Daily News - July 2020

Friday 31 July

WALTHAMSTOW: In 2009, ‘night stalker’, Aman Vyas, raped 4 women, murdering one of them!
Grime artist, Andy Anokye, raped four women and held them against their will!
Family of 9 murdered Mormon women/children launch civil case against Mexican drug cartel!
William Barr orders execution of Lezmond Mitchell, who murdered woman and granddaughter, 9
Bill Clinton on Jeffrey Epstein island, victim claims!
Police sound alarm on Scotland’s ‘dangerous’ 'hate crime' bill!
Scottish cops create ‘hate crime files’ on over 900 teenagers in one year!
"Big tech is out to get conservatives!" (Patriots)
Four LA men admit to Skid Row voter-fraud scheme, DA announces!
Twitter justifies allowing Iran to threaten genocide? Consider what Twitter doesn't allow you to do
Coronavirus: England had highest excess death rate in Europe over first half of 2020!
Quarantine sledgehammer is crushing far more than just Covid!
Global coronavirus cases top 17million - a rise of one million in just four days!
NHS doctor hits out at coronavirus second wave fears! 'No different to flu!'
‘Effectiveness unproven! Dutch lawmaker advises against wearing masks!
The key to defeating COVID-19 already exists. We need to start using it!
Think Tank warns BoJo’s uncapped migration system leaves UK open to 660 million migrants!
'Migrants' set up camp in Park Lane - opposite five-star Hilton hotel!
FARAGE: 4 star Bromsgrove Hotel closed to public - Accommodating 147 illegal migrants!
Airlift of ISIS children from Syria planned! They will be raised at our expense in care!
BBC shamed in brutal Ofcom report as viewers accuse Beeb of 'bias in news!'
Nottingham bakery refused to sell pensioner, 94, bread because she only had ‘dirty’ cash!
Humanity is being led into CAPTIVITY?
Swedish Academy invokes obscure law to prevent neo-Nazi group quoting classic literature!
"Holocaust" restitution - POLAND? Rich want poor to cough up? Lords side with rich!

Thursday 30 July

“Mass Sterilization!” Kenyan doctors find anti-fertility agent in UN tetanus vaccine! WOW!
Seth Rogen was 'fed a huge amount of lies' about Israel when he was a child in Jewish schools!
JOE BIDEN: Illegal immigrants ‘enrich’ America!!!
Donald Trump: Congress ‘all talk and no action’ on Big Tech!
Election Interference: Google purges Breitbart from search results!
Apple treats ‘every developer the same?’ As it bans conservative apps!
Apple censors conservative 'in-app' content and hides this censorship from users!
Google CEO Sundar Pichai grilled over deletion of America’s front line doctors video!
Censored Hydroxychloroquine Video: Fauci gets to determine what is and isn't true?
ZUCKERBERG: If someone says hydroxychloroquine is a cure for COVID, we’ll take it down!
Lockdown-free Sweden now seeing ‘very positive’ coronavirus decline! Masks are ‘pointless!’
65 out of 85 migrants rescued from sea test POSITIVE for COVID!
'Catastrophic' coronavirus second wave feared as Boris scrambles to avoid new lockdown!
CORONAVIRUS! More than 60% of new hospital deaths occur in the Midlands!
Coronavirus: Everything we know about the disease that has swept the world!
'The care home I manage lost nine people. I was terrified my dad would die too!'
COVID-infected women accused of lying their way into Queensland hit with a slew of charges!
Madonna censored by Instagram for posting video of frontline doctors
FRANCE has refused to drop hardline fishing demands in post-Brexit trade talks!
Diane Abbott's son 'had crystal meth delivered to her £1.2million home!"
Full Mental Jacket – Diane Abbott’s son sectioned after string of Meth-fuelled violent attacks!
LONDON: Mohim Hussain charged with stabbing 'seriously injured' police officer!
COVENTRY: Savages jailed for torturing young couple!
11 people-smugglers arrested for transporting Muslims across the English Channel!
Taj Patterson’s federal lawsuit against the orthodox Jews who blinded him nixed!
Violent protests up 1,700% in 20 years!
Iraqi immigrant gets life for beheading Swedish teenager!
Sadiq Khan urges Grenfell Inquiry to focus on race as possible contributing factor!
GERMANY: 26% of the population now have at least one foreign parent!
Going to a good school reduces the chance of developing Alzheimer's in later life
Germany: Over One Quarter of the Population from ‘Migrant Backgrounds
One in four UK mammal species faces threat of extinction
Meghan Markle to pay £67,000+ in legal costs after losing legal battle against the Mail!

Wednesday 29 July

Frontline doctors hold Washington press conference to debunk lies about Covid-19!
CARLSON: Big Tech censoring Coronavirus news to help Biden!
85% of new Coronavirus infections in Blackburn 'are among South Asians!'
Government urged to focus on surge in unexplained non-Covid deaths at home!
Thousands of coronavirus survivors at risk of SEPSIS?
Bill Gates on negative effects of Coronavirus vaccines
65 out of 85 migrants rescued from sea test POSITIVE for COVID!
Scotland slammed by watchdog for 'unacceptable' use of coronavirus data!
Why You Should Stockpile Food - Now!
FIFA corruption, the Panama Papers, the Mossad, Nicole Junkermann and Matt Hancock!
Douglas Murray slams BLM activists as ‘demagogues and racists!’
Elderly gentleman beaten by savage, black nurse in Detroit home dies!
Tommy Robinson flees to Spain! His family are 'no longer safe in UK' after arson attack!
Government 'failing to prioritise tackling racism', says Jewish Chairman of the EHR!C
Labour councillor, Roger Spackman, caught with over a million child porn images! NO JAIL!
How Israel spies on US citizens!
Rap music and anti-Semitism: how Wiley’s tweets and a long history!
PRAGER: "The most pro-Communist press... in the USA in the 1930s was the Yiddish press!"
Boss of top Muslim charity quits after labelling Jews 'grandchildren of monkeys and pigs!'
Ghislaine Maxwell fights to keep 'nude photos and sexualised videos' secret ahead of trial!
PC Andrew Harper's widow asks PM for retrial after husband's Gypsy killers cleared of murder!
Man stabbed to death in gaming arcade on Camden High Street!
MPs launch inquiry into pension scams after savers fleeced of £10billion by cynical fraudsters!
Police killed in crash caused by illegal alien, Ivan Navejas! Obama’s DACA program blamed!
Youths hurl rocks through church windows at Swedish Christians during service!
62% of Britons think Boris Johnson’s government is failing on immigration!
London Council first elected body in UK to ban meat to save planet!
Poland to withdraw from ‘ideological’ gender theory treaty!
Attorney General Barr rails against ‘bogus’ Russia probe, ‘violent rioters’ in House testimony!
ITALY: Salvini slams Leftie govt for illegal immigrant surge!
It's not Oxford students we should worry about, it's the PC Crowd marking their exam papers!
If we must be slim, why are so many nurses fat?
Black Friar Tuck rips British media as racist! He had to go to USA for acting work!

Tuesday 28 July

DOMINIC CUMMINGS: "Tory MPs, largely, do not care about these poorer people!"
Matt Hancock 'didn’t rule out' Coronavirus vaccination would be mandatory!
Tocilizumab! Could an arthritis drug be a breakthrough treatment for Covid?
3rd of cancer patients suffer life-threatening disruptions to treatment due to Coronavirus?
Scotland slammed by watchdog for 'unacceptable' use of coronavirus data!
Chris Whitty killed Spanish holidays! CMO demanded ministers put Spain back in quarantine!
LITTLEJOHN: Everybody back on the plane! Summer’s just been cancelled!
Young Israelis are finally taking to the streets. Here’s what’s driving them!
Ken O'Keefe in Toronto
Netanyahu’s hysterical response is fuelling/energising demonstrations he seeks to subdue!
Rap music and anti-Semitism: Wiley’s tweets and a long history!
Ghislaine Maxwell fights to keep 'nude photos and sexualised videos' secret ahead of trial!
Of 20 Portland ANTIFA arrested for trying to burn down the courthouse, 13 were schoolteachers?
Rowling warns on trans therapy for kids: ‘We’re on brink of a medical scandal!’
Gay cop with funny hair to become Derbyshire's next Chief Constable?
Commonwealth Games committee calls for resignations to boost diversity! White lady quits!
Italian island overwhelmed as migrant boats arrive every hour!
ECLJ - Cosy relationship between Europe’s human rights court and left-wing NGOs!
FARAGE: Boris must not go down ‘weak and cowardly route’ of Brexit in name only!
Prostate cancer detected by new blood test which reveals severity of disease with 99% accuracy!
If we must be slim, why are so many nurses fat?
Ellen DeGeneres Show faces investigation after reports of mistreatment, racism and intimidation!
'I don't appreciate what she's become': Thomas Markle slams daughter and Prince Harry!
Meghan and Harry = "World's most tone-deaf, hypocritical, narcissistic, deluded, whiny brats!"

Monday 27 July

Twitter 'walkout' planned after British rapper Wiley's anti-Semitic tweets!
The case for a 100% tax on white people’s inheritance!
SCANDINAVIA: Childlessness on the rise! Overall fertility rates falling!
People-smuggling gang busted in illegal boat migrants probe!
Rwandan immigrant previously held and released over Nantes cathedral fire admits arson!
Christian charity loses access to banking after LGBT activists campaign!
Not even lavish spending on PR can disguise Sadiq Khan's dreadful record!
Romanian brothers jailed for 30+ years after forcing sex slave to sleep with up to 15 men a DAY!
Boy, 17, is stabbed to death in street fight in Manchester!
SUTTON: Hit-and-run MURDER! Stella Frew killed after argument!
Foreign ‘child snatchers’ hunted after two women grab girl, 3, in shopping centre!
USA: 16-year-old shot dead and her mother also shot! Boyfriend, Martice Fuller arrested
Police investigate ‘Grime’ rapper Wiley over anti-Semitic tweets!
French Prime Minister pays homage to priest martyred by Islamists!
Hundreds of teenagers rampage at mini-golf center after refunds refused!
Half a million Britons increased their drinking to dangerous levels since lockdown!
5 reasons why the coronavirus nightmare may soon be over
London cabbies slam 'lunatic' Sadiq Khan after 'social-distancing' pavements spark traffic chaos!
Tony Blair: Scottish independence a ‘possibility’, Boris Johnson can’t ‘save the Union!’
EU to collapse after crisis bailout for three devastating reasons!
Britons furious at ‘pro-EU leftie BBC’ after Andrew Neil exposes reason his show was axed!
Queen’s nephew Earl of Snowdon ‘named in Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous black book!’
The childish Meghan and Harry biography that has put the whinge into Windsor!
Meghan and Harry are ‘professional victims’ and ‘nothing is ever their fault!’
2017: Europe was the birthplace of mankind, not Africa?
2014: Israel has been stealing nuclear secrets and making bombs since the 1950s!

Sunday 26 July

Epidemiology Professor says hydroxychloroquine is "the key to defeating COVID-19!"
SWEDEN: The one Coronavirus chart that matters!
Big supermarkets refuse to enforce new mask rules!

THE PROOF: Millions forced by law to wear masks that are completely useless!
HITCHENS: BoJo's decision to force us to wear face nappies will kill the British high street!
Black Lives Matter protester shot dead during march in Austin, Texas!
Serco and Mears win £2.9bn contracts from UK govt for asylum-seeker accommodation!
Jihadi ‘Beatles’ admit beating western hostages!
Jury-tampering allegations! Cop killers convicted of lesser manslaughter charge!
Christian Charity loses access to banking after LGBT activists campaign!
Globalism Loses! National Conservative Polish President wins election!
POLAND: Globalist opposition demands election re-run after Liberals lose!
Austria presents ‘Vienna Declaration’ against illegal mass migration!
Portland Mayor tells Feds to go home, not criminals!
China's Uighur women say the Commie regime turned hospitals in centres of mass murder!
Nigerian fraudster must be flown back to UK after deportation ruled unlawful by Judge Lane!
BAME people to feature on British coins and notes for first time! Boris must accept that the people do not want to bail out inner-city London!
Boris's next crusade is to dethrone rule by unelected officialdom
BBC’s bizarre obsession with a toxic culture of wokeness!
American Pravda: Mossad assassinations!
EU Fisheries Outrage! One Dutch trawler snatched nearly 25% of England's quota!
IMF finally admits Brexit Britain will be a world force!
What makes all the rabid Remainers hate Brexit-supporting 'Lord' Botham so much?
Harry and Meghan considered ambushing the Queen! (That thing spoiled baby narcissists do)
Meghan and Harry - High on a ‘Holier than thou’ image!

Saturday 25 July

Smirking gypsy who murdered PC Andrew Harper found guilty of manslaughter only!
The illiterate gipsy who killed PC Andrew Harper was a criminal since childhood!
Illiterate, cop-killing travellers brazenly documented their law-breaking on Facebook"
PC Andrew Harper: Jury tampering to be referred to the Attorney General!
Black Trump supporter shot to death in Milwaukee hours after pro-Trump interview!
Burning down the American plantation! Interview with the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement!
'It's Disgusting!' Portland officer describes racist, violent Attacks by white protesters!
Don't believe the crushing consensus that Donald Trump is going to lose!
"We are experiencing a dark period for free thought in Canada!"
TRANS RIGHTS! Labour MP attacks free speech saying 'debate is a rollback of equality!’
If the EU wants a deal the solution is simple: fire Michel Barnier!
Hey, Barnier! The EU’s exploitative 40-year relationship with UK fisheries is coming to an end!
Spray that costs pennies and kills viruses instantly a simple, cheap solution to Covid nightmare!
Overweight people are more than THREE TIMES as likely to die of Covid-19!
Coronavirus: Luton mayor among councillors breaking lockdown rules at party!
Nearly 40% who died of COVID-19 in Alabama and Louisiana had diabetes!
Girl, 14, raped by coronavirus patient at India's largest quarantine centre
Muslim terrorists are fooling authorities into thinking they’re reformed!
Orthopaedic surgeon, Muhammad Khan, struck off after he repeatedly groped female colleagues!
OUR GIRLS MATTER! Tommy Robinson announces RALLY to ‘deport Rochdale 3!’
Jenni Murray has gone! Beware the BBC’s woke 'young and cool’ agenda!
BBC's navel-gazing, metropolitan agenda is losing greats like Woman's Hour's Jenni Murray!
BBC on brink as 'out of touch' broadcaster warned it has just ONE WEEK to save its future!
LARA LOGAN holds Fox news to account!
Bristol Mayor branded ‘traitor to the race’ for removing illegal BLM statue!
71% of Britons oppose protesters pulling down statues! 13% support!
British volunteer who fought ISIS warns against taking back UK jihadis!
It’s Okay to be White - Is this hate speech?
Amazon billionaires and Oligarchs will do anything to hang on to their money!
War crimes and war criminals: Who will be held accountable?
TRANS RIGHTS! Labour MP attacks free speech saying 'debate is a rollback of equality!’
What ARE they teaching British kids these days? Generation Z needs to reconnect with nation!
Grime rapper, Wiley, says Jews are ‘people who nobody has really wanted to challenge!’
Being totally "disappeared" by Google
British Universities must cut reliance on Chinese money!

Friday 24 July

ANTIFA and BLM beasts in America!
US ranked among worst countries to raise a family, study says!
SABROSKY: Is America headed for Civil War?
GERMANY: Refugees who gang-raped girl after spiking her drink jailed for 5 years and less!
Swedish court convicts Somali immigrant for raping nine-year-old girl!
Police arrest 3 teenagers including schoolboy, 15, for murder of Josh Harling!
Oxford student, Shiraaz Kureembokus, invited boy, 14, to his lodgings for sex during lockdown!
Coronavirus: UK's pandemic planning an 'astonishing' failure, say MPs
Most people in England to be offered flu vaccine?
Psychopaths and narcissists less likely to follow face mask rules or obey lockdowns?
Sweden’s coronavirus death rate passes US as one of worst in the world!
Everyone will test positive for COVID-19!
Coronavirus lockdown ‘made no difference to number of deaths’, study claims!
85% of new coronavirus infections in Blackburn 'are among South Asians!'
Ron Paul: US aid to Israel must stop!
Tom Watson criticised for taking money from Jewish sponsor of Change UK!
Labour Party civil war! Jeremy Corbyn faces lawsuit over antisemitism row!
Jews "fail to see the connection between bad behaviour and antisemitism?"
Sheffield cathedral to disband its choir and start a new one in bid to increase diversity!
Diversity is no reason to scrap Sheffield's cathedral choir
More than two hours of television a day raises the risk of strokes and heart attacks?
Maxwell's request to gag critics rejected by Jew judge! But woe betide any who step out of line!
BREXIT: Trade deal ‘unlikely’ as British are not submitting to EU demands!
Home Office introducing diversity shortlists, staff must attend race/migration training!
Russia isn’t responsible for Brexit – We the people are!
TikTok disables prominent hashtags associated with QAnon!
Google and Facebook are the top gatekeepers to the global Internet - UNZ purged from both!
The coming decline of globalism!
UK superpower bled, bankrupted and broke herself in 30 years of war from 1914-1945!

Thursday 23 July

'Trump haters are paedophiles!' QAnon - Aiming to put Hollywood behind bars!
Trump orders 'surge' of federal agents into cities after violent protests
USA: Illegal immigrant was out on bail when he 'allegedly' killed 3 retired officers!
LONDON: Baptista Adjei, 15, stabbed to death over 'beef' on social media between rival schools!
PAKISTAN: Girl, 14, burned alive by uncle after father stops her marrying her cousin!
Shane Green attacks women in Portland. Protesters try to stop cops arresting him! (1)
Shane Green attacks women with hacksaw - Protesters try to stop cops arresting him! (2)
Facebook 'contributes to the rape and torture of children,' says Australian top cop!
AUSTRALIA: The Extremist links of Behrouz Boochani
Anti-Christian attacks in Europe rose 285 percent since 2008!
Judges block deportation of foreign crime boss deemed ‘serious threat to public!’
Over 3,000 illegal immigrants have reached the UK in small boats this year
CRUZ: Democrats have decided mob violence is in their political interest!
Twitter blacklists 7,000 ‘QAnon’ accounts, limits 150,000 others!
Google hides conservative and alt-media websites from search results for hours!
5g phone masts as high as Nelson's Column to be allowed without full planning permission!
Ohio weirdo facing charges after kneeling on baby’s neck!
The detransitioners: what happens when trans men want to be women again?
The public's willingness to just do as it's told has been a depressing sight!
UK: One third of babies born to foreign mothers!
Everything is a rich man's trick!
MCCLUSKEY: Boss of biggest Labour donor blasts decision to pay antisemitism damages!
Corbyn blasts Starmer over '£370k' anti-Semitism whistleblower payout!
Another allied Holocaust ignored!
C-list actress Meghan Markle is now the world’s most in-demand speaker?

Wednesday 22 July

How SAGE and the UK media created fear in the British public
Lt. Col. Allen West says, “Democrats have created Frankenstein’s monster!” (Antifa and BLM)
Axelle Dorier, 23, dragged to her death by driver 'Youcef T' who killed a friend's dog!
Momodoulamin Saine stabbed Asim Khan to death in row over a spilled drink!
Peter Petrou stabbed to death outside McDonald's - His sister was murdered in 1992!
Greenwich councillor Tonia Ashikodi owned 3 properties as she lived in a council house!
At least 14 gunned down outside Chicago funeral home!
PARIS: ‘Allah hu Akbar’ attack stopped after passer-by runs gunman over!
Shropshire baby deaths scandal review will now examine 1,862 cases!
40 policemen sent to quell riots in Portland have personal info posted online!
FARAGE: ‘The Chinese state has conducted murder on a vast scale!’
FARAGE: ‘Some serious apologies are due’ after Russia Report reveals no Brexit interference!
Swedish writer admits media purposely labelled those against mass migration as Fascists!
Swedish journalist declares ‘Soy Boys’ are the future!
THEY are spraying the nasal vaccine, FLUMIST on schoolkids as we speak! Who knew?
BILL GATES: If my vaccine harms people, you cannot prosecute me!
Google's right-wing blacklist!
Woke cops considering dropping ‘Islamist’ term when describing terror attacks!
High Court rules Christian adoption charity must allow same-sex carers!
French Government releases statistics showing rapid demographic changes since 1968!
EU stops UK from protecting English oaks from imported disease!
He's Jewish - He supports Palestinian human rights - The audience response!
Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein joked about 'randy Andy!'
Katie Price tells bankruptcy hearing she has nothing left except £45,000-a-MONTH income!

Tuesday 21 July

Tucker Carlson responds to intrusive reporting by The New York Times.
BLACKBURN: Mosque closed after imam got Covid-19! 250 Muslims attend funeral prayer there!
Israeli proxies profit from U.S. Coronavirus funding!
Asylum-seeker to sue Home Office after falling ill with Covid-19!
LITTLEJOHN: Public Health England is a racket, but this is worse than useless!
Matt Hancock condemns those who aren't convinved by vaccination!
Police release more images of suspected statue destroyers!
How radical is BLM? It's supported by cultural institutions, organs of state and corporations!
A nation falling apart!
Sadiq Khan is killing London
THE LOST BOYS! The white working class is being left behind!
'Racial gaslighting made me feel like a foreigner in my own home!' (Tell me about it, Tasnim)
200 immigrants cross Channel in dozens of boats in worst-ever day for Border Force!
OLD BOY NETWORK! Hutton whitewashed Dr Kelly's death!
Jessica Patel murdered by husband Mitesh so he could start a new life with his boyfriend!
PELOSI: "Trump will be 'FUMIGATED' out the White House!"
KIDS FOR CASH! This is what the elite can do to us!
Palace initially thought Prince Andrew interview went well!

Monday 20 July

“Secure Tolerance!” The Jewish plan to permanently silence the West!
Rwandan refugee (in custody) was in charge of locking up Nantes Cathedral when it caught fire!
Now it’s Islamophobic to use the word ‘jihadi!’
London crime rising five times faster than rest of England, report reveals
Report into allegations of child sexual abuse linked to Westminster!
Teenager stabbed to death in locked-down Leicester! Suspect in custody!
More grooming gang arrests in child sexual exploitation epicentre of Rochdale!
Illegal rave at old RAF field OUT OF CONTROL! Cops forced to apologise!
SWEDEN: Afghan and sons arrested after man stabbed to death on bus!
Woke Inquisition cancels Miss Swimsuit UK for saying ‘All Lives Matter!’
Woke culture isn’t a laughing matter. It must be stopped before it’s too late!
Facebook de-platforms former employee who questioned BLM/diversity narrative!
‘Hundreds’ break Coronavirus rules to attend funeral of Glasgow knife rampage migrant!
200,000 could die because of delays in healthcare and economic effects of lockdown?
Oxford Experts: ‘There is no scientific evidence for COVID two-metre rule!’
"Mind control technology - THEY have this technology today!"
Is Philip Hammond getting too cosy with tyrants?
Critics of senior female civil servant tipped to become next Cabinet Secretary are sexist?
Galloway savages Sturgeon's independence plot! 'You can't be independent in the EU!'
New from teen Vogue: Sleep is systemically racist!
Karl Friston: Up to 80% of us aren't even susceptible to Covid-19!
BBC grills Chinese Ambassador on video of people being herded onto trains in blindfolds!
Victoria, Duke of Wellington, Robert Peel targeted in statues review!
Richard Rothstein - A.N.Other Jew says white folks profited at the expense of Blacks!
Most Americans think mail-in voting is vulnerable to fraud! (Obvious stuff)
Majority of Greeks unhappy with EU response to Hagia Sofia Mosque conversion!
John Wedger and elite paedos!

Sunday 19 July

Senior civil servant endorses Black Lives Matter in email to hundreds of staff!
Freedom of speech is under threat like never before and we MUST fight back!
Leaked FBI, DHS documents offer insight Into ANTIFA, political bias, erosion of civil liberties!
HITCHENS: It’s not science forcing us to wear face masks, it’s politics!
PHE and the reason no-one can ever recover from COVID-19 in England!
French doctors blame new Coronavirus surge on north African incomers!
Our Coronavirus catastrophe as biowarfare blowback?
Thorpe Park stabbing: Man slashed in stomach
18-year-old arrested for the murder of MMA champion, Jahreau Shepherd!
Riot police pelted with bricks and bottles after shutting down illegal rave in Finsbury Park!
Black Lives Matter rioters targeted black Police officers!
Wisconsin driver intentionally crashes into motorcyclist because he was white!
Arson suspected as fire ravages Nantes Cathedral!
Immigrants arrested for looting chapel on Greek island!
Labour leader Keir Starmer led charge to let ISIS bride Shamima Begum back into Britain!
ISIS Bride ruling condemned by Andrew Bridgen: ‘Opens the door for terrorists to return!'
Boris set to reward Remainers with life peerages in move likely to infuriate Brexiteers!
European Court forces Hungary to recognise foreign transgenders!
Bored British teenagers are ‘killing themselves’ with laughing gas!
Cameron's 'golden era' with China exposed: 'We let them walk all over us!'
Marxist drive to cover up our past is no way to come to terms with it!
Twitter is blocking Tweets on China's human rights abuses?
French PM, Jean Castex, opposes internet anonymity, compares social media to Vichy France!
The man who refused to be cancelled!
Bloodshed, Tyranny and Privation!
Dershowitz upset by Chomsky, Finkelstein, Marx, Atzmon for failure to promote Jewish Values!
Five cases of Wikipedia editors smearing Tucker Carlson!
Cultural Revolution, White Genocide!
The Great Replacement by the Cuckoos in our Nest!
If D-Day soldiers could see England today, they wouldn't have gone 40 yards up the beach!

Saturday 18 July

Public Health England's exaggerated death statistics are a scandal that has fed fear!
Professor Sikora thinks Public Health England are fiddling the books?
CORONAVIRUS: Matt Hancock cancels release of daily death toll after huge blunder!
No wonder they think they run the country! Politicians shamefully bow down to ‘the science!’
BLM activist calls for revolution in the UK, saying: ‘The police is no different from the KKK!’
Lefties angry as statue of Clive of India survives campaign for its removal!
'Liberal' media platforms have been seized by cowardice and militant wokery!
It's us parents who are to blame for the age of the narcissists!
Shamima Begum's predictable return shows how feeble our authorities have become!
‘Bring back Shamima Begum,’ says no one who isn't a Leftist loon!
150 Jihadis could attempt legal returns to UK after Shamima Begum court decision!
London crime rising five times faster than rest of England, report reveals
London bloodbath: Two people attacked in Liverpool Street stabbing horror!
Aaron McKenzie stabbed pregnant ex-girlfriend 21 times in a jealous rage!
UK's first acid attack killer, Xeneral Webster, loses jail appeal after killing dementia nurse!
BOLTON: Police issue e-fit of mixed race would-be assassin!
Muhammad Abdul Basir 'threatened to cut off Tommy Robinson's head!
NEW YORK: Tyrese Devon Haspil charged with decapitation murder of his boss, Fahim Saleh
'Ghislaine Maxwell was the mastermind,' says Epstein victim, Maria Farmer!
NANTES: Another French cathedral on fire!
UK's top universities share ultra sensitive military and computing research with Chinese colleges!
Berlin district government video promotes ‘ANTIFA is love!’
‘Defund the BBC’ campaign savages Gary Lineker!
'Blinded by arrogance!' Extraordinary attack on EU by MEP!
Brexit POLL: Tony Blair wants 12 month delay to avoid no deal!
Italy owes Wales reparations for the wrongs of the Roman Empire!

Friday 17 July

Ricky Gervais slams Cancel Culture as a ‘weird sort of Fascism!’
Miss Swimsuit UK stripped of her title after she posted 'All Lives Matter' in Facebook post!
BRISTOL: BLM statue removed, loaded into Council rubbish truck!
Diane Abbott: Activist statue should've stayed on Colston plinth while options considered!
Jesus statue decapitated inside Florida church!
London is finished! Killed by Boris Johnson, Sadiq Khan and Coronavirus!
Professor Sikora thinks Public Health England are fiddling the books?
UK: MP links Leicester ‘modern slavery’ sweatshops to Coronavirus outbreaks!
The great Covid-19 deception and what you need to know to survive!
Covid-19: Phase 1 of the 'permanent crisis!'
WHO will not investigate Wuhan lab where Coronavirus was kept!
Experts break cover to expose real Coronavirus death toll - Official stats WRONG!
Polish PM: Europe must stand with U.S. on 5G to protect world from China!
A baffled public is trying to return to a normal that no longer exists!
Brexit POLL: Tony Blair wants 12 month delay to avoid no deal!
‘Disgraceful decision by Judges’ – Jihadi Bride Shamima Begum CAN return to UK!
HAMPTON COURT: Afghan immigrant, Feroz Khan, rapes young girl, gets unconditional bail!
LITTLEJOHN: Why DO judges put the interests of terrorists ahead of our safety ?
BBC report urges mass immigration in response to world ‘fertility crash!’
French Government releases statistics showing rapid demographic changes since 1968!
Turmoil at home, turmoil abroad: Israel and the US escalate their war against Iran!
Twitter's massive hack attack an inside job?
JARED TAYLOR: What finally happened in our suit against Twitter!
Brother of Stephen Lawrence slams Boris for having 'extreme' views!
Hold on, DeSean! Jews sold Black slaves in Philadelphia!
UK government says Russia sought to interfere in 2019 election! (So Corbyn was robbed?)
Creepy MP, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, blames 'right wing media' for his decision to step down!
Black radio star apologises for anti-Jewish comments but not for anti-White comments!
College and Professor sued for teaching Islam is not a 'peaceful religion!'

Thursday 16 July

BLM activists flood murdered ‘All Lives Matter’ mom’s social media pages with mockery!
BLM fans post nasty messages on FB page of young mom killed after saying 'all lives matter!'
Pal accused of rape/murder of Keeley Bunker forced girl to perform oral sex on 16th birthday!
MURDER: Dean Edwards shot in the back of the head as he walked through park in Penge!
Zeshaun Daley and a 17-year-old convicted of murder, another of manslaughter of Yousef Beker!
Donnell Rhule stabbed to death in West Dulwich by Eren Inniss!
Ghislaine's Maxwell's new life in America's 'worst jail!'
Syed Bukhari blew couple's money on hair transplant after conning them out of their home!
SINGAPORE: Parents kept their son, five, in a cat cage and scalded him to death!
Women arrested for kicking, punching and throwing stuff at airlines staff! (Flight was delayed)
Jerry Morgan spent Christmas having sex with a pit bull while his girlfriend filmed it!
'The youth of Mexico are disappearing!' Kidnappings, killings and human trafficking!
Marc Quinn’s ghastly BLM statue in Bristol removed! RESULT!!!
Colston’s real replacement must be a rebuke to cancel culture
BLM activist EXPOSED by Tommy Robinson!
Museum will still feature white men's work? Toxic white supremacy! Curator resigns!
5,000 heart attack sufferers in England missed out on hospital treatment due to Covid-19!
'Super-spreader' nurse at training event triggered Covid-19 outbreak!
Compulsory face masks didn’t stop a second Covid wave elsewhere
White House trade adviser tears into colleague Dr. Fauci: ‘Wrong about everything!’
Beauticians warned of a two-year prison sentence if they break back-to-work rules!
We must not allow a potentially hostile foreign power gain a grip over our nuclear industry!
China threatens British businesses after decision to ban Huawei!
EU liberals demand Brussels 'stop funding' EU countries that stand up to globalism!
Head of editorial standards says BBC failed to cover Euroscepticism, immigration concerns!
The death of the commuter is an extinction-level event for London
A mob of tweeting progressives is killing off the free press
Andrew Neil Show ends as BBC News unveils cuts!
Israel has a list of hundreds of officers/defence officials at risk of prosecution by ICC?
Nick Cannon's firing proves 'Jews have the power?' (Fired despite all the grovelling? SHAME!)
US radio host says Nick Cannon's firing for anti-Semitic remarks proves 'Jews have the power!'
Ashkenazi Jews must stop identifying as White/European, says Times of Israel!
Screenshots of Twitter tools suggest it keeps user ‘blacklists’ despite denying practice!
Stone-age Europeans 'were the first to set foot on North America!'

Wednesday 15 July

WOLVERHAMPTON: Father-of-one hacked to death in daylight attack! Police seek Sean Bulle!
NORWAY: Woman killed, two fight for lives after attack in Sarpsborg!
ILLINOIS: Black yob kicks toddler in head as women attack pregnant mum!
Father-of-4, Aghahowa Evbuomwan, shares video showing man sexually abusing baby! NO JAIL!
Slavery is still rife in Britain. So where are the BLM protests?
Edward Colston statue replaced by sculpture of BLM protester who helped topple monument!
FARAGE: When will the Conservatives stand up to the Cancel Culture mob?
‘F*ck Keir Starmer!’ BLM activist says Black people should abandon the Labour Party!
Bow Group says telling us to wear masks after weeks of mass lawlessness is unreasonable!
BBC Children in Need matches £10m 'racial inequality' pledge made by Stormzy!
UK: More white people arrested for terrorism than other ethnic groups for second year!
Priti Patel bans far-right terror group no one has heard of, leaves ANTIFA alone!
Brexit transition period negotiated in part by Theresa May has cost UK £180billion+
5,000 heart attack sufferers in England missed out on hospital treatment due to Covid-19!
NHS abandoned so many patients who were in need!
Furious Tories threaten to cut up cards over face masks!
Ludicrous mask decision shows this is a Government driven by fear
DONALD TRUMP has vowed revenge on China for "unleashing" coronavirus on the world!
Trump, asked why Blacks are killed by police: 'So are white people!' (MSM hates the truth)
'White people are being killed too, MORE white people!' Trump’s response to PC b***ocks!
Tearful Ghislaine Maxwell denied bail by US court which rules her 'definition of flight risk!'
Should Dexter, 9, REALLY be on the transgender fast track?
TRANSGENDERISM! Parents are gagged by aggressive schools and PC culture!
Cancel culture is pure malice and misogyny dressed as virtue!
Twitter's 'cancellation' of Jodie Comer is about as fair as the Salem witch trials!
Prince Harry branded a ‘complete idiot’ in blistering attack by army veteran!

Tuesday 14 July

'Trusted' friend, Wesley Streete, raped and strangled Keeley Bunker!
Black yob drop kicks black baby - Did her life matter to him?
Black Lives Matter activist left hoax notes on his own care on his car!
British cops are now harassing patriots who dare to wear ‘White Lives Matter’ t-shirts!
The racist founders and supporters of BLM!
Wolverhampton: Cops launch murder probe after man stabbed to death with a machete!
Rape is being decriminalised due to 'catastrophic' decline in prosecutions!
In 2017, 10,000 children went missing from care homes!
The liberal Left now view white British workers as their enemy!
Big Brother would be proud of how millennials are crushing freedom of speech!
Parents' unwillingness to impose boundaries spawns generation of infantilised millennials!
Hey, millenials! You want to breed us out of existence? You want our race to die?
Coronavirus death rates vary massively across NHS hospitals in England!
Must see facts that destroy the COVID-19 hoax and it's evil agenda!
Shoppers without face masks risk £100 fine! Zimbabwe's Vice President blames white people for country's poor economic situation!
TREASON! Around 200,000 Hong Kong citizens set to move to UK after citizenship offer!
Christopher Hitchens on the Barbary Slave Trade
Jewish comedienne 'sings' "White babies are the ugliest babies!"

Monday 13 July

USA: Young mum shot dead after daring to say "all lives matter" to BLM group!
ARCHBISHOP OF YORK: God wants Church of ‘glorious and profligate diversity!’
Cops ignored modern slavery in textile sweatshops, feared being branded racist!
Public kept in dark about location of virus outbreaks to stop ‘hate crimes!’
COVID19 PCR tests are scientifically meaningless!
Wearing the mask may be part of an initiation ritual for the New World Order?
Hundreds of vegetable farm staff ordered to self-isolate! 73 co-workers have coronavirus!
EU crumbling: Bloc in danger of COMPLETE COLLAPSE?
Looks like Sweden was right after all!
Black Lives Matter terrorists cut down 9/11 memorial for fallen firemen in New York!
Labour boycotts Facebook ads in solidarity with Black Lives Matter!
‘Blatant Corruption!' Jesus College Cambridge took £155,000 from Huawei to fund paper!
French Senate report describes ‘alarming’ spread of Islamism!
British Universities comply with Chinese internet censorship!
New evidence of Beijing's infiltration of British Establishment!
Rudy Giuliani says BLM's ties to Susan Rosenberg prove it is a 'terrorist organisation!'
The open source revolution is coming and it will conquer the 1% - ex CIA spy!
Savages brawl at City of London rooftop bar after easing lockdown!
Prince Charles and Prince Andrew slammed for 'ostentatious' Royal Family spending
EU criminals with more than a year in jail to be banned from Britain? (Nice words, no action)
Our fearful leaders are failing to stand up to the radical woke minority!
BBC's decision to snub its core audience will only hasten its demise
MARX: ‘Woke’ lefties unaware their socialist idol was a racist?
2013: Chairman of porn company says porn industry was "pretty much founded by the Jews!"

Sunday 12 July

From 1990 to 2015, we cemented over 1,303 square miles of countryside! Immigration to blame!
Now the army of overgrown babies who say everyone must think like them invade our bedrooms!
CANCELLED! The mob's weapon of choice - Trying to take away their victim's livelihood!
NHS must do more to tackle "white privilege" and increase BAME representation, says top CEO!
Schools pushing ‘White Privilege’, ‘White Fragility’ could be breaking political neutrality laws!
Boy, 10, stabbed in Bolton - 18-year-old arrested!
LONDON: Three people including a police officer are stabbed in one day
BRITAIN FIRST! Oldham anti-grooming operation!
FLORIDA: Householder shoots and kills two burglary suspects
BLM fund-raiser run by Communist and convicted terrorist, Susan Rosenberg!
'Fear of being called racist' stopped police from tackling Leicester's 'slave' sweatshops?
Ministers fear China will blitz UK with a devastating online attack – dubbed ‘cyber 9/11!’
Scientists from the Wuhan virus lab have 'defected' to the West!
Appeasing China hasn't worked - Face Beijing down over attempts to conceal pandemic!
While #Covid has been prioritised, what has become of the rest of the NHS?
Army sent in as areas of Kent added to list of places facing new coronavirus lockdown!
Thousands of BLM protesters march through Brighton - Precious little social distancing!
Epstein's other 'recruiters!' Four more women accused of supplying young girls!
Jeffrey Epstein would ‘physically shake with desire for young girls!
Teaching the woke vision of racism as if it were uncontested fact will do more harm than good!
UK Olympians used as guinea pigs for Special Forces wonder drug! 40% suffered side-effects!
Italy seizes NGO vessel that brought in Coronavirus-positive migrants!
World Council of Churches dismayed by re-Islamisation of Hagia Sophia!
FARAGE: BBC’s ‘days are numbered!’
Hollywood's 'reverse racism!' 'Toxic' climate now for white, middle-aged men!

Saturday 11 July

Leeds United legend Jack Charlton has passed away aged 85 following a long-term illness!
Face masks cannot stop healthy people getting Covid-19, says WHO!
FRANCE: ‘Allahu Akbar’ chap robs pensioner, beats him up and sh*ts on him!
Education Secretary abandons Blair’s destructive 50% to university sabotage!
Leeds United legend Jack Charlton has passed away aged 85 following a long-term illness!
We must stump up £16m for revamp of EU Parliament AFTER WE'VE LEFT?
Are the Democrats a political party or a CIA-backed fifth column?
Ghislaine Maxwell's tapes of politicians' sex with minors - Boasted of 'owning' powerful people!
Chelsea Clinton and Ghislaine Maxwell were 'close friends' they vacationed together!
Judgement Day for Ghislaine Maxwell finally arrives! Or maybe not...
Ghislaine Maxwell requests bail due to ‘risk of coronavirus’
Aaron McKenzie broke into Kelly’s bedroom and stabbed his pregnant ex-girlfriend to death!
POPLAR: Double stabbing in east London leaves one man dead and another in hospital!
Mohiussunnath Chowdhury jailed for terror plot on Gay Pride Festival!
Wakefield councillor admits child sex offences - but council is 'powerless' to remove him!
‘Unprovoked attack’ on Macy’s manager! Damire Canell Palmer arrested!
"This is why Poland is so safe! Not even one terrorist attack!"
Canada loses track of 35,000 migrants set for deportation!
Ghost town Britain on the brink of bankruptcy?
BCG tuberculosis vaccine DOES reduce the chance of death from Covid-19!
Remdesivir reduces the risk of death in severely ill coronavirus patients by 62%?
Chinese virologist claims Beijing DID cover up coronavirus outbreak!
Chinese commies infiltrated UK in plan to blind us to Beijing's thirst for world domination!
Monika Schaefer: "COVID common sense from world-famous holocaust denier!"
Elite Jews are responsible for COVID-NWO? Surely not!
High Court rules Christian adoption charity must allow same-sex carers
The madness of Auntie's obsession with gender! It should be focusing on quality!
Church of England turns a blind eye to priests' abuse of their wives?
Latter-day flagellants, Christianity and the politics of evil!
BBC wonk wants Rule Britannia, Land of Hope and Glory banned from Last Night of the Proms
Captain Birdseye to be played by a woman for first time in 53 years!!!
Laurence Fox goes into battle against Owen Jones over Free Speech!
They're creating a problem that does not exist!
George Floyd - What is a fatal dose of Fentanyl?
FARAGE: Marxist BLM has agenda that ‘would make Lenin blush!’
Empty offices are killing town centres, warns Boris!
Behind the veil of the protest movement, the war on the American people gains pace!
The unbearable White Privilege of Joe Biden!
Will white people self-destruct?
Some conspiracy theories are for real!
The Israeli intelligence-linked firm using AI to profile Americans and guide US Lockdown!
The new (pathologised) totalitarianism!

Friday 10 July

The white slave trade of Africa!
67% of Brits back BoJo's refusal to 'take the knee!' No one should be 'bullied' into 'gestures!'
Lockdown is killing more people than it's saving!
Number of cases of Covid-19 DOUBLES (12million) in six weeks, says WHO boss!
EU: Coronavirus hurting economy more than anticipated!
Coronavirus could fuel a superbugs timebomb!
'Unknown pneumonia' said to be deadlier than coronavirus sweeping across Kazakhstan?
Top scientist, Venki Ramakrishnan, says those who don't wear masks are social pariahs!
Britain's jobs bloodbath: 60,000 workers face redundancy!
Water supply in parts of England at 'serious risk' of running out within 20 years?
NHS admissions for routine ops drop 82% in a year!
Don't be fooled, Boris! UK fishing chief exposes devious Barnier's Brexit plot
BBC encourages staff to say if they want to be called 'he,' 'she' or 'they!' (PC rubbish!)
Statue of Robert Baden-Powell released from its protective casing!
INDIA: Muslim kidnaps Australian surfer, rapes her repeatedly, gives her Qur’an, prayer rug!
Drunken African migrants assault Mayor on Greek island!
BORDEAUX: Migrant arrested after stabbing women and trying to rape them!
USA: Man arrested after he pulled a gun on an individual not wearing a mask!
Did Ghislaine Maxwell secretly run one of most powerful Reddit accounts in history?
Britain needs to unwind its dependence on China!
Anti-Brexit strategist hired by Hong Kong's puppet government to lead PR campaign!
The beginning of the end of Whites in South Africa!

Thursday 9 July

ALEX JONES predicts CIVIL WAR! ‘The Young Turks eat their words!
GILLINGHAM: Nathan Kitenge stabbed Tony Eastwood five times. He died at the scen!e
Cop slams society's 'skewed view!' Black lives matter boy kicked him and took selfie!
LIVERPOOL: Police search for suspect in gang torture and rape of man!
GERMANY: Passengers offered counselling after witnessing Afghan migrant kill wife on bus!
FBI investigation targeted Dr. Fauci but Comey pulled the plug?
USA: Elderly gentleman attacked after helping a woman who was pushed off her bicycle!
‘Living like a king!’ Family-of-10 on £44,000-a-year benefits get £425,000 4-bedroom house!
Farage backs Trump over pulling out of ‘corrupt, Globalist’ WHO!
Jamaica's High Commissioner urges the Commonwealth to discuss slave trade reparations!
7,500 illegal boat migrants will reach the UK by Christmas!
Inside the female-run communist terror group hell-bent on destruction!
Jane Elliott, white-hating beast, said "racism is a mental illness!"
Twitter must disclose ‘extremely alarming’ censorship practices!
Ministers spent £10BILLION on Test and Trace system that STILL isn't fully operational!
Male? Black? Over 65? Diabetic? Poor? You are at most at risk of dying from Coronavirus!
Theresa May was paid £56,000 for a speech and she didn’t even have to leave home!
Leaked Liz Truss letter shows her true anti-brexit colours!
'A pelvic mesh implant ruined my life – yet doctors dismissed me as a hysterical woman!'

Wednesday 8 July

MURDER BY STEALTH? Extra 10,000 dementia deaths in England and Wales in April
Women betrayed! Thousands harmed by mesh implants, pregnancy test and epilepsy drugs!
Attacking 'Karens' is just racism by another name!
J.K. Rowling signs open letter calling for an end to Cancel Culture!
Do Veterans' lives matter at the Ministry of Defence?
The Hydroxychloroquine Scandal!
ANTIFA and BLM leader (paedo) complains he might catch Covid-19 in prison!
Twins born in London face deportation after they finish jail terms for GBH? (Pull the other one!)
Jeffrey Epstein crime map!
BBC historian Dan Snow admits lying to his daughters about women's role in history!
Cedric Moore, who punched dancing white boy from behind without warning charged!
Lefties condemn top intellectual, Noam Chomsky, for defending free speech!
HACKNEY: Ducient Tampawo stabbed a man repeatedly, leaving him in a coma!
7/7: London remembers 52 dead killed 15 years ago in 2005 Islamist terror attack!
Manchester bombing survivors 'forgotten and ignored!' Want core participant status at inquiry!
Labour council's jihadi cover girl! Terrorist was given top Southwark Council job!
GREECE: One dead, three injured after Afghan migrant's stabbing rampage!
FRANCE: Bus driver brain dead after beating by gang who refused to wear face masks!
The final shame of violent ex-major who bragged: ‘You can’t touch me, I’m an MP!’
He hasn’t been in power for 13 years. So why is Blair still acting and living like a global leader?
DOJ/FBI say they can't provide Seth Rich info and Clinton emails until after 2020 election!
‘Racist drivel!’ Conservative MP cancels his BBC licence over racism against White women!
Denmark to strip Syrians of refugee status so they can return?
Beware of the American Marxist Left!
Signalling virtue for England! England/West Indies will kneel before start of first Test!
Chelsea's Ruben Loftus-Cheek accuses neighbours of racism after complaint about drill rap!
Burning bridges as they go: Harry and Meghan slam ‘uncomfortable’ Commonwealth!
Harry and Meghan are lacking in the very awareness they call for!

Tuesday 7 July

Jake Hepple – White lives don't matter!
BLM leader believes white people are subhuman, calls them ‘genetic defects!’
Trump’s Rushmore speech was monumentally splendid!
New Archbishop of York says ‘Jesus was a black man’ and CoE is 'too white!'
Transgender ideology has ‘corrosive impact’ on society, claims Civitas study!
Ghislaine Maxwell has secret stash of Epstein sex tapes that could implicate most powerful!
Ex-Reddit CEO says she knew about Epstein-Maxwell paedo network but said nothing!
Ghislaine Maxwell is 'untouchable' under Jeffrey Epstein's 2008 agreement?
KENT: Lorry driver, Viorel Sandulache, was watching TV when he killed Abigail Harvey, 21!
Who raped untold thousands of British children?
Man arrested as two paramedics stabbed in Stephens Close, Wolverhampton!
COLOMBIA: Girl, 4, raped and killed in woods! Sebastian Betin arrested near her body
CHICAGO: At least 70 shot, 14 dead over July 4th weekend!
PHILADELPHIA: 7 killed, 24 wounded over July 4th Weekend
Illegal raves awash with drug dealers, COVID rules ignored! Why are the cops powerless?
Muslim genocide of Christians in Nigeria - Why don't US and European bishops speak out?
African Cardinal blasts BLM for betraying black community!
Ex-Labour MP admits making indecent photograph of a child
Insider says Wikipedia ‘censors’ medical articles for drug industry!
Thinking the worst of their countrymen's instincts does the Left no good at all!
Cancel culture is taking our words away – and we should all be very afraid
Superbugs pose grave threat to Britain’s cancer patients! Could kill more people than Covid-19!
Brexit victory: EU to backdown over fishing row in huge breakthrough for UK!
HITCHENS: We've all turned from normal humans into muzzled masochists!
BLM protest may have caused Covid-19 spike in 20 to 30-year-olds in Birmingham!
Neil Oliver claims removing racist statues is 'road to the guillotine!'
Now Sherlock Holmes is racist! So will his statue be next?
Rama Thirunamachandran, vice-chancellor of Canterbury University, apologised for David Starkey's "appalling" comments!
Let's talk about what happened in Georgia!
20 Saudis named on UK sanctions list of human rights abusers!
Sometimes black folks seem so much better than white...

Monday 6 July

Spanish Flu did not kill 50,000,000. Vaccines did?
"Don't let them vaccinate you!" Farrakhan warns Africans Dr. Fauci is trying to kill them!
Calls to end transgender ‘experiment on children!’
Army ‘to be cut by 20,000’ if No 10 plan is approved
I have seen the horrors of ISIS up close, the West must not abandon the victims!
Britain's cosy establishment is the product of a dysfunctional political system!
Freedom of speech can’t be limited to saying things that are inoffensive!
Was lockdown really worth it? Writers and 'experts' give their verdict
Six F1 drivers decline to join Lewis Hamilton in 'taking the knee!'
Boris says UK will NOT be ruled by EU courts and laws!
Scots Justice Secretary complains of racist backlash after saying Whites have too many top jobs!
Wolverhampton: Man arrested after two paramedics stabbed!
TURIN: Moroccan immigrant, Said Mechaout, murders Stefano Leo for being 'white' and 'happy!'
SWEDEN: Afghan dies after knife brawl between rival migrants!
"Black Lives Matter?" When they kill their own? When they kill an 8-year-old girl?
USA: Convicted killer arrested for rape after being released from prison!
SOUTH AFRICA's normality! Falklands War hero shot dead, 3 farm murders in two days!
Tower Hamlets yob, 17, charged with assault and drug possession after man pushed into a canal!
12-year-old white street dancer floored by black man in unprovoked attack!
Black militia preparing for war?
The madness of David Lammy
Red Guards! China Ambassador calls on Chinese students in UK to ‘serve the motherland!’
Another 35,000 cancer patients could die in a year due to COVID delays?
Jeffrey Epstein co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell tests positive for Coronavirus?
Appearing in court, Ghislaine Maxwell sobbed 'why is this happening, how could this happen?'
CURRENT COMMUNIST GOALS! Congressional Record - 1963
Transgender model Munroe Bergdorf slams JK Rowling! 'Dangerous!' 'Threat to LGBTs!'
Prince Harry feels 'tormented by fractured family ties!' Meghan is 'struggling to cope!'

Sunday 5 July

Is America heading for Civil War?
Putin lays the groundwork for the arrest of George Soros?
“Free speech is not absolute,” says China as Hong Kong crackdown continues!
is the BBC covering up the the Operation Ore child pornography investigation?
Epstein and Maxwell are just the tip of the iceberg - This goes much deeper!
Bill Clinton, Ghislaine Maxwell and the inside story of their trip to Britain
"Local Lockdown in Leicester is purely a tool of control. It’s a threat to make us behave!"
Lib Dem leader reports Nigel Farage to Police for having a pint!
Khan’s London: Police retreat from illegal block party as rioters throw bricks and bottles!
Black Panthers declare racial war on the streets of Seattle!
USA: Heavily armed black supremacists are now threatening people in their cars!
Trump repeats vow to defeat 'radical Left' in July Fourth speech
Country star, Ted Nugent, offended by Obama statue! ‘Can we tear this s*** down?’
Lefties stomp, dance on US flag outside White House on July 4th!
Biden urges America to ‘rip out’ systemic racism in July 4th message!
‘You won't be missed!’ Rugby fan gets life ban for criticising ‘Marxist’ BLM!
Ministers missed warnings that staff could spread Coronavirus between care homes!
'Anti-vaxx' influence means up to half may not take coronavirus vaccine!
Fauci approved Hydroxychloroquine 15 years ago as a cure for Coronavirus?
'You have failed!' Sadiq Khan squirms after his record as Mayor is savaged in on-air row
Huawei 5G deal 'WILL be axed' as spy chiefs revise their advice on Chinese firm!
Man shot dead by attacker on a moped opposite children's playground in Islington!
It can take 8 guards to escort one prisoner on a deportation flight from Britain!
Former soldier was jailed and branded a terrorist FOR FIGHTING ISIS!
Sweden: Afghan dies after knife brawl between rival migrants!
Macron under fire for appointing 'nonentity' as new prime minister
Greek government opposes Turks converting Hagia Sophia into a Mosque!
Israel has stolen nuclear secrets/made bombs since the '50s! The West turned a blind eye!
Israel's West Bank plans condemned by leading British Jewish figures!
Transgender ideology has ‘corrosive impact’ on society!
Attenborough's answer to everything? Reduce the population!
The law should force UK football clubs to hire more black coaches!
Linford Christie furiously accuses Met of institutional racism after black athletes stopped!
Meghan Markle ‘has gone worryingly quiet’ and is ‘struggling to cope!’ SO?

Saturday 4 July

NO "evidence of ANY deaths from the novel coronavirus?"
Trump calls out ‘Cancel Culture’, far-left Fascism, and ‘totalitarianism!’
Trump denounces 'campaign to wipe out our history' and slams 'left-wing cultural revolution!'
Civil rights crew got firms to stop Facebook advertising when Zuckerberg wouldn't censor Trump!
TRUMP: Destroyers of US monuments will get at least 10 years in prison!
TRUMP: ‘Our children are taught in school to hate their own country!’
Ghislaine Maxwell won't sell out Andy but Clinton and Trump? Maybe...
Ghislaine Maxwell pictured on throne during private Palace tour organised by Andy!
How Ghislaine Maxwell and Kevin Spacey relaxed at Palace 'as guests of Prince Andrew!'
Rose McGowan calls for Bill Clinton Arrest after Ghislaine Maxwell charged!
Clintons, Biden, Gore - What is it about the daughters of Democrat politicians and Jewish men?
Jailbird behind secret Blair property deal that shamed No. 10 writing bombshell memoirs!
Boris condemns Black Lives Matter ‘bullying’ the cops into 'taking the knee!'
‘You won't be missed!’ Rugby fan gets life ban for criticising ‘Marxist’ BLM!
Sadiq Khan has police hire 'racism spotters' as he slashes budget of real police!
Radio host suspended for denying he had ‘White Privilege’ is reinstated!
Public school pupils take more drugs and start drinking younger than those at state schools?
NGO foists another 43 African immigrants upon Italy! 8 test positive for Coronavirus!
Muslim convert who plotted to blow up St Paul’s smiles and salutes ISIS as she is jailed!
SYRIA: ISIS bride Samia Hussein says an arm and a breast blown off by coalition bombers!
Catholic priest suspended for comparing Black Lives Matter activists to ‘maggots’
Memorial for dog named the 'N word' which died in 1902 is removed from graveyard!
1976: The Shah of Iran blows the whistle on the Jewish Lobby!

Friday 3 July

Labour MP, Apsana Begum, got a council flat just months after leaving her husband!
746 arrested! Huge haul of guns, grenades, cars, cash seized in biggest ever cop op!
Hundreds of gangsters arrested as police crack criminals' private messaging network
Temisan Oritsejafor spat blood in WPC's eye as she tried to arrest him for assault! 8 months only!
Shereena Oghani broke into Shukri Wando's home and beat up, strangled and stabbed her!
Top Austrian MPs under police protection following death threats from Turkey's Grey Wolves!
MAXWELL! Born into fabulous wealth, toast of NY's Party set, society darling to sleazy pimp!
Ghislaine Maxwell's last hideout! Epstein's 'madam' arrested at $1million New Hampshire estate!
Armed white woman (pregnant) defends herself from black women harassing her - ASSAULT?
Refugees sending 'suitcases of welfare cash' home to Somalia
BBC to lay off 450 people after pledging $124,000,000 for ‘diverse’ content to appease BLM!
Black Lives Matter – The backlash begins!
Harassed for wearing an 'ALL LIVES MATTER' tee shirt!
Three weeks after the fact, Cops apologetically make one statue-toppler arrest!
David Starkey could lose Cambridge fellowship after 'no damn blacks' outburst
Coronavirus: Don't worry about it?
How a mutant coronavirus strain dominated the world! More infectious but NOT more deadly!
Jeremy Hunt says govt took too long over Covid-19 testing in Leicester - Barnsley/Bradford next?
UK-EU talks end early as ‘significant differences’ remain obstacle to deal!
POLL: Most Liberals say Americans are too lazy to work!
Establishment-protected, Boothby seduced young men, courted Krays, seduced Macmillan’s wife!

Thursday 2 July

'No more of Jared's woke s**t!' Trump regrets following Kushner's advice! BLM sign = 'hate!'
Trump encourages NYPD to stop Mayor painting 'symbol of hate' BLM mural at Trump Tower!
Trump 'bullied and humiliated' Theresa May - 'Spineless' on Brexit! (OK by me)
CLOWNS! BBC and other high-profile outfits forced to distance themselves from BLM!
"BLM terrorists... (say) the motivation behind their targeted terror riots is to instill fear in whites... There’s no logic to BLM, only a desire to destroy and terrorise!"
"Black Lives Matter is a movement that was given to us by George Soros and his fucking boys!"
Premier League REFUSE to drop Black Lives Matter badge after Sky Sports pundits ditch it!
Virtue-signalling football establishment distances itself from ‘political movement!’
The girl who said she'd 'stab' anyone who said 'All Lives Matter' yesterday? Here she is today!
FARAGE: Black Lives Matter is a far left Marxist organisation!
Black Lives Matter? The movement is not to everyone's taste...
Black Lives Matter and the Keystone Cops
DANYAL HUSSEIN charged with MURDER of sisters stabbed to death in London park!
UK authorities ignore Muslim’s video threat to murder Tommy Robinson and rape his wife!
GLASGOW: A migrant doesn't like hotel food so he stabs six! Now there's a protest wanting better treatment for migrants!
Drug gangs funding ‘Quarantine Raves’ in UK!
Police hunt man who robbed and kidnapped teenager at Waterloo station!
OOPS! Black chap in line for mega compo? Cops 'punch and kick' man on London street!
Boris promises 3 million more unwanted foreigners that the British will take care of them!
ANTIFA’s a laugh riot - Until it comes for you!
Antifa extremists cut power to street lights in Berlin before rioting!
A gambling suicide EVERY day! 50,000 CHILDREN are addicted!
San Francisco cops to STOP releasing mugshots to 'stop perpetuating racial stereotypes!'
Why are so many Jews denying the Holocaust?
Harry apologises for racism after Meghan tells him to! We haven't righted enough wrongs!

Wednesday 1 July

British elite (Heseltine and co.) are being 'groomed by China?'
British military are banned from 'taking the knee' in solidarity with Black Lives Matter!
Stupid football clowns now ditching #BLM as its agenda becomes apparent!
Keir Starmer is setting a trend in wriggling out of his show of support for Black Lives Matter
St Albans Cathedral replaces Virgin Mary Nativity with black Jesus in solidarity with BLM!
Double murder at Moss Side lockdown party - Dad fugitive gunman 'hiding like a rat!'
SAVAGE! Kelly Fauvrelle's jealous ex-lover stabbed her 21 times killing her and unborn baby!
Gang grabbed man from pregnant partner and threw acid on him for cash and Rolex!
NOTTINGHAM: Judah Chilink stabbed four people, leaving one man fighting for his life!
'Shall we stab them?' Gang left 3 young men with horrific injuries!
Drug driver, Rizwan Ali, killed father-of-4 speeding at 60mph through Bolton town centre!
Drug dealer, Askar Ali, was caught with £4k under his bed - NO JAIL!
COVID-19 delays trial of illegal immigrant accused of murdering 22 elderly Americans!
Detectives probe Shrewsbury hospital where dozens of babies died/suffered brain damage!
‘Language barrier’ partially blamed for Coronavirus surge in Leicester!
Public's immunity from coronavirus could be twice as high as first believed
Public Health England could be axed - Boris admits coronavirus response was sluggish!
Having a cold could protect you from Covid-19!
Sweden sees largest number of weekly Coronavirus infections ever!
Khan’s London: Met police hiring ‘racism spotters’ to examine prospective officers!
SADIQ KHAN - In praise of Gypsies!
London Assembly member, David Kurten accuses BLM supporters of racially abusing him !
Slavery still exists in Mauritania! I was arrested and tortured many times!

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