DAILY NEWS: February 2020

Saturday 29 February

BBC spends £28million on gagging orders: 500 staff silenced using licence fee money!
Jewish billionaire, James 'Jennifer' Pritzker is pushing trans ideology on America?
Greta Thunberg pushed to prominence by ANTIFA parents and Soros connections?
Home Office official, Shamsu Iqbal, led £6m conspiracy that let 437 illegal immigrants stay in UK!
BIRMINGHAM: Black gang threatens and robs passengers on late night train!
HACKNEY: Carjacker Derek Fatunbi fires sawn-off shotgun at armed cops
£50m jewellery/cash! Tamara Ecclestone's Romanian cleaner caught wearing £300,000 earrings!
Pupils get lessons in how to deal with stab wounds amid UK's knife crime epidemic!
Lecturer who asked if child pornography was acceptable, had 2,992 indecent photos of kids!
Scottish Parliament gives refugees, foreigners and prisoners right to vote in Scots' elections!
USA: 8-year-old repeatedly beaten and tortured by mother and Isauro Aguirre before he died!
Refugees race to Turkey’s border as it opens to Europe after air strike!
Greece sends 50 naval vessels to guard border after Turkey opens floodgates!
Erdogan opens the gates: Syrian migrants granted unhindered passage to Europe!
Trump may make illegal aliens pay for their deportation appeals?
SLOVENIA: Ally of Viktor Orban becomes Prime Minister in Melania’s homeland!
Sky News presenter asks if VP Pence, as a Christian, is fit for Coronavirus role!
GLOBALISM! One in ten Britons could end up in hospital with coronavirus!
CORONAVIRUS: "Global stock markets lose $6 trillion in value in six days!"
Recession looming as coronavirus triggers worst week for FTSE 100 since 2008!
Coronavirus outbreak shows the real limits of a borderless EU!
UCL eugenics inquiry did not go far enough, committee say
China is ‘still lying to the world’ about Coronavirus?
Budapest braces for new migrant wave, Coronavirus spread!
One in five who go to university would be financially better off if they hadn't!
Divided millennials are driving the world towards an even more bitter culture war!
Don't blame the young for going on strike. Blame the adults for indulging them!
Sitti Hikmawatty says women get pregnant from swimming in same pool as 'strong sperm' men!

Friday 28 February

2,816 global billionaires worth $11.2 TRILLION! More than GDP of any country except US/China!
FTSE drops 3.2%, nearly 200 points, as Coronavirus panic hits global markets
Drugs now kill twice as many as car crashes!
Schools tell pupils boys can have periods too in new guidelines on transgender issues!
And, for your seventh birthday, Mary-Lou, A PERVERT!
Homosexuals and ethnic minorities massively overrepresented in British television!
Migration into Britain from outside EU hits highest level ever!
'Bitten, kicked and told to f*** off!' The challenges I face as a teacher!
ROTHERHAM: Police aided and abetted abuse of hundreds of children?
OLDHAM: Shohaib/Ahsan Khan, Sufyan Yaqub, Adam Hussain jailed for torturing boy, 16!
‘I’m the devil’ attacker bit off woman’s lip at Notting Hill Carnival!
FARNHAM: Romanians sentenced for ‘truly appalling’ gang rape!
'I didn't understand your lifestyle' - Rafaqat Ali's excuse for groping passenger!
BRIGHTON: Trans woman tries to steal alcohol, threatens staff with claw hammer - NO JAIL!
CALIFORNIA: Twice-deported illegal alien arrested for triple homicide!
USA: 'F**k you! F**k your white life!' Scott Jenks beaten to death by Jamaican immigrant!
DENMARK: Her teenage son was beaten into a coma by gang of migrants!
DEMOCRATS: They're all agreed on opening the floodgates!
Virgin Islands Attorney General says Epstein/Andy sex investigation hard - Victims silenced!
Israeli scientists: 'In weeks, we will have coronavirus vaccine!' What a stroke of luck, eh?
Did the Pope show solidarity with coronavirus sufferers by shaking hands? Is the Pope stupid?
Half of Italy’s regions infected with Coronavirus!
Turkish soldier fires FIM-92 Stinger at Russian Su-24 bomber!
SYRIA: 33 Turkish troops killed in air strike in Idlib!
BBC bias! Viewers roast Fiona Bruce over 'unfair' Question Time interrogation of Tory MP!
The woke Left’s behaviour this week reveals a movement in free fall!
FERRY COVER-UP! SNP gags bosses at a nationalised shipyard!
Bernie’s green policies are an assault on the working class
CNN’s Angela Rye to black Trump supporters: ‘Shame on you!’ No media bias there then!

Thursday 27 February

British politicians 'covered up child sex abuse for decades!'
EU dismisses Coronavirus threat, won't consider border control as virus spreads across Europe!
Globalist response to Coronavirus - Open America’s borders to the world!
Primary school in Buxton, Derbyshire closes after a 'confirmed coronavirus' case!
How Coronavirus has outpaced SARS, MERS and Ebola to sicken more than 81,000 people!
CORONAVIRUS! Germany warns of 'start of an epidemic!' Denmark, Estonia - first cases!
MILWAUKEE: After losing his job, Anthony Ferrill murdered five co-workers!
CANADA: Saad Akhtar murdered Hang-Kam Annie Chiu for “terrorist reasons!”
Opioid Crisis: Scotland records highest rate of drug related deaths in Europe!
Our arrogant, overrated Civil Service must now face a political reckoning
Credibility of European Court of Human Rights lies in ruins after judges’ links to Soros revealed
BREXIT: Walking away without a deal will hurt EU, not Britain!
Presidential wannabe Joe Biden says Founding Fathers didn't want everyone to own guns!
Joe Biden forced into humiliating backtrack over Mandela prison visit claims
Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar skip pro-Israel AIPAC conference!
Bloomberg presses Trump for gun control!
Why I love the shameless, gory, Nazi-killing catharsis of Amazon's 'Hunters!' By a Guardian Jew!
Rapist Harvey Weinstein's children disown him!
Not a great advert for marriage: Sir Martin Sorrell visited Mayfair brothel? Faces massive payout!
Environmentalist Prince ‘Call Me Harry’ jets to UK for launch of frequent flyer travel site!
George Clooney's Nespresso coffee - Trendy brew from beans picked by child labour!
'Unclean' French continue to flout basic personal hygiene rules?

Wednesday 26 February

Bernie Sanders bribe to black and Latino Americans - I'll help you start businesses selling weed!
Bernie calls Netanyahu ‘racist!’ Audience applauds! (Democrats get some things right!)
Sanders ‘sounded like he was attacking the US’ and defending Socialist regimes!
Trump says Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton loved Harvey Weinstein!
NUT STAT! Joe Biden says 150m Americans died since 2007 because we can't sue gun makers!
HOMELESSNESS: Councils record 28,000 on the streets in one year!
Sickest patients 'facing hours stuck on trolleys!'
Crackdown on Lambeth gangs as ‘high harm’ individuals targeted in police operation
17-year-old denies murder of Andre Bent - Ryan Lowe-White and Ali Aziz deny GBH
One man stabbed to death and 3 others knifed in violent London weekend
Joshua Molnar stabs pal, Yousef Makki, 17, to death - FREE after less than 7 months!
LEYTON: Woman stabbed to death in 'domestic-related' attack!
COUNTY LINES: Police arrest 46 in drug raids across the UK
Solo 45 trial: Police "labelled grime artist a rapist"
Judge tells three pickpockets to 'go back to Romania and don't return!'
CROYDON: Aaron Kane Johnson charged with town centre stabbing
PECKHAM: Gang stormed a funeral wake, dog stabbed!
LONDON: Tarik Dawkins-Coke violently attacked police officers in a pub car park - NO JAIL!
CANADA: Saad Akhtar murdered Hang-Kam Annie Chiu for “terrorist reasons!”
London's lesbian top cop calls for A.I. and facial recognition to monitor citizens!
Making quality programmes no longer interests the BBC, enforcing PC obsessions do!
Why must BBC dramas engage in 'woke' tinkering?
Lib Dem leader, David Steel, kept info on violent paedo, Cyril Smith, from police! Now he blubs!
EU negotiators fail to realise the UK is now an independent nation, not a subservient entity
LISA NANDY - "You are either a racist or an anti-racist! We are an anti-racist party!"
There’s nothing polite about our Civil Service!
I would call these MPs childish… but it would be an insult to children
BRISTOL: Black Mayor removes portrait - She can't bear to have Edward Colston looking at her!
Swedish government says Coronavirus is ‘low risk!’ Will not screen incoming air passengers!
SALVINI: Prime Minister Conte 'wants to clear his conscience’ over Coronavirus crisis!
2019: Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard clinches gold medals! Obliterates female field!
When Hollywood wagtails loved Harvey Weinstein! Stars once praised disgraced mogul!
I saw Weinstein's sleaze in action! Even when he was being nice he was alarming
Duffy tells fans she was raped, drugged and held captive!
Married nursery worker, Leah Cordice, had regular unprotected sex with boy, 13
Experts blast Harry and Meghan's security plans! Bill set to rocket to £20m-a-year!

Tuesday 25 February

2013: Video of Michelle Obama praising rapist Harvey Weinstein at White House event!
2015: NY Rabbi: ‘Not even 1 million’ Jews were killed in the 'Holocaust!'
In 2019, 94,342 UK citizens asked Stop It Now for help to try and stop viewing child porn!
BBC: If you live in the first world and have children you support slavery!
Harvey Weinstein verdict: Jury convicts on rape and one other sex crime!
Rapist Harvey Weinstein is rushed to hospital 'suffering chest pains!' (Yeah, right)
'Weinstein is a vicious, serial sexual predator,' District Attorney says after verdict!
MPs call for Harvey Weinstein to be STRIPPED of CBE after rape/sex assault convictions!
Murders the powers-that=be hardly bothered to mention...
THE INDEPENDENT suggests Jihadi was inspired by Tommy Robinson?
Fake NHS psychiatrist, Zholia Alemi, practised for 22 years with no qualifications!
Retired lecturer killed by crossbow may have been 'executed' after angering criminals!
'Mum, am I going to die?' Tragic teenager took his own life after suffering 'relentless bullying!'
Middle-class parents up in arms after it emerges most grammar schools favour poorest pupils!
UK to scrap transgender proposal for fear of harming children!
Macron has ruined Boris Johnson’s hopes for a Brexit deal
British fishermen perfectly highlight EU hypocrisy over 'pillaging UK waters'
Brussels' 'insane' law to 'PENALISE' Britons to be enforced in the UK despite EU exit
Keir Starmer hints he would bring back EU free movement at next general election!
Labour will NOT win back the north of England if they focus on the far-left!
Labour activist calls former Labour supporters who voted for Boris, "traitors!"
Top Tory says Huawei deal is worst government decision since MI6 hired a Soviet spy!
Bernie Sanders will not have 'an old, white guy' as his Vice Presidential running mate!
USA: Graduates won’t have to be “proficient” in math or English!
How long will the EU prioritise open borders over disease prevention?
Desperate white South African farmers who asked for protection in Australia have claims rejected!
GERMANY: 30+ injured after car ‘deliberately’ driven into carnival parade!
ELITE! Princess Anne's gun dog trainer shot estranged wife dead at BoJo's family estate!
German 'anti-Greta' will speak at Republican CPAC convention to promote 'climate realism!'
Sussex backlash: ‘Spoilt, arrogant and nasty’ - Meghan and Harry ‘disrespect’ Queen!
BBC bosses won't let YOU pick our Eurovision act!

Monday 24 February

CORONAVIRUS! Time 'is running out to stop pandemic!'
CORONAVIRUS: EU's Schengen Zone on the brink as deadly virus spreads across Europe!
UK knife crime hits shocking high as 130 offences committed every DAY!
Boris Government: Releasing report on ethnicity of rape gangs ‘not in public interest!’
More and more people are having their doubts about the EU's survival!
FARAGE: ‘We didn't free Britain from Brussels only to bow before Beijing!’
MI5 doesn’t trust Home Secretary? Priti Patel 'belittled' Home Office staff?
Nation is losing faith in universities due to their 'sneering' attitude to patriotism!
LONDON: Muslims demand that British people obey Sharia laws?
Far-right AfD party risks being evicted from Hamburg parliament over shooting!
FRANCE: Muslim on trial for beating wife, daughters for not wearing hijab!
NORWAY: Immigrants vastly over-represented in crime stats!
73 percent of Swedish population growth driven by mass migration!
SWEDEN: Young male voters back Populist Party - Far Left has females!
House of Lords expenses spiral out of control! Money claimed by peers rises 29% in a year!
Top Neocon warmonger, David Frum, says 'fat' Trump 'can’t pick up a ball, never mind throw it!’
‘We’re all going to die of Climate Change!’ (You can trust what JP Morgan bankers say )
Bernie Sanders supports bringing deported criminals back to USA?
Pete Buttigieg advises nine-year-old boy how to come out as gay!
Trainee banker who had sex with boss threatened to 'destroy' him and teen daughter!
BBC dramas are 'woke' propaganda, not entertainment!
PANORAMA: Questions over Mo Farah's relationship with drug-cheat coach, Alberto Salazar
Spam fritters and mash of 1940s would be BETTER for kids than today's chicken curry and rice?

Sunday 23 February

Tyson Fury reflects on Planet Earth's management!
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation says: 'All White people are racist!'
HUDDERSFIELD: Drug dealing thug, Binyamin Maqsood, swung machete at man in town centre!
Khaled Argoub stalked woman off Tube and violently raped her!
Jamaican rapist fighting deportation faces new investigation after second victim comes forward!
Acid-killing savage, Xeneral Imiuru, launches jihadi terror attack on prison staff!
HUDDERSFIELD: More ‘Asian’ paedos sentenced for raping children!
https://twitter.com/LightTheWay16/status/1231552059096420352"/>https://twitter.com/LightTheWay16/status/1231552059096420352 BRISTOL: Abdifathi Ibrahim and others kick and stamp on a homeless man outside McDonald's
TRAITOR! ISIS supporter Safiyya Shaikh pleads guilty to St Paul's bomb plot!
ST LUCIA: Savages murdered Roger Pratt as he tried to defend his wife on their yacht!
Government pressured to end 'witch-hunt' against veterans after suicide of 'Spud' Murphy!
SWEDEN: 11-year-old girl gang raped! Savages walk free and laugh in her face!
SWEDEN: Violent gang leaders have migration background!
Jewish American paedophiles hide from justice in Israel!
Shamed ex-Labour MP, Fiona Onasanya, moans about month in jail!
Britain First leader Paul Golding charged by anti-terror police!
Irish student, 19, paying off college debt thanks to five sugar daddies!
Commie students handed two-month suspension for padlocking fire doors during strikes
Ryanair boss says airport checks should focus on Muslims! (‘Where the threat is coming from’)
Scottish Government took over 4,000 flights while declaring 'climate emergency!'
EU could COLLAPSE this year as massive crisis strikes!
Brexit-bashing civil servants deliberately attempted to sabotage UK's EU exit!
BoJo plans radical overhaul of civil service to guarantee 'people's Brexit!'
More than half of Brits want the BBC licence fee abolished!
Bernie Sanders hits the jackpot in Las Vegas as he wins Nevada caucuses!
HITCHENS: How the ultra-left's silent revolution took over Britain
HITCHENS: The unlikely villain behind 'health and safety?' MARGARET THATCHER!
Ex-Labour members secretly recorded at meetings with 'Holocaust deniers?'
FARRAKHAN: Talmudic Jewish influence responsible for pedophilia, slave trade
Former protection officer questions Prince Andrew's Virginia Roberts alibi!
'I saw Prince groping Virginia Roberts!' Duke seen kissing Epstein sex slave on 'paedo island?'
Piers Morgan lashes out at Harry and Meghan for 'staggering disrespect' to the Queen!
Harry and Meghan “are in this weird bubble and have this strange siege mentality!”
Caroline Flack was the victim of a narcissistic culture of which she was the poster girl!
Laurence Fox's family hit by abuse from 'woke warriors!'
Al Pacino's Nazi killer drama is dangerously insensitive
80% of luvvies fear ‘controversial opinions’ risk professional ostracism!

Saturday 22 February

UK's blue passports made in Poland by French firm thanks to contract agreed by Theresa May!
Home Office says release of grooming gang review findings is ‘not in public interest!’
LEICESTER: Muslim savage, Hafiz Sharifi, stabbed his ex to death in front of their children!
CRICKLEWOOD: Murder probe launched after man stabbed to death during rush hour!
Damilola Taylor killer, Ricky Preddie, jailed again for running over a police woman!
Weinstein guilty on three rape charges, jury undecided on other two!
Boris and David Frost have all the cards to outfox panicking Barnier!
EU discards Ireland’s Varadkar like a soiled rag!
French fishermen order Macron to save them from ‘death sentence’ in Brexit negotiations
Germany CRISIS: Merkel’s economy CRUMBLES as more businesses announce job cuts
Michael Portillo rudely shouted down by Corbynista Ash Sarkar as he makes great point!
Brussels seems determined to cut off its nose to spite its face in trade talks with the UK!
US Senate's first bill, in midst of shutdown, is defence of Israel's government from boycotts!
Israel would get far more than $3.8 billion a year under the new deal
‘Only institution where Republicans have any power left in society is elective government!’
TRUMP: Vladimir Putin should prefer Bernie Sanders ‘who honeymooned in Moscow!’
TRUMP: Hollywood must make great movies again, not ‘computerised crap!
Trump finally drains the Deep State?
‘Racist liberal whites’ love Sanders — Staffers are an ‘island of misfit black girls!’
CANADA: Foul play suspected as third train derails in a month after far-left call for sabotage!
Ghislaine Maxwell: 'Epstein and I have everyone on videotape?'
Swaggering billionaire businessman? Resemblance to Shifty Green is entirely intentional!
BBC ‘reported’ people critical of poem about ‘non-binary’ haircut struggles!

Friday 21 February

Elite Capture of Foreign Aid! "Aid disbursements to highly aid-dependent countries coincide with sharp increases in bank deposits in offshore financial centers known for bank secrecy and private wealth management!"
Aid-receiving countries' elites put millions in off-shore banks? World Bank's Goldberg resigns!
World Bank loses another chief economist! Penny Goldberg goes after just 15 months!
DuPont was pumping out a molecule that causes cancer for YEARS and it's in 90% of us!
109,000 sex attackers, thugs, robbers etc. avoid jail for simply saying 'I'm sorry!'
MERKEL: "Racism is a poison! Hate is a poison!"
Bosnian Minister says 100,000 immigrants are heading for EU in coming weeks!
Farage: government must make controlling immigration its top priority!
GLASGOW: Albanian immigrant, Edison Bala, carried out sickening nightclub sex attack!
At least the EU likes me! Varadkar ‘eyeing up Brussels role’ after Irish election humiliation!
Care homes won’t like it, but we’ve come to the end of cheap labour
Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell? Socialite Christina Oxenberg tells all to the FBI!
Grace Millane killer's 'pathological lies!' Failed salesman lived fantasy life
Don't let Labour become a trans rights pressure group or it'll never win back power, warns Blair!
Priti Patel's fury at wonk blocking cops from eco mob crackdown! Staff drag feet on tough action!
Priti Patel’s comments betray establishment’s hostility to traditional family!
MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell says ‘Donald Trump is a Russian operative!’
Donald Trump rips 'Parasite' Oscars win and 'little wise guy' Brad Pitt at Colorado rally!
M&S apologises to trans female after she was stopped from using men's changing room!
Why don't posturing pop stars ever protest over grooming gangs?
Scots who tell ‘offensive jokes’ on social media secretly logged on police database!
Meghan Markle says there's nothing legal stopping her/Harry from using Sussex Royal brand!
New ‘purity test’ tool to scan Hollywood scripts for ‘diversity bias!’

Thursday 20 February

The rise of the German far-Right! How the 2015 migrant crisis sparked a backlash!
Right-wing gunman who killed 9 in Germany found dead at home alongside his mother!
GERMANY: Nine killed in shisha bar ‘terror attack’ - ‘Gunman’ dead in flat with another body!
'Predator' Araz Khdir hunted schoolgirl, 11, then sexually attacked her in woods!
'Asian' paedos jailed for 55 years after girl forced into sex with 300 men by the age of 15!
NOTTINGHAM: 17-year-old stabbed to death at shopping centre
Gang jailed after hacking more than 2,000 BT customer accounts!
Ex-cop's rapist son freed just hours before he murdered Megan Newton, 18!
‘Fake Imam’ sentenced to six years for sexually abusing children!
‘Asian’ paedo sentenced to seven years will be out in three!
FLORIDA: 17-year-old converts to Islam then slits throat of boy, 13, for mocking new religion!
Judge told woman she wasn’t raped because she didn’t fight back! Cases to be reviewed?
Cops fear arresting Extinction Rebellion vandals over threat of legal reprisals!
Epstein ‘pimp,’ Ghislaine Maxwell, says ‘I’ve done nothing wrong!’ Won’t respond to lawsuit!
CANADA: Far-left extremists are sabotaging railway safety equipment!
Why David Steel must be expelled by Lib Dems for protecting paedo Cyril Smith!
Thousands of mums-to-be given antibiotics that ‘put babies at risk of birth defects!’
Babies face higher risk of birth defects if mums take penicillin alternatives in pregnancy!
Billions of foreign aid disappears into tax havens!
Greek locals accuse migrants of trying to 'Islamise the western world!'
Billions of foreign aid disappears into tax havens
MIGRATION WATCH: Boris’s government is ‘not serious about taking control of immigration!’
UK to close door to non-English speakers and unskilled workers?
Unlike bamboozled pundits, the public completely gets the Cummings Project!
The Left's hysterical reaction to the end of cheap labour shows they still don't get it!
Andrew Neil predicts no deal Brexit as he warns of ‘huge bust up’ with EU!
Labour's Richard Burgon doesn't care what we want, condemns BoJo's immigration cap!
Number 10 bashes Michel Barnier over trade deal U-turn!
British fishermen deliver stern warning to Ireland – ‘Side with us, not your EU jailers!’
EU tells UK: No Canada trade deal but we’ll have your fish!
Trump in Phoenix: ‘The great betrayal is over!’ ‘America is no longer for sale!’
Steven Spielberg's adopted daughter, now a PORN STAR, was 'groomed and abused' as a child!
Gemma Collins BANNED from directing a company for the next three years!

Wednesday 19 February

SHEFFIELD: Savage 'raped disabled woman and attacked her when she tried to flee his car!'
HUDDERSFIELD: Seven Muslims abused schoolgirls aged 12 to 15 in ‘truly appalling ways!’
LEEDS: Disabled woman needed abortion after rape by carer, Edson Munyikwa, in own home!
Britain's first acid attack killer Xeneral Imiuru launches jihadi attack on prison guards!
ABDUL AZIZ: Pervert caught by paedo hunters 'has distorted view of British girls!'
Lord Steel facing expulsion from Lib Dems - He did not pass on Cyril Smith suspicions!
Michael Bloomberg was in Jeffrey Epstein's little black book?
France sees average of 120 knife attacks per day! Thanks, Macron!
USA: Child welfare worker, Candace Talley, used kids' custody to force a mother into prostitution!
It’s high time to check the bloated Beeb’s privilege!
Victimhood must be banished to let free speech thrive!
Lawyers land killer blow to UK justice, says NICK FERRARI!
Foreign aid corruption paper causes storm at World Bank!
Bolton schoolchildren learn about the Hajj, the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca!
Economist (Elite's top rag) says less migration makes Americans richer, economy stronger!
Gay Presidential wannabe Pete Buttigieg promises more housing! And even more immigrants!
Joe Biden: ‘Absolutely bizarre’ to suggest there is a limit on US capacity to absorb immigrants!
Boris row with Trump over Huawei intensifies, Australian MPs cancel UK visit!
Left-wing groups massively over-represented in media landscape!
Society is in thrall to the mad and bad orthodoxies of the liberal Left!
Sadiq Khan urges EU to offer Britons 'associate citizenship'
MICHEL BARNIER: UK can't have Canada trade deal with EU!
UK employment rate reaches record high as it leaves the EU!
Diane Abbott makes furious BBC Breakfast viewers SWITCH OFF!
Black Londoners urged to donate organs by woman who saved father
SINISTER? Phillip Schofield first met Matthew McGreevy when he was 10 years old!
Rapper Dave slams Boris Johnson as ‘a real racist!’
We’re waking to the idiocy of being woke, says FREDERICK FORSYTH
Queen BANS Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from using lucrative 'Sussex Royal' brand!
Labour leadership candidate: Abolish the monarchy but make Meghan Markle Queen!

Tuesday 18 February

117 doctors call for end to 'the psychological torture and medical neglect' of Julian Assange!
We’ve finally hit peak insanity over trans… haven’t we?
ISIS is bigger now than when it took over Iraq and Syria and it’s making a comeback!
MANCHESTER: England hit by another Asian child sex abuse scandal!
ROCHDALE: Rapist, Samiral Choudhury, jailed after obscene images of 7-year-old girls found!
STOKE: Joseph Trevor raped and murdered school friend Megan Newton - STRING HIM UP!
INDIA - 3 YEARS IN HELL! Girl, 8, dies after being raped ‘by 16 men including her relatives!’
USA: Mother walked in on ‘friend raping her eight-year-old daughter!’
HARLEM: ‘Absolute violence!’ Tourist slashed in neck never saw attack coming!
UK Professor: Only way to save planet is to ‘let humans become extinct!’
Police refuse to act on climate change vandals!
Why is Boris Johnson allowing eco-Fascists to run riot in Britain?
Biased, blundering and crude: the BBC's Brexit Day coverage proved to me it needs reform!
The EU is fatally complacent about the crisis that is about to engulf it
LITTLEJOHN: Memo to Michel Barnier - No retreat, baby, no surrender!
Eurocrats ‘fighting like ferrets in a sack’ over Brexit budget hole!
Viktor Orbán proclaims ‘Hungary first’ in State-of-the-Nation speech!
Labour hopeful Lisa Nandy demands Royal family be SCRAPPED!
IRELAND: ‘House the Irish first!’ Protesters block housebuilding for ‘non-national families!’
Ukrainian documents show millions were funneled to Hunter Biden and John Kerry family!
Liberal after attending Trump rally: “Democrats have an ass-kicking coming to them!” NASCAR drivers praise Trump as ‘man of the people’ after Daytona visit!
FBI investigated Trump campaign team without telling them and recorded their comments!
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Claire Alcantara, 46, left penniless and stranded after marrying toyboy!
Caroline Flack’s friends brand CPS ‘cruel’ for stopping her seeing boyfriend, Lewis!

Monday 17 February

Obama asked the FBI to investigate somebody on behalf of George Soros!
Suicides rates in UK increase to highest level since 2002
Two men fight for their lives, two more hurt in spate of stabbings across London!
Sadiq Khan: ‘All gender identities’ including ‘non-binary’ are valid!
‘I have white advantage, male advantage, straight advantage!’ Welby brands CofE ‘racist!’
Douglas Murray: Starbucks promotion of trans kids charity is ‘incredibly sinister!’
How can the governing classes be so naive about the threats we face?
‘We will whack it!’ – Boris takes on BBC with plan to scrap TV licence!
Our overtly political judges are long overdue a moment of reckoning!
'Deluded cult!' Black Labour MP savaged for praising policies that voters rejected!
Five Whitehall buildings owned by wealthy businessmen now operate under Sharia rules!
Around 40 per cent of criminals in the Paris area are foreigners!
France and Britain ‘will rip each other apart over trade talks’ says Macron’s Foreign Minister!
Merkel on alert as Germany and France drag eurozone down to record low!
ICE: Sanctuary California hiding details on accused illegal alien child abusers!
Muslims outraged as fearless Australian TV host says Islam is source of terrorism!
Mike Bloomberg wants Hillary Clinton a running mate?
School athlete beats trans opponent two days after filing lawsuit to block him from competing!
LITTLEJOHN: It’s shameful that Jimmy Greaves never got his gong!

Sunday 16 February

Sinn Fein: We’ll let your children take you to court to change their gender!
Sinn Fein, a party with its own paramilitary wing, accepted at top table of politics! APPALLING!
HITCHENS: Who let the IRA gangsters take over Ireland? We did!
'Homophobes' (Against LGBT rammed down schoolkids' throats) target rainbow school!
HARLOW: Altin Bushati raped two women, subjecting them to prolonged and violent attacks!
OXFORD: More ‘Asian’ paedophiles sentenced!
Muslim lady tells the truth!
Sadiq Khan, London’s ‘liberal Muslim’ Mayor, has ties to ISIS?
Caroline Flack kills herself after CPS pushes ahead with her 'show trial!'
Prince Andy’s visit to another billionaire child rapist? Peter Nygard abused 10 teens?
Tessa Majors murder: Rashaun Weaver's dad's in jail, his mum has stabbing on rap sheet
10-year-old Iraqi girl bursts into tears as she is forced to marry Muslim man!
ITALY: African immigrant faked ‘racist’ attack by stabbing himself!
Judge serves Epstein's elusive 'pimp' Ghislaine Maxwell with a sex assault lawsuit via email!
TOKYO OLYMPICS: Transgender 'female' to compete at US marathon trials!
65 per cent of French believe French civilisation will collapse!
Douglas Murray: Boris must appoint more real Conservatives to demoralise the Left!
New Chancellor Rishi Sunak cashed in on fund that helped break banks
Oh dear, Brussels! Next country to quit EU predicted - Brexit success threatens bloc!
Guy Verhofstadt says EU will walk away from talks should UK refuse to make concessions!
Brexiteer outburst on live BBC panel destroys SNP claim of 'defending fisheries!'
Downing Street declares war on BBC with plan to ABOLISH license fee!
Gina Miller loses discrimination complaint over 'monkeys' in Rod Liddle Sunday Times column
Jordan Peterson, vilified by the Left for crusade against PC, is seriously ill
Furious backlash at talks to let CHINA build HS2!
Mitt Romney is a top 20 recipient of funding by George Soros’ lobbyist group
Traditional standoffishness won't save us from coronavirus, modern Britain is too touchy-feely!

Saturday 15 February 2020

Top coronavirus scientist says it's 'not absurd' to forecast 400,000 UK fatalities!
Appeal Court rules Islamic marriages invalid in UK!!!
Emily Thornberry was the only leadership candidate who didn't say 'tackling anti-Semitism would be her 'number one priority' as Labour leader. One day later she was out of the race!
Lisa Nandy wins backing of the Jewish Labour Movement in bid for the Labour leadership!
Polygamy benefits women says Muslim businessman
Number of female homicide victims reaches highest level since 2006!
Nearly 10,000 ‘gun crimes’ committed in one year in GUN FREE Britain!
Thought Police record 120,000 'non-crime' hate incidents! Judge slams 'Gestapo' cops!
120,000 'non-crime' hate incidents that may stop accused getting jobs!
REDCAR: Aram Khudur Hussain, Jalil Darbaz Haje, and Qadir Ahmed arrested for rape!
Swedish Interior Minister says migrant robbers pee on victims because they feel hopeless!
Mum-of-two who called a trans woman 'pig in a wig' convicted of sending offensive tweets!
Court's judgment on transphobic tweeter is a welcome victory for freedom of speech!
High School girls sue to stop trans athletes competing against them!
Paedos can find sick child sex abuse images online with just 3 clicks of a mouse!
Diversity quotas for festivals signal a new low for celebrity activism!
FARCE! Judges block deportation of killer and rapist at last minute!
Brexiteer Attorney General wants to ‘take back control’ from the courts!
Would-be Labour leaders on deportation of foreign-born criminals!
ORBAN: "It’s forbidden to say so in Europe, but this is an organised invasion!”
ORBAN: "100,000 migrants are currently on their way to Europe!"
End of EU: Angela Merkel's crippling fear about future of bloc after Brexit exposed!
Top Macron ally withdraws from Paris Mayor race after intimate video leaked!
FARAGE: UK’s Huawei decision ‘imperils intelligence sharing’, US trade deal!
"The Democrat Party does not put our people first!"
The illegal tip in North London that is visible from space!
AfD inherits around seven million euros!
Comic Relief hoards £117million as charity pleads for cash to help hungry/homeless in UK!
Palace aides 'cringed' at Meghan Markle's 'behind the scenes' Vogue video

Friday 14 February

Judge compares police to Stasi and Gestapo! 'Non crime' trans tweet risks freedom of speech!
BBC propaganda wasn't supposed to result in 89% stop immigration poll!!!
Mumps cases hits decade high in England! Universities see number quadruple since 2018!
Coronavirus: Is deadly virus thriving in hotels as infection rate surpasses 64,000?
Women who have had 10 or more sexual partners face DOUBLE the risk of cancer!
Talk to working-class men dying of lung disease about their ‘White Male Privilege!’
Cops look on as Extinction Rebellion digs up grass outside government office!
Ah, poor criminal! 'I was punished twice when I was deported!'
OXFORD paedophiles jailed!
LINCOLNSHIRE: Andrei-Mihai Simion-Munteanu strangled his mother and her partner!
NEW ZEALAND: Stephanie Simpson found dead after she disappeared whilst out hiking!
GLASGOW: Latvians raped girl, 15, at birthday party and treated her as 'sex object!'
Scotland to extradite 48 criminals back to Poland after landmark ruling!
Rotherham Council tells victims to add rapist’s names to birth certificates! ‘Parental Rights!’
My Turkish father’s aunt was forced to marry the man who raped her when she was a teenager!
Board of the 'French Oscars' quits following Roman Polanski award nomination!
‘Get this stopped!’ Britons furious after EU fishermen pictured exploiting UK fisheries!
Dominic Cummings sets up shop in the Treasury after Sajid Javid ejected!
10 days before he got the no. 2 job, Rishi Sunak said 'we don't need a trade deal with the EU!'
How Sajid Javid lost the power battle between Number 10 and 11
Pope Francis dubbed 'dictator' in outrageous critique
SWEDEN: Where the elite protects war criminals and terrorists from deportation!
Far-Left groups threaten Salvini over UK speaking events!
Huawei has ‘back door’ access in its networks, warns United States!

Thursday 13 February

Coronavirus deaths leap 242 in a single day!
If THEY don't start taking Coronavirus seriously, we are going to die from PC and complacency!
Why is it Sadiq Khan hates one of these posters, but loves the other?
UK's 2021 census could be the last? (Want evidence of their demographic treachery buried?)
The woke brigade are close to ‘cancelling’ Shakespeare
A Global Catastrophe! "260 Million Christians experience high levels of persecution!"
UN lists 112 businesses linked to Israeli settlements!
UK regulators examine ties between Barclays CEO, James Staley, and Jeffrey Epstein!
'Help us or you'll kill the High Street!'
Remembering climate alarmists’ false prophecies!
Killer and rapist should've been booted out but could be out in days thanks to Appeal Court!
Deported Jamaican who battered man with a wrench wants a second chance!
Violent Grime star Solo 45 (Andy Anokye) raped 4 women and was aroused by their tears!
FLY TIPPING! Organised crime behind huge rise!
Check out the dignified behaviour of BoJo-hating rapper, Slowthai
GREENWICH: Labour councillor, Tonia Ashikodi, found guilty of fraud!
White Genocide! Between 35,000 and 135,000 civilians were killed in Dresden!
"The destruction of Dresden remains a serious query against the conduct of Allied bombing!"
Veganism bad for the environment and your health?
I'm so queasy about Harry and Meghan Markle cosying up to rapacious bank giants!

Wednesday 12 February

REPORT: Girls don't pee, don't drink and skip school to avoid boys in gender-neutral toilets!
British universities are 'gagging' student sexual assault claims!!!
Coronavirus could kill 45 MILLION people if it isn't controlled!
April Gallop blows the whistle on 9/11 Pentagon cover-up!
‘I’m ashamed of our history and our failure!’ Thus spake our oilman Archbishop!
Black violence in London is not news
Killer, rapists and violent criminals barred from being deported to Jamaica by court ruling!
EAST FINCHLEY: Obina Ezeoke executed mum-of-9 and nephew in botched revenge hit!
NELSON: Father-of-3, Adnan Aslam, raped 14-year-old boy he met on Grindr dating app!
Mugger savage breaks woman's teeth trying to steal her bag at Croydon tram stop!
Manchester Bomber used government benefits to buy bomb parts!
Buckingham Palace Jihadi convicted of plotting attacks on London landmarks!
THAILAND: Dead 'western' tourist is found floating in the sea with a rock tied around his neck!
France: Machete-wielding Muslim wanted to marry an 11-year-old!
France is quietly reintroducing the crime of blasphemy!
Post Office spent £320,000 on postmaster case after wrongly accusing him of stealing £25,000!
SWEDEN: Muslim immigrant sentenced for beating daughter with kebab spit!
Jewish dominance of the African slave trade!
UN Official: Crisis in Lebanon could lead to a new European migrant crisis!
Macron's Party crumbles ahead of elections as MPs defect - ‘Point of no return!’
France on brink of crisis as Trump threatens to quadruple duty on wine - 'We can't cope!'
Merkel ruined her own legacy - Humiliating defeat looms!
EU civil war as FIVE member states face crippling Brexit budget bill!
Guy Verhofstadt angry after EU refuses to give him high ranking job! Ha-ha!
EU countries want ability to punish UK in trade deal disputes!
Brexit WAR: Spain joins with France and Denmark in bitter bid to seize UK waters!
Guy Verhofstadt angry after EU refuses to give him high ranking job! Ha-ha!
I'm on Priti Patel's side in the deportation row - because she's on our side!
Cabinet reshuffle - Remainers back in favour! Here comes the betrayal?
Boris gives green light to £100 billion+ HS2 railway spending spree!
Voters see Rebecca Long-Bailey as ‘Jeremy in a skirt’, ‘unpatriotic!’
Labour is still blaming 'bigoted' voters, not Jeremy Corbyn, for its electoral woes
Jeremy Corbyn picks nose and wipes it on his beard in the Commons
BBC boss Kamal Ahmed trousered hedge fund's £12,000 appearance fee after culling 450 staff!
The 'one ailment' GP appointment is literally killing us!
Prince Harry 'in talks with US banking giant Goldman Sachs!' £1billion golden handshake?

Tuesday 11 February

"We needed the Windrush Generation!" DEBUNKED!
Brothers 'used mother's £2,000 benefits payments to plan Manchester Arena bombing!'
Court of appeal orders Home Office not to deport Jamaican criminals!
David Lammy ranting in the Commons! AGAIN! Wants Jamaican criminals to stay!
Mohiussunnath Chowdhury plotted new terror attacks after acquittal!
Mass-deportation flight takes off for Jamaica despite last ditch court order to stop it! HOORAY!
Islamist preacher continues to post Hate online despite arrest and social media ban!
Bournemouth's Jordon Ibe crashed Bentley into a coffee shop - Threatened with arrest!
'Pillar of the community' gets 5 years after stealing £250,000 from charity pension fund
Sadiq Khan threatens to sabotage PM’s plan to tackle knife crime!
Brexit WAR: Spain joins with France and Denmark in bitter bid to seize UK waters!
Brexit was the UK's democratic reckoning. It's Varadkar and Merkel's turn now
Merkel's chosen successor to resign as Party leader citing lack of support!
Australia joins growing revolt against Baroness Scotland's Commonwealth leadership!
Journalist Abby Martin sues Georgia over law requiring pledge of allegiance to Israel!
DONALD TRUMP: Washington swamp ‘worse than I thought!’
Biden meltdown: Former Vice President staring into the abyss as voter support plummets
How we all helped Sinn Fein win in Ireland!
Girl sent home from school because of her big afro hair gets £8,500 free dosh!
'Everyone who knew him, knew he was gay!' Joan Collins questions Schofield's decision!
Jon Voight says Pelosi’s soul has ‘evil intent’ – calls her a threat to America
Corey Feldman says pedophilia is Hollywood’s ‘biggest problem’ — not #MeToo
Joaquin Phoenix delivers bonkers Oscars acceptance speech!
The Oscars ceremony was a sad spectacle of virtue signalling!
Ratings for 2020 Oscar ceremony collapse by double digits to hit an all-time low!

Monday 10 February

We have to talk about these Pakistani gangs!
Man accused of raping three children in a week was released on bail twice by same judge
31% of leave voters say: "Muslim immigration is part of a plot to Islamicise Britain!"
A record 7,300 foreign criminals are living freely in the UK instead of being deported!
Fake taxi drivers, Syed Ahmed and Najirul Miah, took turns raping 'good woman!'
5-year-old autistic boy ‘a sex offender’ for hugging a classmate and kissing another on cheek!
BARNSLEY: The injury on the head of football fan, 16 - Battered from behind by a cop!
Football fan, 16, smashed over head with baton by policeman!
COPS investigating Stuart Lubbock's rape/murder at Barrymore home have new information!
TEXAS: Serial killer’ Billy Chemirmir worse than Jeffrey Dahmer? 22 alleged victims already
UK faces major outbreak of deadly Coronavirus, warns scientist who co-discovered Ebola virus!
IRONY: Environment consultant Bob Saynor at centre of Coronavirus outbreak!
Health Secretary Matt Hancock says UK faces 'serious and imminent' threat from Coronavirus
Varadkar humiliated! Cringeworthy moment Irish PM NOT elected in own constituency!
Theresa May made 'deliberate decision' to stop BoJo being in charge of Brexit!
Who's backing who for Labour leader? Full list
Shaun Bailey: Voters are tired of Left wing virtue-signalling!
Relentless rise of Grace the Moet Marxist!
Bercow is truly Unspeakable – he makes Alan Partridge look self-aware!
BERCOW: Ex-Speaker says he's victim of conspiracy in peerage row! (Diddums!)
Corey Feldman says pedophilia is Hollywood’s ‘biggest problem’ — not #MeToo
Internet chemists cash in on the HRT crisis!
ADL: "NBPP is the largest organized anti-Semitic/racist Black militant group in America!"
CLIMATE? What climate? Meghan and Harry trouser megadosh from fossil fuel bankroll firm!
When did know-it-all luvvies, Joaquin Phoenix and Brad Pitt, become politicians?
Blac Chyna tops the worst-dressed list at the 2020 Oscars

Sunday 9 February

Did Coronavirus begin in a Wuhan laboratory?
Jews demand action be taken against Tory MP, Daniel Kawczynski!
Jewish Chronicle condemns MP for consoring with 'racists!' (Leaders of Hungary/Italy)
PRESTON: Muslims remove "offensive" British flag and replace it with Hamas Flag!
'I was in al-Qaeda, then spied for MI6 – I know de-radicalisation doesn't work!'
Government covered up levels of greenhouse gas pumped out by new vehicles sold in UK!
JP MORGAN! The bank of Epstein, Madoff and the 2008 crash!
We need a new law to punish treason! (Non-starter - Politicians would be first in line!)
Lammy and Abbott want convicted criminals to be allowed to STAY in the UK!
Violent burglaries and taking the p*** in jail? Albanian gangs mock British justice!
LONDON: Immigrant doctor gets ‘life’ for 90 sexual assaults on NHS patients!
Harry Dunn killer Anne Sacoolas was a CIA spy and held higher rank than husband!
BARNSLEY: Cops out of control! The shape of things to come?
Victims have 'rumbled' that police can't investigate crimes and have stopped reporting them
How many IDs should one person have? How many are doing this?
Police swamped with half a MILLION mental health crisis call-outs in a year!
Prosecutors allow dozens of charges brought against terrorists to ‘lie on file!’
SWEDEN: Lefties claim police are racist for tackling gang violence!
FRANCE: Youths who took credit for brutal beating of fireman arrested
German sex offenders allowed to visit brothels for ‘therapy reasons!’
The key to the Islamisation of the west
Cancel Culture Lefties smearing Conservatives are ‘boys who cried woke!’
EU member states demand ‘status quo’ access to UK fishing grounds!
DAVID DAVIS: Thanks to Tony Blair's unjust treaty, it's one rule for Yanks and another for us!
The Democrats have Trump to thank for their existential collapse
HITCHENS: I love what the BBC used to be, but I can't defend it any longer
Male and female toilets scrapped at Labour HQ! 'Gender neutral' will mark LGBT history month!
'Enough is enough!' Iain Dale explains his furious Good Morning Britain storm out
‘Brave’ Schofield ‘only came out after affair with underling was about to be exposed!’
Father Ted creator is hated on the internet? For speaking out against transgender extremism?
The Oscars is unbearable, a mélange of woke posturing, self-indulgence and surreality!

Saturday 8 February

CORONAVIRUS: 34,546 reported cases in China! Death toll now 722!
Is coronavirus ten times WORSE than feared? Only 10% of cases identified by tests!
Shocking video shows Robogoons dragging suspected Coronavirus carriers from their homes!
The massive left-wing bias on campus is putting conservative students at risk!
GLOBALISM! Flesh-eating Argentinian worm devours Europe's native snails/earthworms!
BBC crisis as broadcaster receives 300 Ofcom complaints over ‘anti-British’ video!
Labour councillor Tonia Ashikodi got thousands from rental properties whilst living in council flat!
DARTFORD: Asta Juskauskiene arranged fight-to-the-death duel between ex-husband and lover!
Taxpayers forked out £150,000-a-year on care for weirdo who tried to kill child!
Female prison officer cut hole in her trousers to have sex with Cocky Warren!
Mohammed Chowdhury assaulted young girls as they sat on his knee
BRISTOL: Man of middle eastern appearance sexually assaults young girl
Carer, Frank Iyamu, guilty of sexually assaulting a woman with cerebral palsy!
WALES: Shamsul Alam pleads not guilty to sexual assault of young woman
BURNLEY: Mohammed Kabir launched campaign of terror against women and schoolgirls
INVERNESS: Married taxi driver Anwar Chowdhury raped woman in his cab!
OXFORD: Sabir Hussain guilty of 13 counts of indecent assault and one of rape
Khan’s London: Gang rape trio held machete to schoolgirl victim’s throat!
Child abusers will be PUBLICLY hanged in Pakistan under plans agreed by parliament!
Female Genital Mutilation rising in Germany because of mass migration!
Boris’s administration bows down to BuzzFeed and the Guardian!
Boris caves to PC mob, punishes Tory MP for going to Conservatism Conference!
Brexit LIVE: ‘What part of sovereignty don’t you get!’ Verhofstadt mocked for EU plan
Boris Johnson is set to sack FIVE female ministers in cabinet reshuffle?
UK mustn't be ‘bullied’ by Chinese Communist Party, says last UK Governor of Hong Kong!
Rebecca Long-Bailey will back ALL strikes 'no questions asked' on becoming Labour leader!
‘We should have listened!’ Hugh Gaitskell’s prophetic anti-EEC speech revealed!
EU faces exodus as Le Pen destroys Brussels' plot to punish UK!
Reverend Franklin Graham banned by venues on UK tour over ‘anti-LGBT’ views!

Friday 7 February

Apotheosis of Evil!
Michael Barrymore documentary - Party guests know what happened to Stuart Lubbock!
Who was at Barrymore's house when Stuart died?
Taxi driver who took 'drunk' Barrymore back home with Stuart says he 'wanted to have sex!'
Slam shut your borders or pay a terrible price, says Australia's ex-premier Tony Abbott!
ENFIELD: Mohamed, Mohamad and French imprisoned and raped schoolgirl!
Dr Manish Shah jailed for 90 sex assaults on patients!
Romanian chef and kitchen porter 'gang raped woman, 40,' after she returned home!
Only 4 of Glasgow’s 71 Muslim child rapists have gone to prison?
Creep who tried to kill 6-year-old had told carers he wanted to throw someone off a building!
SNP big shot, Derek Mackay, sent schoolboy, 16, creepy texts and called him ‘cute!’
Knife-wielding gang rip £115,000 watch from tourist's wrist in Mayfair
Burglar who killed and raped 81-year-old was out on a suspended sentence!
'Crimes not reported' as public lose confidence in police!
'Deplorable' white supremacist messages seen in Ipswich! Thought Police investigate!
INDIA: Akhilesh Rawat parades his wife’s severed head before crowds!
Arti Dhir and hubbie hired hitman to kill adopted son, 11? And they're free to walk our streets?
'No girl is safe!' The mothers ironing their daughters' breasts!
90 more illegal immigrants intercepted! Highest number in one day
FOURTEEN MILLION people across the UK reportedly live in poverty?
SINN FEIN: We’ll let your children take you to court to change gender! (Marxists, eh?)
Death of Corbynism? Rebecca Long-Bailey now in last place in Labour leadership contest!
Daniel Kawczynski’s trial by media is a witch hunt against Conservatives!
Romanians (Gypsies?) and Poles a third of EU nationals seeking to settle in the UK!
France to block 'fish for finance' deal in bid to plunder British jobs!
BoJo: “I’m not being driven out of Scotland by that bloody wee Jimmy Krankie woman!”
By ennobling Hammond and Clarke, Boris has breached his trust with the British people!
EU will fall apart as Britain emerges as a thriving nation on world stage!
Farage second-most popular party leader, twice as popular as Corbyn!
Farage meets Trump at White House! ‘Great things ahead for our two countries!’
Senator Kennedy: Many in D.C., including Pelosi ‘think the American people are morons!’
Tucker Carlson: Criminals would be protected from deportation under House Democrat bill!
Impending Democrat-led legislation would “entirely remake” the US immigration system!
RAND PAUL: THEY were plotting to impeach Trump before Ukraine opportunity arose!
‘It was all bullshit!’ Donald Trump delivers mocking, vitriolic speech after acquittal!
Asked why she tore up Trump speech, Pelosi said: ‘I don’t need lessons from anybody!’
SWEDEN: Homeless vet? No help, dies in cold! Refugees? Free food, housing! SAME NIGHT!
Hungary first European Country to Join US-led religious freedom alliance!
SPAIN: 'Diversity is our strength!' (Trudeau)
100,000+ protesters on the streets of France today, demanding Macron’s resignation!
German paper admits most ‘boat migrants’ aren't real refugees!
Ireland’s gay, left-wing, mixed-race PM faces defeat in upcoming election!
Police say IRA truck bomb was meant for Brexit Day attack!
BBC could go the way of Blockbuster videos, says Minister!
Coronavirus kills Chinese doctor, 34, who sounded the alarm!
Credit Suisse boss Tidjane Thiam resigns after spying scandal
Australia bushfires: Biggest rainfall in 20 years delivers much-needed relief
The public are giving up on police solving crimes, warns watchdog
Either I’m out of touch on trans issues or the youth of today are completely bonkers

Thursday 6 February

Manchester attack trial: Hashem Abedi ‘just as guilty’ as bomber brother
Yusef Ali threw woman off balcony and stabbed women after she rejected his advances
Nazeir Ahmed twice drove over granddad of boy whose trousers Ahmed had pulled down
Imam Hafez Uddin, 65, to face trial over indecent assaults on young girls!
Race to stop terrorist Mohammed Kahn being freed after serving half his sentence
Trump acquitted by Senate in impeachment trial
Brexit Britain retakes independent seat at World Trade Organization
Andrew Neil points out 4 reasons EU will be finished if it doesn't agree Brexit trade deal!
SNP top bloke told boy he was cute and sent him 270 text messages!
Donald Trump free to focus on election campaign as impeachment scam fails
Google censors the Congressional Record!
Too effective? Twitter and YouTube declare war on memes ahead of 2020 election!
Even privatisation may come too late to save an increasingly irrelevant BBC
Students have always been unpatriotic. That professors now share their wokery is new!
Harvey Weinstein masturbated in front of model after his friend trapped her in bathroom!
Migrants protest Greek government and clash with police after tightening of migration rules
GOTHENBURG: Mohamed second most popular name for newborn baby boys!
One in eight cancers may be triggered by viruses?
Dr Kehinde Andrews says British Empire did more damage than Nazis
Lawyer/diversity campaigner Funke Abimbola says her African name stopped her getting jobs

Wednesday 5 February

Foreign Office continues to allow thousands of Chinese into Britain WITHOUT CHECKS!
'Multiple' passengers on cruise liner quarantined off Japan have coronavirus!
Fury as EU super trawlers will STILL be allowed to fish in British waters!
Tommy Robinson on Ross Kemp's Belmarsh documentary!
5,000+ violent migrants have been kicked out of Australia!
Only 5 fanatics subject to anti-terror orders despite 3,000 suspected jihadis roaming streets!
Indian restaurant boss gets 10 years after being found guilty of Cleethorpes beach rape!
Sudesh Amman and Usman Khan had links to south London ‘Sheikh of hate!’
Helen McCourt's killer to go free despite never revealing whereabouts of her body!
Detective gets suspended sentence only after saying he wanted to rape an 11-year-old
NHS 'culture of denial' let breast butcher Ian Paterson maim 11,000 women?
Boxer Gervonta Davis grabs his daughter's mother by the throat at basketball game!
Italian Police attacked with bricks in Turin migrant centre!
South Africa issues arrest warrant for former President Jacob Zuma!
Harvey Weinstein looked like a 'burns victim with no testicles?'
Cases of Syphilis at their highest since World War Two!
Executive team behind ('failed Iowa Caucus app') are all former Hillary For America employees!
'Ludicrous woke luvvies' versus 'the people we never hear whining?'
Boris may SUSPEND European human rights laws to reverse early release for terrorists
Labour's Keir Starmer calls for all-Black and minority ethnic shortlists!
French fishermen face DISASTROUS 'shortfall' if blocked from post-Brexit British waters!
Chief Secretary to the Treasury says UK doesn't need a trade deal with the EU! Gove agrees!
Is Barnier now just Macron’s PUPPET?
FARAGE: Brexit sets stage for Trump victory, just as it did in 2016
Foghorn pledges to continue protest outside Parliament? (Where's the law on public nuisance?)
'I'm not drunk or a slapper!' Furious Labour MP snaps at trolls!

Tuesday 4 February

2019: "Why is my teenage girl picked on for NOT being gay or trans?"
Barrymore pool death - ALL 8 party-goers including TV star are 'rape and murder' suspects!
Jehovah's Witnesses sued over 'child sex abuse!'
Lack of school nurses means sexual abuse in the family is being missed!
EPSTEIN paedos "will be given a chance to object to their identities being made public?"
Top cop calls for paedos who view child abuse to be spared prosecution! Officers 'can't cope!'
UK near bottom of global cancer survival league due to 'neglect and underfunding!'
THE BLUMENTHAL MEMO! From final batch of Clinton emails...
UKRAINE: 'All of us in the admin were trying to get rid of prosecutor,' Viktor Shokin, says Kerry!
CORONAVIRUS! 438 Wuhan travelers ‘in United Kingdom can't be traced!
CORONAVIRUS: Health Sec urges people to 'wash their hands!' Cases DOUBLE every 5 days!
CORONAVIRUS is worse than they are saying? Just like that a man dies before our eyes!
Manchester bomber's brother, Hashem Abedi, 'just as guilty' for murder of 22 people!
Streatham attacker was one of five most dangerous terrorists in Britain!
Police reveal terrorist Sudesh Amman had been under surveillance for 40 minutes!
As a dope-smoking boy, Sudesh Amman fantasised about killing cops and had ISIS flag!
Primary school teacher hurt in terror attack 'devoted to her pupils!'
Will BoJo's belated law keep terrorists off YOUR streets?
BORIS says 'very few' Islamists can be rehabilitated, ‘we need to be frank about that!’
We have to get tougher or more may die says ex-head of Counter Terrorism at the Met
MSM speaking out? Tommy spoke out years ago! BNP, NF and Enoch decades before that!
Proposed anti-terror legislation could be challenged in the courts!
Did Diane Abbott fall asleep during Parliament terror debate?
Jihadists murder at least ten Christians at scene of earlier atrocity in Burkina Faso
After 18 years of war we cannot leave Afghanistan to the Taliban?
Professor of Black Studies brands whiteness a 'psychosis!'
Crying 'racist' is wokery's excuse for phasing out the old!
Indian bookie at heart of cricket's biggest match-fix scandal seen near £1m London home
Councils fed up with fly-tippers share photos of 'most wanted' offenders!
Trump's rivals for the White House are a bunch of no-hopers! No wonder Donald is smirking!
FARAGE: the EU is ‘terrified’ of UK becoming a competitor on doorstep!
BORIS: I'll walk away from trade talks if EU tries to bind us to their rules!
Barnier orders Boris to hand over UK fishing waters for EU free trade deal!
“Thank you, goodbye, and good riddance,” says Croatia’s top EU wonk!
Marine Le Pen: Brexit is a ‘terrifying failure’ for the European Union!
Bercow's catty memoirs are a fitting end to his indecent career!
The Tories will regret not making Britain's military a higher priority!
Zuckerberg says Facebook will stand up for free expression and let people post what they want!
Meghan Markle suffered ‘racism, sexism and misogyny’ squeaks Bercow!
BAFTA: WOKE celebs Prince Willie and Joaquin Phoenix say there's too much white privilege!

Monday 3 February

Terrorist, Sudesh Amman, stabs two people after release from prison - Shot dead by trailing cops
Streatham knifeman was convicted terrorist released from prison early!
Child-snatcher fears as woman tries to grab two-year-old girl from mother's side!
Romanian cleaner who 'helped heist gang steal £50m jewellery from Tamara Ecclestone's home ‘caught wearing 18ct diamond earrings worth £300,000!'
British girl gang-raped in Cyprus by Israelis tells was locked up with killers!
Illegal immigrant mugger tried to avoid prison by claiming to be a child!
HACKNEY: Ducant Tampawo stabbed Phillip Hurrell in random attack! Wounding with intent only
Car-jacker, Majid Ali, Blythe over the head with a hammer and left her partially blind!
LEEDS: Maths teacher seriously injured by Fraaz Sarwar in queue for McDonald's!
'Special Constable of the Year' gets 27 months for harassing and threats to rape ex-girlfriends!
GERMANY: Gay man voted for AfD! Only they would help when he/partner attacked by Muslims
More than 8,400 miscarriages a year in UK could be prevented with hormone therapy!
Belgian police shoot woman attacking people with a knife in Belgium!
President Macron tells Britons 'you are not leaving Europe?' F*** off, Froggie!
Barnier STILL insists on threatening Britain!
You are the loonies now, Nigel Farage tells Remainers!
Unlike the previous administration, Boris Johnson’s government will not capitulate!
Give Brussels fishing rights for 25 years? Codswallop!
INDEPENDENT: Parliament Square was a knuckle-dragging carnival of irredeemable stupidity?
BERCOW's candid confession? (Poor love is missing the limelight)
Boris government to gay, Irish PM who insulted ‘small’ UK - Stay out of British Politics!
Italy declares state of emergency over Wuhan coronavirus!
French Bishop concerned over anti-Christian attacks in his diocese!
FRANCE: Hate case dropped against teen who criticised Islam and got death threats!
Harry and Meghan are treating Scotland Yard protection officers like 'skivvies?'

Sunday 2 February

Japan set to release 1.2 million tons of radioactive Fukushima water into ocean?
Chinese student/mother first Coronavirus cases in UK! York University's finest 'very frightened!'
Hunt for 480 Wuhan travellers 'LOST' in Britain! GLOBALISM, eh?
A Global Catastrophe! "260 million Christians experience high levels of persecution!"
Outrage at BBC Horrible Histories Brexit show for 'trashing Britain!'
Creepy, Orwellian and un-British! Rash of facial recognition cameras sweeping UK is worrying!
Lord Kerr: ‘Stupid’ Brits will crawl back to EU with ‘tail between our legs!’
Boris 'infuriated' as EU reneges on free trade deal!
US Ambassador hails ‘optimism and excitement’ of Brexit!
The Guilty Men of Remain will never be forgiven
‘Sore losers!’ Key figures responsible for Brexit division in UK revealed!
EU wants Britain to pay ANOTHER £1BILLION because our economy is booming!
Brexit boost: IMF puts UK ahead of Eurozone as fear mongers shamed!
Cummings orders full UK defence review slamming ‘MoD corruption, Civil Service mediocrity!'
'You’re having a laugh!’ Twitter turns on Theresa May after Brexit tweet
Freedom is at the core of a nations soul. But EU chiefs will never get that
Bitter Remainers make 'THICK' trend on Twitter with their insults aimed at Leavers!
DOUGLAS MURRAY: This must be the turning point when we all stand up to Woke Totalitarians!
Self-important broadcasters haven't yet realised how irrelevant they now are!
Sneering liberals' contempt for ordinary people is the real issue facing post-Brexit Britain!
Liberal cesspit! Tech giants turn San Francisco into nightmare of addiction/homelessness/crime!
John Bercow says he was subjected to anti-Semitic abuse by TORIES!
"Anti-Semitic undertones!" Hungary’s Orban attacks ‘enemy’ who ‘speculates with money!’
HUNGARY: Would-be immigrants attempt to storm border!
World War II was caused by hatred of Jews, says pre-eminent Holocaust scholar!
The Jews of Weimar Germany ensured the rise of National Socialism?
I hope no one kills me as a result of this programme! David Baddiel on Holocaust deniers/trolls!
Victoria's Secret owner, Les Wexner, 'failed to stop Jeffrey Epstein's attempts to recruit women!
BLOOMBERG: Force 'implicit bias' training on police - 'Sex reassignment' surgery will be free!
Left Party MP tells Swedes to hide illegal immigrants set for deportation!
SWEDEN: Islamic terrorist who plotted Danish newspaper massacre released!
Rape victims waiting almost three years to see suspects charged!
Leading grammar school hires security guard after pupils are repeatedly mugged at the gates!
Every woman/girl should be screened for 'barbaric' FGM practice, say police, barristers, charities!
Mid-East scholar decries ‘farce’ of World Hijab Day!
GREED IS GOOD? Britain’s busiest director defends taking positions on 14 boards!
BARRYMORE: ‘Finally, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for Stuart’s killer!’
Prince Andrew called his 'victim' Virginia Roberts 'a very sick girl!'
Prince William furious over ‘all-white Bafta nominations’ and could make incendiary speech?

Saturday 1 February

Things rule in PC World!
Woman almost died getting surgery to achieve ‘fattest vagina in the world!’
MEP Clare Daly blames EU for causing UK to leave union!
Farage declares ‘The war is over! We have won!’
BORIS: ‘This is the dawn of a new era!’
JOHN HUMPHRYS: Britain is on the right side of history!
The guilty men of the Remain elite will never be forgiven
DRIVEL!’ BBC marks Brexit Day with kids’ show slamming British history!
BBC 'detests Britain!' Furious backlash as Brexit video called 'propaganda for kids!'
BBC accused of promoting ‘anti-British drivel’ by its own presenter
BREXIT DAY! Sadiq Khan ‘heartbroken!’ Ha-ha-ha!
European Commission bills the UK £1.09 billion on the very night the nation left the EU!
David Cameron makes more than £800k as he cashes in on Brexit failures
George Galloway explains why Brexit is 'beginning of the end' for 'fading EU!'
MACRON: Brexit is a ‘historic wake-up call’… for MORE EU, not less!
Macron says Leave campaign was based on 'lies, exaggerations and simplifications!'
France threatens to block UK's attempts to rescue British Steel! May cost 4,000 UK jobs!
The 10 maddest Remainer moments!
Who’s to blame for Labour’s woes? Everyone but Jeremy
York hotel at the centre of Britain’s first coronavirus scare!
Keir Starmer (favourite to be next Labour leader) calls on BoJo to give EU nationals right to vote!
Zahid Younis charged with murder of women whose bodies were found in a freezer in London flat
Man stabbed to death and another injured outside Essex village pub!
Cyprus teenager doesn't know how many Israeli boys raped her but thought she might die!
Thought Cop says: 'I need to check your thinking' in investigation of dad's 'transphobic' tweets!
Faisal Alizada spat at cyclist in pink Lycra and called him 'gay boy!'
Courts in crisis: Delays leave paedophile trials on brink of collapse!
Human trafficking in America among worst in world: report
First UK coronavirus cases confirmed!
ITN staff call on bosses to explain why they forced Alastair Stewart out!
ITN bosses are 'stung and surprised' by backlash against Alastair Stewart being forced out!
DESPERATION! Democrats ask for a week's delay to make a better case!
We owe Chief Justice for outing Eric Ciaramella, the Biden groupie behind impeachment hoax!
Barbra Streisand says fellow Jew, Adam Schiff, would make a great President!
Soros demands Zuckerberg be kicked out as Facebook CEO - Top Jew v Top Jew? Promising...
Prince Andrew taunted by sex accuser Virginia Roberts with ‘tick tock’ jibe
STINKERS! Jewish family kicked off flight because of 'extremely offensive body odour' now suing American Airlines!

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