Daily News: February 2019

Thursday 28 February

Donald Trump Jr. blows the whistle on social media's free speech censors!
Under pressure from 'highly politicised' LGBT campaigners sex change clinic fast-tracks kids?
https://twitter.com/BasedPoland/status/1101134469761810434"/>Tommy Robinson's Facebook/Instagram accounts taken down - Tommy responds! Why it’s OK for young Muslims to be radical! (Courtesy of Ali Nobil Ahmad and The Guardian)
Lying jailbird, Michael Cohen, invokes holocaust survivor dad, savages Trump!
ROMPUY: "With their backs against the wall, the abyss in front of their eyes and a knife on their throat, we are nearly there!"
BREXIT: Farage ‘disgusted’ at vile 'knife to their throats’ comment from ex-EU President
EU is using the Irish border issue as a “battering ram” to stop Britain leaving!
Farage: If Parliament delays Brexit once, it will delay ‘again and again!’
Philip Hammond smirks after Brexiteers fail to vote down amendment on delay
27,000 children exploited by ruthless gangs in England warns report
BRADFORD: Hecklers called prosecutors 'slags' and 'hoped they would be raped?'
Khan’s London: Five stabbings in 24 hours, including one fatality
BELGIUM: Mokhtar Ammari murdered his wife after she admonished him for selling pork!
BRADFORD: Young boy savagely attacked by ethnic gang! Media silence!
Police warn City of Cambridge is unprepared for terror attack!
ISIS returnees recruiting in Sweden?
Julius Malema: "White people will work for you. That will be true freedom!"
'Is the issue with me being white?' Stacey Dooley slams David Lammy MP over stereotyping
Israel’s fingerprints are all over India’s escalating conflict with Pakistan
How the Israel lobby is using Owen Jones!
Yes, of course Israel is interfering in British politics!
Shechita UK anger as animal welfare groups, including RSPCA, demand pre-stunning!
How Britain aided Israel’s 1967 war!
Why the truth about Britain’s role in fomenting WWII will remain hidden
Hitler made numerous disparaging remarks about Jews throughout his political career

Wednesday 27 February

KATE HOEY: "The vast majority of... MPs"... are not "speaking for the people!"
The utter folly of defeatist Mrs May taking No Deal off the table!
May caves to Remainer threats and paves way to delaying Brexit, stopping clean break!
'SACK THEM!' FURIOUS Brexiteers demand May get rid of anti-Brexit Cabinet 'PLOTTERS!'
FARAGE: "Now we have politicians breaking their promise to the electorate!"
Labour Brexiteer says voters will ‘punish’ Corbyn! Won't accept second Referendum!
ANTI-SEMITISM: Chris Williamson, MP, says the Labour Party have been too apologetic!
Labour rebels give British Jews hope of a new political home
Experts oppose Holocaust memorial outside Parliament!
Embassy agent tells LFI's Joan Ryan, he has 'more than 1 million pounds' for MP trips to Israel!
FURY as Sajid Javid SOFTENS stance on Jihadi Bride!
Pharmacist who treated ISIS jihadis in Syria begs to be allowed back into Britain!
Two of the most PC MPs says knife crime is a 'national emergency!'
LONDON BLOODBATH: Five stabbed to death in nine days!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Man stabbed to death outside Ilford station! Schoolboy left for dead!
Relative of top lawyer Nazir Afzal stabbed to death in Birmingham
BIRMINGHAM: Dontay Ellis and James Peake stabbed Jaskaran Kang to death
HULL: Atikou Diallo hunted down stab victim 'like an animal' has been jailed
Albanian killer who claimed 'right to a family life' in UK beats wife after drunken knife attack
Man who attacked woman in Turkey after she refused sex freed to fly home to Stoke?
HULL: Masked men brandish replica guns at bus stop - NO JAIL!
NANTES: Four French girls brutally beaten by immigrants
Migrants ‘don't fear’ deportation due to ‘low risk’ of return, says Crime Chief
1,800 cities and towns in the UK where people are breathing DANGEROUS air!
Pope Francis proves Catholic Church is totally incapable of tackling sexual and financial abuses!
YouTube and Instagram FAIL to take down horrific self-harm videos!
Venezuela refuses to become the 68th sovereign government overthrown by America!
Robinson banned, Kassam disabled! Zuckerberg's Facebook cracks down on patriots!

Tuesday 26 February

India's jets bomb Pakistan! Pakistani air force scrambles! (Nuclear winter here we come)
Vatican treasurer, (third most powerful Catholic cleric in world) convicted on 5 sex abuse charges!
Compulsory sex education for children features homosexuality, sex swaps and FGM!
For decades, Left-wing dogma has ruined schoolchildren - Now ex-Home Secretary Alan Johnson condemns its legacy!
Labour's Brexit BETRAYAL: Keir Starmer rejects NO DEAL option on second referendum!
Remainers CELEBRATE as Labour BACK second vote!
Theresa May is set to rule out NO DEAL Brexit after 15 ministers threaten to quit!
Labour is a dead party walking - Backing a second referendum is one betrayal too many!
Paedo Tobias Ngwenya forced schoolgirl to watch pornography before sexually abusing her!
HULL: Mike Andrew ambushed, beaten and kicked in head by black gang
Jailed MP, Fiona Onasanya, freed after just 28 days
100 ‘British’ children born to ISIS Brides in Syria!
Government plans to end short prison sentences could ‘unleash crime wave’
Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) on US imperial ambitions in Venezuela
UCLA students sign petition wanting Trump supporters put in concentration camps!
Israeli soldiers jailed for 6 months after beating handcuffed/blindfolded Palestinians
Labour puts two fingers up at 17.4 voters and backs Referendum 2!
CLIMATE CHANGE - BBC caught lying again, and again…
One of Labour's biggest Jewish backers donates £1.5 million to the Independent Group!

Monday 25 February

Jewish philosopher says French Jews are the first victims of Islamic immigration policy!
Venezuela’s President says Juan Guaido ‘serves the interests of the USA and the Zionists!’
Tommy Robinson exposes BBC lies, hate,racism, homophobia and much more!
PANODRAMA: Tommy Robinson accuses BBC of Fake News, racism, collusion with Far Left!
Has Tommy Robinson exposed the BBC’s dangerous, far-left bias?
Memorial to RAF hero dumped in SKIP outside former British legion club!
EU is lying when it says the Irish backstop is essential, says FREDERICK FORSYTH
Malta's leader says, 'We can OVERTURN Brexit within A GENERATION!'
Brexit DELAY: Theresa May to make SHOCK announcement!
Advisor on countering extremism says ISIS bride must be let back in or Muslims will turn to jihad?
EU is lying when it says the Irish backstop is essential, says FREDERICK FORSYTH
AFRICAN nations are planning to shoot down the EU proposals for curbing migration!
Karren Brady steps down as Chair of the holding company behind Sir Philip Green's retail empire
Even as a toddler Aaron Campbell was 'evil!'
Cartoon of Serena Williams' meltdown at US Open ISN'T racist, doesn't depict her as an ape!

Sunday 24 February

More than 351,000 Americans died of opioid poisoning between 1999 and 2016!
FURY: More than 550,000 sign petition to BAN all ISIS members from returning to UK!
Shamima Begum's father (real one) says, 'she doesn't deserve to come back to Britain!'
Shamima Begum's neighbours says the 19-year-old is lying about wanting to change her ways!
'I miss my mum, pasties and Doctor Who,' says white Muslim convert, 'Jihadi Jack!'
ISIS Bride vows son ‘will grow up to be a Jihadi!’
ISIS bride who married 3 jihadis says she'll ‘have no problem returning to US!’
UK must take back jihadis or risk a wave of terror attacks when they return of their own accord
Yellow Vests before the Rothschild Bank: "Slavery by usury - ENOUGH!"
Yellow Vests 'held placards castigating Macron as the Rothschild president!'
GERMANY: People are hanging yellow vests from houses to show support for movement!
Macron MP compares traditional marriage 'activists' to Islamic terrorists!
Cheshire Police abused 'positive action' law to reject 'exceptional' straight, white male!
How DID this war hero police officer end up sleeping rough on the street?
Uncle of Gypsy burglar stabbed by OAP fleeced elderly out of thousands! NO JAIL!!!
Convicted sex attacker, Kamil Malag, escapes from a prison van while returning from court!
Pizza delivery driver, Araz Khdir, charged with sex attack on girl, 14
There’s nothing scary about a black man in a hoodie, says David Lammy, MP
Chuka Umunna hits out at Tories for becoming 'Blukip' and Labour for 'disgraceful antisemitism!'
Anna Soubry and Chuka Umunna's Independent Group want to 'RUN THE COUNTRY?'
Jewish MP (Corbyn's ‘Honourable Member for Tel Aviv’) to be the next to defect from Labour?
Venezuela’s President Maduro says Juan Guaido ‘serves the interests of the United States and the Zionists!’
The supposedly impartial BBC should hang its head in shame at its relentless bias!
Brexit delay 'an elephant trap that we can't escape', senior ministers warn!
Amber Rudd in cynical plot to force Brexiteers into backing May's 'disastrous' Brussels deal?

Saturday 23 February

University suspends UKIP student who complained about 'Islamisation' of Britain
Free Speech? Student suspended from university for calling Halal slaughter ‘inhumane!’
Graduate turned down by police because he's ‘a white, heterosexual male without disability!’
UK: Top Police Chief wants to discriminate against white recruits to ‘shock the system!’
LONDON BLOODBATH! Teenager shot and stabbed to death in Wood Green
LONDON BLOODBATH! Triple stabbing at Southwark church party hospitalises teens!
TEXAS: Clerk duct taped and set on fire during robbery!
BBC BIAS! Naga Munchetty praises 'fantastic' Remainer magazine live on-air!
How much catch do British fisherman THROW AWAY thanks to EU laws?
UK throws away £16bn of food each year as millions go hungry
TRAITORS! Greg Clark, Amber Rudd and David Gauke want Brexit delayed!
100 pro-EU MPs could rebel against government to delay Brexit rather than accept No Deal!
Brexit CRISIS for Germany: 100,000 jobs face AXE if no deal!
Ghastly Labour MP Jess Phillips confronted by angry constituent - 'You're DESPICABLE!'
Negotiation expert says Brussels to BLAME for Brexit stalemate!
Ian Austin says he couldn’t look Jewish dad ‘in the eye’ if he remained in Labour party
MACRON: France could ban hate speech convicts from all social media for life!
Gay, Muslim, blonde-wigged immigrant to represent France in Eurovision Song Contest!

Friday 22 February

Huge cost of monitoring returned Jihadis means majority roam free in Britain!
France's Jewish elites demand Yellow Vest protests be shut down!
Top cop calls for laws to allow discrimination against white Britons
Children as young as TWELVE are attempting suicide!
PTSD affects 'one in 13 by age of 18!' (Unheard of when I was young)
95% of pickpockets on Brussels’ public transport are foreigners!
HUNGARY: ISIS Jihadis returning to EU ‘by the hundreds’, ‘This must be stopped!’
The Syrians returning home after years of fleeing war
Brixton stabbing: Man, 23, knifed to death on London street
Assistant Chief Constable bared her breast in drunken rant at hotel bash!
Jussie Smollett: Judge calls alleged hate hoax 'despicable!'
Churches no longer have to hold Sunday services says General Synod!
Top cop calls for laws to allow discrimination against white Britons
May and Corbyn BOTH face huge revolts!
BETRAYAL: Gordon Brown 'surrended Britain’s sovereignty and rejected referendum!'
Abu Hamza’s jihadi son begs to be let back into Britain after fighting in Syria!
Gypsies who wrecked historic Thwaites brewery with 100-strong mob jailed for 8 years
Shameful Smollett proves Trump Derangement Syndrome is a very real and dangerous disease!
FRANCE: Karim L. stabbed people the basis of their nationality
Chukka Umunna speaks for Globalists, rather than Global Britain
EU Border Agency confirms Salvini’s populist migrant policies working!
HILLARY: "Ending systemic racism requires contributions from us all!"

Thursday 21 February

Pope Francis convenes summit on child abuse as scandal mounts
CHOMSKY: Israeli intervention in US elections ‘vastly overwhelms' anything Russia did!
James Brindley was murdered by Ammar Kahrod: His parents try to stop more killings
COLCHESTER: Romanian rapists jailed for 20 years!
Speeding hit-and-run driver with 3 previous bans jailed for killing Taylor Schofield,11
BIRMINGHAM: Boy, 16, stabbed to death
Stabbed man dies after staggering into hotel lobby following 'large fight outside a London pub'
BRISTOL: Hussain brothers jailed for 'barbaric' machete attack!
Patient, 75, murdered in Blackpool hospital - Police questioning staff on suspicion of poisonings
Top female Scotland Yard officer is charged over a child abuse image!
Black motorist knocks down another before smashing into a passing car as he tries to get away
Black actor suspected of filing false 'racist' and 'homophobic' attack report
FGM left her unable to carry children! Family threw a party to celebrate procedure!
Husband, 89, banned from seeing his wife, protests outside care home!
BREXIT BETRAYAL! Two Tories who quit over Brexit have constituencies that voted to leave EU!
Look what Grieve was saying two years ago!
Theresa May told to delay Brexit or face frontbench rebellion
'HYPOCRITES!' Farage BLASTS Alastair Campbell and Independence Group!
Anna Soubry roasted by LBC listeners
I want to DESTROY the Tory Party, says rebel MP Heidi Allen!
When Brexit defector Wollaston criticises ‘Blukip’, she’s really just hating her own constituents!
Britain’s new ‘anti-Brexit party is the problem, not the solution
Globalist MPs break off to form ‘independent group!’
Channel 4 host attacks Soubry's claim she 'speaks for majority'
Up to 20 more Tory and Labour MPs 'are ready to jump ship and join new Independent Group!'
The Independent Group defectors have something in common- Love for War and Israel!
Ofsted's Jewish Chief Inspector says schools pupils must be taught about same sex couples!
Hungary says EU top table works hand-in-hand with George Soros to flood us with migrants!
Herbert Matthews: The man who invented Fidel Castro!
2011: A Kosher Scam?

Wednesday 20 February

Guardian journalist thinks ISIS bride's treachery comparable with 14-year-old white girl's suicide!
Britons 'could be microchipped like dogs in a decade?'
SLOUGH: Hamid Mahmood convicted for 'devastating' rape!
"Our country is safe because we don't accept Muslim migrants!"
Ruth George MP suggests ISRAEL is funding the rebel MPs!
Jake says Tommy Robinson could ‘WIN’ European elections if Brexit is delayed!
George Galloway condemns the seven (now 8) dwarfs!
Eighth MP defects from Corbyn’s Labour, citing anti-Semitism
Juncker opens door to Brexit delay: ‘It is in God’s hands!’
EU launches chemical sales crackdown as ISIS Jihadisflock back to Europe!
Chukka Umunna speaks for the globalists, rather than global Britain!
Men can be mothers in UK! French schools erase terms ‘father,’ ‘mother!’
Will allow us decide whether we want Labour or ex-Labour MPs to represent us? Fat chance!
Semi-professional offence-takers take offence with John Wayne's 1971 Playboy interview!
Music legend, R Kelly, reported to police ‘after groping man in a hotel toilets!'

Tuesday 19 February

Brexit BETRAYAL: Cameron 'planned to overeturn EU referendum pledge and stay in EU!'
Eurofanatic Verhofstadt warms up for EU Elections with anti-populist video
Remainer TORIES could QUIT and join breakaway Labour group!
Home Secretary looking at call to rewrite TREASON law so returning jihadis can be tried!
Manchester victim’s mum ‘ill’ at thought of Shamima Begum return - Begum says attack ‘justified!’
Despite her quest for victimhood, Shamima Begum deserves no sympathy from us!
Piers Morgan: Shamima Begum to ‘go f*** herself’ and 'rot in hell!'
GERMANY: Syrian, 22, accused of 11-man gang rape of girl, 18, to appear in JUVENILE court?
Newcastle's Fatah Abdullah charged with attempting to incite car, knife, bomb attack in Germany
Jihadi bride who wanted Muslims to 'spill blood' of Americans begs to return to US!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Man dies after being stabbed and collapsing in hotel lobby - 11 arrested
UK spent £440million of foreign aid on green schemes in well-off countries!
Populist Lega set to become second largest party in EU parliament
GERMANY: 2,000 Islamists ‘ready to carry out attacks at any time’ says ex-spy chief
Honda set to shut its Swindon factory - Why? Slump in diesel, tariff cuts, trade wars
As Labour splits over anti-Semitism, Jewish group warns Corbyn: Takeaction on Hate!
John Motson apologises to big, black, brave striker after calling him 'big, black and brave'

Monday 18 February

"Secret" evidence vindicates Michael Flynn's "treasonous" dinner with Putin!
Government pressuring Bank of England to put ethnic minority face on new £50 note!
MACRON'S FRANCE! 8,400 Yellow Vests arrested since movemnt began!
Farage’s 'purple momentum' gaining strength as MORE Tory MPs face DESELECTION!
Farage TAKES CONTROL as 100,000 people join new party in one week!
Labour MPs set to quit the party! (Rats? Sinking? Ship? Leaving?)
No prison for trans ‘woman’ who attacked underage girls in public toilets
Khan’s London: Romanians beating man to death in street!
New Orleans: Four SHOT - HUGE police response, area on LOCKDOWN
Time we update treason laws to protect us from returning jihadis?
‘Brexit was a TERRIBLE mistake!’ Blair demands second referendum to SABOTAGE exit!
One rule for them… Anger as Corbyn’s son rents luxury ex-council flat on Airbnb!
Unisex toilets in schools are leaving girls 'too afraid to use the loo!'
I think most men would like to have sex with me, says transgender star of BBC's 'Baptiste!'
Terry Christian sneers at 'Brexiters!' We're all 'sunburnt,' 'racist' 'pensioners!'

Sunday 17 February

Meghan Markle to ‘decolonise curriculum’ in bid to end 'male, pale and stale' universities!
‘Architect of genocide!’ Karl Marx’s English grave defaced!
Pope defrocks top US cardinal for sexually abusing minors and soliciting sex 'during confession!'
Knifed for 'likes!' After witnessing a stabbing on her doorstep, Radio 4 presenter investigated!
700 foreign killers found to be living in the UK!
1,400 transgender jailbirds? One prisoner in 50 'identifies as the opposite sex!'
TINDER: Rapists, blackmailers and thieves target victims on UK's most popular dating app!
Schoolboy, 16, dies in hospital two days after he was stabbed outside his college
LONDON BLOODBATH: Three stabbed outside Oxford Steet nightclub
Stun gun teens attacked man in attempted Sutton Coldfield carjacking
Khan’s London: Moped gang terrorises victims with axes, katanas, ‘Zombie knives!’
Two men SHOT in Liverpool 'targeted attack' - victims in SERIOUS condition!
Jussie Smollett denies he paid two Nigerian brothers $3,500 to attack him
WE MEANT REMAIN! Hog politicians, before 2017 election and after!
Scare stories about transport chaos after No Deal Brexit demolished!
PROJECT FEAR: Black Labour MP says Brexit will lead to war in Europe!
'IGNORE THEM!' Chief economist TEARS APART Brexit fear-mongers
Theresa May vows to ignore Parliament defeat and pursue her rejected plan
Project Fear's 'last throw of the dice!' EU 'food aid' to Britain's poor!
A no-deal Brexit starts to lose its terror as the EU draws up survival plans
Brexit CONSPIRACY! Theresa May and Brussels in cahoots to deliver 'kamikaze' Brexit plan!
Yellow Vest protests in LONDON! Six arrested at Whitehall revolt!
Frog cops fire tear gas to deter Yellow Vest protests in third month of chaos!
France 'on brink of CIVIL WAR’ as Yellow Vest leader threatens to ‘BRING DOWN government’
Yellow Vest claims movement has ‘paramilitaries’ ready to overthrow Macron!
Marine Le Pen invite cancelled after promising to reveal extent of leftist violence aimed at her
Former MP says Sir Philip Green 'must now lose his knighthood'
ISIS 'jihadi brides have connections and skills to be very dangerous,' warns MI6 chief
AIPAC spent more than $3.5 million on lobbying during the 2018 election cycle!
MARIJUANA! It's not long since people tried to pretend cigarettes were safe. Most were motivated by greed and by fear that the truth would destroy their profits

Saturday 16 February

Teenage savages celebrated after stabbing rapper to death!
ILLINOIS: Brute shoots dead five coworkers after being fired
Refugee who encouraged cousin to rape wins appeal to stay in Australia
At last the world is waking up - White farm murders - South Africa exposed!
Polo-playing ex-public schoolboy charged with murder of Exeter pensioners
Is there a suicide crisis for British veterans?
Men can be mothers in UK, French schools erase terms ‘father,’ ‘mother’
Fury of widower of NHS nurse wrongly given cervical cancer all clear 6 TIMES !
REDWOOD: “Some MPs.. say Leave voters.. too stupid to understand what they were doing!"
CONSPIRACY: Theresa May and Brussels in CAHOOTS to deliver 'kamikaze' Brexit plan!
British economy defies anti-Brexiteers to outpace Europe!
Eurocrat suggests Brexiteers could 'end up on the Guillotine’
FARAGE: Viktor Orbán ‘represents the future of Europe’
Hungary has just passed a “Stop Soros” law making it illegal to help 'undocumented migrants!'
Yemen's War Is a mercenary heaven. Are Israelis reaping the profits?
ISIS bride Shamima Begum says she still loves her jihadi husband
British family who left UK for Syria beg to come home - They joined the terror group by accident!
President Trump hails ‘very substantially increased’ trade with UK post-Brexit!
CofE clears way for first female Archbishop by rewriting laws referring to the role as a 'he'
The life of a transblack genderqueer Muslim atheist at 27

Friday 15 February

Did Labour Lord Nazir Ahmed sexually exploit vulnerable woman who went to him for help?
Scott Pelley admits 'law enforcement was trying to figure out what to do with the President!'
They went to fight for ISIS? 450 are already back in the UK!!!
'Dozens' of jihadi brides want to cmoe back! UK taxpayers to face enormous costs?
'Yeah, let’s welcome back the Jihadi Bride ‘unfazed’ by severed heads!'
‘She should NEVER be allowed to return!’ QT audience united over ISIS bride
Islamic ‘Sunday School’ told girls to have children instead of careers
BELGIUM: Homosexual clergy responsible for 76% of sex abuse victims in church
Macron's France has arrested and convicted 1,800 Yellow Vests so far!
U.S. Ambassador woos UK with free trade agreement Valentine!
Mainstream media's Terry Christian urges bosses to sack Brexit-voting workers first!
Block No Deal at ALL COSTS! Grieve and Cabinet 6 plot to bring down May!
May CONCEDES to Brussels! UK to settle for backstop assurance and NOT hard changes
PROJECT FEAR! Black Labour MP says EU exit will spark WAR IN EUROPE!
‘We're freeing ourselves from a TYRANT,’ says Rees-Mogg
Tony Blair - 2013: 'My job was to build on some Thatcher policies!'
Pro-Israel lobby caught on tape boasting that its money influences Washington!

Thursday 14 February

Pregnant ISIS schoolgirl wants 'to come home!’ (She has no regrets!)
NORMANTON: Arthur Waszkiewicz mugged and killed 100-year-old widow!
Raheel Khan fired shotgun at house with a woman and children in it. He was bailed and vanished
Was the same weapon used to kill THREE Devon pensioners?
Tanveer Ahmed repeatedly knocked on vulnerable strangers doors and asked for money
HAMPSHIRE: Minicab driver, Ferham Khan, jailed for raping passenger
Wolverhampton taxi drivers accused of serious sex crimes
'PTSD deaths should be recorded better'
UK spending £1.5BILLION more on international aid than previously thought - £15.5 BILLION!
Carney drops Project Fear, says Brexit could be test of ‘New Global Order’
Verhofstadt calls Italian President ‘puppet’ of populists!
Austria bans symbols of Muslim Brotherhood, PKK, Turkish Grey Wolves!
Women’s 800m runner Caster Semenya ‘is a biological male!' (Old news of the century)
Antisemitism offenses soar in Germany as violent attacks jump 60 percent!

Wednesday 13 February

Unseen footage! The Pentagon WAS hit by a cruise missile!
DIVERSITY! Savage sent 'I warned you all' text before slaughtering ex-lover!
Dana Abdullah murdered his wife - She refused to support his UK application to remain in the country!
Romanian migrant quit job ('too hard') then went pick-pocketing the vulnerable!
The stark truth - Even 'healthy' processed food is killing us!
Transgender man fell pregnant after IVF - Now wants child declared motherless!
Children as young as 3 treated in hospital after taking Spice as synthetic drug crisis deepens
Tony Blair admits to alliance between Islamist and Left-wing politics!
FRANCE: In last eleven days nine churches have been vandalised!
'We were regularly overruled by Downing Street!' Ex-Brexit Ministers speak out
Brexit PLOT: Olly Robbins 'rules out' No Deal - MPs must pick long delay or May's terms!
EU's top bullyboy says Brexiteers could 'end up on the Guillotine!’
SOROS: ‘Europe is sleepwalking into oblivion, it will go the way of the Soviet Union!’
Soros-backed think tank predicts Eurosceptics will win ‘one third’ of seats in EU elections!
Fury at Brexit betrayal - UK will be ‘EU COLONY’ locked in permanent backstop!
John Sergeant: We shouldn't have let immigration become 'taboo'
Migration 'to hit 700,000 after Brexit!'
Macron thinks of France as 'GUARDIAN' of European Project says Hunt!
Labour antisemitism row erupts at Shadow Cabinet meeting - 'I WON'T be shouted down!'
Christians are 'SECOND CLASS citizens' in India!
Government minister Margot James says Sir Philip Green is not 'worthy' of his knighthood!
Martin Selmayr’s ruthless rise
Some of Harvey Weinstein’s victims ‘allowed themselves to be abused in order to win parts?’

Tuesday 12 February

British police allowed rape gangs to groom our daughters!
Muslim gets Christian woman on deathbed to covert to Islam?
PM May and her ‘snake-like civil servants’ deliberately sabotaged free trade Brexit!
You know Theresa May's Remainer government turned down a free trade deal, don't you@
NHS stockpiling body bags to cope with no deal Brexit?
DUP condemns Blair, Major for ‘playing on fears’ over Irish border
BoJo again offers to back May’s ‘total surrender’ Brexit deal he previously denounced!
May's deal leaves UK with 'no control' over defence says ex-Royal Marine
EU expert reveals what Macron really hopes to achieve with his EU army
George Soros says Europe is 'sleepwalking into oblivion!'
LITTLEJOHN: Middle-class 'green' militants encourage children as young as 9 to play truant!
Amber Rudd admits Universal Credit DID drive more benefits claimants to use food banks!
BBC dodged migration debate! Sensible discussion shelved for fear of outcry
Why the left are so scared of Turning Point!
US singer Kyle Yorlets shot dead ‘by gang of children as young as 12’ outside his home
Rachel Riley, J.K. Rowling, Tony Blair among backers of breakaway party from Labour?
Imtiaz Patel wore a burqa to steal £7k Rolex watch in knifepoint robbery
Red Ralph (Miliband), the Miliband I knew at the LSE
Muslim Congresswoman accuses pro-Israel group of buying influence in Congress!
MPs call for Topshop owner Philip Green to lose knighthood!
Top BBC journalist likens working class men to ‘Amazonia cannibals!’
‘We Need Hungarian Children’: Orbán Introduces Tax Breaks for Families!
Oxford University to ‘overhaul’ Classics Department because men outperform women!
Large majority of Jews favour abortion — For non-Jews!
Rachel Riley, J.K. Rowling, Tony Blair among backers of breakaway party from Labour?

Monday 11 February

Vatican priest's deathbed confession: "We sexually abused deaf-mute boys as a game!"
Military Cross winner versus British government and 'human rights' lawyers!
French firefighters attack the police with their firefighting equipment! (BBC, C4, Sky, ITV, MSM silent)
UK: Mother arrested in front of children for calling trans activist a man on Twitter!
Black-on-black murder: Throat slit after refusing to give another a cigarette!
Speaking ban prevented sister-in-law warning Surjit Athwal of family's murder plot!
Al-Qaeda chief with links to 7/7 London bombers gets £800,000 legal aid to appeal his conviction!
MP calls for police to investigate creepy Green!
Pictured: Six-year-old boy beheaded in Saudi Arabia
BOJO: Why are cops arresting Twitter transphobes when they could be tackling knife crime?
USA: Businessman shot by black man outside pharmacy dies in hospital
"Prison time for fraudsters!" Salvini calls for elimination of Italy's Central Bank!
There are some nasty surprises in the smallprint of Theresa May’s Brexit deal
Hungary blames Brussels for Brexit, will do ‘huge harm’ to EU!
Blame Blair for the mess the EU has made of Brexit!
Project Fear revived: IMF and CBI issue fresh Brexit warnings - ‘no deal would be BRUTAL!’
Soft Brexit fears as May refuses to rule out staying in Customs Union?
Retailers still selling 'fire risk' fridges?
Insects could be wiped out 'within a century?' Dying out 8 times faster than mammals?
DUISBERG: Only 8% of migrant school kids speak fluent German
Sweden Environment Minister hires activist behind nuclear site break-ins
Brexit BAFTAS - "Someone tell the luvvies we voted out and we are leaving!"

Sunday 10 February

Mother arrested in front of her kids and locked up after calling a transgender 'woman' a man!
Tommy Robinson batters Panorama, the BBC and their on-message journalist
Britain's most wanted criminals! 17 foreign murderers, rapists and paedos hiding out in the UK
Bloodbath London! Man stabbed to death in street - 10th to die this year
Home Office official, Shamsu Iqbal, responsible for entry of 437 illegal immigrants!
Lenin and Trotsky's bloody footprint: Corbyn's 40 years of plots, lies, intimidation and chaos!
A new MP in 1983, Corbyn wanted 'unrestricted immigration' - Anyone who disagreed was racist!
Corbyn wanted friends to see new girlfriend Diane Abbott naked in his bed
Married to a joyless fanatic - Corbyn neglected the mother of his three sons!
HITCHENS You have been warned: The Thought Police are coming!
The European Union's Thought Police turn savage!
Go to hell, Donald Tusk!
Italy-France spat escalates: Macron spokesman condemns ‘Nationalist leprosy!’
Majority of French say Le Pen would do better than Macron on migration
Tommy Robinson about to expose Panorama, Hope Not Hate and the BBC!
Bosses who mismanage pension funds face 7 years in jail under new 'Philip Green laws'
Sir Philip Green hit with £3m costs as he drops legal case
Another plum job for a Nanny State quangocrat? Enough, already!
Owen Jones shut down by Brexiteer MEP on BBC Newsnight - 'I wont allow you to do this!'
Tony Blair triggered Brexit with CRAZY policy on unchecked immigration
Lawyer to the stars slams 'pathetic' police after attack video is shared
Campaign to halt deportation of violent Jamaican criminals led by a Marxist pressure group
As a British soldier, I’d acted with honour, been through hell. How did it come to this?
Black soldier wins record £500,000 from MoD for having to play Taliban terrorist in Army video?
Unreal video of an abortion doctor admitting he loves killing babies!
The left can't meme, so now they're trying to ban them instead!
Is this fake? Stanley Kubrick confesses to faking the moon landings footage...

Saturday 9 February

“We are heading for a Remainer’s Brexit!”
Yellow Vest rallies held across France in protest against Macron's PC policies! MSM silence!
Unreal video of an abortion doctor admitting he loves killing babies!
Hospitals in England treated 18,000 people for knife wounds in 2018!
EDGBASTON: Woman in her 90s violently mugged! Who is this man?
Mother stabbed to death 'with a child in her arms' yards from a primary school
LIVERPOOL: James Taylor shot dead in car waiting to pick up daughter from dance class
Woman killed in horrific stabbing in Ewell, Surrey
More than 1,000 people become homeless every month!
SAUDI ARABIA: Boy, 6, ‘BEHEADED with piece of broken glass in front of screaming mother!’
Gun crime at ten-year high in parts of England!
YEMEN: Paedos who raped boy, 12, executed in the street
Shifty Green paid employee more than £1m hush money after smacked bot, kisses and groping?
Sir Philip Green is a bombastic bully who laces charm with boorish menace!
Jean-Claude Juncker’s ‘exorbitant’ salary EXPOSED
May vows ‘Brexit on time’ as Inner Circle talks up Brexit delay
FARAGE on EU: 'Fraudulent bloc is ROTTEN to the core!'
Alastair Campbell tries to REWRITE HISTORY - Portillo corrects him!
Labour abandons Manifesto promise to end EU free movement of migrants
Green New Deal is a revamped Communist Manifesto!
Tom Watson demands Luciana Berger's constituency party be SUSPENDED over ‘bullying'

Friday 8 February

OPEN BORDERS CORBYN! Manifesto pledge to end free movement from the EU abandoned!
Arabs disloyal to Israel should have their heads chopped off, says Israeli Foreign Minister!
Polish immigrant, Pawel Relowicz, arrested by police investigating disappearance of Libby Squire
Dennis Boateng crept up on a 17-year-old and smashed him over the head with a bottle
The Backstop and the EU – a warning from history
Children commit half of London knife crime
Corrupt council officer exposed in eye-watering fraud
Catholic Abbot didn't report abuse allegation against priest jailed for child sex offences!
PAKISTAN: Mob burns pregnant Christian for allegedly criticising Islam
Brussels is terrified of Brexit being a success – no wonder they’re threatening hellfire!
CASH-STRAPPED COPS! Earn £10 an hour guarding crime scenes for police
HOMELESSNESS: Britain shame!
May leaves Brussels empty handed - Situation normal...
£6,000 death tax set to hit almost 300,000 families!
Sweden admits it cannot control its own borders!
A quarter of French people believe ‘elites’ are using mass migration to ‘replace’ native Europeans
Swedish Migration Board finds one-in-ten Turkish passports are forgeries
In Trump's administration, Neocon warmongers are still allowed to do what they do best!
Tony Benn on democracy and the EU!

Thursday 7 February

Tshan Henry gets just 3 years for the hit-and-run killing of lovely Yolanda Moore
CAMBRIDGE: Paedo jailed for raping seven-year-old girl!
Another week, another Grenfell fraudster!
Khan’s bloodbath London! Teen stabbed on bus, man murdered near Prince George’s school
Man arrested on suspicion of abducting Hull student Libby Squire
UK: Muslim screaming 'Allah is god' attacks Christian with metal bar - No charge of religiously aggravated assault
Tusk’s insistence that Brexiteers are headed for hell sums up the Brussels oligarchy’s elitism
1981 Iranian Embassy Siege terrorist in UK council home? SAS hero who took part in rescue homeless? Thanks, political class!
MASTERMIND - Answering questions on EU debt!
Tusk’s ‘special place in hell for Brexiteers’ comment proves exactly why we need to leave the EU
‘Devilish Euro maniac’ Tusk declares ‘special place in hell’ for Brexiteers!
SPEAK FOR ENGLAND! Julia Hartley-Brewer steps up!
‘Biased Brussels Corporation!’ (BBC) Farage criticises BBC for taking £4m from EU!
2009 video: Corbyn slams ‘European Empire’, Referendum re-runs!
David Davis warns EU they have made huge mistake – 'Tusk can join us in HELL!'
‘Lucifer wouldn’t welcome them!’ Now Verhofstadt MOCKS UK as EU mask slips
Naz Shah claimed £55,057 personal expenses 2017-2018; Anna Soubry claimed £43,000; Jacob Rees-Mogg claimed £900 - Figure it out...
James Goddard Has Bail Conditions EXTENDED by Met Police
A Kinnock 'engaged in political posturing?' Surely not!
French police are even cracking down on people filming at Gilets Jaunes demos!
Did you see this Yellow Vest protest on the BBC, Sky or ITV?

Wednesday 6 February

EU Council President, Donald Tusk, says there will be "a special place in hell" for those who advocated Brexit!
'MEAT RACK BOY,' by Michael Tarraga
Yellow Vests - The coming revolution!
Rapper filmed star's daughter dying after he gave her drugs! Didn't call 999 for fear of arrest!
Kind teen who helped Ben Wachira catch a bus back to London sexually assaulted by him
Stephen Waterson, adopted son of ex-Tory minister, crushed girlfriend's son to death!
The vicious nutcase who set the fire that killed 10 in Paris? Is 'Essia' a French name?
Lily Allen 'dedicates her song F**k You to Liam Neeson' and brands him a 'disgusting racist!'
Pope Francis tells Imam who wants to kill Christian converts, 'you’re my brother!'
Pope admits RC clergy have been sexually abusing nuns and keeping them as sex slaves!
Proof everything we see and hear in the media is controlled by THEM!
CBS Poll: 72% approve of Trump’s immigration stance!
If they’re not willing to work with us to find common ground it be down to them if there's no deal!
Kamala Harris shakes head after Trump calls for crack down on drug cartels, human trafficking!
Investor confidence in Eurozone plummets to four-year low!
Brexit plan would be 'biggest catastrophic LIE' to Britons
Will the real Jeremy Corbyn please stand up?
What Donald Trump said about 9/11 on the morning of 9/11

Tuesday 5 February

Rees-Mogg: ‘Delay’ is code for stopping Brexit!
Rees-Mogg explains what will happen if Theresa May fails to secure EU concessions
Top Eurocrats reject renegotiation, push UK towards ‘No Deal’
Teenager stabbed 'multiple times' in knife attack near Euston station!
LONDON: Masked teenager robs commuters at knifepoint
County lines gang mowed down innocent music producer then hacked him to death
Teenagers and children behind half of all London's knife crime
PARIS: Woman arrested after ‘arson attack sparked by neighbour dispute’ kills eight
Paedo hunters arrested for keeping child abuse suspects detained!
Bruce McArthur: gay, Canadian serial killer
Mother of hanged soldier says that Army chiefs let down her Afghan war veteran son
LE PEN: Macron Referendum a ploy to ‘divert attention’ from EU elections
Yellow Vest protestors in Stuttgart, Germany!
ISIS types captive in Syria want to return 'home!'
Guinness sorry for ‘racist’ ad linking ancestry to national pride!
Dostoevsky knew! Jews' world power grab predicted by literary giant
Piers Morgan condemns Liam Neeson for 'racism' on Good Morning Britain
Michael Jackson - 1996 interview

Monday 4 February

In 2013, 100,000+ child porn videos/photos found on the computer of Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski! It is thought he raped numerous children - We'll never know - He was found dead in the Vatican in August 2015
'EU never been more threatened!' Verhofstadt claims bloc could be DESTROYED post-Brexit
Dozens of Brexit-blocking peers and MPs have received millions from the EU!
What ‘Project Fear’ told us in 2016 v What is actually happening now!
Tory HQ draw up plans to delay Brexit and fight June 6 election
Brexit ‘Project Fear’ hits peak hysteria with plan to evacuate the Queen
UK Fire Brigade setting harder entry test for white men!
Corbynistas turn on ‘Tory SCAB’ Dennis Skinner for backing EU exit
Brexiteer Esther McVey reveals who is really influencing Theresa May's Brexit decisions
Juncker’s EU dream could end ‘within 10 years’ as it’s run like a RELIGION!
Italy's migrant-friendly PM tells Merkel, people's champion, Matteo Salvini 'is against everyone!'
HPV cervical cancer vaccine left daughter wheelchair-bound for FOUR YEARS!
GOVT: Universities must close 'ethnic achievement gaps' or face sanctions!
Jihadi Bride wants to return to Europe now Islamic State's Caliphate has crumbled
MANCHESTER: Girl, 15, shot in street in random attack
Gypsies enrich us - The lemming must never forget this!
LONDON: Teenagers rushed to hospital with knife wounds
Mary Poppins branded racist by US academic, Professor Daniel Pollack-Pelzner

Sunday 3 February

Three stabbed in Enfield McDonald's - Families and elderly flee
Why were there so many police officers in Newcastle city centre today?
Canadian Govt revokes charity status of Jewish group that supported ‘foreign armed forces’
As with the Soviet Union, the EU’s collapse is a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’…
Wounded Yellow Vests denounce police brutality
‘Assassination Guide’ directed at German populists posted on Antifa-linked site!
German Elementary Schools to install ‘Third Gender’ bathrooms!
As with the Soviet Union, the EU’s collapse is a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’…
Wounded Yellow Vests denounce police brutality
May to CAVE? Whitehall officials start ‘serious work’ on UK staying in customs union!
EU funds ‘going to MAFIA!’ £2.6BN in farming subsidies stolen by mob?
HITCHENS: Britain stinks of cannabis - and our rulers' corruption
Mary Poppins branded racist by US academic, Professor Daniel Pollack-Pelzner

Saturday 2 February

BIRMINGHAM: Kasim Khuram broke into a funeral parlour and had sex with a corpse!
Masturbating Mr D driver dismissed after video goes viral!
Daron Wint murdered the Savopoulos family and their housekeeper!
34 years since the practice was outlawed sees first FGM conviction in UK!
Birmingham gang carried out exceptionally 'violent and ruthless carjacking robberies'
Three stabbed in Enfield McDonald's - Families and elderly flee
Short sentences for gang who gave London Tube row victim permanent brain damage
Woman surrounded by group of men outside Tube station and sexually assaulted
Champagne Socialist, Lisa Nandy, claims over £1m in expenses!
“Pathetic Project Fears. Week after week we get this nonsense," says Owen Patterson, MP
EU can't sue Britain over £39bn Brexit bill but is plotting other ways to make UK pay
'EU will be BEGGING US!' Fisherman RIDICULES no deal survival claim
London remains financial giant as Project Fear departure predictions fall flat
200 ‘highly professional people’ ready to stand for Farage’s New Brexit Party
Our incredible shrinking Prime Minister
Hungary: EU VP and European Socialists following Soros network's immigration orders!
Sir Philip Green's own lawyer quits amid claims the tycoon bullied her too!
Girl, 11, took her own life after viewing 'distressing images' on Instagram
How did Clegg land a multi-million-pound job in California, complete with £7m house?
Taking risk out of children’s lives is putting them in danger

Friday 1 February

Now only 18% of Remainers refuse to contemplate leaving EU!
German anger builds over dangerous handling of Brexit by EU ideologues
Muslim school will not allow girls to eat lunch until after boys have finished!
Ex-President of the Czech Republic says NO to mass-migration! Country must leave EU to preserve it for future generations
17 Tory MPs voted for Cooper Brexit wrecking amendment!
2 million views in 24 hours for Farage defence of UK despite mainstream blackout
FARAGE: Britons will become ‘angrier’ at ‘arrogant, unelected’ Eurocrats!
Germany urges EU to DITCH backstop!
'Rigid' EU were NEVER going to negotiate with UK, claims professor!
Farage calls on May to sack 'eurofanatic' chief Brexit advisor!
County lines drug dealer, 'Capone,' gets just 12 months for killing his teenage girlfriend!
Aspiring footballer inflicted 'horrific injuries' on ex-UK ambassador! NO JAIL!
British woman stabbed, stripped, hair chopped off by 'violent gypsy gang' in Portugal
Doorman's Park Lane 'sex party' murder - Firearms charges against Abu Hamza's son dropped!
Gang kicked, 'bottled' and stamped on victim's head Oxford Circus Tube
'Bogus college' scam boss poses in bed with £65,000 in cash!
Saudi women's rights activist is being regularly beaten, whipped and tortured!
French MPs condemn 'authoritarian' plans to curtail gilets jaunes protests!
Warwick University rape chat: Victim's disgust over decision to let students back early
AUSTRIA: More than half of suspects in murders of women in 2017 were foreigners
The US government's love of foreign dictatorships
Why they hate PewDiePie

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