Daily News - August 2006

Lancashire's Children Being Groomed for Sex and Prostitution by Asians
The paper said this after telling its readership that Asians were responsible!
Tony Blair Hangs Out with Murdoch's in Crowd at Pebble Beach
Newly Qualified British Nurses Can't Find Work!
The USA's Original Plan for Iraq's Oil
Become a Small Town Defender
Italian Arrested for Brit Murder
Free Driving Lessons: for Asians Only!
Asian Doc Steals £273,000 From Her Own Surgery
Black Commits Serious Sexual Assault
Blair to Work for Murdoch When he Stands Down?
Two Black, One White: Knifepoint Muggings
Serious Sexual Assault by Asian
Somalian Murderer in Court
Bullied Banker Wins £800,000BBC FAILS TO MENTION £800,000 RECIPIENT IS JEWISH
BLAIR WARS: Another British Soldier is Killed in Iraq
BLAIR WARS: 44 More Slaughtered in Iraq
BLAIR WARS: 3 More Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
BLAIR Rebuffs Foreign Office's Call for Immediate Lebanon Ceasefire
Immigration "Harm's Life Quality"
Black Nurse Nicks £15,000 from NHS and DOESN'T GO TO JAIL!
Black Librarian Steal Rare Books
Asian Shopkeeper Sold Guns Under the Counter
Multicilturalism in Stoke
Violent Sex Attack By Black Leaves Mum Unconscious
91-Year-Old Great-Grandma 16 Hours on Trolley and Dies
Australia: Muslim Gang-Rape Leader Smiles as he is Sentenced
Police Let Black Gang Run Wild
Thai Wife Barbecues British Hubbie
UK Terror Threat Severe
Asian Boss Assaults Student Worker
Illegal Voodoo Black Murders Girlfriend For Not Being Pregnant
4 Nights of Violence In Dewsbury Covered Up
Unions and MPS: Let Illegal Immigrants Stay
Asian Benefits Cheat Jailed
Alton Towers Scraps Muslim Fun Day
Light Skinned Asian Attacks Pensioner with House Brick
Top Tory Sneers at Shadow Foreign Sec for Telling Truth about Israel
Top Tory backer, Lord Kalms, is a Jew
13-Year-Old Drugged and Raped by Black Immigrant
Jeweller Robbed by Four Black Males
Britons Want to Get Out of Britain
Asylum Seeking Mass Rapist is Jailed for Life
Asian Doc Steals £273,000 From Her Own Surgery
Iraq Warning: Civil War More Likely than Democracy says Ambassador
Top US General in Mideast - Sectarian Violence Worse than Ever
Murdered by Black Loony: Colette was "Badly Let Down" by Police
Black Men Mug Student in Broad Daylight
Black Footballer Jailed for Four Years for Knife Attack
Serious Sexual Assault by "Tanned" Man
£1.3 Million Asian Fraudster Dentist May be Struck Off
Asian who Preyed on Pensioners Jailed
Attacked by Blacks in Launderette: Needed Surgery
Cheeky Chief Constable to Lead Gay Pride Parade
Gay Deliberately Infects Boyfriend with AIDS
140 Former Pupils Sue Catholic Home for Sex Abuse
Binge Drinking Highest in Newcastle
14-Year-Old Rapes 12-Year-Old at Knifepoint: Walks Free
I wonder: was he black, Asian, East European or something else?
40 Years for Black who Executed Little Girl
Black Walks in Commits Sexual Assault
Judge Reassures Asian Knifeman
Overseas NHS Patients do not Pay Their Bills
King of Bulgarian Gypsies Leader Forecasts Huge Crime Wave in Britain
16-Year-Old Asian Cocaine Supplier
Brave Gran Arrested After Standing up to Yobs
Families of Military Dead in BLAIR'S WARS Setting up Political Party
He Killed a Little Girl: He's Still Breaking the Law: They Still Won't Jail Him
Two Blacks Jailed for Killing Westley
Deaf Woman Gang-Raped by Four Poles
Another Immigrant Causing Problems
BLAIR WARS: Another Soldier Killed
Quarter of British Muslims Say London Bombings Justified
Cross Country Running is Child Abuse
BLAIR WARS: Soldiers Facing New Rorke's Drift
Another Pretty Girl Killed by Foreign Criminal
Home Sec Told: You Can't Stop Immigrants Bulgarian/Romanian Immigrants
Immigrants Take Students' Summer Jobs
US Troops Took Turns to Rape 14-Year-Old Murdered Iraqi
If They Hate Us So Much Why Don't They Leave
Amnesty Flop - Knife Attacks Rise 73%
Black Men Attack and Rob Teenage Schoolgirls
Soft on Yobs, Tough on 80-Year-Old Pension
Vietnamese Stabber Kills Pal
Pretty Kurdish 20-Year-Old Murdered by her Uncle and Dad
British Women Go To Jamaica For Gigolo Sex
Top Asian Police Chief Says: Stop Discriminating Against Muslims
Brit Beaten up by Asians in Racist Attack
Buses Targets for "Vandals and Hooligans"
Preddie Brothers Guilty of Killing Damilola
Preddie Brothers Tried to Rape White 11-Year-Old
Asian Dentist Told to Repay £200,000
MP Quits Over Blair Mid-East Policy
Non-Paying Health Tourists Cost Just One County £660,000
Steroid Sex Beast Attacks Three Women
Orthodox Jew Warmonger Loses Senatorial Seat
Only four Senators have lost their seats since 1980
90-Year-Old Dies After Savage Attack by Black
9% of Britons Hit by Identity Theft
Asian Worker Slits Throat of Fellow Worker
Escaped Rapist released in Error by the Cops
Home Secretary Refuses to Extradite Brutal Stalinist Jewess to Poland
Black Drug Dealer Jailed for Five Years
Asian Charged with Child Abduction
Asian Women Steal Old Lady's Pension
Asian Mugged 88-Year-Old Disabled Pensioner Ouside Post Office
Terror Plot to Blow up UK - US Flights?
BLAIR WARS: Another Soldier Killed
BLAIR WARS: Troops Underequipped and Overstretched
Foreign Hospital Typists Get Notes Wrong
1,000 British Asian Suicide Bombers Ready to Die
Home Sec Says Asylum Seekers Could Cause Chaos
Polish Care Worker Jailed for Assaulting 83-Year-Old Woman
Yet Another Commemoration for Black Murder Victim
Terrorists Assets Frozen: Names Released
Muslim Female Murders Lover
Asian Cabbie Jailed for Two Years for Series of Sex Attacks
Asian Cabbie Dragged Poor Scott for More Than a Mile
Asian Drug Dealer Jailed for Three Years
Asian Cab Driver Jailed for Killing Lian
One British Councillor Who Cares for his Own
Cash Boost for Somali Homeless in Milton Keynes
Asian Star of Reality TV Show "The Apprentice" Arrested
Seven Black Youths Threaten to Stab and Rob
Blair Gives Black Slaughterer Asylum
Asian Doc Missed Fatal Cancer 7 Times
How We Live Now
BLAIR WARS: Aircraft Bombs Fake Say Muslims
Three of Blair's Muslim MPs Say His Foreign Policy is to Blame for Terror
Dame Kiri Tekanawa Quits Britain for Safe New Zealand
Black Hoodies Rob 78-Year-Old OAP of £600
Hey, Muslim! IT'S YOUR PROBLEMO!!!
Muslim Students at Centre of Terror Plots?
Asian Charged on Explosive Charges
Government Wastes Billions on Private Finace Initiative
BLAIR WARS: Another Soldier Dies in Afganistan
Black Footballer Crashes into House
Bulgaria: Giveaway Passports Bonanza for non-Europeans
Cheating Poles Claim UK Benefit for Kids Back in Poland
Asian Rapist Disappears
Blair's Black Diversity Czar Says Foreign Correspondents are TOO WHITE!!
5-Year-Old's Passport Photo Rejected: IT MAY BE OFFENSIVE TO MUSLIMS!!
They Gave a Somalian Serial Rapist an ASBO!!
Green Belt Homes for Immigrants

US-Jewish Billionaire Buys Aston Villa
14 Pentonville Prison Officers Corrupt?
Terror Raid Pair's £50,000 Hotel Bill
Asian Nut Stabs Two-Year-Old Shortly After Release
Coldsream Guardsman Defects to BNP
Guernsey: Islanders Blame Immigrants for Crime Rise
Asian Stabs Cheating Wife 55 Times
Black Attack in Bristol
MORE ARMY CUTS! - £40,000,000
Our Bank Details Sold in Nigeria
70 Muslim Terror Plots RIGHT NOW!
Black Rapist Jailed for 10 Years
69-Year-Old Asian Holder of MBE Groped 15-Year-Old 5 Times
Foreign Pervert in Court
Black Gang Attack Teenager
Lovers Robbed by 5 Black Crims
Ulster Protestants Support Israel
Gay Cop Wins Compensation for Hurt Feelings
Asian Drug Pair JailedImmigration Service Ignores Illegal Workers
Asian Adulterer Wins Court Backing to Stay in Britain
Black Genocide Suspect Living in UK
Muslims Invite Islamic Hate Merchant to Preach in Wales
Europe Faces Very Real Threat
Illegal Immigrants: Government Turns Blind Eye
Asian Rapist Says it's Against My Religion to Hurt You
Black Rapist Jailed for Five Years
Black Teenager Tortures Kids: Gets Community Service
Asian's Dog Savages Teenager
Father-of-Four Asian Cabbie Raped 16-Year-Old
16-Year-Old Boy Robbed by Asians then Forced to Give Oral Sex
Black Youths in Street Shoot Out
Kent Doesn't Have the Right Stuff: India Does!!!
Black Man Murders Another Brit
Public Must Fund Chairman Blair's Security
More Over-Population Problems
Vote-Rigging Asians Charged
Asian Danger Driver's New Convictions
Migrant Workers Top 1.5 Million
NHS Report: Criticisms Deleted
White Man Stabbed by Blacks
Paki Flag Flown Outside Rochdale Town Hall
Life Sentence for Black Killers
Prisoners to be Released Early
NHS Ill-Prepared for Attacks
Mad Black Stabber Seen Out Shopping
Ringleader, Zakir Sheikh, Gets 7 years for Car and Drug Crime
Asian Denies Murdering Pensioner
Asian Lures Women for Rape
Africans Defraud NHS of £600,000
10 British Hospitals Face Closure
Bush is Crap: White House Laughs it Off
George Alagiah: 'My Fears for Apartheid UK'

One-in-3 Arrested Crims Just Gets Told Off
Pensioner Fined £75 for Flicking Fag Ash Out of Car Window
Another Unwanted Mosque Forced Upon Brits
Mystery Surrounds Reservoir Poisoning
It's Lovely in London Now Says Jobsworh Cop No. 1
West Indian Commits Serious Sexual Assault on Young Woman

BLAIR WARS: Another Soldier Killed
Asian Carjacker Pulls Gun on Victim
Black Gang Threatens Teenagers With Gun
Senior Asian Cop: Don't Profile Asians
Government "Aided and Abetted" Israel
Investigate Dame Shirley Says Red Ken
GM Grass Spreading
A Licence for Extremism
One Third of All Criminals Just Get Told Off
2,159 Died and 162,979 Suffered Harm in "Patient Safety Incidents" in NHS in 2005 ALONE!
Illegal Immigrant Gets Job in Post Office: Steals £620,000
Cops Search for Asian who Killed Family of Four
Asian Murders Wife and 3 Kids
Elderly Pensioners Fight Off Black Robber
Locked up: For Telling a 12-Year-Old Not to Swear
New Labour DAME kicked out for Corruption
Black Churchgoers: Black Nuts Must Be the Priority
Boy Robbed and Raped by Asians
Indecent Assault by Asian in Dartford
Immigrants Who Stole £600,000 off NHS Jailed for Just 12 Months
Mugged by Black in Bedford: 83-Year-Old Breaks Hip
18_Year-Old Attacked by Four Black Men Seriously Ill in Hospital
Black Man Attempts to Rape in Coventry
Man Robbed at Knifepoint by Blacks in Barnes
Asians Charged With Drive By Shooting
Slow Pensioner Beaten Up by Italian
NHS in Illegal Immigrant Mess
BLAIR WAS WRONG: Enormous Numbers of EU Citizens Have Entered Britain
Half of Dentists who Joined NHS in 2005 Were Foreign
Asian Axe-Killer Walks Free
Killjoys Ruining Our Lives
Labour Support at 19-Year Low
BLAIR EVIL: Murdered Lad Had Been Stabbed Before. Cops Did Sweet FA
Quadruple Murder; Two Asians Arrested
Bailed Nigerian Rapes Woman in Aberdeen
Ethnic Tension Must be Tackled Says Blair-Babe
7-Strong Black Gang Leave 16-Year-Old with Life Threatening Injuries
Shoplifters Will NOT be Prosectuted
Indecent Assault: Asian Doc Jailed for Four Years
37 Labour Members Defect to Liberals
The English are Fat and Getting Fatter
President of Israel Investigated for Rape
53% of Britons Think Islam is a Threat
What Cost Immigration
Lisa Bamford: Murdered by Somali Neighbour
Asian Family Killer Went to Thailand
BLAIR BOOK DEAL: Tony B wants £4 MIllion from Best Pal, Rupert
Immigrants Replacing Birmingham Residents
4 Black, One White Stab Man in Staffs
Hamza Henchman Praises 7/7 Bombers
Community Cohesion: Street Gang Style
Asian Doc Prescribes Cough Medicine for Cancer
Nut Doctors Nurse Cabinet Ministers at Our Expense
82-Year-Old War Hero Bashes Jewish Reparations-Monger in HOUSE OF LORDS
Three Mediterranean Types Sought After Sex Attack
Congolese Gang Jailed for 34 Years: Threatened to Rape 14-Year-Old Boy
12-Year-Old Girl Punched, Stamped, Knocked Unconscious by Black Gang
Asian Raped 17-Year-Old Amputee
John Reid Big Idea: Don't Put Criminals in Clink: Bail Them!
Double Murderer Hangs Himself
Raped by Two Chinks
Asian Doc Jailed for 4 Years
BLAIR'S UK Poses Biggest Terror Theat to USA

Terrorists Arrested in Bolton
Foreigners Gang-Rape Young Woman
Two Asians and a Black in Frenzied Stab Attack
Nine Out of 10 Nurses Say: We Don't Have Time to Ensure Patients Eat Properly
Driver Kidnapped by Black Men
I Lost My Virginity at Nine
80% of Immigrants are a Drain on Our Society
BLAIR WARNED: Romania Will Sue if Entry is Restricted
15-Year-Old Schoolgirl Bullied by Gangs for Years
Photo of Hit-and-Run Chink
Asians Arrested for Rape and Theft
Black Gang Stab 50-Year-Old
Asian Postman Stole 33,000 Items of Mail
African on Rape Charge AbscondsAnother Asian Surgeon to be Struck Off
Blacks Deny Gang Rape
Cockroach Infested Curry House Chain Fined £40,000
BLAIR sneered at by Muslim Miss England
Bulgarians Queue Round Block for British Visas" in NHS in 2005 ALONE!
Bombs Kill 38 in Iraq
How PC Mummy Deals with the Bully
BLAIR Should Continue by Fat Flatmate Falconer
BLAIR Bleeding the Labour Party at its Heart
Christian and ENGLISH Books Being Withheld from Prisoners: Foreign Books OK
Huddersfield Teen Stabbed by Asian
WOMEN: Violent Crime up 50% in 4 Years
Asian Surgeon Carpeted
Black Premiership Footballer Arrested for GBH
Government Failing To Attack Child Trafficking
BLAIR Employs 3,200 Spin Doctors
Red Ken Says Black CRE Head Should Join BNP
60-Year-Old Hurled to Ground by Asian Carjackers
Former Home Sec: Labour has Alienated Key Voters
Immigration Pushes Rent Sky High
Black Race Chief: Immigration Changing Britain

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