKE benefit claimants for leaflet praising controversial system!
Rapper, Dr Dre, is a serial abuser of women (Now that's surprising)
The hidden hand pulling your financial strings
The obscene greed of City fat cats is playing into Jeremy Corbyn's hands
Look at the people who benefit from human rights law!
Roma gypsy gang sold smuggled women as sex slaves and visa brides in UK
Now the Church betrays the British people! Asylum seeker Gipsy tried to rape widow before stealing late husband's war medals!
Ben Needham: British police question Roma gypsy family over toddler's disappearance
Immigrant Gipsy raped woman in front garden while his pal kept lookout
Gipsy beggars in Sweden Sir Winston Churchill: Zionist hero
DIVERSITY! Look who's looking after our old folks!
Racist grandma sentenced! (So this relationship, is it with her under-age granddaughter?)
Oliver is most popular boy's name? Not if you add up Muhammad, Mohammed, Mohammad!
Man accosted by two black men and 'stabbed in the face'
Nelson Mandela's grandson charged with raping 15-year-old in toilet

Tuesday 18 August

A turning point in US - Israeli relations!
British Jews deep foreboding at the prospect of Corbyn’s election as Labour leader!
Don't vote for Jeremy Corbyn urges new Labour Friends of Israel chair Joan Ryan!
We don’t need the union jack on Team GB’s kit – it’s ugly and divisive!
Gap between rich and poor becomes CHASM as average UK CEO salary soars to £5m
Sweden: 30 grenade attacks in 6 months in Muslim-dominated Malmö
Who is the mixed-race man who killed Robert Hart?
Umar Mir left David Plant with brain damage after jumping on his head
Romanian rapist jailed for Christmas Day attack
Christmas burglar who raided 5 homes in one night jailed for 6 years
GCSEs punish top pupils 'for being too sophisticated'
Cameron plot to con voters! A "bang the table row with Brussels" will be staged!
You don't have to be mad to be Prime Minister - but it helps!
Smugglers get up to £1.4m EACH from Calais migrants (Pity migrant rich more than Brits)
Rochdale sums up the Tories' grotesquely unfair immigration policy
David Miliband: electing Jeremy Corbyn risks creating one-party Tory state
Corbyn gave cash to a Holocaust denier? Wow! A Commie who isn't all bad! Must be a first!
The Frankfurt School and their evil agenda
French police stoned by migrants as they chase suspected UK trafficker
ISIS are tricking British women into MARRIAGE as part of plot to reach UK
BBC presenter forced to apologise after branding UKIP a 'FAR-RIGHT' party
Jilted woman gets revenge on cheating boyfriend by setting crotch on fire

Monday 17 August

DIVERSITY! South African cop rapes 50+ women on patrol in White Johannesburg suburb
Mandelson 'asked candidates to quit to stop Corbyn' (Zion United 0 - Corbyn F.U. 10) Songs of Praise from Calais migrant camp - with NO SONGS! A BBC stunt gone wrong?
This Iraq report farce won't save Blair from the verdict of history!
Racial segregation in schools holds white pupils back says Blairite think Tank!
Full-scale war looms in Donbass
Ron Paul: Why Are US Special Forces in 81 Countries?
Noam Chomsky talks about secret US foreign policy
Black criminals use mobile phone to rap from jail boasting of their violent crimes!
Cops scramble to defend immigrants from angry Swedes following double murder in IKEA
'LOL!' Jihadi bride's sick reaction to the Tunisian beach massacre!
Who are the radical rabbis inspiring Israel’s most violent Jewish settlers?
Morgan Freeman's granddaughter stabbed to death by lover on New York street'
Arrogance and ego led Jewish actor to download child pornography
2004: Nathan Abrams on Jews in the American porn industry
DIVERSITY! Black men torture, kill white teens - One makes ‘black lives matter’ speech in court

DIVERSITY! White girls burned alive in South Africa by black Satanists
DIVERSITY! Jeremy King testified in the Kirstie Theologo murder case
Armed robbery in my house, girlfriend shoots - South African normality

Sunday 16 August

Asian child sex gangs: Police identify 300 new paedos in Rotherham!
Jimmy Carter says there's no chance for 2-state solution when Netanyahu wants 1-state solution
Now Labour's Yvette Cooper says Britain should take MORE migrants from Calais
David Irving, forgotten heroes and ridicule before research
Cameron's response to migrant crisis is appalling, say 'let-'em-all-in' British Jews!
The small-minded British are callous and stupid!
UK: Extremists in the Heart of Government
Multicultural society and ideology serve the state’s age-old strategy of 'divide and rule'

Corbyn trolls are abusing me for being Jewish! Never knew John Mann was a Jew - explains a lot
GPs put 1 in 20 under-aged girls on the Pill!
I called the police to calm my son - but he died after they tasered him
Camila's own private swimming pool... in luxury mansion paid for by Kids Company
Theatre accused of self-censorship after it cancelled play about radicalised Muslims
UK: Extremists in the Heart of Government
Multicultural society and ideology serve the state’s age-old strategy of 'divide and rule'
Oliver Letwin (Jew) denies pledging £20m to Kids Company!
Peers claim £360,000 in taxpayers' cash – despite NEVER voting
Defence cuts ‘threaten future of Britain’s Paras’
Now Gordon Brown's after Jeremy Corbyn! (Jeremy, you can't lose!)
Drug dealer Aneel Akhtar jailed after police found heroin and crack in his wife's bra
Drug-smuggling gang led by Asians ran £30million operation from prison
Turkey's multiple wars
Theatre accused of self-censorship after it cancelled play about radicalised Muslims!
The lesbian couple who BOTH used to be men! (What have THEY done to our world?)

Saturday 15 August

AND THE QUEEN SAID: 'Diana in a crash? They must have greased the brakes!'
DIVERSITY! 37.4% of Nelson Mandela's finest admit they are rapists!
'Lock your doors. Your holiday hotel's full of asylum seekers!'
BBC's top religion boss, Aaqil Ahmed, says Calais migrants are like Joseph, Mary and Jesus!
Greville Janner victim of putrid, toxic, vile, Fascist anti-Semitism says Rabbi daughter
Can somebody please tell the paedo to shut his mouth?
Jewish MP, Blairite Ivan Lewis, accuses Jeremy Corbyn of tolerating anti-Semitism!
Top Tory Jew Michael Howard, a slew of doubtful companies and fraud in a war-torn hell hole!
The Jewish Board of Deputies' secret 'Intelligence Reports' smearing David Irving
Dear white people: Please call it like it is
US aid worker Kayla Mueller was repeatedly raped by a top ISIS caliph before her death
ISIS are mass producing CHEMICAL WEAPONS? (Nice one USA/Saudis! They made ISIS)
Teenager 'fobbed off' 10 times by doctors was ACTUALLY battling bone cancer
NHS waiting list hits SEVEN YEAR high!
CHILCOT! The very cosy friendship between Iraq inquiry chief and Tony Blair
Don't treat us with contempt: Chilcot STILL silent on Iraq War
A very dubious role model: Cameron's business tsar
Doctor who should be on trial for manslaughter over death of British mother seen in Pakistan
Arrested at Amir Khan boxing match, Mohammad Safdar Gohir charged with £156million VAT fraud
Navinder Singh Sarao (accused of helping cause £500billion crash) admits to £30m in assets
Yob who dressed in a BURKA to attack woman with a BRICK is jailed
Olympic champ Greg Rutherford calls lack of Union Jack on Team GB kit ridiculous
Prescott insists he never groped wife of fellow Labour MP

Friday 14 August

UK's infant death rate one of worst in Europe!
One in three London voters admit they would be 'uncomfortable' having a Muslim mayor!
ISIS make rape of non-Muslims part of its religion! (This OK by PC Crowd and feminists?)
Best examples of police stupidity, over-reaction and incompetence
Lord Janner will appear in court TODAY to face child sex abuse charges... RESULT!
The man with no conscience! MPs, generals, victims' families condemn Chilcot!
A scandal that the Chilcot report has not appeared!
Britain's £338m foreign aid to Pakistan probed amid fears it funds death penalty
Farage on Friday: Obama just doesn't get it'
Blair fears Corbyn-led Labour 'annihilation' but is he just scared of WAR CRIMES trial?
Spanish cops arrest gang smuggling illegal immigrants into Britain
Armed police storm street with guns and Tasers over position of wheelie bin row
Adeyemi Adekeye, who stabbed David Dane with scissors, refuses to attend court!
CHILDISH PRANK? Sarah Jamar and Nuha Al-Sahli snatched £5,000 haul from Harrods!
Drug smuggler Hafiz Ali caught after heroin worth £2 million loaded onto wrong flight
Vita Ramonaite and Robertas Ciuzas trafficked women into the UK to be sold into marriage
Kerry Katona's mixed-race husband (no. 3) arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit robbery
Evan Davis (gay) accused of 'pathetic' stereotyping - implied gay men are promiscuous

Thursday 13 August

Former Cabinet Minister admits the BBC is a tool of the political left!
Number of EU immigrant working in the UK reaches 1.98 million!
Is Putin plotting war in Europe? (NO! But western warmongers and MSM may be!)
Board of Deputies wants students to support Holocaust survivors! (Slaves for old Jews now?)
UK unemployment rises as most new jobs go to citizens of other EU states!
USA: Governor Nathan Deal quietly removes Confederate holidays from state calendar!
Pakistani drug dealers murder Polish drug dealer!
Usaid Zeb groomed "particularly vulnerable" 12-year-old
Vile mixed-race dad targeted young girls with explicit images on WhatsApp and Facebook
Paedo Femi Rotimi, 66, gets 22 years for sickening catalogue of child abuse
Rapist released early attacked 3 more on parole including schoolgirl raped in front of boyfriend
René Seren-Dat, 77, sexually assaulted 9-year-old boy
Andrew Hatowski get 3 years for sexually assaulting boy, 3
UK unemployment rises as most new jobs go to citizens of other EU states
Gov. Nathan Deal quietly removes Confederate holidays from state calendar!
Kids Company paid London School of Economics £40,000 for a good report!
Just a third of citizens in EU support idea of ever closer union
Elderly left freezing and in agony for up to seven hours in the middle of the night
Another day, another Pakistani grooming gang
Businessman Shamas Ali guilty of abusing young girl in Fife
WANTED: Krzysztof Zalewski - for sexual activity with a child
Police wish to speak to Imran Hussain following discovery of crack and heroin worth 2m pounds
WANTED: Four thieving ethnics
WANTED: Sarwar Ali - in connection with the rape of a girl under the age of 16
WANTED: Mohsin Rafique - for the repeated rape of a 10 year old girl WANTED for rape - Nasir Mehmood; Muhyadeen Osman; Asghar Butt; Saeed Ahmad
Burka-disguised Hong Nguyen gets just 4 years for strangling and smashing head with brick
Hotel staff at Turkish resort stage mock ISIS attack! British tourists left terrified
ISIS releases hit list of British Foreign Office and council officials online
CHILCOT! Six years in, families of Iraq war victims launch unprecedented legal challenge!
Stop prolonging the Iraq agony, Chilcot!
Home Office pays thousands to accommodate asylum seekers in hotels
Homosexual expenses cheat David Laws denied peerage
Blair warns voters not to pick Corbyn 'even if you hate me (F*** off to The Hague, warmonger!)
Whitehall 'in denial' over vote fraud
Ministers' plans to fast-track fracking
Calais supermarket manager arrested on suspicion of involvement in Albanian smuggling ring
MH17 blown up by an on-board bomb planted by the CIA?
ISIS brutally behead Croatian hostage kidnapped in Cairo

Wednesday 12 August

USA: White women are 12.4 times more likely to be murdered by black lovers, than white
Anti-Iran deal groups (all pro-Zion/Israel warmongers) backed by $145 million!
Mohammed Imran Ditta pleads guilty to six offences of rape
Britain and the EU allowed jihadists to wage war on their own tourists!
Democracy is a lie in the West - Ban on Holocaust debate proves this
2007 debate on terrorism: Ron Paul vs Rudi Giuliani
Southampton Docks came to a standstill after illegal immigrants tried to enter port
Eritrean asylum-seekers behind IKEA murders in Sweden!
On-the-run murderers win right to privacy! Police refuse to name killers, rapists!
ISIS bombers are 'ALREADY' in the UK and ready to attack!
Granddaughter of ex-government drugs adviser Keith Hellawell jailed for dealing crack
Thug who battered a female pensioner so severely her bruises looked like a BEARD
DIVERSITY! Merlin Maboso-Makonga stabbed James Burke with a bottle and a knife
"Horrific and depraved" Eduard and Ludovit Peticky abused children as young as 3!
Illegal immigrant, Lamin Touray, jailed for 16 years for sex attacks on lone women
Brixton rape: woman attacked by black stranger
Amir Zaman who fled country after corrupting 13-year-old jailed for 11 years
Michael Ifayin, missing after questioning over rape, working as a carer?
East European crime gang dismantled stolen BMWs, Range Rovers, sold parts in lucrative scam
Transgender nurse jailed for stashing lethal cache of guns, ammunition, explosives
Nurse Faderera Bello filmed physically and verbally abusing patient Bridget Rees, 92
Bradford stabbing prompts Asians to warn of racism towards black people!
Just one in three migrants held at detention centre are deported!
Muslim executive sues HSBC for £15million! (race and religious discrimination)
No link between fatty food and early death! (Health 'experts' lied to us for 50 years?)
Britain's filthiest food stores
DIVERSITY! 18 food businesses in the Bradford area have a hygiene rating of zero!
Average Briton throws out 24 stones of good food each year! (LibLabCon voters)
Defiance of the "British" people smugglers!
Killer Alexander Pacteau cleared of previous sex attack after claiming he was gay
'I've had enough of the Kardashians!' US news anchor walked off set!

Tuesday 11 August

'Forgotten British Heroes' (Chapter 2 - Peter Rushton)
'Forgotten British Heroes' (Chapter 3 - Michele Renouf meets Eric Lowe)
GLOBALISM 2008: The horror is always planned for well in advance! (50million Africans!)
ETHNIC CLEANSING! Saville Town in Dewsbury: more than 4,000 people, just 48 white Brits!
The great health tourist cover up!
Abusing NHS 'easiest thing in the world': bosses don't care about fraud
Immigrant bus driver jailed for death by careless driving after killing toddler
Sapha Singh stabbed taxi driver with whisky bottle in Thornton Heath
36-year-old in critical condition after 'horrific' knife attack by black man
69 "like" Facebook boast of racist schoolboy who stabbed black teacher ('racist' is Asian)
Migrants jailed after travelling from Calais to UK with suitcases full of weapons!
Slovakian immigrant burgled 19 homes just months after arriving in UK!
UKIP MEP 'threatened at gunpoint' in Dunkirk migrant camp
Nigerian who used British woman's identity to have baby at our expense is still here
Rwanda spy boss wanted by Spain freed by UK judge
Mass murderer, David Conley, is a #BlackLivesMatter supporter!
Serial crim tied up his son, ex-wife, her 5 kids and new husband then executed them
Sandra Bland protest: All white people should be killed!
Baby arrives back in Slovakia after migrant mum moved to UK and abandoned him
British cops patrol the streets of "Magaluf?" Is this a jolly or what?
Lorries carrying NHS medicine breached by migrants, now drugs must be thrown away
The shocking amount of sugar 'hiding' in soft drinks
Ministers migrant crackdown sham
No, Minister, our billions in foreign aid actually make migrants MORE likely to come here
Alcoholic, depressive warmonger bullyboy says "Anyone but Corbyn!"
DIVERSITY! Attacked by in-laws with acid ('father failed to pay her dowry')
Barrymore is still holding back details of pool death, say police
World's population will soar to 11 billion by 2100 and HALF will live in Africa!
Fury as Brussels issues comic strips to 'brainwash British children' to support EU
Now hard-left activists head to Calais to help migrants reach Britain
How the UK gives £3bn to aid cruel regimes

Monday 10 August

ISIS unveils chilling new map of Europe as it plans for world domination by 2020
Foreign Secretary says millions of Africans threaten our standard of living!
Turkish army and the Kurdish people (Persecution of the Kurds)
Paul Weston: How to destroy a country
Online tips to 'screw system!' Health tourists boast of milking NHS in their own countries
She's never even lived in the UK but NHS must pay this Hungarian mother's health bills!
Jeremy Corbyn defends vicar banned from social media for anti-Semitism!
Cops spend £20million on corruption investigation abroad but don't check out burglary here!
NAMED AND SHAMED: Croydon criminals jailed in July
Three black savages beat man on canal towpath in "terrifying mugging"
COVENTRY: Three Asian men try to pull 14-year-old girl into their car
East Europeans charge NHS for care in their OWN country! Thousands get free treatment
Hit-and-run-killer, George Claudiu Albu, charged with causing death by dangerous driving
Kieran Murray brought terror to homes across Birmingham in violent raids
Croydon online criminal 'Sir King Cash' found guilty of £1.3 million website fraud
Jimo Ojobaro jailed for laundering £100,000 cheque
Ikhlaque Nazir Chohdry jailed for raping young girl for 13 years
Police appeal after schoolgirl, 14, is sexually assaulted on bus in Kilburn Femi Gbadamosi
Rapist Kwame Boakye jailed for 25 years
Ikhlaque Nazir Chohdry raped a girl foro 13 years - from age 7 until she was 20
22-year-old woman attacked and sexually assaulted by "dark-skinned" man
Police appeal for public help to find black man wanted on recall to prison
ITALY: Illegal immigrants destroy welcome centre and gang rape their care worker

Sunday 9 August

Brits are paying a brutal price for the ruling elite’s ideology of mass migration!
28% diversity thinks immigration has positive effect on UK. 52% racists think opposite
Those we vote for tested chemical weapons (anthrax and PLAGUE) on soldiers and on US!
UK's first female Sharia Judge: 'We can't ask Muslims NOT to have more than one wife!'
HERE WE GO! US warmongers say Assad is ‘root of all evil!’ (NOT ISIS!)
Obama supported al-Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, directly enabling rise of ISIS
'Turkish airstrikes killed my siblings while I fought ISIL'!
Kurdish villagers under fire in Iraq say Turkey is 'no different from ISIS'
International Court Judge Says Dick Cheney will eventually be tried as a war criminal!
Welsh Minister for Education & Skills, wants Christianity banned in schools?
Faulty heart implants could be killing 2,000 UK patients a year!
Chilcot worked just 16 hours at Westminster last fortnight despite Iraq Inquiry 5 years late!
ISIS boast about attack on UK soil
Corrupt cop Osman Iqbal turns up to work in £170,000 Ferrari, gets done for gang crime
Walsall drug dealer Popinder Singh Kandola jailed for 17 years
"Computer science gradute" Abdullahi Abdullahi and his two foot long weapon
No border for migrants! residents of 'The Jungle' march through Calais
Nagasaki remembers its dead
Kids Company 'paid private school fees for daughter of boss's chauffeur!'
If the bearded Lefty wins, it's the Tories who'll be a whisker away from disaster
I despair at our bedazzled PM’s decision to give this woman a second chance
Who'll run London - mega-rich Zac or rather rich Tessa?
EDWARD HEATH and CHILD ABUSE: Ex-Tory MP Brian Binley compares cops to vigilantes!
Scotland bans genetically modified produce, England does not!
We boot them out in 2015, now Lib Dems failures are being knighted!
David Cameron takes on “non-violent extremists”
Sayeeda Warsi is part of the jihadist emigration problem
Men who had suffered starvation/torture were expected to just get on with their lives’
Top Labour MP warns his party is on the brink of catastrophe
First ever migrant strike - Poles feel unappreciated? (Sack them, hire English lads)
ISIS 'commit genocide' as they execute more than 2,000 people for 'common theft' (Yanks are good at NOT slaughtering those they tell us are the oppo when they don't want to)

Saturday 8 August

Migrants bring dysfunctional cultures to rich countries says Government adviser!
Daily Mail links Jeremy Corbyn with "Holocaust denier" but fails to mention he's Jewish
'I know Ted Heath wasn't gay, I tried to seduce him' says Jewish paedo Jonathan King
Welsh Minister for Education and Skills, wants Christianity banned in schools?
How COULD cops stand by and watch a boy drown in 6ft of water? (NAME, SHAME & FIRE!)
UN blames Europe for Med migrant crisis as numbers increase 750 PER CENT
NHS consultant retires with a £1.9m pension - rehired days later with a pay rise!
Has "Arab" hit-and-run killer claimed diplomatic immunity?
Care workers Benter Ouma and Sabrina Duncan lied about Norah Boyle's injuries
POLICE swoop on a gang of yobs terrorising streets of London armed with a SAMURAI SWORD
ISIS seize Syria town home to tens of thousands of Christians (Yank/UK/Turks bombing?)
Fury as BBC fails to curb 'interfering' boss Alan Yentob
Hedge funds make millions from bargain sell-off of taxpayers' RBS shares
UK freezes bank account of Russian news agency, gives no reason
Cameron hands out peerages even faster than Blair!
Golden Dawn is the only thing standing between poor Athenians and outright anarchy
USA: Mexican illegal stole $6,000 from white woman, strangled her and set body on fire
Time judges put freedom of expression over 'human rights' of wealthy celebrities

Friday 7 August

Commemorating British casualties of Jewish Terrorism, 1944–1948
Forgotten British Heroes (Chapter 1)
Cops told child vanished from Edward Heath yacht but were warned not to investigate!
Leah Goodman expelled from Britain for investigating Edward Heath abuse allegations
Leah McGrath Goodman: Jersey Child Abuse
Court hearing of child sex abuse claims against Lord Janner takes place today
Holocaust reparations chief must attend court in person over child sex claims, judge orders
Man who raped and murdered British pensioner appears in Bulgarian court
Woman dragged into 'secluded area' and raped in Brixton by black man
Black robbers threatened to cut ears off terrified staff and customers
12-year-old boy robbed in Greenhead Park
ROCHDALE: Six men arrested after a girl in care was raped on two separate occasions
Abdul Khan jailed after brutal iron bar attack on man selling car
Muslim convert inmates 'slash Broadmoor staff with broken DVDs in prayer row'
The Third World? Thousands of migrants race to catch last train to backdoor Europe
Christian opposes gay marriage = prosecution - Muslims rant against homosexuality =
Roger Cohen blames 'migrant crisis in Calais' on our 'small-mindedness' and... PUTIN!
Blacks up to 17 times more likely to face cop search! (Enrichers behave more criminally?)
Kids Company staff 'knew of claims adult men were abusing teenage girls!'
Alan Yentob: Such a very profligate luvvie
BBC boss 'raged at reporter investigating sexual abuse at Kids Company'
The inside story of how The Spectator broke the Kids Company scandal
'Nazi salute!' Two years on, Daily Mirror finally apologises for UKIP candidate lies!
Burning of Christian churches justified says Israeli settler Benzi Gopstein
Does Israel give Jewish extremists a pass on violence against Arabs?
The loss of identity through Multiculturalism
Jeremy Corbyn repeatedly refused to condemn IRA terror attacks
German police warn of de facto no-go zones
Christianophobic hate crimes treble in five years in multicultural paradise Sweden!
Outbreak of WW3 near - US and NATO invasion of Afghanistan blamed
Yep. These would be enriching! The baby-faced hitmen of Mexico's Gulf Cartel
The nightmare aftermath of Hiroshima

Thursday 6 August

The EU is ‘wiping out’ the original population in favour of immigrants!
'Angry and obsessive' black thug pushed Dora Matthews to her death
Black thug who threw metal pipe at white teen's face arrested by police
Guardian half-heartedly admits diversity guilt?
Kids Company founder was a genius for seducing the rich (the rich and stupid also?)
'It was weed heaven': Girl boasts she spent Kids Company handouts on DRUGS
Edward Heath and child abuse: This time we MUST know the truth
Cops investigating links between Ted Heath, Jimmy Savile and 'King Cornet'
Hero who defied Stalin's 'useful idiots' (British Left) exposes true horrors of Communism
If you hate the migrants in Calais, you hate yourself? (Not wanting them here = hate?)
French Police union chief says storming of tunnel was part-planned by left-wingers
Czech President blames US and EU warmongers for immigration crisis
Rise of patients in 40s suffering from dementia!
Will this be end of vile hate preacher, Anjem Choudary?
Katie Hopkins questioned by cops - inciting racial hatred (Muslim paedophilia does not incite it!)
ISIS executes 19 girls for refusing to have sex with fighters
Thatcherite think tank says prostitution should be legalised! Men need sex more than women
The Republican party is doomed if doesn’t embrace Hispanic voters, says Mark Zuckerberg-backed pro-immigration group
British historians books focusing on Red Army atrocities stripped from Russian libraries
The city where multiculturalism went to die
11% of Romanians see Jews as 'a problem,' 22% say they want them only as tourists!
62% of white Yanks say violence occurs when civilians confront cops, rather than cooperate
Gun control legislation in the USA - The Jewish factor

Wednesday 5 August

“The man in this picture raped me, mum!”
Brothel Madam who threatened to expose Ted Heath as a paedo is a Filipino immigrant!
Prison bosses put Tommy Robinson's life in danger on 'wing full of Muslims!'
Anjem Choudary charged with supporting ISIS! (Open & shut! Why has it taken until now?)
Kids Company charity in closure warning
In 2006, Cameron said that Kids Company boss embodied The Big Society!
Tony Blair should face trial for war crimes over Iraq, says Corbyn (He's a shoo-in now)
Alan Johnson warns Labour not to support 'disloyal' Jeremy Corbyn (Cheeky Blairite!)
England still lags behind on cancer survival rates
CROOKS sell fake documents fraudsters who claim more than £1BILLION benefits a year!
Muslim converts slashed the faces of two staff at Broadmoor after a row over prayers
'Cowardly Eastern European gang' snatch purses and bags from vulnerable pensioners
CALAIS: Hauliers owe £4m in fines! (Make the politicians pay! They caused crisis!
Jeremy Corbyn plans to 'reindustrialise' northern England (PC Leftie talking sense? Weird!)
CALAIS: Screw British holidaymakers, says Orthodox Jew!
Say you're gay to get into UK: Posters tell asylum-seekers to lie about sexuality
Here’s more evidence that the left might be screwed
Snowden leaks confirm existence of ECHELON
Palestinians shelter Israeli policewoman from rocks tossed by Jewish extremists
Attitudes on Immigration
Immigrants trying to get here via Channel Tunnel should be SHOT says English Democrat
Sudanese woman sentenced to death after refusing to renounce Christianity

Tuesday 4 August

We were too soft on immigration, admits ex-Labour minister
Cops dropped case against brothel madam to cover up paedo claims against Edward Heath!
Ted Heath 'raped me when I was 12!' Called a 'liar' by cops!
Former Labour mayor of Rotherham, Barry Dodson, is a 'dirty pervert who loves children?'
RESULT! city trader, Tom Hayes, gets 14 years for fixing Libor rate!
Now the bank bosses must be made to pay! (AMEN to that!)
Immigrants in their 20s put in Kent schools with pupils as young as 11!
Britain told by the EU to show 'solidarity' by welcoming migrants!
Holocaust survivors ‘traumatizing’ their grandchildren, campaigners warn
Tormented by yobs, great-grandfather gets two years in jail for having antique shotgun!
Britain approves almost HALF of asylum seekers! Charities want us to take EVEN MORE!
India blocks 857 porn sites for morality's sake! (Immoral MPs will ensure no block here)
Christine Davis stabbed to death in South Africa, husband Brian is fighting for his life
Jan Bennett, 67, raped and murdered after moving to Bulgaria
Sham marriage fixer, Armand Djedje, led gang bent on 'attacking sanctity of marriage
Developers are 'gunning for the Green Belt,' says ex-Poet Laureate
USA: "Lone Wolves – Enemies among us!" Brendan Tevlin murdered by Ali Mohammed Brown
Left wing extremists celebrate death of Memphis policeman, Anthony Sean Bolton
Finnish Politician Openly Opposes Multiculturalism, Gov’t Goes Nuts
Public outrage to halt treason probe against German bloggers

Monday 3 August

Open the border - we're going to the UK! (LibLabCon wants us for a soldier!)
Everything believed about Hitler’s designs on Britain was myth created by Churchill
Crack Scotland Yard detective says top brass sabotaged his bid to expose paedo minister
A Guardian journalist doesn't like white people? What else is new?
70% of Calais migrants (invaders) get into UK! Up to 900 enter illegally each month!
Ex-civil servant Azad Ali = Likes Sharia law/endorses killing soldiers/Vice Chair of UAF!
Kids Company staff handed out 'cash to children for drink, drugs and clothes'
South Norwood gang member jailed gets life for metal bar attack on elderly lady
Jailed for terror offences, London Tube worker, Afsor Ali, is out after just 11 months!
Melika Gabidon threw glass in face of bar manager at Wetherspoons after ID row
Chatham double stabbing - black man wanted
Benjamin Oleksik charged with assault after woman punched
Be careful when shopping! Series of thefts in Cornwall/Devon by East Europeans
Killer Kiernan Kelly told cops he murdered 18 people but it was 'covered up?'
Romanian family of 17 shows exactly why East Europeans are so desperate to move here
SWEDEN: Get citizenship, rape immediately! (Because you can no longer be deported)
USA: Tiona Rodriguez caught shoplifting with dead baby in her shopping bag!
LIBYA WAR: Woman given asylum after rape claims faces deportation after string of arrests
47 murders a day in South Africa! (Nice one Nelson, nice one PC Crowd)
British teens to write PORN scenes as part of explicit Channel 4 "sex education" show
CALAIS: 'Britain colonised Sudan, so you should let us in!'
Jimmy Carter: The U.S. Is an “Oligarchy With Unlimited Political Bribery”
US is 'MORE brutal' than ISIS? (Bad where DIVERSITY's in charge but...)
Whistleblowers warned Jeremy Corbyn of paedos preying on children on his doorstep
Dallas Deputy Sheriff (black) arrested for shoplifting (in uniform)
Migrants take advantage of generous welfare state
Rude/bone idle/cosseted by welfare state! Chinese teachers' verdict on our schoolkids!
UK among worst for failing to remove forceps, needles etc from patients after surgery!
New end-of-life care rules are 'worse than the death pathway!'
Healthy ex-nurse, 75, kills herself at Swiss clinic because growing old is 'no fun!'
Social worker's jargon is like a foreign language, says angry judge

Sunday 2 August

Mainstream media lies to the masses
“JIHAD! A warning to the brides of British Soldier Warmongers!” ("Religion of peace," Dave?)
How long before the police stop investigating murder?
Free hotels for Calais stowaways in soft touch Britain!
Thousands of failed asylum seekers claim benefits in UK
FOREIGN lorry drivers smuggle illegal immigrants into England from Calais for £1,200?
Jack Straw's role in the Jeremy Thorpe scandal
Demise of Christianity: 1,000 churches could shut as congregations shrink
Police launch child abuse inquiry into Kids Company! (Wherever there's PC, there's poison)
Mainstream media lies to the masses There will be blood!
World Anti-Doping Agency is "very alarmed" by allegations of suspected doping
Teen shot dead by Israeli troops after toddler murdered by 'Jewish extremists'
AIDS! Tainted blood left me an orphan at the age of only 10

Saturday 1 August

Hidden Mysteries Radio
Illegal immigrant rapist can stay (right to family life) despite walking out on wife/kids
Whistleblowers warned Corbyn of paedos on doorstep! He did NOTHING (ALL MPs did sweet FA)
A nation that cares more about an old lion than old people
Catholic monk says lesbians should be burned at stake!
Palestinian toddler burned alive after Jewish extremists target home in arson attack
The men who own and run the U.S. government
Jewish Judge says chimps may one day win HUMAN RIGHTS, but not now!
Osama Bin Laden's stepmother and sister killed in Hampshire plane crash
Hamad's fast track to Eldorado: Sudanese immigrant wants his family to join him here
Greed of billionaire peers who take £300 of taxpayers' money a day
Cameron under fire for 'sticking plaster' response to Calais crisis
GPs hand over patients' private records to insurance firms despite official warnings

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