Daily News: January 2020

Friday 31 January

Oh, What A Lovely Day!
First UK coronavirus cases confirmed!
Oh, look! DIVERSITY is eating little, baby animals! Eating them ALIVE!
Is the Vatican invoking LUCIFER at Catholic Mass?
Enroy Ruddock boasted of stabbing man to death! 'Should've seen the way that I kweffed him!'
Car-jacker, Majid Ali, smashed Blythe over the head with a hammer and left her partially blind
Courts in crisis: Delays leave paedophile trials on brink of collapse!
No-go area of Alexanderplatz in Berlin recorded 900+ violent crimes in 2019! (Thanks, Merkel!)
Those who run German cities demand right to accept more asylum-seekers!
Keir Starmer (favourite to be next Labour leader) calls on BoJo to give EU nationals right to vote!
Ridiculous EU laws Britain has been forced to accept from Brussels!
Just one day until Brexit and Remainers still the majority on Question Time panel!
LITTLEJOHN: Britain, you really can take a bow! For a triumph of democracy!
The 10 maddest Remainer moments
Britain suffers 175 deaths A DAY in winter due to fuel poverty!
US-Israeli jailed in Russia for drug trafficking pardoned by Putin, leaves with Netanyahu!
FREDERICK FORSYTH: Elites got it so wrong on Brexit, we just wanted our country back!
Business leaders back Britain after Brexit!
The doom-mongers got it wrong about Britain's Brexit economy
Rebel Media's Ezra Levant secretly videotaped his interrogation by Trudeau Thought Police!
Pompeo says Huawei is 'not to be trusted!' Congratulates us for escaping 'tyranny of Brussels!'
2015 photo emerges of whistleblower Eric Ciaramella with Biden advisor and Ukrainian officials
Chief Justice John Roberts refuses to read Rand Paul whistleblower question!
Harvey Weinstein 'hired Mossad-linked agency to spy on accusers!
Katie Hopkins suspended from Twitter for Stormzy comments that offend Rachel Riley!
If a Jewish Countdown hostess deems you're online remarks hateful, you'll be silenced now?
Martin Shapland (got Alastair Stewart sacked) and his 'f***ing white privilege' tweets
Top newsreader Alastair Stewart fired for quoting ‘racist’ Shakespeare!
Not racist - Proof our culture war is at an all-time low!
ITN chief executive facing backlash over Alastair Stewart resignation!
From Alastair Stewart to Scruton, the public are fighting back against the cancel culture!
Meet Simon Cobbs, the shy and self-effacing founder of Sussex Friends of Israel!
'Without him she'd be a waitress!' Samantha Markle says Meghan must apologise to her dad!
Actress Jodie Turner-Smith won’t raise her children in US because ‘white supremacy is overt!’

Thursday 30 January

Our country doesn't belong to us anymore!
Unis/councils threatened with funding cuts on refusal to adopt IHRA antisemitism definition!
Coronavirus sufferers are trying to spread disease by SPITTING at care workers in Wuhan!
Killer coronavirus spreads to EVERY region of China!
Ireland is bleeding! As migrants are housed in hotels, 222 homeless people die in just 4 years
Yellow Vest protestor, a FIREMAN, shot in the back of the head by MACRON'S COPS!
Anti-Macron firefighters violently clash with police in Paris
Edward Heath was 'given £1.5MILLION before signing away UK sovereignty!'
The BBC may not air BoJo's Brexit message!
As Nigel waved UK flag, THEY silenced his microphone at end of his final EU speech!
'Leave! Take your flags with you!' EU parliament VP, Mairead McGuinness, silences Nigel's mike!
OUTRAGE! Staggering amount Britain has spent staying in EU exposed!
The EU has failed to grasp the whole political landscape has utterly changed!
Britain won't be last to leave EU, says German Socialist MEP!
Finnish MEP says Brexit is a victory of the common people over the elite!
EU Betrayal! De Gaulle KNEW membership would crush UK economy!
Labour MPs furious after Corbyn's election failures!
ROCHDALE: Choudhry Ikhalaq Hussain gets 19 years 8 months for his part in child sex scandal!
GILLINGHAM: Dealer Quamdeen Olanrewaju found with starter pistol, crack, heroin and £980!
Religious teacher Ashraf Sidat charged with indecent assaults on boys
BIRMINGHAM: Andrew Wolstencroft attacked with machete - Mohammed Taleb charged
Disgraced Koran teacher who died in jail will have funeral at mosque where he abused kids!
AUSTRALIA: Refugee Mugahed Eldouma broke into home of a pensioner, 76, and raped her!
Convicted of sex crimes, this trannie is no longer a threat because of gender change!
New York frees six drug dealers accused of running $7million Fentanyl ring! (WTF!)
Trump’s military drops a bomb every 12 minutes and no one is talking about it!
Why don't the overpaid BBC bosses sack themselves?
Labour MPs furious after Corbyn's election failures 'covered-up' in whitewash report!
‘Angry ape’ gets UK's longest serving newsreader, Alastair Stewart, sacked?

Wednesday 29 January

Boy, 16, 'hacked to death with a machete' at packed London railway station
Scottish cops kept asylum-seeking child rape gang SECRET despite victimising 44+ young girls!
Council children's boss during Manchester grooming scandal: 'I wish I had known more!'
THE DAM BREAKS! Establishment media zone in on Biden family’s culture of corruption!
UKRAINE – Piggy bank of corrupt U.S. Democrats
UK schools warned to watch out for “xenophobia” as Coronavirus spreads!
ABOUT TIME! African immigrants jailed in Ireland for FGM on baby daughter!
LIVERPOOL AREA: Female thieves (Gypsies?) hit 3 Co-Op stores in half an hour
Nicki Minaj's brother gets 25 years to life for repeatedly raping his 11-year-old stepdaughter!
SWEDEN: Just seven convictions after 250+ explosions and bombings in one year!
Top cop says we've been misled! £6billion smart motorways project killed 38 motorists in 5 years!
SMART MOTORWAYS! 'I said goodbye to my husband at 8am - by 8:15am he was dead!'
Coronavirus infected are trying to spread disease by SPITTING at care workers in Wuhan?
LISBON TREATY: How Gordon Brown HID while European leaders signed away UK sovereignty!
EU will keep seat open for ‘small country’ UK in case Brexit doesn’t work out!
By stoking toxic Anglophobia, Leo Varadkar is digging his own political grave!
Leo Varadkar is too big for his boots - and here’s why!
Ghislaine Maxwell wanted to MARRY Jeffrey Epstein!
Lidl issues urgent food recall after discovering cancer-causing substance in Kania Oregano spice
Washington becomes first state to legalise human composting!
ISLAM - Imam lays it on the line - Don't feel sorry for infidels!
Palestinians say Trump’s new plan is ‘biggest scam in modern history!'
Trump's Middle East peace plan 'dead before it has been proposed?'
Jared Kushner says the Middle East plan is 'a great deal' - Tells Palestinians not to 'screw up!'
The Judean German War
The Unnecessary War!
Dresden and the endless war for the soul of Europe
Stalin's War of Extermination - Part One
Stalin's War of Extermination - Part Two
The Origins of the Second World War
Churchill and the Jews
How the Jews defeated Hitler by Benjamin Ginsberg
FDR led the public to think he didn’t want war with Germany

Tuesday 28 January

Manager at firm that made Grenfell cladding said it was 'dangerous' six years before 72 died!
LONDON: Five drill rappers sentenced to 116 years for sword murder of gang rival!
Sandeep Singh charged with GBH only after 3 Sikhs stabbed to death in Ilford!
GLASGOW: Cops took down large-scale asylum-seeker grooming gang but kept it secret!
Fake taxi driver jailed for 12 years for raping University of Leeds student
Pharmacy worker who sold £2m worth of prescription medication to drug dealers gets 6 years!
FINLAND: "How shitty white men are” woman murdered by immigrant ex-boyfriend!
MICHIGAN: Woman kills abusive partner, Damon Darnell Hodges, in children's trampoline park
Sweden has expelled Christian woman back to Iran where she faces death penalty!
US Prosecutor says Prince Andrew has provided ‘zero cooperation’ in Jeffrey Epstein probe!
Mother-of-two died from cervical cancer after being told six times she did not have the disease!
Bill Gates predicted Chinese coronavirus a year ago saying 33M could die in 6 months!
The social care crisis is an embarrassment for our nation!
LITTLEJOHN: We need less Big Brother and more bobbies on the beat!
FBI reviewing allegations that Ilhan Omar married her brother
John Bolton denies ‘coordination’ with New York Times after book details leak!
Joe Biden claims he was ‘raised in the Black Church!’
Harold McMillan deliberately misled the Commons and Commonwealth about EEC membership!
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown condemns “humiliating” commemorative Brexit coin!
EU demands its own Strasbourg judges have final say on any EU trade-deal disputes with Britain
Rebecca Long-Bailey says it's 'bollocks' that we rejected socialism in the General Election!
Huawei, Coronavirus and Boris’s great Brexit betrayal
Chicken farm supplying Tesco and Asda has licence suspended by RSPCA
How I despise the dark arts of tech giants who pay less tax than J.K. Rowling
Prince Charles flew 16,000 miles in 11 days before proudly posing with Greta Thunberg!
Mr Markle says Meghan isn't a victim of racism! Says criticism of her and Harry IS justified!
Broadcasting watchdog on Jo Brand’s throw-acid-at-right-wing-politicians ‘joke’ - NO ACTION!
Doctor Who is now a black woman?

Monday 27 January

Ayia Napa teen says Israelis 'were like a pack of wolves!' She 'wanted to die' after 'brutal attack!'
Taxpayers fund £500,000 study for Britain's health chiefs to improve treatment of 'pregnant men!'
Almost one-fifth of deaths in British cities is linked to air pollution?
Boris must deliver on immigration promises for his new blue collar voters!
‘What has the EU done for us’ viral post? This turned me into a Brexiteer!
Priti Patel attacks big business for being 'too reliant on low-skilled and cheap labour' from the EU!
UK patients tested for coronavirus rises to 52 - NHS staff briefed on how to handle dead bodies!
The US Center for Disease Control/Prevention responsible for China's Coronavirus epidemic?
Trump accuses John Bolton of making up stories 'to sell his book!'
‘There'd be outrage’ if Trump family was doing what Biden family did when Joe was VP!
PRESTON: Boy, 16, arrested after three strangers stabbed in knife rampage
Asian gang attack!
CLAPTON: Polish immigrant, Daniel Wycik, charged after man in his 60s stabbed to death!
LOUISIANA: Matthew Carter, 17, murdered by black teenagers 13 and 14!
Syrian refugee arrested in French anti-terror operation!
Piers Morgan slams luvvie Hugh Grant as ‘disgusting’ after he says Britain is ‘finished!’
Thomas Markle vows ‘everything will come out’ if he gives evidence against Meghan
'SEX IS INCREDIBLE!' British OAP, 80, plans to marry Egyptian toyboy 45 YEARS her junior!
NBA legend, Kobe Bryant, killed in helicopter crash!
Kobe Bryant pilot, Ara Zobayan, warned he was flying 'too low' moments before fatal crash

Sunday 26 January

CANADA: Chinese researcher escorted from infectious disease lab amid RCMP investigation!
Canadian lab's shipment of Ebola, Henipah viruses to China raises questions
Is Beijing suppressing the true scale of coronavirus infections?
Killer coronavirus will hit Britain 'within days!'
'You're rubbing our noses in it!' Lord Heseltine lashes out at BoJo's plans to celebrate Brexit!
Dread threats from the EU will not stop us from returning power to the British people!
'A bully and a liar!' John Bercow torn apart in ferocious attack by former Black Rod!
‘Doubters were wrong all along!’ Project Fear destroyed as UK outperforms EU!
2019: Will champagne socialists soon be all Labour has left?
The BBC is panicking at the public’s rejection of its arrogant Left-liberal worldview!
Sadiq Khan offers ‘emotional support services’ to ‘European Londoners’ on Brexit Day! (YUK!)
Masked thugs beat-up and rob couple of £9,000 cash in terrifying gun-point raid!
French and Dutch Police bust network smuggling 10,000 Kurds into the UK!
Rothschild heir accuses Vienna of ‘perpetuating’ Nazi laws!
Meghan Markle wants to be more 'politically engaged!' May intervene in Presidential election!
Oxford professor given security guards following 'threats' from transgender activists!
NIGERIA: Christians accuse government of collusion after Boko Haram beheads Pastor!
Nigerian rights advocates ask Pope, Trump, to intervene to stop Christian genocide!
69% of French predict Macron will lose next election!
France’s Macron slams antisemitism on Jerusalem visit
Renaud Camus is sentenced to prison!
Heroin, cocaine and crack were on tap - Life inside HMP Wandsworth
Storm over the Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis stopped with wads of cash!
'Jabba the Jihadi' says he received funding from a terror financier in Britain!
Australia Day protested as ‘Invasion Day’ by Aboriginals and anti-patriots!
Hillary Clinton leaves Sundance premiere of her documentary BEFORE film starts!
BBC agenda! "Is it time the all-white period drama was made extinct?"
The Fluoride Deception!

Saturday 25 January

US health experts said coronavirus could kill 65m in a year - 3 months BEFORE China outbreak!
Government advises schools that transgender boys need access to free period products!
Lawyer Sophie Khan says heroic policeman should be disciplined for saving his life with a Taser!
217 patients operated on unnecessarily by surgeon, Habib Rahman? (Still working in the NHS!)
Pharmacist, David Ihenagwa, sold £2m worth of prescription medication to drug dealers!
Sex attacker assaults girl, 13, on her way to school! 'Suspect described as a black male...'
Fraudsters are operating 'with impunity' because police aren't equipped to investigate them
I'm joining police to keep my mum's memory alive, says daughter of WPC Sharon Beshenivsky
Why did the NHS let me change sex? Clinic fast-tracked gender change aged 16!
Council officials tell young mum (two babies) to 'call back tomorrow' after fire destroys her flat
Macron demands that Boris gives EU fishermen 25 year access to UK waters!
£5billion Saudi jet deal shot down by Germans! Blow for British jobs
Germans fear Britain as they face the reality of a resurgent UK
Warden in charge when Jeffrey Epstein died in jail quietly given top job at 'Club Fed' prison!
George Soros donates $1 billion to combat ‘authoritarianism!’ SERIOUSLY?
French teenager in hiding after insulting Islam online
FRANCE: Pack attack boy
New Swedish Islamist Party wants to grant Muslims ‘special minority’ status!
Health Secretary says it's ‘increasingly likely’ there'll be cases of Chinese Coronavirus in UK!
CCTV captures women urinating against Blackburn house and gate

Friday 24 January

Tens of thousands out on streets in "Marches of Light" in French cities! MEDIA SILENCE in UK
Ghislaine Maxwell's emails hacked, powerful people at risk
Harvey Weinstein sent Sopranos actress a box of chocolate penises before he 'raped' her!
Knife crime Britain: Politicians have ‘blood on their hands’, says grieving mother!
"Young black men are doing the dying, young, black men are doing the killing!"
Maniac who hacked cop with machete a rapist who previously almost chopped off man’s hand!
LONDON: ‘Criminals are getting away with it!’ 98.7% of personal theft cases = NO CHARGE!
Irish mob boss due to be delivered the severed head of hacked up teen flees to Britain!'
Telford abuse victim raped by 500 men from 11 - Cops chose to prosecute HER!
BEX BAILEY: Labour activist raped at party event told not to report it by senior official!
Leila Messaoudi had 22,600 cigarettes and 200lb of tobacco in her luggage returning from Dubai
Child sex slaves would often be raped by hundreds of ISIS fighters!
USA: Young woman robbed at gunpoint in violent robbery at her front door (Usual suspect)
Oxford professor needs security guards to protect her after threats from transgender activists!
USA: Three children smothered to death by their 'meth-addict' mother!
Saudi 9/11 suspects were exonerated by Bush government before FBI could finish investigation!
Swedish Police Chief says despite full prisons, shootings remain high!
NHS manager says Terry Jones' death meant his Trust 'got away with' dementia patient failures
Top US political commentator slams Trump show trial - ’This isn't about right and wrong!'
Four people tested for Chinese Coronavirus in Scotland
Health bosses urge 2,000 recent arrivals from China to call NHS if they feel ill!
Seven babies died at hospitals where senior doctors refused to work evening/weekend shifts!
SIMON PEGG: "Inequality will only be tackled if the rich are taxed more!"
BORIS: UK has crossed the ‘Brexit Finish Line!’ Withdrawal Act becomes law!
UK to face massive fines if it deviates from thousands of directives from Brussels every year!
EU fear! This is why Brussels wants to continue controlling the UK?
QT audience member ridiculed for accusing media of brainwashing voters to back Tories!
George Galloway breaks down why it will be 'catastrophic' if Scotland leaves the UK
Whining Bercow hits out at Tories blocking his peerage and is brutally mocked!
Champagne socialist's property empire: One £2.9m London home isn't enough for sacked 'snob' MP!
Israel accuses the BBC of 'belittling the Holocaust!'
Defying spying concerns, Huawei gets role in UK 5G network rollout!
French Intelligence Services have expelled 16 radicalised agents since 2014!
'Britain's strictest headteacher' sent flirtatious 'naughty'/'stunning!' messages to pupils!
Humiliation! Sussex Royal trademark blocked in horror blow to Meghan and Harry!
Remember when Prince Charles said we had 100 months to save the world? (2009)
Love Island's Mike Boateng told a 17-year-old he'd "show her a good time" in police uniform?

Thursday 23 January

COKE, the world's biggest plastic polluter, says it can't upset consumers by ditching plastic!
Hong Kong confirms first Wuhan virus case, endangering protests!
EU preparing to give UK worse trade deal than Canada, Japan
John Bercow's most senior member of staff accuses him of BULLYING!
Chancellor doubles down on UK breaking away from EU regulations
'Gun for hire' used to murder teenager Tanesha Melbourne-Blake was also used to kill man, 20!
DEVON: Luigi Gian Palmas charged with murder of writer, Katherine Bevan
Knife crime hits record high as number of offences solved plummets, figures reveal!
LEICESTER: Carlos Vinodchandra Racitalal's two-week attempted murder spree!
Handyman found not guilty of trying to kill police officer with machete!
Smuggling ring that brought 10,000 Kurds into Britain smashed! By French/Dutch police!
Gang stole £87k in violent armed robberies - Four jailed after getaway car crashed!
2016: 'Three black teenagers' - Google image search shows police mugshots!
Burmese maid plunged toddler's arm into boiling water (She wanted to go home)
Thousands of Greeks demand refugees be removed, as the natives are in fear of their lives!
French intellectual says mass migration is INVASION! Convicted of incitement to hatred!
TURKEY: 'Marry your rapist' law allows men who seduce underage girls to avoid punishment!
Deaths of at least seven babies 'could have been avoided!' East Kent NHS apologises
Woman given puberty-blockers at by NHS wants to stop children suffering same treatment!
Ghislaine Maxwell's secret emails hacked in potential new blow for Prince Andrew
Harvey Weinstein used his friendship with the Clintons to intimidate his victims!
Deadly Chinese coronavirus picked up from from SNAKES sold at Wuhan market?
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman planned to hack Jeff Bezos' phone!
Somalia offers to take Swedish ISIS members from Syria!
France: Security services arrest seven Islamic radicals plotting terror attacks
Paraguayan tribesman "I customarily killed old women!"

Wednesday 22 January

NAMED! Top cops in key positions when the Manchester child sex case was dropped!
Labour Chairman urges Keir Starmer to ‘stand aside’ so party can have first female leader!
Farage slams Sweden Democrats for dropping policy to leave EU
SCHWEIZER: Warren and Klobuchar have ‘cashed in’ from corruption!
Another Bernie organiser praises Soviet gulags, dreams of GOP in ‘re-education camps!’
UK CRIME: Crackdown on soft justice as victims FINALLY put first!
Federal Bill introduced to protect sportswomen from Trannie chancers!
NIGERIA: ISIS forces eight-year-old boy to execute a Christian prisoner!
TEXAS: Somali Muslim leader, in the USA illegally, arrested for sex crimes against children!
COMEDY GOLD! Stormzy slams Shakespeare and calls him a ‘bad influence’ on kids!

Tuesday 21 January

Google tried to rig 2016 election in Hillary's favour! Dr Epstein's testimony before Congress
Google whistle-blower suggests wife's fatal car crash may not have been accidental!
Tucker Carlson: ‘Democrats aren’t promising change — They want revolution!’
Catholic Church spent over $2 million on lobbying to block child rape laws
‘No Coincidence’ that Biden family deals took place when Biden was VP!
Hunter Biden’s firms scored hundreds of millions from Russians, Chinese, and Kazakhs?
TEXAS: Somali Muslim leader, in the USA illegally, arrested for sex crimes against children!
LIVERPOOL: Koong Boon Khan, 74, found 'visibly rotting' in his wheelchair! Wife admits neglect
Police constable among 16 in court in Bradford over sex offences!
Hardeep Singh says 'It’s time to have an honest conversation about ‘Asian’ grooming gangs!'
World Economic Forum says China and the USA should try to be more like hell-hole, Sweden!
WMP top cop Dave Thompson 'doesn't remember' Manchester grooming gangs investigation!
Tommy Robinson says Silicon Valley now controls how people think!
Merkel answers difficult questions on migrant crime
Only 15% of boat migrants are sent back! Iranian illegal immigration surges
Tommy Robinson says Silicon Valley now controls how people think!
The Jewish photographers who helped shape the image of the civil rights movement...
LITTLEJOHN: Sending Bercow and Tom Watson to the Lords is well out of order!
Downing Street may block Bercow's Peerage
Laurence Fox slams Sam Mendes and says 'forcing diversity on people' is 'institutionally racist!'
PIERS MORGAN: Spare me your 'patriotic' crocodile tears, Harry - You chose to ditch the Queen, your military comrades and your country… to become a royal Kardashian!

Monday 20 January

Rotherham top cops who left Asian grooming gangs free to rape because they were afraid of race backlash must be named and shamed says MP!
Rotherham police chief: We ignored sex abuse of children!
18,700+ suspected victims of child sexual exploitation identified by local authorities in 2018-19
SWEDEN: In the last 5 years, sex attacks against girls aged 15 to 17 have increased by 51%!
More than a third of girls say they have been sexually harassed at school!
LEICESTER: 'Chubby Asian' stabs boy, 10, in neck outside family home!
ILFORD: Three Sikh men stabbed to death in a single attack!
Man accused of raping British and Brazilian sex slaves in the Algarve is a convicted killer!
TRUDEAU'S CANADA: Killer demands transfer to female prison now he identifies as a woman!
Outrage as BBC World Service internship scheme only open to people who aren't WHITE!
Liberalism is collapsing under the weight of its own hypocritical intolerance!
NEWSWEEK: ANTIFA's deadly year shows the extremism on the far left!
Five members of Joe Biden’s family got rich through his connections?
In Germany, Jewish funds help keep Mediterranean migrant rescue missions afloat!
Macron's France sees surge of rape, murder and violence in 2019!
See how Macron's cops treat women protesting Macron's policies!
Macron evacuated from Paris theatre as protesters block exits!
Spanish Minister claims country needs ‘millions and millions’ of immigrants!
Malaysia returns 42 containers to UK in purge of 'illegal' foreign waste! (Good for them!)
BREXIT: Over a thousand European financial firms rush to enter UK before January 31st!
FURY as Labour nominates John Bercow to the House of Lords!
BERCOW! Backlash at Corbyn's plot to get Remainer ex-speaker in the Lords!
BORIS: Foreign aid for coal mines and coal-fired power plants to end
Millions of pounds paid to wind energy farms in Scotland NOT to run their turbines!
Court rejects 3 of 4 search warrant requests for Netanyahu aides’ phones!
Harry stripped of military titles and barred from wearing army uniform
Media treatment of Meghan and Harry racist, say Labour candidates!
Ex-Prince Harry got woke, now he's broke?
The vast chasm between what the Sussexes wanted and what they got
MY KINDA CELEB! Laurence Fox once broke up with a girlfriend for being 'too woke!'
‘Bimbo’ fetish model nearly died after designer vagina op surgery in £80k plastic surgery splurge

Sunday 19 January

Did Joe Biden steal $140 million from the Treasury Department?
'I didn't think of Iraqis as human,' says soldier who raped girl before killing her and her family!
Hillary Clinton was up to her eyeballs in the conspiracy against Gaddafi and his 'Gold Dinar!'
Ministers secretly restart No Deal plans!
Eurocrat Verhofstadt claims ‘young generation’ will force UK to rejoin EU
Sadiq Khan refuses to take down EU flag outside City Hall for Brexit day!
500 people kill themselves every year, hooked on gambling by greedy betting giants!
Rotherham sex gang victim says police aided and abetted abuse of hundreds of children!
Sajjad Hussain, a bank worker who led a double life as a bank robber!
Nearly one-in-five French newborn boys have Muslim or Arabic first names!
Swedish Police Chief: Despite full prisons, shootings remain high!
Women quitting jobs in Swedish no-go area mall due to harassment from immigrants!
Hospital admissions for over-50s with cocaine poisoning has risen tenfold in a decade!
Eminem compares himself to Manchester bomber in rap lyrics!
40-stone ISIS terrorist, Abu Abdul Bari, arrested in Iraq! Shifa al-Nima was taken away on a truck as he was too heavy for a car...
Laurence Fox slammed by Equity’s 'minority ethnic committee' after QT clash!
Meghan's dad says: 'They're turning the Royal Family into a Walmart with a crown on!'
Dan Hodges was branded a racist for asking a question about Meghan, just like Laurence Fox!
Ghislaine Maxwell hosted a tea party 'in her underwear... and threw a puppy across the room!'
Prince Andrew's tycoon pal and £6m Tory donor hatched plot to become Kim Jong Un's banker!
Love Island star, Mike Boateng, 'being investigated by Manchester Police!

Saturday 18 January

From 1999 to 2018, a total of 770,000 Americans died of drug overdoses!
Germany's demographic catastrophe!
'With it being Asians, we can't afford for this to be coming out!' Traitorous top cop admits police ignored Muslim sex abuse for 30 years for fear of stoking racial tensions!
Top Cops who turned a blind eye to Muslim paedophilia must be prosecuted!
The heartbreaking letter by 13-year-old Rochdale victim ignored by corrupt cops!
Bagel tycoon's nutcase son, Joshua, murdered his mother and sister at £2.5m family home!
Robert Wilson, 53, stabbed to death 'after confronting a gang of drunken youths!'
'Irish teenager was decapitated' by gangsters!
Muslim who attacked cop with machete says: “My life is worth more than his life!”
Rashidul Islam phoned in bomb threats to delay his Gatwick easyJet flight!
Millions in EU funds funnelled to Sicilian Mafia!
ITALY: Post-Salvini Lefties consider amnesty for 700,000 illegal immigrants!
Long-Bailey: I can reach parts of electorate Corbyn failed to reach!
Wrong Daily's Jewish campaign manager advises a soft-left strategy - Corbynistas walk out!
Same Marxists who anointed Corbyn have put Rebecca Long-Bailey within a whisker of top job!
SNP set for disaster in 2020 as party faces total COLLAPSE!
Gun restrictions punish the rational/responsible for the acts of the irrational/irresponsible
French radio apologises for “Jesus is a faggot” remark - To Gays, not Christians!
Harry and Meghan's hideaway, Jewish billionaire, Yuri Milner, and a web of intrigue!
‘Will this kill my career?’ Actor Laurence Fox comes out as pro-Trump!

Friday 17 January

Sepsis kills more than cancer with more than 11 million global deaths a year!
Paedos 'escaped justice' because of "appalling failings" of Greater Manchester Police!
Detective who blew the whistle on GMP’s child abuse failures finally vindicated!
Paedo gang left to roam the streets of Manchester and police knew about it!
Coroner 'significantly underplayed' child sexual exploitation in Victoria Agoglia's death!
Law Society suspends former Salford coroner, Simon Nelson! ('Financial irregularity')
Police told to look for ‘other ethnicities’ as ‘Asian’ grooming gang preyed on girls!
DIDCOT: Darren Maccormick murder! Taison Cyrille, Isaac Boyland, Brookton Lagan charged!
Birmingham preacher, Michael Oluronbi, multiple rapist! Wife Juliana aided and abetted him!
3 immigration judges and 5 lawyers 'scammed taxpayer out of up to £12.6m!
HUDDERSFIELD: Arjan Sandhu launched an unprovoked machete attack on a charity worker
PORTSMOUTH: Teaching assistant, Louis Mireles, sexually assaulted boy, 7 - NO JAIL!
WARRINGTON: Melad Mustaffa-Ali wanted in connection with sexual assault!
LEICESTER: White man, 64, attacked by black racist outside McDonald's
Care home workers, Abana Arshad and Amy Greenhalgh, bullied dementia patients!
Knife thugs laugh in face of justice! A third of repeat offenders avoid jail!
Prince Andy accuser Virginia Roberts condemns Naomi Campbell and Ghislaine Maxwell
Jeffrey Epstein was STRANGLED and did not hang himself?
Topshop billionaire Philip Green's sex assault trial is postponed AGAIN!
BERLIN: Trans-woman assaults hijab-woman
USA: Pervert says he identifies as an 8-year-old girl and should have his rights protected
Swedish woman fined $4,000 for insulting Islam!
Drug and rent boy MP, Keith Vaz, made Chairman of constituency Labour Party in Leicester East!
London Mayor Sadiq Khan pledges £300,000 to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation in Poland
University pays student Stasi to inform on classmates' use of subtly offensive language!
Theresa May’s EU-first Brexit negotiator, Olly Robbins, knighted!
Scottish Greens bid to give refugees right to vote!
Ireland ‘on Team EU!’ UK must obey EU rules post-Brexit!
"EU co-operation morphed into domination, sovereignty morphed into a superstate!”
Lefties try to shut down screening of film sceptical of Climate Change!
LITTLEJOHN: Until the Left respect democracy, they'll just keep losing elections
40% of countries around the world will face civil unrest in 2020!
300,000 children in the United States prostituted each year are victims of child sex trafficking!
Guy Verhofstadt has threatened to sabotage Brexit talks!
In 2010: Israel was on the cusp of declaring war against Iran!
SHAMEFUL! Britons furious after Lord Greaves compares Brexit Britain to Nazi Germany
The evidence is overwhelming! It was Roosevelt and Churchill who were determined to have war with Germany and not Germany who wanted war with us!
Why do Jews lead the alt-right and ‘white’ nationalist movements?
Twitter deletes video of Prince Harry begging Disney to give Meghan a job!
Kensington staff tells about Meghan and Harry’s time at the palace
Fitness ad from Sport England features a visible tampon string!

Tuesday 14 January

MANCHESTER: Police and social workers knew children were suffering 'the most profound abuse... but did not protect them!' 97 'predominantly Asian men' were suspected but 'very few' were brought to justice!
World Health Organisation admits vaccines are killing people!
European Commission is putting paedophiles' privacy ahead of fighting online child abuse!
Majority of Britons reject amnesty for illegal aliens!
COUNTY LINES! 'He stabbed me in the head first - On these streets, everyone gets stabbed!'
Reverend Nathan Ntege pocketed more than £60,000 from 500 sham weddings!
Romanian immigrants accused of ‘slow and painful’ killing of 350 sheep on English farms!
New York: Muslim gets 15 years for planning to build a bomb for a jihad massacre!
MANDELA: "By day, he was... a moderate democrat... by night he... became a leader of a fanatical sect known for its attachment to the totalitarian Soviet ideal!"
Mother diagnosed with terminal cancer 'after doctors refused to give her a smear test!'
Plastic surgeon calls for end of unregulated 'Wild West' lip filler jabs!
Mueller witness, Clinton sponsor, George Nader, guilty of child porn possession, sex trafficking!
The money and masterminds behind 'Drag Queen Story Hour!' Israel Fishman, Michelle Tea (Tomasik), Walter Haas, Zellerbach family...
Bill Gates flew on Lolita Express with Jeffrey Epstein 4 years after release from prison!
Piers Morgan puts anti-British Afua Hirsch in her place!
Labour’s new leader will continue to ‘thwart Brexit and keep Britain shackled to the EU!’
Black Labour MPs complaining of racism? That's a new one...
'UK will never be sovereign!' Fury as Corbynite belittles UK during anti-Brexit tirade!
Lisa Nandy admits ‘Labour Party deserves to DIE’ in brutal assessment of election failure!
John Bercow's golden goodbye!
15 churches sent "threatening letters" with one warning of a petrol bomb attack!
EU free movement has triggered population crisis in Croatia!
Pope Francis 'at centre of apocalyptic prophecies' after referring to 'end of the Earth' in 2013
Iran TV sees news presenters quit! 'Forgive me for 13 years I told you lies!'
The Queen's statement on Harry and Meghan - What does it mean?
Meghan Markle kept Hollywood lawyer, agent and business manager despite joining royals!
By playing this despicable race card Meghan and Harry have grossly libeled all of Britain!
Harry and Meghan want to move to LA – But only when Trump is gone!
Military is losing respect for Prince Harry - ‘Disgusted at disrespect to Queen!’
Previously unpublished Roger Scruton interview on Brexit, migrant crisis
Gun permit applications surge “nearly 1,000 percent" in New York Jewish community!

Monday 13 January

LANCET: The only way to stop racism is ‘to eliminate whiteness all together!’
The Board of Deputies lays down the law to the Labour Party!
Anti-Semitism election row was stoked by Israel, Labour report says!
Cops refuse to name 2,000 sex offenders, 1,757 identified as paedos, sex and child traffickers!
SURREY: BMW driver arrested after fatal hit-and-run
Paedo Koran teacher dies in jail! Funeral at same mosque where he abused his victims!
Stoke-on-Trent sex attacks - Police seek 'prayer cap-wearing teen with large nose!'
Muslims say they are upset and offended by women's behavior in Britain!
Disney's ‘Magical Kingdom’ cruise line offered trips to Epstein’s ‘Paedophile Island!’
Facebook glitch reveals Greta Thunberg's dad posting as the climate activist!
Disturbing links between Satanism and abortion!
France 2019 saw record 1,457 cars burned on New Year’s Eve!
Syrian Orthodox Church in Sweden under guard after series of arson attacks!
UN refugee mission head warns of growing displacement of people in Libya
RIP Britain’s greatest Conservative philosopher, Sir Roger Scruton
Sir Roger got Orders of Merit from Czechia, Hungary, Poland for fight against Communism
Sheep stabbed to death in latest ‘Satanic’ animal killing in England!
Meghan Markle refuses to move back to the USA while Trump is President? STUPID BIMBO!
Check out Meghan Markle's rudeness!
'We have lost respect for you!' Military figures dismayed by Harry's behaviour

Sunday 12 January

Academic who had sex swap surgery then changed his mind, now accusing the 'transition' industry of pushing vulnerable people like him into irreversible operations they'll regret!
Lesbian feminist (daughter of cross-dresser, Grayson Perry) pushes nude models for kids to make them ‘relaxed’ about their sexuality!
Twitter gives platform for paedophiles to discuss child rape?
Boy George is ‘transphobic’ for mocking pronouns as a ‘modern form of attention seeking!’
USA: April Birman killed herself because the CPS and the Dept of Justice stole her child!
High level intelligence officer exposes Deep State paedophile rings, killing of world leaders etc.
Hardline Remainers can’t stand the idea of Brexit working!
Boris should get Brexit done as he promised and not bend under EU pressure!
BBC is culling older, white male presenters to make Radio 5 Live more attractive to youngsters
The Asian immigrant who raped 195 men is still her 'baby!'
Underage Huddersfield rape victim was forced to have sex with "up to 300 men!"
LONDON BLOODBATH: Ivor Collingwood-Williams stabbed two women at random - NO JAIL!
Albanian gangster, deported for shooting a rival 6 times, is back in the UK!
Richard Carvath on lack of investigation into a Devon and Cornwall child sex ring
Football agent, Michael Etuhu, hired thugs to kidnap man, thinking he was a crime lord!
'My dad tried to kill me because he thought no-one would marry a single mum'
Birmingham teacher, Nasser Khalil, jailed for online sex chats with 'girl of 12!'
Doctors accused of cashing in, offering secret 'virginity repair' operations to Muslim women!
The Ministry of Justice has failed to rehabilitate offenders and keep the public safe!
Two thirds of disputed Calais 'child refugees' are adults, says Home Office!
French researcher links ‘neglected’ enclaves and prisons to rise of radical Islam!
Fury on streets of Tehran after military admits shooting down plane!
British Ambassador to Tehran arrested, then released in Iran
Shady things about the Royal Family everyone likes to ignore
Surprise, surprise! Meghan was 'on a mission to bag THE prince and RULE the world!'
Elton John knew Meghan and Harry were quitting before the Queen!
Ladbrokes slashes odds on Meghan Markle running for U.S. President!
Counter-terrorism unit listed Extinction Rebellion as and extremist group!
Swedes vote climate policy biggest waste of taxpayer money in 2019
Glowing stones to commemorate Holocaust across Netherlands

Saturday 11 January

JOHN HUMPHRIES: "The policing of language, and meaning, to engineer a different society, indeed a different kind of humanity, is something that all supporters of free speech should be on their guard against!"
Wannabe Labour leader Clive Lewis fears racism might be reason for lack of support!
Hey, mainstream media! Could you tell us what is happening in Toulouse?
Rory Stewart HUMILIATED as BBC make him re-watch Brexit prediction!
Law and order are needed in Britain's prisons, not political correctness!
There is still something rotten in our prison system!
Terror attack suspect, Brusthom Ziamani, held Sharia courts inside HMP Whitemoor!
Dean Jones: Gleneagles raider who fled to Brazil is jailed at last
SHEFFIELD: Police ‘did nothing!’ Immigrant paedos rule!
Twitter changes terms of service to allow for paedophile content on their platform?
The evil of county lines exposed!
Thousands of children as young as FOUR are tuning in for 'Love Island!'
Jewish professor, Margo Kaplan, says paedophilia is not a crime!
Vatican Foreign Minister: Migration has always been ‘good for humanity!’
Scottish hermits excommunicated after accusing Pope Francis of heresy!
Iran admits accidentally shooting down Ukrainian passenger jet
ISIS welcomed the death of Iranian general, Qasem Soleimani!
Christians beheaded for Christmas, the West goes back to sleep!
Kenya: Muslims storm military base, murder 3 Americans!
Ann Coulter: Our broken border, not Iran, kills 30,000 Americans every year!
USA: Epidemic of Government employees watching porn on taxpayer time!
Macron's France admits 80% of immigrants claiming to be children are actually adults!
TRUMP: Democrats responsible for child smuggling into the USA!
Kincora 'VIP paedophile ring' victim Richard Kerr speaks out
POLICING HISTORY! Ireland surrenders to Sinn Fein version of the past!
Eamonn Holmes slams 'spoilt awful and weak' Meghan Markle
Oprah Winfrey advised Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on Megxit!
The Obamas are advising Meghan and Harry on new life outside the Royal Family...
It is absurd to blame the Harry and Meghan fiasco on 'British racism'
Meghan Markle Is NOT a victim of racism!
Prince Harry’s role as head of Royal Marines ‘in doubt’
Meghan Markle signs a voiceover deal with Disney!
Britons want Harry and Meghan stripped of titles and public money as popularity plunges!
MEGHAN MARKLE: 'It's always her way or the highway - She flees when things get heavy!'
Black Britons know why Meghan Markle wants out - It's the racism!

Friday 10 January

GALLOWAY: “The protests... are in their millions... They are white, blue collar workers and families! Macron will be swept aside by these protests... He will be destroyed!”
Iranian immigrant on 'Why did most working class British voters support Brexit?'
Brexit shock: How Britain turned down opportunity to opt out of Common Fisheries Policy
SPAIN: Savage murders estranged white wife and their 3-year-old daughter!
Girl, 15, 'was repeatedly raped by Asian grooming gang but no action was taken!
Terrorist jailbird attacked guards while wearing a fake suicide vest
Iran plane crash: Western powers suggest Iranian missile downed Ukrainian jet
SWEDEN: Left-wing elites are lying about the extent of explosions across the country?
Epstein ordered masseuse for Andy at 5-star hotel in 1996, 3 years before he says they met
The egos have landed! Harry and Meghan's rocket-fuelled vanity has triumphed over duty!
This pair of grasping, selfish, scheming Kardashian-wannabes could bring down the Monarchy?
Prince Harry and Meghan can look forward to big bucks in the Oprah-land of opportunity!
Twelve steps to Megxit: How Meghan and Harry felt apart from the Firm
UK taxpayers will still pay Harry and Meghan's '£600,000 security and £130,000 travel costs!'
Farage says Harry has ‘let the side down’, compares Meghan to Wallis Simpson!
Farage tells Boris to get tough on EU
EU Negotiator says EU must Control our state aid after Brexit!
1,295 days after the Referendum, Brexit deal finally passes House of Commons!
Corbyn's left-wing ally Barry Gardiner receives £500,000 from firm with links to China's leaders
Lord Maginnis calls gay SNP MP Hannah Bardell 'queer' - She reports him to cops for hate crime!
Facebook exec admits he's triggered by Trump, Breitbart
Israel arrests hundreds of Palestinian minors in Jerusalem, violating children's rights!
USA: Refugees sending 'suitcases of welfare cash' home to Somalia
Glacier Park in Montana set to remove ‘Glaciers Will All Be Gone By 2020’ signs!

Thursday 9 January

In 2019, Trudeau's government vows to to import over a million immigrants over next 3 years!
Swedish Church to replace LGBT 'Garden of Eden' with 'Last Supper' Jesus in high heels!'
AUSTRALIA: Firestarter, Michael Truong, confronted by furious locals! (Truong?) 2018: Brazen teen trio caught on CCTV lighting Melbourne fire
Girl, 15, 'repeatedly raped and sexually exploited by Asian grooming gang! NO ACTION TAKEN!
Medical student Gurvin Singh 'empties accounts of more than 1,000 investors in £3.5m fraud!'
'Vulnerable' schoolgirls 'groomed and sexually exploited' by Huddersfield Muslims!
BATLEY: Harisa Patel killed Patricia Goddard, 76, as she crossed the road - NO JAIL!
TEXAS: Somali illegal, a religious leader, arrested for sex crimes against children
BBC's Laura Kuenssberg exposes Long Bailey hustings 'shocker' that could spell disaster!
Woke, intellectually withered Labour has learned nothing from its annihilation!
FARAGE: Remainers did ‘untold damage’ to UK!
Meghan Markle has 'split Harry from William and has now split him from the Royals!'
Meghan Markle has ‘taken total control’ of Prince Harry’s life and is behind move abroad!
WOKE! Harry and Meghan ditch royal duties for ‘progressive’ new life!

Wednesday 8 January

'Arson is not caused by climate change!' Row breaks out over real cause of Australia's bushfires
Australian police arrest 180 arsonists for bushfires!
In 2019, Trudeau's government vows to to import over s million immigrants over next 3 years!
Mum of girl who mugged Katherine Jenkins says her dream of becoming a lawyer in tatters!
Thugs attacked frontline emergency service workers 200,000 times in 2019
Sex pest doctor, Vijay Mahendran, who groped nurses in front of dying patients walks free!
Judge dismisses 43 potential jurors in Harvey Weinstein's rape trial
200,000 pupils are trapped in 415 'dumping ground' schools!
Postmortem assassination of Iran’s General Soleimani
Charlie Hebdo hits out against social media censorship!
EU millions pouring into Libya lining pockets of Warlords and criminal gangs!
‘Even spies seeking to undermine’ U.S. can secure birthright citizenship for their children!
Desperate SNP Remainers launch last-ditch bid to BLOCK Brexit deal
'Sneering posh millionaires!' Labour's leadership candidates dismantled
Leftie leadership candidate gives Corbyn '10 out of 10' for disastrous election campaign!
Ukrainian Airlines Boeing 737 with 176 aboard accidentally shot down?
'I'm innocent... the fight will go on,' says British girl allegedly gang raped by Israelis
Europa - The Last Battle
Britt Ekland refuses to participate in documentary about her 'monster' husband Peter Sellers
BRAVO, RICKY! The greatest 7-minutes in award ceremony history!

Tuesday 7 January

Our approach to children and gender is a moral outrage!
Where will Tehran take its revenge for Soleimani's assassination and who will help it?
US moving troops out of Baghdad amid confusion over 'withdrawal' letter
John Kerry - 2016: Some sanctions relief money for Iran will go to terrorism!
World War 3: 'Power crazy' Bush had plan to nuke SEVEN countries!
MANCHESTER: Immigrant student raped hundreds of men in his city centre flat!
Immigrant who ‘preyed on heterosexual men’ convicted of 136 rapes!
World's worst rapist (attacked 195 men) came to UK from a 'very rich' Indonesian family!
HALIFAX: PC Amjad Ditta and 15 other Muslims committed sex offences against 3 young girls!
Boy, 16, charged with murder after man stabbed to death in Newhaven
Terrorist suspected of plotting ISIS attack on London gets legal aid to claim asylum!
Judge who convicted teen of lying about being gang raped by 12 Israelis 'has a dislike of women!'
PAKISTAN: Man arrested for selling 12-year-old daughter for £5! Buyer then raped her
Teen gets pal to film him as he assassinates a man and his passenger near US-Mexico border
Jeffrey Epstein pathologist says noose doesn't match wound on neck - He was MURDERED!
DIVERSITY! Grinning 'poachers' pose with a gorilla they've just killed in the Congo!
37,607 crimes in Sheffield unsolved in 2019!
Car thieves are getting off scot-free, with just one in 400 of them convicted!
Thought Police log thousands of ‘hate incidents’ that aren't crimes!
FARAGE says Labour MP, Angela Rayner, is an 'aggressive and unpleasant' person
‘Shut out the working class!’ Corbynistas pull up the draw bridge with Labour stitch-up!
Corbyn praised ‘inclusive’, ‘tolerant’ Iran at London Islamic Centre!
BIRMINGHAM: Islamic school unlawfully segregating boys and girls!
Britain’s highest paid GP is paid £600k a YEAR! No wonder NHS is short of cash!
BoJo may scrap unelected House of Lords!
The Meteorological Office admits the UK is cooling!
Ricky Gervais deserves a medal for roasting the Wankerati at the Golden Globes!
Ricky Gervais and Hollywood's 'shameless two-faced charlatans!'
RICKY GERVAIS: Hollywood in no position to lecture about anything!
Ricky Gervais proves pompous Hollywood can no longer take a joke!

Monday 6 January

REYNHARD SINAGA: Britain's 'most prolific rapist' jailed for life!
From 2016 to 2018, 2,023 killers/rapists/paedos allowed into UK without criminal record checks!
Savages jailed for helping failed 21/7 London bombers got £4.5MILLION in legal aid!
French police shoot 'Allahu akbar' knifeman day after another left one dead and two hurt!
WEXHAM, BUCKS - Boxer, 18, stabbed to death outside hospital!
"3 men, aged between 20 and 40!" Nice description of the attackers there, GMP!
USA: Illegal alien captured after allegedly raping 6-year-old a decade ago!
White women's “obsession” with “being nice” is a “tool of white supremacy!”
Killing Soleimani was a mistake - ISIS may not have been defeated without him!
World War 3: Britain could be dragged into US-Iran war says Admiral West!
And so it begins? Extremists attack Kenya military base, 3 Americans killed!
Obama officials are advising Iran on ways to defeat US foreign policy?
Britain is 'soft target' for Iranian revenge attacks
LONDON: Islamic Centre of England holds mass memorial for slain Iran General!
Judge complains after being left to wait while Muslim defendant went to pray!
TRUDEAU'S CANADA: Journalists aren't allowed to call Bin Laden, Soleimani terrorists!
About 300,000 children of illegal aliens are born in the USA every year!
UN could strip UK of security council seat unless it sorts out the future of the Chagos Islands!
Labour leader hopeful Jess Philips says she would beg EU to take Britain back!
Not a good start! Jess Phillips makes humiliating U-turn over rejoining EU!
A working-class persona won’t mask the scorn Labour feels towards its traditional voters!
Remain's death has left the EU too toxic to embrace, as Jess Phillips has found!
Corbynites warned not to 'skew' leadership rules to block moderates from joining!
LibDem MP demands "a public inquiry into the catastrophe of Brexit!"
Mother saves baby daughter from sepsis death, demanding she is seen by GP!
Top BBC journalists face social media crackdown after complaints of political bias!
Greece tightens borders and will 'shut the door' on migrants not entitled to asylum
Three 12-year-olds caught lighting fires on NSW South Coast
Former Australian PM: ‘Climate cult’ is ‘effectively new religion!’
Weinstein to face his accusers as trial for sex-crimes begins
RICKY GERVAISE - Golden Globes!

Sunday 5 January

It's raining in Australia! Some parts of it anyway!
'Sexuality expert' says parents should ask their child’s permission before changing their nappies!
Norovirus outbreak! Almost 3,000 cases reported in England! Symptoms to look out for
Congressman admits Democrats were preparing for impeachment before Trump was elected!
London Bridge terrorist Usman Khan got more than £350,000 in legal aid before he was freed!
Khan’s London: Murder rate reaches decade high as knife killings surge!
35 bruises on Cyprus teenager leave no doubt she wasn't lying about rape!
One of 12 Israelis accused of 'gang rape' of British teen vows to sue her for compensation!
Taxi driver, Amjal Hazraty , charged with raping woman he drove home from Christmas party!
Uber driver, Nadeem Afzal, exposed himself to youngster and asked her to perform sex acts
Albanian gang involved in string of Spanish killings linked to Battersea doorstep murder!
Did Gipsy, Levi Bellfield, murder Lin and Megan Russell?
Drunk jailed for 18 weeks for sinking her teeth into police officer's arm!
Prince Andy's pal, Ghislaine Maxwell, under 24-hour guard by former US Navy Seals!
Orthodox Jew, David Glausiusz, fails in challenge against child sex convictions!
The Jewish Chronicle doesn't seem to like our Defence Secretary!
George Orwell didn't like Jews - Imagine the shock!
Israel IS a 'nuclear power'! For the first time Netanyahu admit Israel has the bomb!
Muslim Conresswoman, Ilhan Omar, is advising the use of violence against the President!
USA: Islamic groups ‘thrilled’ about Governors approving more refugees!
Israel knew, UK didn't! Netanyahu 'was warned by the US of its plans to kill Qassem Soleimani!'
Has Trump's Iran War begun?
Iran’s Foreign Minister will expose Western diplomats bribed to create nuclear deal?
1.2m+ legal migrants entering the US every year changing electorate in Democrats' favour!
9 Mormon women/children murdered in Mexico? One of those arrested is a police chief!
Retaliation in Europe for General Soleimani's death predicted!
Ocasio-Cortez says Trump engaged in ‘act of war’ by killing Soleimani!
HITCHENS: The killing of Qasem Soleimani was state murder. How can anyone be so stupid?
Bill Clinton and neoliberal trade policies led to the rise of Fascism?
Belgian court revokes citizenship of ‘Sharia4Belgium’ terrorists!
Ministers are set to snub BBC's Newsnight after it hires Labour activist!
Brexit-bashing Lords finally GIVE UP plotting to sabotage UK's exit!
Farage plans £100,000 Brexit celebration party in London on January 31st!
Mums accuse Lib Dem wannabe-leader of trying to 'look woke' after she came out as pansexual
Gambia's Yahya Jammeh bans female genital mutilation!
HMV quietly shuts down 10 more stores as more 'closing down' signs are spotted across UK
Monty Python's Terry Gilliam says he's 'tired of white men being blamed for everything!’
Rupert Everett lived in 'terror' of HIV while enjoying the 1980s gay scene!

Saturday 4 January

British aid to the world's 20 most corrupt countries rises to £1.5BILLION!
'He was the right fist of the Ayatollah and we took the Ayatollah's arm off!'
Should tourists flee the Middle East? Experts warn Westerners to get out of Dubai and Israel!
China and Russia will aid Tehran’s retaliation?
Could Iran crisis lead to World War Three?
Soleimani signed his own death warrant calling Trump a 'bartender' and 'casino manager!'
Britain braced for Iran revenge!
Muslim population of England passes 3m mark as Christians continue to decline!
Dominic Cummings’s crackdown on civil service is breath of fresh air
Brexit Betrayal: Lib Dems seek to scupper Brexit AGAIN!
Cynics are wrong to roll their eyes at Dominic Cummings
The government's lack of action on mental health is madness
The Tories privatised rail, now they need to fix it
They were treated as heroes but now Israel has turned on the 'feral animals' accused of rape!
CYPRUS: Doctor believes British teenager! He saw her 'crying and screaming!'
11 December 2019: London’s most wanted criminals in time for Christmas!
24 December 2019: The UK's 25 Most Wanted criminals at Christmas
Algerian moped rider working for UberEats and Deliveroo stabbed to death in London
Fraudsters, robbers, violent criminals spared prison despite committing 60 previous offences!
Has the establishment turned a blind eye to a gangsters' playground on the Royals' doorstep?
Man in his thirties stabbed to death in Finsbury Park - First London murder of 2020
Consumers left in peril as financial advice scammers exploit new ‘fraud open goal!’
USA: 'Muslim-Free Zone' gun-shop owner wins case!
Nigerians hurled faeces at sailors, vowed to infect them with HIV and threatened to kill!
USA: Mother of 14-year-old who stabbed Tessa Majors to death also stabbed someone!
ALABAMA: She left a bar with 'heavy-set black men' - Found later buried in a shallow grave!
Environmentalists made Australia’s bush fires worse!
Tony Blair to earn millions as a climate change adviser!
Trump blasted by Jewish group for his ‘vile and bigoted remarks’
GERMANY: Far-Left extremists investigated for attempted murder of police officer!
SWEDEN: New Year’s Eve: Yobs attack police with Molotov cocktails!
MONTHS of chaos predicted as ‘aloof’ Macron refuses to back down
Debenhams will shut 19 stores this MONTH with 28 more closing later in year
BBC says 'The Sami are the only indigenous people in the EU!' (Propaganda, eh?)
USA: Islamic groups ‘thrilled’ about Governors approving more refugees!
Unemployed Muslim gets wrong Macdonalds - Now wants compensation!
Luvvie actor, Tom Hollander, mocked after failing to help Lib Dems win election

Friday 3 January

77 patients die in one year due to mistakes made by the Welsh NHS! 372 suffered 'severe' harm and 8,463 'moderate' harm!
US kills powerful Iranian general Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad airstrike!
DONALD DEALS DEATH! Or - Donny goes full Zion!
EUROPE: Anti-Christian attacks reach all-time high in 2019
Terrorism, Brexit and the migrant crisis - Three stories that defined the decade!
'I'm pansexual!' Lib Dem would-be leader Layla Moran in lesbian relationship!
Wife tries to vote in polling station – Then admits husband already voted for her!
Professor says Sweden’s society may be ‘dissolving’ due to mass migration!
AUSTRALIA: Arson, mischief and recklessness: 87 per cent of fires are man-made!
Exclusions for 'racism' in English primary schools up more than 40%!
Cyprus rape case: Hints that acquitted Israeli boys have friends in high places!
Teenager's 'confession' WAS dictated by Cyprus cops! Phrases we wouldn't use!
Triple murderer, Kevan Thakrar, stabbed 'four times in racist attack!'
Triple killer and serial compo claimant gets a payout for lost milk cartons, hair clippers!
Hunt for black knifeman who ‘intentionally struck’ police officers with a car!
Faces of Wolverhampton-based Romanian pickpocketing gang revealed
WIMBLEDON: Shop workers attacked - Baby-faced black suspects hunted!
LUDICROUS! Judge hits out after sentence delay! Robbers victims of modern slavery!
2019 ends with 143 London murders! Lee Stylesdies in hospital after Surbiton attack
3/4 of sex offenders who wanted their names removed from register got their wish!
Psychologist behind terrorist deradicalisation scheme says offenders may never be ‘cured!’
7,500 infected with imported HIV-infected blood in 70s and 80s! It needn't have happened!
Foster agencies add pressure on Home Office to take child refugees!
Labour Party pushes for TWO YEAR Brexit delay to stop clean break!
Austria considers headscarf ban to counter ‘political Islam!’
Netanyahu's Iran Dilemma: Getting Trump to act without putting Israel on the front line!

Thursday 2 January

100,000+ illegals who requested Obama-era amnesty have criminal histories!
Epstein's 'madam,' Ghislaine Maxwell, hiding in Israel because of info she has on the powerful?
Supreme Court rules Israel’s ‘weapon exports to Rwanda during genocide’ must stay secret!
DIVERSITY just stabbed this pretty woman in the back 3 times as she pushed her baby's pram!
Cleon Smith repeatedly hacked girlfriend’s head with meat cleaver?
Melody Maxwell, 19, was raped after her drink was spiked by Obi Forgive!
CYPRUS RAPE: It could take eight years to clear teenager's name!
Professor Akhilesh Reddy was taking two salaries? Sacked by Cambridge University and UCL!
Muslims warned celebrating New Year and Christmas is a 'crime against Islam!'
Emily Thornberry think's she's a Lieutenant Colonel in the army!
BBC bullying now leads to one in ten of all magistrate hearings!
Massive surge in number of migrants trying to reach Britain!
‘Farce’ of paying foreign aid to wealthy countries! ‘Stop the madness!'
‘Pro-Remain’ civil service slammed for ‘selling country short' over Brexit!
'Brainwashed' supporters sing 'Oh Jeremy Corbyn' at NYE fireworks display!
Millionaire author John Grisham says not all men who watch child porn are paedophiles!
Shock surge in child anorexia!
Nasty Pope apologises after slapping a female worshipper!

Wednesday 1 January

Randy Andy v Virginia: 2020 - 'Year we take down the 1% who think they're above the law?'
Ghislaine Maxwell - Jeffrey Epstein's 'pimp!' 'How is anyone hiding such a monster?'
STREATHAM: Mother slumped over child's pram after being stabbed 3 times by black man
Man in his twenties stabbed to death on Milton Keynes housing estate
Diane Abbott's privately-educated son charged with 11 offences including exposing himself!
CYPRUS RAPE! 'Never seen a judge act so unprofessionally with such disdain for a defendant!'
Paedos raped and prostituted 18,700 little girls last year, 5 times the figure 5 years ago
‘Conspiracy of Silence!’ Towns where girls were raped by Muslim gangs for decades!
Children as young as SEVEN caught taking blades into school!
Importing criminals! The North has most crime-ridden regions in the country
BRAZIL: Girl, 13, dies giving birth to baby by her own father after four years of vile abuse
FRANCE: Muslims video themselves raping a girl, praising Allah, invoking the Koran
The BBC thinks paedophilia is just another 'sexual orientation!'
Ooh, what a Nasty pope!
'I'm slowly dying here!' Julian Assange tells journalist friend his health is worsening
Leipzig police to boost presence on NYE due to danger from far-left extremists!
‘State of War’: Police to escort Brussels firefighters on NYE due to violence!
China and India are richer than UK – so WHY are we still sending them AID MONEY?
Labour loser, Ruth Smeeth, says entire Shadow Cabinet should be banned from leadership race!
‘Death to America!’ Pro-Iran mob attacks US embassy in Iraq
The decade that devoured the ties between Israel and US Jews
DELINGPOLE: A few things we could happily live without in 2020

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