Daily News: June 2019

Sunday 30 June

So many of our very young girls are switching gender! (Satanic child abuse)
USA: African serial killer, Billy Chemirmir - 18 elderly Americans so far! (Illegal immigrants, eh?)
No one has ever been prosecuted for membership of UK’s 'most dangerous Islamist group' despite followers launching numerous terror attacks! On the other hand many former members of banned group National Action have been arrested and jailed, despite killing no one
Without Brexit, UK is faced with £200 billion bill when Eurozone crashes!
Olly Robbins QUITS (before Boris slings him out?)
Rebecca 'Wrong Daily,' tipped to be Corbyn's successor? Weirdos rule in the Labour Party
How did a private school girl from Sussex die fighting ISIS in Syria?
Venezuela thwarts assassination plot by USA? 'Israeli group' was to carry out the killing!
Huge rock used to smash South African student to death after gang rape!
Pregnant woman fatally stabbed in south London
SADIQ KHAN: 'Violence against women has no place in city' after pregnant mum murdered!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Man shot in Ilford, stabbing in Chelsea
Boy 'raped girl, 13, in toilets after he moved schools for sexually assaulting two other students'
Man dragged from car and attacked with 'MACHETE' outside Costa Coffee
Oxfam boss, Dr Sriskandarajah, brushed pal's sex-scandal resignation ‘under the carpet?’
25 years on, detectives who bungled Stephen Lawrence murder case probed for misconduct
USA: Two more deputies fired for not intervening during Parkland school shootings! (17 killed)
Swedish youth face housing shortage as migrants given priority
Over half of Arab young adults want to migrate
Desecration of a fallen hero! Headstone for 21-year-old WW2 airman smashed by thugs
Gay rights campaigners call on Prince William to challenge Pakistan over its homophobic laws
EU destroys 700,000 hectares of rainforest for biofuels
ROBIN PAGE: The slow death of my English village
BBC spending on stars' wages soars by £10MILLION after gender pay row!
9/11's dancing Israelis and Urban Moving Systems - ABC News - June 21, 2002!

Saturday 29 June

Britain has 'by far the highest rate of returning jihadi fighters in Europe!'
Violent gangs blow up ATMs, ram raid shops and terrorise villages! 1,000+ targeted in a year!
Councils yet again ‘see Asian rapists as the victims,’ not the girls they groomed
Mohammed Basharat lured runaway schoolgirl into his van before raping her
Thefts on London underground surge 80% in three years! (Thanks, Sadiq!)
USA: Ayoola Ajayi accused of murdering Mackenzie Lueck and burning her body
GERMANY: Muslim migrant who raped teenager with 10 friends claims she 'demanded' sex!
‘YOU WILL BURN!’ ISIS threatens to bomb New York City and London ahead of Fourth of July
SWEDEN: Clown cops offer ‘DON'T TOUCH ME’ wristbands to stop migrant sex attacks!
ROUEN, FRANCE: Police station attacked by mob, shouts of 'Allahu Akbar' heard...
SYDNEY: Leader of child sex ring gets taxpayer-funded home on same street as primary school!
Prof Norman Finkelstein appalled by antisemitism accusations levelled at Labour Party/Britain!
EU plans to spend around £98.5billion of taxpayer cash on globalist projects OUTSIDE the EU!
Trump ready to beat Brussels to strike 'phenomenal' post-Brexit deal with UK!
The Judge in the Tilbrook case is a massive Remainer!
EU's Verhofstadt rails at ‘foreigner-bashing pseudo-patriot’ Boris Johnson!
Glastonbury headliner Stormzy gets crowd to shout ‘F**k Boris!’
PROJECT FEAR! Child obesity drive 'stalled by Brexit!'
Dominic Grieve's latest plan to block no-deal is so destructive, so irresponsible...
This is how the EU views Britain and the British...
SNP and Tory government colluding on plans for open borders by back door?
Swedish man convicted for ‘hate’ comments he did not write!
Is Putin right? Is liberalism ‘obsolete’? VOTE!
Illuminati PROOF? Angela Merkel seen making ‘Illuminati sign’ at G20 Summit
JEWISH CHRONICLE: Depression, anxiety, tears: the hidden cost of Labour hate revealed!
What they applaud at the teenage 'Pride' party...
Mom of drag queen, 12, shocked to find paedo lusting after him?
Harry and Meghan forced to 'hire THIRD nanny in six weeks for baby Archie' after two quit!

Friday 28 June

Children born to mums in polluted areas 'have IQs up to 7 points LOWER than those raised in cleaner air!'
The UN Global Compact! (#WhiteGenocide institutionalised) What happens next?
Putin says immigrants are free to 'kill, plunder and rape... because their rights are protected!'
Dalai Lama: Europe will become ‘Muslim’ if migrants allowed to stay!
Parents should be stopped from taking children from Islam lessons, headteachers say!
Organised violence at school ranked 'outstanding' where 'out-of-control' pupils 'act like gangsters!'
Rising crime, cost of living blamed for record exodus of Londoners from city!
Coroner slams London Bridge terrorist's family for not informing police of increasing radicalism!
Sexual predator convicted of 24 counts of rape after being released from previous life sentence
LONDON: Man assaulted after challenging Asians sexually harassing woman on train
Khan’s London: Retired children’s donkey stabbed in suspected gang initiation
ISIS family of 12 who fled Britain to join terror group in Syria now all dead
MoD scientist at top secret Porton Down military lab charged with child sex crimes
LONDON: Do you know this 'dipper'? Pickpocket seen on camera
'Fraudsters stole £40k from my bank account. Natwest refunded £7.61'
British grandma died 6 weeks after 'burden on the health system' was ordered to leave Australia!
Women who fought off gang rape 'shamed' by having heads shaved in Indian village square
What’s life like for Saudi women? 28 of them give a piercing insight
The Brexit wreckers risk taking our politics to new extremes
Peterborough by-election! Illegal 'family voting' spotted at 11 polling stations!
Boris hits back after Macron etc. threaten UK and demand money
Remain die-hards threaten government shutdown if BoJo attempts full Brexit!
BBC Question Time audience boo Remainer who claims Leavers 'voted on lies'
Justice Secretary Remainer, David Gauke, is facing bid to oust him
Putin claims Russia is MORE democratic than the UK
Trump cosies up again with notorious Saudi Crown Prince
The Suicide of France!
AFRICA: Alarming Rise of Christian Persecution
Queen's chaplain to become CofE's first black female bishop
Censorious Twitter is fading fast!

Thursday 27 June

MORRISSEY: 'Everyone ultimately prefers their own race!'
Furious parents blast primary school for ban on 5-year-olds choosing their playmates!
Tory-run group pushing for cannabis legalisation bankrolled by US firms making the drug!
PLAISTOW: Steven Kennedy, 61, dies after attack in park by Mohammed Metowlli, 23
LONDON BLOODBATH! Teenager dies in Shepher's Bush street attack
Final moments of 'train rage victim' stabbed 18 times after row with a savage for blocking aisle!
Friend of 'murdered' public schoolboy seen sobbing and praying with blood on his hands
Rapist husband (not named by Mail) treated his wife as a sex slave!
Traces of cocaine found throughout Houses of Parliament!
Compensation for anti-EDL activists detained by police reaches £729,000
Drug dealer, 'Bujar B,' offered a man 100,000 euros to bomb former Austrian Vice Chancellor!
MALI: 95 people, a third of the village, killed by Muslim militants!
Holland: Muslims throw rocks and bricks at group - Police arrest the group
Hundreds of villages lose their GP surgery as crisis grows across country
Now it's 'racist' to ask foreigners to pay their NHS bills!
Opening NHS to migrants will result in ‘huge inflow of health tourists!’
Inappropriate sexual relationships continue to plague pro-migrant NGOs!
Jeremy Hunt puts Northern Ireland veterans on par with IRA terrorists!
Boris vows to restore faith in borders!
Brexit without a deadline risks no Brexit at all
'Emily Maitlis is not to everyone's taste,' admit BBC bosses!
EU knives out for Farage!
Chris Williamson MP, suspended over antisemitism row readmitted to Labour Party
TRAITOR TREMBLES! Angela Merkel seen shaking for the second time in two weeks
Britain's chaotic recycling system is a waste of the nation's goodwill!
Attack on USS Liberty recalled by Ron Grantski
Prince William: ‘Absolutely fine by me’ if his children are gay, transgender!

Wednesday 26 June

NHS probe into baby deaths in Shropshire hospitals widened! 550 tragedies investigated!
Twelve die in Essex as rare bug infects dozens of vulnerable elderly!
Israel secretly operates a troll army of thousands spreading propaganda online!
The great PFI heist! Britain's economy left high and dry by a doomed economic philosophy
Hospital tells 83-year-old pensioner who broke arm she is too OLD for treatment!
Codeine addiction kills mother-of-three!
STAINES: Ciro Troyano hunted in connection with a violent robbery
Police arrest two men over murder of Billy Cox, 15, in Clapham!
BLACKBURN NOW! Sajed Choudry murdered following feud with Ali family
LONDON: Six women assaulted in two months - Black man sought
LONDON: Romanian Gypsies jailed for raping woman in broad daylight
Savages savaging on the Tube - What else is new?
MANCHESTER: Blind man attacked by 'Asians' attempting to steal his backpack
Child actress "bit police officer and yelled 'you're dealing with a celebrity'!"
Fury as crime rises again on public transport across the West Midlands!
Lecturer killed by crossbow was 'targeted' - 4 people arrested
SWEDEN: Where girls and women are raped and battered daily
Met Police boss to Donald Trump: We're safer in London than in all major US cities
SWEDEN: Immigrant sex assaults ‘not serious enough’ for deportation!
Paris feels ‘abandoned’ as crime surges
EU are 'undoubtedly' pressuring Ireland on Brexit!
'Does Rory Stewart know he lost?' Listeners outraged as 'loser' appears on BBC again
Cannabis should be legalised within 5 years, says former Tory Minister
School children must be taught about 'different' LGBT families, says Education Secretary
Want to end the reign of public schoolboys at the top? Build more grammar schools!
Anti-Semitism has become the norm?

Tuesday 25 June

Google insider says company won't let somebody like Trump come to power again!'
YouTube: We will genocide any video denying the 'Holocaust!'
The 20 classic British brands you thought were British but actually aren't!
Common drugs including anti-depressants could increase dementia risk by up to 50 per cent
Study finds a 'rare but serious' risk of suicide for patients on antidepressants!
Delivery driver Mohammed Basharat raped 15-year-old runaway after giving her cannabis
Khan’s London: Attackers ‘dressed in burkas’ throw acid in man’s face!
MILAN: British tourist, 44, robbed and raped in park by a gang of north African men!
Germany loses track of 160 returning Islamic State jihadis
'Anti-German' Macron accused of attempt to 'destroy EU democracy'
LEST WE FORGET! How Jeremy Hunt oiled the wheels of Murdoch's BSkyB bid
Jeremy Hunt spent £3.56m on purchase of 7 luxury flats to rent out
FARAGE: I can be Boris Johnson’s best friend or worst enemy - It’s up to him!
Portillo outlines why BoJo will be able to force new deal from EU
Jacob Rees-Mogg explains why the European Court is a 'most scandalous body'
PETERBOROUGH: Brexit Party declares war on postal vote fraud!
BREXIT - Now Remainers are saying Dad's Army is to blame!
Douglas Carswell warns of 'coup' against Brexit – 'voters deliberately lied to!'
BREXIT: 'We won!' Geoffrey Boycott's mission statement!
1974: Peter Shore accuses Edward Heath of 'unprecedented betrayal!'
Government as ‘institutional parent!’ Judge says dad can't stop his son becoming a state ‘asset!’
No collusion! Clegg admits ‘absolutely no evidence’ Russia influenced vote via Facebook!
Pop icon Morrissey offends the outrage mob (again) by asserting that diversity is not a strength
Liam Gallagher blames London mayor Sadiq Khan for rise in knife crime
The pilot of the Malaysia Airlines flight 370 was mentally unstable at the time of the tragic crash
Who sent their child to drag camp?

Monday 24 June

Families of victims of the London Bridge terror attack refused legal aid!
BLOODBATH LONDON: Masked knifemen try to stab terrified Shoreditch clubbers!
STONEHENGE: Police make arrest after man, 63, run over and killed in 'targeted attack'
Feral savages film themselves slapping white man at a London bus stop
LONDON: Delivery driver attacked - Moped stolen
What it's really like to work in Dale End, Birmingham
Café customer Kalvir Railan threatened to stab staff! (His order was cancelled)
Child killer Jon Venables 'will be sent abroad to start a new life?'
SWEDEN: ‘Nobody told me it was illegal,’ says immigrant accused of child rape!
Ease migration rules for Indians to win post-Brexit deals, say MPs!
Germany: Thirty anti-Christian attacks in two months!
2016: How Labour turned London into a foreign city
BBC is a propaganda machine! As BoJo coverage and anti-Brexit/anti-Conservative bias testifies!
Charlottesville 'white supremacist' begs for mercy citing Jewish grandfather
Ease migration rules for Indians to win post-Brexit deals, say MPs!
Class war anarchists descend on Boris and Carrie's flat
BOJO: 3 long years since we voted to Leave! We can, must and will do so by October 31!
EU loyalist Dominic Grieve says he and Remainer Tories could topple NO DEAL BoJo in a day!
Three years ago we voted Brexit. Here’s the real reason we haven't yet got it…
Farage slams establishment ‘betrayal’ as UK remains in EU on third anniversary of Brexit vote!
UK could consider joining Trump in war on Iran says Hunt! (F***ing New World Order boy!)
Loopy Lammy’s lies over racism and Brexit
UN poised to launch global ban on all criticism of Islam?
Britain’s lead in ‘biodegradable plastic’ stymied by Brussels!
TURKEY: Celebrations as Erdogan's party loses Istanbul mayoral election AGAIN!
High street giant Boots will ban plastic bags and replace them with brown paper carriers!

Sunday 23 June

'Why the Arabs don’t want us in Syria,' by Robert F. Kennedy jnr., son of Bobby Kennedy
Gay men are breaking blood donation rules!
Frontrunner for Lib Dem leadership brands the UK ‘racist’
The NHS still isn't warning bowel cancer patients that their chemo can kill them! British Judge orders abortion against wishes of mother, grandmother!
Leave the EU and we’ll make your lives a misery! Juncker’s warning to Britain
England's rivers are drying up (and the summer has hardly begun!)
'Bradford man,' Mohammed Zulkifl, admits setting fire to Ilkley Moor!
The brutal gangsters terrorising Birmingham!
June 2018: Philip Jones stabbed 19 times in his Somerset home by Meshach Caven-Thompson
BATTERSEA: Food delivery driver beaten to death by thugs trying to steal his moped
Young German lad brutally attacked by immigrants
Merkel's man wants to strip right-wing ‘extremists’ of free speech, free assembly!
Germany: Lawmakers want three-year prison terms for burning EU flag!
Germany sees thirty anti-Christian attacks in two months!
Germany: Authorities classify incidents of Islamic antisemitism as 'far-right!'
Germany's once untouchable giants are gripped in scandal and crisis
Macron wants new UK Prime Minister to be as ‘loyal and respectful’ to EU as Theresa May
BBC BIAS: How left-leaning and sinister Beeb was exposed at Tory debate!
FARAGE: How last 3 years show why Westminster can't be trusted
Jeremy Hunt's allies claim BoJo's personal life makes him a 'security risk vulnerable to blackmail'
BoJo’s furious partner Carrie Symonds brands cop call a ‘stitch-up’ by leftie, anti-Brexit neighbour!
'STAUNCH Brexiteer!’ Boris Johnson most trusted by Express.co.uk readers in poll
#BORISGATE! A political 'stitch-up' by the Tory-hating pair!
BoJo row: The couple next door are passionate about their opposition to Tories!
Tucker Carlson on John Bolton's hawkishness etc.
IMMIGRATION USA: The Democrats' hypocrisy and lies!
Bernie Sanders wraps ‘Democratic Socialism’ in the flag of Roosevelt’s New Deal
'Sex cover-up' by new Oxfam boss's former charity
SOROS and the WALL!
Elton and Emmanuel - The Telegraph's 'picture of the day!'

Saturday 22 June

Human rights advocate, Yana Peel, (self-proclaimed champion of free speech) co-owns Israeli firm whose spyware is 'used to target dissidents!'
Anger as government says it will allow a million immigrants indefinite leave to remain!
Labour MP, Rupa Huq, claims No Deal Brexit could cause an outbreak of SCURVY!
Who are the rich, 'white' men institutionalising transgender ideology?
Ex-Equality Chief: Islamophobia definition a ‘bullies’ charter’ for censorious Muslims!
Everyone loses from the desperate attempt to paint Britain as an Islamophobic country
SLOUGH: Shoeib Sharifi jailed for vandalising WW1 memorial!
Illegal immigrant father-of-five, Muhammad Javed, gets 20 years for murdering his wife
ISLINGTON: Young woman stabbed for refusing to give phone to mugger! Ismail Musa charged
LONDON BLOODBATH: Boy, 17, stabbed six times on bus by attackers wielding long knife!
LONDON: Homeless man stopped student raping grandmother!
LONDON BLOODBATH! Three men injured in separate acid attacks
Andrew Godman convicted of sexually assaulting two schoolgirls, 13, on south London buses
STOCKPORT: 'Carer' Adam Ahmad stole £25k from elderly victims!
SLOUGH: Shoeib Sharifi jailed for vandalising WW1 memorial!
Chineu Nnamoko, who stalked Labour MP Stella Creasy for more than a decade, spared jail
Jewish deli owner found dead after business accused of supplying non-Kosher meat!
HUDDERSFIELD: Mohammed Akram and Usman Khalid sexually abused young girl for 7 years!
Muslim migrant beheads 1-year-old girl - Merkel bans media coverage!
‘Dissatisfaction with politics is rising!’ Voters unseat second MP with petition
Mark Field MP should be promoted, not suspended for manhandling that Greenpeace harpie!
Tucker Carlson slams Neo-Con warmongers!
Trudeau's Canada: Most bestiality is legal, declares Supreme Court!
Islamist infiltration of French public services!
Macron's police - The shape of things to come!
Madonna gushes on meeting ‘hot’ Barack Obama

Friday 21 June

The BBC is the enemy of Britain and British values!
Red Andy blames Whitey ('middle-class, wealthy people') for drug crime!
Cardinal Vincent Nichols, England's top Catholic, put Church's reputation before child safety?
Generation Identity Ireland - Don't mention African gangs!
Carer Ashikiah Reid, who abused 101-year-old woman in her own home! Jailed for eight months
Shaffick Brimer is 20th person to be charged with fraud over Grenfell Tower fire!
Rapist says victim deserved it because of slavery!
Residents say “media won’t report” out-of-control “Ongar Gang” terrorising Dublin
Grannny asboed for wearing bikini in garden! Town Halls dole out 100+ trivial orders every week
Human traffickers involved in the deaths of 71 migrants!
GALWAY: Polish lads confront gang of Africans
Macron's police - The shape of (routine) things to come?
Pupil thrown out of class for saying there are only two genders!
More than 70 million people forced to flee their homes because of war and persecution!
150,000 illegal immigrants enter UK each year, says whistle-blower ex-Home Office boss
Trump says Iran attacked 2 oil tankers - Surprise, surprise! Some of his worst critics agree
Trump 'approved military strike against Iran for downing US drone but pulled back at last minute!
SADIQ KHAN: Trump is ‘poster boy for racists!’
Minister for homelessness, Heather Wheeler, called rough sleepers 'tinkers and knife-cutters!'
Alarm bells ring for Brexiteers after Project Fear architect George Osborne endorses BoJo!
668,000 European citizens granted leave to remain in UK after Brexit so far! (All the Gypsies?)
Globalist loser tells his 300,000 supporters to join Tory party to force them back to centre!
Tory MP sacked after recall petition gets enough votes to trigger a by-election
Half of all flying insects found in NHS hospitals 'carry superbugs!'
Generation Identity Ireland - Don't mention African gangs!
Priest praises Salvini on border policy and defence of Christian identity!

Thursday 20 June

150,000 illegal immigrants enter UK each year, says whistleblower ex-Home Office boss
More than 70 million people forced to flee their homes because of war and persecution!
More than 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK today!
Police investigating mystery man who claims he ‘BURNED’ Brexit Party votes!
"How did my sleepy hometown become a violent crime hotspot," wonders Mobeen Azhar?
Desmond Sylva stabbed his girlfriend 70 times because she would not have sex with him!
NOTTINGHAM: Six savages bully and beat student - She dies = NO JAIL!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Fifth killing in six days after street knife ‘battle!’
LONDON BLOODBATH: Boy, 14, stabbed in broad daylight on Lewisham High Street
Carer Ashikiah Reid left 101-year-old screaming in pain! Jailed for 8 months only
Baying black mob swarm pizza delivery driver to rob him in east London
Cop raped underage girls after bragging about his role on the force!
Vandals chiseled off names of fallen soldiers on the Stroud war memorial
Police to visit schools in parts of Leicester in crackdown on knife crime
'Shifty' Green accused of 'grabby' behaviour by 'up to six female staff' at luxury US spa!
England ranked worst in world for cyber-bullying of students!
AUSTRIA: Iraqi immigrant arrested after arson rampage!
Imam condemns political figure (Boris) for 'blatant racism?' MEDIA HURRAH! Imam condemns 'every political figure on the Zionists' payroll?' MEDIA OUTRAGE!
Why did the BBC not vet these nakedly anti-Tory guests?
Jacob Rees-Mogg on Boris - Destroys ghastly leftie Jon Snow
Remainer darling, Rory Stewart, out of Tory leadership race!
Why Conservatives will back hard Brexit or risk collapse!
Rory Stewart's exotic blend of Mick Jagger and Lawrence of Arabia crumbled like an Eton Mess
All pretence has gone! The Tory leadership 'debate' was rigged and it exposed BBC bias!
If the BBC was attempting to smear Boris Johnson, it has heavily backfired
Tory leadership candidates threaten to boycott future BBC debates after 'biased' hustings
Tories risk giving succour to those who would limit free speech and boost Islamism!
Most Tory members would be ‘happy’ with Farage as party leader!
Farage signals a softening towards prospect of electoral alliance between his party and the Tories
Ex-forces volunteers go extra mile to save lives, so why won't Int Development Dept back them?
Ban on all-male writing teams – Just what comedy needs…

Wednesday 19 June

Two-thirds of the UK's worst-off children are white British but are often ignored
The River Mersey is ‘more polluted than the Great Pacific Garbage Patch!’
Man's stabbing death is fifth killing in London in just six days!
Rukhsana Malik killed 24-year-old masters student, Andrew Hillarby
Strict Muslim father-of-nine faces jail for psychological abuse
‘£1,000 to stab each other’: UK teenagers paid by gang member ‘elders’ who want to avoid jail
Heavily armed Muslim Marine said he’d “shoot up the battalion!”
Chance of Assange getting fair trial in US ‘effectively nil!’
I predicted Morsi’s death and no one listened – Egypt must be investigated for torture!
Is “political correctness” a force for good?
Children no longer taught about Empire because teachers are "frightened" of discussing it!
Yoga teacher steps into road while looking at mobile phone - Wins damages from innocent cyclist
Tory leadership underdog Stewart credits Corbyn for surge in popularity - Liberal journos swoon
Would it be okay to throw a milkshake at Anna Soubry?
Emily Maitlis savaged by viewers for 'zero control' over Tory leadership candidates
Farage says election pact with BoJo could deliver ‘massive majority’
YouTube bans channel of Spain's Vox Party!
Inside Israel’s million dollar troll army!
BBC stars Gary Lineker and Emily Maitlis reported to Beeb bosses over anti-Brexit tweets

Tuesday 18 June

RORY STEWART: "Bring the ageing population of Britain together with the... young population of Africa!" Gay men breaking blood donation rules!
Inside Israel’s million dollar troll army!
Sajid Javid launches extraordinary attack on Donald Trump!
Sajid Javid: "I'm very proud of the country... We have resettled more refugees than any other!"
Sajid Javid: "UK will resettle thousands more refugees... for years to come!"
Sajid Javid's Home Office 'loses' 750 foreign criminals including rapists and killers!
Orbán: New EU leadership must respect nations and Christian culture!
Sali Amet, Omer Engin and Salih Altun smirk after gang raping teenager
Illegal overstayer, Umer Ayub, arranged sex with child
‘ISIS Beatles’ terrorist demands family be allowed to live in UK, saying ‘I am British!’
African immigrant kills young German woman, Leonore Prothmann, in Holland - Media silence!
TOULOUSE: Police attack café visitors with tear gas! Cause fire!
Lying policewoman, Rebecca Bryant, wrecked a murder trial!
US-Iran war fears surge as US deploys 1,000 troops amid Gulf of Oman oil tanker attacks
Netanyahu vows Israel will never let Tehran obtain nuclear weapons
Jake says BoJo is getting so much support from Tory MPs because they want to keep their seats!
Jo Brand acid attack scandal - David Baddiel defends her...
MH370 pilot, Zaharie Shah, 'flew plane to 40,000ft to kill all the other passengers and crew'
Channel 4’s rigged leadership debate had two winners – BoJo and Nigel Farage
Did Farage’s Brexit Party WIN Peterborough? Police probe by-election fraud!
Farage tears apart PM wannabes with FEROCIOUS attack
MEP apologises after accusing Brexit Party of being money laundering front!
Labour Brexiteer savages party for ‘catastrophic’ plea to Remain in EU - ‘Leavers won!'
Theresa May wants to spend £27 billion on 'immoral and irresponsible' vanity projects?
Brexiteer Peter Bone expresses outrage over 'biased' Channel 4 audience - 'Anti-Boris!'
ITV bans all-male comedy writing teams!
BBC to blame for Jo Brand 'acid joke' - She gave them what they wanted!

Monday 17 June

INDIA: Where they toss baby girls on dung heaps to die all alone!
3,000 Plymouth students registered to vote ‘without their permission!’
Jews are leaving South Africaonce again — Don’t blame BDS!
Theresa May says her support for Jewish community 'will continue in the years to come!'
Lawsuit targets rich Jewish family behind drug that fuelled opioid crisis!
Israeli drug firm to pay Oklahoma $85,000,000 in death/addiction suit
Benjamin Netanyahu's wife convicted of misusing public funds and fined more than $15,000!
Trump is right about London's spiralling crime crisis
STRATFORD: Fourth man murdered after weekend of bloodshed
Organised crime gang bosses offering teenagers up to £1,000 to stab other youngsters!
Man rushed to hospital after being sprayed with 'acid' in a public toilet - Black men sought
DEVON: Teenagers invade bowling green and attack terrified pensioners!
War memorial vandalised - three people sought
Law student threatened to launch terror attack in Westminster
Members of Rochdale grooming gang remain in UK despite threat to deport them!
Mean Tweet Police nab Falklands veteran for: 'Time for a military coup to sort Brexit out'
Cannabis unofficially legalised? Nine out of ten caught with it not charged
Plans to give free heroin to addicts could boost addiction!
South African farmer's wife raped by gunman Sebenzile Simane!
Sweden to hire hundreds of new police officers amidst rising sexual violence
The reality of Sweden’s migration problem
African woman defecates on underground train
Corbyn's key ally shared post telling Rotherham sex victims to 'shut mouths for diversity!'
Farage’s Brexit Party leads third national election poll in a row
Ken Clarke vows to bring any ‘idiot’ PM who tried to force No Deal Brexit through Parliament
Tory wannabes gang up to stop Boris' PM bid
Channel 4 accused of 'sidelining' hard Brexiteer in 'biased' Tory leadership debate
To save our country from Corbyn, the next PM must do a deal with Nigel Farage
LOWER THAN A SNAKES BELLY! Green Party MP, Caroline Lucas!
'Summer of chaos’ predicted after more migrants intercepted in English Channel
Iran cites ‘WW II precedent’, blames USA for ‘suspicious’ tanker attacks!
Canadian government gives federal grant to Islamic charity suspended for arming terrorists!

Sunday 16 June

Former German President says the problem is the peoples of Europe, NOT the elite!
Voting in Peterborough by-election was 'like corrupt Kazakhstan,' say observers!
HITCHENS: Licence fee? The BBC's real crime is betraying the public it serves!
Home Office loses 750 foreign criminals (rapists/killers included) dodging deportation!
UK: Knife crime at 9-year high, fatal stabbings highest level on record!
Majority of Britons questioned believe Islam is not compatible with British values!
Mum pushing pram flees armed 'Asian' shouting death threats
Violent robber snatched £11k Rolex from mother in front of her screaming children
TOWER HAMLETS: Stabbed man third London murder in 24 hours
London Police open third homicide investigation in 24hrs after another stabbing
Trump tweets: "LONDON needs a new mayor ASAP. Khan is a disaster - will only get worse!
KATIE HOPKINS: 3 dead, 3 injured! "This is Khan’s Londonistan!"
GALLOWAY: "Sadiq only got the Labour nomination because of political correctness!"
USA: Warmongers slavering for war - AGAIN!
Trump denies claims that USA is increasing cyber attacks on Russia!
Norway deports Muslims - Crime rate drops 31%!
Sweden increases security at Malmö police stations after explosions across city
Italian Police praise new Salvini security decree!
Theresa May threatens to block No Deal Brexit 'by joining forces with Rudd and Hammond!'
Tory MPs threaten to support Farage if BoJo does not deliver Brexit in 100 days
May tries to ram through £27 billion education grant in order to bind BoJo’s hands!
Tim Martin warns Boris: 'No more negotiations. It's time to walk away!'
Rory Stewart cadged $300 in a war zone and told me 'Mummy will pay you back!'
Corbyn plots tax on parents' gifts to children
Identified... 8 Jihadis who stood in prayer behind ISIS flag in London!
Shalom: Macron's Paris to dedicate square in honour of Jerusalem
Transgender charity publishes parents' emails discussing children's transitions!
Illegal immigrants: Two boats intercepted off Kent coast
Villages are held to ransom by the gypsy family from hell
LONDON: Naked bike rides the latest perversion forced upon us...
Love Island's Sherif Lanre booted out for 'kicking Molly-Mae Hague in the groin!

Saturday 15 June

Oil Tanker Attack: Ship owner rubbishes USA's assessment! It was NOT a torpedo!
Self-harm trebles among women in past 14 years!
22,040 knife crimes in just 12 months and only a third of offenders are jailed
Peterborough by-election: Police investigate five fraud allegations!
"Rightwing populism... responsible for escalation in hate crimes," says lesbian attacked by gang
Big Bucks Corporation! Big pay rises for top brass as they threaten to scrap free TV for over 75s!
Surprise, surprise! Thought Police will take no further action over Jo Brand's comments!
Tory Brexiteer tells Breitbart: Party needs agreement with ‘Kingmaker’ Farage!
Farage plans independent trade Ddelegation to USA
POLLS: Brexit Party maintains commanding lead, Labour and Tories continue to fall!
Tim Martin warns Boris: 'No more negotiations. It's time to walk away!'
Phillip Hammond REJECTS Boris as PM - Won’t serve as chancellor! HOORAY!!!
Boris Johnson praised by Remainer MP!
DUP MP savages Ireland's role in Brexit impasse
David Starkey warns of 'deadly dangerous corruption' of 'Remain Parliament!'
Chuka Umunna belongs in a team of one!
Rapist had 101 photos of his unconscious victim on his mobile phone!
CROYDON: Montel Nowhia-Job set homeless people on fire as they slept!
BLOODBATH LONDON: Teens murdered within minutes of each other!
TOWER HAMLETS: Stabbed man third London murder in 24 hours
Gang of smugglers made millions by sneaking in more than 300 illegal immigrants!
Anusha Ranganathan killed grandmother Patricia Robinson after she fell asleep at the wheel
You OK with this?
AUSTRALIA: Muslims ram police car and threaten cops with knife and axe
Banknotes in car were ‘Shoah Gelt’, Strictly Orthodox drugs trafficker claims
Corey Feldman lashes out at Hollywood for not protecting child actors from paedos!
Hong Kong shows that the West has lost confidence in democracy and self-determination
FRANCE: Frog supermarket's D-day anniversary bag erases British contribution!
Paul Mason, who now weighs 38 stone, lands back in the UK for £100,000 of NHS care
Jim Davidson won't set foot in London again! Says Sadiq Khan has 'f***ed up my home town!'
"Turn around, Meghan!"
Meghan Markle must stop 'massively extravagant' spending!

Friday 14 June

Cancer patients ‘at risk’ over treatment delays – Worst places for care revealed
One in five people who get tattoos end up infected, experts warn
Prisoners can dig holes in walls with plastic cutlery at crumbling Victorian jail!
Huddersfield Councillor says Council sought to play down paedo scandal!
Monster who planned to rape baby tells of secret international paedophile ring!
CAERPHILLY: Hemin Salimpirik, Kuchar Rahim and two others drugged and raped woman
Eritrean immigrants rape woman in Canterbury
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown on BoJo: "The man's a cad!"
BBC refuses to sack Jo Brand for telling anti-Brexit protesters to hurl ACID at Nigel Farage
Jo Brand says ‘BBC can’t sack me’ as she REFUSES to apologise over ‘acid attack’ comment
Jo Brand scandal has revealed the Left's hypocrisy, but the answer isn't yet more censorship
Acid attack victims slam Jo Brand's 'vile' and 'inhumane' remark
Multicultural Malmö sees three explosions within 24 hours
Remainer no. 1 changes his tune! Why now, we wonder? Actually, we don't wonder at all...
Tory Muslim group's chief compares Boris Johnson to HITLER!
Brussels admits there's NO WAY to force UK to cough up £39bn Brexit bill!
Tory Remainers threaten to bring down government if new PM takes UK out of EU!
Rory Stewart joins rebels threatening to bring down government he hopes to lead
Brexit Party’s Reckless and QT host Bruce clash over BBC bias
Project Fear is back with a vengeance, but Britain is readier than ever for no deal
Rees-Mogg puts Channel 4 host on the spot as drug question backfires
Creepy Gove could beat BoJo to Tory leadership?
Chuka Umunna said Lib Dems cannot be trusted! Now he's joined them!
£440,000 'golden goodbye' payments to EU top dogs Juncker and Tusk!
Marine Le Pen launches new anti-EU alliance of far right parties in European Parliament
Illegal aliens released into U.S. without undergoing disease tests
Greatest threat to Internet is unregulated Silicon Valley tech giants!
Banknotes in car were ‘Shoah Gelt’, Strictly Orthodox drugs trafficker claims
Oy Vey: 8 Jews that owe the world some apologies
The Jewish Doctor who fought for LGBT rights over a century ago

Thursday 13 June

For far too long, the Tories have tamely followed the politically correct orthodoxy of the metropolitan elite - Soaring foreign aid, mass immigration, soft sentences for criminals, a crackdown on free speech and the triumph of the transgender lobby!
Corbyn denies claims he was paid to spy on Britain during Cold War
BBC bosses refuse to condemn Jo Brand over acid attack on Brexiteers comments
Milkshaking patriotic politicians? Jo Brand prefers battery acid! BBC refuses to sack her
BoJo savaged by our millionaire Chancellor and Remainer no. 1, Philip Hammond
Parliament’s latest attempt to block No-Deal Brexit falls at first hurdle!
'GMTV was a cabal of lefties,' says Esther McVey!
POLL: Brexit Party could win up to 252 seats if Tories back Remainer candidate!
Hammond's £1 trillion bill for hitting net zero is innumerate nonsense!
Medicines won't run out if we leave the EU without a deal
10 Tories who, along with Corbyn, voted to block Hard Brexit revealed
Juncker rules out backstop change as UK told pay £39bn - or face court
2015: Corbyn was warned of paedos in his constituency but did NOTHING!
LONDON: Gang film themselves chasing victim before stabbing him several times
WALES: Woman drugged and gang raped by 4 migrants as another looked on
Men try to ‘drag young girl into Sheffield underground and rob her!’ NO DESCRIPTION!
280lb lag, John Onyenaychi, 'one of Britain's most dangerous men,' in £15,000 prison 'rampage!'
Imitation guns found in jails as gangs escalate drug violence
Swedish cops row back on radical Christian 'no-go' area comments!
Facing the Facts: Israel cannot escape ICC jurisdiction

Wednesday 12 June

Average person swallows plastic equivalent to a credit card every week, report finds
Gender bent by the New World Order - He/she now regrets what he/she is!
Haemophilia sufferer tells inquiry how infected blood killed 3 of his brothers and 2 of their partners
Teacher tried to raise army of jihadist children at school rated as outstanding!
Huddersfield victims told council workers of abuse by Asian men - No action was taken!
ISLINGTON: Mother stabbed in front of her child in vile robbery attempt by black teen
Man savagely stabbed several times in broad daylight on North West London street
NEWCASTLE: Police blunders see gang accused of trafficking/raping girls walk free!
Romanian got here on Friday, was caught stealing on Saturday and jailed on Monday
Shamed ex-MP, Natalie McGarry, freed from prison 5 nights into 18-month sentence!
Sadiq Khan to hold £300k ‘pool party’ again as he moans about no money to tackle knife crime!
‘I’m a big fan of immigration!’ Sajid Javid wants Cameron's big 'tens of thousands' lie ditched
Merkel migrant repays a German boy for her NWO kindness!
SOUTH AFRICA: Female doctor bites off 'sex attacker's' TONGUE as he 'tries to rape her!
Oxfam failed to investigate the sexual abuse of children as young as 12
French Tories warn of 75 ‘small Notre Dame’ level disasters waiting to happen in Paris alone!
Migrant rescue vessel Captain faces 20 years for aiding illegal immigration
NORWICH: Pub becomes mosque - Killing England via PC, politician and mass migration
BBC scrapping free TV licences for 3.7m over-75s? 240,000+ sign petition opposing this!
EU panics over 'hard Brexit!'
Time to stop sending money abroad and start fixing our public sector, says McVey
Remainer MPs launch cross-party plot to scupper no-deal Brexit!
Cabinet Secretary Sir Mark Sedwill 'facing the axe' if BoJo becomes Prime Minister
Hitler and Mein Kampf - Rabbi tells the truth!
‘Make the economy extinct!’ Urge Labour, Radiohead and…the Conservatives?
Gove once compared Charles to Hitler and joked about Princess Di attempting suicide!
Nearly 200 Hollywood actors and execs sign pro-Israel, anti-Hamas statement
Philip Green ‘tried to grope fitness instructor’s bum’ and called her ‘naughty’ and ‘dirty’

Tuesday 11 June

Gay video producers stole from Tommy Robinson and betrayed right-wing activists to ANTIFA?
White mum let husband Anoyke Andrews rape daughter from age 10! Got her pregnant 3 times
BRIGHTON: Mahad Hussein forced woman into in an alley before sex attack
BBC ‘sanitising’ terror? Journalists now banned from using word ‘terror’ when reporting atrocity!
Gideon Falter thinks Corbyn’s Labour Party an ‘existential threat’ to Jews!
Theresa May celebrating Israel's 'independence day' in a London synagogue - 22 April 2015
Tory leadership confessions: The shocking secrets behind the 10 PM hopefuls!
Farage's Brexit Party would WIN general election if held TODAY, shock poll claims!
'Five-in-a-bed romp' with Michael Gove? What Tory females fancy, eh?
Tories aren't ready for someone as Machiavellian as Gove
Labour MPs turn on Corbyn in ‘worst meeting’ as tensions erupt!
Judge who jailed M25 murderer Kenneth Noye says he could turn back to organised crime
Andrea Leadsom says rising tide of violent crime leaves Brits 'scared to go out after dark!'
EU member states lying about number of border officials? Thousands MISSING!
90% of Moroccan ‘minor’ immigrants in Sweden are adults!
MPs call for ban on sex harassment gagging orders in wake of Sir Shifty Green allegations
Joe Biden 1974: ‘Politicians can take away’ first amendment ‘if we want!’
'Free the Nipple' campaign is everything I hate about feminism

Monday 10 June

Over the past 4 years reported rapes have risen 173% - At the same time, there has been a 44% fall in court cases, with only 4% of rape complaints resulting in a prosecution
Paedos should not be prosecuted for watching child porn says think-tank 'Justice!'
One in every 25 people globally are carrying an STI, warns new study!
Babur Karamat Raja stabs pregnant (white) girlfriend 24 times
Murder in Maidstone!
PLAISTOW: Steven Kennedy murdered for walking his dog in a Muslim no-go area!
BRADFORD: Ahmed Leghari jailed for sex with 15-year-old girl
INDIA: Six men tortured, raped and murdered 8-year-old girl!
Albanian gang made £4.2m selling cocaine to people in leafy Tunbridge Wells!
Migrant criminals claim to be trafficked children to evade justice
MACRON THREATENS! UK will pay £39bn divorce bill or face 'consequences!'
Esther McVey vows to ditch May deal, take UK out of EU in clean break
Esther McVey will SACK all Remainers from the Cabinet!
EU refuses to help businesses through no-deal Brexit!
Boris ‘EU not getting the £39bn until they come and do a Brexit deal!’
Israel is not-so-subtly targeting Jeremy Corbyn
LONDON: Huge blaze at Barking Riverside!
BoJo describes Farage as threat, says only he can save country!
Prosecute Veterans! Don't prosecute IRA killers! Nice one LibLabCon...
Senate Democrats say Americans ‘have obligation’ to give amnesty to foreigners!

Sunday 9 June

REPORT: YouTube to label criticism of immigration 'hate speech!'
Ironwand banned from YouTube! (Some videos can be seen here)
Diversity Macht Frei blog banned from WordPress!
Seven East London criminals locked up in May!
Farhad Salah and Andy Star on trial accused of preparing to commit acts of terrorism
London Bridge attacker's brother was Scotland Yard adviser who worked on anti-extremism!
Free to hate again! Anjem Choudary is back on Britain's streets - and YOU pay for him!
Minneapolis' first Somali Muslim police officer kills innocent woman! Jailed for 12.5 years
Paedophile who raped baby found dead in cell with penis chopped off
Labour's by-election victory marred by association with a convicted vote-rigger!
2015: Postal voting fraud is 'easy', says electoral commissioner!
2017 - Muslim voters in Stoke warned they will go to HELL unless they vote Labour!
Chimpanzee meat being eaten in UK!
Western Civilization is DEAD! James Mason with Tom Metzger
London: A city that is not white!
Factual list of facilities available to prisoners at Auschwitz
Boris Johnson Brexit interview: That £39bn is ours!
'You voted REMAIN!' TV host slams Boris prosecutor for trying to 'BLOCK Brexit'
Farage to launch ‘direct democracy’ initiative at Brexit Party conference
Barnier: New Tory leader cannot renegotiate Brexit deal! (WTO terms then!)
Grassroots Tories seek to oust Remainer MP Dominic Grieve
Top Scottish Tory (lesbian) says Sajid Javid should be PM
Arch-remainer, Chuka Umunna, will stand for the Lib Dems in his safe Labour constituency!
Pro-Brexit group call on UK to SINK Remainer MPs - ‘We MUST stand up and be counted!’
Gove hosted cocaine-fulled party just hours after writing article condemning the drug!
Thought British Remainers were bad? Try explaining Brexit to liberal Americans
Jeremy Corbyn has nothing but contempt for working people (if they're English)
Somali rapist whose deportation was halted after plane's passengers objected finally kicked out!
Germany braced for catastrophic Trump auto tariffs! Could create perfect storm for EU!
Doctor Who writer banned for ‘transphobic’ views!

Saturday 8 June

LITTLEJOHN: As always with the Left, it ain't over till the fat lady shouts!
Relatives of NHS worker who screamed 'Nazi scum' at Trump supporter 'sickened!'
Murder in Maidstone! Mohammad Qoraishi jailed for stabbing wife 38 times on Christmas Day
COVENTRY: Romanian cousins jailed for serial robberies on city centre drinkers
CHESTER: Maciey Zielinski targeted churchgoers!
Albanian drugs gang who ran multi-million pound cannabis farms jailed
BRAZIL: Lesbians murder 9-year-old after cutting off his penis and improvising a vagina
Investigating the Clintons? It's a risky business...
Three patients killed by their hospital sandwiches! Company supplies NHS trusts across England!
Scheme to reduce voter fraud dropped following Peterborough MP Fiona Onasanya’s conviction
Convicted vote-rigger campaigned for Labour in Peterborough!
Sajid Javid pledges to get tough on middle-class cocaine users
Michael Gove: Cocaine 'mistake' a 'deep regret'
Vote Conservative, get Labour!
Brexit Party tops national polls with largest lead to date!
Jacob Rees-Mogg calls for Tory and Brexit Party to UNITE - 'Would have HUGE majority!'
Dire coverage of the Trump state visit proves the BBC no longer knows what it’s for
“Mueller’s report was pure, political garbage!”
Build a memorial to the 22,442 who died during the Battle of Normandy

Friday 7 June

Establishment's top Jewish censors behind mass shut down of truth-tellers on YouTube! "ADL has been working with technology companies, including YouTube, to aggressively counter hate on their platforms!" I visited YouTube this morning to find my own 10-year-old account deleted!
Director of Christian Centre Steven Kennedy murdered by Mohammed Metowlli in Plaistow park!
Muslims randomly attack cars in Birmingham! This is what the political class has forced upon us!
SWEDEN: 19 injured after explosion - Bomb squad deployed
Tunisian migrant in court over ‘ricin attack plot’ against ‘unbelievers!’
Kenneth Noye pulled wool over parole board's eyes says officer who helped jailed him!
Nottingham man who spat at mosque twice sentenced!
Labour councillor, Faisal Rana, voted twice in May's local elections!
Convicted vote-rigger out campaigning today for Labour in Peterborough!
How Theresa May helped husband ‘make a killing’ from military policies
Interim PM for Life? May will only go if successor has ‘confidence’ of MPs?
May could delay resignation if BoJo or Raab (Leavers) elected Tory leader?
Peterborough: Labour cling on by 683 votes! Brexit Party push Tories into 3rd place
Peterborough by-election: Turnout among postal voters - 69.4%!
Farage building own trade mission to USA as Tories 'paralysed’ and unprepared!
Brexit Party has 3,000 applications from would-be MPs wanting to fight next general election
Brexit not responsible for EU's hatred of UK - Britain has always been 'despised!'
War criminal, Tony Blair, blasts Jeremy Corbyn over anti-Semitism
Question Time audience erupts in fury against Corbyn’s 'disgusting' anti-Trump protest
BNP Brexiteer abusing Remainers in London - NAUGHTY!
Advertisers try too hard to demonstrate diversity by shoehorning in minorities
Never in history of this country has its people been so ill-served by its politicians
'Most ISIS fighters are from Saudi Arabia!' Qatari Sheikh hits back
Galloway fired from talk RADIO - Piers Morgan defends Zion, Alan Sugar tell George to shut up
Stop ignoring fatal risks to bees when licensing pesticides!

Thursday 6 June

Siobahn Prigent (‘Nazi scum’ woman) company boss who profits from NHS privatisation?
Little dog raped to death in Greek refugee camp!
Swedish Bishop says she has ‘more in common with Muslims’ than ‘right-wing Christians!’
Pope's huge change to centuries-old Lord’s Prayer sparks fury among worshippers!
UK's climate change plan could cost ‘IN EXCESS’ of £1trillion?
Rapper charged with $4.1m fraud on a company credit card
Toddler murdered by his father was deemed by carers as "unlikely to suffer harm"
Courtroom: Murdered woman's son lunges at man who 'shot and killed' his mother
Farage set for sensational Peterborough by-election win!
Brussels humiliated as Farage ignores 'Kangaroo court!'
Brexit MEP says Peterborough by-election is about trust – Our MPs have broken it!
Peterborough by-election: Brexit Party's Mike Greene seeks LEGAL ACTION for ‘dirty tricks'
Brexit candidate says the Establishment is ‘backtracking’ on Brexit
Esther McVey vows to SACK all Remainers from her Cabinet if she wins Tory leadership battle!
New legal opinion-EU extension of Article 50 also ILLEGAL!
Chuka chucks in the towel! The rise and fall of 'Britain's Obama'
2015: BoJo says Trump 'betrays a stupefying ignorance that makes him unfit to be President!'
Trump: British hospitals are a ‘sea of blood - Everybody is being stabbed!’
Merkel's anger at Macron’s opposition to Trump and a trade agreement between the EU and USA
Veterans’ FURY as Trump protesters bring baby blimp posters to D-Day event!
Jewish actress, Bette Midler suggests someone should 'shiv' stab Donald Trump!
Poorly attended anti-Trump protest cost taxpayer MILLIONS
Trump is offering a trade deal, the EU is not. Let's dance with the Americans!
The Left's trendy anti-Americanism reeks of hypocrisy
CNN, Maddow ratings in freefall after Russia narrative collapses
Left-wing actress won’t condemn infanticide during Congressional hearing
Deep State has been running America since the 1920s...
JEWS! excerpt from Malcolm X speech

Wednesday 5 June

Where is the justice? Top judges will get an inflation-busting 25 per cent pay rise!
Toronto Muslim: Executing gays may sound “unfair” , but it's Sharia law!
She stabbed her date with a breadknife! NO JAIL! She 'plans to be a LAWYER!' Only in PC World
TRUMP: What rank hypocrisy, Emily! Look at the scandal Labour is covering up!
11,000 sign petition calling for Sadiq Khan to be sacked!
'Sadiq Khan has broken almost every promise!' Shaun Bailey tears into London mayor
Irony Alert: ‘Trump Blimp’ stabbed in London! American lady arrested
Faces contorted with hate, chanting 'Nazi scum!' The moral high ground of anti-Trump rabble!
Trump supporter milkshaked, jostled and shrieked at by angry leftist mob!
Trump fan who wanted to 'protect democracy' attacked by Leftie mob with milkshake
NHS WORKER apologises for screaming 'Nazi scum' at a Trump supporter covered in milkshake
Elderly gent attacked by Stand Up To Racism cowards for wearing a MAGA hat!
The anti-Trump protest was an 'organised flop'!
Odd that this didn't get more coverage
Fox news host ATTACKS ‘failure’ Sadiq Khan after Trump spat
Boris Johnson predicts Tories will face 'extinction' if they fail to deliver Brexit
Sadiq Khan: Britain will ‘regret’ Trump state visit!
Donald Trump: Fake News CNN makes United Stateslook bad in the UK!
6 CUK MPs abandon ship! Bottom-of-the-barrel-scraping becomes new leader!
REMAINER NIGHTMARE! Change UK collapses with MPs resigning over poll humiliation!
BBC Newsnight host grills humiliated Anna Soubry after total collapse of Change UK
D-Day hero must sell home to pay for care! Britain's funding crisis scandal exposed
Binyamin Netanyahu instructed to hasten Jewish Messiah's coming!
Volkswagen apologizes to Jews by funding new German ADL
Steve Baker to join Tory leadership race unless rivals back No Deal Brexit plan!
RCGP’s ridiculous decision to ‘no-platform’ Julia Hartley-Brewer!

Tuesday 4 June

The 25 Jewish Neocons who got us into the Iraq War!
UN finds Assange victim of brutal psychological torture!
Theresa May HUMILIATED as private Trump meeting OFF President's agenda!
Donald Trump robot, sitting on a golden toilet while tweeting, wheeled into Trafalgar Square!
‘Protest against Trumpism!’: Leftie met down over President’s state visit
PIERS MORGAN: 'The real big baby'is Sadiq Khan!
Trump roasts ‘dumb and incompetent’ Sadiq Khan!
William Hague: Trump right about Huawei! Our national security depends on getting it right
Sajid Javid refuses to rule out extending Britain's departure from the EU beyond October!
Supposed Brexiteer, Liam Fox, backs Remainer, Jeremy Hunt, to become next Tory leader!
Jeremy Corbyn backs protests against President Trump
Jeremy Corbyn proposes tax RAID on homeowners who have a garden?
Commander at Scotland Yard! Sajid Javid's brother wins job to manage frontline policing
Corbyn blocked suspension of John Prescott's son over sexual harassment claim!
Prince's Trust ambassador (said charity saved him from life of crime) ran cannabis factory!
Reading area rape: Cops seek man with 'tanned skin and dark hair!'
Third world immigrant sexually harasses/molests young white girls sunbathing
Belgian girl wants to leave migrant boyfriend/He murders her/Jailed for 14 years/Out after 3!
HARROW: THIRTY people in a three-bed semi - Diversity is enriching you as we speak
BBC's Laura Kuenssberg deletes Top Tory's tweet about UK’s ‘corrupt’ relationship with Israel
2018 winner of the Nobel Prize in chemistry urges boycott of a physics competition in Tel Aviv
2012: Yitzhak Shamir - Why we killed Lord Moyne!
1947: Zionist terror group, the Stern Gang wanted to drop bombs on the Foreign Office!
Extinction Rebellion's lawyer refuses to condemn plan to close Heathrow with drone attack
The wealthy businessman who paid just £35.20 in tax
Canada complicit in 'genocide' of indigenous women over last 30 years?
Katie Price fined for repeatedly calling hubbie's new partner 'f****** c***' before teachers/pupils!
Billy Bragg on Morrissey: “He’s become the Oswald Mosley of pop!”

Monday 3 June

Lee Rigby killers battered behind bars by Brummie drug lord - OK by me!
Glastonbury 2019: Band who called for Tories to be killed ditched...
Washington’s mighty warriors: Draft dodgers and scoundrels
Benjamin Netanyahu boasts of personally ordering airstrikes against Syrian military positions!
German ‘blogger of the year’ invented her ‘Jewish’ family history and cheated media for years!
What diplomacy? Here are 36 countries the US has bullied this week!
The pollsters' blatant dishonesty on Brexit is ruining the public trust!
‘Historic Moment’ as Brexit Party tops Westminster polls for first time
'My former party has gone MAD,' says Ann Widdecombe
Emily Thornberry, Corbyn's Foreign Secretary designate, wants us protest Donald Trump!
TRUMP: Sadiq Khan is a 'stone cold loser!' (Couldn't agree more)
Trump mocks Sadiq Khan ahead of state visit!
SADIQ KHAN: Trump is a ‘global threat’, Farage a ‘20th-century Fascist!’
Trump looks forward to negotiating with ‘fully independent’ UK
Labour party savaged over anti-Trump stance amid misconduct claims
Donald Trump is absolutely right about Huawei, wannabe PMs should listen!
Tories must address our country's shocking educational disparities! (9 years too late, BoJo!)
Foreign Secretary says he ‘would not stand in the way of Assange's extradition!’
DIVERSITY! Jeremy Hunt’s Chinese wedding pictures revealed
NHS will be ‘KILLED OFF’ if Britain remains in the EU?
Mutilated Yellow Vests demand ban on use of sublethal weapons for maintenance of order
Will no one rid us of this most turbulent of Speakers?
Juncker blasts EU for not providing private jet or ‘stately home!’
Labour party savaged over anti-Trump stance amid misconduct claims
'My former party has gone MAD,' says Ann Widdecombe

Sunday 2 June

Following in his father's footsteps, Matthew Furlong applied to join Cheshire Police - He was rejected! Government's positive action' equality agenda doesn't want white men!
MI5 spies at breaking point! Threats from foreign states, terrorists, crime bosses, cyber crims!
Male suicide crisis: 'I just assumed I wasn’t designed to be happy!'
Labour's by-election candidate endorses May-has-a-Zionist-Slave-Masters-agenda theory!
Michael Gove tells Cabinet ministers he is prepared to delay Brexit until late 2020
Jacob Rees-Mogg BACKS Boris Johnson for PM
Any Tory who won't take us out of the EU by October 31st doesn't deserve to be PM
European Commission moves to bring Albania into the EU!
Donald Trump: Send in Nigel Farage and go for no-deal Brexit!
Trump says next UK PM should REFUSE to pay £39bn Brexit bill - 'walk away'
Boris prosecution marks moment when British politics went Latin American
Mayor Sadiq Khan calls Donald Trump 'a 20th century Fascist'
Quit by the summer or face a new bullying probe, John Bercow is told!
HITCHENS: I'm glad Alistair Campbell got the chop - he's much more dangerous than Corbyn
Secretive Bilderberg meeting draws Pompeo and Kushner!
Australia flu CRISIS: 43 dead as killer virus spreads – 'critical' warning issued
New cell phone app mobilises supporters against those who criticise Israel!
President Kennedy and the AIPAC
‘Most valued partner’: NSA fed Israel intel for targeted assassinations!
Swedish populists most likely to be threatened and harassed for views!
Concern over mosque safety? Muslims call for increase to security grant!
‘Record number’ of migrant boats in English Channel, ‘Home Office needs to get a grip!’
‘Extinction Rebellion’ activists to shut down Heathrow for 10 days in drone attack?
'Once prestigious' Lancet denounces 'conservative' backlash against global LGBTQ agenda!
Silver fillings cause neurological, urological, fertility and kidney problems!

Saturday 1 June

USA: Disgruntled employee, DeWayne Craddock, gets fired and kills 12 co-workers in revenge!
Nigerian gets life for murder of Italian teenager, Pamela Mastropietro
Now the stupid ISIS savage regrets murder of Scandinavian girls?
CARDIFF: 'You're going to die!' Ahmed Ali stabbed Olivia Spinks 19 times with a screwdriver!
AUSTRALIA: Pregnant girl stabbed 9 times by baby's mid-eastern dad! Jailed for just 18 months!
Dominican Republic: Tourist strangled, beaten and left for dead
BURNLEY: Blind pensioner had her bag stolen, by a thief pretending to offer a helping hand
LUTON: Grandad battered and bloodied! - Yobs cautioned only!
Curry chef wiped behind with his hand (refuses to use loo roll) then cooked food!
Expressing ‘patriotism’ a sign of far-right extremism,' suggest Army's PC controllers!
Born in Sweden to Swedish mum and Hungarian dad, she moves to Hungary where it's safer
SNP's John Mason says IRA killers who executed Scottish squaddies can be considered ‘freedom fighters’
Muslim calls to ban dogs in EU cities indicate colonisation of the West!
Brexit Party odds-on to win Peterborough by-election!
Tory Baroness says Leavers are 'disgruntled' and 'very uncomfortable in their own skins'
The EU is terrified of a free-trading Britain they cannot control with stultifying regulations
Remainer behind BoJo’s prosecution says Brexiteers are 'thick and easily lied to or misled!'
Trump backs Boris as the next Prime Minister!
Trump increasing tariffs on Mexico 'until the illegal immigration problem is remedied!'
Trump to Mexico: Stop migration or face 5% tariffs in June!
'I didn't know she was nasty!' Trump shocked to learn of Meghan Markle's criticism of him
'Pumping poison into politics!' McCluskey says it's ‘electoral suicide’ to back second referendum!
Emily Thornberry's husband made £500,000 buying housing association property!
More details of John Bercow's official spending released under FOI rules!
Disney, Netflix threaten Georgia boycott but continue to work in countries where abortion is illegal
Is it fair for a biological male to compete against biological females?
'Creepy, old' groper, Sir Philip Green 'vigorously spanked (pregnant woman's) bottom!'
Sir Philip Green charged with four counts of assault in USA!
David Lammy tells John Cleese not to 'define Englishness by DNA!'
Elton John's Brexit: ‘I am a European, not a stupid, imperialist English idiot!'

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