Daily News - June 2006

90 Days Hard Labour for Abu Ghraib Offender
Polish Gypsy Steals Purse from Blind Man in Wheelchair
Chief Insp. of Prisons Warned Blunkett About Non-Deportees
Iraqi PM Angry at US Violence
Guantanamo Inmates on Hunger Strike
28 Killed by Basra Bomb
Terror Police Search Raided House
Slave Auctions at British Airports
Cops Shoot Terrorist?
20 Shot Dead in Iraq
Two Kids Shot
Black Teenager's Murder Plan
13-year-old subjected to "serious sexual asault" by Asian
8-year-old Raped by "Olive Skinned Man" in Manchester
Asian Doc Failed to Detect Fatal Brain Tumour
Just an Asbo for This Turd?
Coucil Leader Jailed for Kiddie Porn
13-year-old Brutalised by 3 Black Thugs
Crushed to Death by Lorry Thieves
Iraqi Gunmen Kidnap 50
Brit Murdered in Denmark
He Raped Star Kelly McGillis. He Raped at Least 4 More
Cheating in UK Elections
Globalist Gordon Warns Against Patriotism
Abuse of Elderly Widespread Now
Black Remanded for Stabbing Death
Asian Hit-and-Run Driver Jailed for Killing
Drugs Gang Jailed
NHS Deficit More Than Doubles to £512,000,000
Asylum-Seeker Rapes Seven
New Appeal After Gangland Murder

Black Finance Manager Steals a Million From Old Folk
6,000 Killed in Baghdad Alone Thus Far in 2006
Serious Sex Attack on boy by Asian

Dentist Wanted to Examine Patient's Chest
Sudanese Immigrant Rapes Scots Girl
Polish Builders Move in and Make Brit Family Homeless
Asian Hit-and-Run Brutes
Israel Slaughters Seven on Palestinian Beach
5 Counts of Attempted Murder
Secret Report Brands Muslim Police Corrupt
US General Admits Iraq War Lost
Three Commit Suicide in Guantanamo
Asian GP CRim Wins High Court Appeal
Disabled Man Attacked by Three Blacks and a Wigger
15-year-old Dumps Black Boyfriend and Pays With Her Life
Sharon's Asian Murderers in Court
Gang Member Link to Stab Victim
Tony B Supports Top PC Cop no Matter What
Jim Phillipson- Killed in Afganistan
Innocent Asian Tell How Blair's Psycho Warriors Shot Him
Black Student Raped 4 in Hull
Asylum-Seeking Criminal Doctor Faces Disciplinary Hearing
Malcolm Dies After Attack by Black Gang
Ben's Killers Get 22 and 18 Years
One Night Stand Stalker Jailed for 4 Years
Probation Service Fails to Meet Targetson High-Risk Offenders
Cambridge Police £700,000 Bill for Police Services
Iranian Rapist Skips Bail
Gambian Asylum Seeker Rapes 6
US Probes Iraqi Prisoner Deaths
Sexual Predator Jailed
Innocent Driver Stabbed and Slashed
CBE for Bungling Cop
Asian Immigrant Murders Sister - She Fell for Another Immigrant

New Labour Chairperson Admits Voters Turning to BNP
Police Hunt Black Rapist
Top Black Says Cops Must Look More Like Him
100 Kilos of Heroin Seized: Blacks Arrested
Two Women Stabbed: One Dies. Zameer Ahmed Sought
Dirty Doc Struck Off
Asylum-Seeking Burglar terrifies teenage Girl
Asian Councillor Jailed
Official: Nutcase was not Mentally Ill
Foster Puffs Abuse the Boys in Their Care
Carjacked in Cheshunt
Somalian Refugee Pervert Burgles More Than 30 Houses
Two Asians Mug 87-Year-Old
What She Did Was Evil Says Millionaire Dad
Two Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
Black Doc Indecently Assaults Two Nurses
Terror Expert: London Bomber Was Working For MI5
£8,000,000 of Taxpayers Cash Given to Gypsies Camps Last Year
Somalian Refugee Slashed 12-Year-Old With Razor Blade
Man Shot Dead During Robbery
Immigrants Swamping Council Services
Sex Slavers Duped WomenRecord Levels of Alcohol Illness
Freed Foreign Prisoner Has Killed
Robbed and Almost Killed by Train Blacks
Blair's Attack on Civil Liberties
Labour and Tories Suffer at Polls
Foreign Nurses Cheat on Tests
20-Year-Old Raped by Easter European Cab Driver
Undercover Cop Shot by Black Man
Girl Arested for Bollocks to Blair T-Shirt
Black Doc Indecently Assaults Two Nurses
Abi Titmuss Nigerian Orgy Pal Jailed for Rape Spree
Polish Lorry Driver Kills Two
Jailed for Demented Attack
HIV Immigrant Sinks Teeth Into WPC
60-Year-Old Stabbed to Death: Asian Arrested
Stabbed 135 Times Protecting Neighbour From Mad Asian
Record Levels of Alcohol Illness

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