Daily News - June 2007

Another Jewish Neocon Warmonger Nominated by Bush for World Bank Head
Lugovoi Accuses MI6, Russian Mafia and Boris Berezovsky of Litvinenko killing
Paedos Need Community Care says Top Cop
Council bans Kids Playing in the Street
It’s a danger to the public, apparently
For mimicking the accent of Asian colleagues! If Asians had mimicked Bits, would they have been sacked?Asian Doc Suspended Over 77-Year-Old Lady’s Death
Britain's Cultural and Spiritual Heritage are Under Threat says Baroness
New Labour Siphons off £1 Million of Taxpayer’s Money to Promote its Interests
Schools are Stretched to Breaking Point by Immigrant Kids
Paki Pensioner Jailed for Drug Smuggling
The heroin had a street value of £884,000
Paedos Need Community Care says Top Cop
Council bans Kids Plying in the Street
It’s a danger to the public, apparently
Crash "Victims" seen Dancing at Wedding

Asian Murderer Ran Fraud Gang
Gay Slugs Drug, Rape and Infect with AIDS in Holland
Life Sentence for Brutal African Rapist
Priest Jailed for Abusing Boy
Deadly NHS Bug Underestimated
Jewish MP Fined for Parking in Disabled Bay
Gaza Children Shot Dead by Israelis
Ghastly Blair Wants to Knight David Beckham
Ancient Scouts Chapel Torn Down Because it Might Offend Non-Christians
Nigel Ruse was the PC Champion who did it
BLAIR WARS: Ex-Army Chief Seeks Withdrawal from Iraq
£3,000-a-Year Retirement Rip Off Hidden in New Labour’s Pension Shake up
Global Jihad Warning: Jew Style
A lot of what is said here is true. Jew-introduced PC brainwashing, however, brought this Jihad upon us
Gang (Mostly Black) Jailed for Violent £4.5 Million Car Thefts
Former News of the World editor is Tory's Top Spin Doctor
He’s getting more than £400,000 pa for doing the job
7 US Troops Killed in Iraq
BNP Attacked by Stoke Councillors!
Kate was Last Seen Alive with her Black Date
The BBC doesn’t mention his blackness
Bill For failed Asylum Seekers Soaring
Israelis Discuss Retaliation Against British Boycotts
Dyslexia is Just a Middle Class Way to Hide Stupidity
Spot Checks in Superbug War
Huge Rise of Mental Health Problems in Workplace
15,000,000 "British" Drivers Don’t Understand Basic Road Signs
How many of these will be foreigners, I wonder
7 LAWS A DAY in Big Brother Blair Decade
Mad Upper Crust Spaniard Puts his Little Girl in Hospital
She may not survive
Friendship Help for Immigrant Staff
Cashpoint Robberies Linked to Asians/Blacks
Pretty Kate’s Black Killer Arrested
Architects Asked: Are You BNP?
UK Gave £13.3 Billion in Aid to Africa Last Year
Wear a Veil or We Will Behead You
Blair To Give £1 More for Islamic Studies
Mormon Women Jailed for Torture of Children
US Judge Throws Out Guantanamo Charges
More Enquiries in Cash for Honours Probe
Killer Heart Condition Ignored by Government
Brain Tumours Linked to Pesticides
Brown’s £110 Billion Black Hole
Quarter of British Muslims Think 7/7 Bombers Were NOT Responsible!
68% of Brits Think the London Olympic Logo is Crap
It cost £400,000 to design
Free Fun for Telford’s Druggies
Welsh Woman Raped at Knifepoint in Vienna by Illegal Immigrants
Xhevat Brahimaj and Buyar Morina were the rapists
Ethnic Cleasing of Brits in Sheffield
PC Brigade Ban Pin Ups on Planes – in Case They Offend Women and Muslims
Black Savage Laughed at 62-Year-Old Female Victim
Black Murderers Caught on CCTV
Failed Asylum Seeker Had Jihad Files on PC
Asian Millionaire "on the Dole" Fined for Benefit Fraud
Hassan Abdi Perpetrated South London Worst-Ever Rape
This 64-Year-Old Asian Grandma Smuggled Heroin Worth £1 Million into Britain
Asian Slashed Throat of 12-Year-Old in Unprovoked Attack
Black African Doc Gets Suspended Sentence for Groping Nurses
Sheraz Bhatti Denies 3 Rape Charges at Burnley Crown Court
Why England is Rotting
Brilliant article
Girl’s Head Split Open by Black Man FOR NO REASON!
Migrant Backlash Could Cause Rioting in Villages
Bill for Agency Nurses Tops £1 Billion
Low Testosterone Death Risk
Microwaves and Ready Meals to Blame for Obesity?
Saudi Prince got Secret Payments for Brit Arms Firm
Iraq Suicide Bombing Kills 15
Asian Councillor Arrested on Suspicion of Raping a 16-year-old
Asian Hit-and-Run Driver Sought
Harwinder Singh killed 15-year-old Neil Forester
Vietnamese Beast Stabs and Kills Long Suffering Wife
99-Year-Old Woman Attacked and Robbed by Black
8,000,000 Brits Have a Drink Problem
Black Man Jailed (at last) for Shooting Policeman
Beryl, 85, is Ready for Jail
If You Think Bush is Evil Now Wait Until He Nukes Iran
The Indian Who Murdered Hannah to be Extradited
Somalian Fraudster Jailed for 18 Months
Black man Battered Wheelchair-Bound Pensioner for £20
Mohammed Razak Laundered More than £1 Million
Stelios Paraschakis Jailed for Life for 16-Year-Old Julian’s Murder
Vomiting Bug Closes Hospital Wards
Proof of US Jails in Europe
BLAIR WARS: Baghdad: 14 Killed, Police Chief’s Children Kidnapped
Fewer Than 1/3 of Baghdad’s Neighbourhood’s Under US Control
BLAIR WARS: UK Soldier Killed in Iraq Named
BLAIR WARS: 3 British Troops Seriously Hurt in Afghanistan
BLAIR WARS: Funeral of Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
BLAIR WARS: Funeral of Another Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
London Gangs Evil Acid Attacks
The oh so concerned Sun didn’t bother to tell us the ethnicity of the attackers
Disgrace of Stamp-Sized National Flag
Air-Rage Black Jailed for a Year
BLAIR WARS: Violence Raged in Iraq
Asian Fraudsters Jailed
After £2 Million Scam Foiled

Blair’s Britain Helped CIA Fly Terror Suspects to Secret Prisons
Black Teaching Assistant Bans 7-Year-Old From Reading Harry Potter
She got the push and is now suing the school for £50,000
Racist? Emily’s Only Mistake Was to Act Black
Israel Offers the Golan Heights to Syria in Return for Peace
But Syria must dissolve its alliance with Iran and the Palestinians
Teenager Jailed for Just 18 Months for Killing "Frail and Timid" Pensioner
Goldsmith Denies He Concealed International Existence of Secret Payments to Saudi Prince
Cannabis Hospital Admissions Rise Dramatically
85% rise under New Labour
Health Fears Grow as Mountains of Meat are Smuggled into UK
UK’s Richest Man, Asian Lakshmi Mittal, in Slave Labour Row
Test Revealing "Inner Racism" in Job Applicants Being Developed
Muslim Women Abuse Soldier at Troops Hospital
East European Gypies Training 4-Year-Olds to be Pickpockets
Cops Pay £25 Million for Translators: Frontline Policing Will Suffer
Call to Scrap Exams for Under-16s
They might get stressed, apparently
Foreign Sex Offender Gives False Name, is Bailed, and Disappears
It’s just that easy to be a crim if you’re non-native
Yob Incidents Soar in Rural Areas Bush Greeted as Hero in Albania
75% of the prostitution in Britain is now controlled by gangsters from "the bandit country of Europe"
BLAIR WARS: UK Soldier Dies in Taleban Ambush
Pupils in Spy Survey Britain May Call on Foreign Armed Police
Cautions Only for 8,000 Sex Offenders
230 of these cases were for rape!
Condoms too Big for Indian Men!
13-Year-Old Raped in Park by Asian
BNP Councillor Facing Intimidation
PC Black Jew Wants Us to Stick Together
Even though she's "come to see some of the difficulties of multiculturalism"
Sikhs Demand Protection from Muslim Extremists
Lovely Girl Murdered by Kurdish Father and Family
The Kurds were the ones Tony B was listening to in the build up to war in Iraq
Black Man Wanted to Shoot a Cop Senior Judge "Flashes" on a Train
Policeman Stabbed to Death by Black Man
2 others were badly injured. The BBC did not mention that the knifeman was black
Disgusting Black was "Would-be Murderer"
Daughter Murder (Honour Crime) Increasing in UK
This crime is committed by Asians
Asians Tortured Baby Boy for Many Months Before he Died
10 More Care Homes in Staffordshire Could Close
US War Veterans Twice as Likely to Commit Suicide
No Licence, no Insurance Black Drives Dangerously
Injures Friend and Pregnant Girlfriend

Children Smuggled into UK for Sex Abuse and Slavery
Jurors Show Leniency to Ethnic Minorities
Pal of Asian who Murdered Kriss Linked to Shooting
Shahid Malik wants "Racist" Videos Removed from U-Tube
Violent, Unprovoked Gang Attack by Asians on Brit Father and Son
And the Judge gives them a suspended sentence
Iraqi Kurd on Park Murder Charge
70 Child Migrants Arrive in Nottinghamshire
Chairman Blair Snarls at the Media
BLAIR WARS: Blairite MPs Reject call for Iraq Inquiry
Traitor Blair’s PFI Hospitals "Hit Patient Care"
Back-door privatisation puts money into shareholders’ pockets not patients
PC Sharon’s Murderers stab Fellow Jailbird
Midwives Pressured by "Birth Surge"
Guess who’s responsible for the birth surge? Foreigners!
Immigrant Tennyson Obih Murdered Jon and Stabbed Two Others
Black Man Tried to Abduct 13-Year-Old Boy
4 Illegal Immigrants Beat Housemate to Death
Asian Indecently Assaults Young Woman in Glasgow
European Cops Get Access to Your DNA!!!
Barrymore and 2 Other Puffs Arrested for the Rape Murder of Stuart Lubbock
The school curriculum has been corrupted by political interference
Westminster Council: More Funds Needed to Integrate Immigrants
Towns and Cities Must be "Far More Ethnically Diverse in Future"!
Racial Strife More Likely in Villages Than Big Towns
Priest Who Financed Rapist Jailed Immigrants
Now Arriving at One a Minute

Immigrant Businesswoman Jailed for Bringing in Illegals
Council Tax Hikes to Pay for Immigrant English Lessons
Immigrant Pervert, Meta Gokce, Jailed
Immigrant Turk in Court for Rape
Asian Female Showed no Sadness After Murdering Baby Boy
6 Prisoners walk Out of 1 Open Jail in a Week
Foreign Prisoner Failings Exposed
Infants Being Treated for Obesity Now!
Soap and SKIN CARE PRODUCTS Blamed for Rise in Eczema!
342,000 Elderly Brits Have Been Victims of ABUSE!
Muslim Hate Leaflets in 7/7 Bombers Chip Shop!
Black Asbo Man Banned from 2 Counties
Black Youth Commits Crime Because They’re from "Broken Homes"
So they’re not really criminals at all, then!
Teenagers to be Told to Bond with Immigrants?
English Must Foot the Bill for Scots Prescriptions
We Have Let in Too Many Immigrants
Man Who Spat at and Hit Girl Claimed to be Racism Victim
Traitor Blair’s Final Act of Treachery
Racial Tension is Bubbling Admit Ministers at Last
Asian Murders her Kids

Truancy Costs UK £800,000
Secret New Plan for EU Superstate
Jail Population Hits New High

7 Al-Qaeda Terrorists Caged
Hamas Hunts Collaborators After Gaza Rout

Hamas Defeats Fatah in Gaza: Abbas Declares Emergency
Muslims Jailed for "Abducting" Underage Girl
We Now Have APARTHEID in Britain!
Labour, Tory, Lib Dem, media darling and the PC Crowd have brought us to this
Reaping the Multiculturalism THEY Sowed!
US Say 60% of Baghdad is NOT Under Their Control
Should we Limit Immigration to Europeans?
C of E is "Institutionally Racist" Say PC Churchfolk
Black female vicar is the Chairperson of the group that produced the report
PC Cops Refuse to Chase Helmetless Bike Thieves
Immigrant in Court over Murdered Daughters
Another Muslim Held in Murder Case
Bailed Teenager Goes Missing
Diet Pill – Risk of Suicide!
Israel Praises Hamas-Free Cabinet
Suicide Bomber Kills 21 in Kabul
France’s President Wants Tony Blair to Become President of Europe!
Sarkozy’s father was a Hungarian Jew
Tony Blair’s Black Culture Minister Threatens Museums!

He called them "pale, male and stale". Looks like old, white men are out then
PC Headmistress Suspends BNP Teachers

Cannabis Plants: Orientals Arrested
BNP Councillor Resigns: Fears for Wife’s Health
Bush has Secret Meeting with 50 Top Jewish Leaders
Anyone who Opposes the New EU Treaty (Constitution) is a Terrorist
NHS Spends Billions on Drug That Turns Children into Drones!
BLAIR WARS: Lance Corporal James Cartwright Killed in Iraq
Top Lord Calls Chairman Blair a "Constitutional Vandal"
More Black Murder
Asian Gang Stab Man in Takeaway: He Dies Later
Curtis Warren, Rich-List Drugs Baron, Returns to UK
Crime is Black Britain’s Greatest Worry
Top Black Makes Nasty Joke at Queen Mum’s Expense
Who you gonna vote for now, you firemen?
MPs Debating Making Illegal Immigrants Legal!

This despite 78% of us not wanting this!
The end of the beginning
British Workers Denied Jobs in Britain – BECAUSE THEY CAN’T SPEAK POLISH!!!
It is war, ladies and gentlemen. THEY are at war with us!
People in Mixed-Race Areas "Feel Isolated"
If You Send us Back We’ll Starve Ourselves to Death
Paki Mob Burn Queen’s Effigy in Muslim Protest

Emily has Had Death Threats Since Being Evicted from BB House
The No-Longer Nasty Party in Denial About Immigration
York’s Mediaeval Play Threatened by 21st Century Curse of Political Correctness
Half of All Schoolchildren in Many of Britain’s Biggest Cities do not Speak English
Jailbirds to be Freed Early Says Fatty Falconer
Dr Mohamed Kanilani Performed Sex Act in Front of 15-Year-Old
BLAIR WARS: At Least 75 Killed by Baghdad Truck Bomb
BLAIR WARS: US Launches Another "Major Offensive" in Iraq
Traitor Blair’s Government Spends Nearly £2bn on Consultants!
Migrant Workers Help UK Economy says TUC Chief!
Illegal Immigrant Jailed for 3 Years
Guyanan Cricketer (Narsingh Deonarine) Accused of Raping 16-Year-Old
Shaban Amin – Throat Slasher is Bailed! Then Absconds
Serious Sexual Assault on 7-Year-Old: "Dark-Skinned Foreigner Sought
Asians Jailed for Child Abduction
Black Man (Marcus Bailey) Jailed for Attempted Murder of Policeman
Young Man Beaten Badly: His Assailants WERE NOT JAILED!
BLAIR WARS: Drunk Soldier on Leave from Iraq Stabbed Uncle to Death
We Will be in Afghanistan for Decades says Ambassador!
Government Compromise on Mental Health Bill
Our MPs have made sure nuts can still live, die AND KILL in the community!
Brown Heckled Over NHS Pay Rises
BLAIR WARS: Starving Boys Found at Government Run Orphanage in Iraq
80-Year-Old Scot, with Scots Ancestry, Threatened with Deportation!!!
Black Tube Worker Gets £125,000 Pay Out! WHY?
Two co-workers bit the heads off black jelly babies in his presence!
60 Suicide Bombers Heading to UK from Afganistan

Thousands of Polish Puffs Have Come here Since Chairman Blair Opened the Borders
Another Black on Black Killing
Girls on girl this time
Another British Soldier Killed in Iraq
81% of British Muslims Consider Themselves Muslims First British Second
Anti Immigrant Sentiment is Strong in Hounslow
BNP to Fight Parliamentary Seat
Greasy Pole Merchant Cameron Says: I am a Zionist!
Albanian Gangsters Shoot Dead Fellow Albanian
Asian Jailed for 9 Years for Raping 13-Year-Old Boy
Black African Slug Jailed for Just 4 Years
13-Year-Old Hangs Herself After Being Picked on for Being Welsh
In a Leicester School: That’s Multicultural Leicester
Blair is Being Touted for EU Presidency!
Refugees to be Recognised Within Jobcentre Plus Jobs Target
In other words, the last vestiges of job protection for we Brits will be stripped away
African Black Gets Just 5 Years for Campaign of Rape and Knifepoint Robbery
Black Beast Ordered to Serve 20 Years for Nicola’s Rape and Murder
Young White Man Shot Dead in London
John Prescott’s Office Employs Unqualifed African – Gets Ripped Off for More Than £1,000,000!
Polish Web Site says that More Than 1.5 million Poles are Now in UK
And the government are, thus, lying about the figures
It Makes You Wonder What You Fought For
Roll-Call of lenient Judges
Muslim Nut Murderer Jailed Indefinitely
White Brit Female Marries Black Death Row Inmate

Yet Another Soldier Dies After Basra Bombing
Council Tax Doubles in 10 Years
Muslim MP Steps Down After Death Threats
White Working-Class Heroes are Hard to Find
Which is precisely what the animals at the top of the tree intended
Homeless Blairs Will Stay at Chequers After They Leave Number 10
Muslim Nut Detained Over Young Student’s Murder
Girl Killed by Black in Pub Shooting
Man Killed in Bradford
He was being chased by a gang of men when a lorry hit him IN BRADFORD, get it?
After Brown won the Last Election for Blair, BLAIR WAS GOING TO SACK HIM!
EU Chiefs Satisfied with Treaty
The Kremlin Forces BP out of Siberia
Black Man Attempts to Rape an 82-Year-Old Lady in Care Home
Ministry of Defence Pays £30,000 for Sergeant to have a Sex Change!
Black v Mixed Gang Fight in Beckenham Leaves White Boy Dead
Beast Who Threatened to do it Again Freed on a Technicality
Zimbabwe on the Brink of Total Collapse
Poor George Bush
Duchess of York Cosies up to Rapper 50 Cent
Judge Julian Hall Lets of Rapist of Girl, 10
He’s done it before, as well!
A Foul Ugandan-Asian Anti-Brit Opines
"When Blair came to power Britons seemed to be at ease with racial difference and… immigration". Bulls***!1-in-10 of Those Living in Britain is now Foreign Born
New Labour Reforms Will Kill Off the NHS say 74% of Doctors
Drummer Thomas Wright Killed in Afghanistan
White Schoolboy Skewered to Death by 40-Strong Black Mob "Baying for Blood"
This is what the PC liar and the British coward have given us
Muslims Burn Cross on the Streets of London

Two Hurt in Savage Gang Attack
Up to 3-in-4 Marriages Revealed as Sham as Immigration Rules are Tightened
17-Year-Old Harassed and Assaulted by Asian
Black Mam Killed her Kids ‘Cos she was Nuts
And thus her "responsibility was diminished". ‘Course it was
Black Nut who Attacked PC Goes Missing
Afghan Opium Production Soars Out of Control
Now that we’re in charge, that is
Black Men Threaten and Rob 18-Year-Old
And THE SUN says: Iran Bombers Attack Our Boys
Looks like the Sun's Zionist owner wants us to nuke Iraq
BLAIR WARS: 12 US Troops Die in Just 2 Days
Another Teenager Stabbed to Death
Britain is now the Cocaine Capital of Europe
PC Crowd have Banned the word "Prostitute"
A-Leves Became a Grade Easier in the Time of Chairman Blair
Interest Rates to Rise Again
Expulsions From Secondary Schools at an All Time High
USA Continues to Probe Britain’s Billion Pound Bribe to Saudi Prince
Prescott Pulls Rank to Join Council of Europe
May God Judge Blair More Kindly Than British History
FLOODING: Blame Blair Government and the Planners!
Hospitals see 14% Rise in Drink Victims
Child Porn Vicar Turned in By his Wife
Why did Blair Allow Houses to be Built on Flood Plain?
Afghan Opium Production up 50% in One Year
It is not Extremist, or Fascist, or Illiberal to Demand Stringent Immigration Controls
Porn Star is Quizzed in Cash-for-Honours Probe
UK Jews Meet PM
Top Jews Meet Blair Just Before he Leaves Office
60-Year-Old Robbed by 5 Black Youths
They pinned him to the ground and held his mouth shut as they robbed him
Two Jailed for Iron Bar Attacks
LITTLE MADDY: Find the Rich Arab’s Yacht!
136 Staff for Charles is Not Enough!
BLAIR to Become Messenger of Peace?
Yeah right
Anti-War Protest in Downing Street

NHS Battling to Cope with Surge in Alcohol Abuse
Assault on Car Driver: Asian E-Fit
Asian Soldier Posed as Plumber to Rape Woman in Her Home
4 Blacks Launch Serious Assault on Gay Man
Two Asians Rob Man at Knifepoint
Black Knifeman Fails in Robbery Attempt
Nigerian Asylum Seeker Becomes Ireland’s First Black Mayor
LITTLE MADDIE: Portuguese Woman, Italian Man Arrested
New Labour Asian MP – Son Jailed for 3 Years
Outrage at Bid to Punish Yobs with Fines
Snapshot of Britain on Blair’s Last Day
Stuart Harling Will Swing!
In a country run by Brit Nats
Blair Quizzed Again in Honours Case
BLAIR WARS: Baghdad Blast Kills at Least 20
BLAIR WARS: Iraq Bomb Kills 3 British Soldiers
12 Palestinians Killed in Gaza by Israelis
Muslim on Trial for Incitement to Murder
Chelsea Strikers Disco Closed for Racial Discrimnation
Schools in Front Line as Killer TB Creeps Back

Abu Hamza Finds Out Nurse who Wipes his Bum in Jail is Gay!
He’s been fiddling with Abu for two long years
Asians Leave 42-year-old Fighting for Life
Biggest ever Opium Haul in Scotland: Asians Jailed for 9 Years
Dead Scottish Soldier Wanted to Come Home
Police Avert Car Bomb Carnage
Mum Being Sued by Son’s Killer
Dead BBC Boss Walked into Sea
Her African husband carried on working
Christian Gang-Raped and Tortured by 30 Muslims in Pakistan
Second Arrest over Boy’s Murder
Mother Watched Paedophiles Rape her 9-Year-Old Daughter
BLAIR WARS: MOD Hid Soldier Death Details
Reward Offered in Hunt for Killer Jap
Eastern Europeans Murdered Asian
3-Year-Old Dies in car Driven by Slovakian Nanny
1,200 Prison Inmates to Walk Free Early
More than 25,000 could be freed thus because of overcrowding
Obesity is Fuelling Alzheimer’s Rise
In 50 years time up to 2.5m people in the UK could have dementia
US Gunships Kill 11 Village Guards Mistaking Them for Al-Qaeda
Second-Generation Asian Gets Earns More Than a Million from Legal Aid
Blazing Vehicle Crashes into Glasgow Airport
Shopkeeper who Fought Back Against Violent Thieves is Fined £250
Letting us Out Early – It’s a Joke Isn’t it?
Pole Pleads Not Guilty to Rape of 24-Year-Old Mum
UK Terror Threat Now Critical
Another Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Brown Appoints Asian Doc as Minister
20k Reward for Black Machine-Gun Murderers
Black Robber Leaves 50-Year-Old Badly Injured
14-Year-Old White Boy Stabbed to Death for Looking at Gang the Wrong Way
Foreigner who Cried "Racist" Accused of Wasting Police Time
Road Rage Asian Threatened Man with Imitation Gun
Got off with a fine
Asian Child Rapist Jailed for 6 Years

Said Bessayah Accused of Attempted Rape

Black Armed Robber Jailed for 15 Years

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