Daily News: December 2019

Tuesday 31 December

Socialism declining in Europe as populism support grows!
Julian Assange could die before extradition, according to 60+ doctors!
PC boss, Richard Leafe, wants to tarmac over Lake District National Park for ‘diversity!’
Schools afraid to help white boys and the Lakes not ethnic enough? This lunacy helps none!
Our right to free expression is in crisis - Are we a democracy if we don't encourage open debate?
Suspected poisoning - Pills in kebabs! 'Motivations of those involved not yet understood!'
2016: Rotherham whistleblower explains why sex abuse ring was covered up
6,499 children aged under 14 investigated by cops for sending naked photos!
Councillor David Smith, a campaigner for gender-neutral toilets, charged with 9 sex offences!
Woman sues Epstein estate, says she was 14 when they had sex
Teen vows to clear her name after conviction for rape claim - Mum slams 'vindictive' judge!
Dominic Raab seriously concerned over possible miscarriage of justice in Cyprus 'rape' case!
Two months after the first, a second homeless man is brutally murdered in Ireland!
Boris urged to sort out foreign aid! (We gave £151million to China and India in 2019)
Verhofstadt planned to keep UK in transition period for 'THREE years'
Pension funds for millions of Brits could end up ‘worthless’, warns Bank of England chief
The inconvenient truth about Greta Thunberg's parents (and the people trying to deny it)
LGBTQ-obsessed mother beats 7-year-old son to death because he refused to dress like a girl?
Westminster cover-up of child abuse from retired senior police officers on oath 10/3/19
"Nothing but lies!" "Hasidic Jews own 40% of Jersey City!" "MILITANT!"
Reg is 'sick to death of Brexit' and 'ashamed' of Britain! F*** off and live elsewhere then!

Monday 30 December

Tens of thousands of savers lost billions in pension schemes sanctioned by the government! Now the taxman is threatening them!
16,000 high street stores shut their doors for good in 2019! Shops shed 2,700 jobs a WEEK!
The 2010s were the Twilight of the Elites?
EU warning: Harold Macmillan's chilling predictions!
Elite schools refuse £1m donation because it could only be spent on underprivileged white boys!
Carmarthenshire TB outbreak: Children to be screened
EU accused of planning to cut funds by as much as 50% to some of the poorest!
Senior NHS managers are charging the vulnerable up to £400 a day for help getting grants!
Health workers ARE acting as 'consultants' to help desperate families - for a fee!
WALTHAMSTOW: Teenagers shot, one of them also stabbed!
Drug gang violence: Four Albanians killed in fortnight
Ayia Napa: British woman found guilty of lying about gang-rape by Israeli youths!
Synagogue, Jewish shops vandalised with ‘9/11’ graffiti!
‘Jews did 9/11!’ Anti-Semitic graffiti appears on shops and synagogue in London!
NEW YORK: Hanukkah machete attack: Black man arrested, drenched in blood!
“Law-enforcement source” says man who stabbed Chanukah celebrants is convert to Islam!
US antisemitism Czar demands Americans learn how to love Jews
'Sex pest' Harvey Weinstein could go free warn lawyers!
Corbyn supporters should be kicked out of Labour to eradicate anti-Semitism, says Mr Goldstein
New York Times disdains wage rises for blue-collar Americans
Trans ‘man’ and ‘non-binary’ partner 'give birth' using ‘female’ sperm donor!
Transgender musician cancelled gig after being told she couldn’t use women’s toilet
John Bercow cashes in on fame with EYE-WATERING public speaking deal!
Editor says BBC is a ‘secular church’ that ‘preaches’ on climate change, against Brexit!
Denis Thatcher's friendship with Mandy Rice-Davies - 'He never paraded it?' (Wonder why not?)

Sunday 29 December

Domestic violence kills 15 times as many as terrorism in Britain!
Boy, 16, stabbed repeatedly in front of horrified shoppers outside Manchester Arndale centre
NEWBURY: Girl, 12, in a critical condition after being hit by hit-and-run van driver!
BRADFORD: Muslim savages jailed for raping and abusing under-age girls in care!
Violence on Britain's streets fuelled by guns, knives and drugs trafficked from abroad!
Lee Rigby's killer a 'de-radicalisation mentor at prison where London Bridge attacker... was held!'
California has most ‘mass slayings’ in 2019 despite stringent gun control!
ISIS in Nigeria 'beheads Christian hostages'
South African cyclist Nicholas Dlamini has arm broken while being arrested in national park!
Tory ministers 'take revenge!' Bercow is snubbed in New Year's honours!
French rail offers migrants free tickets to Calais so they can make their way to UK!
Tony Blair sought EU funding while trying to stop Brexit!
Italian MEP denounces EU 'madness' dictated by the ‘greedy French’
HS2 a 'bottomless pit' for taxpayers - Bosses should be sacked!
LAKE DISTRICT: Too many 'older, able-bodied white people!'
FBI implicated in destroying evidence to help Hillary Clinton!
Black American apologises for perceptions of white racism against blacks perpetrated by Jews!
41% of Germans think Trump a bigger threat than Putin, Korea’s Kim, China’s Xi!
Hungary’s Orban says EU’s mass migration policy a ‘grave mistake!'
SLOVAKIA: ‘Hatred really strong to insult the dead!’ 2nd Jewish cemetery vandalised in a month!
BBC accused of being biased on climate change and Brexit by its own R4 guest editor!
Patriotism, a concept the Left struggles to understand
Terror fears as addresses of honours list stars are exposed by bungling officials!
An American Oligarch's dirty tale of corruption
Carmarthenshire TB outbreak: Children to be screened
Victoria Beckham ditches chauffeur and offers to slash salary after fashion line loses £12million!
Ministers bent visa rules for Queen! Lack of polo grooms might have ruined the season!
DIEPPE cost us thousands of dead and wounded, a destroyer, 33 landing craft and 106 aircraft. Mountbatten was responsible

Saturday 28 December

Migrants are putting UK citizens at risk of disease, says nurse!
Microplastics by the million falling on London every day
Number of new care homes outpaced by closures for eighth year
TOM WATSON: Within the Labour Party 'brutality and hostility is real!'
Tory ministers 'take revenge!' Bercow is snubbed in New Year's honours!
EU will block City of London trade unless UK abides by Brussels’ rules?
Boris is TERRORISING Brussels? Von der Leyen admits EU 'very worried!'
EU bid to delay trade talks! Fury as Brussels seeks to hinder Brexit drive
‘Despite Brexit’ French economy fails to overtake UK as predicted - Far behind behind by 2034!
GIULIANI: George Soros 'controls the central figures in the impeachment process!’
BALTIMORE: 342 killings so far in 2019!
The uncomfortable truth? Baltimore has problems. And Democrats are to blame!
USA: Illegal alien allegedly murdered woman, shot her son days before Christmas!
NY to allow accused criminals to inspect own crime scenes, obtain access to witness names!
BIDEN: I wouldn’t testify in Senate Impeachment trial if subpoenaed!
Man shot dead in front of family in London 'linked to Albanian gangland murders!'
Abu Hamza's sons arrested after £1million fraud! (Helped by corrupt banking insider)
Savages lured gay men on Grindr then tied them up and urinated on them!
DOUGLAS MURRAY: Immigration is Bad For Britain!
Alibhai-Brown on Jihad in British jails: "Just propaganda from SOMEBODY LIKE YOU!"
Reward for failure! Former chief prosecutor Alison Saunders is made a Dame!
Is this the final proof that Jack the Ripper was a Polish (Jewish) barber?
Reporters Without Borders calls for the release of Julian Assange
Major Afghan politician is collecting benefits in Sweden?
Princess Anne attacks 'risky' health and safety culture
BIDEN: I wouldn’t testify in Senate Impeachment trial if subpoenaed!
BIG BROTHER: Surveillance cameras installed at the grave of Karl Marx!

Friday 27 December

CHRISTMAS EVE: Swedish dad shot dead in front of his wife and child outside London home!
MELBOURNE: Granddad attacked by Africans outside his home on Christmas night!
NIGERIA: ISIS terrorists kill 11 Christian hostages on Christmas Day!
WORTHING: Woman alleges rape by taxi 'middle Eastern' taxi driver!
Ex-Barclays staff, Hodaif Nadeem and Waseem Ahmed stole nearly £150,000 from customers!
Civil War: Swedish citizens rise up to protest globalism! (About time!)
CANADA: Gun law changes will disarm law-abiding, peaceful Canadians! (Was always the goal)
ITALY: Migrant landings halved in 2019 due to Salvini policies!
35,000 glaucoma patients may lose their eyesight because of NHS delays!
NHS at its ‘worst since records began’ – difficult winter ahead for millions of Britons
Signs of depression can be detected in children as young as seven!
Taxpayers lumped with £2m bill for MEPs' international jollies!
Pampered Juncker and EU allies moaned of ‘uncomfortable chairs’ in Brussels strop
Labour politicians handed secrets to Czech spies once a month during Cold War!
Who can salvage the CBI’s reputation after Brexit?
Minnesota rabbi, Aryeh Cohen, trapped by child sex sting operation - NO JAIL!
David Cole - Ernst Zundel interview
Why are so many Jews denying the Holocaust?
Spitting incident between two Jews in Brooklyn reported as antisemitic ‘hate crime!’
Keystone Cops wasted £1.5 million on electric cars that can't chase criminals!
Top Brexit-blocking barrister beats fox to death wearing a kimono!
'I bet "two faced" Trudeau made the call!' CBC removes Trump's cameo from Home Alone 2!
Jess Phillips, MP, defends Lily Allen's outrageous remarks!

Thursday 26 December

Former associate says Jeffrey Epstein was a top spy for the Mossad
Sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s link with Norwegian Royal Family!
Man 'executed' on doorstep of his Battersea townhouse on Christmas Eve!
Migrant who murdered Swedish teacher has sentence reduced!
Over 100 Swedish churches have closed permanently since 2000!
Italian police: Muslim migrants threw Christians overboard
NIGERIA: Boko Haram jihadis kill 7 and abduct teenage girl in raid on Christian village!
A thousand patients stripped of social care funding every year as needs reassessed!
Thousands of children placed in unregulated care homes because of shortage of places!
Uighur militants in Syria look to Zionism as model for their homeland!
Israel's public enemy number one: Fatou Bensouda, chief prosecutor of the ICC!
Harvey Weinstein may face more criminal charges!
From Beirut to Hong Kong, anti-establishment anger is all the rage
Bercow slams populism in alternative Christmas message!
Pope Francis says God loves people who made a 'mess of things!'
150+ former military personnel, kicked out because they were gay, want compensation! (
It’s Christmas! So a British newspaper is encouraging wives to cheat on their husbands - Again!

Wednesday 25 December

British fishermen expose staggering cost of EU access to UK waters! ‘£8bn adrenaline hit!’
103 of the fires that devastated Queensland since September deliberately lit!
Brendan O'Neill: UK has ‘wreaked its revenge on the political establishment’
Romania upholds acquittals of 25 men accused of running major child-trafficking network!
CROYDON: Man, 60, stabbed to death - Man, 50, arrested
ANDOVER: Police hunt killer hit-and-run driver of Jaguar XJ!
Police hunt pervert who touched himself next to a shocked female passenger on a train
Wimbledon shop staff terrorised by knifepoint robbers!
Forced marriages and ‘honour crimes’ spike in UK during Christmas season!
NEW YORK: After Tessa Majors' brutal park murder, police release image of savage, 14!
USA: Black man murders white girlfriend on Carnival cruise
BELARUS: Killer executed with bullet to back of head for murdering two women! (OK by me!)
Iran executes Christians for leaving Islam - Media silence for image's sake!
Little white boy taken when grandma looks away for just a few seconds!
Ex-Muslim woman warns America, THEY are here to kill you!
Persecution of Christians hit near 'genocide levels' this year! (Hear it on the BBC, Sky, C4?)
Canadian Court says Muslim who tried to kill soldiers is ‘not a terrorist!’
Hungarian Government: Christians, Christian Culture attacked across Europe, world!
‘Momentum’ wants unelectable Rebecca Long-Bailey to replace Jeremy Corbyn!
George Galloway unleashes scathing attack on Labour's David Lammy!
Pope Francis tells Catholics not to be turned off by church’s failings! (Tell him to F*** off!)
Olympic champion Sharron Davies says drag is a parody of 'real women!' (SO???)
How Britain used to celebrate Christmas

Tuesday 24 December

A million households left in the lurch in last two years after 16 UK energy suppliers went bust!
Pan-African reparations coalition: ‘British electorate is poisoned by toxins of white supremacy!’
GILLINGHAM: Anthony Eastwood stabbed to death - CCTV of murder suspect
Asylum seeker who stabbed Jodi Miller to death after she shunned his advances dies in jail
SLOUGH: Housing officer worked the system to get a home for himself! NO JAIL!
'ISIS recruiter,' Cassimo Ture, is living with family on benefits in London
Jihadi John's brother stole £1,300 from drivers while working as a car park attendant - NO JAIL!
Murderers among 1,000 violent criminals let out of jail for 6 days with families at Christmas!
The care system!
TV - Father shoots man who kidnapped and raped his son!
Riot police on streets of Paris as anti-Macron reform protests continue
Election loser Ed Miliband to lead review into why Labour was crushed! LUDICROUS!
Barnier warns UK must stick by EU regulations to get a post-Brexit deal!
Boris will highlight plight of persecuted Christians in his Christmas message
TRUMP: 'The media... is almost totally corrupt' with 'extreme Leftists' in 'control!'
BBC to promote black and minority 'senior leaders!'
Black MP with two homes minutes from Commons claims £37,000 expenses!
Stormzy lashes out at the media! ITV apologises!
BBC bosses 'criminalised' young people, prosecuting them for non-payment of licence fee
You’d think that Israel, of all places, would respect its refugees
BORIS: 'Every decent person in this country' is fighting antisemitism?"
Robert De Niro has gone too far this time!

Monday 23 December

UN imposes strict gender quotas on British army for Jihadi fight in Africa! 18 more women must put their lives on the line!
Priti Patel visited a hospital that treats jihadis! In Israel's interests, not in ours!
Sharia trials, punishment beatings and pledges of allegiance to ISIS operate inside our jails!
BBC director-general rejects claims of election bias and says: 'People trust us!'
Daniel Higgins 2003 murder - Jamil Khalid jailed over torture and killing!
Seven shot overnight in Democrat-controlled Baltimore
FINLAND: Short sentence for immigrant responsible for 6 sex attacks, one on a child!
Why have mortality rates risen unexpectedly in England and Wales?
Every major A&E misses waiting time target for first time!
One million elderly people face malnutrition over Christmas
The London bubble didn't see this historic political earthquake coming
Brussels' secret plot to punish Boris exposed - EU leaders plan huge stitch-up with SNP!
Spain follows Poland in shock threat to quit EU 'No more humiliation!'
FISHING VICTORY! Brexit to end 'greedy' EU ships plundering British waters - 'Our terms!'
Rebecca Long-Bailey would rule the Labour Party with an 'iron fist?'
Tory election victory boosts business confidence to post-referendum high
Demands grow for urgent inquiry into Bank of England trading scandal!
Tesco factory in China tied to slave labour after note discovered in Christmas card!
Channel patrols should immediately return illegals to France, say former immigration chiefs!
Hillary 2.0? Data on new EU President’s official phone wiped!
ITALY: Nigerian Mafia forcing girls as young as twelve into prostitution!
Establishment media runs away from J.K. Rowling’s transgender debate!
Trans woman wearing T-shirt saying she's still a man accused of hate speech by TUC's LGBTs!
Jeffrey Epstein's brother thinks he WAS murdered - and 'fears his own life may be in danger!'
Netanyahu accuses International Criminal Court of anti-Semitism - None may criticise Israel!
Czech Jew, Lord Dubs, says Home Office is ‘ignoring offers to give homes to child refugees!’

Sunday 22 December

I quit CoE 'because of refusal to stand up to political correctness,' says Queen's former chaplain!
‘All of us are in danger!’ John Pilger delivers a chilling warning from Julian Assange
EU is planning to place immigration critics in psychiatric care?
Kuenssberg says history will condemn Remainers who tried to 'undo Brexit!'
‘F*ck Boris’ Stormzy to read Bible at end of BBC Christmas Show!
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown breaks down ‘sobbing’ in Boris-induced public meltdown! RESULT!
DELINGPOLE: Should we celebrate #OwenJonesIsAWankerDay?
Lammy hints at bid to be Labour’s first BAME leader!
'Stop whinging!' Deluded Lib Dems viciously mocked after still promising to stop Brexit!
Disdainful metropolitan liberals are doing a disservice to British democracy
HATTERSLEY: 'We fought Militant in the 1980s. The far left’s hold is now much worse!'
Former North Yorkshire mayor jailed for child sex offences!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Barnet murder linked to stab victim in Elstree!
Members of Tobi Adegboyega's 'Church of Bling' face claims of child rape!
GRAVESEND: Teenager stabbed and sprayed with 'noxious substance' outside McDonald's
DIVERSITY! Telford victim tells of relief as four paedophile rapists are jailed
Teachers took no action when sex abuse rumours about 'P**i-shagger,' 12, spread around school!
Eric, 82, was powerless against a modern scam - Software firm took his cash for YEARS!
‘Tsunami’ of sex abuse cases threatens to overwhelm Vatican office!
WIGAN: Pensioners hit by a car while they crossed the road and killed!
Israeli sentenced to 22 years in an American jail for $140m scam!
This thing has 'the right to bear arms' - We do not!
Lynda Gower, 63, dies in agony just hours after paramedics refused to take her hospital!
HITCHENS: Ignorant BBC plans to rewrite Dickens and put the f-word into the mouth of Scrooge!
Trevor Phillips warns 'woke' BBC that it faces extinction unless it ditches liberal bias!
Left-wing Italian government to give 400k euros to commies for 100th anniversary celebration!
AUSTRALIA: Diversity Council wants ‘Christmas parties’ replaced with ‘holiday season drinks!’
Euro plunged into crisis by Germany after 11th month of contraction - Worse to come!

Saturday 21 December

Vatican saw a 'tsunami of sex abuse complaints' this year - 1,000+ allegations!
The diversity-obsessed BBC is now mortifyingly out of touch with modern Britain!
International Criminal Court ready to probe alleged Israeli war crimes in Palestine?
BLOODBATH LONDON: another 3 men and boy killed in just 24 hours! (143 murders in 2019)
'Hurry up and kill her,'said Sarah Mohamed! Boyfriend had to prove love by killing ex-girlfriend!
Best-selling author was worried something might happen to her - Husband under arrest!
TELFORD: More ‘Asian’ rapists sentenced!
Khan's London: Hanif brothers sentenced for gun dealing in 'gun-free' UK!
Gang members who preyed on vulnerable to tune of £213,000 told to pay back £2,435!
Benefits fraudster Olusola Owoeye rented her house as she claimed £114,000 for homelessness!
Savage who intimidated and attacked women on London bus walks free from court!
Women who sent less than £50 to ISIS jailed! (Oh dear, how sad)
Lysette Anthony: Harvey Weinstein raped me twice!
IOWA: Man jailed for 16 years - He stole a church’s Pride flag and burnt it outside a Strip Club!
Ex-soldier in court on terror charges after eight months fighting AGAINST ISIS!
More than 28% of England's secondary schools now in the red!
Boris will investigate SOROS for anti-Brexit activity!
Boris insists there will be 'no alignment' with the EU after Brexit!
Bercow’s legacy shredded as successor Lindsay Hoyle praised for Brexit fairness!
‘Fury and despair’ as Labour MPs slam Jeremy Corbyn for historic defeat!
Rebecca Long Bailey appoints self-proclaimed Stalinist to help her in leadership bid
Anna Soubry's anti-Brexit group disbands after winning no seats in election!
Abortion charity slammed by watchdog over Chief Executive's £434,500 pay packet!
Newborn baby 'died of sepsis after being turned away from hospital twice!
BBC's relentless pursuit of its licence-fee billions!
At least 61 US veterans who guarded 'contaminated' ex-Russian base died or have cancer!
750 billion reasons why Goldman Sachs is rooting for Greta Thunberg!
Why climate alarmism hurts us all!
Dimwit of the Decade? Where do they get these quiz contestants from?

Friday 20 December

END OF FREE SPEECH? Judge rules belief that ‘men cannot change into women’ is ‘not worthy of respect in a democratic society!’
JK Rowling supports tax expert sacked for 'men cannot become women' tweet!
Like JK Rowling, I was trolled just for daring to speak my mind on trans issues!
Calling someone a nerd is a hate crime now? The geek shall inherit the earth!
ACLU calls for tampons in men's rooms in order to achieve 'menstrual equity!'
DIVERSITY! Racism 'prevalent' in the armed forces, says Ombudsman!
Telford abuse victim was raped by 500 men from 11 - but cops chose to prosecute her!
Diversity Cop among alleged ‘Asian’ groomers charged in Halifax!
BLOODBATH LONDON: Men stabbed to death in unrelated killings! 140 in capital this year
WALLSEND: Jealous of own baby, Denis Beytula stabbed him to death and tried to kill wife!
Woman 'almost beheaded' in horrific murder in Woking home!
Man arrested for murder after woman in her 50s found dead in picturesque Sussex village
Traveller caravans may be seized in clamp down on those who set up home without permission
Oladeji Olatunji's dog viciously savaged a neighbour's grandmother!
George Soros investigated? Funnelled MILLIONS to anti-Brexit activity?
Boris may give British courts powers to overrule EU judges!
Come on Jez, where's your Christmas cheer? Corbyn's face like thunder!
Clive Lewis launches Labour leadership bid with pledge to take party even further left!
Prince Andrew's cousin, Christina, says Epstein and Maxwell thought him a 'hapless sap!'
UK's most polluted cities revealed
SWEDEN: Crime stat agency forced to change findings for political reasons?
Finland’s millennial government dissed as ‘sales girl’ PM and ‘street activist’ Ministers!
German boy beaten up by nasty foreigner!
2020 census: Surge in immigrants to take 24 House seats from Trump states!
Mel B 'traumatised' her own daughter?

Thursday 19 December

'Labour activists believe English people are knuckle-dragging Neo-Nazis!' John Denham's verdict on Labour's hatred of patriotic voters!
IRA man, John Downey, responsible for Hyde Park bombing that killed four soldiers!
HALIFAX: Dirty cop, Amjad Ditta, one of 16 men charged for sexual exploitation of teenage girls!
TELFORD: Paedo grandad, Shahzad Khan, made £2,000 a night selling girls at 'Rape House!'
TOWER HAMLETS: Jairo Sepulveda-Garcia murdered his housemate, David Lopez-Fernandez
Serco bosses charged with fraud after Government was billed for tagging dead/jailed criminals
Birmingham teenagers stabbed - Rushed to hospital with serious injuries
HULL: Sick thugs tie up pensioner and threaten to kill dogs in horror burglary
Two MILLION Britons forced to care for a family member with dementia!
Children in Scotland will be able to legally ‘change their gender’ after just six months!
Seal accuses Oprah of being 'part of the (Harvey Weinstein) problem for decades!'
After all the low blows, Donald Trump is IMPEACHED! In the next round, however...
Boris warns migrants trying to cross the Channel: we will send you back!
DELUDED! Blair says pushing for a second referendum would have prevented Labour defeat!
Thornberry and Starmer attack leader's 'disastrous' election campaign THEY helped run!
‘Brexit is the beginning of the end!’ Farage praises Poland for wanting to leave EU!
EU could block Brexit over BoJo's treatment of EU citizens, says Guy Verhofstadt!
UK fishermen enraged as EU cuts quota by 50 PERCENT!
SNP MP crossed his fingers as he swore loyalty to the Queen!
MEP stuns Strasbourg Parliament explaining how Brexit is EU's OWN fault
Julia Hartley-Brewer mocks Keir Starmer's Labour leadership bid
Unemployment at 44-year low with 32.8m people in work ‘in spite of Brexit’
David Starkey hits out at Tony Blair’s 'dangerous and catastrophic' 2005 law change!
Tens of thousands protest Macron's pension reforms! Cops fire tear gas!
German Greens want to give passports to all ‘climate refugees!’
Jon Snow’s C4 ‘white people’ remark triggered most Ofcom complaints in 2019!
New World Order Archbishop defends Prince Andrew regarding Jeffrey Epstein?
Millions of white Europeans enslaved under Islam for 1,000 years!

Wednesday 18 December

Number of homeless people in England rises to 280,000!
REDCAR: Aram Hussain, Jalil Haje and Qadir Ahmed charged with rape
Keeley Bunker murder - Wesley Streete appears in court
BOLTON: Isaac Brooks set neighbours' home on fire as Beavers and autistic sons slept inside!
Two Mohammeds and an Anjan guilty of raping Telford girl, 12
MILTON KEYNES: Mohamud Hashi stabbed to death - Police since arrest five men
Muslims lure gay men using Grindr app, then rob and urinate on them!
Dr Mina Chowdhury falsely diagnosed cancer in kids so parents would buy private treatment!
George Soros is 'the second most influential person in Ukraine?’
Tories call for investigation into £3million George Soros funnelled into anti-Brexit campaign!
Boris promises to give British judges power to overrule EU law and ‘take back control!’
Stormzy at infants' school - 'Boris is a very, very bad man!'
Portillo versus Owen Jones!
At a crucial crossroads in our history, the BBC got it wrong – The people got it right!
Tony Blair savages Corbyn after election horror!
Blair says reason for defeat is obvious, don't whitewash it!
Brexit Boom! Employment reaches record high!
Boris bans Government from Davos! ‘A great big constellation of egos!’
Tories to appoint Brexiteer peers to balance Remainer Lords!
Boris to make it illegal to delay Brexit again!
Piers Morgan orders ‘doormat’ Barack Obama to 'pipe down' in Twitter rant!
Steve Baker's scathing attack against 'idiot' colleagues attempting to block BoJo delivering Brexit!
What Thatcher said about the EU in the 80s!
Climate activists cheer as Al Gore slams UK’s ‘stupid’ Brexit decision!
Saint Greta's sins! Adoring followers in denial
Rob Reiner at impeachment rally: We will make sure Trump is removed!
Sadiq Khan says Trump only cares about white people!
Trump sends six-page letter to Pelosi accusing her of 'Trump derangement syndrome!'
Calling someone a 'nerd' or 'smarty-pants' is a hate crime says psychotherapy lecturer!
Chinese army infiltrating western universities?
"Old, white men are the worst!" (The race laws were invented for us alone)

Tuesday 17 December

21 years after Michael Weir murdered Leonard Harris, 78 and Rose Seferian, 83, he gets life!
Adam Saleem abuses girl, 9, at his B&B where he previously molested sisters, 4 and 8!
Just 3% of rape claims led to a conviction in 2018!
Secret SAS patrols on UK high streets over fears of Xmas shoppers terror attack!
New WikiLeaks Bombshell! 20 inspectors dissent from Syria chemical attack narrative!
If you ever doubted that South Africa's economy was in deep, deep trouble, doubt no more!
Pretoria latest: 300 000 people left without water ‘for the next eight months!’
Pakistan sentences military dictator Pervez Musharraf to death by hanging for high treason
'I WISH BORIS A HORRIBLE DEATH!’ Lefties Clash with police over election loss!
SWINSON: “You tried to hijack a movement and screwed us all!”
Britons furious as Swinson may return to politics in the Lords! 'Why do we want her back?’
LITTLEJOHN: Spare us from Baroness Swinson of Stop Brexit in the House of Lords
Rather than learning lessons of defeat, Labour moves to select Corbyn loyalist as next leader
Corbyn and Labour branded ‘pure traitors’ over Brexit by top Yellow Vest!
Brexiteer JAILED for harassing ex-MP Anna Soubry, leaving her 'afraid to be alone in public?'
Piers Morgan slams breathtaking arrogance of Labour ‘chump’ Barry Gardiner!
Brussels SHAMED: EU attacked for ‘not pulling weight!’ David Miliband lashes out! (Who?)
Labour civil war: Miliband (WHO?) condemns Corbyn for ‘betraying’ Britain
Brussels SHAMED: EU attacked for ‘not pulling weight!’ David Miliband (Who?) lashes out!
Labour’s hateful David Lammy loves to hate anyone who simply backs Brexit
'Don’t cry!' – Kay Burley branded 'horrible person' as she mocks gay MP!
Bercow finds true vocation as a performing seal
Greta apologises For "against the wall" comment! Who's actually 'ruining her childhood?'
Democratic meltdown: Trump soars above rivals as new poll sees US President storm to win!
'Celebrity vicar' and Radio 4 host Richard Coles' fellow Reverend and civil partner dies!

Monday 16 December

British Muslims prepare to leave UK after Boris Johnson wins election - If only...
How Corbyn’s Red Wall crumbled! The UK election in maps
Defiant Corbyn declares ‘we won’ in aftermath of election catastrophe!
Britain’s cultural elite think those of us who voted for this Tory landslide are thick racists
Labour rocked by civil war over claims they lost because northern Leave voters are ‘stupid!’
Celebrities attack social media and BBC over Tory election landslide
Jo Swinson could be parachuted into House of Lords?
Ian Duncan-Smith has the last laugh!
Hypocrisy, heroism and the real goodies and baddies of this earth-shaking election
George Galloway's new party brands anti-Semitism claims against Corbyn 'Goebbelsian fiction!'
PM's maverick aide Dominic Cummings 'will overhaul wasteful Ministry of Defence spending!'
EU negotiators will offer Brits an individual opt-in to remain EU citizens, chief negotiator confirms!
TV bosses screwed up during election campaign by taking their grievances into public domain
Either we ditch the Momentum cult or Labour becomes a cult itself, says Alan Johnson!
If Boris can't counter the Red Menace in education, this is the last ever conservative government!
Farage’s message to ‘woke celebrities’: ‘Get back to acting and singing!’
Boris Johnson's father calls for 'cruel' halal meat to be either banned or labelled!
Archbishop Welby concerned at the decline in tolerance toward minority groups!
Stormzy humiliated after controversial Michael Gove comment backfires
LONDON BLOODBATH: Dmytro Balaban stabbed to death - Volodymyr Hololvatskyi arrested
Knife gangs stab rivals in bottom so they'll need colostomy bags for the rest of their lives!
"British" granddad, Vincent Ruocco, arrested in Colombia trying to smuggle 20lbs of cocaine!
NHS doctor Manish Shah guilty of assaulting ‘dozens of female patients!’
Refugee camp ISIS child tells UK reporter: ‘we will slaughter you!’
Donald Trump demands apology after James Comey admits ‘I was wrong!’
Illegal alien accused of killing father of two freed into US by Obama-appointed judge!
USA: Six illegal aliens accused of raping, trafficking underage girl
Democrat boss: Saying Detroit registers dead voters is ‘direct attack on people of colour!’
NHS ‘over-diagnosing’ transgender children, psychologists warn!
Greta Thunberg tackled over 'overcrowded' train tweet by Deutsche Bahn
Rabbi tells truth about Hitler

Sunday 15 December

The Banks OWN Washington!
HITCHENS: Fresh evidence that UN suppressed report casting doubt on Assad gas attack!
Britain’s divide isn’t North v South or red v blue. It’s the ugly, intolerant Left and the rest of us!
Corbyn killed the Labour Party?
Farage’s gamble pays off: Corbyn’s Labour destroyed!
The Corbynites lost because they hate working Britain - and the feeling is reciprocated!
‘This is what democracy looks like’ – Mob clashes with police over lost election
As a Scot, I wouldn't blame the English if they told us to get lost
Every candidate backed by Hugh Grant loses seat!
Lily Allen doubles down on 'deep rooted racism and misogyny' got Boris elected claim!
CRYING! (Pity the poor Remainer)
KNUTSFORD: Teenager, 18, is charged with murder of 15-year-old boy
British tourist shot and killed in Buenos Aires robbery
Mo Farah's brother released from jail after knife attack and deported to Somalia!
Pakistanis arrested for vandalising Barcelona terror attack memorial
Antonio Brown vows ‘no more white woman’ in 2020
90% of Vatican's main charity funds reportedly not going to poor, says US pastor!
A quarter of youngsters being treated at transgender clinics may just be autistic!
NHS to administer hormone blockers to 12-year-old trans child
SWEDEN: LGBT painting removed from church altar - Viewers might see transgenders as evil
Prince Andrew 'was used as bait by paedophile Jeffrey Epstein!
Mohammed, Muhammad and Qaasim lured gay men on Grindr before robbing, humiliating them
The fix was in? Strictly Come Dancing voting chaos!

Saturday 14 December

Antifa protesters clash with cops outside Downing Street in 'F*** Boris' protest!
Protests erupt across Britain as Remainers and Brexit supporters CLASH near Downing Street
Upon re-election to Brighton Kemptown, gay MP, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, rants nastily!
SNP's Ian Blackford promises to unleash CHAOS if Boris blocks Scots referendum demands!
Dominic Grieve loses his seat as his vote is decimated!
Kinder, gentler politics - Courtesy of the idiot Left
Anna Soubry shamed over Brexit: ‘This is what happens when you tell 17.4m to f**k off!’
Labour civil war explodes on BBC Newsnight over catastrophic Brexit election defeat! Ha-ha!
All candidates Hugh Grant canvassed with during election campaign failed to win their seat!
Collapse of the Red Wall! Labour voters back Conservatives in revolt against the elites!
US VP, Mike Pence, congratulates Boris and reiterated support for a 'prosperous and free UK!”
Far-Left French leader blames Israeli ‘networks’ for Corbyn defeat!
Lily Allen DELETES Twitter account after furious anti-Tory rants backfire
Drag queen predator found grooming children in Texas school!

Friday 13 December

Why the ‘Left’ is dead in the water
Jo Swinson quits as Lib Dem leader after losing her own seat!
Jo Swinson warns against 'wave of nationalism' as she loses seat to SNP
Lib Dem leader who pushed for No Brexit and gender neutral schools loses her seat!
So much for the sisterhood: Nicola Sturgeon celebrates wildly after Jo Swinson loses her seat!
Chuka Umunna LOSES his battle for City of London seat by 3,953 votes
Strident Remainer, Europhile, Tory defector, pomposity made flesh! Anna Soubry, loses her seat!
Hope Not Hate loser, Ruth Smeeth, rages at Corbyn for making Labour a 'racist party!'
'Almost crying' Bercow torn apart by Sky News viewers as exit poll unveiled!

'You f***ed it up!' Brexit guru, Dominic Cumming, tears into Remainer MPs
Jacob Rees-Mogg increases majority over Labour despite Remainer campaign to oust him
'Are you ready to drink all those lefty tears?' Conservative supporters rejoice!
Sterling soars to its highest level against euro in a DECADE and global share prices rise!
Luvvie airhead, Lily Allen, blames Bojo's victory on ‘racism and misogyny!'
Steve Coogan branded Brexiteers 'ignorant and ill-informed!' And then what happened?
Piers Morgan brands Steve Coogan and Hugh Grant ‘entitled Hollywood brats!’
Rejoice! Rejoice! Britain just dodged the Marxist bullet!
‘Celebrate Boris!’ Trump hails UK election result! ‘Massive new trade deal after Brexit!’
Ken Livingstone blames Corbyn’s loss on ‘Jewish vote!’
Furious Labour turn on Jeremy Corbyn!
Author Lindsay de Feliz strangled in Dominican Republic - Husband arrested
Drug dealer Lekan Awosika jailed, Pedro Noba convicted in his absence
Teenage thugs fired shotgun at a Stoke Newington pizza restaurant
NEW YORK: Tessa Majors, 18, was mugged and murdered as she walked into a campus park
Justice Minister: Israel must keep Jewish majority even at the expense of human rights!
Groping gay cop sacked for touching the backsides of two male colleagues!
It's Meghan's 'job to be Harry's wife, not change the royal dynamic!'

Thursday 12 December

Election voters fury as 'polling stations turn them away' without being able to vote!!!
Opioid manufacturers made parody rap videos to help push products!
$25m deal with sex victims! Weinstein won't have to admit crimes or pay out of own pocket!
Epstein's 6-foot portrait of nude Ghislaine Maxwell with legs spread in ‘underage party pool’ area!
‘She was so dangerous!’ Where in the world is Ghislaine Maxwell?
Virginia Roberts fears for her life! ‘Evil people are trying to silence her!’
Children treated for gender dysphoria 'over-medicalised!' Psychologists fear "transphobic" smear!
Psychologists afraid to properly assess 'trans' kids for fear they'll be branded transphobic!
Sheikh Khalid Al Qasimi died in £8m Knightsbridge penthouse after cocaine and GHB binge!
'Children are dropping like flies,' says mum of dead drug-dealer! Drug USERS to blame!
Drug dealer Lekan Awosika jailed, Pedro Noba convicted in his absence
Ayoub Majdouline, 19, found guilty of “butchering” Jaden Moodie, 14
NEWCASTLE: Immigrant gang jailed for vicious, unprovoked attack on a grandad
NEWCASTLE: Gang of savages set upon innocent stranger for no reason!
'Modern Slavery!' 11 Eastern European women and a child found during brothel raids in Luton!
USA: Savages Francine Graham and David Anderson murder four in kosher supermarket!
Major global hotel brands accused of profiting from sex trafficking
BAE Systems accused of being party to alleged war crimes!
Major global hotel brands accused of profiting from sex trafficking
John Curtice's election predictions! MPs who could lose their seats
Home Secretary by tomorrow! "Comrades! Welcome to the People's Republic of Hackney!"
'Your time is OVER' Andrew Neil savages Remainer Lord Heseltine!
Farage has the only ‘sensible’ immigration stance!
Farage fears Boris will sell out Brexit, throw country into crisis!
Jewish voters have ‘deserted’ Labour
BELGIUM: Catholic aid worker says Zionists vastly inflate antisemitism! Gets peace award!
'Auschwitz just a work camp!' ‘Nazi grandma’ denied early prison release!
WW2 war crimes of Churchill and the Americans were far worse than Hitler's!
Two hundred Pakistani lawyers attack Punjab Institute of Cardiology, causing at least 12 deaths!
UK's hottest recorded day in 2019 'caused deaths of extra 200 people!'
British backpackers with face tattoos and lizard tongues whine! Can't find work in Australia!
'Brexiteers are ignorant, just like Alan Partridge!' Steve Coogan in 'stomach-churning' attack

Wednesday 11 December

'I'm NOT suicidal! If something happens to me, do not let this go, evil people want me quiet!'
"We have this institutionalised amnesia when it comes to Islamic attacks in this country!"
Savage who murdered British doctor and his wife threatens prosecutor and WIFE!
Birmingham gang created 'Frankenstein' cars by stitching together parts from stolen motors with
Tories plan to AXE the £14billion foreign aid department if Boris Johnson wins election
Jo Swinson ends election campaign even less popular than Jeremy Corbyn!
Jo Swinson, the woman betraying women by swapping principles for populism
Corbyn's chances are 'dire', shadow cabinet minister says in leaked tape
What Ashworth says in public versus what he says in private!
Soubry, Berger and Umunna among the new Lib Dems set to lose their seats!
Momentum activists plotted to 'dig up dirt on' Bojo's girlfriend, Carrie Symonds
Migration Watch video: The Tories are running scared of their own promises!
Finland is now led by a government of under-35 millenial women! (Sweden here they come?)
Establishment destroyer argues with Piers Morgan over transsexual issue
Leaked Tape: Corbyn a security risk, says Labour Shadow Minister!
Germans support ditching Christmas lights because of climate change!
Saatchi shares plunge after accounting blunder

Tuesday 10 December

"We have this institutionalised amnesia when it comes to Islamic attacks in this country!"
WALTHAMSTOW: Loic Nengese and Hamza Ul-Haq shot dead Joseph William-Torres, 20
BRIGHTON: Drug dealers, Dylan Burke, Jaden McKenzie and Amarie Quarry jailed!
BIRMINGHAM: Jordan Layne jailed for a series of vicious assaults on women!
BIRMINGHAM: Banned driver, Ismail Khurshid, hit 130mph during terrifying M5 police chase!
CRAWLEY: Saud Ali caught throwing class A drugs on shed roof!
MANCHESTER: Eachan Springer attacked a female shop worker and spat at her
Jozsef Makila sexually assaulted doctor and healthcare assistant at Bradford Royal Infirmary
OLDHAM: Man stabbed elderly women in random attacks! CCTV of prime suspect!
Dead rapper was flying with 70 pounds of marijuana, hand guns and armour-piercing bullets!
USA: "Muslim Community Patrol Officers are being described as bullies and gangsters!"
14-year-old girl killed by MRI scan anaesthetic hours after playing cards with mum!
'Labour face nuclear winter outside London!'
BBC goes to war with Boris after he hints the TV licence fee could be SCRAPPED!
Corbyn’s tax hikes total nearly 40 percent of GDP!
Labour’s pledges on immigration would be 'disastrous' - Lib Dems’ plans are 'absurd!'
Corbyn's chances are 'dire', shadow cabinet minister says in leaked tape
What Jonathan Ashworth says in public versus what he says in private!
After C4 dirty tricks, Brexit Party expels Gordon Parkin for saying Muslims outbreed us! (FACT!)
Five Jewish things to know about Boris Johnson
Britons identify more by Leave or Remain than political party!
Labour candidate suggests BBC presenter Nick Robinson is biased due to Jewish heritage!
Multi-billionaire with nasty eyes pumps $25 million into fight against anti-Semitism!
Jews are smartest race in the world and superior humans, says Israeli lawmaker!
NHS hospitals collected a recordh £254MILLION in car park charges and fines in 2018!

Monday 9 December

Young mum, Levi Davis, stabbed to death by mugger!
SHEFFIELD: Little girl sexually exploited by over 40 adults whilst in care now on suicide watch!
1-in-7 jihadis' sentences cut on appeal! Fanatics who plot mass murder among them!
Labour councillor plundered £1.6m will to buy house after appointment as estate's executor!
Khan’s London: Gang armed with pistol, shotgun, knives, machete and sword murdered teen!
Epstein, Weinstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at Princess Beatrice's 18th birthday bash!
"He came as a saviour and went as an angel!" Murder in Augsburg!
Dozens of Nigerian Mafia arrested in Europe-wide operation!
Afghan immigrant rapes and tortures Swedish woman! Sentence - 5 years! (Out in 3)
SWEDEN: Multiple dead as gang-related shootings continue!
French rapper brags about ‘great replacement’ in new song!
SWEDEN: Statue of Virgin Mary stolen - Found chopped into pieces!
Keir Starmer accused of 'sweetheart' deal for London Bridge terrorist Usman Khan
Puberty-blocker drug firm donated cash to Lib Dems!
Channel 4 lines up a panel of Lefties for its “alternative” election night programme!
Rapper 'shoots' Boris and stabs politician in promo video encouraging young to vote!
McDonnell furious as Labour state pension age WASPI pledge torn apart!
Jo Swinson admits she smoked a 'fair bit of cannabis' as a student!
How anti-Brexit bigwigs have turned themselves into a laughing stock
Simon Wiesenthal Center says Labour Party is the top threat to Jews!
'Has-beens' Blair and Major blasted as furious caller rages: 'Shut up your time is OVER!'
Comedian Steve Coogan, another leafy suburbian milliionaire luvvie against Brexit!
John Lennon called Paul and Allan Klein 'c****!' Linda had 'petty, little perversion of a mind!'!
Any Congressman voting to impeach President Trump is violating his oath of office!
Former midwife, 80, died after 25 falls at council care home! Staff said she was attention-seeking!
Trans activist back in court on a weapons charge!
'Deeply offensive!' Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus Christmas cards slammed by Christians

Sunday 8 December

Scarlet fever outbreak: Hundreds of cases reported across England and Wales!
65% of Brits still worried about mass immigration!
Murderers, rapists and paedophiles 'to be given £70 a week' under new Labour plan!
EUROPE: School tests show huge gaps between immigrants and the indigenous!
Tyrell Graham, Sheareem Cookhorn and three 17-year-olds murdered Kamali Gabbidon-Lynck
Teenage boy fighting for life after north London shooting
Afghan migrant gets just two years in prison for abusing toddler!
'Britain's worst sex offender!' Joseph McCann went from ASBO child criminal to serial rape!
Terrorist jailed for Bluewater bomb plot launches '£50k fight' to be sent to open prison
Girl sexually exploited ‘by over 40 adults’ while in care!
Judge warns of danger from Jihadis set for prison release!
82% of Britons back scrapping early release after terror attack!
ERDOGAN: A Muslim cannot be a terrorist! Islam does not produce terrorists!
Rape victims 8 times more likely to get justice in some areas of the country than others!
When Mexican cartels slaughter Americans!
Migrants account for nearly half of rapists in Italy!
Boris unveils strict limits on unskilled migrants
Chris Patten joins Major, Blair and Heseltine in urging pro-EU, anti-Boris vote!
Leaked EU plot exposes Brussels' bid to humiliate Boris with excruciating trade talks!
Brexiteer Redwood says John Major 'destroyed our reputation!'
'I was called scum and told I should be shot!' Campaigning as a young Tory in this election!
Jeremy Corbyn is the biggest global threat to Jews, warns Simon Wiesenthal Centre
International campaign is criminalising criticism of Israel as ‘antisemitism!’
ISRAEL: Rabbi accused of selling babies of mentally ill mothers for $100,000!
Trump tells pro-Israel conference they will vote for him TO PROTECT THEIR WEALTH!
Trump science advisor says global warming is a ‘scam!’
TRUMP: Impeachment Report ignores ‘expert’ witnesses!
Pope Francis hit out at 'anti-Christian Trump' over immigration!
Biden will not rule out rewarding political donors with ambassadorships!
Gun-free military installations make US troops sitting ducks!
Prince Andrew made secret deal to use tax haven tycoon's £40m luxury jet to fly the world
Women using lip fillers to create ‘devil-inspired’ WAVY pouts!

Saturday 7 December

Labour plans to downgrade Christianity in the school curriculum!
ISRAEL: Command center uses artificial intelligence to analyse every post on Facebook/Twitter
War Minister threatens to destroy all Palestinian structures in West Bank under Israeli control!
Epstein was a Mossad agent who blackmailed American politicians, says ex-Israeli spy!
SHUT IT DOWN! Don't let the Goyim know!
The leaders of the system that imprisoned Germans after WW2 were Jewish?
Opioids killing most young, white suburban Americans for 2nd consecutive year!
JOSEPH McCANN: SERIAL RAPIST! Errors/misjudgments at every stage in justice system!
McCANN: The schoolboy thug who grew up to become Britain's most dangerous rapist!
Murdered for his Rolex! Student stabbed to death by masked muggers outside Harrods
Jonty Bravery threw a six-year-old off Tate Modern balcony! STRING HIM UP!
Bus driver killed yards from his front door - 14-year-old arrested!
BOLTON: Isaac Brooks sang 'burn baby, burn' after torching house with family inside!
Afghan immigrant gets just two years in prison for abusing toddler!
Sir Philip Green's lawyers paying private detectives for info on alleged groping victim!
6 Saudis detained after Pensacola shooting, including 3 who filmed attack!
USA: Man who offered $500 to anyone who would kill an immigration officer acquitted!
Sikhs banned by council from adopting because only white kids were available get £120,000!
John Major and Tony Blair have urge the public not to vote for the parties they once led!
Boris should shun the vile, left-wing mainstream media!
London Mayor Sadiq Khan says Trump only cares about white people!
Conservative students feel unable to express views at UK universities!
Boris flees election event as angry 'Labour mob' storm market!
Labour would give EU nationals the vote in second Brexit referendum!
Labour tells candidates not to cry in public if they lose next week!
LibDem leader, Jo Swinson, and other Remainers face losing their seats!
TRUMP: Jewish bisexual law Professor’s impeachment testimony!
Elizabeth Warren admits she ‘lied about native American heritage!
The Vatican invested $1.1million in Elton John biopic!

Friday 6 December

Stutthof Camp guard says he never saw 'gas chambers' or atrocities!
44 times more infertility-causing/cancer-linked gender bending chemicals than first thought!
ENGLAND: 900,000 deaths could have been avoided if society was more equal?
5,070 asylum-seeking children living in the UK arrived here ALONE!
Terrorist Usman Khan's body sent to Pakistan so it can be buried in family's home village!
2.6 million children attend schools that have dangerous levels of air pollution!
Jeffrey Epstein book claims he and Ghislaine Maxwell were 'Mossad spies' engaged in blackmail!
Donald Tusk tweets image of himself holding two fingers against Trump's back as if it was a gun!
EU Commissioners slammed for singing far-left Marxist anthem!
DONCASTER: Brexit Party candidate gets death threats and run off the road by Lefties!
Homeless man found dead on freezing Merseyside street!
Why ARE we so lax about terror in our midst? (WE are not! Our politicians/media are)
Three men fatally stabbed in London in little over 12 hours!
Asian 'groomers' passed her around like meat!’ School did nothing!
Singer Katherine Jenkins mugged in Chelsea!
Murder investigation launched after man stabbed to death in Lower Clapton!
South Hackney drug dealer jailed after police found 45 wraps of cocaine and heroin in his pants!
Romaine Williams-Reid kept watch on Tashaûn Aird before he was stabbed 9 times!
Third teenager charged with murder of Joshua White in Homerton!
NOTTINGHAM: Mass brawl at Cineworld screening of Blue Story - Man stabbed outside!
'Highly respected' gynaecologist jailed after filming 100+ clips of women he had sex with!
Adopted daughter of Lenny Henry and Dawn French charged with making up sex abuse claims!
Hacker who cheated Britons out of hundreds of millions is Russian former intelligence worker?
ROME: African immigrants charged with drugging, raping and murdering Desirée, 16!
UBER AMERICA: 3,000 reports of sexual assault on rides in 2018!
R. Kelly paid government official for fake ID so he could illegally marry underage girlfriend!
Norway's top cop baffled by free speech but not by the inviolability of the Koran!
STOCKHOLM: Elderly residents kicked out of apartments to make way for migrants!
Lib Dems to impose gender-neutral schools, gender X on passports, right to ‘self-identify!’
The document that reveals the remarkable tactics of trans lobbyists!
CANADA: Transgender activist, Jonathan Yaniv, upset! A gynaecologist refused to examine him!
LGBT activists reveal how movement gained power, changed laws
CANADA: Politician tells parents ‘babies do actually masturbate’ in push for sex ed in schools!
UK schools directed to massively incorporate gay, trans themes for kids as young as 5!
CANADA: Catholic school board stocks pro-LGBT book glamorizing kids performing ‘oral sex!’
Tittering Trudeau shows just how low our smug and infantile leaders have sunk
Farage lashes out at Jacob Rees-Mogg's sister - branding her a Tory stooge!
BBC unveils plan to promote black and ethnic minority staff as 'senior leaders!'
Half a MILLION hermit crabs die after trying to make their homes in plastic rubbish!
Emma Thompson's bizarre climate crisis 'forecast' - We may have to EAT our pets!
Sorry, Hugh Grant, but the era of smug tossers is over!

Thursday 5 December

The money and the power behind 'Drag Queen Story Hour!'
Power without scrutiny: the Jewish privilege that poisons democracy!
Ehud Sheleg, Tel Aviv-born Tory treasurer, 'surprised' by knighthood from Theresa May!
Theresa May hid links to billionaires after secret dinners with rich donors?
Pro-Israel lobbying in the UK
How money from pro-Israel donors controls Westminster
UK political party secret donors are mainly Jewish
Jeffrey Epstein’s private banker at Deutsche & Citi commits ‘suicide’ before FBI question him!
CIA reveals the identity of another Jewish spy who betrayed America!
UK refusal to issue gender-neutral passports unlawful? So weirdos tell us...
Two-thirds of Britons think the BBC is biased!
Non-EU immigration rises to near-record levels!
Breathing London air is like smoking 160 cigarettes a year!
Guy Fawkes today would get six years in jail and a laptop like London Bridge terrorist!
Terrorist Usman Khan ‘was classified a high-risk inmate who needed an armed guard!
Schoolgirl ‘sold for sex by Asian gang’ says teachers failed to step in when she was bullied!
TELFORD: Teachers 'took no action over sex abuse rumours!'
Benefits cheat, Nasreen Akhtar, scammed £260,000 out of UK taxpayers!
17-year-old in life-threatening condition after being shot outside Turnpike Lane tube station
DARTFORD: Asta got husband, Giedruis, and Mantas, to fight for her - Giedruis died!
Black man attacks 81-year-old from from behind in unprovoked random attack
Jaden Moodie, 14, rammed off moped before being stabbed to death by rival drugs gang!
BRUSSELS: Dozens of migrant children addicted to glue-sniffing/alcohol arrive...
'Calculating' dentist, Majid Mustafa, (missing wife is the subject of a murder probe) is struck off
Doorman Bampumim Teixeira, an African immigrant, stabbed Boston doctors to death!
Nigeria releases 983 suspected Boko Haram jihadi! Told to “go and sin no more!”
Terrorist who used student loan to join ISIS jailed again!
USA: Two teens accused of murder on run from detention center
HYDERABAD: Indian woman set on fire by man she accused of rape!
Indian film-maker says 'rape without violence' should be legalised
Jo Swinson apologises for Lib Dem coalition with Tories in 'car crash' interview!
Why DID Jeremy Corbyn share offices with a convicted IRA bomb maker?
Labour's plan to scrap short sentences would put 40,000 more criminals on the streets?
Trump ridicules ‘two-faced’ Justin Trudeau
Macron pension reform: France braces for severe disruption amid strike
Hungary’s Orban honours conservative philosopher Sir Roger Scruton with Order of Merit!
Jeremy Clarkson tells 'mad and dangerous' Greta Thunberg to 'go back to school' and 'shut up!'

Wednesday 4 December

Lesbian top cop doesn't want terrorists' religion pointed out!
Guy Fawkes today would get six years in jail and a laptop like London Bridge terrorist!
It shouldn’t take a tragedy to get jihadists off our streets
Trump praises ‘incredible’ people who tackled London Bridge terrorist!
COME SPY WITH ME! Maxwell and Epstein were spies who used underage sex to blackmail politicians!
Bill Clinton was Epstein's closest celebrity mate and a frequent guest at his ranch with Hillary
‘Labour turned its back on the north years ago!’ Voter fury at champagne socialism party!
Trump trolls Macron by offering him ‘some nice ISIS fighters!’
Trump hits out at ‘nasty’ Emmanuel Macron’s ‘brain death’ comments at NATO conference!
TRUMP: No NHS on negotiating table even if served on silver platter!
Kamala Harris blew over $25 million on failed Presidential campaign!
Sturgeon savaged for pretending 'Scottish Brexiteers don't exist!'
The UN’s COP25 Madrid climate conference is a sick joke
Jack Donoghue's mum reveals her son's last words before he was murdered
BIRMINGHAM: Police rumble robbery gang after violent £65k watch theft
Burglars armed with garden shears boot down door and steal TV in early hours
Diane Abbott’s son charged with BITING a Police Officer!
USA: Two teens accused of murder on run from detention center
NEW YORK: Black man attacks 81-year-old from from behind
Corbyn, the bomb-maker's friend!
Michael Crick asks Labour Party boss 15 TIMES: Why did miners’ union pay your mortgage?
‘It’s time this country got serious,’ says Farage! 71% back migrant cap!
Censorious job done? Google (((co-founders))) relinquish control to CEO Sundar Pichai
Christmas is wilting under a blizzard of snowflakes!
Do YOU live in one of the 25 happiest towns in Britain? (How many migrants in each?)
BBC comic Nish Kumar booed off stage after outrageous anti-Brexit rant at charity event!
Brexit-deranged comedians are now Britain’s biggest bores

Tuesday 3 December

LITTLEJOHN: Why are we giving jihadis a licence to kill?
TELFORD: 12-year-old 'passed around like a piece of meat' and sold for sex by Ahmed's gang
Hit-and-run driver was racing at 90mph in a 30mph zone before killing Celia Betrouni, 24
Former WAG and beauty queen, Amaani Noor, charged with funding terrorism
Blood on the streets as Birmingham sees rise in violent attacks caught on camera
Prince Andrew sent bombshell 5:50am email to Ghislaine Maxwell!
PAEDOS GO TO ASCOT! Maxwell, Epstein and some Prince or other...
Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Roberts 'was horrified and ashamed after sleeping with Duke'
Islam preaches tolerance?
U.N. blames climate change for global mass migrations!
RUTH ARMSTRONG: The do-gooder Prof behind London Bridge terrorist's 'rehabilitation!'
Usman Khan’s lawyer admits Khan may have ‘deceived’ him by appearing reformed!
Anjem Choudary ‘to have his release from jail reviewed’ after Usman Khan links revealed
CORBYN: Terrorists shouldn’t ‘necessarily’ serve full prison terms!
Trying to reform jihadis is straight out of Evelyn Waugh
Former WAG and beauty queen, Amaani Noor, charged with funding terrorism
Mark Carney has clocked up a dizzying number of air miles for a man on a climate crusade
SAMOA: Measles epidemic cartoon slammed as 'racist'
BIDEN: Creepy Joe's latest revelation!
Hugh Grant hasn't had a consort as adoring as Chuka Umunna since Liz Hurley!

Monday 2 December

Police record huge increase in number of foreign paedophiles arrested in Britain!
London bridge attacker was the poster boy for rehabilitation scheme he targeted!
Both London Bridge victims were prisoner rehabilitation workers
Sadiq Khan: 'Our strength is our diversity,' after Usman Khan murders Saskia and Jack!
The terms of Usman Khan’s sentence, Appeal Court intervention and release!
MURDER IN SOLIHULL: Jack Donaghue stabbed to death - Police seek Tyrall Blake
Young man stabbed inside Cineworld cinema, Nottingham!
LONDON: Senior rabbi attacked by teenagers!
Farage demands life imprisonment for terrorists infected with ‘Jihadi virus!’
UK establishment forces hero stabbed by terrorists to undergo ‘de-radicalisation!’
Dorset council bans charity for feeding homeless without a licence! Cops threaten prosecution!
Gay group Stonewall say 5-year-olds should be taught lesbian, gay and transgender issues!
What are Jo Swinson’s Liberal Democrats so desperate to hide?
Hugh Grant supports former Labour MP Luciana Berger in north London!
Former Speaker admits he ‘facilitated’ the prevention of NO-DEAL Brexit!
PATEL: EU membership is incompatible with the vigorous border security we need!
Our politicians must stop blaming and start protecting!
HANNAN: I won’t appear on Channel 4 News, because it is biased, unfair and juvenile!
Why Irish soldiers who fought Hitler hide their medals
14 church-goers massacred in Burkina Faso where Islamist violence is rife
Former Yazidi sex slave confronts ISIS rapist who attacked her when she was just 14
NEW ORLEANS: Black suspect arrested in French Quarter shooting that killed 1 and wounded 9
Salvini accuses left-wing government of giving away Italian sovereignty to EU!
SWEDEN: Just 8% think left-wing government will solve gang violence

Sunday 1 December

The traitor elite will NOT stop importing your replacements, you know, no matter what THEY say
Teenagers contract meningitis from chickenpox vaccine they received TEN YEARS AGO!
Teenage dancer paralysed by HPV cervical cancer jab she had six years ago!
Extinction Rebellioneers smear faeces on restaurant walls when it runs out of crushed pea salad!
Damning details of Prince Andrew's deals with tax haven tycoons!
Usman Khan pretended to be reformed before murderous eight minute rampage
How WERE they freed? What happened to the seven jailed with Usman Khan?
Polish chef fought London Bridge terrorist with a 5ft narwhal tusk!
London Bridge killer Usman Khan a convicted terrorist released from prison on tag!
London Bridge terrorist linked to notorious hate preacher Anjem Choudary
Merkel goes full authoritarian as Germany moves to restrict free speech
‘Freedom of Expression has its limits!’ Merkel rails against free speech
GERMANY: Thousands of migrants return after deportation, report says!
Merkel PANIC! Boris winning majority in the election is ‘worst result for Germany!’
Boris pledges to rip up human rights laws after second London Bridge rampage
'You're interrupting me!' (Constantly) BoJo fires back at Marr during explosive BBC interview!
BoJo's fury over 70 freed terrorists - Blasts failures over London Bridge jihadi
Boris confirms he won’t be standing down NO-DEAL Brexit preparations!
Freed hate preacher praised Corbyn, calling him 'voice of the oppressed!'
'I’ve paid my way for 70 years' Britons FURIOUS as Corbyn says young shouldn't have to pay!
'Where's Diane Abbott?' Gardiner grilled on colleagues ‘missing in action’ during campaign!
'This is a plot to stitch-up Brexit!' Ridge savages Gina Miller's Remainer election plan!
Pensioners on £20,000 to pay an extra £1,000 under Labour?
Brexit can revitalise UK fishing industry with boom of 60,000 new jobs, says analysis!
'How I was hired by Harvey Weinstein to dig dirt on his accusers!'
At least 11 people shot in New Orleans!
Farm attacks, murders, rapes, home invasions – ‘Criminals won’t be taking holidays!’
673 Million people still defecate outdoors!

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