Daily News - February 2007

Asian Serial Rapist Jailed for Life
17-Year-Old Gang-Raped by 5 Blacks
Black Mass Rapist Faces Life in Jail
Home Office Lost Failed Asylum Seeker Who Raped Teenager
Blacks Appeal Life Sentence for Killing Danielle
Blair Defends his NHS Record
Blair Rejects Quit Call
Blair Babe is Dead
Charity Probed Over Gordon Brown Links
Humanity Blamed for Climate Change
Big Business and Decadent, Bloated America are to blame
High Risk Sex Offender Found
47 Arrested in Immigration Raids
British Teacher Sacked After Complaints from Muslim Pupils
He told them the wrong truth
NHS PC Crowd Bans Easter!
Moneybag Blairs Buying House Number 5!
Bulgarian Convicts Can Head to UK
Rupert Murdoch Gives his 6 Kids £50 Million Each
Blair’s Jewish Attorney General to be Quizzed by MPs Over About Turns
1 in 5 of UK Home Buyers are Polish!
Othello too Risque for Pupils
BLIAR Says: There is a Lot That Has Been Good for the Country
A New Way to Mug a White Boy: Push Him in Front of a Car
Soldiers Will Quit over Awful Housing
White Victims are Only OCCASIONAL
Brutal Rape of Teen by Black
New Labour’s War Upon the English
Woman Dies After Asian Radiologist Made Mistakes
200 Bomb Bottles Found in Muslim Bomb Factory
Muslim Guilty of Race Hate Judge’s Grave Doubthe Will be Deported
Albanians Sentenced for Sex Trafficking
Foreign Would-Be Murderer Gets Twenty Years
BLAIR WARS: Little Boy Cries Out for his Daddy
No NHS TB Jab for British Kids!
You have to be "vulnerable". In other words - foreign
Global warming: Polar Bears Stranded on Melting Ice
Indian Takeover of British Steel
Muslim Soldiers Face Kidnap and Beheading
Immigrant Rush Hits Our Services Hard
BBC Caught Coaching Anti-Brits
Jailbird Lib Dem Donor Begs Help from the Party
Paxman Slams BBC Climate Hypocrisy
Bogus Asylum Seekers Steal Millions from State
Councils Struggle to Cope With Flood of EU Workers
Voters Abandon New Labour but Not for Tories

A Third of Rape Cases Abandoned too Soon

Asian Husband Threatens to Chop up White Wife and Her Kids
Fergie Comforts Big Brother Bigot
Asian Jailed for Sex Attack on Female Cop
All Pupils Meat WILL BE HALAL!
Little Girl Violently Attacked by Black and Asian Gang
The Face of Multi-Racial Britain
Lithuanian Gangs Riot in Leeds
Gay Rights Bill Threatens Exclusively Fairy Hotel
Compusory Lessons on Slavery in British Schools
3 Top US Generals Reject Iran Strike
BLAIR WARS: Baghdad Bomb Kills 130 Injures 300
BLAIR WARS: 130 Killed in Baghdad
MASS US Protests Against Iraq War
Deputy PM Urges Party to Ditch Blair
70 Arrests as Cops Raid Cherie Blair’s "Race Advisor" Pal Nighat Awan
Black Mugger Breaks 81-Year-Old’s Arm
Asian Cop Admits Falsifying Evidence
Black Cleaner Admits Brutal Rape of Teen
Blair Accused of Callous Cover-Up Over Saddam’s Human Shields
Muslim Bookstore’s Message of Race Hate
Al Qaeda Tells British Cells to Carry Out Wave of Beheading
Lord Levy: I’m Not Going to Swing for Tony Blair
Fat Falconer Fingered by Watchdog over Vote Fraud
TB Liar’s Pop Donor Stands to Make Millions from Supercasino
The Madness of King Tony
Jermaine "White Trash" Jackson Interviewed by Cops
Honours Cover Up Planned by Big Guns
Dutch Doc says MRSA is Down to NHS Lack of Cleanliness
German Profiteers Major Contributor to Blair Think Tank
Britain’s Power Bills Rise at 4 Times EU Rate
Bernard Matthews Took 48 Hours to Report Turkey Deaths
Black Thugs Who Robbed OAPs Won’t be Named
Drug Ringleaders Jailed: All are Black
Fancy Dress Rapist Gets 8 Years in Jail
Disaffected, Raging and Hungry for the Harsh Finality of Sharia Law
Race Mix Isn’t Right in Schools Says Education Minister
Erotic Girl Group Steals Innocence of Childhood
Blair Guilty of Sending Child Soldiers to Iraq
1 in 10 Doctors Practicing in Britain "MAY NOT HAVE GOOD ENGLISH"
Black Doc "Made Number of Unwelcome Advances"
BLAIR WARS: Another Soldier Killed in Iraq
3 US Helicopters and 1 Plane Downed in a Fortnight
6-Fold Rise in Prison Violence
Fifteen 17-Year-Olds Were Sent to Iraq Despite UN Law
UK Named High Crime Country
Transsexual Rapist’s Anger at Treatment
I Want to be Deported but the Home Office Won’t Let Me Go
If You Can’t Find a Muslim Soldier to Kidnap a Squaddie Will Do
Teen Stabbed Twice by Two Blacks
Young Female Cyclist Fighting for Her Life
The media has kept the ethnicity of the muggers hidden. I wonder why?
Black Invention Myths
The Minds of 5-Year-Old Muslims Poisoned by Schoolroom Hate
Latvian Burglars Pushed Granny Down Stairs
Sikh Stabbers Guilty
The One-Hour-A-Day Cops
Cops Refuse to Issue Photos of Wanted Crims
It might infringe their human rights
Cops Let Off Crims with Caution for Arson and Carrying a Gun

Rapists Allowed to go Free!
Black Doctor Warned Repeatedly Over Lewd Advances to Female Patients
16-Year-Old Shot Dead by Black
Friendly-Fire Video Unearthed
NHS Managers "Fiddling" Waiting Time Figures
Blair Babe Died of Drink
Dutch Drug Dealer’s Sentence Increased for Killing Brit
Republicans Block Iraq War Debate
UAF Video Iraqi Kurd Jailed for Just 5 Months
Three Asians Jailed for Village Robbery
Foreigner Recklessly Infected Women
Asian Big Brother Winner Meets Tony Blair
Bremer Quizzed Over Cash for Iraq
Another US Helicopter Goes Down in Iraq
US Soldier on Trial Over Murder of Nicola Calipari
3 Black Teenagers Sentenced for Gang Rape of 16-Year-Old
Black Mugger Breaks 81-Year-Old’s Arm
BNP Get Huge Cash and Kudos Boost
£1000 Reward for Asian Rapist
Kiddies Sack Race Banned
Pub Defiant Over Barrymore Pie
The pie is made with faggots
If We Deport African Child Molester Do We Export a Problem to His Own Country Asks MP?
Who the f*** cares?
Prison for Picking Wild Flowers?
Head Teacher Hene Starkey Bans Mothers’ Day
The Blair Government promised that no more than 13,000 would come!
Somerset Children to Get Lessons in Islam
Students Who Planned to Interview BNP Leader Get Death Threats
Reverend Paul Smith Blasts BNP Meetings in Church Hall
£400,000 A DAY for Failed Asylum Seekers
Brit Jailed for 18 Months in India: FOR NOT HAVING A VISA
Top Iraqi Politican Arrested for Aiding Shi’ite Murder Gangs
Common Anaesthetic Link to Alzheimer’s
Isoflurane boosts the activity of Capase which causes cells to die!
African Doc Warned Repeatedly Polish Dentist Faces Misconduct Hearing
Black Muslim Snarler Arrested
Our Australian Health Sec Said Fewer NHS Beds "IS A SIGN OF SUCCESS!"
Black African Killer Refugee Warned She Faces Life in Jail
Prostitute Murdered by Black "Parasite" Partner
3 Dairy Farmers Quitting EVERY DAY Because of Supermarkets
Gruesome Twosome Tortured Their 4-Year-Old Disabled Daughter
Hungary Link to Bird Flu
Gruesome Twosome Tortured Their 4-Year-Old Disabled Daughter
4 Blacks Held Over Killing of 15-Year-Old
40% of Doctors Prefer Private Health Care
Why Was My Mum Sent Home From Hospital to Die Alone
NHS to Export Clerical Jobs to India
The White Parents, the Indian Baby and Fertility Tourism
Yet another way of getting the white world melting-potted
East European Immigrant Rapes Woman at Knifepoint
Error Gave Somalian Sex Attacker Passport Black Murder Suspects Bailed
So they can intimidate any witnesses, presumably
UN Says 4 Million Refugees Have Been Created by the Iraq War

Refugee Savage Murdered Two Women
He has indefinite leave to remain here!
Two Brits Killed: Tube Mangers Told Train Drivers NOT To Slow Down!
Prison Term for Bradford Rioter
Pole Arrested for Rape and Attempted Murder
Traitor Blair Wishes he had Kept a Diary
What would it have said? I am the Messiah 1,000 times?
US Air Strike Kills 8 Iraqi Troops
Killing foreigners who are on their side is nothing new for the Yanks
BLAIR WARS: TB’s Lovely, Fluffy American Chums
BAE Corruption Probe
London Most dangerous capital in EU
More than 3 in 10 have been a victim of theft or assault
Criminal Gangs Use Islam to Intimidate Victims
This loony links LOW CRIME (which planet is he on?) with pro-gay legislation
Asian Killed 11-Year-Old and then Pretended to be a Witness
5 Blacks Break in and Beat Homeowner at Gunpoint
Jamaican Crack Addict Rapist Jailed for 6 Years
Ministers Send Pensioners Personal and Bank Details to Wrong Addresses
Children Banned from Playing Tag in School
Brazilian Pervert Rapist Jailed for 9 Years
One African and Five Asians Remanded on Terror Charges
Young Gun Crime Soars in London
BLAIR WARS: Fiancée Mourns Death of British Officer in Iraq
BLAIR WARS: Another British Soldier Killed in Iraq
CSA an Agency that Failed: Staff PAID £25 MILLION IN BONUSES!
NHS Let War Hero Go Blind
Putin Attacks US "Very Dangerous" Foreign Policy
Did a Cabinet Minister’s Sexual Advances Drive Blair Babe to Her Death
Corrupt Officers Damaging the Met
Cannabis Cameron DID Smoke Dope at Eton
Why not just admit it in the first place?
Health and Safety Zombies Ban Mums from Making Tea and Toast!
UKIP INVESTIGATED: Donations of £1,000,000 not Registered!
Black Pervert Hunted
Iraqi Stabber Jailed for Just 21 Months
BLAIR WARS: Dead Soldier is Named
Israeli PM’s Aide in Graft Probe
3 US Colonels, 2 Jews and a Hubbie Charged Over $8,000,000 Iraq Scam
Michael Morris is also likely to be Jewish
The Israeli President Raped Me
And the PC teachers didn’t know?
Gun Crime Soars Amongst London’s Black Teens
Poisoned: 400 of Britain’s Lakes

Dangerous Dogs Used as Weapons
Men Disguised as Muslim Women Raid Bank
Brit Farmers Only Get Fraction of EU Subsidy
Wiltshire Cops Close All but 4 of Their Cop Shops to save Money!
Thousands of Churches Face Closure or Demolition!
Illegal Immigrant Teacher Probe
Immigrant Filmed by Pal on Mobile Phone as He Stabs a Love Rival to Death
Our Mosques are Importing Jihad
Guns Plague Peckham Despite Developement
Thames Will Flood in 8 Years
US Accuses Iran Over Iraq Bombs
BLAIR WARS: Helicopter Rescue for Marine’s Body
Doctors who Ban Surgery for Smokers ARE RIGHT!
So says Patricia Hewitt, our Australian Health Secretary
Bird Flu Farm Continued Exports
Democrats Wary of Iran Claims
US Preparing Us For War with Iran
Iran Warns USA of Retaliation if Attacked
£25,000 Spent on Human Rights Spin
BLAIR WARS: More Than 70 Killed in Baghdad Bombings
Cops Hunt "Dark Skinned" Serial Rapist
South African Founder of Gay Website Falls to Death From 8th Floor
Death Videos Shown in Bomb Trial
Iranian Boxing Champ Charged with Benefit Fraud
School Bans Contact Games in Playground
County Courts in Chaos Says Judge
New Labour at Risk of Letting in BNP
One-in-Three Households in Britain is now Dependent on Benefits
Chlamydia Rife Amongst Oldhamers
The Disease, which causes sterility, is also rife throughout the country
Cream Puff Gets £118,000 for 8 Days Work!
He got the dosh because his boss called him a cream puff!
Elderly at Risk in Nursing Homes
B Liar Backs Bush on Iran Aid to Insurgents
9-Strong Black Gang Attack Teen and Steal Phone
Two Blacks Sought after Double Stabbing
He is a Black Serial Rapist: He was BAILED and Now He’s Gone
He was found guilty IN HIS ABSENCE
Gunpoint Carjackers
CARTOON Cops and PC Crowd Condemn BNP Street Patrols
UN Report Slams Blair’s Britain
Doctors are Denying the Elderly Treatment!
60 Pubs Close Down Every Month!
They are being replaced by flats and offices
Asian Gangs Stirring Up Racial Hatred

They chant "white trash" at residents
Two-Year-Old Sexually Assaulted and Murdered by Monsters
And you wouldn’t have this scum executed?
Illegal Immigrant Fraudulently Claimed £17,000 in Benefits
He was not jailed!
Jailed Asian Doc Loses Racism Claim
Robbery Linked to Black Serial Rapist
Travel Expenses of MPs Revealed
One backbench Blairite spent £45,000 on travel in a year!
40-Strong Black and Asian Gang Slaughtered Youth in High Street Swimming Pool
Banned Two-Year-Old Because She Wasn’t Muslim!

Ex-BNP Man Wanted to Shoot Tony Blair
Uncle Chraged with Rape and Murder of Two-Year-Old Niece
And you wouldn’t have him executed?
Sacked Race Row Asian Cop Hit Motorist in Road Rage Attack
Egyptian Doc Molester Still on the Run
Even though he was cleared!
Asian Perv Doc Fondled 9 Patients!
BLAIR WARS: UK Soldiers Cleared of Iraq Abuse
Life for African Double Murderer
A quarter of British prisoners have an IQ of less than 80
Oasis Star Launches Scathing Attack on Blair and Cameron
Polish Dentist Banned for "Clumsy, Ham-Fisted Operating Technique"
Tell the Truth About the "Holocaust" Get Jailed for 5 Years
Iraq Invasion Plan Delusional
Top US General Doubts Iran Claims
US Helicopter WAS Shot Down
Man Bottled and Knocked Unconscious by 3 Asians
22-Year-Old Stabbed in Back by 2 Asians
5 Blacks Rob Man at Gunpoint
77-Year-Old Robbed by Two Blacks
Immigrant Teacher Jailed for £51,000 Benefit Fraud
She steals 51 Grand and gets just six months for it!
Mongrel Nation
Political Blogger Threatened with Jail
Australia Must Limit Muslim Immigration says Jewish Expert
He would say that, wouldn’t he? For once, I agree
Huge Influx of Migrants Could Make Catholicism the Main Religion
Just like Tony Blair wants to be!
Grandma Lay Dying with Maggot Infested Wounds
Britain’s Kids at "Crisis Point"
Oh for the 70s When Political Correctness was Unknown
Hain Apologises for Wales and Northern Island’s "Part They Played in the Slave Trade"
Do working-class Brits want a South African insinuating that slavery had anything to do with them?
Guns are "Accessories"
Gangs Replace Familie
A Criminal waste of Ace Cops
Just Two Cops for Two Towns
Lib Dem Councillor Turns Muslim and Marries an African Half his Age
Hindus and Muslims say "Death to Valentine’s Day
UK Faces Collapse of Authority
Almost 23% of Brits Believe Dr David Kelly did NOT Commit Suicide
Asian Killed 11-Year-Old Then Pretended to be a Witness
US Democrats Warn Bush on Iran
Baby Dies Following Circumcision
Slime Jailed for Brutal Killing Priest
Charged over Child Assault
And You Wuldn’t String This Up?
Fathers Must Fight Gang Culture Says Tory Boy
The dads are absent, you moron!
Does Red Ken Livingstone Want the BNP Banned?
The Shocking Story of the REAL Shilpa Shetty
Jewish Births and Marriages Soaring in the UK
Opponents Unite to Plot Against BNP
Another Black-on-Black Killing in London
And shootings in Manchester
Sheffield Leader Thinks the City Will be "Better" When There are More Blacks and Asians

Black African Charged with Knifepoint Rapes
African Accused of Laundering £1,000,000
Catholics Set to Pass Anglicans as Number 1 Church in Britain
Catch my Boy’s Killers
Blair’s Top Lawman Had an Affair
Was this why Goldsmith changed his mind on Iraq?
US Soldier Whose Grunts Shot Terry Lloyd is Named
Minorities Feel More "British" Than Whites!
Exposed by Romanian TV: How Easy it is to Nick a British Job
How High-Flying Blair Babe Airbrushed Secret Tunisian Husband from her Life
Caroline Flint is an immigrant herself
PC Vicar Attacked over Support for Mosque
UKIP "Loses" £118,000 in Donations
13-Year-Old Schoolboy Stamped to Death by Older Asian Gang
The BBC doesn’t mention that the murderers were Asian
Half-Caste Murderer Whines on TV

African Brings Deadly Disease into Country
Millions of Pounds of Blood Poured Down Drain
Richard and Judy Quiz Scam
Asian Tycoon with Close Links to Cherie Blair is Arrested
Headteacher in Honours Row Hung Out to Dry by Blair
Racist Labour Letting Migrants take Over Cheap Homes
No Limits to Blair’s Arrogance Says MP
BLAIR WARS: Disbaled Soldier Says Blair Was "Too Cowardly, Too Spineless"
Inquiry into Contaminated Blood
Many Teachers Stressed in Class
Teachers Fight Back Over Classics
Children of 12 Addicted to Alcohol
Blair Law Adviser, Ex-Chief Cop, Exploits Loophole to Escape Speeding Ban
Terry was "Kinda in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time"
America’s way of excusing murder
Catwalk Girl Starves Herself to Death 6 Months after Model Sister Dies of Heart Attack
The Misery Industry that Wants Us All to Think We’re Going Mad
Autism Linked to Watching Television
Blair Insiders Attack his Leadership

School Bans Tag in Playground
County Courts in Chaos says Judge
2 Black Hoodies, 1 Asian Rob Couple at Knifepoint
16-Year-Old Robbed by 4 Black Girls
Asian Social Worker Committed Tax Fraud
Chink Denies Killing 86-Year-Old
Find this Black Fiend!
The online newspaper doesn’t show the image of the bad guy!
Cops Almost Shot 21/7 Suspect
Black Gang Jailed After 150 Robberies
Female Cop Who Gave Order to Kill Innocent Man is PROMOTED!
Cressida Dick is an Oxford-educated Blair-babe kind of cop
Jury Discharged in Black Attempted Murder Case
Foreigners Arrested over Heroin Find
Black Man Sexually Assaults 17-Year-Old
Violent Black Man on the Run
Oriental Held Knife to 58-Year-Old Woman’s Throat: He Wanted her Parking Space!
BLAIR WARS: US Iran Attack Plans Revealed

Top Republican Slams Rumsfeld
Israel’s Chief of Police Resigns
BLAIR WARS: Marine Jailed over Iraq Murser
BLAIR WARS: 5 US Troops Die in Iraq Raids
BLAIR WARS: Iraq Car Bombs Leave 60 Dead
BLAIR WARS: One-in-Three Iraqis in Poverty
NHS Paying Too Much for Drugs
BLAIR WARS: Iraq War a Big No-No says Richard Wilson
Neoconservative Twisted Iraq Findings
UK Women are now the Fattest in Europe
Asbestos Poised to Kill 120,000 Brits
Hit-and-Run Asian Devastates Family
Jealous Babysitter Murdered Tracy Meade
Rape Report Goes Missing
Cop-Killing Yank Appeals his Sentence
Unqualified African Installs Faulty Boiler and 3 People Die
The Hitmen Who Got Hit Themselves

Patients Screened for TB after "Health Care Worker" Found with it
Police Question Blair Aide Again
Foreign Prisoners Still at Large
Iraq PM Sacks Rape Case Critic
Stephen Spielberg wants a Black President
BLAIR WARS: Yet Another Car Bomb in Iraq
61-Year-Old Hurled from Train by Muggers
The Mail does not mention the ethnicity of the muggers
Asian Rapist Posed as Good Samaritan
A Half-Caste Killer Looking for Sympathy?
Rena Salmon’s nephew, Imtiaz Hussain, murdered a British man as well!
Black Fraudster Jailed for 5 Years
Thousands are Dying from Dirty Hospital Bugs!
2 Die in C Diff Ward
Blair Defiant Over Iraq Security
Envoy Attacks Blair Over Iraq
Asian Gang Walk Free After Brute Racist Rampage!
Knife-Wielding Asian Carjackers Stab Mum Twice
Asian Gang Member Attacks and Mugs Woman
2 Black 1 Asian Hoodie Rob Couple at Knifepoint
NHS Told Don’t Say Mum and Dad You Might Offend Gays!
Foreign Crooks get Millions in Jail Payouts!
Gun Crime Moving into Leafy Suburbs
Cops Identify 169 Gun Gangs: Most of them Black
Asian Stabbed 25 Times by Family
Middle-Class Paedophile Escapes Jail
BLAIR WARS: Another Marine Killed in Afghanistan
Muslim Murdered Wife and 4 Daughters
Home Sec Has no Idea How Many Illegal Immigrants are Here!
Little Girls Sexualised at Age 5!
Blacks Shoot Man
Romanian Priest and Nuns Crucified Novice!
Asian Dentist Who Defrauded NHS Struck Off
Foreigner Guilty of Rape
Suicide Algerian Murders Irish Lover and Kid
Why Did Black Man Kill Rina?
East of England Regional Assembly Says 1,200 Gypsy Pitches Required!
Prescribe Heroin to Cut Crime Says Top Cop
Some MPs say this too. I say flog ‘em and stick ‘em in the stocks
"Hug a Hoodie" Cameron "Shot" by One
Black Gang Threaten and Rob
Black Jailbird Ordered to Cough Up Cash
Dad Wants His Son’s Black Killer Freed!
Babies Die as Hospitals Skip Tests to save Money
Anti-Brit Magazine Applauds Ethnic Cleansing of Brits
"Demographic changes" will result in the community "ignoring the BNP", apparently
Ugandans Kidnap and Rape 13-Year-Old Scot
BLAIR WARS: MOD Names Marine Killed by Mine
Another Marine Killed in Afghanistan
Iraq Mothers Camp Outside Number 10
Lithuanian Jailed for Rape
Anti-War Protests in London and Glasgow
Career Criminal Recaptured
Millionaire Asian Liar is Jailed
BLAIR WARS: More Soldiers for Afghanistan
Smoking Alters Brain Like Hard Drugs
They Gave Young Lad Methadone and he Died
Even though he wasn’t a Heroin User!
MP Says Dr Kelly’s Death was NOT Suicide!
Polish Lorry Driver Kills Pensioner
He was, subsequently, bailed
Hannah Foster’s Parents Fly to India Again
Hannah was murdered by a Sikh
Austism Link to Asbo Youngsters
Asian Sex Attacker Sought
Traitor Blair’s Sly Euro Sell-Out
Blacks Video Boast of Beating Billy Before He was Killed
Muslim Council of Britain Demands Ban on "Un-Islamic" Activities in School
UK Terror Threat at New High
Clubber Mugged and Sexually Abused by Blacks
Black Sex Beast Behind Bars Again
Black Muggers Jailed
Gypsy George Pleads Guilty to Murder of John Mitchell
Tribute to Scott Poll: Killed by Asian Cab Driver
Ghastly Gnome Launches Deputy Leader Bid
Fat Falconer Praises Gordon B
Fatty’s trying to hang on to his job. Some hopes
Creepy Cabinet Member Defends Financier Donations to New Labour
Peter Hain is South African. Did you know that?
Filipino Male Nurse Sexually Molests Male Patient
Muslims Refuse to Use anti-MRSA Gel
Parents: Bring Back the Cane to Restore Order
5,000 Child Sex Slaves in UK!
Rick Mayall: You Have to be Black, Homosexual and a Woman to Work at the BBC!
Ex-Commie Home Sec says "I’m Like Churchill"
75,000 NHS Staff Attacked in 2006
Top Cop Says Evict Families who Protect Gun Thugs
21-Year-Old Murdered by Michael Rozynek
Rozynek is a Polish surname
Robbed Teenager Pistol-Whipped by Black and White
1,265 Suicidal calls to Childine in 2006.
BLAIR WARS: Female Suicide Bomber Kills 42 in Baghdad College
UN Envoy Attacks Israeli Apartheid
Brute Wallet-Stuffing Warmonger Warns Iran
Ruth Kelly Celebrates Diversity with Those who Blew us up on 7/7
Outcry Over Government Promoted Sex Video for Kids
Poles warn: We’ll Deport Britons who Fall Ill
Mum Fights Off Serial Sex Attacker
Another Black "Foundation" Launched
Has a foundation ever been launched for a Brit murdered by a black or Asian?
700,000 Have Dementia in Britain
Blood-Sucking Royal Mail Wants Another 6p for a Stamp!
Kennie Williams Murder: Ramirez Brothers Arrested
David Kelly Must have Been Murdered
Margaret Ward, 29, and Baby Murdered by Partner, Leon, 51
Leon then topped himself. Hooray!
German Gets 5 Years for Killing 4 Brits
Parents Forgive Junkie who Killed Their Son
I wonder if they forgive the politicians who created him as well
MPs Urge Probe into Supercasino
BLAIR WARS: He’s Sending 1400 More Troops to Afganistan!
Cherie Blair Made Ambassador for Hug-a-Criminal Group
200-Year Child Porn Sentence Stands for Morton Berger
The Terrorist we Can’t Kick Out
Should We Let Europe Scrap Our Traditions?
Nisha Patel Murder: Husband Held
Woman Who Foiled Bike Thief Locked Up!
What message do you think this sends to the thieves?
Israel Plans to Settle 250,000 Russian Jews in Palestinian Territory
Tory MP Tells Constituents to Vote for the BNP
OAP Kicked to a Pulp for £5
Asian Used Bat to Kill Family

US Accused on Missing Persons
BLAIR WARS: Another Soldier Killed in Iraq
Asian Hit-and-Run Killer Jailed for 4 Years
Foreign Dentists Scamming Us
Black Father-of-5 Breaks in, Rapes and Robs Nurse
4 Blacks Found Guilty of Gang-Rape of 16-Year-Old
Top Doc Admits He Was Wrong About Blair
Pensioner Allegedly Threw Gum from Car: Council Spends £3,000 Trying to Prosecute Him!
£50 a Night Guns-for-Hire in Cities
Black Robber Jailed for 8 Years
Top Cop Wants Positive Discrimination in Favour of Ethnic Minority Cops

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