Daily News: January 2019

Thursday 31 January

Clergy warns Church transgender ‘welcome’ service will ‘harm’ children!
Human Rights Commissioner criticises France for violent Yellow Vest crackdown!
LONDON: Multiple arrests after street fight ends in three stabbings
Bloodbath London: Boy, 17, lies dead in the street after being fatally stabbed
BELLFIELD! How to make a murderer - Wipe backside until 13 and let him share your bed!
Yellow Vest Leader Calls for ‘Uprising’ After Key Activist Shot by Police
Traitorously PC Swedish politicians ‘cannot forgive’ ours for allowing Brexit!
EU PANIC: Luxembourg finance minister warns Barnier 'NOT SMART' to punish UK
Redwood TEARS INTO Brussels with Brexit rallying cry - 'EU STUMBLING!'
EU plots to SUE Britain unless May forks over £39billion divorce bill in no-deal scenario!
May faces Valentine's Day massacre of ministers! (This is a threat? Chortles uncontrollably)
AUSTRIA: Resurrecting White World!

Wednesday 30 January

MERKEL: We must ‘stand up’ to ‘excessive populism and nationalism!’ (Squash the people!)
Open Borders NGO urges Germans to marry illegal aliens so they can stay in Europe!
Democrats to remove ‘so help me God’ from key House Oath!
Salvini’s border control reduces migrant arrivals by 95%!
Spain vows to snatch back Gibraltar!
Jailed ex-Labour MP Fiona Onasanya will still get MP's wages after refusing to quit!
Let’s not delude ourselves – Brexit is war and the EU is the enemy!
FARAGE: Varadkar wants to ‘play the Brussels game of threatening the British!’
Greeks fear EU wants to destroy culture and turn them into robots?
Blair calls for business to 'EDUCATE' Leave voters in attempt to stop Brexit!
Tusk celebrates Remainer attempts to block No-Deal Brexit and rejects fresh talks
Bill Cash accuses Dominic Grieve of 'Constitutional HOMICIDE!'
Ferrari ridicules claim 12,000 will die as result of no deal Brexit
Nigel Farage savages Tony Blair - Former PM views us as 'ignorant peasants!'
Brexit BETRAYAL! John Major 'hid facts to tie UK to EU' before 2016 referendum!
UK will REFUSE to pay £39bn divorce bill unless EU agrees to new backstop plan? (Hooray!)
Labour's Brexit rebels who defied Corbyn! (Refuse to betray the 52%)
ISLINGTON: 17-year-old stabbed to death!
Someone in the USA's media thinks this is OK...
World’s most corrupt countries revealed: Somalia worst, Denmark best!

Tuesday 29 January

href=" https://news.sky.com/story/fiona-onasanya-former-labour-mp-jailed-for-three-months-over-speeding-fine-lies-11621051"/>Former Labour MP jailed for three months over speeding fine lies! 51% of 'young, male offenders' are BME? (Only half?)
‘Street Valium’ linked to huge rise in Glasgow drug deaths!
'Inside Europe: 10 Years of Turmoil' - Why the British wanted to escape a self-satisfied elite
Britain’s Deep State is a bigger threat than Corbyn!
PAT CONDELL - Brexit Morons!
UK fire brigade setting harder entry test for White men!
The No-Deal secret weapon that May appears to have missed (Deliberately?)
‘Unlimited numbers’ of EU migrants still able to enter UK up to 3 years after Brexit!
Trade boss' food shortage claim SKEWERED – 'Project Fear!'
Theresa May’s Plan B in chaos - Tory Brexiteers revolt
‘Car Crash Brexit’ – The new ‘Millenium Bug!’
16-year-old girl found dead in Salford - Man arrested
Archbishop of Canterbury attacks Corbyn's record on anti-Semitism
McCain may be dead, but ‘bomb, bomb, bomb Iran’ still resounds
AFGHANISTAN: America's shameful war
Stone indictment underscores that there was no Trump-Russia conspiracy
Netanyahu to eject foreign observers in Hebron
Democrats’ America: The Heart of Darkness!
Pension scam fraudsters steal £23million in just one year!
Toddler died from sepsis after being sent home from hospital with Calpol and ibuprofen
Corey Feldman accuses Hollywood of ignoring paedophilia Demands justice for victims!
Let the women tell their stories, Sir Philip!
French student ‘raped by Chris Brown in a Paris hotel suite’ demands face-to-face meeting
Driver said 'I'd do it again' after he killed 16-month-old toddler and three others
America’s economic war on Syria a huge success - People are dying!
USA helped leaders of ISIS escape from prison in Afghanistan?
Humanity is Satanically possessed?
The "Jewish" conspiracy is British imperialism?
Bill Maher endorses paedophilia as 'love?'
Marion Maréchal-Le Pen compares Yellow Vests to Brexiteers
Five police officers shot in Houston mass shooting - Suspects dead!
Israeli settlers claim another Palestinian life: Father of four shot and killed

Monday 28 January

Satanists will love this - So will the New World Order! (Same thing)
Yellow Vest leader in coma after he's struck the in face by rubber bullet
Shoot to kill Yellow Vests, says Frog politician!
FRANCE: Police hit female protester on the back of the head with a baton!
LANCASHIRE: Cops hunt 'Eastern Europeans' who fled after 12-year-old girl killed on motorway
County lines gang boss enslaved 16-year-old girls and forced them to sell heroin and crack
Police took almost nine days to respond to 999 violent assault call!
THIRTY families blame social media firms for their roles in children's suicides
INVASION! Following illegal migrants for a week, through four European ports!
Knife crime rocketing as 'terrifying' spiral of violence grips Britain
Teenagers stabbed in separate attacks in London
Brexit On WTO terms is going to be just great for Britain
Anti-Brexiteers put Berlin-style wall manned by armed ‘soldiers’ on Irish border!
‘RED scarves’ with EU flags march against anti-Macron Yellow Vests!
Unpublished Swedish report reveals migrant costs far higher than govt claims
National Trust lesbian curator says emphasising family importance 'privileges heterosexual lives!'
Tories call in top lawyer to boot out Remainer MPs!
Brexit WARNING: Second vote would ‘FAIL PUBLIC’ - Labour civil war ERUPTS
Drug barons make a mockery of courts by flouting orders to return to Albania
Sir Philip Green quits £500,000 legal fight over allegations of sexual harassment and bullying
'Israelite' says busker has no rights!

Sunday 27 January

One in 12 Britons believes the scale of the 'Holocaust' has been exaggerated!
More than 2,000 sex offenders spared jail in the past five years went on to reoffend!
Bank of England refused to return $1.2bn in gold to Venezuela – reports
FRANCE: Police hit female protester on the back of the head with a baton! (Potentially lethal)
INVASION! Following illegal migrants for a week, through four European ports!
Battle of Brexit! Hundreds of MPs will try to delay Britain's departure from the EU
DAN HODGES: I was a die-hard Remainer. But arrogant MPs have made me a hard Brexiteer
Macron says Brexit ‘can’t be delivered!’ Leave vote was ‘manipulated!’
How Big Tech pushes teens like Molly to suicide!
Big Tech merging with Big Brother is a Big Problem!
Big rise seen in U.S. kids, teens attempting suicide
‘1,000 girls’ subjected to African practice of ‘breast ironing’ in the UK!
Syrian arrested after molesting German girls on their way to school!
Brexit Boost! Employment, earnings, job openings UP as EU migration falls!
EU politicians 'plan to MAKE SURE' Remain wins second referendum!
Philippines: 27 DEAD and dozens injured after twin blast at Catholic cathedral
IVF treatment offered to gay male couple by NHS for first time!
Documentary shows 'devastatingly convincing' portrayal of Michael Jackson as a serial predator!
(((Daniel Radcliffe))) sneers at Tom Brady for supporting Donald Trump!
50-TONNE whale EXPLODES covering bystanders in body parts! Wish Blair, Soubry and Grieve had been there

Saturday 26 January

Britain worse off for GP cover than Romania! Just 76 family doctors per 100,000 people!
Council of Europe warns Britain Sharia Law conflicts with human rights!
Macron's France!
Establishment HYPOCRISY! Andrew Neil's BRUTAL destruction of Davos global elite
No Deal, no problem, says OECD boss! ‘Whole world runs by WTO rules these days!’
Brexit BETRAYAL! Establishment figures working to STOP Brexit
Tory donors WITHHOLD vital funding in 'disgust' over Theresa May's Brexit leadership!
People like you, (Vince Cable) like your party (have been)... trying to scupper Brexit!
‘It was RIGGED for Remain!' Government's Project Fear tactics ruled in 2016
Hammond accused of COLLUDING with Airbus to issue no deal Brexit warnings
'Our fishing grounds STOLEN for EU!' British MEP demands bloc stop PLUNDERING UK waters
Rees-Mogg: PM must call on Queen to suspend parliament to stop anti-Brexit MPs
BOLTON: 5 Asian savages and one Black launch machete attack on John Robinson
German Intelligence used ANTIFA ‘research’ to build case against populists!
Girl who sought help over dad's sex abuse told we'd think her a slag if she took it further!
REIGN OF TERROR? The people who 'REALLY run' Britain revealed!
Contemptuous politicians must stop playing games
Let's take Remain off the Brexit table, says CAROLE MALONE
First HALAL manager appointed by Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board!
French confidence in mainstream media at lowest ever recorded
Matteo Salvini says leftist vandals are ‘Red Nazis!’
Children as young as 11 and addicted to gaming taken into care!
Elderly Swede on trial for calling Somali migrants ‘lazy’ online
British traveller family 'worse than pigs?'
Abe Foxman of the ADL bullying Ukraine into downplaying the Holodomor!

Friday 25 January
Violent crime recorded by police rises by 19%!
2018: 5,723,182 crimes recorded by cops in England and Wales!
HUDDERSFIELD: Teenager gang-raped by Muhamadaim, Salih and Doud
Joseph Ankrah kicked stranger, Aaron Springett to death outside bookies - Jailed for just 7 years
Oh, look! Another non-native sex attacker! Thanks for shipping them in, LibLabCon!
LONDON: Manhunt after ‘axeman’ chases shoppers through supermarket!
Just another day in London
Raped, starved, imprisoned! She thought Pakistani was man of her dreams - You know the rest
Quadriplegic gave birth after being raped say accused nurse was last person they suspected!
French waitress disarms gun-wielding migrant who shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’
AIRBUS admits the Government asked them to up the ante on Project Fear!
University of Leicester (More non-Brits in Leicester than Brits) and Dr Aihua Zhang say Brexit was caused by stupid people!
Softest Brexit possible, eh, Queenie? What happened to your non-involvement in politics?
Government Remainers move to kill No Deal Brexit, (((Minister))) dares PM to sack him!
People like you, (Vince Cable) like your party (have been)... trying to scupper Brexit!
Question Time audience groans as Remoaner says UK ‘needs’ to delay Brexit and vote again
Carole Malone and the 'visceral HATRED' of Remainers!
‘Brexit is being handled WORSE than my divorce’ - Nick Ferrari blasts ‘FAILURE’ of MPs
MPs plot to derail Brexit - Leaders who ignore the will of the people risk anarchy!
'EU is the ENEMY of Brexit!' Peer RIDICULES Theresa May for siding with eurocrats
'It's rubbish!' French president Macron BLASTS Brexit!
Cop's daughter caught 4 x drink-drive limit with 10-year-old niece in car !
Salvini responds to charges of "kidnapping" for not allowing illegals to disembark
Activists protest outside Nederlandsche bank. Banner says: 'Stop the Rothschilds, buy silver!'
Sinking Ship: EU Central Bank downgrades Eurozone’s economic outlook
Kicked off American Airlines flight after passengers complain about BODY ODOUR?

Thursday 24 January

Thatcher was OUSTED because she was standing in the way of the EU project?
Theresa May will delay Brexit by nine months if MPs vote for Yvette Cooper's Article 50 plan?
MPs plot three-month Brexit delay in bid to break Commons deadlock!
Doctors say number of serious injuries inflicted on Yellow Vests unprecedented!
Grab your Yellow Vest – Britain is headed for dirty war!
NIGERIA: Boko Haram burned down at least 1,125 churches since 2009!
World War 3: Russia tells Israel strikes on Syria ‘MUST END!’
What Macron REALLY means when he says he wants an EU ARMY
UN demands illegal immigrants get ‘equal access’ to healthcare!
El Habib El Baloui is wanted in connection with the rape of a girl aged under 13
Three women die in police road smashes in 12 hours!
Tories could SPLIT over Brexit making Corbyn PM!
Esther McVey supports no-deal Brexit - ‘BEST DAYS lie ahead!’
Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar spreads fake news with attack on Covington!
Bill Kristol: ‘Establishment people’ like ‘establishment websites!’
6 biggest losers of last week’s fake news frenzy!

Wednesday 23 January

“This is Islam”: BBC interviews Muslim cleric who says he has the right to marry a 9-year-old
700 live terror plots! 18 thwarted since Westminster!
SUICIDE: Instagram helped to kill Molly!
Met Police 'pleased' that attack on officers dealt with swiftly
Black savages knock Alex's teeth out, steal jacket, try to stab him
Asylum seeker was only in Germany to rape women! 'Be silent, I f*ck you,' he said to victim
LONDON: Woman dead after police hit her while on 999 call
Christianity crackdown! Government paints over cross to avoid offending anyone but Christians!
High blood pressure medication RECALLED due to possible cancer-causing substance
PROJECT FEAR! Courtesy of UK's titchy top cop!
No Deal Brexit would end business uncertainty, says JCB boss!
Project Fear DESTROYED! Pharmaceutical boss shuts down fears of no deal medicine! shortage
PROJECT FEAR! Border Force warns no deal Brexit will mean 'degradation of security!'
Government may call on monarch to block Anti-Brexit ‘wrecking bills!’
Brussels WILL demand Ireland erect no-deal HARD BORDER!
Second Brexit referendum would 'corrupt democracy' banking chief tells Davos
‘Westminster is a CARTEL!’ Brexiteer explains why Parliament 'has become POINTLESS'
World War 3: 'Rapid military escalation' occurring between Iran and Israel
Polling guru insists Leavers have NOT changed their minds!
‘Deeply unpleasant!’ Oakeshott hits out at Abbott over Question Time claims
Jean-Claude Juncker hugs and kisses George Soros!
Three illegal migrant boats arrive in England in one day!
Globalists Macron and Merkel booed by the crowds in Aachen!
French people ‘can do better’ than ‘terrible’ Macron – Italy’s Salvini
Belgian Senator blasts elites over consequences of mass migration!
FRANCE: Migrants make up 40% of unemployed youth!
Yellow Vests protest Merkel-Macron tTreaty on integrating defence, foreign policy
Pope Francis knew protégé abused seminarians but promoted him anyway
Chris Brown arrested! US singer held over rape claim in Paris

Tuesday 22 January

Homeless Andrew O'Connell is asleep - A black man drops a concrete block on his head - They didn't know each other, there was no provocation
10 gangbo criminals who have incited fear and chaos on Huddersfield streets
Oxford grooming gang plied lonely 14-year-old with drink and drugs before raping her
Gemma Johnson attacks girl and her mum then brags about it on Facebook - NO JAIL!
Last Whites of the East End: Cockneys being exterminated!
Black savages, enabled by the Democrats/NWO, attack white girl mercilessly
Nobel Secretary: Awarding Obama the Peace Prize was a mistake!
BORIS: ‘Unparalleled Contempt’ for MPs if Parliamentary plots against Brexit succeed!
Macron hosts 150 corporate bosses in Versailles as Yellow Vest protests continue
Merkel’s Germany transferring thousands of migrants to other EU members!
Pre-Davos poll: 70% of Italians say immigration is ‘mostly bad!’
Diane Abbott rejects BBC's response to Question Time claims!
EU pushing on with OUTRAGEOUS 'meme ban', warns MEP!
POLL: Quitting without deal 'MOST POPULAR option' for public!
‘RIOTS ON STREETS!’ May warns of DANGEROUS results of Referendum 2
Patrick Moore on 'membership of the European Union'
Time to break the silence on Palestine!
Israel launches new barrage against 'Iranian' targets in Syria, warns against retaliation
Mainstream Holocaust narrative 'substantially, if not entirely, false!'
Curious Bedfellows: The Neocon and progressive alliance to destroy Donald Trump

Monday 21 January

Ayoub Majdouline charged with murdering Jaden Moodie, 14
Prince Philip crash victim 'urged more than ten times to keep quiet by police!'
Israel attacks ‘Iranian’ targets in Syria - Massive explosions, four killed!
Meet the gang behind the worst violent attack a judge has seen in 25 years
Police accused of BRUTALITY as Yellow Vest demos grow across UK!
Khan’s London: Acid gang sentenced after ‘homophobic’ attacks!
Asylum centre employees in axe rampage!
USA: Four boys ranging in age from 12 to 14 are charged with kidnap and rape!
Hundreds of Britons who buy kidneys overseas on black market return with HIV and hepatitis!
150,000 members desert Labour in Brexit backlash!
Brexit-backing Wetherspoons axes ALL European wines and third of beers from its pubs!
Tory grassroots say party is RUINED - ‘They will NEVER forgive us for Brexit betrayal’
Gloating Verhofstadt says UK will return to EU ‘where it BELONGS!'
The plots will fail and the public are braver and wiser than their MPs says Boris
Grieve helping EU terrified of No Deal and desperate for £39 billion!
Macron and Co are risking recession in Europe just to teach Brexit Britain a lesson
Labour's Keir Starmer pockets £125,000 from law firm trying to derail Brexit
Remainers don’t love the European Union - They just loathe Britain!
Cabinet Minister warns blocking Brexit will unleash ‘political Tsunami!’
Remainers launch plot to hijack UK's exit with astronomical consequences
Tories in Dominic Grieve's Brexit-backing constituency plan to oust him
Gypsies leave New Zealand hotel room stinking and strewn with cigarettes, red bull and spaghetti

Sunday 20 January

UGANDA: Revellers kill DJ for playing boring music!
A WTO-based Brexit could yield the UK £80 billion per year!
Brexit-backing Wetherspoons axes ALL European wines and third of beers from its pubs!
Rees-Mogg: Attempts to extend article 50 are Remainer plot to stop Brexit!
BREXIT BETRAYAL: Remainers plot to stop Brexit 'They will do ‘ANYTHING to stop' EU exit!'
Leadsom warns Ministers blocking 'no deal' are ignoring will of the people!
Macron's punishment for Brexit? France considers BARRIERS for EU travel!
Remainers hope older Brexit voters dying will tilt EU Referendum re-run
Theresa May in Brexit meltdown!
Sunderland Labour MPs call for second referendum, yet their voters want 'No Deal'
European Army: Merkel calls for development of EU weapons systems!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Teenage victims of DOUBLE stabbing in Kensington
Pensioner killed in suspected hit-and-run in Poole - police hunt driver
Mohammed Waqas jailed for vicious Texaco petrol station stabbing!
Gang jailed after stealing £500,000 worth of cars!
Cricketer who beat wife with a bat and forced her to drink bleach is spared jail
"Racists (patriots) behind vile secretive neo-Nazi radio station!" by Abul Taher
Teenager sent for 6-week autism check still caged with killers and rapists 13 years later!
Tory MP is loading his shotgun amid fears Britain is on the brink of civil unrest
GEORGIA: Teaching assistant says: 'Some white people may have to die!"
Government’s Forced Marriage Unit saw 1,200 forced marriages in 2017 - 21.4% were men!
Merkel says 'Islam is not the source of terrorism,' Christians who make Muslims angry are?
British 'yellow vests' march through Leeds in protest at 'being treated like nothing'
France in flames: 84,000 Yellow Vest protesters take to the streets
Macron protest: 'Yellow Vest' protestors take to the streets for TENTH weekend in a row
EU backs financial punishment for nations that reject 'progressive' values
AUSTRIA: Four out of ten ‘underage’ migrants lied about their age!

Saturday 19 January

'There will be REVOLUTION if Brexit fails,' says Hedge fund tycoon!
Cops with ‘cynical disdain’ for victims sabotaged child abuse investigations, court hears!
The West should be holding it’s breath over the desperate battle for Britain!
A WTO-based Brexit could yield the UK £80 billion per year!
Remainers hope older Brexit voters dying will tilt EU Referendum re-run!
Khan’s London: Violent crime on underground up 43 percent!
24-year-old woman raped in Ship Street in Brighton - Mahad Hussein sought
Brexiteer McVey REVEALS secret tactics May used to SNEAK her Brexit deal through Cabinet!
No Deal is the people’s backstop against Remainer attempts to frustrate Brexit
Ministers trying to block No Deal 'think they know better' than voters, Andrea Leadsom says
Gordon Brown calls for Brexit to be delayed a year while the Government works out what people want
EU CIVIL WAR: Brussels freezes cash of those who don't obey! Hungary furious!
Project Fear is DEAD! 'This country will be FINE with no-deal,' says economist!
Sadiq Khan grilled about 'OBSESSION' to stop Brexit instead of crime
FRANCE: VICE website celebrates youngsters who opt for sterilisation to 'save the world'
DEEP STATE coup to install Pelosi/Hillary as President?
FAKE NEWS! Story claiming Trump told Cohen to lie to Congress ‘not accurate’ says Mueller!
Marine Le Pen accuses Macron of ‘selling France to Germany!’
JAILED: Gang held knife to throat of girl, 4, during burglary at family home
Gypsy gang (25 kids between them) used skirts with extra-large pockets to steal £4,500 of perfume from Boots!
SWEDEN: 41-year-old Afghan migrant charged with murdering teenage wife
Norway terror attack! Female shopper knifed in busy Oslo supermarket - police swoop
Prince Philip's previous collisions remembered by Norfolk locals
Rapper Cardi B calls Trump supporters 'racist rednecks!'

Friday 18 January

Raped and abused then the government ignored and covered it up
Duke was dazzled by the sun?
BBC announces ‘Diversity’ season to ‘celebrate history of multicultural Britain!’
French choose voluntary sterilisation to save the world? (Blacks/Muslims/Jews also?)
Flu kills 26 people in a week!
'GREAT BETRAYAL has BEGUN!' Brexiteer issues SHOCK warning at Leave conference
Soubry says 'white working class' Leave voters have 'probably never even seen a migrant!'
Brexit Tories brand Hammond’s anti-No Deal stance ‘treacherous!’
'Angry' local Brits who feel 'referendum has been IGNORED' blame ONE person for chaos
Farage MOCKS Remainer who claims to 'respect democracy' but wants to 'SCRAP Brexit'
QT audience ERUPTS as Diane Abbott CONFRONTED on Brexit - ‘Why don’t you TALK?'
MACRON: British ‘losers’ were ‘sold a lie’ in Brexit referendum
Oscar Hamed, Prime suspect in murder of Park Lane sex party bouncer has 'escaped to Jordan'
24-year-old woman raped in Ship Street in Brighton - Mahad Hussein sought
Acid gang jailed for a total of nearly 60 years!
Nine men sentenced following unprovoked assault!
Africans cast black magic spell on cops/medics after hiring witch to FGM daughter!
Man arrested over horrific murder of Israeli student in Melbourne
Morgan Freeman blamed for granddaughter's death at killer boyfriend's sentencing
South African Blacks mess with the wrong white man
FRANCE: Jihadi defence lawyer arrested for financing terrorism!
Shop ban for disabled pensioner after row with man praying at work
Fake Labour accounts fuelling “anti-Semitism crisis!”
Bernard-Henri Lévy warns: Open antisemitism is ‘back, everywhere!’
To the Left, questioning NATO is treasonous, challenging the status quo criminal
German government puts populist AfD Party under surveillance!
White comic banned from comedy nights due to ‘cultural appropriation’ dreadlocks!

Thursday 17 January

Theresa goes Del Boy!
Macron attacks Brexit voters in OUTRAGEOUS rant!
Asylum claims up 22 percent in Macron’s France, down in populist countries
HISTORIAN: Queen should suspend parliament to stop Remain MPs from blocking Brexit!
Former Brexit Minister says PM’s cabal ‘abused constitution’ to put EU deal together in secret
'Juncker's in TROUBLE!' He MUST change Brexit deal to avoid crisis in Brussels
74% believe Brexit has shown politicians 'not in touch with mood of the country'
Hammond risks Brexiteer fury as he tells business chiefs MPs could stop no-deal!
Zombie May shambles on
Brussels signals Brexit can be delayed for NINE MONTHS!
Brexit is now hanging by a thread
'Angry' local Brits feel 'referendum has been IGNORED.' blame ONE person for chaos
SAS hero led charge into Kenya hotel to kill terrorists
Who attacked US forces in Syria?
Austria’s exit from UN migrant pact aligned EU with Trump, ‘damaged as all,’ whines EU!
Africans cast black magic spells on cops and medics after hiring witch to perform FGM on daughter
Child sex abuse in Yorkshire - 55 men arrested!
Fraudsters Thomas Sotiropoulos and Dionysios Tsekleris stole a million!
Canadian tourist claims she was gang-raped by French police at their HQ
GERMANY: 87-year-old woman brutally murdered - Asylum-seeker arrested!
Swedish police uncover hand grenades, rifles, explosives in house raids
Nearly half of young, Swedish women feel insecure due to crime
Jared Kushner gave President Trump bad advice - Imagine our shock!
Baby boomers made marriage toxic for young women? 51% of 25 to 44-year-olds are single!
I wonder, is this hate crime?
They enrich us with their culture!

Wednesday 16 January

Theresa May’s Brexit deal defeated by record-breaking margin in parliament
UKIP: Establishment ‘fighting over their preferred method of stopping Brexit!’
Jacob Rees-Mogg DESTROYS Theresa May after crushing Brexit defeat
FARAGE: MPs engaged in ‘betrayal of greatest democratic exercise in our history’
Brexit faces being DELAYED to end of 2019: New MP COUP to prevent no deal
Transgenders raise transgender child - Child abuse?
Finns demand rapist migrants be deported as more child sex abuse cases emerge
Syrian migrant admits murdering Austrian teenager
'Greedy' bankers Colin Bermingham, Sisse Bohart and Carlo Palombo stand trial in London
Taxi driver more than four times over the drink-drive limit jailed for just 4 months
Tottenham footballer arrested after abusing partner
David Duckenfield's 'extraordinarily bad' failures led to deaths of 96 Liverpool fans
'There's going to be a stoning... so cool!' Jihadi bride boasts
'British' gypsies thieving in New Zealand
Gillette advert rubbishes 'MEN! Don't buy Gillette!
USA: Morgan Evenson stabbed 14 times by a Somali immigrant - Media silence!
'Dangerous predator' found guilty of 'hideous' rape of 18-year-old woman in Camberley

Tuesday 15 January

‘Britain MUST NOT benefit from Brexit!’ David Davis reveals Merkel's anti-British rant
REES-MOGG: People did not vote for a deal - They voted to Leave!
GYPSY MONSTER'S SECRETS! Full details of Levi Bellfield’s crimes hidden to protect families?
Savages sentenced for murder of ‘innocent bystander,’ Russell Jones
Murdered Katerina warned cops she was being assaulted by drug dealer lover, Oluwaseyi Dada
Cops investigated after ‘shy’ teen who reported drug dealer boyfriend is murdered
Police arrest 55 men in probe into historical child sex abuse in West Yorkshire
MANCHESTER: Grabbed and raped by a black stranger
Robert Hathaway found dead at his home on St Lucia - murder probe launched
Rapper ‘imprisoned and filmed himself raping four women and waterboarded one in a shower!’
Linda Shaw discovered Barrington Sinclair was a convicted rapist - So she crippled him
Police appeal as woman sexually assaulted on train in east London
Afghan stabs Polish woman in German hospital, killing unborn baby
In South Africa it's acceptable to appear on TV with logo ''kill all white people'' on T-shirt
Parents changing names of transgendered children is rising significantly
May's deal could see UK TIED to EU rules FOR YEARS, boasts Brussels!
Theresa May admits blocking Brexit ‘would be a subversion of our democracy!’
'Why should we believe EU?' MP says Brussels could use May's deal to punish UK
Gordon Brown 'promises second referendum' in latest threat to THWART Brexit
Pro-Brexit government Whip resigns to vote against May’s EU deal!
Theresa May warns ‘No Brexit’ is more likely than ‘No Deal!’
“No Deal” Brexit holds no fear for British science/research say distinguished academics!
EU wobbling, Juncker admits No Deal Brexit ‘would be a catastrophe!’
PARANOIA: Macron government wonders ‘foreign powers’ are funding Yellow Vests!
Macron hands a billion Euros to Iraq as Paris burns!

Monday 14 January

DNA pioneer James Watson stripped of honorary titles for 'racist' remarks about black people
Tell police? We don't bother, say pupils used to endless muggings
Doulton Phillips, 17, murders his own six-week-old son!
Elderly gentleman robbed at knife point in quiet town of Downham Market, Norfolk
Brothers of England football stars beaten up and robbed at gunpoint
LONDON: Police seek two men after sexual assault on man in 20s
Illegal immigrant Imam told prison guards: ‘I will kill you and eat your corpses!’
White teen beaten up by black Yank for being white
The insidious Remainer coup that must be smashed
Britain’s Brexit Betrayal Conservatives are the walking dead
Twelve ex-ministers urge MPs to dump May’s deal and leave EU on WTO terms
Remain fanatics break cover: Tory MPs conspiring to seize power!
Our precious democracy is being fractured - all for sake of the EU
Brexit boom! Wages up, skilled jobs expanding, says top recruiter
EU elections a 'referendum' on 'incompetent' Macron, says Le Pen!
New Health Minister worked for firm trying to win NHS contracts!
Sculpture proclaiming “there is no god but Allah” erected at Ground Zero
"Bolton has made it clear that he personally supports regime change in Iran!"
French riot police now using semi-automatic weapons with live ammunition against Yellow Vests!
30 Democrats party in Puerto Rico during government shutdown
Priest-professor says populism is a ‘serious disease of walls and closure!’
New Health Minister worked for firm trying to win NHS contracts!

Sunday 13 January

Damning new evidence that Dr Kelly DIDN'T commit suicide!
END OF DEMOCRACY? 'Game over for Brexit' - MPs plot 'COUP' to stop UK leaving EU!
Tory saboteur Dominic Grieve and speaker John Bercow hatched a secret plan to kill Brexit!
Dominic Grieve secretly met Bercow just HOURS before speaker allowed killer amendment!
Bercow and Grieve represent all that's rotten in this parliament of pygmies!
Let's be positive, and ready, for a no-deal Brexit
Labour MP David Hanson to defy Brexiteer constituents and will vote for REMAIN!
LONDON: Bilkan Bilkaner and Duke Quianoo murdered complete stranger Russell Jones
Mohammed Abdul drives 4×4 into nightclub dance floor!
Kings of cocaine: how the Albanian mafia seized control of the UK drugs trade
DIVERSITY? Elderly gentleman robbed at knife point in quiet town of Downham Market, Norfolk
MANCHESTER: White man stabbed and slashed as sister screams for help
‘We had just blown out the candles’ then masked robbers invade son’s birthday party
Judges are fuelling knife gang epidemic by letting drug dealers off scot-free!
FINLAND: Paedo rape scandal - Foreigners arrested
ARMY: Woman failed fitness test was 'passed' until men who completed course rebelled
Vegans 'take twice as many sick days' as meat eating colleagues!
Britain's first transgender family! Dad born a woman, little girl began life as a boy!
'White men built the world and you people are parasites!' Middle class Britain has had enough!
Call for heterosexuality to be banned in France?
Israel spraying dangerous herbicides over Gaza!
Fewer than one-in-five Italians want ports reopened to migrants
FRANCE: 84,000 ‘Yellow Vests’ in protest against Macron
ORBAN: Islam and open borders will divide EU into ‘two civilisations!’
Italian priest sneers at 'white tribe' and its dislike of mass migration!
Meghan Markle hit by another resignation, third in six months
LEGEND - NEIL WARNOCK: "I can't wait to get out of the EU!"

Saturday 12 January

MI6 Boss and army Field Marshal: May’s Brexit deal ‘places national security in foreign hands!’
British politics is an open, sloshing bucket of petrol and Bercow could be the spark that ignites it!
The smarmy Squeaker was unmoved by the roaring protests – all he wants is to screw Brexit!
BREXIT BOMBSHELL: Tory MEPs called to No 10 - Article 50 to be extended!
Deep Throat insider on Theresa May’s Brexit Deal – ‘It’s a trap!’
This Brexit deal creates a triple lock to shackle the UK to Brussels forever
Wrecking Brexit will let in the far-Right? (Patriots) OK by me!
'STUPID?' Dewberry FIRES BACK at Remainer during HUGE Brexit clash
'Poor old' Jon Snow! Brexit debate 'backfires' with high number of young LEAVERS!
Khan’s London: 14-Year-Old ‘butchered,’ teen girl slashed in face!
Ex-Tony Blair and John Major private secretary, 56, 'raped sleeping woman in her twenties
Jade Clayton died after taking party drug GBL as she celebrated Christmas Day with friends
Teenager stabbed in London bus station left with 'life changing' injuries
Would-be footballer, who joined 'county lines' drugs gang and stabbed man, gets 8 years!
Australia refuses to sign UN migration pact; Angela Merkel attacks ‘nationalist’ non-signatories
Look how MAINSTREAM fake news outlets try to make Trump look ridiculous!
Liberals, crybabies, snowflakes, virtue-signallers - All so much better than us...
Merkel doesn't care about German women!
'Men' who self-identify as women are 'routinely' put on NHS hospital wards for females
Professor slammed for ‘criticising homosexuality’ dismisses petition to oust him from Oxford

Friday 11 January

"Politicians... hold the electorate, the people who pay their wages, in complete contempt!"
Liberals furious! Johns Hopkins chief psychiatrist: Transgenders have a ‘mental disorder’
Drunken Mohammed Abdul threatened to kill door staff before mowing down club-goers!
LONDON: Crack cocaine addict, Ioan Campeanu, stabbed pregnant girlfriend 40 times
Madni Ahmed convicted of murder of Birmingham grandmother!
Eight Huddersfield paedo rapists told they can appeal convictions/sentences!
'Violent and controlling' Grime artist, Solo 45 (Andy Anokye), 'raped four women!'
Cambridge taxi driver who sexually assaulted two passengers walks free!
Bradford rape gang on trial!
Victoria Beckham's former brother-in-law fleeced investors out of £800,000
Home Office has failed to send back over 50,000 rejected asylum seekers!
A Macron top cop punches 3 Gilets Jaunes in the face for no reason!
The EU IS forming an army!
Merkel and Macron pool defence and foreign policy in prototype ‘sovereign Europe!’
Hungary's Orban slams Macron as 'leader' of "pro-immigration forces!"
‘European Spring!’ Italy’s Salvini building alliance with Poland to ‘save Europe’
ISIS types smuggling Islamic terrorists into Italy masquerading as asylum seekers?
Traffickers to would-be migrants: ‘guaranteed’ residency, UK ‘never send you back!’
(((Speaker Bercow))) bends rules so MPs can vote to disrupt No Deal Brexit!
69% of BBC guests after referendum have supported Remain campaign
EU groupies, Channel 4 and Benedict Cumberbatch's propaganda hit on Brexit!
The best of yesterday's Brexit debate!
Andrew Bridgen, MP, says Bercow is 'BAD for democracy' and wants to 'destroy Brexit!'
Jeremy Clarkson brands 17.4 million Britons who voted to leave the EU as “coffin-dodging idiots!”
Andrew Neil accuses Owen Jones of ‘SMEARS AND LIES’ in major BBC row
Lawyers? No, they're LEECHES! Legal bosses persecuting our troops!
From free love to drugged-up Britain in just 50 years
Lady Gaga breaks her silence on R Kelly
'I grew up with that monster!' R Kelly's daughter voices support for accusers!

Thursday 10 January

BREXIT MASTERPLAN! General Election plot to push through 'No-Deal' exit revealed!
Jayden Moodie, 14, with Anthony Joshua; making ‘gun signs’ on moped; executed by gang!
Air pollution causes ‘HUGE’ reduction in intelligence! Men most at risk!
DELINGPOLE: ‘Bollocks to Brexit!’ Says Britain’s Deep State!
This disastrous new project will change the face of Britain, yet no debate is allowed
Keep out of Yellow Vest revolt, France warns Italian populists!
Macron compares Italy's populist government to leprosy!
Polish Prime Minister accuses EU of 'discriminating' against member states!
Andrea Leadsom has 'grave concerns' about Speaker Bercow’s 'damging' behaviour
BETRAYAL! (((Bercow))) grants Remainers chance to cause MORE Brexit chaos!
Project Fear sunk! ‘No Delays’ to freight transport in No Deal Brexit, says Calais Port Chief!
Britain will not face medicine shortage after Brexit, confirms NHS CEO!
Banking giant HSBC hits back at critics of anti-Brexit campaign
Theresa May set to BUCKLE to Labour demands in desperate bid to save her Brexit deal?
May plotting to KEEP EU rules in Brexit climb down to win over Labour?
Remainer plot has made Brexit NO DEAL ‘more likely?’
‘You are the ELITE!’ Andrew Neil savages Chuka Umunna
Brother of notorious drug Baron launches $50M GoFundMe account to impeach Trump!
Virtue-signalling MPs pretending they can block a no-deal Brexit are a disgrace to their office!
Kentucky Fried Chicken is HALAL!
Farage backs Trump’s wall: ‘I wish Europe had done this years ago!’

Wednesday 9 January

ANNA SOUBRY and the fake protester!
MPs deserve respect? Don't forget Leavers have been the target of appalling hostility, too!
German Populist Party Chairman hospitalised in ‘assassination’ attempt!
WALTHAM FOREST: Moped crash boy, 14, stabbed seven times in back by gang members!
LONDON: Obina Ezeoke breaks in and murders two - Neither was his intended target!
MANCHESTER: Hesam Khosravi filmed himself raping a woman
France in MELTDOWN? Now ex-minister says police should use LIVE rounds on protestors!
Italian populists back Yellow Vests as Macron pledges crackdown
Greek Priest beaten by Syrian migrants in front of Church!
Gun ownership on rise in Europe after terror attacks, sexual assaults
Trump clips EU’s wings! ‘Ambassador’ downgraded without notice
TRUMP: 'How much more American blood must we shed' before Democrats agree to build wall?
Farage FURIOUS at Soubry demands for 'SPECIAL treatment on abuse'
ROCCO FORTE: No Deal Brexit is the best deal for Britain!
Two-minutes silence for Scandinavian women ‘beheaded’ in Morocco
‘Cardinal’ James Comey — The man who destroyed the FBI

Tuesday 8 January

The BBC? It's for 7 people in Islington! Jeremy Clarkson's tirade against political correctness
"Soubry is a Nazi! Soubry is a Nazi!"
ANOTHER man dead in wealthy, gay Democrat donor's West Hollywood home!
Met Police confirm Brexit betrayal rally was five times the size of Remoaner protest!
Surrey train stabbing: Murder accused appears in court!
SUNDERLAND: Woman raped by strangers, Najirul Miah and Syed Ahmed
BIRMINGHAM: Machete used in gang attack!
Richard Harrington MP would definitely resign in order to stop 'no deal' Brexit!
UK's biggest ever fraudster whines after being deported to Ghana!
Broken Britain: 2018 acid attack victims aged 11 to 72 in Cambridgeshire
Rapper J Hus gets 8 months for carrying a knife outside Westfield Stratford City
Mr Kit Kat stabbed Lee Turner to death outside Tesco after remark about his appearance
Dutch cops arrest woman because she won't remove yellow vest - Leaving baby behind!
Boxer who fought off French Riot Police – ‘I have the people’s anger inside me’
Government criticised for stoking ‘apocalyptic fears’ over clean break from EU
'No deal is way FORWARD!' MP Kate Hoey tears into 'outrageous' Remainer scare stories
'Remainer LIES' of the EU referendum REVEALED
Jewish families will leave UK if faith schools forced to promote LGBT lifestyles
Belgium BANS traditional halal and kosher slaughter! Religious backlash
France: MSM cries ‘sabotage’ as consultation shows voters reject globalism
ISIS Jihadi ‘entitled to Consular assistance’ from Ireland

Monday 7 January

Little girls as suicide bombers? See enriching dads...
Darren Shane Pencille charged with the murder of Lee Pomeroy
Khan’s London: Kids see parents knifed, woman strangled to death, multiple stabbings
She went to Amsterdam to be a nursery nurse but was kidnapped and prostituted
Transgender lag locked up with Britain's most dangerous men after molesting female inmates
He got £500,000 compo from us for our role in his rendition, now he's wanted 'for terror attacks!'
Swine flu warning: Virus hits UK
Grandma, 80, fined £50 because her dog lead was 'TOO LONG!'
Romanian woman gets UK benefits despite the fact she’s NEVER lived here
Little black books at the ready! How to spot 200 MPs who don't believe in democracy
Anti-Brexit march was one third the size organisers claimed!
BREXIT SABOTAGE: Fury at new plot to BLOCK EU exit!
Another Kamikaze plot by MPs to destroy Brexit with ‘Trump-style’ shutdown
Woolworths went under first now ALL GIANTS are in DANGER
Sweden hands out over 132,000 residency permits in 2018
Salvini slams ‘men only’ seats at Super Cup hosted by Saudi Arabia
One in four students are on 'Mickey Mouse' courses that won't lead to well-paid jobs
Oscar-tipped film sympathises with the beasts who murdered James Bulger?

Sunday 6 January

Prison chiefs allow inmates to have sex, brew own 'hooch' and ESCAPE without punishment?
London bloodbath: Woman fighting for life after three knifed in horror triple-stabbing!
Train savage 'evaded police when his lover picked him up in her car!'
COVENTRY: Unarmed ex-squaddie 'shot in the back by armed police?
Was doorman killed by Albanians in gang war over 'Sex party Eddie'?
Director of big legal aid law firm ordered to repay £22 MILLION from 'thousands of FAKE claims!'
One in ten UK clerics physically attacked in past two years
Why are 'British special forces soldiers' in Syria? HoC voted against this!
Labour local government boss, Steve Eling, ordered police to arrest blogger
Yellow vest protests: EU flag BURNED by pro-Brexit demonstrators in London!
Teenage girl among four arrested at London ‘Yellow Vest’ Brexit rally
Lord Lilley lists 30 ‘Brexit no-deal truths,’ destroying ‘apocalypse’ myths
May’s deal faces HUGE public backlash!
You can't scare us! Brexiteers are made of STERNER STUFF, says JACOB REES-MOGG
Lord Lilley lists 30 ‘Brexit no-deal truths,’ destroying ‘apocalypse’ myths
May’s deal faces HUGE public backlash!
John Redwood reveals why EU would 'LOVE' Theresa May's Brexit deal
Remainer Clarke brands referendum an 'opinion poll!'
UK: Illegal immigrant draught dealer with axe and meat Cleaver? How unusual!
Salvini slams ‘Men Only’ seats at Super Cup hosted by Saudi Arabia
Yellow Vests return to Paris to protest Macron’s globalist government
German populist party office targeted by bombing
Guardsman to resign in disgust after'snowflake' photo used in recruitment campaign
Young mother is barred from her local pub for wearing a T-shirt saying 'Woman: human female!'

Saturday 5 January

British government lied about ending poverty with foreign aid
Black savage murdered passenger in front of his 14-year-old son
Train stabbing: Two arrested after passenger knifed to death in front of 14-year-old son
Park Lane murder: Video shows knife drawn in brawl before bouncer fatally stabbed
Islam convert plotted to kill dozens in Oxford Street terror attack
Coroner rules burglar shot dead by pensioner was ‘unlawfully killed’
Indian restaurant which fed the Home Secretary employed illegal immigrants
RAPE in the USA! Woman in coma for 14 years gives birth!
Far-right vigilantes 'patrol German town after immigrant violence'
Parents are withdrawing children from religion lessons objecting to the teaching of Islam
Sajid Javid’s Immigration Policy SLAMMED as being SUICIDE for Tories!
Leave with NO deal! 300,000 sign petition demanding PM leave EU and scrap deal
The people will at last be listened to, says FREDERICK FORSYTH
Jacob Rees-Mogg has SAVAGE message for Macron following BRUTAL fishing jab
EU ON THE BRINK: German eurosceptics threaten 'DEXIT' unless EU parliament is ABOLISHED
Crisis in the Channel: The migrants who 'threaten asylum system!'
Conservative Party members prefer ‘No Deal’ Brexit to PM’s deal
EU 'tried to use political CHAOS to assume more POWER!'
Met Police confirm Brexit Betrayal rally was five times size of Remoaner protest!
German Interior Minister demands tougher asylum laws after ‘orgy of violence’ mob attack
British government is handing £1.5BILLION to the world's most corrupt countries!
R Kelly - Pervy paedo rapist!

Friday 4 January

KING'S LYNN MURDER: Gediminas Jasinskas, stabbed Christina more than 20 times!
Security expert, Aaron Cohen, on the New Year's Eve terror attack in Manchester
French prepare for “civil war” against Muslims to take country back!
LITTLEJOHN: Blood runs in London's gutters again as Sadiq Khan fiddles with another stunt!
BREXIT! Cameron told Juncker he wanted to 'dock Britain PERMANENTLY in the EU!'
Sweden invests big in sentencing people who criticise migration: Convictions increase tenfold!
GERMAN: Twelve Germans beaten in random attack by asylum seeker mob
While Algeria shiuts border to ‘armed groups Fleeing Syria’, EU remains open!
Jacob Rees-Mogg says IRELAND (Varadkar) will be responsible for looming no-deal!
The EU did NOT want UK to realise it could get a ‘GOOD deal’
‘Seek IMMEDIATE medical attention!’ Warning as dangerous chemicals wash up on Dutch beach
MALAWI: Man accused of raping a goat in Malawi says he asked animal's permission first!

Thursday 3 January

Abu Hamza's son arrested by police investigating Park Lane bouncer murder!
Final moments of Mayfair doorman who died protecting wealthy clients at a 'high-class sex party
BATLEY: Serving British soldier 'attacked by 15 men' and hit by car!
LONDON BLOODBATH - Day Two: Man repeatedly stabbed in Blackheath
BIRMINGHAM: Masked gang jump out of car and sexually assault girl, 15, on Christmas Eve
Why should the people respect the social contract when politicians do not?
Sajid Javid angers pro-migration activists by suggesting boat people aren't genuine refugees
Polish leader says EU doesn't understand post-communist eastern Europe!
MALI: Five-year-old albino child beheaded in ritual killing
London and Scotland politicise New Year’s Eve celebrations with pro-EU themes!
One-in-five Austrian residents was born overseas!
Norovirus outbreak SPREADS across UK: Hospital wards SHUT DOWN
Holding another referendum would cause 'devastating social divisions', says Jeremy Hunt
Sweeteners are NOT healthier than sugar!
SHEFFIELD: Estate rife with rats, foxes and seagulls due to overflowing bins and fly-tipping
Black teens play with guns - One accidentally kills the other - Kills himself as cops arrive
Lawsuit claims SPLC abetted theft, spread lies to destroy ‘thought crime’ lawyer
Jewish involvement in contemporary refugee and migrant organisations — Part Two
A quarter of all Holocaust victims killed in just 3 MONTHS? (1.5m in 3 months?)
In 2016, 31% of Americans didn't believe 6 million died!
2013: 'I feel like a stranger where I live!’
Heroism and tragedy on New Year's Day, 1919

Wednesday 2 January 2019

"Pay the f*ck up!" Hackers threaten to dump secret 9/11 attack files if Bitcoin ransom not met!
BATLEY: Muslim gang attacks soldier, runs him down! Media silence!
Hey, Germany! "Better get used to it, it's a civil war!"
Ethiopian PCSO who claimed racism was just a useless bobby?
Why is the EU referendum the only one where UK politicians refuse to implement the outcome?
Top New York state charity didn't offer a single scholarship and spent donations on themselves!
Hey, London! Welcome to the New Year! Murder in Mayfair and Camberwell!
Stabbings, a shooting, a sword attack: How parts of the UK welcomed 2019
LONDON: Dead on New Year's Day! Bouncer stabbed at Park Lane party, woman killed at home
Bouncer murdered in one of world's most expensive student flats!
Bouncer fought off 'at least 9' gatecrashers at Mayfair party before he was fatally stabbed
BIRMINGHAM: Security guards stole £200k of iPhones and goods from own employers!
Camberwell: Woman killed 5 hours into new year London’s first knife death of 2019
BURNLEY: Schoolgirl raped by man with short dark curly hair, beard and tanned complexion!
British student beaten up by immigrant mob in Birmingham
Gunman opens fire at New Year party in London nightclub
Carjackers force baseball bat against midwife's chin
WREXHAM: New Year attack by stranger over a bag of chips (Suspect description?)
BELGIUM: Immigrants riot, set cars on fire, loot shops, destroy bus stops, attack fire brigade
New Year’s celebrations across Europe marred by violence
After bruising year, Macron slams Yellow Vests as a ‘hateful crowd’
BREXIT BACKLASH: Britons DEFY economists’ ‘catastrophic’ growth forecasts for 2019
Britain’s fishing industry could face “devastating” consequences from new EU rules
Doctor Who’s BREXIT jibe leaves BBC New Year’s Day viewers fuming
Sadiq Khan sparks outrage over ‘anti-Brexit’ London fireworks
House of Lords should get rid of scroungers!
Facebook groups called 'immigration to Britain' lure illegal migrants for £10,000
Zuckerberg slammed for champagne-swilling 'tone-deaf' end of year Facebook message
Russian tower block collapse was a TERROR ATTACK!
'Deep State' asset, Michael Isikoff, has been setting up Mueller’s enemies for years?
Jewish involvement in contemporary refugee and migrant organisations — Part Two
2016: Mass migration is unstoppable, says Jewish journalist
Nellie demonstrates how one should deal with the invader...

Tuesday 1 January 2019

'Allah Akbar' knifeman attacks innocent commuters at Manchester Victoria station!
GERMANY: Without warning, immigrant stabs customers in a Rheine Pizzeria!
Trump's offer of "massive, bilateral trade deal" won't be possible if May's EU deal is approved
Ex-immigration Chief: Channel Migrants using border force, coastguard as ‘taxi service’
2018 was the year Nanny State bansturbators went bananas
LITTLEJOHN: Theresa May should have solved this 'migrant crisis' back in 2016
Merkel takes aim at Trump with vow to 'stand up and fight' for the global order
Archbishop of Canterbury hails Britain for being 'wonderfully more diverse than it used to be'
Palestinian stabbed British student to death as she went to church
CCTV 'shows Jamal Khashoggi's body parts being carried into Saudi consul's residence'
UK’s Islington Council banned pro-Palestinian musician at behest of Israel’s far-right
How to rid the world of anti-Semitism
Trump critics of Syria withdrawal fuelled rise of ISIS!
Jewish Involvement in Contemporary Refugee and Migrant Organizations
How the War Party lost the Middle East!

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