Daily News - April 2007

Young Pupils Must be Given Lessons in Equality
They must be brainwashed more like!
Father Appeals to Japs for Help in Catching his Daughter’s Killer
Gay Man Takes Bishop to Court Claiming Discrimination
Bush Attacks Iran over Captives
SNP Continues to Top Opinion Polls
Tebbit Supports EU Exit Campaign
Iraqi Civilian Deaths up by 13% in March
BLAIR WARS: Another British Soldier Dies in Iraq
The Welsh are Getting Their Prescription Charges for Free!
War with Iran Coming Soon?
Jewish website stirring it up?
Black Riots in France
Black Heroin Dealers Jailed in Swindon
Londoners Still Feeling Stressed After Muslim Bombings
80-Year-Old Stabbed in Own Home by Black and White
Gordon Brown’s Lot are Lying says CBI Boss
Primary Schools Becoming Boot Camps for Kiddies
Holocaust Lessons Dropped Because Muslims Kids May React Badly
And not because it’s wrong to brainwash British kids with 61-year-old bulls***!
Universities Secretly Snubbing the Better-Off
Black Murder Gang Sought: Black Killer in Custody
Snarling Slovakian Madman Ate Pensioner’s Thumb!
Rape: Asians Sought
Yet Another Organisation Founded to Support Refugees
To support the ethnic cleansing of the Brit from his own homeland more like
Seized Crew Admit Trespass
Gordon Brown’s Mob are Lying over Pensions
Blair Government Faked Iran/Iraq Map
Black Stabs White Ex in Front of her Daughter
Asian Detective Sues Daily Mail
BLAIR WARS: Two More British Soldiers Killed in Iraq
Asian Youths Murder Pensioner
Unemployed Rumanians and Bulgarians Camping Out in Hyde Park
Teenager Raped by Asian Pretending to be Cabbie
The Cops are Letting Rapists and Paedos Go Free!
Somalian Steamers Terrorised the Rail Network
Ex-Labour Boss on Fraud Charge
1 in 10 Teachers is Injured by Pupils
18-Year-Old Black Skunk Addict Murdered Grandma
British Blacks are 18 Times More Likely to be Nuts than British Average!
Asian Drug Gang Jailed Burgled by Asians
Asians Target Prostitute’s Clients
74% of Britons Think the UK is More Dangerous Than it was 5 Years Ago
Of course it is. Blair is lying when he says it isn’t
Privatised NHS Phone Service Set to Rise by 160%
Our Australian Health Sec "Apologies" for Junior Doctor Screw Up
Barrow Council’s Catalogue of Failings Led to 180 Legionnaire Cases
"Asian or Black" Committed Serious Sexual Assault Upon Rochester Woman
BA the Worst in Europe for Losing Passengers’ Luggage
1 in 5 Brits Set to Face a Shameful Death
Acid Attack by Black: Victim Could be Blinded
So we Didn’t All Emerge "out of Africa" Then!
Polish Career Criminal Rapist Raped a Young Girl Here!
Black Footballer Jailed for His Part in Robbery and Murder
Asian Triple Rapist Sought
3 More Asians Charged with 7/7 Bombings
US Helicopter Downed in Iraq
BLAIR WARS: Four UK soldiers killed in Iraq
4 Cops Sent to Deal with 11-Year-Old who Called Classmate "Gay"
Pakistani Jailed for Groping Shopworker
Priest has Sex With Polish Murder Victim
Foreign Manslaughter Man Walks Free: He Threatened People with Machete
18-Year-Old Girl Raped by Asian
£1 Million Cannabis Factory Found: 6 Orientals Arrested
Rik Mayall in Race Row
Asian Thug Jailed
2000 Poles Migrate to Llanelli
The First Slaves in America were British and White
Easter Holidays to be Banned!
Hideous Race Murders Enrage Whites
Those on Benefit Will Face Thought Police Lie Detectors
Seven Commit Suicide in One British Jail
Italian Cops Were Beyond Control
Church Under Siege
Pole who Raped and Attempted Murder to be Extradited
Black Murder and Robbery Gang Jailed
Croney with Close Links to Gordon Brown Appointed BBC Chairman
73-Year-Old Brutally Attacked
Yet again the BBC chooses not to tell us that the gang was Asian
Teenage Mugging Victim Hears Friend Being Mugged on Mobile Phone
Nothing Prepared me for the Violence in London's Schools
The Daily Mail does not bother to tell the world that the animal kids are black
Hospital Kept me Waiting for Hours as I Miscarried
More than 1,000,000 Immigrants can Vote in Our Elections!
The 1,000,000 figure does not count EU Nationals!
BLAIR WARS: The Reality
BBC Reporter Feared Executed by Fanatics
Frogs Prepare Sangatte Mark II
A "SHAMEFUL" amount of NHS money has been Wasted!
9-out-of-10 Brits say Community Life is Breaking Down!
Coroner Attacks "Inexcusable" US
Private Prisons Exposed
Germans Shoot at Black "Targets"
Bonehead Browne Says Sorry in Parliament
Benn Criticises War on Terror
Government Cuts Squeezing the Life out of NHS
11,000 Less NHS Workers in Just 3 Months
Nurses Condemn NHS Health Cuts
Sperm Can be Made From Bone Marrow
That’s it for we men, then!
NHS Will not be Free in Future
Civilians Main Casualties in Iraq
At Least 43 Killed in Iraq Suicide Attacks
BLAIR WARS: 2 Brits Die in Iraq Helicopter Crash
BLAIR WARS: US Friendly Fire on Brits Unlawful
BLAIR WARS: Suicide Attack on Iraq Holy City
Jewish Oligarch Blair Gave Asylum to is "Plotting New Russian Revolution"
Britain’s Fight Against Drugs a Total Failure!
23,200 NHS Jobs Lost in 18 Months
Black Man Rapes Woman with Baby
Bush Meets New Poodle
Politically Correct Cops Hiring Inadequate Police Officers
2 Asians Rape 32-Year-Old
21-Year-Old Brutally Raped by Foreigner
13-Year-Old Brutally Beaten Up by 4 Asian Men
Asian Indecently Assaults 15-Year-Old
Black Gunman Shot at Cops
Black Murderer jailed for 35 Years
Cheating Asian Estate Agent Jailed for 8 Months
4 Africans Jailed for Gang Rape of Teenager
They filmed the attack
Black PC Assaults Woman in Supermarket
Britons Commit Islamophobia by Looking at Muslims!
Brian Ferry Says Nazis were Amazing
Asians Plead Guilty to Abducting 13-Year-Old
Black Muslim Hate Merchant Fights to Stay in Britain
TB Cases Rising
Robert Douglas Zipfel Charged with Raping 9-Year-old Girl
Zipfel? Common British name, huh?
Blair Crowds Ever More People into Britain
Racist Asian Doc Attacks Black Saleswoman
NHS Care Left to Student Nurses
Another Foreign Female Wants a Nice Little Earner for "Sexism"
She didn’t like being asked to wash up, apparently
Asian Immigrant Slaughters 32 Students in America
Gordon Brown Faces no-Confidence Debate
Blair Says his Legacy will "Stand the Test of Time"
It sure will, you lunatic creep, to the eternal detriment of the decent people of the earth
Labour’s Popularity Plunges to Lowest in 20 Years
Black African HIV Rapist Jailed for Second Rape
Black PC Tagged for Assault
Bees in Decline 1
Bees in Decline 2
Bees in Decline 3
Asian Admits to Samantha’s Murder
Miliband Won’t Run Against Gordon
No Jewish PM until Brown retires then
EU Unfair to UK Fishing Crews
BLAIR WARS: Dead Soldier Named
First Picture of the Asian Immigrant Slaughterer
EU Aims to Criminalise the Tellingof Certain Truths
Blair Promoted Black Says the BNP Should be Treated as "Less than Human"
Asian gets Just 12 Months for £150,000 Scam
Cops Seek Vicious White Racist Thug: Aged 9
Asian Child Sex Fiend Gets Three Years
Judge Orders Sex Attack Asylum Seeker Freed
Disabled War Widow Plagued by Burglars Jailed for Council Tax non-Payment
15-Year-Old Raped by Black
Uncontrolled Immigration Will "Damage" Poorer Areas
THEY should’ve figured that out 50 years ago
Asian Youths Attack Woman
UK Has Worst Drug Problem in Europe
Reading is the Worst Place to Bring Up a Family
Greek Denies Murdering British Teenager
Gays Focus on Stopping the BNP
New Labour Minister Admits Immigration has Left Our Country Deeply Unsettled
Asian Travel Agent Jailed for £500,000 Fraud
THEY Knew the Immigrant Slaughterer Was a Nut!
BLAIR WARS: More than 170 Dead in Iraq!
Commandos Remembered
THEY Deliberately Used Infected Blood on Children and Haemophiliacs
Patients at Risk of Malnutrition
Sellafield Body Parts Illegally Removed
Health Bodies in Debt
The Lunatic Bureaucracy Crippling Our Police
Black Attacks 15-Year-Old Girl in Park
Crooked Asian Doc Forced to Repay £1 Million
POPE SAYS: Europeans are on Their Way Out!
EU Set to Criminalise Racial Hatred
Oriental Nut Videoed Himself After Killing the FirstVictims
The Immigrant Nut Slaughterer Behind the Campus Killings
BLAIR WARS: Nearly 200 Killed in Baghdad
BLAIR WARS: Political Paralysis in Iraq
NHS Consultant Contract Attacked
Stupid Blairite Says Iraq Has Never Been Part of the War on Terror
HRT Ovarian Cancer Risk
Haemophiliac Deaths Aviodable
BLAIR WARS: Liverpool Boy’s Funeral
Consultant Pay is Up But Patients have Seen no Benefit
Black Hepatitis Doctor Jailed
Bernard Matthews Bird Flu Firm Gets £600,000 Compensation!
Rape Revealed Human Trafficking
US Soldier’s Murder Trial Begins
Asian Child Sex Fiend Gets 3 Years
6-Black Attack
Asian Doc Wrote More than 20,000 False Prescriptions
Black Man Indecently Assaults 15-Year-Old
African Immigrant with HIV Sentenced to 11 Years for Rape
Artist’s Impression of 2 Black Thugs

Asian Charged with Rape
Teenage Black Throttled and Raped but Gets 6 Years Only
Asian Councillor Accused of Benefit Fraud Complains
2 Teenage Asians Assault Woman
Black Man Rapes 15-Year-Old
Two More Soldiers Killed in Iraq
£400,000 Statue of Black Communist Mandela to be Erected in Trafalgar Square
Blacks call for Annual Slavery Day
For free handouts and to rub Whitey’s nose in it, one presumes
Look What the Latvians did to Dorothy
And they only got 2 years 8 months
Asian Gang Rapist Gets 7 Years
Black Strangler Rapist Gets Just 6.5 Years
Healthy Eating Scheme: Toxic Chemicals in Kiddie’s Fruit
Mad Oriental Shot Brit 3 Times
CPS Handed "Cash for Honours" File
Foreign Lawyer Jailed for Smuggling Dope into Prison
Child Sex Abuse Internet Sites Have Quadrupled in 3 Years
Immigrants Ruining British Way of Life
Government Planning ASBOS for Teens who Don’t want to Stay in Education Until 18!
Foreigner Gets 13 Months for Doing This
Alien Threat to Native Flowers
Migration Tipping Point Reached
Contaminated Lettuce Recalled for Shops
Disintegration Fears over Migration
Worldwide the Biggest Killer of Young People is the Motor Vehicle
BLAIR Will Have no Referendum on EU Changes
Which means a large increase in postal vote scamming, of course
The Great Deception: Immigration 25 Times Higher Than Ever Before
Sri Lankans in Card Cloning Scam at Petrol Stations
Young Muslim Boy Beheads Man
Foreign Pimps on Trial
Teacher’s Go On Courses to Help Pupils CHEAT!
Home Sec Will Delay Early Release of Convicts to Save Face
Women who Give Birth Over 30 Double the Risk of Breast Cancer
We Import Foreign Docs then Tell Our Own to Work Abroad for Charity!
MP’s Bid to Keep Their Wages Secret is Blocked
Ecstasy Kills Woman
Hilary Benn Defends Government’s
NHS Record: Gets Heckled

Millions In Iraq to get Measles Jab
They’re Not Gettnig The Turn-em-into-a-Zombie Jab Then?
Doctors Attack Government’s Gambling Policies
There are Between 1 and 3.5m people who Appear on the Electoral Roll Even Though They are Ineligible
"The government has down-played (electoral fraud) in order to extend postal voting, which benefits Labour candidates"
BNP Vicar "Seeks Refuge from Political Correctness"
The Reverend West is clearly a future Archbishop of Canterbury
Creepy Blunkett Says: Give Poor Whites Council Homes
Which he should’ve been saying all along
Traitor Blair Warns Wigan: Don’t Vote BNP
Immigrants are Good for Swansea Says Plaid Cymru Councillor
Black Drugs Baron Jailed for 7 Years
Asian Minicab Rapist Jailed for 12 Years
Cadbury Faces Salmonella Action
Hunt for Takeaway Gunmen
Boy (almost certainly black) Stabs Girl he was With
French Have Choice of a Woman or a Half Jewish Hungarian immigrant for President
Fresh Calls for Butcher Wolfowitz to Quit Top Job
Iraqi PM Wants Americans to Pull Down Their Wall
Take a Baby, Kill Him, Dump Him in a Drain: Get Manslaughter Only
His Christian names were SHERWAIN and McCoy! What else do you expect!
3 Muslims Urged Holy War on Web
15.2 Million People Came to London in 2006
I wonder how many left
Black Gang Linked to Robberies and Violent Assault
Blair Hails Yeltsin’s "Vital Role"
Of course he does. Yeltsin Gave Russia’s Money to the Jewish Oligarchs
Mad Pole Chops off his own Pole in Posh London Restaurant
Foreigner Accused of Attempted Rape
3 Women Robbed at Knifepoint by Blacks
Algerian Illegal Immigrant Jailed for £100,000 Fraud
St George is the Patron Saint for Black Men and Fighting Fascism
Says Black Councillor in Black Newspaper
More Illegal Immigrants Found Working in Home Office
Man Must go Blind to Get NHS Help
Jap Pervert Killer CLEARED of Killing Lucie!
Conservative Councillor Arrested Over Corruption
Black Teens Held Over Stab Murder
BLAIR WARS: Dead Soldier Named
Contaminated Heroin Kills 5 in South-West
BLAIR WARS: B Liar Defends his Warmongering Role
The Greens go Pink!
Another Minister Heckled by NHS Staff
Our Trainee Doctors WILL GO ABROAD!
Death Lottery in NHS Hospitals
BLAIR WARS: 9 US Soldiers Killed in Iraq Attack
Half the Foreign Lorries Tested on British Roads Found to be Dangerous
Two Stabbed by Black Gang
Black Robs 13-Year-Old at Gunpoint
Force Supermarkets to Show Bias Towards EthnicsSays Top Brit-Hater
They do it already, Trev
Redbridge Youths Blamed for Violence
The paper doesn’t mention that the "youths" are black
Anti-Terror Raids: 6 Ethnics Questioned
Priest Accused of Sexual Abuse for 30 Years
Many Dead in Fresh Iraq Attacks
US Marines Devalued Iraqis’ Lives
Miners’ Compensation Exploited by Unscrupulous Solicitors
Shakespeare said: Let’s Kill All the Lawyers
Failed Asylum Seeker Scams Bank Customers

Links to Russian Mafia and does NOT go to jail!
Failed Asylum Seeker Admits Knife Attack
Government Cash for Mosques
Asian Faces Retrial for Sexual Assault
Large Gang of Asians and Blacks Attack Schoolboy
Black Woman-Stabber Sought
Black Drug Addict Sex Attacker Jailed
Old Black Bloke Found Guilty of Sexually Assaulting Girl – Again!
Somali Immigrant Raped 23-Year-Old
Asians on Bus Force Kids to Hand Over Wallets
Britain at Risk from TB Timebomb
Asians Rape Woman
Mum Crushed by Iraqi Doc Fights On
The car-crush Doc was not Jailed!
Two Blacks One White Break in Rape Teenagers
Channel 4 Sympathises with Paedophiles
Black Shoots Man in Face
Black Dads Must Take More Responsibility
Some f***ing hopes!
Major Union Launches Anti-Brit Leaflet
Yet Another Asian Councillor (Lib Dem) Guilty of Electoral Fraud
White Schoolgirl Stabbed by Blacks
Blair Rejects Leak Enquiry Call
Home Sec Cannot Guarantee 100% Success Against Terrorists
British Nationalists Could!
Black Gang Attack Asian Family

Edward HeathWAS a Fairy!
UN Criticises Iraq’s Human Rights
600 People Warned Over TB Nurse
BLAIR WARS: Bodies of Soldiers Returned
Migrants Deceived and Exploited New Labour
Burying Bad News on Schools

Until after the local elections!
75-Year-old Grandma Sets up Home with Black African Toyboy
Waiting List for a Council House in Oldham has Doubled in 5 years
And we all know why!
Hate Mail Sent to BNP Candidate
Asian Councillor Arrested in Vote Fraud
5 Blacks Rape 13-Year-Old
Conservative Council Orders Pub to Remove English Flag
Asian Gang Fight
Labour Poll Disaster

London’s Most Violent Gang of Train Muggers Jailed
US Army Eploited Tillman Death
BLAIR WARS: Another Sacrifice for Us to Remember
Zimbabwean Immigrant Rapist Jailed for 6.5 Years
Stabbed by Black Men
Black Tries to Abduct 14-Year-Old
Romanians and Bulgarians Flooding in
60,000 arrived between December and February!
Gay Mass and Ministry to Homosexuals
Pensioner Kicked Like a Rag Doll by Black Women
He was then robbed by a black MAN
Police May Force Ethnic Minority Promotions

That’s what top Asian cop, Tariq Ghaffur, says anyway
Huge Rise in Foreign Students
Black Police Association Fund Frozen: Mismanagement or Fraud?
"Improper activities" are suspected
Terminally Ill Brian Had his Jaw Broken by a Gypsy: Now he Faces Prosecution!
Another Shopkeeper gets Her Collar Felt for Selling Golliwogs
But you can sell a rap album calling for white folk to be murdered
Black Murderer Jailed for Life
Hundreds Gather to Mourn Soldier
15-Year-Old Who Stabbed Grandma WANTED JAIL!
10 F***ing years too late, you traitorous creep! 10 Years too late!
White Men Stabbed in Woolwich: One Dies
Woolwich is a black area
Traitor Blair Admits Be-Nice-to-the-Yob Policy Misguided
He’s only admitting this to embarrass hug-a-hoodie Cameron
Asian Racists Sent to Jail for Race hate Calls
Election Fraud is Now so Great that Photo ID Urgently Needed!
Election Fraud is so Great because of Governmental and Asian Cheating
Crackdown on Massively Corrupt Postal Practices by MPs
Siobahn McDonagh, MP, used £50,000 of postage
Asians in Court Charged with Raping 17-Year Old German Girl
Money Laundering: Asian Businessman’s Premises Raided
Aoan Gonzalez and Mohammed Shojai Jailed for Rape and Sexual Assault
Immigrant Violence Claims Rejected by Tony Crony
Blacks Kill Again
Travellers Kill Asian
Archbishop Sorry over Priestly Child Abuse
Doctors Call for Hewitt to Resign
Britain’s Reputation Suffered "Severe Damage" Because of Tony B Liar’s Decision
Experts Clash on Powerline Safety
BLAIR WARS: At Least 55 Killed in Karbala, Iraq
Rapist Doll on Sale in High Street!
And you can’t buy a golliwog for fear of being prosecuted!
Labour "Chase" the Postal Votes

Irish Cardinal – Britain’s top Catholic wants an Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants
Human Ash Used to Grit Pathways
Liverpool Wants 17m Asylum Seeker Contract
Now Muslims Get Their Own Law in Britain
Reid Rules Out 7/7 Enquiry
Black Man Rapes 82-Year-Old Stroke Victim in Care Home
5 Asians Get Life for UK Bomb Plot
Schoolgirls Gang-Raped
In South-East London – which means the rapists were black
Irish Gypsy Raped two Little English Girls
Traitor Blair Wants us to Recognise his NHS Successes!
Cannabis Disrupts Brain Centre
Hazel Blears Website Merchandise Made by Bangladeshi Sweat Shop Workers!
African Doc Suspended After Patient Died
Israeli Leaders Rushed to War
I will Not Resign Says Butcher Wolfowitz
BLAIR WARS: AT Least 30 Die at Iraqi Funeral
Israel Convicts Hero Vanunu for Speaking to Foreign Journalists
Foreign Holidays – Malaria on the Rise

NHS Direct Complaints Rise by 50%
Courts Let 5-out-of-6 Knife-Criminals Walk Free!
British Woman Murdered by Indian Lover Half her Age
Nightmare for Brits Buying Homes Abroad
Britain’s First War Criminal Jailed and Dismissed from Army
Black Female Racist Spits on Polish Girl
Jewish ex-Head of CIA Pens Memoir Critical of Bush and Cheney
He mostly excuses his own monumental role in the build up to war, of course
There is no Such Thing as People Being Biologically British
Violence at the School Gates

MPs to Probe MI5 Handling of 7/7
1 in 3 Gay Men are Having Unsafe Sex
Childrens’ Palliative Care is Poor

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