Daily News: May 2019

Friday 31 May

MAIDENHEAD: May’s constituency boss promises to help expand the Muslim community!
Fury as Jeremy Corbyn suggests British soldiers SHOULD be prosecuted over the Troubles!
Ahmed Ali hit Olivia Spinks with a brick and stabbed her repeatedly with a screwdriver
Teacher Junaid Iqbal-Wahid drugged woman with MDMA, kidnapped and sexually assaulted her
Young man 'hunted down and fatally stabbed at Stratford Centre!'
Identify these thieves who are targeting the elderly throughout Sheffield!
Hundreds of black teens attack random white people in Baltimore on Memorial Day
Fundamentalist Muslims protesting LGBT lessons? - LEFT-WING SILENCE!
Tory party donations PLUMMET by millions of pounds after Theresa May’s Brexit FAILURE
Piers Morgan and Gary Lineker clash! GMB host says No Deal is ‘ONLY’ option
Jacob Rees-Mogg urges UK top judge to stop ‘POLITICALLY MOTIVATED’ case against BoJo
Hammond threatens to bring down any government pursuing a clean break from Brussels!
Remainer spent £50,000 of prosecute-Bojo donations on salary, rent, self-defence, cupcakes!
Labour Chairman: ‘Left-wing intellectuals’ are ‘sneering at ordinary people’ on Brexit!
Tory Baroness sneers Brexit Party voters ‘wrong’, ‘uncomfortable in their own skin’
Trump praises Nigel Farage for ‘great victory’ in European Union vote!
Barry Gardiner: £198,500 profit from a flat renovated with MPs' expenses
Labour's David Brookman claimed £50,000 expenses in 2018 despite never speaking in Lords!
Rail boss set to receive a £43 MILLION when the business floats
Liberals offered hush money to hide Cyril Smith's abuse!
NEW YORK: Carranza’s ‘toxic’ whiteness purge cost DOE execs their jobs
Why is Facebook censoring a conference on Christianity and religious freedom?
John Cleese calls London 'world centre for Russian dirty money laundering!'
R. Kelly charged with 11 new counts of sex abuse and assault!

Thursday 30 May

SALVINI: EU elites are looking straight down the barrel of an Italian economic revolt!
TORTURING TRUTH! Julian Assange now in hospital wing of British prison
Sadiq Khan and David Lammy SLAM John Cleese for ‘London is not an English city’ comment
Government faces calls to RELAX migration rules!
Muslim Council of Britain calls for Tories to be investigated by human rights over 'Islamophobia'
Jon Voight praises Trump! Alyssa Milano mocks him - Alyssa WHO?
Trumpism goes global: Brexit Party dominates EU elections!
The legal harassment of Boris Johnson reeks of Remainer despotism!
'This decision by a district judge at the bottom of the judicial food chain is a deplorable absurdity!'
Fury as ‘DIRTY TRICKS’ deployed in bid to STOP Boris - 'The one to beat!'
BBC's Katya Adler reveals EU great fear - Britain was 'PUSHED TOO FAR' in Brexit talks
LABOUR MELTDOWN! Corbynista sets up poll to back leader and it BACKFIRES spectacularly
Tory WARNING! Farage to be PM if Tories fail to deliver on Brexit?
EU leaders will delay Brexit AGAIN and AGAIN - Tusk compares Brexit to a disease!
Farage tears into John Bercow over latest No Deal Brexit claims - 'Get RID of him!’
Will no one rid us of this most turbulent of Speakers?
German government says public should wear skull caps in solidarity with Jews!
"Birmingham man," Ghamer Sulayman raped, prostituted and trafficked girl, 15
Police seize almost 11,000 knives in just one WEEK
Driver swerves into cyclist and knocks him off his bike after they 'have words!' (Licence plate!)
London Bridge terrorists shopping for their murder weapons!
Anti-depressants CAN ruin lives - Patients MUST be warned over severe side effects
George Galloway at the Eurasian Media Forum 2019!
George Galloway versus Alastair Campbell

Wednesday 29 May

Spending on care for the elderly and disabled much higher in Scotland and Wales than England!
Speaker Bercow vows to block a No Deal Brexit!
A majority of Tories voted for the Brexit Party!
Bercow will allow Remainer MPs to block No Deal?
McVEY: The only way to deliver the referendum is to embrace leaving without a deal
Next leader must repair the damage May has wreaked on our global standing
‘Edgy’ Theresa May ‘mocked’ by EU chief at summit - Macron ‘smug!’
In the event of a second referendum Dominic Grieve would accept the result?
Sajid Javid vows to recruit 20,000 extra cops in bid to become PM! (Thus 20,000 more needed?)
Savages jailed for murder of Cemeren Yilmaz!
Drill rapper, Joel Amade, bragged about gang culture before stabbing Jason Isaacs to death
Knifeman Abdullah Khalid became 'extremely violent' when confronted by police
Man tried to lure girl, 9, with sweets before chasing her down street and grabbing her
Immigrants bully/attack British man near Wallington Train Station
ROMFORD: Five men injured following knife attack
ISIS ‘Beatle’ reveals HORROR plot to attack UK and how he ‘extracted’ info from hostages
Jihadi ‘Beatle’ admits role in London terror plots! Says ISIS has ‘sleeper cells’ across Europe
Lyon bomb suspect another Mohamed, illegal immigrant, Algerian
Pulling over to let an ambulance pass could land you a £1,000 fine?
As boss Paula Vennells trousers £3.7million, postmasters get £112million wiped off fees!
‘MCMAFIA’ wife, Zamira Hajiyeva, splurged £16 million in Harrods! (£30k on chocolate)
University of Essex effectively silenced students who made sex assault complaints?
1983 book by Jewish historians celebrates Jewish role in mass murder of Russians

Tuesday 28 May

BRADFORD: Young English man humiliated and beaten by Muslims!
NHS racial equality boss sacked! Told colleague he was all 'she despised in a white manager?'
12-year-old Christian girl burnt alive by ISIS!
London's liberal elite 'STRANGLED referendum result from start!'
FARAGE: Social media has changed politics! Now we must change the people in Westminster
BREXIT BACKLASH: Andrew Neil hits out at ‘dodgy’ BBC poll showing REMAIN victory
Bojo leads race to succeed May, but he’s not the only pro-Israel would-be PM!
The conclusion currently being touted by the losing Remainers - We must REMAIN!
BREXIT BACKLASH: Andrew Neil hits out at ‘dodgy’ BBC poll showing REMAIN victory
'Do not block no-deal' Brexiteer Steve Baker tears into Tories after election WIPE-OUT
LITTLEJOHN: Pundit after pundit was wheeled out to rubbish the election result!
BBC says it's NOT biased after viewers accuse it of downplaying Brexit Party victory!
Brexit Party win also a victory for Trump!
Le Pen: Macron should resign, but he ‘has neither the honesty or panache to do so!’
EU Elections: ‘Disaster’ for Globalists in Poland as government storms to record victory
Salvini says NO to ‘Eurabia’ in Italy after report on Swedish migrant areas!
New York Times blames Netanyahu, Trump for antisemitism in Europe
Vicar resigns over children being 'sacrificed on the altar of trans ideology!'
LONDON BLOODBATH: Man dies after being stabbed in Forest Gate
BETHNAL GREEN: Man left fighting for life after brutal beating by baseball bat-wielding gang
Dannie Lea beaten to death in the Bahamas!
11 young men from 'heavily migrant-populated Paris suburbs ' guilty of gang-raping four girls
Vicar resigns over children being 'sacrificed on the altar of trans ideology!'
Bank fraud is a distressing abuse of the vulnerable
Bank fraud is a distressing abuse of the vulnerable
I tell you what we want, we want a f***ing refund! Spice Girls fans left furious

Monday 27 May

Old lady, 85, slapped and taunted in her own home by carers Zaria Bi and Farzana Bibi! NO JAIL!
South Africa: Young man, 19, and woman, 23, both white, shot dead by 3 black men!
Jean-Claude Juncker attacks ‘stupid nationalists in love with their own countries!’
Total embarrassment for Juncker as EU elite lose grip on control
Furious viewers slam BBC's 'biased' Euro election coverage!
Salvini wins majority and says a 'new Europe is born!'
Spain’s patriotic Vox party declares 'reconquest of Spain' after huge win!
Brexit Party triumphs - Tories and Labour suffer heavy losses
Furious viewers slam BBC's 'biased' Euro election coverage!
BOJO: The message is clear. If we go on like this, we will be dismissed
Eurosceptic parties reshape EU politics after strongest showing in EU elections
SNP MEP candidate, Alyn Smith, calls Farage's Brexit Party 'a money-laundering front!'
Vince Cable speaking up for Brexit BEFORE the referendum!
Jeremy Hunt stands to attention for Islamic call to prayer at Foreign Office!
EU's filthiest states pocketing clean energy funds with no plans to phase out coal
Old Portuguese guy scrounges through rubbish bin - African tips him inside
France: As many Muslims as practising Catholics in 18-29 year-old demographic!
Varadkar's Ireland sought to give thousands of migrants ‘amnesty under another name!’

Sunday 26 May

Cops celebrate end of May: ‘legacy... misery,' 'country less safe,’ ‘officers will shed no tears!’
CoE school planned to keep 8-year-old pupil's sex change secret from parents!
The co-founder of Bono's top NGO says Europe needs Africans to replace ageing Europeans!
600,000 immigrants enter Britain in one year!
NORMANBY: Asian holds knife to baby's throat - Forces Gran to hand over purse
NORTHAMPTON: Ibraima Touray-Drammeh slashes Nathan in stomach - Intestines spill out!
TEDDINGTON: 'Cowardly' Khoshaal Ghafoori tried to rape teenager in alley
'Animalistic!' Gang kicks pregnant Good Samaritan unconscious after she defends bullied girl
Vigilante chases down thieves and beats them with a pipe on busy London street
PC Jon Mills didn't respond to Shana Grice's harassment claims and her boyfriend murdered her
Two more jihadis get out of jail early!
Police want to charge 1,100 climate activists for ‘Extinction Rebellion’ disruption!
Edward Heath 'given £1.5MILLION' before taking Britain into EU?
Politicians have failed the public, says PRITI PATEL
The blunt truth is, Theresa May was a terrible Prime Minister, and we're better off without her
The real problem with Theresa May was that she wasn't a Conservative to start with
FARAGE: May has been Britain's worst PM - Her legacy is one of failure
IDS: Compromise is a dirty word when it involves the betrayal of Brexit
Esther McVey promises to strip £7BILLION from foreign aid! (Is there an election on?)
Want to know why Theresa May failed? Take a look at her Chancellor
EU leaders warn they won't let the next PM rip up Theresa May's withdrawal agreement
Whitehall thought British public TOO STUPID to be trusted with EU decision!
Gina Miller targeted young women with ads depicting Farage as red-eyed vampire
Jews spearheaded this campaign to stop Corbyn 'He posed a threat to the whole British elite!'
Secret FBI recordings accuse MLK of laughing as a woman was raped and having 40 affairs?
Saudis vow to execute moderate author, TV presenter and a cleric on 'terrorism' charges
New Zealand removes any reference to Jesus from parliamentary prayer
Migrant sea deaths plunge due to Matteo Salvini’s closed ports
YouTube censors Lauren Southern documentary ‘borderless!’
Teachers told to favor black students in ‘racial equity’ training?
You can see it on their faces! Women have no chance against the Transgender and they know it
“Far Right” - The Musical

Saturday 25 May

Labour knew about the Muslim grooming gangs!
1866 painting of naked, white slave being bought and sold by Muslims triggers outrage!
Jews were the spearhead of the campaign to stop Corbyn! (Posed a threat to the British elite)
EU elections: Labour poised for worse election day in 35 YEARS!
PAUL WESTON: Why the British Police bow to Islam
Juncker slams Britain for kicking out May while Brexit is still in the balance
The blunt truth is, Theresa May was a terrible Prime Minister, and we're better off without her
Whatever happens now, Nigel Farage has already won
Rees-Mogg warns of parliamentary ‘stitch-up’ in appointing new PM
Theresa May announces resignation after three-year Brexit failure!
Brexit Party ahead of Conservatives, challenging Labour for lead in Westminster poll!
‘The worst Prime Minister ever!’ Reactions to Theresa May’s resignation roll in!
FRANCE: Macron confirms Lyon explosion is terrorism - 13 injured!
Kanye West claims those who voted for Trump are 'treated like enemies of America!'
MORRISSEY: In conversation with John Riggers
Morrissey denounces halal meat as 'evil', and attacks May, Khan, Abbott and more
The Spice Girls were a death knell for feminism – Why would we want them back?

Friday 24 May

Metropolitan Police let hundreds of officers accused of sex crime get away with it!
Kenneth Drury: King of the bent cops! Wally Virgo: Top Cop owned by gangster Bernie Silver
WHALE SLAUGHTER! The bestial hogs of the Soviet Union and the quotas that had to be met!
Julian Assange faces 170 YEARS in prison
NOTTINGHAM: Brexit Party counting agent not allowed into vote count!
Macron names Brexit beast Barnier as ‘great’ choice for next EU chief!
BREXIT BETRAYAL: The politicians who sold out Britain for career advancement!
Leave voter SILENCES BBC QT panel - ‘Had Remain won that would be it!’
BREXIT BETRAYAL: The politicians who sold out Britain for career advancement!
Sky News' Adam Boulton accuses Brexit Party of being 'close to authoritarian fascism!'
Farage suspects Remain campaign is funded by ‘lots of George Soros’s money!’
Dominic Grieve threatens to quit Tories to BLOCK no deal Brexit
Juncker says Britain is heading for ANOTHER Brexit delay and blasts 'stupid nationalists'
Theresa May NEVER believed in Brexit claims her former right-hand man
SWEDEN: Government wants Viking symbols banned, they 'constitute incitement to hatred!'
'Experts' funded by EU taxpayers and billionaire George Soros, say EU should open its borders to ALL fleeing 'wars, climate change, poverty!'
Transgender men (only the PC Crowd and Brit-destroying lawmakers consider these women) given full access to 'ladies only' part of Hampstead Pond
NORTHAMPTON: Ibraima Touray-Drammeh slashed open the stomach of a gay 17-year-old
Jibriel Guled jailed for kicking four-month-old puppy to death!
SOUTH AFRICA: Horror as white woman beaten to death
There’s nothing fair about forcing old, white men out of their jobs!
German Government sets record for asylum seeker spending in 2018!
Italian pro-migrant groups blast Matteo Salvini for cutting funding!
Pope Francis: Church must learn to abandon old ‘traditions!’
Human Rights Commission says 'It’s okay to be White' message has 'no place' in New Zealand!
Roger Waters, anti-Semitism, Eurovision and 136,000 Swiss people
Why don't the police speak to Sir Philip 'Shifty' Green?
Sir Philip Green 'grabbed' women’s breasts - His firm faced 'hundreds' of grievances!
Harvey Weinstein 'reaches tentative $44 million compensation deal with his victims!

Thursday 23 May

COVER-UP! Brown’s Government urged police not to investigate Muslim grooming gangs!
Gangs award points for stabbing in head, chest, leg - then use Drill videos to brag about it!
Poverty in the UK is 'systematic' and 'tragic', says UN special rapporteur!
GERMANY: 'Migrant' jokes about how they scrounge benefits while Germans pay for it!
Brexit Party 18 points ahead in final YouGov poll!
Theresa May under siege - Leadsom quits!
May 'barricades' herself in Downing Street after Leadsom resigns
Theresa May must go - now! This is a national emergency
Theresa May is the epitome of all that is wrong with British politics
No European election ever deflects EU Deep State from its course!
Sorry end for a Prime Minister who never believed in Brexit
The Cabinet has been complicit in this disaster!
2016: The EU has destroyed some of our most prosperous industries - and will continue to do so
Farage is starting to look like the British Trump
EU elections are the final vampire screech of the dying Deep State!
Carl Benjamin: ‘Conservatives in name only’ too afraid to deliver Brexit
BBC Question Time FURY: No Brexit Party panellist AGAIN despite leading EU election polls
Tommy Robinson confronts Antifa
SALFORD: Thought Police ambush locals following Tommy Robinson visit
Sajid Javid doesn't want us finding out about MI5's 'serious' security surveillance breaches!
LGBT activists allegedly 'pelted with eggs!' (Do I care?)
TRUDEAU'S CANADA: "Diversity is our strength!"
Pregnant woman fears for the life of her child after 'animalistic' schoolchildren turn on her!
Dutch Immigration Minister resigns - Report hid serious crimes committed by immigrants!
Three more Grenfell fraudsters on trial!
Macron says Nationalists pose ‘existential risk’ to EU! poll puts Le Pen party on course for victory!
Facebook ‘hate agents’ list includes British candidates for European election!
World's oldest record store bans Morrissey sales over far-right support!

Wednesday 22 May

Charlene Downes' kebab shop owner suspect doesn't care 'whether she's alive or dead!'
STREATHAM: Roland Gegbe and one other repeatedly stabbed schoolboy, 16
BEDFORD: 16-year-old stabbed and battered to death by 'black Tom' gang
Bolton's favourites, MEK - Terrorists? Cultists? Champions of Iranian democracy?
How does Corbyn mark anniversary of terror attack? Visits mosque to promote 'unity!'
Did you know about the 2018 Marrakesh Declaration?
Brexit Party 18 points ahead in final YouGov poll!
IDS: Our remorseless Remainer government has hijacked Brexit!
May booted out by SUNDAY! Her deal is ‘DESPERATE, DELUDED and DEAD!’
Theresa May made Brexit 'WORSE - 'MONTHS of mishandling!'
Rees-Mogg SAVAGES Theresa May as Brexiteers attack PM!
Czech statesman speaks at Brexit Party’s Rally for Democracy in London!
FARAGE: Electoral Commission's behaviour shows establishment is ‘rotten to the core!’
FARAGE: ‘Radicalised’ Remainers are breaking down the democratic system!
You could almost hear MPs headbutt the wall in anger!
'Buy one, get one free!': Brexit Party's EU election success will topple both May AND Corbyn
Foreign interference? EU President Tusk tells Brits to vote for anti-Brexit Change UK Party!
Muslim rioters ATTACK Tommy Robinson voters with bottles, bricks in Oldham
After corruption scandal, Sebastian Kurz suggests Israeli Tal Silberstein may be behind it!
Merkel bashes populists, calls for ‘pro-minority’ Europe of ‘values’ ahead of elections!
Emanuel Samson wanted to kill 'a minimum of 10 white churchgoers,' prosecutor says at trial
HORROR: Man caught with dried out newborn babies in Ogun state, Nigeria
NIGERIA: Man arrested with dead baby in polythene bag
GERMANY: Socialist Party youth wing threatens Nationalists with baseball bat...
College Mastermind told white students to lie about race to get in!

Tuesday 21 May

Rapper sings “I fuck France, I burn France” as he symbolically strangles a white woman!
Let's face it – Ray Honeyford got it right on Islam and education!
In 1949, Israeli soldiers raped and killed Bedouin girl in the Negev
Theresa May buckles to Remainer second referendum plea – hands power to MPs
PART 1 OF 4 - Exit From Brexit - Jo Cox
Farage suspects Remain funded by ‘lots of George Soros’s money!’
Verhofstadt says Farage and Italy plotting with Putin to destroy EU!
Jacob Rees-Mogg says 'stopping Brexit' has 'killed democracy!' Blames May
Piers Morgan SAVAGES Lord Heseltine for insult to 17.4million Leave voters
'Who BETRAYED Europe?' Salvini takes aim at 'extremists' Juncker, Macron and Merkel
LITTLEJOHN calls on voters to teach Westminster rabble a lesson in the EU elections!
Jean-Claude Juncker’s European Commission riddled with expenses fraud and harassment!
Pro-EU Tory MP Philip Lee to face no confidence vote from local party
Observations on Brexit, the Conservative Party and the wellbeing of the UK
Brexit Party: ‘Left Wing mainstream media’ is in denial over EU elections!
Tommy Robinson campaign: Huyton voters fear speaking on camera!
Milkshake Remainers have completely lost their moral compass
Labour charity boss says Farage should have had ACID thrown on him instead of milkshake!
Arch-Remainer Corbyn fan arrested after Nigel Farage was pelted with a milkshake
Attorney General claimed 49p for milk but didn't declare £400,000 earnings outside parliament
ORBAN: ‘We want change, we want a Europe that protects its borders on land and sea’
Corbyn backs British Reparations for Africa and former colonies!
Why does the Left promote mass immigration?
HUDDERSFIELD: Rape-accused says underage girl lied about her age, sex was consensual
Four injured as car ‘ploughs into group' outside Croydon club
Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) no laughing matter! Hippy crack can kill instantly, say top nurses!
Christians slam vicar for offering to “cover” crucifix and painting of Jesus for Muslims
‘France does not belong to the French!’ Illegal migrants occupy French airport!

Monday 20 May

The USA has killed more than 20 million people in 37 'victim nations' since WW2!
Matteo Salvini says elite are the real 'extremists!' 'Multinationals, money, uncontrolled migration!'
EU leaders speak - Nigel Farage responds!
Farage blasts SNP leader! ‘You can’t be independent and governed by Juncker and Barnier!’
Brexit Party: ‘Left wing mainstream media’ in denial over EU elections!
SWINDON: Venue that hosted Labour, cancels on Brexit Party at last minute!
Top Tories warn BoJo they will BLOCK his leadership bid if he endorses No-Deal Brexit
Brexit Party set to win more votes than pro-Remain parties combined, polling reveals
Tipping point UK! The Future of England is here and it is ugly!
Left-wing weirdo, random protest...
Al Jazeera pulls video linking Zionism with Nazism, calls Israel ‘biggest winner’ of Holocaust
Mum charged for warning neighbours about paedophile who moved to her street
DURHAM: Church offers to 'cover up' cross and image of Jesus for Ramadan!
Supporters start petition to save doctor 'forced out' after asking a Muslim to lift her veil
London bloodbath: Croydon teen stabbed in daylight - Police fear 'further disorder'
WALSALL: Horror as young man left in a 'critical condition' after being shot
Teens in care 'abandoned to crime gangs'
STAMFORD: Yobs leave grown men in tears after smashing up model railway exhibition
Cocaine dealer enjoys luxury spa break half way through his 9-year prison sentence
France is no longer France!
Israelis say Turkey’s Christians were victims of a 30-year genocide! (20% of pop. to 2%)

Sunday 19 May

Tory Remainers launch bid to block no-deal Brexit leadership candidates!
'I was raped by more than 100 men but police arrested me not them!'
Sexual health charity that got £132m in aid 'provided prostitutes for staff, donors, guests!'
Cocaine use in Britain has more than doubled in five years, analysis of waste water reveals
Telford teenager 'raped in supermarket car park!'
Trump's warmonger in chief wants the USA in a conflict far worse than Iraq!
Jewish author Fran Lebowitz says Trump should be handed over to the Saudis and murdered?
Repulsive tweet that reveals why Remainers have only themselves to blame for Farage
Anti-democratic Remainers block roads in bid to prevent Brexit Party rally!
BREXIT: Tory grandee Michael Heseltine will vote Lib Dem!
Brit voters set to burn the Brexit-bumbling politicians!
How Theresa May 'betrayed' Northern Ireland veterans facing prosecution
Tory elites plot to bring down government if Boris becimes leader
As long as it's only women, children and Tommy who are stoned, our cops don't care?
Mum in court after outing paedophile neighbour!
‘How do they sleep?’ Roger Waters calls out US, UK, France over ‘faked’ Douma chemical attack!
SALVINI: Merkel and Macron ‘ruined’ Europe! ‘We want nothing to do with you!’
Arnold Schwartzenegger attacked in South Africa?
SWEDEN: Chain migration causing new migrant crisis
'Fruit juice is as bad for health as cola?'
1400 years of The Real History of Islam in 5 minutes
Jeremy Kyle shows linked to two more suicides!
ISRAEL: Iceland’s Eurovision group displays Palestine emblems! OK by me!
Elderly Madonna disappoints Eurovision fans with her 'tone deaf' vocals!

Saturday 18 May

John Bolton: the man driving the US towards war … any war
Air pollution may be damaging every organ and virtually every cell in the human body
Air pollution is slowly killing us all, global study claims
BBC censors pro-Brexit voices says a new report from Civitas!
England will need an extra 4 MILLION homes over next 20 years to keep up with immigration
Motorist's terror as Muasabu Mnweto knocked out his teeth as he sat in traffic
Brit voters set to burn the Brexit-bumbling politicians
Bishop warns Tommy Robinson 'you're not welcome in Burnley!'
Muslim girls' school taught gays could be killed and men could beat women - Now facing closure
GP could be struck off for asking Muslim mum to remove veil during appointment
katie Hopkins in banned from South Africa
World War II: The foundational lie of our era!
Glum faces, speech to an empty room, hurried exit! May's campaign turns into a wake
Theresa May’s BIGGEST mistake: ‘She doesn’t believe in the UK’ - Brexit Party candidate
EU LIES about Brexit Britain in bid to prise banks from the City – Bank of England FURIOUS!
PORTILLO: Next general election result is ‘going to be an accident!’
With six days to go Brexit Party hits 35% while Tories sink to single figures
Jewish lawyer sentenced to ‘diversity training’ for calling anti-Israel group 'scummy racists, bullies and cowards' has decision overturned
Left-wing mass murderer in intensive care after a hunger strike - Political sympathizers protest
‘Right-wing’ has been twisted to mean ‘racist’ - We need a new political language
When Turkey destroyed its Christians
Woes in the park!
Millennial Woes...
On The Offensive
Pink Floyd's Roger Waters: WHOLE WORLD must focus on Julian Assange Arrest!
Dinner lady ‘sacked for serving lunch to starving student with no money’
LONDON BRIDGE: Marie Bondeville 'played dead' after being stabbed 18 times!
Hundreds of illegal migrants pouring across the English Channel
Swedish teen assaulted while leafleting for populist Party
Woman who lived in Bataclan building, now fully red pilled about Islamification of Europe
Guardian invents scary new name for ‘Global Warming’ — ‘Global Heating!’
Love Island: Ex-Miss GB says contestants told what to do, say, humiliated and spat out!

Friday 17 May

Acne drug Roaccutane leaves young people unable to have sex - Some have killed themselves!
2013: Parents lobby MPs for anti-acne drug Roaccutane ban! (In England in 2016, it was prescribed 49,000 times!)
11 NHS trusts where 3,600 more patients died than expected in 2018!
OUR ANCESTORS! Why is our political class replacing their descendants with foreigners?
Child safety inquiry - Bishop of Lincoln suspended by Archbishop of Canterbury
TRUMP: ‘Twin brother’ Orban has ‘done the right thing on immigration!’
Conservative Catholics gather in Rome to oppose ‘global one-world order!’
Europe needs a revolution!
Parents who raise children as vegans should be prosecuted, say Belgian doctors!
Big Bro Britain: Cops fine pedestrian £90 after he hides face from face recognition camera!
LEEDS: Brutal gang of youths attack 'quiet student'
Le Pen: Together with Salvini, real change in Europe is possible!
France’s globalist wunderkind Macron campaigns for more EU in run-up to elections
Tearful Theresa forced to stand down: PM out by June 30 at the latest
Tory Warning: Party risks collapse amid threat MPs will resign en masse for Brexit failure
Anna Soubry confronted by 'queues' of Leave voting constituents she has et down!
The time for mercy ended long ago — the 1922 should have destroyed Theresa May
The nightmare of Theresa May's never-ending departure
I hadn't thought it was possible to make this situation worse - but Mrs May has managed it
'Stop Brexit Man' moves into a house opposite Jacob-Rees Mogg!
Remainers are terrified to admit that Leavers aren't all working class, white, and poor!
Full list of EU election candidates
Those who refuse MMR jab must be banned from class?
German TV must air patriotic election ad calling for 'safe zones' for victims of mass migration!
Parents who raise children as vegans should be prosecuted, say Belgian doctors
Australia's top rugby player has his $4million contract torn up over anti-gay post!
Facebook bans Israeli firm over election disruption and 'manipulation' of users!
Madonna, Israel, and Eurovision: why does she play at being Jewish?

Thursday 16 May

Islamists may have already infiltrated our armed forces!
'No increased threat!' British general undermines US military buildup in Middle East!
Africa's HIV epidemic in striking new detail!
CONGO: Ebola epidemic out of control - 1,700+ infected since August 2018
Empire that cruelty built! Where Jeremy Kyle lavished his TV millions
KYLE: Twisted tricks of torture TV!
Tories condemned by Muslims/Labour for refusing to adopt their definition of ‘Islamophobia!’
PAKISTAN: Another Christian woman and disabled husband await execution for blasphemy
The Elites will never let us leave the EU - Andrew Bridgen speaks!
The Brexit solution Theresa May never offered Brussels!
Peter Bone stuns May as he pulls out letter demanding PM resigns now!
May's fate 'already voted on' by top Tories - Lame duck PM 'has to GO!'
Tories are deluded if they think the Brexit Party can't supplant them
Every day that May clings on makes things harder for successor - She has to go now
Swedish Justice Minister labels populist EU campaign ‘spirit of Goebbels!’
Juncker says populists could 'INCAPACITATE' Brussels after European elections!
Parish demands recount after Tories win 3,000+ votes each from only 2,477 ballot papers!
Tommy Robinson on trial again for the same offence!
Israeli spyware firm's British backer promises 'transparency' after WhatsApp hack
Sir Philip Green accused of 'flouting law' as minister vows to overhaul NDAs
TELFORD: 15-year-old victim was "scared and coerced" into sex acts - Muslims on trial
AUSTRALIA: Terrified pregnant mum beaten by Didier Lam Kee Shau
American PC Crowd pressure Cannes to ditch award to ‘racist, misogynist’ Alain Delon
Morrissey wears anti-Islam For Britain's pin on Jimmy Fallon show!
Some of the opinions of Julius Malema

Wednesday 15 May

Progressive-left teaching methods behind surging discipline problems in UK schools!
52 years of silence, cover-up and betrayal!
Israel's NSO: The shadowy firm behind the 'chilling' spyware used to hack WhatsApp!
WhatsApp spyware attack = Israeli surveillance company trying to hack human rights data!
Jewish comedian triggered by Jews-control-the-media heckler!
Canadian Judge orders Kevin J. Johnston to pay $2.5 million for 'Islamophobia!'
Trudeau crisis! Polls show Canada Prime Minister in DEEP TROUBLE!
Twice as many people involved in organised crime than serve in the British Army!
Joshua Adams-Mitchell sustained serious injuries when Hamza Ali Hussain ran him down!
'CRIMINAL' says former top cop! The Met is giving up on burglars but has 900 'anti-hate experts!'
Homeless man jailed for 20 weeks for sitting on the ground 'without reasonable excuse!'
Murderers, rapists and paedophiles 'to be given £70 a week' under new Labour plan!
County lines drug gang first to be jailed under modern slavery laws!
Moped thug who threatened to snatch 3-year-old boy was Big Fat Gypsy Wedding star!
Chinese 'organised crime gang ran 'high-quality' brothels across S.E. England
Alesha MacPhail's killer allowed to appeal 27-year sentence
Sajid Javid accused of shelving review of grooming gang ethnicity!
Cadesha Bishop killed man on bus, 74, for asking her to 'be nicer to the passengers!'
The moment Cadesha Bishop pushed an elderly man off a bus to his death!
Decapitated ducks found at Rivermead Nature Park, Oxford
Adopting Anna Soubry's definition of Islamophobia 'could hit terror investigations,' says top cop
Lords plans to strip Brexit Party MEPs of their rights!
BREXIT: ‘Nothing's changed!’ ERG and DUP chiefs savage Theresa May's new vote
Either the Conservatives deliver Brexit so hard it hurts or it’s game over!
Why people like me are flocking to the Brexit Party
Farage is now Britain's most influential politician and Theresa May's worst nightmare!
Merkel’s man trashes EU's 'OPEN WOUND’ immigration policy!
Marine Le Pen warns French voters of Macron's plot for 'REVENGE' against Yellow Vests
Italy’s populist Salvini tells ‘fascist’ far left: 'Get a job!'
ITV axes The Jeremy Kyle Show PERMANENTLY! Good riddance!
Princess Martha of Norway greets her bisexual shaman/ L.A. lover at airport!

Tuesday 14 May

BLOODBATH BRITAIN! 181,000 criminals linked to serious and organised crime!
Feral teenage gangs leave mothers too afraid to walk through their own estate!
Au pair was stabbed to death by terrorists along with a Good Samaritan who tried to help her
Moped gang jailed for 68 years!
WALSALL: Five-strong gang, one with a machete, attack cabbie
Sri Lanka suicide bomber was 'radicalised by hate preacher Anjem Choudary in UK!'
Coca Cola heir and another billionaire arrested for possession of '$1.3 million worth of cannabis!'
Kids Company founder wants judge to spare her stress of court after taking £42m of our money!
Leah Hayes, 15, died after taking Ecstasy 'bomb' - Police arrest teenager
GREECE: 22-strong gang of criminal immigrants arrested
Did vicious media bullyboy, Jeremy Kyle, and cynical ITV big shots commit manslaughter?
Suicide, violence and fakery have dogged Jeremy Kyle show since its launch
Jeremy Kyle's love life and gambling addiction wouldn't be out of place on his own lurid TV circus
A Pentagon scholar’s guide to overthrowing governments
Salvini on course to lead largest Party in EU Parliament
This prize tw*t is a staunch Remainer and the editor of "The New European!"
FARAGE: Andrew Marr's obsession with my past betrays bias at the heart of the BBC
Shameless! May demands MPs hand out leaflets blaming themselves for Brexit chaos
Brexit betrayal – May has been negotiating with Germany
Tories sink to FIFTH PLACE in EU election polls! Farage’s Brexit Party dominates
‘EU will rue the day it underestimated Nigel Farage’ – Express Comment
If you thought Chuka Umunna’s new centrist thinktank was a joke, you should see his pay cheque
Austerity has inflicted 'great misery' on UK citizens, says UN!
'Hypocrisy on mental health' - Government hits a new low
Government apologises for stopping pension of grandma who killed herself!
How the Mandela dream became a nightmare!
Corbyn advisor says 9/11 had roots in ‘Zionist colonialism!’
USA reporters comparing Victor Orban to Stalin ahead of Trump meeting are Soros underlings!
Tanzania Archbishop says homosexuality is example of western ‘colonialism’
Why do the Ukrainians allow their country to be completely run by Jews?
Police name two Stoke-on-Trent men charged with rape
SAUDI ARABIA: Boy, 6, beheaded in front of mum for belonging to the wrong branch of Islam!

Monday 13 May

Black on handicapped violence - Not racist though!
Crime Wave UK: Organised criminals kill more Brits than terrorism, war, natural disasters!
Sent to live with foster parents whose son had just transitioned, 3-year-old changes gender!
UK: Parents gender transition son, 7, and foster son, 3, to female!
CANTERBURY: 8 girls attacked in by Emily Sweetland - They're daring to criticise LGBT now?
Threat to world peace as US no longer trusts EU as an ally!
Facebook shuts down pro-populist Italian pages before EU elections!
Farage’s Brexit Party pulls ahead of Tories in General Election poll!
PM's aides told her that Gavin Williamson had called her 'a charisma-free b***h!'
EU negotiators dumbfounded by crass stupidity of UK Brexit team – Nick Ferrari
Austrian Chancellor blasts EU ‘madness’: ‘we don’t need regulations for chicken and chips’
Blair SLAPPED DOWN! ‘Your analysis of Brexit Britain is 10 years out of date’
Andrew Marr issues apology for late-night clinch with a female producer
2016: Election fraud allowed to happen in Muslim arias because of 'political correctness!'
WALTHAMSTOW: Boy, 14, stabbed and rushed to hospital
Muslim yob, Ryhan Ali, threatened to shoot/stab 'English pigs' at RSC - NO JAIL!
Woman, 20, punched unconscious by 'Asian' outside Middlesbrough pizza shop!
HUDDERSFIELD! Drug dealer, Binyamin Maqsood, attacked man with a machete
Honeytrap hag who led boyfriend, 16, into a death trap, freed and sent back to Trinidad
Gangs groom schoolchildren to launder money through their bank accounts for a pair of trainers
Love Island star shares footage of a friend 'being brutally mugged on streets of London'
BURKINA FASO: Gunmen kill 6 worshippers in second attack on Catholic church
Meghan Markle's multimillionaire ex marries in lavish Jewish ceremony!

Sunday 12 May

TONY BLAIR on draining the swamp: "Nigel Farage... created" it, not me!
The PM's hubbie is a senior exec at a $1.4trillion investment fund profiting from tax-avoidance!
Top Israeli Rabbi says: 'The Palestinians are monsters and killing them is a religious duty!'
Vince Cable favours Guy Verhofstadt, who states: “Brits are stupid!”
Dedicated Met policeman who faced two years of hell because he took down a moped mugger!
Hate preacher Anjem Choudary prowls streets unsupervised in UK terror hotbed
Theresa May must go now if the Conservative Party is to survive
Farage SOARS in General Election poll - British politics may NEVER be same!
Former head of Army accuses Government of 'lack of sincerity' over military covenant
Policeman spent just 12 minutes interviewing stalker who went on to murder ex-girlfriend
Theresa May has written the script for Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party
Voters are now powerless in the face of our post-democratic Remain elites
No, Amber Rudd. The next PM must recognise HS2 for the wasteful vanity project it really is
Italy: NGO migrant ferry seized after violating Salvini blockade
Blasphemy? Hate crime investigation over joke prayer to ‘Aladdin’ in Muslim prayer room
21 EU heads of state sign ‘stronger Europe’ Manifesto demanding more EU integration!
Cambridge caves to left-wing bully mob, fires young scholar!
New World Order Vatican wishes happy Ramadan to ‘Muslim brothers and sisters!’
Farage: Vote for Brexit Party lets people ‘put No Deal back on the table!’
Sir Shifty Green no longer a billionaire as his fortune SLASHED in half!
'Barnier is SHAMELESSLY using Brexit to secure Europe’s top job for himself’
Choked to death by the ‘rights’ of wrongdoers and the refusal of authority to protect the innocent!
European legal systems bend to accommodate Sharia!

Saturday 11 May

Politicians lie! Remainer politicians lie most of all!
BoJo promises Remainer Rudd Chancellorship if she backs his leadership bid? Bye, Boris!
Amber Rudd may come to regret her cavalier dismissal of ordinary Conservatives!
Holodomor 'NOT a genocide,' said Efraim Zuroff, head of Jerusalem's Simon Wiesenthal Center!
Judge backs parents who let son, 4, live as a girl and sent him to school in girl's uniform!
Turns out that the ‘Portuguese mafia' in London’, isn’t Portuguese at all!
Facebook promotes ISIS propaganda as it bans, suspends and deletes patriots and veterans!
Twitter removed this Trump video!
TUSK: "30 percent likelihood that Brexit won't happen!’
Tories could come 6th in EU elections as Conservatives flock to Brexit Party!
Douglas Carswell: ‘The EU is KILLING Europe!’
The rise of populist politics is a danger to our nation, says David Gauke - REMAINER!
Labour's Kate Hoey claims Brexit Party will 'TROUNCE' Labour and Tories in EU election!
Have I Got News For You is pulled at the last minute for 'Brexit bias!'
As the Lib Dems grasp at straws, why IS Guy Verhofstadt telling us who to vote for?
Smug, puerile anti-Brexit trolls: Lib Dems and Verhofstadt are made for each other
MPs boost expenses by £9,000-a-year by claiming for ‘dependent’ adult kids in their twenties!
3 paedos get £245k in legal aid — 10 times more than victims' compensation!
Ryhan Ali threatened to stab people in theatre hours after walking out of court for racism!
Rafiqul Islam chopped off his wife's fingers to stop her studying for a degree!
Toronto neurosurgeon, Mohammed Shamji, strangled his wife days after she filed for divorce!
Prosecutors want to talk to Jeffrey Epstein's victims!
‘Allahu Akbar’: French church vandalised twice in two weeks!
BOMBSHELL: Hillary Campaign accepted thousands of dollars from disgusting 'sex slaves cult!'
Italian teen raped by migrants accuses friend of ‘selling’ her for drugs!
Poland’s most revered Catholic icon profaned! LGBT rainbow halo painted around her head!
Prosecutors want to talk to Jeffrey Epstein's victims!

Friday 10 May

'Our kids aren't safe!' - Foreigners in double child snatch attempt!
Lib Dems, Greens, and CUK at War, No Remain ‘unity’ candidate in by-election!
BBC report on overworked doctors blames pensioners, ignores mass migration!
Brexit! Guy Verhofstadt joins Vince Cable and Lib Dems on EU elections campaign trail!
BBC BIAS? How state broadcaster's charity has been paid MILLIONS by EU!
'A supporter of a foreign organisation!' Lord Tebbit's fury at BBC's pro-EU coverage!
Olly Robbins wants to live in Belgium after his remainer version of Brexit is ratified?
Olly Robbins killed Brexit! Belgian citizenship is the least he deserves!
Dominic Grieve faces calls for OUSTING as local party begins uprising
Andrew Neil refers to Change UK Remainers as 'village IDIOTS!'
Tory MP: ‘Nigel Farage is doing a better job than Theresa May in leading!’
Boys claiming to be girls are dominating girls’ sports!
Muslim who threatened to kill police is jailed!
Terrified schoolgirl records sinister approach by 'muscular' Asian in BMW
BLOODBATH LONDON: 14-year-old stabbed in back and head!
FRANCE: Imam accused of helping smuggle migrants into Britain!
Denver School Killers: One is a gender-confused girl, the other is anti-Trump and anti-Christian
Germany: Citizenship for polygamous migrants?
Lady athletes of the 21st century!
Microsoft to release version of Word that makes your grammar ‘politically correct!’
Diane Abbott's charity spends all its cash on 'Black Child' party!
Polish TV compares Juncker to Hitler and Stalin! Nice one, Poland!
NHS nurse spared jail as her husband is jailed over £10m fraud that cost victims their life savings
So, a leftie asked the black guy about his MAGA hat...

Thursday 9 May

Hillary Clinton’s losing campaign cost a record $1.2 billion!
Pompeo and Hunt present united front on Iran! (Beating drums for war?)
EU migrants pocket MORE tax credits cash and child benefits than BRITISH workers!
JUNCKER: EU should have ‘interfered’ in Brexit vote!
Crisis for Theresa May as Johnny Mercer ‘on strike’ in DEFIANCE of Tory ‘dirty tricks’
Andrea Jenkyns stands up for Brexit - ‘I speak for the British public!’
Theresa May rejects calls to resign, disowns Brexit failures!
Theresa May STUNS Tory Party with Brexit delay claim – 'Not my fault!'
Why can't the hapless Tories find it in themselves to rise up against Theresa May?
Hard-working Conservative councillors have been sacrificed at the altar of May
Threats to MPs at 'unprecedented' levels, says Met chief
Intimidation of MPs worsening, says ex-MI5 chief Lord Evans
Mike Pompeo warns UK over Huawei 'security risks'
ROTHERHAM: 426 grooming gang members brutalised 1,500 girls!
Mohammed Khan raped ex-partner and made her watch 'how to become better girlfriend' videos!
PORTSMOUTH: Knifepoint rapist, Israel Olabode, jailed for 18 years
OXFORD RAPE! "Tanned men" sought!
OXFORD RAPE! "Tanned men" sought!
Alex Traykov guilty of knife attack on police officers following hoax 999 call!
BATTERSEA: Drug dealers murdered Ian Tomlin outside his home
Alex Traykov guilty of knife attack on police officers following hoax 999 call!
Police hunt mugger who left old lady, 87, with horrific injuries!
London Bridge terrorist wiped knife on beard after killing people!
Judge telling abuser 'there's plenty more fish in the sea' shows how broken our justice system is!
LILY ALLEN: Victims Would have been raped ‘by somebody else’ if Muslim abusers were absent
PTSD 'at crisis levels' among police officers! (Do your job and stop following PC dictat!)
Paris Taxi drivers avoiding migrant areas - Don't want to shock tourists!
The myth of the hard working immigrant
GP pressure: Numbers show first sustained drop for 50 years!
GP surgeries 'in crisis': 'You can't get an appointment'
AUSTRALIA: RSPCA and PETA have demanded an end to halal and kosher slaughter practices
Having your appendix removed trebles the risk of getting Parkinson's!

Wednesday 8 May

Sajid Javid reveals ‘Ramadan package’ to protect mosques!
Expert slams Gordon Brown's disastrous decision to sell off gold reserves at rock bottom prices!
Expenses watchdog suspended official credit cards of 377 MPs, including Corbyn and BoJo!
Why are we paying to build Polish roads, when ours have potholes?
IRELAND: Number of cocaine addicts seeking treatment nearly doubles since 2011!
Diane Abbott vows to SCRAP immigration checks and targets if Labour wins power!
The 'Equality and Human Rights Commission' would have let James Bulger's killers off scot-free!
Forty people investigated over serious child sexual abuse in Rotherham!
London's 45th murder this year - 18-year-old chased through the streets and stabbed to death!
Youth worker, Rahib Miah, jailed for selling 'hippy crack' at the Kendal Calling music festival
Kriston Marshall jailed for seven years as part of county lines operation!
PICTURED: Second woman found dead in freezer in east London - Zarhid Younis charged
PORTUGAL: Roma gipsy female kidnapped, stabbed and 'ritually shamed' British girl
WISCONSIN: ISIS mother-of-7 instructed recruits on how to build bombs and poison reservoirs!
Shamima Begum: Why women support terror
TV crew attacked while filming report on emerging migrant no-go zone!
MPs insult voters by still claiming £120million each year a decade after the expenses scandal!
Brexit Party SAVAGE elite for ‘ridiculing’ voters!
EU's chief Brexit negotiators brand Theresa May 'insane' and 'pathetic!'
Farage RIDICULES Verhofstadt as crowd JEERS europhile's democratic rights plea!
Brexiteer Nigel Evans in clash with Labour Remainer! 'You're offering FRAUD!'
"Extremists? All we want to do is transfer power back to the UK. That's not extremist!"
Tony Blair attacks ‘poison’ of anti-Semitism in swipe at Corbyn’s Labour!
GPs - First sustained drop for 50 years
French business owners call on Government to help deal with expected Ramadan violence!
CNN asks ‘how black will the royal baby be?’ (Can't be black enough for CNN)
'Game of Thrones' has got it in for people of colour, says Guardian!

Tuesday 7 May

A million species of plants, animals now threatened with extinction! Thanks, political class!
LITTLEJOHN on Sedwill: This preening Sir Humphrey needs to be cut down to size!
Rising knife crime linked to council cuts, say MPs!
Romaine Williams-Reid charged with murder of 15-year-old in a Hackney park
BIRMINGHAM: 'Arson, fights and vandalism!' Shakeem Browne charged after stabbing
‘Raped and abused for years!’ Just 11 when Mohammed Akram/Usman Khalid's abuse began?
MPs scrap plans to stop health tourists coming to Britain for treatment they're not entitled to!
10 years on from the expenses scandal, our MPs are still alienated from the electorate
Theresa May's customs stitch up with Corbyn is attempt to 'dupe the public'
May snubbed by Brussels as leaders turn backs on UK!
Theresa May to meet Graham Brady amid growing pressure to resign
Both Labour and Conservatives are committing a fraud in these customs union talks!
Saatchi Gallery covers artworks after Muslims complain they are 'blasphemous!’
Tax expert fired from Think Tank for saying ‘men cannot change into women!'
The dirty truth about jet-set Sadiq Khan’s green credentials
Diversity is our strength! That's what the PC Crowd says - What do you think?
Macron's bully boys attack handicapped YellowVest protester!
Populist National Rally takes lead over Macron’s party ahead of EU elections!
Norway to revoke residency permits of those affiliated with ISIS!
Trump Jr. hits out at Facebook ‘censorship campaign’ over Alex Jones ban

Monday 6 May

NYT cartoonist says caricature is not antisemitic?
Christian persecution 'at near genocide levels!' 'Political correctness' has played its part!
IRAQ: “Simply for wearing the cross,” Christian children burned alive by Muslim neighbours!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Man dies after car deliberately driven into pedestrians!
Netflix suicide show '13 Reasons Why' caused 12-year-old girl to take her own life?
Why do liberal snobs have such an emotional need to talk down Britain?
US sends aircraft carrier and bomber task force to 'warn Iran!' (Zion sniggers in background)
ADL elite plan to use artificial intelligence to censor criticism of Jews?
82% of Conservative Party Members want Theresa May to resign!
Theresa May must quit or we’ll force her out, vows Iain Duncan Smith!
MARK FRANCOIS says UK will never leave the EU with Theresa May as Prime Minister!
15,000 page dossier of antisemitism claims! (Jewish lobby after Corbyn? What else is new?)
MPs accused of using expenses debts as 'interest-free loans!'
Anger as Spain favourites to win £1BN UK warships contract!
Austrians say they feel ‘like foreigners’ in their own country!
ORBAN: Hungary and Italy have proved illegal mass migration can be stopped!
Investors must realise evolution is a much better option than extinction!
FALMOUTH: Thugs who shriek with laughter as dog thrown off cliff identified!
Investors must realise evolution is a much better option than extinction

Sunday 5 May

BBC 'glamorises sexual exploitation' by promoting Asian grime star's creepy song
BBC Asian network plays rap song about pimping ‘white girls’ for money!
Want to stop terrorism? US and UK must stop interfering in other nations! Ken Livingstone
BREXIT: Guy Verhofstadt to knock on doors for Lib Dems in European parliament elections!
Salvini tops polls in Italy ahead of EU election as Orban alliance take shape
Sweden: Rise in rare, potentially fatal parasite linked to 2015 migrant crisis!
Gavin Williamson directly blames Theresa May for 'shabby' Huawei leak 'witch-hunt!'
ALL REMAINERS! BBC Question Time's most regular panelists revealed!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Three injured in horror shooting - one man fighting for life!
Israel launches air strike against Hamas killing a toddler and a gunman
The sanctuary for teenage sex slaves under siege by Romania's trafficking gangs
ALL REMAINERS! BBC Question Time's most regular panelists revealed!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Three injured in horror shooting - one man fighting for life!
Israel launches air strike against Hamas killing a toddler and a gunman
The sanctuary for teenage sex slaves under siege by Romania's trafficking gangs
Emma Thompson the first-class hypocrite!
BRITAIN: 48 Islamic schools are teaching intolerance and misogyny to future imams!
HITCHENS: Police are just like other failed industries - either they must be reformed or replaced

Saturday 4 May

Facebook is STILL allowing anti-Christian fanatics to peddle 'violence and hate!'
UN rights experts lambast Julian Assange’s ‘disproportionate’ prison sentence
WikiLeaks editor denied entry to Ecuadorian Embassy to retrieve Assange’s belongings!
Theresa May sacked Gavin Williamson as a ruse to try and force through softer Brexit?
This is as good as it's going to get for the Tories, the party really is over!
When will MPs abandon the delusion that Leave voters can be sold a Remainers' Brexit?
Tories lose over a THOUSAND seats in the worst local election meltdown for 25 years
'EU is under threat from within!' Brussels is CRUMBLING!
‘We need a CONSERVATIVE Prime Minister!’ Jacob Rees-Mogg hits out at Theresa May!
Voters spoil ballot papers, write ‘Brexit Party’ and ‘WTO exit!’
Local Elections: Tories and Labour haemorrhage seats!
FACEBOOK! Then the ZUCKERBERGS came for Paul Joseph Watson!
Met Police Chief says return of stop and search helped cut London crime!
SCARBOROUGH: Bulgarian immigrant dragged teenager into a dark alley and raped her
BIRMINGHAM: Brutal pimp, Florin Radu, 'forced woman into sex with different man every hour!'
DIVERSITY! Sami Raja defrauded elderly victims of millions!
WANDSWORTH: Black man 'licked his lips' before sexually assaulting girl, 16, on bus!
Drunken black woman hurls abuse at man on Tube, punches him and spits in his face
Labour councillor applied for a council flat despite being owning three other properties!
Over 300 French journalists denounce police violence toward Yellow Vests!
ANTIFA storm Paris hospital threatening staff and patients!
REPLACEMENT! Mohammed is now the number one name for baby boys in Berlin
Opening borders ‘not a mistake’: Merkel defends migrant crisis decisions!
Victor Orban says Matteo Salvini is ‘most important person in Europe!’
Trump's U.S.A. created 263,000 jobs in April, unemployment fell to lowest level since 1969!
Small wonder that big business has lost its voice; it's deeply responsible for the mess we are in!
BLACK DEATH fears: Holidaymakers die after eating marmot meat!
Kabbalah, Zohar and the kosher pig!

Friday 3 May

BBC 'glamorises sexual exploitation' of white girls! Asian Grime star's song about pimp promoted!
Want to stop terrorism? US and UK must stop interfering in other nations! Ken Livingstone
MI5: Islamic terrorism remains ‘most acute’ threat to the British people!
Persecution of Christians is modern-day 'genocide!'
LONDON: Stabbed boy rushed to hospital one day after another was stabbed to death
One in seven graduates admits they'd paid others to write essays
Dark side of Cabinet enforcer, Sir Mark Sedwill
BREXIT: Guy Verhofstadt to knock on doors for Lib Dems in European parliament elections!
Guy Verhofstadt brands British voters "stupid!"
Local elections 2019: Theresa May HUMILIATED!
Gavin Williamson ‘planning’ bombshell speech likely to trigger Theresa May’s downfall!
From leaks to talks with Labour, this Government is deeply disingenuous on Brexit
EU Parliament’s Brexit representative wants common migration policy
IRELAND: Political class back globalism but people fear country changing too quickly, too PC!
Pro-EU criminal MP ousted by recall petition, Brexit Party to run for seat
US Secretary of State to warn Theresa May over Huawei as leak scandal turns to farce!
Stuck with a leader who’s lost all her authority, the Tories are imploding
Rory Stewart defends UK’s £14.5 BILLION foreign aid target!
Le Pen skewers Brussels over ‘GRAVEYARD OF FAILED PROMISES!’
John McDonnell prepares for Government under banners of Mao, Stalin and Marx!
Allowing traditional hymns to die out would be a terrible act of cultural vandalism!
Australian reporter tried to lure Christians to his house to attack them with a sword?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=289&v=vKnkDht-al8"/>"Iran will wipe Israel off the map?" Ahmadinejad never said it - And other stuff...
Thursday 2 May

Former UK Equality Chief says Jo Cox death was used to enforce multicultural orthodoxy!
BBC appoints a white man to its diversity and inclusion panel for the first time!
Canning Town - BODIES IN THE FREEZER! Zarhid Younis charged!
London bloodbath! 15-year-old stabbed to death in Hackney!
County lines drugs gang jailed for total of 43 years
HUDDERSFIELD: Akram and Khalid ‘drugged, raped and trafficked’ girl from age of 11?
Saif Shaikh left woman badly injured banned from the road - Then he drives away from court!
ARIZONA: Mum found 25 bite marks on 5-month-old daughter after visit to nursery
I can’t bring myself to vote... Thanks to the liberal elite!
Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson SACKED over National Security Council leak
Theresa May preparing to cave in to Labour demands on Brexit?
Theresa May is first Tory leader to face grassroots confidence vote in 185 years!
Theresa may is 'willing to take any amount of humiliation' to deliver her version of Brexit?
The Tories must wake up to the existential calamity about to engulf them!
Tories should be allying with Nigel Farage, not Jeremy Corbyn!
ANN WIDDECOMBE: "We voted to leave, we want to leave, WE WILL LEAVE!"
EU fears 'it could NOT survive WITHOUT Britain!'
46 MPs rent out their London homes while claiming expenses for hotels!
The 539 town hall fat cats who rake in MORE than the Prime Minister!
Speaker of House of Lords criticises John Bercow for opposition to Trump addressing Parliament
Corbyn criticised for endorsing book claiming Jews control banks, media
Fiona Onasanya booted by constituents! Labour faces by-election battle!

Wednesday 1 May

Corbyn endorses book about Jews controlling banks and the press - It's not antisemitic if it's true!
Rabbis at pre-army yeshiva urge enslavement of Gentiles!
Guaido, citing Holocaust, thanks Netanyahu for recognition!
Oligarch's wife paid £135,000 for dinner with May and 6 female cabinet ministers!
2014: knights, peers, members of Royal Family now on payroll of Russian oligarchs!
Cambridge academic Noah Carl sacked over ‘racist’ study (Telling the wrong truths)
HUAWEI: now the big boys are involved - But the Little People still come last
Muslim murders German girl - At her funeral Muslim enters church screaming 'Allahu Ahkbar!'
USA: Army veteran (Filipino) charged with plotting to bomb white nationalist rally
Drunken immigrants trash Italian church in viral video
Switzerland: Over 80% of Somali migrants on welfare!
Conservatives were "crazy" to keep Theresa May in power throughout the Brexit negotiations!
Theresa May is the most evasive Prime Minister of the modern era, according to scientists
Juncker blocks Eurosceptics from Commission jobs, regardless of elections!
Bloodbath London: Twelve arrests over knife killing, fresh stabbings elsewhere!
Archbishop says Christians are slaughtered ‘like chickens’ in Nigeria!
Democrats ignore good guy with gun who chased Synagogue shooter
MP claims Extinction Rebellion want to see 'single child' policy in UK!

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