Daily News - June 2020

Tuesday 30 June

Coronavirus: Leicester lockdown tightened as cases rise
5G launches in LEICESTER! 22 November 2019!
Cell phone tower shut down at elementary school after eight kids diagnosed with cancer!
The biological effects of millimetre radiowaves!
Warwickshire Cops treat 'White Lives Matter' slogan etched into a hillside as a HATE CRIME!
84% of non-Whites say Britain is ‘racist!’ Send the 84% to ancient homeland - Be happier there!
Reading murderer shouted 'Allahu Akbar' moments before killing James, David and Joe!
Tucker Carlson: ANTIFA, BLM mobs pampered and cowardly children play-acting a revolution!
Black Lives Matter leader declares war on police! Says will develop highly-trained military arm!
BLM leader demands Whites give their homes away or suffer the consequences!
Starmer 'took the knee' for BLM - Now he calls their demands to defund the police 'nonsense!'
Lefties and BLM activists out of touch as poll finds majority proud of British history!
FARAGE: Boris trapped by ‘PC Woke culture’ of Marxist Black Lives Matter mob!
BBC ploughing £100m into ‘diverse and inclusive content’ to appease #BLM!
In what kind of crazy world do you get promoted after saying ‘White Lives Don’t Matter’?
ST. LOUIS: Catholics pray in front of statue - BLM protesters arrive and beat them up!
Dr David Starkey: Black Lives Matter aims to delegitimise British history!
Matt Le Tissier will 'review' wearing BLM badge on TV because of group's 'far left ideology!'
Officers who shot dead Glasgow knifeman Badreddin Abadlla Adam probed by police watchdog!
Joseph McCann: Serial rapist freed by 'unstable' probation staff!
USA: Savage confesses to shooting dog in face!
INDIA: Wife dragged through streets, beaten! She tried to stop hubbie marrying another!
'30-year struggle with racism in the Met?' Hung around until she became a Det. Supt. though
Charles Dickens museum vandalised - Graffiti brands author ‘racist!’
Celebrities with black eyes = Illuminati?
Twitch suspends Donald Trump's account as Reddit bans his supporters community!
We “slaughtered” Jeremy Corbyn, says Israel lobbyist
Gideon Levy speaks out against the Jewish Lobby! "Too strong! Too aggressive!"
Pope Francis has removed every single member of the Vatican pro-life academy!
'End of Hong Kong as we know it!' New China law means 'it'll turn into a secret police state!'
Laurence Fox claims there is a 'concerted drive' in the acting world to shut him up!
Trump defends John Wayne after Democrats call for his name to be removed from airport!
Meghan Markle drove palace staff 'to distraction' with her 'gung-ho Hollywood attitude!'
2017: Cops paint nails to fight slavery, wear heels for domestic violence as crime stats SOAR!

Monday 29 June

Dick's Met hire sneaks for £39k-a-year to spot racism in applicants! (Cops get just £29k at start)
They're not just using cell phones to track us!
Psychologists push to classify individuals resisting Coronavirus edicts as mentally ill?
More than four in 10 Brits say they have ENJOYED the lockdown?
Anti-Brit Archbishop says C.o.E. must ‘repent’ for not taking action on 'horrifying' racism in Britain!
Justin Welby is rewriting the principles that hold our societies together!
The double-think of the woke elite blinds them to their own ridiculousness
Why does Black Lives Matter only care about black lives when white people threaten them?
Police struggle to disperse thousands of illegal ravers at two events in London
Khan announces £110m police cuts hours after Dick vowed to crack down on illegal raves!
With statues gone, pigeons forced to poop on rioters!
Foreign Secretary accused of hypocrisy for praising UN ‘values’ despite UK treatment of Assange!
‘Blood all over’ after another stabbing in Glasgow!
Cops took selfie beside sisters stabbed to death in London park and shared it on WhatsApp!
Statins reduce the risk of dying from Covid-19? THEY want us all on drugs, don't they?
Former Tory campaign manager appears in court to face child abuse image charges!
WEST BANK: Israeli settlers set fire to Palestinian olive trees south of Nablus!
The Rockefellers set the stage for Big Pharma destroying Natural Cures?
Italian Leftie accused of exploiting migrants for election campaign!
Meghan Markle's biracial identity was 'welcomed' by the Queen?
Meghan Markle is focused on networking with LA power players to create her 'brand!'

Sunday 28 June

Award-winning charity boss SACKED for criticising BLM's 'neo-Marxist' agenda!
Peter Newell, the UN’s top children’s rights officer, guilty of the rape/indecent assault of a child!
BATLEY: Bradley Gledhill, 20, murdered! Usman Karolia, Ahmed Karolia, Raja Nawaz charged!
Refugee Fatah Abdullah's mass casualty terror plot! He wanted to show victims ‘Islam is here!’
Glasgow stabbings: Man shot dead named as Badreddin Abadlla Adam
‘Desperate’ migrants in Glasgow stabbing hotel unhappy with ‘limited WiFi’ and ‘poor’ food!
Reading stabbings: Khairi Saadallah charged over attacks!
Glasgow stabber was hungry! Sudanese migrants unhappy with ‘culturally inappropriate’ meals!
Man and woman stabbed in Hackney! Suspect (no description) arrested
Romanian got here Friday, caught stealing Saturday, locked up on Monday!
Dr Hafeez-Ur Rehman Awan caught trying to groom 13-year-old girl! NOT STRUCK OFF!!!
RHODE ISLAND: Keveon Gomer arrested for spray-painting swastikas at Providence College!
Britain is suffering a mental breakdown with all the values that bind us being torn apart!
Pharmacy refuses to sell woman a pregnancy test! Not essential! Shouldn't be trying to conceive!
Beware the bad news evangelists who see a Covid second wave behind every statistic!
Award-winning charity boss SACKED for criticising BLM's 'neo-Marxist' agenda!
Twitter permanently suspends ‘Father Ted’ genius after he says ‘men aren’t women’ to pro-trans tweet!
SWEDEN: 21 vehicles torched in one night! PROBATION ONLY! (Ethnicity not cited)
Paedo ANTIFA and BLM leader complains he might catch Covid-19 in prison!
COVID-19: Dr Ellie Cannon doesn't think there will be a second wave!
COVD-19: NHS tells doctors to fast-track ethnic minority women into hospital!
Seattle cops have had enough!
Woke Mafia puts John Wayne on chopping block! California Dems want airport renamed!
Woke Mafia puts John Wayne on chopping block! California Dems want airport renamed!
How much history does the #BLM crowd actually know?
Third night of London ‘street party’ riots - Police seize firearm, attacked with bottles!
Long-Bailey sacking risks reopening internal Labour tensions
UK tells EU: Sovereignty ‘not up for discussion’ in trade talks! (Believe it when I see it)
Social Media sites will lose immunity if they don’t change biased behaviour?
ANTISEMITISM! If a black chap says it, is that OK?

Saturday 27 June

Suspect shot dead, six injured at Glasgow asylum-seeker hostel!
‘Desperate’ migrants in Glasgow stabbing hotel unhappy with ‘limited WiFi’, ‘poor’ food!
FLORIDA: Two #BLM females murdered by a black man - One raped repeatedly beforehand!
The Knockout Game - Always black-on-white! And the authorities are deferring to this sh*t?
Sabastian Esquibel: "We have to kill white people!"
'I experience racism as often as I breathe,' says pampered multi-millionaire luvvie, Idris Elba!
Bernie Ecclestone: "Black people are more racist than white people!"
UK has highest number of unaccompanied children claiming asylum in EU! (20% surge 2019)
Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley says: “It’s time, pay us what you us!”
Councillor compares BLM protesters jumping on police car to monkeys at safari park - Resigns!
Sky cuts off ex-cop after he says they've given up trying to stop young Blacks carrying weapons!
TUCKER CARLSON: Trump has to get tough!
Facebook employees, contractors admit to political censorship!
Covid-19 policy and scientific rot!
Fears of total war as Israel bombs Hamas targets!
'It's not uncommon to be taught non-Jewish people are evil in ultra-Orthodox Jewish schools!'
Khan announces £110m police cuts hours after Dick vows to crack down on illegal raves!
Khan’s London: Another ‘street party’ devolves into riot, police attacked again!
Westminster rebrand! Wokest logo! "Multicoloured vomiting splurge of rainbow-hued diversity!"
Parliament's new profile picture on Twitter with trans-inclusive Pride flag!
Married 'anti-drugs' teacher dies after taking cocaine during drinking session with girlfriend
Romanian widower, 27, of gay vicar, 81, ready to collect £150,000 insurance and find new love!
In defence of Andrew Jackson!
Maxine Peake vs Laurence Fox reveals the double standards of the chattering classes!
Pretend politicians like Maxine Peake have never been more ill-informed or ineffective!

Friday 26 June

'3 people stabbed to death' in Glasgow! (BBC doesn't mention venue: Asylum-seeker hotel)
Our part-Jewish oilman Archbishop says Church must rethink portraying Jesus as white!
Our kids have to sit and take it now! Thanks to the cowardice of parents/grandparents
Cops in the time of DICK!!!
Delingpole's hero? JAKE HEPPLE! Burnley fan whose banner said: ‘White Lives Matter!’
‘White Lives Matter’ man fired! ‘White Lives Don’t Matter’ Professor promoted!
Cambs Uni backs academic who tweeted 'White Lives Don't Matter!' Promoted to Professor!
This is what BLM is teaching their children? Nice one, LibLabCon!
Mosaic of Jesus and Mary dedicated to Polish soldiers vandalised with ‘BLM’ graffiti!
Wokingham flags flown at half-mast to honour memory of an American career criminal!
Channel 4 bully 11-year-old boy into explaining his 'white privilege' and make him cry!
Police lose control of streets! Cressida Dick turns Met into 'laughing stock,' abandoning 'law abiding residents' to 'mob rule!' Officers fled rioters - 'Up to 30 PCs' injured!
‘Hostile’ crowd attacks Police, 22 officers injured during what media called a ‘street party!’
Priti Patel demands to see Met Police chief Cressida Dick 'first thing today for a full explanation!'
Police under attack for second night! Pelted with objects at illegal Notting Hill rave!
Teen who threw 6-year-old off tenth floor attacked carers but was still free to walk streets!
20-strong gang leave four injured after 'random attack with weapons!'
'Brazen' Romanian caught smuggling Albanian mother and son into UK!
'She was screaming and shouting!' Katie Price tried to force her way into ex’s home!'
EUROPOL: 436 Jihadis arrested across Europe in 2019 - Is that all?
Brian Gonzalez shot dead his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend in her Los Angeles apartment!
Europe has seen a surge in coronavirus cases since easing lockdown, WHO warns!
Joe Biden says 120million have died from COVID!"
Face it: our freedoms have been taken away with no end in sight to this emergency!
Kent cops raise 'Gypsy and Roma Traveller' flag to show continued support for diversity!
ANTIFA want you to stop posting pictures of their rioters - It's dangerous!
Drag queen who reads to kids says Leeds Council bowed to anti-gay/transphobic rhetoric!"
Nigerian student accuses UK university of racism, demands refund of $20,000 PhD fees
Indian-origin Chancellor appoints Indian-origin CEO as UK financial watchdog!
With whom are many US police depts training? With chronic HR violator: ISRAEL!
Extinction Rebellion launches political party by SHOP-LIFTING trolleys of food from Sainsbury's!
Credibility of European Court of Human Rights in ruins after judges’ links to Soros revealed!
Frost gives final warning to 'unrealistic' Barnier!
Take That's Howard Donald slams masks and Bill Gates/vaccines!
2018: Rand Paul: Only person who colluded with Russia was Hillary Clinton!

Thursday 25 June

BRIXTON: 15 officers injured and police cars smashed after street party!
BRIXTON: Cop cars smashed by rioters! Black Lives matter though...
BRIXTON: Cops on the run AGAIN!
USA: Cops shoot unarmed white man - White Lives Don't Matter!
Cambridge defends Professor Priyamvada Gopal who tweeted: "White Lives don't matter!"
School tried to end racism? White kids terrified they could ruin their lives by saying wrong thing!
2017: Credibility of European Court of Human Rights in ruins after judges’ links to Soros revealed!
‘Death to Whites’ graffiti appears on Belgian town hall building!
Burnley fan responsible for 'white lives matter' banner sacked from his job!
Professor Karol Sikora opinions on Lockdown/Coronavirus!
Prof Sikora: “If (COVID-19) continues for 6 months. there'll be 50,000+ excess cancer deaths!"
Big Brother and the surveillance state the big winners from the coronavirus crisis!
Berlin police raid mosque accused of Coronavirus help fund fraud!
Attorney General Barr is bringing clarity to the conduct of the Russia collusion investigators!
BoJo won't withdraw from EU Human Rights law? No deportation of criminals? Revolution then!
Haughty/reckless Minister a drag on Tories? Jenrick ensured Jewish donor got what he wanted!
Officials refused Robert Jenrick's £830k planning application 3 times! Then Tories approved it!
Farage releases footage of latest illegal biat migrants loaded onto coaches at Dover!
Central and Eastern Europe think migrants are a threat to identity and values!
Britain's railways will be 'renationalised' using emergency coronavirus measures!
Top female Asian police officer launches £500k lawsuit against Scotland Yard!
Accuser of Jewish porn star, Ron Jeremy, says she's spoken to ‘at least 50 other victims!’
Why the Lockdown should last longer!

Wednesday 24 June

BBC is already diverse - So why is it spending £100million on the latest diversity drive?
WHY WAS HE FREE? Terrorist Khairi Saadallah released from nuthouse days before attack!
Three murdered in an English park - So where are the street protests?
90% of 43,000 extremists on MI5 watchlist are Muslim! Yet cops 'obsessed' with 'far-right!'
EMPTY COFFINS, EMPTY HOSPITAL! Brazilian MPs expose biggest Covid-19 hoax yet!
Coronavirus: Tens of thousands on hold for cancer tests
GADDAFI: "They will create the viruses themselves and sell you the antidotes!"
Black Lives Matter co-founder tweets about killing "men and white folks!"
POISONED? Burundian President dies suddenly after expelling WHO for false pandemic!
EU to ban Americans but not Chinese from entry over Coronavirus!
Novak Djokovic gets coronavirus after ignoring social distancing and encouraging others to do so!
OREGON: Face mask order that exempts non-Whites!
Imagery of St Michael defeating Satan is ‘reminiscent of George Floyd!’
Britain voted to leave the EU four years ago today… But is still stuck in the bloc!
Badly off voters like Boris more than high earners do! Labour no longer the party of the poor!
'We should never have joined EU!' Swedes rallied behind Brexit amid calls for Swexit!
The BBC is badly out of tune with the instincts of the British people!
Ex-FBI agent, Ali Soufan, urges Western governments to bring home their Jihadis!
Biological male who broke a woman’s skull named “bravest athlete in history”
Family of postmaster who killed himself after theft accusation want PO bosses held to account!
Bayer pays $10BN to settle thousands of Monsanto glyphosate lawsuits!
Hollywood Jew, J.J. Abrams, releases a ‘Guide to Dismantling White Supremacy at Work!’
Jewish porn star, Ron Jeremy, in court charged with raping three women!
Mel denies Winona's claims he called her an 'oven-dodger' when he learned she was Jewish!
Winona Ryder accuses Mel Gibson of making anti-semitic and homophobic remarks
Rowling stands firm in battle against trans bullying!
Piers Morgan refuses to apologise for 'shouting down' Susanna Reid!

Tuesday 23 June

'Obsession' with catching far-right extremists to 'appease the hard left' is diverting police, MI5 agents and public money away from stopping dangerous jihadis!
PASTOR MANNING: “White folk are getting ready to rise up and I’m joining them!”
Ben Mee slams Burnley fans who fly 'white lives matter' banner as players kneel for BLM!
'White Lives Matter?' Not to Burnley big shots, they don't! Lifetime ban promised!
London to erect statues celebrating mass migration!!!
Mixed-race leftie, Shaun King, wants us to tear down ‘white supremacy’ statues of Jesus!
Cops stopped Reading terrorist the DAY before attack!
Reading murderer, Khairi Saadallah, was on Government's deradicalisation scheme!
Reading terror attack was motivated by Khairi Saadallah's homophobia?
Reading terrorist's mother says he should have been admitted to mental health unit!
Robert Provis was on a Zebra Crossing when he was killed by hit-and-run driver, Hamzah Khan!
Uran Nabiev deliberately ran over Jake Kemp and John Ambler! Jake died 3 days later
Two shot dead at illegal ‘Quarantine Rave’ that Manchester cops refused to shut down!
Illegal immigrants jailed for rape in Dennistoun flat
Black people must claim the countryside as their right!
Orban shocked by disorder in multicultural West!
Lone wolves are so hard to track because they keep to the fringes of society!
This is brilliant!

Monday 22 June

George Soros organises unrest in US? 'Owns Antifa?' Hires protesters to cause chaos? These are 'conspiracy theories?'
READING MURDERS: Asylum-seeker, Khairi Saadallah, IS a terrorist and was known to MI5!
READING: Terrorist freed early was an ISIS fighter and Libyan child soldier on MI5 radar?
'F*** ENGLAND!' Reading terror suspect’s ‘brother’ claims he was ‘defending himself’ in knife rampage and UK is ‘racist!’
READING: Libyan asylum-seeker on MI5 watch list, Khairi Saadallah, murders 3 in terror attack!
Why was he not deported? Reading terror suspect is a Libyan refugee who came out of jail two weeks ago, had mental health problems and was known to MI5!
'Kind,' 'inspiring' history teacher was one of three stabbed to death in Reading 'terror rampage!'
BROOKLYN: Man executed in broad daylight while washing his car!
Irami Osei-Frampong says white people may have to die before Blacks are made whole!
Three 'Asian appearance' men charged in Falkirk after teen and man ‘assaulted!’
THEY do not want it known that Gaddafi kept us safe from Jihadis!
Attempt to empathise with #BLM funsters? Yep, that'll work every time!
Black man carries white ‘far right’ protester to safety - ALL STAGED?
French say ‘anti-White’ racism is a problem in France! (You don't say1)
UN deletes pro-ANTIFA tweet after massive public backlash!
GERMANY: Hundreds of ‘youths’ loot businesses and injure police!
Oxford Prof says academics fear the mob will destroy their careers if they defend British Empire!
Hunt for the statue wreckers! Police issue CCTV images of 15 people they want to speak to!
Black Lives Matter wants to dismantle Britain's capitalist state?
Police issue 12 new CCTV images after violence at Black Lives Matter demos!
SIX black people found dead in string of hangings since the death of George Floyd!
'Lonely' Sadiq Khan opens up on his mental health 'struggle!'
The question can no longer be avoided: is it time to scrap the mayor of London?
John Bolton launches scathing attack on EU: 'An unaccountable, oppressive MACHINE!'
So what did Twitter suspend #KTHopkins for?
Florida sets new record of COVID-19 cases with over 4,000 more!
NOTTINGHAM: Derek Brailsford, 75, kicked in the head by black man in riverside attack!
Sir Shifty Green still takes millions in taxpayer furlough cash as he strolls around Monaco!
Lady Colin Campbell claims Meghan Markle 'wants to run for president one day!'

Sunday 21 June

READING: 3 stabbed to death, 3 sustain serious injuries! Libyan immigrant arrested
READING: Cops say murders not terrorism/linked to earlier #BLM protest! How do they know?
Barking pastor who kept child slaves receives hefty sentence
PC cops! Sex attack appeal didn't mention suspect was a man in women's clothes!
Hunt for gunman after man shot while queuing at a McDonald’s! (CCTV image)
Katie Piper’s acid attacker cleared for jail release again after being recalled when first let out!
Suspect arrested in shooting of eight people outside San Antonio bar!
French City relocates school from ‘underprivileged area’ where ‘war weapons’ used!
Black-on-White nastiness in the time of #BlackLivesMatter!
Black Lives Matter? The movement is not to everyone's taste...
Attempt to empathise with #BLM funsters? Yep, that'll work every time!
Black man carries white ‘far right’ protester to safety - ALL STAGED?
BLM protesters threaten Trump supporters after Tulsa rally! But, hey, let's bend the knee, right?
FBI quickly capture “Floyd arsonist” from Etsy T-shirt… She faces 80 years in prison!
Ordinary people fear and loathe Black Lives Matter!
Muhammad Ali’s son says dad would have hated ‘racist’ Black Lives Matter!
#BLM co-founder admits: "Our goal is to get Trump out!"
Defund the Police? Philadelphia Muslim leader calls for bloodshed!
‘Total surrender to anarchy!’ Herts top cops advise officers to ‘take the knee’ before BLM protests!
Who burned down Wendy's where Rayshard Brooks was killed? Cops seek his girlfriend!
Soros-affiliated anti-deportation group part of ‘defund police’ movement!
UN tells US ANTIFA has right to ‘freedom of expression’ and ‘peaceful assembly!’
Seattle’s CHAZ is straight from the European ANTIFA playbook!
STUTTGART RIOT! Cops injured, “situation out of control!” (Immigrant gratitude, eh?)
Cultural Revolution! All 130 Labour Party Councils plan to review ‘racist’ statues!
HR Commission says French need to “decolonise” their minds to end discrimination!
Coronavirus is weakening, could die out on its own without a vaccine?
NONE of 1,100 who crossed Channel in past 7 weeks deported despite Priti Patel pledge!
'Walk away NOW!' - 94 per cent want Boris Johnson to abandon 'pointless' Brexit talks!
Eisenhower's Rhine Meadows Death Camps

Saturday 20 June

Coronavirus has accelerated the death of CASH! (So that's what it was all for?)
Covid-19 death rate in Britain! Black men: 255.7 per 100,000 - White men: 87 per 100,000!
Coronavirus pandemic getting WORSE?
Guilt for 200-year-old crimes but not for the West’s recent destruction of Iraq/Libya?
"British arm of Black Lives Matter says: 'Abolish the police, smash capitalism... close all prisons!'
Black Lives Matter protester COUGHED at police officer and threatened to punch him!
Lloyd’s of London and Greene King pub chain to pay ‘reparations’ to minorities!
Only 6% of BLM spending went to grassroots - Millions went towards travel/staff compo!
LGBT agenda brainwashing kids in school
BBC Question Time sparks backlash as furious viewers rage at rigged audience/panel!
Katie Hopkins BANNED from Twitter for breaking rules on hate speech (telling the truth)
The young scholars of Oxford's Oriel college who fought and died to defeat Hitler would be appalled by today's mob
Female savages kick and stamp on woman’s head in horrifying attack!
FRANCE: Three Muslim teens threaten to murder high-school girl for criticising Islam!
BARKING: Pastor Lucy Adeniji kept child slaves! Sentenced to 11.5 years
CYPRUS: Israeli gang rape judge repeatedly yelled 'this is not a rape trial' at British victim!
Just another day in paradise
Guardian trashes ‘toxic nostalgia’ of Vera Lynn!
80 million asylum-seekers and ‘displaced persons’ worldwide!
Nigeria at risk of 'Rwandan-style genocide' as 60k killed by Boko Haram and ISIS in decade!
BBC Question Time sparks backlash as furious viewers rage at rigged audience/panel!
50 years on, and the miserable spectre of the Heath administration hangs over this government!
Eisenhower's Rhine Meadows Death Camps

Friday 19 June

£1.9 billion black hole in TfL's accounts? SADIQ! SADIQ! Sadiq, you there?
"Give black people their rights, or WE WILL BURN THIS COUNTRY TO ASHES!"
ONLY "black lives matter!" SIRI says so!
Africa is again the world’s epicenter of modern-day slavery!
Dominic Raab sparks furious backlash saying he will only take the knee for the Queen!
"This taking the knee thing.. it.. feels to me like a symbol of subjugation and subordination!"
Laurence Fox insists he will 'not stand by' and be silenced by the BLM protests!
Rhodes has fallen to the woke mob - Another statue down amid BLM demands!
Antifa rioters draped a US flag over George Washington statue, set it on fire and topple it!
FARAGE: The new Puritanism ‘is absolutely terrifying!’
Farage slams BBC, Sky for portraying UK as ‘cesspit of bigots and racists!’
Peters Hitchens enjoys leisurely stroll as he is abused by BLM protesters!
Katy Perry pushes young voters to fight ‘Systemic Racism!’
Slavery, colonialism, industrial revolution – Hstory reduced to crass Marxist caricature!
The slave trade in Libya 2020! (Graphic pictures)
Brainwashed Britain must stop life in fear, says FREDERICK FORSYTH!
"Coronamania? Covid-19 NEVER grew exponentially - the threat was misunderstood!"
South Asians are 20% more likely to die from Covid-19 in hospital than white people!
People with type '0' blood are less likely to catch Coronavirus! Those with Type 'A' get sicker!
UK's erupting fraud scandal confirms furlough was a nonsensical mistake!
Police release footage of white teenager stabbed at illegal rave!
Matthew Hancock’s dreadful handling of this crisis has made Britain a global laughing stock!
After PPE and testing shambles, now Matt Hancock scraps his own virus tracing app!
Police recruitment drive in jeopardy as Sadiq Khan faces £500 million black hole!
The end of globalisation? The herculean task of decoupling supply chains from China!
China is blamed for huge cyber attack on Australian businesses, schools and hospitals
NOT ONE of the 1,100 invaders who crossed the Channel in last 7 weeks have been deported!
Brother of Qatar's emir is accused of ordering his staff to kill Americans on U.S. soil
Exam boards will slash GCSE and A Level grades after teachers mark them over-generously?
James Woods: "Tubesteak lover takes no for an answer!"

Thursday 18 June

German Government intentionally placed children with paedophiles for 30 years?
World gets behind Putin’s vow to destroy the New World Order?
Two of UK's biggest companies pledge large sums to BAME communities for role in slave trade!
Now Oxford University grovels to Black Lives Matter!
FARAGE: Poor history teaching means young don’t know Britain stamped out slavery worldwide!
ANTIFA militants attack French Police during health worker demonstration!
Outrage culture threatening real journalism!
Group linked to UK govt and top Labour members trying to get right-wing sites banned?
Juncker’s Brexit fury with Tony Blair exposed: ‘You were the problem!’
Should European supertrawlers be banned from British waters? VOTE!
‘Invasion!’ Dozens more illegal boat migrants brought ashore at Dover!
Hungary sees 5.5 percent birthrate increase after enacting pro-family policies!
Man fighting for his life after being stabbed on the streets of Croydon
Whisky bottles found in van of killer drink driver, Sukhdeep Gill!
26 child sex abuse suspects arrested and due to stand trial in Birmingham!
Ex-Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey has permission to officiate as a priest revoked!
China has 'deliberately' killed thousands of Americans?
"Oh, so right on" Lineker! Sanctimonious virtue-signaller saves a fortune by avoiding tax!
Trudeau’s anti-Palestinian record and support for Israel is not what Canadians want!
Was the Trump-mentoring Jew, Roy Cohn, America’s most evil man?

Wednesday 17 June

FARAGE: “#BLM funding can be traced back to George Soros!"
#BLM: Middlesborough Mayor, Andy Preston, criticised for denying 'white privilege' exists!
Afghan child's reaction to the prospect of marriage to an old man...
Kenneth Johnson punched baby boy to death because he wouldn't stop crying - NO JAIL!!!
Paedo, Abdul Muhid, back behind bars for possessing 3,000 images of girls as young as 4!
USA: Sixteen years in jail for burning an LGBT Pride flag!!!
‘Quarantine Raves’ in Manchester see rape, stabbings and drug death!
George Floyd died of a Fentanyl overdose?
Abortionist Testifies! ‘No question’ babies are being born alive to harvest organs!
The lies that set America on fire!
Boston Mayor backs removal of Abraham Lincoln Statue!
Nationalising and globalising the police - Behind the Deep State!
The USA is now a third-world hellhole the Left has been quietly assembling since 1970!
The Enemy Within! The purge of American Intelligence!
Have the protests proved that Covid-19 risks are being vastly exaggerated?
Bill Gates and the depopulation agenda - Robert Kennedy jnr calls for investigation!
Boris scraps Foreign Aid Office but won't cut aid? How does that work?
Good riddance to the Department for Blank Cheques!
European Commission vows to make EU institutions more racially ‘diverse!’
'We're not interested' Iceland's brutal rejection of EU membership revealed
CARLSON: Big tech monopolies now surpass Government as chief threat to our liberty!
2019: Nick Clegg claims £113k from taxpayers for expenses despite £1million Facebook salary
Putin declares war on the Rothschild Mafia?
Israel increases secretive nuclear stockpile to 90 warheads
Gaza slaughter documentary banned by PBS!
Annexation of West Bank - Israel lobby in the USA in open revolt against Israeli government!
Laurent Guyenot nails the Jewish Question!
Julian Assange in limbo!
World War 2: Roosevelt ordered Churchill to return Hong Kong to China!

Tuesday 16 June

Ex-serviceman's account of London protests: “Orchestrated by media/cops to make us look bad!”
The barbarians inside the gates!
Guardian must close over founder’s use of slaves and support for Confederacy in US Civil War!
Government considering 10-year prison sentences for vandalism of war memorials!
Cops seek ban on protests in the UK, citing Coronavirus!
It's time to protest about these endless protests
Do Deep State elements operate within the protest movement?
FARAGE: ‘I have never seen so many people scared to say what they think!’
Taking the knee before BLM protesters? Farage says, “Insanity mixed with cowardice!”
All members of SWAT team in Florida City resign over Chief kneeling with protesters!
ATF offers $5,000 reward for info female Muslim who started fires during George Floyd riots!
Biggest bailout of Wall Street in US history was planned months before the plandemic virus crisis!
Zara Radcliffe murdered John Rees, 88, in Welsh supermarket and tried to kill 3 others!
DETROIT: Immigrant teenager killed WWII veteran, 91, by setting him on fire!
Judge Goldstein sentences Zyairr Davis to just 18 months for role in Tessa Majors, 18, murder!
GERMANY: Muslims declare Sharia zone, forbid unbelievers entry, threaten to kill infidels/cops!
Sadiq Khan ‘can’t recall if he shared other platforms with extremists!’
Horror as violence erupts on Dijon streets - Gangs brandish axes and fire guns!
JENRICK: Housing Secretary admits he knew he was saving Tory donor tens of millions!
Archdeacon of Brighton offended by 'Chocolate Coloured Coon' gravestone! Covers it up!

Monday 15 June

Black people are 80 times more likely to kill white people in England/Wales than the reverse!
Ex-serviceman's account of London protests: “Orchestrated by media/cops to make us look bad!”
Biggest bailout of Wall Street in US history planned months before the Plandemic!
ELMHURST: They put people on ventilators even though there's no need! "IT'S MURDER!"
Archdeacon of Brighton offended by 'Chocolate Coloured Coon' gravestone! Covers it up!
Coronavirus ‘will force 1,200 care homes to go bust!’
Pakistanis ignore rules on social distancing - A MILLION Covid-19 cases by end of July?
'Quarantine rave!' Teen raped! Man dies of 'drug overdose!' 3 stabbed! Machete thugs fight!
BLM-branded ‘Kill a White on Sight’ posters found in Scotland!
Scotland: Robert the Bruce statue vandalised with ‘BLM’, ‘racist king’ slogans!
Links to the slave trade? 1,000 blue plaques in London to be reviewed!
Retired police officer: "The mainstream media have behaved absolutely appallingly!!
The entire cultural establishment has surrendered to the radical Left!
"He urinated BESIDE the plaque. He didn't urinate ON it!" Honesty causes outrage now?
Churchill image disappears from Google search results, Hitler and Stalin still present!
Farage to launch ‘Reform Party’ amid concern over Boris’s leadership!
Farage says ‘book burning has started’ after a London Uni library vows to ‘decolonise’ collection!
Priti Patel’s selective outrage is pandering to the Leftist mob!
Labour exposed! Leaked clip reveals Long-Bailey's plans to 'politically educate' workers
"ENGLISH IS A DIRTY WORD!" Thanks, politicians! Thanks, #MSM!
Man converts to Islam, threatens to kill Boris Johnson and Theresa May
Another quiet day in multicultural Britain!
GREENWICH: Desmond Atumkeze threatened to kill victim before raping her!
Zara Radcliffe murdered John Rees, 88, in Welsh supermarket and tried to kill 3 others!
Child snatch gangs kidnap kids around the world to sell as sex slaves to depraved paedos!
Virginia Roberts brands ‘insidious’ Prince Andrew a 'toad!'
6-year-old UK school children are now being taught to write “GAY LOVE LETTERS!”
A brief look at Jewish wealth!
Pastor Manning blows the whistle on sub-Saharan Africa and the African!

Sunday 14 June

HITCHENS: From Lockdown to destruction of statues, the pillars of our freedom/civilization are rotten! The Left now controls every lever of power!
UCLA Professor suspended for refusing to mark black students' final assessments leniently!
LIAM FOX: All Live Matter! There's too much at risk for us to let the 'culture warriors' win!
Illegal Ramadan party blamed for hundreds of new Coronavirus infections!
Racism has contributed to COVID-19's disproportionate impact on BAME community?
Asymptomatic spread of coronavirus is ‘very rare,’ WHO says!
It it time to call 'shenanigans' on COVID-19?
In the time of the Coronavirus, suicide rates spike across United States!
BLM? At least 620 Nigerian Christians killed so far in 2020 by Boko Haram in 620!
LONDON: BLM supporters mob and seriously assault people suspected of being ‘far right!'
Khan’s London: George Washington statue joins Churchill in coffin-like anti-BLM box!
Military veteran says, "Sadiq Khan should be arrested and shot as a terrorist!"
#BLM - Talk show DJ suspended for saying he's not 'white and privileged!'
Hertfordshire top cops warn officers about NOT taking the knee!!!
Commissioner Sue Mountstevens leads police rebellion against Priti Patel 'get tough' message!
Locals protect monument to Earl Grey, PM who abolished slavery, from BLM protesters!
‘Racist’ Mahatma Gandhi statue targeted for removal by Leftie activists!
Tyson Fury tells Boris to ‘grow a pair’ after Churchill statue repeatedly vandalised at BLM demos!
London’s race-baiting Mayor Khan is pouring petrol on the flames!
BLM protesters and LGBT pride activists twerk in front of police in D.C.
California lawmakers advance reparations bill!
UK won't impose full border checks on EU goods until July 2021!
Armed gang attack church in Pakistan leaving Christians 'terrified!'
Albanian gangs are waging open warfare on London's streets, experts warn
Grenfell fraudster JAILED for claiming £32k in aid and pretending to live with victims who died!
Emmanuel Aranda hurled Landen Hoffman, 5, off from the 3rd floor of the Mall of America!
Gordon Brown's secret plot to scrap the pound and join eurozone exposed by EU chief!
Jeremy Corbyn's brother demands 'summer of discontent' against BBC, Boris and Sadiq Khan!
Finland rejects Israel annexation plan!
Jewish Secret Society pressures Canadian cops to arrest Polish newspaper owner who offended them!

Saturday 13 June

Political class can't command authority. Police can't guarantee order. Britain's a mess!
Make no mistake – BLM is a radical neo-Marxist political movement!
Who is funding ANTIFA?
In England/Wales, black people are 80 times more likely to kill white people than the reverse!
Crime recorded by the Met Police RISES by 8,000 offences compared to previous month
Suspect arrested on suspicion of murder after man in his 20s shot dead in Hackney back garden!
Marvin Henderson, Jordan Thomas and Paul Kabemba charged with assault on police officers!
Swans with eggs shot and killed in Leeds lake - CCTV
Vandals and violent protesters to be jailed within 24-hours!
Muslim Attorney, two others face life in prison for throwing Molotov cocktails at NYPD cars!
Black Lives Matter? Normality in da 'hood.
Leftie next to John Boyega at BLM protest called hurt WPC 'stupid' and condoned shooting cops!
Qatar’s European fund for Islamic terror!
Sir Lindsay Hoyle calls for review of Parliament's statues/paintings after BLM protests!
The racist agenda of Black Lives Matter!
Top 5 African countries where slavery is still rampant!
FARAGE: Poor history teaching = Young don’t know Britain stamped out world slavery!
HUMPHRYS: Despite what the BBC might have you believe, Britons are NOT all guilty of racism!
LONDON: Cops break up drinkers having take-away pints as thousands gather at BLM protest!
Boris scrapped Cabinet' pandemic team six months before coronavirus hit Britain!
'The science' was right – it was the Government that was wrong?
China was in the grip of Covid MONTHS before it told the world?
FOURNIER'S GANGRENE? Harvey Weinstein has an acute infection of the genitals!
The Labour MPs who want to silence me are the racists, says Priti Patel
leading pro-Israel lobby in the United States is telling lawmakers that they are free to criticize Israel’s looming annexation plans
Boris, Jewish billionaire, Richard Desmond, and a £120million property scandal!
High ranking paedos in Australia!
Just about sums it up!
'Queen Of Ireland,' Panti Bliss went on an 8-day trip to Asia costing taxpayer €5,000!

Friday 12 June

LITTLEJOHN: Despite voting in a Tory government with a massive majority, Britain feels like a left-wing dictatorship teetering on the brink of anarchy!
All 130 Labour Party Councils plan to review ‘racist’ statues!
Premier League to replace player names on shirts with the words 'Black Lives Matter!'
BLM 'protesters' cancel Hyde Park demonstration after threats from 'hate groups!'
‘Immediate Effect!’ Nigel Farage leaving LBC radio!
Nigel Farage sacked by LBC radio 'with immediate effect' after comparing #BLM to Taliban!
LBC's James O'Brien gloats 'we've got our station back' after Nigel Farage gets booted!
Essex top cop says officers WON'T stop statues from being toppled by BLM protesters!
In Poole and Oxford, we are seeing the first stirrings of the silent majority
Sadiq Khan BOARDS UP Cenotaph and Churchill's statue! (To protect or to hide our heritage?)
Check out the ghastly celebrity virtue-signallers!
Looters looting looters in New York! Ha-ha!
PROTESTS! White supremacists/racist terrorists pose greatest risk of violence, FBI warns!
PSYOP? George Floyd “death” was faked by crisis actors to engineer revolutionary riots?
Obama Foundation tweeted about George Floyd on 17 May, week before supposed murder?
Trump rejects calls to drop Confederate base names!
Pauline Hanson's 'ALL LIVES MATTER' motion denied in the Australian Senate!
Swedish Black Lives Matter protesters demand abolition of police!
Violent protesters to be jailed within 24 hours!
‘British History Matters!’ Baden-Powell statue gets 24-hour security!
Lewis Hamilton 'inspired' by BLM protests fighting 'global disease' racism!
Coronavirus: Over a million people arrived in UK by sea without quarantine this year!
Easing Lockdown any further may lead to 'disastrous' second wave that kills 75,000 more people!
Thugs film violent attack on cops helping assault victim!
LONDON: Boy of 13 and 3 others arrested after ‘sickening’ attack on police officers
Godmother of Cocaine! Griselda Blanco - Murder at 11, bisexual orgies and 3 husbands killed!
ISIS bride Shamima Begum costs taxpayer £30,000 in legal aid for fight to return to UK!
209,519 babies killed in UK by abortion in 2019
Even Labour insiders don't like female, black MPs, it seems!
Meghan Markle's best pal FIRED for 'threatening' remarks after 'white privilege' accusation!
Emma Watson accused by Twitter users of 'biting the hand that fed her' for slamming JK Rowling!
The bonfire of JK Rowling and the day her starlets turned on her!
RACISM! Now we can't watch Fawlty Towers episode 'The Germans!'
Why did it take decades to catch Harold Shipman?

Thursday 11 June

After a week of left-wing mayhem with #BLM chasing cops down the street, our highest-ranking Asian officer says it is time to 'STAND UP to racists!'
Head of Royal College of Nursing says: 'If you aren't white, your illness isn't taken as seriously!'
George Floyd funeral includes call to ‘clean out the White House!’
Suspected looter charged with first-degree murder of retired black cop, David Dorn!
#BLM is, literally, a shell company for the Democrat candidates!
Nation of Islam provided security for George Floyd funeral!
Tucker Carlson speaks out...
Minnesota Freedom Fund's (ANTIFA/SOROS ties) demands Police defunding!
Museum curator tweets on how to destroy statues with household chemicals!
Police visit Oxford-educated museum curator who tweeted how to destroy statues!
‘Whore, slag, slave owner!’ Queen Victoria statue vandalised with ‘BLM’ slogans!
Abraham Lincoln statue vandalised in London BLM protests!
Statue of Confederate soldier falls on a rioter, injuring him severely!
University removes Gladstone's name from residence hall over ties to slavery!
UK establishment caves to BLM as MPs, top cop, take a knee; Church prepares racism apology!
Government should ‘immediately’ defund British police, says mixed-race sociologist!
BLM UK raises $1 million in days, vows to spend cash on abolition of police!
Twitter flooded with calls to arrest George Soros for ‘treason!’
Cops in full riot gear on standby amid fears of Far Right/BLM clashes!
BLM protester tests positive for coronavirus after attending 10,000 person rally!
What is the TRUE death rate of Covid-19? Four times less lethal than feared?
SAGE sub-group, SPI-B, issues Orwellian threats!
Tony Blair calls for 'digital ID' to prove 'disease status' in future!
Tony Blair said we British should have been refused a say on Britain's EU membership!
Barnier CAVES! EU now ready to offer 'compromise' after UK threatens no deal!
"Nigel Farage is an expert on is his backside because every word out of his mouth stinks!"
#LGBTQ is a "brutal force, a well-funded super power!" The "illusion of... respect only comes through instilling fear!"
Ex-Shadow Minister/top Labour bully, Eric Joyce, charged with making indecent photo of a child!
MPs call for prosecutions over post office scandal branded 'biggest miscarriage of justice' ever!
'Sickening' attack on policeman tackling suspect - Laughing passersby pose for selfies!
Universities told to lower their A-level offers even further to help the country's poorest students!
AID: We send more money to rich countries (China/India) than we give to poorest nations!
New campaign to ‘Defund the BBC’ sees explosion in support after launch!
98,867 asylum seekers have been given permanent residency in Sweden!
"Jewish ships brought slaves to America!"
Black pastor praises Hitler, condemns Jews!

Wednesday 10 June

After days of left-wing mayhem with #BLM chasing cops down the street, our highest-ranking Asian officer says it is time to 'STAND UP to racists!'
Top Nurse (black) says: "If you aren't white, your illness isn't taken as seriously!"
Schoolchildren under 15 have just a 3.5MILLION-to-one chance of dying from coronavirus!
CORONAVIRUS "worsening" globally, says World Health Organisation! 136,000 infected in 24hrs!
D.C. National Guardsmen test positive for Coronavirus after protests!
Fear for Britain's future if we erase the past! Long time since freedom of thought felt so risky!
Now a Chief Constable 'takes the knee!' Kent top cop says he was showing humility!
62 Metropolitan Police Officers have now been injured policing protests this past week!
London Mayor vows to replace monuments with statues of LGBTQ+ and minority figures
‘Topple The Racists!’ Hard Left publishes list of statue targets!
Khan’s London: Historic statue pulled down to appease left-wing protests!
First they came for the statues - It will be people next!
4,000 miles away, Europe is racked by riots and protests over death of American, George Floyd!
Los Angeles: Homicides soar 250%, shootings 56%, during protest week!
Seattle City Council member helps protesters take over City Hall!
‘Determined for War!‘ China orders fighter jets to circle Taiwan!
UK ‘dangerously reliant’ on food imports, must become self sufficient!
Her son, 9, was mauled to death by bulldog cross while she took cocaine! Jailed for two years!
PURGE! Little Britain removed by BBC and BritBox over blackface sketches!

Tuesday 9 June

#BLM: Boris says protesters who harm police or property will face 'the full force of the law!'
‘Run Piggy Run’ – British cops chased through streets at BLM protest!
62 Metropolitan Police Officers have now been injured policing protests this past week!
Brussels Burns! Riots break out at Black Lives Matter protests in European Union capital!
Undercover Investigation - Minneapolis Riot Was pre-planned!
FARAGE: ‘Black Lives Matter is a dangerous, Marxist organisation hell-bent on anarchy!’
Farage brands Black Lives Matter ‘new Taliban’ after statue torn down!
George Floyd’s family petitions United Nations to help disarm police in the United States!
LITTLEJOHN: When I saw police officers 'taking the knee' I knew it must end in tears!
Baying mobs, fallen statues and vandals no better than Chairman Mao's 'cultural' wreckers!
America has a shocking police violence problem, so why are British officers being attacked?
Dominic Noble charged with Left-Wing terrorism offences!
Asymptomatic spread of coronavirus is 'very rare,' WHO says
Oblivious Swiss tourist says he is ILL and needs to go to hospital as he lands at Heathrow!
Boris government has worst approval rating in the WORLD for handling of Coronavirus!
#DefundTheBBC campaign gains 40,000 supporters after biased coverage of BLM protests!
Ex-King Juan Carlos of Spain investigated over millions in kickbacks from Saudi Arabia!
Brexit outrage! Secret Franco-German plot to ‘keep Britain tied to EU’ exposed!
There's never been a better time to support our farmers and fishermen!
Bristol's black Mayor describes toppling of Colston statue as an 'iconic moment!'
DERBY: Twice-convicted drug dealer, Yasir Manzoor, 'has let his family down again!'
EPSTEIN: Is prince Andrew criminally stupid or stupidly criminal?
Jewish celeb, Daniel Radcliffe, responds to J.K. Rowling's thoughts on gender identity
'Transgender women are women!' Daniel Radcliffe lashes out at Harry Potter's JK Rowling!

Monday 8 June

BLM/ANTIFA thugs chase yellowbelly cops down London street!
Kneeling protesters told to recite: ‘Revolution is the solution, not voting!’
WPC suffers collapsed lung/shattered ribs after her horse was hit with missiles at BLM protests!
Outrage as BBC claim officer ‘knocked herself off her horse!’
George Floyd death: TV, radio and music industries mark 'Blackout Tuesday!'
George Floyd: Minneapolis council pledges to DISMANTLE the police department!
Name the creep who tried to BURN Cenotaph flags at BLM London demo!
Trump effigy beaten viciously, police attacked at BLM London protest!
Lancetgate is a humiliation for Trump’s medical critics!
Our freedom is under threat from an American-exported culture war
'The only disease right now is the racism we are fighting!' Raheem Sterling backs BLM!
Top doctor says 60,000 BLM protesters should be 'quarantined for at least two weeks!'
Stephan Cannon charged with murder of retired police captain, David Dorn!
Bail revoked for attorneys charged with Molotov cocktail attack on NYPD!
"I speak to my Jewish people - RUN FOR THE HILLS!"
Maddie McCann suspect yelled, “the child is dead and that’s a good thing!”
Bodies of two women found in Wembley park!
David Allan, 23, murdered by two men in Wythenshawe, Manchester!
Married paedo, Eduardo Cruz, gets 27 years for subjecting girl, 10, to years of rape/sex abuse!
JEFFREY EPSTEIN: America demands we hand Prince Andy over!
Half of pregnant women admitted to hospital with coronavirus were from BAME backgrounds!
PRITI PATEL: Protesters risk undoing our progress against this terrible virus!
Boris plans to crack down on foreign takeovers that pose a risk to national security?
DERBY: Twice-convicted drug dealer, Yasir Manzoor, 'has let his family down again!'
Ireland’s classrooms are too white! Children 'should learn about black history from an early age!'
'Why was drug cheat, Salwa Eid Naser, allowed to compete?' British athletes denied world medal!
‘Black radical’ warns against having children with White people!
Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors!
Dubai ruler Sheik Mohammed gets £300k+ in EU grants for land he owns in UK!

Sunday 7 June

George Floyd: London anti-racism protests leave 27 officers hurt!
WPC suffers collapsed lung/shattered ribs after her horse was hit with missiles at BLM protests!
Did Stephen Yamslaw stab the Irish lad?
Did Stephen Yamslaw stab the Irish lad? (Video - Graphic)
People who regularly smoke cannabis 'are nearly three times more likely to be violent!'
George Floyd: 'Guilty' officers must be convicted to stop police brutality says black Judge!
Abraham Lincoln statue vandalised and scaled in London BLM protests!
1,000+ Medicos sign letter saying, don't shut down protests using coronavirus as an excuse!
BLM PROTESTS: WPC loses control of her horse gets flattened!
Cenotaph vandalised with ‘BLM’ graffiti on D-Day anniversary!
After letting BLM protests bust Lockdown, masks made compulsory on public transport!
Dr Kate Marvel: "We'll never head off climate catastrophe without dismantling white supremacy!"
Our freedom is under threat from an American-exported culture war!
Government minister Kemi Badenoch accuses BBC of 'fanning the flames of racial division!'
Drug firms hike cost of life-saving pills by 800% during pandemic!
Return of the Remainer undead! This time they're using Covid-19 as an excuse to cancel Brexit!
Frustrated Merkel prepares to sideline Barnier in move towards 'common sense' Brexit talks!
Britons' FURIOUS at EU £270m demand for coronavirus fund!
Brexit outrage: How EU leaders plotted 'revenge' on Britain after Lisbon Treaty stitch-up!
Channel 4 boss overhauls social media rules after 'dreadful' Boris Johnson error! (C4 LIED!)
Democrats want to abolish the police and confiscate our guns!
Disney goes woke for BLM but kowtows to China’s racism, concentration camps!
PARIS: Fake police arrested, allegedly filming video to frame real cops as racist!
It's crass and inflammatory to equate racism in America with experience of being black British!
Sajid Javid says wealthy Britons don't care about racism! Preserving advantages their thing!
Gang of thugs brutally attack man and pregnant wife during violent carjacking outside their home!
Serena Williams says she didn't force husband Alexis Ohanian to donate Reddit gains to blacks!
LAURENCE FOX won't "take a knee" in support of Black Lives Matter protesters!
Pink goes after MAGA - You’re not American if you support Trump!

Saturday 6 June

So what does the Jewish intellectual really think of us?
13 reasons to fear the coming COVID World Order!
Super-spreaders ARE fuelling the coronavirus pandemic!
Black Lives Matter has killed the Lockdown!
"Rioting, looting, people getting beaten in the street... They're not doing it for me!"
Twitter pulls Trump campaign video of President showing empathy for peaceful protesters!
Could the end be near for Trump-subverter, Jared Kushner?
Trump retweets Candace Owens: 'the fact that George Floyd is held up as a martyr sickens me!'
Joe Biden claims 10-15% of Americans 'are not very good people!'
Don't let the chattering class sow division in response to George Floyd's death!
Bill Murray's son Caleb charged with 'spitting on and biting police officer and threatening arson!'
Soros group attacks Vice President's Chief of Staff!
Canadian Green Leader: Trump’s US ‘no longer safe!’ Canada must accept minority refugees!
Nicola Sturgeon praises #BLM protests! Says it's 'hard to not conclude' President Trump is racist!
NO PROGRESS! EU won't drop demands, UK won’t surrender on fishing!
Michel Barnier 'inviting cross-Channel tariff war with UK!' EU will LOSE!
Irish trade union chief dubbed EU measures as ‘worse than British Empire!’
GERMANY: UK must surrender sovereignty for an EU trade deal!
Greta Thunberg calls on EU leaders to condemn ‘Police brutality’ in USA!
Boris’s Hong Kong Visa offer ‘directly breaks’ immigration pledge to the British people!
When the Saxon began to hate!
Hong Kong’s last British Governor: Communists are imposing ‘Orwellian’ regime!
Madeleine McCann - Christian Brueckner IS the man!
Sweden accused of removing migrant pupil results to boost school test scores!
Cyclist spits in Tommy Robinson's face - Cumbria police arrest Tommy for reacting!
Tommy Robinson punches man who spat in his face at Asian sex gang protest!
MEXICO: Woman 'butchered pregnant 17-year-old girl and cut baby from her womb!
Vicar, 81, who married Romanian toyboy, 27, dies alone in Bucharest hospital!

Friday 5 June

Compensation fund approved for Jeffrey Epstein’s victims - But there's a CATCH!
Candace Owens explodes the George Floyd myth!
"Black lives only matter when they're killed by a f***in'" white man!" Amen, brother!
Another black guy gets it!
George Floyd was infected with COVID-19!
Europe’s Antifa history should serve as a warning to America!
Portland ANTIFA cell trains recruits to ‘eye gouge,’ ‘destroy your enemy!’
SNP accused of 'inflaming racial tensions!' Furious row in House of Commons!
FREDERICK FORSYTH: "The coronavirus lockdown may have been unnecessary!"
Coronavirus: Are protests legal amid lockdown?
‘Allah Akhbar!’ Journalists covering London BLM protests attacked live on air twice in one day!
PARIS protest!
Covid-19 is still killing more people in the UK than in the rest of the EU combined!
Doctor of thirty years on MASK efficacy!
Off-duty police officers are caught flouting social distancing rules!
Bald men are more at risk of getting severe coronavirus? (Making it up as they go along?)
Madeleine McCann: Prime suspect was discounted by Portuguese police!
Serial child abuser told friend he ‘knew all about’ what happened to Madeleine McCann!
Boy, two, in a coma after being shot in head by gunman who also shot child's mother 8 times!
17-year-old paedo Callum Scott filmed himself raping an 18-month-old baby!
Takeaway boss who targeted, enslaved homeless white men must repay victims!
LONDON: Police launch manhunt after teenager stabbed, run-over and left for dead!
Manchester Police ‘pushed and kicked’ by crowd of more than 100 while arresting man
‘Walk away Boris!’ PM told to ABANDON post-Brexit talks with EU in September

Thursday 4 June

George Floyd killer now charged with 2nd Degree Murder! Other cops charged also
‘We stand in solidarity’: Jewish organisations respond to the protests over George Floyd’s death!
"Rise Up Already, You Schvartzes!"
58% of young, college-educated Americans say riots justified!
Trump warned us! 5 people shot dead in riots! All in Democrat-run cities!
BLM protest turns violent, cops attacked outside Prime Minister’s office!
Black Lives Matter thugs chase cops near Downing Street
BLM leader declares war on police! Group is 'training our people to defend our communities!'
Tory MP backs Trump’s riot response: ‘Arsonists and looters have it coming!’
Sweaty Sharma isolates, Barry Gardiner integrates
Labour hypocrite wiped website of 'flagrant way in which Mr Cummings defied the rules!'
Coronavirus began 'as an accident' in Chinese lab, says former MI6 boss!
Three Scotland Yard staff have died from Covid-19 in last two months
Coronavirus vaccines will be produced BEFORE anyone knows if they work!
Off-duty police officers flout coronavirus social distancing rules!
Met feared 'serious disorder' if lockdown rules were enforced at racism protest!
Britain unleashes a green new deal to kill what's left of the economy!
Ghislaine Maxwell felt no guilt in procuring girls for Epstein, she was PROUD of it!
Four people including a child are shot at point-blank range in Harlesden!
BOURNEMOUTH: Woman raped so violently she thought she was going to die!
Argument between Rudi Giulliani and Piers Morgan makes interesting viewing!
Prince Harry 'wants to remain as head of Royal Marines despite quitting royals!'
The Duchess of 'WOKE' on George Floyd!
The war on liberty!

Wednesday 3 June

Tucker Carlson: This is how nations collapse!
Hey, @Guardian! Did 'white supremacists murder these?
No mask, no social distancing: Amsterdam's leftie Mayor under fire over George Floyd protest!
'NYC is totally out of control!' Trump says the city needs HIS help!
Europe wants delay so they can take our money for another two years
AfD: Germany, EU should follow Trump lead on banning ANTIFA!
Hamburg Judge linked to far-Left Antifa extremists and banned Kurdish terror group!
Sturgeon/Macron plot to stop Brexit exposed: ‘Delay inevitable!'
ANTIFA anarchists take credit for setting French MP’s car on fire!
‘You’ve bitten off more than you can chew!’ Farage roasts EU for BULLYING Italy
European Investment Bank will owe UK billions for YEARS after Brexit
Farage: UK must get tough on China!
COVID-19: The good news! (Data and statistic based)
Coronavirus: German lawyer arrested for opposition to the Government narrative!
Hospitals sent 20,000 to care homes during lockdown early days! Most weren't tested!
Lockdown litter louts! Daytrippers leave behind huge piles of rubbish, bottles of human waste!
HARLESDEN: Crowded street party with zero social distancing! Fireworks aimed at helicopter!
Met Police smash 87 County Lines drug gangs! Criminals linked to 24 murders arrested!
SALISBURY: Marcin Zdun murders wife and 18-year-old daughter!
Crooked solicitor, Hashok Parmar, and Syed Ali tried to sell 3 London homes they didn't own!
Barclays let fraudsters escape with my life savings despite CCTV!
The anti-Brexit cabal that wants Johnson & co gone!
Former Australian PM says Bojo must start sending illegal boat migrants back!

Tuesday 2 June

'We need to burn this sh*t down… The West is falling!’ #BLM protest in London! (What a traitorous elite has beckoned into our country!)
Organisers of London BLM protest say they 'risk their lives on a daily basis' living in 'so racist' UK!
Trump threatens military action to quell protests!
Trump declares war on 'acts of terror' with threat to deploy military to stop protests
"One of YOU, a protester, SHOT MY SISTER!"
Antifa set fire to a homeless man's only possessions! (How to defeat racism?)
Billie Eilish says white people who insist ‘all lives matter’ should ‘shut the f**k up!’
COVID-19: US riots could lead to new outbreak, experts warn!
COVID-19: Having sex with someone you don't already live with is now illegal in Britain!
ENGLAND: BAMES are 54% more likely to be fined under coronavirus rules than WHITES!
COVID-19: New Remainer campaign to sabotage Brexit
Brussels is using Covid-19 as an excuse to put off Brexit
COVID-19: Only 111 new deaths... so why did official toll go up more than 550?
Swedish PM launches inquiry into non-lockdown! Sweden has highest death rate in world!
ITALY: Nurse on Coronavirus frontline raped by illegal immigrant!
Swedish woman charged with rape of ‘child’ refugee argues he’s actually an adult!
Jewish billionaires sponsor Black oppression, says Indian-American lawyer!
The need to discuss black-on-black crime!
Tucker Carlson berates Jared Kushner saying he's contemptuous of Trump’s voters!
Dominic Cummings' brutal explanation of why 'MPs make poor ministers!'
Poorest white US town has lower crime than richest black US town! Poverty not a factor
'I'm totally sure a monkey is smarter than a racist!' Mario Balotelli's Black Power salute!
‘Churchill was Antifa,’ claims millionaire pop singer Billy Bragg!

Monday 1 June

"Man brought an American flag to the ANTIFA/BLM protest/riot in Portland. He is confronted and then sucker-punched by a man wearing a “F*** Trump” shirt. The mob rushed in to beat him. He never let go of the flag. Portland Police did not help!”
Black Officer Patrick Underwood shot and killed in Oakland riot!
Truck driver dragged out by massive mob in Minneapolis!
USA: Pencil necks kneel and ask for forgiveness from their black betters!
Gretchen Whitmer silent after Governor’s office attacked by rioters!
WHITE HOUSE: 'Twitter’s biased, bad-faith “fact-checkers” have made it clear: Twitter is a publisher, not a platform'!”
Twitter allows looters to coordinate criminal behaviour while it declares ‘#BlackLivesMatter!’
More than 50 Secret Service agents are injured in clashes outside the White House!
ANTIFA and BLM spread George Floyd unrest to London!
ANTIFA, BLM flood London despite Lockdown! Police do little!
Police arrest 23 after 'assault on officers' as thousands of BLM activists march on US embassy!
Large, mostly non-native, Antifa flag crowd chant ‘fuck the police’ outside Downing Street!
Peaceful anti-Lockdown protesters arrested at demo in London!
Coronavirus may have been in Europe in NOVEMBER!
How to tell if track and trace phone call is real? It will sound ‘professional!’
They're banning sex now? It's illegal to have sex with someone from another household?
GERMANY: "We managed to stop a pandemic wave with relatively mild measures!"
Furious anti-EU protests erupt in Rome and Milan!
Merkel says EU has ‘strategic interest’ in working with China!
Don't ignore far-left extremists, German police say after Leipzig attacks
UN Report: 650,000 about to invade Europe from Libya?
Italian Court sentences people-smugglers to 20 years for torture!
Corbyn's nominations for peerages, Tom Watson, John Bercow and Karie Murphy, all refused!
Sadiq Khan demands Brexit extension for London!
Britons furious as Barnier issues latest threat - 'Shut the door on your way out!'
Boris 'changes his mind' over Huawei deal and 'wants a way out of the agreement!'
A lady asked a question about grooming gangs - Oldham Council called the cops!
‘Six shots’ heard on Sheffield road - Asians flee the scene!
Anne Giwa-Amu gets £400,000 payout! DWP guilty of racism and ageism! SULAWESI: Girl, 16, is hacked to death with a machete in honour killing 'by her two Muslim brothers!
Unarmed, autistic Palestinian killed by cops was shot twice!
'Every cultural institution which isn't perceived as 100% ‘pro-Israel’ is taking a serious risk!'
Jews and Arabs share genetic link to ancient Canaanites!

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