Daily News: August 2019

Saturday 31 August

Girls schools will be forced to admit transsexual boys? Thanks, Human Rights Commission!
Who do we trust now most common HRT therapy has been linked to breast cancer?
Cadbury's launch 'Unity bar' with 4 types of chocolate celebrating diversity!
Peter Mandelson pictured with Jeffrey Epstein! (Introduced by Ghislane Maxwell)
The Prince and Jeffrey Epstein: What we know and what we don't...
Jean-Luc Brunel flew 12-year-old triplets in from France as a birthday present for Jeffrey Epstein
Jeffrey Epstein's 'madame' Ghislaine Maxwell cuddles up to French 'fixer' Jean-Luc Brunel!
Female Muslim visitor gets special treatment by Belmarsh Prison security
Gurjeet Singh Lall charged with the murder of former Wasps rugby player, Allan Isichei, 69
TOTTENHAM: Boy, 15, fighting for life after being stabbed! 3 men arrested
21-year-old fights for life after being stabbed in south London as capital's crime-wave continues
BURTON: Romanian immigrant, Ciprian Balinite, says he owns the road - Stabs man who disagrees!
One of Paul McCartney's 8 grandchildren robbed at knifepoint in Khan's London
X-Factor semi-finalist Danny Tetley charged with 11 child sex offences
FLORIDA: Scholteacher Tariq Ahmed 'accused of sexually assaulting numerous students!'
DIVERSITY! 150 migrants storm through Spain’s Ceuta enclave fence!
‘Shut down the streets!’ Corbyn backs hard-left plot to occupy Parliament!
John Major suspended Parliament - Now he's challenging Boris in court for doing the same!
Boris will SACK Tory Remainers who vote to block No Deal!
Leftie plotting to block roads in 30 cities once described Remembrance Sunday as 'insidious!'
'Bullying' Remainers launch horror protest outside Jacob Rees-Mogg's home!
Jeremy Corbyn's former private secretary wants CHAOS on the streets!
Now Labour hard-left target the QUEEN and demand uprising at Buckingham Palace
Butt out Major! You had your day and it wasn’t glorious!
Top judge Lord Sumption warns Gina Miller - 'Matter for politicians!'
Shadow Attorney General Shami Chakrabarti says we 'should take to the streets' if Boris prorogues Parliament!
Merkel crisis as right-wing AfD soars in pivotal election polls!
2018: George Soros hands Gina Miller campaign £400,000 in desperate bid to STOP Brexit
Joe Biden on migrant detention centres: ‘Close them down!’
Joe Biden fabricated story about Afghanistan war!

Friday 30 August

Climate change? The antibiotics crisis will kill us all first, says NHS chief!
'Gay gene' ruled out as huge study shows environment is major factor in homosexuality!
Khan's London is top ’acid attack hotspot in western world!’
Former Birmingham resident 'beheaded more than 100 while claiming £10k benefits!'
'Five-fold' rise in sham marriages used to cheat immigration laws!
Halifax bank clerk, Rohima Khanam, stole thousands from elderly customers - NO JAIL!
Slovakian woman sold for £10,000 outside a Glasgow shop!
Two arrested after man stabbed to death in south London!
15-year-old British boy stabs his parents in front of shocked tourists!
Meet the Israeli political Party waging a holy war against the LGBTQ community!
ISRAEL: The Online gambling empire where no Israeli can lay a bet!
Ghislaine Maxwell's father was a dark and mysterious figure, just like Jeffrey Epstein!
(((Harvey Weinstein))) accusers say ‘(((power))) protected both him and (((Epstein!)))’
'This is not going away': Virginia Roberts' lawyer urges Prince Andrew to 'come clean'
‘The godly thing is to kill you (Christians), that’s what the Torah says!’
Bitter Remoaners totally lose it over Boris’s Brexit plans at Westminster protest!
Author Philip Pullman suggests Boris should be hanged from ‘nearest lamp-post’
BREXIT: Bercow 'colluding with Tory rebels from his sunbed in Turkey!'
Do these media luvvies really believe it's time to man the barricades?
Off with her head? Soros-funded ‘Best for Britain’ group threatens Queen over Brexit!
From ‘sexist’ advert bans to ‘racist’ Enid Blyton, the Left has ruined Britain!
Ex-Hammond/Javit aide, Sonia Khan, frogmarched out of no. 10 after accusations of Brexit leaks
Outbursts of anti-Boris weeping and wailing from Remoaner luvvies!
Dominic Grieve threatened with DESELECTION over Remainer plot!
Jo Brand cleared of inciting violence against Nigel Farage with battery acid joke
Ditching meat for a vegan diet risks ‘dumbing down’ the next generation!
St Greta of Thunberg – Her gospel is pure propaganda!
2014: The Jay Report!

Thursday 29 August

New law needed to take on far-right extremism, says Blair thinktank!
SAN FRANCISCO: ‘Why don’t we murder more white people?’ Gallery installation and film!!!
Jealous of her 5-year-old's adoration of his teacher, Nushee Imran vowed to kill Rebecca Kind!
Rape without fear of punishment! Rape claims up by a third but just one rapist in 50 is convicted!
BLOODBATH LONDON! Teenager chased and stabbed to death in broad daylight
Alleged rapist absconds after magistrates grant bail because they couldn't find an interpreter!
ROTHERHAM: Six more perverts found guilty of of sex offences against teenage girls!
South American cocaine worth £60 million from found on yacht in Wales!
CARNIVAL! If this was an indigenous Briton festival it would have been shut down years ago!
Mother puts down toddler to join in McDonald's brawl!
Thailand sentences migrants to death for murdering British backpackers!
One in six London bus drivers has fallen asleep at wheel in the last year!
Millie Wyles, 21, dies of suspected sepsis 4 days after going to A&E with chest infection!
SEPSIS postcode lottery! 28 NHS trusts where too many are dying from the 'silent killer!'
Labour MP Kate Osamor (didn't sack her own drug-dealer son) calls for Queen to be kicked out!
The real scandal? Bercow ripped up the rule book and sided with the government's opponents!
Brexit is happening! Savour those Remoaner tears!
‘Love UK’! Trump gives BoJo boost as PM outrages anti-Brexit Remainers!
Archbishop to chair ‘Citizens’ Assembly’ to stop No-Deal Brexit!
Corbyn, Swinson and Soubry drag the Queen into their plot to stop No Deal Brexit!
Millionaire migrant, Gina Miller, in court to stop BoJo suspending Parliament!
Epstein 'sex slave' Virginia Roberts describes Simpsons creator Matt Groening's 'crusty toenails!'
Controlled Opposition: Zionist propagandists exposed

Wednesday 28 August

New law needed to take on far-right extremism, says Blair thinktank!
Britain faces Big Brother surveillance society WORSE than George Orwell's 1984!
As more migrant boats land, 40,000 un-deported failed asylum seekers remain in UK!
It's time to break the cycle of addiction that is killing TEN TIMES more people than knife crime!
Children in UK least happy they have been in a decade, says report!
Boy, 16, arrested on suspicion of murdering mother-of-two Lindsay Birbeck
Police hunting killer of teaching assistant release CCTV of man they want to question
LIVERPOOL: Schoolboys stabbed and battered after row over WATER BALLOONS!
Qatari multi-millionaire driving £250k Rolls Royce kills man, 66, in Hyde Park Corner smash
Non-Muslim fraud investigator sacked for probing crimes committed by Muslims!
Police rescue teenage girl, 19, who was 'held prisoner in house for 10 years
Family of soldier, 19, killed by the IRA in Guildford denied legal aid for her inquest
INDIA: Young girl gang-raped by six men then, head shaved, is paraded through the street
FARAGE: ‘If BoJo is brave enough, a Brexit-Tory alliance ould be unstoppable!’
Eurocrats threaten to block future trade deal over divorce bill!
Brexit Betrayal: Hammond to sabotage party as he bids to 'lead' no deal revolt!
Hartley-Brewer savages ‘Orwellian’ People’s Parliament - ‘Anti-democratic coup!’
Top economist savages Grieve's claim that the Queen could step in to sack BoJo!
Give the EU NOTHING! £39billion? 'The EU should be paying BRITAIN!'
What don't Corbyn and his rabble alliance understand about democracy?
Fearing criminal revenge attacks, Swedish police ask for more anonymity!
EPSTEIN: Actress at school with Kate Middleton 'manipulated, coerced, sexually abused!'
VIRGINIA ROBERTS: Prince Andy 'knows exactly what he has done!' "COME CLEAN!"
Prince Andrew plays golf in Spain as he unwinds 3,600 miles away from Epstein court drama
Expert hired by Epstein's attorney says his injuries more consistent with homicide than suicide!
Blyton's coin critics have lost the plot
Bury fans left 'heartbroken' at their club's demise!
The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan: White Genocide by Design! (Part 2)
US TV host says her black co-anchor looks like a 'gorilla!'

Tuesday 27 August

Judge orders drugs giant to pay $572 MILLION saying it is responsible for creating opioid crisis!
Opioids involved in almost 400,000 overdose deaths in the US from 1999 to 2017!
Epstein's 'madam' Ghislaine Maxwell threatened to KILL girls if they reported sexual abuse!
Surveillance video outside Epstein's cell deemed 'unusable' - Fancy that...
CARNIVAL: More than 350 arrests after officers set upon
CARNIVAL! Where simulating gang-rape is a thing...
LONDON BLOODBATH! 18-year-old stabbed to death - Capital’s 91st killing this year
Violent burglaries and defiant social media posts from jail! Albanian gangs mock British justice
18-year-old girl dies after taking Ecstasy at nightclub! 19-year-old man arrested
Sex assault doc who blamed attack on Pakistani ‘cultural norms’ returns to work!
GERMANY: Syrian asylum-seeker found guilty of murder that sparked riots!
Health tourists cost NHS £150m in unpaid bills as doctors say asking for payment is 'racist!'
Britain incapable of ending free movement migration after Brexit?
Blackpool fury: Hundreds protest at fracking site over 2.9mg earthquake!
Channel 4 savaged over bias against Boris!
Channel 4 - 'Flagrant in its political bias!'
Modern TV takes viewers for idiots. No wonder it can't do 'big ideas' any more!
Banksy's Brexit mural painted over!
James Cantor – The Jew who convinced Twitter To give paedophiles ‘protected status!’
Meet the 'virtuous paedophile' network protected by Twitter!
Bret Stephens: "Thank God I was born a Jew cause otherwise I'd be a raging anti-Semite!"
Ritual animal slaughter ban unites Muslims and Jews against European 'ecofascism!'
PETITION: Say NO to Sadiq Khan's slavery museum!
Having ladies’ and gents’ loos isn’t a hate crime! Leave our lavs alone!

Monday 26 August

The 18 shameless London gangs jailed this year
SOUTHALL: Grandfather-of-4 stabbed to death in a quiet Southall street after visiting local pub
MAIDSTONE: Young man stabbed to death after mass brawl
CARNIVAL: Almost 100 people arrested after attacks on 11 officers!
Drugs gang jailed after cocaine worth £1.7 million discovered in van
NEW YORK: Three armed robbers pull off brazen DAYLIGHT!
Top US General says American troops should be ready to die for Israel!
Jewish grandmother says Jews are crooks!
European Jewish Parliament, 120 Jews 'promot(ing) the Jewish value!' Inaugurated at EU Parliament, Brussels - 2012
Bosses of top UK charities (RSPCA, Macmillan Cancer, Guide Dogs) pocket 5-figure pay rises!
3.5 million Brits have never visited London because it’s ‘expensive and crowded’
Billionaire Duke set to kick dozens of families out of London council homes to build luxury flats!
PAKISTAN: Millions in OUR foreign aid wasted!
Irrational EU should compromise on Brexit but is desperate to punish deserters
Is Tony Blair really entitled to lecture us on 'acts of political vandalism?'
Norway refuses to take migrants ferried to Europe by ‘rescue’ NGO!
G7: Trump smacks down Macron’s claim to leading role in Iran talks
Is right-wing comedy on the rise?
JUDY GARLAND: drugged, starved and groped on Wizard of Oz set led to tragic downfall

Sunday 25 August

Jesuit Chief: No country has the right to turn away migrants!
100,000 women been poisoned by their breast implants?
78% of Trans and ‘non-binary’ students meet criteria for mental health disorders!
USA: Convicted child abuser will become the first jailbird to get sex reassignment surgery!
Every year, millions of people in the UK are scammed
ELDERLY FRAUD SCAMS: How to prevent them!
Cash machines are vanishing at "alarming rate" as THOUSANDS close each year!
US officials confirm Israel behind unprecedented airstrikes on Iraq!
AGENDA 21 - Your Life in Their Hands!
The Global Parliament of Mayors and the Abolition of the Electorate!
Communist Party ideology in America - 1943
Muslim tells StandUpToRacism/Antifa mob Tommy is a good guy, THEY are the racists!
The modern cop!
Daouda Sy : “If you don’t believe in God, I’ll kill you all!”
Ex-Oxford scholar, Tariq Ramadan, facing new rape allegations!
Plane mutiny rapist now claims he is too depressed to be deported and is a victim of slavery!
Conmen Muhamed Talukdar and Syam Hussain scammed the elderly - FREED ON APPEAL!
Germany: Muslim migrants insult woman, start brawl because they thought her skirt was too short
Austria to import children of dead ISIS Jihadi!
BOLSONARO! The Amazon burned to the ground! Apocalyptic scenes in Brazil
World War 3: The West is already at war with Russia and China, warns John Pilger!
Donald Trump hails Boris Johnson as the 'right man' to deliver Brexit!
BREXIT: Leave would win second referendum by even bigger margin!
Sky News mocked for Brexit scare story focused on shortage of Au Pairs!
"Liability-free vaccines!"
BERCOW: Insiders claim Speaker held talks about defecting to Labour!
Can Royal Family recover from this perfect storm?
Woody Allen pictured leaving Jeffrey Epstein's mansion after lavish party in Prince Andy's honour!
Prince Andrew's weasel words are an insult to our intelligence!
Epstein's best friend says billionaire paedo's victims were trollops and complicit in his behaviour!
CLIMATE CHANGE, OK! Meghan and Harry at play in £108,000 a-WEEK mansion in Ibiza!
HITCHENS: My shocking idea for Songs Of Praise? Try some Christianity!

Saturday 24 August

Corbyn's son takes the p*** out of the NHS! Opens cannabis shop called National HEMP Service!
Biased BBC: Glasgow University's 'BOLD' move to pay back slave trade profits!
If we are to pay reparations for slavery, why not for the persecution of Catholics?
James Watt condemned by Glasgow University because he profited from the slave trade
Thank you for calling out US media bias against Donald Trump and his base!
‘Fake’ charges fly as Trump rips social media for bias, dishonesty!
Donald Trump calls for Federal Reserve chief's head!
Jair Bolsonaro forced into action over Amazon wildfire by global outrage!
Microplastics in water: Why the bottled water you're drinking is not safe from plastic!
Khan’s London: Police urge lone women travelling at night to exercise caution after attacks
DIVERSITY! London Underground pickpockets jailed!
BARKING: Gang steals entire display of mobile phones from shopping centre in broad daylight!
Turkish woman murdered by her ex-husband in front of their daughter
Friday in France, struggling home on the metro...
Lord Owen: If the MPs' assault on Brexit succeeds, the system will be smashed!
‘British democracy is under assault!’ - Top Brexiteer takes aim at Remainer MPs!
As Boris achieves micro-steps with EU leaders, Brexiteers warn it isn’t enough!
Philip Hammond’s ‘Remain Alliance’ to hold anti-Brexit talks with EU!
Ex-Labour MP Jared O'Mara arrested on fraud charge!
Jeremy Corbyn is spineless, tepid and destined to be damned by history!
Far Left extremists sentenced for million Euro arson of French train!
Greece cracking as illegal sea crossings triple!
Putin 'blames Britain' for Nazi deal behind millions of deaths!
Jeffrey Epstein 'madam' Ghislaine Maxwell and secret visits to Buckingham Palace to see Andy
Prince Andy 'has had more than 1,000 lovers' amid furore over links to top paedo? /a>
Paedophile Ring! Royalty investigated before cover-up, says ex-cop!
That moment when you try to warn folks about the KALERGI PLAN!
Smirking wife of Man City star Riyad Mahrez drives at high speed with her FEET on dashboard!

Friday 23 August

LITTLEJOHN: Lies, damn lies and official immigration statistics!
Pakistani actress visiting Bradford, says: “It’s like being at home!”
Transgender book for TEENS features account of 6-year-old performing oral sex and ‘liking it!’
FBPE and the new class hatred
The strangling of European democracy!
The demonisation of the white working class
Jeffrey Epstein forced at least four women into same sex marriages
Attorney for 3 of Jeffrey Epstein's alleged victims believes the paedo was MURDERED!
TOWER HAMLETS: Fraud investigator sacked for being white and probing Asian crime!
Jihadi Jack's mum demands sympathy for ISIS fanatic son, insists he is the victim!
Stupid cops gave house keys back to husband two weeks before he battered his wife to death!
LIVERPOOL: Baby girl died when her her drunken mum, Milda Stucinskaite, lay on top of her!
SWEDEN: Bombings and explosions up 45% in 2019
Underage girls raped at Swedish summer festival!
AUSTRALIA: Cop-bashing thug who boasted of playing ‘race card’ walks free!
Migrants are being 'radicalised' by NGOs pushing them to raise their demands!
A quarter of Germans now come from migrant backgrounds!
Lady Michele Renouf on goading Germany into bombing Britain
British Army sees fall in strength for ninth consecutive year!
What happened to putting Americans first?
Britain brainwashed by the new Green religion?
The narcissism of the trans movement
Creepy Emmanuel Macron is still desperate to be one of the cool kids
‘Neutral’, unelected EU Commission launches scathing attack on ‘unelected’ Boris!
William and Kate just blew Meghan's silly celebrity cheerleaders out of the water!

Thursday 22 August

Transgender book for TEENS features account of 6-year-old performing oral sex and ‘liking it!’
Migration wonks have under-counted migrants from EU countries by up to 300,000 in 8 years!
2017 election - Labour promised Brexit 50 times! How can anyone take them seriously?
David Davis explains why 'colossal waste of money' HS2 must be axed!
UK set to announce huge Asian trade deal despite 'Project Fear!'
Brexiteer savages Parliament for democratic 'contempt' – 'They KNEW what they were doing!'
Boris mocks Merkel with her own traitorous phrase in press conference!
Remoaner loon James O’Brien struck down by the curse of Delingpole!
Who does Chuck Schumer serve?
Wikipedia echoes Democrats, labelling ICE detention centres ‘Concentration Camps!’
Rich immigrant grandma at play?
Danish Party: No new citizens should come from Muslim countries!
A quarter of Germans now come from migrant backgrounds!
Greta Thunberg: 'I want you to PANIC!!!'
Greta Thunberg’s team take transatlantic flights as she sails in solar yacht!
Pawel Relowicz arrested over the murder of Hull University student, Libby Squire!
BUXTON: Thug batters husband and wife in front of terrified children - NO JAIL!
Sapphire Cheyanne Foster, sister of alleged PC killer, moans about criticism of brother
They honour-killed sister, 'Pakistan's Kim Kardashian!' May now walk free after parents forgive!
CALIFORNIA: Rodolfo Montoya had stockpiled planned to kill hotel staff and guests
Far-Left extremists arrested plotting attack on hotel at G7!
Swedish police accidentally blow up own building!
Prince William ‘fears’ for monarchy as Prince Harry’s behaviour ‘harmful!'
CARDI B to NYPD: ‘F*ck you’ ‘suck a fart and suffocate on it!’

Wednesday 21 August

Pope Francis calls for an ‘antidote’ to populism! (The people!)
Labour promised Brexit 50 times at 2017 election! How can anyone take them seriously?
GMP/CPS let off the violent, left-wing thug that attacked James Goddard with a caution!
Kenyan thief meant to be deported 10 years ago jailed for £400,000 jewellery store heist!
Masked thugs smash up cars, hurl bricks and threaten women with crowbars in Dewsbury
League One footballer Andrew Akingbaje jailed for punching woman
Arman Rezazadeh charged after windows smashed at 5 Birmingham mosques on same night
Jed Foster charged with the murder of PC Andrew Foster
Police Forces in England to issue every officer with a Taser amid rising street violence!
AUSTRIA: Afghan arrested on suspicion of arson against populist political office!
SWEDEN: Youths in “special areas” kick and torture hedgehogs to death for fun!
Ad featuring mother with a baby banned for perpetuating ‘harmful gender stereotypes!’
Thousands of homeless youngsters given temporary accommodation in storage units!
Removing the Backstop isn't enough, Boris. We demand full, unconditional Brexit!
Kate Hoey demands Boris ‘not waste more time in talks with EU’ after Brexit deal snub
BBC bias claims after it says pro-Leave parties lost EU elections in graphic
'Brexiteers are fed up!' David Attenborough blasts EU interference!
Brexit Party berates Boris and Tusk for trying to revive May's 'dead deal!'
Italian PM resigns! Attacks Salvini as government collapses!
Trump says Obama got Putin kicked out of the G7 'because he got outsmarted!'
To force customers to go digital, energy firms are hitting those who refuse with soaring bills!
Jeffrey Epstein pilot says he repeatedly flew Prince Andy on jet with paedo AND his 'sex slave!'
Bill Gates won't say why he flew on Lolita Express with Epstein 4 years after his prison release!
Ex-porn star found destitute in tunnels under Las Vegas but she's happier with the homeless!
Top media lesbian, Ellen DeGeneres, defends Meghan Markle, Prince Harry!

Tuesday 20 August

Queen 'talked Lord Mounbatten out of 1968 plot to overthrow Labour government!'
Piers Morgan says 'the Left has become unbearable!'
Foreign doctors behind 60% of all sex assaults on patients! NHS wants fewer disciplined!
Murderers Sadaqat and Rafaqat Ali, Fazal Ilahi and Syed Ali Akbar jailed for life!
PC Harper murder: Burglary victims get extra security - Police fear traveller reprisals?
Hope Barden died after webcam client Jerome Dangar paid her to strangle herself!
GERMANY: Failed asylum-seeker on trial for raping 9-year-old girl! (Thanks, Merkel!)
SWEDEN: Pepper spray sales soar after wave of rape attacks!
Oprah in sex trafficking scandal with Harvey Weinstein?
Flight logs prove Prince Andy's Epstein girl was at key locations and he was never far away
Remainers launch desperate ‘Operation Yellowhammer’ – Project Fear 3.0!
Boss John Pettigrew got a £1million raise before UK suffered biggest blackout in a decade!
Speaker John Bercow 'holds talks with MPs' plotting to stop a no-deal Brexit!
REVEALED: How Whitehall thought British public TOO STUPID to be trusted with EU decision!
Richard Bacon creates Twitterstorm for anti-Brexit appearance on GMB
Disabled man with guide dog denied access to a taxi because it offends Muslim driver!
Germany to strip asylum status of ‘refugees’ who go home on holiday!
Gay wedding is broadcast on Songs of Praise for the first time
CLOWNS! Prince Harry and Meghan save the planet one private jet flight at a time!
How to destroy the climate change hoax

Monday 19 August

Foreign doctors behind 60% of all sex assaults on patients! (NHS wants fewer prosecuted)
Vegetarian GCSE student, 16, disqualified for criticising halal meat in Religious Studies exam!
Criminal businessman was 'stupid' to give £2m to Lib Dems because it drew attention to him!
DESELECT! 40 Tory MPs ready to back Hammond and Gauke to stop no-deal Brexit!
Hammond’s Treasury ‘actively prevented preparation’ for Brexit!
No. 10 sources blame Philip Hammond for leaking out-of-date doomsday dossier!
US judge rules WikiLeaks can publish DNC emails, no law broken! Assange extradition in doubt?
Israel tapped White House phones and blackmailed Bill Clinton with Lewinsky tapes?
Cops were aware Epstein may have trafficked minors but decided against ‘full investigation!’
BALMORAL: Prince Andy feted paedo Epstein with young model while Queen was in residence!
It's time Prince Andrew came clean about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein!
Man fights for his life after being stabbed at 'illegal music event' on Hackney Marshes
French waiter shot dead for being 'too slow with sandwich!' (Ethnicity of killer?)
Germany to strip asylum status of ‘refugees’ who go home on holiday! (ABOUT TIME!)
Salvini tells Spanish migrant ferry to go to Socialist-run Spain!
2015: History of Dutch Jews role in slavery is bluntly depicted!

Sunday 18 August

Lord Mountbatten 'was a homosexual with a lust for young boys' claims secret FBI dossier!
Ex-WPC tells LBC government cuts are responsible for level of sexual exploitation of children
The Home Office funded the Paedophile Information Exchange!
HITCHENS: Remember those useless A-Levels? The people who took them now run the country!
The death of one of my officers must be a wake up call for our soft justice system!
Crime UK: How millions of Britons are denied justice as villains rub hands with glee!
Maurice Hill, who shot 6 Philadelphia police officers, is a Muslim!
Two men stabbed in daylight knife fight outside London Ikea!
BLACKMAIL! Gypsies buy village for £12,000, now villagers must shell out £100,000 for it!
Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson says we are jailing too many female criminals!
Prince Andrew pictured inside paedo Epstein's £63m mansion of depravity
Jeffrey Epstein's former lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, says 'I think it was just a suicide!'
London Council saves fetish gay club ‘to protect safe spaces’ for ‘diverse community!’
Another Remainer offers to depose Boris Johnson to stop No-Deal Brexit
The 17 Tories who could bring down Boris!
Most Britons prefer a No-Deal Brexit over a Prime Minister Corbyn and Referendum 2
WHITEHALL: Project Fear-mongers insist: "THIS NOT PROJECT FEAR!"
SWEDEN: Suspected terrorist previously hailed as successful example of integration!
Asbestos in talc and mesothelioma cancer risks
"The Jews are the ones who are robbing us and exploiting us... across the country!"
ATZMON: Conspiracy Theories! From the Elders of Zion to Epstein’s youngsters!
Owen Jones 'kicked in head' in London street attack! (Oh, dear, how sad!)
Ban beef to fight climate change? Host ‘Communist University?’ SAME!
UK: High Court rules that ISIS jihadis can be legally stripped of their citizenship!

Saturday 17 August

Was PC Andrew Harper murdered by 'travellers?'
Officer Killed! 10 arrests in third major violent attack on British Police in a week!
Muggers attack elderly man with metal bar at Birmingham bus stop!
DEWSBURY: Young man staggers into Asda store, stabbed in face and back!
British girl, 14, 'raped by Albanian hotel worker' on family holiday in Corfu
Salamat Khan, who imposed a 'toxic and oppressive' regime upon his family, walks free from court!
ENRICHING DIVERSITY? Or 'Barbaric street brawl in Birmingham?
‘Criminal’ probes into care homes soar by 10 per cent to record high!
Five migrants who gang raped a 13-year-old and filmed it convicted by Austrian court!
ZIMBABWE: ‘Cruel and barbaric’ police turn on protestors!
Hidden in Plain Sight! The shocking origins of the Jeffrey Epstein case!
Women take legal action over breast implant cancer link!
Boris vows to sign order ending supremacy of EU law!
Corbyn and Sturgeon plot to seize control of Brexit and delay UK’s departure
Patronising and misleading ex-Chancellor Hammond threatened with confidence vote!
Tory 'traitors' back down! Dominic Grieve insists he 'will not facilitate' a Labour Government!
EU sees 10% surge in asylum claims in first half of 2019!
Shameful sexism and bigotry of Green MP Caroline Lucas!
Austrian Vice-Chancellor shares video condemning prosecution of Generation Identity!
Anthony Scaramucci plotting Trump takedown with Bill Kristol!
Senate Committee probes Biden-linked, Chinese military-boosting tech sale
Macron looking for deal to land NGO ship filled with migrants in France!
BERLIN: 554-year-old boys’ cathedral choir sued for ‘gender bias!’
I had 2 kids. Now I work to influence people against having their own!
Advert featuring mother and baby banned for perpetuating ‘harmful gender stereotypes!’
St Greta of Thunberg has made it into the cover of GQ
Council failures cause 350,000+ tonnes of food to be dumped in landfills each year!
Exam board did not vet markers! Mail reporter with a fake CV/bogus credentials approved!
Israel is indoctrinating children with Talmudic propaganda!
AUSTRIA: Muslim cab drivers refusing service to blind with guide dogs
Muslim cleric killed after cow he was about to ritually slaughter fights back

Friday 16 August

BRITAIN NOW! EU immigrants claim more than £4bn a year in benefits!
LEEDS: Asylum seeker stabbed Jodi Miller 15 times because she refused to have sex with him!
NEWCASTLE: Peter Duncan stabbed to death outside Greggs by gang of teenage thugs!
120+ child abuse victims raped in shocking case set to dwarf Jimmy Savile scandal!
Khan’s London: Man stabbed in face outside govt department responsible for law and order!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Bloody day of crime in Lawless Britain!
Laura Stewart stabbed to death by ex-boyfriend after warning cops 13 times of his threats/abuse
New York murderer, Sammy Almahri, faked suicide note left next to his Welsh victim!
LOUISIANA: White mum got black girlfriend to burn her own baby to death!
Journalist smuggles migrant into Sweden, migrant convicted of knife crime!
Austria: Islamic extremism is still number one terror threat!
PAEDO'S BRIT LIST! Jeffrey Epstein listed 301 British 'associates' in his ‘little black book’
Ghislaine Maxwell: The British socialite at the centre of Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal
Favourite' daughter of monster dad, Robert Maxwell, hides out amid Jeffrey Epstein scandal!
Convicted paedo wins role in TV advert for Euromillions lottery jackpot!
This lofty clique will do anything to obstruct democracy
Furious Tories warn rebel MPs they'll never be forgiven for cosying up to Corbyn in Brexit battle
Corbyn wants MPs to install him as temporary PM to stop No-Deal Brexit!
Leaving with no deal isn’t a betrayal of the British people, but trying to stop it is
Tory arch-Remainers will soon find they have no place left in their party
Former German General blasts Merkel on open borders and joins the AfD!
Sadiq Khan backs Fabian Socialist scheme for British slavery museum in London
Feeding the Israel Lobby: Congress gives the Jewish state whatever it wants!
"Stupid driver?" LibLabCon, ANTIFA and the NWO would probably agree
Ex-banker spends $75,000 on horns, castration, ear removal to become transspecies reptilian!

Thursday 15 August

Dad horrified as public school convinces daughter she’s a ‘boy’
Jeffrey Epstein: Autopsy finds multiple broken bones linked to strangulation!
2018: Illegal drugs kill 2,917 in England/Wales! Prescription drugs kill 1,442!
Woman-beater with HIV who squirted excrement/urine in guard’s mouth, laughs as he walks free!
Judge says foreign criminal can stay as gang membership proves integration into British society!
Asylum seeker who tried to murder stranger in Tesco jailed for 19 years!
SHEFFIELD: Iraqis charged with child rape ‘have fled the country!’
BARBADOS: Luton-born Natalie Critchlow dies after being set alight as she lay in bed!
Former SNP MP and convicted fraudster to appeal her conviction despite pleading guilty
PHILADELPHIA: Gunman who injured six police officers surrenders
Illegal migrant working as a delivery man arrested in Bordeaux accused of rape
Boris Johnson says his Brexit opponents are 'collaborating' with the EU! (He's right)
The 20 MPs ganging up with Hammond to take down Boris’s Brexit No Deal
Brexit Derangement Syndrome has unhinged 15,000 Remoaners!
Philip Hammond is guilty of appalling sabotage!
Remain politicians are LIARS! They regularly raised leaving on WTO terms themselves!
Anti-Brexit billboard campaign breaches electoral law?
Brexit-blocking Tory, Sarah Wollaston, joins Liberal Democrats!
The left hunts down anyone who offends their cult!
NGO ship looks for European port to land over 250 migrants
Most Israelis don’t want non-Jewish migrants, even if they are highly skilled

Wednesday 14 August

The crimes must not be buried with Jeffrey Epstein!
Epstein was ‘evil’, Ghislaine Maxwell must face justice, Prince Andrew knows the truth
Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell boasted of collecting compromising material on rich and famous!
The Latest: Epstein guards suspected of falsifying logs!
Sadistic abuse at Christian holiday camps! Archbishop may testify at inquiry!
Former headmaster jailed in Cambodia after he sexually abused little boys
'Lolita' phenomenon is allowing men to groom teenage girls without fear of arrest!
Why don't Jews migrate to Israel? Israeli lady blows the whistle!
MALAYSIA: Second search uncovers missing schoolgirl's body!
Animal cruelty at its worst! Leila Horvath and Norbert Farkas jailed
Immigrant murderer beheaded his girlfriend after being allowed to settle in Peterborough!
PRONOUNCED DEAD! Alex Smith ignored by locals after being stabbed by machete thugs
Immigrants convicted of gang raping 14-year-old Swedish girl
MAJORCA: German and an Afghan arrested over beach rape!
Malaysia has filed criminal charges against 17 Goldman Sachs directors
Millionaires employing ex-Gurkhas to protect them from violent crime after losing faith in cops?
Hungary announces investigation into social media censorship in Europe!
The staggering sum the British Royal Family cost YOU - and it's only going to go UP!
Hungary announces investigation into social media censorship in Europe!
Goats, sheep and cows are slaughtered at Muslims' Eid festival!
POLL: 54% of Brits want Brexit ‘by any means’, including suspending Parliament
Boris is siding with the people over the elite – No wonder his poll ratings are soaring!
BoJo refuses to apologise for saying women in burkas look like letterboxes! (Wild applause)
Remainer Hammond tries to sabotage BoJo's EU exit plan
Bolton criticises EU for making ‘peasants vote again and again until they get it right!’
Bolton says UK will be ‘first in line’ for trade deal with USA!
‘Loud, obsessive, tribal’: the radicalisation of Remain!
Bercow vows to halt any attempt to suspend parliament to force through No Deal Brexit
Labour's Anna Turley and Mirror journalist sneer at Labour voters who support Brexit!

Tuesday 13 August

Labour MP: ‘Abolish all countries!’ Socialist Utopia ‘not achieved through national barriers!’
Police officers attacked and injured 10,399 times in 2018!
Knifepoint robbers, Osman, Yusuf, Isse and the Oumars jailed
16-year-old stabbed to death in Camden Town, London
Only 24 Albanian prisoners have been sent home in six years!
SYDNEY: At least one woman dead after 'Allahu Akbar' stabbing spree! 3 Brits take him down!
Muslim terrorist screams Allahu Akbar whilst stabbing innocents in central Sydney!
WPC faces sack after 'having sex while taking part on Nigerian Big Brother!'
Tesco worker, Shaun Winstanley, killed himself after sacking - He left his till to chase a shoplifter!
France sees dramatic homicide increase in Spring of 2019!
SWEDEN: Animal cruelty in ‘immigrant-dense areas!’ Cats, hedgehogs, swans killed
Theresa May refused to take part in a US operation to protect ships in the Gulf
BoJo vows to roll out scanners and mobile signal-blockers in prison crackdown!
BoJo has public's support to shut down Parliament to get Brexit over line
Caroline Lucas calls for all-woman Cabinet with NO BLACK WOMEN!
MP Caroline Lucas says only a female Cabinet can solve Brexit! Liberal fascism at its worst!
Caroline Lucas's all-female Cabinet shows how desperate Remainers have become!
Project Fear's 'whipping up Brexit catastrophism!' French port chief hits out at Remainers!
Brexiteer Iain Dale attacks Remainer Femi in explosive debate
Now more than ever Britain needs the Brexit Party to keep Boris honest!
IAN BOTHAM: Spare me the rural ignorance of Labour luvvies from posh London postcodes!
Proof Prince Andrew's Epstein girl WAS paraded at VIP parties?
Ghislaine Maxwell: Socialite to shadowy figure in sex crime investigation!
Epstein said laws banning sex with teenage girls were a 'cultural aberration!'
Pro-Israel lobbyist knocks camera out of hands of Alison Weir
Superbug thriving in guts of people with sugary diets!

Monday 12 August

Mubashar Hussain charged with attempted murder of policeman run over tackling car-jackers!
WIDNES: Man stabbed to death outside pub on Sunday afternoon
Schoolgirl reveals how she got her father jailed by filming him attacking her mother
Noel Gallagher is leaving London after man was stabbed on his street
Hate preacher hates at Rochdale Mosque
Pensioners 'hoodwinked' into closing their Post Office card accounts by Whitehall mandarins?
Energy giants 'blackmailing' customers by insisting they must install a smart meter!
Prince Andrew warned: Hold your breath for Jeffrey Epstein diary!
Will Robert Maxwell's daughter spill paedo Epstein's secrets to FBI?
QT + Brexit: Working-class Yorkshireman puts politicians in their place!
Remain ringleader Lord Heseltine calls No-Deal Brexit a 'grotesque act of national self harm'
The EU's last ultimatum on Brexit is intended to fail
Caroline Lucas calls for emergency FEMALE cabinet to block No-Deal Brexit!
Boris's chance to stop this bloodbath!
Complete list of Clinton associates who died mysteriously or committed suicide before testimony
NHS spends as much on HIV as it does on breast cancer! Health tourists target Britain!
Girl, 3, died from sepsis just one day after discharge from hospital!
Jonathan Freedland says Jews must be wary of 'hateful' friends like Rod Liddle/Katie Hopkins

Sunday 11 August

Queen's fury at politicians! Aides tell of her 'disappointment in the current political class!'
Darren Grimes and the death of Britain’s Deep State!
‘Victory against establishment!’ Electoral Commission fine against LEAVE campaigner quashed!
Pupils undergoing 'Prevent Deradicalisation?' 44% are 'far-Right,' 37% are Muslim!
DIVERSITY! Policeman punched and deliberately run over in Birmingham!
Female paedo admits raping children, photographing them and boasting about it!
Somali refugees accused of plotting ISIS attack sought US citizenship
Suspect in Samurai sword murder that shocked Germany was fake ‘refugee!’
HITCHENS: Judge told a career crook to slim down and get a job. Guess who was punished?
Palestinians who attempted to cross perimeter fence from the Gaza killed by iDF!
Theresa May gave the EU all it could have hoped for – now it risks losing everything!
BoJo's special adviser attacks 'f****** mad' justice system! Immigrant criminals/paedos beware!
Tory donors tell Boris Johnson - Time for a deal with Nigel Farage!
Britons’ faith in European Union falls amid Brexit delay!
Scaremonger Sadiq Khan says criminals 'want' no deal Brexit!
‘Brexit Derangement Syndrome!’ Brexiteer hits out at ‘Europhile’ MPs
British will be the 'big losers' in a no deal Brexit, whimpers Juncker
Britain 'may not be able to police its own fishing waters after Brexit! Wet only have 12 boats!
UN criticises Salvini decree that fines migrant transport NGOs up to €1m
Salvini rages at virtue-signalling Richard Gere - ‘Take them with you to Hollywood!'
Complete list of Clinton associates who died mysteriously or committed suicide before testimony
Jeffrey Epstein: Questions raised over disgraced financier's death
SUICIDE SCANDAL! Guards left Epstein to die!
Epstein lived like a pig in a sty, ate meals off cell floor and was being extorted by inmates!
Prince Andy groped young woman's breast at Epstein house, court files allege!
Gay cop proposes to his partner at London Pride parade!
The danger Of Noahide laws! Israeli News
Ivanka Trump: First Daughter is ‘volatile if she doesn’t get her way!’
BBC has lost its sense of humour, Dad’s Army star says after show axed

Saturday 10 August

Jeffrey Epstein: Financier 'found dead in cell' in New York!
Young British voters reject liberalism and globalism, want ‘strong leaders!’
Fury over plans to build a huge Muslim-only cemetery (5,040 graves) next to tiny rural village!
Feminist, Jenny McDermott wants to 'kill all men,' 'kill male babies' etc.
Picture of the black Muslim who attacked PC Stuart Outten with a foot-long machete
'Cruel' conman jailed for just two years after taking huge sums of cash from elderly women
Albanian dealer told police 'English people love cocaine'
Depravity of preacher's son who plotted to profit from evil
BRIGHTON: Feral youth in supermarket
AUSTRIA: Five asylum-seekers convicted after filming gang rape of girl, 13!
Portillo reveals 'dramatic document' proving moment EU 'poisoned' Tories against Thatcher
Top anti-terror cop says BoJo ‘wouldn’t be recruited into policing’ for anti-Burqa comments!
French fishermen threaten to BLOCKADE UK if stopped from plundering British fisheries!
At least 50 reports of sexual harassment made against MEPs in one year
Every story you read about the environment is fake news?
BBC attacked after Dominic Grieve interviewed 'AGAIN'

Friday 9 August

Asthma deaths in England and Wales 'highest in a decade!'
Muhammed Rodwan charged with attempted murder after machete attack on policeman!
VIDEO: Savagery - The Aftermath! Policeman badly wounded and bleeding - Villain pacified
Horrifying moment heroic policeman is 'scalped' with a machete!
Did burglar Reece Dempster sexually assault and beat 89-year-old Dorothy Woolmer to death?
BIRMINGHAM: Man gunned down in drive-by attack!
Knife crime soars in rural areas by as much as 50% as violence spreads out of cities!
Sikhs ask media to stop calling Pakistani Muslim rape gangs ‘Asian!’
Top UK cop who said ‘Muslims shouldn’t assimilate’ is stupid and wrong!
Top cop smashed into oncoming car because she was making hands free call to MP hubbie?
Police did nothing wrong in dealing with blind domestic abuse victim?
CALIFORNIA: Gang member with a violent criminal record, Zachary Castaneda, kills four!
Jeffrey Epstein 'wanted to impregnate sex slave and raise child with Ghislaine Maxwell!
Polish Bishops denounce ‘ideological totalitarianism’ of LGBT lobby!
Cornered by BoJo, Remainers will stop at nothing in their war on Brexit!
Joe Biden confronted on misquoting Trump on Charlottesville
'White supremacist.. footsoldiers' get 'subliminal orders' from Trump, says black opinion-former!
POMPEO: US will ‘be ready on the doorstep pen in hand’ to sign UK trade deal!
Senate Majority Leader suspended from Twitter for sharing video of thugs threatening him!
Bette Midler: Trump incited gunmen to do his ‘dirty work for him!’
1944: Secret weapons depot packed with bombs destined for Germany explodes, killing 70!
The Secret Masonic Victory of WW2...

Thursday 8 August

LONDON BLOODBATH: Policeman 'seriously injured' after being attacked with a machete!
In 2002, Shahid Mohammed murders 5 children and 3 adults! In 2019, he's convicted
Nor Hamada blames Ossama Hamed for murdering doorman at New Year's Eve Mayfair party!
89-year-old pensioner murdered in her home had been raped
Albanian criminals use Facebook to counter migration raids and smuggle illegals into Britain!
Albanians are 1-in-10 foreign prisoners in Britain's jails after taking over UK drug trade
CCTV images of two men who attacked woman in Portsmouth
Romanian builder destroyed five new homes, worth £4 million with a digger!
Romanian got here Friday, caught stealing from TX Maxx on Saturday, locked up on Monday
Conman Mark Acklom scewed £850,000 out of Carolyn Woods
Top cops call on BoJo to adopt WIDELY RECOGNISED definition of Islamophobia!
Despite massive media hype, immigration still concerns us more than climate change!
A million more millennials live with parents than 15 years ago - 8million live alone!
AUSTRALIA: Dr Lauren Rosewarne says it can be 'masculine' to be pregnant!
UK’s top counter terrorism officer says Muslims should not feel they have to ‘assimilate!’
To survive the new global Dark Age, Britain must leave the tyrannical EU!
Remainer MPs plot to cancel party conference to give them more time to block No-Deal Brexit
Labour's willingness to break up the Union for political advantage takes my breath away
Brexit Party MEP Claire Fox shocks BBC reporter as she reveals ‘gravy train’ EU allowances!
Now Anna Soubry says Chuka Umunna is 'not the person she thought he was'
Britons’ faith in EU falls amid Brexit delay!
Alabama church sign claims ‘a Black vote for Trump is mental illness!’
NOLTE: Joe Biden’s ‘buyback program’ is straight-up gun confiscation!
Netflix’s ‘Dear White People’ depicts Trump supporters as KKK members!
'The Hunt' – Now THEY are making movies where liberal elites hunt 'deplorables' for sport!
'I feel so much shame': Actress feels 'disgust' over being white and privileged!

Wednesday 7 August

Dayton killer Connor Betts was a leftie who hated Trump and was PRO-gun control!
Dominic Cummings says Philip Hammond and Greg Clark blocked No-Deal Brexit plans!
Kate Hoey: ‘Disillusioned Labour supporters’ will flock to the Brexit Party!
Dominic Grieve threatens to drag Queen into Remainer plot
'Betrayal of the Union?' John McDonnell in naked pitch for alliance with SNP
BIRMINGHAM: Schoolgirl, 12, ‘sexually assaulted by 6 men on top deck of bus in broad daylight!’
Somali granted right to stay despite 33 previous convictions jailed for drug dealing!
Counter-terror chief Neil Basu says Muslims should not be forced to 'assimilate!'
Stacey Dooley’s fim about ISIS brides should be shown in schools, not vilified!
Jon Snow’s ‘so many white people’ comments on C4 News broke no rules!
Swedish municipality that took too many migrants faces bankruptcy!
Spooks behind Patriot Act, drone and torture programs unite to ‘secure’ US elections?
Eco-zealots and hardline Remainers are driven by their feelings, not facts

Tuesday 6 August

Schoolgirls asked to don Islamic headscarf for ‘Hijab Day’ in November!
Julia Hartley-Brewer responds to 'schoolgirls... ‘Hijab Day!’
The 24 criminals locked up in London in the last week! (But diversity...)
BIRMINGHAM: Schoolgirl, 12, ‘sexually assaulted by 6 men on top deck of bus in broad daylight!’
Somali asylum seeker (18 convictions/history of violent crime) plays human rights card
British teen who said Israelis gang-raped her says cops dictated confession and made her sign it!
AUSTRALIA: 18th birthday party horror! Masked gatecrashers stab guests on dance floor!
The El Paso shooter admits he is a progressive Leftie!
El Paso shooting: Death toll rises to 22!
Twitter suspends 'left-wing' account of gunman who killed 9 and wounded dozens in Ohio
Trump true colours? Condemns 'sinister ideologies... racism, bigotry and white supremacy!'
Rapper, Cardi B, calls leftie Dayton shooter ‘white supremacist’ who targeted minorities!
Roger Bootle brilliantly debunks 'Project Fear' fear-mongers!
Now more than ever Britain needs the Brexit Party to keep Boris honest!
Bojo gearing up for ‘people versus politicians’ election!
Dominic Grieve thinks enough Tory MPs will vote against BoJo Govt to stop No Deal Brexit
Grieve grilled on ‘Remainer alliance’ plot!
"The bitter egomaniac" determined to to stop Brexit!
2018: Damn our elite and its suicidal compulsion to defy the people!
Why is Africa poor and why was Gaddafi assassinated?
Israeli cop attacks innocent Jew from behind
Teacher sighs in frustration at schoolgirl leaving classroom in a huff - Gets bullied out of his job!
Macron launches crackdown on English language - English is 'distressing' - speak French!
Dozens more boat migrants cross English Channel, most land undetected!
Victoria’s Secret hires its first transgender model!
Noel Gallagher hits out at anti-Brexit 'c****' trying to overturn the vote!

Monday 5 August

The smearing of Andrew Norfolk!
TOTTENHAM: 89-year-old woman murdered in her own home!
SOUTHWARK: Boy, 6, 'thrown' from 10th floor of Tate Modern by teenage stranger!
Girl who said Israeli tourists gang-raped her in Ayia Napa says cops dictated her confession!
British 15-year-old with learning difficulties abducted from her holiday resort bedroom in Malaysia
School killer targeted students who made fun of her/him for being transgender!
Mexican dad of Colorado school shooter, Alec McKinney, was deported TWICE!
DAYTON, OHIO: Connor Betts kills nine - including his own sister!
Ohio shooter was a radical Leftie who supported Elizabeth Warren!
Mohammed Miah, who spent 22 years in UK illegally, exposed after stealing colleague's wallet
Do you support ISIS, ladies? LET THEM FESTER!
Liverpool fans boo National Anthem before Community Shield game with Man City!
Britain gives Malawi £65million in aid and its First Lady jets off on an £80,000 holiday!
French animal-rights activist urges us not to kill mosquitoes! Let them take our blood!
Turkey aiding ISIS resurgence after Trump devastated Caliphate?
Salvini Victory! NGO ship gives up on landing migrants in Italy, heads to Malta!
Muslim refugee enters liquor store in Germany and smashes countless bottles of alcohol!
Sweden: Local residents tense after shootings in Karlstad!
Palestinian official says UN ‘refugee’ agency corruption allegations are an Israeli/US conspiracy!
Corbyn is 'a total disaster' who 'has people around him to do his shoelaces up?'
Bought by Brussels, little Ireland's ridiculous leaders have landed it in a Brexit crisis
Remainers launch plot to oust Brexiteer MPs in election including Boris
The BIZARRE Irish plot to stop Brexit!
Bought by Brussels, little Ireland's ridiculous leaders have landed it in a Brexit crisis!
Farage on Trump 2020: ‘The Big Fella is going to win with a landslide!’
From Trinny and Susannah to Donald Trump, reality TV has ushered in an age of spite!
Trump 'inspires killers! He's part of the problem!' John Legend/Rihanna do pop star wisdom!
From gun control to climate change, the hypocrisy of party-loving elites is shameless!
Green Party’s Brighton littered with laughing gas canisters and trash after LGBT Pride!
YouTube blacklists Federal Reserve information. It’s up to you to spread it!

Sunday 4 August

EU chiefs planning to hit Britain with a tax bill for £1trillion unpaid VAT!
USA: African illegal immigrant, Billy Chemirmir, accused of murdering 19 old folks!
20 people killed, 26 injured after gunman opened fire at a Texas supermarket
Was the El Paso guy a 'furry' (and a weirdo who couldn't possibly have produced a 'manifesto')?
Police responding to 'active shooter incident' in Dayton, Ohio!
New wave of terrorist attacks to strike Europe as 30,000 ISIS fighters may still be alive!
HOPKINS: Nipple-height Mayor of Londonistan has MINUS approval ratings - We are stab-city!
Trump promotes Katie Hopkins' attack on ‘nipple-height’ mayor, Sadiq Khan!
France slowly sinking into chaos!
HITCHENS: Our police are a bigger threat to your freedom than Putin!
FUNDING FOR MONSTER! Evil mum of Baby P given £14,000 in legal aid!
Legalising cannabis would fuel violent crime and turn a new generation into hard drug addicts!
Boris hires policy adviser who backs legalising recreational cannabis!
BORIS’ top aide, Dominic Cummings, warns MPs it’s too late to prevent a no-deal Brexit!
Farage predicts General Election, urges Boris to embrace Tory-Brexit Party pact
Corbyn ally receives £12,000 from donor who wants to 'wreck the economy?'
Soros on list of mega-rich Extinction Rebellion backers!
NGO tells Salvini they will never land ‘rescued’ migrants in nearby Libya!
Swedish municipality that took too many migrants faces bankruptcy!
British birth rates lowest ever, yet population continues to rise!
Does this picture of 'neglected' dam prove it was a disaster waiting to happen?
Labour's deputy leader Tom Watson was warned by police VIP abuse claims weren't credible!
Girl Guide leader to sue chiefs who expelled her after objecting to trans 'females' joining!
Box-ticking BBC picked 'nobody' Motsi Mabuse as new 'Strictly' judge because she's black?

Saturday 3 August

Poll: 9-out-of-10 young Britons think their lives have no purpose! Thanks, political class!
48% of Britons think Islam isn't compatible with British values!
British birth rates lowest ever, yet population continues to rise! (IMMIGRATION!)
Catholic Archbishop warns of ‘rainbow plague’ threatening Poland!
There is a legal way out of this Irish backstop nonsense
Brexit Party would win more votes than Tories if BoJo delays Brexit
Boris preparing to nominate George Osborne as new head of the IMF? Hero to zero in a fortnight!
Britain's top private schools are 'awash with Class A drugs!'
Women seen 'stealing' clothes from charity recycling bin
Swedish media refuses to report “dark-skinned” description of 10 gang-rapists!
FRANCE: Migrants severely beaten at pool after sexually assaulting underage girls! RESULT!
Feel the enrichment!
Killers and kidnappers receiving thousands in benefits while being detained by the state!
Jeffrey Epstein planned to impregnate 20 women with his sperm!
Commissioner cash-in! Meet Bernard HOGan-Howe!
Labour MP Jess Phillips leaves her son on the steps of 10 Downing Street
Teacher admits he helped write Common Core to end white privilege!

Friday 2 August

Birth rate in England/Wales now at 89-year low! (Despite fast-breeding immigrants)
Irish Central Bank says Ireland needs MORE MIGRANTS to KEEP WAGES DOWN!
44,000 dementia patients given 'chemical cosh' drugs which increase risk of strokes and death
Sixth patient dies from listeria linked to sandwiches and salads in hospitals
Prostitute, Louise Porton, murdered her own toddlers because 'they got in the way' of her job!
GOSPORT: Mum found dead in home deliberately set on fire - Cops question four men
Abul Azad, Shahedul Bhuyia and Abul Hannan freed because of delay in getting them to court!
Student was hallucinating on prescription drugs when she fell to her death from a plane
STUTTGART: Man hacked to death in middle of street by Syrian immigrant
Refugee charged with murder of German child was ‘poster boy’ for successful integration!
Afghan migrant to remain in France despite conviction for sex attacks!
INDIA: Girl, 3, kidnapped from railway station then gang-raped and beheaded!
USA: There is no epidemic of racist police shootings!
DATING SCAM! Stupid British females hand over pots of cash to immigrant criminals!
Netherlands: Partial Burqa ban comes into force after 14 years of debate
'I was trapped in an emotionally abusive same-sex relationship for 10 years'
Environmental movement reaches peak hypocrisy, peak lunacy, peak absurdity...
Germany demands Italy open ports as NGO picks up more illegals
Tory MP, Phillip Lee, threatens to wipe out BoJo's majority by defecting to Lib Dems!
Europe has more to fear from a no-deal Brexit than Britain
Facebook dismantles Saudi propaganda accounts/pages promoting state/attacking rivals

Thursday 1 August

Londoners exposed to superbugs! Bacteria on door handles, escalators, station gates are resistant to antibiotics!
'Call me' message from Sarah Ferguson to sex beast Jeffrey Epstein found!
USA: If you boycott Israel, you who have lost homes/businesses will GET NO HELP from state!
Germany won’t back U.S. in Gulf to avoid war with Iran (Fair play, Gerry!)
Salvini's Party could become one of the most popular post-war parties in Italy
Central London: CCTV: Who is this savage? Soldier attacked - Police launch manhunt
INDONESIA: Woman whipped 100 times for having pre-marital sex!
Greta Thunberg – Saving the world one sick bag at a time
Climate wunderkind Greta slammed for wearing far-left extremist Antifa shirt!
Farage will ‘annihilate’ Tories in election if Johnson fails on Brexit!
Germany in furious attack on Boris as EU tensions erupt
DUP's Foster reveals Brussels' true goal in talks - and it's not a deal
Mark Carney's Project Fearing again!
German historian found dead after she was ridiculed for inventing 22 Holocaust victims
UK Government wasted £286k on deportation flights that didn’t happen!
2015: Emigration nation: who are the thousands fleeing Britain each year?

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