Daily News: October 2019

Thursday 31 October

Jeffrey Epstein's body suggests strangulation NOT suicide says autopsy report!
CAMBODIA: Body of British backpacker Amelia Bambridge found at sea
Polish butcher appears in court charged with murder and rape of student Libby Squire
Naliah Noreen jailed for 5 years after helping mastermind county lines drug racket with brothers
LONDON: Thugs hurl acid in a Guardsman's face and slash him with a knife! No description!
British toddler 'poisoned by paracetamol prescribed by Turkish doctors!'
Study links taking Tylenol in pregnancy to higher risks of children with ADHD and autism!
Scots face ‘baffling’ list of 21 sexualities to choose from in 2021 census!
'We should've left by now!' Furious UK fishermen detail LOST opportunities from Brexit delay!
Tory Culture Secretary, Nicky Morgan, quits Commons citing 'abuse MPs receive!'
Scared of her electorate, former Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, quits!
Labour will back 'as much freedom of movement as possible' says John McDonnell
Labour fury: Leave supporters rage at party's pledge to uphold 'freedom of movement!'
Frantic Blair pleads: ‘Don’t mix up election with Brexit!’
Between Johnson and Corbyn - it's not a difficult choice
Pass the sickbag! It's gush after gush as His Speakership tearfully packs up his ego!
PARIS: Statistics show violent crime and robberies surging!
SWEDEN: Official website slammed for advertising free healthcare for illegal immigrants!
Bristol University appoints History of Slavery professor (black)
Algerian Jew, Eric Zemmour, takes the mickey out of the globalists!
Sam Allardyce rages over Brexit delay!
How cynical of MPs to claim sisterly solidarity with Meghan Markle in bid to stifle free Press!
Sugar's 'inept and ignorant' Apprentice candidates don't even know when WW2 started!

Wednesday 30 October

BBC journalist exposes the dark side of the media!
USA: 2149 deaths attributed to vaccination between 1997 and 2013?
Bristol University appoints History of Slavery professor (black)
Hummus from Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Aldi, Lidl, Asda, Nando's could contain SALMONELLA?
Backpacker and Canadian companion found dead after falling ill in Cambodian hostel
POLL: 61% of French say Islam ‘incompatible’ with society!
‘The left has turned its back on the working class!’
Jo Swinson’s ‘white men’ sneer! Anti-whiteness has replaced class analysis on the left!
TOWER Hamlets vote-rigging ex-Mayor out ‘campaigning for LABOUR!’
The chance to drain the swamp has finally arrived!
When politicians say they want 16-year-olds to vote, they want 16-year-olds to vote FOR THEM!
It’s time for Boris to pull off another deal – with the Brexit Party!
Anti-Brexiteers in Parliament wanted children and immigrants to get the vote!
More than 100 Labour yellowbellies defy Corbyn’s call to back December 12 election!
Labour promised us Brexit on 50 occasions at the 2017 election!
Officials claim ‘Establishment stitch-up’ saved ‘bully’ Bercow!
Heidi Allen leads exodus of MPs quitting Commons! Humiliation in December 2019? No thanks!
Endorsing the Deep State endangers democracy!
Gaetz: ‘Donald Trump is innocent and the Deep State is guilty!’
Michelle Obama says white people are 'still running' from Blacks and immigrants!
Huge drugs seizure in Louth as gardaí discover €3.2 million worth of cannabis
Chomsky versus Buckley

Tuesday 29 October

The ISIS Caliph is dead – Was Turkey protecting him?
Labour MP Keith Vaz faces six-month suspension after drugs and gay sex probe!
Shaming of Keith Vaz: Sordid saga of sex and drugs and a disgraceful bid to wriggle off the hook!
Black people 1.5 times more likely to tweet 'hate speech!'
After Jewish actress Bette Midler calls for Trump’s murder, she takes it MUCH further!
Rock band axed by bosses after Skye front man said album was inspired by Holocaust denier!
Male infertility timebomb! Chemical pollutants in air, water and ground to blame?
Medicinal cannabis does NOT help treat depression, anxiety or ADHD?
FURY as EU approves HUGE state aid for Slovakia car plant just before UK operations close!
Salvini alliance routs entrenched Leftist governor in historic election result!
German populists surpass Merkel Party in regional elections
LONDON: Crime gang used cattle prods and Tasers to protect a £1million-a-year brothel network
Mo Robinson spent ten months in global ring moving large numbers of illegals into the UK!'
BRAZIL: Girl bludgeons pregnant sister to death and rips baby from her womb! Woman wanted it!
Why Boris Johnson's 'new' EU treaty is so DANGEROUS!
Former Labour MP criticises Labour’s 'absurd enthusiasm' for the EU!
Dominic Grieve and rebel Tories write to EU demanding EIGHT-MONTH Brexit delay
Brexit delayed to 2020 as Macron backs three-month extension!
Another Brexit delay will further undermine voters’ faith in democracy!
EU - UK faces ‘toxic time bomb’ in shape of ‘outrageous’ £32billion payment!
Bercow smirks as he makes sly dig at Boris Johnson
Police called to Labour selection ballot! Female party members intimidated!
Grenfell Tower report: Fire brigade condemned for 'systemic failures!'
Most Americans say Democrat impeachment effort is politically motivated
US Ambassador to Ukraine, key witness at Democrats’ impeachment coup, a Soros-Biden man?
Democrats want to divert attention from Baghdadi to impeachment
Bill Clinton bombed an aspirin factory, Trump bagged al-Baghdadi
A year after Pittsburgh, anti-Semitism is still rising and US Jews blame Trump!
Ukraine busts people-smuggling network ferrying illegal migrants from Turkey to EU!
Government donates to transgender men who want to be allowed to compete against women!
REPORT: Asia is the ‘hot spot’ for Christian persecution!

Monday 28 October

DAGENHAM: Daniel Boakye and Zakaria Lahrar murdered Daniel Adger with a machete
Savages attack member of station staff after he challenged one for urinating at entrance
Somali drug dealers tortured man by pouring boiling water over him
BIRMINGHAM: Ethiopian rapist jailed for minimum 10 years
Migrants who died in lorry are victims of weak borders and callous people-smugglers
Romanian drivers arrested after 8 Afghans found in a refrigerated lorry bound for UK
Former Tower Hamlets councillor faces jail for decade long housing fraud
AfD candidate compared to Hitler inflicts crushing losses on Merkel’s party in regional vote!
One-in-four Germans hold antisemitic beliefs, antisemitism rising amongst ‘elites!’
75.1 per cent of mothers now have to work!
EU nutcase, Guy Verhofstadt, calls for EU army capable of launching strikes on Syria!
Arch Brexiteer, Lord Adonis, comes out as gay!
Macron agrees to THREE MONTH Brexit extension! (Of course he does)
Brexit delay is final insult from tin-eared, self-obsessed MPs!
BoJo told to walk away on Oct 31 without a deal – 'It's what we voted for!'
Attention-seeking and vain, the new Speaker CANNOT be a Bercow!
Brussels bid to scrap daylight savings to cause huge problem for UK and Ireland
Irish MEP entitled to full salary at taxpayer expense despite NOT being in office
Oilman Archbishop faces backlash after Boris backlash!
Trump says ISIS leader died 'whimpering and screaming - like a coward'
Trump faces renewed backlash for abandoning Kurds! They helped locate al-Baghdadi!
Britain has a biased, Left-wing media! Canada is even worse!
Gap-year backpacker Amelia Bambridge, 21, missing in Cambodia!
Years later, 6-year-old marked for death by his tribe confronts cannibals who wanted to eat him!
500,000 children lured into gas chambers with chocolate! (Unbelievable now, but back then?)
2006: Aaron Russo exposes the Rockefellers
Assange in Court!

Sunday 27 October

HATE CRIME HOAX! We are very tolerant so why do cops pretend racist attacks at all time high?
ROTHERHAM: Nafees Hussain murdered John Methley, hitting him 10 times with a golf club!
Savages attack member of station staff after he challenged one for urinating at entrance
West Country police forces seeing 'worrying rise' in reports of sexual offences against children
At 1,187 in 2018, Scotland has the highest number of drug-related deaths in the EU!
Three babies a day born addicted to opioid drugs!
Snowflake cops can opt out of training sessions with swearing/offensive language if it upset them!
Thousands of girls subjected to female genital mutilation in Ireland!
UN flies ‘first’ EU-funded planeloads of Somalis, Syrians to Germany, Romania!
'It's the luck of the draw!' How laughing people smuggler dismissed 39 deaths!
The Bulgarian connection? Haulage boss arrested over migrant deaths
Immigrants riot and set fires to holding centre in Malta!
HITCHENS: The drugs 'report' that proves a sack of spuds is smarter than our MPs
Men mown down by cop's son high on cannabis! Families want case reopened after he walks!
A 'racist' (Indian-on-Black) attack shows how 'whiteness' evolves!
Assange in Court!
Ukraine busts people-smuggling network ferrying immigrants to EU!
Arch Brexiteer, Lord Adonis, comes out as gay!
What THEY are NOT telling us! The EU owns US money!
SNP and Lib Dems uniting to force December general election?
Gina Miller unveils fresh Remainer plot to stop Brexit!
Fishermen demand no deal in Brexit warning to Boris – ‘No fish left for next generation!’
Fishermen betrayed as Farage shows how EU trawlers will still plunder UK waters after Brexit
Brexit latest: Meddling Tony Blair tells Jeremy Corbyn to block election!
Archbishop Oilman warns Boris to mind his language!
John Bercow must not receive a peerage after creating ‘climate of fear’ says ex-official
Gay giraffe row splits Labour party after MP Dawn Butler ridiculed by senior advisers!
350,000 Catalans rally against imprisonment of Independence Referendum leaders
MACEDONIA: Police find 81 illegal migrants in one house!
Clapping banned at Oxford University to stop snowflakes being triggered!
Lovely, fluffy student wants an "A" grade!
ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi killed in US raid
Trump faced barrage of ‘undiplomatic’ behaviour from outgoing Obama
Werritty, Miliband, they were all in it!
Jonathan Sacoolas is not, and has never been, a diplomat!
Mandatory TV tax ‘unsustainable’ as young people reject BBC!
The night Meghan Markle begged me to get her IN the tabloids!

Saturday 26 October

Pawel Relowicz charged with rape and murder of Hull student. Libby Squire
LONDON: Juli Begum and daughters ‘smiling and happy’ before being murdered by father
Andrew Delsol - 'Vicious' rapist jailed for life for attacks on two women!
HUDDERSFIELD: Another ‘Asian’ child rape gang convicted in England!
‘Violent predatory rapist’ refugee travelled UK by train assaulting women!
2017 - Husband found guilty of wife's axe murder in Lidl car park
Now black WPC (poster girl for Scotland Yard) who lost 33 race claims, faces trial herself!
Romanian surgeon struck off after telling patients to 'assume the George Michael position!'
Reverend jailed for fleecing elderly pensioner had a history of criminality!
Bomb attacks are now a normal part of Swedish life!
Rand Paul says gender transition of children is ‘child abuse!’
British Steel pension scandal!
Don’t be fooled – the EU is no defender of workers’ rights!
Brexit Party MEP's brutal analysis after first five months in Brussels
Bercow profits from time as Speaker - just weeks after saying he would not 'milk' it!
Deadly pandemic could sweep the world and kill millions! NO country is fully prepared
US military poised to send tanks into Syria to protect oilfields currently under Kurdish control
Trump may be after Obama, Biden, Clinton, Brennan!
Adam Schiff and the Chamber of Secrets: Inside the impeachment dungeon!
Women confront Harvey Weinstein at New York event
Jet-powered hypocrisy! Globalist elites, celebrities leave massive carbon footprints!

Friday 25 October

The Pentagon failed its audit amid a $21 trillion scandal!
"The children of Biden, Trump, Clinton and Gore have all married Jews!"
It took a billionaire paedo to die in jail for media to finally report on elite child sex trafficking!
Resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe poses an existential threat to Jews, warns top Rabbi
The Bloody Rehearsal! Russia's 1905 revolution - Testing the strength of Romanov resilience!
How the Kingdom of Greece fell prey to the same forces that subverted Tsarist Russia!
Communist influences are destroying the US, faster and faster
Netanyahu’s weaponization of Facebook in Israeli election offers road map for Trump 2020?
Professor says grading, good grammar are examples of white supremacy!
OOPS! Big black girl picks on wrong pint-size cheerleader!
Ealing Abbey: Paedophile priests acted 'like the mafia!'
Three men stabbed in Lewisham car park!
LONDON: Jose Fana and Kelvin Fana charged with murder of Norman Bertran-Tavarez
Violence against MPs a 'price worth paying' to get Brexit result required says British majority!
BBC Question Time: Tory Brexiteer Lord Lamont shuts down Remainer MEP
Farage says deal ‘isn't Brexit’ and tells Boris to drop it and agree and election pact!
Britons support an early General Election by two-to-one
600 ‘healthy’ young people die needlessly every year!
Crime Wave? Does Extinction Rebellion care? Protests cost police £37 million!
Dial 999 if you feel threatened by a man wolf-whistling, says top cop, Alison Hernandez
ISIS seizes control of prison camp in Syria where 70,000 women and children are held!
Preparing to displace Arab citizens, Israel will build camps!
Paediatrician Dr. Anne Georgulas told her 3-year-old he was a girl and treated him as such
When autistic teenager wanted sex change, school, GP, psychologist said 'yes!' Mum said 'no!'
Naked photos of Democratic Congresswoman, Katie Hill, showing off Nazi-era tattoo!
Bette Midler tweeted praise for neighbour's horrific attack on Senator Rand Paul
Samantha Markle calls half-sister Meghan a hypocrite for whining about her wellbeing

Thursday 24 October

TRAINLINE RAPIST! ‘Extremely violent’ Ethopian refugee roamed Britain looking for victims!
Zak Eko threw his 11-month-old son to his death from a bridge over a river in Manchester!
Trainee doctor, 22, paralysed by a drugged-up migrant, comforted by the fact she saved his life!
Strong borders save lives! There’s only one certain way to stamp out the trade in human cargo!
All the worst people in history would have voted Remain!
SURPRISE, SURPRISE! Tusk tells EU leaders to agree Brexit extension
Brexiteers accuse Google of anti-Brexit bias!
Remainers plot to hijack Queen's Speech vote and force second referendum!
Gina Miller unveils fresh Remainer plot to stop Brexit in 'imminent' general election!
Galloway destroys ‘united Europe’ argument!
Boris’ stock rises every time House of Cowards frustrates our wishes!
Sturgeon Humiliation! Nationalist think tank's own poll shows Scots backing STAYING in UK!
Commons Speaker John Bercow bags three foreign jollies in a month
Britons more liberal than ever! Attitudes towards homosexuality, abortion, drugs 'transformed!'
Why Central Europe seems to care more about freedom than the West!
UK population set to hit 70m in a decade, three-quarters driven by migration!
Transgender model calls cops after being denied porn job for having a penis!
TEXAS! Jury rules against dad trying to save his 7-year-old from gender ‘transition!’

Wednesday 23 October

ESSEX: Bodies of 39 people found in a lorry that came here from Bulgaria!
UK's greatest failure? Blair encouraged mass migration but didn't prepare for the consequences!
So much for a ceasefire: Syrians suffer horrific burns in explosion despite Turkey's claims!
Huddersfield grooming victim feared abusers would 'gang rape her mum!'
GRIMSBY: 'Absolute psychopath,' Florin Butnaru, laughed as he raped woman att knifepoint!
Newlyweds left with horrific injuries after ‘standing up to boy who returned with gang!’
The shameless Grenfell fraudsters who conned £770,000 out of their local council!
Student Seif Hashim, who ran a county lines drug network jailed for just 30 months!
'Abominable' vicar who stole £5,000 from a 96-year-old parishioner jailed for 10 months!
Tushar Patel struck off after patient bled to death hours after he extracted ten of her teeth
Girl smacked in face by immigrant - Another screams hysterically
UK: Anorexia cases have DOUBLED among eight to 12-year-olds over the past decade!
Decriminalise personal use drugs! Offer support instead, say MPs (who want us all drugged-up)
50% of common pills wreak havoc on your gut health!
Champion transgender cyclist accuses Donald Trump Jr. of inciting hate/transphobia against her
MPs are afraid of travelling by public transport and holding surgeries now?
Ehud Sheleg, Tel Aviv-born Tory treasurer 'surprised' by knighthood from Theresa May
Boris deal means UK subject to EU court rulings up to 3 years after Brexit!
British MP lobbies Poland to defy EU ‘Mafia cartel’ and block Brexit delay!
Ken Clarke reveals he will unleash 'HELL' on Boris's election: We'll lower the voting age!
How did YOUR MP vote? NINE axed Tories made all the difference!
Ugly truth about why MPs don’t want to give you a say!
Guy Verhofstadt 'showering praise' on Speaker Bercow shows 'they are all in it together!'
Sack them!’ Voters say how they feel about Bercow and Remainer cronies!
Greece evacuates more migrants from islands fearing new migrant wave
Judge tells jobless Extinction Rebellion activist to find work after he spray-painted WW2 memorial
UK Conservatives call out BBC’s list of 100 influential left-wing women!
BUTTMITZVAH! Jewish, queer club night held in London!

Tuesday 22 October

Labour promised to leave the EU 50 TIMES before the 2017 election!
TREASON! Britain will still be ruled by EU law, even after leaving on October 31?
TREASON! Britain will still be subject to EU law after October 31 under Government's Brexit Bill
TREASON! EU could delay BREXIT until 2020!
We fought for years to live in a free country. Woe betide any MP who tries to stop that
Bercow accused of shameless bias for blocking major vote on BoJo's EU deal
If politicians shouldn’t answer questions twice, why should voters?
I voted to Remain but a second referendum would be a catastrophe for democracy
Dear Gavin Williamson, how strange that prisons have to have a library but schools do not
Prince Andrew 'had orgy with paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and nine girls!'
Ukrainian immigrant, Ganna Ziuzina, had British millionaire husband murdered for his fortune?
BIRMINGHAM: CCTV released after girl, 14, raped in broad daylight in park
Rail sex attacks double in five years - but most perverts go unpunished
‘Islamists are Islamic Nazis!’ Imam, three others convicted of ISIS recruiting!
Parents have a moral duty to give their children the MMR jab says Health Secretary Hancock
Cases of pancreatic and bowel cancer up by 10% across the world since 1990
CHER: Nancy Pelosi should be President, not that ‘whore’ Trump
Is this the week we reached peak gender insanity?
Transgender cyclist Rachel McKinnon keeps smashing women’s records!
Feminist backlash after sanitary pad company caves to trans-activists
Transgender activists force Always brand to remove ‘female’ symbol from sanitary products
Woman who had 'cheap' bum lift at 19 desperate to get 'unnatural' look reversed
‘Princess Pushy go home!’ Britain tires of Meghan Markle

Monday 21 October

Primary school in England, this is what THEY are now teaching 5-11 year olds!
MILTON KEYNES: Teenagers Ben Gillham-Rice and Dominic Ansah 'lured' to party and murdered
20-strong gang target ‘white bastards’, cut off teenager’s hand with an axe!
It'll take a generation to end Britain's knife crime epidemic, says Stephen Lawrence's brother
Crime rising up to 4 times faster in affluent Britain because of County Line drug gangs!
Child rape victim claims Bradford, Rotherham, Rochdale gangs are ‘linked!’
Cops want us to report ‘hateful’ behaviour ‘even if it isn’t a crime!’ No evidence required!
Doreen Lawrence says firefighters tackling Grenfell Tower blaze were 'racist!'
Police to 'predict' hate crimes through Twitter for the first time!
European cocaine use hits record high - Khan’s London is the worst city!
The EU doesn’t protect workers’ rights - it has destroyed them!
How dare our MPs take us for fools?
He may think he's been clever, but Oliver Letwin's clumsy meddling will never be forgiven
MPs warned of 'revenge' against Remainers in next election!
Andrew Neil perfectly analyses how Remainer MPs will never allow Brexit to happen
Most distinguished environmentalist says Extinction Rebellion activists are ‘silly buggers!’
Michael Douglas' son says his dad made him hand out joints to celeb guests when he was a boy

Sunday 20 October

Pope John Paul I poisoned, JP II threatened because they tried to expose Vatican fraud!
Two 17-year-olds stabbed to death in Milton Keynes - Two men in hospital
Warsame Mohammed hunted down and killed Zakir Nawaz after small road collision
BRIGHTON: Police hunt serial sex attacker who speaks 'broken English!'
AUSTRIA: Afghan asylum-seeker murders social a worker and a farmer!
OXFORD: Illegal immigrant, Khaled Meridja, jailed for sexual assault and ABH
MACRON'S PARIS: Immigrant punches two-year-old and his mother
Now cops investigate commuters who got Extinction Rebellion protesters off top of Tube train!
SWEDEN: Minister says country needs MORE refugees to fill jobs
ORBAN: Hungary will ‘use force’ if Turkey ‘opens the gates’ of Europe to migrants!
Turkish invasion of Syria protested by thousands in Germany, France!
Salvini: Being called a Populist ‘is a compliment!’
Boris sends EU Letters: One Asks for Brexit delay, one says he doesn’t want it
People's Vote coup plotters, Alastair Campbell and Peter Mandelson!
Lawyer behind Gina Miller and Supreme Court BoJo decision helped write Letwin's amendment
Remainer mob hounds Jacob Rees-Mogg and young son through the streets
‘NO SURRENDER!’ Ian Paisley, Nigel Farage denounce Boris’s Brexit deal!
Speaker Bercow criticised by his own deputy for aiding Remainer MPs
We need an official inquiry into how the elite turned Brexit into a national humiliation!
Can't our political class grasp this isn't a game and they're not in a college debating society?
Puffed-up Tory popinjays put petty vendettas ahead of our national interest
Majority of Britons support voter ID law!
Billionaire paedo Jeffrey Epstein 'had 13 contact numbers for Prince Andrew!'
Where does Prince Andrew get all his cash?
2016: Jewish gent says Donald Trump should be called “America’s first Jewish president!”
Uproar in Parliament? Future Home Secretary blissfully unaware!

Saturday 19 October

OUR BRITAIN IS DYING! 30,000+ town centre shops shut in just five years!
Transgendered at 15, now she's a transphobia victim! (Guy refused sex because of her penis)
Europol campaign reveals 'most wanted' women fugitives! (None of them British!)
Drug dealer accused of murdering Jodie Chesney says co-defendant, 17, killed her
Danilo Furtado stole a phone, wallet and jewellery from man, 73, suffering a heart attack!
USA: Michael Collins stabbed and decapitated two children before killing their mother!
Colorado school killer says he/she targeted kids over gender taunts
Old guy helped drug dealers Adebayo and Sami after Sami stabbed rival, Dimitrijs Semelis
Tulsi says Hillary has 'blood of thousands on her hands,' calls her 'Queen of warmongers!'
Turkey using banned weapons napalm and white phosphorus against Kurds?
'Act of sabotage' wrecking plot led by Oliver Letwin set to win?
Farage condemns Boris Johnson over Brexit deal - ‘This is not what we voted for!’
Leading pro-Brexit think tanks call on MPs to vote against BoJo’s 'defective' withdrawal deal
Majority of Britons support voter ID law
UK government drops plan to enact stringent age restrictions on porn sites!
Schiff made it all up? There are NO WHISTLEBLOWERS???
Denmark was prepared to build wall on German border during migrant crisis

Friday 18 October

Denied tools for his defense, Assange remains resilient - Pilger
Gang spared jail for visa scam that let 900 illegal immigrants stay in UK!
County Lines! 700 arrests in one week! Cops seize £500,000 of drugs and 169 weapons!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Mohammed Shakur murdered estranged wife and daughters!
BLOODBATH BRITAIN! 44,000 knife crimes, robbery, gun crime, fraud up - Crimes solved: 7.4%!
Top cop slammed for wasting time with misgendering issue instead of catching criminals
Top cop accused of lying to an inquiry trousered more than £250,000 while 'off sick!'
Defiant Muslim head admits ILLEGAL £2,500-a-year Islamic school is still open!
Labour official slams Jewish MP Louise Ellman for quitting over alleged 'anti-Semitism!'
33 Americans killed by vaping! Number suffering mysterious e-cigarette illness nears 1,500
'A great new deal?’ Is BoJo's Treaty really Brexit?
How does Boris Johnson's deal differ from Theresa May's?
Farage says new deal is ‘just not Brexit!’
Farage names the ONLY Brexit deal he would be willing to accept from the EU
FARAGE: ‘This is simply not Brexit!’
BREXIT - War in Westeminster!
BoJo's Brexit deal in full!
This is a thug-ocracy! Farage blasts Jean Claude Juncker for 'undermining democracy!'
Tory Brexit rebel Antoinette Sandbach loses confidence vote! (Ha-ha)
‘We don’t want an empire built in Brussels!’ Hungary speaks out!
Pelosi: ‘The voters are not going to decide’ impeachment issue!
Obama admin knew Ukraine's Burisma was corrupt - Hunter Biden given green light anyway
Mexican government forced to release El Chapo's son after drug cartel launches war on streets!

Thursday 17 October

LONDON: Arti Dhir and Kaval Raijada arranged for adopted son'a murder to claim insurance!
Dr Zuber Bux struck off after making £72,000 signing 400+ bogus sick notes for holidaymakers
GERMANY: Algerian immigrant 'kept 3 Yazidi women as slaves after joining ISIS!
EGO WARRIORS! Extinction Rebellion-backing luvvies confess their hypocrisy but won't change!
Now the police are telling you what pronouns you can use!
Migrant numbers arriving in Europe surge in 2018-19
Lib Dem humiliation: Swinson's sly plot to oust Rees-Mogg sparks outrage
Louise Ellman brands Jeremy Corbyn 'a danger to the Jewish community'
Iraq war whistle-blower Katharine Gun: ‘Truth always matters’

Wednesday 16 October

Turkish army beheads Kurds! Thanks, Trump!
'HATE CRIME!' Record 103,379 offences in 2018-19, Home Office figures show
Who's in charge? An Indian gentleman (Frank Raymond) spills the beans!
Frank Raymond - Implications of Mexican migrant inflow!
More than 1,000 schoolchildren caught with weapons including knives and knuckledusters!
England’s first state-sponsored child gender reassignment clinic sued by by a mother of a patient!
Now trans and gay 'hate crime' will mean SIX months in jail! Judges must crack down!
Germany says Brexit will still be delayed even if a deal is reached!
Boris caves in to EU demands as he makes huge U-turn?
UK patients are ‘suffering’ because EU rules ‘KILL’ medical research!
Fierce clashes between Catalan pro-independence protesters and police
USA: Illegal immigrant who shot transgender woman six times had been previously deported
USA: Newborn babies taken from parents because they declined vitamin K injection?
SWEDEN: 20-year-old Afghan arrested in connection with the murder of his 69-year-old lover
Italy: Crime down! Except in cities controlled by Lefties!
Julian Assange subjected to torture and violations of due process rights?
Green lunatics are dictating Britain’s energy policy?
Poll calls for Piers Morgan sacking for ‘dehumanising’ transsexuals! He slams ‘snowflakes!’
STUPID FEMINISTS! 'I'm sorry, we don't need an old white male's mansplanation!'
The joint Booker Prize is a spineless fudge, favouring politics over literary merit

Tuesday 15 October

“Putting in tens of millions of 5G antennae without a single biological test of safety has got to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world!”
Just one-in-seven Britons trust MPs on Brexit, most back No Deal!
BoJo to tear up Varadkar deal after fiery late night DUP meeting
Jess Phillips, MP, looked in the mirror and said: "literally no discernible skills!"
2016: Muslim care home staff stopped elderly residents having bacon sandwiches!
Sudanese migrant wanted 'to kill as many people as possible' after passport application rejected
Jihadist who called for an attack on Prince George jailed for life
Woman stabbed in Didsbury, Manchester - Man arrested
Police hunt hooded man after 18-year-old raped in woodland sex attack
NIGERIA: 300 men freed from second Muslim school where they were chained up and raped
HACKNEY: Teachers drink, dance and TWERK in video taken in troubled school!
Poland’s traditionalists increase majority in national election!
ANCHOR BABIES! Soros-funded ACLU demands Trump free pregnant migrants into US!
Chelsea covers for Hillary: ‘Yes,’ someone with a beard and penis can be a woman!
Ivanka Trump can't spell! Imagine my shock!
CNN employee says Jeff Zucker (CNN boss) has ‘personal vendetta’ against Trump!
Theresa Villiers ('Friend of Israel') confirms Government will not be labelling meat from non-stun slaughter! ("The economic viability of the kosher industry is dependent on non-stun meat being allowed to slip into the general food chain")

Monday 14 October

At least 260,000 cases of sepsis (blood poisoning) every year in UK! 44,000 die!
ERDOGAN: Call our invasion of Syria an invasion and 'we will open the gates and send 3.6 million refugees your way!'
Syrian Kurds strike deal with Assad for protection from Turkish invasion
'There is blood on Trump's hands!' 4-star General says 'US greenlighted' the crisis in Syria!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Woman stabbed 7 times! Man thought she rejected him for being black!
PARIS: No-go suburb activist arrested trying to pay homage to Muslim cop killer
Polish MP: Soros ‘wants to rule the world’ as ‘master of puppets!’
Extinction Rebellion crowd paid £400 a week to 'shut down' UK! Donors include George Soros!
'Hypocrisy' of Extinction Rebellion founder's 11,000-mile trip to Costa Rica
German MEP condemns Merkel for leading EU plan to devastate the UK
Andrew Bridgen launches scathing attack on Hammond and Grieve over anti-Brexit plot
Tory fury at 'chiselling' EU! Barnier demands MORE concessions!
Top economist admits failure of globalisation for American workers - ‘major mistake!’
Denmark introduces border controls with Sweden due to gang violence!
Provoking Jerusalem's Palestinians for nothing! Cop's recording sheds light on policy
Piers Morgan laughs off petition calling for him to be sacked over transgender comments

Sunday 13 October

Voters will have to show ID before casting their ballot to prevent electoral fraud! HOORAY!

One elite party explains what’s wrong with American politics!
Was the Labour plot revealed by the Zinoviev letter (1924) GENUINE after all?
Turkish border towns where refugees are pawns in Erdoğan's 'ethnic cleansing!'
Trump's betrayal of the Kurds will echo for generations
Turkish attack on Syria endangers a remarkable democratic experiment by the Kurds
Betrayal on the border: Kurds fear future as Turkish assault intensifies
Trump’s betrayal of the Kurds may be the dumbest move of his Presidency
Military leader of Syrian Kurds tells USA, 'you are leaving us to be slaughtered'
Man who slammed Trump for ‘racist’ immigration policies killed by illegal immigrant!
Obama’s Director of National Intelligence says Obama started the witch hunt!
Polish-Americans back Trump, so Left want to damage US-Poland relations?
THE KILMUIR LETTER- A damning critique of UK’s ‘illegal’ entry into the EEC!
You are being lied to – Varadkar and Barnier are giving us NOTHING!
Boris Johnson, Friends of Israel and the Second Coming of Cummings!
Australian woman goes to Pakistan - Man of her dreams locks her up and rapes her daily!
'The new normal?' Do you accept this?
Berlin Police release ‘Allah Akbar’ migrant knifeman who stormed Synagogue!
Manchester stabbing spree suspect detained under mental health act
London’s ‘massive cocaine problem’ bigger than Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona combined!
LONDON BLOODBATH! Man stabbed ‘multiple times’ in Westfield shopping centre
Extinction Rebellion: A nasty, stupid outbreak of intolerant, irrational zealotry!
Hundreds of predatory policemen are sacked for sexually exploiting victims
One million older Britons are at risk of starving to death!
'Disabled' Nasreen Akhtar said she was 'too ill to work' and claimed £260,000 in benefits!
French Government Minister announces a dozen cases of radicalised Muslim teachers!
Cumberbatch joins Extinction Rebellion despite advertising gas guzzling car!

Wednesday 9 October

Churchill and movie mogul, Alexander Korda
Israel becoming 'safe haven for paedophiles,' activists claim!
Transgender activists shout down girls, women outside Supreme Court
Merkel has just gifted the United Kingdom a No Deal Brexit!
No 10 source: No Deal a certainty either now or after election!
Steve Baker says EU is ‘setting up narrative you can’t leave!’
EU wastes £3.6bn in one year!
EU squanders millions on foreign projects!
Swedish Police take unusual step of publishing rape suspect pictures - Arrests made
BBC wonk says a white Old Etonian standing for Mayor against Black/Muslim 'is not very 2020!'
Two year-old dies of E coli poisoning after holiday in Turkey
When it comes to police failures, ‘sorry’ just doesn’t cut it any more
German Police arrest Syrian migrant after hijacked truck rammed into traffic!
MINNESOTA: 19 High School students (Muslim?) face assault, terrorism, weapons charges
Ukraine ‘whistleblower’ had ‘professional relationship’ with 2020 Democrat!
Rosenstein Email to Mueller: ‘The boss’ doesn’t know we’re talking
Former CIA Station Chief says Coup against Trump Looks Like CIA op led by Brennan
If you think the NBA sucks up to China, wait till you meet Hollywood

Tuesday 8 October

Gaddafi's last speech...
USA: Black savage, Samuel Little, murdered 93 people between 1970 and 2005
TYNESIDE: Stabbed baby dies, mother seriously injured - Denis Erdinch Beytula arrested
Cops fail to record thousands of crimes including harassment, stalking, coercive behaviour!
EU rules stopped Britain deporting murderers, rapists and violent criminals!
16 of 25 Knife Crime Hot Spots are in London
Sadiq Khan’s ‘Online Hate Crime Hub’ investigates 1,612 cases – Gets six convictions!
Child criminals twice as likely to reoffend as adults
Dominican immigrant charged with murdering four homeless men in NYC!
France: Muslim who stabbed 4 to death worked in police section that collected info on jihadis
Momolu Stewart freed after shooting a man dead as a teenager after Kardashian intervention!
'Drunk' healthcare boss, Jefferson Brito, 'defecated on rug of property tycoon
Schoolgirl, 14, died of drugs overdose after Government agencies failed to share info about her
EU 'devised to make sure the great mass of the people could not control government ever again!'
More than 4 billion euros of EU funds were misspent last year!
EU needs more troops and must use them, says incoming foreign affairs chief!
Cowardly Remainer MPs can't hide from the people's judgment forever
The truth about Theresa May’s “flexible” extension
DEEP STATE: ‘A collection of permanent bureaucrats enmeshed inside the federal government!’
Intelligence community Inspector General ‘knowingly changed’ whistleblower complaint form!
Pentagon stunned as Trump abandons Kurds and Turkey 'launches strikes!'
Turkish army confirm preparations to invade Syria 'complete!' Explosions seen on border
Actress Ellen Barkin to ‘dumb’ Trump supporters: ‘Do you want a dumb President?’
What are Joe Biden’s dealings in Romania?
How a worldwide lobby keeps corrupt politicians in power!
Why did UK’s Holocaust memorial events remove references to Jews?
Duke of York hires new spin doctor as Channel 4 investigates links to paedo Jeffrey Epstein
Extinction Rebellion exposes Left-wing activism as a global elite sham
Web giants 'cashing in' on misery of children, says NHS boss
7 nests found in Britain as invasion of killer hornets rages on!
E-cigarette smoke causes lung cancer in mice!
LITTLEJOHN: Why isn't Nonce Finder General Tom Watson in the dock?
Jeremy Clarkson blasts BBC for U-turn on Naga Munchetty racism ruling
Cocaine made me a monster, Says Elton John! No, self-indulgence made you a monster

Monday 7 October

One in five murders in the UK are committed by prisoners out on parole!
Sir Richard blasts police watchdog who ruled no one should be punished over 'fantasist' scandal
Chart-topping rapper stabbed backstage at BBC Radio 1Xtra Live show
US diplomat's wife 'drove on the wrong side of the road before she hit and killed' British teen
US diplomat's wife who left UK after killing British teenager named! Anne Sacoolas!
Paris cops ignored 'obvious signs of radicalisation' in colleague who murdered four officers!
Number of elderly on anti-depressants doubles in 20 years!
Jewish radio host says, ‘the Left is not used to being investigated!’
Government's antisemitism adviser pledges 'most robust consequences' for Jew-haters!
Were Jacob Rees-Mogg's Soros comments antisemitic?
Lord Alf Dubs calls for Jacob Rees-Mogg to be sacked over George Soros comment!
FARAGE’s Brexit Party most trusted to represent the interests of the British people, says new poll
Brexit fury: 'Affront to democracy' - Expert savages EU as Brussels halts exit yet again
Britain 'taken for mugs' from very start of negotiations with the EU, says former British diplomat!
Top Tory Brexiteer, Steve Baker, says: Make Nigel Farage Britain’s EU Commissioner!
Betrayal Inbound? Boris government signals it will soften Brexit deal in negotiations!
Tories surge to 15-POINT lead over Jeremy Corbyn's Labour in the polls
Entangled in politics, the court has wrongly seized supreme power
New York Times publishes article openly declaring war on freedom of speech!
Andrew Marantz: 'How the alt-Right exploited a democratic and free Internet!'
Greg Epstein: 'How the Internet broke America!'
Orthodox Jew with three children 'threw wild sex parties inside Manhattan townhouse!'
John Humphrys says the BBC is too sympathetic on transgender issues
African dictators losing luxury lifestyle amid money laundering crackdown!
'Sex for grades!' Undercover in West African universities
Grandma Lewis must pay £40,000 to Egyptian toyboy husband!

Sunday 6 October

TOTTENHAM: Mark Barrett shot dead 9 years after sister was murdered by Houssam Djemaa!
Kamari Gordon posed with Aron Warren's Rolex just hours after stabbing him to death!
Michael Rolle Sentenced To Life For Charlotte Huggins' murder
Samson Olayinka and Kluivert Atoprah jailed for gun offences!
Romanian on run for attempted murder fights extradition, launches cage fight career!
22 of the criminals jailed in London this week!
In year ending March 2017, of 613 homicides in England/Wales, 112 committed by parolees!
HITCHENS: The Met Police have failed us. Shut them down and start again
Former mortuary superintendent on how he took on the criminals who preyed on the dead!
There's nothing wrong with ministers finally listening to the public on crime
Paris cop killer had ‘radical vision of Islam,’ anti-terrorism prosecutors say
PARIS: Police worker who killed four police officers 'supported Charlie Hebdo massacre!'
Charlie Hebdo boss blasts Leftie ‘collaborators’ in new book on 2015 terror attack!
ITALY: Police Officers shot dead by gun-grabbing immigrant
Donald Trump's land seizures tweet sparks anger in South Africa!
The truth about Brexit
Labour's Brexit igwig pockets £125,000 from law firm derailing Britain’s EU exit!
Boris Johnson will sabotage EU if forced to delay Brexit
Yet more revelations over Jo Swinson’s husband - EU cash links now involve George Soros!
LIB DEMS - Swinson's party nosedives in new poll as Conservatives soar
Bercow savaged by Deputy Speaker over Brexit - 'Keep your mouth shut!'
Baroness Hale, who thwarted PM's bid to prorogue parliament, reveals 'anti-Boris bias!'
LORD SINGH: Even Jesus Christ wouldn't get past the BBC's Thought Police today!
UK court rules Biblical belief in just two sexes ‘INCOMPATIBLE WITH HUMAN DIGNITY!’
Tucker Carlson: "They (the people) will rebel. They will hurt you!"

Saturday 5 October

Hundreds of young transgender folk seek help to return to original sex!
Britain’s politically correct police are an embarrassing joke
Minorities use hate speech at “substantially higher rates” than whites on Twitter
Fatal road crash - Harry Dunn killed: US diplomat's wife flees UK after promising to stay
Gangster Mansion: Built by Romanian crime boss who burgled 500 British homes!
Drug gang leader jailed after police use rap translator to prove he threatened to shoot rivals
Royal Barnes' 'Muslim Patrol' stopped couples holding hands and laughed at Lee Rigby memorial
If Brussels doesn't back down then it's NO DEAL!
FARAGE: ‘Boris’s Brexit plan is lipstick on a pig!’
BoJo pins his hopes on Hungary veto for Brexit delay!
‘B*llocks to Brexit’ MP fears Boris calling state of emergency to deliver No Deal Brexit!
Brexit Party embraces populism with a nod to ancient Athenian democracy!
‘Britain’s been sacrificed!’ Brexit Party MEP launches ferocious attack on ‘EU superstate!’
Italian MEP blames Macron and Merkel for probable extension
Macron’s France: 27,000 Police march against poor working conditions!
PARIS: Muslim cop killer was enraged by a reprimand for refusing to deal with women!
OBORNE: The IRA must NEVER be allowed to exploit Brexit!
Why Germany invaded Poland

Friday 4 October

Climate change activist says we must 'start eating babies... We have to get rid of the babies!'
Rebellion Extinction protesters pull 83,000 police officers away from normal duties!
The supertrawlers sucking fish out of OUR seas!
'THEY KNEW 9/11 WAS COMING!' Proof George Bush admin was behind terror attacks?
Amazon sells a Remainer notepad titled: 'My Little Book Of All The Brexiteers I Want To Stab!'
Corbyn gives job as campaign chief to Left-winger guilty of voter fraud?
Irish PM accuses Boris of defying the will of the British people 'who want to stay in the EU!'
‘Meddling’ Varadkar savaged for Brexit block bid
Brexit Party MEP: Boris’s deal is Theresa May’s treaty ‘warmed up!’
France frightened of ‘Tax Haven’ Brexit Britain ‘at the Gates of Europe’
Guy Verhofstadt kicks BBC's Katya Adler out of his office after Brexit grilling
If MPs still block Brexit deal we’ll know they only want chaos
STURGEON: ‘Neverendum’ Nicola mocked!
French philosopher speaks of migrant colonisers and Islamisation of streets! Prosecution looms!
Four police officers stabbed to death at HQ in Paris!
Paris cop killer was a Muslim enraged by a reprimand for refusing to deal with women!
Murder suspects ‘slipped into a mosque and changed clothes before evading police!
HULL: West Indian immigrant Shaketa Raynor turned to drug smuggling
Rape and sex assault complaints at universities have TREBLED in just three years!
Swedish Police warn brutal Nigerian Mafia gaining foothold in Stockholm
Muslim preacher in London: 'We are not British. We belong to ISIS!'
Italian island faces collapse as migrant numbers surge!
PUTIN: Greta Thunberg is a ‘poorly informed teenager!’
Extinction Rebellion ‘fake blood’ stunt backfires horribly!
What has John Brennan got on Obama - Obama's CIA pedigree!

Thursday 3 October

Twitter executive for Middle East is British Army 'psyops' soldier!
Christian doctor sacked! He refused to refer to transgender people by their chosen sex
NEWCASTLE: Mother and baby son are 'fighting for life' after knife attack in flat
Reuben Richardson kills cyclist, driving wrong way down one-way street and on phone
Vaping patients had acute lung damage similar to gas poisoning!
Europe is defenceless against an economic crisis but will it force a no-deal Brexit anyway?
'Why are our troops wearing EU flag?' Brexiteer MP demands answers in Parliament
BORIS: ‘Bourgeoisie’ cocaine users fuelling killing of children on streets of Britain!
Immigration arrests! 'Multiple beds' found above shop, 11,600 illicit cigarettes found!
Pelosi begs reporters to ask her about anything but impeachment!
"Hunter Biden 'didn't know anything about the industry he was in? And he's getting paid $50,000 a month? And then he gets a billion five from China? And the entire media turns a blind eye?"
Adam Schiff hid CIA whistleblower concerns from Republicans on Intelligence Committee!
After years of open borders, Sweden's unemployment rate almost highest in EU
IAAF President Seb Coe slams BBC for criticism of poor crowds at World Athletics Champs
'WOKE' Royals use fleet of 4x4s specially shipped from UK to Africa!
Prince Harry 'ignored advice of senior aides' before launching attack on the press
Stop playing the victim, Harry! You and Meghan brought the negative press on yourselves!

Wednesday 2 October

Romanian burglary gang raided up to 400 UK homes! Thanks for importing the crims, LibLabCon!
Nutcase Remainer sectioned after vote to leave EU left him 'paranoid and ashamed to be British!'
FARAGE: ‘Revolting’ Labour Party ‘gerrymandering’ the future of Britain with mass migration!
Remainers will launch Brexit plot to impeach Boris and replace him with traitor Hammond?
Parliament is full of whining wimps, says ANN WIDDECOMBE!
How Tories under Boris are shaking the liberal establishment to the core!
‘This daughter of immigrants needs no lectures from the north London, liberal elite!’
2017: From the continent, Remainers’ sudden love for the EU looks like plain hypocrisy
Bercow used special powers as Speaker to 'cover up claims of bullying' by Labour MP, Keith Vaz
White people banned from speaking at ‘resisting whiteness’ event at Edinburgh University!
Apparently, I’m “Nazi Scum!” I just didn’t realize it
Headmistress says some pupils identify as transgender just to be cool/'cause turbulence!'
USA: ‘Mommy says I’m a girl!’ Dad fights to save 7-year-old son from gender ‘transition’
USA: Michigan’s lesbian Attorney General went to war with foster/adoption agencies refusing to place children in homes with homosexual couples - SHE LOST!
USA: Kids resist gender-neutral bathrooms, push back against pro-trans adults!
USA: When the culture war comes for the kids!
USA: Boston ‘Straight Pride Parade’ requires 1,000 cops to repel ‘tolerant’ leftist violence!
USA: Bidens golfed with Ukraine Energy Company board member in 2014!
Greta Thunberg is a victim of her own parents, not global warming
USA: Pro-ADL Judge rules it’s not defamation to label Christian ministries ‘hate groups!’
CIA’s 'hidden hand' in ‘democracy’ groups
Shane O'Brien: a murderous save who should be hanged!
Spying scandal rocks Tidjane Thiam's Credit Suisse!
18-year-old demonstrator shot in chest at point-blank range by Hong Kong cop!
Ex-Frog President Sarkozy to stand trial over campaign financing?
CANADA: Protesters scream 'Nazi scum' as they bar the way of an elderly woman
Taking antidepressants while pregnant raises the risk of expectant mothers developing diabetes
Tens of thousands of asthmatics may be taking 'harmful doses of oral steroids!
European Court orders Bosnia to remove a Serbian Orthodox Church!
Dutch farmers in mass protest against Green Fascism
Meghan Markle's nephew arrested in Hollywood, naked and SCREAMING!

Tuesday 1 October

ANTIFA loves to abuse elderly people who can’t defend themselves!
Jervaise Bennett and youth, 16, charged with murder of Lewis Bagshaw
Private schoolboy who ‘earned £50k-a-year drug-dealing' jailed for knifing teenager to death!
USA: Husband shoots dead wife of 33 years in front of two grandchildren
Robert Enescu planned to ensnare innocent Romanian woman into the sex trade
Sir Mo Farah's former coach Alberto Salazar given 4-YEAR ban for doping violations!
NIGERIA: Abducted women raped in 'baby factory' so children could be sold for £1,000 each!
Cancer fears over heartburn drug Zantac spread to the UK!
GENERAL RILEY: The EU takeover of UK Military and Intelligence Services by stealth!
Poland rejects EU immigrant redistribution (replacement) plan!
READY TO RISE! Thousands sign-up For mass protests across the UK if Brexit not delivered!
MPs must brace for 'terrible reckoning' if they 'underestimate' Leave voters!
Top Tory says UK faces civil unrest if it breaks democracy over Brexit!
Tony Blair held meetings with EU Chief Negotiator about delaying Brexit!
‘Foreign Collusion!’ Did MPs draft anti-Brexit law with EU help?
Mark Francois - The breakout star of Brexit!
Varadkar warned! Gay half-Indian will bear responsibility if Brexit negotiations collapse!
Anna Soubry accused of 'colluding' with John Bercow in Remainer plot
FERRARI: Labour is a party with an outlook and policies as red as Liverpool F.C.'s shirt!
Robert Peston won't be interviewing BoJo at the Tory Party conference
Jacob Rees-Mogg accuses Labour of 'hypocrisy'
Gina Miller: "If anyone is killed or hurt, I will hold Boris responsible!"
Why Obama refused to endorse Joe Biden, his former Vice President, twice!
Lib Dem MP, Layla Moran, slapped partner at conference in 2013 - ARRESTED!
BBC boss Tony Hall intervenes to overturn ruling against Naga Munchetty
Jamie Oliver paid himself more than £5million months before his restaurant empire collapsed!
Katie Price jokes about son Harvey’s weight - He won’t fit on an escalator!

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