Daily News - February 2015

Saturday 28 February

A thousand potential jihadis on UK radar, warns ex-MI6 chief (Courtesy of LibLabCon)
The charities that are funding Jihadi John apologists
Jihadi John and his ilk have many friends in Britain!
Jihadi John and the apologists for terror
Nick Clegg is 'swivel eyed' in his worship of Europe SAY LIB DEMS!
Student sexually assaulted by taxi driver Mohammed Iqbal who demands £50 fare
US Responsibility for Ukraine’s conflict evident for whole world
Ferren Williams smashed elderly widow's head on road in bid to snatch necklaces
Supporter of hate preacher Anjem Choudary groomed a 15-year-old girl
Paedo Saham Amin raped girl, 14, and abused her 13-year-old friend
US blogger who spoke out against religious extremism hacked to death in Bangladesh
Fugitive ordered to repay £300,000 for fake energy drink scam
Woman, 93, sexually assaulted in her own apartment by intruder
UKIP: "This is not based on any law, but a judge’s politically correct view!"
Mother dragged to court for hurting a youth trying to protect her son from gang
'Fat Vicar' convicted of sexually abusing vulnerable boy at care home run by paedo pal
Grieving son discovers dead mum lost her £100,000 life savings to postal lottery scammers
Why should WE pay for gays to have unsafe sex?

Friday 27 February

The Endgame - Full White Genocide documentary
Cocaine traces found on MPs' Toilets in Parliament!
Terror and Treason: The wilful evil of Western elites
Cameron LIED to get elected! 624,000 immigrants invaded in 2014!
Nigel Farage warned about Russia/Ukraine in 2008!
"/>If this is England, where are the English?
UK Muslim population of 26 million by 2051!
The survey of British Muslim attitudes is profoundly worrying
ISIS executes 150 women and girls for refusing to become sex slaves and marry Jihadis
Church leader says grotesque mistakes by USA led to ISIS beheading/kidnapping Christians
What is Cage? Jihadi John confidant describes executioner Mohammed Emwazi as 'beautiful'
So, were these 'beautiful, kind-hearted young men' corrupted by MI5 as well?
Muslim who said Jihadi John was beautiful and kind called for jihad outside US Embassy!
What the traitors brought in - Angelic schoolboy to Jihadi John
Why did it take the Americans to unmask Jihadi John?
Jihadi John was on MI5's radar for SIX YEARS so how come the reign of terror?
ISIS takes a hammer to civilisation: Priceless 3,000-year-old artworks smashed
The disturbing questions facing Muslim leaders
ISIS executes 100 of its own foreign fighters! Poor dears wanted to go home!
Why did the NHS stay silent on Savile?
HSBC, Israel and blood diamonds
Tory funding scandal explodes in the UK: The ethnic angle
Bend It Like Bennett: Genuflecting to Jewish Power
Dr Adekunle Olowu didn't warn pregnant mum drug could cause suicidal feelings
Unlicensed drunk Asif Masood was 3 times over limit when he crashed - NO JAIL!
Mohammed Siddiqui struck off for performing 'botched and dirty' circumcisions on babies Cameron announces new Holocaust memorial will be built in London
Dispatches: Israel fails African asylum seekers
Greek Orthodox seminary in Jerusalem torched in suspected hate crime
The time is fast approaching when many would rather be called racist than traitor
I'm a 'long slow burn' in bed, says Ed Balls (Like a curried fart perhaps?)

Thursday 26 February

Obama regime poised to begin massive Chinese-style takeover of the internet!
Obama Administration condemns Egypt’s attack on ISIS!!!
Farrakhan tells cheering crowd that God is against the white man
Rotherham cops congratulate and reward themselves 16 days after abuse report condemned them!
27% of British Muslims sympathise with the murder of Charlie Hebdo cartoonists!
Survey of British Muslims delights BBC but it contains some chilling findings
‘Jihadi John’ identified as Mohammed Emwazi (from West London - W10)
America/Saudis made ISIS to destroy Syria - it's working! (Statues 3000 years old)
After fighting in Iraq, this marine returned home only to be beaten up by Polish thugs
White/Asian drugs gang murdered Jon-Jo Highton
Lauren Patterson sexually assaulted, murdered and dumped in desert by Abdallah al-Jabar
Black thief steals 90-year-old woman's handbag as she prays in church
Sex attack victim rang parents after being imprisoned by Habtom Abraham
Bank worker, Amish Kansagr, left, 'tried to slash throat of topless masseuse'
CAMERON: "Tens of thousands?" LIAR! Influx higher now than when Tories came to power!
Lowering immigration: what politicians have said
Migration figures will shatter Cameron's 'tens of thousands' pledge
Savile abuse: Stoke Mandeville staff 'were told!'
Jimmy Savile: Stoke Mandeville staff knew he was abusing patients!
Cliff Richard: Cops probe new claims of sex abuse as more alleged victims come forward
Our traitorous government was preparing for war in Syria 2 years before hostilities began!
Britain's brightest leaving - replaced with with low-skilled immigrants
Lawyers' daughter and SCOTLAND YARD DETECTIVE groomed young women for prostitution ring!
Palestine accuses Israel of opening dams, flooding Gaza, forcing evacuations
New York State senator says: "White people don't eat the way we do!"
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accuses West of trying to dominate the world
Brigitte Bardot on trial 5 times for insulting Muslims and 'inciting racial hatred!'
Hanna Toms, Truro's Labour candidate, withdraws for over-claiming benefits!
Kiev’s Decision to Cut Gas Supply to Donetsk ‘Bears Hallmarks of Genocide’
New BBC Chair must be embarrassed by HSBC scandal - she's a director!
Daughter of Obama's pastor Jeramiah Wright awaits sentencing for embezzlement charges
White students attacked with rocks/bricks at South African University
MSNBC Host: I hope Trayvon whipped the sh*t out of Zimmerman
When BBC boss was Chair of HSBC's risk committee did bank launder terrorist/drug money?
France: Cops catch 73-year-old Jew spray-painting word “Jew” on 20 cars
Former aide to Mandela called a racist after saying Zuma is anti-white CANADA: Asylum-seeking white South African family granted new refugee hearing
BBC mauled: MPs slam bosses for squandering YOUR money

Wednesday 25 February

FLUORIDE! Is your tap water poisoning you?
Dispiriting decay of integrity in public life
Tory MP claims ASTROLOGY can solve health service!
Labour Councillor Simon Parkes says Vladimir Putin is being advised by aliens!
Israel turns off power to hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in the dead of winter!
Sweden’s Multicultural Center expert on Islamophobia joins ISIS!
WWIII here we come? Slag that f***ed Libya & wanted to f*** Syria sending troops to Ukraine!
Who do our bought-and-paid-for MPs work for?
MPs who earned more than £7m outside of Parliament in 2014
AT LARGE! Immigrant thug who left Robert Tuck for dead jailed for 20 years then bailed!
Pakistani restaurant owner 'groomed girls as young as 12' to be raped by him and his friends'
Tasers used on more than 400 children by police in 2013
'Devious, calculating' Abeyomi Ogunagbadaro jailed after plundering £23,000 from TV star
Muslim Morrisons worker calls for man who broke into his mosque to be beheaded
Black knifeman robs shopkeeper
UK’s new ambassador to Israel, David Quarrey, was Tony Blair’s private secretary
Did Anna Soubry MP call Miliband a 'sanctimonious c***' during Commons debate?
Depressives three times more likely to commit a violent or sex crime?
Disabled pensioner's attacker! Richard Gatiss' parents both ran for the local council!
Cannibalism still stalks African conflicts
DIVERSITY! Moment 'Mad Dog' cannibal prepares to eat another victim
Boko Haram fighters turn to cannibalism in Nigerian forest
Diversity in Nigeria! Restaurant served roasted human heads!
USA: Mother shot dead by black cop after she called them for help
NSA and GCHQ: Big Brother would have never believed it
BIG MALWARE: Things point to involvement by US intelligence
UK admits unlawfully monitoring legally privileged communications Americans’ cellphones targeted in secret U.S. spy program
The most powerful Jew in the world?
Green Party leader Natalie Bennett and that awful interview

Tuesday 24 February

Social workers knew Laura was prey to Muslim sex gangs 6 YEARS before she was murdered!
General McInerney: “WE HELPED BUILD ISIS!” Benghazi weapons ended up with ISIS!
ISIS kidnap at least 90 people from Christian villages in Syria
TREASON+DIVERSITY = Hundreds of 'British' women propose marriage to ISIS jihadis!
Russia accuses US of bringing chaos to Middle East (understatement of the century)
Fluoride 'linked to thyroid problem which causes weight gain, depression and tiredness
RIFKIND! The Hon. Member for Unilever, Unite and Beijing West
£67,000 not enough for standard of living I'm ENTITLED to says Jewish MP Malcolm Rifkind
Jack Straw to take job with firm which won £70m contract after he lobbied on its behalf!
I was sacked by Jack Straw for revealing CIA torture – Craig Murray
2002: Jack Straw must come clean about his role in the Jeremy Thorpe scandal!
Oh the indignity! In Mr Straw's seat was the steaming bulk of a knucklechewer
Cash for access and Blair's tainted legacy
After 40 years in the EU our farmers cannot feed us; production in alarming decline!
Cameron's former spin doctor Andy Coulson faces perjury trial
"Carer" Claudine Ingabire jailed for attacking man in wheelchair
Why have the white British left London?
"British" woman faces jail after funding jihadi boyfriend in Syria
Cops hunt Obaidullah Shenwari for rape of underage girls
Sex attack victim rang parents during assault after being 'imprisoned'
Ringleader of £800,000 disability allowance scam, Shahab Reza, jailed for nine years
Nigerian drug dealer Cletus Okpala cannot be deported because of EU rules
Nightclub bouncer Oloruntoba Adisa stole mobile phones: NO JAIL
Rotherham abuse report author says cops must be scrutinised
BEYOND IRONY! US jury orders Palestinians to pay $218m for terror attacks!
Savings plunge to lowest level on record as families struggle
Countryfile BETRAYS the countryside
Jewish film director Roman Polanski asks judge to ban media from 1977 child sex case Church of England’s hidden Zionist agenda?
Wolf Hall star Mark Rylance cut 'antisemitic' lines from Shakespeare plays!
Director General of the Commons? Bercow's new sidekick will earn more than PM!

Monday 23 February

The Anti-Semitism Scam
Cash for access! Jack Straw called previous sting MPs 'stupid for being suckered in'
Ex-ministers Jack Straw and Malcolm Rifkind brag to business about political contacts
Straw, Rifkind and 'Cash For Access' - Straw suspends himself from Labour Party
Ex-Foreign Secretaries Straw and Rifkind in foreign firm 'cash-for-access' scandal!
Assyrian Christian militia keep ISIS at bay but they're running out of ammo!
UK in 'ever-losing battle' over online radicalisation says Lady Warsi
HSBC scam was 'a systematic and profitable collusion in serious criminal activity!'
Child kidnappings soars by almost a fifth!
Obama forced to address Israel’s oil smuggling
Unions tell MPs: Don't make gender abortion a crime 'it would divide communities!
Jailing criminals is a sign of failure? Says Clegg (That explains it)
Child kidnappings soars by almost a fifth, police figures show
Is community spirit dead? 23% have never performed 'random act of kindness'
Bercow charges £177 for a 4-mile limo ride between Parliament and Euston
In 2014, 77,400 students successfully challenged their exam results!
Teenager flees Asian after he lures her into car
Face slashed in Woolwich: black man sought
Sham marriages took place to help non-EU citizens get around UK immigration laws
Black career criminal jailed for shoplifting
Happy birthday, Mr Mugabe, with special love from Labour

Sunday 22 February

Prince Andy/Dershowitz/Epstein child sex scandal only beginning
DIVERSITY! Romanians EIGHT times as likely to be jailed here as Britons
DIVERSITY! Terminating pregnancies if baby is female established in some ethnic communities
Islamophobia/racism on Facebook and Twitter? MP Keith Vaz wants us shut down!
Silence! Political correctness hampering ‘free speech’ in UK universities
Ukrainians are suffering from US 'ideological crusade' against Russia
Le Pen says Washington is attempting to start ‘war in Europe’
MP thinks Grimsby voters are so stupid Labour would win with a drunken paedo!
Town hall chief makes £105k running council in Essex – from Cyprus
Dominique Strauss-Kahn 'had brutal anal sex with prostitute at orgy' pimping trial hears
Did the Queen REALLY beg Blair not to bomb Saddam?
The Middle East is red with the blood of Christians!
Egypt calling West’s bluff over its phony war on ISIS
ISIS has sarin and mustard gas - new threat to European security
UK nuclear sites warned over drone terror attack
School where ISIS girls studied had 'measures to combat radicalism?' Yeah right
CANNABIS: Clever teenagers most at risk of 'skunk' psychosis
The real mind-blowing terror threat in our midst is cannabis
Mojtaba Changi and Saeed Fatemi jailed for raping lost teenage Polish tourist
Dessert bar owner, Rassam Ali, guilty of sex act with 14-year-old
Payroll boss, Pauline Elfreda Barrett, faces jail over £1m tax scam
Patrick McGinley shot uncle dead minutes before gipsy wedding
"Britons" on death row? Up to 75 UK citizens face execution abroad
EU to probe our Christian schools for discrimination - they favour Christian teachers!
How EU projects blow billions of euros amidst austerity talks
UKIP councillor expelled from party for saying she had a problem with “negroes?”
How Mrs T waged war on 'pinko traitors' of the BBC
Whitney, Bobby, drugs and death... their daughter never stood a chance

Saturday 21 February

Dragged through street, beaten with metal pole, filmed performing forced sex act!
This racist incident happened in London - the BBC hasn't mentioned it. How many times has the BBC reported a black man being pushed off a train by Chelsea supporters in Paris?

Compare and contrast!


British soldier who shared barracks with Lee Rigby goes to Syria to fight ISIS!
Foolish perhaps but compare this lad's sense of honour with that of Blair, Cameron, Clegg, Miliband and the rest of the LibLabCon slime in Westminster.

Police investigate Richmond council over ‘VIP paedophile ring’
Home Secretary David Blunkett was told in 2002 about child sex scandal!
Death threats for Rotherham victims - Keith Vaz responsible
1995: Keith Vaz, MP, wanted to turn part of Leicester into an Asian colony!
"New York Jewess says: "I’m gay. And I want my kid to be gay too!"
USA: Adam Torres, Latino cop, murders John Greer, gets away with it! NO MEDIA OUTRAGE! British savers being 'conned' out of billions by fund managers!
Suspect in Huddersfield arson that killed 8 arrested 13 years later in Pakistan!
Boss of Muslim gang that murdered Kriss Donald, 15, wants compo for breach of Human Rights!
Gang who threatened key witness after Hyde restaurant shooting jailed
DIVERSITY! Three girls from one British school fly off to join ISIS!
Romania migrant No. 1 (Keith Vaz's pal) exposed as brute who beat up lover
Rotherham Council chief's £2million 'personal vanity project!'
HSBC boss to get £7.4m payout as banks prepare to hand out £5billion in bonuses!
Father and son jailed for saying cop looked like Mr T!
Benefits of statins exaggerated? Advocates distorted stats, downplayed side-effects!
Police warning after spate of attacks near Morledge in Derby
Drug dealer told: Pay back £50,000 or spend a year in jail
Wesley Jones jailed for 13.5 years for brutal attack
Aidan Harris-Bennett gets 30 years for leaving dad-of-three paralysed
Police hunt hoodies after robbery in Ladywood
USA: Mother Calls 9-1-1 to get intruders out, black cop shows up, shoots and kills her
Ukraine: UK and EU 'badly misread' Russia
Russell Brand the world's best thinker?
Left-wing bishops and why I may convert to Catholicism

Friday 20 February

Murderers Mikhail Gallatinov and Marc Goodwin to marry in jail! (This OK by you?)
Terrorism in Syria: Created by America, supported by Israel says Syrian President
ISIS threaten to flood Europe with 500,000 Libyan migrants' (Cameron's War on Libya to blame!)
Mass exodus from Muslim Kosovo into Europe; did US play a role in creating the crisis?
Fury as number of Romanians and Bulgarians in Britain soars after border controls lifted! One third of whites say they're victims of racism (Vote UKIP/BNP/NF then!)
White cop says London riots like 'Planet of the Apes' - Black cop says 'racist!'
“Willenhall is black so f*** off!” (Diversity! You were warned!)
Paedo abuse victims received death threats after MPs revealed their identities!
SAFE SEAT STITCH UP! Labour's Keith Vaz fixing selection for his pals?
KINNOCK: From Welsh Windbag to Mister Moneybags
Lib Dem councillor whose home was used for 12-hour sex parties may become deputy Lord Mayor
US State Dept offical says US government should 'give ISIS jobs!'
59-year-old beaten up by Blacks in Birmingham
Jihadi guilty of plot to behead soldier radicalised by hate preacher in just 12 WEEKS
MUSLIM PAEDOS: Saham Amin raped girl, 14 - abused her friend, 13
Terrified woman flees from attempted Strangeways abduction by Asians
Paedophile plied 15-year-old Bury girl with drugs and vodka as he groomed her for sex
Man beaten up, robbed and forced to perform forced sex act on Mediterranean types
Peterborough restaurateur ‘groomed girls for sex’
British woman beheaded by Deyan Deyanov in supermarket was defenceless
Channel Four presents Anti-British Racism
US says Israel not giving accurate picture of Iran talks
China bans burqa in capital of Muslim region of Xinjiang
Inside Boko Haram: Abducted girls raped, abused, forced to marry
Coroner attacks cosmetics firms after mum died of allergic reaction to L'Oreal hair dye
Plastic is devastating ocean wildlife
Losing the British sense of fair play
Libya is imploding. Why doesn't David Cameron care?

Thursday 19 February

US State Department official says US government should 'give ISIS jobs!'
More babies stricken with herpes after ultra-orthodox Jewish blood sucking circumcision
Argentina buys fighter jets from China and gets foreign aid from us
Married for 65 years, Council forces them to live apart so it can save £10 a day!
RON PAUL: "They knew where Bin Laden was" (But didn't get him so they could invade Iraq etc.)
Brokering power: US role in Ukraine coup hard to overlook
Putin will target Baltic next says Fallon! (When he doesn't, will sh*t-stirrer resign?)
Miliband DOES seem to have avoided tax says Duncan Smith
Rail privatisation a 'disaster?' TRUE! Labour will return it to us? UNTRUE!
Tories accused of paedo smear plot against Labour MPs?
Alleged paedo priest moved on by church - no police charges'
Hampstead's rich and famous hit 12 times by Taser and hammer gang
59-year-old beaten up by Blacks in Birmingham
SOUTH AFRICA! Man killed 3-day-old daughter using her as a CLUB to beat girlfriend
British aid worker is shot dead in South Sudan
Murdered albino toddler's arms and legs hacked off for use in witch doctor's potions
TURKEY: Mother murders 10-year-old to save him from embarrassment of having big ears
Refugees fleeing Libya should shame politicians who never learn from their mistakes
What Germany Owes Greece

Wednesday 18 February

'Dirty war?': MI5 accused of complicity in historical NI child sex abuse
ISIS: Woman stopped, pronounced guilty and executed for wearing a red cloak over her burqa!
Pro-Kiev Commander: 'We will burn down Crimea with all its residents!'
Ex-Foreign Minister says French PM 'under Jewish influence?' (His wife's a Jew)
Swedish Radio wonders if Jews themselves are responsible for the rise in anti-Semitism?
Miliband is a card-carrying Marxist unfit to govern says fellow Jew!
Miliband calls on Twitter/Facebook to fight online rhetoric aimed at Jews and Muslims!
Senior Labour official quits and urges voters to back UKIP!
America can spy on EVERY home computer in the world?
Cop-killer terrorist takes 'human rights' fight to highest court!
Mehmet Hassan murdered for his winnings (by diversity of course)
Abid Naseer 'led Manchester terror cell'
Dannell Dunkley murdered Rhyan Wilson
Taxi driver Hamzeh Karimi slapped and spat on frightened female passenger
USA is destroying Syria’s oil infrastructure under guise of fighting ISIS?
Iraq Envoy to UN: Islamic State Might Be Harvesting Organs?
How CAN we honour Blair's key aide who was so complicit in committing us to war in Iraq?
Teaching five-year-olds about gay sex is frankly sheer lunacy k
Cable hints at rainbow coalition! Lib Dems would work with the SNP
ISIS burn 45 people to death in captured Iraqi town of al-Baghdadi Blinkered and out of its depth - the Church of England is in danger of becoming ludicrous

Tuesday 17 February

Channel 4 slammed over UKIP 'hatchet job'
Will BBC and Channel 4 screen pre-election dramas mocking the Left? In your dreams!
Council boss who refused to quit over grooming scandal gets £600,000 payoff!
Who will stop these rewards for failure?
NHS managers slammed in report: Ministers refuse to publish because of damning content
Over 700 artists announce a ‘cultural boycott’ of Israel
City centre rapist jailed for 10 years for rape and sexual assault
Michael Armitage, Rafal Segiet and Pawal Chudzicki jailed for 20-hour gang rape
Rape victim's harrowing account of ordeal keeps attacker behind bars
12-year-old gang raped by Albanians after she was plied with drugs and alcohol
Disabled RAF veteran punched out of mobility scooter and stamped on by black man!
Charles Hickox fell under the wheels of a van as he was being chased by Rostam Notarki
Azeem Siddique used his car as a weapon
Hungarian family who trafficked teenagers and sold them as sex slaves jailed
Muslim drug dealers jailed after police found £50k worth of heroin in car
Serial wife beater Mohammed Javed Hussain jailed for 3 years
Bradford drug dealer Mohammed Ahmed "preyed on vulnerable users"
Woman mugged as she walked in Peterborough
Blackburn: Zeeshan Bashir jailed after 14-year-old found in his bed
Demand for truth over Rotherham Council’s ‘stolen’ children’s data!
High profile Islamic terrorists claim their human rights were breached
'Stop playing games with the NHS' Britain's top doctor warns politicians
Syrian children dressed in orange jumpsuits, locked in cage and threatened with burning by ISIS
Aggressive African + calm white woman = cops looking for woman (she's racist!) BBC blows £7m on consultants in a year then refuses to say where money went
France should recognize Crimea as part of Russia – Le Pen
TURKEY: Student stabbed and clubbed to death for fighting back against bus driver rapist

Monday 16 February

UK's biggest police force solves just 14% of paedo crimes in the last 4 years!
Muslims plotted to stab “Blond People” in kidneys for “mighty Allah”
Killer jihadi with 'lengthy criminal record' Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein inspired by Hebdo
Foreign aid and the care crisis at home
Islamic State releases video showing beheading of 21 Christians
IMF and EU Capture of Ukraine
SELSDON: Innocent father-of-3, Andrew Else stabbed 200 times by nutcase, Ephraim Norman
DIVERSITY! Recently released rapist, Ashraf Amrani, has now killed his parents
Dominic Desouza stabbed his neighbour, a new mum at home with her baby
Former Harrods boss Mohamed Al Fayed, 86, accused of rape
Muslims get 68 years for raping teacher on park bench
Seven black men behind terrifying spate of armed robberies jailed for a total 71 years
Shocking moment widower, 92, hurled to ground by black mugger
Jaymin Small gets 12 months for attacking bus driver
Archbishop backs ‘internet Asbos’ for those who tell tales on Jews? (Welby's dad was Jewish)
General election 2015: Growing impact of Polish vote!
US confirmed existence of Israeli H-Bomb program in 1987!
Balls refuses to answer if Ed acted morally over tax
Statins expert to put drugs' side-effects under microscope
Cameron 'turning a blind eye' to tax avoidance says Miliband
Zionism: another form of ideological fundamentalism!

Sunday 15 February

Jewish ex-Lord Chief Justice says Muslim feelings are more important than free speech!
Channel 4 drama 'UKIP: The First 100 Days' predicts race riots if Farage wins!
Cannabis TRIPLES psychosis risk! 'Skunk' blamed for 1-in-4 of all new serious mental disorders
UK forces told to share weapons with 27 foreign armies!
The rapping butcher of ISIS: German jihadist becomes terrorists’ poster boy
USA: Another white woman set on fire. Black ex-husband charged
USA: Media blackout after unarmed white man killed by cops whilst performing charity
USA: Arizona State University teacher advocates violence against white racists!
The millionaire who 'didn't pay tax for 24 YEARS
Are we being dragged into war with Russia?
We need real police - not Costa cops!
Why catching crooks is NOT the police's most important job
Neoliberal Washington thugs and mercenaries false-flag ‘undesired’ governments into chaos
Pakistan: 90 percent of 1.5 million homeless children raped
Is Boko Haram a CIA covert op to divide and conquer Africa?
‘Get NATO, foreign countries out of Ukraine to end civil war’ – Ron Paul
Rotherham: In the face of such evil, who is the racist now?
Chuku Anyawu plied 15-year-old with drugs and vodka as he groomed her for sex
Raped in front of son and told: 'I'm Muslim you must obey me'
Elderly Blackburn woman grabbed would-be thief after he tried to steal her rings
Blackburn drugs baron, Babar Qasam, told to pay back just £160!
Rape-accused Muslim cop forced to quit for wife-beating wants pay-out for institutional racism

Saturday 14 February

MEP paraded by Tories after defecting from UKIP Amjad Bashir named in financial scandals!
Rotherham victim: We Were ‘Sacrificed’ by the Left!
LibLabCon! British girls abused, raped, prostituted by Somali gangs
Caine Inyanga fractures Adam Turner's skull after Adam asked him for a light - NO JAIL!
USA: 5-year-old white girl abducted and shot dead by mother's boyfriend, Marcus McGowan Girl, 12, was raped four times...yet still no word from social services
Cops warn after 'dangerous sexual predator' Mohammed Sarang gets suspended sentence
ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS! Fake wedding sees man forget wife-to-be's name!
Postman Sandeep Singh threw away letters because the mail was 'too heavy!'
Fury at illegal immigrant's 18-year fight to remain in UK
Another TV paedo found guilty of sexually abusing teenage boys
Welby/Sentamu C of E tells Christians how they should vote! Scrap nuclear deterrent/More EU!
GO INDIA! India bans Muslims from having multiple wives!
Amanda Holden sends her kid to school fancy dress party as Pretty Woman prostitute?
George Soros funded Ferguson protests, hoping to spur civil action!
'Hypocrite' Harman and her family's inheritance tax dodge on £750,000 estate
Why Jonathan Freedland isn’t fit to be the new Editor-in-Chief of the Guardian
£800m Jewish tycoon and his very tiny tax bill
Israel bans Arab MP’s re-election bid because, hey, it's the only democracy in the Middle East!
Jewish writer says most common type of American terrorist is a white man!
White House Stalled ISIS Rescue. Foley, Sotloff and Mueller Died
ISIS! Paraded in cages 'to be burned alive' - 17 Kurdish fighters
The granny who stood up to ISIS
Miliband's sickening betrayal of Milly Dowler?
Watched the porn our children see on the internet and we should all be terrified

Friday 13 February

America Hell-Bent on War! 80-year-old analyst has never ban more afraid
German intelligence estimates death toll in Ukraine at 50,000, 10 times official figure
Atheists Killing Muslims!
Sordid conditions, shocking neglect: Soondressen Cooppen's 'unsafe' care home slammed
Rotherham shame! Kids ‘sent into hands of abusers'
Sex gang victims 'sacrificed' so Labour wouldn't lose votes in Asian community
Daniel Spargo-Mabbs died after taking lethal dose of ecstasy - Nicqueel Pitrora sold it to him
Former Scunthorpe mayor, Jawaid Ishaq MBE, stole £124,000 from pal's bank account
Brusthom Ziamani accused of plotting to behead British soldier
Extradition wait over rapist Wakar Akhtar
Evil sadist tortured girlfrend with a blowtorch
Toddler's death - Dr Tasnim Arif missed a "red flag symptom"
Muggers Teymur Ahmed and Kamil Dunworth cause girl nast injuries
Jail for Ansar Sadiq who had sex with underage girl
Sexual assault by Asian on Bristol bus
Police appeal after man knocked out by East European muggers
Jerzy Gurajczyk puts his hand up schoolgirl's skirt - NO JAIL
Noisy Gordon Pavlovic kicked out of home (tormented neighbours for 14 years)
Labour council bans PORK from primary schools (Muslims and Jews aren't keen)
Union bullies and Labour try to shout down free speech
Rotherham's Labour MP on the rack
Rogue cops and their sinister assault on free speech
Germany faces impossible choice as Greek austerity revolt spreads
Top Miliband aide calls tax row 'Milly Dowler moment' (Exploit for political gain!)
France's most wanted woman praises Paris murderer hubbie, boasts of easy flight to Syria
Red Ed the tax avoider
GPs told to prescribe sex as an exercise

Thursday 12 February

Liar Politicians 1997 to 2014
Number of Muslim children in the UK doubles in a decade!
Whitehall ‘is blocking bid to cut immigration’ claims report
Migration control 'hampered by meagre funding and BBC bias!'
Labour is wrong to deny us a voice on the EU!
Radiohead singer asks: 'Who does our government work for?'
Richard Johnson charged with Josh Bradley murder. Adnan/Ibrahim/Khan charged in connection
Bradford cabbie Mahboob Hussain jailed for hit-and-run crash which left student maimed for life
Cyril Atula denies punching young mum in unprovoked attack
Anisyah Ali facing jail for helping steal £123,000 from a wealthy customer
LibLabCon! They've bulldozed my home for a Tesco store that might not even be built!
Whistleblower whitewash: Health staff who dare to speak out will still not be protected!
Whistleblowers and public's right to know
Barbie bus backlash: Harriet Harperson's big idea slammed by men AND women
Why are our politicians so patronising to women?
ENGLAND NOW! Left to die by callous paramedic!
Foreign aid budget growing so fast Ministers struggle to spend it wisely
MPs slam taxwomen for prosecuting just 1 person of 6,800 using Swiss HSBC banks!
WANT AD: ‘Must be determined to do jihad’ says Muslim wannabe-bride
We deserve a pay rise, say £200,000-a-year judges!
Government 'letting people down' refusing to strengthen cold-call legislation
ISIS revert to basic brutality in latest execution video
Our politics is old and crumbling: is it any wonder the young won't vote?
Prostitute testifies against "brutal" Jew, Dominique Strauss-Kahn
FRANCE: Elderly Jew tags the word 'Jew' on twenty cars!

Wednesday 11 February

Winter death toll is highest for 15 years after millions are given useless flu jab
Thousands too scared to speak out about poor NHS care: 250,000 incidents a year not reported
Muslims don't want relatives buried next to non-believers? Exhume the non-Muslim!
Fury at failings that let Alice Gross' migrant killer into Britain
Darrell Akins and Paul Clarke guilty of murder
West Midlands cop, Osman Iqbal, has seven-year sentence increased
Ex-Gillingham FC striker Nathan Nyafli accused of rape
Nicola Slater said her 'aggressive and controlling' 'madman' partner would froth at the mouth
Deputy head, Martin Goldberg, had 1,500 spycam photos of pupils undressing!
Craig Pond arrested for inciting racial hatred. (Thought prospective MPs should tell the truth)
Justice is not served by the Crown Prosecution Service says Ann Widdecombe
No dogs allowed in Muslim areas!
Top Jewish financier Strauss Kahn tells trial he 'only' managed to attend 12 orgies in 3 years!
Birmingham Council hires child protection boss from scandal-hit Rotherham!
Now hearing aids are rationed by our crisis-stricken NHS
How could Downing Street NOT know new minister's bank was caught up in HSBC scandal?
Muslim convert planned to behead a British soldier! (And ‘harm David Cameron'?)
16-year-old girl was held in police custody for almost two days without food or water
Parts of England receiving disproportionate numbers of asylum seekers says mayor
Ukraine conflict: Obama warns Putin ahead of peace talks
Vince Cable wants Holocaust compensation scheme cut! (Lib Dems just lost 10 more seats)
Councillor Dipu Ahad threatened with death after organising counter-demo to anti-Islam march?

Tuesday 10 February

Anti-Semitism report: Ban "racists" (patriots who tell WHOLE truth) from social media!
Priest banned from using social media after saying Israel was behind 9/11
Bishop tells Jews the Holocaust "should have taught you a lesson"
Sex gang victims were 'sacrificed' to avoid Labour losing votes in the Asian community!
Rotherham whistleblower 'proved right'
Child sexual abuse ring in Halifax: 24 Asians and one other charged
MURDER! Kuwaiti refugee tortured wife for two hours blasting out Koran to hide her screams
DIVERSITY! Jumaane Bruce blasted innocent woman's car in busy street as she begged for life
Rapper Dusan Bako punched girl in stomach and she lost her baby
Non-white thugs with knife and hammer bring violence to streets of Wolverhampton
Terrorist Brustholm Ziamani idolised Lee Rigby's killers and plotted to behead soldier
Bishop suffering from dementia slapped, forced to endure cold showers by carer Kate Rogowski
Wounded Navy hero forced to pay own care - terror suspect in line for £1million!
USA: Jesse Matthew charged with murder of British student Hannah Graham
Tewana Sullivan (black) and pal, Cheryl Livy (white), rowed over politics. Who murdered who?
HSBC behaved like the mafia and STILL not one banker has been put on trial
Cameron parties with the kings (and queens) of sleaze at £1,500-a-head bash!
MPs to judge themselves on sleaze! Inquiry branded a whitewash
Jack Straw could take seat in Lords BEFORE Iraq role laid bare in 'devastating' Chilcot report
36 Labour MPs employ staff on zero-hours contracts!
After more than 39 years of b***ocks, now they tell us butter isn't bad for us after all!
You're still too soft on immigration, Dave, say Tory MPs
One in seven children admit to bullying others online
Foreign nurses desert the NHS after a few months
Cops ask newsagents for names of customers who bought magazine Charlie Hebdo? WTF!
Hooded gunmen armed with Kalashnikovs fire at police in Marseille
Israel thwarts Eritrean/Sudanese asylum seeker attempts to secure protection
Putin: US’ determination to dominate sparked Ukraine crisis
DIVERSITY! South Sudanese fighters carried out a "month of rape" campaign
Men and women competing to be porn stars in new reality show The Sex Factor!
DIVERSITY in the USA: Maxwell Morton shoots classmate, Ryan Mangan, takes selfie with body
When apartheid ended, life expectancy in S. Africa was 64. Now it’s 56! Figure it out

Monday 9 February

LibLabCon COPS must NOT try and solve crimes! Do not arrest, chat instead!
Old people auctioned off to care homes on the internet!
HSBC bank 'helped clients dodge millions in tax'
Lord Green 'regrets' HSBC scandal but refuses to answer questions
Ban the truth-teller from social media! He might upset the Chosen!
Traitor MPs want 'racists' (all who shed light on Jewish iniquity) banned from social media!
AFTER CHILCOT! Does Blair hope Ed will save his skin?
Rotherham abuse lawyer: More evidence will link perpetrators to police
Obama regime to escalate conflict in Ukraine?
Germany accuses Ukraine of lying about Civil War death toll
Some taxi drivers 'overcharging wheelchair users'
Labour leader’s letter helps Spain ‘attack Gibraltar’
Monty and the Muslims! Hardline Islamists protest AGAINST freedom of speech
Osborne woos grey vote with £5billion bribe!
Jordan launches 56 revenge airstrikes against ISIS
Russian jets in our skies and the folly of cutting defence but splurging on aid
'Cover-up culture!' Hospitals told to stop gagging NHS whistleblowers!
Norwegian 14-year-old commits suicide after being gang raped by Muslims
Black celebrity, Azealia Banks: I might kill a cracker in their sleep!

Sunday 8 February

1,000 patients a month are dying needlessly in NHS hospitals because of staff blunders!
Pupils at Christian school are 'bigots!' (One boy didn't know what a Muslim was)
Did Birmingham school with £3million in debts send £1million to Pakistan?
NHS creates three 'compensation millionaires' EACH week
Cops hunt female thug who slapped pregnant woman before stealing her phone, purse, cash
Armed robber Emmanuel Clarke loses appeal against jail sentence
Jamaican migrant plotted to flood streets with cocaine worth £28.5m (Solomon Cobourne sought)
Flood of immigrants make 'township ghettos' out of Britain's seasides! Victims of Rotherham abuse scandal complained about PC Hassan Ali
BBC accused of left-wing bias in adaptation of JK Rowling drama
Prince Andrew/Jeffrey Epstein - FBI has videos of underage sex?
Imran "Barbie" Khawaja went to Syria but returned because of it wasn't nice enough
DIVERSITY! Indian father buried his ten-year-old daughter alive!
ROTHERHAM: ex-police chief resigns from children’s hospital
Ugandan rugby stars who vanished after Commonwealth Games now playing for tiny Welsh club
What’s wrong with heated debate, you ninnies?
Nick Griffin discusses Muslim grooming in 2004; BBC criticises him
Mark Reckless UKIP interrogates Rotherham council's Joyce Thacker
Prince Charles tells UK Muslims to abide by our values and respect us
Times tables? No, the only maths we teach children is 'go forth and multiply'
British troops sent in to help Jordan fight Islamic State
Bumbling Sir John Chilcot’s playing us for fools in Iraq report
Media prostitute bares its a**e

Saturday 7 February

"Russian geneticists disprove 'out of Africa' theory! (How come THEY never told us this?)
UK's former NATO chief condemns Cameron and warns Ukraine crisis could spiral into 'total war'
MURDER 2014: Jonathan Tebbs stabbed Kate Dixon 29 times
2014: Daniel Asubo charged with the murder of Tony Tommaso
He left a baby brain damaged, now Harry Ramsden heir Antonio Boparan admits ABH
Rolling pin robber handed long prison stretch
Albanian gang held on suspicion of cocaine smuggling and trafficking
"Cowardly" diversity steals £1200 from 85-year-old
Manchester doctor, Abid Ali, charged with sexually assaulting two elderly patients
DIVERSITY! Jumaane Bruce felt he had been "disrespected." What happened next?
NEWCASTLE: Operation Sanctuary - 20 Muslims charged following investigation into sex crimes
Attempted murder: Joshua Streeks attacked man from behind with an axe
Aspiring lawyer Aamir Nasir attacked doctor with wheel brace - NO JAIL!
Woman molested by black man in Thornhill Co-op
Algerian men, Czech women sentenced for sham marriages - men have already absconded
Surge in criminal gangs blowing up cashpoints! Someone will be killed soon
ROTHERHAM: Councillors off to jail after report says they systematically hid truth?
'Give illegals free access to schools, NHS and housing' says UN Human Rights tsar
LibLabCon SCUM! NHS boss pocketed £155,000 by retiring for just 24 hours!
Officialdom, flu jabs and a deadly silence
Pro-Israel campus activists acting as agents of state propaganda and intimidation
Cops investigating 'anti-Semitic' rally in Jewish area of Hackney
Mandelson (Jewish dad) wants inquiry into Guinness scandal. Says Jews were scapegoated
Sex abuse in Rotherham and why British women must make a stand against the bigots
So why has mansion tax rebel Sol Campbell sold £20m home to himself?
Watch out, Tony, Cherie is getting as rich as you!

Friday 6 February

Beheading threat to two female cadets
Flu jab a waste of time for 97% of patients! (Virus has mutated so much)
ROTHERHAM: PC Hassan Ali (suspected of being involved in child sex) knocked down and killed
'Milestone' operation sees dozens of Asian suspects charged with rape!
ROTHERHAM: Labour big shot Jahangir Akhtar refuses to apologise to child abuse victims!
Police swoop on 45 more mostly Asian men over child sex grooming
Five Bradford men charged with child sex offences
Rotherham cop charged with child sex offence!
Did Labour Party councillor plotted with Muslims to groom children in Rotherham?
CAMERON: Islamic extremism will hang over my generation! (So why keep on importing them?)
HOLLANDE: 'Diplomacy cannot go on forever!' (Here comes West-manufactured WWIII?)
Former Ukrainian PM says it was Europe, not Russia, that was badgering Kiev!
Ukrainian parliament passes law allowing army deserters to be shot
Army wants more Muslims after Paris massacre and rise of Islamic State!
'Anni would NEVER have married Shrien Dewani if she knew his sordid secrets'
Back for more! 14 Labour/Lib Dem MPs paid off after last election will stand again
Are the Greens the real Monster Raving Loonies?
With friends like Ed's, who needs enemies?
Unite Against Fascism v Marine Le Pen at Oxford University
ISIS MANIFESTO! Marry at NINE! Beauty parlours are the work of the devil!
Sex lessons for pupils aged five under Labour
Housemaster at Westminster Cathedral Choir School gets ten years for sexually abusing boys
ISIS beheads Syrians who condemned burning Jordanian pilot to death
Boko Haram victims found butchered in their homes!
Black Yank could face firing squad if she's found guilty of murdering her white mother

Thursday 5 February

MURDER! 28,800 dead in a FORTNIGHT in England/Wales! (LibLabCon spent £12.4 billion on Foreign Aid in 2014)
Muslim gang-rapists are springing up everywhere. Why can't we be honest about it? (Because LibLabCon has criminalised honesty)
Al Qaeda hijacker says Saudi Royals supported/aided 9/11 attack on Twin Towers!
London needs a black or minority ethnic leader, says MP, Margaret Hodge, a Jewish immigrant
ROTHERHAM: When our little girls reported rape traitor cops regarded them as 'little slags'
ROTHERHAM: Sue Reid was branded 'racist' for exposing the truth
HALIFAX: 25 Muslims charged with sex crimes against girls in Calderdale
MURDER: Kai Steele stabbed Alex Scott, 26, twice after argument over cigarette
Polish savage, Mariusz Dobkowski, who broke pensioner's back and skull jailed for life
Bank adviser Anisyah Ali helped fiancĂ© Salim Hussain steal £123,000 from customer’s account
Landlord, Tarek Namouz, locked up his pub, then attacked and rape girl, 18
CCTV image released in connection with Wargrave sexual assault
Muslim convert killed boyfriend after clashes over her wearing 'tight clothing'
How come this animal wasn't jailed?
How hedge fund super-rich 'donated £19m to Tory party'
LibLabCon's commitment to crushing ISIS? Just one airstrike a day!
Crowds gather on the streets of Raqqa to watch barbaric murder of Jordanian pilot
UN report reveals ISIS is selling youngsters from minorities as sex slaves!
Sick visitors from EU cost NHS £400million a year!
Norway to JAIL those who offer food, money, shelter to homeless people?
Rows over Blair-Bush memos delay Iraq war inquiry report by year
Policewoman 'deliberately' hit by car in central Paris

Wednesday 4 February

Senior politician denies claims he drugged and sexually assaulted 14-year-old boy
Victims of Rotherham child abuse scandal may be as many as 2,000 says MP - and hundreds more are still coming forward
Now the Chinese are erasing Whitey as well!
Councillors and police accused of having sex with Rotherham victims
Entire Rotherham Council cabinet resigns at once over new abuse report
Alex Scott, 26, murdered in 'violent and wholly unnecessary' attack by black youths
Gemma Holland feared she would die after battering by father of her children, Dallas Mpala
Photographer Stu Williams stabbed in back and badly beaten by Asians in Birmingham
Liam Delsol jailed for attack on pregnant woman
Police release e-fit of Hyde rape suspect
Sex trafficking, slavery and forced marriage on the rise in Australia
DIVERSITY! Bristol schoolgirl who joined ISIS is now a Jihadi bride!
Law trainee says 'kuffar who killed our people' are to blame for Paris terror in online video rant
Muslim student who wanted ISIS flag to fly over Downing Street had beheading video on phone
Nigerian doctor who killed British patient sues author for mentioning incident in book
Horror of the Halal abattoir
Sex trafficking, slavery and forced marriage on the rise in Australia
Pilot burned alive by ISIS: Jordan takes revenge
Muslims who join ISIS are "victims of violence" says Swedish politician Anna Kinberg Batra
Iran to hold international cartoon contest (a la Charlie Hebdo) on Holocaust
French soldiers stabbed during patrol outside Jewish community centre
UN's Gaza war-crimes probe chief quits over 'malicious attacks' by Israel
Netanyahu is ‘chickenshit’ and a ‘coward’ say US officials
Netanyahu dismisses 'coward' claims from USA
American anger at government of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is “red hot”
No leader has 'less charisma, sincerity or balls' than Red Ed says Labour aide
Now one in two will get cancer! (Two-thirds of today's children)
By trying to isolate Russia, the USA has moved it closer to China
Jailbird Huhne's free pass: 360 ex-MPs use subsidised Commons bars/restaurants etc
SNP 'will hold us to ransom if Labour blocks English votes'
New BBC chief (recommended by Sajid Javid) won't gloss over flaws?
DIVERSITY! Businessman ripped out man's heart and ATE it to prove he wasn't gay!
VENEZUELA: Cop executed by teenager simply to steal his gun
Serbia and Croatia did NOT commit genocide after the collapse of Yugoslavia

Tuesday 3 February

London’s huge population increase and resulting housing shortage driven solely by immigration
Boosting foreign aid spending is a costly mistake (Mistake? 12.4 billion a year is TREASON!)
US student kicked/punched 40 times by Muslim thugs because he 'wasn't local'
Five arrests after Shaquan Sammy-Plummer stabbed to death in Enfield
Muslim mayor 'stole votes to win power': London council boss on trial for fraud
Appeal to trace Dagenham sex offender, Patrick Mosekwe Kanda
NEW CROSS: Police appeal after sexual assault by 'Mediterrean appearance'
HULL: Police appeal after alleged sexual assault on teenage girl by Asian
Gang raped in kebab shop toilet,' mum, 41, tells jury
LONDON: Police appeal after woman sexually assaulted by black burglars
Adele Barber bit off the tip of Ferdinand Manila's tongue
Nigerians punished daughters with savage beatings! (It's acceptable in their country) NO JAIL!
Paedos on police missing list for up to 8 years but they WON'T tell us who they are!
Serbian president: Nazis targeted Jews because of over-representation in professions
One killing a week by a thug out on bail!
Germany's Schaeuble doesn't like Greek closeness to Russia
Killed for 'being gay' by ISIS savages
Martin McGuinness (ex-IRA man) Send your refugees to Ireland!)
Inside the halal house of horrors
Rude, lazy and intolerant - the public's verdict on our police
Jew anger as George Galloway gets invitation to appear on Question Time
Disgraced Jewish financier Dominque Strauss Kahn in orgy with up to 7 women
Martin McGuinness (ex-IRA man) Send your refugees to Ireland!)

Monday 2 February

Winter death toll 'to exceed 40,000!' (As LibLabCon traitors dole out £12bn a year in foreign aid)
Blair’s links to Rwanda's President Kagame must remain secret – Foreign Office
Obama openly admits 'brokering power transition' (making war) in Ukraine!
Bill Gates: We need a one world government (run by egomaniacs like him? No thanks)
West reaping what it sowed in Iraq says top General (What warmonger elite sowed, not us!)
Salmond will force left-wing policies on England after election! Labour don't rule out coalition
Israel blackmailed President Clinton with phone-tapped tapes of Monica Lewinsky!
Child aged FOUR investigated by police for rape! Experts blame internet porn
Ofsted guide on how to bombard 11-year-olds with questions about lesbians!
The only "lowlife scum" in McCain hearing (other than McCain) was Henry Kissinger?
KGB and CIA kept secret dossiers on Britain's VIP paedos!
Chilcot inquiry: Iraq whitewash almost as wrong as war itself!
950,845 people have been wiped off the electoral map!!!
Why is the BBC being so polite to terrorists?
Police arrest 13-year-old girl on suspicion of selling children for sex - TWICE
Sickest thieves in Britain steal purse from disabled woman's wheelchair
Kajal Miah threated to kill Lorraine Nielson after they split up
Carrickfergus cannabis 'so poor' Poles forced to grow it for themselves!
Hero of Iraq war must sell bravery medal after declining health stopped him working
Israel's Prime Minister vows to continue pre-emptive attacks
Woman bans Muslims from gun range as 'safety' measure - Business is booming!
St. John Chrysostom on the Jews
Ash dieback spreads throughout England
'Lost generation' don't even know how to SHAKE HANDS at a job interview!
Channel 4 News presenter turned away from mosque 'despite being respectfully dressed'
Black comedian pictured with host of stars is a paedophile
Perverts brag of sex with dolphins
Prospective UK MP compares rapper Tinchy Stryder to a chocolate FREDDO?

Sunday 1 February

Child Abuse Inquiry: Home Office told 'independent' experts how to answer 'difficult questions!'
ISIS has smuggled THOUSANDS of extremists into Europe!
Drug-fuelled Polish thugs thought white law professor was black gangland rival?
Armed robber, Usman Ali, looked "like the Cat from Red Dwarf!"
'It's not a revolution, it's a slaughter' Bodies of ISIS fighters line streets of Kobani
£435MILLION in sickness benefit handed to drunks and junkies!
Chief constables look after themselves?
Care chief awarded O.B.E. AFTER arrest in child cruelty probe!
What happens if you dare to doubt the Green prophets of doom?
Why HALF of Ed's MPs have already thrown in the towel
Ignore political correctness – we should be able to call each other FAT

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