Daily News - March 2007

Lady Diana Fund Gives Most to Asylum Seekers, Gypsies and Gays!
Another Bunch of Traitors then
Top Black Calls for More PC Discrimination Against White British Men!

PC Returns to Duties After Being Shot by Black
Asian Husband of Dead PC Charged with Murder
Our 14-Year-Olds Were Even More Dumbed Down Last Year!
Cops Relocating from Corby BECAUSE IT IS TOO WHITE!
Cocaine Plot: Colombian Jailed for 9 Years
Asian Cop Killer Faces Sentence
NHS Fertility Care a Lottery
Black Officers Harassed by Met Says Dizaei
Crystal Meth Fears
Spiderboy Jailed for 5 Years
BLAIR WARS: Granddad Pays Tribute
Government Defends Puny Award for Nurses
Home Office Backlog of 27,529 Criminal Offenders
Illegal Migrants Allowed to Go: Cops Too Busy!
Youth Justice Board says Child Sex Offenders Need Help
They need the birch more like!
UN Warns of Lethal Fake Prescription Drugs

Concerns Over Child Hospital Care
Aussie Spends 5 Years in Guantanamo Without Trial
UN Chief Warns on Climate Change
Afghan Opium Hits Record Output
Students Try to Oust Migrationwatch Don
They don’t like the facts being broadcast, do they?
A Stupid, White Woman Like Ann Beasley
The True Scale of Immigration
Cops "Too Busy" to Bother With Gang Attack on Old Folks Home
Islam is taking Over says Dutch Politician
Thousands of British Kids Think Cows Lay Eggs
8,000 Young Doctors Left Without Jobs
It costs £250,000 to train a doctor
Granddad asks: Why are we in Iraq?
Asian Raped 14-Year-Old in Hotel Room
Obstruction and Lies from Labour Millionairess Guilty of Murder Plot
Looks to me like this rich bitch has a ton of recent immigrant close up in her pedigree
Hooray!!! Oh, wait a minute… Sh**
UKIP MEP Cheat Bought Expensive Car with Taxpayer’s Funds
Law Lords: Calling Someone a "Bloody Foreigner" is Racist!
Jail that Nazi Pensioner for 7 Years!
Top Judge Charged with Exposing Himself
Islam Could Become Europe’s Dominant Religion
Hassan Razzaq Jailed for 20 Years
Drug Dealers Told to Hand Over £300,000+
ic Coventry did not mention that the 3 men were black
Violently Attacked by Screwdriver Muslims
Health Trusts Refusing to Fund Sight Loss Drug for the Elderly
Black Jailed for Life for Murder
Date Rape Drug Asian Businessman Jailed for 2 Years
Black Pupils are Treated Worse Because of Teachers’ Unwitting Racism
So, the fact that black kids behave "worse" has nothing to do with it?
NHS Staff Protest Over Job Cuts
Attorney General Halts BBC Probe
US Army Secretary Sacked Over Poor Treatment of Wounded Soldiers
Bodies of 14 Iraqi Cops Found
Two Black Men Convicted of Killing Matthew Smith
Search for UK Kidnapped Tourists
Muslims Slaughtering Buddhist Monks
Rise in Number of Obese Toddlers
Asian Charged with Fatal Shooting
Damp Homes Could Cause Asthma
Corby Fights Back Against too Thick, too White Slur
Black RESPECT Member says It was Wrong to Jail Placard Muslim
And wrong NOT to jail BNP Chairman
Where Are the Blacks at The BBC Asks Jonathan Ross?
If JR, who is Jewish, loves ‘em so much, he should give them some of his own loot!
Kiddies Fingerprints to be Stored on Secret Database
Tony Blair’s Billionaire Buddies
BLAIR WARS: Two More Soldiers Die in Afganistan
Cops Urge Migrant Workers to Report Hate Crimes
That Brit-on-Foreigner Crimes. Without being sure that any exist!
Englishman Stabbed to Death by Thai Monk
Violence is Part of the Job for NHS
This Asian Forced His Wife to Jump to her Death
BLAIR WARS: US Commanders Admit: We Face Vietnam Type Collapse
Ambulance Call-Out Figures Soar
Single Parents Must Find Work
And child-rearing isn’t the most valuable work imaginable? Insanity abounds.
Iraqi PM Condemns Brit-Led Raid
US Forces Erased Footage of Civilian Deaths
New Israeli Raid Targets Nablus
Britain is at Risk From the TB Timebomb!
This disease had all but disappeared in Britain. Mass immigration has brought it back
BLAIR WARS: Injured Soldier Sues MoD for £2.8 Million
Bosnian Muslim Immigrant Slaughters 5 Yanks in Utah
He was given an honorific Muslim funeral in Bosnia
£1 Million for Just One Immigrant-Hugging Group!
Contact Dominic Weinberg at: star@herald.ox.ac.uk if you want to complain
MP Reveals Immigration Poll Findings
Black Cleric wants to Change "Satanic" Welsh Flag
BLAIR WARS: Afghanistan: Dead Soldiers Named
Foreigner Knifed Partner 8 Times
Asian who Raped and Abused Wife Jailed
Honours Gag was About Levy
Afghans Killed in New US Attack
Egyptian Anger over Israeli 1967 Massacres of POWs
Baghdad Bomb Kills at Least 30
I’d Rather be a Paki than a Jew
Council Tax Rise to Pay for Asylum Bill
Teenage Yobs Hold Knife to Throat of 9-Year-Old Girl
Up to 30 Around When Boy’s Murder was Planned

BLAIR WARS: Another Soldier Dies
Hannah Foster’s Sikh Murderer Faces Extradition
Brit-Killers Jailed for Life
Iraq Blast Kills 9 US Troops
Israel Tops Bad Effect on World List
Man Who Complained About Islamification of Britain May be Charged
Even More Protection for Lesbians, Gays and Bi-Sexuals
Ruth Kelly, our Irish Opus Dei Community Wallah is Behind it
Violence Outside School Gates
Sex "Education" for Kiddies on Channel 4
Black Rapist Jailed for 14 Years
Cops Hunt Asian Rapist
JP’s Outburst at Bloody Foreigners
Salesman Jailed for Sexual Assault
Polish Crims Face Extradition
Titus Bramble in Rape Quiz No. 2
Cops Raid Asian Cash Probe Councillor
Women Robbed at Knifepoint by Blacks
Sex Slaves for Sale at UK Airports
Black Evangelist Laundering Money Through Church
Mohammed Rahman: A.N. Other Asian Hit-and-Run Driver
Yet Another Illegal Immigrant Jailed for Rape
Asian Fraudsters Get 4 Years Each
Black Church Minister Gets Just Two Years for Grooming Kiddie
5 Men, 2 Women and a Kid, all Foreign, Steal Jewels
MPs Back Garden Grab Campaign
Fiancee's Panic as Partner Shot by Black Youth
Violent Black Stalker-Rapist Jailed for Just 4.5 Years
1 in 20 Infected in Hospitals
Between 1993 and 2003 the Use of Hyperactivity Drugs Tripled
Global Spending on ADHD Drugs Increases 9-fold in 10 Years
Ethnic Minority Soldiers Idle and Useless
According to a Tory MP that is!
New US Iraq General Says NO Military Solution to Iraq
BLAIR WARS: Suicide Bomber Kills 26 in Baghdad
BLAIR WARS: At Least 90 Shi’ite Pilgrims Killed in Iraq
Bomb Kills at Least 30 in Baghdad
BLAIR WARS: Marine Killed in Afghanistan is Named
BLAIR WARS: Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan Named
Gay Racist Convicted
Jews Furious at Treatment of Lord Levy
"After all he has done for the party"
Asian Killer Can’t Remember Killing
The old excuses are still the best excuses, what?
Jewish Teacher Gets 8 Boys Arrested for Racism
UK’s Senior Judge Says Murderers Spend too Long in Jail!
Greek Nut to Stand Trial for Stephanie’s Kidnap and Manslaughter
19 Russian Oligarchs on Forbes Billionaire List
London has more billionaires than the UK!
Democrats Set Iraq Pull-Out Plans
Israeli Army used Human Shields
Israeli PM Says Lebanon War was "Planned Months in Advance"
Alan Sugar says Fellow Jew Levy is a Scapegoat
Britain is the Most PC Country in Europe
59 Things that Would have Stayed Secret
Are Schools Being Used to Spy on Your Children
MURDER: Scottish Lib Dem Councillor is Questioned and Resigns
Asylum Seeker Jailed for Sex Attacks
Oxford Protestors Hounding Out Prof Who Spoke up on Asylum Issues
Blair’s Personal Papers Removed by Cops
Anger at Plan to Fly EU Flag Over Britain
RACISM: Ghastly Ali Dizaei Passed Over for Promotion
Pervert Guilty of Fake Doctor Scam
Asylum Seeker Jailed for Cab Rapes
Man Attacked and Robbed by Asians
Nigerian Groper Doc NOT Struck Off
Black Gang Jailed for String of Burglaries
Child Medicine Additive Concern
Asian Teenager Jailed for Murder
BLAIR WARS: Home Town Funeral for Marine
TV Soaps Encourage Teen Drinking
US, Iran, Syria Hold Key Talks in Iraq

Milton Keynes Celebrates 40 Years of Cultural Diversity
I wonder who precisely is celebrating?
Catholic Church Says Blair’s Britain Exploits Foreign Workers
Norfolk Cops MUST Recruit More Ethnics
Girls Carjacked by Armed Asian Gang
PC Murder Case: Asian Officer "Advised" Ahmadi Ghaffar
Yet Another Asian Hit-and-Run Killer

BLAIR WARS: No Time for Military Training
150,000 Crims Don’t Turn up For Court Every Year
Foreign Airport Doc Struck Off
Baby Spice’s Cousin Charged Over Cocaine Haul
Black Learner Maintains Silence Over Death Crash
Children Tricked into Giving Fingerprints BY HEADMASTER
Shooting at Loughborough University
The BBC didn’t mention the ethnicities of the shooter or the shot
Bashed Pensioner Chases Black Bag Thieves

Poor British Youth Face Drink, Drugs and Alienation
Jews Kick Little Boy out of Football Team for not Being a Jew
Troops Wait up to 18 Months for Mental Health Treatment
BLAIR WARS: 40 Killed in Baghdad
Pro-Gay Books for Kidiwinks Introduced in Schools
Bishop Declares Anti-New Labour Vote
Lord Levy Asked PM’s Advisors to Lie
Senior Asian Cop did not Pass on Info About Killer of PC Sharon
Vicar Fires Broadside at "Nazi" Liberals
Illegal Immigrant Druggie Beat Female Paramedic Trying to Help Him
Honesty an Offence for Tories Now
Asian Hit-and-Run Driver Faces Jail
Illegal Immigrant Jailed for Rape
Foreign Hit-and-Run Killer Faces Jail
Asian Vote-Rig Councillor Stays in Jail
Muslim Found Guilty of Calling for Brits to be Beheaded
BLAIR WARS: Europe Struggles with Influx of Iraqi Refugees
BLAIR WARS: Dead Soldier Named Queen wants Diversity Celebrated
As do the Blacks, Browns, Gays, Jews, Big Brother and the PC Crowd

Are New Labour and Tory MPs Coining it Corruptly?
BNP Heading for Record Gains
Sex Survey Sent to 11-Year-Olds
Lord Levy Asked Aide to Lie for Him
Son of Polish Jews Should Stand for PM Says Former Home Sec
Lunatic Latvian Kills British Father-of-Four
Illegal Immigrants Ran 4 Cannabis Farms
Multi-Race Britain 4-Year-Olds Will get Gay Fairy Tails at School
Asian Doc Accused
Epileptic 13-Year-Old Savagely Attacked by Asians
Serial Sex Offender Locked up for Attack on 15-Year-Old
Leeds Today doesn’t bother to mention that he’s black
5-Year-Olds Should be Taught Somali
Town Hall Quizzes 12-Year-Olds About Their Sex Lives!
Without their parents’ knowledge!
Black Paedophile Jailed for 4 Years
Albanians Fail to get Sex Slave Convictions Overturned
Asian Convicted of Murdering Family
Son of Russian Billionaire Appeals his Sentence for Killing Charlie
Scots Nurses Get Full pay Rise, English and Welsh Don’t!
Gay Sex Immoral says US General
Honour Killing Daughter Speaks from Beyond the Grave
Black Man Attacks and Robs 101-Year-Old Woman
14-Year-Old Raped by Ajmal Mohammed
Culture Minister’s Husband on Trial in Italy with Blair’s Best Pal
Blair Govt. "Thoroughly Mishandled" Out-of-Hours GP Service
25% of Returning US Troops Suffer Mental Health Problems
Those Who Left Cop in Vegetative State have Just Had Their Sentences Reduced!
9 Hurt in Asylum Centre Riot
NHS Workforce Falls by 11,000
Damon Fekri Gets 8 Years for Raping 15-Year-Old
Woman Sexually Assaulted by east European
Worry Over NHS Care in he Community
US Colonel Urges Troops to Disobey Orders if US Attacks Iran
UN Predicts Huge Migration to Rich Countries
THEY Deported White Man Whose English Mother Lives Here!
How Yobs are Killing the Urban Idyll
14-Year-Old Assaulted by Asian
Black Robber Stabs 3 Brothers
Asian who Stole £340,000 in Benefits Jailed for Just 15 Months
Chanting Mob of Kids Chase and Murder Youth for his Dog
The Mail didn’t mention the ethnicity of the killers. It didn’t need to.
Man Raped by Gays in Middlesborough
African Muslim Illegal Slashes Face of Girl Who Befriended Him
"Cruel" Black Care Home Staff Routinely Abused Patients
"British" Taxi Stickers are Racist Says Polish Taxi Driver
Ghanaian Loony Who Murdered Two Locked Away
Asian Doc Admits Stealing Drugs
Curtis Delima and an Unnamed Boy Accused of White Brit’s Murder
BLAIR WARS: US Friendly-Fire Killing of Brit "Unlawful"
US Marine Justifies Murder of Iraqi Civilians
African DocWorked in Hospital Despite Having Contagious Disease
Asian Thugs Break in, Beat Pensioner and Steal Church Cash
Islamic Indoctrination in British Schools
4 Black Youths Charged with Murder
US Soldier Guilty of 3, that’s 3 NEGLIGENT HOMICIDES in Iraq!
Gordon Brown is Going to SELL OFF STUDENT DEBT!
To raise £billions fo the government
Blair Wants Students’ Parental Data
To ensure brainy Brits lose out to dim ethnics for University places
Vicar’s warning on the Rise of Islam
Child Sex Should not Always be Reported
Asian Councillor (Labour) in Money Laundering Charge
Lisa’s Somalian Murderess Must Spend 15 Years in Jail
Cuts Hit Elderly in NHS
Cash Crisis
Hospital Hit by Infected Sandwich Scare
To the Grievance Community it’s Always Someone Else’s Fault
Police Seize Golliwogs in Racism Probe
Home Office Condemned for Dispersal of Immigrants to Poor White Areas
Murdered by Government Expert
BLAIR WARS: Mattie’s death a "Criminal Act"
And Blair’s government tried to cover it up
British Legion Accuses war Chiefs of Casualty Cover Up
Why Has Diabetes Soared in Children
Saddam Hanging Judge Gets Asylum Here!
Is the Jew, Phil Spector, About to Get Away with Murder?
3 Stabbed to Death in Manchester
Britain is Now a One Party State
Awful Asian Nurse Blames "Racist" Patients
Scottish Beauty Queen calls Samantha Mumba a Monkey
Asian Jailed for Petrol Bombs
Dublin’s Politicos Ensure the Irish Have a "Diverse" St Patrick’s Day Parade
Black Woman Handed 20 Year Asbo
15-Year-Old Stabbed to Death
Brit Muslims Extend Friendly hand to Jews
New Labour Donor Spoke of Honours
Iraqis Killed by Chlorine Bombs
Wounded Soldiers Living in Poverty
Former MP now Baroness Wants Even More Gravy Train Cash
1 in 3 Christians have Suffered Discrimination
And the PC Crowd NEVER lift a finger to help them!
Big Brother Blair’s DNA Database Rises by 600,000 in One Year!
Black Jesus Cannibal Captured
International Criminal Court "Can Envisage" Blair Being Tried for War Crimes"
The Independent Apologises For calling for the Legalisation of Cannabis
Modern Slavery in a Mediaeval City
Older TB Vaccines Work Better
Warning Over Hidden Salt in Foods
BLAIR WARS: Iraqi Pessimism Growing
15-Year-Old Gang-Raped by 3 Albanians
Two-Thirds of Brits Support Death Penalty
Black Shoots Duck in Head with Crossbow
Social Worker Goes Berserk in Court
Black who Carved "W" into Son’s Head Jailed for 4 Years
Dutchman Shot Dead by Cops for Trying to Stop Muslims Harassing Pregnant Woman!
"Resentment… is quietly brewing among the natives all over Western Europe"
Sex Slavery Widespread in England
Black Murderer of Serena Mahoney Jailed for Life
Tube Gang Pair Jailed
Schools Allowed to Ban Face Veils
Councils Fail Vulnerable Adults
Black Ex Chopped up Puppy!
Top Government Mandarin Accuses Gordon Brown of "Stalinist Ruthlessness"
Only 5% of Brits Think Britain is a Safer Place Since Iraq was Invaded

Tory Councillor Offered Subnormal Girlfriend for Sex
She said it was WITHOUT her consent
10,000 Passports go to Fraudsters
Asian Racist Stabs Black in Neck
New Slave Trade Rife as Britain Marks Abolition
Eurovision Loser Justin Hawkins says British public "either racist or stupid"
Terrorist Given 9 Passports by Home Office!
Give Illegal Immigrants Hope
Black Knifeman’s Spit Saw Him Jailed
Two More Blacks and a Wigger Jailed for Tube Attacks
Two Guilty of Execution Plot
BLAIR WARS: Michelle Norris Wins the Military Cross
Black Charged with Knife Attack
Black Woman "Abused and Tortured Boy"
Blair’s Community Secretary Says New Pro-Gay Laws are a "Major Step Forward"
Ruth Kelly is an Irish Catholic a member of the weirdo cult, Opus Dei
Brown Budget: No Help for Married Couples
Muslim Jailed for Beheading 3 Christian Schoolgirls
AIDS cases in US Disproportionately High Among Blacks
Who Killed Bob Woolmer?
Murdered in Jamaica at the Hands of Asians Unknown?
Blacks Attack Pensioner for 10p
Top Abbot Faces 21 Charges of Indecent Assault on Young Boys
John Prescott says: You WILL Have a National Slavery Day!
And we poor Brits who had nothing whatever to do with it will kiss sambo bot forever!
Lack of Justice Drives Grieving Dad to BNP
Archbishops Leading "Make the Brits" Feel Guilty March
Spotty Man Steals Beauty Creams
The pock-marked reality of white, British crime lurking just beneath the surface
3 Blacks Burst in And Stab Flatmates
Asian Mugger Throws 80-Year-Old Grandma to the Ground
Asian Guilty of Oral Rape
Asian Drug Dealer Stabbed Pretty Jolene to Death
Solomon Odam Convicted of Flashing
Asian Asylum Seeker Sexually Assaulted 12-Year-Old
Asian Indecently Assaults Teenager
Black Archbishop Says We Must Apologise for Slave Trade
He must apologise for allowing political correctness to get him his job, more like
BLAIR WARS: More than 50 Die in Iraq
Tory MP Points up Yet More New Labour Corruption
Cannabis Chinks Face Death if Deported
They should have thought have that before they started growing weed in this country
Asian Killer’s Sentence Slashed
Gay Men are Buying Designer Babies from USA
Black Gunman Bursts in and Demands Cash
NHS Dental Access Not Improving
Church Considers Slave Reparations
Immigrant Pregnancies Stretch NHS!
Muslim Extremists Encouraging Violence Against Their Own Women
Blair Introduces Anti-Semitism Rules at Universities
Mugabe’s Daughter is Studying here!
BLAIR WARS: Soldiers Go AWOL 10,000 Times
The army is ignoring their mental health problems apparently
British Convicts are Being Given the Keys to Their Cell!

Big Brother Britain Putting Lives in Danger
Asian Drug Gangs Battle with Guns Knives on the Streets of Bury
Blacks Attack Teenage Girls Asian Gang on Rampage in Halifax
Will the US Attack Iran on 6 April?
Paltry Payouts for Injured Servicemen
Top Lot Milking the Slave Thing
As long as they don’t bother me with it, they do what they like
Asian Magistrate Fraudster Jailed for 3 Years
America to Attack Iran on 6 April?
Black Sex Offender Jailed for Drug Dealing
4 Asians Attack and Rob Couple
School Bus Bullying on the Rise
Jilted Asian Husband Admits Wife Murder
100,000 More Brit Kids in Poverty in Just One Year
More Tiny Babies Being Born in Britain
School Bullies are Demanding Sexual Favours of our Girls for Protection!
Schools are punishing the VICTIMS of BULLYING
17-Year-Old Girl Attacked by 7 Teenage Blacks
Ken Livingstone: London is Great Because: "The Whole Bloody World is Here"!
Foreign Doc Spoke so Little English He Couldn’t Call an Ambulance
6 Asians Sought for Violent Attack
Jewish Tory Sparks Uproar After Blacking up as Mandela
Black Care Home Manager Used Vulnerable Adults as Piggy-Bank
Council Says Its OK for Asian Sex Offender to Resume Work as a Cabbie
Lovely Young Teacher Strangled in Japan
There are 37,000 Binge Drinkers in Walsall
MPs Vote Themselves Extra £10,000 for "Shameless Self-Promotion"
BLAIR WARS: 50 Innocents Shot Dead in Iraqi Town
Rumsfeld Torture Suit Dismissed
The Circumcised Get HIV 50% Less Than the Rest of Us!
2 Million Brits Do Not Have Access to an NHS Dentist
Asian Doc Who Touched Women Indecently Can Practice Again
Rape of 11-Year-Old Boy: Black Man Sought
Nour-eddine Benalla Cannot be a Taxi Driver
Woman Mugged by Black
Iraqi Jailed for Attempted Attack with Samurai Sword
Savage Road Rage Doc (Asian) SPARED JAIL!
Black Burglar Sex Attackers Jailed
Dirty Bug Led to 17 Deaths in Norfolk Hospital
Blacks Killed Lap Dancer
BLAIR WARS: More than a Hundred Killed in Baghdad and Khalis
70 Sunnis Executed by Gunmen in Iraqi Town
Terror Suspect Tortured by US
King Abdullah Condemn US Presence in Iraq!
Foreign Scams Cause Tax Rise
Asian Muggers Kick and Punch Woman
Should the Islamic World Apologise for Slavery?
Asian Jailed for Kidnap and Rape
Asian Rapist Hunted
Asian Guilty of Sex with Vulnerable 13-Year-Old
Killer Motorist (Asian) was Supposed to be Serving a 4-Year Ban
Only One Cop in Forty is Free to Answer 999 Calls!
UK has 1% of World’s Population but 20% of World’s CCTV Cameras!
Thought Police Harass BNP Councillor for 10p Spent on Council Business
£6.9 Million Fraud: Polish Jew Freed Because of HOLOCAUST FLASHBACKS!
Freed after just 5 weeks! Talk about taking the p***!
British Workers Priced Out by Low-Paid Migrant Workers
And you think THEY didn’t know this would happen?
So we’ll be just like their favourite people
Black Murders White in YMCA Hostel
Gordon Brown’s First Budget Created a £75bn gap in Pension Funds?
200,000 Asylum Seekers to be Allowed to Stay
The Home Sec Says it’s because they can’t find them
The Filthy State of Tony B’s England
Disfigured Black Con Artist in the Middle of the Night

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