Daily News - October 2006

Groping is OK in Poland
Leicester City Council Pledges £64,000 for Indebted Caribbean Carnival

Asian Riot in Preston
Asian Lib Dem Coucillors Accused Over Election Fraud
Appeal Court Backs Sacking of BNP Staff in Schools
Asian Hit-And-Run-Driver May Face Jail
Bungling Black Doctor Can't Practice Again
Abu Hamza's Lawyer Jailed
Hospital Blunders Doubled in 2005
BLAIR WARS: Another British Soldier Killed in Basra
Actor in Court Over Child Porn
Black Man Rapes 20-Year-Old

Nigerian Would-be Rapist Jailed
Black Footballer in Robbery Arrest
Warrant Issued for ex-Footballer's Arrest
Somalian Refugee Who Raped and Tried to Murder Young Woman is Jailed
Black Murderer of White ex-Girlfriend Jailed for Life
Asian Drug Baron in Court
Serial Shoplifter Jailed
Barnet Footballer Arrested for Robbery
Asian Rapist Targets Young Woman
Caught Shoplifting More Than 100 Times He Finally Got Sent to the Slammer3
He Robbed and Raped a Teenage Boy
Illegal Immigrant Rapes One, Sexually Assaults Another
Teen Sexually Assaulted Just Yards from Church
Asian Kills Sarah-Jayne, her Son and her Unborn Child
Violent Drug Dealer Gets Asbo Only
Violent Black Escapes
Black Magistrate Swindles £15,000: Does Not Go to Jail!
Asian Dentist Plotted to Defraud NHS
Asian Gets 12.5 Years for Attempted Murder
Jail for Black and Asian "Heroin Wholesalers"
Asian Attacks Barnaby for Trying to Cross Road
Asbo for Asian Yobs
Asian Mugger Breaks 92-Year-Old Woman's Arm
Two London Asians Stab Devon Man
Black Fraudster Preys on Elderly in North London
Black Youth Launched "Savage Attack" on Police Officer
Asian Drugs Lord Jailed for 11.5 Years
Somalian Immigrant Jailed for Robbery and Rape of Teenage Boy
Muslims Attack Afghanistan Soldiers' House!
7300,000 Immigrants Secure Back Door Route into Britain
Asian Taxworkers in Embezzlement Scam
Illegal Immigrant Raped 13-Year-Old
Illegal Immigrant in Downing Street Scare
13-Year-Old Beaten Up and Robbed by Three Asians
Violent Asian Robber Jailed for Four Years
20-Year-Old Raped by Asian in Manchester
Asian Lib Dem Coucillors Accused Over Election Fraud
Asian Riot in Preston
Asian Kickboxer Kicked 55-Year-Old Female Cancer Suffer in the Face
Leicester City Council Pledges £64,000 for Indebted Caribbean Carnival
Hospital Blunders Doubled in 2005
Church Leader Criticises BBC for Exposing Paedophilia in Catholic Church
Tory Donor Quizzed by Cops
Illegal Workers Cost UK £3 Billion in Tax
Foreigners Getting Free NHS IVF Treatment
British Troops Betrayed
Hunt for Black Pervert Continues
Appeal Court Backs Sacking of BNP Staff in Schools
CHAIRMAN BLAIR Will Get £15 Million After Leaving No. 10
Asylum Seeker Assault Charge
9 More Dead in Iraq
Bush Disgusted by Congressman Pervert
Charge Over Mother and Son Deaths
Small Heath Has the Highest Proportion of Asian Immigrants in the Country
Nathan Killing: Black Man Arrested

Guilty Plea from Serial Paedophile Rapist
Bogus Cabbie Killed Stephie
He Stabbed Sister and Nephew for no Reason
Guatanamo Lawyer Accuses UK
BLAIR Defends NATO's Afghan Role
BLAIR WARS: Soldiers on NHS Waiting Lists
Brits Ignore Trapped Man
Madonna Adopts an African
Met Backs Off Over Muslim Protests
Far Right Party Calls for Jews to Join War on Islam
Attempted Murder on Orkney: Culprits Get Probation
French Police: Muslims are at War With Us
Hunt for Black Conman
Black Man Gets Life for Murder of White Ex-Lover
Still in Jail: A British Patriot
Teenager Seually Assaulted by Asian
Brazilian Rapes Young Woman
Asian "Lewd Abuse" Yobs Just Get Asbos
Caught With Cannabis 8 Times before Cops Took Action Against Asian Cabbie
Another Asian Doc Struck Off
7 Jailed for Drugs Crimes
Asian Torture/Murderers On Trial
Blacks Attack Police Sergeant
Two Asians on Stab Charges
Still in Jail: A British Patriot
Black Conwomen Ruthlessly Targets Our Elderly
More Asian Drug Dealers Caught
Illegal Guns: Illegal Immigrant Jailed for 6 Years
Eastern Europeans Steal £100,000 Jewels

Brit Beggar Murdered by Black and Eastern European after Asking for Cash

Less Jail for Criminals Says Lord Chief Justice

Biggest Ever NHS Fraud? An African Did it
Asian Drug Dealer Jailed for 8 Years
Home Sec to Risk Prison Escapes
NATO Tropps party Whilst Brit Troops Die on Front Line
Church Sidelined by Government Favouritism to Muslims
Churchill's Great-Grandson Faces Life Sentence for Drug Dealing
BLAIR WARS: Brit Corporal Shot Dead by Colleague
Gay Norton Brags About Drug Taking
Brit Schools at Bottom of Class
Immigrants Taking Jobs from Disabled Brits
I Was a Drug Runner says BBC's Mexican Surfer
Dentists Abandon NHS Kids
Public Sector Fat Cats
Muslim Taxis Refuse to Carry Guide Dogs
Muslims Murdered Schoolboy for Being White
Former Home Sec Should Not be Allowed to Comment on Muslim Issues Says Muslim
Serial Rapist Sought
The BBC doesn't bother to mention that the rapist is black
Suspect in Terror Hunt Used Burka to Evade Arrest
Black Knifeman Sought
Black Drugs Baron Gets an Asbo
Victims were too afraid to give evidence against him
Asian Drug Dealer Jailed for 8 Years
Asian Drug Dealer Jailed for 14 Years
£1.8 Million Drug Asian Plot
Passport Factory Nigerian Caught
Black Fraudster Jailed
Black Attackers Sought
73 Per Cent of Brits are Victims
Killjoy Jobsworths Steal Kids' Conkers
British Woman Found Dead on Italian Beach
More Than 1600 Dentists Quit NHS in 3 Months
Brutal Attack: Asian Sought
15-Year-Old Sexually Assaulted on a Train
Home Sec to Bribe Foreign Jailbirds to Leave Britain
Immigrants get in to Popular Schools: Local Brits Turned Away
Major Study Paints Bleak Picture of Diversity
Illegal Immigrant Jailed for Rape
Foreign Offenders Still at Large
Fatso Britain: The Blubberiest Country in Europe
Police Appeal to Black Mass Rapist
Killers are Being Paid to Leave Britain
Young Woman Subjected to Nasty Sex Attack
Black Thugs Sought
Asian Admits to Murder of Policewoman
Polish Bus Driver Jailed for Bus Death
Black Magistrate Swindled £15,000 in Housing Benefits
Speeding Asian Kills Family Man, Rik
Illegal Immigrant was Cannabis Gardener
Dumbed-Down Science Syllabus Criticised
BLAIR WARS: Brown Would Have Been Sacked if He Hadn't BackedIraq War
Asian Insurance Worker Jailed
Hit-and-Run Asian Kills Lisa, 20
Tagged Prisoners Murder 5
14-Year-Old Schoolgirl Reported by School and Held by Police for 6 Hours!
Don't you want to know why? You will not belive this!
Black Equality Chief's Rage at Failure of Black Boys
Asian Doc Altered Patient Records
BLAIR WARS: US Soldiers Murdered ITN Newsman
BLAIR WARS: Top Brit General in Iraq Lambasts Government Policy!
Headscarves for All Girls, no Matter What Religion
Asylum Seeker Was Smuggling in Illegals
Turks Arrested After Gun Haul
Asian Stalker Jailed for Harassment
Black Robbers Smashed his Skull
Black Shoots 2 Cops: Gets Just 6 Years
Middlesborough Drug Gang Jailed for 23 Years
West Midlands Drug Gang Jailed
Mad Sardinian Vet Given Conditional Discharge
Black Footballer Accused of Assault
Lib Dem Leader Condemns former MP for Anti-Semitic Remark
Brazilian Cleaner Had Ear and Nose Jobs on NHS
Muslim "English" Teacher Defends Her Veil
Thousands Protest NHS Cuts
True Blue Tories Turning Pink
BA Says: Sikh Turbans Good, Muslim Hijabs Good, Asian Bangles Good, Christian Crosses Bad!
Britmum Denied Morning After Pill By Muslim Chemist
I'm Outraged This Came to Court! Groping is OK in Poland!
We Have Lost 200,000 Miles of Hedge in 60 Years
Black Men Rob Swindon Post Office
Black Fraudster Robs Bromley Council of £23,000: Does Not Go to Jail
Police Union Boss Arrested
Asian Politicians Won Seats with Fake Proxy Votes
Veil Case Teacher Costs Us £250,000
Asian "Lewd Abuse" Yobs Just get Asbos
Young Lad Fights Off Two Muslims
More Holocaust Propaganda For Our Kids
Black Gunman Shoots Clubber in Head by Mistake!
Army Chief May be Sacked for Calling for Troop Withdrawal
Even Black Yanks Come Here to Sponge
Gang Videos Glorify Violence
Immigration is Good! Says Tory Leader
Blair's Government Refuses to Detail MP Expenses
The Difference Betwen Foreign Office Staff and Squaddies in Iraq
Labour Lord Quits Party Over Blair's Policies
Muggings Rise 7 Per Cent
Fat Falconer to Curb Freedom of Information
Politically Correct Lib Dem MP is "Sanctimonious Twit"
Scotland Yard Investigates False Accounting by Blair Government
Leaked Papers: Iraq War Fuelling UK Terrorism
Gingerbread Man Gets Chop from PC Brigade
Found Guilty of Indecent Assault, Asian Student Leader Resigns
Support for New Labour Crashes to Ultra-Low Level
Screaming African Jailed
Young Woman Sexually Assaulted in Coventry
Black and White Couple "Desperately Trying to Bring (African) Children to UK"
Drugged-up Asian Gang Mugs White Student at Knifepoint
Politically Correct Lib Dem MP is "Sanctimonious Twit"
World Silent as Fascists Join Israeli Government
Schoolbus Attacked: Mum Says: "This is Cardiff Not Baghdad"
UK's Fertility Time Bomb
New Labour MP "Curries Favour" with Muslims
Prison Chapel to be Turned into a Mosque
Australia's Most Senior Muslim Cleric Blames Women for Rape
BLAIRWORLD: 82-Year-old Left to Crawl up Steps by Paramedics
Criminals From 73 Different Countries in Britain's Briggest Prison
2,000 Sex Pests Living in West Midlands
Turks Molest 40-Year-Old
Police Close in on Chairman Blair
Charity Fundraising: BLAIRSTYLE
Gay Environment Minister Breaks his own Re-Cycling Rules
British Most Spied Upon People in the Western World
Asian Jailed for Credit Card Scam
BBC Imports Asylum-Seeker
Big Banks Dumping Our Account Details on Streets
Gay Tory Links with the Russian-Jewish Mafia?
Snoop Dogg Arrested Over Gun and Drug Possession
16-Year-Old Attacked by Black Gang

Black Librarian Sells £175,000 of Rare Books: Gets Suspended Sentence
Asian President of Students' Union Guilty of Indecent Assault
Chinese Chef Involved in Prostitution Ring
Chinese Brothel in East Grinstead
Asian Benefit Cheat Gets Just 100 Hours Community Service
Albanian Milks Benefit System
3 Violent Black Muggers Sought
Black Dentist Massacred Amanda's Teeth
BBC to Sponsor Blair's Pet Project"
Asians Set Little Kriss on Fire as he Bled to Death
Lib Dems Face Ruin Over Tycoon Cash
Top Tory MP Dumps Wife and Kids for Gayboy
Asian Attacks Cops with Acid: Jailed for 7 Years
Inner Cities: Living in the Shadow of the Gun
Traitor Police Spend £450 Million on Equality and Diversity
1000 Years of History? Nah! Charlie wants a Multi-Faith Coronation
Stop Investigating Drug Dealers! We've Arrested Enough Already!
Woman and 3 Kids Murdered by Asian?
Expert: Flu Jabs a Waste of Time?
Asian Doctor Deliberately Drives into Pregant Young Woman
Muslim Rapist is Bailed and Absconds
Asian President of Students' Union Guilty of Indecent Assault
Criminals From 73 Different Countries in Britain's Briggest Prison
Somalian Gang Attack Teenager in Bristol
Woman Set Upon by Black Gang in Front of her Kids
Jack Straw Gives Greedy MPs Another £6.5 Million in Handouts
No Child Porn Charges for Forest Gate Asian
Ugandan Savages Kidnapped and Gang-Raped a 13-Year-Old
"You're Dead" Phone Threats: Police Do Nothing
61 Violent Crimes Committed Last Year by Prisoners Released "Under Supervision"
George Bush "Dissatisfied" with Iraq War
Law-Abiding Campaigner Against ID Cards on Police Files for Life
Teenager Shot After Argument at West Indian "Cultural" Centre
Expert: Flu Jabs a Waste of Time?
Traitor Vicar Drops Remembrance Day Service for not Being "Multicultural" Enough
Help Catch This Coward
The New Underclass: Poor Whites
Blair's Pension Boost
Wallet-Stuffing MPs Make £200,000 a Year in Pay and Perks
Big Brother Bush Moves Towards Martial Law
Foreign Nurse Assaults 84-Year-Old Patient
Arseen means Arsenic in German
Huge Cost of Climate Change
Two Black Men Sought for Life-Threatening Assault
Asian Gets 7 Years for Acid Attack on Young Cop
Young Model Viciously Mugged by Two Members of Black Girl Gang
Estonian Murdered His Step-Father
Briton Gunned Down in the Caribbean
3 Columbians Found with £250,000 of Cocaine
Gun-Toting Asian Robs Man in Derby
Vietnamese Cannabis Factories in Swindon
Warrant Issued for Muslim Terrorist
Thought Police Council Attacked
Olive-Skinned Attackers Mug Man at Knifepoint
Black Man Sexually Assaults Bus Passenger
Woman Sexually Assaulted by Asian
Drug-Dealing Polish Mafioso on Run in Britain
Refugee Denies Schoolboy's Murder
Sex Offenders Give Vague Address Details
Abu Hamza's Terrorist Son Given Pass to Work on Tube
Fury at Pay Rise for NHS Bosses
More Than 30 Killed in Iraq Blast
Car Bomb Blasts Iraq Wedding party: At Least 15 Dead
Birmingham Council Worker (Union Man) Paid £91,000 Annually to Fix the Lights
Despite being off sick for more than a year!
Cockroach Infestation Forces 3 Immigrant Run Restaurants to Close in One Street!
Black man Throws Urine Over Family at Dinner
14-Year-Old Iraqi Christian Decapitated by Muslims
Asians Bailed in David Killing
Tessa Jowell's Husband to Stand Trial for Corruption Alongside Blair's Best Pal
BLAIRGATE: Blair's Favourite Jew Says Tony is Top Man in Peerage Scandal
Black Ex-Head of CRE Confesses: White Flight to Blame for Black Ghettoes
Twice as Many Prolific Criminals Now Tony
We Will be "Microchipped Like Dogs" in a Decade
Asian Immigrant Sentenced to Life for Billy's Murder
Billy's brother, Terry, had been murdered by another immigrant two years previously
Ministers Face Iraq Inquiry
BLAIR Government Backs Internet Gambling
Tessa Jowell's Husband to Stand Trial for Corruption Alongside Blair's Best Pal
Asian Men Attack and Rob Boys
Islamic Camilla Dumps Poppy
Sacked by Asian Bosses for Helping Police in Murder Enquiry
The Damning Truth About Brown and Green Taxes
Internet Bookies Turning Women and Children into Addicts
Tom Fought Back Against his Black Murderers
17 Iraqi Policemen Murdered
Black Gang Shot Woman Dead
Home Sec Says 387 People Charged with Terrorism in Britain since 2001
Young Girl Beaten and Robbed by Black Gang
Boys Robbed by Gun-Toting Asians
Teenager Savagely Attacked by Black and Wigger Gang
Nigerian Conmen Defraud Company of £100,000
Violent Jailbirds Paid to Play Scrabble
Cockroach Cafe Closed: Foreigners Fined £8,000
Asian Doc Warned Over Killing Behaviour
Refugee Raped and Killed His Own Mother
1 Million Kids Receive Sub-Standard Education
Calling Kids Naughty Can Traumatise Them!
U-Tube Under Threat from EU
MP Widdecombe Vows to Boycott BA Over Christian Cross Ban
Keep the General Sack the Ministers
Council Officials Go to Poland to Recruit More Polish Workers
Killer African Walked Free
Gay Pervert Murders Little Boy
Black Youth Stabbed Kiyan
Stoke Man Killed in Iraq
Pervert Vicar Charged
US Embassy Owes More Than £1 Million in Congestion Fines
Black Race Boss Warns of Fire on the Streets
Postal Vote Scam: "Minority Communities" Most Likely
Why are we not surprised?
Thousands of Blair's EU Migrants are "Deeply Racist"!
Labour Loses Faith in Multiculturalism
Black Gang Stabs Two Boys
Asian Drug Dealer Jailed for 11 Years
Postman Almost Killed by Asians
Asian Drug Dealer Jailed for 6 Years
Nurse Struck Off for Stealing Drugs

3 Black Thugs Beat Man Badly for no Reason
Asian Kidnaps Boy from Park and Viciously Asaults Him
Asian Charged with Near Fatal Hit-and-Run
Free Circus Lessons for Refugees
"Widespread Vote Fraud" in UK
EU Plot to Rule the Waves
Foreigners Bleeding NHS Dry
Tinted Chap Sought for Peter's Murder
Obesity: A Killer in Waiting
Colleague of Shot PC Gives Evidence
Black Benefit Fraudster Robs Bromley Council of £23,000: Does Not Go to Jail
"Widespread Vote Fraud in UK
Foreigners Bleeding NHS Dry
Asians Commit Series of Rapes in Bradford Area
Now Cameron Hugs a Rapper
Black Man Pushes Pregnant Girfriend off a Balcony
Britain Number 1 Al Qaeda Target
African Nurse Dies of TB: How Many Brits Infected?

Prolific Burglar Escapes
We Are Biased Against Native Whites Admit BBC Stars!
Muslim Charged With Child Abduction Skips Bail
Asian Jailed for Two Years for Guns and Ammo Possession
Black Man Subjects 14-Year-Old to Serious Sexual Assault
Thieving Asian Magistrate Suspended from Senior Postal Job
Asian Stabs and Slashes Nottingham Student
Black Man Sexually Assaults Woman in Liverpool
Eastern Europeans Mug Leicester Man
Mongolian Stabs Sleeping Man in Back
5-Year-Old Girl Expelled for Attacking Staff and Pupils
Jamaican Fraudster Jailed
Foreigners Pistol-Whip 16-Year-Old
Eastern European Purse-Snatch Families at Work
Asian Crack and Heroin Dealer Jailed for Just 3 Years
Archbishop Says: Don't Interfere with Muslim Veils
Turks Molest 40-Year-Old
Muslim Rapist is Bailed and Absconds
Asian Charged with Attempted Murder
Dirty Black Tw*t Smears His Own Excrement Inside at Least 30 Train Carriages
Gordon Brown to Tax People with Nice Neighbours
Britain's Nuclear Secrets Stolen in USA
Top Soldier Says Politicians "Cuckoo"
Muslim Cleric Demands Execution of Gays
Black Porn Doc Suspended
Ilegal Immigrant Rapist Jailed for 8 Years
£350,000 Scam: Africans Jailed
African Denies Rape
Somalian Gang Attacks Teenager
Betting Shop Robbed by Jamaican
African Who Raped 13-Year-Old Gets 12 Years
Ugandans Kidnap and Rape 13-Year-Old Scot
Asian Murdered Wife
£1million African Fraudsters Face Jail
Dope Dealer Sponsors "Black History Month"
Two Blacks One White Sexually Assault 15-Year-Old
This Creep Steals from People in Hospital
More Asian Benefit Fraud
Asian Doc Fakes Records to Cover Up Fact he Never Visited Patient
If a Yob Breaches his ASBO 8 Times What Happens? Magistrates Let Him Off 8 Times
Senior Asian Cop on Phone Perv Charges
Part-Asian Tory MP Racked up £67,745 Bill Before he Left Commons
Miliband (Dad was a Jewish Immigrant) to Ask Local Authorities to Volunteer for Nuclear Dumps

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