Daily News: April 2018

Monday 30 April

WIMBLEDON: Seven-year-old Sophia Peters murdered by her father!
Israel’s seven decades of plunder
Influential rabbi teaches would-be Israeli soldiers: Genocide is permitted!
'Appalling' Juncker snubs millions as he celebrates Marx's 200th anniversary!
Why did UK government enforce a "D notice" on Skripal's MI6 handler living nearby?
RUDD RESIGNS! Home Sec out after Windrush and plan to surrender to EU on borders!
Trump warns U.S. will 'not do business' with EU without reform
UKIP leader says Labour Panders to 'inherently anti-Semitic Islam' in inner cities!
Rudd wanted to surrender border controls and give EU migrants access to benefits and NHS!
Britain’s secret ‘torture camp’ and the stench of a cover-up
Former policeman leaves London!
Oh, look! Channel 4's 'GENDERQUAKE' features lovely, fluffy gender fluid types!
Five-year-olds turn up to school unable to use simple words!
ROCHDALE: Dead baby was found naked and covered in animal bites
Joan Blaber, 85, died after she was given cleaning fluid instead of water! Staff spokepoor English!
Chemist drug dealer sold us 60 Xanax tablets for £150 with no prescription!
Arsonist burned 1.5million bees to death!
PM infuriates Brexiteers by watering down pledge to regain control of Britain's borders!
Dirty Doctor, Rajeshkumar Mehta, jailed for 15 months!

Sunday 29 April

The ENDGAME - Full White Genocide!
Russian military enters Douma - Local Syrians cheer and celebrate!
A year after liberation from US/UK backed al-Nusra terrorists, Aleppo Castle...
Merkel’s antisemitism envoy ‘not surprised’ Jews want to leave Germany!
Semitic tyranny now almost total?
10 cops assaulted overnight! Same day in day out! Devon and Cornwall policeman blows whistle!
Clerical elite shut off to Northerners due to their ‘broad northern accents?’
HITCHENS: As drug abuse rises, so do knife murders. I don’t think it’s a coincidence
SpareRoom host, Mamun Rashid, raped 3 young tenants 24 hours after they moved in
Angler knocked out in brutal attack by gang of thugs! (Description?)
Shayhon Francis bit off part of a police officer’s ear and stamped on his head
3 women and a man knocked down by a car in hit-and-run! Black man sought!
Syrian refugee rapes 12 y/o Swedish girl because ‘he didn’t know it was illegal!’
Italian police arrest North African migrants after night of death and bloodshed!
This Iranian student has not been seen since she decided to remove her veil
Swedish minister says the country’s elderly are the problem and not refugees
EU gives green light to Soros-funded 'Independent Fact Checkers' to censor 'fake news?'
Italian police arrest North African migrants after night of death and bloodshed!
Amber Rudd feels 'hung out to dry' by Theresa May!
BREXIT: UK set to make an offer on immigration similar to current free movement rules?
David Davis squeezed out of crunch Brexit talks by May's customs partnership fan, Olly Robbins?
NO BREXIT: House of Lords poised to derail EU exit as Tory rebels back Labour
'We're NOT doing business with these guys!' Donald Trump THREATENS EU
Palestinian 15-year-old dies after being shot by Israeli troops
Jihadists kill 30 Tuaregs in Mali as al-Qaeda linked militants step up attacks on civilians
SIXTEEN YEARS a slave! Couple arrested for bringing girl, 5, over from Africa and enslaving her!
‘London is DEBASED!' Morrissey rages at Sadiq Khan after knife-crime epidemic
Sex fiend Bill Cosby faces financial RUIN
Georgia May Foote axed from Corrie after refusing to have her character convert to Islam!

Saturday 28 April

Inquiry says institutions put reputations of political leaders above safety of abused children!
Lithuanian burglar Tautvydas Narbutas drove wooden stakes through the mouth of pensioner!
Husband of Ann Maguire says her 'killer was treated better than we were!'
Uncle and cousin of dead Gypsy burglar jailed for swindling sick homeowner out of £6,000!
Illegal immigrant gets 8 years for supporting a global jihadi network!
Angela Merkel says Europe must take MORE Muslim refugees!
Russians parade Douma witnesses! Establishment response pathetic!
Brexit Secretary David Davis promises not to betray fishing industry like Edward Heath did
US firms are shutting our GP surgeries?
EXPENSES? Labour MEP claimed £100,000 for Hawaii honeymoon, Land Rover, divorce!
Shaista Aziz pledges 'carnival of resistance' to Trump on streets of London
FRANCE: 215 Christian graves desecrated by Muslim!
Populist's electoral success forcing EU to think twice about mass-migration!
In South Africa, black majority still sings 'Kill the Boer!' Left-wing silence!
Author Wilbur Smith says true action heroes have been killed off by political correctness
EMINEM: ‘Being White is so embarrassing, I just want to kill myself?’

Friday 27 April

OPCW investigators reportedly find "no evidence" of chemical weapons at Syrian facilities!
Islamisation of France denounced by 300 notables!
Cheat, lie and abuse – Danish immigration minister hits out at migrants!
Labour selects ex-MP who quit amid expenses scandal to fight for Brent Central!
Disgraced ex-Labour councillor kicked out for voter fraud, stands again in local elections!
Accused fraudsters, anti-Semites, and terror apologists stand for Birmingham's Labour Council
Where have the UK's 10,000 Syrian refugees gone?
Sky! Even minorities don't believe Enoch Powell was racist! But he was because we say so!
788 – 790 Finchley Road - “The Big Society Rip Off” - Massive fraud and corruption!
FA to sell Wembley to car-parts billionaire, Shahid Khan? England football to be sidelined?
Founder of “Islam” party treats Belgian women like trash during TV debate
Caroline Lucas BOOED for suggesting UK should have 'chance to overturn BREXIT'
Why, 15 years on we STILL don’t know the truth about Dr David Kelly!
Government Stats: UK knife crime highest on record
Harold Shipman should have been struck off in 1975 years before he murdered so many!
Bill Cosby lashes out after he is found guilty of sexual assault!
'Time's up, Bill!' Celebrities rejoice as Bill Cosby faces up to 30 years in prison!
NHS hospitals are falling apart! Nearly all are plagued with pests!
Count Dankula and the death of free speech
Count Dankula fined £800 for Nazi pug 'hate crime!'
Artus Kozlovski was high on Spice when he dragged a 10-year-old off the street and sexually assaulted her
CUSTOMS UNION BETRAYAL: Parliament demands UK REMAINS in customs union!
Owen Jones sparks viewer BACKLASH over Donald Trump protests
'We're effectively staying as an EU vassal state!' MEP slams Remainers
Owen Jones sparks viewer BACKLASH over Donald Trump protests
'We're effectively staying as an EU vassal state!' MEP slams Remainers

Thursday 26 April

Macron humiliates Trump and MAGA base as Congress cheers him on!
Violent attacks on ambulance workers soar across UK!
Mother of 11-year-old Stockholm terror victims confronts alleged terrorist at trial!
Two million Britons take medicine that may increase risk of dementia, depression, Parkinson's!
'I'd do it on his desk for £750!' Sordid sex life of Top Tory Dominic Raab's Diary Secretary!
Savages kick and stamp on schoolgirl victims at Arndale shopping centre in Manchester!
Rev Duncan founded TSB to help the poor! He'd loathe the rapacious shambles it has become
British pensioners at risk as more than 3,000 social care providers persistently fail inspections
33 police officers investigated over their roles in Rotherham child sex abuse scandal
Britain still gives £47MILLION in foreign aid TO CHINA!
'I feel violated!' Burglars steal £500,000 of jewellery from banking heiress, Kate Rothschild!
Len McCluskey: “To see Tory MPs cheer/applaud (Luciana Berger/Ruth Smeeth?) was shameful!”

Wednesday 25 April

No address, no ID, no bank account. Ryan explains why he can't escape being homeless
EU cuts funds to patriotic nations!
EU Commission: Mass third world immigration is central to EU values!!!
Europeans must accept mass third world immigration as the “new norm!”
One in three North Africans want to migrate to Europe - number rising!
FISHERMEN BETRAYED! Anger as MILLIONS in foreign aid given to overseas trawlermen!
Three teenagers stabbed in London overnight!
BURTON: Muslims sexually exploited 13 and 14-year-olds to satisfy their lust!
Twitter user demolishes Sky News hosts after being smeared as 'Russian bot!'
Swedish idiot who went with Afghans to asylum centre to prove patriots wrong, gets raped!
Abolition of the House of Lords must be considered in Parliament after 100,000 sign petition
Parliament offers ‘Islamist’ group opportunity to create official ‘Islamophobia’ definition!
Immigrants smuggled into Britain past 'sleepy' border officers who 'don’t care!'
“Bibi is sitting on 200 atom bombs and he’s fretting over Iran?” - Pat Buchanan
Black transgender career criminal was spared jail when she pushed policeman onto Tube line?
Now white actresses can't play Latina roles? (In England?)
Britain's biggest fatberg (750 yards long) made up of cooking oil, wet wipes and DRUGS!
British woman kidnapped, enslaved and raped repeatedly! Mamadou Jallow accused
Evan Davis ROASTS Alastair Campbell over Tony Blair 'LIES'
'They're PLAYING WITH FIRE' Jacob Rees-Mogg's warning to Lords over customs union
Pedro Dias and Piotr Ciecielowski assault/threaten Marjorie Preston, 95, at care home! NO JAIL!
UK has 'EMBARRASSING' record on press freedom!
Lord Owen issues shock THREAT to Remainer Peers after Brexit DEFEAT
Jacob Rees-Mogg OPENS FIRE on May: ‘Customs proposal is COMPLETELY cretinous!’
Polish MP slams EU plans to take MORE power away from states!
Climate change is ‘not as bad as we thought’ say scientists!
Government could investigate takeover of Brexiteer Express by left-wing Mirror
2012: Killing babies no different from abortion, say " liberal society" experts!

Tuesday 24 April

Swedish idiot who went with Afghans to asylum centre to prove patriots wrong, gets raped!
Media insiders tell Katie Hopkins: They’re sick of pushing fake news!
It's not 'cost effective' to investigate violence inflicted upon 12-year-old white girls!
UK Government tries to humiliate the English with 'Stephen Lawrence Memorial Day'
Calls mount to deselect black 'fantasist' Labour candidate, Mandy Richards
Syrians support Assad but BBC won't report it! British baroness blows the whistle
TORONTO! 10 dead! Killer named as Alek Minassian
Britain's special forces big shot says Assad doesn't need to use gas! He's already won the war!
DURBAN: Blacks riot at football stadium! Beat security staff, destroy/plunder equipment
Sir Bill Cash: "Any attempt to stop Brexit is in defiance of our democracy!"
British Film Industry tax relief will depend on ‘diversity’ under Labour plans!
Raheem Kassam talks to Jon Gaunt about Enoch Powell, immigration, Sadiq Khan
No gong for war criminal! Queen denies Tony Blair a royal honour YET AGAIN!

Monday 23 April

MACRON: Eurafrica would lead to a welcoming, multicultural Europe, which 'would fully accept itself as a land of immigration and embrace... interbreeding!'
Jean-Claude Juncker says without millions of African migrants, Europe will be lost!
Cops knew grooming gangs were targeting schools 5 years ago but didn't alert public!
TELFORD: Social services chief one of 3 councillors exposed as paedos
Social services chief among 3 Telford politicians ‘exposed as child sex offenders!’
SYRIA: ‘Whole story was staged!’ German reporter says Douma was a false flag attack!
Syrian minister says Britain 'absolutely' involved in faking chemical attack to justify air strikes!
The plot to keep Britain a captive state of vengeful EU must be crushed!
French President says Europe is entering an age of 'unprecedented' mass migration
‘Refugee’ who strangled young woman and sexually assaulted her spared prison!
Jeremy Meeks's murdering rapist father and Sir 'Shifty' (BHS) Green's future in-laws
Deportation of notorious radical Islamic preacher halted by European Court!
'Babyish and silly' art historian/museum guide labels Nelson a 'white supremacist!'
Julie Hunt murdered near Lakeside shopping centre - Florin Ion charged
UK's biggest banks pocket £1BILLION a year paying stingy interest to long-suffering savers!
The plot to keep Britain a captive state of vengeful EU must be crushed!
Police issue warrant for arrest of Manchester Arena suicide bomber's brother
Labour's ideal candidate! Black 'conspiracy' theorist who brings cases 'totally without merit!'
Yemeni child bride, eight, 'dies on wedding night!'
The BBC's toe-curling birthday bash for the Queen!

Sunday 22 April

NHS surgeon (Doctor of the Year) forced to quit after Asian colleagues branded him racist after raising concerns about their work
Scientist at MIT warns that GMOs will cause half of all children to be autistic by 2025!
USA: Autism prevalence Now 1 in 88 children, up from 1-in-10,000 in 1983!
GALLOWAY: Lords push to undo Brexit is an act of high treason!
More than 10,000 children in care went missing last year!
SYRIA: Ken O'Keefe tells it as it is!
SYRIA: Lord David Owen fails to sing from establishment hymn sheet
Khaled Mahmoud Nuseir blows whistle on alleged chemical attack in Douma!
Convicted sex attacker abducted girl, 12, for gang-rape by ‘pack of ravenous wolves!’
10,593 underage girls given contraceptive implants on NHS in 2 years! Parents not informed!
KHAN’S LONDON: Union Jack BANNED and branded ‘offensive’ by Greenwich Council!
SCOTLAND: Ephraim Borowski says those who disagree with mass migration must be educated to see things as Jews do?
Top surgeon says violence in Khan's London like South Africa, predicts summer of carnage!
'Enoch Was Right' by Breitbart's Raheem Kassam rockets up Amazon charts
Devon mosque 'took £250,00 from al-Qaeda sympathiser!'
96% of Express readers want House of Lords ABOLISHED!
Two men stabbed in BROAD DAYLIGHT outside busy Tube station!
Why should France tolerate Islamic intolerance? (Why should we?)
HUNGARY: George Soros plotting with Brussels to overturn election result?
David Davis 'to lead Cabinet revolt against Theresa May' over 'stitch up' deal with EU?
Bang goes Brexit if we fall for this con! Ex-minister says EU 'trying to bully us into a bad deal'
DIVERSITY! Stabbed to death at party 100 yards from Jeremy Corbyn's home
Child slave gangs who lure victims to Britain are evading justice!

Saturday 21 April

Thornberry claims UN red tape stops chemical weapon experts investigating Douma - not Putin
ICKE: The warmongering media - spineless, gutless, clueless
Child slave gangs go free as cops ‘fail to investigate!’
Roma gang who used EU laws to traffic Slovakian victims show damning face of 2018 Britain
Bakery launches edible TAMPON macarons dipped in fake blood!!!
HYDE PARK: Cannabis fans smoke drugs happily in full view of police
Does this ex-detective's sex empire prove British cops have all but legalised brothels?
Democrats file multi-million dollar lawsuit against Russia, Trump, Wikileaks for collusion
£2million penalty for Barclays chief, Jes Staley!
Sky News broadcasts Enoch Powell’s speech - Misquotes him adding word 'white!'
SWEDEN: Immigration tops voters concerns ahead of election!
EU accepts half a million asylum seekers in 2017, 60% in Germany!
Bolton whispers war In Trump's ears!
Our once proud police force is led by a PC sect who turn a blind eye to 'low level' crime!
North Korea will suspend ALL missile tests and shut down nuclear test site ahead of Trump talks
Murder investigation is launched after Adam Harris dies in police custody
Police arrest second man over Hither Green ('hero pensioner') break-in
School accountant who stole £4million from education bosses faces another 8 years in jail
Strip Natalie Portman of Israeli citizenship after refusal to attend Jewish Nobel prizes?
Ramparsad Kallee, who was caught trying to bring £3m of heroin into UK, gets 17 years
Smartphone overuse increases loneliness and anxiety!

Friday 20 April

Theresa May says continued influence of EU law/EU court is a 'hard fact' which voters must accept!
CRESSIDA DICK: Stephen Lawrence 'defined my generation of policing!'
Britons afraid to show national pride in public for fear of ridicule or abuse!
SYRIA! Collapse of media/politics into acceptance of something of which they have no proof!
Terrified girl, 15, cowers behind wall as she tries to escape gang of violent thugs
Dad who knocked out burglar arrested, 14 hours in cell! STILL faces charge 4 months on!
OLDHAM: Student hit with claw hammer and stomped on! Third ‘Asian’ gang attack this month
LibDems polling 7% but have 83 unelected Lords vote for EU Customs Union
UN accuses Syrian rebels of chemical weapons use
ENOCH WAS RIGHT - 50 years on!
Entry to Britain requires acceptance of 'Islamisation?'
Emboldened by Lords vote, traitors force Commons debate on blocking clean Brexit!
Deportation of notorious Islamic hate preacher halted by European Court of Human Rights!
SWEDEN: Immigrant pimps use 'voodoo' to control prostitutes!
London's 'Youth Poet Laureate,' Momtaza Mehri, attacks us for unbridled Islamophobia/racism!
Globalist rhetoric sinks President Macron’s favour with French people
Brussels 'annihilates' ALL of Theresa May's proposals for the Irish border!
FINLAND: Abderrahman Bouanane stabbed woman to “strengthen the Islamic kingdom!”

Thursday 19 April

11-year-old Douma 'victim' blows the 'chemical attack' narrative wide open!
Theresa May’s husband's firm profits from Syria airstrikes!
Assad didn't do it - Faked Syrian gas attack!
Illegal immigrant uses fake ID to get NHS transplant as locals die on waiting list!
FREE SPEECH? EU human rights chiefs order our press NOT to reveal terrorists if Muslim!
'Peaceful' EU wants laser weapon which disintegrates human heads!
Homosexual hairdresser 'riddled' with HIV jailed after intentionally infecting sexual partners!
Macron announces plans to create EurAfrica!
Macron urges EU to purge 'populism' (the will of the people) across continent!
TREASON! Unelected peers set to defeat Brexit in the House of Lords!
Shootings in Sweden ‘so common they don’t make headlines!’ Cities rocked by bombs, grenades!
Migrants bully and beat up German boy for eating pork!
#DIVERSITY KILLS! Joanne Rand acid attack - Xeneral Webster pleads guilty
Convicted terrorist, Shahid Ali, deliberately drove over Patrick Colbert’s head and body
Germany to accept 10,000 refugees from North Africa, Middle East
Influential rabbi teaches would-be Israeli soldiers: Genocide is a 'mitzvah!' (Commandment)
Ruth Smeeth reads anti-Semitic abuse directed at her in Commons
The EU should keep the door open for Turkey to join, Germany’s EU minister insists!
London stockbroker belt under siege from international spree burglars!
Trump boasts of killing 'many' of Putin's troops in Syria?
Threaten to destroy girlfriend (committed suicide) by sending her family revenge porn? NO JAIL!
Having to say whether you are male or female is a breach of human rights?
New York nanny, Yoselyn Ortega, GUILTY of stabbing children, two and six, to death!
Meghan Markle's brother says she's a 'phoney' and is 'tearing her family apart!'

Wednesday 18 April

ROBERT FISK - The reality of Douma - "Hypoxia" not gas!
Syrian Christian versus John McCain (Phoenix: 5 Sept 2013)
Stop the War activist defends Assad! Says he's a 'good man!'
Take the red pill - History of Syrian false flags exposed
Starbucks to close 8,000 US stores for racial-bias training!
'Respect the results!' Slovakian PM blasts EU calls to sanction Hungary for Orbán victory
Morrissey condemns Halal slaughter, Sadiq Khan and mainstream media
Hope Not Hate publishes location of right-wing conference - Antifa activist arrested for violence
Grammar school replaces head boy/girl with gender-neutrality to 'ensure stereotypes disappear!'
Jewish MPs, Luciana Berger and Ruth Smeeth, SHAME Jeremy Corbyn?
Hate Preacher given £123,000 to fight deportation!
Understaffed Armed Forces need 8,200 recruits to fill gaps!
OBORNE: Amber Rudd is a serial bungler who lacks basic skills!
MACRON says Nationalism could tear EU apart - Predicts CIVIL WAR!
BETRAYAL! Now foreign firms will keep their right to fish in UK waters after Brexit?
High-flying British barrister's 'cold, calculating' rapist son
95% of world population breathe dangerous air! Pollution contributed to 6m+ deaths in 2017!
Samantha Clarke murder - Suspect led away in handcuffs
BERKSHIRE: Police seek ‘Asian’ after a teenage girl was beaten and sexually assaulted
Charity worker stabbed to death for his iPhone by 'moped muggers!
Central Line sex attacker on the loose - 3 women attacked in a single morning!
Mohammad Ali Gamoota charged with Grenfell Tower fraud
Wannabe ISIS fighter and 'martyr' hid during a paintball session because he didn't want to be hit
Rivers in Bradford turn YELLOW because of food waste from 200 Asian restaurants!
'We should NOT bow to the people!' Lords try to REVERSE Brexit
2016: Has Israel effectively colonized the United States?
George Osborne’s PROJECT FEAR exposed as a con!

Tuesday 17 April

Government-funded 'Historic England' broadcasts image of Nelson’s Column demolition!
Admiral West: 'We need unequivocal proof' on Syria chemical attack, could be 'propaganda!'
Afghan immigrant questions why he left home when the UK “is getting just as bad!”
London: Two killed in 30 minutes! Americans fearful of 'crazy' city!
Samantha Clarke murder - Suspect led away in handcuffs
Pedestrians tackle knifeman, Muaz Tarafdar, as he tried to flee police
Ukrainians tried to smuggle 19 illegal immigrants into the UK!
OXFORD: Raheem Ahmed and Kamran Khan jailed for total of 20 years for child sex crime
Diane Abbott uses faked photo of Israeli fighter jet bombing Tehran to illustrate tweet about Syria
2016: Election fraud allowed in Muslim communities because of 'political correctness!'
'Respect the results!' Slovakian PM blasts EU calls to sanction Hungary for Orbán victory
Former Italian Prime Minister tells EU to CHANGE or CRASH!
Democracy is an alien concept to 'Remainer' Sir Patrick Stewart
British propaganda and disinformation: An imperial and colonial tradition!
Corbyn suggests someone else could be to blame for chemical weapons strike! (Not all bad then)
500,000 in UK have coeliac disease! (What disease?)
Circumcision should be ILLEGAL? Anti-Semitism! Islamophobia!

Monday 16 April

Stephen Lawrence versus 'Diversity Kills!' How many of these have you heard of?
Fury as BBC gives Patrick Stewart prime slot to promote second EU referendum!
Refugee family set to win millions from NHS for not using foreign language!
PILGER: The White Helmets are a “complete propaganda construct!”
US training Syria militants for false flag chemical attacks?
DOUGLAS MURRAY: European immigration: Nuns out, terrorists in!
Tucker Carlson tells the truth about Syria!
Tucker Carlson - Would war against Assad make US safer?
Media accuses Tucker Carlson of pushing 'Russian propaganda!'
Tucker Carlson: Why is Washington united behind a war in Syria?
Establishment remainers launch anti-Brexit campaign to overturn the people's vote!
Farage condemns Theresa May for saying Syria bombing was in UK's “national interest!”
Machete attack every 90 minutes in ‘gun-free’ Britain!
Lesbians in immigrant-rich French suburbs forced to hide their sexuality!
Man arrested after woman is stabbed to death in south London road
Macron claims he has convinced Trump to 'stay in Syria long-term!'
Pregnant women who take painkillers could be harming fertility of their unborn sons
WPP boss Sir Martin Sorrell could get £19million payout after internal misconduct probe
Martin Sorrell - The FATTEST of all FAT CATS, he'll stay on the gravy train for years!
PERSONAL MISCONDUCT? In 2015, Sorrell faced a shareholder revolt over his £70.4m salary
Sergei and Yulia Skripal were poisoned by non-lethal toxin made in Britain and USA?
Hero Johnson Beharry was an Uzi-toting drugs kingpin who did £70k cocaine deals?
Thefts in rural areas have risen by 13 per cent in a year

Sunday 15 April

US training Syria militants for false flag chemical attack as basis for airstrikes
PILGER: The White Helmets are a “complete propaganda construct!”
PERSONAL MISCONDUCT? In 2015, Sorrell faced a shareholder revolt over his £70.4m salary
Police release image of man wanted in connection with Ealing office stabbing
Former British Ambassador wonders who's pulling the strings?
Former British Ambassador on Mohammed Bin Salman and his reformist facade
MCops accused raped girl of being a child prostitute and threatened to take her kids away!
'Beautiful' 14-year-old girl found dead in Wolverhampton park
Health tourists owe NHS hospitals £139MILLION!
Syrians casually stroll within destroyed 'chemical labs!' So much for nerve gas!
Jacob Rees-Mogg betrays fans by opposing Enoch Powell's famous speech
Moscow accuses weapons watchdog of manipulating results of probe into Skripal poisonings
Boris Johnson 'standing up for civilized values' by striking Syria without Parliament's backing
The crude machismo of today's leaders! New Cold War? It's far more perilous than that
Former special forces leader says Assad didn't need to use gas as he's already won the war
Family of hero pensioner say they've been banned from speaking to him!
HITCHENS: How on earth would killing MORE people rescue Syria?
Sir Shifty Green declares attacks on him are fuelled by jealousy of his wealth and success!
Guardian journalist says Brits should vote again on leaving EU! QT audience responds angrily

Saturday 14 April

Independent Swiss lab says US/UK-produced 'BZ Toxin' used in Skripal poisoning!
Another stupid f***ing war!
WORLD WAR SYRIA! With Syrian girl
US, Britain and France strike Syria over "SUSPECTED" chemical weapons attack
Russia warns of 'consequences' after Trump launches air strikes
Russian MoD claim they have evidence of UK’s role in staging Douma chemical provocation!
General Jonathan Shaw asks why Assad would carry out chemical attack? SILENCED by Sky!
OBORNE: Calling for war again, the Neo-cons who drowned the Middle East in blood
Iraqi Christians oppose Trump/May/Macron air strikes in Syria
Theresa May says UK had no alternative but to attack Syria!
Trump leads May into bombing Syria... Farage objects!
'Russophobic campaign' - Moscow claims Britain 'staged' Syrian chemical attack!
More then half of German welfare recipients come from migrant backgrounds
Religious hate speech must be eradicated, says top Muslim, Mohammed al-Issa
Gangsters who kidnapped girl and forced her to become their drugs mule jailed for 19 years
Britain's most feral family? Dead burglar spent years preying on the elderly with traveller relatives
10,593 underage girls, some as young as 12, given contraceptive implants on the NHS
Convicted murderer stabbed sister-in-law in face weeks after being allowed into UK
Boris Johnson is accused of betraying UK fishermen
Cops tell burglary victim they won't be investigating computer theft because of government cuts
Archbishop of Canterbury attacks grammar schools saying they fail to provide diversity!
2015: Doctor Raza Laskar jailed for child sex abuse
USA: Lesbian mothers kill their six adopted children!

Friday 13 April

Theresa May readies UK for Syria strikes, defies strong public opposition!
We killed 'a couple hundred Russians' in air assault in Syria says CIA boss!
Germany won’t take part in Syria military strike!
'Shameful' Labour Council leader suspended for claiming ignorance of Rochdale child abuse!
Ex-Labour leader could face perjury charges after lying about Cyril Smith
Cover-up council knew for nearly 30 YEARS about Rochdale school sex abuse
France: More and more areas become Muslim-only, due to violence against ‘infidels’
12.8% of all German residents are foreign-born!
Keeping Scotland’s border open to unlimited immigration after Brexit is a top priority for SNP!
Israeli President to Polish President: Poles helped Nazis exterminate Jews!
Top Blairite Europhile (unelected) calls for broadcast of Enoch Powell's speech to be banned!
LITTLEJOHN: The shrine outrage is proof that the Old Bill has lost the plot!
Top cop DEFENDS shrine to dead burglar!
Jeremy Hunt admits he DID break money laundering rules!
Remainer groups launch £1m drive to STOP Brexit by forcing second referendum
Black and white couple 'drowned their three-month-old son'
Britain should be 'proud' of the £14billion aid bill, says foreign aid minister Penny Mordaunt
50 Billion Dollar Fraudster, Bernie Madoff, is a 'celebrity behind bars!
American builder was planning on meeting schoolgirl, 14, for sex
Corrupt baggage handlers smuggled hundreds of kilos of cocaine into Heathrow
Goldman Sachs boss admits he was wrong about Brexit
Foreign offenders in Leicestershire cost Government £7.7m last year
Ethiopian immigrant tries to steal frail Leeds woman's handbag - Heroes intervene!

Thursday 12 April

Israel’s headed to a war in Syria, and only Russia can stop it!
Theresa May 'to act on Syria without MPs' vote!' (Mass murder is fun, eh, Theresa?)
CCTV released after Tube worker 'pushed on tracks'
Farage urges non-intervention in Syria, saying it will only spread “chaos” and benefit ISIS!
Government to crack down on homeschooling! "British values” not being taught?
Primaries told to celebrate transgenders and block complaints interfering with LGBT agenda!
Senator asks Zuckerberg to define hate speech. He struggles to do so
UK terror-offence prisoners up 75%!
George Soros pumps £800,000 into anti-Brexit campaign!
Children treated for stab wounds in England rises 60%!
UK submarines within missile range of Syria! Theresa May will brush aside demands for a vote?
MoD denies reports British special forces have been captured after infiltrating into Syria
Russia says the White Helmets faked poison gas atrocity!
Notorious liar, Theresa May, says 'all the indications' are Assad ordered a gas attack on civilians
Tempers boiling at dead burglar's shrine! Creepy cops say 'respect tributes!'
Fury as cops 'threaten to ARREST locals' who tear down flowers left at traveller burglar's shrine
Knife crime farce: 2,000 offenders a year dodge jail despite 'two strikes and out' rule
Council fat cat got £450k redundancy pay! 26 town hall bosses on golden goodbyes of £100K+
Pensioner, 88, fought off burglars! Joe Haide and Victor Oladipo jailed for 7 and 4 years!
Ifitkhar Ahmed attacked an 89-year-old man for parking outside his home
Dorian Graham jailed for life after stabbing Jordan Ross to death in a club
Slovakian Gypsies bought slaves from Eastern Europe then swindled benefits in their names

Wednesday 11 April

US says no evidence Assad behind chemical attack but will retaliate regardless?
Jihad expert: Stop accepting refugees! Europe is importing a civil war!
Hungary threatened after resounding election victory! EU will prevent 'dictatorships!'
Hillary Clinton meddles in Brexit Again, claims leaving EU will lead to violence
Norway defies EU and backs tariff-free trade with UK after Brexit
Police arrest 6 Muslims in connection with alleged plot to attack Berlin half-marathon
No policing in rural Sweden as cops are sent to big cities! (Where #DIVERSITY creates havoc)
DIVERSITY! Matthew Rothery, 18, murdered by Nathan Towsey
DIVERSITY! Commuter stabbed whilst waiting for a bus in Leeds!
NORWICH: Convicted rapist, Malaki Morgan, broke her jaw in street attack!
DIVERSITY! Commuter stabbed whilst waiting for a bus in Leeds!
"French" tourist, Yohan Tunka Buaga, charged with raping a teenage British backpacker
Asylum seekers stabbed in latest inter-ethnic brawl
EXECUTE THIS SLIME: Drug addict burglar raped and murdered great-grandmother, 80!
‘Huge’ pothole in A34 through Stoke was taking out five cars an hour
BBC drama Versailles 'AXED as viewers switch off over constant sex scenes'

Tuesday 10 April

ROTHERHAM: Concerned about ‘giving oxygen to racists’, MPs ‘ignored our cries for help!’
Head of Army warns subordinates they won’t get promoted unless they commit to ‘diversity!’
US reveals it KNEW Israel was going to launch Syria air base strike that 'killed 14!'
Diversity quotas will accelerate our replacement!
Chilling toll of young Brits killed in Thailand! Murders, rapes, 60 unexplained deaths in 2 years!
Appeaser Theresa refuses to say she backs Brexit!
Sick shrine to dead burglar is TORN DOWN by furious locals
Hedge fund sharks target UK firm after it lost passport contract to Franco-Dutch firm
Russia claims there is NO EVIDENCE of a chemical attack in Syria
Ministers are accused of trying to cover up their failures

Monday 9 April

The truth about the chemical weapons attack in Syria
Ministers want to punish Syria for false flag attacks! But never want to punish Israel for real ones
Russia outs Israel, says Israeli fighter jets struck Iranian base in Syria
At least 14 people killed at Tiyas airport after Trump threatens Syria! (Israel suspected?)
HUNGARY: Bloody nose for Brussels and Soros! Orban wins third term!
WHITES NEED NOT APPLY! Brits of English heritage banned at English Heritage!
Farage joins fishermen as 'Brexit betrayal' protested nationwide!
Tory Housing Minister admits mass migration has pushed up house prices by 20 per cent!
Number of Muslim fundamentalists including “jihadists” living in Germany has doubled to 11,000!
Two-thirds of 'child refugees' found to be ADULTS!
Amber Rudd admits she hasn't seen Home Office report saying cop cuts helped fuel violent crime
Cousin of Yulia Skripal claims her relative wants to return to Russia
Met detective blasted by a judge over 'wild and unfounded' race discrimination claims
Israelis have now killed 31 Palestinians during protests! (Any Tory minister critical of the killers?)
Orban victory another nail in coffin of centre-left, says Andrew Neil
Yulia Skripal’s family fear she is being DETAINED in UK
Sadiq Khan must not allow this lawlessness to run out of control
Hungarian election is the 'first stage of EU's COMPLETE DISLOCATION', says Farage
Fisheries fear Brexit betrayal could WIPE OUT industry by 2020
Has Tony Blair lost his marbles?

Sunday 8 April

Family of 15 Afghans claim shared 3 bedroom Grenfell flat? One of them a £6.5m fraudster?
World's richest one per cent are on track to own two thirds of global wealth by the year 2030!
DERBY: Police arrest nine men in child sex crackdown!
Picked off by a paedo gang, repeatedly raped, pregnant by 14 - Social workers/cops did nothing!
HITCHENS: Our police are as up to date as flares and Watneys Red Barrel
Niece of Sergei Skripal goads Theresa May after she was refused visa to travel to Britain
FBI insiders blow whistle on massive Las Vegas cover up
TREVOR PHILLIPS: "Tougher policing in black communities" required!
The Spectator: "BRITAIN GAGGED! Free speech is dying!"
Mohammed Khalid gets 4 years after continuing sexual relationship with girl, 14
Gangs force girls known as 'line ups' to have sex with up to ten thugs at a time!
New British rap called Drill blamed for surge in gang killings!
Police issue urgent appeal for missing schoolgirl, 12
Missing schoolgirl, 14, last seen boarding a train in London
Derby shopkeeper admits sex with children as young as 12
Soros organisations seeking to 'break Hungary' ahead of Sunday election!
SPECTATOR: Sadiq Khan is a lousy London Mayor. Why hasn’t anyone noticed?
Belgian Islamic party announces 'Islamic State' end goal
Rees-Mogg blasts £555 million hike in UK's foreign aid handout
Farage EXPOSES shocking 'authoritarian' world view of pro-EU globalist leader!
‘I’m SICK of French bureaucrats talking down to us!’ Farage RAGES at Brexit surrender
2014: Far-right voters risk European nations' name, says top Jew, Ronald Lauder

Saturday 7 April

Blair calls on Merkel to BLOCK Brexit!
Top DJ Tim Westwood profits from gangs!
77% of AMERICANS say media reports ‘FAKE NEWS!’
Ex-Mexican President lets 'globalist cat out of the bag!' Praises China, blasts democracy!
Two men shot in Luton
Gangster jailed for attempted murder in Romania allowed to STAY because of human rights
Woman jailed for stealing from Grenfell victim fund
2017: Sweden sees biggest ever increase in cases of gonorrhoea!
Multicultural district that voted to 'Ban Trump' facing almost 40 new corruption claims!
Influx of asylum seekers 'major factor' in rise of children receiving welfare payments
Is the Queen related to Prophet Muhammad? (Fake News or It-would-explain-a-lot?
DIVERSITY: 'I stopped learning the violin and started selling drugs!'
'Old b******s deserve everything they get': Sickening online rant of relative of dead burglar!
4 member states (EU treats leaders as populist morons) pose bigger threat than Brexit
Scotland Yard admits it has run out of detectives to investigate murders and gang crimes
Boy, 13, in 'critical but stable' condition after being knifed in London park
DIVERSITY! Gang members boast on Twitter and YouTube of stabbing and beating rivals!
SUPERBUGS! 8,800 GPs warned they are dishing out too many antibiotics
James Bulger's killers 'have received nearly £380,000 in legal aid since he was murdered
Half of young now go to universities with dumbed down degrees equipping graduates for nothing
Alan Sugar’s latest Twitter rant proves that money definitely hasn’t bought him class!

Friday 6 April

SALISBURY POISONING: a realistic analysis of events, minus the ludicrous governmental spin
Cat and guinea pigs owned by Skripals die (not from poisoning) after cops seal them in house!
UK Police appear to have lost control of London’s streets, says Ex-Met Chief!
UK gangs 'kill more than terror!' - Guns 'easy' to buy on black market
Sadiq Khan admits he hasn’t spoken to London’s murder epidemic families!
Lead surgeon says London Hospital like a 'War Zone!' Two more slaughtered overnight!
'Daddy is fine and I'm coming home!' Yulia Skripal doesn't fear those who allegedly poisoned her!
It's 'SUSPICIOUS' how many of Russia's citizens die in 'strange circumstances' in Britain!
LITTLEJOHN: This brave pensioner is a hero, not Public Enemy No. 1!
Fury as BBC gives 500 staff 25% wage rises
DOSH FOR DESPOTS! Britain's foreign aid budget soars to £14billion
6 teenagers stabbed within 90 minutes of each other in 4 separate knife attacks across London
Tanesha 'was killed in revenge attack after gang-linked rapper was beaten up'
Mustafa Ali jailed for string of ‘ruthless’ gunpoint robbery of jewellers in Bedford
David Lammy says 'neighbourhood policing has vanished' as a bobby appears over his shoulder
Cold call fraudsters are conning the vulnerable out of £75million a year
In 2017, 8,840,000 people living in the UK were born in other countries
Couldn’t Afua Hirsch summon a smidgen of gratitude?
Saudi crown prince says Jared Kushner gave him CIA intelligence about other Saudis!
Hillary Clinton takes credit for #MeToo movement despite close ties to Harvey Weinstein!
GERMANY: Pakistani asylum seeker murders two-year-old daughter to punish his wife!
Police search for murdered teenager delayed by 4 HOURS! No officers available!
How gonorrhea became a SUPERBUG
London surgeon says he regularly treats children in school uniform for gun and knife wounds
Fraudster Wahida Sultana faked English exams so hundreds of foreigners could get UK visas!
GREECE: Immigrant gang break into 2,000 homes!
Furious fishermen issue STARK threat to MPs after being SOLD OUT on Brexit transition
‘A costly MISTAKE!’ Jacob Rees-Mogg BLASTS £14BILLION foreign aid budget!
Mosque plans on Scottish Island 'threat' to liberty and 'unwelcome', says Christian community!
BBC admits broadcasting fake news!
The Islamisation of Europe - What you didn't know!

Thursday 5 April

Is Europe in denial about the Islamist threat?
Britain's feral gangs 'are now a bigger danger than terrorism!'
Arkan Ali, Hawkar Hassan, Aram Kurd deny arson and manslaughter of 5 at Leicester store!
Pensioner, 78, arrested for MURDER after stabbing armed burglar to death in kitchen
‘Two guys got out of the car… they shot Amaan through the eye!’
Police launch 51st and 52nd murder probe of 2018
Abdi Mohammed, Safaraz Khan rape trial - Jury out!
Zuckerberg's Cambridge Analytica scandal affects 87 MILLION people!
Zuckerberg admits Facebook scans the contents of ALL your private Messenger texts
Hackney Council sends 'Enforcement Officers' to Mosques to ask for 'Hate Crime' reports!
Former defence minister says selling off GKN will leave Britain relying on others
Has gulf between rulers/ruled ever been more starkly shown than in the passport fiasco?
Police force severs ties with own male voice choir - It does not promote gender equality!
Sadiq Khan responds to knife crime surge, blames Tories
Foreign Office deletes tweet accusing Russia of having produced Salisbury nerve gas!
HUNGARY: George Soros interferes in election campaign through NGOs, Media!
Associated Press pushes Soros propaganda as news, days before Hungarian election!
2012: Blair signed 'secret deal' to hand over Gibraltar to Spain!

Wednesday 4 April

Workers at risk as robots set to replace 66m jobs!
Far-right views now mainstream in Europe!
Syphilis cases at highest level in 70 years! Scarlet fever at highest level since sixties!
Bloodbath on London streets - Criminals take advantage of detectives overwhelmed by cuts!
BLUNKETT: Crisis of violence threatens British society in a way we’ve never seen before!
More than 2,000 super-rich Russians were waved into UK without proper checks!
Home Office official, Shamsu Iqbal, ushered 437 illegal immigrants into Britain!
US helped ISIS to try and gain control of Syria's oil!
Diane Abbott wants stop and search REMOVED to bring down London knife crime!
Revenge shooting - Gang fight 'led to girl, 17, being gunned down!'
Remainer MPs insist Britain should stay permanently shackled to the EU even after Brexit!
7-year-old girl gang-raped at asylum centre in Germany! ‘Five Arabic men’ investigated!
Jewish-African Guardian journalist says Winnie Mandela was a hero!
Benefits cheat, Sahim Lim, took 839 international flights and had £400,000 in 5 secret accounts!
'Unarmed' Palestinian teen shot in the back by an Israeli sniper!'
Violent city gangs groom teenagers to act as drugs mules
'Get to grips!' Farage EXPLODES at Sadiq Khan over London's murder rate
Falsely accused teacher has child taken away and is banned from being alone with teen son!
1,600 Parisians demand action against migrant street gangs terrorising residents
George Washington University hosts diversity workshop to battle “Christian privilege!”
Southern Poverty Law Center apparatchik crumbles when asked to debate ‘no-go zones!’
Syrian migrant stabs man, smashes windows in German town
Kremlin says May and Boris must APOLOGISE over claims Russia poisoned spy Sergei Skripal
Ex-police inspector admits downloading thousands of 'professional' child abuse images
Corbyn is 'absolutely dangerous' and Britain 'needs to get rid of him' says Sugar!
Remainer admits 'HEARTILY REGRETTING' Brexit vote due to Project Fear's campaign
Leading surgeon says government targets treat patients 'like NUMBERS!'
Jewish Momentum chief calls for all Labour personnel to be given anti-Semitism training!
CCTV: Hunt for knifeman who repeatedly STABBED a woman while trying to steal her handbag
Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia says Israel has a 'right' to its land
World is on brink of 'the last war in the history of mankind', warns Russian ex-general
YouTube shooter NAMED as Nasim Aghdam

Tuesday 3 April

Police are ‘trained to hide vital evidence!’ This is 'routine and deliberate!'
Teachers' Union says questioning Hijab is 'Islamophobia' and 'racism!'
EU plans Social Media crackdown on Eurosceptic 'disinformation!'
UK Elections Watchdog under fire after 40% of board members display anti-Brexit bias!
How it happened! More homicides in gun-controlled London than in NYC
Predatory' Romanian immigrant raped homeless woman in front of passersby!
Armed migrants on rampage in German city
Thousands of dangerous suspects released onto streets of Britain last year!
Bloodbath continues in Sadiq Khan's London: Girl, 17, capital's 37th murder victim in 2 months!
The blood soaked bully - Winnie Mandela!
LITTLEJOHN: How the Director of Public Prosecutions turned British justice on its head!
'Questioning the Holocaust isn't same as denying it!' (This gets you suspended from Labour!)
Synthetic drug Black Mamba causes SEVEN deaths in Birmingham in last few days!
#DIVERSITY! Carjacker attacked woman with baton before driving off with her vehicle
Israel will send 16,250 African asylum seekers to Western countries instead of deporting them!
Hundreds of cancer operations cancelled as the NHS buckles under the pressure!
Just one in 100 crimes on the web ends with a conviction!
LONDON NOW! Youth swaggers from a shop moments after a teenager’s senseless stabbing!

Monday 2 April

Rotherham paedo beast seen campaigning for LABOUR with Eddie Izzard!
Top German newspaper says: ENOCH WAS RIGHT!
Murders in London overtake New York for first time since 1800 under Sadiq Khan
Murdered on the mean streets of London: Faces of February victims!
The dreadful milestone of London murders shames all those who "protect" us!
33% of Scots say “society pays too much respect to Islam!” (33%? Is that all?)
Swedish Criminal Stats Agency says gathering ethnic data of suspects not part of our mission!
50 rural areas of the UK with the best quality of life! (Note absence of #DIVERSITY)
Immigration BETRAYAL! UK to make it EASIER for EU migrants to stay here after Brexit
Neocon warmonger about to 'DRAMATICALLY ALTER' Trump's approach to Iran?
Pupils as young as four are suffering from depression!
Leading Jewish donor ditches Corbyn's Lbour! (Wonder what Garrard got for his £1.5m?)
Is Mahboob Hussain (Labour) the UK's worst councillor?
Billionaire Russian oligarch arrested over '£25m fraud' allegations
Primary school pupil aged 8 holds knife to fellow schoolboy's throat and threatens to 'cut him'
‘DISGRACED’ Minster admits taking millions from charities to ‘do up’ Army bases was wrong

Sunday 1 April

Theresa May review concludes Sharia marriage should be recognised in British law!
UK government 'lost' 600,000 foreigners in two years
Telford authorities 'still failing to tackle child abuse!'
Archbishop of Wales chooses EASTER to cast doubt on the Resurrection!
French girl escpes illegal immigrant boyfirend who imprisoned and tortured her
Turkey threatens France for siding with Kurds
Ex-President Sarkozy faces trial for corruption and peddling influence
Sweden withdraws child marriage booklet after massive backlash
EU Parliament slams EU Commission President for 'coup-like' cronyism!
Katie Price and her children 'lucky to be alive' after carjacking attack in South Africa!
Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba, convicted of manslaughter after boy, 6, died of sepsis, appeals
Eddie Izzard joins Labour NEC?

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