DAILY NEWS: March 2020

Tuesday 31 March

HACKNEY: Three teens jailed after Tashaun Aird was stabbed to death!
NHS nurse and mum-of-three stabbed to death in Barnsley village!
WANTED: Children prepared to deal drugs! County lines gangs target free wifi areas!
HUDDERSFIELD: Murder, drugs, check out the the diversity!
BRISTOL: Supermarket delivery vans firebombed by group of “youths!”
The West is ‘reaping the whirlwind’ for a policy of kowtowing to China!
Netherlands recalls 600,000 defective masks sent from China!
Government knew health system couldn't handle a pandemic 3 years ago but kept it secret!
UK's TRUE Coronavirus death toll to be revealed today!
Anti-tuberculosis BCG injection may offer protection from Coronavirus?
CORONAVIRUS: Firms denied lifeline loans by 'cynical' banks!
FARAGE: We must stop coronavirus - But not at the cost of becoming a police state!
Nigel Farage's EU prediction: 'Mass unrest and REVOLUTION!'
Twitter forces Laura Ingraham to delete post on Chloroquine helping Coronavirus patients?
CORONAVIRUS! In February, Pelosi encouraged large groups to congregate in Chinatown!
Coronavirus testing effort hampered by kits contaminated with Covid-19!
Donald Trump admits Andrew Cuomo would be a better candidate than Joe Biden!
Houston Mayor pleads with criminals to ‘chill’ until Coronavirus pandemic is over!
LITTLEJOHN: This is the police - 'Step away from the Creme Egg!'
Piers Morgan's 20 top Coronavirus idiots! (Most are rich and famous!)

Monday 30 March

Sharon Carr, Britain's youngest female murderer, stabbed Katie Rackliff to death at 12!
It MUST be delayed! EU orders Boris to extend transition period!
James street hospital, biggest hospital in Ireland practically empty. No sign of pandemic! WTF!
French official says quarantine should not be enforced in migrant areas to avoid riots!
Why are Londoners so bad at keeping a respectful distance? Too few native Brits?
Intensive care for coronavirus patients now limited to those 'reasonably certain' to survive!
AUSTRALIA: 'You f***king dog!' Woman pulled over for speeding SPITS at police officer!
CORONAVIRUS: Eight sex offenders freed in Cuomo’s New York!
London hospital records three times more COVID 19 deaths than official figures show!
Boris and co. furious with China? Think it could have 40 times more Coronavirus than claimed?
NYC doctor treats coronavirus patients with Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, Z-Pak: 100% success?
Check out what the Metropolitan Police is doing about Coronavirus!
CORONAVIRUS: Fury grows at Sadiq Khan over reduced tube services!
George Galloway dismantles 'big myth' of EU solidarity as Italy is left 'abandoned!'
Shifty Green's empire suspends payments to pension scheme in face of coronavirus lockdown!
LONDON: Italian chef, 19, dies 'from coronavirus! Doc said you're young, strong, don't worry! CORONAVIRUS: Safety shambles that could cost many more lives - Protect NHS staff!
Woman claiming to have virus jailed for spitting on police she called ‘dirty whites!’
SCHIFF - The richest family in America you've never heard of!
TRUMP: US will not pay for Harry and Meghan’s security in California!

Sunday 29 March

CORONAVIRUS: On 3 March Sadiq Khan insisted crowded tube posed ‘no risk!’
CORONAVIRUS: 13 of the 260 who died yesterday had no underlying health conditions!
Health chief says we must stay locked down until JUNE!
CORONAVIRUS: More than 1.6million in England infected? MUCH higher than official toll!
CORONAVIRUS: New York's death toll rises 222 in one day, cases soar past 30,000!
European Disease Control Centre says Summer is unlikely to halt Coronavirus!
Chin CORONAVIRUS: Samuel Konneh spit blood in the face of police officers!
How many of us have had coronavirus? Far more than the official figures suggest!
a Coronavirus cases could be '40 times higher' as UK calls for Beijing 'reckoning!'
This unprecedented curtailment of our freedom must end soon!
Many of the 1.3 million masks the Dutch government imported from China are defective!
Ministers warned NHS couldn't cope with pandemic 3 years ago but kept terrifying results secret!
INDIA: Britons say they have been hit by cops as they tried to get food and medicine!
Doddering Joe Biden unfit to lead in time of crisis!
Russia to close all borders Monday after banning international flights!
End of the EU? Growing fury at 'repugnant' response! Italy condemns Brussels as 'dead!'
SPAIN: ‘Youths’ attack ambulances transporting elderly Coronavirus patients!
Police update Tommy – Gangster's charged!
Criminals selling fake medicine, impersonating medics to rob people!
Amazon delivery driver caught spitting on hand and wiping it on parcel!
Turkish Government agents disguised as migrants fuelled riots at Greek border!
We must stop kow-towing to Chinese despots!
Maxwell 'groped a 16-year-old girl during a naked massage while Epstein watched!'
Has the 'Sheikh who bought London' forked out £700million for the Ritz?

Saturday 28 March

Immigrants have cost the taxpayer more than £140 billion since the 1990s!
RICHARD BRANSON is bankrolling Gina Miller's bid to oust Brexit MPs!
2010 Rockefeller document suggests pandemic = easy way to exert more control over us!
The military has conducted many dangerous biowarfare experiments on Americans!
Many nations suggest Coronavirus originated in America — Possible?
10K military from 110 nations in Wuhan, China weeks before Coronavirus outbreak!
Did coronavirus spread to Italy in 2019? October saw high level of pneumonia/flu in Lombardy!
Remember the youngsters who died from Coronavirus? They didn't have it after all!
When did coronavirus spread to Italy? High level of pneumonia/flu in Lombardy in Oct 2019!
CORONAVIRUS: Hydroxychloroquine saves man! Liberals attacked for denying drug to sick!
What is the REAL death rate for the coronavirus?
New York Times blames evangelical Christians for Coronavirus!
USA: China sues CDC, Defense Dept and White House for covering up origins of Coronavirus!
CHINA: Up to 14% of patients who recover from Coronavirus test positive again!
ITALY: 969 Coronavirus dead in 24 hours!
People flout Coronavirus lockdown - NO COPS! Walk dog? CHASED WITH DRONES!
A week after Polish engineers announce cheap open-source ventilator project, Israelis steal it!
Fear of the Coronavirus is worse than the disease!
Why are ten times as many Jews Covid-19 victims?
Who authorised the police to stop rural animal-feed delivery lorries?
Merkel set up fiscal union with Sarkozy so EU could bypass Britain's Lisbon Treaty revision!
The Left must stop playing politics with this national crisis
In France, Covid-19 lockdown is for all! (Except gang-ridden, immigrant-populated suburbs)
Petrol station worker SPITS at customer after he complained about lack of gloves
ITALY: African immigrant attacks baker after being asked to wait outside!
Woman murdered in London churchyard! Another stabbed to death in same road week before!
Man who killed armed robber in his Glasgow home is jailed!
Headteacher/husband raked in £347,000 from secret Muslim faith school shut down by Ofsted!
NORTHAMPTON: Romanian gang jailed for slaughtering flocks of sheep!
Illegal immigrant, Hassan Gawish, gets just 18 months for gang raid!
In France, Covid-19 lockdown is for all! (Except gang-ridden, immigrant-populated suburbs)
TURKEY: Website promotes ISIS article, 'Kill The Idolaters Wherever You Find Them!'
Jewish scholar admits Hitler launched WWII to stop ‘world Jewry’ from ‘annihilating Germany?’

Friday 27 March

Savages stabbed bouncer to death for denying them entry to £2,000 a table champagne do!
Lancashire: Lithuanian immigrant, Brian Healless, stabbed Alex Davies, 18, 128 times!
WILLESDEN: Savages jailed after filming themselves stabbing man six times!
Top cops/politicians knew about widespread paedophilia in Westminster but ‘turned a blind eye!’
BRISTOL: Yobs fire-bomb food delivery vans, launch missiles at police!
SOHO: Flavien Cortes made at least £30,000 dealing drugs while working as a masseur!
USA: 490,000 hospitalisations 2018-2019 flu season - But now there aren't enough beds?
CORONAVIRUS: Boris Johnson tests positive for Covid-19!
COVID-19 is no longer considered to be an infectious disease in the UK...
CORONAVIRUS: Thugs are mugging nurses for their IDs to get free food and drink!
CORONAVIRUS: NYC Mayor brags about number of freed jailbirds - Car theft skyrockets!
BREXIT: Economist accuses Remainers of using Coronavirus to thwart trade talks!
GLASGOW: Care nurse, 28, told to prepare her WILL before treating coronavirus victims!
CovidNazis! Stupid cops clamp down on rural dog walkers!
The Left is playing politics with Covid-19!
Is coronavirus a terrifying killer or a manageable risk? We still don't know!
Coronavirus – To save the village we’re destroying it!
Just 0.3% of the population, nearly 5% of UK Coronavirus dead are Jewish?
Barcelona's greedy stars refuse to take 70% wage cut as Coronavirus decimates season!
Spanish fishermen sailed with UK flags and abused regulations!
Boris Johnson ignores plea from Home Secretary to stop flights to the UK!
Asylum-seekers and immigrants are not respecting the lockdown!
Bono’s NGO: Old, white Europeans need to be replaced by young ‘energetic’ African migrants!

Thursday 26 March

Ozone layer is RECOVERING in rare good news for the planet!
BOLTON: Nutcase stabbed Emily Jones, 7, to death in 'random and unprovoked' attack!
LEICESTER: 10-year-old stabbed in street in front of mum! 'Chubby' Asian sought!
Dan-Constantin Caraza hides his mobile after killing cyclist, Brian Riley!
Priti Patel calls for UK borders to be CLOSED! (About f***ing time!)
Gordon Brown calls for global government to tackle coronavirus!
Debate raging on link between 5G technology, coronavirus pandemic
Britain needs to rethink its Huawei decision after China's conduct over Coronavirus
CORONAVIRUS: Boris rages at Sadiq Khan as London Mayor threatens more Tube cuts!
Le Pen: The EU was the first casualty of Coronavirus!
CORONAVIRUS: Oxford epidemiologist: Why the Doomsday model is likely to be way off!
Is the Coronavirus as deadly as they say?
Ignored coronavirus problems crippling NHS and resulting in '50% of staff' catching virus?
Tucker Carlson: Why are media pundits trying to discredit hydroxychloroquine?
George Soros bankrolling ads attack Trump over Coronavirus crisis in key states!
British diplomat dies of coronavirus in Hungary
Government asked for 250,000 Coronavirus volunteers and 405,000 came forward in 24 hours!
Eco-Fascists deny responsibility For ‘Corona is the cure - Humans are the disease’ signs!
What EU solidarity? Italy seizes thousands of respirators bound for Greece!
Could coronavirus crisis be over by EASTER? Worst may have passed in 3 weeks?
Priti Patel calls for UK borders to be CLOSED! (About f***ing time!)
'We're STILL like f***ing SARDINES!' Fury at Sadiq Khan grows! Key workers on packed Tubes!
Coronavirus symptom tracker says up to 6.6million in Britain may already be infected!
Coronavirus — Peter Hitchens is right!
Could coronavirus crisis be over by EASTER? Worst may have passed in 3 weeks?
Zuckerberg's Facebook is banning accounts that mention Tommy Robinson's name!
Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, Ethiopia’s Health Minister, 2005 - 2012, covered up cholera epidemics?

Wednesday 25 March

Bill Gates predicts 10 million deaths BEFORE the Coronavirus outbreak
'Dystopian future?' The 'plandemic' will completely collapse the economic system!
Coronavirus may have already infected more than half the UK population, researchers say!
Fury as key workers wait 20 minutes to cram on to London's packed Tube trains AGAIN!
Chloe Middleton, 21, had no pre-existing health condition but Coronavirus still killed her!
PAKISTAN: Muslim leader says Coronavirus is the wrath of Allah on non-Muslim nations!
How to spread Coronavirus! (Courtesy of the Orient)
How to spread Coronavirus, part 2! (Courtesy of the Orient again)
Richard Branson's Virgin Healthcare has paid no tax on £2billion NHS deals!
CORONAVIRUS: London now worse than Lombardy! Deaths double every TWO days!
One Coronavirus patient could infect 59,000 others! It's 3 times more infectious than flu!
Top executives offloaded shares just before Coronavirus slashed company values!
WHO KNEW? Asterix and his glorious victory over Coronavirus! (2017)
Amazon Marketplace and eBay fail to crack down on Coronavirus-profiteering!
Fury as key workers wait 20 minutes to cram on to London's packed Tube trains AGAIN!
CORONAVIRUS: 743 dead in 24 hours in Italy!
Thousands of diaspora Jews opt to sit out Coronavirus crisis in Israel!
A young nurse treating coronavirus patients at King's College Hospital has killed herself!
Immigration removal centres house Coronavirus sufferers? And High Court wants them released?
Chloe Middleton, 21, had no pre-existing health condition but Coronavirus still killed her!
Obama went golfing just after H1N1 was declared a national emergency!
CORONAVIRUS: Prince Charles tests positive but 'remains in good health!'
"Coronavirus is absolutely ridiculous and pathetic!" But what if it's not?
Your NHS needs YOU! Call for army of 250,000 volunteers!
British Army may have to enforce lockdown, says Met Police Federation Chairman!
SCHENGEN! 25th anniversary of Europe abolishing borders will be marked with closed borders!
Police hunt Abdi Ali in connection with the murder of Shaun Lyall in Cleethorpes, July 2018!
Nastiness on the underground! Black girl attacks White!
Oklahoma rapist, Aaron Craiger, took bus to New Jersey for sex with children!
LONDON: Punch a cop - Do not get arrested!
Schools across England receive letters opposing sex and LGBT equality education!

Tuesday 24 March

COVID-19- hype and hysteria? Demystification of the nightmare!
ISIS calls on Allah to increase Coronavirus torment against idolatrous nations!
Report: China stopped testing for COVID-19? That's why there are zero new cases?
Dr. Charles Lieber, Chair of Harvard Uni's dept. of Chemistry & Chemical Biology arrested!
ISIS calls on Allah to increase Coronavirus torment against idolatrous nations!
CORONAVIRUS: Pope wants Italian priests brave enough to attend the sick - Now 60 are dead!
Coronavirus: Spanish army finds care home residents 'dead and abandoned!'
How COVID-19 will test the West!
Was the 2020 Wuhan Coronavirus an engineered biological attack on China by America?
Germany closes border to Europeans but immigrants still allowed in!
CORONAVIRUS: ‘If you don’t follow the rules, the police will have the powers to enforce them!’
Tubes, trains and buses still packed on day one of shutdown - Sadiq Khan blames commuters!
Iran’s Khamenei blames US ‘liars and charlatans’ for Coronavirus
Coronavirus: 4,824 Italian healthcare workers are infected!
UK's coronavirus death toll jumps by 54 to 335!
Nancy Pelosi's coronavirus response is full of unrelated PC crap! Race, global warming, open borders!
EU unmasked! Yanis Varoufakis reveals what is wrong with bloc's coronavirus strategy
Coronavirus UK: Internet capacity may be rationed to prioritise ‘critical’ apps?
CORONAVIRUS: The self-pitying ‘woke’ generation needed a war – Now they’ve got one!
Pat Buchanan: Must we kill the economy to kill the virus?
Brit who protested Tenerife hotel's Coronavirus quarantine is hard-left unionist/Labour candidate!
CORONAVIRUS: Vandals smash up cars of NHS medics left outside hospitals!
Alex Salmond cleared of all sexual assault charges!
WEMBLEY: Karlos Gracia, Alhassan Jalloh, Rene Montaque guilty of mistaken identity murder!
Seven London gang-bangers jailed after knife fight in front of terrified shoppers!
USA: Female gang ‘let paedophiles rape children as young as 3 for cash!’
Swedish 'human rights' organisation under fire for denying racism against Whites!
Duchy of Cornwall criticised over Isle of Scilly property management!

Monday 23 March

The state will have permanently enhanced role after Covid-19!
USA: In sweeping power grab, DOJ seeks ability to detain people indefinitely without trial!
Left-wing media trying to convince us that 'white nationalism' is the real threat, not Coronavirus!
COVID-19 shatters the facade of European 'Union!'
Half of Americans don't trust mainstream media's COVID-19 coverage
CORONAVIRUS: 7,500 visitors arrive from 3 countries with highest death toll in last week!
How wildlife trade is linked to coronavirus!
CORONAVIRUS: More than 5,000 Italians are now dead!
Age-group risk for coronavirus - STATS!
FARAGE: Coronavirus exposes Western supply chain’s dependence on China!
WHO praised Beijing’s response to Coronavirus and pushed Chinese propaganda!
Teenager, 18, becomes UK’s youngest coronavirus victim!
USA: Young Coronavirus patient, 12, with no health conditions 'fights for life!'
Woke Leftists panic amid fears their college lecture lies will leak online amid quarantine!
CORONAVIRUS: Piers Morgan wants man filmed licking supermarket shelves refused health care!
Billionaires seek sanctuary from coronavirus aboard superyachts!
Harvey Weinstein has Coronavirus? Will his body be shipped to Israel if he "dies?"
Placido Domingo tests positive for coronavirus! (Have any old stars died yet?)
We can no longer give respirators to anyone aged over SIXTY warns Israeli doctor!
Experts slam Swedish government for not taking Coronavirus seriously!
Is shutting down Britain, with unprecedented curbs on ancient liberties, the best answer?
Paris no-go zone - Police overwhelmed attempting to enforce quarantine!
BOLTON: Woman 'stabs girl, 7, to death' in 'random' attack as she plays in park!
Woman arrested after one man run over and another stabbed in west London!
Grooming gang victim refused compensation for abuse because she had a driving conviction!
Greeks find tunnel full of weapons under Athens, arrest Turkish terrorists!
Albanians ram car into Spanish airport shouting ‘Islamist-type’ slogans!
Lady Michelle Renouf on trial
“Mommy, will I always be white?"

Sunday 22 March

2007: "The presence of a large reservoir of SARS-CoV-like viruses in horseshoe bats, together with the culture of eating exotic mammals in Southern China, is a time-bomb! (Clinical Microbiology Reviews - October 2007)
How was Coronavirus picked up in China? One possibility...
Virologist says Italy’s attempt not to appear “racist” early on crippled response to Coronavirus!
CORONAVIRUS: One in every 10 will die says, ICU doctor!
Coronavirus advice being ignored by almost a quarter of 25 to 34 year-olds!
Nurses spat at and called ‘disease spreaders’ amid coronavirus crisis!
NHS doctor reveals how coronavirus has unleashed terror in hospital!
CORONAVIRUS: Hundreds of UK mosques remain open despite closure calls
ITALY: 793 people die of Coronavirus in the past 24 hours!
EU President admits, 'we all... underestimated the Coronavirus!'
Top Doc lumps us in with panic-buyers, me-me-me types, saying, "we should all be ashamed!"
Sadiq Khan's claims about keeping TFL employees safe from Coronavirus are inaccurate/wrong?
NIGERIA: Islamic scholar says Muslims have “potent immune system against coronavirus!”
After going to China to 'destroy Coronavirus,' Nigerian pastor ends up in hospital!
CORONAVIRUS: Israeli company donates SIX MILLION doses of Chloroquine to USA!
4,000 nurses and 500 doctors return to NHS in first 48 hours after Hancock appeal!
CORONAVIRUS: EU outrage: Anti-Greta Thunberg exposes how bloc ‘controls society!’
EXPOSED! Dr Mark Ali got £2.5m in a week from ‘coronavirus tests!’
Deranged shopper threatens supermarket staff, angered by 'two per customer' rule!
Farirai Shereni raped woman in deserted Birmingham city centre - Jailed for 13 years!
Yet another Grenfell fraudster! Sheffick Brimer got £32,000 worth of free 4-star hotel service!
2019: Girl, 12, battered by bullies, excluded from school for "bringing the school into disrepute!"
BRISTOL: Name the toerag! Who stole the OAP’s purse in Morrisons?
USA: Teenage yobs seen deliberately coughing on produce!
Police arrest three 'bog roll bandits' with a van full of toilet rolls!
For centuries Speaker was impartial but, puffed-up with self-importance, Bercow tore up rules!

Saturday 21 March

What's happening to England's churches? They're burning down! MEDIA SILENT!
CORONAVIRUS: French border guards impound face masks bound for our NHS workers!
CORONAVIRUS: Millions of people could already be infected?
More than 70% of coronavirus deaths in Italy are men - Scientists 'mystified!'
Stores slammed for doubling prices but Halal chicken supplier says prices haven't gone up!
Tommy Robinson stops Coronavirus attack!
CORONAVIRUS: UK Government closes pubs, clubs, restaurants, theatres, cinemas and Gyms!
CORONAVIRUS: Italy sees worst day yet, 627 dead in 24 hours!
Overwhelmed London hospitals turning away Coronavirus patients!
Coronavirus versus racism
Britain to remain on ‘lockdown’ for a YEAR to beat coronavirus?
Considerate shoppers cruelly punished, the elderly squashed in supermarket crowds!
Shameless fraudsters are knocking on elderly people's doors and scamming them out of savings!
Seven men sentenced for their part in a street brawl in Maida Vale last year
UTRECHT: Terrorist, Gokmen Tanis, shot 4 people dead on a tram in March, 2019! (Who knew?)
NEW YORK: Robber falls out of second-story window, lands on his face, escapes!
Senior MPs offer to submit evidence of 'bullying' in bid to block John Bercow's peerage!
MARK COLLETT: Who is legally excluded in Britain today? THE BRITISH!
Police watchdog says he’s paid less than colleague ‘because I’m a white man’
Jury in trial of 'National Action' girl who won 'Miss Hitler' pageant fails to reach verdict!

Friday 20 March

CORONAVIRUS and 5G - The wisdom of Dr. Thomas Cowan!
Muslims are particularly vulnerable to coronavirus! 'Social distancing' is an alien concept
In 2015, Bill Gates said next big threat would be a 'highly infectious virus... we're not ready' for!'
Illegal immigrants get Coronavirus tests, as NHS staff are refused?
Coronavirus is going to make big Government even bigger!
One London NHS trust is turning away Coronavirus patients!
Look whose got all the loo rolls!
99% of Italy’s Coronavirus fatalities were people suffering from previous medical conditions!
Why have so many coronavirus patients died in Italy?
CORONAVIRUS: Italy's death toll surpasses China’s official count!
Joe Biden claims we have Coronavirus because of Trump!
CORONAVIRUS! Senator Richard Burr 'dumped stocks worth $1.6m despite reassuring public!'
Senators dumped $4.6m in stock after classified briefings on Coronavirus!
'The end of French fishing!' France's dread at post-Brexit fisheries snub exposed!
David Davis savages 'terrified' Macron as he insists 'EU cannot stop us' in Brexit warning
Labour MP, Kate Osamor, to journalist: 'I should have smashed your face open with a bat!'
ENFIELD: Young man dies after being shot in the head in broad-daylight!
Chief Supt. Novlett Williams had video of a 5-year-old girl being sexually abused?
Delhi bus gang rapists executed before dawn! (Nice one, India!)
Ex-Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Ehud Barak were passengers on Epstein's 'Lolita Express!'
Trotskyites and Neocons

Thursday 19 March

"Hydroxychloroquine (Malaria drug) - A 100% cure rate against coronavirus!"
Dark Money progressives spend millions to politicise Coronavirus, spread fear!
People with blood type A may be at greater risk from coronavirus, say scientists!
China, globalism, PC and pandemics - The vectors of robber-baron wealth!
FARAGE: Global pandemic? Thousands dead? China seems to be above criticism!
Trump is right - We can't allow China to obscure its integral role in Coronavirus
Wuhan Market, where Covid-19, allegedly, originated
Time to quarantine the Chinese Communist Party?
ICE reduces arrests of illegal aliens amid Wuhan fears!
Mums are buying £8 baby milk for £155 as greedy eBay sellers cash in on Coronavirus!
CORONAVIRUS: Sadiq Khan says 'avoid social interaction' as 40 Tube stations set to close!
Concern over Westminster’s failure to get decent protective gear to doctors, nurses, carers!
Israeli scientist: You’re NOT going to see millions of people die from COVID-19!
www.Brexit-Watch.org's 'ten point Brexit Barometer!'
Coronavirus is leading Great Britain towards economic Armageddon!
CORONAVIRUS: Elderly conned by doorstep fraudsters preying on their self-isolation!
If Coronavirus killed the young like it does the old, we'd have shut down society weeks ago?
Britain's coronavirus death toll rises to 104!
CORONAVIRUS: We're heading into abyss' NHS doctor breaks cover with dire warning!
BREXIT: UK ‘prepares to seek EU trade talks extension’ as Coronavirus crisis grows!
GERMANY: Muslims riot, display ISIS flag at asylum center over Coronavirus quarantine!
ITALY: 2,629 medics are infected with Coronavirus!
Italian Study: Most who die from Coronavirus had pre-existing condition!
Paralysed Europe has become the greatest threat to the global financial system!
Barnier ordered to reclaim UK fishing waters – EU capitals REJECT Brexit trade compromise!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Young woman murdered near West Ham's former Upton Park ground!
Father-of-6 hit his kids with chair legs! NO JAIL! He has diplomatic immunity!
Victims' fury as Epstein's 'procurer' Ghislaine Maxwell stakes claim to his $636m estate!
Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre slams 'sadistic' Ghislaine Maxwell for 'playing the victim card!'
PETITION: Release the Home Office's grooming gang review in full!

Wednesday 18 March

Abedi family given £190,000 in handouts in seven years - Some of it funded the Arena attack!
ID2020 Alliance: Global mandatory vaccinations + biometric ID integration!
ID2020 and partners launch program to provide digital ID with vaccines
People with type A blood are MORE likely to catch Coronavirus than those with Type O?
Deeper entanglements for Soros and Gates – Billionaires, Coronavirus and the W.H.O!
Coronavirus fatality rate reported by MSM completely inaccurate? Actual rate less than the flu?
Deeper entanglements for Soros and Gates – Billionaires, Coronavirus and the W.H.O!
How the Deep State will use the Coronavirus!
Kushner repeatedly advised Trump the media was exaggerating Coronavirus threat?
Top scientist who warned 260,000 Brits could die from Coronavirus has cough and high fever!
Think only old people can die from Coronavirus? NO ONE is safe!
CORONAVIRUS: Normal rules no longer apply - the price will be a shift to the Left
Continent's response to coronavirus proves European 'solidarity' has always been a sham!
How is govt paying for £350bn corona bailout? (£5,000 per head) How will it be paid back?
Britain’s pubs could be bust ‘in days’ thanks to coronavirus!
Brits will be BANNED from France if Boris doesn't adopt same Coronavirus policies as the EU!
Italians over 80 'will be left to die' as country overwhelmed by coronavirus!
Wealthy VIPs, celebs, businesses go private for £375 Coronavirus testing kits from Harley Street!
CORONVIRUS! Stampeding shoppers wrestle each other in panic-buying blitz to grab toilet paper!
Chinese students flee UK after 'maskaphobia' triggered racist attacks
Ceon Broughton given leave to appeal conviction for killing Louella Fletcher-Michie!
Oprah's pal, 'John of God,' (treated Bill Clinton) gets 19 years for abusing hundreds of women!
ISRAEL: Embracing racism! Rabbis praise Hitler, urge the enslavement of Arabs!
EUROPA - The last battle!

Tuesday 17 March

George Soros owns a pharmaceutical company in Wuhan! (Where Coronavirus originated)
Covid19 power-grab special!
Harvard chemistry chief’s arrest over China links shocks researchers!
Was Charles Lieber arrested for connections to Coronavirus, Wuhan lab?
CORONAVIRUS: Boris puts UK in lockdown as death tolls reaches 55
CORONAVIRUS: High Street faces Doomsday: Disaster looms for shops, pubs and restaurants!
CORONAVIRUS: Airlines axe tens of thousands of jobs in battle to survive!
Coronavirus patients in their 40s are being put on ventilators!
London LOCKDOWN! Usually bustling nightspots deserted as theatres, pubs, restaurants close!
CORONAVIRUS: Online deliveries from supermarkets could take up to SIX WEEKS!
CORONAVIRUS: Experts warn of 250,000 deaths!
CORONAVIRUS: Parents ignore Boris' advice and urge kids to stay at home!
UK could BAN funerals for coronavirus victims!
What your coronavirus stockpile says about you!
FRANCE IN LOCKDOWN! Army deployed as Macron orders Coronavirus curfew!
EU President wants borders to remain open during Coronavirus outbreak!
CORONAVIRUS: Orbán closes Hungary’s borders to fight the ‘invisible enemy!’
CORONAVIRUS - ITALY: At least 10 priests have died from it!
Italian Mayor: We can’t cremate bodies fast enough to keep up with Coronavirus!
Israel's leading Rabbi thinks not studying Torah is more dangerous than Coronavirus
LONDON BLOODBATH! Teenager stabbed to death in south London!
Britons have lost £1billion to bank transfer fraudsters in just three years!
Boots' launches landmark legal battle with shoplifter after cops let him off with slap on wrist!
Britain faces a moral choice between rampant individualism and collective altruism
Ex-King Juan Carlos hires lawyer after revellations of undisclosed off-shore financial dealings!
RAF dropped almost 4,500 bombs and missiles over Iraq and Syria over a five-year span!
Turkey steps back from confrontation at Greek border!
Reza Ahmadi abandoned Goli and Baran because he wanted a different, better life in the UK
NZ Thought Police visit a young man to ask him if he's a member of New Conservatives!

Monday 16 March

Coronavirus was specifically engineered as an offensive biological warfare weapon to exterminate human beings?
Anyone who refuses to self-isolate could face a £1,000 fine or JAIL!
Coronavirus crisis could last until Spring 2021 with up to 8MILLION Britons hospitalised!
Italian journalist accuses Germany of coronavirus cover-up: 'Shame on you!'
CORONAVIRUS: 1,372 now infected in the UK – 35 dead!
With borders going up in Europe, Coronavirus is devastating EU's superstate pretensions!
The EU's cack-handed response to Coronavirus is proof we were right to get out
ITALY: Coronavirus death toll now exceeds 1,800!
ADL: Extremists use Coronavirus to advance racist, conspiratorial agendas!
Conspiracy theory that Jews created Coronavirus spreads on social media, ADL says!
Charles Lieber (arrested for secret dealings in China) received Israel’s Wolf Prize in 2012!
Deputy leader of the AfD says Turkey should be kicked out of NATO! (Nice one, Beatrix!)
Turkish court sentences human traffickers to 125 years each for drowning of Syrian boy!
Swedish priest smuggled an immigrant out of detention in a suitcase?
Weinstein wasn't the only monster in Hollywood – what about those who protected him?
‘I remember the knee in the crosshairs, bursting open!’ Israeli snipers boast of shootings in Gaza!
USA: Murder charges filed against black male and Mexican female who killed white cop
Fed up with life in Afghanistan ISIS females want to return to India provided there's no jail!
Why the anti-white BBC has to end!

Sunday 15 March

Bill Gates org hosts 'Event 201 Pandemic Exercise,' ('simulates an outbreak of a novel zoonotic coronavirus') on 18 October 2019!
Coronavirus has blown away the dishonest ideology of the globalists!
Haunted, exhausted and under attack as coronavirus death toll doubles!
Academics claim Brexit could delay coronavirus vaccine’s UK arrival!
Lancet editor says Boris' Coronavirus strategy is ‘a grave error!’
Farage on Coronavirus: ‘We are all Nationalists now!’ Boris has been ‘negligent!’
Saudi Arabia/African states impose travel bans on Europe – NO ACCUSATIONS OF RACISM!
Richard Branson wants Boris to bail him out! All £7.5billions worth!
HITCHENS: Coronavirus poses a risk! But Britain is infected by a bad case of madness!
How the world was paralysed in 66 days! Coronavirus has now infected 153,000+
Coronavirus recession: Millions of UK jobs at risk as economy faces devastating collapse!
CORONAVIRUS! Boris to impose 4-MONTH quarantine on elderly under 'wartime' measures!
A nation confronting its own mortality needs spiritual leadership. So where is Justin Welby?
What is herd immunity and will it stop coronavirus in the UK?
CORONAVIRUS! Italians over 80 'will be left to die!'
Sweden to stop publishing Coronavirus numbers - Says they're 'not important!’
Pope lifts the lid on the Vatican’s colossal property empire in London!
Gordon Brown ‘Let RAPE GANGS roam free in return for Saudi OIL MONEY?’
'Our 13-year-old was brainwashed into thinking she’s transgender!'
HITCHENS: Those who dissent from the pervasive PC culture will be visited by Thought Police!
School chiefs say pupils who bring knives to class will NOT automatically be expelled!
Cops failed to get justice for families of murdered girls - 153 unrecorded crimes uncovered!
Jihadi who plotted to behead soldier claimed more than £1million in legal aid! Out in 2021?
John Bercow - Bully boy!
Duchess of York received £500,000 in 'unexplained' loans from Lord Grade's company!

Saturday 14 March

SHEFFIELD: Paedos jailed for 70 years after treating vulnerable 15-year-old as a 'piece of meat!'
COVENTRY: Teenager shot dead in broad daylight near a nursery school
Shemar Dawes, who claimed he was wrongly accused of Canning Town murder, gets 18 years!
Turkey: Three human traffickers sentenced to 125 years for murder of refugee toddler
The end of the petrodollar system?
ISRAEL: Cop filmed firing at Palestinian children through school gate
Israel kills 10,000th Palestinian since 2000! Mainstream media largely ignore it
FISHERIES WAR! Macron 'speechless with rage' at prospect of losing UK waters!
Margaret Thatcher ‘tied Britain to EU!’
Andrew Gillum, former Governor of Florida dandidate (D), involved in crystal meth incident!
On both sides of the Atlantic, the far-Left is refusing to face the facts
The legal firm currently attacking Tommy Robinson
Alt-Health expert says Coronavirus is good for Big Pharma, Police State!
Famous people infected by Coronavirus! (Are they really? Or is the NWO just signalling that they are suffering with us?)
Telomeric poisoning exacerbates Coronavirus?
CORONAVIRUS: Trump declares national emergency!
ITALY: 250 people die of Coronavirus in 24 hours!
CORONAVIRUS: Mayoral election suspended 12 months! Another year of Sadiq? HORROR!
ITALY: Deliberate Coronavirus spreaders face up to 21 years in prison for murder!
Health expert says 60% of Britons need to catch Coronavirus to develop ‘herd immunity!’
CORONAVIRUS! Trump hits back at China after accusing US of starting pandemic!
British scientists close to finding Coronavirus vaccine?
The Deep State operation to handcuff Roger Stone!
PRESTON: Tons of rubbish and debris pile up in Preston docks!
What's Cher saying now? Trump must be forced to go! He’ll kill thousands of Americans!

Friday 13 March

Harvard Professor and two Chinese nationals charged in three separate China related cases!
Charles Lieber arrested for connections to Coronavirus and a Wuhan Lab?
Israel has ALREADY invented a Coronavirus vaccine?
Israeli scientists: 'In a few weeks, we will have coronavirus vaccine!'
Our connected world (globalism) made coronavirus spread!
Trump was right to shut the gates on plague pit Europe!
Czechs follow Trump’s lead and ban entry of foreigners from 13 countries!
Brussels is angry Trump acted on Coronavirus without their permission!
CORONAVIRUS: UK cases likely to be 10,000 RIGHT NOW as scores not diagnosed!
CORONAVIRUS: Ex-Iranian president claims mutated virus is lab produced weapon!
Tom Hanks and wife taking it 'one day at a time' following coronavirus diagnosis!
Justin Trudeau coronavirus scare: Canadian PM self-isolating after wife ‘showed symptoms’
Chinese spokesman accuses the US military of bringing coronavirus to Wuhan
The global response to coronavirus shows that the nation state is back
Spain shuts schools as deaths jump 80% in a day and Queen Letizia tested for coronavirus!
Italian medical chief, 67, dies of coronavirus as country's death toll leaps 23% in one day!
Greta Thunberg slammed for ‘spreading fear’ over coronavirus as Twitter post backfires!
FRANCE: Eight million to shun crunch election as coronavirus death toll soars!
UK elections could be scrapped as Electoral Commission makes urgent recommendation
Brexit talks CANCELLED! UK-EU trade talks scrapped as coronavirus erupts!
Salmond wasn't reported for sex assault because independence campaign could be derailed!
Salman Abedi's brother 'sacks legal team and withdraws from own murder trial!'
Blackpool supermarket targeted by police investigation into child sex exploitation!
USA: Plastic surgeon, Manish Gupta, drugged women then raped them on camera?
How the net closed on Oxford's grooming gang
Andrew Gillum, former Governor of Florida dandidate (D), involved in crystal meth incident!
Tearful Meghan bids farewell to palace staff! (Spot the white person)

Thursday 12 March

GRIME! 'Narcissist and violent bully,' Andy Anokye, 'humiliated,' degraded and raped 4 women!
Appeal Court hands Jamaicans due for deportation an 11th-hour reprieve!
US-Israel behind Turkish aggression in Syria?
WALTHAMSTOW: Four teenagers rushed to hospital after being stabbed
USA: ‘I just found some white men to kill!’ Kori Ali Muhammad blames racism
Harvey Weinstein's ex-wives refused to vouch for him before Judge sentenced him to 23 years
Establishment paedos! After saying this, Nancy Schaefer and her husband were murdered!
Senator Nancy Schaefer - Did her fight against CPS child kidnapping lead to her murder?
RUTMAN: Rape gang Report blocker was pictured with top Mosque Imam!
Trump's Coronavirus doctor says it is TEN TIMES more lethal than seasonal flu!
USA: Patients who contracted Coronavirus died within hours despite showing no symptoms!
Tom Hanks and wife test positive for Coronavirus!
Britain has given up the fight to ‘contain’ Coronavirus?
Head of Greek Orthodox Church travels to border to bless civilian border Guard Force
Trevor Phillips suspended by Labour Party ‘gangsters’ in ‘Corbynista payback!’
Trump suspends all travel from Europe to America for 30 days, except from the UK!
Violence on Greek island escalating as Turkish gates remain open!
Points-based immigration will slash number arriving in the UK by nearly half in 5 years?

Wednesday 11 March

Romario Lindo stabbed boy, 15, to death when confronted over robbery of Nike trainers!
Eric Kusi sexually abused girl in mental health unit? He also looked after girl who killed herself!
Government refusal to publish grooming gang details to be debated after 100,000 sign petition?
Victims of SNP's Salmond ‘scared’ to come forward!
Swedish politician, Barbro Sörman: Migrant rape isn’t as bad!
Harvey Weinstein said Jennifer Aniston 'should be killed' over sex assault claims!
Labour’s Nandy: UK ‘must’ extend Brexit transition period because of Coronavirus!
Coronavirus UK: First MP tests POSITIVE for killer virus
Coronavirus engulfs Europe! Merkel warns up to 58 MILLION Germans will be infected!
'This tsunami has overwhelmed us!' Horrors of Italian hospitals where coronavirus 'war has exploded' and dying patients have to be left untreated!
Exceptional getaways for super-rich survivalists in the time of coronavirus
CORONAVIRUS: Need a holiday? Try Africa!
Greece warns Turkey: “If they make the slightest move, we will crush them!”
Demanding more cash, Erdogan walks out of EU meeting!
UK hits back over Brexit ultimatum!
EU panic: Merkel and Macron to be issued huge Brexit blow by Donald Trump
Swedish youth movement demands EU open ‘hearts and borders’ to immigrants!
SWEDEN: Teacher says those opposed to Islamic headscarf should leave the country!
Channel 4's political peace offering should not deter Boris from selling it off
STARKEY: “The worst excesses of ‘woke’ only happen in the Anglo-Saxon world!"
Barbra Streisand, Rob Reiner lead Hollywood rally around Biden!
Kenya's only female white giraffe and her calf killed by poachers - Only one in world left now!
Stupid Prince said Donald had 'blood on his hands?' (Thought he was speaking to Greta)

Tuesday 10 March

Turkey Interior Minister gloats! European governments will fall, stock markets will collapse!
Turkey’s Erdogan calls on Greece to open its borders!
Sir Philip Rutnam 'declared war' on Priti Patel, says senior civil servant!
One in five child deaths in east London borough because of inbreeding!
Labour Party expels anti-racism campaigner for criticising Pakistani grooming gangs!
Trevor Phillips accuses Labour of stifling 'healthy debate' after suspension for Islamophobia!
The "unpersoning" of Trevor Phillips proves that Labour has learnt nothing!
The Left must end its insidious war on free speech!
USA: Bill to protect minors from FGM is anti-transgender?
Abdoulie Ceesay and Tashawn Brewster face jail over Euston drill rap video murder!
Bernard Rebelo sold toxic 'Russian Roulette' diet pills to bulimic student - Eloise died!
Real estate scion Robert Durst 'effectively admitted' to killing his friend in police interviews!
CORONAVIRUS: UK stockpiles body bags as deadly disease sparks terror across nation!
Anyone with cold or flu will soon be asked to self-isolate, says Chief Medical Officer!
CORONAVIRUS: UK stockpiles body bags as deadly disease sparks terror across nation!
Coronavirus crash is the biggest global economic crisis in a decade!
Coronavirus tightens its grip on Europe!
Rosa Koire. UN Agenda 2030 exposed!
Keir Starmer won’t rule out campaigning to rejoin EU!
'It's MADNESS!' Piers Morgan hits out at Labour over gender self-identification!
'I felt like I was being hunted', Alex Salmond accuser tells court!
Prince Andy has 'completely shut door' on co-operating with investigators over Jeffrey Epstein!

Monday 9 March

Was Coronavirus a biological attack on China by America for geopolitical advantage?
Britain's 3rd Coronavirus patient dies, cases shoot to 278, fatalities may reach 100,000!
CORONAVIRUS! Dozens of planes fly to UK from Italy's quarantine zones with no checks!
Coronavirus is proof that globalisation has left us dangerously vulnerable!
CORONAVIRUS: Trendy urban lifestyles have made us chillingly vulnerable!
Pharmaceutical companies to infect volunteers with Coronavirus for $4,500?
SHEFFIELD: Underage girl used like ‘piece of meat’ by ‘Asian’ grooming gang!
Muslim murders pregnant, Romanian prostitute 'because she was working near a mosque!'
What kind of police force lets gangs get away with stealing from charity shops?
Turkish cops use drones to organise tear gas attacks on Greek border guards
Knifeman shot dead by armed police in central London!
DENMARK: 62% of Somali men are convicted criminals before the age of 30!
Exploiting the easy route into Britain! To Ireland with fake ID, over the border for £2,000!
Wikipedia airbrushes list of climate sceptic scientists out of history!
Harvey Weinstein has a whole floor to himself in Rikers Island jail!
Lib Dems finally admit Brexit policy was huge 'mistake!'
The Present is a Foreign Country!
The Labour Party
Topless women protest ‘climate rape’ in London on International Women’s Day!

Sunday 8 March

British playboy Walter Duranty covered up Kremlin-created famine that killed millions and allowed the Left to continue worshipping a mass murderer!
"Yes, lads, we're winning!" Ash Sarkar writes for The Guardian and The Independent!
"Yes, lads, we're winning!" Ash Sarkar writes for The Guardian and The Independent!
University system charging our kids a fortune to study video games/zombies is a national fraud!
Sajid Javid is accused of stoking the bullying storm engulfing Priti Patel!
IQs are falling - and have been for years!
HITCHENS: Legalise cannabis? Let's ask the victims of Jason Kakaire first!
Army of 3,000,000 volunteers to be called up to help NHS fight coronavirus!
CORONAVIRUS: European tourism losing €1 BILLION a month as holiday makers stay home!
CORONAVIRUS: 'Our hospitals are on their knees!' Italian doctor's dire warning
Quarter of Italy's population put in quarantine as Coronavirus reaches Washington DC!
Labour councillor, Tonia Ashikodi, got rent from 3 homes whilst living in council flat! NO JAIL!
Police probe Labour ex-Minister's expenses after he paid £30,000 annual salary to pal, 89!
48% of Labour members say we should be ashamed of last 300 years of Britain’s history!
More white 'terrorists' arrested than any other ethnic group! AGAIN!
UN report on alleged Russian ‘war crimes’ in Syria based on ‘We Say So’ and unnamed sources!
Transgender men may be allowed to compete in female-only sporting events in future!
WOKE! It is now fashionable to believe there's no difference between men and women!
Greek border in flames as migrants keep trying to break through!
GREECE: Local volunteers rally around police and army, help detain illegals!
Patriotic Greeks enlist to defend Europe against a migrant invasion
German city to erect statue of Communist mass murderer, Vladimir Lenin!
Top patriot reported to police for handing out ‘Sweden is full’ flyers!
Horrific moment nearly 20-strong gang beat a 15-year-old girl on a Brooklyn sidewalk!
Georgia introduces a bill to make child transgender surgeries and drugs illegal!
Jeremy Irons: university students are 'crazy' to stifle free speech
Accusing the Wombles of being racist is an insult to my mum's memory!

Saturday 7 March

IQs are falling - and have been for years!
LONDON since Sadiq Khan's election: Robbery up 73%; muggings up 56%; homicide up 34%!
Blair government ‘shut down police probe into Dubai princess kidnap!’
Beds police phone Tommy Robinson! (His daughter groped, HE was arrested, groper was not!)
BIRMINGHAM: African Pastor abused children for 20 years!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Schoolboy fights for life after vicious stabbing in Fulham!
BIRMINGHAM: 12-year-old chased down strangled, kicked, punched, robbed by gang of thugs!
Muslim vigilantes threaten young woman!
Up to 400,000 fraudsters could have been let off the hook due to an IT failure
Hundreds of thousands of fraud cases held back due to police tech failure
Death of a Swedish woman on a Scottish beach - Declared top secret by her government!
Harvey Weinstein should get a long prison sentence that reflects a 'lifetime of abuse!'
Horrific moment nearly 20-strong gang beat a 15-year-old girl on a Brooklyn sidewalk!
Doctor says Coronavirus is the most frightening disease he's ever encountered!
Coronavirus pandemic would be 'useful' in killing off NHS bed blockers, says top doctor!
CORONAVIRUS: Elderly warned to stay indoors to avoid infection!
Air conditioning systems could spread coronavirus!
Coronavirus is sowing the seeds of the next credit crunch before our very eyes!
Coronavirus poses most serious threat to public health since Spanish flu!
If Coronavirus goes pandemic the system will collapse! Violent criminals may avoid court!
WHO warns governments 'this is not a drill' as coronavirus infections near 100,000 worldwide!
15 Hollywood celebs spreading fear and fake news about Coronavirus!
Iranian General says Coronavirus is a manmade bio-weapon! (#NWO is capable of anything)
BREXIT: Why David Frost masterplan is ‘what Theresa May should have done all along!’
EU crisis: Germany’s crippling doubts about bloc’s future exposed!
Merkel faces political crisis as Christian Democratic Party haemorrhages votes!
Priti Patel row about who is in charge - Government or bureaucracy?
Labour deputy leadership candidate branded a 'Mossad agent!'
Selina Todd, the academic the trans lobby is desperate to silence
Sir Shifty Green 'joked about murder' and left former Topshop design chief terrified!
Jacob Rees-Mogg brands Oxford students 'snowflake central!'
Vladimir Putin wants traditional marriage and God in constitution

Friday 6 March

BELGIUM: ‘White People Not Welcome’ event to be held in Brussels this month!
19% of baby deaths in Redbridge East London are due to inbreeding?
Edinburgh Council funds Mamoru Iriguchi's sex act in schools!
19% of baby deaths in Redbridge, East London are due to inbreeding!
The BBC is blind to its London bias
Coronavirus map! So much for EU solidarity! Brussels IGNORES Italy’s plea for help!
CORONAVIRUS! Pensioners face 'rapid increase' in risk of death from illness!
CORONAVIRUS! You're most likely to die if you're a man, elderly and have a heart condition!
Patients with 'mild' coronavirus told to stay at home! NHS has too few beds!
Men far more likely to die from coronavirus than women!
BIRMINGHAM: 12-year-old boy chased down strangled, kicked, punched and robbed by a gang of thugs!
Bus passenger hits 19-month-old baby on the back of the head
Turkey reinforces border to stop migrants sent to Europe turning back!
Turkish Military helping migrants cross Greek border?
Senior Tories accuse Civil Servants and Labour of coordinating Patel bullying allegations!
DISGRACEFUL! MPs' pay boost increases salaries to £81k-a-year!
Former immigration minister condemns Boris and bemoans 'massive rise in hate crimes!'
French fishermen threaten UK with 'WAR' as Brexit tensions deepen
BOLTON: Tory Councillor investigated after Hope Not Hate condemn for criticism of Islam!
‘We have space!’: German Lefties protest in Berlin demanding borders be opened for migrants!
A quarter of pregnancies are now terminated!
United Nations finds that nine in ten people have a bias against women!
Flybe's collapse could be 'first of many' airlines!
Harvey Weinstein is transferred to Rikers Island!
American Ingrate: The book Ilhan Omar doesn’t want you to read!
DUBAI: Sheikh Maktoum’s SIX wives…
Sheikh al-Maktoum has found the one thing money cannot buy is a good reputation!
Piers Morgan humiliated by 19-year-old ‘anti-Greta!’
Sorry, Hilary Mantel, but it's not abominably racist to question Meghan's behaviour!
Kim Kardashian 'angry' after death row inmate she tried to save is executed

Thursday 5 March

Our worst grooming cases are rooted in the culture of rural Pakistan!
LONDON: Boy, 16, dead after reported sighting of 30 men with baseball bats!
More than 400 shop workers are the victims of abuse and violence each day!
SCOTLAND: Woman raped - Police release descriptions of rapists!
Convictions for rape at a record low!
MEDIA BIAS! Tommy Robinson is EVIL! Child molesters are good men! “Victims!”
Labour councillor said cops thought a 9-year-old girl could choose to have 20 “boyfriends?”
There are a staggering 3,319,266 people in the UK living with diabetes!
Israel is funding the invasion of Greece?
BBC bias to be tackled under major new shakeup from the government!
Boris cannot let the Remainer Deep State claim Priti Patel’s scalp!
BBC: New culture minister Oliver Dowden accuses corporation of bias
UN tells Greece suspending asylum claims isn't legal!
EU spent the entire Brexit process working to keep the UK tied to Brussels' law and regulation!
REBECCA LONG-BAILEY savaged by Andrew Neil! Compared to Jeremy Corbyn!
Labour accused of coordinating bullying allegations against Priti Patel
Macron braced for crushing local election defeats as he clings to power!
At best, coronavirus is a dry run for the catastrophic pandemic to come
Tech giants are rubbing their hands with glee over coronavirus? Adviser to Iran’s supreme leader dies from coronavirus

Wednesday 4 March

Sadiq Khan says he'd rather invest in British rappers, than crime victims!
Sadiq Khan says he'd rather invest in British rappers, than crime victims! (Proof he said it!)
WARRINGTON: 6-year-olds forced to write gay ‘love letters!’ It's called 'accepting diversity!’
EDMONTON: Drug addict, Jason Kakaire, stabbed 5 people to stop voices in his head!
World Health Organisation says banknotes could be spreading Coronavirus!
CORONAVIRUS! Every-day drugs in short supply as panic-buying risks medicine crisis!
Sir Philip Rutnam: Functionaries against the people!
Labour faces local election humiliation in May!
CARDIFF: Top Jews don't want Sahar Al-Faifi standing as Plaid Cymru's Assembly candidate!
Half of children who died following abuse or neglect were already known to social services!
UK in danger of failing a generation, says child health study
EU Panic! German companies ‘poised to relocate to UK’ after Brexit?
Aren't Africans lovely?
SWEDEN: Teacher says those opposed to Islamic headscarf should leave the country!
Pat Buchanan: The Establishment's ultimatum - Scuttle Bernie!
"/>USA: Get children out of public schools!
Theoretical physicist, Freeman Dyson, unpersonned for taking ‘wrong’ view on climate change!
Unexamined, Unquestioned, Unchallenged! Jewish power in brave new Britain!
Prince Charles praises 'special and precious' connection between Jewish community and the Crown!
Ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovosky explains how term 'antisemitism' is used as a weapon!
Meghan Markle's ‘toe-curling and cringeworthy’ video savaged as Palace forced to intervene!

Tuesday 3 March

Pervert grabs bottom of Tommy Robinson's daughter, 8 - Cops arrest Tommy, not perv!
Air pollution is killing 8.8million people a year!
Philip Rutnam (Priti Patel's a bully) 'obstructed and undermined successive Home Secretaries!'
Liam Fox says Coronavirus' disruption of supply chains reveal fragility of globalism!
Coronavirus, like the flu, could return every year and never go away!
PARIS: Muslim who stabbed four policemen to death searched online for “how to kill infidels!”
Inmates arrested over 'terror attack' on prison officer at maximum security prison!
Indian call centre CCTV shows fraudsters laughing as they fleece their weeping British victims!
MALI: 'They come, they shoot, they burn!'
Black people 'civilised' white people! 'They didn't know anything when they came to Africa!'
Europe’s borders at breaking point as migrants shipped from Turkey in unmarked buses!
Migrant mobs turn violent at Greek border!
Outraged Lesbos residents attack NGOs helping refugees! NGOs flee!
Greek Church vandalised by Arab migrants?
Democrats use immigrants to smuggle transgender ideology into US law!
Jew celebrates death of Europe!
Save the Children 'failed female staff!' Fourth boss could face calls to quit!
British public IS racist towards Meghan Markle says 'Wolf Hall' weirdo, Hilary Mantel!
LAUGH, I NEARLY SPLIT MY SIDES! Eddie Izzard quits comedy to become a Labour MP?
A night at the Met Ball, a role in a superhero movie? So much for the quiet life, Meghan!

Monday 2 March

Priti Patel ordered explanation on rape gang ‘cover-up’ before Rutman resignation!
Why are so many churches across Europe randomly burning down?
Tucker Carlson: Paul Singer is destroying rural America?
Republican mega-donor buys stake in Twitter and seeks to oust Jack Dorsey!
Congressman says Democrats' ‘hatred’ of Trump has ‘gotten worse!’
Gay Presidential wannabe spent over $75 million on failed campaign!
USA: Federal funds used to research ‘hate speech’ on Gab!
'Harvey does not want to go to Rikers!' (Notorious prison Rikers Island)
LONDON BLOODBATH: Man stabbed to death on his way to work!
Boy in serious condition after gang of Asians stamp on his head in the street!
CANADA: Father forced by the courts to watch as his daughter, 14, was turned into a boy!
Migrants use smoke to make children cry for photo ops!
STARKEY: Britain is the first country to turn back the liberal tide!
ITALY: Migrant landings up 948% under post-Salvini leftist government!
FINLAND: Leftie quits after calling for death of ‘climate deniers?’
Coronavirus is one danger among many in our fragile globalised world!
Britain’s conformist creatives are the most intolerant of all
Our toxic gender politics are making a mockery of women’s sport
BREXIT: Britain heading for summer no deal and it’s BARNIER’s fault!
France threatens to ban British fish sales in EU if access to UK waters blocked!
BREXIT: 'We know how to make it a very nasty battle,' warns French minister!
Brexit POLL: Is Boris right to refuse European judges influence over UK laws?
Sturgeon shamed: SNP's 'throwback to 1960s' education system failing Scots children!
Iranians LICK holy shrines as Iran's hardliners refuse to close sites despite Coronavirus!
Corbyn’s brother compares Greta Thunberg to Nazis!
Brexit critic Emma Thompson quits Britain for Venice! HOORAY!
Meghan Markle outrage: Calls to end the monarchy sparked as taxpayer security row deepens!

Sunday 1 March

BRIGHTON: Homeless Paige Greenaway, 23, who starred in BBC documentary, found hanged!
One in 20 labour ward mothers are 'health tourists!'
GLASGOW: 'Asian' gang stamp on 16-year-old's head in city centre attack!
Man stabbed on Hendon street bringing capital's 2020 murder toll to 17!
Woman, 22, slashed across face in savage pub row is left needing 26 stitches!
County lines car thefts: Gangs target youngsters to steal luxury vehicles!
Treasury adviser says food sector isn't 'critically important!' So farming and fishing don't count?
EU is panicking! UK has ‘the whip hand’ in Brexit talks!
It was naively thought that, after Brexit, Britain would be White again
Boris rejects EU demands to bind UK to European human rights laws!
Sir Philip Rutnam? A byword for bungled advice and toxic clashes with Ministers!
Refugees can now vote in Scotland!
Coronavirus outbreak shows the real limits of a borderless EU
Thousands of asylum seekers ferried to EU border as pawns in Turkey's 'political game!'
30,000 would-be immigrants mass on Turkish borders with Greece and Bulgaria!
Polish MEP warns illegal migrants: “If you don't want to be shot, don’t come to our borders!”
Sweden: Employment Service forecasts surging migrant unemployment!
Delingpole trolls Greta Fans at climate change protest!
USA: Michelle Malkin on anti-Semitism
Israel’s foreign minister and American Jewish Committee want Belgium's Aalst carnival banned!
Rabbi fears genetic studies will show that ‘Jews carry genes that are polluting the world!’
Steven Spielberg’s porn-actress daughter jailed in Nashville
Paedo Polanski's César award prompts walkout from 'disgusted' actresses at 'French Oscars!’
Hungary’s only Oscar-winning Director, István Szabó, (Jewish) was a Communist informant!
Cher spread fake news claiming Trump called Coronavirus a ‘hoax!’
Prince Andrew faces more lurid claims! He DID meet with teenage accuser, Virginia Roberts!
Ka-pow! It's Meghan Marvel! Duchess tells agent to find her a role as a Hollywood superhero!

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