Daily News - September 2006

5-Year-Old Kids are Being Fingerprinted at School!
Asian Fraudster Must Pay Back £2 Million
Asians Youths Target White Pensioners in Rochdale
BLAIR Paralysed by Political Correctness
Asian Crime Fighter in Credit Card Scam
Immigrant Causes Accident: Beats up Other Driver
Immigrant Attacks Elderly Motorist
BLAIR/BROWN Tax Reforms: Poorest Have Lost Out!
8 out of 10 Brits: Migrants Taking Our Jobs!
"Dark Skinned" Men Attack Mother and Daughter
Jamaican Immigrant Burgled 2,636 London Homes in 6 Years
Orwellian Judges Say Yes Schools Can Sack BNP Members
8 out of 10 Brits: Migrants Taking Our Jobs!
16-Year-Old Mugged by 3 Blacks
Record Rent Rises Due to Immigration
Terror Plotters: Let's Kill Them All
British Muslims Join Taleban
Brits Turn Video Tables on Muslims
Membership of EU to Cost us All £873 Next Year
Sri Lankan Stabbed Woman 7 Times
Black Thug Slashes Student in Pizza Queue
Black Drug Dealer Gets Five Years
Black Man Robs Takeaway: Fires Gun
Drunken Asian Hurls Racist Abuse: Cops Arrest Abused White Man
Record Rent Rises Due to Immigration
"Dark Skinned" Men Attack Mother and Daughter
ArmySays They Can "Only Just Cope" With Demands From Government
10-Year-Old VICTIM Fingerprinted and DNA'ed by Cops
CHAIRMAN BLAIR: The Legacy is What Matters to Him
Austrian Supreme Court Confirms 3 Year Verdict Against Brit Historian
Immigrant Causes Accident: Gets Out of Car Beats up Elderly Driver
Was Dando "Killer" a Big Brother Patsy?
BLAIR WARS: Yet Another Soldier Killed
London's Biggest Luxury Car Theft Gang Smashed: Nigerians Arrested
BLAIR WARS - 3 More Soldiers Die in Iraq:
Asian Who Murdered Family Remanded
Nassem Hamed Leaves Jail After Just 1/4 of Sentence
1 in 10 British Asians Backs Honour Killing (Daughter Slaughter)

Asians v Brits in Nuneaton

So Solid Crew Rapper: Third Murder Trial
Black Slasher Gets 6 Years

Asian Dentist Defrauds NHS: Gets Suspended Sentence Only
35% Feel Uncomforable Travelling on Tube near An Asian/African

Asian Bank Worker Helps Gang Steal a Fortune in 3 Days

Asians Youths Target White Pensioners in Rochdale
Muslim Murders Brit Tourist in Jordan
HIV and AIDS Increases 14% in One Year
8 out of 10 Brits: Migrants Taking Our Jobs!
Immigrant Dentist Defrauded NHS of £600,000
Mad Black Nut Stabs Mother-of-Two to Death
BLAIR WARS: Another Soldier Killed
BLAIR: Go! Go! For God's Sake Go!
Brithish Kids Among the Laziest
Fat Folk Twice as Likely to go Blind
Thai Wife Jailed for Life for Brit Husband's Murder
BLAIR WARS: 3 More Dead Brits
ASIAN Anti-Semitism on Rise

Director General of CBI Says Immigrants Threaten Our Social Fabric
Black Man Sexually Assaults Young Woman in Hitchin
BLAIRS WARS: Another British Soldier Killed
75 Top Professors and Scientists Say 9/11 was an Inside Job
Gun-Toting Blacks Convicted
How Britain Turns Christianity into a Crime
Vegetarian Vicar Cons £300,000 out of Elderly: Gets Community Service
Dutch Drug Dealer who Murdered Brit Gets Just 4 Years
CHAIRMAN BLAIR Booed and Jeered by Students
Paedophile Jailed for Two Years
High-Risk Prisoners Freed Without Checks

BLAIR Victims Named
Just 1in 5 Would Feel Comfortable with Muslim Neighbour
Doctors Swamped by Huge Influx of Immigrants
90-Year-Old Robbed and Assaulted by Black
Mafia Godfather Arrested After Living in Hackney for 11 Years
Black Footballer Arrested for Burglary
BLAIR WARS: Another Soldier Killed
Bush Admits CIA Have 14 Secret Foreign Prisons
New Bin Laden Video: In Company with 9/11 Men
Ugandan Finance Manager Steals 1.2 Million from Birmingham Council
Report Critical of Prison Releases
Christianity a Crime in BLAIR's Britain
Greek Immigrant Charged with Unlawful Killing of Briton
Asian Drug Baron on Trial
Released After Killing Pensioner: Asian Attacks Cop
Asian Gang Attacks and Batters Two Teenagers
Abortion Lessons for 5-Year-Olds
Jewish Paedophile Jailed for 16 Years
16-Year-Old Raped by Black Youths
Former Home Sec Says Chancellor is Stupid
BLAIR WARS: Brit Fatalities in Afghanistan
BLAIR WARS: Another Soldier Killed
BLAIR WARS: Another British Soldier Killed
US Senate Enquiry:Bush/Blair Lied
Notorious Killer Escapes Jail
Black Burglar Batters 89-Year-Old
Asian Immigrant Jailed for £620,000 Fraud
Asian Gang Attacks 15-Year-Old
Afghanis Jailed for Raping 12-Year-Old
Teenager Gang-Raped by Ethnics
Asian Cab Driver Kills Brit: Gets £750 Fine
Living Conditions for Palestinians at Breaking Point
Cops Shot at: Jamaican Jailed for 7 Years
Criticism Over Released Offenders
Remembrance Day Targeted by PC Crowd

Gordon Brown is a Massively Weak Control Freak
Unions Condemn Blair Over NHS Privatisation Plans
CHAIRMAN BLAIR Humiliated: He Goes in Less Than a Year
Top Soldier Quits: "We've Been Grotesquely Clumsy"
Teenager Sexually Molested in Asian's Taxi
Asian Drugs Baron Jailed for 8 Years
Gunshots in Tube: 2 Asians Arrested
5 Million Kids Failed by Flawed Teaching
More Scottish Docs Needed Because of Immigrants
17-Year-Old Stabbed by up to 25 Asian Swordsmen
Supercasino Would Cause Avalanche of Crime
80,000 Bogus Asylum Seekers Given Amnesty
Illegal Immigrant Stole a Million from Birmingham Council
Blacks Abduct 11-Year-Old Child
2 Million Muslim Terrorists:Muslim LeaderThreatensBrits
A Killer is Out but Don't Tell
7 Jails Have Big Corruption Problems
Bristol Council BUYS Illegal Gypsy Site:Gives it Back to Gypsies
Illegal Immigrant Found Working at Old Bailey
Let's all Cringe Together Kiddies
Thousands Protest Chairman Blair's Lebanon Visit
Thatcher Agrees withBlair: Stand Side-by-Side with USA
German Driver Kills 4 on M6
Union Leader Says BLAIR's NHS "Legacy" Ill Thought Out
Brit Soldiers Get Less than Half Minimum Wage forDying in BLAIR WARS
BLAIR Heckled and Jeered by Unions
Stephanie Feared Sexual Assault
Health Secretary Defends NHS Privatisation
Four Immigrants Face Terrorism Charges
UK Tops European Drug Use Table
Female Cop Who Orderedde Menezez'Hit Has Been Promoted!
Biggest Firearms Seizure in Met History: Black Man Arrested
Asian Mugger Slashes Victim
"Out of the Blue" Billy was Murdered by Asian Immigrant
Archbishop Sentamu Says Christians Should See Muslims as Allies
Sinister Expansion of BIG BROTHER State
Rape Judge Slammed for Leniency
Parents of Murdered Brit Condemn Tunisian Murderer's 3-Year Sentence
Lithuanian Trafficked Woman to Brit Brothel
More Than One-in-Seven GP Surgeries is not Fit for Purpose
Supermarkets are not Green Enough
War Widows Banned from Forthcoming New Labour Conference
Drink and Drugs Ruining British Youth
BBC Chief's Son Stabbed by Doorjacker in Family Home
Man Jailed for Porn Stash
Black Threatens and Robs Old Ladies
Blacks in Court for Assisting Cop-Killers
Condoleeza Rice Lectures HamasPutin's Banker Assassinated
Drugs Education is not Working
Kofi Annan Says Iraq War "Disaster for Mid-East"
Drastic Shrinkage in Arctic Ice
Norwich Union Axes 4,000 Jobs

Attempted Rape: Two Asians Arrested
Immigrant Postal Worker Nicks £26,000 of Giros
Pope Benedict: Muhammad BroughtUs Only "Evil and Inhuman" Things
Asian Murders Estranged Wife
Public Has Little Trust in MPs
CHAIRMAN BLAIR Blasts anti-US Madness
UN Watchdog Brands Bush Dishonest on Iran
Black who Raped 82-Year-old Jailed for 9 Years
Muslim Anger at Pope Speech
Mugged by Knife-Wielding Asians
Football's Coming Homo
One in Every 100 Britons of Working Age is a Drug Addict

Black "Carers" Jailed for Abusing 91-Year-Old Alzheimer Sufferer
Black Gun Dealer Charged with Weapons Offences
Hospital Managers Manipulated Figures
Arch-Blairite says: BLAIR MUST GO
CHAIRMAN BLAIR Cutting Hospital Services in non-Labour Seats
Cops Who Chase Criminals Could Face the Sack
Senate Committee Defies Bush
BLAIR's MoD Gives Our Wounded Troops Death Drug!
Asian Charged with Attempted Rape
Cost of Asylum Seekers Will Have Serious Impact
Asian "Refugees" Making Door-to-Door Cash Collections
Army Captain Blasts "Grotesquely Clumsy" Afghan Campaign
1 Soldier Dies 16 Injured
UK Troops to Stay in Afghanistan for 10 Years
Black Gang-Member Jailed for 10 Years
Blacks Shoot 4 in 5 Days in South London
Schoolboy Stabbed by Black Gang in Croydon
Black "Care Worker" Secretly Filmed Colleagues in Ladies' Loos
Greek Nut Who Killed Stephanie WON'T STAND TRIAL!
Cocaine Haul in Scotland: Asian Charged
Asian Charged with Murder in Reading
Black Steamers Jailed
Greedy Asian Shopworker Steals from Employer
Cops Probe Cherie Blair Attack on Boy
18-Year-Old Punched to the Ground by Asian
Criticism Over Released Offenders
Black Threatens and Robs Old Ladies
60 Tortured Corpses Found in Iraq
Senate Committee Defies Bush
Archbishop Warns of Child Crisis
CHARMAN BLAIR's Agenda to be "Set in Stone"
Italian Nun Murdered in Somalia
Iraq Policeman's Death Plunge
Our Boys Too Tired to Fight
Top Asian Cop Says: Black Males Unfairly Targeted
UK Troops to Stay in Afghanistan for 10 Years
Anti-EU Tories Defend Their BNP Member
Blacks Shoot 4 in 5 Days in South London
Black Gang-Member Jailed for 10 Years
GM Food: Government Secretly Gives Green Light to Supermarkets
Asian "Refugees" Making Door-to-Door Cash Collections
Cost of Asylum Seekers will have Serious Impact
Tory MP Love Cheat

Asian Charged with Attempted Rape
New Labour "Advisor" Says Don't Prosecute Under-14s
Like Mary Bell, Sharon Carr and the Bulger Killers
Archbishop Warns of "Infant Adults"
He did not bother to tell us how many of them were black
BLAIR's MoD Gives Our Wounded Troops Death Drug!
60 Tortured Corpses Found in Iraq
Senate Committee Defies Bush
UN Watchdog Brands Bush Dishonest on Iran
Indecent Assault by Asian in Dartford

Boy Robbed and Raped by Asians
Somalian Woman Quizzed over Death of Oldham Mum
Black Churchgoers: Black Nuts Must Be Prioritised
New Labour DAME kicked out for Corruption
Locked up: For Telling a 12-Year-Old Not to Swear
Cops Interview Lord Levy Again
Home Sec Heckled by Black Muslim
Defence Sec Says: Taleban Threat in Afghanistan Underestimated
Israel Raids Palestinian Banks
Iraq Slaughter Reaches Unprecedented Levels
Kofi Annan Warns "Full Scale Civil war" in Iraq Imminent
Chief Rabbi Bemoans the Loss of British Deference
Asian Thug Attacks Two
Old Lady Knocked Down by Hit-and-Run Asian
Asian Sex Attacker Sought
Black Sex Attacker Sought
Asian Taxi Driver Who Killed Scott Jailed
Black Gang Attacks and Robs Teenagers
New Labour Activist Groomed Boy on the Internet
Defence Ministry Covering Up Afganistan Casualties
Unsolved Crime Doubles Under Labour
50-Strong Bike Gang on Stab and Murder Rampage
Teenager Left in Coma by Gang
Foreigner Arrests Jump by 18% in One Year

Health Sec: "NHS no Longer Knows Where It's Going
Black Sex Attacker Sought
Asian Sex Attacker Sought
Old Lady Knocked Down by Asian Hit-and-Run Man
Asian Thug Attacks Two
Blacks Mug Man at Knifepoint
Asian Rapes Nottingham Teenager
Serbian Immigrant- No Tax, No Insurance, No Licence, Drunk - Kills Pauline
Young Woman Sexually Assaulted by Black
Raped Twice by Asian Knifeman Burglar
Asian Sex Pest Jailed Indefinitely
Fatal Misdiagnosis Doc Allowed to Keep Practicing
Asian Drugs Baron Convicted
BNP Man Guilty: Alleged Victim Could Not be Found
Iconic Black Power Revolutionary Drug-Dealing Pimp was a Fairy
Drugs King Turk Jailed for 20 Years
Drunk Asian Drags a Woman Off Street
BLAIR'S Government Lets Scammers Steal £8.4 Billion from Taxpayer!
Baroness Says Lib Dems in Grip of Israel Lobby
Ex-MP Says: Pro-Israel Lobby Has Its Grips on the World
London Bombimg Victims Let Down
Afghanistan Commander- RAF is Useless, Helicopters Desperately Needed
Army Captain Blasts "Grotesquely Clumsy" Afghan Campaign
Iraqi Torture and Death Prisoners: Colonel Mendonca of the British Army Accused
Gloucester Police Randomly Rejected White, Male Cops to Fulfil Diversity Targets
British Couple Murdered by African Pirates
Former Tory Council Leader Downloaded Boy Porn
USA Threatened to Bomb Pakistan Back to the Stone Age
Iraq Torture Worse After Saddam
Thatcher's Jew Stages Another Paedophilic Exhibition
Defence Chiefs Refuse to Reveal Casualty List
He Dragged Her 25 Yards, Reversed Over Her, Then Ran Off
Asians Lib Dems Rigged Vote
Asian Pizza Deliverer Raped Two
John Humphreys Tackles Black Muslim
Asylum Seekers Get Princess Di Funding
Vietnamese Murderer Had Slashed Someone Else a Fortnight Before
New Labour Perv Groomed Boy
Declassified US Report Critical of Iraq Debacle
UK Debt Double European Average
Australian Cricket: Pom-Bashing Good, Racism Bad
Headmaster Killer Facing Deportation?
Hospital Bug Killed 6 in Just One Hospital
Suicide Train Mum Killed Kids: Grandma Commits Train Suicide Also
Violent Black Gangs Shut Schools
Throat Slasher Charged
Somalian Child Rapist Challenges Deportation Order
British Asians Gang-Raped British Student in Majorca
Asian Muggers Target 86-Year-Old
Team Seeking Foreign Criminals Disbanded
Biggest Lib Dem Backer Jailed for 2 Years
Asian Female Funds Terror
Immigrants Paid to Leave the UK Caught Trying to Re-Enter Country
Drunken Asian Gang Jailed for Trevor's Stab Murder
Immigrants Like Our Towns
Dead Soldier's Emotional Letter
3 Top Gang Members Caged
Asians Smash Boy's Nose
Brazilians Jailed for Counterfeiting
Sex Offence Asian Jailed for 8 Years
Violent Black Robbers

Drunken Romanian Drove Wrong Way Down A3
Three Poles Jailed for Burglary
Black Supermodel Facing Jail
Adulterous Asian Asylum Judge Employed Illegal Immigrant
Concil tax Rises to Pay for Immigration
Let Out of Jail Early: The Killer of Headmanster Philip Lawrence
Cyprus Trial for Colin's Greek Killer
Muslim Bullies Must be Confronted Says Home Sec
Arrogant Clinton Patronises Labour: Eulogises Blair and Brown
Ministry of Defence Annoys Musharraf
Asian Doc Criticised over Pensioner's Fall Death
12-Year-Old Kids Order Alcohol Over the Phone
Labour MP: Hospital Cuts Will Turn People to BNP
Brazilian Blackmailer Married a Serial Killer
16-Year-Old Girl Shot by Blacks
Two Million Struggle to Pay Council Tax
Toxic Chemicals in Healthy Food
50 Things Blair Didn't Mention
London Bombs Survivor Refused Treatment on NHS
Breast Cancer Cases Have Soared
She Slapped Feral Kids: Ends up in Court
Rapist Re-Captured
Dr Sushant Varma Struck Off
Big Brother Gets Tough on New Mums
Drunk Eastern European Thug Unleashes Pit Bull on Mum and Kids
Police Drop Case Against Christian Anti-Gay Campaigner
Rush Hour Chaos After Stabbings
Violent Immigrant Robber Says: "Respect my Human Rights"!
Hero Soldier Can't be a Cop: HE'S WHITE!
Schools Overwhelmed: 1 in 5 Speak a Foreign Language!
Schoolgirls Forced to Strip in Front of Boys
49 Die of Superbug at Just 3 Leicester Hospitals
Police Release Black Killer's Details
3 Violent Attacks in One Night: Asian Arrested
Abu Hamza's Lawyer Jailed

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