Daily News: July 2019

Wednesday 31 July

One in 12 elderly people falls victim to heartless fraudsters who dupe them out of cash!
Leaked Google briefing admits abandonment of free speech for ‘safety and civility!’
Just one in 10 returning Jihadis faces court! MP demands treason act changes
Army veteran, Jozy Reed, was diagnosed with anxiety and depression before his suicide
Every parent must watch this! LGBT indoctrination of our primary school kids?
This is what a malign establishment has encourages our little girls to do nowadays!
Paedo priest who repeatedly raped two schoolboys jailed for 18 years
Anti-British EU bigwig wants Spanish control of Gibraltar!
EU politicians ‘frightened’ of PM Johnson
TREACHERY? Boris Johnson hints UK may extend EU exit transition for two more years!
Birmingham has highest FGM rate in UK!
FGM cases on the rise across France!
All aboard the PC bandwagon! Mr Markle warns of 'unconscious bias' and racism!
Prince Harry says people are racist without even knowing it?

Tuesday 30 July

35,000 Muslims about to descend on Alton, Hampshire to pledge allegiance to a global caliphate!
Lesbian asylum seeker sent back to Uganda - Now high court says 'bring her back!'
Transgender activists put kids at risk! Authorities do nothing fearing transphobia smears!
Patient numbers at surgeries rise by a THIRD in just 2 years due to rapidly growing population!
FARAGE: 'Imagine the outcry if a Brexit Party candidate posted a picture like this of Jo Swinson!'
Eurosceptics accuse Theresa May of cronyism over peerage for Gavin Barwell
Attorney General believes BoJo can take Britain out of EU legally by October 31 no matter what!
The House of Lords is a foetid sSwamp. Boris Johnson must drain it!
Johnson plays hardball - Won’t meet with EU until they remove backstop
Leftist bullies make Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson delete tweet praising Boris!
New UK government finally creates Veterans Affairs office for first time!
Labour-run Plymouth Council registered student voters without their knowledge!
Sixteen months in prison is not enough for the loss of my son's life!
Britain’s biggest benefits cheat, Ethel McGill, was at the heart of a 'spider's web' of deceit!
Manchester Airport security guard caught performing sex act 3 feet away from passenger!
British woman who claimed she was gang-raped in Cyprus arrested - Seven Israeli tourists freed!
Star Trek star raped/sexually assaulted 6 female students during private lessons at his home?
USA: Moyad and Mahde Dannon face firearms charges and providing support/resources to ISIS!
GERMANY: Boy, 8, killed by train after he and mother pushed onto tracks by Eritrean migrant
Macron’s France: Tourist caught in crossfire among three dead in gang shooting

Monday 29 July

Send kids to school to learn maths, English, science? LGBT lobby has other ideas for them!
Is it any wonder that 1 in 50 inmates in male prisons claims to be transgender?
Scotland Yard has released nearly 100 murder suspects without conditions in past two years!
Labour’s Kate Hoey: My Party has become ‘Party of the Metropolitan bubble!’
Home Office worker 'was lynchpin of plot to let illegal migrants stay'
Macron sends blunt message to Boris - EU threaten trade shutdown until UK hands over £39bn
Varadkar can blame Britain all he likes – but he is the real threat to peace!
Former Tory justice minister says cannabis factories may be the solution to unemployment!
At least 11 shot, three dead, at Gilroy Garlic Festival in California
Swedish city running low on blood due to stabbings
Migrants attack Italian Police during drug dealer arrest
Salvini blocks own coastguard from landing migrants in Italy
Democrat Baltimore Mayor caught on camera complaining about ‘rats, dead animals’ last year
Mueller’s lawyers spun the OLC guidance on indicting a sitting President
Bolshevism in Russia the work of the Jews?
Millennial police recruits - What are they like?
Muslim woman in shocking homophobic rant at Pride march in London
UK gives Malawi £65million in aid – President's wife spends £80k on trip to London
delivery driver with conviction for torture gets within feet of George, Charlotte and Louis'
Paloma Faith wants cross-dressing black lesbian with AIDS as Prime Minister instead of Boris

Sunday 28 July

LONDON BLOODBATH: Sean Obazee/Braeden Henry shot dead RAF cadet/ex-head boy
SLOUGH: 54-year-old attacked outside Church - Asian/North African stole phone and spectacles!
Police arrest preacher, 64, and grab his Bible... For promoting Christianity!
Tory donor Enam Ali arrested after forcing restaurant staff to work for nothing and live in squalor!
Robert Maxwell's daughter procured little girls for Epstein? Her charity now investigated by FBI!
Juan Rodriguez left babies in his car then 'forgot' about them - Charged with manslaughter
SAS soldier (first Brit to die fighting ISIS in Syria) was actually killed by US Navy Seal grenade!
Transgender convicts 'can wear stockings, miniskirts and heels!'
'Revolving door' row as top cop gets Big Brother database job!
Hipsters fleeing Paris due to crime and cost of living
Gay, half-Indian Irish PM threatens Boris with UK break up if No Deal Brexit!
Boris can legally pull UK out of EU on October 31 despite Remain election plot!
Labour in panic over Boris Johnson’s ‘energy’ as officials fear general election disaster
Brexit Party lashes out at Boris Johnson for ‘tiptoeing route trailblazed by Nigel Farage’
Labour in panic over Boris Johnson’s ‘energy’ as officials fear general election disaster
Brexit farce! May's advisor blames cabinet for blocking EU exit - but who appointed them?
FLASHBACK: ‘Amnesty Boris’ on illegals, open borders to Turkey, migration caps!
TRUMP: British-American trade will be ‘five times’ bigger with post-Brexit deal
Trump may designate ANTIFA 'gutless radical left wack jobs' a terrorist organisation!
'No human being would want to live there!' Trump on Baltimore and Democrat Elijah Cummings
Anti-Semitism nonsense has cost Labour almost £400,000 in legal fees!
Call me 'she!' Cross-dressing Eddie Izzard tells university as he receives an honorary degree
Kerry Katona admits she’s ‘relieved’ her ex is dead after ‘putting her through hell!’
Why Love Island is a £136million FAKE!

Saturday 27 July

WOLVERHAPMPTON: Ayman Aziz raped and murdered schoolgirl, Viktorija Sokolova, 14
12-year-old girl fights back against an immigrant pervert!
County Lines drug gang jailed for more than 61 years
CHATHAM: Lithuanian immigrant stalked woman before violent sexual assault in alleyway
BIRMINGHAM: LibLabCon's immigrant pets storm, loot, smash up ALDI supermarket!
LONDON: Chuckiel Simms punched police officer in the head - NO JAIL!
PAKISTANI: “My wife wore clothes I didn’t like, so I beat her up, and poured acid on her face...”
'North African thieves' stab cop to death on the streets of Rome
WASHINGTON: Gang brutally attacks two white men outside a hotel
Trans 'woman' human rights complainant (Brazilian waxes), behaved badly with 14-year-old girl?
Mother sues US county for giving her son sex change without her consent!
Kids as young as two praise ISIS and vow to ‘crush’ Westerners!
Boris off to a horrifying start - Already talking up an amnesty for illegal immigrants!
Migration Watch launches petition against BoJo’s migrant amnesty proposal
French Minister tells Johnson: you can't ban our fisherman from your waters!
Boris SCRAPS pledge to reduce migration!
Boris Johnson's 'collision course' with the EU
Labour's Clive Lewis says black Cabinet members sold their souls to serve under racist Boris!
HANNAN: The false promises on which the EU was built
Billionaire Soros pumps cash into Brexit Reversal campaign!
Nick Clegg claims £113k expenses from taxpayers despite £1million Facebook salary
Polish MEP, Dominik Tarczyński, sends a message to illegal migrants via Turkish TV
German politician: “We need a peaceful and tolerant Islam!” Good luck with that, Fritz!
Salvini to Macron: We are not your colony!
Norwich Pride: LGBTQ+ police officers in 'the rainbow march'

Friday 26 July

Killer filmed himself during murder trial making stabbing motions and listening to drill music - Not murder/manslaughter!
Mathuram Muthuraja pushed a man onto track as train approached - Jailed for 3 years only!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Man stabbed to death and second taken to hospital
Jeffrey Epstein called his victims 'drug addicts' and 'prostitutes' looking 'for a meal ticket'
Bob Geldof named in Mauritian finance leaks
USA: Mother sues county for giving her son sex change without her consent!
Rubbish-bin Stasi! Creepy official stung my son for £150 for putting bin out at wrong time!
Trump on Russia Hoax: ‘This was treason!’ ‘It should never be allowed to happen again!’
TRUMP: Media ‘totally unhinged,’ ‘dishonest’ — ‘It’s the enemy of the people!’
"The guardians of the nation" or the "biggest subversives in the country?"
Boris drops Tory pledge to reduce number of migrants coming here to 'tens of thousands!'
Steve Baker rejects Brexit Dept non-job accusing Boris of trying to leave him 'powerless'
Corbyn humiliated! ABYSMAL turnout to national rally in Parliament Square
Actress Bette Midler sparks fury over racist Trump rally tweet

Thursday 25 July

BoJo purges hardline Remainers from Cabinet
Boris appoints Brexit mastermind Cummings to drain the swamp
‘Brexit in 99 days, no ifs, no buts!’
German MP: BoJo bad news for Merkel and Berlin establishment!
Boris names Javid, Patel and Raab as his top team! (Where are the indigenous Brits?)
Boris has a mandate for No-Deal and it's no use Remoaners pretending otherwise!
EU leaders warn Boris NOT to rip up May’s Brexit deal
Anna Soubry: 'We will not allow a no-deal Brexit!'
Jacob Rees-Mogg is Leader of the House!
Rees-Mogg explains what 'Remainers are forgetting' if they intend to thwart No Deal Brexit
Farhad Salah plotted Christmas terror attack using bomb in driverless car!
HIGH WYCOMBE: Mother let husband rape her daughter from age 10! Sentence extended!
COVENTRY: Gang of robber savages 'threatened baby with knife!'
Bogus psychiatrist, Zholia Alemi, treated 164 patients at NHS trust!
ANTIFA and other hard-left groups are taking-up-arms!
ITALY: Brainwashed children sold to foster parents!
ITALY: Mayor, doctors and social workers arrested in brainwashed children scandal
MEXICO: Gunmen open fire at point blank range at rival gang members
Paedo Jeffrey Epstein found 'semi-conscious with neck injuries' in jail cell! (RESULT!)
Boy was infected with HIV from contaminated blood aged two and died from AIDS at seven
Whistleblower says Google IS politically biased - It 'use(s) its power to manipulate people!'
60,000 people a day can't get a seat on their train

Wednesday 24 July

Bojo set to make Sajid Javid Chancellor? So, right from the off, Boris takes the p***?
Trump wants Farage and Boris to do 'unstoppable' electoral deal to get out of EU
‘UK in much better shape’ now Brexiteer Boris Johnson is in charge!
BBC BIAS: Anger at ‘wave of anti-Brexit interviews’ as Blair and Brown get more airtime
Boris's first cabinet? Javid Chancellor, Jacob Treasury Secretary?
Farage says May ‘openly lied’ to UK after Eurocrat reveals PM never threatened No Deal!
May appoints Labour MP John Mann as government adviser on antisemitism on last day in power!
Conservative philosopher Scruton gets government job back after smears
Ilhan Omar 'disgusted' to be asked if she condemns FGM!
The great log out: Numbers show we are fed up with Facebook!
ANTIFA and other hard-left groups are taking-up-arms!
Cancer patient died after ‘chemo side effects were mistaken for anxiety!’
Hundreds of struggling British teens are resorting to suicide every year
Gatecrashers 'stabbed bouncer to death in bid to get into New Year's Eve party in Mayfair
Spanish handyman confesses to killing British pensioner and selling her possessions
Ayia Napa rape victim, 19, ‘fainted’ after 12 Israelis ‘attacked her one-by-one for an hour’
London machete attack: Man 'hacked in leg' at Canada Water
Epstein flew underage sex slave round the world so he and his famous friends could rape her!
Karen Lashun Harrison dropped her baby and killed him during brutal fight

Tuesday 23 July

Theresa May turned down Trump offer to protect UK ships to please EU!!!
Corbyn wags his tail furiously for the 'antisemitism' crowd!
COVENTRY: Mujdat Altuntas charged with alleyway rape of 14-year-old girl
COVENTRY: Boy, 15, shot in suspected 'drive-by' attack
Police hunting for two men after CS gas released on London tube
COVENTRY: Mujdat Altuntas charged with alleyway rape of 14-year-old girl
LONDON BLOODBATH: Shots fired in Hackney! Three hospitalised
Infamous Scottish thug jailed for 26th time!
Paedophile mummy's boy (she's a Vicar!) got twisted sexual kicks from his wicked lies!
OHIO: Ex-Judge dragged away to prison for using her position to help brother keep his job!
Women in Germany denounce migrant violence!
Philip Hammond took 15% stake in company before it won part of a £560,000 Govt contract!
Blair grilled over 'undemocratic' Brexit stance on BBC Newsnight
Farage could ‘take down’ Johnson if he fails on Brexit
Government Gay Lord who branded Brexit a ‘working-class tantrum’ resigns!
Gay Lord and sneering arch-Remainer, Alan Duncan, quits as Foreign Office Minister
Alan Duncan's resignation was a desperate plea for attention
‘When I say Bollocks to Brexit, I mean it’! New leader of Lib Dems vows to keep Britain in EU
Jo Swinson won't accept result of second referendum if it doesn't go her way!
LITTLEJOHN: Labour's Tom Watson championed cause of a malignant mud-slinging paedo!
Extinction Rebellion: Ex-members warn of ‘Marxist tinge’ that could see group implode!
Mentally ill children forced to travel up to 339 MILES from home for NHS treatment!
The Six Million Hoax! How Israel was lied into existence!

Monday 22 July

350,344 hospital admissions for SEPSIS in 2017/18! 38,401 babies and toddlers!
Women 'must be warned' of breast implant illness!
770,000 refused state support since Government pledged to reform broken care system
Babies extracted from mother’s wombs to have their livers harvested?
UK risks being dragged into ‘war of century’ by Trump adviser Bolton!
Israel preparing for war with Iran in next 2 years!
Israeli Minister boasts his country 'has been killing Iranians!'
'Anti-Semitic' posts found on Facebook page run by Extinction Rebellion founder!
Murderer freed to kill second woman after police and probation service blunders!
Immigrant kills German woman, pushing her in front of a train!
EU Panic! Countries try to woo Boris in desperate bid to avoid No Deal Brexit
BoJo will sack Jeremy Hunt if he becomes PM? (Fingers crossed!)
Boris's enemies are lining up to destroy him! They'll destroy Britain too!
Rees-Mogg blasts 'vain' Hunt for wanting top role in Johnson cabinet!
Soubry and co. humiliated - Remainers sack all staff bar one after abysmal EU election!
Project Fear defeated as groundbreaking data shows UK's bright future
Trump: Londoners ‘will never have safe streets’ under ‘incompetent’ Sadiq Khan!
Black pastor calls Trump more 'pro-black' than Obama!
Pro-Salvini priest says: Walls and borders made civilization!
ITALY: Nigerian Mafia goes ISIS!
POLAND: Sex assault victims take on the Catholic Church
POLAND: 'Far-right' attacks Bialystok's first ever LGBTQ pride parade!
How and why the Libyan Civil War of 2011 happened!

Sunday 21 July

Poor and abused children wrongly labelled transgender and prescribed sex-change treatments!
Transgender tales from Mad World...
How top Neocon John Bolton lured Britain into a dangerous trap to punish Iran
Ilhan Omar is not her real name! Her family are communist dictators destroying Somalia!
Foreign murderers, child rapists still in UK two years after these Lefties blocked deportation!
15-year-old left with 'life-changing' injuries after Coventry shooting
Rochdale councillor votes twice in local election - CAUTION ONLY!
PC Avi Maharaj bought TV porn at home of dead child's family!
Search for missing teenager in Vatican cemetery unearths thousands of bones?
Child sex ring run by former Israeli soldier dismantled by Colombian police!
Assi Ben-Mosh handed over to Israeli detectives over alleged prostitution and drugs ring
Jihadi stabs 3 Canadian soldiers - Canada in the time of Trudeau sends him to college!
Illegal aliens charged with murder, rape released by sanctuary state California!
EPSTEIN: 'Once the girls lost their braces, they were too old for him'
Jeffrey Epstein: CFR and Trilateral Commission Member!!!
DAVID DAVIS: We must protect the free British press from state bullies
HITCHENS: We’re destroying the Armed Forces - the last great institution that Britain has left
Khan’s London: Manhunt after suspected CS gas attack on tube train
Remainers plot to make Queen, 93, go to Brussels to beg for Brexit delay?
FARAGE: Brussels ‘bully boys’ plan to build a bigger EU ‘with no dissent allowed!’
Barnier threatens to make UK citizens living in EU pay price for no deal Brexit
Kate Hoey to defect from Labour to Brexit Party?
Campbell/Mandelson anti-Brexit group ‘is being ripped apart by bitter infighting!’
THEY are transferring fast-breeding Londoners up North!
'Doctors Without Borders' tell Germany to take thousands of migrants from Libya!
DIVERSITY is coming, bitch!

Saturday 20 July

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar claimed asylum using a false name and married her brother?
UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid sides with ‘the Squad’, condemns ‘naked populism!’
Angela Merkel, Justin Trudeau back ‘Squad’ after Trump’s ‘go back’ tweets
Trump optimistic Boris Johnson can straighten out Brexit
SURPRISE, SURPRISE! Philip Hammond backs second referendum!
Hammond and rebels threaten to BRING DOWN the government 'in the interests of the country'
Piers Morgan attacks Theresa May – 'What on earth has been going on?'
‘Victory against Remain establishment!’
TERROR as machete gang goes on rampage in Rochdale!
ESSEX: Shalina Padmanabha beat her 7-month-old baby daughter to death
'I was having sex with one... then his friends... attacked me!' Girl relives 'gang rape by 12 Israelis!'
Villagers don't want a Muslim cemetery! Yet planning proposals keep getting submitted!
Iran warned of 'serious consequences' over seizure of UK-flagged oil tanker
GERMANY: Nigerian goes on window-smashing spree
EPSTEIN: 'Unsupervised 15 and 16-year-old girls' on billionaire paedo's Caribbean island!
Bernie Sanders staff complain of ‘poverty wages!’
I Love Ilhan Omar!
The Murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom

Friday 19 July

STEVENAGE: At least 17 hurt as boy racers smash into crowds!
BBC savaged following Panorama documentary that ‘oozed BBC bias’
BORIS: Islam kept Muslims ‘centuries behind!’ ‘Muslim grievance’ behind most conflict!
Boris Johnson urged to appoint only TRUE Brexiteers to Cabinet
I’m no BoJo supporter but he's the best hope for Brexit! (Ex-Labour MP, Austin Mitchell)
David Davis claims Theresa May sold out UK to EU as she felt 'insecure'
Darren Grimes: Brexit campaigner wins appeal against £20,000 fine!
Portillo takes brutal dig at Brussels over 'failure to learn' from Brexit vote
We must end persecution of the vulnerable and elderly in society
BARNIER demontrated 'total scorn' for Raab – 'Boy will you be the biggest loser!'
MPs pass amendment seeking to thwart no-deal Brexit prorogation
Unelected Lords pass amendment to stop No Deal Brexit!
Farage says Theresa May ‘openly lied’ to the British people!
Corbyn and Khan sign letter accusing Trump of ‘unashamed racism’ against ‘The Squad!’
3 elected Mayors jailed in UK in past decade for electoral fraud! All of Pakistani descent
MIDDLESBROUGH: Politician who pushed for gender neutral loos charged with child sex crimes
Nigerian sex attacker should have been deported after abusing 14-year-old
Social workers in the dock over murder of 13-year-old executed by paedophile despite warnings
ESSEX: Abdi Hashi and accomplice chase victim, corner him on a train and stab him 6 times
AYIA NAPA: 12 Israelis raped British girl then got beaten up by other Brits?
Prisoners are converting to Judaism so they can get 'better quality' kosher meals!
Are you working for the BBC do you want to come forward and tell the truth?
Blunkett blasts 'rotting dementia care system' and governments who have betrayed patients
The world is not a progressive utopia - They ignored government warnings...
Journalist travels to Somalia to prove it is beautiful only to be killed by terrorists!
Stockholm terrorist Rakhmat Akilov says jail food is substandard and he feels lonely!
GERMANY: Feminist Magazine admits migrants are behind most pool sex assaults
Michelle Obama "the most admired woman in the world?" Ah, right, white folks are a minority

Thursday 18 July

Parents are encouraging children as young as three to change gender!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Jalal Uddin stabbed Asma Begum more than 50 times when she complained about him taking money out of her bank account and gambling it away!
AYIA NAPA: Girl, 19, gang-raped by 12 Israelis? Israelis beaten up by Brits!
Charity worker, Faraz Ahmed, stole £50,000 from severely disabled people!
Vodka-swigging drink-driver told traffic warden: 'F*** off, I run this town!'
Manchester bomber's brother Hashem Abedi arrives at court charged with 22 murders
Parents of terror victim, Sara Zelenak, want killers' families charged for not reporting extremism
Tenfold increase in rape and sex assaults at British universities!
Trump supporters roar 'send her back' after he slams far-left 'squad' member Ilhan Omar!
Is Somali-born far-left 'squad' member Ilhan Omar 'married to her brother'?
BARNIER: UK 'will have to face consequences' in event of No Deal!
British negotiators ran around 'like idiots' during Brexit talks, claims EU chief!
Fanatical Von der Leyen is the final nail in the coffin for shambolic EU 'democracy'
Barnier says Theresa May NEVER threatened Brussels with No Deal Brexit!
EU is BOSS! Juncker tells new President she must say ‘no’ to national governments!
Is the BBC digging its own grave with Brexit bias?
Guardian uses offence archaeology to rebrand Boris Johnson an Islamophobe
Labour civil war erupts as Tom Watson pushes OWN plan - Corbyn on the brink!
MPs reject attempt to force retailers to label products containing halal/kosher meat!
Thousands of women dying of strokes/heart attacks because NHS sees them as 'male diseases!'
Swedish dentist fired for revealing that 80% of ‘child migrants’ are actually adults!
KAMALA HARRIS: The dishonesty and hypocrisy of the elite!
BBC rewrites its own guidelines = Gary Lineker continues to rant on Twitter
Gary Lineker boasts that the BBC won't stop him from ranting about politics

Wednesday 17 July

British ambassador to Washington was himself responsible for secret leaks? WTF?
EU DECEPTION! Macmillan secretly met with 'Father of Europe,' Jean Monnet, to facilitate UK's entry
Former Israeli PM, Ehud Barak, seen entering Jeffrey Epstein's NYC mansion/knocking shop!
What’s the difference between what the MoS did and what Wikileaks/Julian Assange did?'
‘Deeply hypocritical’ UK govt vows to protect media freedom as Assange sits in British jail
4,000 'super prolific' criminals (more than 50 crimes each) avoided a jail sentence in 2018!
Pensioners targeted by criminals routinely failed by police!
Tory Councillor who campaigned for gender-neutral toilets charged with string of sex offences
CHESSINGTON MURDER: Drug dealer, Gerald Matovu, found guilty of killing Eric Michels
BIRMINGHAM: Woman grabbed by the neck, pushed to the ground, threatend with a gun!
'High-flying' PWC accountant, Leon Chan, caught with 1,700 upskirt images
Doctors report rise in ‘punishment stabbings!’
Merkel’s protege Von der Leyen confirmed as new European Commission President
REES-MOGG: Hammond's negative view of no-deal Brexit is pure silliness: it could be worth £80bn!
Arch Remainer, Dominic Grieve, compares Brexiteers to Islamic terrorists!
FARAGE: Von der Leyen wants to build ‘updated form of Communism’, advance EU army!
Politicians plot to stop Baroness Scotland winning a second term as Commonwealth chief
NGO Captain demands Europe take over 500,000 immigrants!
'Being called a bigot means I stand up for my beliefs,' says Christian doctor
Transgender man fights to be father/parent' rather than mother on child's birth certificate!
War veteran is forced to sell dream cottage to pay for his own dementia care
The truth about why so many millennial women are in abusive relationships

Tuesday 16 July

Young black and Asian inmates outnumber whites for first time in our prisons!
Gaddafi's plan to create gold-backed currency competing with euro/dollar got him murdered?
Macron jeered and booed the length of the Champs-Elysées by Bastille Day crowd!
West Indian savage who killed barmaid had murdered Catherine Burke a month beforehand
Albanian gang of 12 jailed for supplying cocaine to City workers in London's Square Mile
Manhunt for serial sex attacker on bicycle after seven assaults! (NO DESCRIPTION!)
NOTTINGHAM: African immigrant locked up after threatening multiple victims with a knife
Despite terror attacks, no member of UK’s most dangerous Islamist group ever prosecuted!
TEXAS: Paedo forced kids to have sex with each other while he watched
SOUTH AFRICA: Mark Batchelor shot dead by hitmen at his home
Rudd, Hammond, Miller, the Lords: a week of Remainer plots to stop Brexit
FARAGE: Labour has ‘signed its own death warrant’ with pledge to re-run Brexit Referendum
UK Police begin forced marriage crackdown as numbers spike
Outrage as council strips widow, 86, of nest egg in benefits row leaving her penniless
Brexiteer Rod Liddle savages BBC 'bias' in fiery clash with Newsnight's Emily Maitlis
Who to blame for Brexit chaos? THERESA MAY!
Arch-Remainer Dominic Grieve launches desperate attack on 'virulent Brexit Party populism'
Brexit isn't some imperial fantasy – it just means we want to be ourselves
Gina Miller is back – and her claims to be standing up for democracy are fooling no one
Kate Winslet (worth £62m, lives in Surrey mansion) says socialist parents frowned upon wealth!

Monday 15 July

Fury as Remainer Chancellor admits he didn’t want firms to prepare for No Deal Brexit!
Foreign doctors behind 60% of sex assaults on patients! NHS wants fewer disciplinary hearings!
Lion of London Bridge is DENIED compensation for his injuries - Criminal record the excuse
Why did British Police ignore Pakistani gangs abusing 1,400 Rotherham children?
New Syphilis cases now outnumber HIV across Europe!
Did family of overseas aid poster boy steal funds meant for earthquake victims?
Warsame Mohamed, who fled Britain after helping to kill a man, jailed for just four years!
Khan’s London: Manhunt after car ploughs through seven people!
At least 45 lambs and sheep 'killed and butchered' in spate of 'professional' attacks
Drivers who kill are being 'let off' with five-year jail terms despite Government pledge
Scotland Yard terror chief Neil Basu left isolated over Press threat on cable leaks
Tory Chairmen cast aside neutrality to endorse Boris Johnson for party leadership
Night of the Long Knives: Boris may purge Remainers from Cabinet... (Fingers crossed)
Philip Hammond says Macron could punish UK if Brexit goes ahead! (Better to kowtow forever?)
Farage vows to ‘replace the British Conservative Party’ if Boris betrays Brexit
Farage calls Ambassador Darroch a ‘fanatical’ Europhile and ‘globalist!’
Gina Miller vows to block No Deal Brexit in Court
Salvini furious after Paris gives medal and cash to migrant ship Captain!
ANTIFA flags flown at Durham Miners' Gala!
Terrorist killed attacking migrant detention center was affiliated with ANTIFA!
Trump tells Congresswomen to 'go back' to their 'broken and crime infested' countries!
The Pope just gave nearly 1 million dollars to fund INVASION of America by illegals?
The Bolshevik Revolution - Darkness Descends
OONA KING: Fury over Baroness Boastful's jaw-dropping deal!

Sunday 14 July

Is Labour’s David Lammy sending HIMSELF hate mail?
Why was psychotic career criminal free to murder? Savage ruled NO RISK by psychiatrists
Check out the real Ella Rose! (Panorama's antisemitism 'expose' on Labour)
This looks bad for Panorama! Westerman's claims of antisemitism called into question!
Muslim Council of Britain launches Centre for Media Monitoring to silence criticism of Islam!
Found with baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire? NO JAIL! Cops babysitting = No evidence
Failed asylum seeker, Aly Donzo, raped woman at Glasgow party
Albanian mafia flaunts wealth, recruits more footsoldiers to the UK!
Gangland enforcer behind a £53m Securitas heist gunned down at house owned by Russell Kane
LONDON BLOODBATH: Another boy, 15, stabbed in Canning Town
African immigrants turn Church into a base dealing heroin!
Deported thief allowed back into the UK under EU freedom of movement laws
Balaclava-clad Laoui Ali stabbed student to death in attack outside college
British Muslim forced to marry her cousin because parents feared she'd 'become too Western!'
A line has been crossed. They need classes in free speech at police college
Brexit Party SECOND biggest in UK, new poll shows as Lib Dems drop
BoJo "can't dissent" with the Trump's damning verdict on Theresa May!
Tory MPs plot to end Boris premiership on the day he becomes PM
Unelected Lords and ladies plot to block No Deal Brexit
Hungary's PM warns of migrant crisis: ‘Millions will arrive, our task is to defend our people!’
Top university split in row over erasing ‘racist’ science pioneers from the campus
McCluskey brands Tom Watson a 'f***ing disgrace' for attacking cancer-stricken Jennie Formby
Labour’s foreign spokesperson Emily Thornberry endorses Israeli racism?
The number of under-25s with Type 2 diabetes doubles in five years amid obesity epidemic
Jeffrey Epstein accused of paying $350,000 to potential witnesses in underage sex case
The black woman who will be the next 007?

Saturday 13 July

RUSSIA on Tommy Robinson: “The oppression of citizens due to their opinions isn't acceptable!”
Migrant baby boom! English schools need 418,000 extra places!
Killers, rapists, drug dealers will have criminal records wiped to help them find jobs!
Savage who stabbed teen to death because he wasn't allowed into a party gets 17 years
Broad daylight, streets of London...
Savage caught on video screaming at Lee Pomeroy before stabbing him to death
Train-rage killer was schizophrenic cannabis-addicted gangster with 30 convictions!
Schizophrenic was declared 'no risk' a day before he stabbed Lee Pomeroy to death!
Mother of beheaded Danish student calls for their ISIS killers to be executed!
Number of cases of syphilis in Europe hits all-time high!
Family of hit-and-run girl, 4, not allowed to read out parts of victim statement (Might upset killer)
Denys Terebenets caught in paedophile hunter sting - NO JAIL!
FRANCE: Young woman raped and murdered - Syrian immigrant arrested! Thanks, Macron!
Half of Germany sees Islam as a threat!
Tommy Robinson transferred to Belmarsh! (Once described by MSM as 'a Jihadi training camp!'
Police force takes legal action over controversial policy requiring all new officers to have a degree
Labour councillor who attacked ‘privatised education’ sends child to £40,000-a-year school!
BoJo lashes at 'BBC-generated Brexit gloom and negativity'
Andrew Neil defends Farage as former Blair adviser compares him to Hitler
Farage declares war on 'fake polling' after Brexit Party slump
Terror cops probe leak of Darroch's Trump emails
Florida High School fires Principal for refusing to affirm Holocaust occurred!
How the Israel lobby fakes anti-Semitism
25 Senators in secret meeting with Jewish leaders - Influence of Jewish Elites angers majority
"George Soros, Where's Our Money?"
Jews and pornography

Friday 12 July

LONDON BLOODBATH: Three teenagers stabbed in Croydon last night, one dead!
The child sex victims betrayed by cops afraid of being called racist!
Drug gang family smuggled £1.2m heroin haul into UK in boxing gloves
The press must be free to criticise Islam!
SCANDAL! UK pays £670m+ to EU for Brits' healthcare and gets back less than £50m!
European population growth continues to be driven by mass migration
German Prosecutor: The rule of law in Berlin is ‘no longer functional!’ Thanks Merkel!
Ukraine to enforce chemical castration for paedos in fightback against rising child rape numbers
MPs use taxpayer-funded staff to mind children/pets, wait for shopping and even dust homes!
Bercow on BRINK: 'Aggressive' speaker may face investigation into historic bullying claims
All unity within Labour is smashed - and the party is now at war with itself
Half of Britons atheist, only 38% Christian, Islam on the rise!
Climategate was fake news,’ lies the BBC…
During a witch hunt, the first casualty is common sense
One man's quest to expose a fake BBC video about Syria
Most US vets think Middle East regime change wars weren’t worth fighting, survey finds
Archaeologists rubbish Netanyahu’s claims that Palestinians have ‘no connection’ to homeland
EPSTEIN: I was 14 years old and still in braces when abuse began
FBI has evidence Hillary visited Epstein's 'Orgy Island!'
Christian missed out on World Cup because she p***ed off 'virtue-signaling feminists? ?
R Kelly arrested in Chicago on paedo sex charges
Nice one Granddads!

Thursday 11 July

Education Secretary, Damian Hinds, insists children have never had it so good!
Policewoman who revealed the truth breaks her silence and shames superiors who betrayed her
Is Mad Cow Disease set to strike again?
My son died decades after mad cow disease – and others will too
Helen Lewis interviews 'right-wing' Canadian academic, Jordan Peterson - FASCINATING!
‘Lolita Express’ and the famous friends of Jeffrey Epstein!
New Jeffrey Epstein accuser: He raped me when I was 15!
'Everybody called it Paedophile Island!' Caribbeans say Jeffrey Epstein 'wasn't well received'
“I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone!”
Gulf cartel’s head of migrant smuggling was in US custody but released after 15 days
German court convicts Iraqi migrant of rape and murder of 14-year-old girl
ROCHDALE: Sobia Aftar mounted pavement, killed girl, 10, then tried to flee to Saudi Arabia
African woman used false ID to live in council flat and swindle £164,000! Not deported!
Mohamad Yousef got woman to marry him after a month then vanished with their wedding money
Cops knock on mum's door because her kids were playing naked in garden paddling pool
‘Stupid guy’ Ambassador resigns - Great news for Trump, Boris, Britain and Brexit!
Orbán looks to alliance on migration, Christian values with Baltic states
Berlin and Brussels demand EU states take in Mediterranean migrants
BLOCK BREXIT! New Juncker urges UK scrap EU exit and join Federal United States of Europe!
National Secular Society warns government against turning UK into 'hotbed of non-stun halal slaughter!'
Left-wing billionaire Pierre Omidyar is funding Media Freedom Conference!
1,000 Google employees signed internal anti-Breitbart petition
Global warming luvvie, Barbra Streisand, flies her dogs 10,000 miles to watch her sing
'Tacky' Meghan Markle's Wimbledon row proves she's not Diana

Wednesday 10 July

My party now loves the EU more than its working class voters!
CANNING TOWN: Jalal Uddin said he was 'not in this world' when he stabbed wife 60 times!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Teenager and man rushed to hospital after Brent stabbings attack
London stabbings mapped! Horror as bloodbath continues - 10 deaths in just 5 weeks!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Craig Small gunned down in front of stunned shoppers
Telford sex gang leader needs 40 stitches after prison razor blades assault
GERMANY: Iraqi asylum seeker jailed for life for raping and murdering girl, 14!
GERMANY: 5 boys as young as 12 ‘film themselves gang raping mentally disabled teen, 18!
Muslim says having intercourse with nine year old is 'justified!'
Doctor sacked because Christian belief stopped him calling transgenders by preferred pronoun!
ENGLAND: Drugs killed brothers, 20 years apart! Sheikh Khalid in 2019, Sheikh Mohammed in 2019
Tower Hamlets schoolboy, 11, wins £3,500 after teachers wrongly accuse him of wearing ISIS T-shirt!
Trump is right. The Ambassador ‘Stupid Guy’ Kim Darroch must go!
‘Institutionally antisemitic!’ Three Labour Lords resign whip over antisemitism!
Israeli Minister of Education, Rafi Peretz, says US-Jewish rate of intermarriage is "like a second Holocaust!"
Zuckerberg admits Facebook interfered in political speech before Irish abortion vote

Alan Dershowitz press access to hearing on Jeffrey Epstein sex abuse curbed!
'Proud to be racist' in Israel, helping illegals to immigrate in Europe!
Welsh school uniforms gender neutral! SWITZERLAND: Lifeguards are routinely threatened and abused by migrant-background youths!
Noam Chomsky on Julian Assange, Russia, nuclear war etc.
'Nightmare' Meghan is accused of breaching Wimbledon etiquette!
KONTA: Over-sensitive, over-hyped, over here Australian! She was rubbish!
Megan Rapinoe: Lesbian icon; sneering, PC toerag; soccer player!

Tuesday 9 July

More than 300 overworked NHS nurses have died by suicide in just seven years!
Jeremy Hunt's bid for PM funded by a close ally of Saudi prince Mohammed Bin Salman?
Macron's France is on a mission to kill free speech online!
Tommy Robinson asks Donald Trump for asylum!
TRUMP TWEETS: Donald condemns Theresa May and her Ambassador
BoJo prepared to ‘be hated’ when PM? GOOD! As long as the British people don't hate him!
Brexit Betrayal: Philip Hammond vows to stop no deal Brexit and remove BoJo’s Tory whip
WIDDECOMBE: Farage will be ‘too busy being PM’ to be new Ambassador to USA!
REES-MOGG: Never-Brexit Tories risk ‘catastrophic’ Prime Minister Corbyn!
Dozens of illegal boat migrants land in England over weekend!
Now boys will get the HPV vaccine! (Inject them all! Inject them all!)
‘Severe, serious abuses’ by FBI, CIA ‘going to come out!’
Driver left for dead and his van used in ram raid - 90-minute crime spree!
Smirking after gang raping teenager! Sali Amet, Omer Engin and Salih Altun jailed
Salih Khater drove at cyclists/police outside Parliament in a 'premeditated and deliberate' attack
'Predator' raped girl, 12, he met at a party
Made in England by traitors - London is a sh*thole!
London Sh*thole! Super sewer won't solve the city's epic sh*t problem!
Liberal multiculturalism is DEAD!!!
Carl Bernstein says press made ‘Big Mistake’ with Mueller obsession!
Cops remove lesbians from National Theatre after transgender offended by their views
Kim Darroch is totally unsuitable to remain as our man in the US after appalling Trump slurs
Muslim Council of Great Britain campaigns for 'fairer' media coverage! (REALLY?)
Meanwhile, in Disneyland, the kids are better behaved than the adults....

Monday 8 July

Tory views: Bring back death penalty! Islam threatens our way of life! Trump = Good PM!
Brussels dishes out powerful EU jobs like royal patronage in 'disgusting insult to democracy!'
Labour now a racist party! Only honourable thing is for members to leave, says Jewish journalist!
Britons' Facebook usage has plunged by more than a third over the past 12 months!
North Devon coastguards rescue teenager to hospital in own vehicle - Get told off - Resign!
James Brindley was stabbed to death by stranger, Ammar Kahrod, as he walked home
Edyta Mordel/Lukasz Cieciura have a Down's syndrome baby - Edyta sues NHS for £200,000!
GLASGOW: Schoolgirl, Robyn Fryar, killed by hit-and-run driver racing on wrong side of road!
Drug gangster, Abdullah Hassan, fourth ISIS terrorist who boasted about killing Brits/Americans
LONDON BLOODBATH: Woman in her 50s found dead in Blackheath garage
LEICESTER: Ten people (3 police officers) taken to hospital after chemical attack outside pub
Woman hospitalised in 'unresponsive and serious' condition - Doctor Hossam Metwally charged
Pervert Haben Mihretab is banned from every female toilet in UK!
'Lesbian' asylum seeker deported after being found in bed with a man must be brought back!
NOTTINGHAM: Gypsy drags horse by the neck and kicks it in the head on traveller campsite
Romanian criminal cannot be deported from UK under this EU law!
Cannabis dealers now so brazen they register their drug business with Companies House!
2,993 child sex offenders released with no conditions to stop them approaching victims?
Eight postmen bitten by dogs every day!
Benjamin Netanyahu demands Europe impose increased sanctions on Iran!
Rory Stewart plots 'new Parliament' as he bids to kill 'No Deal'
FARAGE: Kim Darroch totally unsuitable to remain as our man in the US after Trump slurs
More than 30 Tory MPs are set to block a no-deal Brexit
GREECE: Left-wing government humiliated as voters turn backs on Tsipras
Prosecutor who dropped Jussie Smollett charges was given $400K by George Soros!
19 million+ infected with latent form of drug resistant TB! (How many are now here?)
NHS waiting lists soaring as consultants refuse to work overtime!
Church of England will not challenge ‘same-sex’ marriage if spouse becomes trans
David Baddiel makes new BBC film to keep the memory of 'Holocaust survivors' alive
French press criticises US women’s soccer team for being ‘mostly white!’

Sunday 7 July

Sex crimes against under-16s rocket to 62,000 a year! 4,500+ crime gangs!
UK population grows 5 times quicker than average EU country! (Fast-breed migrants to blame?)
LONDON BLOODBATH: 8 people stabbed and 3 shootings in just 24 hours!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Women and three children stabbed in Enfield
BARKING: Savages stab man 18 times - Jonathan Mulangala also tried to kill another man
Healthy girl, 4, left with brain damage after Chantell Graham injected her with insulin!
LONDON: Bus driver Anderson Worrell crashes into depot after smoking crack!
Jihadis massacre entire Christian village in Mali, killing at least 100
Check out the 'German' rapists...
IRELAND: ISIS bride begs to come home promising not to ‘kill anyone’ if she's let back in!
Judges rule that Romanian criminal cannot be deported under EU law
Migration Watch slams Boris plan to give amnesty to illegal aliens as ‘manna for traffickers’!
Jeffrey Epstein (registered sex offender since 2008) arrested for sex trafficking of minors!
The Tories are now suspending members over claims of Islamophobia!
We didn't listen to Project Fear before and here's why we won't listen to it now
Brussels hits out at Ireland and suspends millions in fishing aid!
Emily Thornberry's office behind claims Corbyn is 'too ill to be Prime Minister?
Man wearing Union Jack suit refused entry to Magpie & Stump pub, 18 Old Bailey, London
Trump is 'incompetent', says UK's Washington Ambassador! (Globalists, eh?)
Concentration camps for right-wing (patrriotic) dissenters?
The Nike flag row shows America has lost interest in the ideal of freedom!
HITCHENS: Wimbledon joins smash-family-values crew! Stops women being called Mrs/Miss
This Tommy Robinson verdict is a travesty of justice!
Budding architects at play...

Saturday 6 July

340,500 people moved out of London in the 12 months before June 2018
WHISTLEBLOWER: UK "grooming gangs" exposed by ex-police officer
Detectives smash UK’s biggest ever modern slavery ring (400 victims) run by Polish crime family
LONDON BLOODBATH: Man shot dead in Wembley
Shakira Pellow, 15, died in mum's arms 12 hours after taking 'dark web' MDMA pills!
Police investigate rape of girl, 13, in Torquay - Girl seen with black male in a Transit van
BOLTON: Ex-soldier suffers serious injuries after being stabbed
Judges re-convict Tommy Robinson for contempt of court!
UK's most senior Asian policewoman sues Scotland Yard for 'racial and gender discrimination!'
81% of ‘suspects’ flagged by UK Police facial recognition are innocent!
FARAGE: The sooner we leave the unreformable and appallingly undemocratic EU, the better
Woman who invited migrants to camp in her garden now wants them to leave!
Brexit Party MEPs reveal 'vast bureaucracy of EU superstate!'
Theresa May accused of 'playing petty politics' in a bid to undermine Boris Johnson!
May’s aides accused of 'playing petty politics' with security services in attempt to smear BoJo!
The Civil Service must stop briefing against potential Prime Ministers
Millionaire ('extensive political/society connections') accused of sex crimes gets gagging order!
Green light to convert former chapel into mosque

Friday 5 July

Five former Scotland Yard chiefs' warning... The public have lost confidence in the police!
Former WPC says Government issued blanket ban on investigation of Pakistani rape gangs!
Breaking point! Damning report reveals force struggling to deal with 10-year-high murder rate!
Policing resources at dangerously low levels - Cuts contribute to lawlessness!
Afghan immigrant asked people if they were English and stabbed them if they said yes!
Knifeman who murdered pregnant woman - Was he a stranger?
Illegal immigrant who won £17,000 for unlawful detention jailed for attempted rape! Joseph Mjemer has 64 previous convictions!
Four people stabbed in just six hours in multicultural Birmingham
Laughing at the law! Criminals grow £1.5million cannabis farm inside a disused police station!
Sixth person jailed for pupil sex assault at top private school
HEREFORD: PC Davey and his dog Bacca stabbed/slashed by Mesut Olgun in June 2018
Former magistrate killed his dog with hammer because it 'got on his nerves' – NO JAIL!
SWEDEN: Female cops told to submit to Islamic State or be raped!
Migration-background youths show up at French school to ‘beat Whites!’
BBC says half of young Arabs want to migrate to Europe and North America!
Patients' lives are being put at risk because of delays giving them treatment for sepsis!
Alcohol abuse affects one in five UK inpatients, study suggests
Jewish activists bring downtown Boston to a halt to protest immigrant detention
Head of Israel lobby group exposed by undercover film resigns!
Rothschild created Israel, forcing the British government to sign Balfour declaration
Penguin, Rothschild and Zionist pressure
ANDREW NEIL: "How can Europe's future be safe in these people's hands?"
Farage: We must end ‘globalist drive’ to outsource people’s sovereignty to elites!
MPs will and should stop No-Deal Brexit, says Remainer no. 1, Philip Hammond!
Britain seizes Iranian oil tanker bound for Syria
Patient banned from hospital after demanding to be seen by a white doctor
France prosecutes journalists for filming Yellow Vest protest where Macron doll was beheaded
Farage’s tribute to British ‘literary giant’ Christopher Booker!
Thomas Jefferson’s hometown will no longer honour his birthday

Thursday 4 July

One in ten patients in NHS hospitals is alcohol dependent
Asbestos found in nearly half of local authority run primary schools!
Some women have penises. If you won’t sleep with them you’re transphobic!
Help for migrant families living in overcrowded homes!
LONDON BLOODBATH - MURDER 68! Man dies in hospital after being stabbed in Batersea
Desmond Sylva stabbed girlfriend Simonne Kerr more than 70 times when she refused sex
Darren Pencille who stabbed Lee Pomeroy 18 times had stabbed and threatened other before
UAE Emir's son found dead in Knightsbridge penthouse 'threw drug-fuelled orgies!
Telford grooming gangs threaten to murder victims family - British cops refuse to help!
Mohammed Aslam thought he'd got away with rape! Then he was dragged off a flight to Pakistan
Telford child sex exploitation inquiry 'could last twice as long as Rotherham!'
MANCHESTER: Teenager taunted with lewd remarks, then 'Asians' sexually assault her
George Osborne wants the top job at the IMF!
New EU President nominations a ‘Franco-German stitch-up’, says Farage
Merkel’s Trump-lecturing protégée considered for top EU job!
Meet the new EU Presidents who make Donald Tusk & co look like saints!
Corbyn humiliated as Farage STORMS ahead of Labour boss in leadership ratings
Voters think Nigel Farage 'is more honest' than Boris AND Hunt, new poll reveals
Farage reveals EU’s secret no deal Brexit plot to force the UK to Remain
BoJo attacks May for 'dithering' Brexit leadership - '3 years of decay!'
BoJo unveils £1 billion plan to put bobbies back on the beat
Brexit Party MEP slams EU lawmakers pushing for a ‘United States of Europe’
Brexit MEP: EU's ‘financial dictatorship’ faces collapse without British money!
EU sharpens torture tools as Swiss showdown escalates into energy war!
Corbyn ‘asked speaker to remove veterans from Commons over soldier F support?’
From Brown to Corbyn, Stalinist purges are how Labour keeps order
Joe Biden’s staff say they fear broaching the subject of political problems posed by son, Hunter!
Number of Americans considering themselves 'extremely proud' of their country at record low!
Tired of woke corporations trashing the USA?
Selective outrage from Democrats ignores reality of Obama-era migrant detentions
Far-left fake news outlet CNN's death spiral! Double digit ratings collapse!
Andy Ngo, on his run-in with Antifa: "Portland (has) become a hotbed for far left militancy!"
German swimming pool closes after 50 north Africans cause havoc
Is this proof Brian Jones was murdered?
Is Gary Lineker really worth £1.75million?

Wednesday 3 July

Every week 12 young people die from sudden cardiac death!
Attack random members of public with a knife? Asylum seeker wanted to kill English people!
Boy filmed joking 'where's ya shank?' with friend who later stabbed him in the heart
Shalina Padmanabha faces jail for beating her seven-month-old daughter to death
Paul Ashe smashed Simon Bradbury in face with hammer then, out on bail, slashed another
Havoc in Newham as man 'shoots iron arrows into crowd!'
5 cops 'withdrew to await back-up at St Patrick's Day hotel crush that left 3 teenagers dead!
Ten ineligible women a day fly into the UK to give birth on NHS maternity wards!
New Green MEP, Magid Magid, says 'I'm black... I don't intend to try fit in!'
Staunch anti-Brexiteer gets EU's top job replacing Jean-Claude Juncker!
EU picks ultra-federalist who wants ‘United States of Europe’ as next President!
If Parliament isn't running scared of being replaced by the Brexit Party, it should be
Brexit MEPs take seats in EU Parliamentthree years after leave vote
France blasts ‘hysterical’ migrant policy of Italy’s Salvini
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights says ISIS fighters held by Syria should be repatriated!
What a black woman finds funny - Licking ice cream then putting it back on the shelf!

Tuesday 2 July

Christmas and Halloween may soon become outlawed in Muslim dominated East London?
FARAGE: We must end ‘globalist drive’ to outsource the peoples' sovereignty to elites!
Sadiq Khan promising to 'get tough on knife crime' before his election as London Mayor
Having identified 600 violent members of banned Muslim group, cops prosecute none of them!
ISIS jihadi jailed for making child watch him masturbate!
Daniel Grogan and family murdered Jay Sewell, 18, new boyfriend of ex-lover
SOUTHAMPTON: Vandals smash up at least 15 cars - Police refuse to attend
Detective did not try to sabotage inquiry into Stephen Lawrence's murder! Doreen dismayed
330 people in 'positions of trust' with the Church of England convicted of child sex offences
Now our traitorous government has the ‘Lion of London Bridge’ on a terror watchlist!
Yisrael Katz, Israeli Minister of Intelligence, says: "Israel must carry out a targeted civil elimination of the leadership of BDS activists!"
Germany threatens journalist with prison for speaking about Palestine!
BERLIN: Jewish museum director forced out by Israel lobby!
GERMANY: Activists disrupt Israeli intelligence officer's promotional event
Top US diplomats filmed smashing down walls close to Arab holy sites in East Jerusalem!
IRAQI SCHOLAR: Jews persuaded Bush to invade Iraq because of Torah prophecy!
‘Muslim Scholars’ demand ‘Fascist’ Israel be returned to Arabs!
Jeremy Hunt says one of his best school friends is a Chasidic Jew
DERBY: 61-year-old lady rides her bike - Black man punches her to ground! Normality 2019
USA: Antifa plans acid attack on free speech rally! Promises to blind attendees!
However did this anti-Democratic creep ever get to be a Baroness?
Which key marginals could the Brexit Party win in next election?
BoJo will ‘revitalise’ the UK and destroy Scottish nationalism says Rees-Mogg
Rory Stewart says 'majority of Britons' will fight no deal Brexit! (F*** off, monkey, you lost!)
Brexit-blocking Remain MPs will run out of time to prevent a no deal Brexit?
Bristol girl detained at airport over FGM fears
UK headmistress suspends 10-year-olds for ‘homophobia!’
Pre-packed sandwich firm supplying NHS slammed by inspectors for 'risking food safety!'
Sharron Davies says transgenders have sex advantage and must be banned from female sport
In scathing attack on snowflakes/PC, Paxman says the old are the only ones it's still OK to mock!
Snowflake hypocrisy! Glastonbury fans leave piles of rubbish despite eco-warrior plastic ban!
BBC pay: Huge pay rises for Zoe Ball, Claudia Winkleman and Vanessa Feltz!

Monday 1 July

The unarmed ‘Lion of London Bridge’ fought off Islamic terrorists! Now our traitorous government has him on a terror watchlist!
Israeli attack: Tel Aviv 'launches devastating airstrike on Syrian capital Damascus!'
LONDON BLOODBATH: "Black people... we're blaming everyone else except ourselves!"
When people say we should legalise drugs, just think of this video
Police launch SIX murder probes in 48 hours of violence!
Night of violence! Four stabbed to death in disgusting low for London!
Shepherd’s Bush: Yusuf Mohamed, 18, ‘stabbed in heart’ while out ‘buying his mum milk’
CHICHESTER: Woman gang raped by 'tanned-skin' men in doorway of disused Argos
LONDON: Dozens of police attacked as mass brawl erupts
Burglars Sutherland, Brown, Nasim and Khan caused damage in excess of £100,000!
Translators for foreign criminals have cost £63.8million in three years!
Stormzy: a talentless tool of the establishment!
SYDNEY: Manasa Qoro attacked and raped 59-year-old grandma walking through park
ANTIFA yellowbellies use crow bars and mace to attack elderly men!
Christian village in Mali 'virtually wiped out' after Jihadists massacre 100 men, women, children!
ISIS poised for ‘devastating’ comeback thanks to secret billions and sleeper cells!
Danger Money: Sweden to pay teachers extra to work in ‘No Go zones!’
USA: Black savage attacks woman without warning, breaking her eye socket
Luxemburg PM: "Theresa May would make a very good candidate for the top job in the EU!"
'The Brexit Bashing Corporation!' Boris blasts the BBC!
Brexit Party unveils key policies and MP candidates at ‘Big Vision’ rally
Gay, half-Indian Irish PM says Brexit divorce deal is shut!
Bercow set to cause Brexit CHAOS as he delays departure as Speaker
Outrage in France after civil servants were paid to do nothing for 25 years!
Schoolgirls banned from wearing skirts as Bradford school insists on ‘gender-neutral’ trousers!
Mental health of three generations harmed by the Holocaust?

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