Daily News - December 2006

Father Athanase Seromba Guilty of Genocide
African Priests, eh? get up to all sorts, don't they?
Asian Threatens 4 Women with Rape
HIV-Positive Asylum Seekers Living in Substandard Housing
Perhaps the poor dears should return to their mud huts
Fat Falconer's Son Joins Army: Gets Posted to Killing Fields of HOUNSLOW
Dossier Reveals Britain DELUGED by East European Immigrants
Asian and Black Gangs Clash in Derby: Officer Hurt
Cash-Strapped NHS May Close A&E Units
British Troops Must Take off Their Body Armour in Order to Fire!
16-Year-Old Hurt by 15-Strong Gang of Asians
Shocking Secrets of Islamic Courts IN BRITAIN
Children's Group Threatened with Closure for Singing Christmas Songs!
Phone a Turd - Debbie Biss: 020 8826 9295
Highview Primary School's PC Christmas
Phone a Turd - Headmaster Nicholas Wollaston: 02086883563
BLAIR WARS: Iraqi Death Toll Soars
Asian Assaults WPC: Gets Community Service Only!
Stinking Asian Sex-Beast Could Not Perform
Black Aston Villa Player Jailed for Stealing From Team-Mate
Asian Drug Dealer Jailed for 6 Years Nine Months
Black Mugger Hurts Boy
Four Women Threatened with Rape by Same Asian
4 Million Motorists Will Drink and Drive this Christmas
Black Males are Failures Says Trevor Philips
If any white bloke had said that they would've been up on a charge!
The Self-Delusional World of Chairman Blair
Belgian Lorry Driver Fell Asleep at the Wheel
Scientist in GM Potato Warning
Fined £50 for Recycling her Newspapers
Jowell and Livingstone Ignored Warnings
Report "Hate Crime" At Your Local Library
Two Blacks Charged with David's Murder
Samantha Stabbed to Death by ex-Boyfriend
Couple Attacked by 40 Black Youths!
14-Year-Old Girl Attacked by 30-Strong Gang of Black Girls
West Indians 9 Times More Likely to be Schizophrenic
Sherriff Joe Arpaio v Tony Blair: Who Would you Rather Have Running the Country?
BLAIR WARS: More Than 50 Killed in Baghdad
Back a BLAIR Clone or Lose Warns Cameron
100 MOST Dangerous Criminals to Get £3 Million and Set Free by Christmas?
Blacks Get Life for Murdering Brown
Elderly Poor at Risk From Rising Fuel Bills
Blair's Government let 23,000 people die last winter: WHEN IT WAS MILD!
New Barrymore Pool Death Enquiry
Two Blacks Murder Another Brit
Asian Minibus Drived Killed Two: Jailed for 5 Years
Solicitor in Court on Drugs Charges
Dead Spy had Converted to Islam
BLAIRGATE: TB Liar Plots Revenge Against Cops
Chairman Blair Decrees Everyone Must Love the EU
OAPS Cut Back on Food to Pay Tax!
Shy Trainee Soldier Found Hanged
5,000 Polish Babies Born in Britain Last Year!
Bush to Ease Rule HIV-Positive Visitors to USA
Was Ex-Spy Trying to Sell Dirty Bomb?
How THEY Murder US: 1 Brit a Week Killed by Community Care Patients
Chairman Blair's Britain: World First On-Shore Tax Haven
Headmaster in Cash-for-Honours Slams Blair
We Want £100,000 (a 66% Increase) Say Greedy MPs
Tony Blair is not Cooperating with Cash-for-Honours Enquiry
Health Minister Denies Danger From Mentally Ill
And yet they kill one of us every week
Asian JP and Former Labour Candidate at Centre of Massive Immigration Fraud
We Want to Leave Our Country Says World Youth
Look out England here they come!
BLAIR WARS: Kofi Annan says Situation in Iraq "Much Worse" Than Civil War
BLAIR WARS: Think Tank Says Blair's Policies "Aid Muslim Extremism"
The Rape That Shook Switzerland
The Death of a Lovely Girl in Blair's Cool Brittania
Bush Warmonger Forced Out of UN Job
15,672 Gay Weddings in 9 Months!
NHS Supercomputer £20 billion Let Down
Immigrants to be Schooled on How to Claim Benefits
Dead Troops Families Charged £600 for Inquest Papers
Most Hate Crime in Oldham Committed by Asians
Home Sec Says: "Labour Believes that Immigration Can be a Benefit to Britain"
BLAIR WARS: 13 US Troops Killed in Iraq
BLAIR WARS: 30 More Killed in Baghdad
Jowell Packs Lottery Board with New Labour "Mates"
Another Asian Doc Jailed for Sexual Assault!
BLAIR WARS: US Defence Sec Nominee Says We're Losing in Iraq
BLAIR-Faced Lies: Reforms to Improve NHS
Report says Tony Blair Responsible for Muslim Resentment
Teenage Rapper Led Black Murder Gang
TONY BLAIR TELLS THE TRUTH! "The Best is Yet to Come"
Couldn't get any worse, could it?
Coronation Street Star Faces Axe: He's Racist!
One Law for Muslims: Another for the Rest
Gays HaveSex in Children's Play Area!
7-Strong Black Female Gang Mugs and Assaults Two 13-Year-Olds
Migrants Taught How to Scrounge
Veiled Muslims Christmas Message
Black Would-be Murderer Pleads Not Guilty
Pervert Hindu "Repents" and Gets Spared Jail
Crap Black Dentist Charged with Fraud
Now that's very unusual
"Sadistic, Evil" Asian Rapists Jailed for 15 Years Each
Asian Cabbie Jailed for Sex Attack
Blacks Rob Bank
Muslim Would-be Killers in Court
Non-Rapist Admits Sexual Assault
Czech Drug Addict Burglar in Court
Black Boy Stabs Man
Large "Dark Skinned" Gang Attack British Lads
Crap Black Dentist Charged with Fraud
Curry Cameron Cuddles up to Ethnic Vote
Big Rise in Murder and Rape by Paroled Criminals
Our Australian Health Sec Says "Closures Are Not About Saving Money But About Saving Lives"
Yeah Right
Accused of Littering for Sweeping Leaves into a Gutter
Foreign Axe Attacker Jailed for Just 21 Months
Grannie Says "It Makes You Wonder About the Terrible Way Things Are"
Blairite Toady Loses Job
US Sergeant on Trial for Murder of Iraqi Granddad
Minister Admits that Immigration is of Little Benefit to Britain
Christian Video Game a "Force for Evil"
Pervert Hindu "Repents" and Gets Spared Jail
Child Rapist Asylum Seeker Wants Compensation for "Unreasonable" Detention
Rape of 5-Year-Old by White Paedophile "Could Have Been Prevented"
US Report Urges Iraq Policy Shift
Two Palestinians Shot in Gaza
Iran to Hold Holocaust Summit
GREAT NEWS! Farmers Force McDonald's' Out
Illegal Immigrant Attacks Teenage Girls
Attempted Bag Snatch: Black Man Floors 86-Year-Old Pensioner
Child Rapist Asylum Seeker Wants Compensation for "Unreasonable" Detention
Black Would-be Murderer Pleads Not Guilty
BLAIR WARS: Dead Marine Named
BLAIR WARS: Urgent Change Demanded
"Life" Sentences for Murderers and Rapists Have Halved Since BLAIR Came to Power
World's Richest 2 Percent Own Half the Wealth
Princess Di: Cops Tried to Rig Evidence
Government Review Calls for Much More Building on Green Belt
Abusive Asian Stabbed his Wife 45 Times
Former Army Chief Criticises Ministry of Defence
Sword-Wielding Black Gang Attack Petrol Station Staff
Thousands of Primary Schools Failing Our Kids Lib Dem Councillor Convicted of Child Rape
Government for Fluoridation: (Mass Medication) The People Against it
Young Charity Worker Murdered in India
Asian Drunk Attacked White Wife, Snatched Baby Son and Stabbed Him to Death Accused of Littering for Sweeping Leaves into a Gutter
Immigration Influx Heaps pressure on Schools and Housing
BLAIR WARS: More WMD Lies Revealed
Foreigner Rapes Friend's Girlfriend
Pray 5 Times a Day Or We'll Chop off Your Head
Black Drug Baron Jailed for 11 Years
Putting Limits on Our Immigrants is Illegal says Romania
Israel rejects Iraq Study Ideas
Knife Amnesties Have No Effect
Chink Teacher Collected and Distributed Child Porn
All Romanians and Bulgarians Will be Free to Live in UK
Half of All Asbos Are Breached
Russian Oligarch's Drink Driver Son Killed Fellow Passenger
Dich Cheney's Lesbian Daughter is Pregnant
Vietnamese Woman on Cannabis Charge
3 Blacks 1 White Rob Dead Vet
Black Drug Baron Jailed for 11 Years
Unlicenced Congolese Doctor Has Hepatitis B and Knew it!
Blacks Commit 2 Armed Robberies
Black Sex Attacker Facing Deportation
Russian Oligarch's Drink Driver Son Killed Fellow Passenger
Convicted Rapist Wins £50,000 for Time Waiting to be Deported!
Vote-Hunting Chancellor Blasts Labour's Own PC Playgroups
Christmas Decorations Banned by Job Centre
Christmas Crucified by Do-Gooders
New Labour Powerless to Halt Tide of European Migrants
Condoms too Big for Indians!
Asians Jailed for Sex Attacks
Of Course All White People Are Racist!!!
Cameron Plans "Positive Action" to Woo Ethnic Minorites
B Liar to Crack Down on Funding for Immigrants?
Manhunt Recaptures Israeli Rapist
UK Supermarkets Expoit Bangladeshi Workers
BLAIR WARS: No Regrets Over Iraq Says Blair
The £20 Billion Annual Cost of Family Breakdown
Asian Post Office Worker Steals Thousands from the Elderly
Black and Asian Robbers Foiled by Heroic Councillor
Asians Rob Man at Cashpoint
Asian Nut Stabbed Woman Waiting for a Bus
East European Walks Free: Boyfriend Murdered by Brother as They Were
Asians Blast 62-Year-Old with Shotgun Beaten Unconscious then Stabbed by "Olive Skinned Man"
Muslims Only Pool Outrage
Illegal Immigrant Convicted of WPC's Attempted Murder
New Labour Will Bash the "Workshy Brits"
What Tony Invites to Number 10
Useless Asian Nurse Suspended for 18 Months
Iraqi Red Crescent Says US Attacks are The Biggest Problem it Faces
20 Kidnapped Baghdad Aid Workers: Red Cross Pleads for Their Release
Black Footballer Took Part in Robbery Where Innocent White Man Was Murdered
Black Woman Jailed for 15 Years for Kidnap of Boy
Black Man Guilty of Female PC’s Murder
BLAIR WARS Coroner says Soldier Death "Unforgivable and Inexcusable"
Christian Cops to be Banned from Voicing Anti-Gay Opinions
96-Year-Old Cripple May Lose Sight: Punched Without Warning by Black
Mother of Black Murdered by Whites to Meet the Queen
I wonder how many mothers of white people murdered by Blacks the Queen has met
BLAIR and Israelis Back Palestinian President Against Democratically Elected Hamas
Chatham House Report Condemns Chairman Blair
Elderly and Vulnerable Condemned to "Isolation and Dependency"
Asian-on-Black Racist Arson
1 in 10 Britons Now lives Abroad!
It’s Called ethnic cleansing. (But only of those who can afford to go)
Inquiry into Sex Grooming Cases
The BBC doesn't mentionthe majority of groomers are ASIAN andALL the groomed are WHITE
WPC Killer Fled England Dressed as a Muslim Woman!
The Tube is "Wide Open" to More Terrorist Attacks says MP
Asian Cop Faces Retrial for Rape
Drunken Polish Immigrant Kills Beautiful Young Girl
He had a prior conviction for drink driving
PC School Teaches Kids That Santa Does not Exist
Boy Admits Hacking Sister Open
BLAIR WARS: Tony B Incites Hatred Against Iran
BLAIR WARS: Bush Brainwashed Blair on Iraq
BLAIR WARS: Tories Attack 45 Minute Claim
Blair Defends Relationship with USA
BLAIR WARS: Baghdad Car Bomb Kills 11
Asians Jailed for Smuggling Drugs into Prison
BLAIR WARS: Iraq Attacks reach Record Levels
David Irving is Released
Former Vicar Jailed over Child Porn
Three English Ladies
Portuguese Driver Kills Himself and 4 Others
Chairman Blair Wants a "Job with Real Purpose" When he Stops F***ing With Us
How about Prime Minister of Israel, Chairman dear?
Drunken Bangladeshi Gets 3.5 Years for Rape Bid
Anger over Jailed Asian who STILL KEEPS HIS COUNCIL SEAT
Labour’s councillors woefully inadequate
24 Arrested in Drugs Raid: Almost All are Asians
Asian Knifepoint Mugger Jailed for 4 Years
Asian Post Office Worker Faked £60,000 Armed Robbery
West Indian Mugger Strikes Again
Asian Sexual Predator Locked Up
Asian Post Office Worker Faked £60,000 Armed Robbery
Sleaze Taint May Cling to Blair
Obesity May Bankrupt NHS
Drug Resistant TB "More Severe" Than First Thought
Sleaze Taint May Cling to Blair
THEYFeed Our Schoolkids Halal Meat Without Asking Parents!
Guidelines for the SAFE Dispersal of HIV-POSITIVE Asylum Seekers Throughout Britain
That’s THEIR safety not OURS!
Black Burglars Steal Wedding Ring from Finger of 88-Year-Old Lady
66-Year-Old Nun Convicted of Religious Harrassment
Birmingham is Worst for Gun Crime
The Mail doesn’t bother to say most"gun crime" is committed by the ethnic miorities
Rapist is Related to Torture Murderer
Labour Faces its Multicultural Monster
Asian Gang Mugs 73-Year-Old
Bull Terriers Attack Woman: Blacks Sought
Asians Steal Car and Mobile Phone at Gunpoint
Asian Gang Attack 16-Year-Old with Iron BarAsian Heroin Gang Caged
Two Blacks Rob Shops at Knifepoint
Violent Sex Attack on Teenage Girl: Asian Sought
Poles Get Less Than a Year Each for Smuggling in 1,500,000 Fags
Blair Condemns Iran’s Holocaust Conference
He "found this conference… shocking beyond belief".
Why are British Homeless Being Turned Away When Foreigners are Being Housed
More Than 15,500 New Hep C Diagnoses in Last Two Years
One Law for Elite Foreigners Another For UsBlack Stabber Gets 10 Years
Asian Tried to Poison and Burn His White Ex-Wife
Asian Nut-in-the-Community Pushes 52-Year-Old Under a Train
The Suffolk Strangler: Cops Hunt Immigrant Pole
If a foreigner did it, Tony Blair’s immigration policies are to blame
30 Years for Trinidadian Who Shot PC
Raped by Asian Cabbie
Blacks who Kidnapped Boy Caged
The Cost of Translation
BLAIR WARS: Royal Marine Named
Killer’s Cousin Jailed for Murder: Both are Black
Fishermen Complain to Blair
Shortage of Troops is Dangerous
BLAIRMONGER: Iran is Deliberately Causing Maximum Problems
Like hosting a world Holocaust conference
UK Won’t "Cut and Run" from Iraq
Circumcision Cuts Aids Deaths
So if you’re Jewish you’re less likely to get it? Aah
10 More Dead in Baghdad Blast
Baghdad Suiicde Bomb Kills 70 Injures 270
Ex-President Carter Says Israeli Apartheid Worse Than South Africa
Illegal Immigrant Convicted of WPC's Attempted Murder

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