Daily News: November 2019

Saturday 30 November

Convicted terrorist, Usman Khan, was a 'serious jihadist who should not be released while he remained a threat to the public,' according to the judge who put him away in 2012. His sentence, however, was quashed by appeal court judges and, at the time of this latest attack, he was wearing an electronic tag
LONDON BLOODBATH: Usman Khan was a convicted terrorist with jihadi ties!
HEROES! Armed with a fire extinguisher they wrestled knife-wielding terrorist to the ground!
Rehabilitation gone wrong? Police confirm attacker’s ID, terrorism conviction, early release
The heroes of London Bridge
Europe on high alert following stabbing attacks in London and The Hague!
Three teenagers injured in stabbing attack on Hague shopping street
Fastest-growing UK terrorist threat is from far right, say police!
Terror gang members to walk after six years following sentence reduction
‘Telling the truth becomes a crime!’ UK and international pundits blast Assange imprisonment
Katie Piper's acid attacker recalled to prison after a string of car thefts!
Bubacarr Dukuray had sexual relationship with a 13-year-old
Nottinghamshire Police 'victim blame' women in Facebook post!
Nurses Abana Arshad and Amy Greenhalgh hurled gravel at dementia patients!
MACRON'S FRANCE: Charges against Muslim who killed kindergarten teacher dropped! He was having a psychotic episode from smoking cannabis!
Schoolgirl, 16, killed herself after bullies beat her up and left her too afraid to leave her home!
Children under 12 can no longer 'commit crime' in Scotland!
Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘pimp’ Ghislaine Maxwell’s ‘biggest mistake’
Channel 4's political bias has become too brazen to ignore!
SWINSON: "Immigration is a brilliant thing!"
Politicians no longer have to play to the tune of our biased broadcasters
‘You don’t trust DEMOCRACY!’ Richard Tice rages at Sturgeon
Labour CRUMBLES in the North!
The public school past that Marxist McDonnell tried to hide!
Merkel falls from stage in front of shocked audience
Will this elite Jewish org. get what it wants? Social media accounts the ADL wants banned!
Dresden: What really happened!

Friday 29 November

Is a man such as this fit to be Rotherham's Police Commissioner?
Suicide rate among military veterans an 'epidemic of our time', says General Dannatt
“A powerful network did all it could to stop Brexit and make a pro-Brexit government impossible!"
Number of UK cancer patients has soared by 20% in just FIVE years
Number of over-75s hospitalised with drug poisoning triples in a decade!
New York Times says ‘Soros and Clinton paid woman to accuse Trump of sexual attack?’
MERKEL: We have to take away your freedom of speech or society won’t be free?
New Germans show their respect for German policemen! Thanks, Merkel!
Turkey’s Erdogan demands UN establishes international day against Islamophobia!
BLAIR - THE LEGACY! Iraqi security forces kill dozens of anti-government protesters!
London bloodbath: One dead and three injured after Tower Hamlets stabbings
Drug-addled aristocrat who murdered Alex Morgan to be freed from jail after just 3 years?
LEEDS: Predatory sex stalker given eight-year sentence
Nazarat and Wasim Hussain smuggled cocaine and heroin worth millions into UK
Man wanted for assault on overground train from Homerton to Stratford
Oh, look, another Grenfell swindler is jailed! Alvin Thompson's £95,706 jolly!
Damilola Taylor's dad says youth violence has become normalised in our society
Nurse Kachenga Kabwe was drunk when she drove through red lights and fled police
163 jailbirds identify as transgender!
Feminists removed from violence towards women protest for denouncing migrant sex attackers!
Greek judge says English girl, 19, must stand trial for saying she was raped by 12 Israelis!
ITALY: African immigrant with two deportation orders arrested for attacking police
Oh, poor Duckenfield! Former top cop 'hummed' during Hillsborough evidence
Bercow lashes out at Brexit and boasts of helping to stop no deal - ‘UK’s biggest blunder!’
Ed Miliband tries to make out he's FOR Brexit when he was an ardent REMAINER!
100 aspiring Labour MPs haven't mentioned Jeremy Corbyn in their campaign leaflets
Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis attacked Jeremy Corbyn - Now Len McCluskey attacks back!
Andrew Neil exposes Labour tax plan to cripple low-income pensioners!
Furious Doncaster voters turn on Labour over ‘Brexit DECEPTION!’
Boris is right to boycott Channel 4’s fake news green debate!
General election candidate Safia Ali dropped by Labour over antisemitic social media posts
VOLKSWAGEN in CHINA: 'We do not assume any of our employees are forced labourers!'
Rabbi Shmuley: Jews are thankful Trump recognised our Biblical connection to Judaea!
Greta Thunberg named author of the year by Waterstones for collection of her speeches!

Thursday 28 November

Len McCluskey says 'the hurt.. caused by the Jewish community' should concern us all!
One in four Britons risk early deaths from sitting still at their desks!
Nursing shortage 'is forcing NHS to rely on less qualified staff!'
She regrets becoming a transgender man and is now 'de-transitioning' back to womanhood
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says Merck wants all children over the age of 9 subject to the HPV vaccine Gardasil to offset the losses from VIOXX lawsuits!
LONDON BLOODBATH: 14-year-old stabbed to death by Ayoub Majdouline and his gang
ANOTHER Grenfell Tower fraudster filched £89,000 out of taxpayers!
Sex pest jailed for exposing himself on midland trains
Moment knife-wielding lone-wolf terrorist, Mahdi Mohamud, tried to stab policeman
Drug dealer who 'creating mayhem' in Devon took over couple's home
Muslims who drugged woman before gang raping her want convictions quashed
Ex-Scotland Yard boss slams decision to prosecute black cop for indecent child images
While police investigate stabbing in Hasidic enclave, rumors abound about ‘inside job!’
Jihadis face execution without trial in Syrian jails! (Oh dear, what a shame, how sad!)
EU CIVIL WAR: Macron furious as Ursula von der Leyen appoints nearly FULL German team
Macron and Merkel finally admit EU is not democratic and plan urgent overhaul
Labour-run Welsh Assembly votes to allow foreigners and 16-year-olds to vote in elections!
Gay SNP politician forgets which constituency he's running for! Jeered by angry voters
FARAGE: Labour cutting marriage tax breaks shows the family is under assault!
Farage to boycott Channel 4 climate change debate, slams network’s left-wing bias!
Prince Andrew hires Amber Rudd's former 'master of the dark arts' PR man, Jason Stein!
HANDBAGS IN THE COMMONS! Gay parliamentary assistant knocked partner down at party!
Canadian Conservative Party hired a pro-Antifa consultant to smear populist party opponents?
'Right to be offended' does not exist, judge says!
Protesting farmers with 8,600 tractors paralyse German capital
Senior military leaders 'call for "embarrassing" Duke of York to be stripped of his naval roles!'
Prince Charles' paedo pal, Bishop Ball, died after fall at home (Convenient, huh?)
Aid donated by the West diverted from persecuted Christians to Muslims!
Vested interests are dragging South Africa down!
Aid donated by the West diverted from persecuted Christians to Muslims!
Footage from Nazi "death camps?"
How Islam plans to conquer the West without using weapons
Stan Collymore is a nasty, thuggish liar, apparently - Who knew?
Hungary withdraws from 'too gay... homosexual flotilla'' Eurovision Song Contest!

Wednesday 27 November

Outbreak of tuberculosis, 'the White Plague,' hits Derby!
Strong association found between the HPV vaccine and infertility!
EU ULTIMATUM! Barnier orders UK to accept free movement or face crippling trade barriers!
Testy, rigid, all at sea... THIS was the moment Corbyn's mask was ripped away
Leftist protesters throw eggs at Nigel Farage rally!
Holly Rigby and the ignorance of the Corbynistas
BOLTON: Nasar Ahmed, Majid Altaf and Shahzad Khan charged with rape of a 13-year-old girl
Black man attacks Jewish children, punching one in the eye on a London bus
Pervert broke into family's London home and sexually assaulted young boy
USA: Doorman, Bampumim Teixeira, 'bound and stabbed to death' two Boston doctors!
USA: 10 to 15 hoodies attack actress and friends, yelling “white motherf***ers,” etc.
Black Police Association says prosecuting senior black cop for child porn = institutional racism!
Justice blind or blinded by titles? A tale of Prince Andrew and Julian Assange
Hungary’s Orbán: Christian persecution is an ‘organized attack on an entire culture!’
Impeachment polls prove Schiff hearings were a huge failure
Jews want Polish children charged with ‘hate crimes’ against stuffed doll?
USA: Student EXPELLED and visited by the FBI for posting "It's Okay to Be White" flyers!
KAZAKHSTAN: Filipp Goloshchekin, a Bolshevik Jew, was responsible for the great famine
Muslim parents permanently banned from protesting LGBT education outside British school
Air Force Lieutenant General loses a star after he 'fat-shamed a female 'airman'
Holocaust Quiz!
Those seen running away are Islamophobes and must be punished!
Jeremy Clarkson blames “idiot” climate change activist Greta Thunberg for killing the car show

Tuesday 26 November

ADL orders social media giants to close down 10 'antisemitic' accounts!
Half of adults in the UK have the maths ability of a primary school child!
A quarter of three-year-olds spend four hours a day in front of a screen!
Lesbian children's home official boasted 'I can turn any woman gay!'
Gang film blamed for outbreaks of violence at 16 venues! Cinemas 'racist' for banning it?
Somali migrant, Mahdi Mohamud, tried to kill commuters and police at Manchester Victoria Station
WPC attacked by asylum-seeker, Samuel Tesefay, 'completely let down' by justice system
Kitten found dumped with horrific injuries after being sexually abused!
Cops released paranoid schizophrenic, despite 'serious risk,' hours before he killed 3 elderly men
Rotherham council have offered the man who raped and impregnated me access to my son!
Derby brothers hid £12,500 of drug money under their sleeping mum
Khan’s London: Teenage stabbings reach decade high!
Fraudster, Syed Ahmed, jailed for helping dishonest drivers dodge fines and penalty points
Human excrement smeared at vandalised French church!
Hungary shines spotlight on Christian persecution in Budapest conference!
Archbishop of Canterbury backs Chief Rabbi's condemnation of Labour!
Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis attacks Jeremy Corbyn! "The very soul of our nation is at stake!"
Corbyn wants our kids to be taught 'injustice' of the British Empire in a 'race and faith manifesto!'
Tommy (son of Jezza) Corbyn's cannabis-products business goes bust owing £100,000!
PM Corbyn would be a ‘danger to our country’, says Ex-MI6 chief!
Boris’s cucked manifesto is a needless Conservative surrender to the Left!
EU-hugging Tory, Michael Heseltine, urges voters to 'put country first' and back Lib Dems!
Piers Morgan mocks Lord Heseltine in Brexit row - ‘Our economy is better than Germany’s!’
Andrew Neil shames Nicola Sturgeon 10 TIMES in just 43 seconds!
Gisela Stuart reveals why working in Brussels 'made her become a Brexiteer'
Brexit backlash: How Leavers could oust Yvette Cooper and Labour's top Remainers!
Tony Blair's comments made Richard want to 'vomit!'
Lib Dem misery: ‘Dishonest’ Chuka Umunna sparks Twitter outrage!
Inside Epstein's Lair! (Where Prince Andy came to stay...
Jeffrey Epstein's 'madam' Ghislaine Maxwell met Prince Andrew at Buckingham Palace in June!
The Martyrdom of Reinhold Elstner!
Angry parents blast nursery after 100 per cent VEGAN menu is introduced!
BBC 'rising star' George the Poet turned down MBE because of 'pure evil' of British Empire!

Monday 25 November

PURE EVIL! Night Stalker kissed rape victim goodbye and mocked police in 17-year reign of terror on frail pensioners!
MANHATTAN PROJECT (Development of the nuclear bomb) Another Jewish spy discovered!
Many 'serious and important' Israeli spies spied for the Soviet Union!
US officials: Extent of Israeli spying is ‘shocking!’
Europe’s banks face €2.9 trillion lending crunch!
Church Of England blames Christians in general for contributing to the ‘Holocaust!’
Warmonger attacks Brexiteers for having ‘no idea’ what no deal WTO terms mean!
Must we all live in fear of a visit from the actual thought police?
SWINSON: 'Climate change hypocrite' takes 77 flights in the past year!
Labour MP who said she couldn’t afford a house buys three-bedroom detached home
Should we apologise for our history? Should we b***ocks!
Julian Assange 'could die in Belmarsh!'
Blackburn hit-and-run killing - Police arrest Kaylib Connolly and seek Dean Qayum
LONDON BLOODBATH: Seven men arrested after stabbing at an 'Airbnb house party!'
Tinder messages between Grace Millane and the beast who murdered her
Somali immigrant attacks Swiss bus driver, attempts to hijack vehicle
35 members of a criminal gang were only in Athens to commit crime!
Nine killed as Iraqi security forces open fire on anti-corruption demonstrators
FBI and NYPD confirm existence of a “sickening” Hillary Clinton sex tape?
Epstein victim says he boasted about friendship with Prince Andy and Fergie after raping her
Scotland Yard must explain why Prince Andrew complaint wasn't subject to full investigation
Prince Andrew to stand aside from all 230 of his patronages
Hong Kongers protest in London against ‘gang rape and torture’ committed by Chinese
The media seem not to have watched or read the impeachment hearings
NHS boss earning £300,000 a year claims back £149 parking ticket on expenses
The vegan snowflakes of Cambridge have said ‘Yuk’ to the curious mind

Sunday 24 November

GILAD ATZMON: The Left is from Jerusalem!
Ex-cop Harry Miller sues police over ‘transphobic’ ‘non-crime hate incident!’
Politician who lobbied for gender-neutral toilets charged with child sex abuse
The Prohibition of Chemical Weapons body manipulated Douma ‘chemical attack’ report!
Repressive violence is sweeping Bolivia. The Áñez regime must be held to account!
Man knifed to death in east London in third fatal stabbing in the capital this weekend
BIRMINGHAM: Machete gang attack police officers outside cinema complex
Far-left extremists ‘toast’ the murder of Italian police officers!
Iraqi Minister suspected of social benefits fraud in Sweden!
Merkel government did everything it could to hinder the prevention of Berlin terror attack
Probe into high-profile tycoon suspected of laundering £266MILLION in cash and gold!
Harry Dunn's parents accuse British and US authorities of treating them like 'dirt!'
What the Velvet Revolution tells us about EU corruption!
Surprise, surprise! Gerry Adams backs Jeremy Corbyn as next PM!
Labour activists 'targeting rivals with racist abuse!'
Corbyn a danger to national security unfit to become PM, warns ex- MI6 chief!
Labour plans to scrap NHS charge for migrants? Health tourists will cost us £2billion!
Labour is no longer hiding its Marxist agenda
The young embrace socialism because they are ignorant of its destructive power
The fanatical intolerance of the liberal Left is a sin against Reason
Remainers ridiculed for blaming Swinson's car-crash debate performance on BBC bias
Tory candidate taking on 'condescending' Dominic Grieve in Beaconsfield
Families are our basic social structure. Why are the Tories penalising them?
Brexit Party manifesto 2019: A summary of key policies
Jobless since their arrival in 2008, Somalis rehoused from £2m council house into £1.3m one
Picture that haunts Prince Andrew seen in full for the first time!
HITCHENS: Let's save the monarchy... by getting rid of the Royals!
Now Fergie cosies up to Jamal Khashoggi's murderer! (Saudi Crown Prince)
Bill Clinton’s faith healer arrested for running biggest ever child sex ring!
UN watchdog doctored report into alleged gas attack? (To justify West's missile strikes on Syria)
Evidence of Turkey’s war crimes in Syria, ISIS members within its ranks!
First policeman goes on trial for brutality during Yellow Vest protests
Careless elites help China steal American technology!
Eamonn Holmes is reprimanded for calling Meghan Markle 'uppity!'

Saturday 23 November

Germany and EU to legalise paedophilia and child pornography?
The disconnect between the metropolitan elite and the public is only growing
Could Labour voter fraud steal the election?
Is it against the law to protest against Anna Soubry?
John McDonnell is a 'nasty, devious figure behind the scenes', says Kate Hoey
Shock Election poll shows Labour haemorrhaging seats - thanks to Farage
FARAGE: ‘Manifestos tell people what they want to hear without meaning it!
Brexiteer students feel unable to talk politics on campus!
Dozens of illegals found in EU-origin containers!
ILFORD: Ramanodge Unmathallegadoo murdered former wife, Sana, with a crossbow
Italians who filmed themselves raping young woman in Soho club jailed for 7.5 years each
Corrupt cop who blew £23,000 on drugs and prostitutes jailed for two years
Judge’s son is spared jail after court hears he put his parents ‘through hell’
Surrey Police blunders caused collapse of paedo DJ Jonathan King's child sex abuse trial
French woman stabbed to death by partner in front of their mixed-race children
Human excrement smeared at vandalised French church
Philadelphia: Man severely beaten by a group of students!
Unis registered thousands of students to vote without their knowledge to boost left-wing turnout
NYT’s Paul Krugman: ‘Deep State contains some really impressive, principled people!’
Jewish groups want Stephen Miller fired over white nationalist views
CHINA: “The world’s wealth is in Americans’ pockets - Americans are in Jews’ pockets!”
Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell worked for Israeli intelligence
Andrew, Epstein and the house guests who could hold key to FBI investigation!
BBC Panorama interview with Epstein's 'sex slave' Virginia Roberts WILL be broadcast!
Thousands of slaves in Israel, global study finds!
Germany and EU to legalise padophilia and child pornography?
The Bolshevik Revolution - Darkness descends
Adam Schiff connected to companies named in $7.4 billion Burisma corruption case!
Andrew, Epstein and the house guests who could hold key to FBI investigation!
BBC Panorama interview with Epstein's 'sex slave' Virginia Roberts WILL be broadcast!
Biden family corruption allegations metastasize
Surrey Police blunders caused collapse of paedo DJ Jonathan King's child sex abuse trial
‘DEFECTIVE!’ The boot's on Sacha Baron Cohen's other foot and he doesn't like it!
BBC staff in 'uproar' over new canteen rule 'limiting them to six chips each'

Friday 22 November

UN plans to impose a borderless world where objection to migration will be a criminal act?
href="https://outlook.live.com/mail/inbox/id/AQQkADAwATcwMAItODE4OS1jZGEzLTAwAi0wMAoAEAC1O3KKTMFYT5nR663kbY7Q"/>Attempted coup? Netanyahu's seditious call to arms after criminal indictment!
Michael Weir guilty of 1998 'double jeopardy' murders!
BIRMINGHAM: Immigrants convicted of murder of homeless Latvian
OLDHAM: Urgent hunt for knifeman as two female pensioners are stabbed!
SPAIN: British man shot dead in his car on Costa del Sol
Grace Millane: Man found guilty of murdering British backpacker in New Zealand
Police hunt this man after teenager robbed of his clothes on London Bridge train
USA: Bampumim Teixeira accused of torture and murder of British doctor and fiancee
BRAZIL: Mum, 17, shot dead by fiancé for paying too much attention to their baby son
USA: Brittany Pilkington killed her 3 sons - She feared they'd grow up to abuse women!
Biden and son milked Ukraine for $16.5 million of $7.4 BILLION in Obama-linked laundering!
Jeffrey Epstein victim sues dead paedo claiming he raped her for two years
Peter Mandelson pictured with Jeffrey Epstein
Alex Salmond, SNP's ex-leader of Scotland, accused of 14 counts of rape!
Labour candidate faces probe over whether she wrongly secured £330,000 council flat
The Brexit Party's contract with the British people promises a political revolution
In the fine print of Corbyn manifesto: Migration on steroids; votes for adolescents/foreigners!
Muslim voters could swing 31 marginal seats, research finds!
Why the Lib Dem implosion could change everything in this election
FRANCE: Record 138,000 asylum applications in 2019!
Pope Francis cites fictional French epic to prove Christians are violent!
UK to repatriate first 'citizens' from north-eastern Syria!
Angela Merkel to make first Auschwitz visit!
Jon Voight blasts liberal Hollywood, says Democratic Party has been 'overtaken by Marxists!'
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to be indicted on corruption charges!
Brits rage at 'idiot snowflake,' Lily Allen

Thursday 21 November

BERNIE SANDERS: "It is no longer good enough for us simply to be pro-Israel... We have to be rethinking who our allies are around the world... and not continue to support brutal dictatorships!"
‘Toxic’ culture resulted in deaths of 42 babies at NHS hospitals!
David Lammy on why there’s nothing scary about a black man in a hoodie!
Jewish paedo, Paul Rosenberg, made over 1,000 ‘indecent’ pictures of children! NO JAIL!
Christian Concern supports hate crime challenge! Harry Miller takes policing body to court
Ten-strong money laundering gang arrested for smuggling £15 million from UK to Dubai
Asked if he was alright, machete-wielding addict, Saif Sheraz, told window cleaner he'd 'cut him up!'
BRAZIL: Homeless woman shot dead after she asked man if he could spare 25 cents
Asylum-seekers arrested for gang rape of 14-year-old German girl!
SNP's Alex Salmond accused of sexual assaults on 10 women!
Labour councils accused of incorrectly registering students to vote!
Backlash as Brexit Party campaigner manhandled by a security guard at Morrisons
TV news obsesses over a Tory Twitter row as Corbyn's serial lies go unchallenged
Labour ‘BRIBING voters with list of rotten promises’
Neither Boris nor Corbyn won the TV debate, Nigel Farage DID!
What exactly is the point of Lib Dem leader, Jo Swinson!
Diane Abbott says she’s ‘too busy’ to attend Police Federation centenary!
All 200 of Prince Andrew's charities 'to seek new patrons!'
Bleak future for Prince Andrew?
AFRICA: Climate change + population growth risk extinction of 7,000 plant species!
Migrants claiming asylum in Germany take HOLIDAYS in countries they supposedly fled!
Republicans intend to subpoena the anonymous whistle-blower and Hunter Biden!
Joe Biden says: ‘I come out of the black community!’

Wednesday 20 November

Top cop tipped to become Met Commissioner convicted of possessing indecent child photos!
320 ‘bleed control kits’ going to bars in City of London as knife crime epidemic soars!
One machete crime every 90 minutes on Britain's streets!
LONDON! Mum-of-two murdered after she told Wojciech Tadewicz they could only be friends!'
Security guard, Zia Uddin, who raped and sexually abused 4 girls, 15, jailed for 14 years
BRADFORD: Refugee, Ali Jafari, showed 'vile' video to neighbour of girl, 4, being raped!
Judge rules that man previously cleared of causing baby's brain damage DID cause injuries!
Damning report reveals 42 babies dead, 51 left disabled/brain damaged in two NHS hospitals!
Homeless man dies outside Hilton hotel after sub-zero night on the streets!
TEXAS: Michael Webb snatches little girl off street - Later cops arrest him naked in hotel
Hate Hoax? Migrant beaten by ‘fascists’ was actually attacked by other immigrants
SWEDEN: Lying leftie PM says no link between rising gang crime and mass migration!
Epstein jail guards plead not guilty to falsifying records about the night he died!
How does Prince Andy pay for it all? Sums only add up when you meet oligarch chums
Prince Andrew should withdraw from royal duties - We don't want to fund a paedo's pal!
Prince Andy had 'hours unaccompanied' in New York when Virginia Roberts says they had sex!
We want strong, optimistic women, not a man-blaming culture that prizes weakness!
Julian Assange: Judge refuses to delay extradition hearing
Lindsay Hoyle (now Speaker) was furious when Tony Blair ‘tried to give Gibraltar away!’
Tony Blair hints at election return to save 'f****d’ Britain!
'Landmark' Bolton pub set to be demolished to make way for a mosque!
Military financing for Israel? $104 per second!
Israel has carried out hundreds of attacks against Iran and its proxies in Syria!
‘I am an American,’ bemedalled Jewish army officer in Trump impeachment hearing
EU: Britain is country worst affected by terrorism!
https://twitter.com/RealDannyTommo/status/1197152164092796928"/>Brexit Party candidate denied entry into Morrisons for holding Brexit Party leaflets!
Universities registering students to vote without their consent to boost left-wing turnout?
‘Worse than No Deal!’ Business leaders say Corbyn government would take UK Back to the 70s!
Corbyn pushes reparations! Farage says stop ‘apologising’ for the past!
‘F*ck Nigel Farage!’ Brexiteer ‘milkshaked’ on campaign trail!

Tuesday 19 November

Physicist Michio Kaku admits they are using trillion watt lasers to control weather!
DOUMA, Evidence Accumulates! Agents of the US staged the chemical weapons attack?
Drug dealers, Svenson Ong-a-Kwie and Arron Isaacs murdered innocent girl scout
Moment Jodie Chesney's killers were arrested after failed escape bid!
MANCHESTER: Daniel Kamara found guilty of stabbing Joe O'Brien to death!
Ealing carer, Sibusisiwe Msipha, left 89-year-old to die 'naked and broken' on bedroom floor!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Young girl violently violently kicked and punched by two men
SHEFFIELD: Asylum seeker, Mokhtar Mahmoudi, jailed for raping woman he met on dating app
Knife-wielding 'steaming gangs' terrorise Tube passengers!
Romanian criminals cannot be extradited on human rights grounds!
US girl kidnapped by her Mexican stepfather at 11 had 9 of his children!
Pakistani immigrant gets 10 years for terror plot to kill Geert Wilders!
Army major says he was stopped from probing shooting of unarmed Afghans!
FINLAND: 'Hate crime' or hoax? HOAX!!!
New York plans to release suspects accused of homicide, child sex crime and terrorism?
The Queen 'backs' Prince Andrew and 'believes him 100 per cent?'
New Epstein accuser says financier used Prince Andrew as BAIT when she was 15!
Businesses and charities abandon Prince Andrew as interview fall-out continues
Muslim voters could swing 31 marginal seats, research finds!
BoJo: All immigrants must pay for NHS on ‘day one!’ Chance be a fine thing
Lib Dems lose election debate court battle to have Jo Swinson included
Chuka Umunna and Lib Dems savaged for ‘treating Brits as THICK!’
Labour ‘betrayal’ leaves the Black Country ripe for a Tory revolution!
Dawn Butler, shadow Equalities Secretary, says Britain must pay reparations for slavery
‘Rather ten Farages than one Corbyn,’ says Gibraltar!
Areas where people are more neurotic were more likely to vote for Trump and Brexit?
How far-Left hate drove a Nottingham miner from Labour supporter to Tory
LITTLEJOHN: Black is black? Not any more...
Proof medicines betray the elderly!
Pope eliminates pork from banquet out of respect for Muslims!
Achingly PC Archbishop of Canterbury says Jesus wouldn't have got a UK visa!
2015: The people must now take control of the Establishment paedo scandal
Trump-hating Democrat trumps in front of millions!

Monday 18 November

Prince 'I-didn’t-party-or-do-PDAs' Andrew is pictured doing plenty of both!
Prince Andrew’s pathetic excuses make me spit
Ethiopian immigrant jailed for helping 21/7 bomber got £1.4million in legal aid!
BOURNEMOUTH: Teenager arrested for murder after man stabbed to death
FRESNO, CALIFORNIA: Four shot dead, six injured at football garden party!
Number of Highways England bosses on £100k salaries rockets from six to 63 since 2013!
‘Lib Dem support is plummeting’ Iain Dale makes Swinson squirm!
Most dangerous countries in the world revealed! Africa = Danger - Racists = Safety
FRANCE: Govt shuts down mosques, schools etc. linked to spread of Islamist ideology!
CANADA: UCU says anyone can 'self-identify' as 'black, disabled, LGBT+ or women!'
2017: Eight in ten British university lecturers are 'Left-wing', survey finds!
CYPRUS: Police confiscate Israeli-owned alleged spy van!
Britain’s first gay dads end relationship after one falls for daughter’s boyfriend!

Sunday 17 November

DETRANSITION? The women who became men and now want to go back!
Plaid Cymru's boss says Wales should become a 'nation of sanctuary' for refugees!
Boris declares he is ‘pro-immigration’ and will not commit to capping it!
UK takes in record number of non-EU foreign-born workers!
The BBC is leading the charge in rewriting our culture to suit the 'woke' brigade!
Randy Andy was eating pizza!
Prince Andrew last met university chum Ghislaine Maxwell just months ago!
You are not the victim, Andrew, the victims are invisible to you and your inflated ego!
'Entitled idiot,' Prince Andrew's PR guru, Jason Stein 'quit two weeks ago!'
HULL! Teen gave birth to rapist Quaser Abas's baby, too scared to tell anyone what happened!
FRANCE: Thefts up 59% on Paris Metro to ‘unequaled level!’
One year on, a majority of the French still support the Yellow Vests!
‘Free lunch for EU is over?’ UK to take back 60% of British fish by kicking out EU boats?
SNP voters furious at Sturgeon plot to 'surrender' to Brussels!
Former Communist spy says papers on meetings with Jeremy Corbyn's aide are genuine!
Labour candidate's Facebook group advised Holocaust deniers how to beat antisemitism charge
HITCHENS: We laugh at snowflakes but one day these mini-censors will lock us all up!
CLIMATEGATE! Ten years on... ‘Move along, nothing to see here’, says BBC/MSM!
Young Turks founder running for Congress posted crude, sexual ‘rules’ for women!
Millionaire, Sir Martin Sorrell, faces probe after 'slapping rival across the face
OOPS! Judge attacks foster parents after Muslim children were fed bacon!
Anyone should be allowed to identify as black regardless of skin colour, say university leaders!
Lefties triggered by Santa’s sidekick, ‘Black Pete!’

Saturday 16 November

2017: A fifth of young people are homeless!
The so-called War on Terror has killed over 801,000 people and cost $6.4 trillion!
Heartbroken mother of 10-year-old accuses Glasgow health chief of a 'cover-up!'
Gay school teacher awarded £696,000 after he was sacked for threesome with two 17-year-olds
HILLARY CLINTON: Brexit is a ‘problem’ of democracy and UK is ‘on the path to fascism!’
Boris declares he is ‘pro-immigration’, will not commit to capping it!
Boris Johnson calls for amnesty for illegal immigrants who have been in UK for 10 years
Tories promise half a billion to reopen railways they closed 50 year ago!
Britain's broken social care system is severely hampering the way the NHS can treat its patients
Lawyer and former Tower Hamlets councillor, Muhammad Harun, jailed for housing fraud
Family doctor, Hafeez Awan, keeps job despite trying to groom '13-year-old girl!'
SOUTH AFRICA: Uyinene Mrwetyana jailed for life for student's brutal rape and murder
GERMANY: Women returning from ISIS will be allowed to roam free!
Pope Francis hits out at politicians who rage against gays, gypsies and Jews
2014 - UK benefits a magnet to migrants, says Calais mayor
Randy Andy has 'no recollection' of meeting sex slave, 17!
Ghislaine Maxwell described Jeffrey Epstein as a 'man of principles' in 'biography' letter!
Planned chaos in the Middle East—and beyond
Record numbers of people in their 20s and 30s are forced to live with their parents!
Extinction Rebellion co-founder caused £27,500 of damage when she smashed window

Friday 15 November

Why the West is so broken
Lefties want ‘Anglo-Saxon’ purged from History! Say it's ‘bound up with White supremacy!’
Another teacher blows the whistle on what is happening in our schools!
War veteran, 99, was left 'crying out' in agony on an A&E trolley for almost 10 hours!
UK braced for influx of jihadis from Turkey!
OLDHAM: Four teenagers stabbed outside leisure centre!
Michael Weir murdered Leonard, 78, and Rose, 83, in 1998 but acquitted after an appeal
Car thieves foiled by amateur photographer who took their picture!
Drunken brothers, Emil and Ladiaslavi Pompa, attacked customers in Plymouth pub
SWEDEN: Teenager has ear cut off in brutal gang robbery
France is target of more Islamic terror attacks than any other EU state
FINLAND: Somali Social Democrat politician faked ‘racist’ taxi story
BELGIUM: First person to die from vaping is a teenager!
Labour WILL keep freedom of movement after Brexit, says Diane Abbott! (Invasion will continue)
Lib Dems on the brink: Swinson’s ‘self-identification’ pledge leaves female groups outraged!
Working class voters flock to Boris Johnson?
Farage to report Tories to the cops! No. 10 offers BP candidates jobs/peerages to withdraw?
Tusk says Brexit Britain will be ‘second-rate’, urges EU Loyalists: ‘Don’t give up!'
Euro Court of Justice says EU must NOT kick violent asylum seekers out of homes!
EU will build joint European warships!
Unlicensed 'British' beautician jailed for botched bum lift on TV producer who later died

Thursday 14 November

Pope Francis says anti-Semitism as ‘neither human nor Christian!'
Police arrest 15 'Romanians' on suspicion of trafficking women into UK
UK spends £45million in foreign aid money on 'nanny state' projects!
Jewish MP says anyone who says they're a woman should be treated as a woman by law!
Britain’s flood defences have been left exposed by over-zealous Brussels bureaucracy!
UK spends £45million in foreign aid money on 'nanny state' projects!
Donald Tusk takes aim at Brexiteers’ ‘longing for the Empire!’
Bollocks to Brexit? Boris will nominate a new EU Commissioner despite promises!
The Tories will reduce 'immigration overall?' (Yeah, yeah... Heard it all before)
Dozens of illegal migrants successfully reached Britain over the weekend
Half of Europe’s 4.8 million illegals in just two countries, Germany and the UK!
'Everyone is disposable to him!' Jeffrey Epstein victim breaks down in tears
Plague of killer mosquitos are headed to Britain?
‘What’s Going On?’ – BBC finally wakes up to Sweden bombing epidemic!
Swedish municipality's migrant-free advert sparks accusations of Nazism!
A third of young prostitutes in Paris no-go suburbs are under 15-years-old!
Turkish convoy fires on stone-throwing protesters in north-eastern Syria

Wednesday 13 November

Romanian killer came to UK after release and murdered a third victim here
Charity trustee, Jonathan Stasiuk, admits murdering former Tory councillor, 73!
Primark security guard, Zia Uddin, raped and sexually abused 4 girls caught shoplifting!
Despair of parents in market town plagued by county lines gangs! 'No hope or help!'
Top cop, Neil Basu, who threatened journalists publishing leaked documents, would do it again!
Epstein accuser says Ghislaine Maxwell held her against her will and threatened her!
SWEDEN: African immigrants charged with brutal rape of 13-year-old!
In Sweden, taxpayers are funding violent, Islamic extremist groups!
What Hillary Clinton doesn’t understand about Brexit!
Philip Hammond lands job with an EU firm a week after quitting as MP!
Stop Brexit foghorn, Steve Bray, welcomed as Lib Dem candidate!
‘Member of the public’ who heckled Farage is Labour Party Association Chairman!
CORBYN: ‘Under socialism you will all cooperate!’ - Creepy!
Louise Ellman, MP, quits Labour and says Corbyn is a danger to Britain!
ISRAEL: Breaking the Silence! 'Exposing the wrongs of the occupation'...
Israel’s lone soldiers break their silence about the occupation!
UK takes record number of non-EU foreign-born workers!
Nearly 700,000 in Germany have no permanent housing! 60+ percent are immigrants!
E-cigarettes may damage blood vessels in the BRAIN!
HS2 review's co-author slams 'whitewash' report!
Joe Biden was 'ready to prostitute' himself?
Lily Allen savaged as she says Rule, Britannia! should be banned!

Tuesday 12 November

We're witnessing the death of free speech!
The UN's global objective? Totalitarian Communism!
Marching with ANTIFA!
Company with ties to Chinese Communist Party buys one third of British steel industry!
Romanian immigrant, Cristian Sabou, murdered Valerie Graves during a burglary in 2013
LONDON: Man found slumped on bus after being knifed in front of horrified commuters
No action taken by Peterborough police re Tariq Mahmood's nephew
PLYMOUTH: Boy, 15, died after ‘drugs and booze binge' with his MOTHER!
Police seize 7.7lbs of cocaine at Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School! (Many top Jews attended)
'Vape at your peril!' Teenager contracted life threatening condition
USA: Ajahnae Smaugh, 14, murdered Albert Chernoff, 59, in his own home
Male nanny, Matthew Antonio Zakrzewski, accused of abusing 17 boys as young as two!
The Brexit Party steps aside
Farage puts country and Brexit before ego and party
We cannot entrust our nation's defence to Jeremy Corbyn
Tories attack Labour’s 'open borders' immigration plan but THEY are also at fault!
FARAGE: No great love for Tories but, by giving BoJo a chance, we'ill stop referendum 2
Lib Dem candidate QUITS after N-word, ‘retard’ and ‘f****t’ tweets unearthed
Diane Abbott wrongly claims 16-year-olds can fight for their country in latest gaffe
CANADA: Lefties get hockey icon fired after he mentioned lack of poppies worn by migrants
Photos of Greta Thunberg used to shame office workers!
Common anti-inflammatory drug may increase risk of diabetes after a week of treatment

Monday 11 November

Less than half of UK students support freedom of speech!
Brighton (Caroline Lucas MP) school bans children from playing ‘tag!’
Labour candidate says poppy wearers back the ‘blatant glorification of war!’
Ex-LibDem MP, wants £10million for being wrongly accused of child sex abuse!
Shortly before 9/11, Diane Abbott voted AGAINST proscribing Al-Qaeda!
3 YEARS LATER! Labour MP Keith Vaz quits after offering to buy cocaine for male prostitutes
Nigel Farage says Brexit Party will not stand in 317 Tory seats!
75 MPs will not be standing for re-election!
Labour’s Brexit meltdown! Corbyn ally crumbles during BBC Marr grilling
Mark Francois slams Swinson's two fingers up to 17.4 million Brits pledge to stop Brexit
Israel began the 21-day slaughter in Gaza when all the kids were in the streets!
Twitter CEO hosted MbS 6 months AFTER Saudi spies discovered within the company!
Assange extradition: What happened to British justice and fair play?
SWEDEN: One boy dead, another injured after pizza parlour shot up, car-bombed!
German city offers 100k bounty to identify violent Left-wing ANTIFA!
How immigrants turned Virginia from Republican to Democrat!
When we find out the whistleblower is Deep State, ‘this thing’s going to stink to high heaven!’
Donald Trump questions Jeffrey Epstein cover-up by ABC News!
Iraq War veteran trashes his medals!
Saudi Arabia kills another Journalist! Twitter played a role?
Spain's far-right Vox party DOUBLES its seats at election!
Spain: Populists make massive gains, Salvini predicts ‘racist’ smears by media!
Leftie extremist tries to attack Matteo Salvini on Naples street
USA using ‘Lawfare’ to silence the truth!
500 scientists say there is no climate catastrophe!
It's a Jewish habit to examine how much Jews are hated by their host nations!
How the Rockefellers alienated women from men!
The big lie of Feminism!

Sunday 10 November

LONDON BLOODBATH! Teenager killed on high street as capital crime spree rages on!
Somali rapist rants that he is an 'innocent man' and vows to stay in Britain!
Woman raped by Somali upset he's still here after deportation was blocked by plane mutiny
ITALY: Catholic priest arrested after 11-year-old girl 'records herself being abused by him!'
Charged twice for a meal, she now has a broken leg, elbow and ribs after asking for a refund!
Women in Swedish asylum home express fear of living with migrant men!
HITCHENS: You still think marijuana isn't destroying our country?
NOROVIRUS! Highly contagious vomiting bug spread through shopping trolleys!
Animal Rights extremists verbally abuse blind men for having guide dogs
Lefties seek to purge ‘Anglo-Saxon’ from history! Claim term ‘bound up with white supremacy!’
Islington Council officially adopts pro-Muslim parliamentary group's definition of Islamophobia!
Outrage after Jeremy Corbyn fails to attend Festival of Remembrance!
HUMILIATION! Moaning Swinson trounced in Twitterstorm over BBC debate appearance
Rewrite a Disney story without sexist/racist aspects – School assignment for 11-year-olds
Tories could win 96-seat majority, Labour losing working-class to Brexit Party
Corbyn-supporting union boss behind Christmas rail strikes filmed calling a Jew a 'Nazi!'
Tories call for urgent investigation into £3million Soros funnelled into anti-Brexit campaign
David Lammy gets time of Remembrance Day silence WRONG!
The Labour Party is in moral free fall: how can its MPs defend the indefensible?
Britbox bans Till Death Do Us Part/It Ain’t Half Hot, Mum! They may offend audience!

Saturday 9 November

Attending a knife awareness course, rapper stabbed to death in town hall of BoJo's constituency!
Thomas Griffith stabbed girlfriend, Ellie Gould, 13 times then tried to cover his tracks!
Katie Hopkins on West Yorkshire Police and their behaviour towards grooming gangs
NOTTINGHAM: Five ‘Asians’ in court on ‘grooming’ charges!
Six more paedo savages sentenced for waging a 'campaign of rape' in Huddersfield!
Armed mugger gets 10 years for trying to rob Arsenal footballers Mesut Ozil and Sead Kolasinac!
Barrister, Hamadalat Rafiu-Amusa, helped with immigration scam - NO JAIL!
Foster carer jailed after £100k Oxfordshire County Council scam!
French actress accuses Roman Polanski of raping her when she was 18
NEW YORK: Father-of-2 left paralysed with half a skull - Attacker serves 2 MONTHS in jail!
GERMANY: Syrian and Afghan asylum-seekers attack village disco with machetes!
NBC, ABC and CBS covered for the world’s most powerful rape rings?
7-year-old defies mom who says he’s transgender — Decides to attend school as a boy!
Suspended for hate speech? Student expelled for defending the traditional poppy!
Desperate EU urges nations to accept migrant quotas as Baltic states CLOSE BORDERS!
70% of Tory voters and 80% of Brexit Party supporters back a Leave alliance!
Polling guru explains why Swinson's Remain Alliance plot is waste of time!
I was a die-hard Remainer but arrogant MPs have made me a hard Brexiteer
Labour support COLLAPSES in the North
Nice Labour candidate there, Jezza!
Corbyn says ISIS bride, Shamima Begum, has right to return to UK!
Employees able to dictate to bosses the hours they work under Labour's plans!
Bercow drops pretence of neutrality branding Brexit biggest foreign policy mistake since WW2!
Labour MP, sang “Hey Jews” to the song “Hey Jude!”
Swedish state agency uses money of dead citizens to fund drag shows!
Lawyer for Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts files defamation suit against Alan Dershowitz
LUXEMBURG: Jews shut down scheduled public debate on definition of antisemitism!

Friday 8 November

Labour to scrap controls on immigration and hand foreign nationals the right to vote
EU has hate speech ‘obsession!’ It's ‘leading the way on censoring what we say/read!’
Irish academic calls for term 'Anglo-Saxon' to be dropped - 'Links with white supremacists!'
Columbia professor who fled communism resigns, says university is becoming Communist!
Iowa State Prof reported to admin for allowing students to say only women have abortions!
'Annual Sex Week' at Harvard! ‘Anal Sex 101,’ ‘Oral Sex 101’ and ‘fatphobia’ workshops!
Drug dealer and his 'runner' found guilty of Jodie Chesney's murder
Judah Chilink guilty of terrifying knife attack outside nightclub left two men in hospital
LUTON: Kane Fanelli tortured and sexually assaulted an 18-month-old toddler
Pervert, Waqas Mahmood, lured young girls to his BMW to watch him carry out sex acts
Thief, Mohammed Rahman, went to Lidl armed with corrosive substance and meat mallet
HARLEM: Yonathan Tedla decapitates wife and slits 5-year-old daughter's throat
Mexican police officer who arrested El Chapo's son shot 150 times in broad daylight execution
376 Farm attacks and 36 farm murders in South Africa since 1 January 2019
Hull mum, Milly Bhaskara, teaches her 4-year-old son that 'men have periods too'
Tory's 'knickers on' candidate, Nick Conrad, drops out of race two days after being selected
General election 2019: Jeremy Corbyn 'will keep free movement of people' in Brexit U-turn!
Jeremy Corbyn's 40 years of plots, lies, intimidation and chaos
Jewish Chronicle urges non-Jews not to back ‘racist’ Corbyn!
Shameless Bercow admits he's 'never lost sleep' for sabotaging Brexit!
Population control...
Macron’s France to boost economic migration
2016: Human Rights supremo, Lord Lester, says 'human rights have become dirty words!'

Thursday 7 November

Prophet Mohammed had British values! Combat extremism and teach more Islam in schools!
Labour MP, Ian Austin, says decent, patriotic Labour voters should vote for Boris Johnson!
‘I stood up to Blairite Ian Austin over Palestine and won!’
Gloomy polls show public have NO FAITH in ANY politician!
Juncker blames ‘friend’ Tony Blair’s approach to EU for causing Brexit!
Farage vows to ‘hurt Labour in the most extraordinary way!’
The Boris Bashing Corporation (BBC) may sway the most critical election since the War
Andrew Neil confronts John Bercow on reign as Speaker
Spurned husband Ramanodge Unmathallegadoo on trial for murder of ex-wife, Devi
Savage who tortured Sheffield woman jailed for life after sadistic attacks on other victims!
Fatal legacy of the posh boys, Yaseen and Yousef, playing at being gangsters
Three members of top Lithuanian crime gang made £600m in two years!
Fugitive British fraudster, Zahid Khan, brazenly flaunts his lavish life after fleeing UK
Immigration fraudster, Olutobi Ogunbawo, jailed for three years
Ex-footballer, Shylo Thomas, ran County Lines drug operation, recruiting kids as dealers
Thief Mohammed Rahman went to Lidl armed with corrosive substance and meat mallet
Drug-crazed, knife-wielding Polish immigrant broke into bedsit and climbed on top of woman
10-year-old Bradford schoolboy dreams of becoming County Lines drug dealer!
BELGUIM: Jihadi bride guilty of 'possession of weapons in a terrorist context!’ NO JAIL!
Vaping is 'NOT worth' the potential heart risk!
Extinction Rebellion fanatic branded 'neighbour from hell!'
Jeffrey Epstein 'might have been murdered' says his brother Mark
Bill Gates breaks his silence on Epstein meetings saying he 'made a mistake!'
Extinction Rebellion could sue police after Judges rule protest ban ‘unlawful!’

Wednesday 6 November

PROJECT VERITAS: Amy Robach says ABC News killed Jeffrey Epstein story!
'Prince Andrew should go to jail!' Epstein's sex slave Virginia Roberts condemns him
ABC quashed Epstein exposé because journalism didn't 'meet ABC’s editorial standards?'
More ‘Asian’ groomers sentenced for ‘campaign of rape’, one hiding in Pakistan!
‘Pimlico pusher’ shoved elderly woman into path of a bus?
BOURNEMOUTH: Prolific thief, Mustafa Saleh, found with heroin and cannabis - NO JAIL!
BBC risks being eradicated unless it adapts – Bitter assessment of 'frankly awful' Beeb
GERMANY: Over a third of population will have migrant roots in 20 years!
GERMANY: Antifa viciously beat female real estate employee in her own home
SWEDEN: 9 in 10 car thefts carried out by foreign gangs
BRUSSELS: North African accused of operating fake taxi in order to rape women!
FRANCE: Statue of Saint beheaded, cathedral targeted in car ram raid!
Lib Dem shame - Chuka Umunna ridiculed
Poor her! Ex-Labour MP who defected to Lib Dems missed out on £22,000 parachute payment!
Loneliness is a killer: the health problems associated with an isolated life
Scientists call for ‘population control’ amid climate crisis
Russia partners with Hungary to aid Syrian Christians!
Leaked footage shows Israeli soldier shooting Palestinian civilian for fun!
Exposing John Brennan's Secret CIA Trump Task Force?
GAY activist said the true purpose of gay marriage was to destroy normal marriage
PARIS - 1900 - Where is all the enriching diversity?

Tuesday 5 November

ABC news insider EXPOSES #EpsteinCoverup! 'We had Clinton - We had everything!'
'Euro is a trap! ALL were better off before joining,' says Governor of Hungarian Bank!
UK gives up £7bn windfall from European Investment Bank!
Germany faces DOUBLING EU contributions to £29BN as cost of Brexit hits Brussels!
No-deal Brexit would be ‘best thing’ for the UK, economist says!
FARAGE: BoJo deal is ‘Remainer’s Brexit’ where UK will ‘never be free from EU rules!’
David Starkey hits out against Edward Heath for ‘deliberately masking Europe’s true plan’
Boris Johnson says UK should support 'EU Army' in wake of Brexit
Britain downgrades terror threat level from ‘severe’ to ‘substantial!’ WHOOPEE!
Labour candidate Zarah Sultana would 'celebrate' deaths of Blair and Netanyahu!
Sadiq Khan has signalled that he is open to decriminalising cannabis possession!
The great hate crime HOAX!
British baking show bans Hong Kong cake, allows anti-Trump cake!
Bercow the Younger - A Tory Eurosceptic and proud of it!
Bygone era on London Underground - Before mass stabbings, ethnic cleansing about to begin!
HUDDERSFIELD: Banaris Hussain jailed for ‘depraved’ rape of teen while others abused her!
Saudi female who poisoned toddler with insulin jailed for 4.5 years in her absence!
MANCHESTER: Deon Simpson, 17, dies after car crashes during police chase
MEXICO: Mormon mothers and six of their children executed by drug cartel's gunmen!
TEXAS: Gun control activist shoots dead her three children!
Actors' union demands end of gender-specific language! (F*** off, luvvies! Sack the lot!)
NHS trust says it will withdraw treatment from patients it deems to be racist or sexist!
5th victim dies after shooting at Halloween party in California
USA: Pregnant mother killed a violent burglar with her husband's AR-15!
Bomb attacks are now a normal part of Swedish life!
African pirates hijack Norwegian ship, kidnap 9 crew!
Assad doubts al-Baghdadi death! ‘American politics are no different from Hollywood!’
ETHNIC CLEANSING! Turkey ‘occupying Christian villages’ in Syria!
WJC President Ronald Lauder demands stricter laws against antisemitism on the Internet!
The secret struggle to prevent illegal Jewish immigration to Palestine

Monday 4 November

UN employs 3,300+ paedos and its staff perpetrated 60,000+ rapes in just 10 years!
The lies they're teaching British schoolchildren!
THUGS who attack police officers getting away scot-free! Only 4% go to jail!
French poll shows Macron losing to Le Pen for first time!
Israelis shoot Palestinian worker returning home from work in cold blood!
We were lied to! Secret document FCO 30/1048 kept truth about EU from us for 30 years!
Hospitals deluged by 5,000 diabetics a DAY!
Hospital admissions for heart failure soar to record levels - 86,000 patients in 2018!
Lord Guthrie and Sir John Dearlove say BoJo's deal will put our security at risk!
Deputy Speaker Lindsay Hoyle blocked a Remainer plot to reverse Brexit!
Dozens of Brexit-blocking peers and MPs have received millions from the EU!
Brexiteers are crying out for Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage to work together
THOUSANDS react angrily to Jo Swinson's Remain Alliance pact to block BoJo Brexit!
Tory election candidate said people who appear on Benefits Street 'need to be PUT DOWN!'
2017: Muslim babies born will outnumber Christian births by 2035!
Al-Jazeera claims Jews created, control porn industry, hate Jesus Christ!
Belgium's first female Prime Minister is Jewish!
The battle for US Jews’ hearts on the Israel Question is complex
Gideon Levy - The doyen of Israeli journalists -"Everything's much worse now!"
Swedish bombings not matched by any industrialised country
Italy: Leftists arrested for breaking into public housing and giving it to migrants
Pope Francis thanks Italian town allowing Church to register migrants as parish residents
Migrants to receive more cash than disabled Italians!
Turkey warns Europe it is repatriating all captured ISIS terrorists!
List of LGBT characters in TV/radio - The list is LONG!

Sunday 3 November

BRITAIN NOW! 181,000 criminals are members of 4,500 organised crime gangs!
SOROS: "My money was used to educate the British public!"
German Doctor says immigrants are bringing in killer diseases eradicated generations ago!
BREXIT - People versus Parliament
POEM: England's Defiled Flowers!
The great PFI heist! Britain's economy left high and dry by a doomed philosophy!
Azhar Ali Mehmood torched Lucy Lowe's Telford home after subjecting her to years of abuse
Samuel Little - The most prolific serial killer is US history?
Violent criminal, Marvyn Iheanacho, beat Alex Malcolm, 5 to death! Government blamed!
Knifepoint burglar, Diljeet Grewal, jailed for 15 years after raping victim in her home!
LONDON BLOODBATH! Teen rushed to hospital following brutal Dagenham attack
Cruel breeder banned from keeping dogs after police brand his training methods horrendous!
Italy arrests 19 in international heroin ring probe, mostly Tanzanians
The criminal, feminist Government of Sweden has inflicted mass rape on Swedish women!
Michelle Obama says: 'White folks moved out because they were afraid of what our families represented... You ran from us and you’re still running!'
Bush’s globalist ‘New World Order’ has made the Elites rich but eroded middle class way of life!
Labour’s Vaz suspended from Commons over ‘coke and rent boys’ scandal!
'Birth coach' shunned after transgenders brand 'only women can have babies' remark offensive!
The hounding of pro-life protesters shatters the myth of 'tolerant' Britain!
Did Tories try to lure Nigel Farage’s No2 with a safe seat?
Labour suspends art critic who dismissed anti-Semitism claims as 'witch hunt!'
Record number of female MPs quit Parliament! Abuse blamed
Nazi swastika painted onto Labour councillor’s boat outside her home!
Jews will leave if Corbyn wins General Election? This a threat?
The great PFI heist! Britain's economy left high and dry by a doomed philosophy!

Saturday 2 November

Rapper sings 'I f*** France, I burn France,' as he symbolically strangles a white woman!
Our Muslim Chancellor won't announce Muslim Bank of England Governor until after election!
33.1% of students at UK schools are from black and minority ethnic backgrounds!
Mouth cancer rates double in a generation to record high! Oral sex partly to blame!
Saying goodbye to the anti-Whites!
Islamic State Jihadis carrying AIDS, other diseases ask for return to West!
Borders, what borders? 8 people try to smuggle themselves into UK. In every case it was easy!
Illuminati sexualisation of children! Disney's paedophilia and Satanic role models!
Snowflake who says WWII education affects millennials' sanity = RAISE the voting age!
LONDON BLOODBATH! Muslims hit victim with a brick and poured acid over him
Curry house boss kept ISIS execution videos and a terror manual!
LONDON BLOODBATH! 5 injured in 3 stabbings across capital in just one evening!
Curry house boss kept ISIS execution videos and a terror manual!
Gang jailed for more than 30 years after flooding Cornwall with heroin and crack!
If you see this man in Ilford, do not approach him, call 999!
WOLVERHAMPTON: 'Danger to the public' jailed for random knife attack!
Thug kicked and stamped on unconscious man's head! NO JAIL! (He's taking his GCSEs)
LEBANON: Tarek Houshi sentenced to die for rape and murder of Rebecca Dykes!
IRELAND: 'Racist' bus driver threatened with rape by gang of youths!
'Troubled teen' threatened to give Garda HIV!
PHILADELPHIA: Three Black women beat homeless man to death!
Police charge a SECOND Northern Irish lorry driver with manslaughter!
FRANCE: The Islamic State has 'inexorably altered' the fabric of daily life!
All you have to do, if you're Black, is to say he used the 'N-word!'
Man who assaulted pregnant woman approved as Labour candidate!
Boris Johnson's secret 'Remain' article revealed!
Farage targets leave-voting Labour heartlands!
‘Arrogance will be your undoing!’ BoJo condemned for snub to Farage’s Brexit pact!
Drop the dreadful deal, Boris, and, in the national interest, let's get Brexit done properly!
Brexit MEP: ‘We will flourish! And that’s what petrifies the EU!’
Brexit Party: ‘Rotten Borough of Westminster’ needs constitutional reform!
Gay ex-MP quits Tories and will vote Lib Dem to 'defeat Tory zealotry over Europe!'
Matt Uberoi, the Labour candidate in top London seat, was JAILED for insider trading!
Undergraduate boasts she'll vote twice! Labour's far-left followers tell activists: 'vote often!'
Trump Backs Boris-Farage election pact! ‘Corbyn would be so bad for your country!’
Trump in Tupelo: "We're draining the swamp in Washington!"
Trump’s got US jobs up, ISIS chiefs dead and Democrats launching impeachment they can’t win
Ann Coulter's take on the impeachment issue - 25 September
Independent panel challenges OPCW findings on 2018 attack in Douma, Syria
Joe Biden says cutting off military aid to Israel ‘would be a tragic mistake!’
There's nothing empowering about this grievance-obsessed corporate feminism
'Little White Town' in Devon changes signposts over claims of racism!

Friday 1 November

BRITAIN NOW! Autistic teen locked in a cell 24 hours a day, no physical contact, for 3 years!
5,700 Britons died from liver cancer in 2017! 50% rise in deaths in a decade!
Girl's Israeli gang-rape retraction 'highly unlikely' to have been written by English-speaker!
Idris Ali gets five years for carrying a loaded gun on the London Underground!
John Bercow 'demands seven-figure fee' from ITV to appear on I'm A Celebrity!
Antoinette Sandbach is latest Tory MP to defect to the Lib Dems
Corbyn’s brother condemns open borders, brands Extinction Rebellion a Soros-funded scam!
UNPRECEDENTED! Senior rabbi urges congregation to vote against Labour!
For Remainers, Brexit is really about power!
CONSERVATIVE HOME - 50.8% of Tory members want a Tory/Brexit Party pact!
Trump backs Boris-Farage election pact, ‘Corbyn would be so bad for your country!’
The broken promises and Remainer activism that saw Brexit cancelled a third time!
LITTLEJOHN: Corbyn would have us believe Britain is a Dickensian wasteland!
Barnier admits No Deal Brexit is still possible!
47% of French have no trust in the Justice system!
GRENFELL: A tragedy created by political correctness!
Ex-CIA boss expresses gratitude for 'deep state' involvement in Trump impeachment inquiry!
In Israel, Blair says Corbyn is an anti-Semite, but doesn’t know it!
Zionism, the Society of Jesus and the Black Nobility
CIA-linked unit accused of atrocities in Afghanistan
'Raging alcoholic' primary school teacher reveals she poured Jack Daniels on her CEREAL!
MPs blast Jeremy Kyle Show's 'failure of responsibility!' Guests exploited for entertainment
'Bad for mental health!' Gay Millennial says kids shouldn't be taught about WW2!
2010 - Alastair Campbell had Iraq dossier changed to fit US claims!

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