Daily News - November 2007

Labour’s Favourite Think Tank Says: CHRISTMAS MUST BE DOWNGRADED!
Nick Pearce, Ben Rogers and Rick Muir think it will help race relations!
Britain Faces 30-Year Battle Against Extremism!
Extremism imported by our own MPs!
War Veteran of 91 Told: Tick the Box if You're a Lesbian!
New Labour are looking for future employees, it seems!
Migrants Putting Billions on Council Tax!
Judge Refuses to Deport Headmaster Murderer”
GP PAY: £110,000 After Another Big Pay Rise!
Serious Flaws in UK Health Care!
Key HIV Strain came from Haiti!
Councils Need More Immigrant Cash!
Labour candidate, Muhammed Afzal, has been charged with corruption
Foreign Secretary Cancels Meeting with King Abdullah!
Inquiry into Claims of Bias Against Whites!
Top Cop says: "Many (Poles) arrested for drinking and violent offences"
Girls Warned After Muslim Sex Attacker Strikes Again
Blairite slime never does!
Oops sorry! Guilty of breaching health and safety laws only
BLAIR WARS: Insulting Soldier Payout Attacked
Mustafa Jama Extradited from Somalia
For the murder of PC Sharon Beshenivsky
Old Crime Records Must be Deleted!
So we have even less chance of catching the bad guys!
Don’t Eat Bacon! You Might Get Cancer!
Labour ex-Mayor Guilty of Benefit Fraud!
John Walker and his wife Catie may well be jailed
5 Africans Deny Magic Fraud Plot
Bryan Drysdale Killed 6 Others When he Committed Suicide!
The BBC don’t tell you that Drysdale was a self-obsessed puff!
Payoff to Bug Hospital CEO Unlawful!
BLAIR WARS: Ex MI6 Boss Attacks Iraq Policy!
Probe into Housing Unfairness
Unfairness Against us that is! Trevor Philips wants to score brownie points
Northern Rock Has Borrowed £23bn of Our Money!
That’s £730 for every UK taxpayer!
Royal Mail’s CEO Pockets £999,000 in 12 Months!
Creepy Adam Crozier awarded himself a 26% pay rise!
X-Factor Slag (Black) Beats Up Girl on Video
Emily Nakanda is a name you should forget
A Continuing Anti-Foreigner Outcry Unmatched in Italy's Recent History
Giovanna Reggiani was murdered by a Rumanian
Pensioner Dies After Asian GP Just Shouted Through the Letterbox
At the end of her life, Sarah Bonner was at the mercy of Dr Brij Joshi
Bishop of Hereford Named Top Gay Hate Figure!
Rev Anthony Priddis is OK by me
Minister Used Phone Whilst Driving!
Home Office minister Liam Byrne was fined £100
Third of Hospital trusts losing Superbug Battle!
And so say all of us
Russian Ballerinas Arrested for Shoplifting!
Black Nurse Lied About his Violent Criminal Past!
Michael Sonny-Ijoma Lied About his Education
Cops Hunt Asian Sex Attacker
Out-of-Work Asians Could Boost Economy!
Yes, Babs and you could turn into a coconut if I fell in love with a monkey
Amir Khan in Court for Speeding!
Clocked at 140mph! And they always make him out to be a responsible lad!
Lewisham Has Highest Number of Registered Sex Offenders in London
Is it Cos I’s Black?
Lesbian Tennis Coach Jailed!
Pervert, Clare Lyte, sexually molested a 13-year-old girl in her care
Immigration! What’s Going on Down in Slough?
Despite guilty verdict Met chief refuses to Quit!
It’s Time to Cut Out the Rot – Starting at the Top!
The Dim Iraqi Toerag That Bush and Blair Believed!
Because they wanted to!
Mum’s Fury Over Asian Gang-Rapist’s Sentence”
Shakil Chowdhury got just 6 years for repeated gang rape of a 12-year-old Four Firemen Killed in Arson Inferno
Firemen were seen rescuing Asians. (The business had called in receivers)
DC Catherine Corbett: Mown Down in the Line of Duty!
By an Asian criminal who had been housed in an open prison!
Shahid Malik, MP, Lied!
Hunt for Meredith Kircher’s Killer!
21-year-old Meredith was murdered in Italy
Bed Blocking on the Rise Again!
Arrested After Tackling Intruder!
Girl Held at Gunpoint as Black Men Rob
Two Prison Officers held a Whip Round for Poppy Day!
And so HMP Liverpool warned Steve Baines and Paul Leigh they were in breach of prison rules!
Growing Chaos Over Immigrant Workers!
Britain Must Face Up to Immigrant Crimewave!
Plan to Move Immigrants into White Areas en Masse!
And these creeps are not at war with us?
Children and Alcohol: Britain’s Deadly Cocktail!
Raise the Age of Imprisonment Says Archbishop
That’s it. More black villains on the streets. Just what we need!
Migrants Can Enter Britain in 73 Ways!
Home Secretary, a Minister and Labour MPs Face Sleaze Probe!
Jacqui Smith, Caroline Flint et al took money from abortion group
Muslim Held After Explosives Find!
Enoch Powell was Right! Says Would-be Tory MP!
Kelly Forced to Apologise For Using Taxpayer’s Cash for Party Politics
Terrorist Traffic Warden Hid his Past!
She Fought Off 3 Black Muggers!
THEY Deny Robert’s Manslaughter!
Marcello Cipriani and Shazad Sattar are accused!
16-Year-Old Stabbed by Blacks
Terror Past of New Asian JP!
Councillor Ansar Ali Khan was arrested in 1985 for terrorist activities
Crime Suspects Swap Cells for City Flats
Big Brother UK: Cops Now Hold DNA Fingerprints of 4.5 Million Brits!
More than a Million have been added in the last 10 months
Britain’s Anti-Semitic Turn
By the Jew, Melanie Philips.
Would-be Cop Killer, Rashpal Singh, in Court
Patients Denied Intensive Care
Bank Worries Haunt Global Markets
Al Quaeda is Grooming Children to Carry Out Terror Attacks in UK!
So say Jonathan Evans, the Director General of MI5
Antisemitism Hits Students!
Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap
14-Year-Old Girl Groomed for Sex by Ugandan Muslim
Tunisian Terrorist Arrested
Migrant Workers Change Face of Rural Scotland
Human Rights is Merely a Sweetner for Rapists, Murderers and Violent Criminals!
Too Scared to Live Here Say Streatham Families
Streatham is a very BLACK area
Hairdresser Sued: She Didn't Give the Job to a Headscarfed Muslim!
Sarah Desrosiers is being sued for more than £15,000 by Bushra Noah
Jon Cooper Taylor was stabbed 130 times by Kenyan Rafiq Kashmiri
Muslim Rapist Jailed for 8 Years!
Mohammed Al-Amin raped an 18-year-old girl
Cockroach-Ridden Snack Bar Manager Fined
Manager Jitwah Singh was told to pay over £3,000 in fines and costs
Romanian Immigrant Does NOT go to Jail for Bank Card Scam!
Boutros Boutros Ghali, former UN Secretary General, gets stuck into Israel
African Asian Denounces Brown's Brit Jobs for Brit Workers Lie
Keith Vaz doesn't like the sound of that!
13-Year-Old in Court over Bonfire Death
WPCs' Lazy Stupidity Cost Colette Lynch Her Life!
The BBC doesn't mention that Colette's Murder, Percy Wright, is black!
A 70-year-old beat off 3 black muggers with her walking stick
Manfo Kwaku Asiedu Admits Being Fifth Bomber
England Picks up Bill for Asylum-Seeker Students in Scotland!
UK Orders Black Preacher Back to Kenya for Child Stealing
Gilbert Deya claimed he could give infertile couples miracle babies
Tony Blair Converting to Catholicism!
Why are we not surprised?
Meredith Kircher Murder Amanda Knox Held her down as Lumumba Diya raped her
BLAIR WARS: Another Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
The MOD Spies and the Crippled Soldiers
Anniversary Appeal to Trace David Lees' Asian Killer
Jail Terms Cut for Servicemen Theft Immigrants
Abiodun and Omowale Adepoju Abdul Malik stole from British Forces Post Office
Osama Bin Laden's Sister Flown to UK for £100,000 cancer Treatment!
Samima Malik: First Woamn Terrorist to be Found Guilty
Tory Mayor of Chemsford Suspended: Porn Enquiry Underway
Incompetent WPCs Fined Just 5 Days Pay!
Percy Wright murdered Colette Lynch. After incident 2 days before, they did not arrest him
Pervert Councillor Gets 5 Year Ban!
Kenneth Leadbeater was downloading indecent images of kiddies from the Internet
Eastern European Assaults 20-Year-Old Woman
Successful Pupils in Third World Conditions!
Washington Imam Looking to take Over America by 2050!
Asylum Seekers Racially Abuse each Other!
Mayoress Tells Rifle Regiment: Your Guns are Too Violent' for Remembrance Day!
Hilary Beach: "I am very much against guns and think they are awful"!
Poor Top Muslim Doesn't Like it Here!
Then Dr Mohammed Abdul Bari should b***er off, shouldn't he?
Middle Classes
British Pensioner Murdered in Spain
Janette May Grocutt, 74, was found dead in her own home
Cops Leave 2.3 Million Crimes Univestigated!
So now we know why Labour says crime is going down!
Warmonger Brown Refuses to Rule British Role in an Attack on Iran
Charles and Camilla Kiss Asian Bum
Volunteers an Endagered Species
Britain the Poor Relation in Europe
Britain's health-care system is a bad deal for patients here
Headmistress Attacks Celeb Culture!
Labour Coucillor let Pet Dog to Die in Agony
Paul Shotton left his family's labrador to die whilst he went on holiday Cops Hunt Dark-Skinned Eastern European Pervert
Foreigners on Trial for Manslaughter
Black Muggers Fought Off
Muslim Terrorist Now Traffic Warden in England!
16-Year-Old Stabbed by 2 Blacks!
Women Mugged and Brutalised
Immigrants to be Moved en Masse to White Housing Estates! The latest act of war against the British!
Labour Females Facing Sleaze Probe Over Money from Abortion Group!
The Home Sec, Jacqui Smith, is the top sleazebag
Animal Activists Attack ASDA for Stocking “Cruel” Halal Meat
Hastilow Out of Touch: Just Like Enoch Powell!
Worker’s Fury at Removal of Union Flag!
Opponent of mega Mosque receives Chilling Death Threat on U-Tube!
3 Quizzed Over Meredith’s Death
One of whom was “a 37-year-old Congolese immigrant”
Breast is Brainiest!
If you voted for New Labour at last election this is what you voted for
Black Rapes French Teenager
Dwayne Desa was sentenced to seven years in prison
Corner Shop Asian jailed for 33 Months
Traitor Straw calls for 10 Million Turks to be Admitted to EU!
Just to prove we can get along with Islam!
Black Musician Gets Life for Rape and Battery
Zing Predigest beat a woman with a metal bar and threatened to kill her
Black Woman Denies falling Asleep at the Wheel
Denise Williams-Yelbert killed cyclist Ian Ward
Tesco Online Infiltrated by Ghanaian Fraudster
Illegal Immigrants Still Have Security Jobs!
My Penis is a Mountain!
African is First Nurse to be Struck off for Not Washing her Hands!
Yvonne Zanele Cemane was found guilty of 6 charges of misconduct
Bangladeshi Immigrant Raped 2 Teenage Tourists
Abdullah Al Jaber raped them 6 times
73,000 British Adults Now Have HIV!
Qinetiq Privatisation Cost Taxpayers Tens of Millions!
Qinetiq's Chairman Sir John Chisholm and CEO Graham Love made more than £20m each
MURDOCH: I Decide Sun’s Politics!
Ghanaian Driver Gets Just £400 Fine for Killing Ian Ward!
No licence, no insurance, Denise Williams-Yelbert said: "I'm very sure I wasn't asleep“!
UK Promises £700 Million Aid to Uganda!
Give it to the Blair Wars soldiers and their families instead, you a***hole!
Virulent bugs are spreading from hospitals into the community!
Black Attacks Woman on Train
Man From Moss Side Rapes and Kidnaps 2 Teenagers
Moss Side is predominantly black
Morrissey refuses to live in UK Because of Immigration!
He says “England is a Memory Now”
Oxford Muslims want call to Prayer!
Top Jew school Breaks Anti-Discrimination Laws
SARKOZY WAS A MOSSAD AGENT!Since 1983 apparently
Gaffe-Prone Black Nurse Suspended
Tennyson Lansana was putting patients at risk
Home Sec: Serious Threat of Nuclear Terror Attack
So why do New Labour keep letting in all the bl**dy immigrants?
Let Nurses Give Free Cocaine to Addicts!
As opposed to smacking their behinds and sending them down the mines, that is
White People Have Less Faith in Criminal Justice System than Ethnics!
That’s because THEY care more for criminals than victims these days
Asian Revenge Mob Murdered Meshak Brown
Meshak was innocent of any crime
Asian Girlfriend Guilty of Wife Murder
Cops to Launch Donations Probe
3 Teenagers Stabbed by Gang of Blacks
The stabbed teens were white, the black gang was at least 7-strong
PC Asian Cop Jailed for 3.5 Years
Non-Green Brown Sets Out New World Vision
Military Housing to Remain Substandard for 20 Years!
Black Sexually Assaults 17-Year-Old
Black-on-Black Murder
More Blacks Wanted at Oxford
Says professional black busybody, Rev Jesse Jackson
Another White Girl Murdered by Ethnic
Zahir Ahmed is charged with murdering Clara Prokopcova
BLAIR WARS: Iraq "Contractor" Killed by Roadside Bomb!

Asian Slag Murders her Boyfriend's Wife!
Harmohinder Kaur Sanghera Sana Ali repeatedly in her own bedroom
CCTV Images of Black Armed Robber Released

This chimp has committed 7 robberies in just 3 weeks
Cheating Water Bosses Facing £20.3 Million Fine!
Women Losing Out on Heart Care!
Alcohol Disease Hits Young Hard!
17-Year-Old Asian Rapes Two!
Mohammed Ali is charged with raping them in April and May this year
78-Year-Old Patricia Prowse Died After Nurse Blunders!
PC Traitor Condemns Migration Hysteria
BNP Grandma and the "Brainwashed Society" BLUNDER, PANIC, COVER-UP!
Ministers don't know if 34,000 illegal immigrant security guards are working in the UK
Bird Flu IS Deadliest Strain!
BLAIR WARS: Soldier Took Overdose Rather Than Shoot Children
Jason Chelsea didn't want to shoot children carrying suicide bombs
Immigrant Figures Increase by 41,000
The Office for National Statistcis underestimated people leaving Britain!
Did Muslim Minister Hire Thugs to Intimidate Voters?
Muslim Women Get "Virginity-Fix" on NHS!
TB Scare: Expert Says Tighter Screening of Immigrants is Needed
Asian Councillor Found Guilty of Fraud KEEPS HIS POSITION!
Labour's Coun Ali Aqeel Salamat was convicted of falsely claiming council tax benefits
Comatose Diatbetic was Tasered by Cops!

One week before Jean Charles de Menezez was shot
"Talent will Stop Coming Through if Foreigners do Take Over"!
So says Stephen Gerrard, captain of Liverpool!
Biological Warfare Expert Feared Ending Up Like David Kelly!
Jill Dekker suffered intintimidation from MI6 and the CIA after criticising their governments!
MP Quentin Davies' Niece Slit Man's Throat
During a drugged up up sex game
This black burglar-rapist has never been caught!
Aye. There should be a World Government controlling the Melting Pot with Jews like Miliband at the top!Illegal Immigrant Demands to be Flown Home!
We Brits are rude and unfriendly, apparently!
Black Binman Sh*ts in Garden!
Dennis Daniels lied about having done so as well
520 Immigrants are Arriving in Britain Every Day!
London Firms Increasingly Hiring Abroad!
Pole-on-Pole Killing over Pink Shirt
48% of Teens Have Tried Alcohol!
BLAIR WARS: US Accused of Slaughtering Iraq Allies
Israel and Sex Trafficking
Female Soldier Dies!
Sarah Holmes was injured in Al Udeid, Qatar just days before she was due to leave
Killer Found Hanging in Cell
Desmond Wilson killed himslef after stabbing a cabbie 11 times
Council Fraudster Must Pay back £320,000!
Immigrant John Baptiste Stole £620,000 from vunerable residents and bought property in Grenada and UK Father and Son Jailed for Robbbery
Mark and Andrew Roberts are black
BLAIR WARS: Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Captain John McDermid of The Royal Highland Fusiliers, was killed by a roadside bom
Prince Charles to Visit Israel?
Yes! It's the Nativity as an asylum seekers' tale!
Why Are so Many Britons Emigrating?
MASS IMMIGRATION is causing the greatest British exodus since before WWI!
African Cop-Biter Finally Jailed

BLAIR WARS: Muslim Foster Families Needed!
Muslim kids seek asylum here to get way from Blair's war on them in Iraq and Afghanistan
Asian Implicated in Bellfield Murders!

Sunil Gharu told the Old Bailey he did not attack Irma Dragoshi or kill Amelie Delagrange
Head of Met, Ian Blair, Too Close to Labour!
Money-Grubbing New Labour Ministers Cuddle up to Nuclear!
Ian McCartney and Richard Caborn - Bought and paid for?
Now Passengers Need ID to Travel Within Britain!

Marriage: A Word We Do Not Dare Speak Under New Labour
Doctors Revolt at Anti White Bias!
MI5 Chief Did Not Quit Over 7/7
Top General: "Our Forces Cannot Go On Like This"
A Rising Note of Panic Surrounds Number 10
Blair Adds to Brown's Tension with Miliband
Aleef Bosses Jailed for Fraud
Court Orders Asian Couple to Hand Over £500,000
David Xu and his wife employed illegal immigrants at the Great Fortune restaurant in Messingham
PC Publishers Ban Dragon from Breathing Fire!

"It goes against health and safety"
Thousands of Poles Moving to Britain to Avoid National Service!
The draft dodgers face 3 years in jail if they go home!
Plaid Cymru MP Calls for Migration Debate!
Does this make Adam Price, MP, a racist?
Migrants Damage Job Security says Economist!

Professor David Blanchflower states the stone bl**ding obvious
Spotty? Fat? Drugged up? Drunk or Nuts? Live off Benefits!
None of whom cost as much as immigrants on benefit, of course
The Compensation Culture King!
Suresh Deman has collected nearly £200,000 in payouts and cost the taxpayer an estimated £1 million
Warders Wear Slippers to Avoid Waking Psycho Killers
30,000 Brits Will Die from Cold This Winter!
Government of All the Talents Turns on Gordon!
2007: Teenage Death no. 24 on London's Streets
Miliband in Israel
The re-Trial of Rickell Patterson
For the murder of Tim Smith
5-Strong Asian Gang Cosh Woman in Bet Shop Raid
African Drug Dealer is 4th Suspect in Meredith Murder
Black Thugs get 10 Year CRASBOS!

David Miliband Accused of Mounting a Campaign to 'Destabilise' Gordon Brown
Miliband is Blair's Jewish protegeee
Calls for UK to Extend Iraqi Asylum in UK!

Brown's "British Jobs for British Workers" Pledge is Bo**ocks!
Convicted Drug Dealer Will NOT be Sent Back to Jamaica!
Another Black Wanted for Meredith Murder

Asian Drug Dealers Jailed

Fazal Hussain and Mohammed Akseem were found with £200,000 worth of heroin in their car
Black Bomber Jailed Heroin Should be Prescribed says Cleric!
BLAIR WARS: UK Personnel Unlawfully Killed in Iraq
Details of 25 million Child Benefit Recipients Have Been Lost!
I wonder if it was one of this useless government's immigrant pets who lost them?
Immigration Blamed for Doubling of Hepatitis B Cases!
MP Says BNP Remembrance Wreath "Dishonours War Dead"!
Siobhain voted for war with Iraq and Afghanistan. The BNP were against these wars
Big Brother EU Set to Quiz Women on Their Sexual History!
Poppy Sellers Accused of funding Terrorism
The Ilford Recorder doesn't tell us the ethnicity of the accuser
Illegal Immigrants Fleece Taxpayer out of More than £1,000,000!
Saheed Ladega and Oluwatosin Gbadebo used 26 fake identities to carry out their benefits swindle
They Will Not Send This War Criminal Home to Face a War Trial!
Helena Brus is a Jewish Communist who signed death warrants in Poland
FLOODS: Yorkshire Water Failed to Act on Warnings!
Black Schoolgirls Found Guilty in Ghana
Yasemin Vatansever and Yatunde Diya tried to smuggle 13lbs of cocaine into Britain
THEY Just Diagnosed a Broken Arm!
And Graeme McGinn died from internal from undiagnosed internal injuries
BLAIR WARS: 2 Soldiers Killed, 2 Seriously INured in Iraq
The PC Crowd Will Make Up Any Excuse!
Council Turns Back on care for Older People!

73% of councils plan to refuse care to all whose needs are not "substantial" nsidered to be "substantial"
Hilary Clinton having a Lesbian Affair with Huma Abedin?
African Nurse Struck Off: She Would Not Wash her Hands!
Yvonne Zanele Cemane would not wash them even after touch an MRSA victim!
Muslims Training at Al Qaeda Camp in Lake District!
Malaysian Sues Britain Over Ethnic Indians' Woes!
Lawyer Waytha Moorthy wants $4 Trillion out of us!
Corrupt Black Coucillor on Trial for Benefit Fraud
Olive McIntosh-Stedman says she forgot to give details of her income
EU Wants to Scrap Labels Saying Made in Britain!

Benefit Claims by Eastern Europeans Doubles in One Year!
Inside the Ministry of Mayhem: Baseball Caps and NO QUALIFICATIONS!
Welcome to HM Revenue and Customs, the Govt. department handling your most private info!
Stabbed Woman Suffers Punctured Lung
She was stabbed by yet another of those "tanned complexion" men!
What the BBC Makes Films About
Little white girls finding peace in the Muslim community!
Black Murderer Gets Away with Manslaughter Only!
Anthony Joseph stabbed Richard Whelan to death on a bus after cops released him that day!
New Foot-and-Mouth Leak from Same Government Lab!
More Than Half of Trauma Patients Not Getting Good Care
Black on the Loose: 4 Women Mugged in a Week!
More Golliwogs Required!Not in my neck of the woods! There’s too many of them already!
Asylum-Seeking Paedophile faces Deportation
Aso Mahmud got 12 months suspended for child sex causing ABH and weapon possession
Migrants and the Murder Rate
20k Reward for James Houliston’s “dark-skinned” murderer!
17-Year-Old Boy Charged with Strangling Kellie Telesford The BBC doesn’t tell us that Kellie was a black tranvestite or that the killer is an illegal immigrant named Shanniel Hyatt
Major Fire at Olympic Games Site
Traffic Wardens Hand out Tickets During Remembrance Day Parades!
Winston Churchill Demands More Money for Armed Forces!
25 years ago we were spending 5% of our GDP on defence. Today it's down to 2.1%
Scandal of Elderly Evicted from Hospitals!
Britain is Still the Dustbin of Europe!
18-Year-Old Sara Clark Committed Suicide After She was Raped
Jagat Mawari raped her, the cops ignored her and the PC Crowd murdered her
Gay Cop Lib Dem's Choice for Mayor of London!
Brian Paddick beat Chamali Fernando and Fiyaz Mughal to the top spot!
Pole-on-Pole Murder in Barnsley!
Home Office Cover Up! 5,000 Illegal Immigrants Working for the Government!
And Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, hid the fact that they were cleared to work in Whitehall!
Minister Orders Academy Schools Probe!
2.2 million people switched off their heating last year in a bid to save money
Boy George Charged with Kidnapping Rent Boy
He could be jailed for life
Unskilled Immigration to Rise!
Council Tax to Rise Due to Cost of Child Asylum
Tory Branch Refuse to Ditch "Enoch Was Right" Candidate!
Despite PC Dave insisting that they must!
Foul Treatment of Kids by Black Mam and Dad!

African "Nurse" Did Not Know What Aspirin Was!
Nobantu Dlayiya, 61, gave wrong doses to patients and ignored bosses at a care home
You May Now Sniff the Bride!
12-Year-Old Admits Brick Attack on Child
In a decent society the sick kid turd would be flogged publicly
Heroin Should be Handed out by Prescription says Dr Kailash Chand!
Cold turkey, Doc, that's how we'd do it. Now sod off home with your silly idea
Murderer Wants Sex in Clink! Grandma With No ID Refused Alcohol by Waitrose Staff!
Hands up who thinks the bonehead who refused it was an ethnic!
Ban the Burka!

War Hero Dies as 999 Men Eat Their Tea!
Hunt on For Black Robbers
Hands up Who Thinks the Grandad Robbers Were Ethnic?
Why do the cops and the papers not say?
Did Nine Etnics Murder Thomas Blackwell?
One Denton Levi Terry Moneypenny has been charged. The cops don't tell you much, do they?
14-Year-Old groomed for Sex by Ugandan Black
Mubarak Ssali bombarded' the 14-year-old with messages before he had unlawful sex with her
Wife of Downing Street Policy Advisor Set to Land £2 Million Contract!
Lord Birt - who was criticised as a "croak-voiced Dalek" when he ran the BBC
BARCLAYS BANK: No to BNP Yes to Robert Mugabe!
Fat Cats Criticised for Excess Pay Rises AGAIN!
Illegal Immigrants Working at the Met, in Whitehall and at Ports and Airports!
The Voters Trust Cameron on Immigration?
Gay Algerian Must be Allowed to Stay!
He only thought of this ruse after 7 years!
Policeman Stabbed and Slashed by Eastern European!
A Bulgarian living in Eastbourne is now in custody
Pensioner Murdered by East European Gang!
Gangs from Albania, Kosovo and Romania are attacking British expats
Cruise Ship's Indian Waiter Jailed
Cajetan Fernandes sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl
Forget the Paedophiles! Meet Government Targets!
By solving low-level crime!
Footballer Questioned About Attack in Nightclub!
Sylvan Ebanks-Blake was arrested in Plymouth's candy Store after a doorman was attacked with a bottle
Drugs are Not the Answer for ADHD!
After Kids have been zombied with them for 20 years!
Cleared by the Home Office, that is!

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