Daily News - April 2016

Saturday 30 April

How Israel lobby manufactured UK Labour Party’s anti-Semitism crisis
Labour has a Jewish problem: It is dominated by Zionist Oligarchs (written by Israeli Jew)
Who wants Red Ken to apologise for telling the truth? Hitler Was a Zionist!
Petition to discipline John Mann MP!
Michael Gove: ‘Boycotting Israel is a crime worse than apartheid’Michael Gove: ‘Boycotting Israel is a crime worse than apartheid’
Families of Hillsborough dead say Theresa May must reform South Yorks Cops
US attack on Afghanistan hospital left 42 dead - None will face charges!
Ex-Labour MEP who falsely claimed more than £100,000 in expenses jailed for 4 years
Former jihadi 'star' of ISIS videos turned his back on 'inhuman caliphate'
Polish rapist ‘sent away’ to England in shame by 'humiliated' family
DAGENHAM: Black savage stabbed man in head, chest and slit throat at takeaway
Money launderers moved £10m to off-shore bank accounts
Plot to bomb London in 1947 was thwarted by heroic pilot
Russell Brand puts huge fence up to keep out riff raff!
See you in court, Sir Philip! Watchdog warns BHS tycoon
Albinos in Malawi at risk of 'total extinction!' (Murdered so limbs can be used in witchcraft)
Migrants beat teen and leave him on train tracks

Friday 29 April

HILLSBOROUGH: Freemason top cops orchestrated conspiracy to shift blame!
Britain is 10% more crowded after mass immigration!
Children prescribed anti-depressants when they need rescuing from bullies!
700,000 British expats lose High Court battle over right to vote in EU referendum!
Downing Street aides traded bogus secrets for SEX with undercover Russian and Chinese spies!
EU is FALLING APART and Brexit is ONLY way to stop disaster, warns minister!
Europe could block UK's bid to rescue Tata Steel! (Might breach EU rules on state aid)
Furious Tories accuse Cameron of 'selling Government policy for cash'
Stephen Phillips urges Tories to care for child refugees (Any care for Rotherham's kids, Steve?)
Strip Sir Philip Green of knighthood if BHS dealings lacked integrity, says business chief
Key questions billionaire Philip Green must answer about sale of BHS
Polls find British voters REJECTING US President's plea to stay in EU!
Romanian care home worker savagely assaulted helpless 86-year-old resident
Shapoor Azimi gets 8 years raping young woman in his cab
Cops tried to keep Polish rapist's ID a secret in case he was attacked!
WARNING: Parents on high alert as man in white van tries to abduct three children
New Rochdale grooming gang fears as Asian man spotted 'luring kids into black car'
Premier League ace accused of rape 'cheated on fiancee with string of women'
Palestinian siblings slain by Israel without cause
Schoolboy jailed for raping Austrian woman on canal towpath will out in TWO years
AMERICA: Lone girl set upon by black savages in school gym!

Thursday 28 April

IMMIGRATION FARCE: 'Impossible' to know how many migrants are in Britain!
'Too white and British' nursery DOWNGRADED by Ofsted for failing to teach ethnic diversity
HILLSBOROUGH: Sergeant Julie Appleton bullied me into changing my account
HILLSBOROUGH: South Yorks top cop suspended, his force accused of retelling same discredited lies!
Outrage as ex-top cop says Hillsborough colleagues should be 'proud' and 'all did a good job'
PRINCE contracted HIV in 1990s! (Refused treatment for AIDS believing God would heal him)
Quitting EU 'would cut migration by 116,000' says OECD PROJECT FEAR: Now desperate Dave mocks Brexit 'conspiracy theories!'
Barack Obama's trade threat to Britain has increased support for BREXIT!
First pro-EU campaign enlists President Obama, now GOD wants you to vote against Brexit!
Brussels diktats 'costing families £4,600 a year'
Why did Philip Green sell BHS to a former bankrupt?
Philip Green embodies the modern capitalist
Migrant who raped boy in swimming pool cubicle over 'sexual emergency' appears in court
World War III Has Begun — Paul Craig Roberts
Western banks, governments launch full-spectrum assault on Russia!
Germans put Merkel ad in Swiss newspaper (German newspapers refused to print it)
'I tried to help British family set upon by Thai thugs – Now I need surgery'

Wednesday 27 April

Britain must quit Europe's human rights court, says Home Secretary!
Barack Obama's trade threat to Britain has increased support for BREXIT!
First pro-EU campaign drafts in Obama... Now GOD wants you to vote against Brexit!
HITCHENS: America isn't our special friend. It ruined our Navy, Empire and future!
OBORNE: Corruption, 27 years of lies and why Hillsborough has destroyed my faith in the police
HILLSBOROUGH: Coward cop liars spent millions in taxpayer cash blaming fans for 27 years!
HILLSBOROUGH: Lying top cop may face charges? (Chance be a fine thing)
HILLSBOROUGH: Thatcher's press secretary refuses to apologise! (Nasty old tw*t)
Hillsborough inquests: Who has admitted what?
BHS: Calls grow for Jewish businessman Philip Green to be stripped of knighthood
CIA says ISIS + EU OPEN BORDERS = Sleeper cells plnted in UK/Germany/Italy
Canada is legalising cannabis! The UK should too! (Labour rag, The Mirror)
‘Muslims in Europe will outnumber practising Christians very soon' warns politician!
Senate: Give Israel even more!
Immigrant assaults woman - She beats him up!
England bans its own flag to avoid offending Muslims!
Ethnic urinates in restaurant drink - The PC Crowd did this!
No 10 defeated in Lords vote - Lords wants more child refugees! DO YOU?

Tuesday 26 April

LITTLEJOHN: In Britain, the Obamas are desperately keen to promote the Muslim agenda!
Free to walk our streets, 1,000 European criminals!
Cross-dressing weirdo Grayson Perry says Bear Grylls is a bad role model!
Mrs May wriggles in her EU straitjacket!
Sharks who bled BHS dry: As 11,000 jobs threatened, fat cats pocketed £425m!
Can the man who milked the millions from BHS really be allowed to keep his knighthood?
Children with married parents thrive, says Government (Wow! The truth for once)
Gangs of Thai 'ladyboys' mugging tourists!
ALISTAIR CAMPBELL: Fantastic to see high proportion of non-white faces in crowd at Leicester!
Former Sunderland footballer (African) raped woman twice
"British" boxer arrested in Italy on suspicion of funding ISIS
Parents who fear meningitis fobbed off as a 'Calpol cases!'
Snakes in the cradle: Why are you still voting LibLabCon?

Monday 25 April

Wall Street Journal runs massive ad denying Armenian genocide!
Obama and Merkel vow to impose TTIP!
EU draws up plans for United States of Europe behind Britain’s back
UKIP demands urgent postal voting curbs after recent fraud scandals
Gove warns of migration 'free-for-all' if Britain votes to stay in the EU
Dozens filmed snatching bottles of water left for marathon runners (Enrichers on show)
Scandal of rapists on run after getting bail
Drug gangster serving 27 years shows off £3,000 Rolex and designer shirt in jail
Family GP, Mohammed Haq, who groped female patients, jailed 40 years later
12-year-old girl broken by Israeli jail
Labour after the Polish vote! Different message for Brits
FAY WELDON: Feminism has harmed women!
Super swanky ‘farm’ where trendy elite (including PM Dave) play at being country folk
Did a Ukrainian fighter jet shoot down MH17?

Sunday 24 April

Anger as council officials say Bristol is ‘too multicultural’ to celebrate St George’s Day!
BBC used Shakespeare celebrations to push 'Left-wing, pro-immigration agenda!'
1-in-6 BBC stars must be gay, lesbian or disabled by 2020 says new PC guidelines! MERKEL: Hero's welcome in Turkish refugee camp for woman responsible for migrant crisis
Mass migration from the EU damaging social cohesion, says leaked government analysis!
Hillary Clinton sticks oar into the Brexit debate telling us united Europe is 'strongest'
‘Britain is Europe’s £176 billion cashpoint’ says former Cabinet minister!
Why Britain cannot afford to be conned by Cameron's EU 'renegotiation' deal
Britain’s proud voters don’t take well to threats, Mr President!
EU ministers lay out intention to create a federal United States of Europe!
Mass migration will soon cause Augsburg/Stuttgart/Frankfurt to become majority non-white!
Mohammed Amin, who 'took away childhood and innocence' of girl, aged 11, is jailed for 15 years
Shohid Miah jailed rape of 21-year-old birthday girl
Muslim family conned £1.3 million out of pensioners
Police hunt Asian men over attempted abduction of girl in Manningham, Bradford
SWEDEN: Muslim schoolchildren exempted from shaking female teachers' hands!
South African Blacks “less educated” than ever!
Britain has 120 billionaires
How to discipline the wife, Saudi style: Beat with toothpick/handkerchief and forsake in bed

Saturday 23 April

For £5m, Blair touted services to Kazakh President accused of appalling human rights abuse
AUSTRIA: Afghans with 9 kids (£5,000 a month benefits) want free IVF so wife, 44, can have more!
Cultural Marxism and the birth of modern Thought-Crime
Menace and threat! Obama turns Bully Boy in cold and curt warning over Brexit
Disgraceful! Former chancellor NORMAN LAMONT on OBAMA's shameful bid to bully Britain
Obama's amazing THREAT to Britain: UK would be at the 'back of the queue' after Brexit!
Obama’s EU views are not worth taking seriously
Cameron orders officials to reach out to TRUMP despite blasting him as divisive and stupid!
OBORNE: Culture of dishonesty that's eating away the soul of the Tory party
Prince's sister (ex-crack-addict whore) to inherit his $800m estate?
Mafia declares war on refugees as mayor says Sicily feels more like Beirut than Europe
What made Shakespeare a genius? Being a grammar school boy!
Tyrone Henry shoots policeman - jailed for just 7 years!
Bluewater gang rape: WHY were the public kept in the dark by police?
Kissinger: Obama’s task is to create a New World Order
USA: Suspend Social Justice Courses
Farage: Let’s give the nation a Bank Holiday to celebrate St George’s Day

Friday 22 April

MURDER: Lesbians Rachel Trelfa & Nyomi Fee kept Trelfa's 2-year-old cable-tied & caged!
UK killings up 11%, rape cases at 13-year high! (103,614 recorded sex offences in 2015!)
Question Time economist RIPS APART pro-EU camp with equation and gets BIGGEST cheer ever
LITTLEJOHN: Bluewater gang-rape - What are the police’s motives in keeping this under wraps?
! Former German banker says refugees are too poorly educated to integrate!
Brits blindly walking into Orwellian surveillance state, survey suggests
Taxpayers foot the bill for 150,000-a-year interpreters needed in UK courts!
CANADA: Randy Tshilumba charged with murder of Clemence Beaulieu-Patry
Mum-of-4 charged with killing 18-month-old adopted daughter says eldest son may have done it
Samira Lupidi admits stabbing daughters aged one and three to death
Norwegian student beaten up by African migrants
Mao’s vision of Utopia - torture the middle classes and bury them alive!
Asylum seeker jailed for 4 years for late night sex attack
Erdogan's mob seizes all Christian churches in a Turkish city declaring them 'state property!'
David Baddiel BBC show mocks Queen on her birthday

Thursday 21 April

President Erdogan offensive poetry competition’ – £1000 to be won
Cameron begged Barack Obama to help him 'bully the British people' over Brexit
Ron Paul - Israel Created Hamas
Now children as young as FOUR asked to choose their gender - Male/female/something else!
2016: The year Americans found out their elections are rigged
GOP establishment grabs delegates in Tennessee
George Osborne agrees to exempt MPs from anti-money laundering checks
Buried by mass media: EU has been one country since acceptance of Lisbon Treaty in 2007!
PUTIN: "The current Turkish leadership cooperates with radical groups instead of fighting them!"
Girls as young as FIVE forced to marry teenagers in India
ISIS executes 250 women for REFUSING to become their sex slaves
Cameron 'fiddling the books' over defence spending as MPs warn 2% target will be missed
UK accepts MORE refugees under resettlement scheme than any other European nation
Violence against over-50s in England and Wales on the rise
Why is Obama telling us to give up on OUR sovereignty?
Guilty! Tories admit Lord Crony's mob DID break law after failing to declare £40,000 in expenses
Boy aged just 8 among dozens of victims of forced marriage in Britain, police figures reveal

Wednesday 20 April

Donald Trump crushes rivals in home state with 60% of the vote!
Between 2011 and 2014, more than 600 children were raped in British schools!
We DO meddle too much, says EU boss: Juncker finally tells the truth!
EU FACES RUIN: Staggering admission from Juncker
May 5 elections could be rigged by fraudsters!
GILLINGHAM: Syrian immigrant only here 15 months gang-raped young girl with pals
Mass Muslim immigration will bring Islam’s problems here
OBORNE: Rush back into Libya, Dave, and we'll be dragged into another bloody fiasco
Why are Muslim terror gangs allowed to run Sharia extortion rackets in UK jails?
GOVE: EU could crumble like the Soviet Union if Britain leaves (Apt comparison)
GOVE: Project Fear? It's a patronising fantasy
Luton cop shop locked down after lorry load of illegal immigrants fall ill at same time
93 per cent of the Great Barrier Reef has been affected by coral bleaching!
BACKPACKERS: Rape, brutal murders and corrupt cops! Paradise isle parents' worst nightmare
RAMADI: Police find two mass graves after ISIS massacred women and children
MoD's £40,000-a-year Iraqi witch hunt agent is sacked!
Brains plus booze = Best of British!

Tuesday 19 April

"Uncontrolled migration is putting unsustainable pressures on our public services!"
2015: Frederick Forsyth thinks 10 million refugees could be on their way!
George Osborne admits to 3.3 million migrant surge if we stay in EU!
The Chancellor's claims that don't stand up
LITTLEJOHN: Stay in the EU with a pro-Brussels Tory puppet in Number 10? I'd rather...
NHS forced to treat 6,000 botched surgery patients a year at PRIVATE hospitals!
Prison imams are free to spread hatred!
Germany's AfD party declares Islam 'incompatible' with country and calls for a ban on burkas!
CROYDON: Pawel Sroka charged with the murder of his partner, Joanna Trojniak
LEYTON: Hysni Avdyli stabs Asim Marku to death (MANSLAUGHTER ONLY)
KENNINGTON: Carlos Djau stabbed policeman in the head
Dean Dixon and David Navarro jailed for betting shop robberies in north-east London
Teenager beaten around the head with hammer: 3 Blacks, one White sought
Renewed appeal following aggravated burglary
E-fit of black man released after child grabbed in Enfield park
Racist thug (Asian) shouts abuse at passengers on Glasgow to Edinburgh train
Finalist on Britain’s Got Talent Leeroy Bailey charged with child neglect
Romanians threaten violence if Muslim refugee centre is built - Town stops construction!
Russians favour Donald Trump for President!
2014: Ukrainian General says says Ukraine is under Zionist and CIA occupation
War Party: The US Neocons
The greatest danger to America is the danger from within!
Anti-Semitism: The ultimate Zionist weapon
Blond, Tall, with Honey-Colored Eyes: Jewish Ownership of Slaves in the Ottoman Empire
Why the Jewish elite hates Donald Trump

Monday 18 April

Taxi drivers allowed to sexually exploit children as young as 5 in South Ribble!
MINISTER: Schools at breaking point! EU migration puts 'unsustainable pressure' on education
Ignoring migration fears has been a dangerous mistake!
Fury at Osborne lie! We will NOT 'be £4,300 worse off YEARLY after Brexit!'
BRUSSELS WARNING: Britons 'face TIDAL WAVE of new EU laws' if we don't vote to leave
Top Norway MPs urge Britain to ‘be brave’ and join them outside EU
EU row: Cameron has 'low opinion of British people!'
EU chief says 'harmless' ISIS jihadis SHOULDN'T BE JAILED when they return to Europe!
Warning to Merkel: Former leader says Germany 'can't become new home for migrants!'
FARAGE: EU loophole could see MILLIONS of Turks head to Britain!
SAUDI ARABIA: 'Blame us for 9/11 and face the consequences!'
YOU pay for TEN THOUSAND foreign criminals languishing in Britain’s cushy jails!
No way Julie Pearson died of natural causes! Israeli cops refuse to investigate
UK military gives target training to Saudi military (So they can kill even more Yemenis?)
Thousands more government inspectors tackle benefits fraud than abuse of tax system!
Thousands of children and parents betrayed by the immigration boom
With friends like this, is Sadiq Khan fit to run London?
Duke and Duchess posed for photo with Sheetal Mafatlal, (tried to frame friends in mega art theft)

Sunday 17 April

72% of struck off doctors are from overseas!
Turkish is made an 'official EU language' before ANY voters support membership!
EU will FALL amid terror and migrant strain and it's starting in Germany admits EU head
Aid embezzling Indian mogul stole £2million then strangled stepdaughter to cover it up!
More A&E units across Britain could be 'closed by stealth' warns MP
Ian Botham URGES Britons to quit 'corrupt' EU!
Minister attacks Brussels bureaucrats desperate to to ‘create country called Europe'
You roared. They listened: Big newspaper e-petition forces MPs to act on foreign aid? 222,308 reasons why MPs must heed YOUR call on foreign aid
Foreign aid farce! Britain gives BILLIONS to African countries planning space missions!
HITCHENS: A drug-ravaged criminal or Nick Clegg... Guess which one I trust?
UN refugee camp chief: We wasted millions! Why? (Obsessed by photos of stars in our T-shirts)
Celebrity threesome - Here is what you CAN read

Saturday 16 April

German girl commits suicide after she was gang raped by African savages! (Murder by Merkel)
W're robbed of £16BILLION every YEAR by fatcat tax dodgers!
Islamist extremists ‘have taken control of top-security jails!’
80,000 kids may miss out on first choice of primary school! (Immigration to blame)
WPC left with a fractured skull after attack by axe-wielding black savage
Black judge thrown out of the profession for lying to police!
Laughing on our streets, 'depressed' benefit cheat migrants we can't deport
Convicted paedo, Abdullah Hardari-Moqadam, on the run
‘IRA and ISIS working together to launch CAR BOMB CAMPAIGN on Britain?’
Boris lashes out at 'hypocrite' Obama ahead of visit to Britain
OBORNE: The torture time bomb that could see Jack Straw and an MI6 chief in the dock
Corbyn’s Eurosceptic past: What did he say before?
Boost for Brexit as public trust in 'Dodgy Dave' and his EU propaganda plummets
ISLAMIST THREAT TO UK: Cops block 1,000 terror manuals/beheading films every WEEK!
REFUGEES: Decades too late, Sweden pulls up the drawbridge
Brussels thrown into chaos as Dutch plan SECOND referendum on hated TTIP trade deal
Artificial Intelligence may destroy us ‘WITHIN DECADES!’ (= the excuse ELITES will use?) Establishment elite want to stay aboard the EU gravy train? No news here
Valerie Storie versus Left-wing do-gooders
Israeli Segregation
Ukrainian parliament votes in first Jewish prime minister!
Jewish money and the Labour Party - Here are the numbers
Blair's black law chief (illegal immigrant cleaner) has cosy links to despots!
Driven mad by the horror of war - The Somme
Alfred Rush, 17 that day, refused a lifeboat as the Titanic sank
Eggheads' token gay (dim CJ) quizzed by cops over alleged sex assault on young man

Friday 15 April

KATIE HOPKINS: What do British Muslims Really Think? Now we know. And it's terrifying!
'Buried' Whitehall report that proves EU's control on Britain and migrants!
As British steel slumped, Britain sent China and India millions!
The corrupt and brutal tyrannies propped up by YOUR AID money!
A&E disaster: Waiting times are the worst on record!
‘You are not the people, you are the past,’ says German TV to critics of mass migration!
Rape a 12-year-old in Sweden? Beat her up after conviction? NO JAIL if you're a black Muslim!
2014: German reporter says CIA and others bribe journalists to write lies
German TV exposes Holocaust! Germany shocked!
What Corbyn thought about Brussels BEFORE he was bought-and-paid-for
Immigration from the EU has NOT been too high insists Corbyn
SAS hero jailed for keeping 9mm pistol to remind him of 22 friends who died in the Falklands
Sugar-addict children who need EVERY tooth removed!
Woman who grew up wanting to be a boy says she's glad she didn't change sex
Drunken Frantisek Formanek reversed lorry half a mile down the motorway!
Why I'm giving up giving to charity! (She no longer trusts them)
Never trust a Jew?

Thursday 14 April

Ethnic minorities in Britain’s workforce at RECORD LEVELS! (Brits out, non-Brits in!)
UK facing £589 million bill to resettle Syrian refugees!
Brussels BACKS businesses that discriminate against Britons in favour of East Europeans!
Now even Merkel admits European refugee crisis is 'out of control!'
Ex-race boss (inventor of term 'Islamophobia) admits he got almost everything wrong! Muslims ARE creating 'nation within a nation' says Muslim MP! Cash/jobs/cheap housing needed!
FOREIGN AID! Britons forced to fork out £1 in every £7 given!
GERMANY: Asylum seeker raped teenager 4 times - (Merkel to blame for this)
Did Israel export weapons to Rwanda during genocide? Supreme Court bans disclosure!
Ban sexy adverts to stop migrant rape crisis says German Justice Minister!
Blame policy, not Islam, for Belgium’s radicalised youth, says top Belgian Jew! WARSI: Muslims are more progressive than Tories and Church on gay rights?
Stoney-faced Eurocrats squirm as Farage NAILS Brussels over Dutch referendum
Jews pose as White Supremacists!

Wednesday 13 April

DIVERSITY! Black man beheads white 'wife' then flushes crushed skull down toilet
Asian and black savages rob and violently attack young white man
Teenager 'raped by jeering men in immigrant dosshouse - Ahmed Ali Naeem accused
GRANTHAM: Pensioner, 93, has £23,000 stolen from bank account by Romanian, Ion Anghel
You're on your own if conmen raid your bank account! Just 2 in 1,000 cases ever investigated
UK lecturer missing in China is found murdered
Anti-terror police shutting down 1,000 ISIS websites and social media accounts every WEEK
Teachers working in Brussels Muslim areas say 90% of students think terrorists are heroes!
Brussels BACKS businesses that discriminate against Britons in favour of East Europeans! Child asylum seekers arriving in Britain push councils to breaking point
Not even your organic wine is safe from Monsanto!
GM crops and foods in Britain and Europe!
‘Everything Hillary Clinton will do will always be for Israel!’
Why did Ukrainian Minister Yevhen Chervonenko (Jew) threaten MP Andriy Illenko?
Facebook's Jewish boss slams Donald Trump's plan to ban Muslims from entering US
Ex-defence secretary Liam Fox warns EU failure has put Europe on course for new conflict
UK voting Brexit UNTHINKABLE says NWO's IRISH pop sock puppet, BONO!

Tuesday 12 April:

BIRMINGHAM: Asian and black savages rob and violently attack young white man
John Breen punched and kicked to death by 4 Romanian immigrants - NOT MURDER! BAILED!
San Francisco: Black savages wanted in connection with murder of British tourist
Charity boss, Chowdhury Muyeed, charged after £1million benefits fraud scam
Fury at Republican party machine after Cruz handed ‘voterless victory’ in Colorado
Brexit ‘would strengthen Europe’s enemies’, David Miliband warns (F*** off, Dave!)
PM is like MUGABE, 'abusing public money' with pro-EU propaganda leaflets say Tory MPs!
Cameron's EU renegotiation isn't legally binding, says top Eurocrat
Muslims must be braver and do more to integrate says Labour MP
Children like Tamara are dying because doctors don't take asthma seriously enough!
Read a rude poem about the Turkish President on German TV - JAIL HIM!
Turkey's President files complaint over satirical poem by German comedian
Stephen Fry says self-pity of child abuse victims gets none of his sympathy
LITTLEJOHN: We're all going to hell in a hijab!
Canadian newspaper removes story about refugee children choking girl with chain!
Why English media could go to jail for reporting the olive oil trysts of Elton John’s hubbie

Monday 11 April

Two in three British Muslims would NOT give police terror tip-offs!
Brussels and Turkey ‘secretly agree to fly 250,000 migrants into Europe EVERY YEAR'
Pro-EU cheerleaders in the pay of Brussels!
EU wants control of YOUR pension! Brussels' secret plan REVEALED The EU subsidises the CHINESE STEEL decimating British industry!
EUROPEAN judges have cost the taxpayer up to £50billion!
Warning - 'Muslim ghettoes': Nation within a nation developing says one of those most responsible!
The chasm in attitudes threatening the UK! (MUSLIMS here courtesy of LibLabCon!)
A life and death struggle! How extremist ideas have been allowed to flourish
Top Tories blast London Mayor candidate Sadiq Khan as 'unsafe over links to extremists'
Black history professor calls for “whiteness” to be “abolished!”
Pro-EU cheerleaders are in the pay of Brussels!
EU media wants referendums on EU policies banned! (Of course it does)
Guess who HMRC chief overseeing inquiry into the Panama Papers is cosy with?
Cassetteboy vs The Snoopers' Charter!
Austrian General: 'We won't take orders' not to talk to Russia
Black America's real problem isn't racism
Millionaires fleeing Chicago over fears of civil unrest (black violence)
Easter Rising rebel leader's fondness for small boys is an awkward subject
Viewers slam ‘THICKEST EVER’ celebrities on The Chase special

Sunday 10 April

Tories have given £253 million in foreign aid to TAX HAVENS!
THE FINAL INSULT! From 1999 to 2004, Labour gave £21m in FOREIGN AID to CHINESE STEEL!
Ex-jihadi says clerics are brainwashing young Muslims to build Islamic State in Britain!
Labour councillor, Aysegul Gurbuz, says Hitler is 'the greatest man in history!'
Immigrant talks about the rape of a Swedish woman!
Business Secretary Sajid Javid draws up secret plans to fire 4,000 civil servants!
Head of public inquiry colluded with Greville Janner allowing him to cover up child sex claims!
Paedo Nile Akram told cops 'I've got a thing for children' (Abused girl, 6)
Romanian immigrant wannabe-rapist finally caught in Romania
Waterstones sells grow your own cannabis guides!' (+ Tips on how to avoid visits from cops)
Thousands march on No. 10 calling for Cameron to quit over tax revelations
How PM's wife's connections help push family into financial stratosphere
Ex-Archbishop warns Corbyn he'll never be PM unless he eradicates anti-Semitism
Druggie oil trader, Mark De Claiterosse, cleared of assaulting his girlfriend
How Welby dismissed 'madman's' claim about his real dad
Kirstie Alley endorses Donald Trump for president

Saturday 9 April

EU making workers across the continent POORER, top Brussels finance chief admits!
ROCHDALE: Muslim sex gang (+ a pervert Brit) jailed for 125 years
Criminals must not be deported if they may suffer harm when they get back says EU's top court!
Tory mutiny over £9m pro-EU leaflet
Think Cameron and wife are super-rich? Meet the rest of the family!
OBORNE: Is this the beginning of the end of the Cameron era?
Euro MP Daniel Hannan on money/perks he gets from Brussels for making our lives a misery
EU-Turkey migrant deal: MEPs field questions from Facebook
The Swedish conspiracy to hide the truth about the refugee influx!
OFFICIAL: The Archbishop of Canterbury is a bastard!
Husband and wife BBC duo are charged with child sex offences!
Boots optometrist denies negligent manslaughter of Vincent Barker, 8
Ahmed Dervish Omer is one of the country's most wanted criminals
Parents of baby who died when drunk/drugged-up mum fell asleep on top of him - NO CHARGES!

Friday 8 April

Babies born in Britain to women from other EU countries trebles in a decade!
German government Minister says 3m new migrants are about to 'set sail for Europe!'
Mike Tyson endorses Donald Trump!
HUMILIATED: PM's Brussels propaganda plot in TATTERS as 100,000 back petition to BLOCK it!
Cameron admits owning shares in dad's offshore fund!
Cameron ADMITS Brussels BLOCKED bid to rescue UK steel!
Court hears foster mother Kandyce Downer battered baby girl (90+ injuries) to death
Bulgarian immigrant Nikola Zhulev bludgeoned Alan Gardner (like a father to him) to death
Assad Hussain forced girl, 15, to give oral sex in back of his cab, then raped her
Zeynel Ulcay followed waitress into back room and raped her
Human remains found in missing PC hunt... Man arrested on suspicion of murder Britain gave free speech to the world but it's being eroded by unelected, unaccountable judges
Now even immigrants turn on Merkel: Refugees say she lured them to EU with lies!
Norwegian politician admits he was raped by a Somali refugee!
Arabic overtakes Finnish to become the second most common language in Sweden!
Crisis of staff shortages in UK surgeries? Ship in the Indians!
Why didn’t BBC mention its drug-dealing executive in ‘chemsex’ story?

Thursday 7 April

Immigration will destroy EU values says EU report!
Mentesh Mouharrem crashed into tree after party killing Emily Laker. Reaction? "Sh*t happens"
Yehudi Menuhin's son (Jew) says Holocaust is a big lie!
Cameron and co to spend more than £9m taxpayer cash posting EU "IN" leaflet to every UK home!
The irony is, Cameron's obduracy on foreign aid proves the Tories are STILL the 'nasty' party
Cameron's father stashed a fortune in Jersey that Dave could inherit from his mother
COLOGNE: Interior minister Ralf Jäger pressured cops to remove word ‘rape’ from reports!
GERMANY: Thought Police raid homes of citizens who post 'anti-migrant' messages!
DUTCH deliver devastating blow to EU project sinking Brussels expansion plot
'She felt like a bit of meat being passed around!' (Religion of peace in the dock - AGAIN!) Could Jewish lawyer who hounded British troops be struck off?
WHITE American mum will be deported (daughter, 2, stays) - British husband doesn't earn enough!
"Kill all the White people" says another Black Lives Matter supporter
Clothing company removes seemingly innocent "racist" photo!
The murky world of offshore trusts and why we still don't know the full story
Simon Cowell, Duchess of York, Heather Mills named in the Panama Papers
Serving cop Amar Hussain and the 999 hoax call saying ISIS was going to kidnap Muslim officer
Fury as PM blows £10 MILLION of YOUR cash on pro-Brussels leaflets!
Brussels bomber worked at EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, police reveal!
Muslim man admits killing shopkeeper Asad Shah ‘for disrespecting Islam’

Wednesday 6 April

Migrant crisis so out of control it could lead to a world war!
Two-thirds of Germans want end to open borders!
'Staggering' number of European jihadis!
The truth about David Cameron's incredible family wealth
Some truths about Panama
Millions to miss out on new £155 pension: Workers face nasty surprise when they retire
Ex-Foreign Secretary says dysfunctional EU is killing the NHS!
Britain will be isolated and subject to harmful meddling if we stay in EU
Is US election rigged AGAINST Trump?
Transgender "female" rejected by straight men for 'having male parts!'
The absurdity of transgenderism
Rapper Azealia Banks call calls for Sarah Palin to be 'gang raped' by black men!
Brussels says we CAN'T send back East European criminals because of HUMAN RIGHTS!
Afghan migrants 'force 14-year-old boy to perform sex acts at German swimming pool'
Immigrant who took part in gang rape of German schoolgirl absconds
Gay Brit stabbed to death after sex with Portuguese toy boy
Missing migrants scandal: Now Merkel loses track of HALF A MILLION refugees
The Rise of the Jewish policy elite: meritocracy, myth and power
The ‘intensely neurotic’ Jew saving the world’s refugees (resettling them in the West, not Israel)
Gentiles will be the slaves of Jews
Barclays bankers accused of rigging interest rate like bookies trying to nobble a National horse!
Playboy son of UN boss Kofi Annan made a MILLION from central London apartment
Sir Cliff and Blair hit the dance floor at wedding of Asian billionaire's son
Billy Bragg AND Jeremy Corbyn at Glastonbury? YUK!

Tuesday 5 April

We paid £6billion+ to EU countries for medical costs and got just £400 million back!
Mossack Fonseca: Nazi, CIA and Nevada Connections and why it's now Rothschild's turn
Huge data leak reveals 'conjuring trick' used by Cameron's dad's firm
How PM's father made sure his firm paid no taxes in the UK
Tory donors linked to tax havens: Tycoons who gave millions named in Panama Papers
Cameron 'could lose EU referendum over handling of steel crisis'
Obama rejected CIA plan in 2012 to stop ISIS, say officials
Report shows huge migrant influx has NHS at breaking point
Killer gets life after 'merciless' attack on neighbour who complained about barking dog
Jamal Buckle gets 13 years for murder of Sean Annandale
Machete attacker Damien Francis fails in bid to get 15-year jail term cut
Sunderland man out celebrating birthday raped on bed of nettles by Algerian asylum seeker
Teenage girl abducted and sexually assaulted in Yorkshire by Muslim pervert
Police appeal after boy, 12, dragged into alleyway by male described as 'Asian'
Taxi rape-Jihad with a difference: 'Asian' passenger attacks female driver
Kelvin Kunene attacked a train manager after being asked for his ticket
Britain's forced marriage capital revealed
Greek island stabbings raise UN fears over EU migrant deportation deal
Refugees destroying everything they touch in Italy
KATIE HOPKINS: A human tsunami of immigrants is heading for Italy
Human rights lawyer gets death threats after plea to Scottish Muslims
Brother Nathanael (born Jewish) on Russia and America
Immigration part-blamed for elderly/sick waiting outside surgeries for appointments
Billy Bragg AND Jeremy Corbyn at Glastonbury? YUK!

Monday 4 April

EDUCATION: White British children overtaken by 10 other ethnic groups by age of 16!
Up to 1.3million extra EU citizens live here than official figures admit!
Top Tories and Cameron’s dad among those named in Panama law firm leak
96% of Britain think Cameron’s anti-radicalisation plan is FAILING to stop Islamic extremism
Why is Cameron so silent on the recapture of Palmyra from ISIS?

Dave's PR campaign to make Tories look caring is causing untold misery

Whistleblower pharmacist 'too honest to work for the NHS!'
Turkey is key supplier of weapons, military hardware to ISIS - Russian envoy to UN
Rap video in which armed Blacks threaten to kill Donald Trump celebrated by certain media!
From Trumpmania to Euroscepticism: Revenge of the plebs
DIVERSITY! Rape and murder my teacher at 14? Oh, look I'm not quite white!
Myron Yarde stabbed to death in broad daylight on New Cross Road
LONDON: Hammer attacker launches terrifying robbery attempt - Black man sought
CONVICTED foreign rapists could be licensed to drive taxis and minicabs on British streets!
Britain's jails are becoming 'terror academies!' (Muslims? Terror? Who knew?)
Toddler questioned by cops for sexually abusing another child
Middle class families hit by soaring bills for inheritance tax
GERMANY: Far-right vigilantes could face terror charges
Mapping the Muslim Population: Europe
Stop Germans taking over the Stock Exchange!
MPs who voted to force through the ESA disability benefit cut
Where is YOUR money going? EU migrant mothers 'cost the NHS a staggering £1.3 BILLION'
Estonian politician wants Koran banned in public places
Racial tensions erupt in Dallas
Paul Craig Roberts: "How they brainwash us"
I am gay, reveals Scottish Labour leader: Kezia Dugdale - (Any politicians who aren't?)
If Sir Elton has a title, why don't I? asks hubby

Sunday 3 April

HITCHENS: Privatisation! Free trade! Shares for all! The great con that ruined Britain!
172million... is what we OVERSPENT on Foreign Aid last year!
Tories blow £200 million in foreign aid on corrupt Tanzania which held a RIGGED election!
Protesters burnt EU flag as migration anger spirals out of control
Far-right protesters chanting 'no more refugees' clash with militant left-wing
Prostitute Djamila M'Barek with brother Mohammed murdered her husband, Lord Shaftesbury
96% of us think Cameron’s anti-radicalisation plan is FAILING to stop Islamic extremism
Where is YOUR money going? EU migrant mothers 'cost the NHS a staggering £1.3 BILLION!'
Muslim Mayoral candidate says Transport 'needs to better reflect London’s diversity!'
Would you vote for mayoral candidate who wrote 'how to sue the cops' guide?
"Whiteness History Month - Defending rapists!"
Oliver Stone on Hillary Clinton (Go get her, Ollie!)
We can't pay 0.7 per cent on foreign aid - a savage analysis of aid hypocrisy
Pakistan gets £700m education AID a year - For 5,000 non-existent schools?
Student ordered not to put hand up to ask a question - Violating classmates' 'safe space!'
Neo-Nazis bring Dover to a standstill (Neo-Nazis? Not concerned patriots?)
'I'm just cutting a head off with a blunt knife,' texted Polish sadist
Bright Osei and Nelphy Lelu arrested for the murder Ali Nasrollahi
Belgian top cop sent home 'in disgrace' after being DRUNK at terror meeting

Saturday 2 April

Oliver Stone on Hillary Clinton (Go get her, Ollie!)
Migration 'has created 900 no-go areas in EU'
Mayoral wannabe says transport doesn't 'reflect London’s diversity!' (Fewer white men wanted)
BREAK EUROPE: Merkel and her Migrants - What comes next?
Is the European migrant crisis leading to war?
'Nuclear drones' threat to British cities? (Establishment ramping up fear)
Prisoner stabbed to death in a chapel 'within the Muslim section' of prison
Accused of murder, the Ukrainian gang boss who smuggled in 1,000 immigrants
Safraz Ahmed jailed for enslaving his wife
Barbara Kowalska smeared FAECES under 97-year-old dementia patient's nose
WALSALL: vandals smash up First World War memorial (Ethnicity?)
GERMANY: Migrant who brutally murdered a teacher says victim fancied his daughter
Assassinations. Vendettas. Tories' 30-year civil war about to reach a bloody climax
Thousands of savers endure savage cuts to their retirement incomes
Business ministers held more talks on how to curry favour with China than British steel
"Whiteness History Month - Defending rapists!"
Anti-Semitism at heart of Corbyn's Labour Party? (Bull! Labour still bought-and-paid-for)
Ken O'Keefe - Jewish power
Religious head of Scotland's top mosque who praised Pakistani assassin? NO CHARGE!
Norovirus closes Devon hotel
Jacob Zuma apologises after using £11m of state funds for home renovations

Friday 1 April

Germany forced to act over SOARING rates of sex assaults by refugees!
Biggest march in Polish history against Muslim invasion! Media silent
New immigrant resettlement law being used to eliminate White Swedish areas!
MURDER BY DIVERSITY! Natasha Sadler/Simon Gorecki stabbed to death by Foster Christian!
Black savages who murdered white mother-of-8 appeal their sentences
Wimbledon cop, Irshad Kamal, is "an absolute disgrace to humanity!"
Black nun working as a nurse at care home told elderly resident to ‘just die, die, die!’
Mandip Dhillon rams courtesy car into office angry they want it back
A definition of antisemitism: Eric Pickles, MP, Chair of the Tory Friends of Israel
50+ ISIS supporters work as baggage handlers, cleaners, caterers at Brussels airport
USA: Award-winning journalist fired for telling the truth about black crime
Expenses cheat Labour Peter Skinner faces jail
Norway blames Belgian and French terror attacks on excessive immigration
Muslim school 'says UK culture is poisonous!'
Minsters stopped EU protecting steel industry from cheap Chinese imports!
Farage: Remaining in the EU is a death sentence for Britain’s steel industry
Osborne uses Britain's record £32billion black hole (his fault?) to spread fear about Brexit
‘EU spends more of YOUR money on Euro-propaganda than on fighting terrorism’
Britain can't cope with 80 million people living here
Child refugees shot dead by Turkish border guards

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