Daily News - May 2020

Sunday 31 May

Protests escalate out of control across America! Trump vows to stop ANTIFA violence cold!
Trump blames 'ANTIFA and radical left' for violent George Floyd protests!
Samantha Shader threw a Molotov cocktail at a cop car - Now charged with attempted murder!
One Dominic Cummings witness accused of breaking Lockdown, another made up sighting! Anti-Brexit peer identified as plotter!
Mob hurling abuse at Dominic Cummings outside family home were Remainers!
The Left hate/fear Cummings because he understands working-class voters and they don't!
UK abandoned Covid-19 test/trace earlier in year - Officials could only handle 5 cases a week!
Coronavirus may have been in Europe in NOVEMBER!
I’ve signed death certificates during Covid-19. Here’s why you can’t trust the victim statistics
Mass Muslim street prayers a ‘serious Lockdown breach!’
Coronavirus: UK, Sweden absent from Greek approved tourist country list!
XANAX? Scientists identify 7 common medicines that could be used to block infection!
No deal Brexit will hurt ‘very weak’ EU more than UK!
Barnier demands UK back down or he will WALK AWAY from talks!
Hit by a crisis like no other, the Eurocrats' one wish is to teach Brexit Britain a lesson
English Channel: Illegal immigrants ‘threaten to throw their children into the water!’
BIRMINGHAM: Man fights for life after a gunman broke into his home and shot him '8 times!'
Teenagers stabbed as violence erupts on Wolverhampton street
Met Police are accused of surrendering to criminals by 'backing off' in lawless area of London!
Benefit cheats caught stealing from the taxpayer
15 convicted terrorists have refused to take part in de-radicalisation scheme since 2018!
Knife anarchy returns to London as three people are stabbed near Hyde Park!
‘Six shots’ heard on Sheffield road - Asians flee the scene!
Romanian scum! Beckoned in by traitors, rewarded by the Global Elite!
Met Police are accused of surrendering to criminals by 'backing off' in lawless area of London!
SWEDEN: Trial of man accused of sex crimes against 19 women!
USA: FBI say Brittanee Drexel, 17, was beaten, gang-raped, shot and fed to alligators!
USA: Black cop knocks out black woman beating up white cop!
Biden staff donate to group that pays bail in riot-torn Minneapolis!
Vatican denounces rising anti-Christian hate crimes in Europe!
Reuters smears ‘anti-Greta’ Naomi with fake news fact check!
Bill Gates gives millions to MSM to laud his aims! The NYT does it for FREE!

Saturday 30 May

Thames Valley Police want to hire 183 diverse (not British) officers!
Tucker Carlson on the riots, the media, the cops and "sweaty politicians!"
George Floyd protests - Violence erupts across the United States!
The apocalyptic virus that would make COVID-19 seem irrelevant!
‘Unmitigated disaster!’ UK suffers highest rate of excess deaths per million in the world!
Theresa May says Dominic Cummings 'did not follow the spirit' of lockdown rules
Black folks in England are 3.4 times more likely to contract Covid-19 than white Britons!
Big companies tap funds aimed at saving jobs while plotting to fire thousands!
Government ignored its own coronavirus experts on the risks of reopening shops and schools!
BBC brings in Social Media bias-checker after Maitlis' anti-Cummings rant!
Whistleblower exposes 'test and trace' shambles!
Norway and Denmark BAN Swedish tourists as they re-open their borders!
Donald Trump 'terminates relationship' with the World Health Organisation!
Lib Dem leader says ‘delaying Brexit by two years is just common sense!’
'Barnier has head in the sand!' EU warned as Brexit trade talks near disastrous collapse!
Barnier lashes out in spiteful rant claiming Brits 'struggling to accept' Brexit reality!
Brexit outrage: Emmanuel Macron's plot to 'keep UK in customs union' exposed!
Far-Left extremists arrested while attempting to bomb home of former Greek Minister!
Nearly 90% of Belgian population growth due to migration in 2019!
Police investigate human trafficking, slavery of Romanian fruit pickers!
Ruthless clampdown on Hong Kong? Beijing wants a life-and-death battle with the West!
UK will increase visa rights for Hong Kongers if China issues crackdown!
Fears of total war as China repeats threat to INVADE neighbouring Taiwan!
4 YEARS? Aqeel Ahmed mows down stranger at petrol station then attacks him with crowbar!
Derby student kicked in the head as four men steal his £500 scooter!
USA: Drug dealer Shomari Legghette on trial for murder of Cmdr. Paul Bauer
USA: Tony Tempa (white) killed by cops
Teenagers stabbed as violence erupts on Wolverhampton street
Pervert cop eight years for grooming two girls aged 13 and 15!
Jeffrey Epstein's ex-butler says Prince Andrew 'maybe has something to hide!'

Friday 29 May

INVITING RACE WAR? Glaring anomalies, obvious agendas in the case of George Floyd!
Xi Jinping to Chinese military: ‘It is necessary to prepare for war!’
KATIE HOPKINS: COME ON IN! 70 years of in-your-face treachery! Revolution anyone?
8,500 immigrant criminals who should have been kicked out of UK are back on the streets!
Who is big tech’s ‘arbiter of truth’? More than ever, It’s a corrupt, Orwellian Wikipedia!
Trump ensures taxpayer dollars don't go to social media giants unfairly repressing free speech!
Trump says he'd 'shut down Twitter if he could! Signs order against 'anti-conservative bias!'
Biased head of Twitter's 'Site Integrity' called Trump 'racist tangerine' and his admin, 'Nazis!'
Fires rage across Minneapolis in George Floyd protests!
MINNEAPOLIS: Trump says: "When the looting starts, the shooting starts!"
Cardi B: Minnesota’s protesters left with ‘no choice’ but to loot!
Hollywood actress (White): “They want a race war. We’ll give them a race war!” Frances Fisher also said: “I’m with #BlackLivesMatter. We will win!”
CLOWNWORLD: Madonna proudly posts tweet of adopted son who dances for George!
Tucker Carlson on Ilhan Omar: "A living fire alarm" on the dangers of immigration!
US Department of Education says transgender athletes violate women’s rights!
POLAND: IKEA store manager charged for firing Christian employee over LGBT remarks!
3.7 million people in England may have ALREADY have COVID-19?
Health officials' plans to lock down care homes at virus' peak were rejected by Hancock and co!
Merkel backs ‘accomplished’ EU for global role in Coronavirus crisis!
CDC says possibly 'less than half' of positive antibody tests are correct!
Tory MP admits to taking train 225 miles from London while showing signs of coronavirus!
ISIS says coronavirus is 'God's divine punishment' - They are happy it hit their enemies!
Ian Blackford under fire after travelling 600 miles to Skye DURING coronavirus lockdown!
Cummingsgate — BBC bias is beyond a joke!
Biased, sneering, using BBC as a megaphone, Emily Maitlis forces bosses to apologise for her!
Now who should be sacked? BBC gets 18,000 complaints over Maitlis' Cummings rant!
BBC BIAS! No apology from Maitlis for anti-Cummings rant!
Man out walking is ‘stoned to death’ at Lullington Castle in Kent!
Army vet, 86, and wife, 85, executed by Sheldon C. Francis while visiting their son's grave!
Four more women accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault
German brothel operator files lawsuit over Coronavirus restrictions!
Jay and Lauren decided to bicycle around the world - ISIS types stabbed them to death!
Mum died after hospital staff gave her a paracetamol overdose - No one told her family!
Farage predicts ‘massive influx’ of immigrants before Brexit!

Thursday 28 May

Jeffrey Epstein: Surveillance cameras hidden throughout properties to blackmail powerful pals!
Switzerland halts rollout of 5G over health concerns!
Donald Trump threatens regulation or shutdown of social media companies!
Trump will sign 'social media' closure order for censoring conservatives!
BBC presenter calls Dominic Cummings 'a d*ck' live on air!
Emily Maitlis replaced for Newsnight episode after Cummings remarks!
Maitlis gone from Newsnight after BBC says Cummings harangue breaches impartiality rules
Newsnight's anti-Cummings rant exposes the BBC's true partisan colours
BBC bias exposed as broadcaster 'admits it's a left-wing operation!'
Twitter has not fact-checked Adam Schiff’s false claims of ‘Russian collusion!’
8 lies by Joe Biden and the Left that Twitter didn’t ‘fact check!’
Kathy Griffin says Trump being stabbed with a syringe full of air would ‘do the trick!’
The lack of evidence lockdowns actually worked is a world scandal
Suleman, Manzoor, Hussain, Uthman, Satias and Chapman charged with murder of Aya Hachem!
Jessica Hannah, 14, died from 'ecstasy overdose' at lockdown house party! Police officers discouraged child rape victim from reporting attack!
ISIS supporter pleads guilty to St. Paul’s Cathedral bomb plot
USA: Looter shot dead by shop owner - Stores ransacked, torched at George Floyd protest!
Illegal deforestation wiped out 1,900 soccer fields of Amazon rainforest every DAY in 2019!
Croatian capital replaces Pride flags with pro-life banners!
World Health Org says tots should learn about masturbation and ‘explore gender identities!’

Wednesday 27 May

GSK whistleblower says CV19 vaccine contains chemicals that will sterilise us!
Twitter's gay, Jewish Head of Site Integrity/Election Security tweets: “Nazis in the White House!”
TRUMP says Twitter is completely stifling FREE SPEECH and I, as President, will not allow it!
Twitter gave Donald Trump tweets a ‘fact-check’ warning and he got angry!
They’re planning your future without your consent!
One in five English people believe COVID-19 is a Jewish conspiracy - JERUSALEM POST
COVID-19: This GlaxoSmithKein man says we should understand the difference - He's right!
Coronavirus was very likely man-made says top scientist!
Experts sound warning of biological terror in wake of Coronavirus!
Police break up ‘lockdown-breaching 40th birthday party’ at home of Welsh Tory MP!
Trolls who whipped up lockdown frustrations to blame for anti-Dominic Cummings mob!
Don’t believe for a second that the Dominic Cummings scandal is not politically-motivated!
FARAGE: Remainers want Cummings out as excuse to delay Brexit!
Brexit proxy wars: Remain-supporting junior Minister resigns from Boris government!
EU civil war erupts! Fury as Barnier poised to surrender to UK on Brexit deal!
Rhys Jones's murderer pictured for first time since he was jailed for killing 11-year-old in 2007!
Maron Gebru tricked his way into terrified pensioner's flat, kissed her and exposed himself!
SON OF COPS! Max Coopey killed two high on drugs and served just over a week in jail!
IRELAND: Ghanaians get 9 years for raping woman!
German court convicts Tunisian Islamist migrant of ricin bio-terror plot!
How 21 Chinese cockle pickers lost their lives at the hands of ruthless gangmasters!
Another 80 invaders picked up in 7 boats! (1,600 have crossed English Channel so far this year)
Salvini migrant trial postponed after leaked chats!
Planned Parenthood and secret abortions for teens!
"Feminist" support for abortion endangers women!

Tuesday 26 May

500 Russian intellectuals, scholars, academics and politicians condemn Jewish Supremacism!
Netanyahu appears in Israeli court charged with corruption!
Ehud Olmert: Netanyahu will go to prison for many years!
Netanyahu's victim mentality...
Bibi, Trump, Assad, Saddam and Fink’s Bar!
As Americans lose their jobs, Senate will give Israel at least $38 billion over 10 years!
Labour MP fired for ‘British Pakistani men raping white girls’ truths joins grooming review!
29 FEB, 2019 article: "Human error in high-biocontainment labs: a likely pandemic threat!"
US billionaires increase net worth by $434 billion during Coronavirus Lockdown!
Plaguing Cummings on breaching Covid rules, journalists flagrantly break Covid rules!
COVID-19 - CDC confirms remarkably low death rate - Media ignores
This attempt to destroy Dominic Cummings has failed
Gene fault linked to dementia doubles severe coronavirus risk!
Irish taoiseach Leo Varadkar denies picnic with friends was Covid-19 rule breach
Gene fault linked to dementia doubles severe coronavirus risk!
USA: Black coronavirus patients hospitalised at 3 times the rate of White/Hispanic/Asian!
China's coronavirus cover-up! Situation 'far worse than it appears!'
War criminal Alastair Campbell explodes at Dominic Cummings in Sky News rant!
Andrew Bridgen on political and media corruption!
#BooForBoris! Lefties organise two minutes of hate!
Civil Servant says BORIS is “arrogant and offensive!” “Truth twisters!” (Impartial?)
Bill Clinton was seen with Jeffrey Epstein on his Caribbean island!
Clacton stabbing: Police swarm to Essex seafront in Bank Holiday horror as violence erupts!
Mosques across Britain could sound the call to prayer through loudspeakers!

Monday 25 May

Dominic Cummings squashed plan to delay real Brexit concocted while he and PM had Covid-19!
Andrew Bridgen on political and media corruption!
REEDLEY: 13-year-old boy attacked by "5 Asian males" who stole his dead father's bike!
Everything we know about Aya Hachem's drive-by killing
Killer found dead in cell after he was jailed for beating angler to death with a plank!
Dimitris Aspiotis, who raped 7 British holidaymakers, fractured his back fleeing Corfu police!
Milton Keynes drug dealer (Somali origin) employs local kids makes 5 figure weekly profit!
Afghan tried to sneak into EU using pro-migration activist’s passport!
BRUSSELS: No-go zone ‘youths’ spit on Police car door handles to spread virus!
Were there 1,000 victims of the Post Office scandal?
In 2019, a record 677,000 people migrated into the UK! (407,000 people left)
“Smart” guillotines placed in FEMA internment camps?
Should religious slaughter be banned in the UK?
Waves of 'child migrants' landing in Dover ‘unsustainable’ says local Council leader!
Huge growth of pro-migration NGOs with millions in revenue!
130 people claim they're Epstein's children and entitled to share paedo's $635 million estate!
Mosques across Britain could sound the call to prayer through loudspeakers!
“Hitler’s Pope” or “Righteous among the Gentiles?”
Pope Francis ranked among this year’s 50 most prominent Jews
In 2013, US Jewish magazine, The Forward, included the Pope in list of 50 most prominent Jews!

Sunday 24 May

Vasilios Ofogeli, 17, stabbed Andre Bent (he died) and 3 others outside Maidstone nightclub!
HAMPSHIRE: Body of Louise Smith, 16, found in woods!
Burglars suspected of torturing Portuguese rapper Mota Jr to death are now in UK!
Five Rwandan genocide savages live openly in Britain? Four on state welfare?
Cops missed chances to catch paedo takeaway boss! Victims' complaints went unheard!
Pakistani grooming gang rapists should be deported as a ‘matter of urgency,’ says MP!
Judge blasts Haringey social workers who exposed boys to known paedophile!
SWEDEN: Immigrant charged with rape of 3-year-old!
Marks & Spencer's transgender policy 'puts women and girls at risk!'
Swedish virus deaths ‘catastrophically high!’ Herd immunity nowhere!
FARAGE: UK Government ‘dithered’ as flights from infected countries poured in!
Are more men dying from coronavirus because of testosterone?
PM call with Bill and Melinda Gates: 19 May 2020!
JP Morgan: Lockdown failed to alter course of pandemic! Now destroying livelihoods worldwide!
40% in England think China purposely created Coronavirus as a bio-weapon to destroy the West!
The real Covid-19 death toll across Europe!
‘Pick For Britain’ farm recruiter lists ‘Romanian or Bulgarian’ fluency as job requirement!
German police confronted by 200 no-go zone residents while making arrest
Former Border Force boss says boat migration is a ‘major threat’, Australia-style patrols needed!
George Soros proposes debt with no end date to save divided EU!
Joe Biden campaign’s Symone Sanders says: ‘You ain’t Black’ was said ‘in jest!
JOE BIDEN: What do jailbirds have in common? ‘Can’t read,' no 'job skills!'
“Smart” guillotines placed in FEMA internment camps?
Should religious slaughter be banned in the UK?
Matt Hancock wishes 'everyone celebrating Eid a blessed #EidMubarak!'
For world's largest Muslim country, a virus-disrupted and bittersweet Eid!
Dutch court rules grandma must delete photos of her grandchildren after posting on Facebook!
Sadiq Khan is a showboating mediocrity. London deserves better
Disney unveils first gay main character in short film ‘Out!’

Saturday 23 May

Albanian immigrant charged with murder of 7-year-old Emily Jones!
UK: Greater Manchester deputy mayor calls for grooming gang to be deported
Barrow 'Asian' grooming gang investigation finds 'no evidence!' (Surprise!)
Satanic ritual abuse survivor reveals murder, torture and horrific sexual abuse in London!
Attorney General Suella Braverman and her religious sect mired in sex abuse scandal!
How Italy defeated COVID-19 and cured 14, 000 patients a day! ASPIRIN?
COVID-19: 'Reduce the inflammatory cytokine potential with anticoagulant treatment?' ASPIRIN?
LOCKDOWN hasn't altered the course of Coronavirus but has devastated global economy!
Suicide killing more in California than coronavirus warn doctors!
Covid-19 proves we urgently need a new quango bonfire, starting with Public Health England!
Kawasaki disease now affecting ADULTS as well as children!
'Other countries are moving away from quarantines, so why is the UK adopting one?'
Boris orders China be cut from the UK's 5G infrastructure as soon as possible!
We agreed to a lockdown, not a tyranny of pointless secrets! Tell us what's happening - now!
The PM's real problem with his ministers is not gender balance, but their calibre!
Who runs Britain? teachers hold Ministers to ransom
It's all over! EU will call UK's bluff and prepare for no deal Brexit!
Doctors push for ‘Climate Change’ to be recorded on death certificates!
French police raid far-left ANTIFA bomb factory HQ?
Iran’s Khamenei calls Israel a ‘cancerous tumor’ that must be eliminated!
B&Q will stop selling weedkiller Roundup after cancer link discovered!
Dean of Christ Church, Oxford, 'little Hitler,' complained about his £90,900 salary!
Joe Biden says black people who vote for Donald Trump 'ain't black!'
Tom Watson's £20,000 fiesta of freebies!

Friday 22 May

Matt Hancock hints COVID-19 vaaccinations could be made COMPULSORY!
Matt Hancock job 'is on the line' - OK by me!
COVID-19 Crisis: UK 'prepares to seek Brexit transition extension!' (You better f***ing not, BoJo!)
Boris has gone from hero to zero in record time, says FREDERICK FORSYTH!
17% of people in London have ALREADY had coronavirus - but just 5% in rest of UK!
Care home owner says he was forced to take in sick Coronavirus patients!
COVID-19: 59% of adults in England think the government is misleading the public!
COVID-19: 59% of adults in England think the government is misleading the public!
UK follows Trump’s Lead! 10,000 health workers to trial Hydroxychloroquine!
Trump LOSING to Biden in key states? (BULLSH*T!)
Sturgeon savaged for risking Scots' lives simply to oppose Boris!
Tens of thousands of coronavirus tests have been double-counted, officials admit
The forgotten Hong Kong flu pandemic of 1968 has lessons for today!
Loneliness can kill! Living in isolation can increase the risk of dying early by almost 50%!
Sweden's EU Commissioner says Europe would be ‘poorer’ without mass migration!
Barnier doesn’t like Britain’s ‘tone’, rejects calls for a better trade deal!
282,000 more non-EU citizens came to the UK than left in 2019! Highest in 45 years!
Milton Keynes family of 10 condemn council! Their 5 bedroom home isn't big enough!
We contacted France regarding its military/paramilitary ship behaviour - No response!
FARAGE: French Navy coordinates with UK authorities totransfer boat migrants to England
27 men arrested for alleged child sexual exploitation in Bradford!
Mum of woman stabbed to death in front of her 13-year-old daughter brands killer a 'monster!'
Parole board deems Jamaican savage who raped, broke ribs of pensioner ‘suitable for release!’
Khan’s London: Woman kidnapped and raped by fake Uber Driver, Mohammed Awais!
ILFORD: Man stabbed in front of horrified shoppers inside supermarket!
Detroit police make arrest after video of elder abuse goes viral!
Armed with rifle and filming attack, Armando Hernandez shoots at least 3 at Arizona mall!
DERSHOWITZ: Defender of child sex trafficker Epstein supports forced vaccinations!
Washington State loses "hundreds of millions" to Nigerian unemployment claims fraud scheme!
Russia will be one-third Muslim in 15 years, says Chief Mufti!
Theatre stands on the brink of ruin!

Thursday 21 May

Cut in half and stuffed in 2 suitcases! Mahesh Sorathiya charged with assisting Gareeca Gordon!
WIGAN: Melissa Belshaw stabbed to death - Man who tried to save her in serious condition!
Aya Hachem murder: Feroz, Suhayl and Nadeem Suleman and three others arrested!
Judge condemns Haringey Council's history of failings that led to torture, abuse, child murder!
With an AR-15 and filming on Snapchat, Armando Hernandez shot at least 3 at Arizona mall!
Police arrest 28 to stop immigrant gang war in Paris suburbs!
Far-Left anarchists connected to Athens arson attacks?
UK slams EU’s ‘low-quality’ deal that no ‘democratic country could sign!’
UK's frontline health workers to be given Trump's anti-Covid 19 drug hydroxychloroquine!
Coronavirus rages on! Worst day yet as WHO records 106,000 new cases around world!
Shunning Lockdown, Sweden now has, per capita, highest number of COVID-19 deaths in world!
Britain faces surge in alcohol-related health problems following coronavirus pandemic!
If there were more scientists in the Cabinet, they might not swallow every word the boffins say!
Tory government makes all adults in England organ donors unless they object!
Macron’s party loses parliamentary majority; Le Pen calls for new elections
Media, NGOs outraged as Hungary defines sex truthfully - It's biological!
'This is a warning!' China announces new checks on Australia's iron ore!
Leftie Steve Coogan furloughs gardener/housekeeper at £4m mansion! Taxpayers pay 80%!

Wednesday 20 May

Government forced to publish report on ethnicity of rape gangs after public pressure! RESULT!
Children sent to live with convicted paedophile! A new low for our secret courts!
Johnson and Johnson faces 19,400 lawsuits alleging baby powder has caused ovarian cancer!
Albanian immigrant, Eltiona Skana, charged with murder of 7-year-old Emily Jones
Phoenix Netts - 'A lovely, sweet-natured girl' dismembered by Jamaican immigrant!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Shot dead on his own doorstep - A case of mistaken identity!
CRAWLEY: Bomb squad called as police recover haul of guns!
LABOUR: Kate Osamor, Diane Abbott, Cllr Samata Khatoon see criminal offspring convicted!
Schools are now setting 'transgender pornography'/'hardcore pornography’ homework?
UK: Nine million attempts to view child abuse online in one month of lockdown!
Are care homes the dark side of Sweden’s coronavirus strategy?
Across the world, figures reveal horrific toll of care home deaths
Care home leaders launch blistering attack over handling of Covid-19 and preventable deaths!
This whole corridor is dead’: Europe’s coronavirus care home disaster!
England reports far fewer COVID-19 deaths in care homes than European states!
COVID-19 kills 1.04% of all cases!10 TIMES deadlier than flu! 4.65m Brits infected!
Therese Coffey, MP, blames government coronavirus blunders on 'wrong' science advice!
Was Lockdown necessary? The Chief Medical Officer thinks not?
Diabetics make up a third of England's COVID-19 hospital deaths
Ministers defend handling of care home deaths as cases soar 50%!
Keir Starmer may be smarter, but he is just as much of an out of touch Leftie as Corbyn
Donald Trump slams Nancy Pelosi as 'sick' and doubles down on hydroxychloroquine!
Growing number of councils, mainly run by Labour, dismiss plans to reopen schools next month!
Number of foreign-born workers hits record high in post Brexit Britain!
Migration Watch, Farage warn Boris immigration bill May increase migrant influx!
Farage criticises government for being ‘all over the place’ on Quarantine!
Twilight star Gregory Tyree Boyce and girlfriend were 'known to do cocaine and meth!'
KABUL: ISIS gunmen kill at least 14 people, including two newborn babies!
Two nights of fresh riots in French town!

Tuesday 19 May

A 1,000-capacity mega-mosque in Piccadilly Circus? THERE WILL BE BLOOD!
Nobel Prize-winning economist, Paul Romer, says: TEST EVERYONE! Every two months!
Pelosi calls Trump 'morbidly obese' and says hydroxychloroquine is a bad idea!
Trump says he takes hydroxychloroquine to prevent coronavirus infection!
Fauci says it's ‘possible’ that Americans will be forced to carry ‘certificates of immunity!’
A quarter of Covid victims who die have diabetes!
Covidiots dance and drink inside a basketball court, ignoring social distancing rules!
No coronavirus spike found after re-opening schools in 22 EU countries
Britain faces a mental health crisis like no other!
Men arrested in investigation into shooting of Blackburn woman
Man arrested in connection with death of Aya Hachem (video)
SAVAGE! Youth worker reveals horrific stab wounds inflicted by 'immature egotist' boyfriend!
BRADFORD: Yazmin Ali and Mohammed Hussain jailed for raping woman lured back to their flat!
TEXAS: 80-year-old Rosalie Cook stabbed stabbed to death by a career criminal out on bail!
Swedish girl, 17, decapitated by Iraqi-born boyfriend after she broke up with him!
Twilight star Gregory Tyree Boyce and girlfriend found dead at their Las Vegas condo!
P.I.E. member, Herman Spielman, (a Jewish refugee) and Lord Bingham!
Brexit could spark 'domino effect' as entire EU at risk of collapse!
Cancel Culture! Virtual LGBT Pride event shut down - Organiser supported Brexit!
Parliament demands Boris government answer grooming gangs petition!

Monday 18 May

Britain faces a mental health crisis like no other!
BODY IN SUITCASE: Jamaican Gareeca Gordon charged with murder of young woman!
MIDDLESBOROUGH: James Stokoe stabbed to death in front of his son!
19-year-old woman shot dead in Blackburn!
USA: ANTIFA mag 'Commune' shut down after Editor, Shyam P. Khanna, accused of rape!
Kelvin Edwards charged with attempted murder for unprovoked machete attack on couple!
Lefties care more about racist comments than they do about murder?
Israeli convicted of murdering 3 members of Palestinian family in 2015 arson!
Pakistan: judges rule it’s OK to rape Christian girls!
Derbyshire top cop (used drones to spy on dog walkers) retires after personal conduct probe!
MIND charity worker bullied out of job after reporting colleagues for mocking disabled woman!
1,064 illegal immigrants arrived in the UK in small boats since lockdown!
Germany’s Bild newspaper says ‘Lockdown was a huge mistake!’
WHO under major pressure as China fights coronavirus inquiry!
Risk of spreading coronavirus between teachers and children in schools 'extremely low?'
Care homes face cash crisis as families take relatives home after 22,000 residents die!
EU is set to BACK DOWN in the row over fishing rights after Brexit?
Edward Heath LIED over EU entry! Damning letter exposes this!
WHO under major pressure as China fights coronavirus inquiry!
Benjamin Netanyahu says he will push ahead with plans to annex parts of occupied West Bank!
Ricky Gervais wants celebrities banned from the New Year Honours List!
Lenny Henry says girls wouldn't dance with him as a young man because he was black!

Sunday 17 May

HOW TO KILL OFF THE OLD! 'We were used as a dumping ground!' Care home closes after 15 residents die of coronavirus! It was pressured to take untested patients to 'free up hospital beds!'
How New York turned nursing homes into ‘slaughter houses!’
'Coronavirus did NOT come from animals in Wuhan market!'
One in three patients who fall severely ill with coronavirus develop deadly blood clots!
SOUTHEND: Carer Mohammed Bari jailed for vile sexual abuse of vulnerable man!
BRITAIN set to publish documents revealing EU threats made during Brexit negotiations!
Poland labels Sweden’s Coronavirus policy ‘Darwinian!’
Email leaks show experts slamming Swedish government for not taking virus seriously enough!
Why DID so many athletes fall sick in Wuhan in October?
Britain's wealthiest tycoons furlough staff despite being worth £60billion!
Coronavirus could 'burn out naturally' so vaccine isn't needed, says former WHO Director!
Private pupils have full timetables - 700,000 state pupils get NO home schooling at all!
Delingpole confronted by police at anti-Lockdown rally!
Cops launch sex assault appeal after lorry driver kisses a pensioner on the cheek for helping him!
Macron backlash! French leader confronted by furious doctors 'We are the shame of Europe!'
Top Cop, Eddie Wylie, makes 480-MILE round trip to second home during lockdown!
DENVER: Cornelius Haney, who was freed early because of COVID-19, murdered Heather Perry
Vagnei Colubali, Muhammad Jalloh and a 16-year-old charged with murder of David Gomoh
LEEDS: 15-year-old stabbed man trying to stop thieves stealing son's bike 3 times
Ibrahim Khan gets eight years after dousing childhood friend in half a litre of sulphuric acid!
Rwandan genocide savage, Felicien Kabuga, found living in Paris!
PARIS: Police arrest Africa's most wanted man!
Corbyn refuses to criticise Muslim paedophiles!
Prince Andrew and ANOTHER sex slave!
Shameless arch-Remainers launch shock Brexit plot! Barnier urged to act
Man of the people? Labour leader owns 7 acres of land in Surrey worth £10m!
OBAMA to 2020 Graduates: ‘The old ways of doing things just don't work!’
Attorney General Eric Holder created a highly politicised Justice Department that would steer investigations away from Democrats and onto President Trump et al.
Hungarian government sounds alarm on Facebook’s ‘Soros Oversight Board!’
EU Court tells Hungary to release migrants in border transit zone detention!
G. Edward Griffin interview with Sacha Stone - Usury/censorship!
Michelle Malkin on Social media censorship!
Piers Morgan faces GMB sacking as petition hits 50,000 signatures amid Ofcom complaints!

Saturday 16 May 2020

Attorney General Eric Holder created a highly politicised Justice Department that would steer investigations away from Democrats and onto President Trump et al.
Way to treat your baby, lady! What kind of politician would import and promote such folk? OURS!
The BBC has appointed, Fatima Salaria, a Muslim to take charge of religious programming!
"Is there something darker here like population control, eugenics?" Dr. Mikovitz explains...
Chief Prosecutor appalled! Child rapists back in Rochdale despite Home Office promise to deport!
COVID-19 - Italian MP, Sara Cunial, blows the whistle!
Italian MP: Charge Bill Gates with ‘Crimes Against Humanity!’
BMJ - UK’s public health response to COVID-19 - Too little, too late, too flawed!
500,000 on brink of homelessness because of pandemic, councils warn
Government faces legal action over refusal to publish Sage minutes!
COVID-19 reproduction rate creeps back up to point where it could spiral back out of control!
No checks on illegal BA holidaymakers as thousands arrive every day!
Dr. Russell Blaylock says face masks create serious health risks for the wearer!
Labour Party apologises for posting blody pics of Boris, Gove and Hancock on Facebook!
Already on the cusp before Coronavirus, Germany enters recession!
Germany declares burning EU flag a HATE CRIME punishable by 3 years in prison!
Brexit? What Brexit? EU threatens legal action against UK for not following migration rules!
EU nations set to be 'crippled' without access to UK waters post-Brexit!
WIDDECOMBE: Supertrawler fiasco shows why UK MUST quit EU on 31 December!
Hungary says EU is facing the ‘greatest crisis in its history!’
Finland busts trafficking ring that smuggled immigrants into UK for €8,000!
Ramadan in Nigeria: Muslims murder 23 Christians!
Congress passes Pelosi’s $3 trillion Coronavirus Bill!
Democrat's ‘$3 trillion giveaway’ will ‘make ballot harvesting legal for whole country!’
RICHARD MADELEY: There are devils walking among us!
Lady Montagu says Meghan Markle has 'Americanised' Prince Harry in less than two years!
The making of Prince Charmless! ‘Baby Grumpling’ Andrew was indulged at every turn!

Friday 15 May

LEST WE FORGET! 64,157 people died in January, 2018 - Killer flu outbreak blamed!
Adil Khan was supposed to be deported - A victim bumped into him in ASDA!
Afghan immigrant prosecuted for raping underage Swedish girl!
Afghan immigrant confesses to murder of French pro-immigration activist!
FRANCE: President of pro-migration association murdered after accommodating Afghan migrant
Boris flies in immigrants from Greece despite pandemic!
WHO says kids under 4 should fet masturbation and 'right to explore gender identities' info!
Tory MPs want ‘dangerous’ dependence on Communist China reduced!
Scientists are now saying 6.5 million people in England have had Coronavirus?
Ministers were 'warned of sustained coronavirus transmission' weeks before care homes were told residents would not be infected!
Coronavirus: Soros-funded NGO demands $1,200 for every illegal immigrant from US taxpayers
Second more deadly wave of coronavirus 'to hit Europe this winter?'
FRANCE and Spain report no instances of herd immunity to coronavirus in their populations!
CORONAVIRUS: The people we were!
Pennsylvania's transgender Health Secretary, Rachel Levine, and Stare's care home scandal!
KHAN CAVES! London Mayor hands significant control of transport to Govt after £1.6bn bailout!
German intelligence exposes Muslim Brotherhood’s plan to undermine Germany
Selfish Germany is dynamiting the eurozone!
Dithering, buck-passing Mayor's failure to protect workers/passengers an absolute disgrace!
We hear of illegal immigrants coming over by boat - Some are rich enough to come by plane!
Beating your wife honours her! Who knew?
Brussels tells UK it must honour EU free-movement rules

Thursday 14 May

Hillary’s massive 2016 meltdown “If that f***ing bastard wins, we all hang from nooses!”
Islamic authorities say child sex abuse in Muslim community is 'under-reported!'
SWEDEN: Immigrant Kurd murdered 17-year-old Wilma Andersson and chopped her up!
Teenager linked to beating of 15-year-old girl, theft of her Air Jordans shot dead!
England star Dele Alli 'thumped in the face' and held at knifepoint during burglary at his home!
Keir Starmer accuses Boris Johnson of a coronavirus cover-up!
After Starmer skewering, Hunt slams BoJo over failure to test before returning patients to care!
ONS survey reveals 148,000 people in England had COVID-19 in the past two weeks!
CORONAVIRUS! Italian hospital sees 30-FOLD increase in kids with rare inflammatory condition!
Male coronavirus patients with low testosterone are MORE likely to die from COVID-19!
Minister tries to pass the buck on care home deaths at daily briefing!
Hasidic Jews ignore social distancing rules during coronavirus lockdown as hundreds gather!
Greta Thunberg added to CNN’s expert coronavirus panel! Twitter erupts...
VACCINE! Government scientists want every Brit given a flu jab!
Labour's Dawn Butler claimed expenses for a Jacuzzi in her North London second home!
Labour MP Cat Smith claims for London flat six miles from husband's home
2018: Forget Corbyn, the real Marxists in Labour were the BLAIRITES!
Unionists call for inquiry into Gerry Adams' activities during The Troubles
Varadkar shamed: Irish leader under fire over 'ridiculous' plot to cling to power
Rand Paul: "Vice President Biden guilty of using Government to go after a political opponent!"
Doctor Jan Karbaat, the man who may have secretly fathered 200 children!

Wednesday 13 May

John Brennan suppressed intel saying Russia wanted Hillary Clinton to win!
Tucker Carlson on OBAMAGATE: The origins of the Russia conspiracy hoax!
Flynn’s lawyer says Obama was part of conspiracy to entrap former National Security Advisor!
YouTube CEO admits users don’t like boosting of mainstream media, but they do it anyway!
Twitter to censor COVID-19 ‘conspiracy theories’ with warnings!
FBI 'accidentally' releases name of Saudi official suspected of directing support for 9/11 attack!
Chelsea Clinton on board of Trustees of Bill Gates/George Soros contact-tracing group!
Travis Lewis murdered Martha's mum and cousin in 1996 - He murdered her in 2020!
German Court rejects appeal by Iraqi who raped and murdered teenage girl!
Newborn babies and mothers killed as gunmen storm Afghanistan maternity ward!
Diane Abbott wants BAME unity against white people?
Keir Starmer is a Muslim now? Or is he just after their votes? #RamadanatHome
FREXIT RISING! Damning poll shows French euroscepticism now higher than in UK!
'There is so much death... it's horrific!' The scandalous state of our care homes!
At least 20,000 killed by coronavirus in care homes across England and Wales!
Another 30,000 Brits could die from coronavirus if the vulnerable are not protected?
Coronavirus - OXFORD UNIVERSITY's over-50s drug trial starts recruiting!
CIA thinks China pressured WHO to downplay risk of COVID-19 as it hoarded medical supplies!
European Commission to call for a return to open borders during pandemic!
Critics pile in on Professor Lockdown’s dodgy dossier!
China is using the Covid crisis to bully Europe!
Germany’s daily coronavirus cases nearly TRIPLE!
Trump halts plans to invest U.S. Federal retirement funds in Chinese companies!
Holiday firms bullying customers into handing over thousands for trips about to be cancelled?
Back to work! Commuters pack onto Tube/trains but social distancing proves IMPOSSIBLE!
Workers install 5G mast disguised as tree during lockdown?
Salvini slams Italian Government for giving publicity and cash to terrorist group!

Tuesday 12 May

Benjamin Netanyahu suggests micro-chipping kids!
Diane Abbott claims “white people love playing divide and rule” - AGAIN!
Branson threatened to slash investment in post-Brexit Britain!
French former Europe Minister admit Brussels is ‘in danger of death!’
CHAIN MIGRATION! Tories make deal with Greeks to fly in 52 'family reunion' immigrants!
ROLEX KILLING - Second suspect charged over murder of Danny Pearce!
RAMSGATE: Jacob Cromwell jailed for 11 years for stabbing Ashley Grainger in the neck!
EASTBOURNE: “Depraved” rapist, Wilfred Marodza, has had his prison sentence increased!
Hamza Ul Haq, Loic Nengese and a 16-year-old murdered Joseph Wiliam-Torres by mistake
Rochdale sex abusers back in town after being stripped of citizenship! Priti Patel must deport!
Doreen Lawrence helps TV writers pen race-hate storyline for Coronation Street!
Trump on Obama: 'Makes Watergate look small time... Most corrupt administration in US history!'
Children are paying the price for this teachers' union idiocy!
How many patients have died after catching COVID-19 in hospital? Families demand answers!
Nearly 140,000 people in England ‘are currently infected with Covid-19!’
Men in low-skill jobs 4 TIMES more likely to die of coronavirus than accountants/lawyers!
Scientists say Coronavirus is mutating to spread faster between humans!
250,000 UK businesses face collapse, survey warns
150,000 illegal immigrants enter UK each year, says ex-Home Office boss!
Cargo vessel unloads immigrants in Sicily as migrant route numbers rise
Former French President, 94, sexually assaulted a female journalist?
Anti-Semitic attacks on rise in USA!

Monday 11 May

Tony Blair: ‘Our teams are embedded in governments around the world!’
Malta ambassador quits after comparing Angela Merkel to Hitler!
Tanzanian President catches WHO in epic lie!
People smuggler says: “If police catch you, they never send you back. It’s secure... no danger!”
‘Beginning of an invasion’ – UK boat migrant influx hits new record!
Coronavirus risk for the young is 'staggeringly low', says UK's top statistician
The old political ideologies won't show us the way out of this crisis
Is it time to launch an investigation into Bill & Melinda Gates for crimes against humanity?
What if the crisis is one without end... Like George Orwell's perpetual war?
China expert accuses Beijing of a cover-up
Italian woman returns home after 18 months captivity by African kidnappers!
Local government abandons trans toilet policy in schools after legal challenge!

Sunday 10 May

Robert F. Kennedy’s damning summary of horror inflicted by Bill Gates-funded vaccine programs!
USA: Officer Anderson speaks out!
This is good! VERY GOOD! Parliamentary committee actually standing up for the people!
Pakistan to lift lockdown despite rising coronavirus curve!
Black people in the UK four times more likely to die from Covid-19 than white?
15.9 million pairs of unsafe goggles withdrawn after failing to meet coronavirus standards!
Care home owner 'avoided Covid-19 outbreak by refusing to take patients from hospital!'
China cover-up? New report suggests 'hazardous event' at Wuhan lab!
China's President personally asked WHO to hold back info and delay pandemic warning!
HITCHENS: Has our mad mass house arrest during Covid-19 saved even a single life?
PATTEN: China's nasty, lying, bullying Communist regime must face judgment over Coronavirus!
UK 'secretly flying tens of thousands of coronavirus tests to US due to lab problems!'
Daniel Hannan sends stark coronavirus warning to EU - ‘The nation-state is back!’
Fortune Musiwa smashed windows before punching Steven Goymer and hospitalised him!
Rochdale child sex gang members back in town 2 years after losing right to stay in UK!
Transgender inmates have carried out seven sex attacks on women in jail!
Security guard ejects mum/daughter for bad behaviour/no face mask - Son shoots guard dead!
Foreign killers may be spared deportation if they'd get worse health care in their homeland!
What Prince Andrew REALLY did inside Jeffrey Epstein's New York mansion!
AUSTRALIA: Albanian immigrant, Petrit Lekaj, stabs daughter to death!
FRANCE: Chechen immigrant drags policeman over 60 feet to escape virus check!
Police drop investigation into Brexiteer, Darren Grimes
Tony Blair's latest treachery! He's been briefing Macron on how to force Britain to stay in the EU!
HUNGARY: ‘Yes to protecting women, no to gender ideology, illegal immigration!’
The Opposition may be useless and the media State-run but we still need a Resistance!
Michael Moore is now a ‘hero’ to ‘climate deniers’, whines Guardian!
The Electoral Commission must be abolished!
UK could have done a Norway and protected its waters but Heath considered fishing expendable!
Tory MP says asbestos related diseases account for around 10,000 deaths per year!

Saturday 9 May

PLANDEMIC: The hidden agenda behind Covid-19!
You're not cattle, you're not sheep, so what are you?
Hospitals sent patients back to care homes knowing they had COVID-19 but didn't tell staff!
Coronavirus in sperm raises questions on sexual transmission
Britain announces 626 more coronavirus deaths!
COVID-19 kills 0.75% of all patients? 6 million Brits have already had it? 7 x deadlier than flu?
Cops say Ministers' lack of clarity on lockdown has led to officers 'being seen as the baddies!'
COVID-19: Scientific advisers accuse Government of 'Stalinist' decision to hide criticism!
German Islamists raided over Coronavirus aid fraud allegations!
Hard Brexit more likely says German Foreign Minister! (Coronavirus and lack of progress in talks)
Greed of PPE pirates! Profiteers buy up safety gear and ramp up prices for NHS/carers!
Bail-out billions shield us from the reality - Our economy is in tatters!
Ferguson’s dodgy model has engendered a world-historical blunder!
California governor says we're ‘not going back to normal’ until we have a vaccine!
RAMADAN and the Thought Police are nowhere to be seen...
Bill Gates Foundation to ‘re-imagine’ education?
VE Day 75 years on – Totalitarianism has almost won!
UK FISHERIES! Geoffrey Rippon, UK's chief negotiator, betrayed the country back in 1971!
FRANCE: Far-Left ANTIFA extremists suspects in mass sabotage of internet infrastructure?
DOJ to drop case against Michael Flynn after revelation of FBI entrapment plot!
Bungling Hungarian doctor allowed to keep working in NHS!
Dad-of-8 who demanded £425k taxpayer-funded house loses harassment case against The Sun!
10 boats, 150 unwanted immigrants, English Channel - What else was happening on V.E. Day?
White grooming gang victim racially abused by ‘far-left groups’ online!
Exponential rise in the use of machetes! One attack every TWO hours!
AUSTRALIA: Sudanese refugee will be deported after committing more than 40 crimes!
Russian billionaire found dead in his gym was murdered!
What some Jews think of us?
Meghan and Harry have Oprah to thank for their new $18 million crash pad?
This vulgar LA mansion is a stain on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Friday 8 May

Jennifer's account of the sexual savagery she endured from an early age!
ITALY: Illegal immigrant 'rapes Italian coronavirus nurse in terrifying 45-minute ordeal!
CORONAVIRUS: "Thousands of doctors... don't agree with the experts!"
Dr. Fauci backed controversial Wuhan lab with U.S. dollars for risky coronavirus research!
COVID-19: 700 detainees, some convicted criminals, released from immigration removal centres!
AUSTRALIA: Suicide in Lockdown will kill more than Coronavirus?
One-third of Americans may refuse coronavirus vaccine, according to poll!
Coronavirus in sperm raises questions on sexual transmission
California governor says we're ‘not going back to normal’ until we have a vaccine!
European Commission says EU faces historic recession due to Coronavirus!
Theresa May blames Nationalism for COVID-19 crisis, praises China-backing WHO instead!
200MILLION pieces of PPE in UK stockpile were 'out of date' when coronavirus hit!
NINE Chelsea pensioners die of coronavirus as 58 others survive their battles with Covid-19!
Top cop who stalked dog walkers with drones during Lockdown retires!
Bill Gates Foundation to ‘reimagine’ education?
DOJ to drop case against Michael Flynn after revelation of FBI entrapment plot!
"Ramaphosa told me of the ANC's 25-year strategy to deal with the Whites!"
Probe into Manchester's child grooming gangs sees social worker arrested!
Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's pimp, suggests he was murdered in prison!
Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson are sued over £6.7m unpaid bill!

Thursday 7 May

591,000 businesses at high risk of closure as a result of government’s handling of Coronavirus!
Three Russian doctors 'fall from hospital windows after warnings about coronavirus?'
Hydroxychloroquine has about 90% chance of helping COVID-19 patients?
YouTube desperate to censor ‘PLANDEMIC’ documentary detailing Coronavirus conspiracy!
FARAGE: Police won’t deter Brexit leader from covering 'illegal immigration scandal!’
30,000+ coronavirus deaths - Boris admits the numbers are 'appalling!'
Coronavirus IS causing deadly new inflammatory fever in some children!
Naked hypocrisy! Prof Lockdown's mistress told public to stay home weeks before Government!
Who would buy a used computer model from ‘bonking boffin’ Neil Ferguson?
Cops won’t charge disgraced scientist who broke own Lockdown rules!
Coronavirus will bankrupt more people than it kills!
Israeli HIV drug successfully treats coronavirus patients in Congo
Sitting on their hands watching people die! Abandoned care homes warn councils of legal action!
Turkey's PPE found to be "useless!" Equipment was a 'huge waste of money and time!'
Facebook will rue its left-wing oversight board appointments
SWEDEN: Coronavirus may have arrived in Europe from Wuhan as early as November!
Facebook’s $130m 'INDEPENDENT Supreme Court' full of leftie big shots!
Jeffrey Epstein procured girls from Britain and flew them to US abuse on his private jet!
HENDON: Man arrested for attempted murder after police officer beaten in alleyway!
Rami Othmane jailed for attempted rape at Hackney bus stop
ADL says online anti-Semitism has risen since start of Coronavirus crisis!

Wednesday 6 May

18m people entered UK in 3 months before lockdown! Almost none were screened/quarantined!
Government quarantined just 273 out of 18.1m arrivals in 3 months leading up to UK lockdown!
Hey, plebs! Do as Professor Lockdown says, not as he does!
New coronavirus mutation appears stronger, more contagious!
TOLD YOU! Will cash be a victim of the virus too? Britain could be cashless in just two years!
UK Covid-19 death toll surpasses 30k, becoming HIGHEST in Europe!
London’s 4,000-bed Nightingale hospital to be SHUT after treating just 51 Covid-19 patients!
MI6 whistleblower says Govt knew China was covering up but refused to shut down travel!
Who'll dare to face the facts on obesity and Covid-19?
The Left's shameless hijacking of the crisis and the proof we're NOT all in this together!
BBC used to be gold standard, now it’s losing public trust with political meddling!
Labour councillor given warning after working with Tories to deliver food to foodbank!
Far-Left ANTIFA extremists set French Post Office vans ablaze!
YouTube’s Chief Product Officer calls YouTubers 'basement-dwellers!' Algorithm favours MSM!
David Baddiel has 'always had a dark fascination with Holocaust Denial!'
60+ injured after Boeing 777 dumps fuel on elementary school outside Los Angeles!
ANC Government hand out food parcels to party members only!
Muslim woman in Britain wants Sharia law - 'Stoning is necessary!'
Dawn French/Lenny Henry's adopted daughter charged with harassment/making up sex abuse!

Tuesday 5 May

Government's secret SAGE committee is revealed!
Campaigners are twisting BAME Covid data to further their 'victimhood' agenda!
London’s 4,000-bed Nightingale hospital will be SHUT after treating just 51 Covid-19 patients!
Poorest in England MORE THAN TWICE as likely to die from Covid-19 as richest!
More than half of all 'British' adults now paid by the state!
Fauci had doctor fired/jailed for warning that vaccines were giving people chronic diseases
China lied, people died!
Government is filling our country full of immigrants who can come and go as they please!
Epstein/Maxwell court document names 70 who ‘knew of sex trafficking/underage victims!’
Why bring foreign workers to USA when 30,000,000 Americans are jobless?
Is this how you want your children to be taught?
Warning signs in multicultural, liberal London tell people not to defecate in the streets!
Rockefeller's 1991 leak...

Monday 4 May

Muhammad Jalloh and a 16-year-old charged with murder of NHS worker!
MELBOURNE: Savages leave man fighting for his life, tell cops it was 'entertaining!' NO JAIL!
French no-go zone saw third straight night of anti-police violence!
At least 28 London bus drivers have died since the coronavirus outbreak began!
COVID-19 is racist now? Thanks, BBC! African deaths 3 times higher than white Brits!
Ministers were 'fully aware' China was covering up extent of coronavirus crisis!
Mike Pompeo says there's “enormous evidence” that coronavirus originated in a Wuhan lab!
BBC News caught RED-handed selectively editing a Trump speech!
BACKLASH! Culture Secretary tells BBC Chairman, Tony Hall, he's losing public trust!
'Simple crofter' Ian Blackford is rolling in dough!
Stockholm Retirement Home to be turned into migrant apartments!
Farage slams MSMa for suggesting public no longer cares about mass migration!
ARRON BANKS: THEY tried every dirty trick in the book to overturn the public vote!
David Davis’ brutal assessment of Theresa May's Chequers Brexit coup exposed!
Islam is a religion of violence!
Asia’s ‘murder hornets’ seen in the USA for the first time!
Asiatic chap makes love to a donkey! But they're better than us, right? Diversity, right?

Sunday 3 May

Grooming gang victim racially abused by ‘far-Left groups’ for speaking out online!
UK's toxic takeways are killing people as hospitals see allergic reactions spike!
Why do bad men win elections?
Deportation of Zimbabwean criminal with HIV blocked by UK Supreme Court!
CHATHAM: African gunman fires at and threatens police from balcony of high-rise building
WEXFORD: Przemyslaw Klimczuk stabbed to death in his bedroom!
'Facing death every day is overwhelming. It's our job as doctors but it doesn't get easier!'
Camberwell church run by African 'bishop' continues to sell fake Covid-19 cure!
SPAIN: More than 27,500 health professionals are infected with Covid-19!
Turkey claims success treating virus with drug touted by Trump!
Spy dossier claims China lied about coronavirus and killed thousands with attempted cover-up!
Coronavirus-free zones! Hundreds of UK areas manage to avoid a fatality
Billionaire Umar Kamani took taxpayers' cash to furlough 86 staff!
CORONAVIRUS UK: 171 frontline NHS workers have died so far!
Michel Barnier authorised China's secretive Wuhan lab at heart of COVID-19!
Media’s selective Lockdown protest coverage ‘empowers’ ANTIFA violence!
Top cop warns officers to stop prancing around in stupid TikTok videos during pandemic!
HITCHENS: We’re destroying the nation’s wealth – and the health of millions!
Far-Left Antifa arrested for plotting armed attack on French Police!
Conservative councillor suspended after sharing Ban-The-Burka article
Prince Andy ignores 3 formal requests for interview on friendship with paedo Jeffrey Epstein!
2019: Who killed Jo Cox and where is Thomas Mair now?
AUSTRALIA: Dad ‘used daughter as bait to abduct girl, 12, then drugged and raped her!’
YouTube deletes David Icke's channel!
Igor Kolomoisky: The most powerful Jew in the world?

Saturday 2 May

SPAIN: More than 27,500 health professionals are infected with COVID-19!
TUCKER CARLSON: Totalitarianism doesn't shock us any more!
Immunity passports, no cash, Brexit postponed! 'New normal,' one year after lockdown?
How does our death toll compare to rest of the world? UK has 4th fourth worst fatality rate!
Royal College of Surgeons has called for BAME health workers to be removed from frontline!
Death rate among BAME people more than 2.5 times higher than that of white population!
Whistleblower says hospitals are still deliberately sending elderly patients to care homes 'to die!'
Doctors speak out against Coronovirus propaganda
Fauci praised costly Remdesivir but sneered at less costly/more effective Hydroxychloroquine!
Easing lockdown, Germany sees number of infections rise for the fifth day in a row!
Lockdown 'snitches' report their neighbours to police 200,000+ times!
FARAGE: We imported Coronavirus thanks to UK’s lax border controls!
MedRX study finds Western Europe’s draconian lockdowns may not have saved any lives?
CORONAVIRUS: Death by postcode!
People with low levels of Vitamin D may be more likely to die from COVID-19!
Matt Hancock and the 100,000-a-day testing target scam!
CORONAVIRUS: Are children more at risk than we're being told?
Covid-19 may raise the risk of blood vessel blockages in the brain!
Pregnant care worker gets ticket for parking on double yellow lines outside her home!
Speeding offences in London up 650% last week! Drivers treat deserted roads like race tracks!
Oi, Beckham! NO! Public furlough aid is not for the rich!
USA: 'High-risk' child molester rearrested for sex crimes after release due to COVID-19!
Kuwaiti immigrant denies stabbing Omani student to death as he tried to steal £41,000 Rolex!
NHS worker stabbed to death by gang members in medical masks!
UPMINSTER: ‘11 year-old boy’ shot and man injured in horror attack!
SEDGEFIELD: Gharib Sarkhel, Goran Ali and Kasim Mohammed beat duck to death with sticks!
Albanian criminals now largest group of foreigners in British prisons!
120 animals stolen from North Wales farm in one night by rustlers
Tara Reade is Joe Biden’s eighth accuser!
Thousands of Fake IDs from China seized by Border Patrol!
Half of rice sold in the UK breaches limits on arsenic for children! 'Healthy' varieties are worst!
Michael Moore’s latest exposé raises a host of troubling questions about the eco bandwagon!
Lyndon Johnson: Israel has had no better friend!

Friday 1 May

Beware of power exercised in secret!
The Emperor has no clothes! A sober analysis of the Government response to Covid-19
LEST WE FORGET! Mike Pompeo - 15 April 2019
Zuckerberg, Koch, Soros, Gates, Bloomberg etc. defend migration - Cite Christianity, patriotism!
UN urges governments to release illegal immigrants and ‘provide access to healthcare, housing!’
'Missing' microplastics found on Mediterranean seafloor in largest quantities ever recorded!
OUTRAGE! Dutch trawlers plunder British waters with UK boats unable to sail!
EU demands control over Northern Ireland fisheries!
Prince Andrew's pal, Ghislaine Maxwell, was 'abusive' towards Princess Diana and made her cry!
Temisan Oritsejafor was on bail for assaulting another officer when he spat in a WPC's eye!
Neighbour of French terror attacker had the same ‘plans?’
Denmark foils imminent Islamist terror plot!
Police hunt man dressing as ‘Plague Doctor’ as Lockdown fines soar!
Anthony Fauci must explain Obama administration's '$3.7 million to the Wuhan laboratory!'
Care home coronavirus deaths four times higher than official figures suggest?
Sadiq Khan congratulates Iran for being 'ahead of us in terms of combating the coronavirus!'
Workers on coronavirus frontline make as little as £8 PER HOUR!
Chief Medical Officer: ‘We are nowhere near the end of this epidemic!’
Chinese ventilators could kill Coronavirus patients, UK doctors warn!
Nurses condemned for video of them dancing as they carry a COVID-19 corpse in a body bag!
Police issue 8,997 Lockdown fines last month - UK's biggest covidiots are men under 30!
Donald Trump has seen evidence Covid-19 came from Wuhan lab!
FREDERICK FORSYTH: Lockdown is doing more harm than good!
LITTLEJOHN: When will TV news stop scaring us to death over coronavirus crisis?
Hey, Councils! Fix potholes while roads are empty!
Keir Starmer reprimands Diane Abbott for Zoom call with 'Jews financed the slave trade' activist!
Hidden hand in Trump's election revealed?

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