Daily News - October 2007

Fat Asian Attacks Slough Resident with Samurai Sword!
The cops are looking for Baljinder
Al Qaeda Linked Group Wants to Open School near Olympic Village!
Cops’ Diversity Training a Waste of Time Says Expert!
Coffee and Biscuits: The Answer to All Our Immigration Problems!
Says Labour MP, John Denham!
Gordon Bown Bodyguard an Illegal Immigrant!
Algerian, Marouane Bourannane, had a picture of himself and Brown taken at the Labour Conference
Tory Wife-Beater Bailed Again
Croydon Central MP George Pelling beat his second wife, Lucy
Racial Re-Education for Suffolk Students! Yom Kippur Takes Precedence for Chelsea Boss!
Avram Grant won’t see the team until just before the next game
Artist’s Impressions of Black Robbers Released
Black Man Robs Post Office Worker

Jay Thackrar Accused of Helping his Murderer Brother
BAD PLANNING Caused Jean-Charles’ Cop Murder!
Prison Crisis Undermining Targets
Twice as Many Bankrupt OAPs
How the Government Wastes £100 Billion Belonging to You!
£10 Billion Shortfall in Brown’s Accounts!
Top Lesbian Tennis Coach Seduced 13-Year-Old Pupil
Gordon Broon Steals BNP Catchphrase!
"British Jobs for British Workers!"
New Labour’s Stickler for Honesty Fakes Photo!
Culture Secretary, James Purnell, faked a publicity shot
Asian who Pretended to be a Doctor Jailed
Mohammed Chiang was trying to evade a speeding fine
Sayeeda Warsi Denies Pandering to BNP
Kids Can Recover from TV Harm!
Be better if they weren’t harmed in the first place!
Army Recruits in Appalling Digs!
Cops Hunt Escaped Rapist
Somalian, Mahad Cabdi Hussain, was found guilty of 3 counts of rape
My Boyfriend gave Me HIV
Benji Kumassah, black and now dead, impregnated Lizzie Jordan, white and now HIV-positive
95% of CCTV Systems are Operating Illegally!
Black Girl-on-Black Girl Murder
Jealous Sardinian Stabbed RAF Officer to Death
Francisco Matta stabbed Stephen Keen
Cowboy Marksmen Almost Shot Dead Fellow Officer
Thugs Attack Iraq Veteran
Bedbug Epidemic Sweeps Britain
Blunkett’s Bobbies Must Run Away if Threatened!
At Risk Post Offices Named!
South African who Murdered Brit Husband Dies
New US Military Chief Says US "Must be Ready for Who and What Comes After!"
After Iraq and Afghanistan, that is
Gordon Brown has Crippled Pensions!
Spliff 2 Died in Smash
David Kerslake and Tim Webb, 2 more British victims of Big Brother
Bus Driver Ishmail Ahmed Killed MP’s Mother-in-Law
He was charged with dangerous driving after crushing Elizabeth Panton and her granddaughter against a wall
Wes Gordon is NOT a Killer?
Black Shot Sister Dead with Mother’s Gun!
16-Year-Old Raped by West Indian in Chingford
Over the Sea, the Refugees Wait
Police Jobs Poised to go Private!
Innocent White Woman Killed in Shoot Out Between Rival Drug Dealers
Jordanian Pupil Attacks Two Others: Then Claims Diplomatic Immunity!
The Coombe Boys' School pupil threatened his victims with a knife!
Man Left Unconcious After Gang Attack in Oldham
Most Oldham gang attacks are Asian-upon-White
The Nigerian Fraudster with Over 100 Fake Identities!
Daniel Lawrence, aka Robert Ikunnah, made more that a millions pounds form his scams!
Blame Labour’s Love of the Single Parent Family for Bad Behaviour!
Says Labour MP, Fank Field!
800,000 Pupils In Under-Performing Schools
Says School Minister, Lord Adonis
US Invasion Ends Golden Age of Children's TV
It’s called dumbing down
The Black Invasion of Ireland
Or "the problem isn't racism, it's the tidal wave of immigrants"!
Firefighters Attacked by Huge Gang of "Yobs"
The Lancashire Telegraph doesn’t mention that the "yobs" were Asian
Bomber Brown backs US Attacks on Iran!
GYPSIES: Foreign Immigrants are Putting our Lives at Risk!
Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and their bosses couldn’t care less, Pikey!
Black Kidnappers who Preyed on Women Jailed
Jason O'Connor and Nathan Hamilton were jailed for ten years each
3 Boys Knock 87-Year-Old Out of Motability Scooter
Hope Cairns was left bruised by the attack of the 12, 11 and 9 year-olds
Albanian Failed Driver Racially Abused Examiner and Punched Him
Petrit Domi was jailed for 6 months after he took out his frustration on Samuel Fisher
Firemen Demoted and Fined for Shining A Torch on Illegal Homosexual Behaviour!
The Terence Higgins Trust launched the action against the fireman
Black Who Infected White Woman with HIV Charged
Edmore Tabaiwa appeared at Manchester Magistrates charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent
Outrage as Children Offered Pole Dancing Lessons!
By Cardiff Council!
Foreign Perv Admits Online Sex Act
Red Tape Threat to Poppy Day Parades
Beautiful Brit Dies Escaping Sex Attack Kidnap
Ioannis Revenikiotis kidnapped Stephanie Hamill
You’re Not Evil Any More Mr Griffin
And you won’t until the elections are over!
School Cancels Black History Month

Race Fight Erupts at School
Immigrant Jailed for Sex Offences Against a 9-Year-Old!
Rajesh Malhotra was jailed for 3 years
Illegal Immigrant Stabber Gets to Stay!
Despite Mohammed Malik's long criminal career!
Foreign Gangs Moving to Rural Areas
Drug Dealers Targeting Middle-Class Pupils
Serious Flaws in the Police Response
Black beast Bradley Tucker shot Peter Woodhams
Druggie Robert Zipfel Raped a Nine-Year-Old Girl
He raped her 2 months after being released from prison
Shahid Rehman Gets Life for Murder of Colleague
Imran Shah was stabbed 11 times
Lottery Funded Multicult Comics!
A Million Will Not Be Able to Vote in General Election!
52% of Britons See Immigration as a Threat to National Identity!
Only 52 per cent? The poll was rigged!
Asian Doctors in Court over Bombs!
Bilal Abdullah and Mohammed Asha are two of them
A PC Dennis the Menace is Coming! Martin Amis – Like BNP Thug?
Marxist intellectual Terry Eagleton thinks he should be nicer to Muslims!
Outrage Over Bus Driver’s Dump!
His ethnicity is not mentioned. I wonder why not?
Esme, 103, Dies 6 Weeks After Being Forced out of Nursing Home!
Omovoriowa Yunusa Cleared of Rape of 11-Year-Old!
Jury unable to reach a verdict on sexual assault and attempted rape
Hungarian Double-Killer Jailed for Life
Janos Rozsavolgyi stabbed his stepson, Anthony Parsons, 22 times before strangling his ex-wife, Patricia
Omar Thompson Gets Just 15 months for Breaking PC’s Jaw
Mark Glicksman was left with 3 metal plates in his face after the black youth punched him
Leicester Councillors Award Themselves 37% Pay Rise
Sgt Frank Wuterich was the ringleader of US troops who killed 24 Iraqi civilians in the town of Haditha
Black Conman Defrauds Navy Out of More than £7,000
Robert Vassall got a fortnight’s free fun for himself and his pals
To make room for the f***ing Muslims!
French Africans say Bill Calling for DNA Testing of Immigrants is Racist!
Bradford Commemorates the Holocaust!
Paul Meszaros - We find ourselves on the front line in the struggle against Fascism!
Hunt for Black Driver who Ran Down Policewoman
CCTV image released
Indians to get even more of our jobs?
Anti-Gay Comments Could Get You 7 Years in Jail!
Fear Stalks the Streets of Highgate!
Because of a prolific black thief!
40-strong Asian Gang Riots in Rochdale!
Two nights in a row!
Black Emmerdale Star Attacks Man Outside Party
Brit Fleeced of £262,000 by Thai Whore
Britain Top Destination for Asylum Seekers

Hundreds of Thousands of Women Denied Pain-Free Life for £3.00!
0,000 Foreign Docs Flood the System: Brit Docs Can’t Get Work!
15 % of Brits Won’t Have Kids for Fear of Terrorism!"
Whilst all the bl***y foreigners are breeding like rats!
Sainsbury’s Says: We Prefer Immigrant Workers!
Unsurprising as they were immigrants themselves not so long back
Maternity Shortages are Costing Lives!
Who is having all the children? Not the British native, that’s for sure!
Innocent Asian Boy Murdered by Blacks
Sussex Cops Won’t Investigate the Monster Who Did This!
Jack Brown had 600 stitches in his face and neck. He and the cops know who did it but no-one was ever charged
25 Full Time Cops Were Needed to Guard the Blairs
Is that all?
Gay Hate Rappers Face Jail!
It’s still OK to preach hatred against ordinary white folk, of course
Jail Threat to Vicars Under Gay Hate Law!
But not if they’re black, I’ll bet!
Stabbed to death with a Stanley Knife
"Meet Mr Stanley!" What teenage thugs said to Kevin Johnson
61,000 African Girls Have Been Genitally Mutilated in UK!
21,000 more are at risk!
30 Swans Shot in Bedford Lake!
Jealous Sardinian "Lost his Mind"
That’s the excuse Francesco Matta Gave for Murdering Stephen Keen
BLAIR WARS: At least 19 Killed in Baiji, Iraq
BLAIR WARS: At least 27 Killed in Iraq
Flood Defence Money Falls Short
Asians Guilty of Assisting Unlawful Immigration!
Businessman, Sivakaran Kanagaratnam,and his wife are restaurant owners
The Politicians, Fat Cats and PC Crowd Welcome You to Britain!
But please don’t drink and drive or eat our fish!
Blears Unveils 10-Point Plan for Community Cohesion
Here’s my plan: send THEM back! String up the politicians!
How THEY Have Brainwashed Our Silly, Silly Girls!
54% of All New Jobs Have Gone to Foreigners Since 1997!
This is the record of a traitorous government! Does anyone doubt this?
Asian Doctor Charged with Molesting 3 Patients
Mannan Masud is the Dirty Doc in question
E-fit of Asian Pervert Released
He tried to abduct a 14-Year-Old!
Hundreds of Poles Flee Violent Britain!
Cardinal Calls for Jews to Stop Calling Jesus a Bastard!
Another Black-on-Black Murder
BLAIR WARS: Afghanistan Soldier Named
Alexis Roberts, Prince William’s pal, was killed by a roadside bomb
BLAIR WARS: UK’s Afghan Gains Could be Lost!
Asian Man Stabs Asian Woman to Death
Goulam Rasool Mirza was charged with the murder of Nilom Rasool
Coward Brown Treating People as Fools
The New Bob Marley: A Convicted Rapist Comes to UK
The Jamaican Rastafarian, Jah Cure, served 8 years for raping a woman at gunpoint
What Would Enid Blyton Make of The 2007 Famous Five?
Battle of the Oligarch Jews who Robbed Russia Blind!
Berezovsky tries to serve Abramovich with a £5bn writ!
More PC Lies from the BBC
Stephen Lawrence time again!
Iraqi Interpreters Will be Allowed to Settle!
Muslim Wannabe Docs get Picky!
Bush Wants Son of Star Wars Base in Britain!
Brown’s Government is in secret talks to allow this!
Black-on-White Violence
Former Baptist Chapel to be Converted into a Mosque!

Horsham District Council thinks it’s a great idea
PC MoD to Issue 6 Free Hijabs to Female Muslims!
Whilst our soldiers have to buy their own kit!
Hunt for Middle Eastern Royal Navy Recruit After Sex Attack
Christians Fear Jail for Criticising Gays!
Immigrants Blamed for House Prices?
Foreigners get away with more than 1,000 speeding offences in Manchester!
Says the Oxford Research Group think tank
Postal Strike to Last Until Christmas!
Health Alert as a Third of Our Girls are on a Diet!
Black Man Stalked Rape Attempt Victim
Ameyew Boateng-Amoua, a Ghanaian illegal immigrant, was jailed for just 2.5 years
Another Illegal Ghanaian Stalks and Tries to Rape!
Daniel Daffour punched and tried to throttle the young woman!
Gambian Toy Boy "Spun Web of Lies"
Kebba Jawo – criminal gigolo – Hazel Rowntree – coalburning clown!
I Love the Old Black Communist Terrorist
Who used to preside over the murder and rape capital of the world
Labour Wastes £248 Million on Penpushers!
Asylum-Seeking Congolese Fraudsters Jailed
Cost of Wars in Africa "Equal to All Aid Money"!
Emergency Meeting Called to Discuss Racist Attacks
US General: Iraq a 'Nightmare' for US
So says Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez
83-Year-Old Southport Grandma Attacked by Drunken Muslim!
Cyril Balaz, Patrek Balaz and Gregor Balaz Charged with GBH
2 Soldiers a Day Flown Home After Being Wounded in War Zones!
Lee Bellusci put his Girlfriend in a Wheelchair
Exposure to Cleaning Products May Account for 15% of Adult Asthma Cases!
BLAIR WARS: America is Living a Nightmare with no End in Sight!
The damning assessment of the General who led the coalition forces in Iraq for two years
Amir Abbass Accused of Murdering his Sister, Banaz Mahmod
95,000 New Homes Needed Every Year: JUST FOR UNWANTED IMMIGRANTS!
British High Streets Facing Christmas Black Out!
War Veteran, 94, Hurt by Bus Driver!
They don’t tell the ethnicity of the driver
Employers Turning to New Immigrant Wave
Sunam is Bride to Be: AGED 3!
Parents Ignorant About Cannabis says Top Cop!
So are the politicians – they voted to legalise it!
In Britain, 10% of Prisoners are Muslims!
Asylum Seekers Go to Jail for Free in Scotland
Asylum Crisis Getting Worse, say Officials
Black Savage Rapes and Murders Wheelchair-Bound 99-Year-Old!
Edith Mecalla was killed by clergyman’s son, Moise Opont, a near neighbour
Riot Cops Storm Pub After Smoker Lights up!
Alcohol Related Casualties Rise!
Cops Accuse 71-Year-Old Priest of Inciting Racial Hatred!
Officers Quit Navy After Ban on Gays Lifted!
BLAIR WARS: Cops Find NO Fingerprints of Dr Kelly's "Suicide" Knife!
Government to Give 12-Year-Olds Cervical Cancer Jabs!
The opera star doesn’t bother to tell us the bad guy’s ethnicity
Many Cannot get NHS Dental Care!
C.Difficile Bosses 'Should Quit'
UN Envoy Attacks anti-Palestinian Quartet
Israeli PM Faces Third Corruption Probe!
Yet Another Asian Hit-and-Run Killer!
Asylum Seekers to be Allowed to Stay due to Home Office Turmoil?
Identity Theft Soars by Two Thirds This Year!
Deadly Skunk Floods London
Race Laws Defeat Cop Crackdown on Drug Barons!
UN Wants us to Take in Even More Iraqis!
Another Teenager Shot Dead in London!
21st this year. Black Victim: Black Killer
BLAIR WARS: Victim of Friendly Fire
John Johnston Cosby was probably shot by a British soldier
Chlamydia Damages Male Fertility as Well!
How Labour is Failing a Generation of Young People
The Patients Forced to Pull Out Their own Teeth
Jailed for "Revving Car in a Racist Manner"
Immigrants Sold Dodgy MOTs
Roobik Mirzabegi and brother Hakop Mirzaibaigian made £2.5 million from the scam
3 Blacks Rob 3 Victims at Knifepoint in 10 Minutes
Paul Banton’s Victim was 12 years old
Do You Recognise this Black Mugger?
Africans Less Intelligent Than us!
James Watson, a Nobel Prize winner, states the obvious here
Miliband the "Jewish" Appeaser
Jobsworth Driver Hurled WWII Veteran off the Bus Because Pass Wasn’t Valid!
The Mail doesn’t bother to tell us the ethnicity of the driver
One Fifth of Our Kids are from Ethnic Minorities!
And, in a fifth of Education Authorities, our kids are in a minority!
Clinton Colwell Jailed for Robbery and Attempted Rape
Leading Black Gang Member Jailed
Migrants Now One-Eighth of Workers in UK!
If this is what THEY are saying, it’s bound to be more
Says the Government and the Guardian!
Christian Jailed for Refusing to be Served by Gay
Wiltshire Racial Equality Unfit for Purpose
Black Knife Gang’s Terror Spree!
8 Thugs Put Boy in Hospital
Curry was on the menu!
Memorial to Another Black South African to be Unveiled in Haringey!
Gordon Brown Lying Over EU!
Says one of his own MPs!
Yet Another Asian Hit-and-Run Merchant Kills a Brit!
21-year-old Nicola Chambers was pregnant with her first child
The Sun’s Immigration Debate
Council Leader Admits Grave Error in Cemetary Row
Obesity "Not Individuals" Fault That means it must be the Government’s Fault
Museum Drops Race Row Scientist
Nobel Prize winner, James Watson, claims Blacks are dumber than Whites
Cops Manipulated Menezes Picture
A Third of Those Living in London Were Born Abroad!
Terrorists for TV!
They were filmed on "Don’t Panic I’m Islamic!
School Launches Race Probe after 4-Year-Old Spits at a Black Boy!
4-year-old Rocky Smith spat at a 10-year-old Black!
Labour’s Asians Deny Trying to Rig an Election!
Mohammed Choudhary, Maqbool Hussein and Tariq Mahmood hatched the scheme
Six Jailed for Organising Largest Ever Dog Fight in England!
Judge Khalid Qureshi gave Barkat Hussain, Intikab Hussain, Sohail Hussain, Zahir Ahmed, Ummar Ahmed and Zahoor Hussain totally inadequate sentences
16-Year-Old Black Shot Dead
Jonathan Matondo, the 16-year-old son of Congolese asylum seekers and "a devout churchgoer" was killed by a rival gang member
MPs get 4 More Days Holiday!
Woman in Labour Turned Away Twice
NHS Trusts "Failing on Infection"!
BLAIR WARS: US Security Guards in Iraq are "Offending"!
Lucky Dube Shot Dead In South Africa
Dr David Kelly WAS Murdered Says MP!
18-Year-Old Dragged off Street and Raped by Asians
Asian Sexually Assaults Young Woman and Girl
This is a Gypsy Crime. Eastern Europeans, probably
"Barmy" Blears to Launch Kids’ Army of Snoopers?
Class Barriers Still Divide After 10 Years of New Labour No Wonder Voters are Disillusioned
35 Years of Elite, Conspiratorial Treachery
Forgotten Heroes: The Blair Wars Abandoned
Top Killer Copette Says: It Wasn’t Me Guv!
Cressida Dick denies ordering psychocop cowboys to kill Jean-Charles
Failed Asylum Seekers Given £4,000 to Go Home!
Ah! And that won’t encourage anyone to come here? Yeah right!
Tax Scam Asian Grocer Told to Pay Back £1,000,000
Mohammed Razak was jailed for 33 months
Immigrants are Changing the Face of Britain!
Those convicted would face up to 7 years in jail!
The half-Jew, Sarkozy, will be taking France in this time!
The Sinister Truth! What They do With Our Children's Fingerprints!
Airport Worker Suspended for Hanging Picture of Jesus on a Wall
Gareth Langmead was sent home after a complaint from a Muslim colleague
Pervert who Killed 6 "Enjoyed" Crash Video!
The BBC does not mention that ot smoker and heavy drinker, Bryan Drysdale, was gay
Maidstone hospital's chief executive, Rose Gibb, resigned last week
More Positive Discrimination for Blacks!
We want more of them in the Film (propaganda) industry, apparently
"Barbaric and Evil" N*gger Murderer Gets 16 Years!
Reuben Valentine stabbed 17-year-old Jason Spencer 8 times
Bragg Gives Racism Lecture at Former School
Top Cop Wants Hard Drugs Legalised
Marius Cimpaneau is Charged with Sexual Assault of 81-Year-Old!
8-Strong Asian Gun Gang Hunted
Student throws an "English Party and Guess What?
He’s forced to apologise!
Kiddies and Parents Suffering Modern Life Stress!
BLAIR WARS: US Kill 15 Women and Children in Baghdad
Botched Op French Surgeon Can Continue Working in NHS
Half of Polish Immigrants Plan to Stay for Good!
Blacks Forced Disabled Woman to Perform Sex Acts!
Ashley Mitchell and Kersley McDermott got 5 years. Curtis Clinton got 3 years only!
Muslims Reluctant to Use Mental Health Services
Sarkozy Suggests Blair as First President of Europe!
Sakozy’s dad was a Jewish immigrant
Cops Won’t Name Killer!
They don’t want to upset the killer’s family!
Second British Village Rebels Against Chairman Brown!

UK "Will Swell to 75m" as Immigrant Birthrate Rises!
Pakistanis to Buy Blackburn Rovers
Muslim Bomb Plot Foiled in Prison
The Sex Change Paratroop Captain!
My guess would be: Government drugs in the water and food
Black Cop Calls for More Searches of Blacks!
Creepy top cop Ali Dizaei says no!
White Flight in Dublin!
Immigration Set to Increase our Population to 81 Million!
Teacher Posed as Dead Child to get Benefits!
Wrayan Benjamin wasn’t jailed because did not do "any great harm to society"!
Corby Mosque Man Jailed for Fraud!
Trading Standards found illegal fags and DVDs in the shop Corby Council had given to devout Muslim, Mohammad Choudhury
Smarties to be Made in Germany!
69,000 Violent Pupils Allowed to Return Last Year!
Black Attacks and Blinds 97-Year-Old Cripple
The Judge decided NOT to jail Stephen Gordon!
Another Black-on-Black Killing in London
Black Knifeman Mugs 12-Year-Old
Rape and Murder by Criminals Given Probation on the Rise!
Violent Black Gangs Attack and Rob
How the Government Murders Us
Nutcase Ronald Dixon stabbed Ashleigh Ewing 39 times
Top Cop Doesn’t Want us to Know Where the Perverts Are!
The far right win the most seats in Switzerland!
Hoodies target Heroes’ Homes!
No mention of the ethnicity of the hoodies
10-Year-Olds to Become Judges!
Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and the PC Crowd are not amongst the worried
Drunken African Kills Rugby Fan
Hugh Morton was knocked down by Jimmy Katende after watching the World Cup at a pub in Wimbledon This Scum Will Swing!
When a Nationalist government takes power
Scotland's Voters "Treated as an Afterthought" in May!
By New Labour in Scotland
Supermarkets Using Too Much Packaging!
BLAIR WARS: Nato Air Raid Kills 13
BLAIR WARS: More Iraq Corruption
$1.2 billion goes missing from programme run by US company, DynCorp
Italian Mafia Make Over $120 billion Every Year
Chink Gang Tried to Con Bank of England Out of £28 Billion!
Asian Rapes 14-Year-Old in Oldham
The Irish Left Plan to Swamp the Emerald Isle with Immigrants!
The planning is taking place in the US!
Mugged at Knifepoint by 3 Asians

Raped by Asian Minicab Driver
Mahad Ahmed was jailed for 7 years
Have You Seen This Black?
Serious Sexual Assault!

Boxer Amir Kahn Speeds Through Red Light: Injures A Pedestrian!
He broke Geoffrey Hatton’s leg on a pelican crossing and got a fine only
Foster Kid Must Go! Couple Refuse to Teach him About Homosexuality!
Vincent and Pauline Matherick have an unblemished record of care
Asian Garage Worker Refused to Serve Soldier!
Asylum Seeker too Gay to Deport!
New Prisons Open: For Foreigners Only!
Halle Berry Apologises for Jew Nose Joke
BNP Blasted By Top Cop
Ewan McGregor May Quit the Country Because of Nanny State Rules
Two British Tourists Raped by Jordanians!
Wide Gap in Rich – Poor Life Expectancy!
Big Brother Hostess Poses with Black Pervert!
Davina McCall and "volunteer worker" Timothy O’Garrow.Priceless!
Illegal Immigrant Laughed as Jurors Heard how he Murdered a Man
Jaswant Kang had numerous immigration appeals rejected by the Home Office
4 Asians Banged Up
Mohammed Ali, Abdul Kayum, Nozrul Islam and Abdud Tawwaab should not be here!
Asians Say: Get Off Our Streets! Then Beat up 15-Year-Old!
A normal day in Tony Blair’s Burnley
Top Black Cop wants "Affirmative Action"

Keith Jarrett wants less qualifies immigrants promoted over the heads of Brits
Scots to Axe Prescription Charges – England to Pick up the Bill!
Crap MPs Can’t Find Work Outside Parliament!
Immigration Rise Changes Our Landscape and Culture!
Poll: Is There Enough Room in Britain for 70 Million People?
NHS Faces £4 Billion Maintenance Bill!
BLAIR WARS: They Let us Down says Army Widow!
Hit-and Run Asian Kills Young Soldier and Walks Free!
Michael Dixon: killed bycabbie Mohammed Razzaq, betrayed by magistrate Michael Parkes
Stabbed in the Stomach by Asian Mugger
The Coalpool woman wouldn’t hand over her cash
Foreign Drivers Who Speed Get Let Off by Cops!
They say there is no way of identifying most of them!
16,415 Crimes Committed in One Year by Jailbirds Freed on Licence!
NHS Patients Denied Athritis Drug!
Truancy Soars Under Labour
Cocaine Use by The Young Has Doubled Since Labour Came to Power!
Shahid Malik tops the list of Westminster’s cash grabbers!
Violent Black Thug Expelled
Timothy Omedeni’s dad says expelling him is racist!
Muslim Jailbirds to Sue for Millions After They Are Offered Ham Sandwiches!
16-Year-Old Followed onto Bus and Stabbed Repeatedly
A gang of 10 to 15 Blacks were responsible
23-Year-Old Raped by this Black Savage!
Oriental Illegal Had £130,000 of Cannabis Plants in his Home
Teenager Molested by Hawkar Hassan
Three Million Homes is Still Not Enough!
Parents Know David’s Asian Murderer!
Don and Ann Lees know the driver who deliberately slammed into him
Schoolgirls to Get Cancer Jabs
More Profit for Big Brother
Many Lacking Good Diabetes Care
Lord Darzi: Superbugs Due to Poor Leadership in NHS!
Nothing to do with the Government then? Yeah right
A Third of Primates Under Threat: Destruction of Habitat to Blame
The Disgraceful Censorship of the Greatest Issue of Our Time!
A Country Wrecked by Unlimited Immigration
BOMB IRAN! Says Neocon Jew!
A Knife Crime Every 24 Minutes!
In just 3 months almost 5,500 serious knife crimes were committed
Black Traffic Warden Tickets Funeral Cars!
15-Year-Old Assaulted by Black Youths
14-Year-Old Raped by Black
Slug Jailed for 3 Years for Urinating on Near Death Woman
Anthony Anderson also covered Christine Lakinski with shaving foam
Country Guardian Threatens Greenbelt
Sir Martin Doughty is the head of the body charged with protecting the English countryside
Gang Violence in East End Gang Violence in Kentish Town
Russia’s Most Wanted Oligarch Seeks Asylum in England
Zimbabwean Paid £7,500 after Immigration Held Him for 2 Days
Nice work if you can get it, eh, Frank Kakopa?
700,000 of Shaadi’s 10 Million Members are in Britain!
Shaadi is an Indian based dating agency. Are they all looking for Indian mates?
Let’s All Celebrate Multicultural Society!
Orthodox Jew Shoves his Hand up Woman’s Skirt!
Baruch Landau, who claimed voices told him to do it, has a previous conviction for indecent exposure
Black Holds up Post Office at Gunpoint

Top Bosses in Britain Now Paid 100 Times More Than Average Worker!
Organic Food IS Better!
And the crap they’ve been handing us really is sh**!
Knife Crime Figures Pile the Pressure on Labour
Saudi King Warned the Government About London Bombings and THEY did Nothing!
Sex Abuse at Oprah Winfrey’s School!
Suicide Bomber Kills 20 in Iraqi Town
Schools Must Root Out Institutional Racism!
Sir Keith Ajegbo thinks black boys are 3 times more likely to be expelled because of it!
BLAIR WARS: 20% of Iraq Soldiers Returning with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury!
In other words, SHELL SHOCK!
Creepy Hain Has Been Lying About Foreign Worker Numbers
There are 300,000 more foreign workers than previously admitted
UK Needs 1,000 Black Women Councillors

X-Factor Star, Emily Nakanda, Caught up in Knife Gang Row
Nakanda, aka Lady Shiverz, is the Young Offenderz Camp, threatening to cut a boy’s eyes out
Naughty Julie Etchingham and the "Exterminate" Comment!

Maybe underneath we all feel the same. Wonder if she’ll lose her job?
Failed Asylum Seeker Jailed for 10 Years
Iraqi, Ayad Mahmoud, raped a 14-year-old girl
Lessons in Hate Found in Leading Mosques!

Why am I not surprised?
More Hate Leaflets Found in Another Mosque!

Tw*t Judge Lets Serial Sex Attacker, Mohammed Kendeh, Stay!
Sir Henry Hodge - the husband of Jewish Minister, Margaret Hodge, thinks his human rights are too important
Violent Robber Jailed for Life
Ashley Davies pleaded guilty to 7 robberies, Kingdom Mdletshe to 4
Immigration Raid: TB Scare!
One Pakistani illegal began coughing up blood
Asian Cilla Black Brings Arranged Marriages to TV

Yet Another Young Mother Killed by Drunken Asian
Rashid Asim was charged with causing Jayne Casey’s death
Teachers and Schoolkids Ordered to Dress Up as Muslims!
Sally Bloomer is the Blairite Nazi who gave the order
"I Can’t See Blacks in the Dark", says Sarah Kennedy
Princess Margaret’s Son Blackmailed
Boils and Spots Made Karl Marx Nasty!
Alienated, self-loathing and angry to be more precise
Sikhs Murdering Muslims?
Two Blacks Try to Abduct an 8-Year-Old Girl!
12-Year-Old Attacked by Asian Mugger!
Dark-Skinned East European Sex Fiend Sought
Black Jailed for Killing 12-Year-Old Sister
Kasha Peniston shot her in the head with his mother's black boyfriend's gun
Gordon B Liar Pledges More Jobs for Brits
After Giving More Jobs to Foreigners in the last 10 years!
Population to Increase by 4.4 Million in Next 8 Years!
Immigrants and their breeding habits are to blame, along with the treacherous politicians

493 Illegal Immigrants Arrested in Just One Small Town!
Almost 500 in Corby in only 4 years!
Monkey Noise PC Forced to Quit!
IPCC Commissioner Mehmuda Mian Pritchard said: "We welcome the decision. There is no place for racism in the police service
Police State Britain Muslims Who Called for UK to be Bombed Get Sentences Cut!
Umran Javed, Abdul Muhid, Abdul Saleem and Mizanur Rahman – not so nasty then?
Barry Hartshorn (Black) Guilty of Serious Attack on 2 Boys
And Labour has sold off school playing fields and encouraged us to drink more!
Sex Pest Ioannis Revenikiotis Gets 11 Years for Death of Stephanie Hammil
Hit-and-Run Driver, Mohammed Ashiq, killed her

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