Daily News: November 2018

Friday 30 November

EU Commissioner warns of ‘war’ should ‘Nationalists’ win in Europe!
INVASION! Migration drives non-UK born population to 9.4 million!
Police in Khan’s London drop one-third of crimes after a single phone call
USA: Savage murdered 90 people and got away with it? FBI believes him!
Croydon zombie knife attacker's 'brother' was jailed for murder
FGM: Warning issued as cases DOUBLE! 'Just the tip of the iceberg!'
EU SHOCK! Angela Merkel to replace Juncker in new 'pro-Europe coalition?'
This comical attempt to resurrect Project Fear is fooling nobody!
May 'rejected Irish backstop solution’ to please EU!
A hundred Tory MPs denounce Theresa May's Brexit deal!
Brexit supporters must hold their nerve in the face of Project Fear’s sound and fury
Local newspaper claims PM’s staff intimidated reporter!
BBC accused of MISLEADING viewers after actor appears on Newsnight panel!
Jacob Rees-Mogg: May and Carney will lead UK to POPULISM!
‘A Remainer debating a Remainer’: May and Corbyn agree Brexit TV clash!
BBC accused of MISLEADING viewers after actor appears on Newsnight panel!
Jacob Rees-Mogg: May and Carney will lead UK to POPULISM!
Question Time studio ROARS as audience member champions NO DEAL!
May REJECTED Trump’s free trade offer months ago! Ex-minister FURIOUS!
John Simpson declares war on BBC's 'politically correct' gender neutral loos!

Thursday 29 November

£90,000 raised for Syrian boy bullied in Huddersfield. Nothing raised for this young lad
Tommy Robinson and the truth behind the attack on Syrian refugee?
Take back control? Net migration still at 273,000 per year!
Rapists all over Britain are getting access to children they father with their victims!
Second victim impregnated by rapist blasts council decision to involve him in boy's upbringing
Multiple reports of white van 'trying to snatch people off the streets of Greater Manchester!'
US Ambassador: Britain first in line for trade deals - If You Manage to Leave the EU!!!
‘Project Hysteria!’ Bank of England boss claims massive economic crash after 'clean' Brexit
Project Fear! Chancellor claims Brexit will harm economy!
Economist TEARS into Carney's Brexit forecast - 'BOGUS and EXTREME!'
'This is Project Hysteria!' Brexiteers slam Bank of England chief
Jacob Rees-Mogg: Theresa May will face GENERAL ELECTION if Commons passes EU deal!
Brexiteer MEP EXPLODES at EU's attempts to 'ENSLAVE BRITAIN!'
‘I’ve wanted to do it for WEEKS!’ Former Minister SWEARS at Chancellor!
Brexiteer MP Andrea Jenkyns accuses PM of trying to break up her marriage
British goverment ‘breaks promises’ and will sign UN Migration Pact
JAYDA FRANSEN: Out after serving 9 months for exposing Muslims who raped a child
Israeli soldier speaks out!
US-Israeli, Michael Kadar, jailed for 10 years over 2,000 bomb hoax calls!
NICK COHEN: Why I’m becoming a Jew and why you should, too!
UK Police criticised for launching ‘victim blaming’ child sex exploitation awareness campaign!
Oxford rape gang left bite marks on ‘lonely, vulnerable’ teenage victim?
Uninsured, no-licence Uber driver sparked terrorist alert when he ploughed into tourists!
Syrian suspects arrested over the murder of British DJ Gavin Ford
Louise Harvey died just days after having £11,000 'Love Island' boob job and tummy tuck!
Paris Protests! Deplorables reacting against ‘Davocracy’ elite!
MEXICO: Female assassin EXECUTES five young men and disappears
Teacher evacuates classroom over a 'Make America Great Again' hat!
Trump indicates concern for Israel requires US troops remain in Middle East
TRUMP: "Are we going to stay in that part of the world? (Mid-East) One reason to is Israel!”
Trump slams Fed Chairman, questions climate change, threatens to cancel Putin meeting etc.
Former Norwegian government Minister charged with sexual abuse of asylum seekers!
Swedish nurses enroll in self-defence classes after rise in violence!

Wednesday 28 November

Macron fears ‘war scenes’ tarnish France’s global image!
Dear White people - No melanin, no opinion!
Mom says 6-year-old is transgender. Dad disagrees. Now he may lose his son!
One-in-4 think Jews have too much influence in business and finance?
Kailash Chander, 80, avoids jail after killing two Britons! 7,000 over 70 have bus driving licences!
ROTHERHAM VICTIM: 'I'm terrified he will walk through the door!'
Janitor died after prostitute, Nora Boughima, set hotel bed ablaze after being paid only £150
‘NO DETERRENT!' Police furious as zombie knife road rage attacker WALKS FREE!
British radio host found BRUTALLY MURDERED in Lebanon
GERMANY: Girl, 15, 'pinned down and raped by two Afghan migrants
SWEDEN: Women raped, authorities too busy to help
BERLIN: Language skills of new police recruits are so poor they must take German lessons!
European Court of Justice is considering whether to allow Britain to cancel Brexit!
BREXIT LIVE: Britain faces 'SURRENDER to EU!'
‘POWER is with us!’ Disbelief as Brussels chief GLOATS at May’s deal!
May refuses to publish Brexit deal legal advice! Did she HOODWINK Parliament?
Britain on the road to Brexit in name only!
Why MPs hate May's Brexit deal and why she says they’re wrong!
Switzerland has been held to ransom by EU in trade WAR for 4 years!
UK lawmakers call for ‘Islamophobia’ to be officially classed as racism!
Cyber attacks on major banks DOUBLE in a year due to mistakes by overconfident bankers!
Train delays caused by ‘leaves on the line’ increase by two thirds in a decade!
Viewers outraged as Sir Cliff says he'd rather 10 guilty people go free than one innocent suffer
Iron Maiden frontman issues Brexit RALLYING CRY!
Stephen Belafonte breaks silence on divorce from 'narcissistic liar,' Mel B!

Tuesday 27 November

Donald Trump on May's 'deal': "Sounds like a great deal for the EU!"
MACRON: Globalist poster boy’s polls plunge to historic low, Le Pen now more popular!
The acne drug that can steal young men’s virility: Roaccutane
Rare cancer linked to breast implant used by millions of women!
Cancer survival rate scandal! Thousands of lives needlessly lost because UK lacks scanners!
Health effects of diesel 'cost European taxpayers billions!'
Teenager murdered 14-year-old schoolgirl then had sex with her lifeless body!
Knife crime surrender! Britain's can't afford to pay for more prisoners?
Police chief ordered officers NOT to rescue drowning man, John Byrne!
Social workers invite rapist who fathered a child on victim, 15, to be involved in his upbringing!
Salford hospital flushed his lungs out with detergent rather than saline and William died
Rees-Mogg makes SHOCK border revelation - HIDDEN agreement in May's EU deal!
Labour's Kate Hoey fears huge 'Brexit CONSPIRACY is TRUE!'
Number 10 calls meeting of LABOUR MPs to beg for help passing May's Brexit deal!
No Brexit without ‘Irish Backstop,’ says appeaser Theresa!
BREXIT LIVE: Britain faces 'SURRENDER to EU!'
German populist leader slams Merkel for UN migrant pact deception!
Slovakia is latest EU nation to follow USA out of ‘harmful, dangerous’ UN migration pact!
Poland scorns EU army, insists America is ‘only real guarantor of security in Europe!’

Monday 26 November

Paramedics suffer 8 assaults and sex attacks every day (Police attacked 72 times a day)
37% of London crimes only investigated on phone or via Internet!
Opportunities MI5 and police missed to prevent the terror attacks of 2017
Uber driver, Nazrul Islam, caused the death of Samuel Thomas!
Boy, 16, stabbed to death 'because of his postcode!'
Cops 'recklessly ignored' sexual exploitation of Sikh girls due to 'political correctness!'
HuffPost refugee blogger turns out to be a ‘notorious sex criminal’
Brighton school has 40 kids who don't identify with birth sex! Another 36 are 'gender fluid'
May forms unholy alliance with Brussels to destroy rebels plotting against Brexit deal!
Gloating Macron says UK will be forced into ‘backstop’ unless British waters are surrendered!
Macron will force us into Irish border 'backstop' if French don't get access to our fisheries!
Blair's second Referendum: This time it would be for real!
UK would run out of clean water within days of No Deal Brexit? F*** off, Michael Gove!
UK government planning to 'massage' migration stats after we leave EU?
May government will sign UN migration pact despite pledge to control borders
This withdrawal deal is the very opposite of what we voted for
This withdrawal deal is the very opposite of what we voted for
Freedom of movement WON'T be stopped! May deal warning!
May tells MPs it is their 'DUTY' to back Brexit agreement!
Theresa May took £300,000 from Tory donor who owns tower block where 100+ prostitutes live
Pope Francis prays Ukrainian Holocaust will never be repeated
Double agent proved Labour leader, Michael Foot, took cash from the KGB!

Sunday 25 November

Brexit agreement deal: What Theresa May promised - and what she delivered
Hammond to quit Cabinet and take 5 ministers with him if May tries for a No Deal - Promise?
Remainer Chancellor says Brexit can't appear as though half the country won referendum!
May copies Blair’s tricks in propaganda blitz to sell her hated Brexit deal to British!
Boris tells DUP: May's EU deal would be 'historic mistake!'
This Brexit crisis is now so grave that Ministers are talking about a National Government
MP handed knighthood by Theresa May branded 'a chicken and an utter c**k' by Brexiteers
May 'blocked asylum for Pakistani Christian despite allowing hijackers, extremists and rapists in!
Violence ERUPTS across France in attempts to OUST Macron!
London paramedic 'assaulted while treating girl who collapsed struggling to breathe'
Suspect hunted by police over sex attacks on women walking alone
Sex predator, Faruque Ahmed, who abused girls during Arabic lessons, gets 14 years!
BLOODBATH LONDON: Police officer STABBED at Ilford railway station!
Two stabbed to death, policeman knifed in latest savagery on streets of Wild West Britain
Coming to the house next door shortly!
Muslim refugee stabs woman 14 times in Minnesota - MEDIA SEILENCE!
German police ‘cover up how a Syrian raped a disabled woman several times!’
‘No compromises!’ Merkel launches passionate defence of UN migration pact
Nightmare of the Christian mother that Britain refuses to give sanctuary to
Your daughter may be taken into care if you say she was encouraged to have sex change?
Parents dismissed as racist when they complained about Iranian man in children's classroom
Hungary attacks UN migration compact for attempting to ‘legalise illegal immigration!’
Macron admits France in ‘moral crisis’ as protesters demand resignation over fuel tax!
Paris is BURNING! Rothschild apparatchik must resign!
If our Church schools are so wicked, why do you send your children to one?
Rothschild: Donald Trump is threatening to destroy the New World Order!

Saturday 24 November

Just two GPs to care for 1.4 MILLION people! Whole of Kent left 'unsafe!'
Hartlepool: Marauding criminals and vigilante justice!
GERMANY: Merkel's importations - the reality!
MERKEL: EU States must prepare to hand national sovereignty over to Brussels!
Eurozone growth stumbles, German economy contracts, UK tops GDP growth!
'They WON'T let us go!' Brexiteer MP reveals the REAL cost of 'leaving' the EU!
'Brexit is BLEEDING TO DEATH!' British MEP warns May's deal will 'kill Brexit dead!'
The entire future of Britain is at stake and THIS is how many MPs are bothered!
We overdo our respect for the EU. Britain can flourish outside it!
May’s Brexit deal - The legal verdict!
BREXIT: Portillo explains "NO DEAL!"
Fishing communities say Theresa May is 'an idiot or a liar!'
Why would she humiliate Britain like this? Lawyer savages Theresa May’s Brexit deal
Leo Varadkar has done his absolute best to damage Brexit
Mayor of crime-ridden London puts women at risk by focusing on gender neutral toilets!
Thousands protest against Macron! MEDIA SILENCE!
Could medical cannabis be the new THALIDOMIDE?
Britain's new Army chief is saying all the right things - The Global Elite must love him!
'Dismissed as racist' by school officials when they complained about '15-year-old' Iranian migrant!
Oh, look! Some Jamaicans treat kiddies badly... Imagine my PC shock
Sir Edward Heath 'would have been questioned' over abuse claims
Refugee acquitted of rape (‘different cultural norms’) Female victim attempts suicide!
Blow the whistle on NGOs cooperating with people traffickers? Get death threats
UK Government pledges £50m to stop FGM abroad! Meanwhile, NOT ONE conviction HERE!
Security organisation releases report slamming Swedish electoral system
11-year-old girl gang raped in Sweden – Perpetrators walk free and laugh in her face!
French court sentences Sri Lankan immigrant for pouring superglue on wife’s genitals!
Sentenced to death in Iraq, ISIS jihadi Ahmed Merhi begs Australia to bring him home!
Oh, look! Enriching diversity in a Milwaukee courtroom!

Friday 23 November

NHS England: Number of children hospitalised with stab wounds rises 86% in 4 years!
Badly behaved toddlers branded mentally unwell? One in 18 is a psycho?
UK donates £50m to African-led programmes fighting FGM! Fight it here first!
In 10 years, we'll ask how we allowed the trans lobby to hijack childhood!
May’s Brexit deal - The legal verdict!
EU rejects Italy's populist budget! Sanctions will be intensified?
EU countries ready to SINK Brexit - May MUST betray our fishermen!
PM May claims her deal ‘brings back control’, while draft agreement suggests the opposite
‘It’s not a good deal!’ CBI doubts about Theresa May's Brexit agreement
Kate Hoey hits out at Tory minister in Brexit debate
MI5 missed chances to stop Manchester bomber, didn’t track Islamist after Libya trip
PARIS: Élysée Palace under siege! Protesters demand Macron's resignation! Tear gas used
MACRON: France and Germany will stop the world descending into chaos!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Victim left in agony with knife lodged in his back after daylight attack
Tommy Robinson appointed as adviser to UKIP leader on rape gangs!
Sentenced to death in Iraq, ISIS jihadi Ahmed Merhi begs Australia for help!
German mum could face prosecution for posting picture of daughter’s black sex attacker
Archbishop of Canterbury declares God's gender neutral!
Hillary Clinton says Europe needs to cut immigration to kill populism
Married Tory MP who bombarded barmaids with sleazy texts will face NO action
Mother-of-9, who ran off with a Gambian she met online, converts to Islam to marry him

Thursday 22 November

Shocking rise in child diabetes: 7,000 youngsters have Type 2 in ‘gravest health crisis!'
English language tests will be made easier for foreign nurses and midwives!
Homicides rocket by 70% in murder-hit Birmingham and West Midlands
PC Bhupinder Kalsi throws homeless man, 63, out of police station - He freezes to death!
MANCHESTER: 3 suffer life threatening injuries after city centre stabbing
Terror probe launched after two improvised explosive devices found in London flat
‘£20,000 or the place is ours’ - blackmailing gypsy gang who destroyed historic brewery
British student locked up for life by UAE's kangaroo court in just five minutes!
May’s withdrawal deal will still allow RAPISTS and MURDERERS to enter UK
UKIP leader issues warning to Barnier: 'You haven't broken the British people!'
Theresa May and Amber Rudd threaten Brexit! ‘Parliament will block no-deal exit!’
Remainer Ken Clarke seals ‘Treason’ May’s Brexit surrender!
Their dream of ‘European army’ DESTROYED! (Won't happen for decades - Ha-ha!)
One in ten German mosques preach radicalism!
Australia leaves UN migration pact — Won’t risk ‘hard-won’ border control success!
INDIA: Serial killer liked to break little girls' legs before raping and murdering them!
Betfair's £265 million boss accused of 'living off the misery of others!'
Tony Blackburn, 75, kicked in the head as he fought off 3 muggers!

Wednesday 21 November

Populist parties triple vote over the past two decades! HOORAY!!!
SYMPATHY FOR SUICIDE? Not Labour MP, Clive Lewis, who pretends to shoot himself!
UN member states: Migration is a human right!
Hartlepool has only 10 officers for 90,000 people! Residents try to solve crimes on Facebook
Child gambler epidemic! 55,000 under-17s have 'a problem' - TV adverts blamed
WARRINGTON: ‘Bullied’ girl, 12, hanged herself!
Did gay pharmacist, Mitesh Patel, strangle his wife in bid to claim £2m life insurance policy?
Worst Grenfell Tower fraudster faces extra jail time after lying to get £103,000 in benefits
Illegal migrant smashed up GP surgery after he refused to give him a ticket to Bangladesh?
Justice - South African style: Bag snatcher is shot dead by his victim
AUSTRALIA: Aboriginal dad throws baby girl into the sea!
Detroit Judge orders FGM charges dropped against Muslim doc! Unconstitutional!
Not the police force I was brought up with. What’s the point if cops can’t arrest someone?
The rise of the Western dissident!
David Cameron in 2014 - What Theresa May cuddled up to 2016-2018!
Ooh, look at all these Muslims adapting to Western culture!
‘The rotten cherry atop Theresa May’s poison cake!’ Speech to pro-EU business group
'People are FED up!' Kate Hoey shuts down Remainer over second referendum bid
No deal is and ALWAYS has been BETTER than a bad Brexit deal
More asylum seekers could be sent to South East! Northern councils complain of unfair amount
England role models? Dele Alli and Ross Barclay
Embarrassingly unfunny 'comedian' speaks!

Tuesday 20 November

French cops shoot at anti-Macron protestor!
PC and WPC attacked and beaten by thugs - LibLabCon voters do nothing
Young people live in constant fear of being shot or stabbed in their own neighbourhood!
Pregnant woman stabbed repeatedly asks attacker: 'Why?'
Tilbury rapist (Romanian immigrant, Marian Neagu) jailed for seven years!
Hewad Shivzad in court charged with serious sexual assaults against young girl
Gang of hooded Black men shoot at a car in busy Wolverhampton street!
'Sadistic' thug WATERBOARDED ex-lover and threatened to throw ACID in face of new one
German refugee worker hires Afghan to care for elderly father – Afghan murders him
Juan Lopez kills three in Chicago hospital
Dual citizen "sanctuary City" supremo, Rahm Emanuel, says "it tears at the soul of our city!"
Brussels attack: Terror as police officer stabbed by knifeman ‘screaming allahu akbar!’
Florida: Largest food stamp fraud bust in history, $20M, Muslim store owners arrested
Theresa May says Brits should do what Big Business tells them!
EU’s Barnier and May’s Business Secretary back extending Brexit ‘transition period’ to 2022!
Brexit sabotage exposed: Government ‘tried to thwart Vote Leave’ before referendum!
"There does appear to be an establishment conspiracy against Brexit!"
BoJo: ‘The EU is punishing us by amputating Northern Ireland!’
Putin MOCKS EU! 'Russia is the ONLY independent nation!'
'We see opportunities!’ Businessman RIDICULES Brexit fears
UK fishermen FURIOUS at Brexit deal keeping UK 'suspiciously' close to EU rules!
Let Parliament vote on deal this week so there is time to change it, says Brexiteer Davis
Ivanka Trump used personal email account for official White House business?
African students are animals and human trash, say residents of Israeli town
Sweden faces snap election as traitor parties refuse to work with populists!
More than 10,000 elderly Swedes are homeless! As migrants get everything free!
Snowflake who vowed to paint over memorial to 'white men' who fought in WW1 resigns!
Don’t let hypocritical feminists turn men into a bunch of neutered, grovelling, blubbering doormats

Monday 19 November

Gibraltar betrayed! Spain will be given Governing role
Army's secret plans to put troops on the streets to deal with fallout in wake of 'No Deal' Brexit!
BOJO: The EU will turn us into captives if we sign up to this appalling sell-out of a deal
Is fast-track Raab the stop Boris candidate? (Raab Jewish - BoJo part-Jewish)
BREXIT: Polls say public opinion ‘strongly AGAINST Mrs May’ on ALL SIDES!
Theresa May has allowed UK to be ‘bullied and blackmailed’ by Brussels!
Esther McVey 'MOMENTS AWAY from being taken out by security’ in Brexit meeting!
Leaked recording reveals Tory chairman's 'nonsense' claims to grassroots about Brexit deal!
May warns Cabinet rebels deal is final!
May issues DIRE warning to rebels threatening to bring her down!
Brexiteer calls for May’s civil service advisers to be fired for betraying Britain!
'EU expect us to be SLAVES!' Nadine Dorries launches attack on Brussels
MACRON: Franco-Germany alliance will lead Europe and stop world 'descending into chaos!'
Children are being brainwashed to hate white people!
Christian bridal magazine forced out of business for not featuring same-sex couples!
True scale of county lines gangs may have been underestimated
LONDON BLOODBATH: Four men are stabbed in horror knife attack
Police hunt man who slashed woman's bottom in 'random attack!'
Portland protest leader Micah Rhodes avoids prison for sex abuse of teenage boy
Italian Mayor promises to bulldoze Roma squatter camp and make them pay for it

Sunday 18 November

Jacob Rees-Mogg saves Brexit!
School has 17 children changing gender! 'Autistic’ pupils ‘tricked’ into thinking they're wrong sex?
In 20 years we'll look back on rush to change our children's sex as a dark chapter in medicine!
Cops back in real uniform after replacing helmet with baseball cap to attract transgender recruits!
LONDON BLOODBATH: 3 men rushed to hospital after double shooting in Edmonton
LONDON BLOODBATH: One woman struck with machete, another stabbed to death!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Screaming naked man 'stabs 75-year-old grandma to death!'
Savage who left tourist fighting for life in a Birmingham chip shop gets 18 years
CHARLTON: Machete-wielding Asian attacked woman from behind with a machete
Student killed by uninsured Polish driver using expired Ukrainian licence! NO CHARGE!
Social services dismissed child victims who lived in homes with nice kitchens/conservatories!
11-year-old girl gang raped in Sweden – Perpetrators walk free and laugh in her face!
Muslim leader says: “Refuse to convert to Islam the only thing between you and us is the sword!”
Germany to make Turkish migrant Vice President of Intelligence Service!
Olly Robbins ‘held back key advice’ that could have solved the Irish border issue
We must embrace a ‘no deal’ and return to the negotiating table once the dust has settled!
Brexiteer says May’s deal will force Britons into ‘serfdom!’
Why the DUP cannot support May's Brexit double-cross!
We have been herded into a little box so that we can never quite quit the EU
PM threatens to disable our sovereignty and obliterate the Conservative Party?
The Brexit chaos unleashed by Theresa May is only just beginning
Brexiteer MP warns May 90% of Tories want her OUT!
Ex-Tory advisor trashes Theresa May's claim Brexit deal in national interest!
'EU expect us to be SLAVES!' Furious Nadine Dorries launches scathing attack on Brussels
‘Patriotic’ Nigel Farage most popular UK public figure outside Tory and Labour parties
Macron behind EU pressure to ‘punish’ Italy!
Mel B admits she snorted 5 or 6 lines of cocaine a DAY while working on X Factor!

Saturday 17 November

Olly Robbins ‘held back key advice’ that could have solved the Irish border issue!
Eurafrica is the goal and the architects tell you why!
French teen dies after ‘refugee’ stabs him 23 times for no reason!
CCTV shows savage repeatedly stabbing American tourist in takeaway!
Rotherham grooming scandal: Six jailed for 22 child sex offences
'Fraudsters stole £23k but just one of my two banks paid up'
Machete gang banned from making violent drill music film ‘shotgun and Rambo knife’ video
Parisian carrying Christmas presents beaten, called ‘unbeliever!’
Review into mother and baby deaths at NHS hospital trust now covering 215 families!
Jamal Khashoggi: CIA 'blames Saudi prince for murder!'
Live in hospital room for 15 months? Cost us £180,000? Won't return to 'racist' Grimsby?
This deal is worse than we expected. It's time for a clean, global exit!
Theresa May gets SHOCK Cabinet ultimatum - change Brexit deal or we WILL resign!
Letter signed by hundreds of business leaders urges MPs to vote down May's Brexit deal!
Why the DUP cannot support May's Brexit double-cross!
28% of Britons want to stop Brexit - 47% want May to go (Only 47%?)
The establishment wants us to panic over no deal, but we should not fall for it
'Like being a child!' Ex-Australian Minister TRASHES 'rude' bid for a second Brexit vote!
'Tell me ONE EU concession' Hartley-Brewer's fierce response to May's Brexit negotiating!
'Trump READY for trade deal' claims Davis Davis ...but only if May SCRAPS her Brexit plan!
Andrew Neil's brutal summary of state of British politics - ‘Maybot NO mates!’
Baker urges Brexiteers to get letters in - ‘You must act now!’
Tory Whips summoned, 'no confidence' vote ‘likely?’
Sterling holds up under hedge fund betting
The polls don't bode well for the PM
Facebook investors call on Mark Zuckerberg to resign as chairman following damaging report
'Fraudsters stole £23k but just one of my two banks paid up'
‘Do NOT lecture us!’ Emmanuel Macron CONDEMNED for patronising the French
ALL TIME LOW! Headline in Murdoch's New York rag?

Friday 16 November

Black serial killer claims he is responsible for NINETY unsolved murders across the USA!
French President Emmanuel Macron: ‘Nationalism is Treason!’
Peers vote to stop suspension of Lord Lester for pressuring woman to have sex!
The Phoney War is over; the real Battle for Brexit has begun!
BREXIT: Gibraltar betrayed! Spain will be given governing role!
We could still be in the EU in 2099?
Nasty surprises in the small print of Theresa May’s Brexit deal
Blair uses unpopular Brexit deal to DEMAND new vote - 'This time I'll honour the result!'
A damning verdict: Ministers quit over Theresa May’s Brexit ‘deal’
German populist blames ‘stubborn, intransigent’ Merkel and Brussels for May’s Brexit failure!
Julia Hartley-Brewer SAVAGES Alastair Campbell for INSISTING on second referendum
Blair uses unpopular Brexit deal to DEMAND new vote - 'This time I'll honour the result!'
Britons furious with May for 'FAFFING AROUND' with Brexit
'May is the EU's PUPPET!' Duncan Smith claims Brexit deal WORSE than staying in the bloc
From Britain joining the EEC to Theresa May’s ‘Worst Deal Ever’ – What it means and why
EU Chief Juncker says nations leaving UN Migration Pact are 'stupid populists!'
How many 'stupid populists' turn up with one black show and one brown? EU leaders, eh?
11-year-old girl leaves suicide note saying she had 'given up and stopped fighting!'
Rotherham child sex abuse investigation to cost £90 million!
Birmingham stabbing: Horror after man attacked outside busy McDonalds
Five carjackings in a week leave drivers in fear across Birmingham!
BIRMINGHAM: Hammer gang kick, punch and smash mum's head against her VW Golf!
Conman Mohammed Ahmed fleeced widow with cancer out of £30,000 - Pay back just £1!
Millionaire property developer battered girlfriend to death during cocaine/alcohol-fuelled sex!
USA: Hotel owner paid cop to leave blindfolded foster child in his ‘sex dungeon!’
Pete Doherty sat and watched as his Siberian huskies 'tore neighbour's cat to death!'
British Injustice Department preparing to arrest Julian Assange?
ITALY: 60 percent think the EU is bad for them!
Mexican migrants TAUNT USA officials as they hop BACK and FORTH over border
Academic says Sadiq Khan wants London 'a Mecca for Muslims,' blasts Jewish media moguls!
Monica Lewinsky reveals she exposed her thong to get Bill Clinton's attention

Thursday 15 November

Jacob Rees-Mogg outside the Commons on his Brexit and May's
Dominic Raab resigns!
No confidence vote in May rumoured as Brexiteer fury grows
This is not a compromise - it's a capitulation, says May former advisor!
'May is FINISHED!' Theresa May to face vote of NO CONFIDENCE, former MP claims!
Cabinet minister in ‘TEARS’: Esther McVey ‘SHOUTED DOWN’ in Brexit deal meeting!
May on brink as 1st minister quits - Tusk beams at 585-page deal
Farage: May's Brexit deal has Eurocrats LAUGHING at Britain!
UK fishermen furious at Brexit deal keeping UK 'suspiciously' close to EU rules
UK to be SHACKLED to EU 'until 2030!' Theresa May deal 'handcuffs economy!'
Far more people feel a stronger attachment to Remain/Leave than a political party
Details of Brexit deal lay bare the compromises made by Theresa May
Labour MP Fiona Onasanya is accused of lying about who drove speeding car
UK Cabinet backs Theresa May’s ‘worst deal in history’ Brexit!
Blair attacks Labour for not being committed to stopping Brexit!
After 3 failed businesses, Labour MP Kate Osamor bails son out with £50,000 Chief of Staff job!
NHS faces a 'shortage of 350,000 staff and spiralling waiting times by 2030', experts warn!
Star basketball player (black) viciously elbows opponent (white) in face during game
French MP says Maron deliberately insulted Trump on Remembrance Day!
Trudeau hijacks Armistice centenary to make thinly veiled attack on Trump
Beyonce cuts ties with Sir Philip Green amid sex pest scandal!
'I'll make you pay for being naked!' Man doesn't care for women without hijab!
Tiger Woods ex-mistress traded sex for heroin in Las Vegas drug den

Jada Pinkett Smith talks about her prejudice against white women with blonde hair
Wednesday 14 November

Little English girl was being eaten alive by a Somali boy! MEDIA SILENCE (except in Germany)!
Toddler scarred for life after being bitten 15 times! (Sun doesn't tell us biter was Somali
Toddler bitten 15 times by kids at Seacroft soft play centre (No mention biter was Somali)
How mum of blood-covered boy reacted after he savaged girl! (No mention biter was Somali)
Agenda 21! Were The California Wildfires started by HAARP or Direct Energy Weapons?
The HORRIBLE TRUTH about the northern California fires?
7 in 10 baby deaths or cases of brain damage at birth caused by bad NHS care
14% of military age Brits would volunteer, 39% would dodge draft if World War 3 came!
Advertising execs say they lost their jobs because they're 'white, male, straight and British!'
Britain's homeless teens! Young girls walk streets all night too scared to sleep rough
Rabbi says Gaza clashes could mark start of Biblical war more horrifying than we could imagine!
ILFORD: Pregnant mother-of-5, Sana Muhammad, murdered by Ramanodge Unmathallegadoo
MILTON KEYNES: Subway worker beaten to a pulp because toilet was out of order!
'Learn the lessons of Rotherham to tackle menace of county lines!'
Lest we forget: Judges in the dock over bogus legal aid claims of £12.6m!
Cash-strapped cops can only offer basic services to most vulnerable' despite rise in crime?
Paedo 'British Narcos' gang boss gleefully recalls chopping off a dog's HEAD!
Second member of Lords accused of sexual harassment as Lord Lester banned from Parliament
David Miliband's basic salary at Charity jumps 52% in just 5 years - Now £646,000!
Trump FURIOUS at May over Brexit! US president’s angry rant!
Rees-Mogg: 'The Prime Minister promised one thing and delivered another!'
‘The Worst Deal in History!’ Brexiteers respond to Theresa May’s ‘Slave State’ agreement!
May's Deal! UK will be stuck with EU rules on economy, climate change, tax for YEARS!
Nigel Farage gets stuck into Angela Merkel in the EU Parliament!
Labour MP Fiona Onasanya blamed untraceable man in Russia to avoid speeding fine!
Twelve immigrants reach UK coast after stealing French fishing boat!
'I love those girls!' Michelle Obama praises the Bush twins and Chelsea Clinton!

Tuesday 13 November

Nigel Farage gets stuck into Angela Merkel in the EU Parliament!
Blair/Brown Home Office, Muslim paedos and 'informed choices' of underage English girls!
EXCLUSIVE: How UK authorities cover up child abuse by Muslim grooming gangs!
British-Pakistani researchers say 84% of grooming gang members are Asian!
Jewish Lord faces suspension over sexual harassment claims!
Promised a peerage if she slept with Race Law supremo, Lord Lester! (4-year Parliament ban)
Gordon Brown becomes THIRD ex-Prime Minister to call for a second Brexit referendum!
Brexit and watching Living Dead former Prime Ministers’ disregard for democracy
May is 48 hours from activating ‘No Deal’ plan - Boris slams ‘total surrender’ to EU!
Director of major NGO on how to lie and pretend to be persecuted Christians!
Damning report reveals Britain’s border ‘not secured by any stretch of the imagination!’
French Finance Minister: EU must become an Empire!
Merkel attacks nationalism and says only UN values and cooperation pave a new future
EU Council President: ‘Brownshirt’ populists a ‘fundamental threat’ to Europe!
“This is the land of the coward and home of the slave!' Islam is America’s future!”
Populist anti-mass migration parties leading in France, Hungary and Italy!
Bulgaria latest nation to withdraw From UN migration pact following USA, Hungary
Swedish employment agency under fire for ‘misleading’ migrant jobs report!
Canada’s Trudeau hijacks armistice centenary to attack Trump!
How much sugar is really in your milkshake?
Israel destroys Hamas' TV station in the Gaza Strip - 3e Palestinians killed
Cops ditch hunt for 'animal' who stabbed Liz Hurley's nephew in London street!
National Trust embroiled in another PC row after dropping BC and AD from dates
Former Israeli sniper says soldiers crossed a 'red line' in Gaza!
LA celebs cough up $60 million for Israel Defense Forces at gala event!
Cowell on why he purged 'toxic' Sir Philip Green and Little Mix from entertainment empire
Harvey Weinstein's dream team!
Wisconsin high school class gave Nazi salutes!

Monday 12 November

Flu shot cancer link exposed in 1971 - They didn’t care then, they don't now!
No wonder men who made it home never spoke of it' How hideously awful WW1 really was!
England’s new top prosecutor criticised for adopting Islamist talking points!
Pensioner tells of hate crime ordeal - Quizzed by cops for 'beeping her horn at black motorist!
Albanian gangsters who rule London's drug trade post pictures of guns and wads of cash!
Labour MP, Fiona Onasanya, appears in court today charged with perverting course of justice!
British jihadi bride says she misses fish and chips and the NHS! Shame that...
Dozens of Isis brides are flocking back to the UK! Who wants a Council house?
Nearly 5,000 children under-11 years old contacted Childline over bullying last year!
Marquess of Queensberry's daughter worked as a prostitute, earned money from sex videos!
20 hurt, girl, 15, fights for life after bus crashes - Driver arrested for drug-driving!
BORIS: It’s time for MUTINY over Theresa May’s ‘total surrender’ to the EU!
BREXIT CIVIL WAR! Cabinet divided! 'Historic error!'
'I'd do the same again!' Farmer Tony Martin says he has NO regrets and would kill again!
Sajid Javid locked in a war of words with top cops! Denies leaving officers 'hamstrung!'
Pro-Corbyn Labour pundit brands Poppy Appeal ‘grotesque’, ‘racist’, ‘white supremacist!’
Bond between America and Poland ‘stronger than ever’ thanks to Trump!
‘World First’ – Scottish schools to have ‘LGBT equality’ embedded in curriculum!

Sunday 11 November

Britain wasn’t a fit land for heroes in 1918 and it isn’t today, says former head of the Army!
HITCHENS: Soldiers? No, Britain lost 700,000 poets, teachers, inventors and fathers!
Home Office plan to give jihadis council houses! An overdue strategy to combat terrorism?
Wagging tail for Islam! Pakistani Christian turned away to appease ‘sections of the community!’
‘Artists and intellectuals’ proclaim continent-wide European republic to replace nation-states!
Joseph Ankrah has an argument with Aaron Springett outside a bookies and kills him
Gangs of Roma children WHIP Sheffield locals who live in fear on tension-riven estate!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Man in his 30s stabbed many times - Two more knifed outside cinema
Roads set alight, fireworks fired at police and pub leave Bradford looking like a warzone!
Jenan Karagoli was too stoned to save his girlfriend, the Marquess of Queensberry's daughter!
Crime Wave UK: Baby among 4 killed by car involved in police chase!
PC champ says white liberals need to tell the truth about black-on-black violence in UK ghettos!
Sadiq Khan squanders £7.1m per year from police budget on 109 elite penpushers!
Thousands of criminals, tagged rather than jailed, can't be monitored by due to funding cuts
London mother hands son a ‘Rambo’ knife to ‘keep him safe’ because cops can't!
Dramatic 20 Percent rise in homicides in France!
Mass Migration: Majority of Germans feel like a ‘stranger in their own country!’
Greek Police catch Pakistani people-smugglers bringing migrants from Turkey
Pakistani girl, 13, married off to a deaf mute so her dad can take his sister as a second wife
'We must vote against the deal!' Jacob Rees-Mogg's Brexiteers unite with the DUP
David Miliband tipped for return to politics to lead new centre-left party backed by Blair
Transsexual dominatrix with 95G breasts spends £87,000 to turn herself into a human sex doll!
Wearing a poppy, Meghan? Barely. So what crass point were you trying to make?

Saturday 10 November

Pat Condell on 'the People's Vote!'
Pakistani Christian woman denied UK asylum 'because it may stir civil unrest!'
55 MPs write to US Secretary of State urging him not to permit Tommy Robinson to enter USA!
DIABETES! We can't afford to ignore this national health crisis
CRIMINAL NEPOTISM! Why was Labour councillor caught with £2,500 of hard drugs promoted?
HUDDERSFIELD: Labour accused of trying to dilute scrutiny of grooming gang inquiry!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Man in his 50s 'with head injuries' found dead in Tulse Hill
100-strong gang of thugs go on mugging rampage in Dublin terror!
Daughter of Marquess of Queensberry dies at Notting Hill party after heroin and cocaine binge
Top cop says govt refusal to use facial recognition to catch criminals leaves force hamstrung!
Savages who gang-raped and murdered Hannah Cornelius attacked more women same night
SAVAGE CONFESSES! 'I saw red, punched her 5 times then finished her off!'
Melbourne: ISIS claim responsibility after killer 'shouted Allahu akbar!'
Melbourne Jihadi had strong links to terror organisations! How did THEY allow him to kill?
OBORNE: Mrs May’s deal could spark an eruption that blows the Tories to bits!
Poppy sellers say ‘society has changed’ as war veteran has door SLAMMED IN HIS FACE!
'HYPOCRITE!' Galloway blasts Blair over WW1 Remembrance Day appearance
Student boss who threatened to deface war memorial back at work after Remembrance Sunday?
Military and politicians condemn exclusion of Rhodesian veterans from WW1 centenary!
UKIP MEP banned from WW1 remembrance event by Manchester's Labour Council!
Trump FURIOUS at Macron 'insult' as he lands in Paris
‘You’re NOT welcome!’ Macron JEERED during chaotic factory visit
Theresa May poised to betray fishermen and Northern Ireland as EU piles on Brexit demands!
Rees-Mogg’s speech in support of fishermen sacrificed in 1973
‘X-RATED VERSION OF PROJECT FEAR!’ Secret plan to get Brexit past Commons exposed!
‘Show some BACKBONE!’ Jacob Rees-Mogg takes fierce swipe at Theresa May
Plot by 200 elite neo-Nazi soldiers within 'German SAS?' Hmm... How convenient for Merkel
Swedish Foreign Minister tells Jordan Peterson to ‘crawl back under the rock he came from!’
Rome readies for left-wing protests against ‘Salvini decree’ and ‘racism’
Hard left Greek PM moves towards abolishing Christianity as state religion
Attenborough: Time is running out to SAVE our planet!

Friday 9 November

'Remarkable' decline in fertility rates!
General Stubblebine blows the whistle on 9/11!
US General blows the whistle on 9/11! (Longer version)
University of Sussex Professor Emeritus says: ‘Israelis Blew Up Twin Towers’
University Prof who says Israelis did 9/11 must be demoted, says 'Jewish Representative Council'
Samuel Emobor: "One Love... promised to give me N50,000 if I kill my mother and sleep with her"
Somali terrorist stabs, kills, gets shot dead by police
MELBOURNE: Enricher stabbing rampage – one dead!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Stabbed to death outside a chicken shop
Axing train guards could help 'county lines' drug gangs recruit youngsters
"What's worse, having a policeman's hands in your pockets or having a knife in your belly?"
Saudi Arabia MURDER: Crown Prince bursts into FURIOUS RANT after Khashoggi death
Senior Labour figures say pro-Corbyn 'attack dog' should be thrown out of the party!
FARAGE: Political class ‘colluding’ with Euro politicians ‘against democracy!’
EU demands fishing rights in British waters as price for all-UK Brexit backstop!
Blair: ‘I’ll do everything I can to stop Brexit!’
Macron pulls UK into European Defence Coalition after calling for EU anti-US front!
Verhofstadt: Integrate European defences into EU Army!
Barnier IGNORED during speech and EVEN Merkel 'walks off'
Brexit is the ‘biggest FARCE in history’ claims Finnish MEP
Former French Secretary of State latest to warn of rise of destabilising violence!
Dutch Mosques demand Geert Wilders be banned from Twitter
Lloyd Blankfein revelation piles pressure on Goldman over 1MDB!
Voter fraud in Democrat stronghold?
Labour Party invited notorious Islamic extremist to ‘anti-racism’ rally
How John Bercow keeps Keith Vaz's secrets
Philosopher Sir Roger Scruton stands firm against left-wing witch-hunt!
Rip-off ATM fees faced by millions who have been abandoned by their banks
Haunting portraits of WW1 heroes to be etched into the sand on beaches across Britain
Muslim convert Sinead O’Connor says she won’t spend time with ‘disgusting White people’
STRICTLY: Danny John-Jules gets final warning over bullying behaviour!

Thursday 8 November

South Africa: Savages kidnap, rape and murder brilliant student as she pleads for her life
Our replacements savagely attack young man as in front of his mother!
Man in his 20s 'repeatedly stabbed' as London carnage continues
London: War hero, 98, fighting for life after being robbed and beaten in own home
London children most likely to get stabbed leaving school
CALIFORNIA: Gunman opens fire at random in country music bar!
UK Government bans "fake news" label to facilitate censorship?
CNN ('fake news') reporter BANNED from the White House!
If this blue puddle is the best Democrats can do after two years of celebrity-fuelled screaming...
Top Democrat overheard talking about investigating/impeaching Trump/Kavanaugh!
Outraged left-wing whiners smear ‘Islamophobic’ philosopher, Roger Scruton
Teach girls about orgasms, says Labour MP! Is this what we elect them for?
Why can’t so many young, healthy men make love without a little blue pill? PORNOGRAPHY!
Marine Le Pen mocks panicky Macron
Macron calls for ‘real European army’ to protect EU from US!
Oxford students don't want Jenni Murray at event because of 'transphobic rhetoric'

Wednesday 7 November

Police slam ‘long line’ of Grenfell fraudsters as another jailed!
2.4million people contacted council in past year reporting children at risk of harm!
Fears for 9,300 pensioners as one of the biggest care providers on brink of collapse
Pakistani gang rapist told victim's mother: PC cops ‘won’t touch us!’
Teenage boy fights for life after knife attack in West Hampstead
Crooked banker's wife who spent £16million in Harrods fights extradition back to Azerbaijan
SARAH VINE: I fear for my boy on our streets stained with blood!
20,000 migrants ‘almost all armed with knives’ to cross Europe’s external border!
US midterm elections - Blue Wave flops!
LONDON: Million Mask March protests UK, US and Israeli behaviour in Mid-East!
Cherie Blair's business partner probed over high payments while company was making losses!
Why did Royal Mint refuse to commemorate Roald Dahl's life? ‘Anti-Semitism!
Swedish centrist voters look to right-wing party for coalition deal
‘Backstop means backstop!’ EU Brexit boss says ‘no time limit’ on UK leaving!
German spy chief fired for calling Social Democrats ‘radical left’, security policy ‘naive!’
Barack Obama’s risks turn into losses for Democrats
White students 'feel unable to talk about race and it’s stifling debate’, says universities minister!
Emily Maitlis to host Question Time? BBC at its biased best!
Horror of the trenches never looked so real

Tuesday 6 November

Jean-Claude Juncker defends Karl Marx! (Hey, sheep! Get it yet?)
Sajid Javid's family in UK visa scandal! His uncles ran firm in Pakistan fixing entry papers!
Why did Labour MP promote her son to £50,000-a-year Chief-of-Staff after drug conviction?
Brother of Labour MP admits lying to police!
Minister under-fire for defending police's 'hate-crime' probes while violent crime soars!
From 2009 to 2013, the US intelligence community experienced crippling intelligence failures!
Sadiq Khan says it could take a GENERATION to fix knife crime!
Labour MP compares Whitehall culture of bullying to Jimmy Savile enablers
Free movement to continue under 'no-deal' Brexit, Minister suggests!
Farage predicts Tory rebels will ‘melt away’, vote for May’s soft Brexit!
BoJo urges ministers to throw out May’s ‘appalling’ Brexit proposals!
Why a no-deal Brexit would be the best outcome for Britain
Boris and Mogg: May deal is surrender, government abandoning Brexit?
How Trump's nativism (patiotism) leads to anti-Semitism!
CHER: If Trump suffers no mid-term consequence, we’re not America any more!
Donald Trump scoffs: now politically incorrect to call a woman beautiful
Spotlight on Lord 'Grabafee' Grabiner, sir Philip Green's Arcadia Chairman
Sir Philip Green threatens to sue Frank Field over 'Maxwell slur'
Boy, 16, 'stabbed to death' in south London
Karina Vetrano was raped and strangled - The trial of Chanel Lewis
Italy's League blocks Muslims from converting chapel into mosque!
Tommy Robinson freed from bail conditions as he awaits hearing
Sir Philip Green grabbed me around the waist and made comments about my breasts and weight
'F*** you, you white piece of s**t!' Burger King employee fired after racism against Hispanics!

Monday 5 November

Radical Muslims behind 84% of terror killings in the West! 67% foreign-born
'I'm not meant to be a bloke': Woman who changed gender... (You know the rest)
Look what's happening in the leafy suburbs! You can take the **** out of the **** but you can't...
Ringleader of Telford grooming gang maimed in razor attack by fellow prisoner!
Surge of anti-gay attacks in France are 'just the tip of the iceberg' say activists!
WW1 centenary - Vandals trash Edinburgh’s garden of remembrance!
'Snowpeople' NOT 'snowmen!' Furious parents blast BBC over PC language indoctrinating kids!
Cops question 'pillar of the community' for hate crime after beeping horn at slow black motorist
After 4 stab deaths in capital, woman fights for life after being knifed in London street
Tony Blair tells MPs to vote down ANY deal and push for a new referendum to cancel Brexit!
Tony Blair claimed more £1million+ of our money since leaving government but has never provided evidence of his expenses!
BREXIT: Boris slams May's Brussels fudge and urges ministers to REJECT stinker of a deal
Brexit donor faces down BBC, Sky News over Russia allegations
Salvini to save 400 million Euros by cutting migrant daily allowance
Parents protest ‘30-year-old asylum-seeker’ at English school!
Ex-Paratrooper goes on hunger strike over 'shocking' treatment of Falklands veterans with PTSD!
Commonwealth nationals will be able to join the British Army without having ever lived here!
Disgusted families walk out of Guy Fawkes event when organisers put Union Flag on bonfire!
INDIA: Girl, 4, ‘gang-raped in India by nurse and four others’ as she lay in an intensive care ward
Mid-Eastern slave trade! Mum-of-4 burned and beaten in Jordan then sent home to die in Kenya
Take business advice from Lord Bilimoria? I don’t think so!
'Jealousy and black magic' within polygamous marriage led to creation of New Mexico desert cult!
Stoke City player = "Proud Fenian!" Fans = "Uneducated cavemen!"

Sunday 4 November

Labour MEP says 'where there's death there's hope,' in dig at ageing Brexit voters' mortality rates
BREXIT: Theresa May plan would keep us all in the customs union! (And thus, the EU)
42% of Tory members want May to resign immediately
Dozens of life-size 'silent silhouettes' honouring our fallen WWI heroes defaced by vandals!
US midterms 2018: Twitter deletes more than 10,000 accounts for trying to influence voters!
Transgender soldier unveiled as Army's first female squaddie has it off with fellow soldier's wife!
'Bring back DEATH PENALTY to tackle Wild West Britain,' says Ex-Tory minister
Teenager stabbed to death outside Tube station attacked just yards from his school
Police bust fraud ring led by Algerian who helped finance 9/11 attacks!
BIRMINGHAM: Drive-by shooter leaves boys, 14 and 15, with gunshot wounds
Drug dealer SPARED jail after Geordie Shore star fell to death from his flat
Suspect who vandalised synagogue with ‘DIE JEW RATS’ turns out to be liberal?
Belgian top cop asks why he should stop illegal migrants from going to Britain
When corrupt MPs get caught out, most turn to jelly very quickly
Indian girl beheaded 'for refusing to have sex with a neighbour who was a higher caste than her!'
Public transport in France : Living in the jungle!
French Police sprayed with acid as ‘youths’ riot across the country!
Emmanuel Macron calls rumours that he is secretly gay ‘misogynistic and homophobic!’
Merkel’s migration chief suggests courses teaching migrants not to rape after gang attack!
Why do so few doctors warn patients that anaesthetic can send you psychotic?
I'm a victim of a politically motivated witch-hunt, says Brexit's Arron Banks
HITCHENS: If moaning cut crime we'd have the best police in the world
‘Wonderful’ aboriginal activist freed after assaulting and spitting on 'white dog' police!
Women in migrant-heavy Paris area complain harassment getting even worse

Saturday 3 November

69,000 children wounded IN ONE YEAR!!! Violence in ‘Wild West’ Britain!
EXPOSED — The Deep State Machiavels who run Theresa May!
Watch the film the Israel lobby didn’t want you to see!
Corrupt foreign officials directing British Foreign Aid to organised crime syndicates!
IMMIGRATION! UK population will add city the size of Brighton or Newcastle every year
National Crime Agency says soft border exploited by dangerous criminals, illegals, traffickers!
Austria’s leader says, 'We are only committed to our own people!'
Left wing activist admits she MADE UP rape claim against Kavanaugh - She 'wanted attention!'
Migrants are receiving prepaid bank cards backed by the United Nations Refugee Agency?
Huddersfield grooming gang survivor says abuse is ongoing!
LONDON: Boy stabbed to death outside chicken shop - Another teenager murdered next day
Ian Scott repeatedly kicked and stamped on by teenagers!
African immigrant convicted of robbery and arson set to win damages!
Gypsies ‘face being thrown out of Britain after Brexit? OK by me!
GERMANY: Asylum seekers must be taught about 'zero tolerance to sex crimes?' NO! Would-be rapists must NOT be imported in the first place!
Refugee columnist of Huffington Post accused of sexually assaulting 6 women in Germany!
Sajid Javid scolds Migration Minister, says free movement must continue even if No Deal!
White men must be stopped: The very future of mankind depends on it!
AIPAC trained spy, Julia Reifkind, calls herself 'just a normal American' - What do you think?
Marriage up, abortion and divorce down as Hungary chooses family over mass migration!
PITTSBURGH: 'Presbyterian Minister' in screaming rant at Trump!
Former Trump lawyer, Michael Cohen, trying to take him down with nasty accusations!
'Father of the Taliban' assassinated in Pakistan!
Order to kill Khashoggi came from the 'highest levels' in Saudi Arabia, says Erdogan
'How is there a 30-year-old man in our maths class?' ASYLUM-SEEKER ALERT!
Sir Philip Green 'groped, threatened and bullied' workers in 'climate of fear!'
Harvey Weinstein may have targeted nearly 1,000 women, says lawyer!

Friday 2 November

Much of £13.9bn foreign aid budget ends up in pockets of crime gang bosses who use it to smuggle drugs, weapons, migrants into UK?
UK Government hires George Soros to give police ‘hate crime training?’
Anarchy threatens France! Within 5 years situation could be irreversible, says Ex-Minister!
Metropolitan Police refer tiny fraction of FGM cases for prosecution! No convictions!
Why should bobbies probe 11,236 so-called 'hate crimes' like vegan bullying and wolf whistling?
Nick burglars? Not cops who spend their time investigating Basil Brush for hate crimes!
Top cops back senior officer's call to focus on 'Wild West' violence instead of 'trivial hate crimes!'
Children as young as nine fuelling knife crime epidemic warn police!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Boy, 15, dies after being 'repeatedly stabbed!'
Pritpal and Palvinder Binning kept Polish builder enslaved for 4 years?
‘Scum of the earth’ Heartless gang steals £1,500 in donations from poppy seller, 84!
Yobs spat on disabled woman and attacked her with flour and eggs as she sat on park bench
Devastating failings which left a violent thug free to batter his ex-girlfriend to death
Gypsy gang admitted to more than 200 burglaries in 11-month crime spree!
Dirty cop terrorised WPCs into sex for 14 years! (Bosses made victims sign gagging orders)
Arron Banks defiant as Remainer-dominated Commission refers Leave.EU to crime agency
Former TV CEO says govt should prohibit straight white men from voting in US elections!
Pope Francis: ‘Nations are built by Migrants!’
UK Govt can’t ‘medicalise’ children to compensate for bad upbringing, says Health Chief!
'We'll KNEEL no longer!' Salvini dismisses EU's 'THREAT' letter!
EU BOMBSHELL: How arch-Remainer John Major ‘HID facts’ on Maastricht Treaty
200+ shopping centres in danger of closure as High Street crisis spreads
UK Govt: Senior White staff to be mentored by ethnic minority juniors on ‘bias!’
Trump travel ban critics now beg administration to enforce travel ban for Tommy Robinson!
Young people understand rights but not responsibilities or ‘notion of service’, says General
'EMPEROR of Europe' Macron caused his own downfall as support plummets!
David Cameron wants to be Foreign Secretary under new Tory leader - He's 'bored s***less!'
Explosion of Mickey Mouse courses and student places have led to idiocy of the first degree!
Prince Charles: I was ignored over pollution warning
Comedian Shappi Khorsandi in QT backlash over claims Brexit should be halted
ITV comedy boss dressed up as Jamal Khashoggi's executioner for Halloween party!

Thursday 1 November

Serious and organised crime 'costs UK economy £37bn a year!' 4,600 major crime gangs in UK!
TOP COP: Police must focus on burglaries and violence instead of 'hate crimes!'
It's criminal that the Met is giving up on burglars but has 900 'anti-hate experts', says ex Top Cop!
Top cop slams politicised ‘Hate Crime’ obsession, demands focus on real crime
Philip Green was 'a bully! I had to protect my staff from him!'
Tony Blair admits he did not realise how many migrants would come after EU expanded!
Peter Mandelson demonises Leave voters as 'extremists' who 'hate foreigners!'
Pensioner told by cops to investigate robbery himself KILLED was then killed by the robber!
Pervert with NO links to UK who raped a 5-year-old gets taxpayer-funded NHS treatment!
Crackdown on insurance firms who over-charge loyal policyholders £350-a-year!
Why should 9/11 terrorist walk free when my son will never come home?
Name this thief! Creep steals from Leicester shrine to Vichai!
Hate preachers like Anjem Choudary should be jailed for TREASON
Afghans, Syrians... German girls gang-raped in the hell Merkel made
Petition to stop second Brexit vote Hits 100,000 signatures!
Austria follows Trump and withdraws from UN migration treaty to preserve sovereignty
Saudi Arabia EXECUTES Indonesian maid after she killed employer trying to rape her
Killed at the Somme: Tragic fate of Kate Middleton's great uncles
LBC's far-Left snarler, James O'Brien, says right-wing patriots have no right to wear a poppy
LBC's James O'Brien - "What an absolutely vile specimen!"
Food magazine editor forced to quit after making joke about Vegans!
'You should be able to take the p*** and not lose your job!' Twitter users incensed!
Barbra Streisand: Donald Trump is making me fat!

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