DAILY NEWS: April 2020

Thursday 30 April

One-in-3 coronavirus patients who enter hospital never come out! HALF on a ventilator die!
From Bill Gates' plot to microchip world, to Fauci blocking natural cures - Anti-vaxxers peddling 'bizarre theories' about COVID-19 vaccine?
BAME hospital staff to be removed from fight against coronavirus? Genetically more at risk?
BBC switches to unidentifiable 'experts' after left-wing agenda exposed!
How WAS BBC Panorama infiltrated by the Left? Five medics had Labour links!
The BBC's unforgivably Trot-dominated Panorama shows why we need transparency!
BBC defends Panorama show that used Labour activists to criticise lack of PPE
Virtue-signalling gone wrong! Lib Dem tags Muslim Council in 'bacon breakfast for Ramadan!'
CORONA COPS! UK police hand out over 3,200 fines in first two weeks of lockdown!
Hospices could run out of PPE 'within days' after being charged 26 times more than the NHS!
100 million people will fall into poverty because of coronavirus, World Bank warns!
FRANCE: Muslims arrested with large amount of drugs said they were stocking up for Ramadan!
UK's health bureaucrats condemned as ‘not fit for purpose!’ Caught ‘like rabbits in headlights!’
Top public health expert compared 'Zionists' to Nazis!
Facebook fact-checker is biased! "Expert" has ties to Wuhan bio lab!
Australia told there was a '50% chance' coronavirus leaked from a Wuhan lab two months ago!
Last year, Fauci's people funded Wuhan Institute of Virology's work on bat coronaviruses!
Man says COVID-19 is hoax to scare us into accepting 5G-trackable vaccines! Now in loony bin
"Nearly two hundred police officers in Rotherham are under investigation?"
Waheed Saleem, disgraced official in Trojan horse scandal, now a top cop!
England knife crime hit all-time high in final stats before Coronavirus lockdown!
Woverhampton: Tyrell Harris charged with the murder of Karl Gallagher!
EU Panic: Barnier ordered to start no-deal planning as UK refuses to budge on fisheries!
The seven-step path from pandemic to totalitarianism
MP Dawn Butler says Labour is guilty of 'institutional racism!' Officials were antisemitic?
If only our ministers could admit to mistakes and say they ARE sorry!
Transgender ‘man’ cannot legally be listed as father on birth certificate! HOORAY!
How Israel censors the internet!
Albania signs deal with Turkey to bring 30,000 Muslims to area where 120,000 Greeks live!

Wednesday 29 April

British people applying for fruit picking jobs ‘are being rejected in favour of cheaper foreigners!’
Dr. Judy Mikovits and Sayer Ji blow the whistle on vaccine know-alls!
US National Institute of Health investigating Wuhan lab where COVID-19 may have emerged
Pope Francis calls for ‘obedience’ to state lockdowns!
US thinks 45,000 corpses were incinerated in Wuhan in one fortnight!
Chinese tried to pressure Germany into praising their handling of COVID-19 pandemic!
Paris no-go suburbs breaking lockdown measures 3 times more than average!
French police told to limit interventions in Muslim areas during Ramadan!
As Germany lockdown eases, spread of coronavirus worsens
Doctors blow whistle on Coronavirus
Men who catch coronavirus are more than twice as likely to die from the disease as women!
Doctors say hydroxychloroquine helps 91% of COVID-19 patients! Don't wait for 'controlled trials!'
18,000 more people could die of cancer due to coronavirus?
LOCKDOWN INSANITY - Arrested for going fishing with his daughter!
NEW YORK: Bill de Blasio tells cops to arrest mourners and anyone gathering in large groups!
China bristles at Australia's call for investigation into coronavirus origin!
'Cancer patients like me are just getting forgotten about!'
“STAY HOME” is Satanic! Freemason agenda!
Men wearing Covid-19 suits burgled 4 houses in Surrey village just before 88-year-old was killed!
DUDLEY: Nabeel Choudhary jailed for the murder of Yasir Hussain
New evidence on General Flynn — Drop all charges and let him sue his persecutors!
Ten years ago today, the words ‘bigoted woman’ led to the demise of the Left and led to Brexit!
Varadkar crisis: Support for European Union in Ireland SLUMPS to seven-year low!
John Redwood reveals new farming benefits after years of 'damage from ill-judged EU!'
USA: Study finds 'historic' drop in maths, reading scores since adoption of Common Core!
Israeli firm, NSO, 'deeply involved' in hacking WhatsApp users!
MODERN COPS! You know it makes sense!

Tuesday 28 April

Dr. Judy Mikovits and Sayer Ji blow the whistle on vaccine creators and know-alls!
Zuckerberg's Facebook admits banning users for saying they are ‘proud to be English!’
Government rejects petition demanding release of buried grooming gangs report!
Nithin Kumar, pictured with his children six months before he stabbed them to death!
Men wearing Covid-19 suits burgled 4 houses in Surrey village just before 88-year-old was killed!
Report says girls hold in urine, don't drink, skip school to avoid boys in gender-neutral restrooms!
Former FBI big shot admits Hillary wasn't indicted because they thought she'd win 2016 election!
CORONAVIRUS: Lefties are more interested in being PC than saving lives!
US doctor says: "When I writing up a death report, I am being pressured to write COVID!"
CORONAVIRUS: US doctors blow the whistle!
Lockdowns don’t work!
Open up society now, say Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi!
Covid-19 was created in a Wuhan lab from HIV, says Nobel laureate who discovered HIV!
COVID-19 may be FAR deadlier than we think? Could kill up to 8 times more than estimates?
We'll suffer worse than coronavirus if we don't protect the environment and halt deforestation!
When oxygen is pumped into blood of patients on ventilators their survival rates improve 3-fold!
Some doctors are charging a high price to find out if you've had Covid-19
Why the care home watchdog should be taken to task over coronavirus!
Pandemic planning shambles! Hushed-up government report found UK woefully unprepared!
Richard Branson's bailout plea proves there's no one more shameless!
Merkel ally says UK must extend transition period to 2023 because of CORONAVIRUS!
Farage slams MSM for failing to cover illegal migrants entering UK during pandemic!

Monday 27 April

SMETHWICK: Young man dies after being stabbed in chest in broad daylight attack!
SMETHWICK: Young man stabbed to death in street! (GRAPHIC)
ILFORD: Boy, 3, and baby girl stabbed to death in 'attempted murder-suicide!'
WEST MIDLANDS: Man murdered, boy fights for life after separate stabbings!
Two teens injured in double stabbing as police cordon off Marston Green Park!
Double stabbing in Marston Green Park! (Graphic)
STREATHAM: Elderly woman fights for life after drugged-up Iceland delivery man runs her over!
SHEFFIELD: Man filmed himself throwing used tissues in doctor’s face!
Furlough fat cats pocket over £300 million in pay since 2015 - Taxpayers must shoulder burden!
German fertility magazine promotes aggressive race-mixing agenda!
Jeffrey Epstein’s former personal chef has died in his sleep just as he was to be subpoenaed!
NHS issues alert as new ‘coronavirus-related condition emerges in children!’
NHS faces a shortage of one billion pieces of personal protective equipment!
Bill Gates says mass gatherings won't be allowed until everyone in the world is vaccinated!
Bill Gates defends China's coronavirus response! Says Beijing did a lot of things right!
CORONAVIRUS USA: Number of fatalities hits 55,519 while cases soar to 987,590!
Dr. Zelenko's 7 April letter to President Trump on hydroxychloroquine!
Sweden's stay-open approach is creating herd immunity quickly?
Cruel PPE profiteers are exploiting coronavirus crisis and cashing in on shortages!
Microbiologist accuses politicians of hiding behind 'follow the science' mantra to avoid blame!
Gaza factories spring back to life making PPE for Israel!
Left-wing groups say the anger of rioters across France is ‘legitimate!’
Doctors being left in 'awful ethical dilemma' over PPE resuscitation rules
Lifting lockdown for all except the most vulnerable would see more than 100,000 die?
BREXIT: Brussels tells EU capitals to BLOCK Britain from crunch legal pact!
KARMA! Richard Branson needs Virgin Atlantic investor to bailout airline!
Cath Kidston staff 'betrayed' after owners, Barings Asia, withhold redundancy pay!
Flynn's lawyers expose KGB-style behavior at the DOJ and FBI!
Jeff Goldblum slammed as anti-Muslim for asking if Islam is against homosexuality and women!
Life on Mars? 'Ancient bottle' in NASA pics stuns UFO hunter - 'How could NASA ignore it?'

Sunday 26 April

EPSTEIN/WEXNER/GATES/MAXWELL! Maria Farmer blows the whistle, via Whitney Webb and Tim Dillon! 'FBI knew all this stuff in 1996. MSM knew it all by the late 2000s!'
What we know about retail mogul Les Wexner’s connection to Jeffrey Epstein!
Grooming gangs review is ‘internal’, says government, after 120,000 demand publication!
EU 'in denial' over Brexit - George Galloway exposes Brussels' desperate plot to stop exit
FBI investigation targeted Dr Fauci but Comey pulled the plug!
Drugs which could beat coronavirus - Remdesivir, Favipiravir, Hydroxychloroquine!
Five Wuhan whistleblowers still missing (one dead) after exposing horrors of coronavirus!
ICUs run low on 8 key drugs! COVID-19 patients get alternatives that can cause heart attacks!
Boris government under fire as Coronavirus deaths pass 20,000! (Care homes not counted)
EU kowtows to China, revises Coronavirus disinfo report after CCP pressure!
CORONAVIRUS: What did France do to the elderly?
MILIBAND: This isn't just a fight against coronavirus, it's also a battle for the future of democracy!
Coronavirus death toll could triple, scientists claim, as UK passes grim milestone!
Six questions that Neil Ferguson should be asked!
Anyone flying into the UK will have to quarantine for two weeks!
More troops and veterans are feeling suicidal in lockdown!
China-backed journalist claims Kim Jong Un has died!
HITCHENS: Don’t be fooled by the sunshine – there are only dark days ahead!
Philip Green, Reuben brothers etc. furlough staff, get business rates reduced and YOU PAY!
Facebook apologises after banning users for sharing St George’s Day flags on timelines!
BARNIER: UK must extend transition if it doesn't submit to EU Brexit demands!
New Scottish laws on 'hate crimes' will carry up to seven-year jail sentence!
HOLLAND: Cops admit 'confused man' who murdered 18-year-old boy is a Muslim immigrant
Sadiq Khan blames racism for ethnic minority virus deaths
Forced to cook, clean, wash, her captor climbed into her bed at night! PC crowd failed to act!
Perhaps our little girls should make a video like this?
Muslim scholar says licking pus-filled ulcers wouldn't fulfill woman's obligations to husband!

Saturday 25 April

Asian grooming gang victim was raped by 300 men before she was 15 and often ‘ten at once’
Drug-dealing pimp, 63, jailed for raping schoolgirls and getting them hooked on heroin!
Hospitals treat one new stab victim every 90 minutes!
Southend-on-Sea: Emiljan Gjura and Ermir Reshiti charged with producing illegal drugs!
NO LOCKDOWN FOR SOME! Police let hundreds gather at funeral of 'Mr Ibiza' godfather!
Milton Keynes couple = Nazis! Bags of dog dirt tossed in garden for celebrating St George's Day!
Germany: Syrian immigrants tried for crimes against humanity!
England knife crime hit all-time high in final statistics before Coronavirus lockdown!
COVID-19, 'herd immunity' adviser, was head of drug discovery at Glaxo Smith Kline!
Ministers were warned LAST YEAR to stockpile PPE for a coronavirus-style pandemic!
Britain's coronavirus death toll nears 20,000! 684 more COVID-19 fatalities!
NHS doctors, Meenal Viz and Nishant Joshi, are suing government over PPE!
CORONAVIRUS: "Setting the world up for a massive cull!"
Care homes' soaring death rate blamed on 'reckless' order to take back Covid-19 patients!
Hancock thanks Muslims for lockdown sacrifice on St George’s Day! Doesn’t mention day itself!
Keir Starmer tasks Doreen Lawrence with review into impact of coronavirus on BAMES!
As COVID-19 advances, doctors rethink rush to ventilate!
Heathrow demands mass Coronavirus screenings of airport arrivals!
Coronavirus Act 2020 sections 10,11,12 say medical professionals will be indemnified!
Bobby Kennedy Jr. says Fauci and Gates will make billions on Coronavirus vaccine!
Pa. removes 200 deaths from state coronavirus count - Accuracy questioned
Sweden’s parks and bars still packed as coronavirus death toll continues to rise!
ITALY: Health chiefs could be jailed for letting coronavirus kill hundreds in hospitals/care homes
40% of Italians want to leave Euro and EU!
Israel has more Coronavirus recoveries than new cases!
Petition demanding resignation of WHO chief passes 1 million signatures!
German doctor living in Sweden and gastronomy on the abyss!
Armenia decries Turkey’s crimes against ‘civilisation’ on Genocide anniversary!
Graduation canceled... Except for 'students of color' and 'LGBTQIA+' students!
Parents force council to suspend transgender advice
White Privilege!
SALVINI: ‘Soros-backed NGO lawyers are helping North African migrants reach Europe!’
Two-thirds of US Jews feel less safe than a decade ago
PLAYBOY CURSE! Grisly shootings, mutilations, model who leapt to death with son, 7!

Friday 24 April

CROYDON: Jerry Ablorh raped girl, 5, and said her mother would die if she told anyone!
TORQUAY: 17-year-old charged with rape, sexual offences against at least 8 nursery children
GERMANY: 'Allahu akbar' immigrant who kicked old man to death is a nut and won’t face trial!
New Asian disease dubbed 'salamander plague' rapidly spreading through Germany!
Coronavirus dies out within 70 days no matter how we tackle it, says Israeli professor! WHAT?
VIETNAM: How a country of 95m bordering China recorded zero coronavirus deaths!
Wuhan lab manipulated coronavirus into infecting humans, says Russian microbiologist!
Nearly half of all European coronavirus deaths were among care home residents!
England/Wales: 4,117 died at home in week up to 10 April, 51% higher than weekly average!
Coronavirus is killing victims up to 13 YEARS before they would have died naturally!
April 4: CORONAVIRUS - 'Failure could set the world on fire,' says Kissinger!
Ten more 'experts' criticising the Coronavirus panic!
Coronavirus pandemic has made America's big banks even bigger!
What is China hiding? US scientists can't enter country to investigate coronavirus origins
Terrifying scale of coronavirus death toll in New York revealed as cases rise!
Heathrow boss demands mass coronavirus screenings at British airports!
CORONAVIRUS: Why is Sweden still faring better than UK despite having no lockdown?
Coronavirus causing blood clots and strokes in otherwise healthy patients in their 30s/40s!
CORONAVIRUS CANADA: MacMillan’s Milk Store fined $880 after one hour!
Dominic Cummings struggled for breath and was bedridden for 10 days with coronavirus!
CORONAVIRUS: "Setting the world up for a massive cull!"
Thousands of operations cancelled despite dancing nurses with time to make viral videos!
Be Brave! (Part 1) - Is vaccine science really settled?
Be Brave! – Part 2: The truth behind the vaccine approval processes!
Be Brave! – Part 3: Vaccine safety negligence!
Jeremy Paxman fears the elderly are treated with 'contempt' in the UK!
US airbase man crashes on 'wrong side of the road' near where Harry Dunn was killed!
LONDON: Paramedic who told colleagues ‘I don’t like Muslims’ is struck off!
Qatari businessman now owns the Ritz!
Merkel scrambles to save 'catastrophic' German economy as crisis gifts Boris Brexit power!
Michel Barnier threatens to sink Brexit deal in furious rant over fisheries!
Jewish immigrant, Alf Dubs wants us to take 5,000 more child migrants!
The deepening Chinese-Israeli ties of today!
Lest we forget: Berlin before Fascism...
Lest we forget: Kinsey's paedophiles
Lest we forget: DEEP STATE revealed - 1967 recording...
Comic Relief criticised for 'hoarding' £117m - as it pleads for cash to help hungry/homeless in UK

Thursday 23 April

Tommy Robinson and 'the industrialised rape of British children!'
Diane Abbott's diplomat son was high on crystal meth when he attacked her and 9 medics/cops!
SWEDEN: Muslim migrant sexually assaults girl, 12 - JAIL - RELEASE - Rapes another girl, 12
Virginia, USA: 30 arrested in Internet child predator sting!
Under-18s will be blocked from having gender reassignment surgery! HOORAY!
Under-18s will be blocked from having gender reassignment surgery! HOORAY!
UK won’t change its mind on Huawei’s 5G involvement, says top civil servant!
Families of cancer patients pan videos of dancing NHS staff - Cancelled operations kill!
If this goes on for six months, 50,000 more people could die of cancer!
UK shipping millions of pieces of PPE to EU nations despite widespread shortages!
Earth Day 2020 – Greens celebrate Coronavirus lockdown as blueprint for New World Order!
CORONAVIRUS: Enough is enough!
USA Timeline: The regulations and regulators that delayed Coronavirus testing!
88% of COVID-19 patients placed on ventilators in New York's largest health system DIED!
Coronavirus death toll is FAR higher than official global figures!
Poland/Denmark ban companies registered in tax havens from claiming financial aid!
American Pravda: Our Coronavirus catastrophe as biowarfare blowback?
2018: The USA, not China, is the real threat to international rule of law
Was Coronavirus a biowarfare attack against China?
US Intelligence report warned of coronavirus crisis as early as NOVEMBER!
Our Coronavirus catastrophe as biowarfare blowback?
French public not confident in Macron's Coronavirus response!
US coronavirus death toll tops 48,000! Americans infected increases by 200,000 in a week!
Walt Disney Co. protects executive bonuses as it furloughs 100,000 employees!
Wayne Rooney and Derby players won't accept proposal to defer half their pay!
The lies about World War II!
Churchill’s War: the Real History of World War II
Lest we forget... 1999: NATO bombed Chinese deliberately?

Wednesday 22 April

SHEFFIELD: Two men arrested for posting “pubs closed, borders open” stickers!
At least 11 percent of Swedes may have contracted Covid-19?
At least 25 French cities and towns erupt in riots as ‘youths’ attack police!
Joe Biden: I’d pick Michelle Obama as running mate ‘in a heartbeat!’
Open Borders Britain! Hundreds of private jets fly in despite lockdown!
Peston's damning Brexit swipe at Remainers: 'Project Fear went overboard!'
DIVERSITY! Nigerians burning down Chinese businesses in retaliation for attacks on Africans!
Fatcat Balvinder Nijjar, who forced companies to pour milk down drain, now milking care homes!
Nightingale Hospital becomes ghost town after 'turning away' patients!
Scientific evidence on Coronavirus response will be kept secret until pandemic is over! WHY?
Second wave of coronavirus this winter could be WORSE than first?
EU facing collapse! Coronavirus has accelerated bloc's descent!
Cities with worst air pollution have bigger coronavirus outbreaks!
2,700 cancer referrals missed every week because of Coronavirus?
Covid-19 screening is held up by red tape as officials insist on 'weeks' of training for testers!
Another 828 dead as UK’s coronavirus death toll passes 17,000!

Tuesday 21 April

Lies, damned lies and Coronavirus statistics
Biden’s plan to fight Coronavirus is healthcare for illegals!
12 experts questioning the Coronavirus panic!
83% of Britons want China to face international inquiry over Coronavirus!
Coronavirus borrowing could soar to £300bn this year – enough to fund NHS TWICE over!
Russia ramps up efforts to tackle coronavirus by carrying out TWO MILLION tests!
WHO blasted for agreeing with China's claim it has had NO new coronavirus cases
The real UK coronavirus death toll is much higher than first feared!
Paris residents accuse 'racist' police of attacking minorities during coronavirus lockdown!
CORONAVIRUS: Kim Jong Un in critical condition?
Costel Nicuta doused human cargo in bleach in failed bid to avoid detection!
Cannabis really is a gateway drug that leads users on to harder illegal substances!
Priti Patel faces unfair dismissal claim from Philip Rutnam!
UK faces ‘permanent scarring’ to the economy with nearly 12 million out of work by the summer!
Health bureaucrats slammed as ‘not fit for purpose... Like rabbits in headlights!’
FAUCI: No recovery possible if virus isn't "under control!"
Trump bans ALL immigration into the U.S. to 'protect jobs!'
Branson offers to part with Necker Island in return for £500m Virgin airlines bailout!
Millions of pieces of PPE are being shipped from Britain to EU despite NHS shortages!
Mosque holds daily prayers as Christians threatened/fined for attending drive-in services!
Prince Harry is naïve, pompous, chasing the wrong demons and adrift from Britain!
SUSPENDED! Cop threatened to make something up to arrest man for breaching lockdown!!
Black Muslims racially abused by other Muslims?
Meghan and Harry's pompous diatribe against the press plumbs new depths!

Monday 20 April

SADIQ KHAN: More BAME people are dying from coronavirus - We have to know why
Pubs across the UK could be shut until Christmas!
UK Government undercounted EU migrants by up to 55 per cent!
Private hospitals taken over by NHS are 'sinfully empty!' Hundreds of doctors twiddle thumbs!
China's operation cover-up!
19 March, 2020: 'Twitter to remove harmful fake news about coronavirus!'
Trump administration opposes Bill Gates’ vaccine tracking system!
Labour Vice Chair whose tweet attacked Government's lack of PPE, gave PPE away day before!
Brexiteer fury as Lord Adonis demands UK fund EU's huge pandemic bailout!
Dominic Cummings panics EU leaders as he rules out Brexit extension!
Trump was right to abandon funding to the failing, China kow-towing, nannying WHO!
CANADA: Gunman dressed in a police uniform goes on 12-hour rampage, killing sixteen!
The inside story of how Facebook went from idealism to scandal...
Big Business complains of labour shortage, high wages while 22 million Americans out of work!
Conor McGregor angered as migrant workers fly in as locals banned from loved ones’ funerals!
Twitter to remove harmful fake news about coronavirus
Violence looms as France’s drug dealers struggle due to Coronavirus shortages!
Paris riots: Chaos on streets as furious protestors clash with police
EU Commission boss issues another Coronavirus apology as bloc cracks!
Coronavirus kills 100,000 in Europe making it plague capital of the world!

Sunday 19 April

5G health risks - The war between technology and human beings!
'Suited svengalis' who help Chinese decide which British businesses to buy to be investigated!
Silk-tongued wheel-greasers are selling us out to despots, says MO, Tom Tugendhat
Government spent £16m on two million Chinese-made Coronavirus tests that didn't work!
Spain surpasses 20,000 Coronavirus deaths, 190,000 infections!
CORONAVIRUS: International flights bring 100,000 unchecked travellers a week to Britain!
Britain would be forced to subsidise EU response to coronavirus if it agreed to Brexit extension
Almost 250,000 people fled London ahead of coronavirus lockdown!
Hungry Chinese investors line up floundering British targets
The first reflex of the Chinese government is to lie!
Facebook will start warning people who ‘like’ or react to fake coronavirus news!
CORONAVIRUS: Britons over 70 could face lockdown until autumn of 2021!
EU will force UK to fund huge eurozone bailout if Brexit extension is agreed!
Who's asking about the fate those who dared to speak up about coronavirus when Beijing lied?
US lawyers sue China for TRILLIONS! Beijing allowed coronavirus to erupt then covered it up!
Coronavirus lockdown doesn’t stop 550 migrants crossing the Channel in rubber dinghies!
Teenager grilled by 11 barristers for 6 days and called a liar but still exposed Asian rape gangs!
Asylum seeker admits attempting to rape woman in Leeds
‘Who are they going to believe believe?’ – Cop threatens to ‘make something up’ to arrest man!
Why is the BBC spending our £3.8billion licence fee spreading left-wing fake news?
BBC bias! Former Labour MP Kate Hoey orders BBC to apologise live on air
ANTISEMITISM! Labour Party could be 'bankrupted' by multi-million pound lawsuits!
Democrat governors resist Trump's calls to 'liberate' amid huge protests
Senator Graham blasts Pelosi: 'She hates Trump to the point of hurting our own nation!'
In 1947, Zionist terror group, the Stern Gang, plotted to bomb London!

Saturday 18 April

81 percent of American adults think mass migration is a “threat!”
Twitter purged some high-profile conservatives and alternative media stars yesterday!
Seven arrests after 'illegal abattoir' found in Telford!
MS-13 gang member accused of murdering girl, 14, is an illegal immigrant!
Whistleblower gets £8 million after career ruined on exposing UK accountancy firm Ernst & Young
Coronavirus Lockdown and what you are not being told – Part 2
Coronavirus Lockdown and what you are not being told – Part 1
CORONAVIRUS: International flights bring 100,000 unchecked travellers a week to Britain!
More than 7,500 care home residents are now feared to have died from coronavirus!
Air filters will be installed on London buses after 26 transport workers die of coronavirus!
509,000 British businesses teetering on brink of collapse as coronavirus crisis bites!
WHO says 40,000 lives could be lost in first Coronavirus wave - TEN waves expected?
Hmm... Wuhan death toll leaps 50% after 'city-wide investigation!'
Is Europe's coronavirus death toll DOUBLE the official figures?
Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s chief public health officer, works for the World Health Organisation!
Farage says Trump is right on WHO, calls for boycott of Chinese products!
Former TV star says Trump’s name should appear on Coronavirus death certificates!
Trump vows to investigate Wuhan lab, Coronavirus bats!
George W. Bush Center says MORE globalisation is the answer to Coronavirus crisis!
Merkel voices ‘full support’ for W.H.O. After Trump freezes funding
Chinese Coronavirus is a man-made virus according to Luc Montagnier, who discovered HIV!
Muslim cleric thanks virus for closing cinemas/shops! Hopes Allah will use it to annihilate infidels!
US government experiments show Coronavirus can 'quickly' be destroyed by SUNLIGHT!
Ventilators are deathtraps? Doctors increasingly worried they may do more harm than good!

Friday 17 April

If things go wrong with a Bill Gates vaccine, he mustn't be prosecuted?
Bill Gates, the biggest p**** in the world?
Israel has a COVID-19 treatment with a 100% survival rate?
Sweden has shown how not to tackle coronavirus, as it fights now to save face!
Britain's Coronavirus infection rate is 'frightening' European leaders!
218 jailbirds, 82 staff test positive for coronavirus in 57 jails!
UK Border Officer begs for Coronavirus testing of airport arrivals
Dozens of asylum seekers at reception centres in France/Germany have Wuhan coronavirus!
Lindsey Graham: China is the largest state sponsor of pandemics — ‘They need to pay a price!’
Travellers WON'T be moved on during COVID-19 lockdown, despite crime double UK average!
Travellers invade posh Surrey town of Cobham (on doorstep of Chelsea FC's top stars)
UK criminals could dodge prosecution during Coronavirus pandemic!
CHORLEY: Burglars raid children’s hospice shop during lockdown closure
MERSEYSIDE MURDERS: Teen stabbed to death; man, 20, shot dead; woman, 52, found dead!
Savage follows woman into railway station toilet and demands sex!
LIVERPOOL: Ex-Councillor Roberts stood for Lib Dems two weeks after paedo sting trapped him!
Britain's foreign aid budget soared to a record £15.2billion in 2019!
336 people have crossed Channel into Britain this month! So much for Priti Patel's pledge!
Students in England 'pay more money for less tuition' than those in Scotland!
Destruction of the British family! The UK continues to see a dramatic fall in the marriage rate
Orban blames Soros for the attempt to push migrants through the Hungarian border!

Thursday 16 April

PETERBOROUGH: "It’s criminal!" 24 residents die of coronavirus in ONE care home!
#YouClapForMeNow shows that even coronavirus isn't safe from woke identity politics!
Wuhan lab cited two years ago for dangerous research on bats and coronavirus!
Trump is right to ditch the West's frighteningly naive stance on China
The World Health Organisation has come under China’s growing - and malign - influence!
Democrats rush to defend the WHO after Trump funding halt!
US investigates if COVID-19 escaped from Wuhan lab and China covered it up!
No human-to-human transmission! WHO parroted China lies as pandemic unfolded!
Senior Tories accuse Chinese of exploiting Coronavirus to dominate UK technology!
At long last, Daily Telegraph stops publishing propaganda from Chinese Communist Party!
Elderly doomed to die! COVID19 sufferers should only be treated in hospital ‘if appropriate?’
Patients with high blood glucose levels (diabetics) more likely to die from COVID-19!
Government's bungling of COVID19 crisis leaves us in a catastrophically bad situation?
Firms could go bust in days as only £8.7billion in emergency loans has been paid out!
UK firm offering a million coronavirus tests a week say Ministers have shunned them!
Britons furious as WHO warns against drinking alcohol amid COVID-19!
Farage will campaign to quickly retire ‘Police State’ Coronavirus powers!
Police State: Cops call for the right to invade private homes to bust up gatherings!
Polish lorry driver arrested trying to smuggle 30lbs of cocaine into UK in FACEMASKS!
Gillian Taylforth's ex-fiance arrested after police raid cannabis factory at his farm!
Jeffrey Epstein's victims could have chance to sue Prince Andrew
Priti Patel's pledge to crack down on migrants in tatters! 336 illegals crossed Channel this month!
Jean-Claude Juncker set to rake in thousands with Brexit-bashing speeches
Putin lays groundwork for the arrest of George Soros?

Wednesday 15 April

WHO blocked doctors from urging border controls to stop spread of Coronavirus!
INFOWARS versus Coronavirus, Gates, China, vaccines...
Bill Gates created coronavirus to microchip us? Roger says idea 'open for vigorous debate!'
Bill Gates EXPOSED!
CARE HOMES: 'Hidden epidemic' has already cost 4,000 lives!
Care questions rained in like tomahawks. No answers came!
A callous betrayal of our most vulnerable! The care home scandal
NHS hospitals have four times more empty beds than normal!
Donald Trump says World Health Organization put 'political correctness above lifesaving!'
Donald Trump pulls World Health Organisation funding and accuses body of virus 'cover-up!'
What is the World Health Organisation? Why has Trump stopped funding it?
State Department warned in 2018 that Wuhan lab testing bats had sloppy safety precautions!
USA: 7.5 million small businesses are at risk of closing!
EASTER WEEKEND: Just 19 patients treated in London's 4,000-bed NHS Nightingale hospital!
Andrew Neil says globalisation is in RETREAT - EU aims to end reliance on other nations!
Social distancing measures may stay in place until 2022
46% of British lorries are out of commission? Food crisis looms?
Sick kids, autistic people, the elderly pressured to sign ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ forms?
UK government buried 2016 report exposing catastrophic NHS failings during flu pandemic!
30% of Americans say Coronavirus was made in a lab - That number is about to grow!
Exercise Cygnus and how failing NHS foreshadowed Covid-19 reaction
Plane full of Romanian fruit pickers arrives tomorrow despite Covid-19 unemployment
Taiwan warned WHO of China's coronavirus cover-up in December!
Coronavirus lockdown: German lawyer detained for opposition!
FARAGE: We mustn’t accept a Brexit delay because of Coronavirus
Swedish writer says Boris caught Coronavirus deliberately for political gain!
Smoking marijuana could increase the risk of suffering severe complications from coronavirus!
Evan Williams, 79, tested negative twice for Covid-19 before dying after third test!
Immigrants arrested after 28 pharmacies robbed in Bordeaux!
Mugger drags pensioner in her 80s to the ground as he snatches her handbag!
SALFORD: Photo of man police wish to speak to in connection with rape of a 14-year-old!
How I know the Cyprus gang rape teenager is telling the truth
2,667 town hall employees across Britain are being paid salaries of more than £100,000 a year!
Marriages among opposite-sex couples fall to a record low
GUARDIAN ARTICLE: "White women use strategic tears to silence women of colour!"
GUARDIAN: "White women were colonisers too! We have to stop letting them off the hook!"
The Great Replacement in New York! 98% White in 1910, 32% White in 2020!
Princess Beatrice's wedding snubbed as royal warned 'nobody cares!'

Tuesday 14 April

Muslim population of the UK could triple to 13m following 'record' influx!
Bill Gates wants to vaccinate world but doesn't but won't be accountable when things go wrong!
Robert F Kennedy jnr. exposes Bill Gates’ vaccine agenda in scathing report!
People flood Bill Gates’ Instagram page calling for his arrest for ‘crimes against humanity!’
EU faces revolt as half of Italians now want to leave bloc in huge euroscepticism surge!
Chernobyl fire! Ukraine wildfires just a mile away from site of nuclear disaster!
Somali gang rapist whose deportation was blocked by air passengers to be freed on bail!
BELGIUM: 43 arrests after rioters stone police, fire shots from stolen service weapon!
'Bodies stored in a room at Detroit hospital and piled on top of each other in mobile morgue!'
Cops smash door in to check whether gent inside was social-distancing?
Ricky Gervais compares whining celebs 'in a mansion with a swimming pool' with NHS staff!
Edward Snowden says governments won't hand over new powers once pandemic is over!
Elderly in care homes are being abandoned like lambs to the slaughter!
Coronavirus is TEN TIMES deadlier than the 2009 swine flu pandemic which killed 200,000!
Coronavirus could be AIRBORNE! 'Nasty suspicion' about COVID-19 spread!
A third of NHS and critical workers tested have coronavirus!!!
EU meltdown: Pope says future of Europe at stake over coronavirus aid tensions!
French economist says EU risks ‘suicide’ and could collapse over Coronavirus!
Coronavirus scam! Criminals using UK lockdown as 'vast opportunity for fraud!'
NHS trials ‘Trump Pills’ to treat Coronavirus!
Sweden approves animal anaesthetic for Coronavirus cases!
Coronavirus is being 'airbrushed' off care home death certificates!
Eamonn Holmes blasted by ‘state narrative’ crowd who don't want us linking 5G and coronavirus!
The Great Sedition Trial of 1944!
WAR - America-style
N-Dubz rapper Dappy's former partner gets engaged to US triple-murderer she has never met!

Monday 13 April

British teenager at centre of Cyprus 'gang rape' scandal 'WAS telling the truth!'
Posting anti-vaccine propaganda on social media to be criminal offence?
ID2020 and partners launch program to provide digital ID with vaccines!
2019: Some NHS hospital trusts are having to spending one-sixth of their entire budget on repaying debts from Blair-era PFI policy!
EU supertrawlers plunder British waters as UK fleet struggles with coronavirus!
GLASGOW: Nadeem Anwar, who sells £750 coronavirus tests, admits they're not 100% accurate!
Britain’s Coronavirus death toll surpasses 10,000!
Horrifying number of COVID-19 deaths leaves body bag suppliers unable to meet demand!
Bill Gates issues terrifying insight into how coronavirus is changing the world
Trump's coronavirus underestimation threatens constitutional crisis, says NORMAN ORNSTEIN!
INDIA: Muslim who mocked masks, saying Allah would save him from coronavirus, gets it!
Coronavirus: Government 'close to lies' over coronavirus deaths
Coronavirus may be TWICE as infectious as thought - with one patient infecting 5.7 others!
Sweden imposes harsher coronavirus lockdown after backlash over soft approach!
Boris must stop temporary Coronavirus lockdown becoming permanent Big Government!
BORIS: ‘The NHS saved my life!’
Fears for cancer care as up to 2,000 referrals are missed every week
Why ARE we relying on China for vital gowns to protect frontline NHS staff?
MACRON: French President filmed scolding nurses!
Italian MEP sheds light on Germany's 'diabolical EU plan' to push own interests forward!
Syrian women call on Europe to deport all Syrian men back to Syria? "We need them here!”
SOUTH AFRICA: "We are coming for you and we are going to get everything that you own!"
How members of Labour’s senior management team campaigned to lose 2017 election!
Labour Party risks bankruptcy over antisemitism investigation, executive members fear!
Ex-Chancellor Philip Hammond bags FOURTH !job since leaving Parliament
NYT deletes tweet, stealth-edits article after excusing Biden sexual misconduct!

Sunday 12 April

From terminally divided EU to failing WHO, the fantasy of a new liberal world order is crumbling!
Legalising cannabis would result in soaring numbers suffering from schizophrenia/psychosis!
Female prison officers have been raped by inmates who self-identify as trans women!
Labour boss Keir Starmer ‘helped paedo Jimmy Savile evade justice?’
Starmer promotes MP who shared ‘abused girls need to shut mouths for good of diversity’ tweet!
Opening the door for more leeches to suck at the welfare state!
Wuhan's hidden death toll: Tests, suspicion and threats trying to uncover the truth!
Is Beijing covering up a real death toll of tens of thousands?
China clamps down on research into the origins of coronavirus
China muzzled scientist who unlocked genetic make-up of coronavirus - vital for tests/vaccines!
Iceland tests one-tenth of population for coronavirus - Only seven deaths in 1,600 cases!
European supertrawlers target UK waters as fishing industry struggles with coronavirus crisis!
'The NHS saved my life!' Boris 'came close to death?'
SWEDEN: Elderly Coronavirus patients will not be prioritised for intensive care!
Lance King gets 12 months after coughing in the face of two nurses in hospital!
19 NHS Workers die from Coronavirus amid shortage of PPE!
BILL GATES: "We need a global approach to fighting Covid-19 now!"
Wuhan lab performed coronavirus experiments on bats with a £3.7m grant from the USA!
The Left’s hate mob can’t stand that Boris worked himself into intensive care to fight virus!
HITCHENS: Matt Hancock is trying to run the UK like my 1950s prep school
Joel Hall gets six months for spitting at emergency worker while claiming to have coronavirus
Britain's ability to make vaccines fell short at a vital moment!
CRIME falls 21% but number of online paedophiles and domestic abuse are up!
Five Star movement members threaten to collapse Italian government!

Saturday 11 April

Courts open door for even more leeches to come feed off our welfare state!
Hospitals paid more to list patients as COVID-19? 3 times as much if patient goes on ventilator!
In the USA the COVID-19 death stats are being massaged UPWARDS?
ITALY: Over 99% of coronavirus patients who died had other health problems?
Every year we have new viruses, COVID-19 is no different!
Coronavirus: RMT union boss suspended over disparaging remarks on PM's health!
Coronavirus vaccine ready by September?
CORONAVIRUS: Normal life on hold for a year?
CORONAVIRUS: US records 2,000 deaths in 24 hours!
CORONAVIRUS: Britain records Europe's highest single-day death toll - 980!
Senior British academics share coronavirus conspiracy theories, including bioweapon!
BMA chief calls on government to find out why more BAME doctors die from coronavirus!
Union boss who'd ‘throw a party’ if BoJo died is suspended!
Top globalist promotes universal vaccine!
Gates’ vaccine push is 'ruthless, immoral' basis for reducing global population?
Dad told he can't sit in own front garden in latest absurd cop crackdown!
Councillor Salma Arif speaks up for immigrant children playing in streets during lockdown!
Farage says the Chinese are lining up for a ‘fire sale’ of UK businesses!
Residents ‘fear for their safety’ as crowds ignore lockdown rules and gather on Sheffield streets!
Finland latest country to receive faulty Chinese protective equipment
Labour boss Keir Starmer ‘helped paedo Jimmy Saville evade justice?’
Naz Shah got bailout worth tens of thousands of pounds when she first stood as an MP?
Dr Baljinder Ubhi 'cut corners' and misdiagnosed deadly blood poisoning in Gracie Foster, 4!
West Midlands cop, Stephen Shaw, 46, thought he was grooming a '12-year-old!'
EU fisheries war: Outrageous and 'costly' demand Brussels made to UK revealed!

Friday 10 April

Anthony Fauci sets stage for mandatory, lucrative vaccine
Dr. Anthony Fauci plotted ‘global vaccine action plan’ with Bill Gates!
1978: Lest we forget - Guerrillas slay 12 at Rhodesian mission school!
Gabriel Matzneff, the paedophile who was the toast of Paris!
USA: Doctor and husband murdered by daughter's boyfriend - who had moved in with them!
LONDON: Pensioner, 84, 'forced to eat from bin' after food delivery stolen from doorstep!
LITTLEJOHN: Why are politicians being paid MORE during lockdown?
Boris is worried lockdown has gone too far, but only he can end it!
EU ventilator scheme has produced no machines!
USA: Covid-19 death certificate guidance runs completely counter to 'precision and specificity!'
Black and Asian coronavirus patients ‘at higher risk of more severe illness?’
EU’s new Chief Scientist quits, blames extremely poor Coronavirus response!
French prostitutes demand Coronavirus cash bailout from government!
More than 1,000 people may have died from coronavirus in UK care homes!
'80% of us will get coronavirus,' says scientific adviser to the Government!
New York is the coronavirus epicenter of the world
Rapist, 68, released from 14-day quarantine! Harvey Weinstein survives coronavirus!
Thuggish MP, Jess Phillips, promoted to Sir Keir Starmer's top team!

Thursday 9 April

Two million pints of British milk down drain every week yet there's a shortage of milk in shops!
Drunken Lloyd Birkby (long history of domestic violence) gets just 5 years for killing girlfriend!
LEEDS: Zulfiqar Dad sentenced to 11 years for arson! He could have killed his own sons!
Woman discovers illegal immigrants - has stones thrown at her!
She plied her son, 15, with morphine, prescription painkillers and alcohol before he died!
MORECAMBE: 'Dark-haired men licked their hands and smeared them over food in supermarket!
Coronavirus: Sainsbury's forced to destroy items after savages 'smear saliva on food!'
Child rapist to be freed from prison to keep him safe from coronavirus!
LUTON: Care home rocked by coronavirus with 15 deaths during pandemic!
UK: 938 new Coronavirus deaths reported - Total now stands at 7,097!
Israeli author writes book on the 2020 pandemic - 23 YEARS AGO!
Stockholm no-go suburb most affected by Coronavirus!
Economists predict potential end of the Euro due to Coronavirus
Verhofstadt says coronavirus proves Brussels needs MORE POWER!
The staggering hypocrisy of the BBC!
HITCHENS: ‘The alleged cure is immensely worse than the disease!’
Fury as Asda/Sainsbury's stock up on imported POLISH beef while British farmers struggle!
Pope Francis criticises European leaders for 'Hitler-style' populism! (Globalist c***!)
Hungary’s pro-family policy is working, births up 9.4%!
26,000+ Britons sign up to pick fruit and vegetables
Manchester cops called out to 660 house and street parties on Saturday and Sunday!
Billionaires furlough their staff! Mike Ashley betrayed Newcastle's charity work - Spurs boss Joe Lewis, a tax exile in Bahamas, owns a £100m yacht!
Gordon Brown's catastrophic gold deal exposed! Worth £14BILLION more today!
Tucker Carlson: Dr. Anthony Fauci shouldn't be making economic decisions
Alec Baldwin: ‘If you vote for Trump again, you are mentally ill!’
There will not be funding for W.H.O. in next appropriations bill?
Netanyahu delves in ‘deep state’ delusions - Ultra-Orthodox politicians botch Coronavirus!
75% of Jerusalem Coronavirus cases are Haredi!
Israel's right-wing annexationists: Beware the wrath of Trump!
Trump’s economic approval rating hits highest level ever
Bernie Sanders wasted over $160 million on failed Presidential campaign!
CNN’s Chris Cuomo caught deceptively editing Trump briefing

Wednesday 8 April

Sheila Oakes, Labour Mayor of Heanor, says Boris 'completely deserves' his coronavirus battle!
Britain could suffer 66,000 deaths in the first wave of Coronavirus outbreak?
USA: 1,939 Coronavirus deaths in 254 hours!
Coronavirus: Italy’s death toll now exceeds 17,000!
"Infectious, transmissible cancer, and (in 2009) Tony Faucci made it all go away!"
Bill Gates, Jeffrey Epstein and 'Systemic Plandemic!'
Top bankers finally take a pay cut in face of coronavirus! (But not at Lloyds, HSBC or RBS!)
FARAGE: Huawei 5G the price for China’s Coronavirus aid?
OKLAHOMA: Judge removes kids from home - Mom’s medical work exposes her to COVID-19!
Trump offers Boris Coronavirus drugs not available through British Health provider!
Countries that combat Covid-19 with TB vaccine have TEN TIMES fewer cases!
WUHAN: Blood donation coronavirus treatment cures patients in days?
Wuhan funeral homes burned Coronavirus victims alive?
Iran’s Health Ministry says China’s Coronavirus numbers are a ‘bitter joke!’
CORONAVIRUS: Where have all the heart attacks gone?
Human impact on wildlife to blame for spread of viruses, says study
New York state faces $6.1 billion budget hole next year!
When a real crisis hits, transgender silliness is revealed for what it is
Police need spit hoods to protect them from Coronavirus attacks
French police attacked in multiple cities despite lockdown measures!
USA: Muslim savage stabs four innocent women, killing 3, for no apparent reason!
Sturgeon's 'poisonous' independence dream in tatters as Labour rule out vote under Starmer!
Soros-funded group pushes nationwide drop boxes for voting!
Jews hail Keir Starmer for ‘achieving more in 4 days than Corbyn did in 4 years!’
Intimate partner violence in interracial couples...

Tuesday 7 April

Boris Johnson in ‘intensive care!’
Covid-19 had us all fooled, but now we might have found its secret!
COVID-19 - Anti-viral drug, Remdesvir, provides hope of MAJOR breakthrough!
ITALY: No doubt virus was brought here from China - The Communist government is to blame!
Millions of Chinese-made Coronavirus tests bought by British government don't work!
Coronavirus Conspiracy: COVID-19 will seize your rights and destroy our economy
4,000 prisoners to be released early to curb Coronavirus in jails!
'What do you have to lose?' Trump talks up hydroxychloroquine for Covid-19 treatment!
More than 26,000 join UK's land army to pick fruit and vegetables at farms across Britain!
UKRAINE: Soros-funded ACLU wants serial drunk-driver freed - Might get Coronavirus!
Keith Rizzo stabbed girlfriend, Neomi Smith, 32 times for dancing with another man!
Just 30 weeks jail for Albanian gang behind £212,000 cannabis farm in Stockton!
Third immigrant arrested following terrorist knife rampage in France!
Mexican Navy seizes 25 tons of fentanyl from China in single raid!
EU to approve bugs for human consumption!

Monday 6 April

Boris will pull out of Huawei 5G contract due to CCP misinformation? RESULT!
Brussels becomes first major city to halt 5G due to health effects!
'Racially motivated' robbery/murder: Andrew Graham killed 11 years ago - Terrell Jones arrested
Italian nurse murders doctor girlfriend after accusing her of giving him coronavirus!
CORONAVIRUS: Man arrested after 8 ambulances vandalised and forced out of service!
Leaders of Belgium's ISLAM Party openly brag of turning Belgium into an Islamic State!
Scotland's chief medical officer TWICE ignored her own warnings to visit family's second home!
Coronavirus: Scotland's chief medical officer resigns over lockdown trips!
ITALY: The virus was brought here from China - The Communist government is to blame!
Things won't change until Bill Gates and co. vaccinate the whole world!
David Icke on the Covid-19 'scam' and 5G
CORONAVIRUS: Boris Johnson admitted to hospital!
CORONAVIRUS: Sweden may release illegal immigrants set for deportation!
Fury erupts at Beijing's coronavirus disinformation
Cancer and other chronically ill patients could die as resources divert to coronavirus sufferers!
Scientists slam Woody Harrelson, Calum Best and Lee Ryan for blaming coronavirus on 5G!
Why women are better than men at beating the coronavirus
‘In this lockdown, dissent is a moral duty!’
Sweden's Prime Minister Stefan Lofven warns citizens to prepare for thousands of deaths!
53 illegal immigrants brought ashore despite pandemic
NHS nurse quits after being ordered not to wear a mask!
Police are wielding powers they do not have, with vanishingly little public scrutiny

Sunday 5 April

FRANCE: African Muslim kills two, wounds seven in terrorist knife attack!
January 2020: Murder, knife crime and violence soars in Birmingham
Italian nurse strangles doctor to death after falsely accusing her of giving him coronavirus!
CONFLICT OF INTEREST? Bill Gates Foundation gave Chris Whitty $40m research grant!
92 per cent of England’s 3,939 coronavirus deaths so far are aged over 60!
5G mast coronavirus conspiracy theories 'utter rubbish', states medical chief!
VIENNA: Police targeted in multiple Coronavirus spitting attacks!
Did coronavirus leak from a research lab in Wuhan?
'It's a fact!' BBC's Chris Mason scolds Labour for denying COVID-19 is a 'Chinese virus!'
Amir Khan says coronavirus is 'man-made' to 'keep everyone inside while they test 5G!'
Scientists slam Woody Harrelson, Calum Best and Lee Ryan for blaming coronavirus on 5G!
Our police must stop acting like power mad Hodges in Dad's Army, says DAVID DAVIS!
EU President apologises to Italy as anger against political bloc grows!
Harold MacMillan dithered as 'Asian Flu' virus killed 33,000 Britons 63 years ago
'We are facing the biggest financial crash for 100 years!'
Hungary taxes multinational chains, banks to fund health worker bonuses!
Boris refuses to bow to pressure to extend Brexit transition period!
Blair government helped Putin's 'biggest enemy,' brutish Oligarch, Boris Berezovsky!
Google/Facebook sued for weaponised AI tech transfer, endangering humanity with misuse of AI!
Jeffrey Epstein's harem of hell! Courtney was just 14!
Jan 2020: Why Sir Keir Starmer would be a total disaster for Labour
The Cloward-Piven strategy

Saturday 4 April

The swine flu fraud of 1976 exposed on '60 Minutes!'
BOLTON: Somali immigrant stabbed little Emily to death as she rode her scooter in park!
BIRMINGHAM: Savage sexually assaults teenager on top deck of city centre bus!
Fear of race accusation saw cops/prosecutors/social services ignore Muslim paedos for decades!
French gangs indulge in machete street brawl despite lockdown!
USA: Savannah Adams, 5, suffered a 'horrible death!' Ethan Gathright arrested and charged
Pakistan: Death sentence of Muslim who beheaded journalist Daniel Pearl reduced to 7 years!
Cops hunt coronavirus distraction raiders who preyed on old lady! (One had an 'olive' skin)
5G masts burn as network providers deny claims that 'radiation sparked coronavirus!'
Four NHS staff die in 24 hours on coronavirus frontline!
Aircraft hangers prepared to store bodies of up to 6,000 coronavirus victims!
Like working in a war zone! Care homes unprepared for coronavirus as elderly are left to die!
1.9 MILLION Brits could have Covid-19?
UK announces 684 more coronavirus victims! Total death toll reaches 3,605!
Wuhan residents believe Coronavirus is 100 TIMES WORSE than Chinese Government says!
Coronavirus: Tensions soar between China and US after ‘coverup’ claim!
Molecular biologist says Coronavirus could have leaked from Wuhan biolab!
EU panic: Brexit Britain's future terrifies 'scared and nervous' bloc!
Democrats ‘salivating’ over Coronavirus as opportunity to ‘decapitate’ US economy?
Pharmacists see spike in threats and violence during Coronavirus pandemic!
Spain bought 640,000 faulty coronavirus tests from China that can’t tell if a patient is sick!
CORONAVIRUS: 100 mourners (MP Tahir Ali included) defy Birmingham's 6-person funeral limit!
USA: Savage who says he has Coronavirus deliberately sneezes on shop employee!
2013: RAMZPAUL on Nationalism!
Defy the lockdown and we'll introduce more restrictions!
As Irish Catholics locked out of churches at Easter, Muslims worship IN CHURCH with Priest!
‘Smell of failure!’ Farage shocked UK still has no travel bans, says Health Secretary must go!
Hundreds of journalists labelled 'non-essential' and laid off!
Government beg for antigen/antibody kits after prior offers of help ignored!
Outrage as billionaire Philip Green asks for taxpayer help to pay wages of 14,500 workers!
Soros groups pushing Democrat scheme for mail-in voting!
USA: Smithfield foods to be sold to Chinese firm for $4.72 billion!
Trump-hating Nevada Governor, Steve Sisolak, found hoarding Coronavirus drug!

Friday 3 April

BBC local radio stations to broadcast Islamic prayers from tomorrow morning!
Welsh Labour is using Coronavirus to sneak through 'votes for prisoners!'
UK: 569 more coronavirus victims taking total fatalities to 2,921!
US Navy sacks commander who reported COVID-19 outbreak aboard aircraft carrier!
Mum of twin boys, 6, dies of coronavirus despite no underlying health conditions!
Criminals are now adapting and taking advantage of Coronavirus!
WRITE OFF! Emergency worker’s car covered in black paint while he was working!
How to spread coronavirus - DELIBERATELY!
BERLIN: ‘A lot worse than I imagined,’ says idiot Mayor who intentionally caught Coronavirus!
Smokers less likely to be hospitalised with COVID-19?
'People are dying left and right' - Inside New York's coronavirus battle!
New York doctor on the 'apocalyptic' reality of the frontline fight against coronavirus!
Coronavirus has revealed 'fundamental flaws' in EU project!
Morgue the size of two football pitches being built in London!
'There have been NO proven infections while shopping or at the hairdressers!'
Our health officials ignored call to prepare for pandemic testing back in 2005!
Lack of investment in mass testing was a mistake?
Putin will use 60 tons of medical supplies as propaganda? Trump says it's a 'nice gesture!'
To Swedes, it’s the rest of the world engaging in a reckless experiment!
China now on UN Human Rights Council panel! Gets to choose UN’s HR investigators!
300,000+ paedos pose threat to children in the UK!
3 years on, the beast who killed a Stretford grandma is atill out there!
Gary Lineker warns against judging Premier League footballers who refuse pay cuts?

Thursday 2 April

The Government is lying? YOU CANNOT CATCH CORONAVIRUS?
THEY want the financial system collapsed to be replaced by One World Government!
Rescuing the harvest! Nearly 10,000 Brits apply for picking jobs!
UK - 563 coronavirus deaths and 4,324 cases in 24 hours!
UK could be “on and off lockdowns over the course of the next year?”
EU will ‘cease to exist’ over Coronavirus response failure!
Swedish pro-migrant protest violates Coronavirus crowd ban!
MELBOURNE: Cops let a 30-guest wedding go ahead despite 5-guest only rule!
Israel’s Health Minister tests positive for Coronavirus?
‘Concealing the truth’ Chinese whistleblower speaks out on COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan!
Economists predict potential end of the Euro due to Coronavirus!
When did we become a country so happy to surrender its liberties?
Staggering incompetence of our public health fatcats!
Boris can't claim EU unemployment rescue cash despite UK's budget contributions!
British Airways 'to suspend 36,000 staff!
CORONAVIRUS: NY releases level 3 sex offenders convicted of raping minors!
CORONAVIRUS - FBI raids Orthodox Jews for stealing/hoarding thousands of medical masks?
Det. Ch. Insp. Caroline Goode solved Britain's most notorious honour killing!
South London bloodbath: Six people arrested after two people murdered!
Tomas Macionis stabbed to death in Walthamstow
Top barrister, Rashid Ahmed, headbutted female lawyer! No jail! Not struck off!
Prince Andrew’s pal and Epstein ‘madam’ Ghislaine Maxwell to reveal all to the FBI?
Jewish community to get £14 million Government grant for security!

Wednesday 1 April

British officials dole out our cash in Pakistan! £1,000,000,000+ of it!
UK: Attitudes to the elderly are mostly negative, they're seen as a burden on society!
Slovakian Gypsy says 'granny wanted me to become a prostitute at age 6 - just like my mum!'
Creepy stalker, Haider Akbar, jailed for terrifying campaign against his ex-girlfriend!
Thornton, Leicestershire: Vandals wreck the car of Cronavirus heroine!
Coronavirus bill allows powers-that-be to detain/isolate members of the public indefinitely?
Nearly a FIFTH of UK firms could shut within four weeks!
Coronavirus does spread through the air and lingers in rooms!
The anatomy of COVID19 - Dr. Kaufman says virus is a byproduct of stress/illness!
CORONAVIRUS: Statistical comparisons...
Former Vodaphone boss says Coronavirus is caused by 5G!
Brighton gay Pride going ahead despite coronavirus lockdown? How come?
The anatomy of COVID19 - Dr. Kaufman says virus is a byproduct of stress/illness!
The coronavirus lockdown threatens to do far more damage than the disease itself!
CORONAVIRUS: EU lawmakers pressure UK to extend Brexit transition!
DIY home abortion allowed during Coronavirus crisis?
8% of middle-aged Coronavirus infected in their 50s will end up in hospital?
CORONAVIRUS: Billionaire with nasty eyes warns against scapegoating Asian-Americans/Jews!
Dark day for France as a record 499 people die from coronavirus!
Hungary to UN: If you can’t help us fight pandemic, get out of the way!
‘This is what a Police State is like’: Ex-Supreme Court Justice sounds alarm on Lockdown!
Damning truth about the nation's testing scandal: UK is lagging behind!
Idaho first state to ban trans athletes from competing in female sports!
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are acting like 'spoilt defiant teenagers!'

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