Daily News - January 2007

BLAIR WARS: Funeral of 2 Soldiers
Israel is Ready to Blitz Iran
Cherie Blair Splits Cabinet in Gay Adoption Row
Raped for Four Hours by Blacks
Home Office Expert Jailed for Kiddie Porn
Ministers Beg Don’t Jail any More Crims!
Jewish Health Minister Blames Big Bro for Failing Elderly
Schools Must Confront Problem of Marginalied White Pupils
Black Strangler Appears in Court
3rd Cypriot Jailed for Killing Colin
British Asians Drug Habit Criminal Gangs Infiltrate Schools
Gran’s NHS Hospital Hell
Rat Plague in Oldham
Muslim Suspects Radicalised in Weeks
Asian Paedophiles at Centre of Child Sex Storm in Oldham
Magistrate Resigned: Did Not Want to Place Kiddies with Puff Couples
Jail Blockage: Blame New Labour
Labour Thinik tank Wants to Build on Green Belt Land
Prosecute Black Pastors Who Accuse Kids of Witchcraft
Mango Barman Stole £18,000
Cops Warn Nottingham Women over Foreign Sex Attacker
Asian Cabbie Denies Rape
Black Rapist Guilty of Sex Shop Attack
Cops Warn of Black or Asian Muggers in Brentford
Armed Robberies on Increase
Asian Cabbie Guilty of Rape
E-fit of Asian Sex Attacker
Black Gang Members Jailed After Violent Raid
Asian People Smugglers Guilty Black Gang
Threatened to Kill and Rape in Month of Tube Terror

Asian Street Thug Jailed for Attempted Rape
National Debt Hits £500bn
Only 4 in 10 Burglars in Jail Due to Overcrowding
Race Riots warning Over Excluded Whites
Panic at No. 10 as Cops Get Tough
£3,000 for 14-Year-Old Sex Slave Delivered to Britain
Ex-Servicemen Demonstrate
Frontline Troops Refused Kit to Fight Taleban
Cherie Blair’s Human Right to Get Freebies
Mixed-Race Britons to Become Biggest Minority
Home Office Calls in Saatchi to Put Gloss on Immigration
Livingstone and Jasper Exult in Racist Jade’s Expulsion
Jasper is half-Black, so is "racist" Jade!
Court Slams Door on Serial Race Claimer
Britain’s Richest Man (Asian) to be Honoured by Blair
He now owns British Steel
Minister Admits Elderly Being Starved
Asian Held on Rape of 13-Year-Old Charges
Cops Let of 329 Muggers with a Caution
Asian Drug Baron Made £500,000

Foreigner Charged with ABH
Big-Shot Black Drug Dealer Caught
BLAIR WARS: 18-Year-Old Soldier Killed
Shop Assistant Raped by Foreign Robber
Foreign Doc Denies Feeling Girl’s Nipples
Catholics Refuse to Accept Gay Adoption Law
Honours Cops Closing in on Blair Gang of Four
MI5 Warrns on Home Grown Terror
Rogue Foreign Docs Exploiting Loophole to Get Jobs in Britain
Doctors Too Busy to Treat Baby Girl Who Died in Mother’s Arms
5 Arrested in Terror Swoops
Muslim Preacher Quizzed over Al-Qaeda Links
16-Year-Old Stabbed by Black Outside Station
Punched and Robbed by Asian
Asian Taxi Driver Knocked Down Passenger and Reversed Over Him
Asian Inland Revenue Worker Jailed
Asian Would-be Rapist Jailed
Judge HAD to Bail Paedophile
Second Black Faces PC Murder Charge
5 Chinese Jailed on Brothel Charges
6 Asian Teenagers Jailed Over Hammer Attack
Number 10 Denies Deleting Emails
BLAIR WARS: Many Die in Latest Iraq Blast
BLAIR WARS: Blast Kills 40 in Baghdad
US Soldier Jailed for Iraq Deaths
Drug Addicted Crims to get Shopping Vouchers
Rewards for the bad. Yep, that’d be a good idea
NHS Staff Asked to Work for Free
1 in 10 British Women Were Stalked in 2006
African Doc Gets £243,000 Pay Off for Just 3 Weeks Work
The "Primary Care Trust" was £4.6 million in debt at the time
Superbug Kills OAP
Asians Murder Black Lad
322 Sex Offenders Missing!
BLAIR Says: "Holocaust Memorial Day Underlines our Duty to Shape the Future"!
Six Soldiers Hurt in Basra
Nine British Soldiers Will Not Face Charges
Jewish Lord Dumps Wife for Bit of Fluff
Anger as Iraq Debate Ends Without Vote
Price Charles’ Best Friend Murdered in Mandela Land!
Ah! When the Chickens Come Home to Roost
MP Who Campaigned Against Dribk Driving Fails Breath Test
13% of young, Muslim Adults in Britain admire Al Qaeda
36% believe a Muslim should be punished by death if they convert to another religion
New Curriculum Will make Every Lesson PC
African Nurse Left Frail, Old Patient on Floor for More Than 4 Hours
Bedford Council Will Fine You £1,000+ for Flying the English Flag!
BATTY BLAIR Says Last 18 months in Power Have Been his Finest!
Multimillionaire Asian Fraudster Gets 7 Years
7 South Americans in Fake Passport Ring
Asian Rapist Jailed for 9 Years
Top Cop Says Terrorism is Lurking Like Jaws
Only 52 of 10,000 Foreign Prisoners Prepared to Accept Home Sec’s £2,500 Bribe
Manchester Wins Supercasino Race
Here come thousands more gambling addicts
Cretins Corner: Black Footballer Caught Stealing Toilet Seat
And he earns £30,000 a week
Black Man Murdered and Sexually Assaulted Serena
Jail System in Serious Crisis
Asylum Seeker Jailed for Attacking Women Commits Sex Attack on 7-Year-Old
PTSD Gulf War Vet Killed 4 Family Members
He was a regular user of cannabis
9 Arrests in Terror Plot
Only 5% of Reported Rapes Ends in a Conviction
Honours Cops Arrest Tony’s Jewish Lord
Honours Cops Quiz Scotland’s First Minister
Police Deny Media Blackout on Crime
Massive Levels of Immigration Led to Disorder and Crime
Blacks Rob Woman with Baby at Knifepoint
Foreign Beast Filmed Himself Raping Teenager
Criminals who escaped Jail Because of New Labour Home Sec
Jailed for 21Years: East European Rapist Pimp
New Labour Lets Elderly Starve on a Spoonful of Mash a Day
Black Stabs Two: Jailed for Just 4.5 Years
15-Year-Old Scares Off 3 Knife-Weilding Asian Muggers
Brit Soldier Killed by US Airmen: Video Found
Muslim Dad Gets Legal Aid to Fight School Veil Ban
US Warns Iran Cardinal Warns of New Minister Morality
Blair Blasted Over Corrupt Tanzania Deal

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